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Summary : alright fine now listen very very very and I mean veryyyyyyyyy carefully …this fic is UC …..and so what happens in this crazed universe is that instead of Max it is Isabelle who gets caught by the special unit …..and of course it's a lil sad …a lil happy and ummmmmm there's gonna be a lot of action after the…why the hell am I telling you?? Just read the fic!

Another thing since someone else wont come up with a shipper name I have for Isabelle/Pierce ……BELIEVERS … suits them……..other than all this I hope this fic is enjoyed …I think it’s a good story….really!!!


"Ouch"……Isabelle groaned….what the hell?….she was lying on her side ….on tiles????..white tiles???!!

All in once she made the mistake of getting herself off the floor and nearly banged against …white walls???!…what the …?? What's going on? Was she dreaming ?….no this looked real she banged on the walls ..solid white!

Isabelle rubbed her knuckles they hurt …..stumbling she sat back down but sitting down or standing up gave her the same dizzy sensation she just experienced …what was wrong with her everything looked so …….strange she felt her head spin physically more than mentally..closing her eyes Isabelle took her head in her hands…….Alright…relax …you're fine just open your eyes and …she did and felt like the roller coaster just entered a twisting loop. No no close them back up……..ok she thought keeping her eyes closed what happened remember…try to remember anything……

Anything????………………..Alex? of course ….the memory relieved her and yet proceeded to fall on her like a ton of bricks….

Alex and Maria went to Valenti…why?……for the missing miss Perfect of course!! And on top of that Nacedo kidnapped her in order to draw the danger out and kill it…yes so far so good……….but of all stupidity Max her wonderful brother decided to haul us along to save Liz Parker from whatever non existent danger the whole situation posed her ….ha ..even if she's not Alien!! Damn

We did find them well the car of course out side that fair……………..

Flash back:

Max :Isabelle ..Michael…Tess stay here..I'll go look for Liz"

Isabelle: you're not going alone Max ..Nacedo's already alerted Pierce he could be any where near here"

Michael: She's right you can't get caught!

Tess kept quite…obviously Liz's predicament didn't bother her much

Max: look I can take care of myself…looking at Isabelle….I'll be careful promise"

Isabelle: Hurry

Michael turned away…..he had been searching for Nacedo his life hasn't he?…poor Michael Isabelle turned to him taking his hand and squeezing it lightly …he did look at her but didn't smile …he never smiles much as it heartens her it's a normal Michael reaction and it dulled her ache for him slightly keeping the situation at hand in mind. Come back Max she thought please come back us

She paced and fretted all those minutes that seemed like hours for her own brother…the fear that he'd be captured by the special unit made her shake all over relentlessly…..Michael kicked at the sand ..scowling every half minute that got over until he just decided..

Michael: I'm going

Isabelle: Ran over to him….where?!

Michael : to get him back…he should have found them by now….he looked at his watch

Watch when did he start wearing one……why the hell was she thinking about the damn watch…but she was considerately trying to come up with a way to keep him in one place but he was already past the entry…Isabelle rushed after him to catch him and probably yell at him..always making decisions like he knows what he's doing…of course he didn't ..but she'd stop him Isabelle thought as she got closer Tess came in view blocking her path she was about to side step her after Michael but she he'd her gaze by raising a hand silencing any question

Tess: I'll go with him and make sure he doesn't get into trouble.

Isabelle stared at Tess why would she of all people want to help us…but why the hell not a voice at the back of her head said to her…..she didn't know whether Tess was saying the truth or lying but she sure felt like making Decisions today since everything was already so out of control… she just nodded and Tess ran off after Michael not taking even half a minute to catch up with him….maybe she'll keep her promise this time Isabelle thought

But her anxiety only deepened…they haven't come back yet..why not…are they caught …has Pierce caught them??? Are they dead??…she cracked her knuckles and tried to keep sitting on jeeps hood but it was impossible her heart thundered in her ears …please come back???

But her brief prayers yielded no fruits………….no sight of Max..Michael..Tess…Liz???

So she decided shed go after them ….making up a brilliantly fool proof plan sneaking through the side lines of the fair that way she wouldn't be seen by anyone who knew her…what if they were throwing them in black cars right now in front of her what would she do???………………..nope she didn't think about it her fault …yeah it was wasn't it…but she till felt like blaming Max…Liz for it and Nacedo….they brought it on her in the first place.

Her plan back fired because that is exactly where all men in black suits including Pierce was waiting ………when she got hauled in the trunk of a van Isabelle had a strangely relived feeling even while being forcibly drugged…..that they weren't caught……….their fine………

Shock wasn't the word to describe how giddy shed become when she found out Agent Pierce was Deputy Fischer…the surprise was frightening..he just smirked at her as she threatened to commit different acts of violence

And now here she was ….where ever here was…….

Her mind cleared a little from the hold of heavy sedatives they pumped her with before bringing her here……..What would alex think about them when they go home without her ..would he shout at them…she hoped for all the terror in the world she felt right now ..she hoped Alex really took it out on them for her sake at least….dammit!!

He was watching her last night or maybe she just hallucinated it while she were drugged she must have been in the same room as before

Crash down:

Liz walked ahead of everyone so that she'd be able to give Alex the bad new …Michael had to be dragged..along back from the fair …he wouldn't go and yelled at practically everyone blaming them for …losing Isabelle . Max had been quite the whole trip home he'd always thought that he was the one in danger of bieng captured but he was wrong ..look just what happened to Isabelle

He didn't wan't to leave without Isabelle but it had to be done ..he'd have to tell the others what happened….it would be bad..real bad……covering up for Isabelle was a must at home or their parents would become worried if they didn't see her around…..Maybe he should get Tess to…….

Liz: Max?…you sure you want me to tell him?"

Max: He's your best friend you'd know how to talk to him better than any of us. Liz nodded biting her lip they were here outside the crash down after Michael got off the jeep ..he scowled and stuck his hands in his pockets…..Maria and Alex ran out to where they parked the jeep a few blocks from the café so that if the FBI were watching them……………………

Alex: Liz alright !! you're back you ok?"

Maria: Lizzie?? we were so worried….Maria came over and hugged Liz..Michael grunted angrily

Maria: What's your

Michael: My problem?! My problem is that they took Isabelle away.


Alex was still as a statue for a while before losing it.

Alex: What!!! How could this happened ..!!!! were all of you asleep?!!!!!! Just what the fuck were you doing over there playing games??!!! For god's sake!!!!!!

Liz: Alex!! Calm down! Please! Look this is hard for all of us especially…" she let her voice trail Alex should know he isn't the only one who cares about Isabelle.

Maria held on to Michael's arm…

Michael: You alright?

Maria stared at him her eyes started fill up she should be askhimthe same question instead she reached up and kissed him.

All except Michael explained to Alex how they had come to lose Isabelle to the special unit…they only caught the black vans pulling away…….

Michael: Well??! Are we going to do anything or just sit around and tell scary campfire stories.??

Max got up he knew Michael couldn't wait to look for Isabelle …destiny or not Isabelle is his only true friend he'd hand himself over to them if it got Isabelle out…..Max shivered involuntarily he didn't want to know what they were doing to Isabelle while they all were here talking about it. Glancing over at Tess she was glaring at him….what was her problem…he didn't know why but he had a feeling it wasn't anything to do with destiny ….after all believe it or not Isabelle was Tess's first and probably the only friend she had when she came to Roswell High. Max was just about to ask her but stopped when he remebered he got up for Michael

Max: Relax Michael..we don't even know where to start looking ..

Michael: So what!! You just want to wait around till every ones lets there steam off about it…and then look for her?!

Liz: That’s not what he's saying…he's just

Michael: You stay out of this're the reason Isabelle got into trouble in the first place!

Liz took a step back from him stung and a little guilty

Max: Michael! It wasn't her fault..if Isabelle had just stayed.."

Maria: Look we all just need to calm down a little ..stop rilling him up" she said gesturing to Michael

Michael: I'm not rilled up! I just want to find Isabelle ..and that's all I care about…..Maria nodded lowering her head ..she could feel the tears coming and blinked them away immediately as he turned his back…...this wasn't about their relationship after all Isabelle just got caught by Agent Pierce…it's no time to think about her self…so she came to his side hugging him lose…Michael was her's and will always belong to her.

Alex: We'll find her…I have to

His words echoed through out the night desert …….everyone stayed quiet for the moment …Alex was right….

Max stared at Tess she had crossed her arms and was looking the other way…..definitely not about destiny.


Destiny! She hated the word with a passion since all that crap started things had gotten from just bad to worse..not that there universe was perfect anyway. As soon as Tess came everything just went upside down…but wait Isabelle thought pulling her hair loose…she didn't hate Tess sitting here in this room surrounded by nothing but white walls no one she knew to talk to …Tess must have felt the same way living with Nacedo all those years searching for people when you find them expecting them to take to you immediately ….then find out how horribly wrong everything is in your perfectly decorated world …right here in your head no actually at the back of your head the front you just keep thinking too many things all in once in a day…how's my hair looking wearing my clothes the right way …did I shave my legs today…am I looking fat…what's new am I still among normal friends???.

He was watching her last night …or was it her imagination?? No hallucination because of the damn drugs could be but Isabelle could have sworn Agent Pierce was there last night outside the room alone watching her sleep …she'd woken up in a haze and the walls looked transparent you could see right through them …..was she in a different place then???? No probably the same because the white room wasn't very white then …the lights were switched off……..he knew she was awake he'd gotten up while sitting ……she'd tried to clear her vision he was close enough for her to reach out and touch him or maybe this too was the effect of drugs. To her surprise found herself touching the transparency between them..

solid wall ..

no go…

he smiled then..

it wasn't a smirk not the one he'd given her earlier when she threatened to sue them for panic she was in panic then…being hauled to the ground while struggling tooth and nail with about 3 men in dark suits couldn't of have been anymore frightening. She passed out again…………

What if they don't find me?… long will it take or it seems to long just because she was here and they were on the outside where it was easy for them to watch the time go by…… long had I slept…is it the next day is it 2 days long had she been here……well not long enough because she hasn't been opened up yet……that’s what they were going to do to her weren't they ? cut her open in the name of education of universe……Alex……she didn’t know what he was thinking but he must be angry…scared for her and hoping she'd be strong enough to make it till they manage to find her….yeah Alex would say just that to be strong…she won't let him down…..Isabelle didn't dream last night the image of her friends became distorted, then faded away…..she couldn't hold on to them…….she couldn't get through to anyone not even Alex…….then again maybe she hallucinated. Curse those drugs!

She tried not to pull her knees up to her chest the scrubs she was wearing consisted of a hospital gown her legs were bare…the gown wasn't her was short…not surprising since she did have long legs….she touched them trailing a hand over her left knee …smooth….her chest size wasn't exactly

20-26 …it was a fairly hard fit.and she knew she wasn't wearing anything under it

Is he still watching her? She wondered could be but she can't tell not siting here while someone could look in and not out of the white room.

How will they find her???? The last of her thoughts came out …it was a legitimate question considering her predicament for the moment. Her brother wouldn't know where to start looking for her…..even if she did dream walk she couldn't tell them anything useful …time and time she'd gone over how she arrived here but she was most usually passed out from the sedatives they gave her.

Just as Isabelle sighed letting her head lightly bang against the wall behind her she heard what sounded like a whoosh! And then as is by magic Agent Pierce came in view..of course! Pierce she expected him to torment her sooner or later……..or is the torture starting??? It's a little too early for that isn't it? please god!

She raised her chin defiantly Isabelle Evans has never been shown down by anyone…..but as she tried to keep up with his gaze it was impossible not to give him the slightest hint that she was scared to death…it was alright no one said she couldn't be scared……not that anyone had to know………

He smiled the same one he'd given her last night ..then he was watching her last night..or which ever night I was as far as she could remember…it feels like so many days passed….she thought of asking him about it but stopped……he was eyeing her …the stupid hospital gown even he noticed it was short……damn!

"How do you feel…Bell?"

what did he call her?! Bell??? No one!! No one called her bell!

"My name is Isabelle! ..good she thought but it would have sounded much much better if it wasn't the slightest bit shaky.

He laughed quietly ….oh yeah she thought he is going to call her Bell no mater what………where did he get the idea of calling her Bell???? …his Fischer voice she realized

"I already know who you are you might as well drop the act" she said crossing her arms…she suddenly felt very conscious of her chest.

"Excuse me?"

"that's your Fischer voice…..Bell??"

"well you have to admit's inventive…sounds good on you"

Isabelle just made a face turning her head away..he didn't like that.

"well Miss Evans would you like to come to me..or should I come to you?" he said eyeing her….would he ststarialike that?! Whatever he was thinking couldn't be good. Pierce gestured towards a table and chair not very far away

when did that get here……maybe she didn't notice…

"I'm fine where I am..thankyou" It sounded as if she were instead saying "go to hell"

he noticed that too…that smirk!

"alright then I guess I'll have to do the honors" he walked towards her Isabelle would have gotten up and tried to run but there was no where to go……

he crouched down in front of her bending one knee …his shoulders looked much more broader in suit…..don't think scary Iz ..jbreath did just that until he stroked the back of his hand on her cheek….she shivered from it his smile grew and he left her face pushing her hair back gently…his hand then trailed down her shoulder and came to rest over her hand….she looked up at him……so far so good …still breathing …but then without warning he got up pulling her up with him…


he led her more likely tugged her all the way to the small white table and pushed her in a seat

"now….that's better isn't it?"

she was about to say go to hell in person to him but decided it wasn't the best time….he was glaring at her but the smile never wore off.

"Now let's get started"


"I ask the questions here……he was talking through his teeth but he smiled again…Bell"


"For the record state your name?

"but you already…"

"For the record!"

"she gulped "Isabella Delayne Evans….


good?….so what now she gets the spelling bee prize ribbon? …Isabelle flipped her hair back…the gesture was noticeable by him but he didn't look up.

"Date of Birth?" Isabelle stared at him date of birth she hadn't thought about that …..they didn't have real Birth dates as far as she could remember …so she stayed quiet

"I don't think this is really……"

"Date of birth" he repeated slamming the file on the table "you could either answer my questions or else………I'll make you answer them ……the other way"

"and what's that? She felt a little brave he won't do anything but giving her vile threats…she could take that…she has been since a long time now hasn't she….all of us have.

He smiled coming forward his eyes were dancing pools of ice…..she couldn't look away…….

"That's my way" something about the way he said it made her shudder because his words could have several meanings which she knew nothing about……well at least not yet.

"July 16…1984"

"Really?……Is that so?" he closed the file as if it didn't interest him any further…he didn't need files to talk to her.

"I……… yeah…yes" She was stuttering …she never stuttered.

He shifted a little in his seat finally deciding on something….

"why don't we just cut to the chase hmmmm????"

she retreated back in her chair ……and the million dollar question is…….

"Why am I here?"

"no Bell…wrong question" her hands were on the table one over the other he started tracing nerve patterns on them……Isabelle cringed she didn't like this…..all alone with him in this strange white room…well what was she expecting a squad of them??? Of course not…..but then again she didn't expect to be captured either.

He got up all in once taking the file with him pulling a large brown envelope at the end……

"These are X-rays of your bones and blood samples….would you like to see them?" Isabelle didn't reply….Busted! she thought were busted.

He put a thin X-ray sheet on the screen when it finally occurred to her that this wasn't the same room as last night. The light shone on her and it nearly fried her corneas along with it.but she looked cross armed at the a transparent picture showing alternating small and large green blobs. Is that inside her ???…..oh yuck !

She tried not to make a face but he must of noticed her slight distaste because he smiled at her showing a pair of perfect white teeth……

"These are your blood cells"

so she should be proud to have green blood cells???

"you know this is very strange but ….really if I wasn't so hard pressed I'd say you're completely human…..everything from your systems to you're skeletal structure is human"….but these he said waving a hand over the X-rays "are very non human Isabelle" he paced around in the small square not looking at her

"I think it's time you start talking…and I mean fast…..tell me everything Bell…..tell me who you are ..where do you come from…and what are you doing here? He said all of it simply but with a passion as if he were drinking……

now she really did feel scared…what should she say to him…no?? that she'd die before telling him anything…but what if he won't let her die? He certainly didn’t seemed to inclined on letting her go anywhere…..too soon…gulp!

She bit her lip he made a show of having been waiting for her to answer….Isabelle fidgeted with her hands and if she could she'd be biting her nails…it only happened very rarely!

Pierce nodded and came over to her sitting down in front of her taking both her hands ..she thought he'd do the same thing earlier and lead her to some torture chamber …but instead he caressed them as if appreciating her…..looking up at her his eyes didn't look so dark from this near ..they were crystal blue…..and ice cold

"you know Bell I can make you talk very …very easily" breathy..his voice it's so reverberated through the air and left it's chill hanging.

"I don’t know anything" it was the truth…they'd spent so much time trying to find out who they were and where they came from but found nothing in so many years hollow clues or meaning less symbols …not that they could read them at all.

He sighed …as if she disappointed him …stroking a thumb delicately he looked up at her again

"lets try a different approach…..we could do this the easy way…or the hard way…..what would you like" he took his hands away from her. Isabelle stayed mute….there was nothing to say….there was no way he could make her talk ..she knew nothing and she'd tell him nothing.

He got up brushing non existent dust from his knees…..smiling softly at her …then he turned around pulled out his cell phone

"Close the observatory…...and I don't want anyone looking in here for any reason….Now!"

His words chilled her what did he mean close the observatory?……his hand fell to his side but he didn't turn around …Isabelle got up without making a sound he put the cell phone where it belonged before turning around to face her and winked slowly… he wasn't smiling…the walls around them immediately darkened a little ….not that the lights weren't glaring enough but still it seemed like large shades had been pulled over the walls. Isabelle stumbled back a little the chair fell over ….it made a dull clatter but it didn't seem to bother him much. He put his hands behind his back biting his lip something below interested him so he stared down.

"we already know how human you are…but I'd say one final test is in order…what do you say…Bell?" Pierce lifted his gaze giving her a glimpse of lust filled eyes…..She backed up …oh no…..oh god…she expected to be cut open drugged etc but not ….raped?!

Ummmm this scene is kind of violent ..ok well its violent very violent ….and you better not read it if you know what's good for you!


"No..Please don't" Isabelle Evans would have never sounded so scared in life before….

"I gave you a choice ..I'm sorry" he said while unknotting his tie a few seconds later it lay discarded on the floor as he unbuttoned his shirt…..he took his time amused by her reaction which within a few minutes would resort to complete hysteria…

Her breath came to her in short gasps ……she looked around wildly …no where to go…no where to hide……"Stop!" her voice had become louder not only was she scared but angry……this isn't fair! Why her???

"why won't you listen?!!"

"I am listening Bell…go on" he gestured softly

"I don't know anything….I'm not lying!! …please … just stop" with that said she choked on her tears thinking about her parents who would tell them their daughter just died?????

The shirt fell …Isabelle bolted for the other wall pounding on it as hard as she could…….this is a nightmare!!'s not real …it can't be……she's done nothing to deserve this…where is god when you need him..or maybe god doesn't come to help aliens…….

"Let me out!!"

she turned around hearing him laugh at expense

"I really don't think that will help…..there's no one here to listen to you child……just come to me"

"NO!!" Isabelle kept moving leaning against the tiled wall.

He shook his head moving to her "No a mistake word … should never had been invented….Don't say no to me Bell or I will fuck your brains out till you can't even beg me to stop!!" he was shouting at her now ..he's sounded mad…he was mad

"Stay there ..don't come closer!!" she inched along trembling violently …she felt sick!

"Stop moving Isabelle" his eyes glinted following her prohibited move ment…..

"Don’t do this to me"

"where are you going to go Isabelle …see any way out of here? Go on tell me!?"

He was right ..there's no way out…she slid down the wall shaking her head and sobbed…this just can't be real.

A second later she let out the most blood curdling scream ever known to her through out her life..he strode over to her pulled her up by both her hands she tried to hit him with fists but he lifted her up putting her over his shoulder walked to the middle of the white room and threw her down hard…it did hurt from where she'd fallen but she tried to scramble out of the way but he pulled her back by the foot and twisted it..Isabelle shrieked at him..and he slapped her hard on the side of her face…her head snapped back from the slap…she felt like her brain had moved an inch back inside her head.

"I told you not to move!" she tried raising her hand but he backhanded her across the face she stopped breathing …he noticed because he pulled her head up by the hair

"Breath!! Breath Isabelle Breath!!!!" she could only utter an inaudible sob her breath was still knocked out

"Look at me !! breath Dammit!!"he yelled shaking her and she did start breathing and gasping at the same time he let her hair go pulling her up by her left arm with such force he almost ripped it off he tore the back of her gown and it fell off of her from the front…she let out a terrified moan ..she hadn't expected him to be this strong….so strong she worried he might kill her….but not before he's done with her.

He pushed her back on the floor and spread her arms by her side holding them down by the wrists..she shrieked cried anything to get him off of her…."Please…stop!!"

He went at her left wrist and bit down hard as he could she cried out from the pain his teeth had sunk in she saw the bite mark redden and then a slow trickle of blood down the side of the damaged wrist.he was going to bite again when she made the mistake of yelling a NO to him….he slapped her harder this time and she tasted her own blood in her mouth he rose up and put his mouth on hers kissing hard and sucking the blood…………..Isabelle struggled with her wrists and legs but he was sitting on her legs and tightened his grip on her wrists

"don’t' say no" he reminded her Isabelle cried hysterically ..Max..Micheal..Alex?? no one to help her

he was going to bite down but his expressions softened a little as he looked at her he touched her face then

"Don't worry this will be over soon"

She only cried harder when he went and bit both her nipples sucking fast and painfully on them.slid below and pushed to fingers inside her she was wet…involuntarily …but he pushed them practically all the way up to the knuckle…….she yelled hard from the pain and tried to moved up but he only moved with her…"Get them out!! ..please!" she pleaded but he only took them out and paused enough to push three fingers up inside her…she thrashed about he'd let her wrists go she tried getting up but he shoved her back down by the chin ..trying to shove four fingers inside her. She hit him with fists as hard as she could considering how blurry her vision had become from crying hysterically under him ..maybe it was the tone of her crying that he pulled out his fingers finally….her insides felt like they were on fire….he then retrained her wrists again as she let out a frustrated cry from trying to get away from him…pulling his cock out it was long and thick Isabelle let out the worst scream of all when he shoved it all the way up inside her breaking her maiden barrier reestablishing eye contact with her…he pumped in and out furiously letting her hand go and taking hold of her ankles pushing her legs up to her knees as she protested again…her back arched and head jerked back …her eyes rolled backwards and she continued inaudibly hitting him with fists. He didn't slow down and came inside her filling her with his seed …..he reached up once again taking a hold of her mouth with his own… .squeezing her breasts hard ...when he pulled away from their kiss he threw her back down and got up started to dress….

Isabelle started shrieking her head off ….the blood on the tiles was her own blood …she wasn't a screamer but right there in that white room at that moment she couldn't stop screaming…

Pierce puled out the cell phone "Cover her up…..And for Chris sake's give her something before she goes stark raving mad!"

He came to her again and Isabelle covered herself with her arms afraid of him touching her at all…he was touching her hair again pushing it off of her face stroking it he leaned over and kissed her forehead keeping a hand on her stomach..

"It's alright…'s over now…don't cry you'll do just fine"

he waited until some men in containment stepped in looking around first at Isabelle then the blood on the tiles…her blood…

"Give her a heavy one she might need it" he said getting up and walking away from her

"do you want us to operate on her" he asked gesturing at the blood

Pierce eyed Isabelle and the tiles before talking "if you have to …I'll be present" he paused turning back "don't restrain her just sedate her before it….she might not let you" they nodded he left and Isabelle continued to shriek but her voice had lowered a little maybe she was losing her voice…..feeling a slight pinch on her arm she started drifting away and stopped making any sound or movement for that matter but it wasn't before she felt a thin sheet cover her …it made her feel slightly warm…or maybe it was the drug…but she felt a herself go into deep sleep…without any dreams…………

Daniel Pierce

Fascinating really….she's like a trance he thought standing inside her cell she was lying on her cot sighing alternate times…and calling out …..he was here last night standing outside the room …he's asked them to pull up the white walls leaving a transparent but a thin solid glass between both of them….sprite things….they're right useful after all those taxes from the federal management …..he smiled not that they know about it anyway…..Isabelle Delayne Evans ....hmmmmm…..he never actually planned on taking her ..the main focus was the brother ..but amazing how she did catch his eye at the final hour of showdown…..coming out of the darkness

"you know you're so right officer….and we promise never to do it again"

and that really was good enough for him…..not that he hadn't noticed her before he had a no of her images frozen and gazing at them for a period of long time…but last night she really did cajole him….or at least she tried …no one's ever done that….women try in vain to please him with inane private gestures of there own selfish sickened needs……but she ran through him like fire to a fuel engine…..such innocence …he uncoiled from his slouch against the wall came to her and sat down on the edge of the cot tilting his head to study her features….the gowns one size too small for her no two sizes doesn't matter if he had his way she wouldn't be wearing anything….nothing immoral about it he's already seen her but ……'s the others he'd never have it he thought mentally dismissing the medical back up and the jr fellow agents……..he's become oddly possessive of her telling them time and time again that he'd have there liver and lungs cut out right there on that table if they took a peek into her room at any odd time apart from, his self…….Isabelle turned on her side …..he got up staring more closely it's fascinating ……..her sleep the way she bends her knee and slides it over the other leg…her lip quivers slightly her eyes shift under those soft eyelids one arm stretches out to her side and rests her wais….so prett….

he went to the upper end of the cot lifted her a little by the back lying her head on his chest adjusting it so hat her neck doesn't tire…he isn't worried she wont wake up ..not today she wont but she has been restless …he's not surprised he did her quite something to be restless about today…….Daniel Pierce frowned he wouldn't have hurt her if she just answered him..he is an impatient man ..she should just know the next time she tries to be smart …..he'd had a bad day and she got him more angered her silly lightheaded illusions about easy it is to mislead him….. but it also amused him acting all hot headed easily brushing aside his vice humor by flipping back her golden tresses …such a princess. And so unpredictable ….he smiled again putting his arms around her barely pressurizing her soft swollen breasts. And nudged her forehead with his nose….he'd have to ask her what shampoo she used tomorrow …

yes he would see her tomorrow…He didn't have to hurt her this much not that this much was his limit but if she thinks this is the Maximum that he could hurt her then her brains still floating somewhere near the polar zone because the limits the depravity are infinite especially here where there's no one to hear …to where to hide from him….he rubbed her arms slowly closing his eyes he did enjoy being close to her though and wondered if he would have done the same thing he'd done today even if she hadn't angered him…maybe he would have….he could drive her insane like that Topolski woman. Not that he was really responsible for her ….he just had her sent over to the asylum and told the doctors to sedate and restrain her but they did much more than that they did a complete make over didn't they pulling lose some strands of her nervous system …it did bother him a little he hasn't ever actually had some one go insane because of him….. but he didn't plan on driving Isabelle he liked her better like this…it would be very interesting to see her tomorrow after all has happened he could act like nothing has happened …doesn't bother him..but what will she do?.Maybe she'll call him evil ..he laughed inaudibly in the dark she already thinks he's not a mind reader but he knows the way her mind works ..not only hers but a lot of other people it's not what they say but their body language..the way they move sit stand talk most importantly eye contact ……..yes we did have eye contact which told him she wasn't afraid of him..well not then she wasn't but he doubted her eyes would be the same after today.

Pierce opened his eyes and laid Isabelle back down on the bed on her side…he didn't like disturbing her sleep it's involving he could keep watching her sleep forever really he could he has been for the past 5 hours hasn't he? After they tried to repair a little bit of damage he's done to her…but the strangest thing is the bite marks and all damaged tissue inside of her had repaired it self …before they started he did promise on being present but the watched for a while from behind a glass wall…..and it was odd as if he could feel her…what ever she was feeling ..not the pain but her restlessness….as if some thing from her had seeped inside of him…almost magical like he was connected to her. Before long he was in the room with the surgeons when they started glancing amongst each other confused and excited an expression he thought that described a constipated person. Not a single red mark it disturbed him? No not really he some what expected it.

Isabelle sighed again turning her head to him….he didn't touch her but observed her pattern of sleep …she slept like nothing was wrong like she was in her own bed at home… and sound…so carefree …….almost as if she's sleeping on clouds….floating……."ah….Alex?" Pierce looked at her sternly …Alex? Ah yes ..boy wonder or was it genius? He had heard about him and once nearly enticed him to get in the car with him…but then the sheriff showed up…old geezer always looking for trouble!….and she's calling out to him ..Alexander Whitman….that string worm? He shook his head the boy can't handle all of Isabelle even if he tried. What does he think she is? A doll in a display case? The girls a walking talking bomb! He can't possibly appreciate her the way she deserves to be appreciated……oh Bell what did you see in him…..


"shhhhhh Bell?? Sleep….it's alright just sleep…I'll take care of you…you're my responsibility now….shhhhh"

he ran a hand over her full length without touching her but she still shivered …and continued to sleep breathing softly it sounded like a purr…….he was about to kiss her on the lips lightly but stopped she might wake up now it's dawn …he has to go……so he left her there locking mechanical doors behind him putting on his coat …hmmm he needs to change too….it's wrinkled. "Morning Bell" he said softly getting in his car …"I'll see you soon….."



She was scratching her arms amazed by a lack of bruises or any kind of marks marring her body....what happened was I dreaming??? She should be able to tell…I'm walking…doesn't feel like I broke something …but she then tried to clear her throat felt sore very sore like some one rubbed it with sand paper like she had been screaming for a long time…..she swallowed which was even harder…no she thought it wasn't a dream it really happened….a nightmare that's what this is…she shivered it was really cold but not cold enough for hr teeth to be chattering. She sat back down on the floor ..what else could she do……Isabelle didn't cry she's done all the crying she had to yesterday…..wonder what Michael is going to do when he finds out that Agent Pierce raped her will he kill him?…he'd want to she knew…Alex??? She wasn't dreaming but random images of him being hurt revolved around her head last night…what is she going to say to anyone??……about what happened to her here …maybe she should keep her mouth shut about it……who knows how long it's going to take them to find her…what if she died before that…..that's when the tears came back and streamed down her face….not fair …not fair …..she shouldn't have to pay this price for being different.

He's here….Isabelle could feel him….he was close by a while ago…too close…then went far away he's back in the building ..she doesn't know how …but she can tell he's coming here….breathing easy. She shrugged the thought off …how could that be …that she knows what he feels ..she doesn't even know him….but something happened last night like the bruises bite marks and wounds that disappeared they all left a residue of him on her body her mind and she feared even her soul wasn't hers anymore. She felt slightly different from the real Isabelle…what changed???

She got up he's walking …he's closer now……she backed away from the walls to the center of the room her room….not the room where she was raped …it had a bathroom…all white she started feeling sick and prayed that she wouldn't throw up ….he's going to hurt her again….she just knew…..and her friends aren't even anywhere near getting clues to her where about's….he's here! Outside the room …and he's watching unblinking without smiling he knows she's scared.

"Morning Bell"

Isabelle whirled around to face a very merry looking agent Pierce….her fists were clenched by her side but even as her heart thundered in her chest she felt rising anger how the fuck can he act like nothing happened!!

Neatly pressed ..newly shaved….gelled… bathed….it had to be the scariest possible combination on this earth!!….she took shallow breaths as he stood a little afar from her smiling…..and he got right to the point while Isabelle stood her ground….

"we tried to give you some medical attention ……." His voice trailed

"I'm fine" he looked at her like he didn't hear but she knew he did

"I don't need any!"

"yes of course….you don't…no reason to raise you're voice like that Bell it won't get you far without…" he waggled his eye brows

she took one look at him and crumbled…she shouldn't have she wasn't going to but something inside her still felt broken and un repairable….and it hurt more than making her angry it made her feel sorry for herself …howcould he be thisinhuman?! …smiling when she burst into tears in front of him like a 5 year old…..she couldn't help and the tears wouldn't stop…she did think Alex and her would be together someday …even have sex……but now things are so….she couldn't find the word to describe it…..twisted

He sighed dramatically and came to her she moved back but he still caught her arm firmly

"stop that…..I'm not going to hurt you!…we have to talk…just talk! Come along!"

he pulled her along with him out of her cell/room Isabelle too busy bawling her eyes out to pay attention how they came ….of the four walls……She was afraid if she was able to say anything she'd even end up saying "I want to go home!" to him…..this is insane !….

it's the room ..the same oh no….she couldn't allow her self to go in…not again ..and he was getting impatient with her….. she pulled her arm away at the last moment trying to run off in a different direction but she hadn't noticed two tall looking agents standing by they took both her arms and dragged her inside seating her on a chair in front of the white table the same…only difference? The blood on the tiles was missing and she refused to look at them put her head down on the table and tried to stop crying but it didn't help the tears continued to flow unflawed…….it bothered him her bawling …she could feel it.


she still didn't look up he came to her side touching her back and rubbing it soothingly…the touch was warming…..

"it's alright ..look up.."

"no" her voice was raw from all the crying and a sore throat

"Isabelle! Look up!"

she jerked her head up he was right in her face and he didn't look too happy so she did wipe the tears away…trying her best not to start up again…..she swallowed once twice …I'm fine ..I'm fine she told her self over and over…

"What do you want?!" she rasped

"that's better" his smile returned

"what do you know about silver hand prints?"

he was on the other side of the table with both his hands flat on it…..he waited expectantly but she only glared…..

"Silver- hand - print…answer the question Bell"

"I don't know anything about them!"

"sure you don't" he said putting down enlarged pictures of bodies with hand prints on them ..silver…on dead bodies.

She stared at him…..he gave her a patronizing look "don't look at me Bell look at them!"

She did look down at the colorless pictures once more

"All of them were subjected to high degree temperature on the inside……their insides were cooked!….know anything about it?!"


"No?…hmmm alright ……what about him he said clearing all others away and putting a single black and white picture of a boy with wild and ruffled hair standing next to a middle aged man with a fairly large belly

"Michael…" her voice broke at the sound of his name she looked up at him he was smiling

"yes your hot headed friend…"

"Michael's not hot headed!….he's…she stopped why was she telling him what Michael was like???

"well that's not my question Bell….it's about him" he said shifting his gaze to Hank.

"Hank Guerin……single father who adopted a six year old when he found him wandering in the desert alone….naked …dumb….the same boy on turning 17 tried to leave him…their was a brawl according to what is heard from all around and a gun shot was fired and Mr. Guerin wasn't seen for day's Michael left….and according to what we found Max Evans and you were also present when the supposed shot was fired…"


"what happened to Mr. Guerin Bell?"

"He left town…" she said quickly looking away …he's looking at her like that again

"hmmmm really?"

"yes he did he showed up at the sheriffs office right after Michael got his…"

"I know I know" he said waving his hand "but we found a man on Roswell exit highway on the side of the road who looked just like Hank Guerin" he came closer to her his eyes getting darker with each word….

"the following night a man who looked just like him showed up in sheriff's office clearing Michael's name….now do you know anything about it I'm sure you do Bell…you see" …his face stopped inches from hers "we've been watching you for a while now…I know things about you …you wouldn't think wild horses could drag out of you" Isabelle stared into his eyes not that she felt very brave but something in his eyes had changed and probably her's did too because he didn't look like he was waiting for an answer he just stared into her eyes as well.

Isabelle felt like time stopped for a while…the blue of his eyes looked like several oceans whirl pooled together and drowned in them ….the waves kept crashing down…dark…dangerous waves ..very dark…they were clouding over it was like storm…..niether had blinked once until his cell phone rang and then he slowly looked down the moment wasn't lost …..things still felt slow motioned like there was no one or nothing else around them…it was estranging, not scary. But a few seconds into the ringing they both blinked he turned away and answered the phone.

She was facing side ways and put her hands back on the table staring at her nails….they were clipped she took such good care of them…who clipped them off? Then she remembered him asking her about Hank….Hank?? Nacedo??…. Nacedo killed Hank?? They hadn't known Hank was dead ….where ever Michael is he better damn well be smiling right now she thought grimacing as Pierce brought a picture of a deceased Hank in front of her…..

"Who killed him Bell?…was it Michael?"

"NO! Michael would never kill anyone…he's never hurt anyone…"

"Not even Hank?….I heard mister Guerin wasn't a very pleasant man"

"He hurt Michael…." She whispered closing her eyes…if he'd just told Max and her sooner they would have kicked his butt there selves.

"Really….you worry about him don’t you?…this Michael?"

Isabelle opened her eyes and stared at him what was he trying to say ? she's loved him forever and will keep doing so no matter what he's done or what he hasn't done.

"He's my brother" he smiled at her slightly it was a different smile like he knew she was telling him the truth as if he were satisfied with her answer. What changed???

"then was it your other friend?"

"What other friend?" she had a faint feeling he was talking about Nacedo but tried not to show it…

"Why don't you tell me Bell?…you know him very well…" he looked leisurely at all the pictures of the deceased men before looking back at her…..she kept her resolve face on……

"Let me make it simpler" he said quietly "the shape shifter….Nacedo…isn't that what you call him?"

He already knows so much than why is he asking her…

"I told you Bell…I know what you are so you better listen to me and do as I say"

"what do you want me to do?" she asked shrugging….she was sick and tired of this run around for years ..all that safe keeping shit all these years and she still landed in this mad house….

"Oh so many things…" he said his eyes twinkling for a moment she was afraid he might wink like the other day…..she bit her lip…watch what you say to him Iz…….she backed her chair a little his smile deepened

"Tell me…'re secrets "

Isabelle thought about it secrets???….what secret was already way out of control and he was talking about secrets??…they already know more about them then they do themselves….what else is there to say??.Isabelle felt tired…trapped…broken….and unable to respond….maybe the damn drugs still haven't worn off…….she blinked once twice he was looking a her as still as a statue…he suddenly sighed it startled her he was so still a minute ago.

"why do you make it hard on you're self Bell?….just tell me" Isabelle was about to burst into tears again…she swallowed the pain it brought was un dismiss able….she let out a shaky breath looking at the table the pictures of dead people……

"you already know everything…I can't tell you anything else I don't know" incredibly he smiled she expected him half to come and smack her………

he nodded uncrossing his legs….they were long got up and started walking away from her he was leaving for a while she knew and then coming back…but he turned back "don't say no today Isabelle" he wasn't smiling she knew she didn't have to look up……

Isabelle was still sitting at the table she wanted to close her eyes not fall asleep …but she couldn't do anything else pher head down instead of closing her eyes she stared ahead at the flat pictures laid around her.all but there was a pen on the table she didn't notice before so she rose up and fingered t it was smooth silver colored the cap had initials on them ….. a D only a D shouldn't it be a P? she thought twirling it in her fingers. Her head felt heavy and so did her eyelids…..but it wasn't form not sleeping …she'd already done a lot of that…..maybe from crying…..she hadn't looked in the bathroom mirror this morning….why should I? It's not like she was going anywhere to soon…no one she had to show she was normal ….because she wasn't she never has been….what's the use of acting like ice queen Amilada anymore? It's lost …she isn't sure what….her emotions have always been close to human fact totally human..nothing alien about them what possibly could it be that makes her different from any other girl her powers??? Is that it? And just what the hell is there to hide about themselves??

She wondered what if she did tell him what he needed to know…what would happen to her then…what would happen to them…….will Pierce let her die then? …doubt full….if he wont let her then whos to say she can't kill her self …she can??? Maybe she can …..right now a defining element of tragedy is going to probably play out in front of her …in her life….she'd never been smacked around before …not even a scratch……it happened so quickly yesterday…but still felt like forever….if he's going to torture her like this all the time and still keep her alive since he seems very capable of it…he's already given one demonstration with god knows how many more to come next……her head it feels like it's going to explode so many questions and so many answers she's afraid to know…Isabelle ran a hand through her hair…it did hurt some where between her collar bone and her heart like someone stuck a knife inside her….she winced from the pain……still staring at the pen in her hand………. Her throat tightened "I can't live…I can't do it…sorry Max" she looked around her self anything that will grant her an invitation to die anything…..but there was nothing except for the table and chairs the room was feature less…white……"No!!!!!!!!" she got up frantic her heart fluttered as she heard foot steps….subconsciously but she did somehow…….I need ….to die…..the pen!

She was still holding it! Of course ….Isabelle braced herself and managed to break the pen into two from the middle….the broken parts were jagged…spiky so she held it to her wrist and swiped it across in a quick movement with enough force to rip open a few veins in the process…her vision suddenly darkened or was it the walls of the room she didn't care she shakily repeated the motion on the second wrist her head swirled in ward and she staggered to the table seeing all the blood flowing from her wrists it was like a river ………the pain dulled a moment ago but not before she looked up and saw a very surprised Pierce standing far away……."Go …to…hell" she fell down as darkness finally surrounded her.

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Nothing ! not a damn thing! Found nothing…we found nothing …he ran a hand through his hair frustrated. I'ts 2 A:M in the middle of the night ….they all went off saying there were no clues and that all of them should get some sleep maybe she'll dream walk and try to reach us….when?!? when is she going to dream walk ….either she's not sleeping at all or ..he thought swallowing a lump in his throat …or she's dead ……."me and my big mouth" he uttered a curse under his breath barely shifting his weight on the rock he was sitting on…..he did present the possibility to everyone by his traditional methods …shouting …that Iz might be dead………Max had looked so…and he hasn't said anything since…. He wished he hadn't said it at all. 5 days ….5 agonizing days and nothing we were able to find no clue as of where to start looking for Isabelle….one thing was good Tess didn't mention destiny around him anymore…..he probably looked ready to strangle people in his way. Alex was well ……Alex ….but he'd become restless…trying to give them hope all of them….according to Maria he was drifting from them ..everyone except Isabelle.

he had the feeling that they'd tried succumbing into his proposition……..that Izzie was…….he felt guilty for thinking it…but if they didn't find her soon…then he wasn't sure what he'd do…but they just had to find her…were they hurting her??? Is that why she can't dream walk? Or reach out to them…..he sighed unhappily but didn’t get up from the rock… of the reasons he liked to come to the desert at night …it's so quiet …no one to bother him at all not even Maria he did like their more than occasional bantering and …beating about the bush about their fate less relationship still trying to keep it together ..keep them together …but he didn't get it ….

memories…breath…struggle…worry…….love….and the cycle starts all over again what's strange that you do so many things in a day and repeat them in various ways……..then comes a time when things become unbalanced and the cycle spins out of control life doesn't stay the same …it never does and it hasn't been since……he doesn't know when. He wondered though if he could seriously take a huge eraser and wipe out all the pain from his life even being alien part…or remove the alien hunters out of the story would it help would they be safe?? No he guessed not because there's always something else….nothing really lasts for ever Max and Izzi were happy …well alright not exactly but they were content with what they had and it didn't bother them if they didn't find anything about themselves they still had their parents ….. Liz …Alex…things to look forward to….he didn't have anything …except Max Izzi and Maria parents …Friends….life….and now Izzi was ……"oh god"…"shit" he was crying ….stone wall…rock…stone wall….mud …mud…mud . he had to find her she was one missing piece of scenery in his sordid little world and he couldn't stay in it and stay sane at the same time without her…

she kept him straight ..alright well she tried ….. she was the only one who really cared about him enough to understand what having a family consisting of 2 or 3 people meant to him….even when they had those dreams ..he wavered from saying the "D" word ….he really was happy in them ..when they held up ..their baby? Yeah …. That was something he'd like to remember ….but if their was a possibility that Izzi was having his baby then when she asked him about what he really wanted he's sure he would have said yes he wanted it he wanted to take care of both her and the baby no matter what anyone else thinks….because it's his family Dammit!….but Iz is still his family baby or not….he had to find her…he got up more determined then the past five days combined …… he needed a little lateral thinking all around …… Iz can't be dead he can feel her and he was sure Max could too….other than that logically thinking the special unit didn't just haul her away to kill and study her..they'd need to know things …things neither of them would tell the FBI that easily…..she was hurting right now probably from whatever they did to her….but he'd find her…they would….hold on Iz he thought closing his eyes as a single breath from him blew dust in to the dawn of the desert…………….


I haven't slept in a while and probably never will…he hasn't talked much to Liz either..for some reason he stopped acknowledging her …not that it's necessary for him to do so since his sister got captured by their worst enemy… Yet!

Was he blaming her? Maybe …everyone needed someone not's his sister …so he needed someone to blame…and since other than Michael and Isabelle Liz has been his focus for such a long time now he was losing momentum between the other two relationships. He sat up in his bed …it was still made he didn't even plan on trying to sleep…he knew he'd said they all should try and sleep but it was impossible to drift away when he kept imagining Iz being tortured and whats worse five days passed by and we still found nothing …after looking everywhere even under rocks if it wepossito find her…but nothing the desert sand just keeps blowing in his eyes…..burning them..he kept telling himself that’s why he wipes his eyes tentatively every time some one takes Isabelle's name…there's dust and a lot of it … was going to happen sooner or later he knew it…..he felt it…the danger…. like a fire burning smoke from the pit of his stomach to his heart …he'd managed to keep a stable face in front of his parents …had they known about it………no he thought dismissing himself …don't go there…he did mange to deceive his parents with Tess's help ….she mind warped them into seeing Isabelle coming and leaving for school….it was bad and so wrong …crazy and probably desperate..but we are living in crazy and desperate times aren't we??.

Poor Izzie .….I hope we find you…find you before it's too late……when Michael laid out the possibility of his sister as already deceased .he had felt like someone just shoved a knife through his heart numbing it…..could it be??? That Isabelle is……? Don't go there …not now….so many places the mind doesn't want to go…have to think about…but he'd have to….it was necessary …it was his sister in danger ….. no she's already deep in it.

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They were siting in the crash down the sheriff came up to them out of uniform not that it didn't seem odd or they werent wary of him but they were all haggered desperate and sleep less so they practically ignored the sheriff for a bit before he sat down with them at thee tale and spoke up he endowed that he knew what he'd seen..and there were definitely two versions of Max one who had taken Liz and the other who came along to find her. And now since all the find and take has been established to a success with a very noticeable amount of loss since Isabelle Evans was no where to be seen and six distraught teenagers were skipping school on a Saturday morning he offered his help putting both his hands down swearing not to share anything about this with anyone who'd even remotely pose them danger.
So here we are telling then the tale of three aliens in Roswell well four avoiding Tess to the bitterest not that she was responsible for Isabelle being taken away…because she turned up later at his place telling him first off clearly that she had gone to see that Michael didn't get into trouble. it was stupid but intrusive and so damned simple too…just grab the one alone and helpless….great and he stayed behind with Maria …why the hell had he done that he should have been the first to jump into the Evans jeep when the plan was mentioned first hand……both for Liz and Isabelle not that she didn't trust him …she was trying and they were nearly getting to the point where…..well anything and everything was almost possible his attention went back to Max who was explaining that not only he but Isabelle and Michael after a pause Tess too was an alien. Michael continued to scowl he obviously wasn't very happy about Max going off and telling Valenti their "big secret " yeah well Alex thought his loss he couldn't understand why he acted like such a jerk at times al right all times. And Isabelle was so close to him ………he let that thought linger in his mind purposely turning his head away from Max and Sheriff Valenti …..did Isabelle love Michael like she was possibly …… might be have been finally falling in love with him ….he had been a little disappointed when Isabelle told him about being possibly pregnant with an alien baby with Michael's baby it had briefly stung him but he took it in stride with him because he knew Isablle wasn't your normal ice queen school babe she was different in every aspect her respect for him despite his nerdy ness ……..those smiles ….her love for him??…lets not go there…..Micahel and Alex were standing guard over the group on each sides and stayed away from the group that had settled into a rusty dry and deserted corner of Roswell…the reservoir where else…..I love you Isabelle……I really do hope you know that.

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she really wished Max would stop giving her the- you- are- the- reason look …… makes her feel like a criminal in a case for bad character judgement ….well it's more on the physical side since it's the face everyone's after but how could she have known that Max wasn't Max…that it was that creepy shape shifter not like she got kidnapped every other day by alien who seek out to kill alien hunters in carnivals ……….. even after telling herself all these things she felt a little responsible Maria reminded her time and time again that she wasn't at fault for what happened to Isabelle but she couldn't bring her self to acquit the thought …Max doesn't even notice her anymore…another thing she felt ashamed could she sit around and think about herself while….Isabelle was being tortured traumatized …very easily actually because she didn't know Isabelle very well….and she wasn't here right now..Liz was…Max was here….it had always been about Max for her. Isabelle and Michael came later not that they were low priority or anything but she considered and acknowledged them as his family …friends……so any friends of his were her friends …that's always easy to say when you're busy staring into you soul mates eyes contemplating their future together. In reality when things come down to the final frontier level she noticed that Michael could be an outright jerk at times plus not that she usually had any meaning full conversations or for that matter any heart to heart talks.…and that his sister thought better keeping things to her self but then again that's how they must view us humans……it doesn't sound very strange anymore she's gotten used to the idea in the last one month…..crashed UFO's Aliens …conspiracies ……and the dreaded men in black suits……Life can't possibly be anymore complicated than this….she asked for it didn't she.?
For the third time in a row Maria almost tripped over the slippery tiles of the Crash down café….great couldn't they just pick up a better time to wax the tiles this complementary on the house stuff was really getting to Mr. and Mrs. Parker's head. where is he ?……..Michael?…he didn't come to the crash down today or the day before that she'd seen him a few times but they didn't have much of a confrontation on the not showing up for work banter since he looked so miserable his hair was as wild as ever ….but his eyes had dark circles under his eyes. And she had the same intensity of darkness around her eyes as well from him not being near her any more…………he noticed her sure and kept staring at her from afar too…but never took a step closer almost as if he blamed himself for Isabelle….she hadn't liked Isabelle at first when she met her….according to her she was a right snotty...over glamourary dunked too good to be true glittery enamel chick who walked like she owned the world around her ..with her head in the clouds…but she cared so much for Michael… hurt sometimes even when she tried not to notice the way she hugged him the way she kissed his cheek …or squeezed his hand reassuringly…he wouldn't take Maria's hand like that …she knew he loved her but he also loved Isabelle ….they talked about the supposed alien dream baby about to times trying to process his feelings for Isabelle …but they ended up fighting as usual and going there own different ways till Liz got kidnapped by that creep Nacedo…..what kind of a stupid name is that?……….and it was getting worse 6 days and still nothing no clue of Isabelle after the FBI wierdoes took her ….it's not a needle in a haystack they were talking about for gods sake! Why couldn't they just get some kind of map that had some kind of X mark on it that wouldn't tell them where to find her.
She said exactly that to Alex and he blew her off for being indirectly cruel about this. well damn you Alex when the whole thing gets blown out of proportion no one is going to have any happy ending in this hell….so it's not just you losing anything ……..Liz is too busy sulking Max is too busy brooding…Michael's busy ignoring her and her best friend Alex is tossing coins high up in the air expecting a heads up some day……come on Isabelle don't do this to us…..and she Maria Deluca is trying to lay off smoking.

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Daniel Pierce
Stupid Kid! What was she thinking ….obviously not ..he cracked his knuckles one after the other as he waited behind the window into Isabelle's cell her wrists were being heavily bandaged after a couple of 6 stitches on her wrists when he left her in the white room to go and answer his phone …..damn those pompous fat ass superiors who so they think they are intruding upon his investigation …they wanted to know what his position was and how far had he gotten with the alien ….he'd gotten very far actually just as he was going to blow them off the easy way he'd felt pricks on both his wrists he rubbed them and the nerves crackled further …so he'd immediately cut them off on the phone fastening his pace …something was wrong she was at peace for some reason and it disturbed him……almost as if she were laughing at him and as far as he's known no one who ever did it stayed alive……..well she'd have to he couldn't let her die …the not yet pretence hasn't entered his mind it felt blocked he was aware of something invading him…turning him…..where or who?…..he brushed it off….a side affect of being with an alien woman? Doubt full …but why not?? Was it possible that he'd become alien under his own skin without actually knowing about it? Couldn't be….he knew as soon as he left her the first day writhing in agony on the ground…….something was on between them…a connection…a gateway of some sort……he wouldn't ask her …she might use it against her …he isn't sure how yet? And he doesn't like to be unsure….
The asses called again if it wasn't for his reputation he'd give them a little more than a piece of his own mind which he thought they very much were in need of……their standards have ridden below and off track….the insidious drunken bastards they'd file this file in many of their files and seal it up in some fool proof booby trapped godforsaken file room…..what did they know about how hard he'd worked to get to them….how hard he strived to chase those files the faces in those files with the less than useful help of sniveling weasels who called them selves federal agents at merit …if it were up to him he'd hand all of them over to that shape shifter…by the no of his estimated kills fairly made it simple to believe he was immersed in the art of cooking alive livers and leaving them as souvenirs for him to collect. And they helped him if he could he'd actually shake hands with him…marvelous talent he has …the power of one hand…….power it incensed him ……drove him to desperation…….that’s why he put on the innocent deputy disguise…. Since that Bitch ruined a perfectly good fold of the game it was going so well…….no matter it's over the dark period he's finally got what he wanted and she's right behind this wall he was standing inches close to.

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