Title: Unknown Pleasures
Author: Leana
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Chapter 1

Love is accompanied by selfishness, confronted by human coldness, and lost upon a universe that doesn’t know or care.

I close my eyes and you come to my mind. I touch my heart, and it feels like your right there with me. I take a deep breath and I smell your scent. Everything I am you are. Where you are I am too.

I wonder where would I be if it wasn’t with you. Where would I go if it wasn’t you that showed me. What would I see if it wasn’t your touch that would guide me. What would I hear if it wasn’t your hush breath beside me. And what would I taste if it wasn’t your sweet lips on mine.

Isn’t it wild how love is seen so differently threw men and women’s eyes.

“Sweet, yet silent passion that my heart dwells for you,” she breathed and whimpered at the same time as a wave of pleasure coursed threw her body.

“Tell me more,” he breathed in her ears.

“Intense fury from within that I call love,” she moaned.


“Dangerous temptation that drives me to the brink of madness of want.” she barely got out the words in a whisper.

“Yes, want.” he said as his hands began to roam on her body, “Continue..”

“Consuming.. need.. that only your... touch can quench,” she was speaking in gasps of hormone driven pleasure.

“Umm...” he said after tasting a bit of her flesh. “And?”

“Burning desire that I can’t ignore,” she shivered.

“Good,” he said pushing her onto the bed, “I never want you to forget or ignore what I’m about to do to you.” he said as he began to unbutton her blouse and unzipping the front of her leather skirt.

She thought back on how she had gotten there. Her mind was fuzzy from the liquor but not that fuzzy. She remembered herself being at the bar and having a martini when he came up to her. His presence was overpowering. She knew that not even if she wanted to she could ignore him. He didn’t seem the type to ever be ignored. He approached her and wrapped a piece of her hair around his masculine finger. He had bent down and whispered, “Come with me.”

That was all it took and she found herself getting out of her chair and following him. She couldn’t remember if it was the drink or the man that had made her follow him. She just knew that she did, and when they got to his room it all began to unfold.

He had asked her if she wrote poetry in which, she said yes, in turn he had said he had thought she did. He asked her to make up a poem by just looking at him and she had started. But now with her hormones raging she didn’t think she would be able to finish the poem, not that it matter now.

She seemed to return to reality when she felt a cold breeze around her body. Instinctively, she moved to cover herself. But arms shot out and stopped her. She looked down to find that she was naked, completely at his disposal.

She looked at him next, looked into his eyes, he knew how to mask his emotions well. But he didn’t mask the startling desire she saw in his beautiful green eyes. She was transfixed in him, drowning in him somehow, melting.

Her heart was beating so loud surely he heard it to she thought. A smile touched his lip and she blink a few time and squirmed under his touch.

He wondered if there was such a thing as love at first sight. He was a man of control and he had a tight rain of it but with her somehow his control was slipping or maybe non-existent.

His heart was pounding so fast. It was something about the way she looked at him that made him shiver. He brought her right hand to his lips and began sucking on her fingers while he took her other hand and put it above her head. He kissed his way down her right arm, and made his way to the curve of her shoulder. He kissed her softly up her neck. His other hand slide sensually down her arm and cupped one of her breast.

She gasped, loving the feel of his hand on her breast. She wanted more contact with him so she brought both hands down and wrapped her arms around his neck.

He looked down at her and grinned.

He kissed her then parting her lips, sucking on her lower lips, before plunging in, opening her completely to his tongue.

She moaned and brought her hands tighter around his neck. Pressing his body tighter to her.

He kissed her feverishly, moving his tongue in and out of her mouth setting a rhythm that was driving her crazy.

She wanted all of him. She wanted him to be completely naked as she was. Her hands snuck between them and began to unbutton his shirt. When she had unbuttoned them all she pushed the shirt off his body and ran her hands down his back feeling the muscles retracting and cording under her fingers.

She loved the feathery softness of his skin.

He stopped kissing her and looked into her eyes. Not breaking eye contact with her, placed a kiss in the middle area of her breast. He flicked his tongue over it and watched as she closed her eyes and moaned. He took one of her rose peaked breast into his mouth and worked the other with his hand.

She was writhing and moaning under his touch in no time. Which only made him rub and suck harder. She couldn’t stand it anymore and begged him to take her.

“Not yet,” he said still latched on to her nipple. His other hand began to caress her abdomen while his mouth continued to work magic on her nipple. His hands moved lower to the apex of her womanhood.

Her hips lifted up wanting more.

He touched her there lightly.

Her whimpered and begged again for more.

He began to rub her cervix a little harder.

She thought she was going to die of pleasure.

He looked up at her to see her expression. It made him grin watching what he was doing to her. He unlatched his mouth on her nipple and just watched her a while, continuing to rub her cervix never stopping.

She couldn’t help but undulate under his touch. The feeling he was causing in her was undeniable. Little screams of pleasure were coming from her lips.

He kissed her then his tongue imitating his strokes building a rhythm. He could feel she as coming closer to climax. With his free hand he undid his belt, pulled down his zipper, and unbuttoned his pant button.

She realized, barely, what he was doing and it only heightened her excitement.

He never broke his rhythm while he did this.

She felt her climax overtake her and the pure pleasure of it made her cry.

He kicked his pants and boxers off and out of the way. He was completely naked as she was. He said sweet hushing word to sooth her. He parted her legs a little wider and settled himself there. “Open you eyes and look at me.” He said.

She opened her eyes weakly.

“I want you to see everything I’m doing.” she nodded and groaning wanting to close her eyes as he entered her torturously slow.

He fought for control. He wanted to ram into her, and ride her into oblivion. She was so hot, wet, and tight. He groaned as he slid completely into her. He stopped to regain some measure of control. He took her legs and wrapped it around his waist. He fixed them so there would be maximum contact. He grabbed onto her waist and began an in and out motion.

She moaned and rocked her hip in time with his rhythm.

He was taking his time building up the pleasure, keeping himself in check. He didn’t want to lose it before she did.

She was moaning and hissing uncontrollable now, moving her hips a little faster feeling herself reach her peak once again. It was building inside her, faster and faster every second.

The fact that she was looking at him, keeping her eyes opened , only intensified the pleasure.

He began to pick up speed, thrusting hard now.

She met his thrust with one of her own. It was getting harder and harder to keep her eyes open. Her body shivered and contracted as she felt her climax coming over her.

He felt the tightening of her muscles around him and groaned, moaning with every thrust. He knew she was almost there. A few more and she would be lost.

She screamed as her climax overtook her.

Quickly, He covered his mouth with hers, his own climax taking him to that place where time stood still. He continued to thrust till he had emptied his seed and his penis lay limply. He collapsed onto her body, both of them soaked with sweat.
“Do you believe in love at first sight?” He whispered in her ears. She nodded. “Good.” He said.

Elyzabeth Lane Lacey woke up with a shudder, covered in sweat, and feeling a tingling feeling all over her body. “It was just a dream. It was just a dream.” She told herself. And what a dream it had been. If she didn’t know any better she would think it was real. The dampness between her thighs sure made it feel real. “Third night in a row,” she hissed getting out of bed and moving to the kitchen, “ What is the matter with me? Why do I keep having these dream?” she asked to no one. Frustrated with herself and the situation she looked at the clock on her coffeemaker, 5 AM the numbers flashed. The only thing that Liz could think of doing is going back to sleep, and hoping to god that the dream wouldn’t happen again. Atleast it had been in a bedroom this time compared to the library ,where she had made so much noise, or the locker room at the gym where she worked out Thursday and Sunday nights. Filling up a cup of water and drinking it down slowly she walked back into her room. Settling down on the bed , she proceeded to drift back into slumber.

Maxwell Zander Draven couldn’t understand what was happening to him. Third night in a row in which he dreamed of a girl that he had never even met. She didn’t look like any of the regulars he went to when in need of sexual relief. Frustration racked his mind. She was gorgeous though and the things they did together were unbelievable. He had to give credit to his imagination. Max spied the clock 5 AM. Maz got up with some discomfort. The dreams didn’t come without its effects. He had woken up this way for 3 days straight and every time he would get into the shower and have to relieve the problem himself. It was frustrating, but necessary. Waking up his next door acquaintance 5 o’clock in the morning just to relieve his hard wasn’t the way he worked. And plus he had already paid her a visit the night before. It was an unbreakable rule to never go to the same place twice in one week. That gave girls the wrong idea and that he wasn’t about to let happen.

Taking care of his business was easy enough and by the time he came back into the room fully dressed, shaven, and prepped for work it was 6 o‘clock. “Right on time as always,” He said walking out of the bedroom, grabbing the keys that were on the mantle nearest to the door, and walked into morning light of the day, and to his car.

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