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The windows were fogged as Mrs. Evans pulled up to the front of the school. She looked over at her son who was glaring at his name written in the steam of the car window. When had she lost the sweet little boy he used to be? The one who would clean dishes without being asked and give you hug when he sensed you were having a bad day?

The gravel crunched as the car came to a halt and a Max quickly opened the door and got out. He slammed the door shut and walked to the back of the car
where his mother was pulling out his bags.

“I can do that myself you know.” He said pulling his leather jacket on.

Diane shut her eyes against his cold words and stepped away from the car.

She could feel his glares and then breathed a sigh of relief when he turned away and began to grab his bags and throw them to the ground. She didn’t want to do this to him. She didn’t even see the point in sending him to a boarding school a year before he graduated. After this he could go back to that girl Tess and his friends that were so violent.

Diane doubt very much that this would cause Max to change his way but Philip Evans has been insistent and Diane had regretted the way with which her son
and husband had parted earlier that morning.

Max threw the last bag to the ground and narrowed his eyes, looking around the front entrance of the school. Without looking at her he asked, "when's my bike going to be here?"

"Tomorrow morning." She whispered.

Anger swelled inside him for what his mother was doing to him and even more what Tess had done to him.

He saw a dark haired girl with a messy ponytail rush past him as a bell rung and he thought about how she was probably the type of girl he would have fallen head over heels for before Tess had come along and hardened his

The girl turned around when another girl called her name and Max saw a glint of daring in her eyes and thought about how he used to just be a simple thrill seeker before Tess had come and showed him what real thrills were. Before he got in that fight and almost killed a guy. There eyes met and she quickly ran inside with the other girl.

The trunk door slammed closed and he looked up to see his mom looking at him with tears in her eyes.

She really did look sorry and Max thought that he probably should hugged her but his heart was hardened once again and he narrowed his eyes before picking up his bags.

“Thanks a lot.” He spat sarcastically. "For everything!"

He walked away for bit before turning back around to face his tearful mother who he knew cared about him.

“When you see dad tell him he can go to hell.” He turned away once more and walked forcefully in the direction of the door. He didn’t want to turn around and see his mother looking sad or disappointed. He didn’t want to have every stare at him for crying.

He just wanted to find out when and where he’d gone wrong. And knew this was the place. Could he change or was he just fooling himself?

'Here goes nothin' He thought.


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As Max Evans entered the school, he walked down to his dorm. He couldn't believe his parents sent him to this stupid school. Room 3A.

"Can I help you?" A ruff voice asked from the back.

"Nobody can help me." Max stated. "Supposedly I'm your new roommate, got a problem with it, your gonna have to live with it. I don't like it either."

"Names Gurien. Micheal Gurien." Micheal held his hand out. "Take you didn't come here on your own?"

"What's it to you?" Micheal held his hands up.

"Look, I ain't tryin' to be all close and shit. All I'm sayin is that I had the same attitude when I came. You got the bad boy rebel thing going for you. It won't last. It didn't for me. See ya' round." Micheal grabbed his bag and left.

"Hey you guys see the new kid?" Danny asked putting his arm around Liz.

"Yeah saw this morning." Shurgging his arm off. "Why?"

"Heard, he's some druggie and murdered some dude back in Cali." He said steppin' on the cigratte.

"Yeah whatever Danny." Liz picked her bag up and left. Not watching where she was going she bumped into someone. "Oh sorry."

"Usually when you walk you watch where your going." Max said.

"Your Max Evans right?" Liz said brushing piece of hair behind her ear.

"What's it to you? Am I suppose to know you." Max smirked. She was beautiful. Brown hair. Dark eyes, petite, average height. She was an angel.

"Well, I saw you this morning. Your new right?" Max nodded. "Do you need any help? I mean with finding class and all."

"Nah, I think I got it covered. But you might wanna tell your homeboy to watch his back." Liz smiled blushing.

"Sorry about that. Danny doesn't think before he speaks. I think his mom dropped him when he was a baby." He smiled. 'Nice smile.' "Well maybe I'll see you around sometime?"

"Maybe...You never know." Max left walking off campus. Liz watched him for a second and then walked up the stairs.

"Girl spill, talkin' to the new boy?" Maria asked.

"He's my roommates. He's real...actually he's like me. A rebel. I actually could get along with him." Micheal stated putting an arm around Maria.

"He's your roommate?" Liz asked. "3A right?"

"Liz what are you thinking?" Maria asked. "Chica, I know you may want to feel a little thrill in your life, but Max Evans is not the guy."

"I know that. I just want him to make friends. I am after all a FRIENDLY person!" Maria shook her head.

"Liz this isn't you. What are you up to?"

"Fun. For the first time in my life. I'm going to have some fun, but still be in the region of law." Liz leaves.

"Don't worry. She knows what to do. If Max is anything like me, he won't put her in danger." Micheal walks her to class.

"That's what I'm worried about." She mumbles.

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Part 3

As Liz sat down on the steps waiting for Max. She saw a truck pull up with a mortocycle in it. Liz stood up and went towards it. "Is this your miss?" The trucker asked slightly amused.

"No, its mine." Max said walking up. "How much?"

"Already paid for, just sign here." As Max signed he saw Liz checkin it out.

"See you got a fan." Max smirked.

"Like what you see?" Max asked putting on a helmet.

"It depends. What ya talkin about?" Liz asked smiling. "Heading out?"

"Yeah, just going to scope out the town." Max said getting out. He couldn't believe it they were flirting.

"Well, have fun." Liz slowly walked away hoping for an invite.

"Where you going?" Liz turned around.

"I got class. And than that boy Danny says I got a date with him." Liz said walking closer.

"So you rather hang out with that loser, than have the time of your life?" Max leaned closer. Close enough to kiss her.

Liz smiled. "What the heck. Been meaning to have little fun."

"Hop on." Liz got on and wrapped her arms around Max.

"You might wanna put this and this on." He handed her a helmet and his leather jacket. "You might get cold." Liz wrapped herself in it and resumed her position as they roared off.

"Is Liz Parker here? Liz. Liz. Liz Parker?"

"Ahh..might wanna check the back of Max Evans." Everyone laughed, except the teacher and Maria.

Danny leaned over, "What the fuck she doin' with physco boy."

"Gettin' to know a real man maybe." Maria said smiling.

-Liz's Dorm-
"Thanks Max, I've always wanted to do that." She took the jacket off. "Here."

"Keep it. Gives me a reason to visit." Max shrugged.

"You can come anytime." Liz said getting closer.

"I just might right now." Liz looked down. "I'm kidding. But I might have to kiss you now."

"That I can handle." Max leaned in a touched her lips. His tounge asking for permission, which she happily granted. They dueled for dominance for awhile and broke apart when they needed air. "When will I see you again?"

"I'm not a player Liz. This isn't a one time thing." He stroked her cheek. "You'll see in your dreams, and tomorrow morning." He kissed her on her lips gently and then walked away.

When he got in his dorm the phone rang. "Ya." "Hi baby. Its me." "Tess, I thought said its over. You ruined my life once I'm starting over. "You can never get rid of me. I created you. We were eachothers first. And it was wild." "Stay away, stop calling, stop bothering me." "I'm coming to see you later on honey, bye. love you." Click.

"Damn it." He threw the phone against the wall.

"Rough night?" Micheal asked coming in.

"Everything was great until now."