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Title: Frustration
Author: Anne H
E-mail: naught_e_blonde⊕
Rating: Starts out pretty tame then hurtles helplessly into NC-17 oblivion
Category: Max/Liz
Spoilers: Not a lot really. Set post destiny.
Disclaimer: Well the song lyrics aren’t mine and like many women I wish I could claim Max Evans as my own but (sob!) alas, I’m only borrowing Max and co for my own twisted pleasure.
Summary: After destiny Max is feeling a little frustrated.
Authors notes: This is my first Roswell fanfic so feedback would be much appreciated. All script in bold is music, erm, all smut lovers enjoy.

Part one.
He watched her hips sway gently as she walked across the car park, completely unconscious of his gaze, dragged along in the wake of hurricane DeLuca. The way her hair moved like liquid across her shoulders and back was enchanting. His eyes dropped to her ass and he felt a sharp tightening in his groin. God, he wanted her. It had been 2 months since he had discovered his ‘destiny’ and Liz had been keeping a fair distance from him. Tess on the other hand had never stopped bugging him. Every time he turned around she was giving him that half-accusing half-demanding look. Max jumped when he felt a hand touch his shoulder.

‘When are you going to stop avoiding me Max?’

Taking a deep breath Max turned around to face Tess’s pouting face.

‘I am your wife after all’ she simpered.

‘How many times do I have to tell you Tess we are not together! Do you honestly think you could walk into my life, destroy everything I’ve ever loved and have me fall at your feet?’ he growled.


‘For Gods sake Tess he mumbled as he stalked off towards the jeep.

Later that night Max lay in bed tossing and turning, trying unsuccessfully to get the thought of Liz out of his head. Images of her ass swaying provocatively in front of him permeated his brain.

‘AAAhhh!’. Max bunched his pillow up in his fist and tried to ignore the hard pulsing between his legs that was calling out for him to deal with. Slowly his fatigue forced his body into sleep with Liz running through his dreams.

Part two.
Liz was in heaven with the feeling of Max’s tongue darting over her clit, he was eating her like there was no tomorrow. She was sat on one of the tables at the Crashdown with her legs spread and Max between them spearing his tongue into her pussy.

‘Yes, right there, harder!’ she cried pulling at his hair to try and get him closer.

The familiar sensation like a corkscrew twisting in her stomach told her she was going to cum soon.

‘Max! Please fuck me! I want to feel you’

She felt Max’s knowing smile against her sopping wet lips then with a long lick from top to bottom he raised himself up. Liz tore through his jeans and boxers to get to Max’s massive cock and run it against her wet slit. He loved the way she jumped everyt ime the head came into contact with her clit.

‘Inside me please God Max’ her hands were clawing at his back as he slowly began to push inside of her.
Her heat enveloped him and her slick walls squeezed him tightly.

‘yes yes yes yes’ Max hesitated as he felt her barrier, looking into her eyes questioningly only to find reassurance in her eyes .He thrust forward forcefully, burying himself to the hilt. Liz cried out in pain then there was black.

Part three

‘Oh God!’ Liz woke up with a start ‘ what was that about?’.

She flopped back on the bed and waited for her breathing to slow down and her pussy to reduce its aching. She was having more and more of these dreams lately thanks to Max bloody Evans. She saw him looking at her in that secretive way when he thought she didn’t know. His eyes burned her. They stripped her naked. It was like he could read her mind and knew that it contained a thousand fantasies of him. He had a fantastic chest. Hang on just a minute there Parker, Remember the whole Tess situation? Hold your ground, don’t let him get to you. This was killing her. I hope he feels as frustrated as I do.

There was no way she was going to get rid of this ache by lying here and dreaming about Max and that fantastic chest of his. No she had another plan. Jumping out of bed Liz strode over to her wardrobe and pulled out a box hidden at the back. Tonight she was going to dance.

Max was stalking back and forth across his room trying to take his mind off the dream he had just woken from. The feeling of Liz Parker’s hot wet pussy grasping his cock was almost too much to bear, he had woken up with pre-cum leaking across his stomach and a frustrated groan. Normally he would deal with this himself with his hands but he didn’t want to wake his parents and Isabel by running a shower in the middle of the night. Throwing on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt he headed out of his room and creeped down the stairs. A drive would calm him down.

Liz drove through Roswell to the one and only club. She had donned her ‘horny as hell’ outfit of tight leather pants, no underwear of course, and a black boned basque. She left her hair messy and tousled. It fit her mood. Pulling up to the club she mentally shook herself, psyching herself up for the music that she could lose herself in. Walking across to the entrance Liz heard the screech of tires behind her and turned. Max Evans was sitting in his jeep with a stunned expression on his face.

‘Well this is a turn of the tables.’ She thought, ‘this time I have the upper hand’

Come get me Max.

Max had been driving for over an hour before he passed the local night club. A familiar figure was winding her way through the car park. He couldn’t quite place her. Slowing the jeep down he squinted at the leather clad girl trying to recognize her. Then it hit him. Liz! He screeched the jeep to a halt staring at her as she slowly turned round. He knew his jaw was just about on his knees, he had never seen her look so erotic. With a sultry smile that pulled a string in his still throbbing groin she turned and headed into the club. Catching his breath Max grabbed his keys and dashed into the club after her.

As the music pounded in the club Max clambered through the throng of bodies trying to see the petite figure of Liz. The atmosphere was electric, sweaty bodies grinding together as the lyrics burned into his brain. Trying to make his way out of the sexual haze penetrating his brain he focused on one thing. Liz. Suddenly there she was in front of him consumed by the music, her head thrown back in ecstasy, twisting her hips and running her hands over her heated skin. Entranced, Max could only stare at this vision before him and desperately attempt to quell his throbbing erection.

(Express yourself, don’t repress yourself. Express yourself, don’t repress yourself. Express yourself, don’t repress yourself. Express yourself, don’t repress yourself. Express yourself, don’t repress yourself.)

Slowly her head raised, her eyes raking over him, taking in his excited state and his harsh breathing then coming to rest upon his mouth. Unconsciously her own opened, tongue snaking out to wet her lips. If he hadn’t been so gobsmacked Max would have moaned at the ‘fuck me’ look on her face.

(And I’m not sorry,
I’m not sorry.
It’s human nature.
It’s human nature.
And I’m not sorry,
I’m not sorry.
I’m not your bitch don’t hang your shit on me.)

Her eyes latched on to his frozen form as she began to make her way towards him. His gaze drank in her appearance, sweat soaked skin, tousled hair, the curves of her breasts above the bodice, and the way her tight leather pants hugged her…

‘Holy shit!’ he rasped.

Max could clearly see the outline of Liz’s pussy lips through her leather pants. Arousal raged through him as he watched the way the leather slid against her.

(Wouldn’t let me say the words I long to say, didn’t want to see light through my eyes. Tried to shove me back inside your narrow room, and silence me with bitterness and lies.
Did I say something wrong?
Oops I didn’t know I couldn’t talk about sex.
I must’ve been crazy.
Did I stay to long?
Oops I didn’t know I couldn’t speak my mind.
What was I thinking?)

He felt her press against him, her breath tickled his ear,

‘God I could just fuck you right here’.

His eyes rolled back into his skull at the thought of taking Liz on the floor, not caring who saw, he was broken out of this by Liz supporting herself by sliding her arms around his neck then wrapping a leg around his waist. The sudden feeling of her pussy crushed against his hard cock knocked the breath out of Max, automatically his hands went to her ass and began squeezing them gently before grinding her hard against him.

(You punished me for telling you my fantasies, I’m breaking all the rules I didn’t know. You took my words and made a track for silly fools, you held me down and tried to make me break.
Did I say something true?
Oops I didn’t know I couldn’t talk about sex.
I must’ve been crazy.
Did I have a point of view?
Oops I didn’t know I couldn’t talk about you.
What was I thinking?)

‘Ohfuckohfuckohfuck’ he swore, struggling not to blow his load in his pants. He could feel her panting against his mouth,

‘You’re so hard Max, I can feel you rubbing against my clit. Mmm I want to cum around your cock Max’.

He opened his eyes to find her mouth inches from his own. Lowering his head to hers he attempted to catch her lips but was startled when she deftly avoided him, nipping his lower lip with her teeth. Growling, he tried again only to have her tongue sweeping to tease his then escaping before he could seal the kiss.

(Did I say something true?
Oops I didn’t know I couldn’t talk about sex.
I must’ve been crazy.
Did I have a point of view?
Oops I didn’t know I couldn’t talk about you.
What was I thinking?)

Images flooded his brain, him slamming Liz against a wall and tearing through her bra to reach her breasts, him burying his face between her legs and biting her clit to hear her scream in pleasure, Liz writhing naked beneath him while he pounded into her. The familiar tightening in his balls let him know he wasn’t gonna
be able to hold it much longer.

‘Max I’m gonna cum’

(And I’m not sorry,
I’m not apologizing
It’s human nature.
Would it sound better if I were a man?
And I’m not sorry,
You’re the one with the problem
I’m not your bitch don’t hang your shit on me.)

Suddenly she untwisted her leg from him and slid her body down his. Brief confusion registered itself in Max’s brain before being wiped out by the feeling of Liz’s slim fingers squeezing his cock tightly through his jeans. His head snapped back, eyes shut, biting his lip hard to prevent a howl of frustration breaking out. He was teetering on the edge of release; he could almost feel it, if she would just move her fingers a little… Max’s eyes flew open in shock, searching for Liz but she had disappeared back into the crowd leaving his body screaming and his mind spinning with the last whispered word.

(Why don’t you just deal with it?)


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Thank you for all the support. Heres part four
Part four.

‘Serious blue balls’ thought Max. Limping slowly into the hallway of his home. He desperately needed to cum. Checking his watch he realized it was 5.45 am, fuck it, he was going it the shower. Gingerly making his way up the stairs and into the bathroom, he turned on the shower and locked the door.

Steam filled the room as Max carefully stripped his clothes from his stiff body. Groaning as a mental image of Liz’s tiny fingers tracing circles across her wet skin assaulted him without warning, he dived into the hot stream of water.

‘Destiny my ass’ he muttered. This was just plain torture. Liz Parker was attempting to drive the king of Antar out of his skull. He sighed as he reached for the soap. She was right though. Tess was supposed to be his destiny and she made that clear the day she walked away from the Granolith and left him there with Tess. Didn’t make it any easier. He still felt Liz like a fire in his veins and after tonight’s episode he was never going to be able to look at her without drooling.

‘Dammit, I didn’t ask for this’ When they had returned from the Granolith 2 months ago his heart had felt like bursting, he sat in silence as he drove Michael and Isabel home. When they arrived they sat for a moment in the jeep together.

‘So… You two are going to follow your destiny?’ he questioned.

Michael looked over at Isabel with a very serious expression and they contemplated each other for a long moment. Max couldn’t help but crack a grin when both of them broke into hysterical laughter.

‘I’m so sorry Michael but you’re like my brother’ Isabel choked out between giggles. ‘Theres no way I could ever…’

Max’s heart had healed just a little at that laughter. Michael and Isabel had never even thought about pursuing their former mates but instead formed relationships with humans. He was trapped into his fate. Liz had walked away from him. He didn’t quite understand her actions. He could feel the heat coming off her in waves sometimes, he could have sworn he could see her nipples tightening under his gaze but when he looked up she seemed not to even know he was there. She was fighting it for his destiny. If that was what she wanted then he would never win her back. Why try?

‘You never tried before. You let her go’ a voice in his head whispered.

He would just have to keep a distance from her to avoid situations like this again. He wasn’t going to be able to cope if she teased him then walked away. She really could push his buttons.

‘If only she would, you know you’re addicted’

Growling a little at his absolute lack of control when it came to Liz he turned his attention to matters at hand. Grasping his erection he began working the shaft from head to base then back up again enjoying the feeling of water coursing down him. He imagined what Liz’s hot little mouth would feel like wrapped around the head of his cock and his thrusts quickly sped up. God she drove him nuts, if she felt even half of what she did…

His train of thought was broken by a sharp jolt of pleasure running through his cock. Gasping he pressed his forehead to the wall of the shower and concentrated on keeping quiet enough not to wake anyone as thick streams of cum shot from his twitching cock. Losing control of his legs Max collapsed to the floor choking for breath. He definitely wouldn’t survive this again.

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Part five.

Liz rocked back and forth on her heels contemplating calling Maria. The scene in the club buzzed around and around in her head. Max’s expression as he watched her dance, what a rush, the feeling of him completely aroused beneath her and for once not trying to hide it. The power she had felt as she watched the pleasure stamped on his features. Sliding away from him and wrapping her hand around his cock and saw him balance on the edge, totally in her control. Then something snapped. No. She wasn’t going to let him cum after the hell he put her though. Two months of sheer torture. If he wanted it he was going to have to work for it. She knew he wanted her, it was almost written in neon lights across his forehead.

No, if he wanted her he would have to put up a fight. Maybe a little encouragement was needed though. Mr. control certainly wasn’t at home right now and maybe she could use that.

‘Make him burn for you, make him want you till he can’t remember the word destiny’

That was it. She’d break him down. Leaning forward slightly she whispered one word in his ear.


Relinquishing her grasp on him she disappeared into the crowd and from a distance she watched him open his eyes and search for her. Cursing loudly he turned and limped out of the club.

Liz licked her lips at the prospect of driving Max insane. Revenge is sweet, and so deserved. Sitting on the floor in her panties she again looked at the phone but decided she would talk to Maria in the morning. Clambering back onto her bed she dove under the covers, curling up in a ball she fell asleep imagining all the ways she could drive Max mad.

The chase is on.

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Hallo all! You lot are just so fantastic. Couldnt wait to get the new parts up. Added Parts 6 and 7.

Part six.

‘AAAHHH! YOUR KIDDING!’ shrieked Maria landing on Liz’s bed in a fit of laughter. ‘What did his face look like?’ After a brief discussion on the phone Maria had come flying straight over to hear the full story.

‘It wasn’t really his face I was looking at’ Liz giggled which only sent Maria further into hysterics, ‘It was more the fact that a small family could have camped in his pants’. Turning serious Liz jumped onto the bed next to her convulsing friend. ‘Help me Maria?’

‘Sure what have you got in mind chica?’ Maria shook trying to compose herself. ‘Looking to drive dear Maxie up the wall?’

‘Kinda’ Liz’s eyes glowed dark with ideas, ‘Help me pick something to wear that will blow him away, I want him to know what its like to want something you can’t have…yet’. Maria’s eyes widened in anticipation. ‘Girl you are so bad’

Part seven.

‘Concentrate Max.’ he mumbled to himself, ‘just avoid her and don’t embarrass yourself, how hard can it be?’. Closing his locker and turning back into the hallway of Roswell high he noticed some commotion outside the doors. Passing it off as Isabel’s fan club he started towards his class but stopped dead as every wet dream he ever had came strolling through the door with a crowd of admirers gathered around her. Liz Parker was breath taking and apparently he wasn’t the only one who thought so. She was dressed in a knee length black skirt that was slit to her thigh on both sides showing a vast expanse of leg, Her top was a blood red jumper that clung lovingly to her curves with a deep v at the front showing more cleavage than Max could comprehend. Max hardened more than he thought possible as a fetish he never knew about clawed its way to the surface. Liz’s legs were encased in black leather high-heeled boots. A sound that resembled a gargle emerged from Max’s mouth as she approached him.

Reaching out with one hand Liz ran two fingers up his arm, ‘Hi Max, see you in biology’


Liz sitting with her journal writing about her fantasy of him eating her out, one hand buried beneath her T-shirt.


Liz sitting naked astride her hand, jerking up and down on it and gasping his name.


Liz standing in front of the mirror inspecting the black lace thong she was planning to wear,


Max heard that gurgle noise out of his mouth again. Falling back against the lockers he tried to catch his breath and ignore his body screaming for him to take her right now. Never breaking stride Liz disappeared around the corner. Maria’s voice echoed round the corridor.

‘Oh yeah baby!’

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Part eight.

‘So Liz Parker can shake her ass, what’s the big deal Maxwell?’ Michael looked perplexed as he and Max approached Biology class. ‘You’re really jittery man, are you sure you’re gonna be alright?’

‘I’ll be fine. Michael she was wearing this thing and I could see…whoa and then she did this grinding thing and it was like…wow and have you seen her today?’ Max spluttered running his hands though his hair for the fortieth time today, he was positively buzzing with nervousness. How the hell was he supposed to get through a whole hour sitting next to her without jumping out of his chair every time she breathed?

‘Sorry I honestly cant picture it, Liz Parker and whoa just don’t go in the same senten…’

Michael’s voice trailed off as they reached the classroom door. Liz was at their shared desk with her head bent over her book. Her hair fell across her like a curtain, her arms were crossed under her bust enhancing her cleavage. Slowly Liz uncrossed her legs giving the two figures a considerable view up her legs. There was that black thong that had flashed across Max’s vision this morning. Michael’s jaw was wide open as Liz recrossed her legs never having looked up.


Max took a deep breath and headed into his classroom leaving a dazed and confused Michael wandering down the corridor. Sitting down Max quickly hid his obvious hardness under the table and pointed his at the board in front of him.

‘Today in class we will be learning the differences between the male and female sexual organs, now in your teams of two I want you to spread out through the school and begin work on a paper on the subject’

Could things get any worse? ‘Lets go Max’ whispered Liz in his ear, ‘I know a perfect place we can have all to ourselves’.

Gathering his things Max followed Liz to a small cramped classroom. Moving inside Liz dumped her stuff down on a desk and quickly produced a textbook. Thankful that his shirt covered the visible outline of yet another erection Max sat down on a desk and listened as Liz strolled around the room reading from the book.

‘When the male becomes fully erect he penetrates the female…’

Ok bad idea. Trying to ignore what Liz was saying he stared pointedly at the desk in front of him. Closing his eyes he tried not to picture doing to Liz exactly what she was describing to him, pulling her on top of him, unzipping these painfully tight pants, pushing that infuriating scrap of black lace away from her and spearing himself into her tight hot…

‘Max are you even listening to me?’

Shocked at the sound of Liz voice Max opened his eyes to find Liz perched on the desk on front of his with a leg on either side of her own. She was so close he could just reach out and take her or maybe pull her over to him and spend his lust in her.

Liz stared into Max’s eyes and watched the battle between lust and control.

‘Liz… please’ Max’s voice was hoarse, his fingers twitched at his sides and he fought his urges. Taking in a deep breath he froze. He could smell her. She was as turned on as he was, he could taste her, his mate was wet and ready for him. Max’s control shattered at that thought, a low growl came from his throat as his muscles tightened ready to pounce on his prey.

‘Please what Max? I don’t understand’ Liz’s breath stopped when an animal light flared in Max’s eyes. His lips curled in a feral growl. She didn’t have time to think before Max leapt at her pinning her to the desk beneath his weight.

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For some strange reason whenever I write scenes with Max in the word 'grrr' comes to mind. Well heres the next part!

Part nine.

The breath whooshed out of Liz’s lungs as Max descended on her. Moisture pooled between her legs as he pressed himself against her and proceeded to bite the side of her neck. His hands clamped down on her hips to keep her still while he rubbed his hard cock against her wetness.

‘Oh God no!’ thought Liz, ‘we’re in the middle of school!’

Struggling to escape Liz found Max’s hands only tightened. A sharp pain prodded one of her hips as she twisted. ‘Mine!’ snarled Max against her throat. Bucking her hips as him Max hissed at the friction and his grip loosened enough for Liz to escape. He lunged for her as she ran to the other side of the room but missed. Liz suddenly realized what a bad mistake she had made when she turned to face Max. Shifting slightly on his feet Max reached behind him and sealed the door. Trapped.

Max’s eyes were liquid amber burning with animal hunger, his muscles bunches and relaxed under his shirt as he moved slowly and stealthily across the classroom, stalking his victim. Liz’s legs were shaking, out of fear of the alien hunting her or out of sheer arousal at Max’s state, she didn’t know.

‘M…m…m…Max, we’re in school’

‘I don’t care’

‘What about Tess?’

‘Fuck Tess! Fuck destiny! Come here!’ he spat.

‘No not here’ She had to get him out of here, had to calm him down, what the hell had she done? She hadn’t even been trying!

Slowly but surely Max was closing the distance between them, forcing Liz into a corner. He felt like his blood was alight, his entire body was burning up, and he was so hard it was painful. Never taking his eyes off her he reached down and undid the first few buttons on his jeans. Liz’s eyes flew to the movement of his hand and widened visibly. Her entire mouth went dry at the sight of him, he wasn’t wearing boxers and the few inches she could see were glistening with pre cum. She wanted to drop to her knees and taste it, suck it, feel him throbbing in her mouth. Max followed this train of thought on her face and felt a swell of male satisfaction when her mouth opened a little as she stared. Liz was so engrossed with her fantasies she didn’t realize Max had backed her into a corner until her back hit the wall. Startled, she looked up. The only sounds in the whole room were their harsh breathing.

Franticly looking for a way out Liz decided it was time to make a run for it. Darting to her side she tried to dash past Max but he was to quick for her. Lifting her up he bumped her back against the wall and wrapped her legs around his waist, giving a guttural moan when her heat came in contact with the tip of his cock. Deciding he didn’t like the feel of scratchy lace against his sensitive flesh he reached down and tore the offending material away from her hips. Liz cried out in panic but quickly subsided to moans of pleasure as he pushed her jumper to the side to suckle her stiff nipples through her black lace bra.

The feeling of his naked cock pressed so intimately against her and his fingers exploring the entrance to hot tight wet hole Liz could have exploded with pleasure. Grinding her clit against his erection she felt him jerk and redouble his efforts on her breasts, his hands sliding to support her ass. Moaning reasons why they should stop she began to slide up and down against his exposed cock feeling a shock of pleasure run through him. She soaked him with her arousal, slipping herself over him until his hips thrust against her involuntarily, accidentally penetrating her with the tip of his cock. She stopped dead at this new sensation, holding an inch of him inside her. He had ceased nibbling on her breasts and was now holding his breath, his eyes slitted shut suppressing urges. His hips jerked helplessly again creating a shockwave of pleasure through Liz who tightened her muscles around him.

‘Please… yes, go on’ Max was panting ferociously against her chest. With a whimper of submission Liz forced herself down on him, crying in frustration when his jeans stopped her progress. Scrabbling in between them Max managed to undo one button, unable to help himself when he withdrew a little and plunged back in a bit deeper this time. Liz was desperatly clenching and unclenching her muscles around him, trying to draw him deeper. Another button popped open and Max withdrew again.

Suddenly a banging at the door broke his concentration. ‘Maxwell, put down the books. Its lunch time!’

Trying to ignore to interuption Max thrust forward again loving every second of Liz’s tight walls squeezing him.

‘On the count of three I’m coming in there Maxwell’

Grinding his teeth together Max withdrew from Liz and lowered her to the ground. Buttoning his fly up he walked across the room and wrenched the door open. Glaring at Michael he muttered ‘Im never going to forgive you for this one. What do you want?’

‘Food preferably’ Michael grinned, ‘hey, whats the matter with you?’

‘Nothing’ groaned Max leaning back against the door and closing his eyes. When he reopened the it was just in time to see Liz slip past him into the hallway. Unwilling to make a grab at her in front of Michael he watched her scamper away down the corridor.

‘You owe me big for this one Michael’

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Sorry all,
Ive been bogged down with work for university (2 essays in 5 days! AAAAAA!) but fear not dreamers im working on the next part which ill post either 2nite or 2moro. Im thinking maybe a little revenge on Tess in the near future (sorry I cant stand her!) Hold your breaths until then.
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Wow you lot really are encouraging. Heres part ten

Part ten.

‘Oh holy crap’ thought Liz for the seventh time in the past minute. Lying face down on her bed she wondered what the hell had happened this morning. Her skin ached, her pussy was throbbing and slightly tender, she hadn’t realized teasing Max would be so difficult on her. It was kinda nice though having him go all cave-alien on her, the way he moved was slow and sinuous like a big jungle cat with absolute possession in his eyes. It was what she wanted after all. Jumping up she moved over to the mirror and stood in her panties in front of it to brush her hair. Tying it in a ponytail to keep it out of her face while she slept she felt a delicious shiver run down her spine. She curled back up in bed and remembered the course of the day.

For the rest of the day, everywhere she had went she felt his eyes on her. He was now fully aware of her lack of underwear, the wetness of her thighs since he tore her thong away from her. Sitting at lunch she felt invisible fingers pressing between her lower lips and toying with her clit. Suppressing a moan she searched the crowds for him but was unable to find him. The psychic assault continued as Liz tried to eat her lunch in dignity, her body trembling and fighting release.

Max watched her from a safe distance resisting his silent caresses. She couldn’t keep it up for long. Soon she’d drop right into his lap screaming for his cum. Closing his eyes he took a deep breath and inhaled her scent that was permeated into his clothing. The front of his jeans was damp, a violent reminder of what almost happened. So close. Opening his eyes he slipped an invisible digit inside of Liz feeling for and pressing her g-spot. Her back straightened suddenly then she made a mad dash for the girl’s loo’s with Max in close pursuit. Running desperately into the toilets she flung open the first door that she came to and locked it behind her. Flinging the toilet lid down she sat down, spread her legs and let Max do as he wished.
Max of course was outside the loo’s listening to Liz crying with abandon at his touch. It was so tempting to barge in there and take her when he knew she wouldn’t object. Licking his lips he heard a louder moan and couldn’t help a smile spreading across his face. No he was going to play for a while until she gave up the assumption she could drive him wild, then leave, and get away with it. She would have to come to him.
Liz almost screamed at the touch of Max’s lips on her wet sex, crying loudly at the orgasm shaking her body. He was near. Even through her dazed mind she could feel lust pouring off him. He wanted her badly, and it aroused her beyond belief. Straightening herself up she took a deep breath and headed out the door. She was bearly outside when a hand reached out and trailed down her back setting her skin on fire, her body would recognize that touch anywhere.


Max stalking across his bedroom trying to get her out of his mind.


Max gasping her name as he came hard.


Max describing the sensation of having her riding against him to Michael.


Feeling like she had been punched in the stomach she twirled around to find Max leaning against the wall with a smile upon his face. She would have said he looked completely relaxed except that thought was contradicted by the visible outline of his hard cock and the liquid quality of his eyes. His eyes said he wanted to have her right here, he could eat her alive. With a gasp Liz turned and ran from the statement in those eyes.

The hunter becomes the hunted.

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WooHoo!!! After a long time of being prodded by various doctors they finally let my back at my laptop so im working on part 11 as we speak ( or as I write) Big hugs n kisses to my friend claire whos been answering my email and posted the last part for me. Ill get my next post up asap but ill post on the main board so you can see.