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Title: I'm not Who I Used to Be
Rating: pg-13 to R
Disclaimer: I don't own the charecters, the show, or anything else.

I'm Liz Parker. You along with the hundreds of people in upper class New York. I'm perfect, right?

WRONG! I'm just as flawed as anyone else. Maybe even more. That is who I used to be. But not any more. I've changed since then. I've grown up. I've moved on. And I've left the life I've known for so long.

Why? Why would I want to give it up? I mean come on I had the perfect life. I've lived in the lap of luxury since I was born. But it changed. It's been two months since I was..... since I was... Well, I was raped. It's been to long hard months and even though I tell people I'm fine I'm not. So I'm leaving. I'm leaving New York. I'm leaving everything I've ever known.

I mean I may look the same, and act the same. But I'm not. Because even though it looks the same it's very different. The cracks in the walss that no one could see have gotten bigger. And no matter what they say the cracks that have been made, even if covered up and cover up they're still there. And even though I'm still th same....... I'm not who I used to be.

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Thank you so much for the feed back! I'll post more this afternoon, when I get home from Hell. *big*
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Part 1

~2 Years later~

"I love Rock n' roll" Maria sang at the top of her lungs.
"So put another dime in the juke box baby" Liz sang along. "So come and take the time to dance with me!" They finished before bursting into a round of giggles.

Maria got on the table as she sang the last part. She shook her ass as Liz and Kyle watched laughing at their friend.

"Maria! Get off the table!" Amy yelled. Then she got up on the counter. "If your gonna do it, do it right" imitating Maria's dance move but then shook her ass a little more and through her hair over her sholder.

"Alright Ms.Deluca!" Liz said as Kyle and Maria groaned.

"Guy's go home! It's late. And Liz finals are coming up soon." Amy said going into parental mode.

"Yes more working my ass off or nothing." Maria complained. She got up and grabbed her stuff. Liz followed her.

"Night Ames!" Liz wispered in her ear as she gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Night Lizzie." Amy said smiling at the girl.

"Come on, we've got work to do!" Maria said hugging her mom and step brother before hurrying out the door.

Liz followed smiling before opening the door to the Crashdown and exiting into Roswell's cold night air. She got into Maria's Jetta and they rode to their dorms.


She waited untill Maria was asleep. She climbed out on to the fire escape. She started to write in the her journal.

I don't know what to say today. It's been exactley two years today that I left. Two years since I left my life. I came to this small town, I never meant to end up here but my curosity always gets the best of me. And for once I'm glad. I have a life, a good one. I have a family, a home, and I'm getting my education. I know tips for waitresses aren't alot, but I've made it. I've made it in the world that I never even thought about till two years ago. I'm glad, I mean I'll never forget what happened to me but it changed me in so many ways and I'm glad. If it hadn'r happened I don't know where I'd be. Living a life that was planned for me the day I was born. No I like this, making my own decisions. I even want to start to date. I wonder who the lucky guy will be. *wink*

~In New York ⊕ the same time

"Racheal please get Maxwell Evans." Jeff Parker said through into his intercom.
"Right away." she responded.

Jeff was sure he was the one. After he had found out where his daughter was he went through thousands of papers on his employees. He ended up with one that he knew could do the job. Maxwell Evans. 6" Brown hair Brown eyes, Graduated from NYU, Good attitude, a good leader. 'Yes he's the one' as he waited for him

Racheal pushed the buzzer letting Max into his office.

"Maxwell please come in. I think we need to have a little talk." he said untill the door was securley closed.

"I have a proposal for you." Jeff said and then continued to explain the situation. He knew Max would take the job. And he knew he would suceed. Talking to the young man made him even more sure of it.

"Mr.Evans, I want my daughter back, and I know you'll bring her back to me." he said confidently. He shook his hand and watched him leave the office. 'She'll be back soon, she'll be back soon.'
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I promise I'll post more when I get some more feed back. *wink*
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Part 2

Max's POV

In the last few days I have been through a Elizabeth Claudia Parker crash course. I have talken to anyone who has seen her in the last days of her being in New York. I have studied the file the PI put together. I now know more about a complete stranger than I ever knew about my own sister.

I'm on a plane now to bring her back. It should be very easy. She left under no real cirrumstances. It was a split minute decision, that she has to regret. I mean come on she went from 1st class to a working college student.

But don't get me wrong I'm not heartless, I know there was a reason of some kind. But my whole life rests on this. My whole career. And I am not losing it to some girl.

"Liz wait up!" Maira said as she ran to catch up. She ran past a bunch of jocks that never really grew up knocking a few of them down.

"Hey hot stuff slow down!" One of the poor fools called.
The next thing he knew Maria was having a hissy fit in front of him for calling her "hot stuff"

"Mar- Maria-" she said laughing her ass off at her friend. But that's when he saw him. He was a a little taller than her, with blonde curly hair. He had a terrific smile.

'Who is he?' she thought looking him over again. He noticed her appraisal of him and walked over.

'Oh god!' she thought as he stuck out his hand.

"I'm Sean Troy. I'm new to the campus." he said flashing her his killer smile.

"I'm Liz Parker." she said smilng back at him.

"Kool. Would you like to go out some time?" he asked knowing she would say yes, they always did.

"Sure, how bout tonight. Around eight? Meet at the movies?" she said hoping it would be ok.

"Okay. I'll be there." He said flashing her another smile before leaving her to get her weird freind off of some guys back.

'This should be interesting.' she thought as she watched him walk off while trying to pry Maria off of some poor guy.

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