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Title: All Apologies
Rating: PG
Category: CC, AU
Disclaimer: Challenge from sugarplum17, based on the movie Now and Then.
Summary: Four best friends, Liz, Maria, Tess and Isabel grew up in a small town of Roswell. Being 13 and living in a perfect town wasn’t too hard. But, when you add the wormers (Michael, Max, Sean, Kyle), the meanest boys in the world, and a geek named Alex, things can get difficult. And things can get kinda strange.

Roswell, New Mexico 1968

Maria Deluca stood in front of her mirror in her room, examining her figure. She groaned as she was displeased by what she saw. “No matter what I do, they won’t stop growing!” she moaned to herself. She grabbed the masking tape off of her dresser and started wrapping it around her chest. After a couple of layers she ripped off the end of the tape and set it down. She smiled at her new reflection and pulled on her shirt. She grabbed her shoes, finding one under the bed and the other in the waste basket and grabbed a hair tie. She tied her dark blonde hair up into a ponytail and left her room, yelling goodbye to her mom and her 4 brothers who were wrestling in the hall.


Across the street Tess Harding stood in front of her vanity mirror, a light sundress on her. She grabbed her comb and started giving her speech. “I would like to thank the academy and all of my friends. To receive an award for best actress at the age of 13 and for my first movie is such an amazing honor.” She grabbed her lipstick and spun around a few times, then applying the dark red onto her lips. She grabbed her feather boa and posed seductively in the mirror. “I’m ready for my close-up Mr. Dev-il.”


A block away, Isabel Williams sat on her bed, a record player in the corner playing soft romantic music. She sang quietly under her breath as she ran her brush continually through her short blonde hair. She counted to 100 before continuing to the other side. Her room, which was mostly pink, was impeccably clean. Her mother knocked lightly on the open door and entered, quickly fixing the pink bedspread. Her mother, Diane sat down next to Isabel and smiled. “Honey, I think it’s time to have that talk.” Isabel’s face froze, “Is this about sex?” Diane’s face turned red as she thought about how easily her baby girl said the word sex. Isabel stood up, “Umm, mom, I actually have to meet Tess, Liz and Maria like in a minute, so can we continue this later?” She ran out of the room without a response, her pink shorts matching her pink shoes.


Lastly, Liz Parker sat in room. Posters of science and space decorated the walls and a telescope stood in the corner. She pulled on a green tank top over her shorts and brushed her long brown hair. Then Liz grabbed her notepad and sneakers. As she stood in front of the mirror, she studied her reflection. She winced slightly at the tiny scar above her left eyebrow, vowing to get the wormers’ once and for all. “Stupid wormers‘. I’ll get you Max.” She heard giggling from her closet and she groaned as she stalked over to it and opened it. Her little sister, Hannah jumped out and fell to the ground giggling. “MOM!” Liz yelled as she chased her sister out of the room while Hannah sang at the top of her lungs. “LIZZIE LOVES MAX! LIZZIE LOVES MAX!”


At the other end of the little neighborhood in the heart of Roswell, Alex Whitman sat in front of his small black and white TV. He grinned as he playing a video game, thinking that Pong was the best video game ever. His father knocked on his door and Alex quickly shut off the game and opened the door. “Yes sir?” His dad walked in and surveyed the room. Seeing that it passed the test, he left. Alex sighed and straightened his black rim glasses. Smiling, he quickly grabbed his shoes and left the room in search of his love, the beautiful Isabel Williams.


The four brothers, Michael, Max, Kyle, and Sean Evans all sat in a circle in Michael and Max’s room. These four boys were often referred to around the neighborhood as the wormers’. Their main mission in life: destroy Tess Harding, Liz Parker, Isabel Williams and Maria Deluca. They had an age old fight going between them that to this day had yet to be dissolved. Max nudged Sean, “Hand me the balloons.” Max and Kyle were twins, while Michael was a year older and Sean was a year younger. The boys quickly finished their special ‘project’ and snickered under their breaths at the thought of what the girls reactions were going to be.

One thing for sure was that it was going to be beautiful.

Green jello in balloons kinda beautiful.

They put all the balloons in a bag and ran out to the garage, grabbing each of their bikes. They just hoped that the girls were outside and easy targets.


Maria dropped her bile in Liz’s lawn and walked to the door. She rang the doorbell and jumped back as Liz ran out of the house, an angry expression on her face. “What’s wrong?” Maria asked.

Liz sighed. “Nothing, just Hannah being Hannah. She actually accused me of liking Max!”

Maria wrinkled her nose, “The day you or any of us like one of the wormers’ is the day that I officially declare myself INSANE!”

Liz just giggled at Maria’s comment and watched as Isabel walked out of her house a block down and ran as fast as she could towards them. Though, it wasn’t that fast because Isabel wasn’t that good of a runner.

“Hey,” Isabel said breathlessly as she leaned on her knees, catching her breath.

“Hey Isabel,” Liz and Maria said in unison and then broke out in giggles.

Tess came walking down the street, high heels on her feet. “What are you kids doing?”

Liz just groaned and ignored Tess. It was hard to imagine her best friend acting like that. She was so into image and becoming an actress.

“Tess,” Maria cried. Liz turned to look at Maria as she fell to the grass, laughing. “Ohmygod, Tess, did you stuff your bra again?”

Liz grabbed unto Maria as they both started laughing and Isabel, who had now just caught her breath, was laughing along side them. Tess just stood there, her high heeled foot tapping on the concrete of the sidewalk.

Tess huffed, “Grow up. This time instead of using toilet paper, I ripped an old towel into two pieces and used them. It works better. Doesn’t rip as easily.”

Liz got up and walked over to Tess, still giggling under her breath. “You guys are too funny. You are trying to stuff your bra and Maria over there is trying to hide hers.”

Maria opened her mouth to defend herself but the sound of 4 bicycles speeding towards them stopped her. All four girls turned and saw the wormers’: Michael, Max, Kyle and Sean Evans race towards them.

Liz wrinkled her nose as she squinted towards the bag in one of their baskets. It looked like their was something green inside the bag.

Without warning, Michael grabbed a balloon and screamed, “ATTACK!”

The girls were being hit by balloons filled with green jello left and right. Isabel was screaming as she raced for Liz’s house. Tess was screaming at the boys to stop. Liz was trying to help Isabel while also trying to avoid the balloons. Maria got up and started running towards the wormers’.

The boys, seeing that Maria was coming, starting to race away, laughing. Maria raced after them, her fist in the air. She tripped and slid on the ground, her face filled with pain. The boys sped away on their bicycles and Maria screamed after them, “I’LL GET YOU, YOU STUPID WORMERS’!”

Liz ran to help Maria who shrugged her off. “It’s nothing,” Maria said. Liz rolled her eyes. Trust Maria to skin her knees and act like it didn’t hurt. She was such a tomboy.

Isabel was crying as she tried to wipe off the jello and Tess was muttering curses under her breath.


Alex Whitman watched as Isabel started to cry after being attacked by the balloons. Without another thought he got up and walked towards her. He couldn’t just let her cry!

He carefully leaned towards her and wiped some green jello out of her beautiful blonde hair. “It’s ok Isabel, you still look beautiful.”

Isabel looked up at him in alarm and scooted a little ways over. She took a deep breath and stood up, wiping some more green jello from her face. “Alex, what are you doing here?”

Alex sighed as he heard her say his name. There was nothing sweeter than that. He fixed his glasses and smiled at her. “I saw you in distress and wanted to help you. Are you ok?”

Maria walked over to Isabel and grabbed her arm, “She’s fine Whitman.” She turned to walk away but then stopped. “Do you ever talk with any of the wormers’.”

Alex winced, remembering the last time he did. Let’s just say he had to get his glasses repaired. “Vaguely,” he responds.

Maria punches her fist in her hand, “You see them again, you tell them to watch their backs. We’re gonna kick their asses.”

Alex’s eyes widened at Maria’s remark. Where did she learn to talk like this? Ladies never talked like this. “Ok,” he croaked out as he watched Maria’s fist hit her palm. She was a scary girl.

Liz came out of her house with towels and handed one to each girl. She also handed cleaning alcohol and a couple of bandages to Maria. “Clean it,” Liz ordered.

Maria knew better than to ignore Liz’s orders, so she set to cleaning her knees. Tess was wiping at her dress and she groaned, “This will never come out.”

Liz scratched her eyebrow, feeling her scar and remembering where she had gotten it. Her eyes darkened. “That’s it. We have to get them back.”

Alex watched as the four girls gravitated towards each other, determined looks on their faces. They each looked at each other seriously, forgetting Alex was there.

Liz held her palm out towards Tess, “This is war.” Tess covered Liz’s palm with hers and Isabel and Maria did the same.

Alex had a feeling that they weren’t lying. And it was going to be war.

He also had a feeling it wasn’t going to be pretty.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Do you guys like it? It was my first challenge response. Oh, and don't worry, in the next few chapters, you'll know what I mean when I say, and real life, thanks for reading and thanks again to sugarplum17's challenge!

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Yes, I know I've been gone forever. I'm sorry, I've just been. . .busy. Ok, but here's the new part. I'll try to be spitting out parts sooner.*happy*

Oh, and I wanted to rename the story, because frankly it's too long.

Thanks so much to everyone who bumped my story. Well, here you go.


Title: All Apologies
Rating: PG, mostly for language
Category: CC, AU
Disclaimer: Challenge from sugarplum17, based on the movie Now and Then.
Summary: Four best friends, Liz, Maria, Tess and Isabel grew up in a small town of Roswell. Being 13 and living in a perfect town wasn’t too hard. But, when you add the wormers (Michael, Max, Sean, Kyle) possibly the meanest boys in the world, and a geek named Alex, things can get difficult. And things can get kinda strange.

- Part Two -
Tess POV

Thirteen is the age when your life is supposed to begin. You're supposed to finally be a young woman, and experience new and amazing things.

It's when you realize who your true friends are and who they aren't.

And don't think I don't know that everyone thinks I'm just a boy-crazy blonde. I mean, I am and everything, but I'm not just that.

It's hard to determine who you actually are when everything in your life is. . .volatile. Look at the other girls, they all have pretty normal lives. Liz has two happily married parents and a cute little kid sister. She's smart and is into science and she's sorta the leader of this small group. Maria has a great mom and slightly annoying kid brothers. She's the muscle in the group. And Isabel has this caring mom who brushes her hair and cuts her sandwiches into small triangles.

Why can't anyone cut my sandwich into small triangles?

So, I'm mature for my age. I have to be, because no one takes care of me. I had to learn that all by myself.

It really sucks being ignored by your parents. They spend all their time partying with their friends, going traveling and doing all this fun stuff. While I stay home and play with my cat.

It's pathetic really.

It's like my mom popped me out and then was all, "Oh, there she is. Let's go to Reno!"

It's really unfair.

Why can't I have parents like theirs?

Oh, well, it can't be helped. I grab my hairbrush and run it through my hair while looking in the mirror back at Liz who's sitting on my bed. She's just laying on her back, her hand fingering her tiny scar above her left eyebrow. Gosh, I can't believe she's still upset about that.

"Lizzie?" I whisper.

She turns her head to me and raises an eyebrow, "What?"

"Do you think any of the wormers' are cute?"

Her head practically snaps up and her eyes widen. "WHAT?"

"Do-you-think-any-of-the-wormers'-are-cute?" I repeat in a slow monotone voice. Why is she so surprised? She is a girl.

She shakes her head desperately and says, "No way."

I grab my big hat on the corner of the mirror and place it over my blonde curls. "Why not?" I ask in a distracted voice.

Her eyes narrow and darken and for a second, I'm actually feel like my best friend is going to bite my head off. "Why don't I like the boys who have bothered us since the beginning of time? Why don't I like the boys who feel this intense need to make out lives a living hell? Why don't I feel the need to like the boys who today splattered us with slimeballs?"

Oook. But wait, she didn't really answer my question.

"Well, yeah."

She just sighs and leans down on the bed, her head resting on her arm. She looks at me as I grab my tube of red lipstick and slather some on my lips. "Tess, why are you so into your looks?"

I stop. Why am I so into my looks?

"Why not be?" I respond as I quickly blot my lips and set my lipstick down. I next grab the bracelet I have on my bureau and tie it on my wrist.

"Well, it's just. . .you know, there are more things in life then make-up and boys."

Well, thank you for that Liz. See, everyone thinks I'm boy-crazy. It's ridiculous. "Thank you for that news update Elizabeth."

"Your welcome Teresa," she responds sarcastically, using my full name.

Wow, with friends like this, who needs enemies? I slip my feet into some sandals and motion for Liz to follow me. "Come on, let's go to the Crashdown. Maria wanted to meet there. She said something about a revenge plan."

Liz instantly pops up and races out of the door before me. I feel a pang of sadness for the wormers'. They aren't going to know what hit them when Liz and Maria are done with them.

It's going to be so much fun!


Maria POV

Which one of them should I kill first? Sean or Kyle would probably be the easies to take down. But, I really really want to destroy Michael.

I don't know what it is really. There's just something about him that pisses me off.

And I cannot believe the stunts they pulled today! They deserve the ass-kicking of the century! And who's gonna give it to them you ask? Why little ol' me, Maria Deluca. It would be an honor to do it.

We need a plan. I need Liz, she'll have a plan.

The bell above the door rings and Liz and Tess walks in. As usual, Liz is wearing a plain T-shirt and shorts and Tess is all dressed up in a dress and sandals.

I have no idea how those two remained best friends. They have nothing in common. But then again, I could say the same thing about Iz and me.

Liz plops down in the booth with a determined face and the first thing she says is, "We have to annihilate the wormers'."

See, I knew there was a reason why I loved this girl.

Isabel gets a scared look on her face and her eyes widen. "What are you talking about. We can't do anything drastic. We might get into trouble!"

I just roll my eyes.

"Isabel, how much trouble can 4 teenage girls get into?" Tess nods with me and her face scrunches up in pain and her eyes water. "I'm sorry officer, but they tortured us. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, it's was killing me!"

Liz just shakes her head a giggle pops out and the next thing we know the table is consumed by giggles. See, and Tess can be useful also. I knew we would need her acting skills one of these days. Though, I thought it would later than sooner and-


A throat is cleared by the table and I look up to see the waiter, Kevin standing there. "Can I get you lovely girls anything?" He asks in an extremely cheesy voice while staring at Tess. God, could that guy be anymore obvious?

Tess just bats her eyes and I flick the guy on the hand, stealing his attention away from boy-crazy Tess. Besides, what is he, 18? That's just gross.

"Hey buddy, why don't you drool on your own time. I'll have a Galaxy sub with extra fries, don't go cheap on me. Isabel will have a Tuna Melt with some of those chips with the cheese on them. Liz will have an out-of-this-world Burger and your lovely Tess will have a Space Salad with a side of fries."

He just scowls at me and scribbles everything down. I'm the official meal orderer. I'm not sure how I got the job. I think someone said, "who's gonna order the meal" and then I was all "I will". I've had the job ever since.

"And to drink?" he says in a tight voice.

"Four Cherry Cokes," I respond in an exceedingly sweet voice.

He walks away and Tess looks at me, her face a mask of shock. "Why did you do that?"

Could she be anymore dramatic? "Because Tessy, if I hadn't then we wouldn't be eating for another hour."

She opens her mouth to respond but Liz interrupts her. "Look guys, we really need a plan. We HAVE to get back at them. And I mean it this time. No regrets, just ultimate revenge."

Wow, she's really mad this time. I think this was the final straw for her.

"Well, what do they like to do?" I ask.

We all stare at each other for a moment. "Uh. . .," we say in unison.

It just struck us that they really don't do anything. What a bunch of dumbass slackers. Boy, I really want to kick their-

"They swim sometimes," Isabel says. Liz stares at Isabel before she practically pops outta the booth and lays a kiss on her cheek. "Oh my god, Isabel, you are a freakin' genius."

Kevin comes back with the food and drinks and attempts to stay longer to talk to Tess but one look from me and he leaves.

What a loser.

Liz leans in closer and tells us her plan.

Damn. She's good.

*Insert evil laugh here*


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