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Alternative Universe Roswell fic.

Rated R.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in Roswell.

Character Summery:
MATTHEW: Prince of Jezzeron. (Max's alternate)
KALINDRA: Matthew's sweetheart and princess of Orvana. (Kyle's alternate)
LORA: Matthew's former lover. (Liz's alternate)
IRIS: Sister to Matthew; wife of Aaron. (Isabel's alternate)
AARON: Husband of Iris. (Alex's alternate)
MIRANDA: Sister to Iris and Matthew. Fiancee of Marcus.Kilindra's best friend. (Maria's alternate)
MARCUS: Matthew's friend and personal guardian. Fiancee of Miranda. (Michael's alternate)
TERRANCE: Friend and former boyfriend of Kalindra. (Tess's alternate)

Tess walks into the house after her daily jog around the block. She heads for the refrigerator and searches for anything that could pass off as a descent breakfast.

"What will it be today....nope, not that." She spotted a leftover cheese danish, one of her favorites. She's about to eat it but then hesitates, saying to herself, I didn't just jog two miles for nothing. She continues rummaging through the frig, and finds a carton of yogart. She decides to make herself a fruit smoothee. She tosses the ingredients in a nearby blender. She pours herself a glass and dips her finger into the mixture. Bring it up to her lips, she take a taste. "It's not quite right yet." she thinks to herself. She goes back into the frig and finds a bottle of hot sauce in the doorway. She tosses a few shots in her smoothee. "Perfect." she smiles to herself after taking another taste. Tess takes a sip and then calls out from the kitchen.

"Are you up yet Kyle?" No one answers. She strolls into the bedroom and finds Kyle still sleeping. Creeping toward the bed, she quickly snatches the covers off him.

"Wake up sleepy head!" It's such a beautiful day; why are you still in bed? " Kyle opens his eyes and smiles at her. "I thought I'd enjoy the day by staying in late. Besides, it's only Saturday and I don't have any plans."

"If you think I'm going to allow my fiancee to waste the day in bed, your crazy." she remarks giggling. She jumps in the bed and starts a pillow fight. Kyle quickly grabs her by the arms and rolls her under him. He looks at her longingly and slowly leans in to kiss her. Their lips touch; "mmm...." Tess responded in soft moans. Rolling to his side, he reaches out with one hand and caresses her face.

"Tess do you have doubts about marrying me?" "No I don't have any." she reasured him. "I once thought it was my destiny to marry Max, but my feelings toward him have change since then. I wish them two all the happiness in the world, but first I'd like to concentrate on just the two of us." Smiling she wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him in for a long passonate kiss.

Meanwhile at the Crashdown, Liz goes about busily serving breakfast to the customers. Maria walks in. " Sorry I'm late Liz. Michael and I stayed up late last night." Must have been some night." Liz smirks." "Why would you say that?" Maria asks looking at her questioningly. "Take a look in the mirror." Maria takes out her compact and takes a glance. She gasps in horror. In her haste to get to work, she had half her makeup done and only one earring dangling from her ear. She quickly darted for the ladies room. After a few minor ajustments, she comes out presentable for work.

Maria takes her waitress pad out and begins to jot down orders from the customers. Max enters the Crashdown and walks up to Liz. She smiles at him, and gives him a kiss. "Are you on your way to work Max?" "Yea" Max replied. "I just wanted to see you before I left." Max hesitated for a moment, then he looked up at Liz and asked her, "The discussion we had yesterday, you know, about Kyle and Tess,...Liz are you O'kay with all of this?" "Like I told you yesterday Max, I'm happy for Kyle and Tess." She pauses for a moment. "I'll admit, I didn't trust her intension toward Kyle at first, but she has proven to me that she really does love him."

She then looked at Max, and reminds him he'd better go or he'd be late for work. With that in mind; Max gave Liz a quick kiss and heads for the U.F.O. Center.

Later that evening, Liz is lying down in her couch, about to fall asleep, when the phone rings.

"Hi Liz" says Isabel. "Hey Isabel" Liz replies, "what's up?"

"Tess and I want to get together today with you and Maria to discuss Tess's wedding plans." Isabel remarks. "Where do you want us to meet you?" ask Liz. "Well...I think we should first meet at Kyle's house and then go from there to some of the bridal shops." Isabel states.

"Alright" replies Liz "I'll call Maria and tell her the message."
"Thanks Liz."

Liz hangs up the phone, and then start punching in Maria's number.

Kyle is sitting at the bar of Jake's Bar and Grill nursing a wine cooler, The sounds of country ballards fill the air. Max and Alex walk in. Seeing the other two, he smiles and invites them to sit with him.
"Don't tell me." says Alex, "Your old lady finally kicked you out."

"No" laughs Kyles, " But she did express a need to be out with just the girls." " They want to discuss wedding plans, and I 'm happy not to be involved." states Kyle.

Max orders a non-alcoholic daquiri. He turns toward Kyle and says, " I heard from Isabel, that Tess made her maid of honor. " "That's right. " Kyle replies. "Sorry to tell you this Kyle, but if my sister has anything to do with this wedding, believe me, you're going to be involved."

The group orders three stake sandwiches , and two more wine coolers. "Why isn't Michael here?" ask Alex. "Michael and his co-workers are bowling this evening. " Max replied, "He wanted to come, but he had already made plans with them."

"Have you and Tess set a date for your wedding?" inquired Alex. "We're both leaning toward September." says Kyle. "Don't you think that's cutting it pretty close?" ask Max " I thought you and Tess had plans to finish college." "We still intend to " replied Kyle. "We've made plans to go back next spring."

The trio continue eating their sandwiches. Kyle takes another sip of his cooler, looks Max square in the eyes and asks him, "Will there by any chance, be two weddings this year?" Max hesitates for a moment. "I don't know ; I love Liz, but I don't think she's ready to hear the sound of wedding bell." "Don't worry" remarks Kyle, " I'm sure the two of you will eventually tie the knot." Max simles, and the three of them continue to laugh and carry on into late evening.

Pulling up into Valenti's driveway, Maria and Liz step out of the Jetta. Maria rings the door bell.

"Ding Dong"

"Hi replies Tess I'm glad the two of you could make it. Come on in." Liz steps aside for Maria. Entering the room they took their jackets off and made themselves comfortable on Valenti's old couch. "Have you heard from Isabel?" inquired Maria. "Yes" replied Tess , she should be pulling in soon. No sooner had she made the remark, when the trio heard a knock on the door.

"Hi " exclaimed Isabel. "Sorry I wasn't here sooner. Max took the jeep, so I had to borrow mom's car. Okay girls, says Isabel . "Our first stop will be Jane's Bridal Shop. Then we'll go to David Florist followed by Sara's Bakery. "Let's get going."

As they walk out, Maria turns toward Tess and whispers to her, "I thought this was your wedding plans?" "It is, " replied Tess, but I've learned that it's best to let things go when Isabel's in her nazi mood. "I heard that!" remarked Isabel in a smugged tone.

After going to two other bridal shops, they enter the bridal shop and browsed through the gowns on the rakes. "Can I help you?" asked the assistant. "Yes" replies Tess . "I've been looking through these wedding gowns, but I just don't see anything that appeals to me.

"We do have a catalog of bridal wear. " says the assistant, "Maybe you would like to take a look at it." She hands it to Tess. The four of them sat together and slowly glanced through the pages.

"Here's a nice one " states Isabel, " Yea" repliesTess, " but I think that the train on it is too long. "What type of material do you want your gown to be made of?" asked Isabel. " I'm leaning toward something with a satin brocade in it. "

They continue looking through the book. "Here's one you might like. " remarks Liz "It has a nice brocade pattern in the bodice area." Liz suddenly drifts off in thought "I wonder if Max and I will ever get married. He hasn't given me any indecation that he wants to take our relationship further....."

"You alright Liz ?" asked Isabel. "yea I'm fine "says Liz. But that was far from the truth, for she felt uneasy about her relationship with the alien that she had come to love and care about. The four of them continue on until Tess found at least two different gowns that that appealed to her. She made her final choice among them.

"Now we have to find perfect bride's maid dresses." states Isabel. Tess looks at the many different styles of bride's maid dresses. She finds one to her liking and shows it to the others.
They thank the assistant for her help and left the shop. David's Florist was next on the list. Tess got into the jeep with Isabel . They back out of the parking area and were follow by Maria and Liz in their own transportation.

It's late in the afternoon, Isabel drops off Tess, and drives home. Tess is about to use her keys, when Kyle opens the door.

"How did your day go?" inquired Kyle. "I think it went really well." she said smiling to herself. "You're not going to give me even a little hint?" he asked sheepishly. "Well.... replies Tess. I think surprises are best, and the only time I want you to lay eyes on my wedding gown is when I walk toward you down that isle." She takes him by the hand and pulls him into the bedroom, closing the door behind her.


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Meanwhile in another dimension, a young man sits in a window seat staring out over the beautiful green valley. Tears streaming down his face, he is suddenly interrupped by a knock on his bedroom chamber door.

"Matthew....May I come in?"

"Miranda I just want to be alone!" replies Matthew in a harsh tone. "Please Matt..., I just want to talk." The door slowly swings open. Matthew still sitting on the window seat, turns toward Miranda. "There's nothing you can say, that's going to make me feel any better."

"I know." replies Miranda. "I miss her too." She walks over to him and sits down in front of him. Taking his hands in hers, she tries her best to comfort him. " I remember when you first told me that you had feelings for Kalie." Miranda says half smiling. She pauses for a while. "The two of you were always unseparable."she continued. "We always believed we were soulmates." replies Matthew. "She and I would walk through those gardens there below" he says to her . "Isn't that where Marcus found her?" she asked "Yea" he said quietly. ."I'm so sorry..."I didn't mean to remind you of it." cries Miranda. "That's alright." replies Matthew. "I just don't understand why she was out there at such a late hour."

"Did you and she make any plans to meet in the garden that night?" asked Miranda.
"No" Matthew replies. We had agreed not to get together until the day before our ceremonial engagement."

"Why wasn't one of the healing orbs used to bring her back?" asks Miranda. "It was too late." replies Matthew, "When Marcus found her he told me he couldn't even feel her essence."

"That can't be." replies Miranda, "I would have felt her passing."

Matthew gets up and walks over to his bedside table. He opens the drawer and reaches in toward the back. Pulling out a beautifully carved wooden octagon shaped box, he brings it over to Miranda and opens it in front of her.

"Kalindra gave me this." The inside is lined in royal blue violet velvet and in the center is a ring with a black pearl in it surrounded by smaller sea blue stones.

"It's very pretty." comments Miranda. "It's not suppose to be that color." says Matthew.
"What are you trying to tell me?" ask Miranda. "When Kalindra gave me this ring, the stone in it was the color of her eyes, a beautiful amber." replies Matthew. "She told me that if I ever thought she was lost, to wear the ring and it would show where she was. Since it is black, it proves that she is dead, and we can never get her back."

Miranda hugs her brother once more, and then leaves him to his thoughts. When she comes out, Iris is about to walk in but Miranda stops her. "He needs some time alone." "Alan and I heard what happened replies Iris. I wish there was something that we could do for him." comments Iris "I think that the only thing that will heal this is time." replies Miranda.


Back in Roswell, a couple of days have gone by. Max pulls up in his jeep in front of the diner. Dressed in dark navy blue jeans and a black short sleeved t-shirt, he steps out and heads for the balcony. He climbs up the ladder and finds Liz resting in a patio chair with a glass of lemonade in her hand, and a cold pitcher on stand by. Liz looks up and greets him with a warm smile.

"Hi Max." says Liz. She lets him in. Max makes himself comfortable in the patio chair next to her. Liz offers him a glass of lemonade which he accepts. "You haven't forgotten about our plans for today have you?" inquires Max. "Of course not." laughs Liz as she sits up and leans next to him.

Looking at Liz, Max leans forward and gives her a kiss. Liz responds by leaning into the kiss. Before he can break away, She brings her hands up to the back of his neck, and holds him, savoring his kiss, never wanting it to end.

Max is somewhat startled by her strong response. If he had any second thoughts on his relationship with her, she was sending him a clear message of hope for the two of them. He smiles to himself. For once the thought of losing himself in Liz's arms was quite appealing. Letting go, he leans back in the chair.

"What did I do to deserve that?" ask Max as he gazes into her eyes.

"Oh...I just thought it was time for a little change ." says Liz. She smiles and then gets up. "I'm going into the kitchen to finish the picnic basket I've prepared for the trip. " "Would you mind bringing my duffle and sleeping bag to the jeep?" ask Liz "I left them on the bed."

"Okay" says Max. Finishing his drink, he places his glass down on the table. He goes into Liz's bedroom and finds the items there. Picking up a photograph of the two of them, he looks at it and smiles. He takes up the items and brings them to his jeep.

Meanwhile Liz is finishing up her basket, She reaches into the cabinet for a bag of large marshmallows and a bag of chocolate for the 'smores. She goes downstairs to check once more on the diner. Seeing that everything is alright, she locks the doors behind her and heads for Max's jeep.

Liz gets in and secures her seat belt. "Liz does your father have any objections to you coming with me?" inquires Max. "My father told me that I'm old enough to be responsible for my actions."says Liz. Does that mean you told him?" ask Max. "No, just means that I don't tell him exactly everything." says Liz. Max starts up his jeep and the two of them drive off toward the woods.

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Chapter 3

"It's already 10am, where did I put those darn booths of mine?" Maria say to herself searching through her closet. Finally finding them, she puts them on, grabs her handbag, and gets ready to head out the door. She meets Michael at the doorway.

"Good morning" says Michael. He smiles and gives her his usual morning kiss. "Where are you headed?" he ask. "I'm going to the Summer Festival." she answers. "Do you want to come?" she ask "I would like to, but I think I'll need a few hours rest before I go." Michael replies.

"I'm meeting the rest of the gang there." says Maria, "Everyone that is except Liz and Max." "They won't be there." "Why not? he inquires. "Well she told me over the phone last night that she and Max made plans to go camping. You know, just the two of them." maria answers with a lighthearted giggle. "I think it's about time those two got some time to themselves." replies Michael, "It'll probly do them some good." He kisses her goodbye, and promises to meet her later on.
Maria heads out the door. She drives to the U.F.O Center, and parks her car there. Getting out, she sees Isabel and Alex and waves at them.

"Hi Maria." says Isabel. "Hi"says Maria. "Where's Michael?" ask Isabel. "At home sleeping." replies Maria. "He'll meet us here later." she added. Kyle and Tess finally show up. The gang talks among themselves laughing and carrying on as the noise of the crowd and the aroma of cotton candy, hotdogs, and sounds of music fill the air. Kids playing and parents joining in the events. Tess and Kyle find themselves near a consesson stand selling funnel cakes.

"You want one?" ask Kyle. "Sure. says Tess, "Make mine with strawberry syrup and extra powder sugar." she added. He buys a strawberry one for her, and a regular one covered with extra cinnamon and powder sugar. He hands Tess's cake over to her. Finding a bench nearby, they sat down and enjoyed their sweet treats.

"So...., have you decided where we're going to tie the knot?" ask Tess as she tears into her funnel cake and slowly enjoys every morsal of the hot item. he looks up and ask her, "What would you think about the idea of having the ceramony outdoors?" Kyle ask. "That would be great." Tess answers. "Have you found a suitable place?" she ask. "Yea" he replies, "The Roswell Rose Gardens." "There's a beautiful clearing among the the different groups of flowers that would make a nice spot for the wedding." he comments.

"I've always enjoyed that place, " she says "but do you think you can make reservations for it at such a short time?" she ask him with a worried look on her face. "It's already been done." he says smiling back at her. "I remembered how much you liked it the last time the two of us were out there." "Why didn't you tell me?' she ask with a surprise look on her face. "Oh I just didn't want to miss that look of surprise on your face." he says gleefully.

"I'm surprise Isabel didn't give you the idea." Tess comments. "No, this was all mine." he answers. "I just thought that with you being an alien and me searching for inner peace, I figured that you wouldn't be comfortable with a regular church ceremony." Before he could say anything else, she gives him a hug, and says, "Thanks" "For what?" he inquires. "Oh...for just being the guy that you are. The one that I fell in love with." She then slowly leans in and kisses him.

Over in another section of the festival, Isabel and Alex are enjoying their hotdogs with the works on it, and
sipping on cherry colas.

"Guess what." says Alex. "What replies Isabel. "Kyle told me he's picked out the place where he wants to get married. "He does plan to get married here in Roswell right?" ask Isabel. "Yea he does." replies Alex. "He picked out a special place he and Tess had only went to once, but it made such an impression on her, he thought it would be a perfect place for the ceremony." "Did he tell you where?" Isabel ask. "No" says Alex. "He told me he wants to surprise Tess."

They're suddenly interrupted by Michael. "You finally showed up." Isabel laughs. "I'm sorry I couldn't be here sooner." he replies. "I was having trouble with my motorcycle. I didn't want to go anywhere on it without fixing it." "By the way, where is Maria?" he ask them. Isabel looks around. "There she is." she replies. "Over there near the cotton candy stand." "Thanks." says Michael. He leaves them and heads toward Maria.

He sneaks behind her, and places both hands over her eyes. "Guess." says Michael. "My late boyfriend." she replies in an uhappy tone. "Okay ." says Michael. "I can see someone is a little pisted off at me." "You can say that again." Maria replies. "What took you so long?" "My bike." replies Michael. "It was given me some trouble, so I stayed home an extra hour to fix it."

"I'm sorry." Maria sighs . "I'm glad you're being so careful these days." "Tell you what." he replies. "I'll make it up to you tonight." "Don't you have to be at work again tonight?" she asks. "Not this night." he replies with a smile. "One of my co-workers said they would cover my shift tonight for me." "Will your boss mine?" Maria ask. "No." replies Michael. "As long as there is some one else there to cover for me , it will be alright."

"So..."Maria smiles. "I guess this means you won't be rushing off tonight." "Tonight I'm all yours." he tells her with a grin on his face. "I'll keep that in mine." she replies in her best seductive tone. They continue to walk along the paths, sharing a bag of mixed blue and pink cotton candy.


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Chapter 4

Back in Jezzeron, Marcus and Aaron are walking down the long corridors of the grand chateau, discussing the tragic event that occurred.

"How is he Marcus?" Aaron asks. "Not good." he replies. "Matthew has shut himself off from his family and friends." "Has arrangements been made yet for Kalindra's burial?" Aaron ask with concern in his voice.
"Yea " says Marcus. His voice trails off quietly as he finds himself staring at one of the paintings that grace the corridors. "Is there something you've neglected to tell me?" ask Aaron. The question broke up the silence between them. One of the servants pass by. Marcus quietly motions him to one of the rooms. Closing the door behind them, Marcus continues. "Arrangements were made." states Marcus; but not before the body was examined." "Was any evidence found to prove who did this?" Aaron ask.

"Unfortunately no." he replies with a heavy sigh. Aaron looks at him questioningly as if studying his friend. "There's something else that's bothering you, I can tell." he states. "It's her stab wound ." replies Marcus. "She should have servived it, but she didn't." "The wound wasn't even fatal." he added.

"There's also something else I haven't mention." Marcus walks over to a small bar, set in the corner of the room. Crystal dicanters neatly aligned on glass shelves reflecting in a background mirror. Taking down one of the dicanters, he sets it on the green marble counter below. He then takes down two tumblers off a lower shelf, and pours himself a drink, He offers Aaron a drink which he graciously accepts. Taking a sip from his glass, Marcus places it on the counter and continues. "Her stab wound wasn't normal." "How so?" Aaron inquires. "Her skin was slightly burned around it." Marcus replies. "I swear it looks like some sort of symbol was burned into her skin over the wound."

"Do you believe, it's the reason she couldn't heal herself?" Aaron ask. "Yea." he replies. "I also believe that this was more than just a thoughtless murder. That symbol looked familar but I just can't place it! " says Marcus with fustration in his voice. "What do you want me to do?" Aaron ask. "I want you to look through the old records about our arrival on this planet." Marcus responds.

"I remember when my grandmother use to talk about how beautiful the ship looked as it hovered above her." Aaron comments. "She was one of the first to meet the elders on your ship." "It's unfortunate that she passed away." Marcus replies. "The only other thing I can remember her talking about, is the four pods that the elders brought off the ship." Aaron continues. "The ones that you, Matthew, Iris and Miranda came out of." Finishing their drinks, both of the young men exit the room.

Standing out on the balcony, Matthew leans and rests his arms against the thick stone railing. He looks out into the valley, his mind drifting over the memories of him and Kilindra. His thoughts flashback on the first time he lay eyes on her.

It was at Miranda's sweet sixteen party. She had invited many of her friends form school.
The dining table was set up buffet style. In the center of everything was a beautiful apricot cake covered with a sweet peach flavored icing and trimed with small blue and white flowers. Music is playing through the built in sound system. Each of her friends seem to be enjoying themselves. Looking among the crowd of teenagers, he saw Miranda talking with someone.

"I wonder who she is?" Matthew quietly ask himself. Admiring her from afar, he watches her and and his sister carry on like two close friends. Miranda then turns around, and looks straight at him and starts giggling. She and her friend start walking toward him. "Matthew, I would like you to meet my friend Kilindra; Kilindra this is my brother Matthew."

"Hi." Matthew responds in a shy nervous voice. Kilindra replies with a smile on her face, "Your sister was just telling me you have a collection of Sophia Lorvellie paintings. She's one of my favorites."

"I do, ...would you like to take a look a them?" he ask. "I would love to see them." she replies. Before I leave the room, I would like it very much, if Miranda would open my gift right now." "Okay" Miranda replies. Smiling she unties the ribbon on the small box. Lifting off the lid, her eyes are greeted by a beautiful charm bracelet. Miranda raises the bracelet up infront of her. It was made of 20 carat gold, and smooth austran crystals representing planet hung from the sides. "Oh it's beautiful!" she exclaims. "Thanks Kalie." She hugs her and immediately places it on her wrist. Smiling at both of them, she excuses herself, and goes back to her party....

Iris, seeing her brother lost in his own thoughts, walks toward him, and places her hand on his shoulder. Matthew looks up at her. "I'm sorry she gone" she says, trying her best to console him. "I don't know what to do Iris." he responds with a deep bitterness in his voice. "I feel like I'm in the middle of some nightmare. Only problem is, I can't wake up from it because it's real."

"You're going to have to pull yourself together Matthew." she says firmly. "The last thing Kilindra would want to see, is you dwelling on her death." Pausing for a moment, she looks out over the balcony and then continues. "I know she loved you Matt. I could always see it in her eyes. The way they lit up when she talked about you." There was a long moment of silence between them. "Do you think you'll be able to handle the ceremony?" she ask. " You mean placing her body in the dicentagration chamber." he remarks. "I don't think I'll ever be ready for it sis." "Her aunt Lilian will be there this afternoon to lead the ceremony; Iris states, since she is the only living relative that Kilindra had." Iris continues quietly talking to him, and then gives her brother one last embrace before departing to her bedroom chamber.

Back in Roswell, both Max and Liz are sitting outside on a blanket, enjoying a light-hearted conversation between the two of them. Max has polished off two of Liz's sandwiches. Reaching into his small cooler, he pulls out two iced cherry cokes, and hands one of them to Liz. Placing the cold bottle to her lips, she turns it up, enjoying the soda and it passes down her throat, quenching her thirst. "Thanks" says Liz. "Did you enjoy the 'smores I made for us?" she ask. "I certainly did." he replies. "You seem to do a better job at making them than I did." he comments. " That's because my father use to make them for me." she remarks. "It was something that the two of us enjoyed doing together. "

She pauses for a brief moment, and then takes another long sip of the cherry coke from her bottle. "What do you have next on your little agenda for us. " she says grining seductively from ear to ear. "Oh I thought we could just stretch out here for a moment." he replies. "I didn't come here to sleep, least...not at this moment." she remarks. " Well, if you're game, I was hoping we could explore some of the caves along these wooded areas. "That sounds great." she replies. "Let's put our stuff back in the tent before we leave. The two of them pick up the blanket and other items, and places them in the tenth for safe keeping. Before leaving, Max picks up two water bottles a compus and some trail mix, and places the items in a pouch around his waist. Taking Liz by the hand, both of them head for the caves.

Making their way along the steep winding paths , they follow the trails left in the dirt by its previous explorers. They stop for moments at a time to rest for a while and at the same time, enjoy the beautiful senery that lay before them. Taking her small binoculars, Liz peers through them and begins to do a little light bird watching. "See anything interesting?" ask Max as he leans against a tree. Liz lowers her binoculars. "I don't see anything." she replies. "Infact there's not much movement in this area.

"One of the caves are just ahead." Max comments. Liz looks up in Max's direction. She could see them now. The green foliage, conveniently conceals the view of the cave's entrance. It could be easily passed up if you didn't know what you were looking for. As they begin to walk toward it, Max starts to feel a little mist in the air. A light rumble starts off in the distance. "Max did you check the weather?" Liz ask. "Yea I did" he replies in fustration. " In fact, we're suppose to be experincing clear skys all this week " he adds.

"Don't worry Max." Liz replies. " It'll probably just be one of those light summer rains we usually get around here." No sooner had she said those words, the rain starts coming down. It begins as a light drizzle, and then suddely turns into a down pour. They quickly dash toward the cave's entrance. As the rain pours down, the sky slowly darkens. Lightening waves dance across the sky, elumanating the cave's entrance. Finally reaching it, they quickly got inside. Both of them were drenched from the rain. Look out from the cave, Max and Liz watch, as strong winds start to pick up. Broken branches without warning, were suddely toss against the entrance way. Fearful of gettng hit, the young couple back up further into the cave.

"All their food and equipment was out there." Max thought Probably being turned over, or scattered by the winds. "I'm sorry Liz." says Max as he cries in bitter frustraion. "This is not turning out exactly the way I imagined it." She looks up at him. His face was wet from the storm, but she could see the upset look in his eyes and the tears that it conveniently hid. She pulls him toward her, and rest her head on his shoulder. "It doesn't matter where we are Max. " she replies softly, "As long as we're together." She slides her hands around his neck and pulls him in towards her face. She slowly kisses him on the lips.

Lifting her face toward his, he stares into those deep beautiful brown eyes. Even dripping wet, Liz was a sight to behold. Placing his lips on to hers, he gives her a slow passionate kiss. Liz wraps her arms around his waist, and leans foward into him, sending the two of them tumbling to the ground.

Max's heart raced as he reveled in the thought of being so close to her. Just feeling her body next to his, was sending his thoughts into a world of total euphoria. Liz's body starts to shiver. " Are you okay Liz.?" Yea, she replies. "I'm just getting a chill from being wet "I wish I had brought an extra shirt in my bag she added.

"Don't worry Liz, I can take care of that." he replies. He places his hands on her blouse, and instantly dries it. He repeats the same process on himself. Gazing into Liz's eyes, Max smiles and leans in to kiss her. Liz equally and passionately returns the favors. The heat between the two of them was more than a summer rain could quench.

Max starts to slowly unbutton her blouse, revealing the lacy white bra hidden underneath it. He kisses her again. First on her lips, then on her neck, and slowly trails them down down towards the valley of her breasts. Liz moans in pleasure. Each small kiss, sent waves of electricity through her. Bring his hands under her waist, he rolls Liz on top of him. Raising herself up, Liz straddles Max's thighs. Smiling down at him, she slowly raises the bottom of his t-shirt and places small kisses near the center of his naval. Feeling his body responding underneath her, she removes his t-shirt and continues upward toward his chest.

Lingering there, she slowly brushes her lips on the tips of his nipples. Max lets out a slow gasp. Seeing the smile of pleasure on his face, Liz bring her mouth to his, letting her lips slide across them. Parting them slightly, she slowly explores with her tongue, the caven of his mouth. Max runs his fingers through her soft silken tresses, and pulls her in even closer. Completely lost in each others arms, they begin to experience visions of each other, The way they felt when they looked at each other across the room, Each moment they spent together was displayed before them. When the flashes stop, Liz rolled off of Max and just lays there quietly.

Turning her face toward him, she ask if he would like to stop it there, because she really want to wait until the two of them were joined in marriage. Max readily agrees. Any longer, and the two of them would be at a point of no return. "I think the to of us should get some rest." she remarks. Besides, I don't think we'll be going back to the camp anytime soon." Liz turns her back towards him and closes her eyes. Lying next to her, he drapes his arm around her waist and pull her in next to him. Closing his eyes, he begins listening to the sound of the rain as the two of them drift off into a deep slumber.


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Chapter 5

Over in Jezzeron, the clock on the mantle quietly ticks the hours away as Matthew prepares himself for the service. Looking at his reflection in the mirror, he pauses for a moment. "This isn't how it's suppose to be, Kilindra," he says quietly to himself as bitter tears stream down his face. "This should be our wedding night.." As he struggles with his shirt, he hears a knock on his bedroom door. "Is everything okay Matt?" Miranda ask from the other side of the door. quickly wiping the tears from his face, he calls out to her. "I'm almost ready Miranda.....Just give me a few minutes. Silence was on the other end. "I'll be downstairs" she replies. Turning away from the door, she heads for the stairway. Matthew opens the door. Looking up at her he sees the worried look in her eyes. "I was getting concerned when you hadn't came down yet. " she remarks. "Everyone's waiting in the hall for you." As they descend the stairway, They find Iris and Aaron waiting patiently. "Where's Marcus?" Iris ask Miranda . "I left him in the room." she replies. " He said he needed to do something before he came downstairs. " As Marcus comes down the stairs, he apologies to Matthew for causing a delay. "It's alright" Matthew replies. "I'm not looking forward to being punctual anyway." On that note, everyone exits out the doorway and steps into the awaiting limo.

Arriving at their destination, they slowly got out of the limo. Seeing Lillian, Matthew walks over to her. She turns toward him, and gives him a friendly hug. "Why did this happen Matthew?" she cries. "A month ago, she was telling me about how the two of you were going to have a great life together, now she's dead. I promised her mother before she died, that I would see after her. " Matthew hands her his handkerchief. "Thanks" she replies, and begins to wipe her eyes.

Miranda and the others are in deep conversation, when she looks over and a see a young girl with dark brown hair coming towards them. She greets Matthew and the others with hugs and kisses. She had been a part of their family for a long time, and even though her relationship with Matthew was no longer one of lovers, she still cares about him. "I'm so sorry Matthew" says Lora as she takes his hands into hers.

"Thanks for coming." he replies. He wraps his arms around her, and squeezes her tight. "I just wanted you to know, that if you need me, I'll be here for you. Lora assures him. If you ever need to talk you can call me okay?" "Alright." he replies. Giving him one last hug, she looks towards the others,smiles, and then quietly finds a place to sit.

The family walks up towards the front. In an open glass chamber lay Kilindra. Beautifully dress in a light blue garment, with flowers surrounding the chamber, she appears to be in a state of deep sleep. "She looks like she could wake up." replies Matthew as he stares down into the glass chamber. Iris takes his arm and squeezes it. " As much as we would all like to grant you that wish, we have to be realistic here.... She's never coming back."

"Don't you think I know that!" he replies with a hurtful tone in his voice. Iris looks away. "I'm sorry Iris." he says apologizing to her. I'm taking my anger out on everyone else and I know it isn't right. Can you please forgive me?" Iris looks up at him and smiles. "For my one and only brother, " she replies, "Yes, I think I can do that."

Stepping away from the chamber, each of the family and friends sat down. The service begins. An elderly high priest dressed om a white satin robe and violet shawl approaches the pulpit.

"Friends and family we have gathered here to pay our respects to our dearly departed loved one who left this world......." As the priest continues his sermon,Mathew turns to his left to see Terrance in a conversation with a friend. He never was crazy about the guy he thought to himself. Terrance had been the other guy in Kilindra's life before they met. He knew that deep inside, Terrance still harbored some feelings for his former girlfriend. He couldn't really blame him. He only hope that he and Terrance because of this tragedy, could work out their differences.

Concluding the sermon, the priest blesses the body. Matthew slowly gets up from his seat, followed by Marcuss ,Aaron and Terrance. Each standing beside her body in palbearing position, They each take ahold of the silver rods that supported the satiny canvas like surface that her body lay upon. They proceed down the path which is lit by candle lights. They bring her into the center of a decorated field lit by candles glowing in the light of the full moon. They place her into the crystal chamber. The priest makes one last final blessing. "We bless and pray that our love one, like the new day that is ahead of us, may find peace in the next life" With those words said, he passes his hands over a panel of controls on the chamber. The glass chamber glows and emits an electrical surge of energy within the glass chamber. Her body glows, then disappears. Matthew breaks down and begins to cry. Miranda reaches out toward him, but then suddenly feels an evil presence in the air. She looks around, but she can't tell where it's coming from.

A figure quietly leaves as the ceramony ends. Driving down a dark pathway in a wooded area, the car finally stops. The person step out and quickly slams the car door. Walking a little ways, the stranger find the destination. An evil smile of triumph comes across the figures face. " No longer would this family feel the happiness and love that it shares. I will see to that, even with my last breath. "

With black gloved hands, a beautiful and strangely designed medalion is taken out of a black velvet sash.
Staring at the object for a moment, the figure takes out a round glass orb with the other and concentrates on it. A rainbow of colors spin inside the orb. The figures eyes begin to glow a brilliant blue. A triangular door opening appears, and a void of endless blue light, swirls continuously on the other side. The medalion is flung into the void, and with a smile of satisfaction, the door is closed. The medalion flies through the swirling light, and then pierces another doorway. A sharp bolt of lightening open the door wider sending it through with full force. It lands on the other side, and lands between two hard rocks.

The morning sun slowly rises over Roswell, and shines it rays of light through the broken branches covering the cave. Liz slowlly opens her eyes. She smiles to herself , and holds Max's hand which was still around her waist. He never moved from her side. She thought of what had transpired between the two of them. She turns toward him, and wakes him up with a good morning kiss.

Max opens his eyes. "Good morning dear." Liz says laughing as she continues kissing him. "Is this the way you're always going to wake me up in the morning?" Max ask with a gleam in his eyes. "If you play your cards right mister." she remarks. Max pulls her into his arms and kisses her. " I wish we could stay here Max, but I think that it would be best, if we head home. " "I agree." he replies. As they pick up their items, Liz begins to notice the gleam from an object. "Hey Max" she replies, "Give me your flashlight. " "What's wrong?" He inquires. "Nothing's wrong, I just saw something shing over their, and I want to check it out." Slowly walking toward the back of the cave she shines the flashlight into the darkness. The light falls on a object protruding between two rocks. Liz tries with all her might to pull it from the rocks, but it wouldn't move. "What are you doing Liz?" Max ask her. "I'm trying to loosen this object." she replies. "Let me help." he says to her. Placing his hand toward the object, he sends his energy around it, and loosen the two rocks that held it. He pulls it out and looks at it.

"It looks very old, and very pretty." he remarks to Liz. "Do you think it belongs to anyone." Liz ask. "Maybe." he replies, "We'll just keep it for right now." Liz places the medalion in Max's pouch. and places it across her shoulders. Max and Liz walk toward the opening of the cave. Using his powers, he cut through the broken branches, and makes an openng. He and Liz climb out of the cave. They start walking toward the direction of their tent. finally reaching it, They were happy to find that the storm hadn't done any serious damage. Their items were safely sercured inside the closed tent. The two of them begin packing their things into the jeep. Max checks over everything, and then the two of them climb into the jeep and head home.