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Title: Roswellian Idol
Author: Jeremiah
Rating PG 13 to R
Category: M/L with Everybody
Disclaimer: I own nothing. American Idol is the idea from Fox, Own Nothing there. Roswell Own nothing of that show either.
Summary: This is a challenge from JBehrsGurl. It is about are favorate characters and what would take place when they appear on American Idol?

Author's Note: This first part is to lay down the groundwork for the story. Please let me know if it is Boring and all. But I promise it will get better. And like always, Feedback is a Plus.

Chapter One

Liz Parker was nervous. Actually she was beyond nervous, more like petrified. She was about to have her entire world be changed. She was about to leave her small town life and Head for the big city. LA More like it. all for the possible chance of her dream coming true. as Liz sits in her chair on the plane, all she can do is think about the past couple of days. They seemed to be nothing but a dream then it was reality. Here she was, a small town country girl on her way to the big bad city to see if she can make her dreams come true. Liz thought that she would never be able to leave the confinment of the town that she grew up in. But Now this was her chance and she was going to live it the fullest. Not just for her, but for the one person that wanted this for her as much as she did. her momma. Liz's mother had always wanted to become a popular singer. She had dreams of stardom, Life on the Road. Nancy Parker had a really Beautful voice, Everyone that knew her knew that nancy had what it took to make it. Like Liz, Nancy had always thought about leaving her boring little country life to find her dream. But all that changed one night.

Nancy was walking home from a performance, She didn't even notice the man that was behind her. Not till it was too late. Everyone was crushed to learn what had happened. The dat after she got raped, Nancy learned she was pregnaut. And in her family getting rid of a baby was no option. Which didnt even crossed Nancy's Mind. Nancy was torn up about it, She was no longer to be able to acheive one dream. But even after ugly Circumstances, Nancy did not regret having Liz. She became another dream.

Nancy loved Liz with her entire heart and soul. Never once Nancy blamed Liz for what has happened. It was about when Liz was 3 or 4 that Nancy realized that Liz had the same passion for music as she once did. Nancy encouraged her, yet never onced forced her to continue It , If Liz didnt continue to enjoy it. That was one of the many reasons that Liz loved about her mom.

As the plane was about to land, Liz couldnt help the tears that were falling down her face. Her momma would of killed for a chance like this. There was no way that Liz would let her down. Liz continued to look through out her window, and saw a brand new world opening up for her. All this was happening all due to the fact that someone saw her sing a song in a record store.


Max and Maria Evans were said to be the Next Justin and Britney, Which Made Maria gag. She was Just so much better then her! Plus with Max being hr brother, that sorta made her sick. They had grew up in a small community outside of LA. Phillip and Diane Evans were their parents, They had grew up with the love of music. When they were little they use have little concerts. Of course Max being the shy litlle evans, he usually got dragged into it by Maria. That was then, Now Max is still shy but he comes alive whenever he writes and sings. The music brings him some confort. It helps deal with his loneness. He knows that his family loves him, and He loves them. But he was looking for someone to love. He believed that there was just the right girl out there for him. Maria had always known that she wanted to be a star, In fact that it was her idea to come on the show. It was their turn to be a star. And maria couldnt wait.

Michael Guerin was pissed. He was so going to kick his friend Trevor's Ass! He had tricked Michael into doing this Star Search wannabe show. He was so not into this pop machine that was this show was about. Michael was more into Heavy Metal, Espically Metallica. It helped survive the boredom that was his life in Seattle, For the fact that he was on his own. His parents had thrown away Michael like he was a piece of Trash. He was not the kind of person that always worn Emotion on his sleeve, He was mostly sarcastic and moody. But the good thing was that Maybe that this would get him a Record deal and he would leave his old life behind. Hell he could maybe change what kind of music that he would record.

Isabel Lovington and her Boyfriend Alex Whitman were the perfect couple. They had been together since Freshman year. But what brought them together was not what you would expect. Alex was the typical High School Geek and Isabel was your usual ice Princess. While Alex was at the bottom of the school's Social Graces, And Isabel was at the top, It was one day in Music class, That everything changed. And it wasnt long before that Isabel saw Alex for what he really is, a Nice kind and sweet guy. And before they knew it they were madly in love. Now here they are on their way to live out a dream.

These Six people were out to prove to them selves, if they have what it takes. Now they have about Sixteen weeks to see if all their Dreams would come true.

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For all the wonderful feedback! I will try and get more out as soon as possible.
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This is dedicated to Dreamseeker and Elena! Sorry about the wait. Hope you enjoy.

Rating R for potty language!

Part 2

This was the day that He hated the most. A bunch of wannabes coming thinking that they have a shot of stardom. Please! He just hopes that He can make it through this whole ordeal without getting sick, or even worse losing his hearing by the loud screeches! Jade was not happy. He was a real Musical producer, and now He is here to listen to a bunch of pure crap!

"I think I might have to kill my self." Jade muttered to himself. It was the start of the competion known as ''Idol" a Star Search kind of show. And he and two other judges have to listen to a bunch of over the top performers to down it to one lucky person that will get their recording contract. But Right Now he dosent think that they would find some one. Like you would come on a Tv talent show to get their career started? Have they ever heard of doing the old fasion hard way. How about their years of starving for the attention? No, They just happen to get it the easy way! Basically it is just like a easy lay, and the judges here are the pimps! God! Can this get any worse.

"Jade!" Lena tried to call her jackass of a fellow judge out of his daydream or what ever it was. All she knew was that it was pissing her off. Jade has this big ass attitude thinking that he is right and that no one is. He treats people like crap, and she already feels for the talent. they are not going to have it easy.

"What do you want. Lena?" Jade asked rudely. he was to fond of someone that would disturb him while he was busy.

"I just wanted to see if you have the stick out of your ass yet, but apparently not!" Lena replied with a slight smirk.

"The only thing I have up my ass is your face. you been trying to kiss it all this time, your face got stuck!" Jade replied back.

"In your dreams! plus I heard you swing the other way?" Lena said with a bit of a attitude. Jade was just working on her nerves. While Jade and Lena continuing thier little jab fest they didnt notice that the other judge came up to them. Reggie thought it was funny. Jade and Lena were always at each other's throughts. If he dint know better he would asume it was sexual tension. But they didnt have time for that. it was time to meet the talent that was going to perform.

"Guys, I know how much you guys would love to continue with this, But now it is time to meet with the talent." Reggie said to a pissed off Jade and Lena.

"Let's meet the wannabes!" Jade said in his true sarcastic self.


Liz was completely nervous. She and the other contestants were about to meet the judges. How are they going to like them? Is she going to get the boot already? Oh My God! What if I can't sing? What if it was all a fluke? She is going to be so embarresed.

"Excuse me?"

Liz was brought out of her panic party by a girl that was blond and was about her size. I guess she is another contestant, Liz thought to herself.

"Yes, Can I help you?" Liz asked.

"Hi I am Maria, and I just wanted to introduce myself." Maria replied. She had this feeling that she and this person would be great friends, and In typical Maria style she just went for it. Which didnt go unnotice by Liz either. She too had this same feeling as well.

"Sorry, I dont mean to be rude, I am Liz." Liz said as she held out her hand.

"No Problem Chica! So I take it your here for the show?" maria asked. liz was about to rely but someone else cut her off.

"No shit blondie, what else would she be doing here, can we say duh?" Michael replied with a smirk. he was walking by when he noticed the little pixie. There was something about her that was calling out to him, and in typical Michael fasfion, he has got to be a jackass.

"I am sorry, were we talking to YOU! No I was talking to my friend here, so why dont you go away! oh and By the way a shower and a haircut might be in order." Maria replied. She was pissed. How dare this jackass talk to her like that. She dosent know his name and he already is workin her nerves.

"And duct tape is to keep your big mouth shut, you might want to keep the yappin for the dogs." Michael replied. this chick was searously getting on his nerves. How dare she say that he has bad hygene! ok so maybe He dsoent take a shower twenty times a day but he is clean! Maria was pissed even further.

"EXCUSE ME ASSHOLE! What the fuck is your problem!" Maria screamed to michael and the two of them got into it. Leaving a very amused Liz to watch.

"My sister is always like that,so you have to forgive her." Another voice made Liz turn around, and boy is she glad that she did. She saw the most handsome and sexy guy.

"The name Is Max." Max held his hand out to this beauty that he was in front of. Ever since he walked in, he saw this beautful angel that was just calling out to him. And In that second he knew he wanted her. As liz was about to tell her his name they got interuptred.

"Ok! Ladies and Gentlemen. Now Come with Me and let's get your dreams started!" Reggie said ,It was time to meet the judges.

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Part 3

Jade was pissed. The meeting went awlful! He couldnt believe that there are people out there that think they can sing, But it is so obvious that they cant. He didnt even stay for the Rest of the rehersal. After hearing that awlful screech from that ..was...Her name was Pam Troy. She should of just stick to her day job, and that was probably being a prostitute. Then there was that guy name Brody. Ok Like if the ever came a time for Freaks with no talent, then maybe he could win. Then there was that girl name Tess. She didnt even sing yet, and she managed to get on jade's last nerve. he truly pityed the fool that she was after. The way that she was showing off her fake boobs off to that guy, What was his name? oh that's right Max Evans. Poor Kid. having to put up with the likes of her. Especially since he wants to get the other girl, Liz Parker into bed. That one looks alright. Just a little to prude. God could his luck get any worse? Now he has to put up with this crap for how long this ever goes on. Jade was walking up to his hotel room, after a day from hell. as jade was about to open the door, hee heard moans come from the next room.

"Great, just what I need. human Jack rabbits!" jade muttered to himself as he closed the door.


"AAAAAHHHH Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Maria moaned as michael kept pounding into her like there was no tomorrow.


"So tell me about yourself?" Max asked the beautful angel that was sitting in front of him. He and Liz just got back from the first meeting between the judges and all of the other contestants. Now they were at a cafe in the hotel drinking a cup of coffee and getting to know one another.

"I dont know what else I can tell you that would fasinate you, but I will try." Liz said with a smile. She just meet him and here she was feeling so many things about him. There was just something about him that got to her. her mother always said to go with her instincts that they would never do you any wrong. nancy was rigght. Liz had always followed that, and she is glad too. Now she has a chance to get to know this man that some how managed to tie her stomach into knots.

"I bet you can." Max said with a smirk. He just loved to make her smile. Her smile was amazing.

"Tell me about you. Do you have a Girlfriend?" Liz asked bluntly.

"Why care to fill the job?" Max asked with a smirk.

"Maybe." Liz answered. If he wanted to play,then Liz couldplay. She might have been born in the country, But that dosent mean she dosent know how to play the flirtation game. After all good Girls have to have fun too. They continuued this for another half an hour. then they decided to use the pool, so as they went to their rooms to get their swimming gear, they didnt notice the glare from one little jealous gerbil.

"He will be mine." Tess said . And when ever tess set her mind for something. She usually gets it.

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AN: Just to let you know I am working on the next part. Now I have a question to ask. Now for the musical parts, I was wondering if you have any ideas for songs for them to sing. Let me know. And Thank you for all the feedback.
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Part 4

The competion was getting though. It was starting to take it's toll on almost everyone else. But Not Liz. This was her dream after all. And she was going to make sure it came true not just for her but for Nancy as well. But as much as she wants this, Liz had another thing that was on her mind. Or someone that is.


Ever since this whole thing began Liz had been spending a lot of time with bot Max and Maria. Maria was fastly coming her Best Friends with Maria and she was also spending time with Isabel and Alex, when they were not making out that is. Michael was also cool when he wasnt pissing off Maria that is. But it was Max that she was Really enjoying spending time with. There was just something special about him. It was something that was pulling her to him. He was kind and caring. he listened to her and didnt just talk about himself. Which is one of the many Reasons that Liz is starting to like about him. Liz was lost in thought when there was a knock on the door. Liz went to open it. It was Lena.

"Hi Lena whats up?" Liz asked. She like Lena. She was the cool judge. Unlike that Rude Jade. Lena could just talk to you like a human being.Which made it easier for a usually shy Liz.

"Nothing Much just to let you know that The show starts tomorrow so you need to be at the studio by 9 am. I just wanted to let you know that I will be rooting for you. I also just wanted to let you know that Jade might be an ass, But he is trying to help you guys. But If You tell Him That I said that I will have to kill you." Lena said witha sarcastic smirk.

"Dont worry. Your secret is safe with me." Liz Replied with a smile. It is so nice to know that there is such thing as nice people in LA.

"I appreciate it. So are you doing anything today?" Lena ked. She truly like Liz. She knew that Liz had talent from the auditons and Lena knew that Liz had what it took to make it in such a superficial business. That could love you one moment then spit you out like trash.

"Nothing yet. I might do something with Maria and Isabel." Liz said with a slight blush, Giving away who she Really wanted to spend time with.

"Yeah Right More like Max! I know that something is up with you two." Lena said with a teasing tone to her voice.

"No there is not." Liz tried to deny it. She wasnt sure what the producers felt about two contestants spending time together alone. She didnt want to lose this chance. But she also didnt want to stop spending time with Max.

"Liz. I know there is. I saw how you two were looking at each other before. I just want to let you know to be careful. Their is no Rule about dating other contestants, But this business has a reputation of Ruing any relationship. So please be careful." Lena warned. She had plenty of experience with broken hearts. It sucked, and She care for Liz too much to see that happen. Plus Jade didnt like it so their was another obsticle to face. But Lena had to admit that she had a feeling that Max and Liz had what it took to make it through this.

"Thanks for the warning. But there is nothing there. Sure I like Max but we are Just Friends." Liz said.

"Just tell yourself that. I have to go. I hope to see you tomorrow." Lena said as she walked to the elevator. Leaving Liz to think.


"Come on Alex, Dont tell me you are jealous! I mean come on, I barely know him!" Isabel tried to explain to her boyfriend. She loved Alex, But this was getting old. It seemed that evrytime that a handsome boy was talking to her, Alex would get upset. Isabel had always told him that he nothing to worry about it But it seemed to go in one ear and out the other.

"Really? I mean why was he holding your hand?" Alex replied with a slight sarcastic tone. he hated whenever other guys would hit on his girl.He knows that he is not the most attractive man out ther but Isabel seems to think so. And why should he lose his chance of happiness because of someone else? He knew when Jesse Rameriz came on the same elevator ride as he and Isabel there was going to be trouble. he just hoped that it wouldnt cause him Isabel. If anyone tried to take isabel away from him, Well let's just say that thier will be a fight On little Jesse's hands.

"Yes! How many times do I have to tell you! I am not intrested in anyone else. I mean Alex, Sometimes it is flatering that you get jealous, But it is getting old!" Isabel said with a slight angry tone. She was tired of always explaing Everything to Alex. Isabel wished that Alex would just trust in thier love. isabel was about to say something else when some one knocked at the door Isabel was shocked to see Jesse standing there.

"Can we talk?"

AN: Feedback please! Performances are next!
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Part 5 : Tess


"HI! I am Your host for Music Idol, Ryan McBride. This is the show that helps you dreamers with a dream about being a Music Star. The winner in the end gets a multi Million dollar contract to the hottest Record Label. Dosent that sound Great! So how about we meet the judges and get this Party started!"

*insert audience clapping*

"The first Judge is jade. The second is Lena and the Third is Reggie! So let's get started."

"First up is a Girl from San Diego California. She is says her hobby is....Wait Can I say this on TV? Ok.. She says she likes to go down on guys...So please welcome Tess Harding."

Tess walks on the stage likes she owns it. She knows that she is going to win this. Like she plans on winning Max Evans.

I wanna kiss you in Paris
I wanna hold your hand in Rome
I wanna run naked in a rainstorm
Make love in a train cross country
You put this in me
So now what,So now what?

Tess starts to move sueductively. Or so she thinks. She dosent hear the snickers. From the judges.

"This is bad." Lena says as she tries to cover her ears. The gerbils voice sounds like nails on a blackboard.

Wanting, Needing, waiting
For you to justify my love
For you to justify my loveeeeeee!!

*insert boos and snickers*

"Hey get Miss Boobs off the stage!"

"The only good thing her mouth is good for..."

"Dont finish that!"

The audience continued to laugh and make rude comments. Causing the music to stop.

" THAT IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!"Jade hollered. After the audience died down he finished.

"Miss harding. I am going to say what all three of us judges think. It is the same thing. I am not even going to bother with the other two, Because they agree with me. You suck. I mean literally. You have no talent. Well with your introduction I guess you are a pretty good slut. But as a singer you are terible. The only way I can pitcure you being a music superstar is that If you find an old foggy in charge and If you are willing to be on your back. So please leave. Take your celicone boobs and leave. I dont wont to laugh in your face."

After Jade was finished. There was complete silence. No one was talking. You could drop a pin and you can hear it for miles. The tears were flowing down Tess's face. She was completely humiliated. She just Ran off the stage. Not noticing the laughs and giggles from the other contestants. She ran and ran. She was going back home.

AN: You can Guess I hate Tess Right? I Apologise to any Tess fans out there. Sh just gets on my nerves. I hope this is alright. Please feedback. Song is Justfy My Love by madonna.

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This part is dedicated to DreamSeeker for all her bumps!

Part 6

So far this so callled talent contest was starting to become a joke. First thier was that gerbil skank thinking that she was alll that, Then thier was the Horrible boy who thought that polka was still in.

Like It ever was?

Jade was starting to become totally fustrated at the prospect that This is going to be nothing but a waste of his time and energy.

"So Who's next!"

"Michael Guerin your turn." Lena called.

Michael was nervous as hell. before he thought He could handle this But not now. not after Tess and that last dude. talk about being embarressing. Michael wasnt so sure If he could handel the rejection.

"God look at what sleeping with Maria has done to me." Michael thought to himself, As he walked onto the stage.

"What song are you going to sing to us Mr. Guerin?" Jade asked sarcastically.

"It Is called Hold me." Michael said with as much sarcasim as Jade.

****Hold Me is by savage garden, So please dont sue!*

If we cant find a way out of these problems
Then maybe we dont need this
Standing face to face
Enemies at war we build our defenses
And secret hiding places
I Might need you to hold me tonight
I Might need you to say it is alright
I Might need to to make the first stand
Because tonight I am finding it hard to be your man

Maria looked on with new eyes, She never heard Michael sing or perfom before tonight. he is toatally amazing.

More than angry words I hate this silence
It's getting so loud
Well I want to scream
But bitterness has silenced these emotions
It It's getting hard to breathe
So tell me is happiness
Worth more than a gold diamond ring?
Im willing to do anything
To calm the storm in my heart
I never been the praying kind
But lately I have been down upon my knees
Not looking for a miracle
Just a reason to believe

The audience goes silent listening to the guitar play the rips of the notes to this amazing voice. They sit in awe. After michael is Finished, it becomes judgement time.

Randy Goes first. " Amazing, Good guitar playing and an excellent voice, always a good treat together."

Lena goes next." I agree that was amazing, great job."

Then It Is Jade's turn.

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