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Title: Best Lovers
Disclaimer: Don't own any Roswell.. Just borrowing the names...
Rating*tongue*G-13 to NC-17
Summery:Liz and Max were best friends until things got hotter then either one of them expected. They were neighbors since they were babies. Grew up together to like each other. Liz had always had a crush on Max. But Max was always on to newer fishes from the sea. Or so she thought. Liz went away for a year and a half to spend it with her Godmother in Europe, and when she came back things were a lot different. Liz had always been a stick, had nothing anywhere, but the time she spent with her Godmother everything came to full bloom. When Max took one look at her, he was hooked. Liz wasn’t oblivious to Max’s charms either. He had grown up over the summer and filled out more. He was even hotter then Liz remembers. Neither one said anything and didn’t pick up where they left off. Max was on the Varsity Football Team. Liz was a cheerleader. They hardly acknowledged each other. It’s amazing what things can happen. Opportunity would be their undoing.

Chapter One

“Class I have done all of you the favor as to pick your lab partners on this assignment that I will be handing out to you in just a moment.” Mr. Permakoff said with wicked look of enjoyment on his face. “This paper will count as 30 percent of you grade; I would like to mention for all of you who are boarder on failing my class. None of you can afford to mess this one up.”

Liz rolled her eyes. “That stupid professor, I really hate him. All of this just when the end of the school year is around the corner.” Liz exclaimed that with a sigh to her best friend Maria.

“I totally know what you mean. How does he think this will fit in with my schedule? I was planning on having fun our last weeks of school. A term paper is not my idea of fun.” Maria said in that exasperated voice she always gets when she has to reschedule something.

Liz didn’t really want to think about the end of the school year. This would be her last year at West Roswell High. The thought of it made Liz sad. She was going to miss all of this. Liz’s thoughts were interrupted when Mr. Permakoff called her name.

“Elizabeth Lily Hardcorp, your partner will be Maxwell Trevor Evans.” Mr. Permakoff said with a smile on his face that Liz wished she could wipe off.

Out of all the guys in the world, in this school, or even in this class, he had to choose Max Evans, her next door neighbor. How convenient she thought. But why Max. Couldn’t he have picked anyone else but the varsity team’s most valuable player and the world's biggest jerk? Liz was about to protest but Mr. Permakoff just went right on listing the names of other partners. Liz looked over to the table that was next to hers and Maria to find Max giving her that famous smile of his.

“Oh God! Please.” Liz said as she turned her head back to the front of the class giving him a disgusted look.

Luckily the bell would ring at any time now. Liz couldn’t wait to give out of the class. “Grr ... Max Evans. I can’t believe I’m going to have to work with him on this project.” No doubt Liz thought that she would get stuck doing all the work while Max set around and did nothing. “He will probably just pig out like the pig he is.” Liz thought.

“Hmm. Cindy, Cindy, Cindy! Wouldn’t mind getting a piece of that.” Max said to his best friend Michael.

“I know what you mean man. She is so hot. Look at those legs, look at that ass and God her tits man. They’re huge! What I wouldn’t give to get a piece of that!” Michael said licking him lips.

“Yea, she is a killer. But...” Max thought then looking at Liz; “ nothing can compare to that.” Max thought. Max looked Lily over form her dark locks that looked looked completely black but in the right light seemed to light her up like an angel , to her beautifully shaped legs in her tight jeans that hide nothing of the figure that she had. Max felt himself getting hard at the thought of her in his arms. Liz looked over at him and Max turned to face the front and pointed at Cindy and laughed. He hoped that Liz hadn’t seen him checking her over.

Liz looked over to where Max set and saw him laughing with his football buddy, Michael. Max pointed at Cindy, and gave her that look over that Liz had seen many times before when they were growing up. “Oh... God... Cindy!” Liz was outraged, “ Of course, the head cheerleader airhead. Everyone knows the story on her. Easy treat! Wouldn’t they just be perfect together?” Liz thought. She couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy. Why hadn’t Max ever looked at her that way? She remembered why.

Just then the bell rang and everyone rushed to leave. Liz was gathering her things for the weekend work that was going to prove to be hell. Max couldn’t decide whether it was wise to get up right now with his hard on and everything. But Liz was getting ready to leave and he wanted to walk with her home. They were neighbors after all.

“Umm... Lil wait!” Max called out.

“Huh...” Liz turned around to face Max who was right behind her.

“Yea, What?” Liz asked.

“Umm... I wanted to walk home with you.” Max replied giving Liz that half smile of his.

“Huh... why? Don’t you have football practice or something?” Liz asked as she continued to walk.

Max had to walk fast to catch up with her. “No, we have football practice when you girls have cheerleading practice. Since you don’t have cheerleading today we don’t have football.” Max said in a sarcastic voice.

Leave it up to him to state the obvious Liz thought. “Why did you call me Lil? Haven’t been called that name since I was a little girl. You use to call me that all the time when we were kids because I was so...” Lily cut off remembering why he use to call her that.

Max remembered why she stopped what she was saying. He was really mean to her when they were growing up. He used to call her Lil because she was so little, and let’s just say she didn’t look like she does now. “Umm... Yea I know. Let’s not relive that again. I was well... a kid and it was funny at the time. It was mean of me, but what can I say.” Max said.

“Nothing! There’s nothing you can say. Yea, you are right we were just kids. It doesn’t matter.” Liz said walking faster then she was before. Pretty soon she was running. She didn’t know why but she was.

Max didn’t know why she was walking so fast. Then she went into a run. Max had to put his football skills to use to catch up to her. He held his hands out to stop her. “Hey wait a minute. Why are you running away from me?” Max asked.

“I wasn’t running. And anyways its none of your business what I do.” Liz said defensively.

“If it make you feel any better I’m sorry. I really am. For the way that I treated you when we were kids. I really am sorry. Will you forgive me?” Max said looking into her brown eyes that held so much pain. He didn’t know that he had hurt her so badly by what he used to say about her. He should have known it had hurt her deeply. Max had this need to hold her and make her pain go away. The pain that he had caused her. He put his hands on her shoulders and brought her to him.

“Umm... I...” Liz began to say as Max brought her closer to him. He held her closely giving her warmth all over. She felt so shelter in his arms. It felt right to be there.

Max pulled back a little to look at her again. What am I doing he thought. But he couldn’t keep from looking into her eyes and looking lower to her lips. He didn’t know how to control himself anymore. He started to bend his head down to kiss her so very slowly.

Liz couldn’t believe what was happening. Oh ... God ... He is going to kiss me right here in the hall. Why can’t I move away from him? This is Max Evans. The guy I loathe and despise. So why can’t I break away from him Liz thought? “Traitor!” Liz said to her body.

Max was so close to her lips. He lightly brushes against it. Then noise came from the hall. Both Max and Liz snapped out of the spell and to their senses, and broke apart.

“Shouldn’t you kids be on your way home?” Mr. Permakoff said.

“Yes.” Max said and Liz nodded and both turned and headed out the door of the school. Neither one of them could speak about what happened. The rest of the way home was in silence until they reached their houses.

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Sorry you guys.. When I first wrote this fic.. I wanted Max's name to be Eric.. and Maria was going to be Emma.. But then I decided to go with originals so not to confuse anyone.. I'll be more careful with the names...
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Chapter 2

The silence that hung in the air, between them, was deafening. “Umm...” Max began to speak, “About what happened before. I’m sorry.” Max said directing his gaze at his shoes. “ I... I... had no right. I don’t know what got into my head.” Max said glancing up at her for a second then returning his gaze to his shoes.

“I know what you mean. It... It... Wasn’t just you. It’s ok though. No apology needed.” Liz said feeling awkward.

“Well... Umm... We should go on our ways then. When do you want to get together for the lab project?” Max asked looking at her again this time holding her gaze.

“How about tomorrow? Saturday, right?” Liz looked puzzled. This was sad that Max could make her forget what day it was.

“Yea,” Max replied, “ Well... Saturday it is. The library alright with you? Do you want to meet here and drive to the library together?” Max asked

“Umm... I have something I need to do tomorrow so I will just see you there about 6 or so. I might be a little late.” Liz said blushing a little bit.

“That’s fine. Well... I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Max said looking towards Liz’s house.

“O.K.” Liz said turning to her house taking steps to her front door. Liz looked back to where Max was still standing and waved. She didn’t wait for him to wave back though and stormed through the hall up the stairs and to the familiar surroundings of her bedroom. Shutting and locking the door behind her.

Max couldn’t believe what happened. He was speechless at his own actions. As soon as she was gone it was as if a part of he left with her. Suddenly tomorrow around 6 felt like an eternity. Max stood there for another 5 minutes before he moved slowly to his own front door, through the halls, up the stairs and to his room. “What is the matter with me?” He said as he banged his head against the door. “Grr ...” He growled in frustration only to turn around to face his window and seeing Liz through it. His jaw dropped in the awe of her beauty.

Liz safely in the retreat of her own room breathed a sigh of relief. She felt so hot and suffocated with Max around her. It was getting late and she had that thing with Maria. She figured it would be a day of shopping and to prepare herself. Liz decided she needed a shower.

Max couldn’t believe his eyes. She was so amazing. How could she have blossomed into such a babe? Was all he could think when looking at her? She walked away from his view to another room, which if it as anything like his room it would be the bathroom. He saw her silhouetted figure on the shades.

Liz walked to the bathroom to start the water. She felt like soaking today she realized. A long luxurious bath was what she needed to put her mind to rest. She proceeded to turn the faucet. Warm water spud to the tube. Adding rose petal scents to the bath. Liz breathed in the aroma. Lifting up to walk back to her room.

Max couldn’t believe his luck. Liz was about to take a bath. And he could see her preparing her night cloths. He could only hope that she would take her cloths off. Max noticed how much he really wanted her for the first time. He was conscious of his penis pressing against his shorts tighter then he would have liked. He had never wanted someone so much, as much as he wanted Liz at that moment. “God, what is happening to me. I can hardly control myself!” Max sighed. “ If it’s this way now, how am I going to deal tomorrow?” Max inhaled sharply as he caught a glimpse of Liz’s breasts.

Liz gathered her things. She loved her bear pajamas. Sure it was childish, but she still loved them. “Well my bath awaits.” Liz said sighing. Rubbing her hands down her hips, she caught the bottom of her cashmere sweater and lifted it off her body over her head. Liz was petite even though she had filled out so she didn’t always wear a bra. She considered it a perk of being smaller then the masses.

Max like any normal hormonal guy liked his girl with big breast but there were exceptions and Liz was one of them. Max could hardly bare looking at her delicate, brown tipped breast. Unnoticed to him he groaned. She was so perfect, in his opinion; it hurt to look at her. “He could just image how she felt like.”

Liz removed the rest of her clothing leaving her bikini type panties on. She walked to her mirror. Liz was satisfied with herself. She loved the way she looked. It took her more time then the other girls to “blossom” but when she did she went all out. Liz then turned herself in the direction of the bathroom and lowered herself to the tub. “This is what I call heaven” Liz said sighing feeling the tension of the day melt away.

Max was barely breathing normally. As Liz walked herself to her bathroom to take her bath, Max started to breathe more evenly. “God... I can’t believe my eyes. She is just gorgeous. Good enough to be a Goddess!” Max said to himself closing his eyes picturing Lily, as she was just seconds ago. Max whimpered. “There’s no way I’m going to get any sleep tonight!”

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Chapter 3

“Don’t you just love spring?” Maria asked to a preoccupied Liz. “Hey! Anyone in there? I said don’t you just love spring?” Maria shouted.

“Huh? Umm... Yea springs awesome.” Liz mumbled.

“What’s got you so preoccupied?” Maria asked with a hint of worry in her voice.

“Not really what, but who.” Liz retorted.

“Well spill it!”

“ Umm... I really don’t want to say.” Liz tried to back away from the conversation.

“Come on. You’re holding out on me. Is that any way to treat your best friend?” Maria said sadly.

“O. K, O. k, you’ve make your point drama queen!” Liz said smiling.

“Humph.” Maria said tilting her nose to the air.

“Something happened yesterday after Biology class.” Liz started.

“Yea, I’m listening.” And she was, very attentively. There’s nothing like a good story or gossip. Maria’s two favorite things. She could really get things around if you gave her enough time.

“Don’t rush me, o. k.” Liz said peeved. “Well... Max stopped me on the way out of the classroom and while we were in the halls, he kissed me.” Liz said shyly.

“He did what!” Maria said swerving the car right and left.

“Whoa... Take it easy. God... It was only a slight peck. But if Mr. Permakoff hadn’t come along who knows what could have happened. It was so weird.” Liz said remembering the moment. “It was something else, I’ll tell you that. Never felt anything like I did yesterday with Max or anyone for that matter. I really saw another said to him. Maybe he’s not as bad after all.” Liz exclaimed.

“Uh-hum.” Maria said with a smug look on her face.

“What’s the look for?” Liz asked.

“What look?” Maria said. “We’re here! Let the shopping begin.” Maria said excitedly.


Liz found herself looking at the clock a lot during their shopping spree. She was extremely anxious; therefore, the time seemed to go by slower then usual. Finally around five-thirty Liz asked Maria to drop her off at the library.

“The library? What would you want there on a Saturday?” Maria asked exasperated that her friend would rather go to the library then shop with her.

“Well... I’m suppose to meet Max there today at six.” Liz said with half a smile knowing that this wasn’t what her friend wanted to hear.


“You know the lab project that Mr. Perma gave us.” Liz said matter of fact.

“Yea... Well... You sure are getting started early. The project isn’t due till Wednesday. Luckily I was pared off with Dale. He is such a nerd. He offered to do the whole project by himself. He said he already had one made just needed to print it out of his computer and fax me the information.” Maria said thoroughly happy with herself.

“Well... We can’t all be that luck now can we. I just figure the sooner we finish the project the less time I’m going to have to spend with Max.” Liz said partly annoyed with her friend. Sometimes Maria could be so self-absorbed.

“Uh-hum... Well ok, I will drop you off then come back. Do you want me to pick you up also?” Maria asked sweetly having noticed Liz’s annoyance with her.

“No,” Liz sighed. “Max will take me home.”


While Liz and Maria were having their little shopping spree Max was preparing himself for the day ahead. It was almost six o’clock.

“Well, Max my man, It’s time to go. Now who is going to be on his best behavior? Me!” Max said patting his pants. “You just stay right there.” Max said talking down at himself. What am I doing? I think I have finally lost it, talking to my package. Oh... God I really need to get a grip. At that moment the phone rang.


“Hey man!”

“Hey Michael! What’s up?”

“Nothing dude. How’s it with you?”


“Wanna get together? You know, scope some girls at the mall or something?” Michael asked excitedly.

“Sorry man, I can’t. I’ve already got plans.” Max said with a sad tone.


“Yea! I’m meeting Liz, you know my lab partner, at the library. We’re going to get busy on the report.”

“Yo man! That is one babe and to think she lives right next door to you. Some guys have all the luck.” Michael said sounding like a loner.

“Yea, sorry man. Maybe tomorrow?”

“Yea, tomorrow. You planning on anything else with that Liz chick?” Michael asked in an interested voice.

“Man, get your head out of the gutter. I have to go or I will be late to meet her.” Max said quickly.

“Ok, ok, I want details.”

“Yea... sure. Whatever. Catch you later”

“See ya!” Michael said hanging up.

That guy, always thinking of sex. What else do I want to do with her though? Max’s mind began to wonder of all sorts of things. “Stop it!” He said to himself grabbing his keys and making his way to his car.

It didn’t take long to get there and as he was parking, a car parked right next to him. It was Liz. “Here we go!” He told himself.

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Chapter 4

“I’ll call you and tell you how it goes tonight, ok.” Liz said once again annoyed.

“Ok, Don’t forget I want details.” Maria said lightly with a wink.

“Hi, Maria right.” Max said.

Both Maria and Liz jumped. They hadn’t noticed the car beside them. “Yea,” Maria said almost breathlessly. “Hi.”

“I didn’t mean to startle you two.” Max said half amused.

“It’s alright.” Liz said. “Call you later, k Ria?”

“Yea!” Maria said then turning to Max, “Nice seeing you Max. Bye!” And with that Maria turned the engine full force and speed out of there.

“Some driver!” Maria exclaimed.

“Yea... she is. I’m surprised she still has her license.” Liz said already walking to the entrance of the library.

Max noticed her walking and fell into pace. “Well... Hi to you too.” Max said.

“Uh-hum.” Liz said not even looking at him.

“Burr... Is it cold around here or is it just you?” Max said sarcastically.

“Ha! Very funny!” Liz said coldly.

“What’s up with the cold shoulder. What did I do? I’m here on time? I said Hi, tried to start a nice conversation, and you rebuff me off the bat. What does a guy have to do to get some respect?” Max asked exasperatedly and quite seriously annoyed with her attitude.

“To answer your first question, What did you do? For starters you were born. Moving on to the last. You have to earn my respect and really I don’t see you doing that anytime soon. Maybe when hell freezes over you’ll start somewhere.” Liz said quite satisfied with herself.

“Oh... that was cold.” Max said amused.

“Thank you! It was meant to be. You know, the truth hurts” Liz said with a smile.

“Care to know what I think of you?” Max asked still amused at her playfulness.

“Not really, but I suppose your going to tell me anyways.” Liz said

“You bet!” Max said stopping, “ I think you are the most beautiful girl on this side of Roswell.” Liz stopped. “You’re not just a beautiful face, but you have a brain. That’s hard to find now a day. No girl can hold a candle to you in my mind.” Max ended with one of famous smiles.

Liz was still stopped in her tracks though she didn’t turn around but she knew that he was smiling one of his smiles at her. But she wouldn’t dare turn around and look at him. She knew all her reserves would fall apart. Liz continued to walk as though she hadn’t heard a word he said. “We really should get down to work.” Liz said coldly but inside she was all warm. A smile tugged at her lips and she told it to go away.

“Oh well... can’t say I didn’t try.” Max said resuming walking. Max held the door for her as they entered the library. “So what are we doing our project on?” Max asked.

“Natural Selection.” Liz said plainly.

“What aspect?”

“Why people and animals are attracted to each other. In other words, what makes one organism choose another out of so many.” Liz explained. All of that probably went past his head Liz thought.

“I see.” Max smiled, “What made you choose that topic?”

Liz faltered for a moment, a moment that Max dually noticed. “No particular reason. Only that it is mating season for most animals. I just thought might as well explore the reasons of why and how mating accurse.” Liz exclaimed hoping that that would answer his question.

“I could tell you exactly why and how mating accures.” Max said smugly.

Liz faltered once more. “No one wants to know your explanation. Anyways.. I have a pretty good idea of what you would say.”

“And what would that be. Lil’ miss no it all.” Max said sarcastically and quite amused that he was getting to her.

Liz faltered once more. I must stop doing that she told herself. “Only what the usual male species says.” Liz countered.

“Again what would that be?” Max asked smiling.

“What? Quote because a girl is hot. How, I’m sure you know exactly how.” Liz said coldly, angered, and annoyed.

“I see,” was all Max said leaving Liz to wonder what was going on in that sick, twisted, mind of his.

“Yes. It’s vacant.” Liz said happily

“What’s vacant.” Max wanted to know.

“My favorite spot in this library.” Liz said once again coldly with no hint of the happiness that was there just seconds ago.

“I can see why you like it.” Max said when they got there, “It’s all the way to the back of the library. I’m amazed light comes through here. No one will disturb you all the way back here.” Max said overly sarcastic.

Liz shot him an angered look. She was beginning to wonder if being all the way back here alone with Max was a good idea. She just might be tempted to strangle him. “If you don’t like it was can always move. Go somewhere else of your choosing.” Liz said still giving him a deadly look.

“Whoa.. Hey! Cool it with the evil lady eyes. This will be just fine.” Max said half smiling.

Liz just stuck her nose out and said, “Whatever!”

Liz set her things down, reading herself for the long hours of work ahead. Liz sighed. Max noticed what she was doing and did the same thing setting his things across from her. Max still couldn’t get over how beautiful she was. And that dark-blue sleeveless shirt really set out her brown eyes. He could just imagine how soft her skin was. “ Stop it! Your going to get yourself in trouble” His conscious said. “What do you know?” Max retaliated. “Hello! I’m you conscious.” “Whatever. It never hurt to look.” “Uh-hum... But that’s not all you were thinking about doing.” “Just shut up!” Max shouted at himself.

“What was that?” Liz asked.

“Nothing.” Max replied shyly.

“Uh-hu.... So how do you want to do this?” Liz asked in a hateful voice.

“However you want to. Your the boss and I’m just your slave to do with as you see fit.” Max said turning on the charm.

“Slave, huh?” Liz rolled the idea in her mind.

“Whoa.. Don’t get any big idea’s ok.” Max said worriedly.

Liz just shrugged her shoulder and began planning out how to do the project. It took half an hour but she explained everything to Max in full details. “What do you think?” Liz asked.

“Your a genius.” Max complimented.

“Thanks.” Liz smiled proud of her brilliance.

“Was that a smile I saw.” Max asked amused. “It was, wasn’t it? First smile you’ve given me since you came back from you long trip with you Godmother. And when was that? The beginning of the second half of senior year?” Max asked.

“Yea,” Liz said as all of the memories of the trip through Europe came flooding back to her. Liz was still amazed that the school let her do all the homework and receive credits that she needed to graduate. It was really nice of them to let her go and miss a year and a half out of school with her Godmother abroad. Liz loved her Godmother dearly for the trip. It was just what she needed to blossom; and blossom she did. Liz’s smile widened.

“I take it you had a wonderful time. One of those trips to remember and someday tell you kids and your grandkids.” Max elaborated.

“That it was,” was all Liz said still wrapped around the memories of the trip.

“So what happened to us? When you came back it was as if I didn’t exist to you anymore.” Max said sadly.

Liz immediately snapped out of her memory recollection. “What?” Liz couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“You heard me! What happened to us?” Max repeated leaning into the table closer to Liz.

“First of all, there was never an us. Second, it wasn’t what happened to us it was what happened to you.” Liz countered as anger swept over her and she clenched her hands into a fist.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” Max asked offended.

“Oh.. You don’t remember.” Max shakes his head. “Of course not. How could you?” Liz said laughingly. “The last day before I went aboard. I thought maybe you would be nice and do what normal people do when someone is going away. But you were worst then before. Being the football captain really went to your head didn’t it. You want me to tell you what happen. I’ll tell you what happened.” Liz was really fired up now. “I don’t know if you were drunk or something. But when I was out with Maria, you and your buddies decided to have a little fun. I’m sure you told them what you and most people use to call me. Even some of your buddies looked familiar. They might have known. You guys gathered all around me and ... and....” Tears were pouring down Liz’s face now. And it suddenly hit Max. It all came back to him.

“Oh... My God.” Max said backing away. “I remember now.”

“Yea.. I thought you would. Just needed someone to jog your memory.” Liz said bitterly wiping her tears away. “Well it doesn’t matter now. That’s all in the past. But their you have your reason. I didn’t mind so much all the things that you use to do to me as we were growing up. But that day I made a promise to myself and I have pretty much kept it till now.” Liz just added that bit of information out of spite.

“You don’t know how sorry I am.” Max said taking a step forward. “I was so jealous of you, and you were right, I was a bit drunk that I let myself get out of control that day. I didn’t know how I could have done it. I hope you can forgive me. But you were leaving and I felt as if I was losing my best friend, so to speak, and at the time I didn’t notice how much I liked you and would miss you.” Max cut off going back to that time. “It took me a long it me to grow up, and I’m sorry.” Max finished sadly.

Liz didn’t know why but she found comfort in those words. She truly believed he meant it and she found that she had forgiven the whole thing a long time ago. She just needed to let him know. Now she felt she could let it go. “It’s alright. I really do forgive you. I got over it a while ago. Now I have it off my chest.” Liz said calmly as if it didn’t matter the slightest bit.

Max looked up. “Really,” Lily nodded. “I’m glad, and I’m sorry again. I’ll make it up to you someday.” Max whispered knowing he would.

Liz just smiled. “You better.” Liz said playfully. “What was that?” she asked herself. “What do you think your doing? This is the guy you hate. You shouldn’t be nice to him.” “Oh.. Put it to rest!” she answered herself.

Wow! Eric thought. Her smile is hypnotic. She truly is a work of art.

The silence stretched as both Liz and Max were preoccupied with their own thoughts. Liz snapped out of it first. “We should get to work. An hour has already gone by.” Liz said normally no longer cold or angry, just Liz.

Max was still in a daze about her but answered. “Yea, we should. I’ll sit here and you get busy.” Liz looked up. She searched his face. He was actually serious. Then his face lighted into a smile. Liz laughed. “I’m really making progress. Already I’ve made you smile now a laugh. Wonder what else I can get from you?” Max said in a low seductive voice.

Liz choked on her laugh and turned somewhat rosy. She hoped not enough to be noticed. “Like I was saying, work. Now you start working. You know what you have to do. So do it!” Liz said turning around to walk the few steps to the computer card catalog. I can’t believe myself. I need to get focused and back to work. Liz continued telling herself that to keep her mind focused but Max was distracting. More so then he was before. “Ahh... Finally. The Rules of Mating and Natural Selection of Organisms. This is perfect! I’m sure I will find what I need in this book. Ok let me see, non-fiction number 105.97 RY. That should be,” Liz said looking around, “right there.” She said pointing towards the direction where both Max and her had dropped their bags. Well atleast I won’t be going far Liz thought.

“Hey, Lil listen to this.” Max said enthusiastically.

“Don’t call me Lil!” Liz said calmly. Usually she would put bitterness and anger behind it, but now she decided that she could move on.

“Ok, Sorry. I just think its a cute name for you.” Max countered.

“Well I don’t like it. Find something else to call me if you won’t call me Liz.” Lily said plainly walking towards the book that she was looking for.

“Well there’s a grand idea Elyzabeth Lily.” Liz grimaced at the sound of her name. She just didn’t like her middle name Lily. Seeing the look on her face Max said, “ How about I think on it.”

“Yea, you do that. But don’t over exert yourself on my account.” Liz said smiling still searching for the book that she just couldn’t seem to find.

“Ha ha... Very funny, Liz.” Liz stopped what she was doing. Hearing her name come out of his mouth was like heaven she marveled. The way he said her name made her heart melt. Her name just seemed so right on his lips. This was the first time Liz actually paid attention on the way someone said her name.

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Chapter 5

Liz and Max had been working adamantly for a half an hour until Liz's frustrations got out of hand. “God! Where is that stupid book?” Liz said harshly against her anger.

“Having trouble gorgeous?” Max asked in that sardonic voice of his. Liz looked up to look at him but didn’t respond. “Oh.. Looking here! It is true what they say.”

“What is it they say?” Liz asked in a dry almost uncaring voice.

“That men and beast are alike.” Max said plainly.

“That I can agree with.”

“Listen to this,” Max began reading, “ In dealing with Natural Selection of most animals, love isn’t the institution as it is supposedly in humans. Though there are creatures that reproduce from loving each other, most mate for the simple pleasure of the male species or just to continue the race. It is said though that only pigs and humans actually mate for pleasure of both sides, and so on. All the other stuff doesn’t matter.” Max finished enthusiastically.

“So in other words men are like pigs. It fits!” Liz said sarcastically happily.

“Not all men. Truly some men mate for real love.”

“Mate? You guys don’t even call it sex anymore. Wow, was that word not robotic enough for you guys.”

“Robotic?” Max asked curiously. “ There nothing robotic about it!”

“Uhu... Most people would call sex making love or somewhere along those line not just sex. The word sex make it sound robotic and uninteresting to me.” Liz said immediately regretting saying it.

“Really?” Lizcringed at his tone of voice. “ I assure you there’s nothing robotic about it.” Max said delighted by Liz’s ideal and total innocence.

“You would know now wouldn’t you?” Liz said immediately turning around before the rosiness of her cheeks were noticed. Of course Liz knew that Max wasn’t pure, so to speak. But now he knew that Liz was. And to Liz it seemed that he took to much delight in knowing that.

After a few minutes of silence, Max decided to spring something on Liz. “Do you love me?” Max asked with a grin.

Liz froze. She couldn’t do anything. Liz had to remind herself to breath because in that second she didn’t think that she could even do that. She couldn’t think of anything to tell him. She knew the answer no, but somehow she just couldn’t say it. Why couldn’t she say it? Liz was beginning to panic and time was just slipping by.

“I’ll take your silence as a yes or you would have said no right after I asked you.”

“Max... You’re so funny.” Liz said hoping that her voice was calm because she knew her insides weren’t. Her heart was hammering in her chest quite harshly.

“Yea... You love me.” Max said confidently.

By this time Liz had time to recover from that little shock. “ You wish... Love is just so overrated. Atleast in my book it is.” Liz said sharply.

“You know you love me. Why don’t you just admit it.”

“You think your so hot, don’t you?”

“I don’t think I am, I know I am.” Max said with a wide grin on him face.

Liz didn’t say anything for a while. “We should get back to work.” Liz said quietly then turning around to return searching for her book.

Max had found a book that interested him. He decided to take it back to their table and look at it more closely. As he walked, he noticed Liz bent down with her butt up in the air searching for something frantically. It caught his attention. For a while he just stood their watching her butt go from side to side as she moved. He felt himself began to get aroused by her actions. He decided right then it was a good time to get back to what he was doing.

Max walked the rest of the distance to the desk and sat on the left side of the table. Max returned to the book. “Whoa! Nifty fact. Holy cow! Pigs orgasm for thirty minutes.” Why couldn’t I have been born a pig Max thought for a moment.

Max looked up to the right of him where Liz was still bent over looking for her book. Max groaned feeling himself slip deeper in his need for her. Max forced his gaze back on the book. “A female Praying Mantis initiates sex by ripping the males heads off!” “Well isn’t that lovely. Ok that’s it. I can’t stand this anymore.” Max said to himself. No longer thinking of what he was doing her walked gently to where Liz was.

Max placed himself right behind her. Max was just the right height that Liz’s butt was leveled with his arousal. Max took his hands, place them on Liz’s hips, and pulled her towards him.

Liz gasped at the contact immediately straightening herself up. Breathlessly she barely got the words, “What do you think you are doing?”, out of her mouth.

“What do you think I’m doing?” Max said seductively as he bent his head to place a kiss on Liz’s shoulders.

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Chapter 6

“You know you drove me to this. First, with your tempting body, and then with that ass swinging of yours. You can hardly place me responsible for what I’m doing now.” Max said as his fingers caressed the softness of her skin.

Liz was beyond shocked and definitely past disbelief of what was happening. Liz couldn’t breath. Feeling Max so close to her. Feeling him so vitally potent upon her. “ Max.. I... We” Liz couldn’t finish. The tremors that were racking throw her body wouldn’t let her.

Max felt her shiver. “Your so soft, just the way I thought you would be.” He said as he spun Liz around to face him. Max swept her into a devastating kiss that shattered any protests that she was about to make before.

He kissed Liz lingeringly and long, so hard that Liz fell back upon the book shelves. Pressing himself so close to her that it was almost as if there flesh melted into each other. Max’s hand pulled possessively around Liz bringing her even closer to him. Leaving no room for air between them. Somehow it just wasn’t enough for Max. He was drunk in the want of Liz. The emotions that he had, being locked so long within him, now were unleashed to do whatever they wanted.

Liz couldn’t remember when she had ever felt something as powerful as what she was feeling now. And of all people it was Max that was evoking these feelings from her. Liz would have protested, she meant to but the words just never came. Instead of pushing him away Liz was clinging on to him as if he was all their was in the world. And at that moment he was. With Max pressed so close to Liz she felt every contour as if she melted into him, fitting like a jigsaw puzzle. Liz couldn’t understand her actions and at the moment she didn’t want to. Max had released something in her that she never thought she had. It all felt so tantalizingly unbearable. He was filling every vein in her body with it. Liz found herself responding equally as passionate as him.

Max was beyond control there was no way to stop what he started. He lost all control when Liz responded as fearsome as he felt. Their was no breath left. Max pulled apart from Liz to get some needed breath into their lungs.

Liz and Max were both breathing hard. The impact of their lips left both their mouths feeling bruised. Liz and Max’s body were still joined even if their lips weren’t; the pulsing of arousal was ever more relevant.

Liz had her head on his chest and was afraid to look up. “We have to stop this now!” Liz said her voice quivering.

“Do you really want to?” Max asked kissing Liz’s face tenderly.

Liz closed her eyes to the onslaught of kisses. “That’s not the point.” Liz said flatly.

“It is exactly the point. It’s not to late for me to stop what we are about to do. If you want me to stop though, your going to have to pull away from me yourself.” Max explained calmly kissing her head, hoping to God that she wouldn’t pull away just yet. How needed this!

‘God why is he doing this to me?’ Liz thought to herself closing her eyes tightly as well as her hands on Max’s chest. ‘Traitorous body!’ she shouted at herself, ‘How could you let him do this to you. A little taste and you already want him inside of you.’ Liz growled at herself. With that thought Liz realized exactly why she let him do this to her. She wouldn’t say it though. Truth or not, Liz was intent on ignoring it. Very slowly Liz walked away from Max not meeting his eyes.

Max smirked knowing what a hard time she had had to pull away from him. ‘Gosh, she was beautiful,’ He sighed. “Least you could do was help a guy out, you know.” Max said jokingly wanting to see what Liz would say to that.

Liz could feel the color creep up her face, a nice shade of red she was sure. Although she knew he was teasing that remark made her think of things she had rather not. “Umm... maybe we should.. go home.” Liz said in a whisper looking at her watch, “It is pretty late already. We do have most of our project done anyways. I’ll check this book out,” Liz said turning around, bending , and pulling out the book she had been getting before Max had distracted her, “We can do the rest of the project at my house tomorrow or something.” Liz said quickly.

Max grinned wider, “Sure, whatever you want my lady.”

Liz frowned at the my lady comment. It made things look complicated and that was the last thing she wanted when it came to Max Evans.

In little time Liz and Max gathered their things and the books that they would check out. They walked to the front of the library where the librarian checked out the books under Liz’s name then put it in a bag.

“This will be due back next Saturday.” the librarian said as Liz picked up the bag full of books.

“Alight, Thanks.” Liz smiled and walked to the exit with Eric right behind her.

Quickly and silently Liz and Max made it to his car and got in. Max pulled out of the library and headed home. “So.” He began.

“So?” Liz questioned, hoping nothing else would be said.

“So.. What’s up with the silent treatment?” Max questioned one eye on the road one on Liz. It was a short drive home and it wasn’t a busy road he was taking.

“No, silent treatment. I just don’t have anything to say.”

“Oh.. I definitely find that quite hard to believe.”

“I don’t really care whether you believe it or not.”

Their was silence for a few minutes. Liz was glad, hopefully that would be the end of it till they got home. Max soon pulled into his drive way and Liz immediately began to exit without a word. Max spoke and Liz froze.

“I love the way you feel in my arms you know. You she be in them more often. Also your quite a good kisser. Whoever you learned from be sure to give him my thanks.” Max grinned.

Liz with her back to him could feel that grin of his. It infuriated her that he was unaffected by what happened in the library, while she was still shaking from it. “I’ll be sure to tell him when I see him on Monday. I have been meaning to learn some new tricks anyhow.” Liz walked off to her house, opened the front door and shutting it and Max behind her.

“Guess that backfired on me,” Max sighed, “There’s always tomorrow.” he said as he put his car in the garage.

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Chapter 7

Max entered the house, passing the kitchen without seeing his mother there.

“Well, hello to you to son.” Mrs. Evans called out from the kitchen.

“Oh... Sorry mom, Hi.” Max said dully going into the kitchen giving his mom a peck on the cheek.

“Something wrong, Max.” Diane asked worried.

“No, mom. Everything is fine,” He said plastering a smile on his face.

“Hmmm... Well dinner will be ready in about an hour. I got home later then I planned, you see. And...”

“Ok mom,” Max chuckled. His mom always was a talker. “I’m going to head upstairs to take a long shower. I’ll be done in time to eat ok mom?” Max said heading to the stairs.

“Sure honey. Take your time. I don’t suppose your father will be here for another hour and a half anyways.” Diane sighed.

“K, mom,” Max said then made his way up the stairs and into his room where he leaned against the door for a few minutes before he started getting ready for his shower.

Liz got in the house quietly knowing her dad would be on the couch watching a movie or sleeping. While her mom would curl up on that same couch and read a book. How different her parents were. Slowly Liz creped up the stairs and into her room without disturbing anyone in the house, except for Lilith, the cat, because she was sleeping on Liz’s bed.

Liz plopped down on the bed unceremoniously. She was tired after her day with Max. And God that kiss or whatever it was. It had left her week in the knees and with little strength to think anything at all. What was happening to her, Liz thought as she shot up from the bed.

She looked to her left, to her window and was beyond surprise as she saw Max's bear chest. She found herself unable to move from where she was. He was truly mesmerizing. “Where was I when he grew a body like that.” Liz thought to herself. Why hadn’t she noticed how good looking he was before now. Of course she had thought him hot, even though he was a jerk, a girl would have to be blind not to see that he was cute. She couldn’t remember when any guy had the effect Max was having on her now. all the sudden it was to hot in the room.

Max continued to take his cloths off not realizing that his window was wide open for Liz to see.

Liz hadn’t moved from the spot she had been standing for the past five minutes or was it 10, she didn’t know. Her heart was beating quite fast now, watching as Max stripped down to his boxers. ‘Well that answers that question of boxers or briefs’ Liz thought to herself with a grin. ‘One more piece of clothing. Oh gosh, I shouldn't be looking at him like this.’ Not that that thought made her move an inch away. Liz was straining so hard at him she was surprised she hadn’t burnt a hole in his boxers.

‘I should call Liz tomorrow and ask her what time she wants to start working on the project.’ Max thought as he was pulling down his boxers. For a strange reason he felt like someone was watching him. He felt his body give a shiver and he looked up.

Max froze in his place as he saw Liz standing there watching him threw her window. He saw her eyes grow big like saucers, no doubt she was mortified by being caught watching him undress.

Max smiled to himself. ‘Well it’s no better then what I did to her the other day. I suppose its my turn to give her a show.’ Max thought ruthlessly. As if he hadn’t see her in the window looking at him. He pulled his boxers all the way down and stood their for a while. As if he hadn‘t seen her, he continue finishing undressing and headed for the shower.

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Chapter 8

Liz woke up the next morning discrepantly with a groan. She didn’t get one once of sleep, and the sleep she did get were filled with dreams of steamy, hot moments with Max. With that thought Liz groaned again. ’Just what I need to start the day,” Liz said into her pillow.

Without any real consideration for whether Liz was awake or not, Maria burst into the room. “Rise and shine, doll. You have a lot of explaining to do,” she continued speak opening the curtains, “You wouldn’t imagine the news I heard this morning from Betty, that heard it from Cindy, that got it from Pam, that easdropped on the librarian while talking to her best friend, Maranda, in the bathroom.” Maria paused for a moment for dramatic affect then screech, “Did you screw Max Evans in the library?”

Liz immediately shot up off her bed.

“Now, I’m not one to talk. But is there any truth in this.” Maria stood leaning over Liz.

Liz blinked a few time wondering if this was all a dream also cause she could have sworn that Maria was in her room asking her if she had screwed Max.

“Are you going to say something about this.” Maria prompted getting annoyed her question wasn’t being answered.

Liz got up off the bed and started walking up and down, “First of all,” Liz paused, “What are you doing in my room at,” Liz look at the clock on her night stand, “7 o’clock in the morning.”

“Well... as soon as Betty called me with the news, I had to come here and find out if it was true.” Maria said matter of fact.

“Blabbermouth Betty,” Liz screamed, " It figures she’d spread it around so quickly.” Liz calmed herself.

“So your telling me it’s true!” Maria screech shocked.

“Of course it’s not true. Do I look crazy.” Liz said making her way to the bathroom.

Maria followed in toe,” So your telling me nothing sexual happened between you and Max, right?”

Liz picked up her toothbrush and started brushing,” Pretty much,” It came out as a mumble,” he kissed me against the bookcase and that was as far as it went.” Liz said more clearly.

“Must have been one heck of a kiss.” Maria replied.

‘You have no idea.’ Liz thought to herself, but shrugged to Maria.

“Well, I came all this way for nothing.” Maria sighed moving away from the bathroom and looked outside the window,” Whoa...” Maria exclaimed staring with great interest.

Liz looked over at Maria for a fleeting moment and finished brushing her teeth and washing her face. Morning rituals were very important to Liz. Liz turned back to Maria, and Liz could tell she was practically drooling. Liz walked to stand beside her friend to see what had so captured her attention so completely.

There stood Max practically nude except for the almost to small towel wrapped around his trim hips. Liz’s heart jumped as thoughts of last night came to her mind. After seeing so much of Max right in front of this window, it took all her courage to had turned around and walked away from the view, last night. Liz felt a curious ache in between her legs as the thoughts streaked through her mind.

Both Liz and Maria jumped when Max turned around to see them starring at him with open admiration. Both Maria and Liz’s faces turned a particular shad of red.

Max just stood there and gave them the all knowing grin. Talk about an ego booster. Before either Maria or Liz could react, Max closed his window as well as his blinds. Liz wanted to slump to the ground, not knowing if her legs could support her any longer. Maria focused on getting her breathing back to normal and the heat in her body to calm down.

“That certainly was something.” Maria managed to squeak out. Liz just nodded, both stood still to affected to move.


Max couldn’t help but grin wolfishly at the sight of Liz and her friend, Maria wasn’t it, starring at him basically drooling.

Max remember last night. After Liz had stood there and look a him so bluntly. He got a major hard on that he had to relieve or he wouldn’t have gotten any sleep at all. Not that it helped much, he still lost sleep. Dreaming of Liz and all the things he wanted to do with her. Just the thought of those dreams began to stir Max to life. He groaned deeply. he was amazed he could want to get it up again after he had just finished in the shower. Just then the phone rang.

Max moved and picked it up, “Yea.”

“Hey man, it’s Michael. I heard about what you did yesterday with that Liz chick. Great job man.”

“What I did yesterday?” Max wondered.

“Yea, shagging that girl Liz. Everyone is talking about it.” Michael chuckled.

“Shagging, what!” Max spreeched, but then there was a beep,” Wait, I have another call,” Max clicked over, “Yea.”

“Dude, Max. You are one lucky dog. Liz is tight as hell. Wish I had done her in.” Kyle said with pride in his voice of Max’s exploits.

“Hey, Kyle. Thanks.” Max said hesitantly,” But I'll check with your later. I’m on the phone with Michael right now.

“Yo, man that’s cool. Hit me back later.”

“Sure, bro.” Max said clicking back to Michael, “Now where did you hear about me and Liz.”

“From Cindy that heard it from someone or other.” Michael said lazily, “What does it matter?”

Max ran his hands through his hair trying to decide what to do about this. ‘Just what I need.” Max inwardly cringed. “Nothing man,” Max sighed, “But listen I’ve got to run. I’ll check back with you later.”

“Sure, man.” Michael shrugged it off wondering why Max wasn’t more excited about the news going on about him. He’d be a God at school for the rest of the year. ‘Some guys just don’t know how good they have it.’ Michael thought.

“k, Bye.” Max said hanging up the phone.

Max thought that by now Liz would have heard what was going around about them. “Man, just when I thought this was going to be a good day.” Max groaned.

Dressing quickly in his football jersey and a pear of snug fitting jeans, Max headed over to Liz’s house. Just as he was about to knock on the door, it flung open.

Maria smiled and gave Max the one over then turned back to Liz, “So you’ll call later right? And tell me the details?”

“Yep, everything from the beginning.” Liz said smiling not paying attention to Max standing there.

“ Ok then, I’m off to the spa.” Maria said stepping out of the house. As she was passing by Max, Maria winked, “ By the way, thanks for the view.” Maria called out waving as she got into her car and sped away.

Liz moved to close the door in front of Max’s face, but his hands shot out and kept the door open. “Oh, Max, what a nice surprise. I didn’t see you there.” Liz used her most innocent voice.

“Quite the contrary,” he insisted shoving himself through the door, “You’ve seen more then your share of me.” he said grinning.

“I have no idea what your mean.” Liz said in the hastiest voice she could muster. As her heart was pounding furiously.

“What can I do you for?” Liz asked walking up the stairs to her room. But immediately regretted her words.

Max grinned his million door, melt anyone’s heart smile. He was about to comment in a most gaudily manor but decided not to, “ Well...”

“Wait let me rephrase that.” Liz breathed, “How can I help you?” she asked stopping at the top of the stairs waiting for his macho like reply to that one.

“Well.. you could..”

“Actually.. the better question would be, What are you doing here?” Liz went into her bedroom and slumped onto the bed.

Max sighed and followed her into her room. Upon entering he looked around. Everything in there was Liz exactly. It couldn’t have represented her better, “I wanted to talk to you about the roomer that was going on about us.” Liz looked up at him with alarm, “ I want you to know that I didn’t start it.” Max said hesitantly hoping she would believe him.

Lily shrugged, “I know it’s not. Blame it on the librarian. She saw us against the bookcase and figured the worst.”

“Oh ...,” Max sat himself down at the corner of her bed.

“Yea ..., that’s about the size of it.” Liz said with a yawn.

After that a long silence insinuated. Liz didn’t mind it. she needed her rest after the night and morning she had. Unknowingly, Liz feel asleep.

Max sat there starring at Liz. Somewhere between the silence, she had fallen asleep. Max brushed Liz’s soft hair off her face. She was truly an angel. “God, your beautiful.” He whispered.

Max knew he shouldn't but found himself laying next to Liz on her bed bring Liz’s body into his. Liz sighed and relaxed into his body. It was as if she was made to be there. Max wrapped his arms around her, and for the longest time just looked at her.

Sometime while watching Liz, Max feel asleep as well.

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Chapter 9

Mrs. Hardcorp looked at the clock on the microwave and thought it was strange that Liz was not up yet. “I’ll go check on her. Make sure she is feeling alright.” she thought and headed up stairs.

Francis Hardcorp stood at the door just in case anything was happening in there. Quietly, she inched the door open to see Liz asleep and Max, of all people sleeping right along side her. The site almost brought tears to her eyes. “Just like when they were younger,” she thought.

Francis had lost hope that those two would get together when Max stopped visiting and Liz ignored all conversation that had anything to do with him. Of course, she had wondered what happened but never asked or commented which had suited Liz just fine.

But this; it brought back hope. she had always thought they were perfect together.

Fransis walked into the room and drew the covers half way up them. Which caused Max to stir.

Max opened his eyes and look around and saw Mrs. Hardcorp. He began to move off of the bed. But Mrs. Hardcorp shook her head.

“It’s alright. I didn’t mean to disturb you. Stay as you are.” Fransis smiled and began to walk out, “When your both read to come down stairs. I’ll have something ready for you guys to eat.” With that she closed the door and returned to the kitchen with a grand smile on her face.

Max sighed. He wasn’t quite ready to leave just yet. He looked down at the amazing girl that was in his arms and had the greatest desire to kiss her awake. But decided against it, not yet.

So once again he closed his eyes and got as close to Liz as possible and just relaxed.


Liz took a deep breath and had the faint thought that she smelled soap and aftershave.
She opened her eyes. To her surprise she found herself within Max’s arms. she couldn’t remember how this happened, but she didn’t feel panicked.

She had the strangest feeling. As if she belonged right here. Being in his arms felt so familiar, so right. she savored the feeling.

She breathed him in again and found that his scent quite appealed to her. She looked up at his face to make sure he was still asleep. she didn’t want him to see her all gaga over him. ‘Gosh, he’s gorgeous,” she thought. Her hand automatically went to his face and brushed the hair that had swept onto his eyes. Liz removed her hand quickly hoping that she hadn’t woken him.

Having waited a few moments to make sure he was still asleep, tentatively, she stoked his face, going over each feature. Liz brushed against his lips and had the greatest urge to kiss him. She told herself she shouldn’t. “One kiss, a soft one, he wouldn’t even notice,” her conscience told her. “No,” she thought. “You know you want to. Just do it. He won’t even know.”

Liz couldn’t resist and slowly and softly she brushed her lips against his. It just didn’t seem enough. Her tongue snaked out and traced his outer lip. Caught up in the whole moment, Liz kissed him fully on the lips suckling and nipping here and there.

She hadn’t even noticed that it was no longer just her kissing him. He was returning the kiss in full regard. It wasn’t till Liz was underneath Max and there tongues were dueling that lily realized that she wasn’t the only one awake.

She immediately stopped kissing him. Max noticed the change, stopped and opened his eyes, but he didn't’ move off of her.

“You weren’t asleep were you?” Liz asked breathing hard.

“Not half as much as I pretended to be, no.” Max spoke truthfully.

“I should have known.”

“It wouldn’t have changed anything.” He grinned.

“How so?”

“We’d still end up in the same position we are now.”

Liz opened her sparkling brown eyes and looked directly into his passion flared ones. “I suppose so...” Liz began to shuffle. Giving him a sign to get off.

Max groaned, “Do we have to stop now?” Max asked planting a soft kiss on her lips.

“I.. Umm..”

“Please, let’s not stop now.” Max said brush against her hardened nipples with hands that sometime during the kiss had made it’s way under her shirt.

That felt really good she thought and called upon all her self control to speak, “Max, my mom-”

“She was downstairs,” He placed a kiss on her forehead, then on her eyebrow,” but she left a while ago. I heard the car leave.” He kissed her lips gently at first but that soon wasn’t enough, and they were attacking each others lips ravenously.

Max broke the kiss to place open mouthed kisses along her neck while under her shirt his hands worked magic on her breasts. Liz moaned softly under his assault . A part of her couldn’t believe this was happening.

Before she knew what she was about she felt the cold air surround her heated flesh. Liz opened her eyes and found that she was completely topless.

Max had imagined this a thousand times but he had never captured the vision in front of him in due justice. “You are so unbelievably beautiful.” Max looked at Liz with wonder in his eyes.

How long had she wanted to hear that. It was almost to much. Sensations racked her body as Max took one nipple into his mouth and sucked it gentle while rubbing the other with his thumb and forefinger. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed him harder to her.

The heat between her legs was unbearable now. To gain some relief, Liz found herself grinding herself on Max’s erection. It felt so wonderful being this close to him.

Hands clamped down on her hips not stopping the motion themselves but praying she would and she wouldn't the same time.

“God, your going to be the death of me.’ He growled breathing hard, his eyes closed tightly. Letting her have her way.

To her surprise, Liz grinned. she knew exactly that what she was doing to was torturing him. Instead of stopping, she ground herself more forcefully.

Max groaned, then hissed, trying to cool the fever in his blood. Thinking any rational thought was almost impossible, “You like to play do you?” he voice coming out but a whisper, “Two can play at this game.”

His hand brushed against her secret spot. Liz took a huge audible gasp. She suppressed a moan. But the second time she couldn't hold it in, “Oh.. God.”

“That’s only the beginning.” Max began pulling down her pants.

Liz stilled his hands, “Max we can’t.” she said eyes still closed.

“I won’t do anything like that, I promise. I just want to touch you.” His hands brushed her face, neck, breast, past her stomach, making her quiver, “ All of you,” he said placing a sweet kiss on her stomach, “Please, just this once. Let me touch you the way I’ve only dreamed about.” His hands brushed the spot again.

God help her, Liz groaned, “ No matter how much I want to. I just can’t.” Liz looked at him, “ I can’t believe I’ve let this get this far, “ Liz paused, “ No guy has ever touched me the way I let you today,” she paused again, “ I’m afraid, ok. I’m afraid that if I let you any further. I’ll... that we will...” Liz was close to tears.

Max stilled himself, “ shh... I’m sorry. It was wrong of to ask. I mean that was totally uncalled for.”

“No, it’s not that. I mean...” Liz looked up at him, “ Max, really, what is all this to you? Would I be labeled just another one of conquests? Or is there something more?”

Max moved away from between her legs. he didn’t know what to tell her. He didn’t know what this was either, but he knew he wanted her, cared about her to, but something more. He didn’t know. “Truthfully, no, I wouldn’t label you as another conquest,” He sighed dragging his fingers through his hair, :” As for something more, you tell me. I’m just as in the dark as you are.”

Liz was quiet for a long moment before she noticed that she was still topless. As she put on her shirt, she heard her mom’s car getting into the garage. “ Well, I suppose we better get downstairs. Mom might need help.” With that she got off the bed and went to the door, “ Coming?” she called back to Max, blushing.

“ Sure,” He said.

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Chapter 10

Max was all ready to go after what happened upstairs. He needed to think about all the what Liz had said to him. “Umm... I think I’m going to head out now,” Max said after everything Mrs. Hardcorp had brought had been placed in it’s proper place.

It amazed Max that even though he hadn’t come here for years. Everything was still where he remember it to be when they were younger.

“Nonsense Max,” Mrs. Hardcorp stated giddily, “It’s been forever since you’ve been here. How about I make breakfast?”

“Umm... but.. I” Max managed to mumble as Mrs. Hardcorp shooed them out of the kitchen. “Ok, I guess I’m staying for breakfast.”

“Yea, I guess you are," Liz said quietly.

“Look, I’m sorry, you know, about what happened upstairs. If you never want to speak to me again I’d understand,” Max stated pleadingly moving closer to Liz as he said it, “Just please don’t,” he paused, “You know in all the time I haven’t been here; this house is still the same.” Max said moving around the room till he stood in front of Liz at the bottom of the stairs.

Liz looked up at Max, with no real expression on her face. ‘Do you see him? How could you have said no to that,’ Liz’s conscious taunted her. Liz inwardly groaned, ‘God, I had him in my bed; ready to pleasure me in everyway I wanted. Why did I say no?’ Liz berated herself. ‘Cause your to cautious for your own good. Throw caution to the wind for once.” Her conscious retorted. Liz smiled.

Max didn’t know what to do but stand there. Her face told him nothing, but her eyes expressed everything though. For a moment, he could see immense regret in her eyes. And it pained him that he was the cause. But the regret faded and a fire entered her eyes; she smiled.

Max didn’t have time to register what that smile might have been about because Mrs. Hardcorp called out from the kitchen that breakfast was ready.

Liz got up, grabbed Max’s hands, and took him into the kitchen with her, still smiling.

Max wanted to ask her what she was smiling about but didn’t want to pry, especially because of what happened upstairs.

They sat down next to each other on the stools surrounding the counter tables.

Mrs. Hardcorp set a plate in form of both of them filled with eggs, bacon, sausage, two pieces of French-toast, with orange juice to drink it down with.

Mrs. hardcorp, herself, was only drinking coffee. “So Max what have you been doing with yourself all this time?’” Francis asked leaning against the sink in front of the table, in which both Liz and Max were eating.

“Nothing really. Just football and school. I’ve been working hard. I’m hoping to get a football scholarship to some school.” Max said swallowing a piece of bacon.

“Well I’m sure you’ll get it if you want it bad enough.” Francis smiled at Max.

Max smiled back. He could see what Liz got her smile from. Although, Liz and her mother didn’t really look alike when they smiled you could see the resemblance.

A moment of silence followed while Mrs. Hardcorp took a few sips of her coffee savoring the scent. “About your project, how’s that coming along?”

“I’d say pretty well. We’ll be done soon enough,” Liz said curtly.

Mrs. Hardcorp finished her coffee and look at her watch, “Goodness, how time flies,” Francis took the things she used and put it in the dishwasher, “I’ve got quite a few errand to run, and then, I’m meeting Martha for lunch. I’ve got to go”

Francis walked around to Liz, “I won’t be back till late tonight so order in. Money’s in the cookie jar. I’ve got my cell phone so call me if you need anything ok sweetie.”

“Max, it’s been great having you here. Stay as long as you like,” Francis walked to the back door, “Have fun kids.” she called right before she left the house.

Their was silence as both Liz and Max heard the car back out of the drive way.

For a long while neither of them spoke, just sat there finishing their breakfast.

“When did you want to work on the project,” Liz said to end the silence.

“Whenever it’s a good time for you.”

“Alright,” Liz said getting up with her plate and glass putting it in the sink, “ Meet me back here in about an hour. Is that good for you?”

“Yea sure,” Max replied doing the same thing Liz had.

Liz walked back threw the living room and stopped at the stairs.

Max walked to the door and opened it.

Both Liz and Max turned around and faced each other. Max walks to Liz and hesitantly kisses her softly. “I’ll see you in an hour.” he said, and Liz nodded, then watched him leave, closing the door behind him.

“Now what I need is s very cold shower.” Liz said heading up to her room.

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Chapter 11

Max had given her an hour. It was time enough for Liz to get herself together. Once Max got inside the house, Liz took him to the main dining room table where everything was already spread out and waiting.

"We don't have to much to do on the project itself, but quite a bit with getting more information for the report to go along with the poster and such," Liz said in a professional fashion. Liz didn't want a repeat performance of the library. 'Well atleast this time no one would be spying' Liz thought grunting.

Max, figuring Liz needed her space didn't make any coocky comments. "Alright, Let's get to work," Max spoke casually.

Liz blinked a couple of times surprised that he was really being completely serious with her. Liz smiled and they got down to work.

Two hours later with the poster done and quiet a lead on writing the paper itself, Liz and Max slumped back in their seats.

"I am officially tired of this project beyond indurance," Liz said pushig away from the table, "I don't know about you but I'm taking a major break."

Max grinned. He was tired of this project himself, but found it kind of fun. Plus, he got to work with Liz.

During the whole time that they had been doing the project, Max had repeatedly found ways to brush or touch Liz. Erive though they were light touches, Liz felt them to her bones.

All the sudden things got to hot in the room for her, "I'm going to get something to drink. You want anything?" Liz directed the question at Max.

"Hmm... yea. Just water, please." Eric answer distracted by his thoughts.

Liz shrugged and march heself in tot the kitchen. Max watchind her retreating figure go in the kitchen and got an idea.

Liz busied herself getting herself a cup of juice from the refrigerator. And was about to grab a water bottle for Max, then stopped and grinned. "As if he deserves such curtisy." Liz thought shutting the door, gettting a glass, and turning the tap water.

Just as the glass was almost filled Liz felt a body right behind her. It pressed her to the sink. "Your not very nice now are you," Max said shutting off the water that was overflowing the glass, "Giving me tap water instead of bottled which I watched you go for but decided not to give to me," Eric pressed and rubbed himself slightly against Liz with a bit more pressure.

"A little tongue-tied are we? Let me help you with that," Max said taking the glass from her hand as he turned her around to face him.

Max smiled bent down and brushed his lips with hers. He treased them to open for him. He made her want it.

Liz groaned wanting his complete kiss. Giving her complete surrender, she rubbed herself against him. "Please," she whispered, pleading with him.

Max smiled and slowly bend down to comply.

Just as he was about to kill her full on the lips, Liz opened her eyes. The water was overflowing the glass, and it looked like it had been for sometime. Liz looked around looking for Max in the kitchen, but she was all alone.

'Way to go, dork. Now your daydreaming about him. Whats wrong with you?' Liz asked herself. Liz whimpered, slapped herself on the head, and turned the water off, leaving the glass in the sink.

She grabbed her won glass of juice, and on the way back to the dining room, stopped by the fridge and got Max a water bottle.

Liz smiled sheepishly as she handed Max him water.

"Thank you. You ok? You sure took a long time getting this. YOu look a bit flushed too." He said about to check Liz's temperature with his forehand.

Liz backed way, "I'm quite fine thanks." she said taking a big gulp of orange juice.

"Ok," Max replied eyeing Liz suspiciously. No one takes 10 minutes to get water and a glass of juice. He wondered what was up. Well itwas no matter, Max had decided to broach the subject of the morning. He gave alot of thought to what Liz said and he came up with a few answers.

There was a great silence between them with Max thinking about this morning and Liz thinking about the episode she just had in the kitchen.

The little fiesco in the kitchen made Liz want to broach the topic of the morning. She did give quite a bit of thought on what that whole thing was that happened in her room. One thing she did know was that she wanted eric, all of him. Whether she loved him or not she wasn't sure and didn't particularily want to be sure. Because that would be a huge trouble. More trouble then she was ready for. But she definately wanted him and wanted to continue where they left off upstairs. That was certainly obvious from the daydream she just had.

"Max," "Liz," they both started at the same time. Lily smiled.

"Ladies first," Max said chuckling.

"Umm.. Ok..," Liz quickly soberedup, "About this morning.. hmmm... Welll.. have you given any thought about what happened?" Liz looked down at her orange juice.

"Actually, yea. I have," Max looked at Liz noticing she was biting her bottom lip.

"Really. Have you decided on anything?"

"A few things," 'like how much I want you' Max thought.

"Oh.. care to share?"

"Well that depends," Max paused grinning," What would I get for my admissions?"

Liz look up and bore into his eyes. Choosing her words carefully she spoke, "Whatever you want, if I am about to give it to you."

Max was shocked by her honest and such inviting response. Did that mean that she wanted him as badly as he wanted her? Max searched her eyes and knew she meant what she said, "Alright."

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