Title: Wish You Were Here
Author: LDM421
Category: AU M/L with other characters involved
Summary: This isn’t necessarily going to be all lovey-dovey happy. It’s going to be real, and told through Maria’s eyes. But I promise there will be shining M/L moments that will be worth it.
Disclaimer: We know how this goes, I don’t anything, I’m just using these characters as my vehicles in which to tell the story. Please don’t hurt me!!
Feedback is welcome of any kind, but if you don’t like it I will stop writing (or at least posting it for all to read) L So let me know.


There was a time when life seemed so…simple. Of course at the time it didn’t seem that way, but in retrospect I can honestly say life was simple. I mean yeah there were up’s and down’s, like when Bobby Leaver asked me to Freshman homecoming and humiliated me by showing up in one of his father’s powder blue suits from the 1970’s. But just as quickly as it went bad, it turned good when I was awarded freshman homecoming royalty.

It is all so trivial to look back on now, but I like to look back at the simpler times. The times before my life became something that I needed to write about, before I learned life lessons I won’t soon forget, and before I lost something I never thought possible to lose. But my side of this story isn’t exactly what I am here to tell. I’m here to tell of something amazing I witnessed and experienced amongst all of the trauma I felt over these past four years.

It’s about a love. A love that is not perfect by any standards and may have faltered more than a few times, but stayed true through everything. Above everything else, this love was the only consistent thing in my life for the past few years and will remain the most amazing display of devotion I have ever seen in my life.

Hmm..what do we think?