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Title: The Side I’m Afraid Of
Author: RAVEN
E-mail Address: BSBChicka16⊕
Disclaimer: Hey, I own nothing, but man oh man if I owned Jason Behr and Brandon Fehr…I’d be in heaven.
Spoilers: After Future Max crap, about a week after Future Max left.
Summery: What if Liz was a total different person in the inside that she was afraid of showing
Authors note: This is my first fanfic so please be gentle.

‘I, Liz Parker, was a striate A-student with being valedictorian on her mind and going to Harvard for college, but that all ended when a bullet shot into her stomach and she was moments from dying. But a dark-headed angel came and healed me, or more like a dark-headed alien. Max Evens was his name, and boy was I surprised when I found out not one but three aliens were living among us. Not that I should be surprised, I mean with space being so big, there had to be some living creatures out there, right? Well journal that’s how we met, and how we fell apart was a whole different matter. I found out about his destiny with Tess, by an orb with a message from his mother that was sent with the pod squad here on Earth. I still remember how hard it was to leave him in the desert. I had to get away from aliens, and Roswell, so I went to ‘Florida’ for the summer, or at least that’s what I told them. When school started that’s when Max tried his best to win me over, but then the whole Future Max crap happened, and lets say that I died, for the second time I might add, that night when Max saw me pretending to sleep with Kyle. Now its a few days later after the Future Max incident and the whole gang thinks I slept with Kyle, well... everyone besides Kyle himself. I can’t tell anyone my secret, even me best friends Maria and Alex, I just pray I will survive this aganing of pain, which my life has become. Ever since the gang knew they haven’t been talking to me, but even if they wanted to they wouldn’t find me. Lately it has been get up, go to school, go home, sleep. I never eat, and never work anymore. What’s happening to me…’

“I miss him so much, why does it have to be this way?” said Liz Parker as she looked out into the blackness of the night sky.

As if someone answered her prayers, the phone rang.

“Hello, this is Liz…”

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Title: The Side I’m Afraid Of
Author: RAVEN
E-mail Address: BSBChicka16⊕
Category: I am a Dreamer Fan so this is MAX/LIZ CC.
Disclaimer: Hey, I own nothing, but man oh man if I owned Jason Behr and Brandon Fehr…I’d be in heaven.
Spoilers: After Future Max crap, about a week after Future Max left.
Summery: What if Liz was a total different person in the inside that she was afraid of showing
Authors note: This is my first fanfic so please be gentle.

Chapter One

“Hello, this is Liz…”

“Raven, is…is that you?” a startled voice asked.

‘It can’t be.’ Liz thought. ‘No one knows that name…unless…’Liz sat there stunned and too afraid to even breath until her lungs finally gave way, and she started to take in big gulps of air. She took one more breath and wondered at what to do. ‘What do I say?’

“Please…Raven is that you?” A voice that was starting to sound desperate and in need of help asked once again. Disrupting her thoughts, Liz decided that in order to know who it is, what better way than to ask.

“This is Raven…who is this and how did you get my number?” Liz asked, surprised at the death tone in her voice.

“I haven’t heard that voice in a long time…Its me…Zoe.” An amused voice answered.

“Oh my god! Zoe is that really you I haven’t seen you in about four or five years. How are you? And how did you get my number, and why are you calling me?” Liz asked, her mind going a million miles a minuet, trying to figure out what’s going on.

“Gee, you sound like you truly miss me. But…it must be a shocked to hear my voice, huh?”

“No shit!” Liz exclaimed.

“Still as voiceful as ever, I see…but to answer you questions I’m fine, you gave it to me remember, and its about Hawk…” Zoe’s voice dimmed a little at the end, and started to get frustrated. “Hawk is in the damn hospital.”

“WHAT?! When did this happen Z?” Liz asked calling Zoe by her nickname.

“He got into some trouble Rave, you know him always taking a risk, just to see how far he can go…just like you were…but I think he reached the end...” Zoe said.

Liz was in shock, and not knowing what happened she asked again.

“What happened Z?” Liz asked, her voice shaking just like the rest of her body, wondering if he was servearly hurt, or worse dead. No stop that Liz, he is not DEAD, he can’t be, he just can’t die.’

“A fight went bad, and he thought he would’nt need any help, so he didn’t tell anyone, so now he’s in surgery, getting fixed up. The problem is that we don’t know if he’ll make it and I know he would want you here and all I know you would want me to call you if anything happened to one of us, so…I called you.” Zoe explained.

"How badly hurt are we talking here Zoe?"

“Lets say you might want to wish for a maricle.” Zoe said in a calm voice.

“WHAT THE FUCK? HOW COULD HE BE SO STUPID!” Liz yelled into the phone. ‘Oops, Liz you better be careful, you’re sure lucky that your parents are out to eat tonight.’ Liz thought. “How are you all doing?”

Well… I was sorta wondering if you could come and see us, we kinda need are leader here, we just don’t know what to do.” Zoe said, completely unsure of what was about to happen.

“I left that part of my life Zoe, I cant get involved, I’m suppose to be the good girl that makes her parents proud and not be a nuisance.” Liz exclaimed, totally unconvincing both her and Zoe.

“We NEED help, Rave, please this is HAWK were talking about here, on his death bed. I can’t lose him Rave…. Please” Zoe started crying and Liz knew that her life was going to change once again.

“But, I'm not Raven anymore, I’m Liz-” “NO RAVE, don’t start that shit with me, you ARE Raven, Liz is just your mask that you put up so that no one can see you. Stop being False and start being who you truly are. You are Raven, the leader of our pack...were your other family that helps keep the peace in the world. Please, I know everyone is dying to see you.”

Liz thought about what she said, and realized that she was afraid to show her true self, not knowing if her parents ever would love her as the ‘person’ she truly is. ‘They were my only family that cared about the real me, and now they need my help, they need their leader back…I guess its time to make a change in my life anyway, after all there is nothing left for me here in Roswell.’

“Ok, I’ll get on a flight and help you out. Where are you guys located?” “Were in L.A., I’ll pick you up from the air port.” “I’ll leave tonight and be there in L.A. tomorrow.”

“Thank you Rave, thank you so much.”

“Hey that’s what family is for. I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah see you later. Bye.”

“Bye.” And with that said Liz got out a box stashed in her closet, and packed up all the street clothes she had in there. She took out her money from her savings in her chore and found out she had five thousand dollars on her. , ‘Well this money is suppose to be used to get me out of Roswell, guess that time is tonight.’ Liz dressed in tight black paints, and had a black halter-top on as well. She put her money in her purse, and packed up bath supplies, pictures, CDs, and a CD player. She thought about taking her journal, and decided that some one could still find it, and if it got in the wrong hands, it just wasn’t safe so she packed that up as well. ‘Well Liz” She said to her full-length mirror in her room, ‘Time to go, but I guess I should be saying Raven now, Liz is Roswell, and Raven is the Dark Princess.’ Liz put on her leather jacket and called the airport.

“Hi, yes I need a one trip ticket to L.A. please.”

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Title: The Side I’m Afraid Of
Author: RAVEN
E-mail Address: BSBChicka16⊕
Category: I am a Dreamer Fan so this is MAX/LIZ CC.
Disclaimer: Hey, I own nothing, but man oh man if I owned Jason Behr and Brandon Fehr…I’d be in heaven.
Spoilers: After Future Max crap, about a week after Future Max left.
Summery: What if Liz was a total different person in the inside that she was afraid of showing
Authors note: This is my first fanfic so please be gentle.

Chapter Two

“Yes, I’ll pick up the ticket up once I get to the airport, what time is the flight?”

“Two in the morning ma'am.”

“Good that gives me two hours, thank you.” ‘I have two hours to get there at the airport, and then five more hours till I start my life in L.A.’ Liz thought.

“Thank you” “Your welcome ma’am”

Should write a note to my parents, or maybe even to the gang. If I write the notes what do I say? I guess they deserve to know, after all they were somewhat my family, they have been there for me, even though life’s tough right now, they were always there for me. Liz thought knowing if she wrote the notes her decision not to ever return to Roswell would be final. She decided that if someone from the gang was doing this then she would want a note before they left, so with that last thought she wrote two letters, one addressed to her parents, and one addressed to the gang and Jim.

She put the note to her parents on their bed, and gathered her bag and did a double check to make sure she had everything with her. She then walked to Kyle’s house and slipped the other note she wrote under the door. She prayed they would not follow her, but if they did then she prayed they wouldn’t find her.

She then headed straight to the bus stop, thinking God that she did not miss the bus and headed to the airport in Alburqueque. When she got there, she headed to the main desk and got her ticket, then had to wait about ten minuets or so to get on the plane. To say she was cutting it kinda close was an understatement. She was glade she could take her bag on board with her instead of checking it in, or she would have been late and missed her flight.

‘Well, guess there’s no turning back.’ Liz thought as she sat down in the window seat of the plane. Once they were in the air, she got out her journal and contemplated if she should write in it. After all she was not Liz and Liz wrote in her journal. ‘What to do? I guess there is no harm in me writing in it, and plus it will help pass the time.’ She got out her journal and started wondering what to write.

Journal you will never believe what I’m doing right now…


Kyle’s POV

‘Man oh man, I’m never gonna get any sleep. Ever since this shit with Liz and me, Tess won’t even look at me anymore. If only she knew the truth, if only all of them new.’ Even though Kyle had no idea why Liz wanted Max to think we slept together, he didn’t care, he was always there for Liz, and he wasn’t gonna stop now. “I mean I still think Evens is a jackass, so what better way then to help Liz with her stunt.” *sigh* Kyle looked at the clock, and seeing it was only two in the morning, he just decided to get out of bed, and get a glass of water. On his way to the kitchen he turned on the hall light and noticed something by the front door. It was addressed to Jim and the gang, but he knew that handwriting anywhere and he got a very sickening feeling in his stomach. He opened the letter and began to read it, when he was finished he was numb from shock, but soon fear for her took over, and he woke up Jim and Tess.


“What’s up Kyle?” Jim asked, still a little groggy from being woken up so suddenly.

“Emergency meeting, Tess get everyone here NOW!” Kyle screamed making Tess more aware of something that was very wrong.

“What’s wrong Kyle?” they both asked.

“Just get everyone over here and I will explain.”

Ten minuets later at Kyle’s house

“Ok, now that everyone is here, why don’t you tell us what's going on Kyle?” ‘I really hate him, so why am I here, better yet why is everyone here, but Liz?’ He looked around seeing Michael and Maria sitting together on the floor across from Isabel and Alex who also held the same position. Jim was sitting down on the couch with Tess, and Kyle was standing up in front of him.

“Where is Liz?” Max asked in a death tone.

“Yeah shouldn’t she be here?” Maria asked, even though she was upset with her friend, she still cared for her. ‘But I haven’t been showing her that, I’ve been blowing her when she tries to talk to me.’ Maria silently scolds herself, wondering what has happened to their little group. ‘I mean me and Michael are still in that love/hate relationship, Isabel and Alex are… well Isabel and Alex, and Max and Tess is just to messy to deal with.’

Alex, Isabel, Michael, Jim, and Tess were also wondering as well.

“I tried to reach her, but she wouldn’t answer the phone.” Tess said a little baffled at why Liz wouldn’t be at home.

“Because she’s not there.” Kyle said in a whisper.

“What do you mean she’s not there?” Max asked, even though he was mad at her, he still cared for her, and the right then he knew something happened to Liz.

“Where is she Kyle?” Max asked in a more desperate sounding voice.

Kyle just looked at him in the eyes and handed him the note, “Read it out load so everyone knows.” Kyle said sitting down on the couch next his dad and Tess.

“What’s it say Max?” Alex asked in a soft whisper, already knowing what was going to be said.

Dear Max, and the gang…

Title: The Side I’m Afraid Of
Author: RAVEN
E-mail Address: BSBChicka16⊕
Category: I am a Dreamer Fan so this is MAX/LIZ CC.
Disclaimer: Hey, I own nothing, but man oh man if I owned Jason Behr and Brandon Fehr…I’d be in heaven.
Spoilers: After Future Max crap, about a week after Future Max left.
Summery: What if Liz was a total different person in the inside that she was afraid of showing
Authors note: This is my first fanfic so please be gentle.

Chapter Three

Dear Max, and the gang…
By the time you read this I will be gone. I don’t plan on ever returning so here is the truth. My only love I never slept with Kyle, it was all a set up. A couple of days ago, I had a visitor, a visitor that was from fourteen years from the future. Now your probably wondering why I believed this visitor, well Max he was you from the future, and yes I know it was you because I would know you anywhere, anytime. After all you are and will always be my only love, how could I not recognize you. He came to me to tell me I had to make you fall out of love with me in order to save the world. Now I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. See when you came to get me for the Gomez concert, we never made it to the concert, that night we cemented our love, and became one, but there were consequences. After that night you were so mean and distant to Tess, that she left Roswell for good. Fourteen years later, your enemies came and destroyed everything we knew and loved. Seeing that Tess was gone, the four square was not complete and you were not powerful enough to beat them. Do not blame yourself for this Max, you were desperate when you came to me, Isabel and Michael were already dead and your future self and I were last alive, and then you used the granilith to travel back in time, so you see it was all necessary. Now that I’m gone it’s ok to tell you the truth, and I’m happy that you know that now, and I don’t have to lie about not loving you, and not dying for you. That’s right that night that I said I would not die for you, and that I wanted a normal life, I was lying to get you to fall out of love with me. I guess it worked considering that none of you are talking to me, but hey I think it was all worth it knowing that all of you will live longer lives.

Maria and Alex know that I love you and I always will care for you. Michael take good care of her, and by the way I took my journal with me so you don’t have to steel it again Michael. *Wink* *Wink*. Isabel and Alex good luck, even though your relationship is not at its greatest I know you care for one another and will always be there for one another. Kyle thank you for all your help with the set up, and not asking questions, and for trusting me. I will never forget your kindness. Tess…even though we were never the greatest of friends, I trust you to take care of Max for me. And Max, my sweet Max, I hope you find peace now, and hope that you will win against your enemies. I will pray for you all.

Now your wondering ‘Well where am I going?’ Well, some of my friends that I knew about four or five years ago at New York are in trouble. That’s right New York, I went there that one summer remember Maria and Alex I told you I was visiting my Aunt in New York, well anyway they need my help so I’m going to help them. There not in New York anymore they went to L.A., and need their leader back. Wish me luck, for I don’t know what will happen to me once I get there, but I do know one thing, I love you all never forget that.

With all my love,
Liz Parker
Raven, the Princess of Darkness

“That’s it, there’s no more. I can’t believe it.” Max said, still amazed and traumatized by the current events. ‘I can’t believe all she did for us I feel like such an ass.’ The events finnally coming down on him, and he started to cry silent, but agoning tears.

“My god, I can’t believed the way I treated her. I’m so ashamed.” Maria said, as she started to cry over her friend that she had lost.

“But we didn’t know, it’s not your fault Maria.” Michael said trying to console her.

“But that’s where your wrong, we, me and Maria, are her best friends we should of known something was up!” Alex yelled.

“What do we do? Do you think her parents know?” Kyle asked, thinking god that they knew the truth. ‘Now they know that they were the asses not Liz and I.’ Kyle thought.

“Chances are no, but I’ll find out, I’ll be back in a little bit, I’m going to go over to the Parker’s. It’s best if you guys stay here, I’ll be back in a bit.” Jim said, and then left to go over to the Parker’s to tell them the bad news. ‘God, what are we going to do?’ Jim thought as he started the engine.

“Guys, I was wondering what did Liz say when she meant ‘Wish me luck, for I don’t know what will happen to me once I get there…’? I mean me and Liz were never best friends but that doesn’t mean that I want her to get hurt, after all just now she proved to me that she strongest person I have ever known and that’s a lot coming from me.” Tess expressed.

“I don’t know, but I do know I’m gonna make it up to her.” Max said as he headed for the door.

“Wait Max where are you going?” Isabel asked finally getting over the shock of what has happened.

“Where’re going after her.” Max said in his leader voice. A voice they have never truly heard before, but now they knew that all seven of them were going after one of there family members and no one dared to question him.

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Title: The Side I’m Afraid Of
Author: RAVEN
E-mail Address: BSBChicka16⊕
Disclaimer: Hey, I own nothing, but man oh man if I owned Jason Behr and Brandon Fehr…I’d be in heaven.
Spoilers: After Future Max crap, about a week after Future Max left.
Summery: What if Liz was a total different person in the inside that she was afraid of showing
Authors note: This is my first fanfic so please be gentle.

Chapter Four

“Lizzy were home!” Nancy Yelled.

“Maybe she is already a sleep honey, I’ll go check on her, and then I’ll meet you in our room.” Jeff said.

“All right dear, I’m so tired I could sleep standing right here. Tell Lizzy goodnight for me.”

“Ok dear.”

‘Something is wrong I can feel it in my bones.’ Nancy thought. Nancy walked into her room and noticed a letter addressed to her and Jeff from Liz. ‘Oh god...’ Nancy opened the letter and read the contents not once but twice, wondering if what she read was some rally sick joke.

“Honey, I can’t find Liz any-, Nancy what’s wrong you’re so pale?”

“Jeff…” Nancy said as she handed the note to her husband.

Jeff started to read the note, and was shocked at what it said. ‘No, she can’t be gone. She’s just playing a joke.’ Jeff thought as he looked over at Nancy and saw that she had tears going down her face. “Honey I’m sure Liz didn’t go anywhere maybe she is out with her friends, I mean Liz would never do this, she is too reasonable to do such a thing.” Jeff tried to explain hoping what he said was true.

“I hope your right Jeff, because if not I don’t think I could go on living, knowing my baby is somewhere out there in a world full of crazies and psychos.” Nancy said trying to hold back a sob, but failing miserably in doing so.

“Look will call the police and all of her friends I’m sure they may no what is going on, I’ll-”

Knock, Knock

“I’ll go see who that is, it maybe Liz.” Jeff said hoping against hope, knowing that somehow she is really gone and just prolonging the inevitable.

Jeff opened the door to find Jim standing at his doorstep. “Ah, the man I needed to see, have you seen Liz?” Jeff asked Jim.

“No I haven’t, but her friends got a note saying she was leaving, do you know where she is going?”

“No, and if she left a note for her friends it only means that she truly up and ran away. Oh god!” Jeff said crying knowing he lost his little girl.

“Jeff who is at the door?” Nancy asked coming to see for herself.

“Oh, Jim hello, haven't seen Liz have you?”

“No, and my only guess is that she is truly gone, her friends got a note saying she was leaving.”

“Nooo, she can’t be gone she can’t…” Nancy said crying helplessly. Jeff gathered her into her arms and both prayed that this was a horrible nightmare, they could escape.

Chapter Five

“In the note, did she say where she was going?” Jim asked.

“No.” said Jeff.

‘That’s odd, why wouldn’t she tell her parents where she is going. Is she trying to hide something? Maybe the kids and I should not tell anyone where she is going, at least for right now that is. Something tells me that Liz knows what she is doing, and that she needs to do this, without her parents interfering.’ Jim thought.

“What about the kid’s note, did she say she where she was going?” Jeff asked.

“No, but I’ll get the police on it, and search around for clues. The best thing for you to do is to wait by the phone to see if Liz will call.”

“Thank you Jim.” Jeff said.

“Not a problem, I’ll call you if anything shows up, try and get some rest ok.”

“Yeah, ok. Bye Jim.”

“Bye, and good luck.”

“Thanks Jim.”

Jeff closed the door and took his crying wife upstairs, to there room, in hopes that Liz will call, and if she did he didn’t want to miss it. Jeff put his wife in bed and held her in his arms in hopes of helping her to calm down and to go to sleep, but the way things were going sleep was just not an option at the moment, not while their little girl was out there all alone. ‘What’s going to happen now…’ Jim thought thinking how helpless he is in this whole situation. ‘Be safe Liz, just be safe…”


At Kyle’s Place

“Everyone pack some things, and meet at will meet at your place Michael, is that ok?” Max said looking at everyone then at Michael.

“Yeah Maxwell, I think meeting at my place will be easier for us to plan, so yeah, its cool to meet at my place."” Michael said.

Everyone else just nodded their heads, and began to get up and leave, when Isabel asked “What about our parents? Do we leave them a note?”

‘Should we write a note to our parents?’ Max thought, not knowing if it would really matter, but decided it would be best if they did.

“Kyle do you have paper and a pen with you?” Max asked.

“Yeah in my room, hold on a sec.”

“Max what are you doing?” Tess asked.

“Yeah Maxwell, we need to leave now!” Michael said, knowing that Liz shouldn’t be alone right now, and that he was worried that she might get hurt and that he wouldn’t be there to protect her. ‘Whoa Michael, since when do I care about Parker? Yeah I am worried about her, but what is up with this need to protect her?’ Michael asked himself not knowing why he all of a sudden cared that deeply about Liz Parker.

“You’ll see.” Replied Max.

“Here you go.” Kyle said walking into the room and handing Max the paper and pen.

“Alright, will right one note saying that were going to go after Liz and we hope that we will find her in time before anything happens to her. Will tell them not to worry about us, and that we WILL find Liz. We will also all sign the note, deal?” Max asked the group while finishing writing the note.

When everyone finished signing the note, they left it taped up on the refrigerator, and then they all left there separate ways to pack their belongings and head to Michael’s.

Chapter Six

When they all got to Michael’s, Max concluded that they would drive to L.A.. Tess and Kyle are in the mustang, Maria and Michael are in the jetta, and Alex, Isabel, and himself are in the jeep. When that was settled Maria brought up another problem that they have. “What about money?”

“Look I don’t know what’s gonna happen, right now it’s five o’clock in the morning, but I was thinking that we could start driving west, and when we get to the first bank that’s a branch with our bank here in Roswell, we will close out our accounts.”

“Do you think that’s a good idea?” Alex questioned.

“Well, what we can do is go to three different banks, one for each group, that way it wont raise any suspicion. Tess and Kyle are a group, Maria and Michael are a group, and Isabel, you, and myself are a group. Is that a good plan?” Max said, answering Alex’s question.

“Yeah, as good as it can be, but why close out our account, why can’t we just withdraw some of our money?” Kyle asked.

“Because, like Maxwell said before, we don’t know what’s going to happen, we’re closing out our accounts just in case something does happen and we need to pick up and leave quickly.” Michael explained.

“That’s exactly right, and with no further questions let’s go.”

Chapter Seven

‘What could you be hiding Liz Parker?’ Max thought. They just finished cleaning out their bank accounts and now were on their way to L.A. ‘Liz has been acting so strange lately, first she says all this shit to me about wanting a normal life, and not dying for me, which I know is a lie, then the whole sleeping with Kyle incident, which I know is also a lie, and now this. What happened to my Liz?!’ Isabel was asleep in the backseat with Alex, who was also asleep. ‘I wonder how those two are doing? Everything fell apart when all this destiny shit started, I swear that word is a curse, and I pray with all that I am that I can along with the whole group including Liz, can lift this curse that is upon us. I wonder what Liz is doing right now…?’


On the Plane
Well journal the flight started late, but within the hour I will step foot on Los Angels soil once again. I wonder what lies ahead of me now. I wonder if the gang and my parents found my notes. I know my parents would care that I’m now gone, but I wonder what the gang will feel about all this? Well I guess I will never find out, but still it would be nice to know. This will be my last journal entry, but just in case I will keep you along with me so that the secrets you keep will stay hidden on your pages. I’ll miss you journal, but you belong with my past.

So long, your faithful writer
Liz Parker

As Liz closed her journal she couldn’t help but notice that by saying goodbye in her journal, she just said goodbye to her past in Roswell and everyone in it.


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Title: The Side I’m Afraid Of
Author: RAVEN
E-mail Address: BSBChicka16⊕
Disclaimer: Hey, I own nothing, but man oh man if I owned Jason Behr and Brandon Fehr…I’d be in heaven.
Spoilers: After Future Max crap, about a week after Future Max left.
Summery: What if Liz was a total different person in the inside that she was afraid of showing
Authors note: This is my first fanfic so please be gentle.

Chapter Eight

Once the plan landed, the first thing that Liz noticed was the bright sunny sky. ‘Oh, how I’ve missed this place. It’s like Florida, some what, except for the humidity and rain. Plus the surf is better here. I liked New York, but it was way too noisy for my sensitive ears. Then there was Mexico, Japan, Egypt, Cayman Islands, and Hawaii. I love them all I guess, each unique in their own way.’ As Liz was thinking of all the places she’s been, she started to gather her things together, and meet up with Zoe.

As she walks out of the ramp she saw Zoe, and a couple of friends that were also in the gang. ‘Well Raven, you’re the leader, and this is your pac, and now it’s time to fulfill me destiny.’

“RAVEN!” Zoe yelled out to her best friend. “Hey Z, what’s up girl?” Liz asked as she hugged one of her many best friends. “A lot actually, but I’ll fill you in on the way to the hospital.” “How is he?” Liz asked, concerned about her friend on his death bed.’ “No change.” “I’m so sorry, I wasn’t there for you guys.”

“Hey no sweat Raven, you are living two lives, ya know.” Icicle said.

“Well it’s one life, and this is it for me.” Liz said hugging Icicle.

“Why? What happened in Roswell?” Chase asked.

"Well, let’s just say that I don’t belong there, not that I belonged there to begin with.” Liz said hugging Chase.

“Well why don’t we head on over to the hospital.” “That’s kool Z, besides I need to see hawk, its been to damn long.” said Liz. Liz watched as her friends started to walk towards the exit, and noticed that her friends looked the same as they did when she met up with them last summer in Florida. Zoe was the spunk of the group. She was two inches taller than me, and had fire red hair down to her hips. She always had her hair in what looked liked dread locks, but much more well kept and neater.(No ofense to anyone who has dread locks, I’m just trying to describe the braids, just think of the hair style Missy first wore in ‘Bring It On’.) She had bright green eyes, and a petite body. She wore a green laced halter top with blak skin tight paints with green lace up heales that went to her ankle. Icicle is as tall as Isabel and praticaly all silver and blue. Her hair was a silver-bluish color, and her eyes were a deep blue color. She wore a silver bodice with a small blue jacket. She had on ablue tight skirt that went to mid thigh with slits on each side. And last but not least she also had on laced up heals, except hes were blue and the lace went up to her knees. Chase is about the same hight as Max. He has short light brown hair, which is spiked with blond tips. He has brown eyes and is very musculer. He is wearing a whiter beater shirt with black pants, and black shoes. ‘Well I guess somethings just stay the same.’

“Hey Raven lets go girl!” Icicle called out.

“Yeah, Ok.” ‘Well this is your new life Raven, so don’t fuck this up too.’

well thats it for now, 10 posts if you want another part!

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*NOTE: Th is might have a crossover later on, but dont worry I'll give you backround information when and if that happends. By the way, please pick any from the list below on how the relationships should end.

Liz,Max,Michael(Hey this is Dreamer w/ some added Michael to spice it up)
Zoe,Blade(later character)

Do you want the Dupes? If so Good or Bad?

And should Tess die or live?
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Ok Thanx for the fb, I will get a new part out tonight or tom. maybe 2 if im lucky.

Anyway I posted a message about 3 months ago saying the scifi channel was going to show all three seasons starting this fall, and now when I look on their website I cant find that message anymore. Does anyone know if their going to show roswell, or any station that might carry it?

Thanx Raven
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OMG!!!!! Thank You so Much for telling me! I will post two parts after school on monday!!!!!!!!!!
Thanx Raven*big*
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Title: The Side I’m Afraid Of
Author: RAVEN
E-mail Address: BSBChicka16⊕
Disclaimer: Hey, I own nothing, but man oh man if I owned Jason Behr and Brandon Fehr…I’d be in heaven.
Spoilers: After Future Max crap, about a week after Future Max left.
Summery: What if Liz was a total different person in the inside that she was afraid of showing
Authors note: This is my first fanfic so please be gentle.

Chapter Nine

“What do you mean they left?” said the angry voice.

“I mean sir, is that their gone.” said the hired spy.

“What happened?”

“Well, when the Liz girl left all of a sudden, the group followed her.”

“Where did they go?” said the voice.

“To where you live, in L.A.” said the spy.

“Well I guess, I should finally right my wrongs. What about the duplicates?”

“I told them about you, and there on their way to you, mind you they don’t trust easy.”

“I figured so, soon will have a family reunion, follow Max and the others.”

“Yes, sir, over and out.”

‘We’ve be driving for about 12 hours now, and all I seem to keep thinking is Liz. How will we find her once we get there? How can I get her back? And why the hell did I listen to my mind and not my heart? Were not going to stop at a hotel, fearing the worse for Liz, we are just going to keep going till we reach L.A.’ Max said, thinking in his mind.

“Max, are you ok?” asked Isabel.

“Why do you ask Isabel?” said Max.

“For one that is the most you’ve said since we left Roswell. And two, you seem to be wondering off in you mind, and that’s not good when your driving.”

“Yeah well, when you’ve been a damn shit to the love of your life, then you might know what I’m going through.” Max said with anger in his voice.

Max, will get her back, we have to. Ever since she left the group to go to Florida, our group has been falling apart. Liz got are group together, and we need her in order for the group to stay together.” Isabel said.

“Thanks Iz.”

“Your welcome, do you want me to drive?”

“That would be great Iz.”

“Yeah thanks.”
‘I use to think Liz wasn’t one of us, but now I know I was wrong. I know that now, and I intend on doing any and everything to get her back. Wowwah Michael where did that come from?’ Michael thought.

“Michael?” Maria asked.


“I was so wrong, I betrayed my best friend. I feel so lost without Liz.”

“Will get her back no matter what.”

“Thank you Michael.”

“Yeah, no problem.”

“Yes Kyle.”

“If…no when we get Liz back will you let her and Max get together? Will you stay with the group?”

“To answer both your questions Kyle, Yes I will.”

“Why now?”

“Because, I can’t stand in there way any longer.”

“You sure are being very understanding about all this.” Kyle said.

“Yeah well, Liz saved the world.”

“Yeah, she did.”
“Yo Zan, waz up with yous.” Vilandra asked.

“Da feelins are back, and more intense then ever.”

“How long till we's land? Rathard asked.

“Couple of hours.” Said Ava.
“The prophecy is beginning. Blade, you must go to her. And bring her to the safety of the island.”

“Yes milady.”

As Blade left the castle, the leader looked to the darkened sky and spoke so softly you would think it was the wind. “Ikawa nai euo dane. Be safe, dear one.”

*Well I have an idea how everyone is going to meet up, but you must bare with me here. Everyone will meet up with each other in the next 5 or 6 chapters. But I need feedback in order to get my lazy ass to post. Thank You All Loyal Fans!
Chapter Ten

“So whats been goin’ on, Z?” asked Liz, as they were driving to the airport.

“Well Raven, after you left Florida last summer we followed another pack over here in L.A., it was a small pack so we thought we could go after them with no problem. Seems we were wrong. A couple of days ago, we got word that the pack was up to somethin’ big, still not sure what it is though? Hawk went after them on his own, but they were just too strong, and there were so many more of them that we didn’t know about that were at their base. I don’t know all the details, because we got there after they were gone, but he was already so far damaged.” Zoe said as she started to get upset.

“Shh, its ok Zoe.” Chase hugged Zoe's hand to show support as he was driving.

“Where was Blade? Shouldn’t he have been there with yous guys?” Liz asked from the backseat.

“He left soon after you did, said he gots some business to take care of. He said he would come find us when the time was right.” Icicle said, sitting next to her.

“What about our own T T’s?” Liz asked.

“Zaine and Daine are meeting us at the hospital, Cloe and Cleo are already at the hospital with Van and Shawn.” Chase said.

“We have one fire starter, one changeling, one halfling, three sets of twins with witch or warlock abilities, one smart ass, and one fighter. Aren’t we just a lovely little group.” Liz said.

“You forgot to add yourself to that list.” Zoe stated.

“We don’t know what the fuck I am, remember.”

“Yous special, yous gonna change the world.”

“And how do you no that?” Liz asked.

“I just know, plus I did a fire reading.”

“That’s nice, but why don’t we discuss all this later, I just want to see Hawk.” Liz said

“Yeah that’s cool Rave.” Z said

The group road to the hospital in silence pondering the conversation that they had.
‘I must get to her quickly, before the forces that be destroy our only chance at survival. I must protect our universe's future.’ Blade thought as he flew his plane over the Pacific Ocean. ‘I will be there soon, very soon.’
“In three hours the duplicates will be here and in about fifteen hours the royals will be here. Liz is here already so after I get the duplicates I’ll go after her.” said the voice.
“My precious girl, I’ll soon come for you and all of the universe will be mine once again.” Said an eerie woman’s voice from mountains in the Arctic lands. “This ice prison will not hold me for long.” The voice stated from inside an ice crystal. The woman in the crystal looked almost unmoving, except for the glowing blood red eyes. “Oh yes my dear, I am coming for you.”

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Thanx 4 the fb JAMIE! But I want at least 10 fb's before my next post!!!

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To answer all ur questions elizibeth would kinda be spoiling the surprise, and the crossover is also part of the surprise. It will take me about a week to post again but ill be posting about 3 or 4 parts. During these parts all your questions will have answers. But dont worry I promise everything will make since.

posted on 23-Sep-2002 3:31:30 PM by Lauralyn Behr
Another note here, by the way I forgot to add this, if you started to read my fic back a couple of months ago erase all that then, on this thread if you havent read all 10 chapters then you will get confused, I changed up everything. When I previously wrote this fic, it wasnt coming out right, and by the way max's last name is Evens, I was just typing so fast that I must of missed the 's', sorry about that, but I'm not perfect.LOL, anyway so please follow all notes that are posted, they will add vital information you may need to understand the fic better.

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OMG! I'M ALIVE! Gomen (sorry in Japanese) I havent been updating like I promised. My computer crashed, along with all 20 chapters of my story. *sad* But I am posting tonight finally. Thank You all who are enjoying my fic!

posted on 7-Jan-2003 5:20:44 PM by Lauralyn Behr
This has not been my YEAR! My zip drive is done now and I saved my remade fic to a zip disk. I will try and work on the disk drive, and hopefully have it running again soon.

Thank You all who are standing by me in my most difficult of times!

Love U All