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Summary: Max is back!
Rating: Pg-13
Couples: M/L (Mainly) M/T, M,M I/?

This is it. Just breathe. One step at a time. I raise my hand a knock on his window. When he doesn't come to, I break the handle and go and sit on his bed. And then he's there, with a hand on my shoulder.

"What are you doing here?" He asks bitterly.

"Al...Alex never went to Sweeden. He lied to me. To all of us." I say quietly getting up.

"Well, now you know how it feels to be lied too. Look I've had a long night could we do this another time?" Max said frustrated.

"He would have been able to dance out in the desert. Would have been able to been there for my wedding day." Liz said not even noticing what she was saying.

"What are you talking about?" He asked confused.

"I remember as if it was yesterday, 'I Liz Parker take Max Evans to be...'and before I got to finish it you appeared. Only different. You came to me. Me, because I was the only person you trusted, but I lost that trust. Micheal was right, everything would have been fine if you didn't save me. Micheal wouldn't have died, Isabel wouldn't have died, Tess wouldn't have left, and we...we never would gone through so much pain. I wonder what the year 2014 is like. What it will be like now?" Liz turns to him. "I'm sorry I lied to you Max. I had no other choice. Everything else wasn't working. I just can't believe you really think I don't love you."

Max sits down, "Is that why you set the whole Kyle situation up?" Liz nods. Max gets up and walks toward her and slowly lower's his lips down to hers. His hand holding her up and one hand running through her hair. As Liz moans Max lowers her down on the bed.

-Valenti's House
As Tess looks in the mirror she turns to the side. She places her hand on her stomach and it glows.

"Oh my god."

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-West Roswell High-

"Isabel hey, have you seen Max?" Tess asked nervously.

"I saw him this morning but, I do know he's looking for you. He might be at his locker or something." Isabel stated shrugging her shoulders. Tess nodded saying bye.

Liz walked in with her head down, how could he do that to her. True he thought she slept with Kyle, true she lied to him and hurt him, but with Tess, and....She couldn't continue because there they were. Tess and Max. Max and Tess.

"mmm Max..." All of sudden a flash hit her. They finally connected after all these months...But the horrible thing, she wished it never happend.

*Max kissing Tess*
*Tess kissing Max*
*Max and Tess naked*
*Max and Tess moaning*
*Tess smiling*
*The glowing hand and Tess's face*

"No, how could you, you slept with her!" Liz stood up. She slowly backed away tears coming down her face. How could he.

"Liz wait. What did you...I was going through a hard time..." Max tried to say the right things.

"She's pregnant, and your here kissing me?!?!" Liz yelled.

"PREGNANT? What the hell are you talking about?"

-End of flashback-

Liz looked up to see Max looking at her only to look away and back to Tess. Liz shook her head and went to class. If only she could turn back time.

"We must tell them," Libby stated. "She deserves to know that she was set up!"

"She must figure it out on her own. She was always the smart one in the family. It is her destiny Libby. Destiny will lead her to him. He is blind not to see that." Lord Mathis patrinized.

"Sir, with all do respected our queen is running out of time. She dying. The only person who can save her is the King. Do you wish that to happen to your son's queen?" Libby looked him in the eyes.

"How can you speak to me like that? If anything happened to her Zan will disown me. Zan will save her. Its in his blood. He's done it before, he will do it again. The plan is in effect already. We're going ahead. I already sent someone done there."

"Who my Lord?" She asked. Questioning him was a wrong thing to do.

"Her brother....Rath."

"He will not know that is her sister, Lord." She stated ready to leave.

"He will know in his heart. He will sense her danger as will Zan. Now leave!"

Libby shook her head. 'Zan will disown you, don't mess up!'

I'm back!!!
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Part 3
"I can't believe him, you finally tell him the truth and he..." Liz looks down. "Look chica, it's hard...It's going to be tough, but I'm going to help you get through this." Maria said hugging her.

Liz could feel his eyes on her. But that wasn't the only thing. Something weird was going on inside of her. "I'll be right back."

"You want me come with?" Maria asked about to stand up.

"No, I'll just need to be alone a minute." With that Liz walked off into the girls bathroom. She shook her head but no such luck the fuzziness wouldn't go away.

"You have to Tyra. I will join you on Earth as soon as possible."

"What if we never find our way back to each other?" She hugged him tight.

"Fate will not allow that." Zan looked at her. "I will not allow."

"I will carry your first born. Ava will always win." Tyra looked down sadly. "I'm dying Zan."


"I choose to die. If I'm not with by the time I turn 19 on Earth I choose to die." Tyra kissed him. "I want you to go on with your life. With Ava."

"Does father know?"

"He put me up to this Zan. He wanted you and Ava together in the first place. I must go now my prince. I will always love you."
-End of Flashback-

Liz held onto the sink breathing hard. Oh my god....What am I going to do she thought to herself. She grabbed her stuff and ran out of the bathroom and right into Micheal.

"Rath" Liz whispered. "I mean Micheal."

"Hey, did you just call me Rath?" Liz shook her head. "Um, okay..You don't look so good. Look, I'm just going to cut to the chase. Max...

"Sent you..Tell him I'm fine. Okay. I'll talk to him soon." With that Liz ran out of the school.

"How does she now?!?!" The lord asked.

"The sooner she get's to 19 the sooner she will find out sir. We must help her. Her heart wants him. Her brain will not last much longer."

"No, she must find it on her own."

"You set them up. With all do respect. You set, Tyra up to go to Earth so Zan and Ava could be together, you never expected for Zan to go after her. True love will win. Always. You will lose my lord. Keep what dignity you have or be your ignorant self." With that Libby left to look down on the future Queen.

-Liz's Balcony-
"What is happening to me?" She felt weak. Should I tell Max what I saw. Or should I wait. It was probably just my hopes. Besides he's got enough on his mind.

Liz got up and put her jacket and shoes on. She wasn't sure where she was going yet but knew her feet would carry her somewhere. When she looked up she saw they carried her to Max's window. He was on the computer playing a game. Her hand lifted up and knocked. Max turned around and saw her.

He opened the window, "Hey. Let me help." He helped her in and led he to sit on the bed. "You ok?"


"You wanna talk about it?"

"Why did you sleep with her? I know you thought I slept with Kyle. But a part of you knew I didn't. So why?"

"I was hurt. Lonely. Lied to. Thought a lost you as a friend." He looked down.

"And got her pregnant." Liz walked over to his wallet.

"What..." Liz held up a condom.

"Why didn't you use it? You wouldv'e used it for me. You had it the night of the Gomez concert. Max the Saint walking around with Condom in his pocket." She dropped in front of him and sat on the bed.

"I'll be here for eternity." Kiss.


"What?!?!?!" Tess hollered.

"I don't know I think I said Tyra...Who..Who is Tyra?" Max thought a second and got flash of Liz and Tyra. "Liz is Tyra. "Your a fucking liar. You killed Alex. Liz was right this whole time."

"Max, wait look me."

-End of flashback-

"I didn't have to use it." Max said standing up.

"What?" Liz asked confused and weak.

"I never slept with her."

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Part 4

Liz stood up looking at him with disbelief. "What do you mean you never slept with her? She's pregnant with your child Max."

"No, Liz something just happened. I saw something. I don't know how it was like a flashback. I saw me and Tess..."

"I don't wanna hear what you and Tess did alright..." Liz started to say angrily.

"Will you just listen to me a second?" Max glared at her. "Tyra! Or do always have be so stubborn."

"What did you just call me?" Liz turned around shocked. How could he possibly have known? She never said anything. Did he connect with her?

"Your Tyra aren't you? You know that and you weren't going to tell me?" Max came closer. "Me and Ava never slept together. She set up. Yes she killed Alex for getting the way. You were right."

Liz took in a sharp breath. She sat down. "It started today at school." She looked up at him. "I felt dizzy. I saw your father and a young woman talking about a deal I made for you and Ava. For me to be at Earth and you and Ava to be together. We were together on Antar, that was until your father met Ava. He punished me for something and sent me here, you followed, but not before..not before I promised him something."

"What Liz? What did you promise him?" Max sat down next to her.

"I'm dying. On my ninteenth birthday, I die. You are to go on with your life and marry Ava and create a first born. I didn't suspect it so soon though." Liz sighed. "I suppose you father met my father and was not to pleased and is trying to find a way out of the situation to save me and his own throne. Before you disown him and he loses his name of royalty."

"I won't let you die Liz."

"The only way I won't die, is if I create a first born before I turn 19 and I return to Antar." Liz looked at him. "Max, it's impossible. You can't save me on Earth or on Antar. It's not meant be."

"DON'T SAY THAT!" Max Shouted. "We will find a way. Even if I have to keep you here every night. After all you are my Queen to be."

"Max you just don't get do you. Ava is the Queen. I was just rumble in the sack before you were wed. Someone you were infatued with."

"Someone, I fell madly in love with." Max looked at her, "You don't get it....Your stuck with me, just like I'm stuck with you and we love it!" Max kissed her to seal the deal.

I know may be confusing but I'll sort it out