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Title: Heart of Mine
Author: Ginger
Summary: This takes place at the prom, on heart of mine, Liz finally notices she doesn’t want to be alone anymore.
Category: M/L

Standing in the center of the dance floor, watching as Alex and Isabel, held each other lightly kissing each other, all over each others faces she smiled. Alex, was so happy. She could see pure joy vibrating all around him. And Isabel, for once seemed, well free. Not so up tight and so closed off. She was loving, she was breathing. She was living. So, not only was she happy for Alex, but for the woman he loved, who he had forever changed. Then turning her head, she saw Maria and Michael. Michael wasn’t exactly what she thought he was. he cared about Maria so much. He took dance classes for her, just to make her happy. So he could give her more joy than any other man in the world. And he did. He was perfect for her, and she was perfect for him.
But who was Liz perfect for? Max? Everything she did, every moment that she spent with him, she knew she could never have him, to be so greedy, that she would take him, take him from a world who needs him most. But what about her? She couldn’t help asking. Was she supposed to live, in sadness, depression, and anger towards life, for the rest of her living days? When will she get what she deserves and NOT have it ripped and torn away from her, unwillingly or not, it hurts like hell. But truth be, she knew what is like, to be without Max, and she knew what it was like to be with him. And frankly she would rather be with him. She smiled and made her decision, she would be with him. As she felt like she was going through a field of white roses skipping happily to the music that played almost oh so naturally, she opened the door, entering the hall way. And there, she heard the song of defeat, and depression once again pounding in her ears. There they were. The love of her life, and her worst enemy kissing passionately on the leather couch. His hand resting upon her pale cheek, and her whit glove resting on his tan, toned cheek.

“ Excuse me.” Liz said softly, just as a shy little girl would. She had to tell Max, at least some how warn him of the future to come. She hated her life. And she was going to end it. She couldn’t take the pain. It was pulling her down to her knees, to bow down to its power.

Max and Tess quickly pulled from each other, Their hands falling from each others faces quickly. Max looked shocked, guilty, and some what relieved. Tess smiled evilly at Liz, and then back to Max. Max stood and took a step towards Liz.

“ Could I talk to you in private for a second?” Liz asked sounding like a scared little girl lost in a crowd of people afraid of what to say and do. He nodded.

Liz started slowly towards the exit doors down the hall, leading outside. She could feel Max’s eyes on her, and the concern raging from in them. Once they got outside, Liz turned from Max bringing her hand over her eyes trying to concentrate on what to say.

“ Liz is everything ok?” Max asked looking at her in concern placing his hand on her shoulder trying to get her to talk to him.

“ No, nothing is ok Max.” Liz admitted as she turned towards him. Then seeing the confusion in his eyes, she couldn’t do it, she couldn’t warn him. She knew he would take every clue she gave him, and some how try and stop her from what she was about to do. so she put on a fake smile and flipped her hair, “ No actually I’m just tired. I just think I’m going to go home. Have a nice time Max.” she said as she started down the path. As she came to a crossing she felt a hand on her elbow, softly turning her, and when she turned she came to see Max’s eyes. Those beautiful eyes, she loved so much. He was looking into her eyes with longing, and hope.

“ Is that what you want?” Max asked as he brushed some stray hair back behind her ear. She looked up at him in question. “ To be with Tess? Me?”

“ Yes Max.” Liz said as she stepped back. She lied terribly and turned. “ Goodbye Max.”

“ See you Liz.” Max said as his shoulders dropped in defeat as he started for the school again. to be with Tess. But he would never eel for any one like he had for Liz Parker. whether she felt the same or not. And for once in his life he didn’t know whether she did feel the same or not.

“ I love you Maxwell Evans, Now and forever.” she cried softly as he heard the school door slam behind her.

Only it wasn’t Max who slammed the school door, he was merely a few steps away from her, and heard every heart breaking word. He stopped and stood still, un aware of what to do, what to say or think. But just as he made his mind up he turned to find complete darkness, only the street light lighting the street, and Liz Parker long gone. If only he knew how much so that was true.

Crying in her mothers arms, Nancy lightly brushed Liz’s curled hair away from her face. Now dressed in PJ’s and a Roswell High Hooded Jacket, her cheeks stained with tears.' Nancy looked down at her daughter. She was hurting so much. It was time she left Roswell. Her and Liz. Not Jeff. he was to busy with his business. And him and Nancy were going through a divorce any way. So much was being weighed down on Liz. her parents, leaving Roswell forever. Never seeing Max ever again. Her grandpa left thousand of acres of land to her mother when he died, that she only she found out about. It was in Small Ville a land of farming, and that was about it. Her grandpa owned a ranch, where they branded their cows, steers, and horses. Liz loved Horses.

“ Oh Liz.” he mother whispered. “ You’ll be so happy there, you can ride horses all day long, and you don’t even have to help with the farm if you don’t want to, I have a whole lot of staff up there working right now, in fact, there are lots of nice people. I met all of them, when I went up there. Oh Liz, the people are so nice there, its a great place, and they have a local high school you could go to. And oh Liz! You’ll be so happy.”

Liz only cried harder, but happy that her mom was so excited. The thought of leaving everyone hurt her so much. Looking at the living room she only saw a few things of her dads, and everything that belonged to her and her Mom, all in the white, and brown boxes in the corner. In her room all she had left was her bed and dresser. Those wouldn’t go, she’d need them in the summer when she was with her Dad. except for this coming summer, she would still be adjusting to her new home. They were moving in the morning. Liz told Alex and Maria, and them only. She didn’t want the others to know. she knew if she saw Max, she would break down and cry. She didn’t want that. And neither would he.

Once morning came, Liz and her mom were ready to go. And the flight was in three hours. Three hours to say good bye to Roswell. She gave her father a hug and a kiss. He cried knowing that she was leaving, and hugged Nancy as well, he still cared, the love was the only thing that died. Before Jeff and Nancy headed off to the lawyer, Liz said she was going to stay, she needed to say goodbye to Roswell. They understood and left. Liz walked the town quietly trying not to wake any one. For it was only seven oclock in the morning, and people slept in here in Roswell. But to her surprise she bumped into someone as she walked.

“ Oh I’m sorry.” Liz said lightl pressing her hand to their shoulders and starting to walk again.

“ Liz?” they asked.

Liz looked up to find herself looking into those beautiful golden chocolate eyes, that made her knees go weak. Max. Why did she have to run into HIM? This was making thins so much harder. He was in his leather coat, and baggy pants. and hooded jacket. this wasn’t normally max’s style. he looked like an alternative guy.

“ Oh, hi>“ Liz said with a slight smile. He smiled down at her and stared.

“ Um what are you doing out so early?” max asked as he shook himself out of his daze.

“ Just taking a walk.” she answered. “ And you?”

“ Taking a walk.”

Then an awkward silence came upon both of them, not knowing what to say or how to say it. Liz wanted to run away so bad and just hide, so she wouldn’t have to tell him, but she had to. She loved him. How was she going to tell the love of her life she was leaving, and not coming back.

“ Max.” Liz said to get hi attention. Max looked up at her and she continued . “ I’m leaving. I’m leaving Roswell.”

“ What do you mean?” Max asked confused. Afraid this was another painful trick question.

“ I’m moving. My mom, and dad are getting a divorce. And were moving to some place in the farming areas. I don’t know exactly where it is. But I’m leaving, in three hours.” Liz said, all in one breath trying to get it out as fast as possible.

“ Whoa!” Max said putting his hands up. “ When the hell were you planning on telling me this?”

“ I didn’t plan on it.” Liz admitted.

“ You just planned on leaving me here, not telling me where you went, breaking my heart AGAIN!” Max yelled angry.

He didn’t know what to think, what to say, or what to feel. truthfully, he didn’t even know what he was feeling. Loss? Numb? Love? Hate? Anger? Or destiny? For a strange reason destiny was ringing a bell. Liz was meant to go. She wasn’t meant to stay in Roswell, even Max knew this. She was meant to live better places, better things. She was meant for someone else. And that he feared.

“ I’m, I’m sorry Liz, I didn’t mean to blow up at you.” he apologized. Her slowly took her hand in his and whispered in her ear. “ Will you spend your last three hours, with me.”

Liz’s eyes popped out of her head and she looked up at Max. Is it possible he still loved her even after al that she had done to him. He was so beautiful. After pretending to sleep with Kyle, betraying him in the up most terrible heart breaking ways. He still loved her. And in his eyes, he found he still wanted to be with even. Even if it was only three hours. It’s what he wanted. And she would give it to him. God! She would do anything for him! She loved him........More than anything, or anyone.

“ I would LOVE to.” she said back to him her eyes beautiful with joy and happiness, and tears.

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Title: Heart of Mine
Author: Ginger
Summary: This takes place at the prom, on heart of mine, Liz finally notices she doesn’t want to be alone anymore.
Category: M/L

Part two........

“ So do you know anything what o ever about this place your moving to?” Max asked as the walked through the park.

“ No.” she said disappointed. “ But we are going to be living on a ranch. You know Horses, cows, steeds, everything! It actually sound really nice. I could ride horses all the time.”

Looking up at Max she saw the sadness in his eyes. And it crushed her that it was her doing this to him. She couldn’t help but look at him. Trying to remember every creased fold, and outline of his face. Trying to keep the warm feeling from holding his hand she felt in her heart, remembering every tingle, every movement of their fingers. The way his skin felt on hers.

Max was doing the same thing. Also, thinking about the love they had, whether she slept with Kyle or not, they had something special, and they still did. He could feel it. She could feel it. They both did. They were still in love with each other. He wanted to remember every kiss, every look, every touch. And he would. there was no doubt in his mind that he wouldn’t. He would love her till the end. But he knew that even though he loved her, he needed to give her up, to let her grow.

“ Liz!” someone yelled from the other side of the park. Turning Max and Liz saw Nancy sitting in the taxi waving her hand to come.

Liz turned to Max scared out of her wits. Max just looked down at her, and only on thing came to mind. He kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him deeply and passionately. He tightened his grip around her waist never wanting to let go. Breaking the kiss her berried his face into her neck. He cried to her. “ I’ll always love you Liz. I loved you from the first day I saw you, and I’ll love you when I see you again. and I swear to you Liz, I will love you until I die, and even after. God, I love you so much, it hurts.”

“ I love you to Max.” she wept. Holding him close as they cried into each others arms, she kissed him gently on the neck as he did as well. “ I will always love you Maxwell Evans. Always.” she whispered into his ear. He kissed her once again on the lips, and he said “ I have to go, or I will never let you go.”

“ Go.” Liz told him wiping the tears from her eyes.

He looked at her and turned around. Taking a deep breath he had the urge to hold her again. But he couldn’t let that happen. He couldn’t it wouldn’t be fair. So Max started to run. As if he was running from his life. But with each step, he felt a rip slash through his heart. His stomach turned as an image flashed before him, of Liz cuddling on a rock out in the dessert sharing a blanket, Their first kiss, everything they ever had together. And now she was gone. Forever. He stopped in the middle of the street and fell to his knees, his knee caps stinging in pain. But he didn’t feel it. He put his face in his hands and cried harder than he ever had before. He lost the love of his life. Forever.

“ NO!!!!” He screamed louder and more heart breaking than any scream of agony than anyone alive. And he stayed there at the curb for hours just trying to collect what he would do, knowing Liz Parker wouldn’t be there. To look at him. To love him. To be near him. She was gone. Destined for another man, another life. And it broke his heart. Because he wasn’t destined for anyone except for Elizabeth Anne Parker. His soul mate.

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Title: Heart of Mine
Author: Ginger
Summary: This takes place at the prom, on heart of mine, Liz finally notices she doesn’t want to be alone anymore.
Category: M/L

Part Three

“ Clark!” Mrs. Kent yelled up the stairs. She waited for an answer. But didn’t get one. She looked behind his a little confused. Walked up the stairs she made her way to his room. “ Clark?” she called out. knocking on the door softly, she slightly pushed it open to see through the small crack, not wanting to walk in on her son while changing perhaps. Looking in a little she squinted her eyes, to see through small crack easier. “ Clark?” she asked. Then pushing the door completely open, she found nothing, except for a few clothes of his lying around.

Shrugging she went to the window, leaning against it while resting her hands on the sill, pushing her head out the window, looking to her left to find him. In the barn. With Lana. They were looking out into the sunrise, his arm wrapped around her shoulder. He was smiling gently, as she smiled fully. Mrs. Kent smiled. They were an adorable couple. Since last year, when her quarter back foot ball star boyfriend left, she and him just kind of went for it. Mrs. Kent wasn’t so sure about it though. She was afraid that Lana may be using him, just as a rebound person. But shrugging again. She knew she couldn’t teach her son everything about life. He had to learn some of it on his own.

In the barn Lana snuggled into Clarks arms smiling with contentment. She felt almost perfect in his arms. So strong. She great. He was the boyfriend any girl would want. She liked Clark a lot. He was really, something. So special in his own ordinary, and unique way. His eyes so blue, so beautiful. They weren’t ice cold blue, like the ocean, but a tender and loving, and caring blue. So special, and so great. She couldn’t help but repeat those words in her head. Looking up at Clark for a brief amount of time, she memorized the curves and shadows of his face. Looking down at her Clark smiled. Lana couldn’t help herself and leaned forward, kissing him briefly on the lips. It was perfect.

“ Perfect.” she mumbled, as she parted with him.

“ Perfect?” Clark questioned looking at him strangely.

“ Perfect. This, feels just about perfect.” she grinned large.

“ I agree.” he smiled back at her.

She giggled and fell into his arms once more, just wanting to stay there forever. But then she saw a moving van pulling up to the Winslow Farm up the street. Lana quickly sat up, looking out Clarks telescope.

“ What are you doing?” Clark asked as he hopped to his feet following after her.

“ There’s a moving van at the Winslow farm.” she said looking into the telescope.

She adjusted the Zooming and found a small petite brunette sitting on the porch, looking around the farmed land. And down on the grass, was an older lady, directing the movers where to go. Lana hadn’t seen the girl, or the lady in these parts before. They must be first time farmers. She hadn’t even noticed that the Winslows had given up their ranch. Looking to Clark, she questioned this.

He shrugged and said “ Yeah I knew. My mom and I are going over there today to talk to um. To welcome them to Small Ville.” he said as he grinned at her. “ What? Are they that bad?” he said trying to get near the telescope to take a look. Lana blocked him, thinking things she shouldn’t have been. About Clark and the girl, only living a small amount from each other.

“ No, just a old couple. No big deal.” Lana said shaking her head.

“ Ok..” Clark said a little suspicious with a smile on his face.

“ Clark!” Mrs. Kent called from the front of the barn. Looking over the edge, Clark came into view. “ Were going to meet the neighbors now, get ready. And Lana!” Mrs. Kent called for Lana. Lana also looked over the edge and raised her eyebrow. “ Your Aunt wants you home. Now!” she specified.



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Title: Heart of Mine
Author: Ginger
Summary: This takes place at the prom, on heart of mine, Liz finally notices she doesn’t want to be alone anymore.
Category: M/L
PART Four!!!!

“ So sweetie ho do you like it?” Nancy asked Liz, sitting next to her on the swinging bench on top of the nice white porch. Liz shook her head and looked at her feet.

“ It’s beautiful mom really.” Liz said as she nodded to herself. Then looking towards her mom, she looked at her with said eyes. “ But it’s not Roswell.”

Nancy looked at her daughter with sympathetic eyes, and pulled her head to her shoulder, brushing her loose hair behind her ear and kissing the crown of her head gently. She knew how much Liz was hurting, losing her best friends, her love. She saw the kiss that she and Max shared before Max ran off. They were both in tears, crying on each others shoulders. And out of the two it seemed Max was the one with the most heart break. Max loved her daughter and she knew that, she knew that by the way he looks at her, always touching her as if she were the most delicate piece of glass. He kissed without hesitation. He loved her. Even when he wasn’t with her, he was constantly watching her, with love, and emotion in his eyes Nancy had never seen before.

“ Mom, everything will be ok, I hope.” Liz said looking up at her mother, gingerly resting her chin on her shoulder, looking up at her with eyes full of so much hope. “ I just really need to start a new life. here in Smallville.” she said resting her head on the back of the swing and looked out to the dirt road, seeing a large red pick up pulling up to their new home.

Two people came out. A woman no older than forty, and a boy, her age possibly, The woman looked nothing like her son, her son tall, towering over her short status. Her hair red, orange color, his hair dark, almost black, and her eyes so green, and his so blue.

“ “ Hey is there something tat I can do for you?” Nancy asked standing up, talking towards the new comers.

Liz shook her head and stood up as well. She couldn’t believe what her mom just said. Working at the Crashdown for so long, must have started to take its toll. She was talking to EVERYONE like customers now.

“ Mom, they are people. Not customers.” Liz whispered to her mom. Leaving the porch and walking inside. She really didn’t feel like talking to any one. Her heart was broken, her life had been just taken from her. She didn’t think anything could get better, knowing that a piece of her heart would never function ever again. The part of her heart that loved Max. And always would. But she never knew if she could love anyone else ever again.

“ No we live down the road, and saw that you were moving in.” Mrs. Kent told Nancy . Nancy nodded and smiled genuinely.

She was happy she was going to meet some people. She knew this new life was going to work out, for and. For both her and Liz. Then turning around she saw Liz wasn’t there, she walked away. She knew where she was though. Where she had been for the past two days. Down in the barn, staring at the horses. Still to afraid to ride them. Seeing that Clark and Mrs. Kent had already found their way to the porch she smiled once again, not noticing how quickly her face formed a frown and shook their hands.

“ Hello, I’m Nancy. And you are?” she introduced.

“ I’m Martha( that is her name right?), and this.” she stated turning towards Clark putting a hand on his shoulder giving it a slight squeeze. “ This is Clark, my son.”

“ Hello Clark.” Nancy smiled. She looked back to the house and said “ I wish that you couldn’t meet my daughter Liz, but she is a little shy.”

“ Oh.” Martha smiled. Clark looked around feeling a little awkward. he had no place in this conversation that was going to take place. He knew it. He would probably end up sitting back and staring off into the farm lands, pretending to listen to every single word they were saying.

Seeing this, unlike Martha Nancy asked, “ If you would like, you could go out back and talk to Liz, introduce yourself?”

Clark eyes popped up and he nodded smiling at Nancy. “ I would love to Nancy. Where would I find her.” He silently thanked Nancy for getting him out of another boring night, of humiliation as his mother talks about his young years, when he still wore those cute little diapers.

“ Out back in the barn. Its,” Nancy started but clark finished for her.

“ I know where it is. I used to work here when I was younger for the family who lived here before.”

“ Oh really?” Nancy said with eyes wide in amazement. This boy was no more than sixteen years old, and he was working at a ranch. She looked on in wonder, remembering being told how farmers start so young, just after they learn to walk. “ Well ok.”

Clark smiled as he jogged down the porch steps and started his way to the back. The girl was probably some city girl, dressed in some skimpy outfit, with three different colors in her hair. Clark laughed to himself as he thought of the image. Coming to his mind, he saw her as a skimpy girl, her hair, short, blue, purple, and green. Her face covered by piercing‘s, her nails black and covered in sparkles. He had no idea where the thought came from but it came. Then thinking of Lana. He knew that there was no girl, more beautiful, and amazing then her. But then looking into the barn, a thought crossed his mind he thought would never cross, maybe he was wrong.