Mysteries Part 3

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Summary: Alt. Unv. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Liz are the aliens. . Max, Isabel, and Michael were all picked up by the Evans. Liz was found by the mean, nasty Parkers (who don’t give a shit about her). Maria and Alex are still her best friends, they know her secret. That’s all.

Nesado appears in this part. My Nesado is a woman. Just a tidbit.


We’ve lost total and complete track of them. Liz suddenly got transferred out of AP Biology and into AP Chemistry. According to Michael, Maria had left woodshop with the explanation that she didn’t need another napkin holder. Isabel informed us that Alex was no longer a creative writer.
Only Liz works, though Maria and Alex sit in OUR booth playing chess, cards, and doing homework. They don’t talk, they chat. The only time the talk is when Liz leans against the table to steal a couple of fries. They update her on whose winning and then she goes back to work.
The silence is grating. The patience she has for keeping it up is worse. Michael, never one for patience, gave her more than his order today and needless to say is order came out burned.
“You ever gonna tell us what you were doing the other night?” None of us have ever seen that look on her face before. “Do I look like your fucking data bank? What I was doing was none of your damn business.” She brought us our check with our food.
“I’m gonna get a job at the crashdown.” Michael’s voice broke threw my thoughts. My words echoed Isabel’s expression. “Are you high?” “No. If I work there than I can snoop around and find out what the hell is going on.” The scary part of his plan was that it made sense.
Getting the job was easy. Getting the night shift was easier. Getting along with staff was a bit harder. Jose, the head cook, was a bit taken with Liz and knew how she felt about an Evans in the kitchen. Everybody knew how she felt. Michael was not welcome.
The hostility didn’t lessen, it increased. Maria and Alex chatted loudly about hot, nosey assholes. Through chess and checkers, through burgers and fries, through 5:00 to 11:00 Isabel and I heard more insults about unsocial, stuck-up jerks than we’ve ever heard before.
“We’re not coming tonight.” My voice held sympathy. Michael looked smug. “Can’t take a couple of insults?” His voice wasn’t mocking but teasing. He knew we were tired of the insults because he was as well. We’d decided that he’d quit unless something came up this week. There was no point him keeping the job. Nothing had been found.


“Michael! Jose! We’re closing early, so go home!” I must admit that the guy is resilient. More so than his siblings who didn’t have the guts to go another round with the games duo. They were mean but after years of seeing the Ego Evans being mean, it was refreshing to see them get a taste of what they gave everybody else.
Alex and Maria had already left so I finished cleaning up and went to my locker to change. For the fifth hundred time as I walked by Michael’s looker my sleeve got caught on his looker and it opened. One of his drawing papers drifted out to the floor and I picked it up. It was chance that it was face up, other wise I never would have paid attention to it, but it was face up and I gasped. There weren’t drawings, there were symbols, symbols I recognized.
Whatever they were from it wasn’t Earthbound. They were the symbols from my memories. My memories from wherever I was from. I freaked. There was no way for Michael to have these. No way. These were from my memory and mine alone. I didn’t know what to do so I raced for the place that I felt safe.
The desert. * * *
I was still panicked. Even after an hour of mindless walking I was still panicked. It didn’t help my mind set to see a bight light on the wall of a cliff and then a figure walking through it. It never entered my mind to run. Well, not until the figure was three steps away from me.
“Who are you?” My voice didn’t tremble, which shocked me.
A female voice answered me. “ I am from your home. I am your protector. I am Nesado.”
“What do you want?” The questioned burned inside me. “To teach you.” “You want to teach me? You can’t teach me. This is Roswell; everybody is suspicious of every move everybody makes.” Her answer filled me with sadness and joy. “I would take you away from me. Your home here is ugly.” “ My parents suck but I’m not sure I could leave Maria and Alex.” “You would be able to contact them” “When would we leave?” “Now. Tonight.” There was no hesitation in my voice when I answered.

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