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Hey everyone - this is my first post ever!! and also, my first attempt at publishing anything ive written. Id really apreciate feedback - to help me figure out whether I should continue this or not. (if its absolute crap then I won't - ya know?)

TITLE: Quondam - having been such previously
COPYRIGHT ISSUES: No infringement intended to WB, UPN, JK or Melinda Metz... just me filling in spring break.
RATING: From PG thru to R... nothing more than that.
COUPLES: Zan/Eliza and Vilandra/Rath
SUMMARY: An attempt to explain the past, in a round a bout fashion. What started all the trouble on Antar? Did liz exist as some entity on Antar, explaining the bond between Max and Liz? Why did things go so wrong?



"Your Highness"
Zan turned towards the address, to see the Regent standing to the side, waiting for his attention.
"What is it Rath?" He smiled towards his trusted advisor.
"It is time...." Rath said as he gestured towards the edge of the balcony and the ensuing crowds.

Below, crowds of celebrating people gathered. All that could be heard through the sound of the royal song was shouts from the crowd of "Long live the King". Zan smiled to himself. He no longer had to worry about the future of his monarchy. Avaria was finally pregnant - he would have his son.

With a deep breath, Queen Avaria smiled and waved at the crowd gathered below the royal balcony. She felt someone grasp at her hand. Recognizing who it was, Avaria smiled, and turned around to embrace her king - Zan. "This day, we have been waiting so long Avaria! When our son comes, he will be held dear by the whole nation." Zan whispered into her ear.
Yes, she thought. It was true, the son they had wanted for so long was on his way - the heir, Zan IV, who would carry on the true royal blood of the Antarian throne, and would important not just to their own nation, but to the whole system, whatever the future held.

*six years later*


Avaria sat in the receiving chamber, anxiously awaiting her guests. Her closest childhood friend, Lady Shara Lenox was paying a long awaited visit to the palace and at last, Avaria would be able to show Shara around her home.
"Your highness, may I present Lady Shara Lenox" an aid spoke, before leading in a woman and a young child. Avaria stood and made her way towards the travel worn pair.
"My dear Shara! It has been too long.... why did we let ourselves get this distant?"
Shara respectfully curtseyed as the aids and guards left before dispatching with formality and hugging her dear friend.
"I believe, Ava, they are called husbands, and little ones too, these days...." She replied cheerfully, as tears of joy wept from her eyes.
"Yes, it is true, I have two now, Zan and Vonnie.... and even with two nannies, they still manage to keep their father and I way too preoccupied!" Avaria remarked. "But who is this?" she asked, stepping around her friend to the tiny girl who stood hiding behind Shara's legs "Who are you my dear girl? You are very pretty!"
"Go ahead dear, don't be shy" Shara whispered to the girl.
The girl, obviously nervous, curtsied and whispered "My name is Eliza your highness, It is a pleasure to meet you."
Shara smiled with pride, she had drilled her daughter tirelessly on the etiquette required for this visit.
"She is my daughter Avaria, the pride of the family and her fathers greatest love."
Queen Avaria glanced over the child, impressed with such high standards of manners and presence at what must be such a young age. Already, the young girl was showing beauty that would make her a prize for any man in the galaxy.
"Eliza, it is a pleasure to meet you. Would you like to meet my daughter? She is almost your age and I would like very much for the two of you to grow to become friends just as your mother and I did."
Eliza liked the sound of playing with another girl. She nodded her head vigorously and the two woman began to move towards the balcony and out into the courtyard.


"Zan! give it back! I want my doll!"
Zan poked his tongue out at his little sister as she chased him around the courtyard. He weaved in and out of his nannies legs before thowing the doll -
"Rath! Catch!"
Rath grinned as the doll came flying towards him. Catching the doll easily he hesitated only a second before walking up to Vilandra and handing her the doll.
"Here..." he whispered, blushing awkwardly as Zan stared at him, totally gob smacked at his friends traitorous gesture.
"Rath! She's a girl! She's my little sister and your my friend. Just because our fathers made some silly deal doesn't mean you have to be nice to her! Come with me and we will go talk with David... maybe we can talk him into starting our training!" Zan told his friend sternly.
As the two young boys ran towards the door, they came face to face with Queen Avaria, Lady Lenox and the young girl. Zan stopped instantly, looking intently at the little girl who clung to the other ladies skirts. She was so different from his sister! There was something about her that caught his attention....
Avaria smiled at his sons reaction to the small girl.
"Zan? Where are you running off to? What have you and Rath got up your sleeves now? If you are going to hassle David, you can stop now. Your father has told David he is not to start your training yet, and he will be obeyed." Avaria spoke sternly to the two boys.
"Yes mother...." Zan replied, disappointed about being overruled, but intrigued as to who these visitors were. Other children in the palace was rare.....
"Vonnie! Come here please?" Avaria requested of her daughter.
Vilandra walked serenely over to her mother, taking her place besides her.
"Lady Lenox, Lady Eliza, it is my privilege to introduce you to Antars' Crown Prince - Zan,
Princess Vilandra of Antar, and Master Rath of the House of Kyron - the late Regients son." Queen Avaria stated, formally introducing everyone.
"Pleased to meet you all" Shara said as she bowed her head slightly
"Mother?" Vilandra questioned.
"Can I take Eliza up to my rooms? Can we play with my toys up there so the icky boys can't bother us?" Vilandra pleaded.
Avaria smiled - it would be a quick road to friendship for these two - just like their mothers.
"Come now Shara, I will take you up to your chambers, you can settle in and we will talk. There is much to catch up on."


Eliza sat down with her new friend, playing dolls together as the nanny watched.
"How old are you? I bet I'm older than you!" Vilandra giggled.
"Mummy says I'm four... I think..." Eliza answered.
"Me too.... Why are you here Eliza?" Vilandra asked.
"Mummy said she was coming to visit your mummy... they were friends when they met our daddies. Mum said they were both d├ębutantes together, but I don't know what that is... do you?" Eliza questioned enthusiastically.
"D├ębutantes? Is that when all the older girls come to the palace and meet my father. Something to do with all those old fussy men who are always trying to boss my dad around." Vilandra rationalized.
"Will we do that one day?" Eliza asked.
"One day. But you will meet my dad sooner than the other girls. You can come to dinner tonight!"
"Of course silly! You can't be friends with me if you don't meet my dad!" Vilandra chastised Eliza.


Avaria turned over to greet her husband as he climbed into bed.
"Dinner was successful was it not?" Avaria questioned her king.
"Yes. yes, it was. Shara, she has hardly changed since we last saw her. But it is still hard to believe that she was not noble of birth. Your mother did a good thing in sponsoring her...." Zan murmured
"Mother always showed kindness - especially to those like Shara. She had an aura of nobility, even if it wasn't confirmed by her lineage. Her marriage to Dalis has secured her position." Avaria answered reverently, thinking of her mothers kindness with fond memories.
"The child - she has quickly made friends with our Vonnie. I feel it is a friendship we should encourage. The two of them will cause us great pride when they are older. Eliza is bound to make an impression on the court." Zan stated.
"She already has - Eliza silenced your son....." Avaria surprised herself by mentioning the unusual actions of the Prince.
"She did?" He questioned.
"Perhaps, this should be discussed more when Dalis arrives. I would very much like him to take the place of the Regent as my advisor. A betrothal would aid negotiations." Zan said, certain he had found an answer to his problems.
"Zan, they are of the new world. I don't know if Dalis agrees with betrothals. Zan is still young. Lets not push him towards a loveless marriage. You were given a choice of partner, he should have it too." Avaria warned.
"Still..... I shall try..." Zan whispered before approaching his wife. The day had been long and tedious. The evening was theirs - the would not waste it.

Avaria sat in the morning room, looking over onto the carpet where the two girls sat, playing tea set while Zan and Rath played fighter pilots. She wondered whether her two boys would be so keen for battle when their time came to actually fight....
"Nanny?" She asked.
"Yes, Your Highness?" Nanny quietly answered.
"Can you take the children to the playroom and settle them there please. There are things for Shara and I to discuss privately." The Queen odered.
"Yes, Your Highness." Nanny answered before walking over to the two girls, taking one hand each and leading them out of the room with Rath and Zan following behind.
"So the Regents son... Rath? He lives in the palace now?" Shara asked.
"Yes. Zan is his godfather and had promised the Regent that he would care for Rath. It was always intended that Rath should be tutored and trained with Zan. It was only right that after the Regents death, we took him in. He has been brilliant for Zan - he's a lot more confident with who he his now." Avaria explained.
"But doesn't that make.... arrangements slightly more difficult? As it is, the united worlds are beginning to shift away from..... aristocratic practices" Shara questioned.
"The Regent was Zans most trusted advisor. Zan can hardly break a promise made to him just because the Regent was killed. No, the people would question Zans loyalties. Besides... they are a good match. You saw them yesterday.... they will be happy." Avaria replied.
"Avaria, forgive me for being so frank, but you can't expect your beautiful daughter just to accept that a match has been made for her. Its not fair. You and Zan had the choice to marry, how can you take that choice away from your daughter? Regardless of whether its a good match." Shara asserted.
"Well you cut to the chase! Did your husband send you here to tell us that?" An irritated Avaria asked.
"Alright... I shall be quiet. It is none of my business. Sorry." Shara repented.
"It's all right. Come, let us talk of other things. You are close friends with Lady Corpus? Tell me... is it true?......"
The two friends began talking of other things - the gossip of the court and recient marriages. As Shara was about to retire to her rooms, Avaria called her back.
"Shara.... Your husband, he is a good man. His elevation through the ranks of the United Worlds has not gone un-noted."
"He earnt it Avaria. Dalis has pure loyalties. He was heartbroken by the Regents assassination. He wants peace, and will do what is neccesary to get it." Shara responded, upholding her husband.
"Shara, I speak in confidence with you. Zan intends to offer Dalis a position when he arrives. I want you here Shara. I have gone too many years without my loyal confidant. I trust you will do what is necessary to make him see reason" Avaria spoke, before turning back to the window and dismissing her friend.
"As you wish Avaria. I will try." Shara said, and noting her audience had ended, Shara walked from the room and back up to her rooms.

After Shara had left, Avaria called over one of her maids.
"I want you to call the Royal Seer. I need a reading done. Can you have her visit me this afternoon?"
"Yes Your Majesty. At once" The maid whispered, silently shuffling out of the room.

King Zan saw Eliza sitting by herself in the corner of the courtyard with a doll, peacefully playing by herself. He walked over and crouched besides her.
"Hello young Eliza. How are you this morning?" The king asked.
"Hello. Your the King arn't you? You were at dinner last night. I am very well thankyou, your majesty." Eliza replied.
"Yes, I am the king - I am glad you recognise me. So what do you think of my home?" He qustioned
"I like it very much - it is very big though! Mummy and I have four whole rooms to ourselves! We don't know what to do with them all!" Eliza replied enthusiasically.
"Im sure you will find something. What of my family? Do you like them?" Zan gently questioned the small child.
"Vilandra is very nice... and very pretty. Queen Avaria is lovely - she let me and Vonnie spend the afternoon playing ladies... we drunk tea and pretended to be Queens like her mummy. Vonnie said she wouldn't get to be Queen. Why is that?" Eliza asked.
"Her brother, Zan, do you remember him? He was born before Vonnie... which means he will be the next King, and his wife, she will be queen consort, which is like what Avaria is. But Vonnie, she will always be a Princess. Even after she marries Rath, she will still stay forever a princess." Zan explained.
"Wow.... the girl that marries Zan will be lucky. Has Zans wife been chosen like Rath and Vonnie have been chosen for eachother?" Eliza asked, wide-eyed with interest.
"No. Zan has not had his partner chosen yet. There have been many invitations, from dignitories with little girls. People like your father. But, as yet, we havn't chosen anyone for him. The right girl has not come along. We will wait and see what hand fate deals us." Zan replied, in his mind hoping that fate delt him and his son the pleasure of adding Eliza to the Queens of Antar. "But I must go now, I have meetings to attend. Where is your nanny? You shouldn't be out here alone anyway..." Zan said before moving to stand.
"She left me to take Vonnie upstares. She was upset because she got dirt on her gown." Eliza giggled. Dirt on her gown! She had been silly to wear it to begin with.
"Oh, well I will get one of my guards to take you upstares ok? It is not right for a young girl to be unaccompanied." Zan said, indicating to one of his guards to come over.
"Take Lady Eliza up to Vonnies rooms. See that nanny does not leave her unattended again." Zan ordered, moving off towards the other end of the courtyard.


Predita had been the Royal house of Antars chief seer for fifty years. It had been her that cast the starcharts of King Zan and Queen Avaria when they were just thirteen. Predita was a loyal follower of the royal family and was often called on for guidance on all issues of royal life. Zan would use her in battles to find out the best ways to attack, and in peace to find out how an issue would play out, so as to get the upper hand on a situation.
But today, it was the Queen calling on her guidance. She wondered what the problem was. Predita thought back to the first day she had seen the Queen. She had been only a Lady then. At thirteen, Lady Lisier, Avaira's mother, had come to Predita and asked that she do a star-casting for her two daughters. It was not normal protocol for a royal seer to perform readings for anyone outside the royal family, but the stars urged her to say yes, and Predita followed their wishes. The stars had reveled the future of both Lady Lisiers biological daughter, Lady Avaria, and Shara, the title less girl with the aristocratic face, that Lady Lisier had taken in as a friend to her daughter.
Predita had found that the casting of the two girls futures was one of her most fulfilling tasks in all her life so far... to discover two friends, so important in the destiny of a whole race was rare. All Predita could hope was that they would be willing and able to sacrifice so much for what laid ahead.
As she entered the Queens chambers, she bought herself out of the deep state of thinking she was in, to attend to the needs at hand.
"Your Majesty? You called?" Predita questioned.
"Yes, Predita, I did. Please sit." She indicated a seat to Predita before sitting herself.
Predita sat down and looked at her Queen. She could feel a change in the Queen. It was beginning.
"I have found her. At least, I think I have." Avaira said ambiguously.
"Who do you feel she is?" Predita asked, although, she herself knew who it would be. Shara, she had given birth a daughter. Now that the two of them were on Antar, the fates were beginning to show their hand. Shara's daughter was the key.
"Do you remember who came to my first casting with me. Shara. You read her star-casting too. She never did tell me what you said to her, and I never told her what you said to me. It was some unwriten agreement that what you said was private." Avaria began.
"I do remember, go on..." Predita said, not indicating the depth of her knowledge.
"She has had a daughter. Eliza. I just feel it in my bones when I am near her. She is the one who Zan is to marry. If we are to survive his reign, He will have to marry Eliza." Avaira said, so sure in herself.
"Indeed. In an ideal situation, Zan and Eliza would marry. What we need to know is if this, is an ideal situation." Predita murmered.
"What would make it otherwise? Eliza's father can be convinced to work in the palace as Zans advisor. Eliza and Zan can now be betrothed. We can all survive. I cannot see where the problem lies." Avaria huffed.
"The problem lies in the United Worlds. Sir Lenox, he is a powerful man in the UW. I have no doubt that he will leave the United worlds and come to serve his King - It has been written in his stars for eternity. What his peers within the movement think of his new position, that remains to be seen. It will be seen by some as a traitorus. When they find of Zan and Eliza's betrothal aswell.... there could be some dire consiquences for all." Predita warned.
"I think I understand what you are saying. But I believe in hoping for the best. Eliza is the one Predita. I know it in my heart. Can you take her reading, see if my feelings are right?" Avaria asked.
"They are right, but I will confirm again with the cosmos." Predita answered, before dismissing herself. Predita always had an uncanny way of knowing when it was time to leave a situation.

Avaria looked towards the door where Predita had just left. Only that old seer would have the guts to walk out on a royal audience. But Avaria knew why. Predita was troubled. She needed time to look into the future, and discover the best course of action.

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Zan was working at his desk in the study when his servants announced the arrival of his wife. Looking up, he saw Avaria come through the dark wooden ornate doors separating his study from the reception of the political wing of the palace. Zan stood and walked over to his wife, embracing her before stepping back to hear the news his wife bought.
"My darling - what brings you this way today?" Zan asked his wife.
"I have seen Predita - she has told me it is so. Eliza is the one." Avaria answered grimly.
"Then why such a grim face? This is what we wanted." Zan questioned.
"It will be challenged. Surely as the sun rises, Eliza is the next chosen Queen, but her journey to Zan's side does not look asthough it will be a smooth one."
"Then we shall have to make every effort to make it as smooth as possible. I want this Avaria. I know that Eliza is the one for our son. We will allow him some choice but this is my choice for him." Zan spoke with conviction and a passion that said that all would be done to make a match possible.


Sir Dalis Lenox surveyed his staterooms at the United Worlds parliament. It was time for him to leave the planet and meet his wife on Antar. Sure that he had packed everything, Dalis called for the butler and walked briskly out to where his taxi awaited.

"Dalis! Where are you off to in a hurry?" A man walking up to him asked. Dalis turned to the voice and watched K'var saunter over to him.
"I'm off to Antar, my wife and daughter are staying at the palace." Dalis answered abruptly. Now was not the time to have long conversations about royalty with K'var.
"Consorting with royalty again Lenox?" K'var asked accusingly, more than questioningly.
"Don't get any ideas K'var - I am meeting with old friends, nothing more. Keep your curiosity in control young man." Dalis dismissed the idea.
"Ah, I see, playing hard to get are you Dalis? Your wife wanting a higher place than you can get her off your own name?"
"I don't see it being any of your business K'var." Dalis ordered before turning away again. "If you will excuse me now, I have a shuttle to catch. You would be best to let this pass K'var, its not worth your trouble." He warned before stepping into his taxi.
K'var watched as Lord Lenox left. Yes, something was about to change - it was as written. But It will not go as planned, K'var thought... his own needs would need to be met. That meant assuring a place in the royal family for daughter. She would have Zan - even if it was the last thing K'var did.

Sitting in the taxi on his way to the shuttle port, Lenox thought over the events of the past months. His wife had came to him one day three months ago and said that she felt the time had come for her to return to Antar and seek out Avaria and Zan. Lenox and Zan had known each other when they were younger, both attending the same colleges, having similar political interests and having wives who were lifelong friends meant that a close friendship was an inevitability. But with Zan's accession to the throne, and Lenox's own advancement through the political ranks of the United Worlds, the friendship between the two couples had grown distant. After only a month in Antar staying with the royal family, his wife, Shara, had called him and asked him to visit her, Eliza and the royal couple in Antar as soon as possible. Sir Lenox couldn't help thinking that some scheming had taken place and there was now an agenda for him.


After a long trip though the cosmos, Sir Lenox was greeted by His wife, daughter and the royal family. They must want something for me to be receiving such attention. Dalis pondered to himself. He saw the way Eliza stuck close beside the other little girl present, who he could only guess as being the King and Queens daughter, Vilandra. He smiled as the King walked up to him, with a small bow, Dalis waited for the King to speak.
"Lenox - it is good to see you old friend." The King addressed him.
"Your Highness. I trust you are well." Dalis inquired.
"Very well. Thank you. Now if you please, my family and I will depart and allow you to get settled in. I would like to meet with you tomorrow - Ill have my aid call to arrange a time." King Zan spoke.
"As you wish your highness, thank you." He replied.

That night as Sir Lenox lay in bed with his wife, he turned to her...
"Shara, are you awake?" He questioned.
"Yes - what is it?" Shara answered.
"What is it that is so urgent that the King must see me tomorrow? I know he is in negotiations with the foreign trade union." Lenox asked in a concerned tone.
"It seems, my love, that our fate has been decided. I believe the King wishes us to remain on Antar, and for you to take up the post left by the death of the late Regent Rath. Or at least, that is what the servants have hinted to me, and Avaria has indicated so much. They also seem very interested in Eliza, and something makes me wonder..." Shara pondered.
"What? what do you think is happening?"
"I think, that the old seers' visions are right. She will become Queen - the fated Queen. We will loose her too soon Dalis..."


"Daddy" Eliza shook her father awake. "Daddy daddy wake up!"
"What? What is it my dear?" Dalis Lennox muttered as he struggled to wake.
"Daddy I had a dream! I was a princess!" Eliza spoke with enthusiasm. Dalis lifted up his precious little girl and smiled at her.
"Well wasn't that a pleasant night then? Where was your kingdom then Princess Eliza? Who was your Prince?" He questioned her gently.
"I don't know daddy! It was fuzzy but real. The palace looked a little like this one.. and my prince, he was handsome Daddy - just like you...." From besides him, Shara sat up and smiled. Eliza was beginning to see her future.
"Well I tell you what Eliza - you come with me and we shall order some breakfast and try and refresh your memory. Does that sound like a good idea?" Dalis held a hand out to his precious daughter, and as he left the bedroom, looked back at his wife - she was smiling a sad smile, acknowledging the facts of what was to come. As Eliza ran ahead, Shara called to him.
"Are you to see the king after this?"
"Yes, I have his first appointment of the day." Dalis replied.
"Will you agree?" Shara questioned.
"I will investigate both propositions very carefully. But I will not force my daughter into marriage - she is only four years old Shara."
"I know - it just seems so helpless Dalis, everything seems so set in stone. I remember when Predita first told me that I would give birth to the future Queen - it shocked me so deeply. Just promise we won't loose her so soon?" Shara answered.
"I will do as is required. We cannot go against the will of the fates. Even modern society does not ignore spirit directed destiny. Good-bye my love. Wish me well for the day - I fear I will need it" Dalis whispered before walking out to eat breakfast with Eliza.

Zan woke with a start. That girl, she haunted his dreams and had done so for years... she had always seemed strangely familiar yet not known to him. But now, he had a glimpse of hope.. "Eliza..." Zan whispered.
Zan jumped quickly out of bed and rushed to get dressed. He needed to see Eliza before the image of the dream girl in his mind faded - perhaps they were the same person? He snuck out of the Royal quarters and down the long corridors towards the visitors wing, ducking behind a giant vase as Lord Lenox passed. Zan wondered what Lord Lenox was up to. He knew that his father was meeting with the Lord some time today but it seemed awfully early for a meeting now.... something important must be happening. When Zan reached the end of the corridor he snuck through the great door and round the corner to where he knew the sitting room was. Hiding behind the wall he quickly glanced around the corner and gasped as he saw Eliza sitting on the carpet playing with something. Zan closed his eyes and pictured the girl from his dreams - yes. Eliza looked exactly like her.
"Hello?" Eliza greeted the air, sure that someone had come into the room.
Zan looked around the corner again and saw Eliza looking in his direction so he quickly ducked back again.
"I know your there - I saw your face." Eliza whispered as she stood and made her way to the wall which hid the spy. Zan kept quiet and wondered what to do.
Eliza giggled and continued to walk towards the hiding space.... "BOO!" Zan jumped and turned to where Eliza was.
"I know you!! Your Vonnies brother! What are you doing here?" Eliza asked
"Um, I came to see umn, if you had seen Vonnie?" Zan answered in an attempt to come up with a reason.
"No, she hasn't come down yet." Eliza said sadly. In the month that she had been here, Vonnie and her had become good friends.
"Oh... well... I spose I better go then." Zan said.
"No, wait... what's your name again?" Eliza asked.
"Like your dad?"
"Yes, all kings are named Zan." He replied.
"Oh. That must get confusing. Like my puzzle dad bought me. Its a map of the United Worlds and I can't put it together! Can you help me?" Eliza pleaded.
Zan considered it. Rath wasn't here... nobody needed to know he was playing with little girls. "Okay. Ill try help." He answered, and stepped over to where the puzzle was.

As Zan and Eliza worked on the puzzle, mapping out the system of the United Worlds, Shara entered the room and looked on in wonder. They worked well together and seemed to know what the others next move would be. "Eliza, Zan. What are you two up to?" She asked them.
"Hello Lady Lenox - I was just helping Eliza do a puzzle. I came down to look for Vilandra but she wasn't here." Zan answered. "I suppose I should go now though." Zan commented, as he stood.
"Oh no Zan, if you want to stay you are welcome. You are always welcome to visit us." Shara answered.
"Thank you, but I shall go anyway, my mother will be concerned. I didn't even stay for breakfast! If you'll excuse me. I hope to see you again." Zan said, before leaving.
After he had left Eliza turned to her mother and smiled.
"He's nice mummy. He looks like the prince from my dream." She commented.
"He is nice honey. It is good you two can be friends." Shara answered.

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"My servants are loose lipped and your wife is very astute Lord Lenox, so I will be frank with you. Do you know why I called this meeting so early in your stay?" King Zan said as he walked into his study with his old friend Lord Dalis Lenox.
"My King, I fear I do know why you have called me here today. But first I must express my regret and sorrow for the passing of the Regent. The loss of Rath must have had great impact on both the Royal house and court." Dalis replied
"Yes, Rath has left us with fond memories but a rather large job to fill. A position that requires a certain political and military acumen. A position that requires you, Lord Lenox. One that I greatly want you to hold." Zan answered, authority shining through in his voice.
"It is a position that I would very much like Your Highness. I would gratefully accept if that was all you were asking of me this day. But I feel, that this position is only one of the reasons we are meeting so soon." Dalis answered.
"Lord Lenox. Dalis, my friend. We both know what the fates said on this matter. It is my wish that your daughter be the wife of my son. I am willing to enter contract on it, as a contract on agreed destiny is very sound."
"Yet I am not Your Highness. No matter what the fates say, I still want both my daughter and your son to have a choice in this matter. I refuse to force them into obeying ancient customs just because that is how it has always been done."
"I hear your argument and here is how we will settle it. You will come and take residence in the palace as my second in command and royal advisor. Your daughter will be educated with Vilandra and will be introduced to court when she comes of age, just as my daughter will. We will not betroth them, yet I will make no qualms in encouraging the match. That is my judgment, it is my wish that you accept." The King spoke with finality, with a tone which suggested that Dalis accept.
"As you wish Your Highness, it will be done." Lord Lenox bowed, accepting the command.
Zan smiled at his old friend. Formalities were over for now. "Come my friend. Do not look so down. You have made the right decision and will be rewarded by the fates. Let us go down and see what our wives are scheming about now."
A grin spread across Dalis's face as he thought of the two women, whom were no doubt gossiping away about one thing or another, and he hoped that Zan was right.


It was midday before Lord Lenox returned to the guests wing. Tired and weary he slumped down on the couch that graced the rather - ostentatious sitting room. It was virtually decided then. Regardless of the fact that no agreement had been signed, both the King and himself had acknowledged that it seemed although destiny was pushing their children together. Dalis was no fool. He had seen young Zan hiding behind a large vase in the main corridor this morning, seemingly sneaking towards the guest wing, no doubt to see Eliza. Dalis closed his eyes in exasperation - those two would have to be watched. It was one thing to encourage a match, quite another to deal with two teenagers who were prematurely entering into parenthood.
"Hello Daddy! Where have you been all day?" Eliza asked enthusiastically, jumping onto her fathers knees.
"Eliza! How are you? I've been with the King Eliza talking about what is going to happen now that you and your mother love it so much on Antar.." Dalis answered.
"Ohh! That is King Zan isn't it? I saw his son today! Zan. He helped me do the puzzle you bought me - look!" Eliza exclaimed, pointing to the now complete puzzle on the small glass table in the center of the room.
"Wow, you two must have worked hard on that! It was meant to keep you busy for weeks munchkin!"
"We did Daddy. Then later Vonnie came down and we played dolls." Eliza grinned.
"Eliza, I need to ask you something honey. How do you like it here? Enough to stay forever? Would you like it if Daddy came to work here?" Dalis asked.
"I could see Vonnie every day! We could play everyday? Vonnie would like that, she's always complaining about usually only having boys' to play with. But I don't think Zan and Rath are that bad - Zan is nice to me, and Rath is always nice to Vonnie." Eliza grinned.
"What is this I hear?" Shara asked as she entered the sitting room. She had heard Dalis come in and Eliza greet him. The conversation so far had been interesting.
"Hello my love, I trust you have been listening in? How do you feel about this development? Do you approve of having a husband who is chief advisor to the King?" Dalis asked.
"I approve very much! My Lord Lenox - chief advisor to the King - very fitting for your reputation Dalis." Shara smiled at him.
"So we approve? That the Lenox family shall take residence in the Royal palace of Antar?"
"YES!" Both Shara and Eliza replied.
"Well that's good, it is awful hard to say no to that man!" Dalis laughed.
"Come on girls, I think its time for some lunch..." He said as he led the two most important people in his world out of the sitting room. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

King Zan retired to his room late that night after long negotiations. He reached across the expanse of bed - "Ava?"
"Zan, what has taken you so long? Where have you been all day?" Avaria asked.
"Negotiations with Foreign Trade Unions and with Lord Lenox have kept me on my toes today. Sorry for not letting you know my love..." Zan answered.
"What was the result Zan? What did Lenox have to say for himself? Will he take the position? What of Eliza?" Avaria asked in rapid fire turning towards her husband.
"My love! My love, have you been worrying yourself about this all day? All is well, and Lenox has agreed to take Rath's position. The fate of Eliza and Zan has not officially been decided on but I have high hopes." Zan answered.
"I met with Shara today, Zan. She arose from her chambers this morning to find young Zan and Eliza together in the sitting room talking and playing together. They are so young Zan, they haven't even began to gain the insecurities common of boys and girls interacting together. Perhaps we should be encouraging them remain as friends and see what happens when they are closer to the age of bonding and marriage." Avaria suggested.
"I promised Dalis today that I would not force the match, but I feel, my heart tells me Ava, that we won't have to force it. Yes, we will let them be friends, encourage it. But I will not be upset when they become more than that. They will, in time, learn the love that bonds beings that are spirit-led and destined." Zan answered.
"I am still hopeful that it will not occur when they are too young to deal with what comes with that level of love Zan. All the signs say that this match will be contested from all sides. Today the court was rumbling with sounds of Trathors angst. And when the house of Trathor is disgruntled, you can guarantee that K'var will still make it known. K'var has never made it a secret that he wants a place in royalty for his daughter. I wonder to what extent is he willing to go?" Avaria questioned.
"Avaria, you have always been concerned with possibilities and 'what if's'. Do not worry so much - the fates will do as they must. This union will succeed. It may take years, what seems like lifetimes.. but I know that this is the right thing to do. Do not fear. Your son is safe, your daughter is safe and the star of Antar will shine bright for years yet." Zan answered.
"I will trust your judgment then Zan. I only wish for our families security and your love. Promise me that at the first sign of trouble you will act?" Avaria pleaded.
"I will, my love. Now come, lets talk of other things. What else has your day bought you? Who's doing what in our scandalous court today? Is the romance between Lord Selis and his wives maid still the talk?" Zan laughed.
"Shh Zan, there are more important things..." Avaria whispered into his ear, embracing him softly.


Dalis and Shara had sent their daughter to sleep and were returning to their own bedroom when Shara stopped and turned towards Dalis.
"The other issue?" She asked cryptically.
"Not formal but to be encouraged." He whispered.
Shara let out a breath of air.... "Thank god."
"It will happen though Shara. The fates have said it, destiny permits it and the King is encouraging it. We must be prepared." Dalis answered.

As Lord Lenox and his wife left, a shaddow emerged from behind the wall. He removed a device from his pocket and started comunicating his message.
"A deal has been struck. He will take the position and it seems his daughter will take the crown"
"How sure are you with that last point soldier?"
"They talk of fates and destiny sir - it is pretty sure to me."


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"Vonnie!! Vonnie!! Guess what?" Eliza yelled as she ran into Vilandras room early the next morning.
"What Eliza?" Vilandra asked as she dragged herself out from underneath the covers.
I'm staying here! We are staying here for ever and my Dad is going to work with your Dad!" She answered joyously.
"Forever? I'm not gonna be all alone with those boy's again?"
"Nope!!" Eliza answered.
Vilandra jumped out of bed and grabbed Elizas hands, dancing around the room giggling.
Hearing the noise, Zan came into Vilandras room. "What's all the fuss about?" He asked.
"Eliza's staying here forever! She is going to be my bestist friend! We're gonna go to parties together and have tea parties together and go to school together... and you and Rath will never be able to bully me again! Eliza's strong!" Vilandra answered getting more excited as each minute passed.
"Wow. That's, great..." Zan answered, a small smile spreading across his face.
"Come on Eliza, lets have breakfast. Now that your staying we can have breakfast together all the time!" Vilandra said, dragging Eliza out of her room and into one of the sitting rooms in the Royal quarters.

Just as Eliza, Vilandra and Zan were settling down for breakfast, the King and Queen made and appearance.
"Zan, Vilandra - has Eliza told you the news?" King Zan asked.
"Yes father! Isn't it wonderful?" Vilandra answered, running towards her mother and father to give them a hug.
"That it is indeed. Eliza, where are you parents?" Avaria asked.
"They are still in bed I think. I woke them up to tell them I was coming to see Vilandra but they just moaned and went back to sleep. I think they had a late night last night." She smiled.
"Well, when you go back, can you ask your mother to arrange a meeting with me. We need to discuss living arrangements now that you will be here long term." Avaria said. "Would you like me to write it down or can you remember?"
"I can remember." Eliza answered confidently.
Before leaving later in the morning, Eliza felt a light touch on her shoulder. She turned around to see Zan behind her. Blushing softly, Eliza gave him a quizzical look.
I'm glad your staying Eliza. You make Vonnie happy." He said before returning to his fathers side, on the way to the main offices.


Shara looked around her new surroundings. For the third time in as many months, it seemed as-though she would be shifting her belongings. But this time, the shifting was likely to be the last in a very long time.
"You will have these rooms, and the ones directly above it. In total, you will have the top two levels of the dignitary wing. Your husband will have the office next to Zans. He will need to ship all his things from the UW buildings on Unisis to here, that will, of course, be funded by the crown." Avaria continued her commentary though the building.
"Will he need his staff? Or will you provide new staff?" Shara questioned.
"Whatever is most convenient. Of course, all staff will need to be screened, for safety purposes." Ava answered.
"Of course.." Shara answered, somewhat dazed by the whole experience.
Avaria turned to Shara - "Shara, safety is something I need to discuss with you." Avaria said in a serious tone.
"Go on." Shara prompted.
"We both know what the fates dictate on the matter Shara. Eliza's right to the throne will be challenged. With no formal agreement between your husband and mine, we have no right to place guards with her. Yet, we all know for her safety it is wiser to err on the side of caution don't you think?" Avaria questioned.
"Of course... ." Shara answered, weary of what she was getting her daughter into.
"Good. I shall see that Zan assigns someone to her officially. In case you haven't noticed, she has been watched rather carefully since she arrived anyway." Ava stated.
"Yes. I had guessed as much." Shara answered.
"I am going to leave you now Shara. I feel that you need some time just to look around by yourself." Avaria said.
"Thanks Ava. I appreciate the effort both you and King Zan have been to." Shara replied.
Avaria walked up to Shara and gave her the lightest of hugs. "Anything for my dear friend. I am so glad to have you back Shara." She whispered in her ear before leaving.


"It is all settled my love. Shara and Dalis have been given their new quarters. Eliza is over the moon that she is staying and our children, especially Vonnie - well they haven't stopped talking of it." Avaria answered her husbands question of the news of the day.
"Did you talk to Shara about guards for Eliza?" The King questioned.
"Yes, and she is agreeable. I think that she had noticed there are already men watching over Eliza. She is grateful that we have the resources to do so. I sense that she worry's a lot as to her daughters future safety." Avaria answered.
"Yes. What worries me is that my intelligence agents tell me that K'var already knows of the new developments. My main spy, who is part of K'vars entourage was convinced that a marriage contract had actually been signed. K'var is apparently furious with rage." Zan stated in a worried tone.
"K'var may be furious but he isn't stupid. He will wait for some conformation of the agreement first. I think, that it was a wise idea not to formalize the agreement - buy ourselves some time to figure out where the leak is and what to do about it." Avaria answered.
"Yes Ava.. you could be right. Perhaps it is time to spread some false information. Who were the other candidates for Zans marriage? I should invite them all for interviews... throw K'var a curve ball so to speak. Maybe even invite Lady Tesah?" Zan asked?
"That could be taking things a little far, although, an interview may soothe K'var for a while. Having him so close to us would be dangerous, but we may gain useful information too." Avaria reasoned.
"Yes. We could use this situation to our advantage. Ava, I believe a ball is in order. It must be one for all the eligible daughters of the court, and dignitaries of the Viricus constellation." Zan announced.
"And the justification for this lavish affair will be?" Avaria questioned.
"Why, to welcome Lord Lenox to his new job of course! Individuals will be informed that their daughters must attend, to be considered for Zans hand in marriage." Zan answered.
"Don't you think they will be suspicious, considering that Zan is only six? Isn't this ball a little early, the girls to young?" Ava asked.
"No - I had my first ball then. I can remember almost all of it, I remember seeing you, across the room but not having the nerve to ask who you were. My father never introduced your father or mother to me." Zan answered.
"Sometimes I feel as-though my parents deliberately sheltered me from the Royal Family. It was like they knew as soon as I met you, my life would change." Avaria pondered.
"Well it did, didn't it?" Zan whispered.
"Yes. Just like Eliza's will when she is old enough to understand what the fates have planned for her and Zan." She answered.


K'var looked at the envelope that had just arrived and wondered for the first time in a while, how his informants had been completely wrong. In his hand was an invitation for a ball, to celebrate Lord Lenox's new job. On the surface, an invitation to the ball would make no sense at all, Lenox and himself lead opposite factions within the United World's government. What made this invitation interesting was the rumors that came with it. The majority of invitee's were in fact, the parents of eligible daughters, who had been told, quite unusually to bring their families with them, and that their eldest daughter was to attend the ball, regardless of age. K'var smiled, the field was still wide open, and King Zan was still avaliable for talk and, if necessary, simple manipulation to make him see the truth. That Tessah, was the one true option for future Queen of Antar.
"Tessah!" K'var called hoarsely.
"Yes Father?" Tessah answered, as she entered her Fathers study.
"You will see a dressmaker tomorrow. Have her prepare a wardrobe, complete with two ball dresses, travel, day and evening attire. You may tell her she is to spare no expense. It must be ready before..." K'var glanced down at the invitation, calculating when they would have to leave by. "The beginning of March."
"As you wish Father. Thank you Father." Tessah answered obediently, smiling at the thought of a new wardrobe, as any eight year old would.
"It is my pleasure, princess." K'var answered.

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Sitting on her fathers lap, Eliza looked around in a mixture of awe and distress. So many colors and sounds and smells in one place! There were people everywhere, all dressed in fancy clothes, talking too loudly and smelling too sweet. She cringed and pulled at the sleeve of her dress.
"What's the matter sweetie?" Lord Lenox asked his daughter, briefly diverting his attention away from the Chancellor of the United Worlds.
"Its itchy Daddy." Eliza answered in a somewhat disgruntled voice.
Lord Lenox laughed. "Well sweetie, you'll just have to put up with it for a few more hours like a good girl." He answered his daughters complaint.
"But you do look very pretty tonight Eliza. I haven't seen you in a dress much before." The Chancellor commented.
"I don't like dresses." Eliza answered abruptly.
"Oh? You don't?" The Chancellor answered laughing.
"You'll have to excuse my daughter Chancellor, it seems she has forgotten her manners. Now Eliza, why don't you try again and address the Chancellor like a lady?" Lenox admonished.
Eliza looked up, slightly surprised. Looking at her Fathers face, she saw that it was not the time to challenge him. She turned to the Chancellor - "I am sorry Chancellor. Good evening, how are you tonight?" Eliza asked meekly with her hand outstretched.
"Why Lady Eliza, I am quite happy tonight, celebrating your Fathers latest success." He said before leaning down to give her hand a light, smacking kiss, after which Eliza turned around again and huddled into her Fathers arms.
"She is tired? No?" The Chancellor asked Lenox.
"Yes, staying at the palace has been a change for Eliza. Her and the Princess are always off on some adventure. It seems as though if she's not with the Prince and Princess playing, she is at home sleeping. Although, that should change soon. Eliza is about to turn five, and Vilandra did just a few weeks ago. I believe they are to have a tutor and begin their lessons." Lord Lenox answered.
"She is to be educated with them?" The Chancellor asked, one eye cocked questioningly.
"Yes, it was Zan's request. He wished Vilandra to have company - her and Eliza get on very well, it was natural for them to be educated together. Besides, Shara and I would never have had access to tutors of the same quality ourselves, so we thought it best to exploit all resources." Lenox answered.
"Lenox you do not change. You always were one to get the most out of situation. I have heard that Eliza has found her niche in the Palace, even if she is showing signs of fatigue tonight." The chancellor stated. "Lord Lenox I do believe that is the Princess coming this way now. Eliza? Is that Vilandra coming towards us?" the Chancellor questioned.
Eliza turned around in her fathers lap to look in the direction the Chancellor was indicating. Her face brightened and a smile came to her face. Vilandra was heading in her direction with two other girls at her side.
"Eliza!" Vilandra ran up to Eliza and gave her a hug.
"Chancellor, may I introduce you to Princess Vilandra. Princess Vilandra, may I introduce to you my old boss, the Chancellor of the United Worlds." Lord Lenox formally introduced them.
"Pleased to meet you Chancellor." Vilandra answered in her practiced, regal tone, holding out her hand for the mandatory gesture of greeting. "Chancellor, Lord Lenox, Eliza, may I introduce you to Lady Suzette and Lady Grace." She continued.
"Ladies" Lord Lenox and the Chancellor greeted them.
"Chancellor. My Lord." They answered heads slightly bowed.
Eliza climbed off her Fathers lap and whisked around to Vilandra's ear.
"Do you want to get out of here? I'm so so bored Vilandra!!" Eliza whispered.
Vilandra giggled and nodded her head vigorously. "Come on girls, lets go out to the courtyard." Vilandra said, pulling them away.
"Good-bye girls. Don't go getting into too much mischief!" Lord Lenox fare welled them.
"She certainly lights up around the Princess doesn't she?" The Chancellor commented.
"Yes. Yes she does." Lenox answered.
"Dalis. Stop skirting the real question. Is she promised to him or not? The King may be able to fool many people with this big get together. The rumors say that this ball to the first step towards finding Zan his betrothed. My instincts tell me that this is just a show. The decision has already been made. Eliza is not receiving a royal education for nothing is she?" The Chancellor asked with a glint in his eye.
"There never was any way of fooling you was there Evan?" Lenox stated.
"She is then? Eliza is promised to Zan?" The Chancellor asked.
"There is no formal agreement, but the marriage would be, mutually beneficial. Shall we say that Zan's official word to me is that the match will be blatantly encouraged on his behalf." Lenox disclosed to his ally.
"My my. Then who is this charade for I guess?" The Chancellor questioned sarcastically. "How long are we aiming to fool K'var for?"
"That is a question you will have to ask the King. I am sure you are aware that K'var is at present, very dangerous. With Trathor making so much noise at the moment, measures have to be taken to make sure K'var feels he has a reason to stay loyal to the Antarian throne. The reason at the moment is to keep his daughter in the running for a future as Queen." Lenox quietly answered.
"Of course. K'var tends to be rather blind in matters concerning Tessah. Nice girl, sad she has to be used as a political pawn."
"Yes, very sad." Lenox answered, partially distracted by a man entering through a gilded door on the other side of the parlor. ".. and very risky..."

K'var entered the over full parlor and scowled. Looking about all he saw was opposition in his quest to gain his daughter the place she deserved. As soon as they had arrived at the ball K'var had made sure Tessah was introduced to Princess Vilandra. Tessah had been accepted into the group of four giggling little girls who were obviously on a mission. Now, all he had to do was locate the King and gain an audience. Seeing the King across the other side of the room, K'var started to move through the room quickly and purposefully, quickly silencing anyone who tried to initiate conversation with the 'grunt and scorn' approach. K'var was somewhat disappointed with the crowed of men surrounding the King, but even more disgruntled with the company his rival was keeping. The one and only Lord Lenox seemed to be having a heart to heart with the Chancellor. "Damn him. He always gets the support of influential and I'm forced to crawl though the underbelly of the peerage." K'var whispered in scorn. Locating a seat to the right of the King he began to infiltrate the conversation. He was shocked when no more than a minute after sitting, the King addressed him personally.
"Lord K'var. It is a pleasure you could make it to the ball. Do tell me you bought Lady Tessah? I was looking forward to meeting with her." The King said.
"Your Highness, thank you for the invitation, I hope you are well. Yes, my daughter is here, but she is presently with your daughter, the most radiant Princess Vilandra. They seemed to take to each other quickly." K'var answered, ignoring the rolling eyes of those around him in response to such blatant flattery.
"Thank you K'var. I am pleased your daughter has met my Vonnie. I hold hopes that they should become good friends." Zan smirked, himself not unaware of K'vars obvious efforts to gain favor. "If I do say so myself, all the young women of the court are fine Ladies. Any one of them would be a catch for a courtier. You bought your nephew as well didn't you?" Zan questioned.
"Yes. Nicholas is presently with Master Rath, or is he now Regent?" K'var commented.
All around K'var, men flinched with the comment about the Regent. "Shouldn't you know K'var, considering the Trathorians killed him?" A man asked underhandedly. Just as K'var was about to answer Zan interrupted.
"My Lords! My Lords! We will not have political arguments tonight. My trusted advisor was killed by rebels who were caught and punished for their crimes. They have been warned not to compromise their allegiance again." Zan stated, ending the conversation.
"Your highness, do you have an idea when Zan's betrothal will be announced?" One man questioned.
"A good question Lord Kepthar. A question which as yet, doesn't have an answer. When Zan and myself have consulted on the matter, and when we are sure we have the right girl, a decision may be made. Although, with my new liberal advisor, you never know what's going to happen! He is trying to convince me that betrothals are an archaic institution we should abolish!" Zan answered, trying to sound shocked at Lord Lenox's view for the future.
"There may not be a betrothal at all?" K'var asked, enraged.
"Calm yourself K'var, that is a highly unlikely occurrence, but should we find no girl suitable at present, it may be a possibility." Zan said, soothing the man, whilst inside he was laughing. Lying through his teeth was getting easier every time he did it.


Tessah stood looking on in awe at the site in front of her. She assumed that the boy Vilandra had just gone up to hug was Zan. The prince. She smiled. He was like a little golden God. She walked quickly join up with the girls again. The girl Eliza seemed to know two of the boys already. She knew Zan!
"Tessah, Suzette, Grace. This is Zan, and this is Rath." Vilandra introduced them. Tessah was startled for a second. She had it wrong. The one she had thought was Zan, the one with the golden hair was not him at all! It was Rath with the hair of gold and strong determined face. Zan was the other boy... She looked at the Prince and was much less impressed. Tessah's eyes kept straying back to Rath. The Regents son, that is what her father had said.
"I'm Nicholas." The other boy introduced smiling at Vilandra. Silly Nicholas, Tessah thought. Her cousin was always falling in 'love' with girls.
"Hey Nick" She said.
"Hey my cousin. What are you doing with this bunch. I didn't know that you knew the Princess." He replied.
Vilandra moved forward. "She didn't. But she does now." She stated adamantly.
"Hey! Chill princess!" Nick said, smiling at the little girl - now here was a girl with fire. His father had told him that looking at girls so much younger than himself was wrong, but K'var, his uncle had approved of Vilandra, he knew that. Maybe this was an occasion for exception to the rule.


When the dancing started, K'var moved off to the side to gain vantage of whom was dancing with whom. Court gossip had never really enthralled him, but for events and times as these, one needed to stay alert and informed. He glanced to the center of the ballroom where the King and Queen were dancing. Typically there were completely enamored with each other, and completely unaware of what was going on around them. It would be the perfect event to end the struggle. The pairs aids were far enough away to be kept out of the picture, and soldiers could be easily maneuvered close enough to the palace..... K'var smiled. It was a plan to keep stored away. It may not be necessary yet.

Upon hearing a strange whisper move though the crowds, K'var looked to his left. Coming into the grand ballroom were six children - Tessah and Rath, Princess Vilandra and Nicholas. K'var smirked at the sight... It hadn't taken long to plant the seed in Nicholas's mind to go after Vilandra... but quickly the smirk faded from his face and was replaced with a look of pure fury. Last to enter was Prince Zan. Grasping the hand of Lady Eliza Lenox.


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so without further adu... here is part 8

*Four years later*

Lord Lenox entered the King's office. The look on Zan's face did not radiate good news. In fact, it seemed quite the opposite.
"Lenox, thank God your here!" King Zan said before heaving out a great sigh.
"What is it Zan, why are you so upset?" Lenox asked.
"Its Trathor. It seems the calming effects of the past have finally worn off. A rebellion has been started by K'vars allies. It doesn't not seem although he was directly involved at this stage, but I hold little hope for his continuing loyalty." Zan answered in a flustered hurry.
"Have troops been deployed?" Lenox questioned.
"Yes, and initial reports have us on the loosing foot. We have lost lives already Dalis, and we have barely set foot on Trathor. What hope do we hold. I think the idea of a foreign marriage for Zan has been all but written off." Zan answered sadly.
"Why do you say that?"
"Well, after the ball, no further interviews were held and no announcements have been made. With Eliza being tutored with Vilandra... and the subsequent loss of the first two tutors.."
Lenox laughed offhandedly "I still can't believe they managed to get rid of two tutors in their first year of study."
"Well that's our two 'innocent little girls'. Seems they have a way of making educated men run for the hills! And they don't run quietly!" Zan said sarcastically. "Word has leaked about the close friendship between Zan and Eliza. A majority of the United Worlds seem to think it is an inevitability that they shall eventually wed." Zan said, resigned to the fact.
"Well, we both agree that it is. The problem being that this is a loss in bargaining power against K'var. A loss like that, with rebellion in the winds, doesn't give us too many legs to stand on does it?" Dalis Lenox asked.
"No, indeed it doesn't. We will have to find something else to keep K'var on our side with." Zan answered.
"I think the first step is to quash the rebellion. More troops will have to be called, and if the worst comes to the worst, we will use the granilith. So far their is only rebellion in the isolated areas? If we launch an aerial attack, perhaps we can buy some time. It is a matter of stopping them from causing too much time. Trathor doesn't hold that much power within the United Worlds. Any product they supply us with can be sourced from other Worlds. Trade sanctions my be an effective way of solving our problems. K'var will be forced to sort out his people if his own pocket depends on it." Dalis stated, his thoughts coming quick fire. Zan sat there and smiled.
"Dalis. I knew there was good reason to give you this job. I think, that sanctions would be a good first step. We will quash the present fighting with soldiers then put down trade barriers until K'var sorts out the rebels himself." Zan said with finality.
"Sounds like a wise decision to me." Dalis answered.
"Indeed." Zan said, letting out a sigh of relief. That was once crisis dealt with, at least for the moment. "Tell me, what time tonight do you want Ava and I around tonight for Eliza's birthday. I have no doubt that Zan and Vonnie are around there already." Zan asked with a smile.
"If you come around at about five, we can have time to open presents before the cake is cut at six. Dinner will be served later - you are free to stay, but we understand if you can't." Dalis answered.
"Of course. We will stay as long as possible. One should probably be at their future daughter-in-law's birthday." Zan said winking as he lead Dalis to the door.
"That is not certain yet Zan." Dalis warned.
"Yes, but it is destined Dalis. One can only withhold destiny for so long." Zan said as Dalis walked out into the main foyer.

A crowd had gathered in the Lenox suites and was presently in the sitting room, watching as the birthday girl opened her presents and received well wishes. Eliza glanced around the room at all her friends. Vilandra, Zan, Rath were all there, along with a few other children from around the palace. Even the King and Queen were there!
"Happy Birthday Eliza, my daughter. You are growing up so fast!" Lord Dalis Lenox exclaimed as he passed his gift over to Eliza.
"Thank you Daddy" Eliza whispered as she moved to open the box. She ripped off the paper wondering what her father had given her. As she saw what the gift was, Eliza couldn't help but sadly frown. It was another doll.
"Oh Lizzie! She's one of the new dolls that really talk!" Vilandra yelled enthusiastically.
Eliza looked at Vilandra and a small smile broke through her sadness. "Yeah, it is. Thank you Dad. Really." Eliza replied.
Dalis Lenox glanced at his daughter, somewhat perturbed by her reaction to the presents she had received. Everything that had been given to her today was fit for a princess. The best presents for a nine year old girl that could be found anywhere in the Viricus constellation. Sadly, it seemed, his precious daughter had not received what she wanted. Although, he should have known that Eliza wouldn't be happy with what any normal girl would want. Everyone, including her tutors were commenting on how unusual Eliza was. She had the grace of a female courtier, but the spirit and fire of a warrior. He would talk to her later. Perhaps there was something else bothering her.
"Well folks, I say we head through to the dinning room. I think there's a cake their for our big nine year old to cut!" Dalis said, encouraging everyone to move on through.

Lagging behind Eliza felt someone grasp her hand. She turned around to face Zan.
"Don't worry Eliza, maybe he will talk to you later about it." Zan said.
"I don't know Zan. Sometimes I wonder if He has even noticed. I remember when he was in the army... he used to come home with such amazing battle tales. I have always wondered what it would be like to be there myself. Make those decisions...." Eliza answered.
"Maybe, one day you will. Until then you'll have to put up with lessons with my sister.. although, sometimes I wonder how much you learn. How did you manage to get rid of that tutor Gerald?" Zan questioned, hoping to cheer Eliza up.
"We borrowed your mothers makeup. Practiced on him." Eliza grinned, as Zan snickered.
"See? Ingenious. Why wouldn't my father want you in his army with a mind like that?" Zan asked. "Now cheer up! Its your birthday." Zan ordered.
"Yes sir!" Eliza answered cheekily.
Just as Eliza was about to walk through the door to cut her cake, Zan pulled her back. Slowly moving towards her, Zan gave Eliza the lightest peck on the lips. He blushed slightly pulling back and releasing her hand. "Happy Birthday Lizzie" He whispered.


Later, when everyone had left the suite, Dalis Lenox went back into the sitting room to find Eliza sitting in one of the large chairs reading a book on the United Worlds. Eliza acted like such a grown-up considering her age. Sometimes her maturity worried Dalis, and other times, it made him amazingly proud to have such a sensitive and loving daughter. Walking up to her chair, and sitting down besides her, Dalis patted Eliza on the head and smiled.
"Hi Dad" Eliza greeted him softly.
"Hey love. What's eating you?" Dalis questioned
"I don't know Dad. Its just, oh... everyone around me has places to go. Vonnie already knows where her life is taking her. She gets to become the chief diplomat for the House of Antar. Rath, well he'll go into the military forces and Zan, well we all know where Zan's heading. I'm just sad because they all have places and I don't." Eliza commented.
"Honey, your only nine years old. You don't have to know yet." Dalis answered her.
"But I do know where I want to go Dad. I thought by now you would know too. But you obviously don't. Today, well I was expecting you to give me permission...." Eliza said, her voice fading away.
"Permission to do what Eliza?" Dalis asked, completely lost to what his daughter was trying to say.
"To start training with David." Eliza answered quickly, nervous about her fathers answer.
"To What? Why would you start training? Your only nine! Your a girl! Females don't serve in the Antarian military. It was never thought that Vilandra and yourself would be trained by David." Dalis answered in a rush.
"But I want to Father. It is all I have wanted for the last year. I know that I would do well in the military. I watch Rath and Zan train every day! I know that given the chance I would serve the military well. You can't just dismiss the idea because I'm a female. Vilandra isn't interested in fighting - I am. I want to be able to defend the House of Antar when the time comes." Eliza answered passionately.
"When what time comes?" Dalis questioned, startled by her conviction.
"I've seen it Daddy. I know what is coming. A group of people, they will rise against Zan. Not for a long time yet, but I know it will happen. I won't let it. Zan and Vonnie are my best friends. I won't let them loose... I can't let them die." Eliza answered with tears in her eyes.
Dalis looked at his daughter with amazement. This was no simple nine year old girl. There were things she had seen that nobody could explain. The fates had a strong hand on her life.
"I will speak with Zan. But promise nothing. Should this happen, you will be the first female to enter the military Eliza. The road will not be easy for you, regardless of how close your ties to the throne are. Nobody will favor you, or give you the easy route. If anything, they will make it harder. Are you sure you want this?" Dalis questioned with concern.
"Yes. More than anything. Please do this for me. Please Father..."


"I don't know whether to thank you, or beg you to change your mind Zan." Dalis said, as he left Zans office, closing the door behind him.
Zan put his head into his hands and wept. He had agreed. Eliza would start training with David. She would enter the forces as the first female ever. The logical side of him wondered what the hell he was doing. The side that followed his instincts knew that the decision he had made would save lives. Zan looked up as he heard a door to the left of his office open. He immediately knew who it was, as that door was a direct route to Predita's quarters.
"You have made the right decision, King Zan." Predita stated.
"Have I? How will they be together if she is fighting wars?" Zan questioned.
"They will find a way. The fates are with them." Predita answered.
"But to put her in so much danger.... how will I justify this to my councilors? To the general?"
"You are the King, you need justify nothing. Eliza will prove herself quick enough. She is a good study, has a quick mind and a way with tactics. She will save the House of Antar." Predita answered.
"Save us?"
"Without a doubt. Her love and loyalty to your family. That will be what saves Zan, your son will succeed with her by his side."

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"No..." She moaned as she tossed in her bed, throwing off all her covers with the violent shaking of her body.
"Please... don't do this to him! Don't do this to us! Please... take me instead! NO!" She screamed, her arms lifting off the bed to grasp thin air in front of her.
"No, no no... Oh no, what have you done? What have I done? My King... my Lord..."
"ZAN!!!!" Eliza screamed as she woke from her violent dream. Sensing someone in front of her she grasped them and began to week loudly. Hands rubbed her back and a soft voice cooed in her ear. Pulling back from the unfamiliar arms she looked straight into the woman's face, shocked at who she saw. One of the women from her dreams. One of the few good people left in those horrible times. What was her name? Was she real?
"Who... who are you?" Eliza asked, sniffing loudly.
"My dear, you know me. You have seen me many times. I am a seer, your spiritual guide. I am here to help you, my Queen." She answered.
"Why do you call me Queen?" Eliza asked.
"Because that is your destiny. That is what you were, what you are, what you will become. The fates will see to it." She smiled.
"I thought, that since I was to be training now, that I could stop the death of Zan. I don't know why he still dies. Why? Vilandra won't be able to cope without her brother. I wont be able to cope without him... what do I need to do?" Eliza asked.
"Eliza. Think about what you just saw. Don't panic but look. I have seen your dreams too. That is what drew me to you. But think of who you saw die... how old was he?" She questioned.
"I don't know - he had lived his life. He was older." Eliza answered.
"Was the vision urgent, or a weak warning of distant acts? What did you call Zan?"
"It wasn't that urgent. Not like its going to happen tomorrow. More like, in the next decade or so." Eliza replied.
"Do you understand what I am telling you?" The woman asked.
"Zan won't be gray in a decade. Will he?" Eliza questioned.
"No. But the King will. King Zan will fall, and Prince Zan will inherit the throne. It is not the death of Your Zan you witnessed, but his fathers."
Eliza sat shocked and guilty. One should not rejoice that the King was the man dying in her dreams. But the sense of elation in Eliza's soul was present. She turned to the woman....
"Should I feel guilty for being happy? My soul told me it was too soon to loose Zan. He has things that must be accomplished yet. They will take him many years..." Eliza asked.
"No, do not feel guilty. King Zan has accepted his fate. He knows his end is coming. He has seen it himself. You see, those of true royal blood have a rare gift...."
"Foresight...." Eliza cut in...
"You catch on quickly my Queen."
"But why I? I am not of Royal blood." Eliza asked.
"Do you know the story of your mother? Trust me when I tell you that your mother has more royal blood than many that claim to have it. She has suppressed her gifts. But you will not. I will not let you. Eliza, much in this life rests on your shoulders - I will not pretend otherwise. But I will be with you, along with my kindred. We will walk through this life, and if we do not succeed in this one, we will in the next one." The woman said with certainty. With that last comment she stood and walked out of the room. Just as she was walking through the bedroom door, Eliza called after her.
"Thank you, my guide. Thank you Predita, you serve your charges well."


Packing up their books, Vilandra and Eliza walked out of their study. Vilandra turned to Eliza and looked into her eyes. Something wasn't right. Eliza wasn't telling her something.
"Lizzie... are you ok? You look really tired!" Vilandra asked.
"Oh, I'm ok. I just didn't sleep very well Vonnie. I'll be right." Eliza answered.
"Well, do you want to go up to my suit and do stuff of a while?" Vilandra asked.
"Um, actually, I can't Vonnie, I have to go. Somewhere..." Eliza answered, flustered.
"What aren't you telling me Lizzie. You have never lied to me before... why won't you tell me now?" Vilandra asked.
"I just can't yet Vonnie. Its too new to me. But I will. I promise. Just let me do what I have to do, and when I'm ready, You'll be the first one I tell." Eliza pleaded.
"Ok. Just, take care ok?" Vilandra asked before grabbing her friends hand and giving it a squeeze of encouragement.
"Thanks Vonnie." Eliza said before rushing off to the courtyard.

"Greetings Lady Eliza" David said, as Eliza approached him in the courtyard.
"Hello David. Please just call me Eliza." She replied.
"Fine Eliza. Let me just say, I am in awe of how you managed to convince not only the King, but your Father to let you train. I can't say I'm surprised that you wanted to. I don't think you were watching these last two years of training for the same reason as Vilandra was, were you?" David asked.
"No, not really." Eliza answered, feeling shy.
"Right. Well first things first. I'm not treating you any different just because your a girl, or who your father or mother is. I train both Rath and Zan as though they were nobody, and I will do the same for you. I expect you to work hard. You will be constantly judged, and people will want to knock you down at every turn. For you to succeed and stand any chance of eventually getting into the armed forces. You are going to have to be the best. That means, you have to be able to beat both Zan and Rath in any battle. I am going to train you for the first six months by yourself, twice a day and then, you will join with Zan and Rath. Do you understand or have I said too much?" David asked.
"Yes. I understand perfectly. I know I will have to try harder than both of them David. But I am telling you that I'll make it. Even you will be amazed. This is the right choice for me." Eliza said with conviction.
"I believe you are right. But enough talking, I'm going to start right away." David said, before walking over to a small stiff bag and pulling out a thin fencing sword. "This, is yours. It is your job to clean it and make sure that you are ready to fight at all times. If you are caught with a dirty blade, you will be punished." He sternly warned her.
"David - why do we use swords? It doesn't really make sense if everyone else has lasers and nuclear weapons does it?" Eliza questioned.
"You ask the same questions Rath does! Eliza, the idea of training with swords is to teach you valuable lessons, slowly. By learning the art of fencing, you gain knowledge of tactics, patience and manipulation. You learn to control your body with your mind... not just tell your feet where to go, but anticipate our opponents next step aswell. You start with a sword because with a sword comes history and past knowledge. All valuable things come from starting at the beginning. On Antar, the beginning of military training is the sword." David justified to her.
"Oh." Eliza sighed.
"Sorry you asked?" David smirked.
"A little." She smiled.

Ava walked out of the main corridor and into the courtyard. Slowly walking around the garden, she became aware of noise.
"This is how your feet should be positioned..." "Ok... why this way?" "Balance... so you won't fall over when you pick up the sword little one..."
Ava turned the corner, holding back slightly so that she could see who was talking but not be discovered. When she saw who was in the courtyard, her breath hitched and her mouth dropped open. Eliza was receiving training by David......


"Just what in hells name are you trying to do, Zan??" Avaria yelled as she entered her husbands offices.
"Ava? What's the matter?" King Zan looked up at his infuriated wife.
"What's the matter? What's the matter is you trying to kill our son's life mate before they even grow up!" She answered, still yelling.
"Ava! Calm down please. I don't know what your talking about?" Zan answered feigning innocence.
"Oh don't use that excuse on me. Eliza wouldn't have been able to receive training unless you agreed. What were you thinking? Why would you ever agree to such a stupid idea of letting a girl train? A girl set to be your daughter-in-law?" Avaria questioned.
"I did it because Eliza needs to be trained. I did it because that is what the fates want. Even Predita agrees." Zan reasoned.
"Predita? Predita knows and I don't? Why am I the last to know on these sort of things? I bet Vilandra and Zan know as well!" She fumed.
"Actually, I don't think Vilandra knows. Zan does. He was the one to warn me this was coming. In fact, I'm not even sure Shara knows yet...." Zan answered.
"Look Ava. This is what needed to happen. You know that I've been seeing things lately. She will be of more use to us trained in war than trained in etiquette. I think you know that too. Don't you?" Zan asked.
"Yes.. I think you could be right." Ava answered.
"Good. So will you do me a favor then?" Zan asked, smirking.
"Tell Shara will you? I think Dalis is a little scared." Zan smiled.
Ava shook her head. "Typical. Just typical. Your lucky I love you Zan...." She smiled.


"Hey Eliza..."
"Rath! Oh, I didn't see you there." Eliza exclaimed.
"Better start paying more attention then hey?" Rath answered in an aggravated voice.
"Um. Ok." Eliza answered confused with Rath's tone of voice.
"When do you start?"
"First lesson just before. In six months I'll be joining you and Zan." Eliza explained.
"Well, just don't distract him. He's bad enough as it is." Rath said before walking off, leaving Eliza startled and confused.

Staring off in the direction that Rath had went, she felt someone come up behind her and put their hands over her eyes.
"Guess who?" A boys voice asked.
"Zaaann... what are you doing?" Eliza answered.
"Coming to see you, my new training pal" He answered.
"Not for another six months. But yeah. I'm training. I don't know how Dad got your Dad to say yes." Eliza commented.
"Neither... but Predita convinced him." Zan answered.
"Predita...." Eliza whispered.
"Strange one aye?" Zan stated.
"What? Yeah.... spose." Eliza answered.
"Anyway, I just came to see how your first lesson was and say I'm glad for you. Oh, and warn you that Vilandra is getting suspicious... you better tell her soon..." Zan said.
"Thank you Zan. Thank you for everything." Eliza answered. She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around him. Zan looked down at the girl, and lightly kissed her hair.
"Your welcome." Zan answered loudly before pulling out of the embrace and giving her a kiss on the cheek.
"See you 'round Eliza." He said.
"Yeah, see you." Eliza whispered.
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Exhausted from the days work, Zan lay his head down on his desk. His head was thumping, his eyes were blurry and all Zan wanted to do was go back to his chambers and sleep. Yet duty called and there was still work to be done. The rebellion in Trathor was calming, thank the fates, but there was still work to be done to ensure peace for a while longer. It wouldn't be permanent peace - his dreams were telling him otherwise. Zan thought of his dreams the night before, the absolute pain and irony of being killed by the blade. No fancy weapons or cunning plans were going to end him. He couldn't help but laugh.

"Zan? What bothers you?" Dalis Lenox asked. Dalis had been sitting on the opposite side of the desk for some time now, when the King had slipped into an exhausted revere, Dalis had let him dream for a while. The King was obviously drained. Zan looked up at Dalis, and for once, considered telling the truth. Dalis was loyal - there was no point not to.. Looking up with a deep frown on his face, the King spoke.
"My dreams. They haunt me." The King answered, speaking as though all was explained by this statement. Puzzled, Dalis wondered for the hundredth time just what was going on in the royal family.
"How? They are just dreams, they have no power over you." Dalis answered.
"My friend, if only it was that simple." Zan laughed.
"Why shouldn't it be that simple. Dreams have no power unless you submit to them." Dalis reasoned.
"You do not know the legend, do you?" Zan questioned.
"There are many legends surrounding the House of Antar Zan. Enlighten me." He answered.
"The fates impart upon the House of Antar a rare gift. All in the house of Antar have the gift of foresight. Only the heir to the throne inherits the gift strongly, through dreams of the future. Occasionally, those of great significance to the future of the throne will have traces of the gift - that is, at least what Predita tells me. I have never met anyone other than my son who has had the dreams." Zan stated.
Dalis was stunned. Dreams, predictions of the future. An alarm bell rang in his head. Eliza. Her dreams.
"This gift, is passed on only through royal blood?" Dalis questioned.
"Yes - with the odd, very rare exception." Zan confirmed. "There is something strange about my latest dreams though..." He continued.
"What is that?" Dalis asked, half listening and half pondering the new information he had received.
"The dreams have changed - I still die, but there are different people there. Two years ago, when I dreamt, my whole family died. Now, at least it only seems to be myself..." Zan said. "It upsets Ava though. She hates to see my death. At least now, she doesn't have to see Zan and Vilandra killed as well." He continued.
"Why does Ava dream? She has no royal blood. Her only tie to the House of Antar is through you." Dalis questioned.
"Life mates share dreams, and in times of great importance, can take on the gifts of foresight for themselves. Ava has seen things that I have not, and I have seen things that she has not witnessed. Together we plan, and hope for the best." Zan answered.
"Oh.." Dalis whispered, quite stunned.
"We were right. She belongs where she is." Zan said cryptically.
"What do you speak of?" Dalis asked, confused.
"Eliza." Zan answered.
"Why? What makes you sure now?" He asked.
"My family no longer dies. She saves them." Zan answered.
"We have placed her on the right path. Eliza will save the House." A resolute Zan answered.
With a confused, bewildered look on his face, Dalis stood. "You must excuse me Zan, I have to leave. There are urgent matters to discuss with my wife." Dalis stated.
"Shara?" Zan asked.
"Yes, I will tell you later, hopefully. Right now, I need more information. I have a feeling we will find it in her." Dalis answered before leaving the room.

Vilandra walked stormily though the main courtyard, fighting a battle within her head. Should she confront Eliza or not? It was so unfair that she was being kept out of the loop. Zan knew... she was sure of it. Just as she was walking past the fountain in the middle of the courtyard, Vilandra felt a stone hit her shoulder. Whipping around to face the direction she saw Rath, looking just as disgruntled and stormy as she felt.
"Watch it." Vilandra bit.
"Woo look who's got their feathers rumpled." Rath smirked at her.
"Look who's talking. You don't exactly look cheery either." Vilandra retorted.
"Where's your sidekick?" Rath asked.
"Don't know. Where's Zan?" Vilandra replied.
"Don't know. Not his keeper." Rath answered harshly.
"Probably together..." Vilandra stated shortly.
"Probably. She's gonna totally ruin his focus you know." Rath answered.
"Ruin his focus for what?" Vilandra asked confusedly.
"Ooooh! Little Lizzie hasn't let you in on the big secret yet! Has she?" Rath jeered
"What? Am I the only one not to know what's going on here?" Vilandra yelled belligerently.
"No." A voice came from behind her. Vilandra turned around to the voice - it was Zan.
"Who doesn't know?" Vilandra asked.
Zan thought for a second. He had only said no to keep Eliza and Vilandra out of each others hair. He didn't want them fighting. Now he needed an excuse.
"Well, actually, most people know now. But Father asked Eliza not to tell you until later. That is why she hasn't told you yet. Its not her fault." Zan justified.
"Why not? Why couldn't she tell me?" Vilandra asked.
"Because he didn't want you doing the same thing as I did." Eliza answered, walking up besides Zan.
"Anything you can do, I can do too! What's to stop me?" Vilandra answered.
"Its one thing to let a female start military training when her father has a history with the forces and she has a calling by the fates, its completely different to train a Princess who is second in line for the throne." Zan answered.
"Oh this is rich! Don't tell me your backing her on this Zan! Your my brother!" Vilandra yelled.
"Oh come on Vilandra! Its not like you'd ever want to train anyway. We all know that the physical stuff isn't your forte." Zan answered.
"Yeah, think of all the broken nails." Rath stated with a smirk, then regretting it as both Eliza and Vilandra whacked him on the head.
"Ouch. Can't you two girls do anything apart? Is this what the issue is?" Rath laughed at them, egging them on for another rise. Just as Eliza and Vilandra were raising their hands to give Rath another whack, they looked at each other. Vilandra's bottom lip began to wobble as she saw the look on Eliza's face, and in a split second, both the girls were in hysterics.
"Typical. Girls." Rath spat. "Come on Zan, lets get out of here."

Shara sat on a couch in the sitting room, quietly reading a book. Hearing a slamming door she looked up to see Dalis come rushing into the room. Standing, she went over to greet him.
"Dalis, my love. What brings you home at this hour?"
"Eliza. She is dreaming. She dreams of the future." Dalis answered shortly.
"Well, that is no real surprise. I remember when Ava began to dream... she was quite shocked until Zan explained it to her. I suppose this proves that she is the fates choice for Zan." Shara reasoned.
"You knew about this?" Dalis asked incredulously.
"Well, yes. It was kind of obvious, living in the same house and all.." Shara answered, still clueless as to the direction of this questioning.
"Unbelievable. Do you know that our daughter has been dreaming of the death of the King for the last year?" Dalis asked.
"That the King has been dreaming of the same things, and no doubt, so has Prince Zan?"
"I can't believe you didn't tell me..."
"There was no need to! I never knew that Eliza would experience the dreams! Ava didn't have any until she was nearly eighteen! We were not even one hundred percent sure that Eliza was destined. My dreams had passed by the time I met you, there was no need to discuss them with you..." Shara answered, fading away as she realized what she had said.
"YOUR DREAMS?" Dalis yelled.
"Um. I think that, maybe, I've said a little bit too much..." Shara answered.
"How do you explain this? You are not the life mate of a royal? You are not a descendant of royal blood... are you?" Dalis questioned.
"I honestly don't know Dalis. Predita told me that some people receive foresight as a gift from the fates if they have something specific to achieve in their life. But I don't know my family lineage - you know that." Shara answered.
Calming down, Dalis began to see reason. Sitting down on the couch he put his head into his hands and prayed for some clarity. There was just so much new information...
"I know, I'm sorry for being so angry. Its just so confusing." He said.
"You don't know how many times I have wished I knew who my parents were." Shara whispered, sitting down besides her husband. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier."
"My Fathers brother." A voice said from the corner of the room.
"Zan?" Dalis questioned.
"I thought you must be coming back here to quiz Shara. Ava told me that she dreams too. It took a long time to uncover the truth, but I eventually found out. Ava wanted to tell you Shara, but I was warned against it." Zan told them.
"Can you tell me now Zan? I want to know who they were." Shara pleaded.
"When my Father was twenty, his younger Brother fell in love with a girl who was our Sisters attendant. The match was, of course, frowned up on with great fury and my Uncle was betrothed to another as a way of stopping the relationship. However, they continued to meet and by the time they were found out, it was too late." Zan answered.
"Too late?" Dalis asked.
"The girl was pregnant. After much debate, it was agreed that the girl would live in the palace, with a permanent income. When the time came for you to born, my Uncle had been married off to his betrothed. Your mother left her legacy and died of heartbreak." Zan concluded silently. "There are things my family has done in the past that I am not proud of Shara. The treatment of You and Your Mother is one of them."
"How did I end up with Ava's family?" Shara asked.
"After the girl died - I'm sorry I wasn't able to find her name... My Grandfather attempted to find a suitable family. He chose Ava's family through the guidance of a seer - before Predita's time. He knew that her family would keep the royal confidence and not tell of where the child came from, and that she would be bought up in court so she would still have some contact with her family. I think, that he also knew that Ava was my destined. He ensured that you would have good contacts for later life..." Zan answered.
"So my Mother is dead. But what of my Father?" Shara questioned.
"He also, has passed. After the loss of your mother, and his marriage, he lost his drive... his will. He served in the military and was killed in battle some years later." Zan answered.
"I have no one left?" Shara whispered.
"You have your Husband and your Daughter, and many friends. You have the Lenox family - all of whom adore you, or so the court gossip goes... and now you have my family as well. You're not alone Shara. You never were." Zan answered.
"Thank you Zan. Thank you for telling me." Shara answered, weeping.
"I thought it was now time. Eliza will get stronger. Her strength in foresight can not all be explained by her link with Zan. So far, from the information I can extract out of Zan and Predita, they haven't had any shared dreams yet. These visions of late are mostly because of her importance and her blood." Zan told Shara and Dalis.
"So I guess, there is no denying the importance of Zan and Eliza now?" Shara questioned.
"No. They will shape the future of Antar. I am praying that they will succeed where I will fail." Zan answered somberly.

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"There has been a most unorthodox move, my Lord." A man silently reported.
"What are you talking of soldier?" The voice from the speaker asked.
"The girl. She has began training with the royal arms man - David. Word has it, that in six months she will be training with Zan and Rath." The man answered.
"She is training? No woman enters the armed forces! That is against the custom of Antarian military.... no women are permitted to fight!" The voice answered enraged.
"I thought you were a liberal Sir. Are you not for new innovations?" He asked.
"That is insubordination soldier. Watch your mouth." The voice ordered harshly.
"Sorry Sir. But a girl. She does not hold any threat anyway. Women are weak, not vessels made for fighting."
There was silence for a while.. "No. That is where you are wrong. I have information that tells me otherwise. It is in the genetics soldier. She will thrive. I know it." The voice answered.
"But surely this proves the rumors wrong. The King would not permit the future Queen to fight... would he?" The soldier questioned.
"No. You are right. There is hope for Tessah yet." The voice answered.
"You will succeed my Lord. I will see to it." The soldier stated.
"I expect you to be right soldier. That is all." The voice concluded.
"Thank you my Lord. Over and out." At that moment, two men, worlds away, switched their communication devices off. As one man walked back to his observation post, the other sits in his office chair.
"What are you planning Zan? Where is your direction in this call?" K'var pondered aloud.


*Two years later*

Vilandra walked thought the courtyard until she found Rath. He was sitting on the edge of the fountain looking particularly glum.
"So she bet you did she?" Vilandra asked, smirking.
"Shut it." Rath answered gruffly.
"Does it annoy you that she's better than both you and Zan combined?" Vilandra kept digging. She knew that Rath was annoyed.
"She's a girl. Of course she's going to be better than us with the mental stuff." Rath said, trying to justify his defeat.
"Its hardly just mental...." Vilandra commented, before seeing his glare. "But I'm not going to argue with you ...." she continued. She'd given him enough problems for the moment. As it was he was going to face more embarrassment tonight at the Ball.... Eliza's victory was bound to come up.
"Yeah. Whatever." Rath answered. He was thinking of the ball. The general was going to be there. What would the man think of Zan and himself being bet by a girl?


"Remember to greet everyone how I've taught you. Please don't forget your manners Zan - not tonight." Avaria pleaded with her son. "That goes for you too Rath!" She added, noting the sniggering boy in the corner.
"Yes Mum" Zan sighed.
"Make sure you circulate both of you. Zan, I don't want to see you dancing with Eliza all night. You need to be seen as approachable by all." Avaria continued her lecture.

By Avaria's side, King Zan stood smiling. The night had come for Zan to formally presented to the court. It was not as if all the court hadn't met him already, but this night was a formality, an event that is anticipated by all of society. One was not true nobility unless they held the coveted invite. The little piece of paper asking them to attend the presentation of the heir to the Antarian throne in their thirteenth year. Tonight would be memorable for all. Past and present disagreements were set aside for one night of celebration. Glancing over at his son again, he felt a moment of sadness. Both him and Rath were growing up so fast. It was only five years until they would be taking on their formal duties. Zan looked so nervous, as did Rath. They both looked on the edge, as if they were getting ready to jump into a pit of snakes. Sighing deeply, he addressed his son.

"You'll be fine. Just be yourself and remember what you're mothers told you." He spoke.
"Thanks Dad." Zan answered, feeling just a little more relaxed.
"Where is my daughter?" King Zan asked, smiling.
"She is in her room dear, but she should be ready soon." Avaria answered him.

As Ava finished her sentence, King Zan sensed movement near the door of his daughters chambers. Moving through the doors were his daughter, looking stunning in her first 'grown up' dress, and an equally stunning, but totally out of character, Eliza.

"Eliza, how wonderful to see you looking so beautiful in that dress!" Avaria said, excited at the transformation her maids had accomplished.
"My god, she looks like a girl!" Rath snickered, earning himself a elbow from Zan.
Eliza blushed, looking around the room. Everyone was staring at her.
"Thank you, I think." Eliza answered, unsure of herself. Her eyes landed on Zan... her Zan looking so blank. Her lip trembled... maybe he didn't like it.
Zan was mesmerized. She looked so different. Training with Eliza every day seemed to dull the fact that she was a girl, but it all came back to him now. She was beautiful. Refocusing on Eliza, he saw her trembling, and her eyes starting to well up.... he realized that he'd been staring at her... had not said anything.
"Oh...." Zan answered... then blushed at his lack of vocabulary. "You look..... wow.... I think not dancing with you all night is going to be a harder promise to keep than I originally thought.." He stated to Eliza, who in turn blushed even deeper.
"all right... enough Romeo. We all know you spend too much time drooling as it is - probably why we lost during training today..." Rath admonished him.
"Shut it Rath." Vilandra ordered. "Anyway, shouldn't you be focusing on me here?" Vilandra asked, thinking she had been patient for long enough.
"Why of course!! But you always do dear..." Avaria answered.
Vilandra smiled. She was satisfied. Attention was back where it should be.
"Well, if you'll excuse me, I have to return to my parents. I can hardly enter the ball with the royal family can I?" Eliza excused herself.
"Well why not?" King Zan questioned.
"It... it is hardly appropriate your highness.... I am merely the daughter of a Lord." Eliza answered, confused as to why Zan was even asking.
"But you are family.. Vilandra sees you as a sister, we all see you as family. To Zan, you are worth just as much as family.. this is his presentation, I am sure we would love to share it with you...?" The king answered, directing the last question to his son.
"Yes.... yes Eliza, please stay with us..." The younger Zan asked.
"I am not sure Zan.... it is hardly my place..." Eliza argued.
"But he wishes it so. Do not argue tonight Eliza.." Ava pleaded. "Guard. Send word to the Lenox family that Eliza will be entering with the Royal family and they should proceed to the ballroom." She ordered, making the decision final.


Surrounded by the usual faces, K'var stood in the corner of the ballroom, waiting for the royal family to arrive. Even with the somewhat tense relations between Antar and Trathor, this was one event he was not going to miss. An opportunity for his young daughter to make an impression on the young Prince Zan. Zan was being presented to the court tonight, which meant that he was now old enough to marry. A match would have to be made soon.... the time was ripe.

"He's done it anyway.." Lord Lenox fumed, pacing back and forth behind his wife.
"What... who are you talking about Dalis?" Shara Lenox questioned.
"Zan... Eliza.... the entrance...." Lenox answered, too enraged to answer in sentences.
"So Eliza is entering with her friends, whom just happen to be royalty... everyone will get over it." Shara brushed the issue off.
Lenox laughed. Oh to be so naive about the situation.
"No, my dear, you don't understand. The only people to enter with the Royal family are their consorts. Rath enters with Vilandra... tonight, our King has all but literally betrothed our daughter." Lenox explained.
"Oh." Shara answered, somewhat put back.
"Yes, oh is right" Lenox stated.
"But, forgive me Dalis, but wasn't this going to happen eventually anyway? Admittedly we didn't want her betrothed, it is rather a primitive device. But they are destined." Shara reasoned.
"Yes, but that is not the point. Zan promised me Shara. Zan promised not to betroth them, not to push them together too early. After this, in the eyes of the court, the decision of Eliza's future will be made." Lenox stormed, his anger building as he smacked his hand down on a table nearby.
Shara looked around and saw her husband was beginning to draw attention to himself.
"Dalis, my love, calm down for a moment and think. You are making an awful scene about something that was going to happen anyway. Contain yourself and start acting like the advisor you are." Shara chastised him.
Taken back by his wife's blunt answer, Lord Lenox took a deep breath.
"Very well, we will let this drop for tonight. But don't blame me for what will come after tonight. I can guarantee you that this was not a wise decision on the part of our King." Lenox conceded.


It was only a small time later that the room was bought to a standstill with the opening chords of the Antarian anthem. All in the room stood to attention as the large guild doors opened to reveal the Royal family. A path was cleared and as the anthem strode on victoriously, the family entered. As they passed, the court simultaneously gasped and bowed.

Hearing the gasps from closer to the entrance, Lord Lenox knew that his feelings had been confirmed. The court was seeing the inclusion of Eliza in the royal procession as a formal announcement. Around him he saw people craning their necks. He looked down and prayed that the repercussions for this act would not be too great.

The startled gasps were heard by another member of court. Surrounded by his personal guards he looked up to see what was causing all the noise. His eyes darkened and his face scowled as he saw the young girl. The soldier was to be a Queen.
Noting his discomfort, one of his guards tuned to him.
"Is something the matter my lord?" He asked.
Silence answered him.
"My lord? Do you need someone to help you?" The guard asked, now concerned for his Lords health... the mans face was getting more and more purple.
"Bring the King's servant Lazerith to me." K'var ordered.

"My Lord." The servant greeted K'var
"Soldier. Did you see the abomination?" K'var asked.
"The girl entering with our future King?" He asked.
"Yes. This stops now." K'var ordered.
"How?" The soldier asked.
"She is a threat to Tessah's chances." K'var stated.
"She is a girl training to be a soldier with Rath and the Prince. Who knows whether it is what we think." The soldier tried to justify King Zan's actions.
"No. Look around you. She dances with him now. If nothing is done, we will see her on the throne. Nobody of such impure blood should hold that title." K'var seethed.
"What would you have me do?" The soldier asked.
"Kill her."
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With one hand holding Eliza's hand high and the other gently guiding her back, Zan glanced around the room in wonder.
"There are so many people here" He whispered.
"The scary thing is Zan, they're all here because of you." Eliza said to him.
"Don't remind me." Zan grimaced.
"Are you scared?" Eliza asked shyly.
"No." Zan answered quickly. Eliza looked at him, smiling secretly. She knew the truth already. "Well, yes, I suppose. A little bit. They all expect so much from me. I'm only thirteen." He admitted.
"Well, I'm only ten, but that hasn't stopped me from getting in over my head!" Eliza exclaimed.
"What do you mean by that?" Zan questioned.
"Well, I'm the only female to ever be trained for the Antarian Military. How's that for a start? Add to that the fact that I have just entered an official function with the royal family, I'd say I'm entitled to feel a little out of my depth." Eliza answered him.
"What do you mean by entering with us being a big deal?" Zan asked confused.
"Honestly! Don't you ever listen to your tutors? The only people to enter with the royal family are the royal family. Its an exclusive deal. Enter with them and you're part of the family." Eliza answered, exasperated.
"Well, Vonnie thinks of you as her sister. You are tutored with us, you live in our palace. That's good enough." Zan justified, although he was beginning to get a feeling....
"No, you really don't get it. This is a formal occasion. I'd have to related by blood..."
"..or marriage..." Zan finished her sentence.
"exactly..." Eliza sighed.
Zan looked Eliza in the eyes and thought for a second. Was it really true? Was that why his father had made Eliza enter with him tonight? Maybe there was another reason... a plot, something....
"Do you get the feeling we've just been betrothed?" Zan asked with a hint of fear in his voice.
"Maybe. Maybe not. It's probably what everyone here thinks..." Eliza answered.
"Does this bother you?" Zan questioned her.
"Yes." Eliza answered.
"Oh...." Zan sighed, with a look of hurt flashing across his face.
"Oh! No! Not that way silly!" She grinned at Zan. "I'd just like to have been asked first, that's all..." She justified herself.
"Yeah, well. Just be thankful you have more choice than Vonnie and Rath." Zan stated, glancing over at his sister and his best friend. He laughed. One moment they were the best of friends and the next moment they were fighting. Who knew what would become of the pair.
"Vonnie likes him.... he's just.. frustrating." Eliza commented.
"Rath likes her. I remember he always used to side with her when we were fighting. It was like he felt the need to protect her. I don't know what changed. Or maybe he just hides it better now." Zan answered.
"Well either way, I think, that if eventually they really detested each other, your father wouldn't make they follow through with the betrothal. He may be old fashioned, but he's not that bad. I hope..." Eliza answered, thinking of her friend.
"If we are, you know.... betrothed. I wouldn't want to... well, get married for quite a few years yet..." Zan stammered.
"Oh yeah!! Of course.. We still have compulsory training to do, I want to study still. I will need to complete my active duty...." Eliza agreed eagerly, thinking of all the things she was planning for her future.
"Good." Zan said smiling... "Nice to know we're on the same page." He whispered happily before continuing to dance Eliza around the ballroom.


King Zan sat in an alcove of the ball room smiling. To his right he saw his son, dancing with his intended with a grin on his glowing face that would shame the suns, to his left, his Wife chatted and laughed with her friends, enjoying the company of her court friends, and all around him various members of society were putting aside their differences and celebrating, if only for one night. The night was going perfectly. The look on the courts face when she entered with his family... Zan laughed remembering it. But it was all for good reason.... all planned. Glancing around again, he caught the eye of K'var, looking mightily put out, then continued further around and saw the general heading towards him.

General Morgeth walked towards his King wondering whether anyone was safe. As he came to where King Zan sat, he bowed slightly, but remained standing, weary of the surroundings.

"Ah General, I trust things are well?" Zan asked cryptically.
"As well as one can be..." He answered, just waiting for the guests surrounding the King to catch the hint. Their presence was no longer wanted.
"Would you join me in my office, there is something I need to discuss with you urgently.." Zan asked, realizing that matters needed to be discussed in privacy.
"Yes, Your Highness." The general replied, thankful that he would not have to wait any longer.
Zan stood and looked around his guests. "You will excuse us now, there are matters that need to be attended to." He stated quickly before taking his leave with the general.

As they walked though the clusters of people towards the exit, General Morgeth saw the young prince and his friends dancing boisterously. The girl was with them, dancing as though she had no cares at all.
"She's a cracker that one..." King Zan stated, noting where the general was looking.
"That she is, although I'm still not sure about her future with the military, Zan..." He stated reluctantly.
"She will train general, and that is an order." Zan stated. "Besides, have you not seen the latest reports? She has caught up with Zan and Rath in their training, and today, I do believe, the boys lost to her in tactical training." He added, his tone more friendly.
"Well, that's an interesting twist! How unexpected!" The general exclaimed, slightly befuddled.
"Not totally unexpected.." Zan answered cryptically.
"Well of course Lenox has his fair share of military prowess, but hardly something to write home about. Shara's family, well that really is a mystery." General Morgeth rationalized.
"Both Eliza's grandfathers were great warriors. She has their spirit and has inherited their skills." Zan answered as he reached the end of the long corridor and waited for his servant to open the door.
"Both?" The General questioned.
"Both." Zan answered with a tone suggesting finality. There were to be no more discussions on the seemingly questionable background of Lady Shara Lenox. The door opened, and shut behind the King and his general. It was now safe to talk.


She looked out over the marble floor searching for his face. After a few minutes of searching she found him. The brown haired boy who had entered behind the King.

"Prince Zan." She whispered.

Studying the boy, she still couldn't believe that she had got the identity of the Prince wrong the last time she was present at a royal function. She had thought that the young regent Rath was the Prince. She remembered spending the night wooing the blonde haired boy, but more than that, she remembered the reaction of her father. She remembered the scorching cheeks, the bruise on her arm that took weeks to heal.

She was entranced by the Prince. Her father had said they were destined. She was to become Queen. But somewhere along the line, things must have been mixed up. Here was her future husband, entering, dancing and proclaiming his intentions towards another girl. The whispers around her said that the girls name was Eliza Lenox. Only heir to Lord Lenox. Daddy didn't have anything nice to say about Lord Lenox... or his wife.

Now wasn't the time to think though, now was the time to act.


"Zan." Eliza whispered.
"Yeah..." He answered.
"Who is that girl?" Eliza asked, indicating at the girl walking towards them.
"Lady Tessah, the daughter of K'var." Zan answered, his voice souring at the mention of K'var.
"K'var? Zan, she's been staring at us for ages..." Eliza murmured.
"Shh... she's coming over."
"Prince Zan. I do believe you've been dancing with one girl for far too long." Tessah lightly accused him.
"Tessah. Welcome. I do believe I have been dancing with Eliza for quite some time, but I am enjoying myself here..." Zan answered.
"Oh come Zan, share yourself around!" Tessah exclaimed as she grabbed his arm, pulling him over to her.
"Well.... OK... I spose." Zan answered shyly.
As he was pulled away he turned to give Eliza a glance... it screamed 'I'm sorry' and 'get me out of here'. But Eliza knew Tessah was right. Zan had been dancing with her for too long. He needed to do what his mother told him. "circulate" Eliza whispered, imitating Avaria's voice. Sighing deeply Eliza searched the room for a familiar face to talk to. Looking into the corner of the room, her face lit up. She began to make her way through the crowds....

"Predita!" Eliza greeted the old woman.
"Eliza, my little princess! Where is your usual attachment?" Predita asked the young girl.
"My what?" Eliza questioned.
"Zan? Where is Zan?" Predita clarified.
"Oh... he's dancing with this girl." Eliza answered, feeling just a little bit jealous.
"Another girl? Well who is it?" Predita asked.
"Well, that's an interesting turn." Predita sighed.
"Hmfph. I don't like her. She was staring at us." Eliza answered gruffly.
"Well she was probably just thinking about what she missed out on." Predita justified.
"Missed out on?" Eliza questioned.
"It was thought by many, before you came, that Tessah and Zan may be betrothed as part of a peace settlement. Like the joining of two powers, a political reconsiliation." Predita explained.
"She still wants him." Eliza stated.
"Why do you say that?" Predita asked.
"I just felt it. She looked like she wanted him to keep. I don't like her." Eliza repeated.
"That's OK. Zan doesn't like her either." Predita said confidently.
"Really?" Eliza asked joyously.
"Really." Predita answered... smiling at the girls concern.


"Did it work?" King Zan asked as he offered a seat to his general.
"Well it certainly did cause a fuss. That's what everyone is talking about in the ball room. Lord Lenox is fuming like a mad bull about not being consulted on the betrothal of his daughter. He actually stated you would regret this." General Morgeth answered.
"Stop procrastinating... how did K'var take it?" Zan asked, only slightly worried by the generals statement about Lord Lenox.
"With his typical flair and style." The general answered gruffly.
"That would be?" Zan questioned.
"Anger, fury... then calling in one of his minions to kill Lord Lenox's daughter." The general answered, feeling quite weary at the prospect.
"Kill her??" Zan yelled.
"Well yes. Not quite the reaction we were hoping from with him, but we now know who at least one of his spy's are." General Morgeth answered, fearful as to the Kings response.
"Who is it?" The King asked, is fury mounting.
"Lazerith." The general answered.
"He's dead. The stupid boy should never have crossed me." Zan stated.
"We need to let him continue further. Get him good. Let him hang himself." The general countered.
"Risk her life? Oh Lenox is going to love that one!" Zan began to yell.
"Dalis Lenox doesn't have to know." General Morgeth stated firmly. "Nobody needs to know."

"Nobody needs to know what?" A voice asked from the doorway. Noticing the shock of the general and his King, the man justified his presence. "Your servant said there was an emergency meeting being held. I assumed you required my attendance as well."

King Zan sighed.
"Dalis. You were right. This has blown up in my face."
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I'm glad that Zan has no interest in Tessah. But she will become a pain in the royal ass I'm sure. It's what she does so well.

Yup... Tessah's always screwin it up... but ya gotta feel sorry for the girl.

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Predita glanced round the room. There was a strange undercurrent of suspicion though the room. Every person here may be pretending to be friends, but the reality was slightly different. Tonight, alliances were being made and broken.... the fates were urging it, warning of it, carrying their plans through. But something had gone wrong. Her bones ached with the feeling, with premonition of an evil force working.

"So you see Predita, I would be honored if you would read for my daughter before she is wed." The woman asked. Predita had tuned out with the feelings surrounding her and suddenly she realized how rude she was being.
"I am sorry My Lady, but it seems the fates require me to stay with the royal family at present. There are matters calling my attention. Would you excuse me?" Predita stated abruptly.
Shocked, the woman answered quickly. "Of course, but when you are free, please have someone contact me. I do so wish for my daughter to have the chance to have her future mapped..."

It seemed that Predita barely stood still for the gentlewoman to finish her sentence before she crept though the room. Brushing though the room she passed gentlemen, nobles and peers - but this was not where the fates were pulling her to.. Following her intuition, Predita headed towards the kitchens where servants where bringing out food. As she moved though the grand entrance, a force swept over her, and she swayed so violently her hand barely touched the door frame before she fell to the floor.

"Bring the Kings servant Lazerith to me."
"My Lord."
"Soldier. Did you see the abomination?"
"What would you have me do?"
"Kill her."

"Lady Eliza?"
"I have a message for you from my Lord."
"Your lord? What is it?"
"Have a nice eternity."

The voice that spoke was saturated with malice, and as he ended his message he pulled his weapon....
*end flash*

Slowly opening her eyes, Predita trembled in fear. Around her were many faces, none of them the one she wanted to see.
"Eliza..." She whispered.
"Predita, what is wrong? Do you need something?" A man asked. Looking at him closely, she recognized the face.
"Eliza! Shara.... Bring Lady Lenox to me please! Please!"
The man glanced at the woman. She was obviously upset about something. It was Predita, the seer. Perhaps there were greater things afoot? He turned to his son...
"Larek. Go fetch Lady Shara Lenox, she is in the far corner with the Queen. Quickly!"
The boy departed quickly and Predita gained a little balance. Sitting up, with her head against the door frame she turned to look at the man.
"Thank you. The fates will smile upon you." She said with a small smile.
"I will not ask what is wrong. But do allow me to stay with you until the fates restore you." The man pleaded.
"You are a kind man Lord Salis. Thank you for your offer." Predita answered.

Glancing back into the ballroom, Lord Salis saw Lady Lenox making her way quickly though the ballroom to where Predita sat. As the woman neared, Lord Salis felt the need to remove himself from close proximity, and allow the women some privacy.

"Predita! Predita! What is wrong? Larek said you had collapsed!" Shara exclaimed as she reached the woman's side.
"Do not worry yourself about me, my child. The fates have sent me a warning, and now you must heed it." Predita stated.
"What? What must I do?" Lady Lenox asked.
"Find Eliza. She is in danger. Take her up to your room and don't come out until your husband comes to you." Predita ordered.
"What is wrong? What has happened?" Shara asked, confused.
"There is no time to talk Shara. Lord Salis!" She summoned the man back to her side.
"How can I be of help?" Lord Salis asked. The look in the young woman's eyes sent a shiver down his spine. Pure fear lived there.
"Help Lady Lenox find her daughter. Then escort them up to their suite. Do not allow them to stop for anyone." Predita ordered severely.
Lord Salis nodded and held out his hand to aid Lady Lenox.
"Larek." The lord called as he helped the Lady stand.
"Yes father." Larek answered.
"Do you know Lady Eliza? Where is she?" Lord Salis asked.
"She is with Zan." Larek answered.
"Find her. Bring here back here as soon as you can." Lord Salis ordered.

Larek glanced around the room. He was beginning to feel like a messenger boy. Any other night and this would offend him, but tonight, there seemed to be a higher power at work, willing him to cooperate. After a few moments he spied Eliza, with Zan as he expected. A small scow passed across his face. Zan could have anyone he wanted. Lady Tessah, Lady Eliza... both among the most beautiful young women in court. But now was not the time to dwell on his misfortunes. He was nearing them.

"Prince Zan. Lady Eliza." Larek addressed them both with a slight nod of the head.
"Larek. What brings you over here?" Zan asked.
"I have come to take Eliza to her mother." Larek answered the Prince.
"Why?" Zan asked, annoyance tainting his voice.
"I am not sure why. Predita fell and called Eliza's mother over. The next moment my father is ordering me to retrieve Eliza immediately. I know nothing other than that." Larek answered.
"Predita fell?" Eliza questioned.
"Yes. She was walking out of the room and the next second she was on the floor. She seems very upset about something." Larek answered.
"Zan, I had better go and see what's going on." Eliza said apologetically. She pulled away from Zan reluctantly and walked over to Larek.
"Can you take me to my mother Larek?" Eliza asked.
"Certainly." Larek answered.
As they walked away, Zan looked at the pair. Now he knew how Eliza had felt as he danced with Tessah. Feeling just a little bit jealous, Zan ran to catch up with Larek and Eliza.
"We'll both go." Zan said, grasping at Eliza's hand.

"Mother. What's wrong?" Eliza asked as she arrived where Predita and her mother sat.
"There isn't enough time to tell you what's happened Eliza. But we have to leave now." Shara answered.
"Why? What's happened? What does this have to do with Predita?" Eliza questioned.
"I've just been given a vision from the fates. You need to get out of the ballroom before anything happens. Trust me now and I'll explain it later. Please Eliza... for everyone's good." Predita answered.
"All right. Ok... where are we to go?" Eliza asked.
"You need to get to your suite straight away, my lady. Larek and I will ensure the safety of yourself and your mother." A man answered for Predita.
"We shall leave now then." Lady Shara stated.
"Wait." Zan called.
"What do you want Prince Zan?" Lord Salis asked.
Walking over to Eliza, he stood close to her side.
"Let me come with you." He asked Eliza.
Eliza smiled shyly at him. He was acting so lovingly. But now wasn't the time.
"No Zan. You can't. People would notice you missing from your own ball." Eliza answered softly.
"Your right. I can't go. Stay safe. Please." Prince Zan agonized.
With that, the Lenox women turned to walk down the long corridor to their suite, flanked by Lord Salis and his son.


"Zan. Help a poor old woman off the floor?" Predita asked lightly.
"Of course Predita." Zan smiled, offering his hand for the old lady. As he grasped her hand, he felt waves of fear rippling off the woman. Something was severely wrong. Something life threatening.
"I have to go now Zan. I need to speak to your father urgently. Do you happen to know where he is?" Predita asked.
"I think he is in his office with the general and Lord Lenox." Zan answered absently.
"Thank you Zan. I will explain this all to you soon. But right now I have to see your Father." Predita said, walking away as she talked.
Zan looked around him. He was all alone.
"Well, I suppose I should try and find Rath then..." Zan whispered to himself, baffled by what had just happened.


Eliza shivered at the sound of the eerie footsteps their group made, shattering the silence of the marble corridors. She felt her hair stand up on the back of her neck at the way her mother grasped at her arm, as though she was scared of loosing her. What had her further concerned was these two strangers who had taken it upon themselves to take up bodyguard stance either side of herself and her mother. As they reached the end of the long corridor and were faced with the large door that served as the entrance to her family's suites they stopped, and yet again Eliza was startled by the military like proceedings. Lord Selis and his son went to the door and opened it slightly. They checked the entrance then walked in each one taking a protective stance in front of a Lenox woman.

"Everybody out. You are not to return until summoned by Lord Lenox." Lord Salis ordered to the servants that had been cleaning and preparing their suite for the night.

Eliza was stunned as one by one all their servants scurried out of the suite, looking quite frightened by the formidable old man who was standing in the middle of their living room. Feeling quite exhausted by all the confusion and bother, Eliza slumped down in one of the chairs, letting out a loud sigh. What, in the name of all the fates, was going on?

"If you would excuse me now, Lady Lenox, but I feel I may be needed by the King." Lord Selis stated.
"Of course. Thank you for you help Lord Selis. Do have someone come up soon though, and clear up this whole situation." Lady Lenox answered.

Before he left, Lord Selis pulled his son to the side of the room.
"I want you to stay here with Lady Lenox and Eliza. Don't let them out of your sight. I have a feeling that they are in a large amount of danger. I will talk to the general and see that he posts some guards at the door. No-one will enter the room. If they do, I trust you to protect yourself and the women." Lord Selis ordered severely.
"Yes father..." Larek answered obediently. He wasn't about to go anywhere. There was a feeling down in his bones that told him this was his duty. To protect his future Queen.


Lord Selis made his way to the Kings private offices. As he arrived at the door to the main office, he was startled to see Predita waiting at the door.
"What took you so long?" Predita asked.
"Servants. Had to remove them." Lord Selis grunted.
"Good idea. The man... he was a servant.." Predita mumbled.
"What man? Predita, I still don't know what is going on here!" Lord Selis exclaimed loudly.
"You will soon." Predita answered.
"Why are your waiting, why haven't you gone in if your news is so urgent?" Lord Selis asked.

"Your going to let a servant, who is working for our enemy, try and kill my daughter?!? An angry voice yelled. Lord Selis turned to Predita, startled that the voice was carrying so far out of the office. Whoever was yelling was pretty angry.

"Because they already know." Predita answered softly.
"Holy Shit." Lord Selis cursed.
"My thoughts precisely Lord Salis. Now shall we go in and help them sort this out, or leave them to fight?" Predita asked.

"So it never even entered your mind to ask for your advisors advice before entering into this hair brained sceme?" The voice yelled again.

"I am thinking, that our King will need all the help he can get." Lord Salis stated before moving to knock on the door. It was time finish this. Whatever this was.
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roswellluver originally wrote:
Good thing Perdita had her vision! Thanks for writing!

Thanks. Its nice to know someone is reading what im writing and not thinking its TOTAL crap. lol.
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this fic is great! Cant wait till they are all older!

Is that a hint to hurry up and grow them up? :lol: I'm getting a little sick of them being young too... theres only so much you can get away with... hehe. Needless to say, they will be doing a lot of growing up very soon. Big things are a foot.
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Hey guys. Here is the next part. Its longer than I usually write.. but I think its ok. Anyway you know the drill... feedback is very well appreciated... *happy*




He cursed the marble floors in all their opulence. The echoes and noises the floor made were not conducive to his mission. As he neared the end of the corridor and approached entrance to the Lenox suite, he felt the need to move off to the side, and spend a moment in reconisence. Just as the floors of the corridor were a curse to him, they were also his friend. The sound of a far off conversation carried well, and he crouched at the side to listen.

"You will guard these doors with your life. No one will enter, bar Lord Lenox, King Zan and myself. Am I understood?"
"Yes, Lord Salis."
"Very well. I will return to the King." Lord Salis stated, as he began to walk away.

"Curse Salis to the grave!" The man growled.
As Lord Salis grew closer, the man looked around him. There had to be some way out of this mess. If nothing was done, he would soon be very dead. Spying a door further back, he scurried to it and hid in the room until he heard the footsteps pass. Reaching into the pocket of his pants, he pulled out a small device. Dialing in a code, he lifted up the device to talk.

"It's a no go. Lord Salis has the guards on high alert." He whispered.
"They must have been tipped off. Who has the loose lips?" An angry voice replied.
"I am not sure my Lord. But unless we have a look-a-like of Lenox, Salis or the King, we will have no luck tonight." The man stated frankly.
"So be it then. I will contact someone." The voice answered.
"It will go ahead?" The man wondered aloud.
"Don't you worry about it. Just go back to your job and don't let anyone get suspicious." The voice admonished him.
"As you wish my Lord." The man answered, flicking off his transmitter.


K'var switched off his transmission device. Moving out of the quiet corner he had been in, he moved towards his soldier.

"Lazerith. You are required." K'var stated.
"What do you wish my lord?" Lazerith asked.
"You will shape shift into Lord Lenox. Get into the suite and eliminate her."
"Yes sire." Lazerith answered with a smirk.
"Leave me. Do not come back until you have succeeded." K'var ordered.

Lazerith turned and left the room. His eyes were glittering with the anticipation of a kill. This would be fun.


Eliza paced the length of the sitting room. She was so wired from the events of the night, there was no way she could manage to sit still. In a moment of desperation, she decided to go through the set combat positions. Positioning herself in the middle of the room, she started with the aggressive stances, moved through to neutral stances and was partially though her defensive stances when her concentration was broken by a loud laugh from the side of the room.

"May I ask you what you find funny?" Eliza asked.
"You." Larek answered, smiling and waiting for the bite to come.
"What is so funny about me?" Eliza questioned, feeling slightly irritated by the sheer guts of this man.
"You have your third defensive stance so wrong, you look like a strangled bird!" Larek laughed.
"Oh? I suppose you can do it better?" Eliza countered.
"Much." Larek answered before quickly shifting his hands and feet to construct the stance.
"Ah.." Eliza sighed, feeling dejected.
"Don't worry, it took me a long time to master it too." Larek answered reassuringly, feeling sorry for Eliza.
"Yeah, but it will take me forever." Eliza answered.
"Why do you push yourself so hard? You are still young, you have years to learn, years before you enter the forces." Larek questioned.
"You would work hard too if you were the first girl to train Every step of the training program, I have to prove to my trainers and to the generals that I am capable of doing this. Failure is not an option." Eliza answered.
"Well I suppose you have a point there. If you want to take it so seriously, do you want to know the trick?" Larek asked.
"Yeah, come on. I may as well know." Eliza replied.

Moving over to where Eliza was standing, Larek softly shifted the position of her limbs.
"The trick, is to shift your legs first..." Larek moved her feet. ".. and then, put your arms as though one was catching a ball, and the other throwing it at the same time..." Larek continued, pulling one hand into her chest, and pushing the other out.
"Oh... I hadn't though of that..." Eliza sighed.
"Yes, well..." Larek replied... noticing that he was still holding onto her arms. A wave of guilt ran through him and he dropped his hands and retreated back to the sofa.
"How long have you been training?" Eliza questioned, not even noticing the young mans awkward retreat.
"Seven years now." Larek answered.
"Wow. When do you enter the Antarian army for real?" She asked.
"Not until I turn twenty one. I will finish training at the end of this year, then study for three. My parents feel it is important to have academic knowledge as well as battle knowledge. I'm looking forward to learning more and fighting less." Larek answered.
"That is what my parents wish for me too. I will study with Vonnie at the College of Antar. As will Zan and Rath." She stated.
"You have it all planned out don't you?" Larek laughed.
"Doesn't everyone? I have all these things I am meant to achieve in this lifetime. There is no time to be indecisive." Eliza mused.
"Well, when you put it that way... I do believe you are right." Larek replied.

"Well I believe, young lady, that it is well past your bedtime.." Lady Lenox stated as she entered the room, smiling at the pose her daughter was holding. These combat positions are posing a real challenge for Eliza, she thought.
"But Mum...." Eliza whined.
"No buts. Go to bed and I'll send your father in when he gets home to say goodnight." Shara said, her voice indicating that there would be no arguments tonight.
"Fine." Eliza sulked.
She walked through the lounge to her bedroom door. Just before she entered she turned to smile at Larek.
"Thank you. It was nice talking to you tonight." She said.
"My pleasure." Larek answered softly.


Lady Shara Lenox paced beside the fireplace, growing more nervous as every minute passed. Her minds eye kept picturing Predita. With her face so drawn and shocked, Predita looked every one of her seventy years old. Shara frowned into the dying flames. Were promises her daughter being the future Queen of Antar worth all this heartache? Although the details of today's event were not clear, it was obvious there had been a threat to Eliza's security. In a matter of minutes, she had witnessed Lord Selis turn from a peer having a good time at his Kings ball, into a man of military thoughts, actions and aims. She hadn't missed the way herself and Eliza were guarded as they returned to their suits. Lord Selis and his Son had acted as bodyguards.

Looking over to Lady Lenox, Larek sighed.
"What do you think of, my lady?" Larek asked.
"Of my daughter." Lady Lenox replied, a small, reverent smile on her face.
"What about her?" Larek asked.
"I wonder about her safety. What has she done to deserve all this attention?" Shara questioned.
"She has courted the heart of our future King." Larek answered with a sigh.
"This was never meant to happen. Not so soon.." Shara whispered, turning away.
Larek wanted to ask why. But the look on Lady Lenox's face discouraged talking. Larek looked down, away from the sad face. If he didn't know better, he would think that Lady Shara was against the match of Eliza and Prince Zan. But surely that wasn't true?
"She is so young Larek." Shara sighed, turning to face the young man, with tears welling in her eyes.
"Not so young, my Lady. She has seen ten summers now. Some girls of her station have been wed already." Larek answered.
"Larek, my Husband was a member of the liberal faction in the United Worlds. He stood for progressive, modern views. Not old world betrothals of girls too young to know what marriage is really about." Lady Shara replied, a sharp tone slipping into her voice.
"Yes, but sometimes in war and politics, certain sacrifices must be made to ensure the safety of a cause greater than oneself." Larek countered.
"Spoken like a true soldier." Shara answered with a smile.
"That I am. I serve my King with pride. When the time comes, I will serve Prince Zan and his Princess with the same pride." Larek stated with a strong voice.
"My daughter and son in law may are lucky then. Thank you Larek, for all your help tonight." Shara said, smiling at his oath.

As the embers burnt down to a fiery glow, her heart grew heavy. Where was her husband and what was going on?

As if her thoughts beacon him, the doors were thrown open and her husband appeared before her. His quick glances around the room registered the surroundings, Lady Lenox and the boy Larek.

"Where is she? Is she safe?" Lord Lenox asked.
"Yes, she is in her room. I sent her there to sleep not ten minutes ago." Lady Lenox replied.
"Thank the fates." Lenox sighed.
"Dalis, what is going on?" Shara Lenox sighed.
"Everything and nothing my love. Its all so up in the air, and a bunch of maybes. There is nothing to fear though." Dalis Lenox replied.
"Thank you... Eliza is waiting for you to say goodnight." Shara whispered.
"I shall go now. Larek. Thank you for looking after my precious family. But your services are no longer required. Please leave." He ordered.
Larek looked at the man with a small frown. Something wasn't quite sitting right.
"Are you sure? Would you not like me to keep guard for the remainder of the nigh?" Larek asked.
"No." Lenox answered briskly.
"Fine." Larek stated, and feeling slightly confused he headed for the door.
"Larek... thank you." Shara called.
"You are welcome, my lady." Larek nodded in her direction before casting a final, sharp look at Dalis and walking out of the suite.

Moving over to her husband, Shara was shocked at the way he had just treated the boy who had been so faithfully protecting Eliza and herself all night.
"Dalis, my love. Are you all right?" Shara asked, concerned.
"I am fine. I am tired. I'm going to say goodnight to Eliza and go to bed, if you don't mind." He stated sharply before stalking out of the room leaving his shocked wife in the sitting room.


Zan walked through the crowds of people, smiling and politely commenting as well wishers congratulated him on reaching adulthood, expressing interest in his future and his goals. But inside his heart there was tension building. all throughout the ball room there was the discrete movement of plain clothed soldiers and bodyguards. Something big was happening and he didn't like being out of the loop. All of his fathers chief advisors had disappeared. Zan could see Rath ahead. Thank god... someone who might have some idea about what was going on!

"Rath!" Zan greeted his friend.
"Zan, how's it going?" Rath asked, puzzled to see his friend without the usual female attachment that Eliza had become lately.
"Something's up, Rath." Zan whispered, feeling the need to keep quiet.
"What?" Rath asked, puzzled.
"I don't know, but I intend to find out. Eliza and her Mother have been sent up to their suites with a horde of guards. Father has disappeared off to his offices and I can't find any of his advisors." Zan explained.
"Well? What are we waiting for? Lets go stake out the royal office.." Rath answered with a smirk.
"This isn't funny Rath. Something serious is going on. Even Predita is involved. No. I think we have to go up to the Lenox suite. I don't know how to explain it, but something is calling me there. I need to go... now..." Zan urged.
"Well what are we waiting for?" Rath asked.
"Nothing. We have to go now..." Zan answered, walking towards the door quickly.


Predita sat quietly in the corner of her Kings office, trying to think clearly over the constant shouting of Lord Lenox and King Zan. Things were not going well by any sense of the word. The friendship has been weakened by the withholding of truthes. The fates whispered in her ear. She nodded silently to herself.
The shouting continued, and was only briefly stopped with the occasional interjection by Lord Salis. Although things were slowly beginning to simmer, a resolution to the present problem was no where near.
Inability to get beyond small problems will lead to un-fixable disasters.
This message, coursing through her body left Predita with a feeling of dread and uncertainty.
She is in danger. This message screamed though her body with the force of a whole world. Standing upon her chair she screamed.
"Stop! If you know what is good and right stop now before you ruin not only your friendship, but this worlds chance for peace!"
"What is wrong Predita?" King Zan questioned, startled by the sudden stand of the old woman.
"She is in danger. Right now. Something is horribly wrong!"

With this statement the men rushed for the door.


Eliza sat on her bed, combing her long brown hair to get rid of the annoying hair spray that she had been subjected to earlier in the day. She was still trying to figure out how Vonnie had talked her into getting into that fancy dress and having her makeup done by the palace servants.

Hearing the door open, she turned to see her father coming in.
"Daddy!" Eliza exclaimed.
"Honey! You're safe now..." Lenox replied.
"Are you OK Dad?" She asked.
"Sure, I'm fine. Here, I'll come and give you a hug..." Lenox smiled.
Holding her arms out to her father, she smiled. Everything was going to be all right.
"I love you soo....." Eliza began to say, but something stopped her. The way her father was holding her... wasn't like he always did. This man. This man was cold. His heart was cold and his mind was evil. Something was seriously wrong, and this wasn't her dad..... Pulling away and looking up at the man, she realized she was in trouble.
"Who are you??" Eliza questioned, her voice trembling...
"No-one you will ever know...." The man smiled, bringing his hand up her heart....


Larek made his way slowly down the corridor. His heart was telling him to stay in the Lenox suite, but his mind told him that Lord Lenox was there, and no harm would come to Eliza or her Mother. As he neared the end of the main corridor he Looked down towards the royal offices. At that moment, his heart missed a beat and then went wild in his chest. Coming down the side corridor was a fast moving, panic stricken group.

"Larek! Why have you left the Lenox chambers?" Lord Salis demanded.
"Lord Lenox relieved me of my duties...." Larek answered fearfully.
"Who?!?" Lord Lenox asked, rushing out from behind King Zan.
"Oh god..." Larek shouted before turning and running as fast as his feet had ever taken him. Behind him ran three very very petrified men.


"So this is where you kill me?" Eliza questioned. She had, but moments before felt the fear leave her heart and find a strange strength filling her.
"Of course, my Lady." The man answered mockingly.
"You are a traitor. You will die for this." Eliza goaded him. She was feeling a soothing presence getting nearer. Someone was on the way. Zan... She just had to stall this... thing, long enough to let them arrive.
"Ah, but that is where you are wrong, my pretty. I will not die. I will go on and live. I will be a General in my Lords army, and You, will be nothing but a sad memory." The man whispered softly, with malice dripping from every word.
Only just able withhold herself from visibly sighing, she mentally thanked the fates. They were here. Her father, Prince Zan...
"Thank you." She whispered so quietly, it was barely audible.
"What...?" The man never finished his sentence. His body was reduced to dust.

Eliza closed her eyes and tried not to choke on the dust. As the air cleared around her room she looked to see who her rescuer was. With his hand still held high, Larek stood in the doorway, with King Zan, Lord Selis, Prince Zan, Rath and her father all behind him. Unable to hold back her terror any longer, tears rushed down her face and Eliza collapsed on her bed.

"Eliza!" Prince Zan exclaimed, pushing through the crowd at the door.
"Zan.." Eliza sighed in reply, looking up slightly, with huge tears dripping.
"Oh god I nearly lost you...." Zan mumbled as he embraced Eliza tightly.
Still crowded in the doorway, four men felt very different emotions. Larek realized he had no hope in ever winning Eliza's attentions. Lord Salis rejoiced in averting disaster. King Zan felt elated that his match would be a success....

Lord Lenox realized the truth. He had lost his daughter to a boy. It was too soon, but that was the reality of life.

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Thank goodness Eliza is safe, at least for the moment! Thanks for writing!

Hey, thanks for the feedback.
In future, unless something drastically changes, im thinking of just updating this on the bordello of fanfiction (ezboard)... this just disapears so quickly off the board, and not many people really leave feedback anyway. I'm thinking it would be a better use of my time to write, unstead of trying to find this thread, look to see if someone likes it, then discover there is no comment anyway.

I can't be bothered updating if nobody leaves any feedback to say if they even like whats happening.
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Thankyou to everyone who replied. I think I might just post the next few bits here and see how things go. If its still not working out, ill move it, if everything sorts out, ill keep it here as well. You just have to excuse me though, im kinda a little psycho at the moment, im trying to pack all my stuff ready to move into my hall of residence at Uni!.. so yeah... kinda a little wired at the mo....