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Summary: Max Evans returns to Roswell, after years in juvie. He's determined, that he's not going to change. But will he? Or will his past come up and hunt him?
Couple: CC
Rating: R and may go higher depending on you.

West Roswell High-

Dressed in dark black jeans, a wife beater, a leather jacket, and some worn out leather shoes. With his hair just the way he likes it. He parked his motorcyce out the way wear no one would touch and headed in.

He looked around the office and shook his head, "This is is gonna be one shitty year." He said to himself. "Yo miss."

"I suppose you are talking to me with that mouth young man?" The principal said. "I see we are going to be seeing alot of each other...."

"Evans, Max Evans..Look can I just have my schedule and scram, I got some people to talk to aite?" Max stated.

The princpal starred at him...She went over to the desk and searched through some papers. "Here, if I catch you in my office for any trouble, its detention for a week, I know your background Mr. Evans." Max just smirked and left. 'Well, this school is friendly.'

-Ms. Barkley's Class-

As the class was working on math assignment, Max came in. Ms. Barkley turned around, as well as the other students.

"Well, looks like I got the class's attention, so I'm just goin' to introduce myself. My name's Max, not Maxwell, not Maxamillion. Yes, I'm a juvie, so all you little whispers can stop I ain't deaf or stupid! That is about it." Max sat down in the back of the class. But before he looked down, one girl caught his attention, a petite brown haired angel.

At the end of class, a voice caught his attention. "Hey Max..." It was the tall scrawny kid, kind of geeky from his science class. "Hey...Listen..I know your new, so we were wondering if you wanted to join us for lunch?"

"We? As in more?" Max raised an eyebrow..."And on campus."

"Hell, no not on campus. But yeah me, and a couple of my friends, if you don't its cool, but meet us at the crashdown in five if you want. Bye. By the way the names Alex, not Al!" He could get along with this kid.

Max climbed off his back; 'Man this town hasn't changed.' He headed into the crashdown and saw Alex with three girls and two other guys.

"Hey Max right here man." Alex waved him over. Max pulled a seat over and recognized the burnette but not the other's. "Introdution time."

"Isabel Deluca and this is my sister Maria Deluca."
"Nice to meet you." Maria said. Max nodded.

"Micheal Gurien, I don't talk much, rebel."
"Gotcha, same." Max said.
"Great two rebels." Maria teased.
"You got problem leave Deluca." Micheal said.
"Look, you may be rebel, but you ain't got to treat her like that." Everyone was shocked.
"Liz Parker, not much into rebels but beginning to like a certain one." Max smirked.
"Don't get high hopes, I may not like juniors." Max stated.
"How...How'd you know." Liz asked slightly confused.
"I have my ways." Max smiled. "Well I have to scram catch you guys later."