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Title: Art’s and Craft’s – Dreamer Style
Rating: Really kinky NC-17
Summary: Fluffy smutt and it gets kinky-er with each part, hope you like. 4 parts total.
Note: I got this idea after I reread Sandra Brown Tiger Prince.

Chapter 1

“Hi I’m here for the modeling position in the newspaper.”

The world famous artist only known as Elizabeth, for she was such a recluse she allowed no one to know her full name, a very big feat for one living in this modern technological time, put down her chisel and hammer and turned to face this intruder who had dared to break her concentration on her newest sculpture. Dressed in only a man shirt that reached her mid thigh, no socks no shoes, it gave the impression she was quite nude under that shirt, her hair was messy as if she had run her hands one to many times threw it.

Walking up to him, she said in a low and husky voice, “That’s funny; I don’t remember ever putting an ad in a newspaper asking for models.”

“True…(Chucking) … Name is Max, Max Evens, I’m a very big fan of your work but I’ve never been able to afford one of your pieces, so I figured if I can’t buy one might as well be in one.” He said with a cheeky grin, completely confident she would say yes to his proposal.

Liz had to admire his bravado, and his intelligence it had to have taken a lot of work for him to have found her studio and get passed the enormous security she had in place to safeguard her privacy. She decided to have a little fun with him, she hadn’t been out in the world for a while and she was a bit horny as a result. And by the way he so perfectly fit his clothes she had no doubt he would make a good fuck, and help relieve some of the tension she had been under lately trying to finish her latest piece of art.

“Hmmm I don’t know, I usually get my models from a top notch modeling agency, who knows exactly what I’m looking for, You may not meet my high standards, have you thought of that.” She was clearly challenging him and Max always ‘rose’ to the challenge.

“Well then it looks like I better audition, just tell me what I have to do, I’m ‘up’ for anything.”

“Anything, huh, I’ll keep that in mind…” Licking her lips, she took one hard heated look over his body, stopping a moment at his crotch where he was hopeless not to respond especially when an incredibly sexy woman was looking at him as if he would be her next meal.

“Well since all my art work is always in the nude, I think we better start with you removing all your clothes.” She continued.

“You mean strip?”

“Well yes, but this is purely on a professional level, Mr. Evans, I take my art very seriously and you did say you would do anything need I remind you.”

“No, No I just wanted to be clear on what you needed from me, that’s all.” And with that he did as he had been asked, he slowly took his clothes of one item at a time, taking his time to fold each item to prevent them from getting wrinkled. Liz had to work hard to keep her face impassive and professional as he slowly revealed each perfect inch of hot flesh to her very appreciative gaze.

Once he was completely nude, he stood with out shame in the center of the room, as Liz slowly walked a circle around his form taking every inch, every line, with her hot gaze. Giving the impression she was unfazed by what they were doing, she didn’t even blink an eye when his manhood began to rise and harden to its full length and girth. Despite the fact that on the inside the sight of it made her unbehrably wet, and her sheath began to ache so acutely with the urge to house the commando cock standing at attention just for her.

With his back facing her, she took a deep breath trying to clam down her racing heart. Still showing none of her inner turmoil, she placed a small hand on the large expanse of hard muscle on his back. Max was feeling a little embarrassed with his body’s natural reaction to standing naked in front of a beautiful woman but the feel of her small hand touching him was too much, he jumped away a little, a little fearful with the jolt of desire that ran threw him at such a simple touch. He wanted nothing more then to grab her, throw her on the floor, and just brutally take her, marking her as his for the whole world to see. But he held his lust in check and just looked at her with burning questioning eyes.

“Stand still, Mr. Evans I’m not the type of artist who works on sight alone, I try to bring an element of realism to my pieces. I want the viewer of my work to leave with the impression that the sculptures are really warm living creatures that if you touch them they will come to life, and to do that I have to use all my senses…”

“In this case touch?” He asked.

“Yes, or what ever other sense I feel will move my viewing audience.” She elaborated.

“I understand, I’m sorry I just wasn’t expecting it, please continue.”

And she did, she slowly ran her small hands over his back, she grabbed his firm buttocks kneading the firm flesh, she sank her nails into it testing its firmness, Max’s breath caught in his throat and he balled up his fists fighting to keep control of his primal urges. Liz took it all in, and she smiled a smile as old as Eve. She liked a man who could control himself so well they were always so much more fun when they finally lost all that tightly honed control, and completely let loose their passions, yes, this was going to be one hell of a fuck all right.

With that thought in mind Liz stepped up closer to him, pressing her breasts flat into his back, she hugged him from behind closing her eyes she began running her hands up and down on his ridged stomach and up his chest where she teased his nipples into hard points. Then she simply ran her hands up and down his front loving the smoothness of his skin and the natural warmth it radiated. Finally figuring she might as well throw caution to the wind she took his monster cock in her hands gasping at the feel of such virile power held in her tiny hands.

“Why Mr. Evans I think you have the wrong idea here, I don’t do statues of Fertility gods, my work tries to showcase the best of the human form in its most natural state…”

“God with what you are doing to me, this is my natural state…” He gasped, her hands felt so good, he wasn’t sure how he was going to hold out under such torture, but he didn’t want it to stop, he didn’t want her to stop.

“Hmmm maybe I can make an exception for your case, you have a wonderful body, and it would be a shame not to share it with the rest of the world.”

Max could do no more then grunt in response. But he literately howled when she let go of his throbbing member, and removed her body from his, she chuckled softly to herself she did not intend to leave him in such a state; she had plans for this Adonis very big plans. She stood in front of him, and took his cock in her hands again, and he visibly relaxed once more, he brought his hands up to her neck, pushing her hair back to better expose her throat.

He frowned when she pulled away from him, but she only smiled gently at him while she shook her head at him. “I’m sorry Mr. Evans but the model isn’t allowed to touch the artist, it’s a rule.”

“That’s a bit unfair.” Max argued.

“But that is the rule.”

“I see forgive me I have never modeled before so I didn’t know, please continue with the…HOLY SHIT…” He shouted he closed his eyes and bared his teeth as he tossed his head back she had just squeezed his cock with just the right pressure and he had begun to leak pre – cum into her hand.

“Well now we are going to move to my favorite part of the audition, Taste and Smell.” That was the only warning she gave him before she got down on her knees and opening her mouth wide and taking, his huge cock in her hot wet mouth. Expertly she swallowed his cock despite the fact she had never had one this big. Swallowing him whole she tightened her lips around his shaft and began suckling on him hard, placing her hands on his hips she forced them to move back and forth so that his cock stabbed her mouth deep, he quickly got the idea and was soon thrusting his hips and fucking her mouth like it was a super tight cunt.

She took him easily, the only sounds that could be heard in the room were the soft gurgles and moans coming form her throat and his loud grunts at the extreme pleasure she was giving him. Liz found she loved the taste of him, he’s flavor was beyond pleasing and so unique, almost sweet with just the right amount of spice and add in the pre-cum that was oozing out of his cock in a steady stream, it was overwhelming good.

Unable to help himself anymore he grabbed her head in his strong hands kneading her hair trying to bring her closer to him, if that was even possible, Liz welcomed his strong hands and letting him take over the work she moved her hands to his balls where she proceeded to play and gently squeeze his huge hanging balls. This one last act proved to be to much and Max exploded in her mouth, shooting wads and wads of hot cum into her hungry mouth, he shot so much cum it was impossible for her to swallow it all, and it leaked out of her mouth running down her mouth in rivers, where it covered her chest.

With a long drawled out sigh Liz finally let go of his cock, once free of her mouth she proceeded to clean his limp cock clean like a hungry little kitten. Max looked on the verge of collapsing taking pity on him she got to her feet and lead Max to the long reclining couch she had in her studio. Ordering him to lie down she straddled his hips making sure his limp cock was in contact with her dripping pussy, and for the first time Max realized she really was completely naked under that shirt, when she slowly began to work the shirt over her head and exposing her perfect pert breasts to his hot gaze.

She was so perfect, her breasts were the perfect size for his mouth, he so wanted to swallow one whole, but he remembered her models no touching rule and since he had always been the dominate player in his past relationships it was a nice change of pace for him to let this beautiful goddess take charge of him. If only his employees could see him now, all would be shocked out of their minds.

Max Evans the worlds leading investment banker who had more money then Bill Gates, who ran his companies with an iron fist and never showed any emotions, neither good nor bad. Most believed he didn’t have any, the few woman in his life believed his veins ran with ice, even when he was fucking (Cause in no way could it be called making love) them he was always in control, and when he found his release he would turn over and leave, never saying a word. Yet here he was letting a small slip of a girl have complete control over him, while he simply reacted and went with the flow as it were.

Despite what he had said to her at the start about not being able to afford her art, he in fact owned several of her art pieces they always inspired something within him a different deep feeling each time he looked at them, feelings he had thought long dead. Desperate and wanting to feel more he had used all his resources into finding her in the hopes to make her his, to have her fully awaken the human in him once again.

“So what sense will you be working on next, you’ve done them all as far as I can tell.” He asked curious to see what the little minx had in store for him next.

“Hmm I’m no where near done, just lie there and let the artist do her work.” She responded.

Wiggling her lower body on his cock, so he could feel the full extent on how sopping wet she was for him, she took each of his arms and placed them over his head keeping them there with her left hand. With her right, she lightly caressed his chest, lowering her head to his neck she took a long whiff of his skin, breathing in the light smell of his cologne and the rich musky male scent it did little to hide. She then proceeded to lick his skin loving the slight salty taste she found. She also took in the slightly different textures of his skin with her tongue, how the skin on his chin was coarser then the skin on his chest, and how the skin right under his left nipple was slightly softer then the one under his right nipple.

He was a virtual feast for her artistic senses, each inch revealed something new to her that she just couldn’t wait to replicate in stone, but for right now she was quite content with where she currently was. Max though was in virtual hell, his arms locked over his head, and her gentle teasing of his front as she slowly studied him, was fast becoming unbearable he wasn’t sure how long he would be able to last.

Liz felt him buck his hips into her; she looked into his face and saw his desperation, his need for more. Taking pity on him, she rose from him giving his lower body the room for his cock to rise into the air hard and free, using her free right hand she guided him into her sopping wet sheath. Once only the large tip was embedded she took each of his hands into one of hers intertwining their fingers together, using them as support she lowered herself onto his pulsing cock. Liz had to clamp her teeth together as she felt the full size of his monster man meat stab and penetrate her super tight sheath. She had never taken a man so big before, and she felt so stretched and so full, she didn’t know if she could take him, all despite how wet she was.

Widening her legs trying to give him more room, he was still only half way in. Taking a deep breath, she placed their intertwined hands on her hips arching her back, which thrusted her breasts into the air, Max grimaced his pleasure at being so tightly housed in such a wet sheath. He had no doubt that if he were taking her from behind and had a full view of her pussy swallowing him, that he would see how tightly stretched her pussy must be right now, the thought and imagery that brought to his mind only made him that much harder. And Liz felt it, stopping for a moment and taking deep breaths she took a little time trying to get used to his girth.

Once she was sure she was ready, she took another deep breath and forced herself to take the rest of him, with a loud, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she finally took all of him until not a millimeter remained to separate their lower bodies. Max clearly saw she was in distress, worried he tried to separate their lower bodies but the death glare Liz threw down at him stopped him.

“Don’t you dare move Max, I’m fine, it’s just that you’re so big, and I’ve never had such a huge cock before, give me a minute…”

All Max could do was wait, he tried not to think to much on the incredible pleasure at being housed in such a tight sheath gave him, so as not to start thrusting, instead he focused his gaze on her beautiful face, as she breathed deeply in and out letting her body get used to his huge size.

How much time past they didn’t know but once confident she could now take him, she slowly began to rise up and they both moaned at the incredible pleasure her movements caused. He felt so smooth rubbing against her walls, she went so high up only the large blunt mushroom tip remained inside her, she slowly lowered herself on him again they both felt like they were breaking new ground all over again but it was clearly easier this time.

They moved counter to each other moving slowly, deeply while looking straight into each other eyes. This was the best part for Liz she loved to be penetrated there was no better feeling then the feel of cock deeply embedded in her body, moving in and out of her, she loved it. Needing to feel him deeper, she let go of his hands and raised them to her head where she moved her hair of her face and back and lifted up her hair up, this position arched her back even further and into Max’s lust filled gaze, he watched breathlessly as they swayed and danced in the air. He sunk his nails into the soft flesh of her hips as he helped her move on top of him.

Her moans and whimpers along with his grunts filled the room and soon their bodies moved faster and harder, the load slaps of their bodies added to the music of sex filling the room, until it couldn’t last any longer, and they both exploded in rivers of cum. Liz with great effort kept her eyes open as she watched the face of her lover explode with release. When it was over, Liz stood up on shaky legs and stumbled over to a super large sketchbook, which Liz used to sketch out her sculptures. With surprising steady hands, she proceeded to sketch a face onto the blank paper. Max didn’t have the strength to stand up yet and see what she was doing.

With deep concentration unmindful of the mix of sex juices running out of her pussy, and down her legs she worked, after 20 minutes the face on the page became clear it was Max in the throws of release. Max sitting up took in the face she was drawing in awe, he had never seen himself in such a moment but the face, his face was so real so life like, he just couldn’t believe this was how he looked like at such a moment, yet it clear was. Once she was satisfied with it, she put down her pencil and walked back to Max.

He took her in his arms sitting her on his lap, they kissed long sweet kisses that stirred the soul, and reaffirmed what they had just shared with each other.

“I take it I passed the audition?” He asked in between kisses.

“Mmmmmm, You most certainly did, I’m going to expect you here bright an early each mourning from now on, I have very big plans for you.”

Max just smiled and leaned forward so that Liz was now lying on the reclining couch, Max was hard and ready for another round of sweet loving, but that is another story.

Epilogue I –

Max never left after that day, and Liz’s art went threw a turning point, from that point on her work seemed to center on one man, though she never showed his face in her pieces, But it was clear he was her lover by the way she seemed to always capture him in the throws of passion. She even moved to do paintings her most famous was “The Spirit of Love” which show cased a man in great detail with only his face in shadow, making love with a cloud shaped in the form of a woman. His cock deeply embedded, stretching her wide it was so life like one felt like you were looking threw a window and watching it live. The Christian right labeled it porn, the average person saw it for what it was True Love captured on canvas. The painting was bought by the richest man in the world the one and only Max Evans who donated it to museums around the world to enjoy. Liz had no need to 'audition' for models any further the position had been filled for life.

On their one-month anniversary, Max asked Liz to marry him, and she said yes. But Liz was too much of a free sprit to live in New York, his business headquarters for very long, she hated the closed in feel having so many people jammed packed together caused. So they had compromised Max and Liz would come into the city, since he would now refuse to go anywhere with out her, a week every month, giving him the time to take care of anything he couldn’t take care of by computer.

Plus Max found he liked the country feeling Liz had going in her huge house in the country, and the easy access he always had to his wife there. How Liz ever got any work done with him around the house Max didn’t know since they were always going at it like bunnies. Max just couldn’t help himself, Liz liked to run around the house with as little clothes as possible, now what normal red blooded American male would let his beautiful goddess like wife run around the house practically naked and not take her. It was lucky for both of them they had a lot of stamina for each other.

When they were in the city it was not unheard of for Liz to pop in to the office at odd hours threw out the day during those weeks, and for the Max to disappear in his office with her and kicking everyone who was in there with him out when she came. She was his number one priority and always showed it, and threw her presence his employees saw a different face to their normally cold boss. And because of those glimpses, the employees became more loyal to their boss. And more then one couldn’t help but smile as they saw Liz walk into the building dressed in exotic clothing from all kinds of different cultures, or an ecliptic mix of different styles, which contrasted strongly with her husbands severely cut suits.

But they were happy and they were made even happier when Liz told her husband they were expecting a baby, to share their love.


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Chapter 2

Max lowered Liz on the reclining couch, kissing her lushes lips, he loved the taste of her, loved the way her tongue played and teased his she was everything he had hoped for and so much more. However, he needed more, while he had truly (overwhelming) enjoyed her earlier teasing he was now going to be the one in control of their passion, pay back in this case was going to be the greatest of pleasures. Well that was what he thought; Liz on the other hand had other ideas and plans of her own for him. But for now she would let him, play a little and once she had lulled him into a sense of false confidence, then she would spring on him, he would never know what hit him she giggled to herself.

She looked him straight in the eyes giving him a Mona Lisa smile that made his blood boil with renewed desire for her. They wiggled around on the reclining couch until they were both comfortable lying on their sides facing each other and simply kissing while his hands gently caressed her body, a pleasure denied him in their first encounter together. He cupped one of her breasts testing it’s weight and feel in his hands, declaring it perfect he lowered his head and engulfed it whole in his mouth. Liz let out a hiss of pleasure at the wonderful heat his mouth transferred to her breast. Liz grabbed a hold of his head and holding him in place trying to draw him closer.

Max couldn’t help but be pleased with her reaction with what he was doing to her, never having cared about a woman’s pleasure before it was different with Elizabeth she was special and deserved nothing but the best. He kept his eyes trained on her face as he suckled and softly bit her breast, his tongue danced on her nipple bringing it to a small hard point. He let the breast leave his mouth catching the tip with his teeth; he gently pulled the nipple and Lightening bolts of desire shot from her breast and traveled down to her very wet an aching core.

Max let go of her breast and moved on to the other careful to give it the same attention and time. Once they became too sensitive, he rose up and surveyed his handy work. Her breasts were wet and glistening a little red because of his attention to them, but they were pert and looked to be pouting for more of his attention. However, Max had bigger fish to fry so to speck. His tongue danced its way down her torso drawing little circles on her flesh. Her hands were still on his head and she tried to push him faster down to her feminine core where she needed to feel him so desperately but he only chuckled a response and with one hand, he forced her to let up on the pressure. He would get there eventually right now he was quite content to taste her as she had tasted him.

She knew he was paying her back for her own torture of him earlier. And while on average she enjoyed to be teased right now she wanted nothing more then to have him in her, penetrating her deeply skillfully to some how appease the giant ache in between her legs that was going to drive her mad if he didn’t move faster. But now wasn’t the right time to make her move and turn the tables on him, he wasn’t quite where she wanted him yet.

It was with a great sigh of relief when Max finally made it to his target, her glistening pussy lips. He slowly got of the reclining couch careful not to loose contact with her pussy lips, he kneeled down on the floor in front of her, bending her knees so that her feet were flat on the edge of the couch he opened her legs wide so that her knees hit the patting of the couch on either end. His hands kept her in position by lying flat on the juncture where her legs connected with her most private places his thumbs moved back and forth rubbing the skin of her sensitive inner thighs.

Slowly, ever so slowly under her burning gaze Max lowered his head a bit further so that he was millimeters from her steaming core, teasing her he inhaled strongly the strong scent of his cum mingled with her steaming juices from their earlier encounter. Max licked his lips in delight teasing her and taking his time, she saw him stick out his tongue as if he was going to lick her when his blasted cell phone rang.

Both jumped at this unwanted interruption, Max intended to let it ring and not answer but it was relentless and with a growl of utter frustration, he stalked to the phone which he had left in a bag by the door he had dropped there when he had entered the room. In a cold calculated voice, he chewed out the caller for daring to break his orders on not being disturbed this weekend for what was just another expected turn in the stock market.

See Max is an all out genius, a child prodigy who unlike other prodigies didn’t burn out young. He could see patterns in numbers where other people just see chaos; Max could read the market like it was the back of his hand. That was how he made his millions. While others may have used this great talent to help people, Max’s childhood taught him to use it only to help himself.

Meanwhile Liz was in agony; he had been so close to eating her out and now she was alone and left aching for him. Always one able to take things in her own hands she got on her knees on the reclining couch and fished for a box she kept under there, fishing around she found what she wanted, a U shaped dildo. She took it out of the plastic bag she kept it in to protect it from dust and bacteria. She lay back down in her previous position. She wet one end in her sopping pussy once it was soaked threw she turned the dildo around and put the now wet and at the opening of her arse and the still dry end at the opening to her pussy. Taking it firmly by the center she pushed it slowly in.

‘Ahhhhh sweet satisfaction...’ Liz thought, as she doubly penetrated herself with her toy. Closing her eyes, she forgot about everything else but the marvelous feel of penetration. While the dildo was nowhere near the size and feel of Max’s cock it did take care of her immediate problem, helping elevate the ache Max had put there. Of course, Max had a perfect view of all this…

He cussed out the little minion who had interrupted him, and then destroyed the phone to prevent any other fool from disturbing him all the while watching Liz play with herself. He walked back to Liz, pumping his cock in his hand. He stood over her his eyes a deep dark amber color trained at her pussy as she slowly pumped her U shaped toy in and out of herself. Liz watched him threw heavy lidded eyes. She was so turned on by the site of him standing so tall over her, his hard cock in his large hands, while heavy beads of pre-cum leaked from the tip and lubricated his hand; she could also see his heavy balls sway and dance with the force of his hand movements. They looked so large and menacing filled with life giving sweet tasting cum.

Max for his part couldn’t look away from the boundless beauty that was Liz’s pussy and ass, the way her pussy slurped and swallowed the toy, how her juices poured out of her pussy and dripped down to lubricated the second half of the toy, the way her ass caved in on it’s self to eat the toy. Falling slowly down on his knees on one of the many pillows on the side of the reclining couch, he closed in his face to her dripping pussy taking in her slight sweet aroma of her arousal.

“I love watching you play with yourself Liz, I can see everything the way your outer lips frame the toy knowing that was the exact same way it framed my cock when it was buried inside you not so long ago…” Liz shifted a bit as she let herself be seduced by his deep vibrating voice. She could even feel the vibrations of his voice hit her open pussy and caressing her. She shifted the toy in her hands driving it that much deeper into herself.

“I love seeing how soft they look almost like the petals of a petit lush pink rose…” Liz moaned low as she continued to be seduced by his voice.

“…And the aroma is better then any rose, slight not heavy and strong, with a hint of spice, so perfect it makes my mouth water. I’d love to take that toy from your hand and play with it myself and while I’m playing I would lower my mouth and start lapping up the juices currently dripping from your pussy from around your toy, can I do that Liz, will you let me have complete control to play with your pussy, darling?”

“Yes!” Liz moaned softly, but not softly enough because Max clearly heard her.

Max removed Liz hands away from the toy and took control over it. He pushed it in as deep as it would go, and locking his eyes with Liz who was now prompt up on her elbows with a perfect view of her pussy and everything he would do to her.

“Would you like if I lick you up and down and pay extra attention to your little nub by nibbling it and sucking it and twirling it with my tongue, like this.”

And he proceeded to lick her up and down in and around the toy, and when reaching her little nub he took it into his mouth just as he said he would, never breaking contact with her eyes. Liz whimpered with each tug, each lick, and each sucking motion of his mouth on her.

“So would you like it if I did that, Liz?” In answer, Liz only moaned.

“That’s not an answer Liz, I need either a yes or no so what is it? Yes or No?”

“Yes!” Liz answered with another deep moan.

“Good.” And with that, he did it again, only adding more pressure to his actions.

“You know you have a beautiful ass, Liz, it looks so good with that toy buried in it. Makes me wonder what your ass would feel like around my cock. Would you let me let me find out Liz?”

“Only if you let me put something of equal size and girth in yours first.” Liz breathlessly said as he began pushing the toy in and out of her again. Max began to smirk at that and said. “I don’t know what happens if I like it to much? And start thinking I'm gay?”

“Oh don’t worry baby, I have something that will prevent that from happening and will always satisfy you, guaranteed.”

“Guaranteed huh?” he pushed the toy that much more deeply slightly twisting the toy with each thrust, Liz leaned back her head and groaned with this new thrusting motion. “And that would be?” he asked.

“Ummm… Oh god … a hot … oh oh oh… a hot steaming pussy, just for you…”

“Mmmmm yes, and what a tight little pussy it is, let me think about it, and I’ll get back to you. Now I’m more interested in exploring that tight little pussy you were talking about, but to do that I have to get rid of this toy so I can get in there myself.”

He took out the toy slowly, torturing her by drawing out the moment as long as possible. Once she was free of it, he started talking to her again.

“Mmmm Liz your even more beautiful with out the toy, so pink so tender, and so moist, your leaking a nice river of cum here, but we can’t have this go to waste now can we…” Laying his tongue flat on her pussy, he started to lick her open pussy like a cat that was cleaning his fur.

His tongue felt rough on her highly sensitive and tender skin; unable to hold herself up any longer she collapsed back on her back. Closing her eyes, she let herself be under his complete control. Max sensed her complete surrender and he gloried that she trusted him enough to lay herself in his arms.

“I’m going to open your inner pussy lips, Liz with my fingers and lick them up and down then I’m going to enter you with my fingers and draw out your sweet nectar then I’m going to bury my tongue in your wonderful pussy and suck you dry.” He wasn’t asking for permission and he wasn’t waiting for it anymore, he just wanted to draw out her anticipation by telling her then doing exactly what he said.

Liz felt him part her, and lick her from the inside, she felt his warm big fingers enter her deeply and making the already present deep ache she had for him that much stronger and pleasantly painful. She shifted her body and started trusting her body into his face.

Her actions buried his nose into her damp flesh and Max took a deep breath of her sweet aroma. As promised he buried his tongue into her deep cavern but it wasn’t enough he needed to get in deeper. Withdrawing completely he took her body in his hands and turned her over onto her hands and knees; Liz grabbed a pillow of the floor and laid her head on it. Liz’s perfect ass was up in the air her outer lips clearly visible; he opened up her legs wide, buried his face in her pussy this way, and began sucking on her like a baby.

Liz found him to be an expert with his tongue, he drove her crazy over and over again each time she thought she had found release he would bring her down not letting her reach her climax. How long he kept her like this she didn’t know, but it was pure torture. Once Max was satisfied, he had her where he wanted her he took the toy in his hands and easily buried its full length into her. The feel of the toy penetrating her was all she needed to trigger her orgasm and she came in a torrent of cum which Max was ready and so willing to drink from.

But Liz found the orgasm not to be as satisfying as it should had been, it was clearly missing something, but she didn’t have time to ponder what it was for Max was turning her body over again so that she was lying on her back once again. Still standing the light shinning in his eyes was feral an animalistic and he gave no warning as he pushed his rock hard member straight into her super drenched core. He had made her so wet she easily took him with no trouble like the first time.

He stretched her to the very brink, and to him it felt like he was breaking new ground all over again. But she was so tight around him the feeling added fuel to his already out of control desire for her. He placed a strong hand at the small of her back and helped steady her while at the same time lifting her up to better meet each of his thrusts.

Hard and fast he trusted deep inside of her, he was wild, her legs dangled over his hips; with each thrust she moaned in ecstasy. This was her favorite part about sex, having a man over her, on top of her, inside of her, making her feel alive and all women; this was what had been missing from her earlier orgasm. Growling deep in his throat he moved his hips in a blur of speed, he had gone so long with out an orgasm he was finding it hard to find the plateau he needed to reach to finally find release. He had held out for so long, his cock was dripping pre-cum inside her tight cavern but still the release he so desperately wanted was out of his reach.

Liz gave way to her release with a cry of deep soulful satisfaction but Max continued to pump away at her, Coming down form her high Liz clearly saw his distress and with her legs, she pushed him away from her. She got on her knees cum running down her legs he watched her confused as he pumped his angry red cock in his hands.

“Lie down, baby, let me help you.”

Max did what she said; Liz took his cock in her hands and guided him into her as she straddled his hips. She rode his cock as she would ride one of her spirited stallion's behr back. She tightened her inner muscles with each upward stroke. Max grabbed her swaying breasts in each of his hands as he speared upwards. She rode him with her back ramrod straight leaning backwards, she took hold of his straining heavy balls in her hands, messaging them thoroughly, that was all it took and with a deep shout of triumph, he bathed her tight sheath with his hot cum.

Yet despite his incredible release his erection remained rock hard, Liz took advantage of his condition and turned herself around so that her back was to him, while never breaking contact with him. Leaning down and taking firm hold of his legs with her hands, she rode him for all he was worth. Up and down, stirring his cock inside her body while tightening and relaxing her body, Max’s earlier release allowed him to better focus on the incredible feelings she was drawing out of him with her wondrous body, rocking his head back in forth awash in pure incredible sensation.

Remembering how much she had enjoyed the double penetration the toy had given her, he spied a banana on the table next to the reclining couch they were currently on grabbing it he pushed it gently but firmly into Liz’s backside. Liz back arched even more at this new invasion. Moaning her pleasure, she worked even more fervently in thrusting herself on him bringing more pleasure to both of them.

She concentrated all her being on reaching the most intense orgasm ever, blocking everything from her mind but the cock in her hot pussy and the heavenly intrusion in her ass. They worked like this until they both came in a torrent and final climax that shook both of them to the core. The banana exploded in his hand and Max wiped all the gory mess of the fruit on her full and wonderful ass, once he was done, he threw away the skin over his head.

On shaky legs, she disconnected her core from his cock, taking his cock in her hands and proceeded to clean his cock clean from all the juices of there shared union. Max slid her body closer toward him so that her pussy was near his head in the classic 69 position. Where he proceeded to return the favor, he started with the fruit of the banana running his tongue all over her sweet ass doing a through job of cleaning her up of all sweet fruit then he moved on to the prize itself the taste of there mutual passion already running out in a torrent from her gapping pussy. Max felt an over whelming sense of ownership as he witnessed first hand the damage he had wrought to her pussy. No longer was she as tight as she had been his cock had made sure of that it would be a few hours still before it collapsed back to it’s normal shape. But he found the evidence of their passion was the sweetest taste and monument of his ownership, completely satisfied both knew this would only be the beginning…


Note: Did someone say banana (giggle) Hope you liked!!!!!
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Chapter 3

Liz pushed a stray strand of hair out of her face, pushed there by a soft spring breeze; she was outside with a large sketchpad in her hands. Max was laying on his back a soft pillow under his head; he was completely naked just like she was. Liz didn’t like wearing to many clothes she found the whole idea of them to restricting to her artistic nature, when she left her property of course she wore clothes but since they were still on her lands she found no use for them. Max liked and enjoyed to the fullest that particular philosophy of hers and had joined in on the nudity while on her lands; since he had arrived here in fact, he hadn’t worn a piece of clothing except when the grocery runner came once a week to deliver grocery to the house.

Taking her gaze from the raw beauty of Max’s body, she returned her gaze back to her sketchpad. Lightly drawn with pencil was Max in the throws of passion with a cloud shaped in the form of a woman. An image that had been driving her crazy for a few days now until she had begun putting it on paper three days ago, And although she found the drawing disturbing, she still went on drawing it.

She knew why she found it disturbing; she knew the cloud figure was in fact herself but what disturbed Liz was the fact the figure was faceless, shapeless almost as if she had no personality of her own, just there to fuck her mortal lover. The shapeless figure reminded Liz too much of her mother personality.

Her mother had never married her father, she had been his official mistress a man who only showed up for a romp with her mother, then disappeared back to his real family. Her mother had had the bright idea of getting pregnant and then maybe her lover would marry her. After he found out, Jeff Parker didn’t visit his mistress until after Liz was born and she had lost the weight gained by her pregnancy. Jeff recognized his illegitimate daughter and put her in his will, but that was the extent of his parental concern. He died when Liz was 18 and with him her mother will to live, she died 2 months later.

To her father’s family shock half of his estate had been willed to Liz, the other half to his son by his official wife, with the condition that if the family contested his will his whole fortune would go to Liz. The family kept their mouths shut but never accepted Liz. Liz never cared, growing up in a loveless household she promised herself never to become like her mother that love was for fools. She lived her life as she wished to live it doing what she wished to do, dressing or undressing as she wished; she was a complete free spirit. Now here she was, and the unthinkable had actually happened, she was in love. When it had gone from a great fuck, to love, she wasn’t sure she was already half way there before she knew it, hence the disturbing faceless picture in her lap.

Why him of all her lovers did she fall in love with, and why now on the 6-year anniversary of her mothers death. Maybe it was the wounded soul that lurked so close to the surface; the one he thought he hid so well, but she could see right threw, that called out to her. He was tall dark and handsome, rich to boot, she had fallen in love with her father’s apparent clone. How was that for irony after she had done everything in her power to avoid it, here she was.

So deep in thought was she, she didn’t even see Max was now awake looking at her, she was so beautiful to him, there she was sketchpad in hand that was never far from her hand. Her back was ramrod straight, her pert breasts high and nipples hard no doubt from the gentle breeze. She was a freaking goddess send to earth to tempt all mortals with her beauty.

He had come here in search for her in the hopes of finding someone who for the first time had touched his heart, with her art. He had hoped that with her in front of him she would touch him even further inside him and in the process unlock everything he had locked away years ago. Max was tired of feeling cold day in and day out; at least he realized he was tired of it after he was exposed to Liz’s art. Now here in this green pasture under this big beautiful tree with a small lake close by Max knew he had succeeded beyond his wildest imagination. He was in love with Liz, and he was so happy he wanted to shout it to the world. He wanted her with him forever; he couldn’t imagine his life with out her now.

“Marry me, Liz.”

Liz jumped at the sound of his voice, looking down at him unsure she had heard what he had asked. “What did you say?”

“Will you marry me?” Max asked her again, this time sitting up and looking her straight in the eye.

‘Ok so maybe he’s not my fathers clone, father sure as hell never asked my mother that question…’ Liz thought to herself. ‘… But marriage, she loved him but they knew so little of each other.’

“Why did you come to me Max, why me?” Liz asked.

Max turned his face away from her and a deep sadness entered his eyes, Liz turned his face back toward her and repeated her question.

“Why did you come to me Max, why me? If you want me to answer your marriage question, then there can’t be any secrets between us, you need to know my past, just like I need to know yours…”

She saw something pass across his face when she mentioned her past, “You already know my past don’t you…”

“Yeah.” Max said softly.

“Well then your one up on me, tell me yours, why me?” Liz stubbornly asked again. A far off look passed his eyes, he didn’t answer right away, and when he did, it was slowly it was clear that talking about this was hard for him.

“I was a child prodigy by the age of six I could solve high level calculus problems by ten I had graduated college by 12 I had a PHD, it was easy and a giant game to me…” Stopping to take a deep breath Liz could tell he wasn’t sitting here with her anymore, but was far away in some painful past.

“… My parents sent me to a therapist because they were afraid of me burning out to fast, and because I was clinging to them like crazy, most boys my age are out playing or getting into fights but I was following my parents around and wouldn’t let them out of my sight. I hadn’t been abused; I wasn’t scared of anything there really wasn’t much of a reason for me to do what I was doing. And I over heard them talking how I was smothering them too much with my attention…”

“… So, this fancy assed therapist told my parents to distance themselves from me, that I was using them as an unhealthy security blanket. So, they did it, no questions asked. I never felt such pain before in my life, I felt like my love scared them and they didn’t want me anymore, that they were only tolerating me. I stopped talking to the therapist and my parents, they really grew to regret their decision but the damage had been done, I would never let myself love anyone. I felt no one could handle the intensity in which I loved. The older I got the easier it was to hide and lock away all emotions. I went into business by myself at 18 taking nothing from my parents and made my own fortune all on my own…”

“… At 20 my parents had another child, a normal little boy he was everything I never was, and I haven’t spoken to them ever since, I lived my life that way and never thought anything of it, I was in complete control of everything and everyone around me. Then one day I saw one of your sculptures and just staring at it, for the first time I felt something it had been so long I thought I was imagining things, but then I haven’t had an imagination in a long time either. I became obsessed with your work, I found I liked the feelings it invoked in me, but soon that wasn’t enough I wanted more so I hunted you down learning everything I could I about you. Then I came here to find you, to be with you, for the first time in years I wanted someone to love and to love me, someone who wouldn’t turn away from the intensity of my love. I think I found that person in you, do you love me, Liz?”

By this point, tears are running down her cheeks unchecked she answered him at once with no hesitation. “Yes, Max I love you so much…” Finding words not enough to convey her feelings for him, she drew his stiff body into her arms and proceeded to kiss him senseless, not sexually but tenderly putting every feeling, she had for him in those kisses. She felt the stiffness leave his body and his warm arms wrap themselves around her smooth behr flesh.

Between kisses, she tried to further ease his fears; “You could never scare me away with the ferocity of your love, I’ve seen you at your most intense Max, I’ve made love to you threw it and it was beautiful, I’m more then capable of handling your love, I’d love a lifetime of having to do it.” She tried to tease with the last part but the effect was ruined by the tears running down her face.

“Is that a yes?” Max said with awe, he had never been happier in his life as he was at that moment he could tell she meant every word she had said and he felt that last piece of his heart thaw and melt just for her. “Yes, Max always yes!”

He gently pushed her on to her back and laying out her hair on the blanket above her head. He rubbed her tears away with his hands and she turned her cheek toward his hands like a little kitten looking to be petted and rubbed. Something he was all too willing to do.

“God your so beautiful, it’s almost isn’t fair that so much beauty is mine and mine alone, but don’t worry I can live with it.” Max said with a smile.

“Hmmm, I bet you can…” Liz teased back, though she blushed a little at his words.

Feeling his hard cock pulsing on her tummy, she looked down and watched as his beautiful cock rubbed small drops of pre-cum into her skin. He looked down to see what she was watching and an old dream popped into his head. He straddled her body so that his cock was now resting on her stomach and a naughty twinkle enters his eyes. Liz saw it and her body answered it she felt her pussy fill with juices in preparation for her fiancé next move.

“You know I’ve been watching you drawing and sculpting all this time, and I’ve had the urge to do some art of my own.” Max said looking down at her with pure hunger in his eyes as his idea took shape in his mind, he hands started to rub her chest where he took extra care in kneading her pert breasts, she arched her back trying to come closer to his touch.

“Would you like to see me paint?” Max asked her.

“Mmmm, yesssssss.” Liz moaned.

Max took her hands into his and while still on his knees he worked his way up her body until his cock was resting right on her face. Liz couldn’t help herself and she snaked out her tongue and licked his monster meat groaning at his wonderful taste filled her tongue. The vibration of her groans traveled the length of his cock giving him incredible pleasure Max couldn’t help but rub his cock on her face in response. Looking down at her with desire filled eyes he took his cock in hand and purposely started rubbing his cock in her face, first her eye lids, her cheeks the top of her pert nose, her cheeks, everywhere he could reach. His cock at first only released few drops of hot pre-cum which Max worked into her skin, lightly just as if his hands where holding a light brush instead of a rock hard cock.

Liz only sighed deeply at his cherishing and attention to detail, her sigh flowed over his cock like a hot breeze, making him ache that much stronger. He couldn’t help himself, he brought the tip of his cock to her waiting mouth, and she swallowed him whole eagerly. She sucked hard and Max clenched his butt in reaction as he tried hard not to cum too soon. Liz paid it no mind though she had defiantly noticed seeing as how her hands were on his hips now. All she wanted was a sweet taste if his cum on her tongue, she made soft sucking sounds as she moved her head back and forth until he was leaking a steady stream into her mouth.

It took all of Max’s male strength to work himself out of her hot mouth so good did she feel. He worked himself down her body a bit and rubbed the tip of his cock in her neck, which she eagerly arched for him. He drew designs mostly hearts and his initials with his cum. Working down her body, he did the same thing on each of her breasts as she looked down at his cock taking in everything his cock was doing.

He saw her eyes on him and he started talking to her, “You know how often I’ve pictured you just like this, your lips so pink from sucking on my cock, your eyes heavy lidded with desire for me and only me. I’ve seen you like this in my dreams as I paint beautiful pictures in to your already beautiful body.”

“I’ve seen myself fucking your breast, so beautifully made, so perfect for sucking and now fucking.” He took his hands off his cock and instead cupped the sides of her breasts forming a deep cleavage for his dripping cock to slide threw. He sleeked her breasts with pre-cum with each thrust.

“And what am I doing in those dreams as you fuck me.” Liz asked totally turned on by the show in front of her.

“You lick my cock, each time I come close to your mouth.” Max grunted out.

“Like this?” She asked as she snaked her tongue out as caressed the tip each time he thrusted forward. The sight of her little tongue against his big shaft was such an erotic sight he almost released his cum right there.

“Yes, just like that.” He hoarsely answered. “Once your breasts are nice and slick I move down into your belly and start sliding my cock all over you and I start painting your stomach where all my future children will grow with my cum…”

“Do it, Max I want to see you do it.” Liz breathlessly said, so turned on by his words and actions.

He moved down and his cock was now so stiff it barely moved and with a deep grimace, he moved his cock threw out her belly, covering it with cum as he slowly painted away. Liz eyes followed each and every movement she kept licking her lips repeatedly finding the sight in front of her better then anything in her life. Max leaned back and looked upon his handy work. Liz his lover and now fiancée was covered in his cum; his initials were worked on every piece of her skin. Her face flushed, her eyes were watchful of his every move, her love and desire clear for all to see. He made himself kneel between her legs anchoring her legs over his hips his cock at her entrance with one deep flex of his hips he was fully embedded in her tight sheath. Liz cried out in deep pleasure her hands went to her breasts as she squeezed and kneaded her firm flesh. His hands were on her hips as he thrusted hard and deep into her tight body.

In and out, he moved the pleasure her body making him grimace harder as her inner muscles worked their magic on his cock. He tried to hold out as long as he could he was so hard and he needed release his cock had been leaking so much cum on her body he wasn’t sure how long he could hold out on but he wouldn’t allow himself to find release until she came first.

With that in mind he shifted himself so that his legs were now spaced a little more widely, leaning a bit his cock was now in perfect position to hit her G-spot over and over again. Liz breath hitched and her whimpers and cries became higher and louder. Until finally she just couldn’t take it anymore and she let go, her muscles spasmed and contracted all around his cock, and that extra squeeze sent Max over the edge and he let his hot cum flow deep into her tight pussy. Still he kept pumping until he didn’t have the strength to pump any further.

He collapsed on top of Liz and she welcomed his weight, they slowly moved to their sides snuggling close to each other. Liz couldn’t help but laugh at the sticky mess she was as her flesh stuck to his cause of his cum.

“What you don’t like my art work?” Max pouted.

“Oh no, I love your art work, I especially love the ‘paint’ and the ‘paintbrush’ you used and you have to promise me you’ll continue ‘painting’ from now on.” Liz answered.

“Well if you liked it so much, how can I deny my number one fan?” Max sighed teasingly.

Rolling him over flat on his back, while capturing his hands she said, “Your one and only fan, buster, I don’t share well.”

Looking at her firmly he answered her underlining concern, “I’m not your father Liz, I would never take a mistress, your it for me, I know all about being betrayed by the people that should love you unconditionally I would never turn around and do the same thing, especially not to you, you who has given me back my life.”

“Thank you for that, it really means a lot to me, and I believe you, but before you told me your past I was worried I had fallen into my mothers life even after all I did to escape it. It was even starting to show up in my art…” Turning and looking for her discarded sketchpad, she grabbed it and showed it to him. He sat up laughing a bit as their skin’s desire to stick together.

But like always when viewing her art he was moved by a myriad of different emotions. He looked at it carefully marveling how he looked in the throws of passion since baring video taping their sessions this was the only way for him to see himself in such a position, he was then drawn to the cloud shaped as a woman, he knew it was Liz he was making love to. The cloud had no face no real form nothing but the shape of it identified her as female.

He looked at her confused and she explained, “When I realized I was falling in love with you, it scared me, I saw myself falling into her shell, losing my personality, my individuality everything that made me was falling away. Cause before you told me your past, you reminded me of my father at least on the outside you did, I didn’t want a life like my mother, and the more I loved you the more it seemed possible.”

“But you don’t fear that anymore?” Max asked concerned.

“No, not anymore, I trust you Max, your nothing like my father. I fully truly know that now.” Liz replied.

Max smiled a truly soft smile, one unlike she had never seen before grace his face, and it was a smile that made his already beautiful face down right luminous, her breath caught in her throat. He stood up giving her his hand and helped her stand up.

“How bout a little swim in the lake, we both need a bath after my ‘art.” Max said his special smile still in place. They walked to the lake together, getting into the water where Max began to work water into her skin washing her body. His hands traveled her whole body, softly caressing, squeezing until he was sure she was completely clean.

Then his hands began massaging her perfect skin in an arousing motion, playing special attention to her pert breasts he brought one to his mouth and with a gentleness he had never shown before suckled lovingly, he swallowed her breast whole the heat of his mouth ran right down to her very wet core. He showered the next breast with equal attention. Liz began running her hands up and down his back taking in the different shifts and flexing of his back muscles.

He lifted his head and Liz began caressing his chest, tracing every line with her fingertips. She buried her face in his neck licking and nibbling gently as her hands traveled lower taking in everything until her hands reached his cock under the cool water, which was pulsing hotly she was sure if she looked down real life steam would be coming out of the water because of it. She squeezed his shaft in her hands running her up and down its full hard length. Not one to be tortured alone he worked his own hands between her thighs forcing them to part a little so that he had enough room to push one long finger straight threw.

Liz gasped at the sensation of being penetrated so deliciously and suddenly, he drew out of her and added a 2nd finger then a 3rd, she was completely full as she rode his thrusting fingers. Feeling her legs weaken she locked her arms around his neck and lifted one thigh over his hips giving him more access to her very hot core. Max thrusted until Liz couldn’t hold herself up anymore Max pulled out his coated fingers and took her in his arms lifting her up so that she wrapped her legs around his waist her arms stayed around his neck. His hands were firmly placed on her butt he lowered her straight on his cock so that she was completely full of him in one downward stroke.

He felt even bigger in this position she was opened up so wide she could feel his balls on the crack of her ass. Holding her tightly, he started moving her up and down his cock each time burring himself deeply they where half emerged in the water and the lake around them started to ripple with the waves they were making the two of them lost themselves to their lovemaking. Max easily carried her slight weight in his arms her hair still dry flew everywhere with each thrust as Liz moaned and tossed her head from side to side until finally Liz reached her powerful orgasm which Max took as a hint to take her harder and faster. Liz was practically bouncing off his body with each thrust, as Liz could do nothing but hold on to him tight, until she felt his balls constrict against her ass and his cock grew bigger and harder insider of her.

Mindless with pleasure Liz began to squeeze his cock tighter inside her tight pussy, until he finally exploded deep inside, and like always happened when Max bathed her walls with his hot cum Liz exploded in another mindless orgasm. Slowly he reluctantly withdrew from her lushes' body and gently placed her on her feet, but when she couldn’t stand on her own, he carried her to a nearby large rock that was big enough to hold them both. Reaching up to kiss his face they shared a kiss that was slow and gentle this time free of the passion that was always so close to the surface between them but thanks to the incredible lovemaking they had just shared that passion now lay dormant at least for the moment.

“God you are so incredible each time it only gets hotter if this keeps up we will never make it to old age.” Liz sighed against his lips.

“Who wants to live forever anyway...” Max answered back, caressing her ripe body with his hands.

“I do, but only with you.” Liz answered.

Max drew her into his arms for a deeper kiss, and much to Liz’s shock, her wandering hands found him quite hard all over again. Max laughed when he felt her gasp of surprise at her first touch of his hard cock. And he showed the soon to be Mrs. Evans just how much stamina her husband to be had, at the end of which she was thoroughly satisfied boneless wife to be and she couldn’t be happier…


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Art’s and Craft’s – Dreamer Style - Part 4

“Alright Courtney I think we covered everything, Max is a very demanding boss so don’t forget anything I just told you. Cause he has no sympathy for any mistakes and he’ll chew you alive.” Morgan Max’s chief secretary instructed Courtney, Morgan was getting married tomorrow and would be gone for the next month. Courtney would take her place in the mean time while she was gone.

“Oh and most importantly of all, memorize this picture.” Morgan said giving her a file with an 8x10 picture of a dark haired woman. “This is Mr. Evans wife when their in town she has a tendency to pop in when ever she wants. When she arrives I don’t care if he’s in a meeting with the President of the United States, The whole UN assembly trying to come with world peace, you will let him know right away she is here, trust me on this you don’t want to see what happens if you don’t remember this one simple rule. Now I think I’ve told you everything. So I’ll let you start.”

Much to Courtney relief Morgan left, to take care off some last minutes details, and Courtney sat down behind her new desk. Courtney was a very ambitious young woman and she was determined that by the time Morgan returned from her honeymoon she Courtney Harding would be Mr. Max Evans new chief secretary and she planned to play her cards right and be Evans’s lover and hopefully his wife. (No one ever said Courtney had much of a brain and could recognize a lost cause.) With those thoughts in mind, she buried Liz Evans picture under a stack of papers with the promise that she would teach Mrs. Evans that offices had protocol and you just couldn’t walk right in like you owned the place.

# # # #

Liz was humming an African lullaby she had learned during her last trip to the continent a few years ago before her marriage to Max as she stepped out of the limo in front of Max’s place of business a huge high-rise building in the middle of Wall Street. Next week was there 2-year wedding anniversary and Liz was really looking forward to it, Max was planning a surprise and no matter what tricks she pulled she couldn’t get even a hint out of him.

Bowing her head at the doorman who opened the door for her, she adjusted her leather pack back purse as she walked to the elevator. People all around her did a double take as she walked by; she was dressed in a soft brown leather skirt a transparent long sleeved deep V cut shirt she was wearing a lacy Victoria Secret bra that covered all the essentials and gave her the illusion of more cleavage then she actually had. She wore a beautiful Native American made chocker on her neck her hair was down and parted in the middle, and simple brown flip – flops covered her feet. She contrasted sharply with all the conservative business suits all around her, plus she had a whole air of confidence and pure sexuality with step she took, the men wanted her, the woman wanted to be her but Liz never noticed she was here to visit her husband nothing else mattered.

Once she was on her husband’s floor, she walked happily to his office and noticed a new secretary sitting outside his office, which made sense because, Max had told her his long time secretary was leaving for her honeymoon with a charming smile, she introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Liz Parker – Evans how are you today.”

“Good Morning Mrs. Evans how can I help you today?” Courtney asked her voice dripping sweetness.

Something in Courtney’s manner put Liz on her guard, quickly wanting to get away from her she cut the small talk she would have normally have engaged in and got to the point.

“I’m here to see my husband would you please tell him I am here.” Liz said.

“I’m sorry but I can’t do that, he’s in a very important meeting and has asked not to be disturbed you can leave a message I’ll be sure he gets it.” Courtney replied her voice dripping even more sweetness now.

Liz frowned she knew her husbands schedule really well, and he had no meeting scheduled until much later in the day, hence why she had picked this moment to visit him. “Is that right, well I know my husband and I know he would want to know I’m here.” Liz said firmly.

“And I’m sorry I have my orders, you don’t want to get me fired now do you.” Courtney said matching Liz’s tone.

Liz had enough she took off her back pack and reached for her cell phone, and instantly dialed Max ultra private before Courtney had a chance to get up and stop her. “Hi honey, I’m here outside your door and I’m having a little problem getting in.” With that, she moved away from the door sat down on one of the comfortable lounge chairs and waited for the fireworks to start. Liz didn’t have to wait long.

“What the hell is going on?!?!” Max yelled in a thundering voice that instantly made Courtney down right pale everyone on the floor including Morgan heard him and came out of his or her offices to look on.

“I...I…I…” Courtney stammered.

“You what?!?! I’m sure Morgan let you know that if my wife shows up she gets top priority over everything I might be doing, so what possibly could you have been thinking!” Max continued to yell.

“I just thought…” Courtney continued to stammer.

“Thought, your not paid to think but to follow orders…” Stopping before he said something a lawyer would make him regret later, he looked around for Morgan, when he saw her, he yelled at her too.

“Morgan, send her to Henry and get me another secretary, pronto!”

Spotting Liz on her chair, he extended his hand to her; Liz got up and took his hand at her touch all the anger visibly leaked out of Max and expression of down right loving tenderness replaced it. Everyone’s jaw drop in awe as their formally cold hearted boss just radiated love for his wife and how she equally displayed the same emotion they disappeared into his office.

“Here Courtney…” Morgan said handling her a piece of paper with a floor and office number. “… You’ve been transferred and it’s not going to be as posh and pretty as here, but I did warn you.” With that she motioned for security to escort her to her new work spot, and Morgan took a look around as she wondered who she could get on short notice to replace Courtney, poor Morgan couldn’t wait to be away from here and on her honeymoon.

# # # #

Inside Max’s office all that had happened outside was forgotten they were inside Max’s plush and beautifully decorated office sitting on a beautiful black leather couch one of Liz legs straddled Max’s thighs, they were kissing slowly deeply dancing beautifully with their tongues. One of Max’s hands was under Liz skirt palming her behr sex, just because they were now in the city and Liz was forced to wear clothes didn’t mean she didn’t find ways to still remain free.

Max was in heaven, it was 11:00am, he had left Liz in bed after another beautiful night of satisfying pleasure early in the mourning, and it had been one stressful day of meetings and regular business work. He had few hours before his next long boring meeting he had been speed reading reports when Liz had called him, he was mostly finished but he had no desire to return to the boring work now that his beautiful wife was in his lap. The tension of the mourning was rapidly fading away leaving Max feeling completely refreshed.

They continued kissing like they had all the time in the world, as Liz slowly humped his hand on her pussy loving how wet she was getting just by using his fingers, she was so responsive to him, so generous he could never get enough of her. Slowly and lovingly he inserted two fingers into her tight passage and Liz arched in his arms her mouth separated from his in a gasp, Max smiled and started nuzzling her neck and driving his fingers deeper and harder. She was all smooth wet silk around him so hot he felt she was burning him in the most beautiful manner. Until he had her sweetly, writhing in his arms until Liz was left limp and satisfied. Max removed his fingers and brought them to his mouth cleaning them with great relish.

“Mmmm you really know how to satisfy a woman.” Liz purred into her husbands neck.

“What can I say you inspire me.” Max said.

“I can see that.” Liz giggled as she palmed his hardness in her hands.

Standing up she threw her shirt carelessly to the side, and with a sigh she freed her breasts from the confining bra then quickly unbuttoned her skirt and shimmed out of it then kicking off her shoes leaving her wearing absolutely nothing and free. Max’s eyes darkened viewing the bounty before him, Liz with a sexy toss of her hair and evil gleam in her eyes settled herself on his lap. With fast nimble fingers, Liz undid his tie and worked his coat jacket off his powerful frame. With dramatic flare, she opened his button down shirt exposing his chest to her pleasure. With a gaze that clearly showed she loved what she was seeing, she lightly raked her nails up and down his chest purring like a contended kitten as she did so.

Liz brought his hands to her breasts and he gladly squeezed the soft globes wrapping them in the strong warmth of his large hands. With expert fingers she undid his belt and opened his pants and gently freed his pulsing cock from the confining cloth and cradled it with her hands on her firm stomach running her hands up and down it’s length.

“You really have a way with me, I went shopping today and I came here to maybe spend a little time with you, show you a few things I bought but one look at you and I just can’t keep my hands off you.” Liz sighed against his lips, rubbing his cock a little harder against her stomach.

“Ohhh, did you buy me something?” Max eagerly asked her the last time they had been in the city and Liz had gone shopping she had bought some down right racy lingerie that she never wore more then a couple minutes before Max had hastily removed it from her body. Max had grown to love Liz’s little shopping excursions.

“Mmmm hmmmm, something I’ve been looking for since the first time we met, I came to tell you not to go home tonight just to call the penthouse when your ready, and I’ll come pick you up here I want to use your present here in your office, once everyone is gone that is…” Liz whispered over his mouth.

“Kinky…” Max teased.

“Oh it will be, darling really, really, kinky…” Liz promised.

She leaned let go of his cock rising herself above him her pussy was skin to skin with his stomach she reached behind her and grabbed his red hard cock. She adjusted her angle and Max placed his hands on her firm bottom to help steady her, she placed his cock at her opening and with a toss of her head, she lowered herself on his shaft until his balls were skin to skin with her ass. Both groaned at the sheer perfection of their joining. Liz placed both her hands behind his right shoulder digging her nails into the leather couch. Her legs were spread wide and she was stretched to the brink as she proceeded to ride him up and down slowly, sensuously, Max matched her pace and started to lick her breasts up and down

Up and down, they moved her tight wet walls showering him with incredible pleasure just like always yet unique in it’s own way. Sex with Liz was never boring or repetitive each time it got hotter, sexier, and glorious. Nothing made him feel more alive, consumed with power like when he was sheathed in Liz’s body. The heady smell of sex tickled his nose, making him breathe in deeper trying to get a deeper sense of them together.

Liz was locked in her own world of pleasure; above all else, she loved to be penetrated to house Max in her depths this was the only moment where she felt one with him, one body, one heart, and one soul. She felt him penetrate to her most inner depths over and over again, each thrust felt like he was breaking new ground and Liz’s breath hitched as she bounced on top of him over and over again.

Liz’s body moved enough to the side and Max had a clear view of them making love from the mirror that hung on the opposite wall. He saw Liz’s petite body straddling his own he saw how easily her pussy ate his big fat cock which made her look even more tiny then she already was. He saw himself kneed her buttocks vigorously with each thrust. They were now thrusting fast and furious their loud moans, groans were bouncing off the sound proof walls of his office. Once during their vigorous fucking his cock slipped out of her, well-lubricated pussy and Max almost climaxed at the picture he saw in the mirror as Liz, her mouth wide opened and gasping her eyes closed with intense pleasure reached between her legs reaching and grabbing his cock and bringing it back to her hot burning pussy.

Once he was securely and deeply inside her, his hands moved to the small of her back her own hands moved to her own firm bottom. Her breasts arched into his mouth in this new position both secured him inside her but drove him even deeper into her core to the point that she was sure he deep in to her belly sawing her in half. With deep grunts they moved like animals their bodies covered in sweat until with a loud whimper Liz climaxed all around Max, her walls tightened all over his cock sending her in to an outer orbit where Liz was sure she was seeing stars. Liz slumped onto Max body completely limp. Max tightened his arms around Liz and he continued thrusting into her with all his worth. Liz moaned into his neck as each thrust triggered an aftershock of release deep inside her until Max finally exploded in a rush of release, bathing her walls with his hot cum.

Satisfied and completely with out energy they stayed on the sofa until both finally had the will to move. After a while they finally got to their feet where they walked into Max’s private shower where they made a game of getting each other super clean fast, while torturing each other gloriously, Max had to get redressed his clothes from before were now all wrinkled and wet from her juices. With a last long satisfied kiss they reluctantly parted ways, Max spent the rest of the day working and trying hard not to think about what little game his wife had dreamed up for him now, he couldn’t wait…

# # # #

It was quite late by the time Max called home saying he was ready and done for the day. It sometimes got quite cold in the city at night so no one paid any mind that Liz was walking in covered in a trench coat carrying a large bag, plus everyone knew her. She walked right up to Max’s floor, and noticed that the lights were dimmed and no one was manning the secretaries desk, which suited her just fine she walked to his door and slowly opened it. Peeking inside she noticed he was standing in front of his window a drink in hand looking out to the lighted nighttime landscape of New York City.

She walked in but he was so deep in thought he didn’t notice her right away which suited her just fine cause it gave her the opportunity to gaze and take in all the little details her artist mind was always looking for and processing. He was coatless, his tie was now completely undone an just hanging there, the top of his shirt was buttoned down, he was completely rumbled and yet he still looked like a king who after a long day of decision-making affecting many lives who was finally alone and while looking out over his kingdom and finally let his guard down. He looked troubled, as if he was trying to come to grips with something important. Something must have happened after she left, Max never looked even slightly troubled after work everything was always a breeze for him. Plus there was the fact he was nursing a drink, Max never drank alcohol his system just didn’t agree with him, this was very serious.

He felt her loving gaze on him finally along with the warmth of her love wash over him and banishing his troubles like nothing else ever could. Max put down his drink and with a happy smile he turned to her, she walked up to him dropping her bag on his desk before wrapping her arms around her husband. “What happened?” Liz asked gently looking at his beautiful amber eyes.

“Not much, just my mother showed up from no where, making her usual demands...” Max replied. And that explained it all, since their marriage Max had only seen his parents twice, not counting this one. The first time when his parents had learned threw the media of their marriage they had come asking Max to let them back into his life, he had refused to talk to them. The second time it had been just Max’s mother with the same demand only this time she had tried a more confrontational approach, it hadn’t worked. Max did some digging on their sudden interest in him and had found out his parents had loss their fortune thanks to bad investments, which explained why they were willing to talk to a son they never really bothered to understand or love like he deserved to be by them. Max had quietly made the situation for them better due to Liz’s suggestions and pleads to help at least for his brothers sake, but he didn’t completely take care of the problem just eased their burden.

Liz didn’t think very much of his parents but the fact that despite everything they had put him threw they still had the ability to hit him this hard didn’t endear them to her in any way. However, it did endear her husband that much more to her because it showed how deep his capacity to love really reached and Liz would do everything in her power to make sure nothing broke him of that capacity. It seemed it was time for her and Diane to have a little talk and stop these unwanted visits that only hurt her husband.

Rather then let him dwell on Diane latest visit she turned his attention to something much more pleasant and pleasurable by sitting on the window ledge next to them and revealing a little leg. Max looked down at the tantalizing amount of leg she was showing, and all his family problems melted away, and his mind was filled with only his lovely wife.

Liz knew she had his complete attention now, and she started undoing the trench coat slowly while speaking seductively to him. “Like I said this morning I went shopping would you like to see your present.”

“Yes.” Max said eagerly. She opened the trench coat and he saw she was wearing close to nothing underneath. She stood up and he looked his fill. Tiny black leather shorts barely covered her bottom V shaped straps formulated what could laughably be called the top and only served to cover her nipples, everything else was completely opened including her black 4 inch stiletto shoes. The curve of her breasts and hips was perfectly showcased by the outfit; her hair was up in tight little buns drawing attention to her bear flawless neck. She seductively walked to her husband and pushed him to his desk where he sat down hard, she loved the fact that she had him visibly drooling.

“Remember our first night together, we played with that U shaped Dildo and you ask if you could put that hard perfect cock of yours up my ass, and I said only if I could do the same to you with something of equal size.” Liz asked.

“Yeah…Yeah...” Max stuttered his eyes glued to his wife’s face.

“Well I finally found the perfect Dildo it’s just about your size.” Liz said with a wild twinkle in her eyes. “…And since we’ve been preparing and practicing with butt plugs on you, I think it’s time we went all the way.”

Max gulped at the thought, it was true that they had been practicing and working up to this for quite sometime but each time it left him feeling like he must be gay for enjoying it so much. Liz knew of his fears and always gave him a ride of a lifetime with her pussy to prove to him he was still in fact all man. But this was the main event he really couldn’t turn back now it was foolish to be this worried, he couldn’t imagine himself making love with anyone but Liz Parker – Evans so what was the big deal?

Liz saw his inner struggle and kept her mouth shut this was really his decision to make, as much as she really wanted to do this with him, if he said no then that would be that, their sex life was already beyond perfect and extremely satisfying this would just be really good icing.

“Alright, what do you want me to do?” Max asked, decision made.

Liz smiled and she decided to put him at ease first, she slowly got him undressed making it a total sexual experience out of undressing him until he was standing in front of his desk completely nude. With Liz on her knees his cock deep in her mouth her left hand was laying flat next to his cock’s base as she expertly swallowed back and forth with her eyes closed. Max was lightly playing with her hair as he looked down at her, he watched as his huge cock moved between her lushes lips. Once she had his cock nice a wet, she completely let go of his cock, and played with the large mushroom tip nibbling and poking it with her tongue. She squeezed the length just right with one hand and he cummed right into her mouth his sperm jetted out in a perfect long wads and Liz drank it down without wasting a drop. Max found himself quite relaxed and limp by this point, which was just how Liz wanted him.

Liz got him to lie down on his desk his legs spread on the edge, Liz grabbed her purse and put it behind her on his chair she didn’t want him to see the length and girth of the dildo she would be using on him just yet. So she bent down, took his limp cock in her mouth, and worked him back to hardness.

“Max, I want you close your eyes and relax and if anything at anytime doesn’t feel right just let me know and I’ll stop, Ok.” Liz said.

Max nodded and took a deep breath forcing himself not to tense off and keep that satisfied feeling Liz had given him with her oral treatment. Once his eyes were closed Liz as quietly as possible took out the strap on Dildo she had in there and quickly and expertly strapped it on, she had been practicing all day for tonight and she didn’t fumble even once. Next, she grabbed the tube of lubricant she had brought for the occasion.

“Grab your cock and balls Max, lift them up a bit, but don’t open your eyes.” He did what she said grabbing his hard cock with his left hand and his heavy balls with his right and lifted up he looked so sexy holding himself like that, she wished she had a camera this was a perfect Kodak moment. Liz worked a generous amount of lubricant on her fingers and placed them at the opening of his backdoor.

“You know I never feel complete until I have you housed deep inside of me, I can’t describe to you how it feels to have you deep inside, pulsing with life stretching me to the limit, and only crave that with your next thrust you push in harder, deeper inside of me. I hope after tonight you can feel like I feel, even though I can never feel what it feels like for you to penetrate me in the same way.” As she spoke, she worked her fingers into his butt working the lubricant deeply for the best penetration for the Dildo. She worked in more until he was nice and wet down there, Max couldn’t help but moan loud at the incredible pleasure she was giving him. Her movements were expert she knew just where to rub to give him the maxim pleasure, thanks to that one night not to long ago where each had laid on a bed chest down and explored each others butt holes using lubricants, butt plugs to widen their passages to decrease pain for this very night. They had also played with beads and all kinds of other toys Liz had at her disposal. Liz had been quite adventures that night and that aspect of her personality always excited him greatly. Just thinking about it made his cock begin to weep with pre cum which Max spread all over his length as he unconsciously stroked himself up and down as he enjoyed her ministrations.

Once she felt she had lubed him up enough she brought the tip of her strap on to the opening of his backdoor she placed her hands on the inside of his thighs trying to widen his legs even more as she slowly pushed the Dildo into his dark depths. Max gasped as what felt like a huge rod was being inserting into his ass. His eyes flew open and Liz stopped what she was doing letting him adjust to the size of a feel of the Dildo. The Dildo was about the size of Max’s own cock, the storeowner had called it a Commando cock and had warned her that very few people could take this type of Dildo since it was so huge. But Liz felt that if she was going to take something of Max’s huge size in her ass then it was only fair he do the same. Max wasn’t quite sure what to do, he felt like he was being stretched far more then he could take and it felt kinda funny, pleasurable yet strange.

Liz took his silence as a non-verbal Ok so she continued pushing in until the Dildo’s fake balls hit the crack of Max’s ass. Then she stopped and began speaking.

“Does that feel good Max, do you feel full of me.” Liz purred at Max.

“Yes.” Max gasped.

“Tell me what you’re feeling, describe it to me in detail, I need to know, Max I need to know.” Liz continued.

“I…I feel stretched and full and OH GOD!” Max moaned when he felt her wiggling the Dildo back and forth in his ass, his breath hitched and became heaver preventing him from speaking, Liz saw it all and stopped asking him question and just let him enjoy the sensations, he could always tell her later once he had his full wits about him again.

She picked up her pace a bit and Max started tossing his head losing himself in the act, Liz watched as his hands tightened on his privates and with one had he started stroking himself more fully. Liz got so turned on by watching him pleasure himself she felt her pussy fill up with her juices. She was consumed with the desire to feel that hard cock deep in her pussy but this wasn’t about her, it was about him. To remove the temptation and have better access to his hole, she removed the Dildo and had him stand up then turn around and bend over so his nice ass was now in the air and he was supporting himself with one hand while he played with himself with the other as she once again entered him from behind.

She held his butt firmly with her hand as she now slammed herself into his tight hole, as Max moaned and groaned his pleasure. His eyes were only half opened slits as he looked on at his office from behind his bulky sturdy desk, where he used to come day in and day out before meeting his Liz, playing king of the mountain ordering people around conducting business while people walked around in a hurry to carry out his orders due to the pure fear they had of him.

Now here he was behind that same desk getting his butt reamed by his small petite wife. It was freeing, exhilarating, and yet strangely surreal at the same time. Harder and harder his wife thrusted until he finally couldn’t take it anymore and Max exploded long and hard into his own hand. She hugged her husband from behind burying the Dildo deep as she allowed him to ride out his orgasm. When he was done she disconnected from him and let him lay down on the floor since his feet weren’t enough to hold him up. She removed the strap on and her flimsy clothes and laid down in front of him, taking his shacking body in her arms and tenderly caressing and petting his body as he slowly returned to reality. Max couldn’t believe the high she had given him for a moment he began to wonder again if this met he was a closet homosexual of some kind. (Yes like any normal red-blooded American male he still had issues with the rules society had placed with sexuality give him a couple more years with Liz and his fears will melt away.)

But he didn’t think that for long as he returned his wife’s caresses and he took in the familiar shape of her body with his hands, all the curves and soft planes he loved so much, as he did so he felt his cock begin to harden in reaction and he felt all man again. Knowing it would be a while before he was hard enough to please her he turned her over in his arms caressing her whole body sucking her pert breasts in his mouth while lying on his side and fingering and kneading her sopping wet pussy. One of her legs was draped over his legs as she spread herself real wide so he got the best access to her. She dug her nails into her own leg as he fingered her more and more deeply. She tossed her head back and forth arching her back wildly until she found her own release in his arms.

By this point he was nice and hard again and he slipped himself on top of her Liz stayed flat on her back her legs bent and spread wide as he guided himself into her hot depths he adjusted himself carefully and drove right in, thrusting hard he kept himself over her body with his hands braced on either side of her. Her hands went to her own breasts kneading the flesh hard. As he trusted with his full strength into her tight body, he looked down at himself where they were joined watching as his large cock speared it’s self into her stretching her wide and wider, Liz’s hands left her breasts and shimmed down his back until she reached his butt and her fingers buried themselves in his hole feeling the damage she had wrought to his once tight ring now a wildly stretched hole that was slowly collapsing back into it’s self, with her huge sized Dildo.

His butt hole was still highly sensitive and Max reared at her touch and he started slamming wholly using all his strength to get in deeper then he had ever been before. And with a rush of cum they both exploded in each other’s arms. They collapsed onto each other, with only one thought running threw his head, he would never look at this office the same way again, and tomorrow he would return the favor. Tomorrow he would take her in the ass, and she would know for sure how he had felt when she had taken him in that way.

Epilogue II:

Their marriage only got stronger as time went on, and one year later after Liz pulled another anal session on him, Max took her so hard they conceived their first child. Giving both their first real family they had ever known, After one intense meeting Liz finally got Max’s parents off his back, nothing was ever heard from them again. What exactly was said only Liz and Diane will ever know and they lived happy ever after with the occasional fight that always ended in some hot make up sex; it was a wonder that they never literally burned up after each sexual session.

The End

Note: That was the end of that series, I hope you liked it, and it wasn’t to slashy like I think it is, now I’m completely blank on what to write next anyone have a challenge for me for my next series, Phae gave me some ideas anyone else?

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