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Title: A Little Piece of You
Category: ML
Disclaimer: I own nothing of all belongs to...other ppl. The idea of the story and the title goes to talena.
Author's note: This is a challenge by talena. I hope I do it justice. If you want to spoil yourself rotten go take a look, otherwise PLZ resist the temptation and let the story speak for itself.*happy*
Summary: All I'll say is that Max couldn't have the one thing he ever wanted, and so he made the choice to give a piece of himself instead.


Jen will also be making a banner for this wonderful story and I hope for it to take its place here soon.-thanks Jen!*angel*


"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride."

The silence reached its highest pitch. The patrons held their breaths. This was it. The moment, where another couple in the world touched lips. Touched their lives, and forever intertwined them. This was the moment where they would be one.

Ofcourse that was just a fantasy. A fantasy that ran through every person's touched soul in the church at this beautiful and most fruitful morning. As they looked upon the bride and groom, it was impossible not to imagine that anything was possible at the moment. Weddings tended to have that effect. Whatever the troubles on the outside, within the confines of the church as two people were joined together in holy matrimony, all was right in the world. And everyone present was allowed a glimpse of beauty.

The flowers that overflowed everywhere and their sweet scent that filled the room. The beautiful decorations that managed to add grace and charm to the occasion. The guests that smiled and chatted about the most important day of a certain two people's lives. And those two people....The bride, with her Cinderella white dress that glimmered in the sunlight, and her smile that outshone the very sun. And ofcourse the groom, who stood tall and handsome, his black suit shining without a speck of dust marring it's perfection. His hair sleeked back, his eyes shining with adoration.

Ready to make a woman a bride, and a wife.

People sucked in their breaths as they observed their mouths move closer together to close the gap. They both looked so divine, standing their side by side. The perfect couple. The guests' hearts flooded with happiness. The women succumbed to tears, while the men smiled indulgently at them and watched as another of their sex leg shackled himself. But nevertheless glad. For he had caught himself such a woman!

Their lips touched. The guests sighed.

And in the darkest corner of one man's heart, at that moment, something died.

"Oh Liz!" Maria squealed as soon as they all arrived at the reception. She hurried toward her friend and clung to her in an exuberant hug before anyone could react.

Liz laughed joyously and hugged her best friend back. She was sure her dress was going to sport serious wrinkles after this. But she didn't care. She was happy. Maria pulled back and her eyes appraised her. Liz looked back at her with a raised brow, trying to determine what Maria was assessing.

"You sure don't look like a married woman to me" she said and Liz burst out laughing.

"Its only been thirty minutes Maria" Liz admonished teasingly, " a girl needs time to adjust."

Maria only sighed and nodded, then grabbed her hand and held it up to her face. The large diamond arrangement glittered in the sunlight. She fingered the object and raised it for Liz's own inspection.

"You sure got yourself one lucky catch Lizzie." she sighed again and then turned to look down at her own shimmering band,"no comparison, yours definitely wins out" she declared. Liz giggled.

"Oh Maria stop it. That is one beautiful ring on your finger and because of it, Michael's all yours" Liz looped her arm through her friends and turned her toward where her husband stood chatting to Liz's groom. They stood in silence for a while. Both in contemplation.

Liz gave a very soft sigh. But Maria immediately detected it and turned to her to demand what the matter was. And it was then she noticed her suddenly sad expression. And she knew.

"They're watching over you Liz." she said softly and reached for her hand. Liz sighed again and turned to her friend, smiling sadly.

"I just wish they were here today." she replied in a sad voice, "It would have a been even more special."

"I know" was all Maria said before pulling Liz to her and enveloping her into another more gentle and comforting hug. She knew that Liz wished her parents were here for her wedding day. Liz had loved them very much and to lose them in a restaurant fire was absolutely devastating only a few years past. Once they had all lived inRoswell and the Parker's had owned the Crashdown Cafe. Now they were grown up and the Crashdown was burnt to the ground where her parents had elected to remain.Now Jeff Parker wasn't here to walk his daughter down the aisle, and Nancy Parker couldn't be sitting at the front crying with joy like the rest of the people. But Maria was sure they were. Somehow, someway. The man who had physically led her to her man was Phillip Evans, who was so much a father figure to Liz. Diane sat in the first row crying her eyes out.

"Husband." Liz said softly. Maria gave her a look. "What?"

"Husband" Liz repeated, louder. She shook her head as if the word seemed foreign to her.

Maria chuckled and patted Liz on the back, glad that the sombre mood had disappeared, "It takes a while to finally sink in. Don't let it trouble you. Pretty soon it will be part of your everyday vocabulary."

Liz smiled and couldn't help but nod in agreement. As she looked across the room, she saw him. Talking animatedly to some guest. She was not sure who. He turned and caught her eye. His smile was contagious. She waved and mouthed 'I love you', and waited. When he returned the sentiment Liz felt happy and secure.

Roy Donovan. The man she had pledged her life to this day. Handsome, successful, loving and so full of life. He was perfect. The ideal man. She glanced down herself at the ring that pronounced her a married woman, and his. She felt giddy with awe. Married. She was married. It was so unbelievable. So wonderful. Finally. She would have a purpose in life other than her work. She would have a house and a husband, and-she couldn't wait for that-delightful little mini Roys and Liz's. She giggled at the thought. Roy's parents couldn't be here either. They lived at the other end of the world and they sent their apologies and falicitation in their stead. Liz didn't mind though. The day was no dimmer because of their absense. She had never met them before and so felt no real loss. Not like there had been much time to even think of it. Her's and Roy's was one of those whirlwind courtships that left you exhilirated and breathless. She giggled again.

"My my aren't we giddy today. What's the special occasion?"

"Alex!" Liz fairly screamed and fell into the embrace of her other dear best friend. He pulled away and looked her up and down.

"You look beautiful Liz" he commented and Liz blushed and laughed at her own embarrassment. She had never been so vain as to look in the mirror and make that bold statement. But to hear someone else say it...well her feminine ego was certainly boosted and she would admit even to herself that she felt that way too. She felt beautiful. It was a beautiful day and this was a beautiful occasion.

"Where is the fair Isabel?" Liz asked as she scanned the crowd for a tall model-like blonde that every man drooled over and fantasized about. And Alex's wife. Alex waved a dismissive hand then rolled his eyes and sighed in exasperation.

"She's in the ladies room fixing up something or other that's gone wrong." he stated matter-of-factly.

"Again?" Liz and Maria exclaimed together. Their voices were so in tune that Alex looked silently at them for a moment and then shrugged. It always happened and he should be used to it by now.

"Now please forget my wife's troubles and let's all focus on the bride!" he stated and with a flourish dragged her onto the dance floor before she could protest and was swinging crazily from side to side. Liz tried to follow, but not only could she not understand what the devil kind of steps those where, but her dress was very constricting. But she laughed. And laughed, because it was fun. And so she twirled, her white dress swirling in a haze around her.

The hotel reception whirled as she saw blurry figures of waiters in white suits and gloves carrying trays of champagne glasses and finger foods. More flowers whizzed past. The bright lights that lit the vast room twinkled and she observed the guests moving around to take their places at the neatly set out tables.

There was along table at the front where she and her friends were to be seated. At the opposite side a stage with the band played music. Liz had persuaded Maria to sing a few songs. Ofcourse not that Maria needed much persuasion. Infact Liz had hardly been able to finish the request. She remembered fondly.

Maria was maid of honour ofcourse. Isabel...well she was a maid of honour too. Liz was loathe to choose one of them so she decided to bend tradition a tad and make an exception. It worked out perfectly, with no hurt feelings or catfights. She recalled how only minutes before she had watched them standing there at the end of the aisle, in similar dresses, flowers in hand, smiling brightly at her. She also remembered glancing to the other side of them and seeing Roy standing there with his hands twisting infront of him, his eyes anxious, but his smile warm and loving. To his immediate side was Michael, and Liz for some reason couldn't bear to look any further than him....

An arm came around her at that thought and Liz ceased to turn around so abruptly she fell across a male chest. The arm tightened and Liz looked up to stare at her saviour. She smiled brightly.

"Hey Michael." and hung on to him.

"Hey, how's my girl?" he commented and smiled endearingly at her. Liz's smile turn goofy.

"Goood." she stretched the word and her eyes twinkled. Michael's lips smirked and then softened, as he laid his forehead gently atop hers and swayed with her to the music that was playing.

"Happy?" he asked softly. Liz hugged him tight. "Yeah." She knew what Michael was like. She knew that if she had said no he would waste no time in thrashing Roy and drawing up annulment papers just like that. It was endearing and Liz loved him all the more for it. He was the fourth closest person to her. And it was good to know the feeling was mutual.

Resting her head on his chest she commented, "Hey we just got here. Isn't there supposed to be a speech? And aren't I supposed to be dancing the first dance with my groom?" She looked up at him with a teasing light in her eyes.

Michael grunted. "To hell with traditions." and Liz shook her head fondly at him.

Soon Maria was at her side beckoning them to come to the head table where they should take their seats. It was time for those traditions. As she walked up there she noticed Roy walking up to her. She smiled in greeting when he got to her and he bent down to snatch a kiss from her.

When they were all seated in their respective seats, Maria and Isabel at Liz's side and Max and Michael and Alex on Roy's, the guests quieted down as they expected what was to come. When silence reigned Michael stood and raised his glass and the rest all followed suit. Then turned to look at the couple. Roy had chosen him for his best man. Liz couldn't help but wonder how that came about. She looked suspiciously at Michael, but couldn't help but laugh silently. Whatever it was, it worked and in the end, everyone was pleased. Especially her, since she really didn't want her groom to be sporting black eye on his wedding day.

"This is a very special day for all of us here. Today one of the most special people in my life bound her life and heart to a man that gave back as good as he got. Now I'm not a man of poetic words so I'll just keep it short and sweet." he paused and tipped his glass and waited for the rest to do the same. " I wish you the very happiest of lives. May your hearts be filled with love and your house with little Lizzies.."

Everyone chuckled and agreed, while Liz blushed becomingly.

"I want to be an uncle soon. Oh, and Roy I know you love Liz, but one wrong move and I'll bash you up so good your own mother won't recognize you" he saluted with his glass, smiled pleasantly and swallowed the champagne. There was dead silence for a moment as wide and shocked eyes stared at Michael. Then someone burst out laughing and the moment disappeared.

"Ok, now its time for the bride and groom's wedding dance" Maria yelled out. The lights immediately dimmed and Roy shoved his chair back and stood, then offered his hand to Liz. She smiled and took it gracefully, then rose with him and started to walk to where the spotlight pointed in the darkness.

Soft music came on. They did not have a wedding song so they just chose randomly and Maria ofcourse sang it. And now Roy held her in his arms. A hand at her waist and one gripping her hand. They began a lovely waltz and glided across the floor, never once breaking eye contact. He had very nice grey eyes. And sandy brown hair that complemented his handsome features and lean, lithe body. For a moment Liz thought of how grateful she was to have found such a man.

"You dance marvellously wife." he said in his pleasant voice.

"And so do you husband." Liz replied.

"So," he said, making conversation, " Do you suppose we'll be able to live up to Michael's expectations?" he asked with a teasing smile.

Liz blushed again. " Well, there really isn't any hurry.." she started, knowing that they had to work out their careers and entire life before they could even consider making Michael an uncle.

"Would you like a girl or a boy first?" he interrupted "In the future that is."

Her smile could have lit the heavens, "A wait a girl" Liz laughed softly and then shook her head slightly, " I don't know, two of each would be better." she finally decided wistfully.

The lights brightened once again and in no time the rest of them were joining them on the floor, each with their respective others. Liz and Roy danced for a while longer. That was cut by Mr. Evans claiming a dance with the bride who was just like a daughter to him, making Liz's heart fill with such emotion that left her bereft of words. She only clutched him tighter and smiled . That was soon interrupted by Roy again as Maria's voice filled the room with another song. After a while, Liz saw a hand grab hold of Roy's shoulder and tap it gently. They both stopped and turned.

Liz found another reason to smile so brightly. Roy observed them both and without a word stepped back and reluctantly allowed the man to cut in. Liz's arms immediately wound around him as his went around her waist. And for the first time since dancing with Alex, Michael and Roy she felt........

"Hey Max" she said quietly to her best friend since birth. His smile was devastating.

"Hey" he had the deepest and sweetest voice, then," How does the bride on her wedding day?"

"Happy," she said and the air around them grew thick, his hand around hers warm and strong, his body close to hers. Once upon a time she would have......

"My don't you look handsome" she exclaimed and smiled at the black suit with the white shirt and black bowtie.

Max grinned back then leaned in to whisper, "And you are absolutely beyond angelic." And Liz felt tears prick her eyes, for the first time on this usually joyfully teary day.

"So, " she tried to lighten the mood and change the subject, " that was some speech of Michael's. Are you in the same frame of mind as him?"

Max cocked a brow then his lips curled in a semblance of a smile, " you mean the smash and bash him bit?"

Liz laughed and slapped him playfully on the shoulder. "Oh Max, you know perfectly well what I mean."

The grin didn't fade from his face, but it seemed to dim from his eyes, but Liz didn't notice because she was not looking. Her face was buried against his shoulder as she drew loving comfort from her friend. No matter how many friends or best friends she had, Max was always number one. He was her rock. Always there, and Liz cherished every minute of it. Of him.

"You wanna be an uncle?" she asked softly and waited for an answer. When no answer was forthcoming she looked up and saw him craning his head up and his eyes closed.

"Max?" she questioned. He snapped his neck back down and stared at her, then slowly began to smile. A smile that seemed strange for some reason on his lips. And Liz could not identify why. His hand reached up and caressed her cheek. Instinctively Liz leaned in to his touch. Slowly then, he bent his head and gently placed a kiss at her forehead.

"You're a beautiful bride Liz,you'll make a beautiful mother too." was all he said and Liz thought she heard a throb in his voice but quickly dismissed it. She was suddenly too happy with the prospect of finally getting a family started. 27 years old and a was time she settled down and made a home for herself. She could almost envision the feeling of returning home to a husband that would love and cherish her, sharing meals with someone so special and going to bed with a warm body by her side. She also couldn't wait for the day when she would feel life growing within her. When she would have children. Oh but the thought made her feel like a child herself and she almost gave in to the impulse to jump up and down for joy. They continued to dance slowly in compatible silence.

And then so quickly Roy was there again, wrenching her out of Max's arms.

"Come on honey, you're mine and I think you got me jealous enough." and Max was left standing alone, watching Elizabeth Parker, now Elizabeth Donovan, his bestest friend since birth be swept away by her husband. The man that held her heart within his palms. At that moment, the luckiest man alive. He looked bleaky ahead as the white skirts of the woman he......

He fisted his hands and looked away as they disappeared from view through the crowd.

Liz had no time to react before they were moving then stopping abruptly. Maria appeared before them, camera in hand, ready for her attack of many more pictures to come.

"Smile you two!" she positioned the camera at her eye. Roy pulled Liz to him, kissed her thoroughly and passionately. Liz responded eagerly and from far away she could hear the cheers.

Maria caught them in that pose, bright white light flashing.

TBC.....ok ppl, you must understand I need FEEDBACK plzzz! lol....I hope its all to your expectations and that you like. I really hope I can write up to the challenge!ok enough of me.....PS. THANK YOU Jen for allowing me to write your challenge! this is for you!*big*

so tell me wat ya'll think?!


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Part 1



Liz stared at the results with unseeing eyes. Her fingers trembled as she clutched the device within her palm. She tightened her grip on it for a moment, as if willing it to suddenly change and make her happy, or break and give her some measure of satisfaction. But then she slackened her hold on it and let it drop into the sink. Causing a slight clatter.

It sounded like a bombshell to her ears.

Liz closed her eyes unwilling to give the truth credit. It just could not be. The darkness behind her eyes swirled around her. Enveloped her, blinded her . Taking a deep breath she gripped the edge of the sink and forced herself to stay calm and controlled. It was alright. She could get through this. It's happened before. Lots of times. And she'd made it through them. She could make it now.

She just had to.

If only the feeling wasn't so crushing.

Opening her eyes she straightened and started rubbing furiously at her lids. She would not succumb to tears now. She refused to. She had to be strong. And she had to keep faith. Sighing heavily she looked around. She was standing in the bathroom, it was basically blue and white, and for a second she forgot her woes and recalled how Roy had insisted how every room of their house had to be decorated. It was an outrageous and ridiculous thought in the middle of her turmoil. But somehow she found comfort in her suddenly straying memories.

He had said that every room had to have a colour that signified the purpose of that room. Liz had raised her eyebrows at that but made no comment. She liked to think that Roy was unique and if he wanted to have a hand in decorating then who was she to argue.How many husbands did she know of that would volunteer? practically none. And so she was grateful for Roy for adding his taste. It made their house, if one thought about it, more like a home. Since it had a little bit of two of them.

Roy was very fashionable and so he came up with the idea of colour identification. Liz rather liked it. Roy had said it was all the fashion. So she didn't argue. Roy knew what he was talking about, he was like an expert. And she was in awe. So that was how their little house turned out. Or not so little to be exact. It had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, living room and sitting room. Very spacious. Liz had asked him why they had to have such a big house to begin with if it was only the two of them. Roy has simply smiled and said he wanted her to live in style. Liz had been about to argue that point when he added that those 2 extra bedrooms were just a preparation for an expansion. Liz had then blushed and argued no more.

As she gazed around the blue bathroom she thought about the bedroom that was next door which was a dark purple velvet colour, because Roy thought they should sleep like royalty. The kitchen was yellow, because that was when the day began usually. Plus it kept their stomachs happy, he said and she had laughed. The two other bedrooms where a light blue and pink. For the boy and girl she wanted he said, and Liz had burst into tears. The dining room was oak, to convey elegance. The living room was a creme colour to complement the oak and the sitting room was green, for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Liz was enchanted with their colourful house. When one looked at it, it looked so modern and...well fashionable. She marvelled at Roy's taste. She also loved his reasons why. But she was a little concerned when she came across a similar set-up in one of the fashion magazines that she flipped through on Roy's bedside table. But she quickly dismissed it as a fluke. Roy was genuine, ofcourse.

Looking now around her at the blue, she realized just how good it expressed her feelings. She was blue. She was sad and...oh. Whirling away from the offending object she stalked out and into their adjoining bedroom. Going to her side of the bed she plopped down and her hand fell heavily on the phone that rested there. She paused a minute, staring at in contemplation. The coming to an inevitable decision she picked it up and put it to her ear. She didn't even have to think before dialling the familiar number. A number she had dialled those many times before She didn't feel like it, but she knew it had to be said. To someone. Aloud.
Because right now, it just didn't seem real.

As she waited for the other end to pick up, she couldn't help but wonder if it was always going to be this way. Week after week of endless tests, timeless tries, eternities of calls and disappointments. And for the first time, Liz began to lose hope.

"Well?" asked the voice on the other line as soon as they picked up.

Liz did not hesitate. " No."

There was a beat of silence on the other end, then, "Oh Liz." Maria breathed softly, "Oh babe..." she trailed off and Liz knew she wanted to say 'I'm sorry'. But she also knew that she dared not. It has been said too many times lately and frankly, it just wasn't enough anymore. And they both knew it. 'Sorry' just wasn't worth the effort. Especially to her piece of mind.

"I-it's ok Maria.." Liz spoke up in a surprisingly calm voice. They've had this conversation so many times before, she knew what to expect. She also knew that Maria was now going to object that it was not ok at all.

"No Liz. It's not ok, it's just not!" Maria replied furiously, and Liz could hear her start to pace the floor where she stood, phone in hand. There was a brief silence and Liz knew that Maria was trying to think of some plan. For anything.

"Oh Maria," Liz suddenly burst out in a defeated breath, her voice low and pained, "I'm just so tired." she sniffed and ran a trembling hand through her hair. Her body sagged even more on the mattress, shoulders drooping.

"I know. Chica, I know you are but you can't lose hope" Maria pleaded desperately," I mean, there must be some explanation why-" she broke off and Liz could sense her clamping her mouth shut tightly. She sighed heavily, because she knew why.

"It's alright Maria," she practically groaned," you can say it." Inside, she prayed she would not. Reading it as evidence was one thing. Admitting it out loud was completely another. It's like the verdict to a very screwed up trial of nature. Liz would rather not have what was on that jury's piece of paper read.

"It's not natural hon. There has to be a reason. There alway 'is' a reason. We just gotta figure it out." Liz thanked the heavens for Maria's tact. She allowed herself to exhale the breath she was holding, slowly and in relief.

Huffing she threw herself onto her back across the back and stared idly at the ceiling. "Ofcourse there is Maria. I know that." She rolled her eyes and shook her head from side to side. Her hair slid over her eyes and she muttered under her breath while extracting it off her face. Ofcourse there was a reason for everything. She just didn't want to think of what hers would be. Because she had a very fair idea. The only thing she wasn't sure of about that theory, was that if it was her......or Roy.

"Good," Maria continued, satisfied with Liz's response, "then you also know that you have to kind out what it is."

That stopped Liz short. Find out what it is. Did she really want to do that? Could she cope? Handle it? Did she want to know for sure? have a doctor's diagnosis, that would brook no argument, tell her why she can't get pregnant?

"I don't know Maria." Liz sighed nervously into the phone. "I mean, what if...what if...." she couldn't finish the sentence. Not aloud anyway. Inside her mind was going a mile a minute with the same words. 'What if I'm barren'.

"Don't do this to yourself Liz," Maria spoke softly from the other side. "Don't break down. Stay calm and logical. You have to know."

Liz took a deep, deep breath and blew it out slowly before answering. "I know."

"So you'll do it?" Maria asked, rather anxiously.

For the first time Liz felt calm and in control. "Yes. I will." she was proud of her firm and decisive voice. She knew she had to do it. They couldn't go on forever just assuming and making excuses. Trying and failing. One trip to the clinic would put away all the unnecessary pain and false hope they had to go through. One test would verify the problem and the solution, if there was one. And she hoped there was one.

"Good. That's good Liz. Look I'm going to give the others a ring and tell them about your decision. We'll all be there for you." and Liz was very grateful she had friends like Maria.


"What are you going to tell Roy?" Maria suddenly asked. Liz was stunned for a moment as she remembered her husband and how he was involved in all this. He needed to know ofcourse. He had to go down with her. Take the test too. He had so much hope for a child. And Liz was suddenly hesitant to approach him about this matter. It would hurt him deeply to think they had come to this. But she also knew that she must tell him. They were in this together. And they would face whatever comes their way together.

"I-I'm not sure......" a pause," I'll find a way."

The key unlocked the door and the knob turned slowly. Liz heard the footsteps click on the wooden floor. She listened as the steps grew closer and louder. Her apprehension and anxiety heightened as she heard them pause then keep moving. She sat on the edge, her hands twisting together in nervousness as she waited for him to be upon her. The feet stopped near her and then her door opened.

"Hi honey." Roy placed his briefcase on the floor and walked over to greet her. He got to the bed and leaned down to place a hello kiss on her lips. But instead of making it brief he deepened it and Liz was lost for the moment in the pleasure.

"Hi." Liz answered softly when he broke away and started to move around the room, away from her. She watched him as he went from here to there. He had his suit on. It was a deep dark blue, a very nice complement to his eyes. His brown hair was slicked back with slight gel to keep it out of the way at work and his black shoes shone as they paced the floor.

"So how was your day?" Liz asked. Roy cared alot about his work as a business executive. It was an important job and Roy spent most of his time working at it. It was his life. Well other than her ofcourse. She always asked him about it and loved to hear him go into great detail about every single thing. Even though she didn't understand half the things he talks about. It's always a pleasure for her.

"Great," he replied and then began to go on and on about it, just like she expected. And she sat there happily on the bed, nodding and agreeing, and making appropriate noises at the right times as he moved around getting out of his clothes.

She always admired his body. It was a nice body. Smooth and hard, not alot of muscle but very appealing. She was anxious again and so was diverting her thoughts to other more..pleasant things. She was nervous because he wasn't there anymore to talk and keep her mind off the subject she knew she had to bring up. He was in the bathroom. Liz heard him moving around, taking care of his needs.

She lost herself in the turmoil of her thoughts. How was she going to break it to him? How should she approach him? She could try being subtle. Throw hints maybe. She could lead them into the conversation gently and tactfully. That would be a good way. She would sit him down on the bed beside her. Give him a nice good kiss to relax him-and herself. Then ease into the conversation. A good plan.

When the bathroom door opened, she braced herself for the moment. He walked out in his t-shirt and boxers. She stayed silent and still. Roy moved around and hunted for a pair of pants to put on. Once done he walked over to where she still sat, grabbed her, hauled her to him and started kissing her passionately.

Liz's plan went out the window for now as she returned his kiss and eagerly wrapped her arms around him. His arms went around her waist and his hands started drifting up an down all over the back of her body. Liz shivered in delight and thread her fingers into his hair, then arched herself into him. His ravaging mouth left hers and started down her neck. Liz leaned her head back to allow him greater access which he immediately took advantage of. He stared to drag her clothes off her body as he caressed it and Liz shivered as she divested him of his own clothing. They clung together, bodies touching. Skin to skin and sensually melted against each other.

"Mmm god I missed you today." he whispered huskily as he slowly started to drag her down onto the bed. Liz only answered by wrapping her arms and legs around him and taking them to the heights of pleasure.

An hour later they were lying in bed. Liz halfway on top of Roy, her hand playing with the hairs on his chest, as his stroked up and down her back. Both naked beneath the covers.

Liz sighed contentedly, " Dinner's probably cold." she commented softly without regret.

"We'll order in." he replied and his roaming hand became more bold. Liz squirmed against him. His hand drifted over her hip to her bare stomach and held his palm over it. And that simple gesture. That one little movement sent her fantasy world crashing about her and threw her back into the real one. Her heated skin cooled. Her desire ebbed away and her hand gripped his wandering one in hers in a hidden effort to stop him.

Tears began to gather in her eyes as she thought of what she would say. Her plan wouldn't work anymore. They had just made love and they were both naked. It was not a good time to get into a tactful and serious conversation. But the time nevertheless. She had to tell him now. It was important. Very important. They had to face this and there was no better time than now. Something had to be done soon.

"Roy." she pushed away from him and sat up to look at him.

"Yeah?" he looked inquiringly up at her slightly confused about the sudden change in the mood. His arms moved to stretch above his head, then fold beneath it. When she didn't speak he half sat up, a frown on his face, as well as a concerned look.

"Liz?" he asked.

Liz cleared her throat. Several times. The tears in her eyes started gathering up and blurring her vision of her husband. A lump in her throat refused to budge and she sat there, looking silently at him as the expression on his face turned into worry.

"Liz what is it baby?" he sat up fully now and gripped her arms. It was comforting and warm and Liz took courage from it. If he hadn't, she would have surely broken down at the word 'baby'.

"We have to talk." and her voice rang out clear and steady, to her surprise.

"Ok" he said slowly, his grip tightened and his eyes betrayed his confusion and sudden apprehension. "What do you want to talk about?" he asked.

Liz swallowed once again. She tried to think of a way once again to break it to him without causing shock or hurt. She had to be tactful. It hurt her to. Alot. She remembered her wedding day when he had asked her if she wanted a boy or a girl first while they danced. She remembered saying she wanted both.

And now she may not have either.

"About why I can't get pregnant."

TBC...ok THANK YOU for the WONDERFUL FB!(More plz!*wink*) im glad you're enjoying the beginning. I would just like to say though that ive been gone a while and this part maybe a bit peoww*shy*(like in Rotorua-for whoever knws where that is (NZers)) but really I'll get over the sloppiness, promise!! I'll be back in shape in no time-with longer parts heh(yeh sori it was so short *sad*).*happy*


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Part 2

There was a silence. The only sound she could hear was the beating of her own heart. Her palms began to sweat and her body became restless. She fought back the urge to fidget nervously. Her words were spoken without warning. There was no softening of the blow. No gentle insinuation. It was said bluntly and flatly. Her heart clenched at the clumsy way it came out.

The silence continued. Apprehensively she shifted on the mattress and gazed down at the covers, afraid to look at him. Then she felt the bed move and she snapped her head up to see Roy setting aside the covers, and without looking at her, scooting to the edge of the bed and sitting up. Liz's heart skipped a beat at the gesture. Her breath caught in her throat as she realized the magnitude of what she just told him. She also realized that she had no idea what his reaction would be.

It was too late to speculate however. Whether she expected an angry outburst, a painful drama, or even a consolingly scene, there was one thing she did not expect. Ignorance. She watched with wide eyes that brimmed with sudden tears as Roy hauled himself up and treaded naked to retrieve his boxers off the floor. He spoke not a word and she was afraid to break the silence herself. Afraid another word out of her mouth would shatter the building the tension. And it would all come crashing atop her.

So she just kneeled there on the bed, biting her lower lips and helplessly waiting. Waiting for him to say something. Anything. And if not, let him look at her at least. She did not know what to do. She did not want to say anything else for fear of making things even worse. What a way to break into a conversation. Right after some wonderful lovemaking she bursts out with demands to talk about her pregnancy. Or lack of it. Which was the case.

Her jaw clenched and her mouth opened to put an end to this insufferable quiet. She needed words. Reassurances. Swearing. Angry sprouts. Anything. And so she worked up her courage and looked up to confront him. Only she did not get the chance. Roy was striding straight toward her. She only had a glimpse of his tender expression before his arms were around her. Holding her. Comforting.

Liz sighed deeply and sagged into his welcoming warmth. Tears glistened in her eyes and she held them at bay as she closed her eyes and revelled in the closeness. She was just so relieved, and happy. He was by her side and she held on to his strength. She didn't know just how much she needed it until this moment. Somehow she knew she wouldn't have fared well if her own husband shunned her. Lost faith in her.

But gladly, the whispered words of understanding that floated through her ear made her smile and wrap her arms tightly around him, and hug him close. She needed him with her. Liz knew that throughout the year of their marriage they had been aiming for a child. Once they said that they needed time to adjust and work out their careers and life before they would think of starting a family. Ofcourse that only lasted a few months, which was their honeymoon. Liz expressed that she was not getting any younger and while Roy disagreed and proceeded to compliment her and her beauty etcetera etcetera, he did agree that there was no need to plan and a child to start a family would be fantastic.

That optimistic look into the future lasted about 8 months. That was the length of time they tried to conceive. Days of expectations, turned to months. Speeding time prompted excuses. Excuses that began to sound hollow even to a stranger. Today was the last straw for her. It was time they admitted that something was wrong.

Shakily she spoke as she pushed away slightly from his embrace, "I-I'm sorry it came out that way," nervously she tucked a stray hair behind her ear and avoided his eyes, "It wasn't very subtle was it..." she trailed off with a very weak smile.

"Hey hey." Roy caught her chin with his finger and turned her face toward him. When he made sure he'd caught her eye, he gave her a serious look then smiled softly, "It's ok." Then bent down and kissed her gently.

Liz clung to him, but resisted the urge to give to desire right now. There were more serious matters at hand. She pulled away and smiled up at him. His darling face gazed back down at her. She cupped his cheeks with her hands and gaze him a brief tender kiss before moving away from him.

The sheet still clutched around her as she rolled off the bed and began to hunt for her own clothes. Once she was decent she turned to face Roy and saw him standing with a smirk on his face.

"Have I ever told you what a wonderful body you have?" and Liz blushed the warmest red. Roy always spoke bluntly about things. Especially in bed. She didn't know her body could turn red all at the same time, she remembered fondly.

"I hope that wasn't the only reason you married me." she teased. The mood definitely needed some lightening and the tension needed easing. This was perfect.

Roy laughed and took her into his arms. " Not a chance honey." And Liz snuggled back into his arms. It was time to broach the subject once again. It couldn't go undiscussed.

"Roy?" her voice was muffled by his chest.


She leaned back and eyed him seriously. "We have to talk about it." Immediately his face changed into a grim expression and his arms tightened slightly around her.

"Ok, come one. We'll go sit in the living room." and with that he led her out the door.

"So," he said once they were seated on the couch.

Liz tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and shifted nervously in her seat. Now that they came to it, she wasn't finding much courage facing it. "So..."

When she said no more Roy came to sit right beside her and put his arm around her. He seemed to sense her hesitation and she was glad of his silent support. Gathering a deep breath she stiffened her back and turned to face him.

"Roy. I know that for the past months now we've been trying to get a child." she paused to clear her throat and take another deep breath. "And I also know, that so far, we haven't been succeeding." She strove for a calm and strong voice. Gently she reached out to take his hand. Squeezing it gently she searched his face for any expression of how he was taking this.

"I know that." he said instead and then squeezed back, "But don't worry, I'm sure it's just nature getting behind schedule." he tried to reassure and Liz couldn't resist a small laugh.

"Maybe. But we can't be to sure nature didn't choose to skip this address altogether." She sobered at the thought.

"Aw hell Liz don't say that." he held her close. Liz pushed against him.

"I have to I mean..." she burst out then her eyes brimmed with tears and her voice softened to a near whisper, "what if something's really wrong?"

She was in his arms again and he was running his hand up and down her back soothingly. " Nothing's wrong Liz. There's a perfectly reasonable explanation to all this I'm sure. It will be very simple and easy to overcome. There's nothing to worry about."

Agitated and unable to relax herself she pushed away from him and jumped up to pace the floor. Her head bent, the wheels in her mind turning endlessly without exhaustion.

"But what if there is?" her hands gestured wildly into the air. She stopped to pierce him with a fierce look.

When he just sat there staring at her she sighed deeply and came toward him. Kneeling at his feet she clutched his hands with both of hers and looked earnestly into his eyes. " I have to know. 'We' have to know. Which is why, " she gulped, "which is why I want us to go to a doctor and have an examination."

"Absolutely not!" Roy burst out and stood up to move away. Liz turned to him pleadingly.

"But Roy-"

"No buts!" he interrupted, " I won't go to some doctor and expose my body to tests and things. I won't have you do that either." he shook his head forcefully. "There's nothing wrong. There's no need.

"Yes there is!" Liz cried. Her hands drifted to her stomach. "I want a baby Roy. I want 'our' baby." She walked over to him and patiently placed a hand on his arm. "But it's just not happening, and I want to know why."

The silence was thick and Roy did not speak for a long time. Liz hoped he would be moved enough to accept. To admit. She knew that he knew something wasn't right. She knew he knew that for a long time. That's why they made love so often, every day. Whatever it was he was trying to prove it wrong.

Then he looked down at her. His look long, hard and fathomless. And then he sighed, and took her into his arms. " I want to know too.." and Liz was filled with such relief. " I just....didn't want to admit it."

"I know Roy." she looked up at him and then reached up to kiss his lips softly. "I didn't either. I can't believe its happening to us..." her voice trailed off and Roy held her closer.

"Come on. This is all too soon. Let's just try to get some rest tonight." He gently ushered her out of the room. "We'll have a nice dinner and good night's rest, and try not to think about things. Best to leave it till morning."

The sun shone it's morning welcome and Liz and Roy both sat at the kitchen counter with two cups of coffee. The did not even have breakfast yet. Liz was too anxious and Roy was too concerned about Liz.

The phone beside them.

"So..." Roy spoke, " I guess this is it."

"Yeah." It was it. They were about to phone a clinic to make an appointment. She just didn't know if she could do it.

Roy seemed to sense her misgivings. "Do you want me to-"

"No." Liz shook her head, knowing what he was about to ask. She could do this. " I can do this."

Slowly she reached for the cordless phone and picked it up from the countertop. Her hand shook slightly, which was obvious from the slight vibrating of the phone. Reaching with her other hand she picked up a white piece of paper that had a number written on it with pencil.

Releasing a nervous breath she hesitantly punched in the numbers and put the phone to her ear. The line started to beep slowly. A tense expectant silence fell and Liz clenched and unclenched her free hand as she waited stiffly for a reply.

"Madison Community Clinic. Good morning. How may I help..?"

Liz glanced up to meet Roy's eyes. The grey pools of support gave her confidence and reassurance. He smiled encouragingly and reached across to grasp her hand within his in a gesture of comfort. Liz smiled gratefully and then turned her attention to the call.

"I'm going to call Maria." Liz stated after they managed to eat some toast and jam. The only thing she could stomach at the moment. She cooked Roy some bacon and eggs though. His stomach wasn't anywhere near as protesting as hers. She was glad he was able to eat heartily. At least one of them will have the strength to go through the day.

Roy simply nodded then cleared the table and went to place in the dishwasher. Liz walked over the phone and dialled the familiar number. In the background she heard Roy shuffle her and there with the kitchenware then turned to see him walk out of the room. To change no doubt.

Turning her attention back to the dial tones she knew the first person she really wanted to call. She would have too. Except Maria had insisted she call her first and tell her exactly what is happening, when and how. Liz treasured her friendship very much and thanked her luck for having such a devoted best friend. So she would have to call the number one best friend in her life second to her.


"Don't growl Michael it's very intimidating to the callers."


Liz chuckled. "Yeah. Morning honey."

"What're you doing calling so early?" Michael asked on the other end. She heard some shuffling and movement and guess he was sitting up straighter in bed and getting more comfortable.

"Something that I gotta talk to your dear wife about." Liz answered evasively. She really did not want to tell Michael at this very instant. He was not the first person she would rather tell though she loved him dearly. He was just......Michael.

"Oh really..." suspiciousness tinged his voice and Liz silently groaned.

"Yes really. Now Michael if you could just hand me Maria...?" She requested. Her fingers were twisting the cord around and around however because she could sense his suspicion and confusion all the way over the phone.


"Michael please!" She'd seen it coming.

"Something's wrong and you're gonna tell me." His voice now held a slight anger and impatience. Sometimes he really annoyed her. She didn't know how he did it, but somehow he always knew when something was up or wrong or right, or whatever. It's better on the phone though because then he couldn't see her guilty expression.

"Ok. Well you see my period cycle started yesterday and the blood was coming out..." If she didn't know right she'd have sworn that something was flying on the other end of the line. Then she heard a loud thud and crash.

"Ow! Michael!" Liz heard a few muffled screeches and a bang. Then silence.

"Hello?" An angry Maria was not a good Maria to greet in the morning.

"Hey Maria..." Liz started warily.

"Liz!" Oh you called! Sorry about that but I don't know what came over Michael just now." Liz could hear the annoyance and anger still in her voice.

"Why? What happened?" she asked.

"I was coming out of the bathroom and before I know it a phone comes sailing in my direction and I'm the target." Liz gave an involuntary wince. Maybe she shouldn't have done that.

"But what's up?" Maria brought her back from her musing and reminded her of the purpose of her call.

"We made an appointment." she said.

"Oh my god Lizzie that great!" Maria enthused. "That's good of you babe." she then said gently.

"So when's it to be?"

"This evening they are free so we decided that we wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible. You know..the sooner the better." Liz stated.

"That's good." and when Maria asked the address Liz told her and Maria assured her that she would be there. She would call Alex and Isabel to confirm it. She stressed that they all will be there to give as much as support as they can. Comfort if required. Joy, to share. Sometime later when Liz said goodbye she couldn't help but recall that Maria did not say she would call another important member of the group.

And she was absurdly glad.

Glancing at her watch she noticed it was 8.30am and that she had to be at the office at 9.00am. Luckily it was not so far away so she was not going to be late. She got ready to dial another number when Roy walked back in, all dressed up in his suite and tie. His hair was slicked back again and Liz resisted the urge to ruffle it. He held his briefcase in his hand and the car keys of their Mercedes in the other. Roy was very successful so the luxury of a quality car was theirs. Silver with leather seatings. Liz hardly dared to drive it for fear of causing even a slight scratch. Which was why she took the bus everyday. She really didn't mind. She enjoyed it.

"Ok I'm off sweetie." He walked up to her and placed a deep kiss to her lips. Liz returned it with ardour then broke it off before it got anymore serious. Else Roy would be late and so would she.

"Right darling. You have a good day. I'll see you when you get back." She smiled at him.

Roy stopped to observe her for a moment before bending down to place a sweet and gentle kiss on her mouth. "It'll be alright." he said softly. Liz nodded shakily and resisted the urge to burst into tears.

He gave her one last look and smile and then he was gone.

Taking a deep breath she turned toward the phone once again and picked it up. Without thought she dialled the number that has been ingrained in her memory forever and ever. It was instinctive to her. It always has been. Impatiently she waited for that oh so familiar voice to answer and give her the best kind of comfort she could hope for. The best of everything she could hope for. She couldn't wait.

It always lifted her spirits and warmed her heart to be so near. So close. The were best friends since they were in diapers. They even shared their rattles. The bestest of friends...of the opposite sex. A person she could hardly describe. The only word she could come up with is....special. The man who meant as much, if slightly less to her, than her husband.


"Hey Max."

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Part 3

Max's heart stopped in his chest the moment he heard the sweet melody of her voice. His fingers clutched tightly at the phone reflexively. His stomach began to flutter in the most delightful way. And all because of two very simple words, but words that meant to him more than anything in the world. The way she greeted him, the way his name rolled off her tongue was the most delicious sound he'd heard all morning.

"Hey Liz" he sighed, almost breathlessly.

"Are you alright Max?" oh how he loved her ready concern. Always caring, always Liz.

"Yeah Liz I'm fine." He cleared his throat and tried to make his voice sound more firm. He didn't want her getting any hints about-

"Oh good, you just sounded kinda...breathless."

"Oh yeah..well I- just rushed out of the bathroom to get to the phone." Improvising quickly he held the phone more tightly to his ear and walked away from the hall of his apartment where he stood to the comfortable couch in his sitting room.

"Oh sorry about that." She sounded so very sincere, Max couldn't help the slight smile that curved his mouth.

"Don't be sorry Liz, " he replied softly, " as long as it's you, I don't mind."I'd go through anything just to hear your voice .

There was a long silence on the other end, and Max was half afraid he'd given himself away with that simple statement.

Then he heard her giggle. "Oh Max! That is so sweet of you." She giggled some more with a teasing tilt in her tone. "It's so good to have a friend like you. A best friend."

At those words a big lump started to form in his throat. He swallowed several times, trying to get rid of it. Willing himself not to be affected by that simple statement.

"Yeah. That's me. The best." Max replied with forced cheerfulness, not wanting the bleakness at this sad fact to show.

"You are you know." It came ever so softly, and so seriously that Max was left with no doubt about the truth in those words. It should have made his ecstatic, but it only made him curse the fates that made him only what he was to her now.

"So Liz, to what do I owe the pleasure of this early morning call?" He changed the subject, deciding it safer to move on to the purpose of her call. Not that he wasn't truly curious as to why she was calling him just before work.

"Oh well-" and there she paused as if gathering strength to speak the next words. And Max was immediately alarmed. What was the matter? Something was wrong. He could feel it. It hummed through the receiver, it echoed in his body. He didn't know how, but somehow he knew Liz. Knew her. Maybe it was his deep-

"Liz? What is it? What's wrong?" Max asked in concern. He hoped it wasn't too serious. He didn't want anything to hurt her. Nothing. Ever. It would surely destroy him. He could live with what the fates have offered him, he could survive with the meagre crumbs of happiness he could salvage, just by having her near. It didn't matter that she could never be his. He was strong. The past year of contemplating his foolishness and facing his grief have made his accept things the way they were. There was no turning back the clock. No second chances. He'd take what he could get. Even if it didn't include holding her in his arms and calling her his own.

"Max....." she began once again, as if suddenly determined to tell him everything, and he braced himself for hearing she'd contracted some grievous illness or lost her job, or broke her leg, or-or- "Remember my wedding day when I asked you if you wanted to become an uncle?"

And his world shattered to pieces around him.

"Yeah.." her answered hoarsely, his mind conjuring up the prominent memories of that day that would haunt him forever.

"Well....." a breathy pause and suddenly Max couldn't take it anymore. He could sense the distress that was eating at her. It was eating at him to. Whatever it was he sensed it was very important. That it could very well change his life forever.

"Liz, just tell me. You know you can tell me anything. What is it?" he coaxed gently. And then he closed his eyes and laid back on the couch, ready for the wonderful assault of her voice to hit him once again.

"There might be a slight complication in that." Liz didn't know how else to word it. It was so hard to speak of. Even to someone like Max. Especially to Max. But perversely, he was the only person she could think of that could offer her the comfort she was seeking. The strength that she needed, and the sweet caring that made her feel like the most cherished person in the world. It was odd to feel so..special in the arms of a friend. But Max.....he was special, and she thanked the heavens that she had him in her life.

"What? What do you mean a 'slight complication'?" The melodious timbre of his voice echoed across the line. She could tell from just the sound of it that he was frowning. His brows no doubt drawn together in displeasure, a slight crinkle in his forehead.

" and Roy......" her voice trailed off as she realized that there was no way she could tell him the news on the phone. She needed to tell him in person, be near him and absorb his quiet strength. "Look I really don't want to tell you this over the phone. D-do you suppose we could meet sometime, someplace?"

As if she needed to ask! Didn't she realize that he'd do anything for her?...No ofcourse she didn't, and even if told her, she'd only consider it a wonderful thing for a friend to say. His ever increasing worry however was enough to blot out the sorrow that plagued him.

"Yes ofcourse Liz. I have to get to the office now so maybe we could meet for lunch?"

"Yeah. I have to get going too. How's 12?"

"Good. I'll pass by your work and then we'll go talk somewhere." And I'll make everything better for you. I promise.

"Thanks alot Max." Liz's smile wobbled over the phone. She glanced at the clock again. "I have to get going. See ya." and with that she put the phone down, gathered her bag and raced out the door.

Max stared at the phone in his hand for a long time. Then he gave an agonized sigh and silently cursed the fates that took her way beyond his reach. Wearily he ran a hand through his hair, leaving it dishevelled. His suit was crumpled from his restless movements. But he didn't care as he walked out of his lonely apartment and went to work.

When Liz arrived at the 'People's News' she made a beeline to her desk and settled herself in, nervously looking around, knowing she was slightly late. Working for the flourishing magazine it was imperative that the very timetable not be disturbed in any way possible. That meant you couldn't be late and not upset the boss.

Liz wasn't too worried though. She was the best journalist to be found from around here and the big bad boss wouldn't want to compromise her position working for them. Not that she would take advantage of that fact. She took her job very seriously and rarely ever got in the slightest trouble.

She was too busy to do that actually. She also loved her job too much to ever jeopardize it. While her job didn't entail getting into exhilarating adventures like Louis in Superman, her writing was something she cherished. Basically what she did was research the daily struggles of the world and the people, then write her own column about it. While some people don't appreciate someone's opinion on certain matters, it was gratifying to see how receptive they can be with the right persuasion. That was her unique talent, and her boss appreciated it.

Ofcourse he also appreciated the fact that all his newspapers were being bought. Business was good. And now as she sat herself at her desk and instinctively linked her fingers and cracked her knuckles, she felt like she could forget about her woes for now, and do what she loved doing best.

"Hey Liz, morning!" Serena walked past and waved in greeting as she hurried with a stack of folders piled in her arms, looking precariously balanced.

Liz flashed her co-worker a smile and waved back. "Morning Serena. Careful with those papers!"

Serena only laughed as whizzed by. "Don't worry. You know me, I'm an expert at this."

Before she could reply, Serena had already disappeared around the corner and was headed to the boss's office. It was then she heard the muffled gasp and the familiar fluttering of paper. She took a wild guess, but what really confirmed it was when Serena moaned aloud and mumbled something about the boss not being happy about his and firing her butt.

If Liz had known any better she would have been worried when the boss noticed the commotion and came barging out of his office, roaring and sputtering, while Serena pleaded and apologized over and over. But she did know better. Infact-she smiled to herself as she switched on her computer- she rather thought the boss was sweet on Serena.

Getting back to work, she concentrated on the screen infront of her. With careful thoughts she ran over her current story. ' Artificial Insemination- will it make a woman, a mother?'

Max rushed into his office with a fleeting smile of recognition to his secretary, who was busy typing away on her computer, while glancing down at a folder. One of the many on her desk. She glanced up and returned his smile, her bright eyes warm behind rimmed glasses.

If he had more time he would have stopped for a brief chat with her, but he was already late for a meeting. Being a lawyer had been his dream since he was old enough to watch 'Law and Order'. The one thing he had wished to do was defend the innocent and see justice was his courtroom atleast, if not in the rest of the world.

He wasn't the kind that went after the big bucks or the most prestigious clients and cases. That wasn't his aim. His work was based on the wish to help people. Divorce, custody, settlements, companies, foster care, violations of the law. To him, it was about making things right for people. No amount of money could equal the reward of seeing the happy tears and bright smiles that accompanied the deserving party.

It was what fuelled him everyday. If he couldn't be happy, he'd pass his share of joy to others. Even if it didn't heal the emptiness inside him.

Setting his briefcase on the oak desk he sat in his leather chair to rifle through the papers he needed. There was a small knock on his door before a tall, slim woman with greying auburn hair walked in. He glanced up briefly before returning to his search.

"Good morning Mr. Evans, and how are we today?" she asked archly with a slight twist of her lips, a small shift of her glasses atop her nose.

Max looked up again, this time with an apologetic smile. "Sorry Eddie, I'm late for a meeting and I can't find the files I need."

Edwina's expression softened as she gazed at her young boss. Then she flipped her wrist and took a look at her watch. " the 9 o'clock is it?.....Henderson's?"

Max nodded distractedly as he opened his drawers on by one. "Dammit!" After that explosion Max paused to look sheepishly at the older woman. "Sorry."

Edwina laughed and shook her head. " You deserve the privilege. You work too hard sonny. No wonder you can't even find a single file. You need a break." she chided gently and then sighed at the stubborn look that passed over his handsome face.

Then he shrugged and gave a small twist of his lips that slightly resembled a smile. "Yeah well what can I do....people need me."

Before she could reply there was one loud knock, that was more like a bang, on the door. Before anyone of them could react it was flung open and a frustrated and impatient looking Michael barged in, glaring directly at Max.

"Well it's about time! Where the hell have you been? You're late and the Henderson's aren't being exactly obliging."

"I know I'm sorry, I just can't find the darn file-" Max started to explain before Michael cut him off.

"I took the liberty of taking it. Now come on, let's get the show on the road." and just like he came in, he exited.

"Hello and good morning to you too Michael." Max spoke, amused, to the empty air at the door.

Edwina shook her head. "That boy needs a good hiding." was all she said, and Max guessed her admonishing tone meant Michael was in for it. Max pitied the poor man. He got enough of that from Maria.

"Well I'm off. Wish me luck." he said cheerfully as he made his way to the door.

"Henderson's.....Divorcing...right?" she asked. When Max nodded she laughed. "Well then I wish you the best of luck." It was known from experience that divorce cases were the hardest to get around. It takes a hellava good steering to actually get it to go somewhere.

"You know me, always up for a challenge. Plus, they need my help, that's kinda obvious." and with that he was gone, leaving Edwina to gaze at the space he just left and wonder if anyone had ever offered to help him. To ease whatever burden she knew lay heavy on his shoulders...and soul.

"Max!" Liz raised her arm and waved through the crowd, watching the instant recognition flare up in his eyes. They'd decided to meet at a quiet cafe so they were would be no noise or traffic to interrupt their discussion.

She watched as Max Evans made his way toward her. She knew she couldn't deny what she saw. He was the most magnificent man she'd ever seen and known. He was tall, but his muscular build made up for it. Broad shoulders, flat stomach and lean hips, along with firm legs were encased in a basic grey suit and tie, that now looked loosened.

He gaze moved up to his face. Lush masculine lips, square firm jaw,lean cheeks, a straight nose...and the most soul searching eyes that could ever belong to a human being. Golden pairs of ambers glinted in the sun beneath dark brows. Swallowing hard she looked at the windswept silky hair. She didn't know why she always had this weird, intense reaction to him everytime he was close. It so frightening and yet so exciting. But she chose to ignore it and pretend it didn't exist.

She was married, and he was her best friend. Maybe it was normal to feel that way. After all they were pretty close. Maybe she just felt good to have him around. It was a safe thought, and one that was probably true. Once upon a time it might have been-

"Liz." the smooth and deep timbre of his voice penetrated her thoughts and she realized he was standing right infront of her, looking curious and inquiring.

Flustered she blushed and giggled nervously. Then on impulse she jumped into his arms and hugged him tight, revelling in the strong arms that, after a second's hesitation, came around her and returned the embrace.

"It's good to see you." she stated, pulling away reluctantly, and smiling up at him.

He smiled back and lifted a hand to place a strand of hair behind her hair that became disengaged from its fellows. So soft, like silk. "Ditto."

They stood for a moment. It wasn't exactly awkward but it was as if they were meeting for the first time and neither knew what to say or do. Which was entirely ridiculous since they've known each other since forever.

Staring into her eyes Max couldn't get over the fact that she was the most beautiful creature God ever created. She was petite, her hard only coming up to his shoulder. She was slim, with slender legs, gently flaring hips, a small waist- he skipped her chest area deliberately so she wouldn't see the evidence of his wandering gaze- a graceful neck....And then his eyes drifted to her face.

Rosebud lips that ached for kisses, a pointy chin, high cheekbones that emphasized her pert little nose, and the melting chocolate eyes that rested under winged eye-brows. A silken waterfall of mahogany settled about her shoulders, except now it was piled up in a neat bun.

Liz couldn't bear the staring match any longer, she laughed nervously and looked away. "Come on, this is stupid of us. Let's take a seat." That was all it took to bring them out of the trance they were in. Max was jolted back to reality and the very reason they were meeting here. Nodding sombrely he took her arms, ignoring the warm shiver that ran down his spine, and led her courteously to one of the secluded tables.

Whatever she had to say, he didn't want people listening in.

It took a meal, mindless talk, two glasses of lemonade and a trip to the bathroom to finally gather up the courage to tell him. Taking a deep breath she glanced up from the tabletop to his patient face.

It was a facade. He was as impatient as the devil. The waiting was hell. And he had a deep feeling that the flames have yet to consume him. Masking his inner emotions he gazed steadily into her eyes, knowing she was having trouble in saying whatever it was and silently telling her that he was here for her.

Tentatively she reached across and grabbed his hand. Immediately the warm large palm engulfed hers. "Max...." she sighed and shook her head. "What I started to say on the phone...about my wedding day, do you remember?"

Max could only nod.

"I asked if you wanted to be an uncle like Michael and you agreed right?" there was something painful in her voice.

"Yeah." he muttered and tightened his hold on her hand.

"And now on the phone, I said there might be a complication.." she trailed off and Max realized that this was the most vital part.

"You said that....what did you mean?" First and foremost the word 'complication' caused his heart to beat harder and worry clog his throat.

Tears gathered in her eyes. " I made a doctor's appointment at the clinic, for me and Roy to go to."

Max reared back, his eyes growing wide. Then his complexion visibly paled and he clutched painfully at her hand. "What?!why? what's wrong!?"

"Oh Max." she sniffed. "We've been trying, really we have..." she wouldn't breakdown, couldn't breakdown.

Max noticed and quickly rose from his seat to move over to her and gather her into his arms. For a few minutes he allowed her to bury her face in his chest and cry her heart out. Her arms encircled his waist and clung tightly. While he treasured the closeness, her damp tears burned him.

"Hush's alright...shhh I'm here. " he turned his head to kiss her hair, his nostrils filled with the wonderful scent vanilla and creamy strawberries that always wafted from her. Max rubbed soothingly up and down her back.

"Hey..." he said softly and teasingly, opting for a light mood to distract her, "stop crying're making my suit all wet." In the tense moment of silence he feared he'd only made things worse but then he distinctly heard the light giggle and he sighed in relief.

Pulling back slightly Max looked down into her tear streaked face and ever so gently, without a word, brushed his thumbs over her cheeks over the sorrowful trails. Liz smiled gratefully.

"Thanks...." she sniffed. "I must look a mess." she laughed lightly, and moved away to rummage through her back for some tissues. No you don't. You look beautiful.

Wiping her face, Liz made herself get a hold in her runaway emotions. They were in a public place for goodness's sake. It was no time or place to be blubbering over Max. She hoped she hadn't caused too much of an embarrassing scene. She opened her mouth to apologize and somehow explain her behaviour. She knew he was wondering.

"I'm scared that I might not be able to have children." Was the first thing that came out of her mouth.

It settled in the sudden silence. Liz didn't know how she could have blurted it out like that. But it was out now...and she wondered what Max was thinking right now.

Max was hardly thinking at all. After the words sank in...well he thought briefly of Liz and her husband making love, and that caused his gut to clench painfully. But then her words registered more fully and all he could think of was that Liz might not have kids. There would be no sweet, adoring little brown haired and chocolate eyed angels, no chance to be the amazing mother he knew she always would be.

Emotion clogged his throat. "Oh Liz....." was all he managed to say before he gathered her once again against him. Liz went to him gratefully, holding on like a lifeline. Rocking gently back and forth Max kissed her brow.

"Oh Liz, it's alright, it'll be ok. " he whispered with feeling. He knew that they needed to sit down and discuss more fully what was going on, but right now that one simple statement that came out of her mouth affected him so deeply....and it looked like she was about to cry again.

"I'm so afraid Max." her voice trembled and Max instinctively held her closer.

"Don't be Liz, everything will be ok. I know it will. I don't know everything that's happened...but I know that you will have children." he stated with utter conviction. Liz pulled back and stared up at him with hopeful eyes.

"You really think so. Oh do you really think so?" her tone begged him to say yes.

"Yes." It was said quietly but fiercely and Liz's heart lifted. She gave him a tremulous smile, knowing they had to talk about it in more detail but not giving it much thought at the moment.

"Thank you Max." Liz said and then buried her face in his chest again to inhale his familiar scent, already feeling calmer and less hysterical, less scared. "I don't know what I'd do without you." she said honestly, her voice slightly muffled by his chest. "You're the best friend."

Max's eyes shut tightly against the pain. " Yeah." I don't know what I'd do without you too. But I'm surviving... He sweetly kissed her forehead. "Don't worry Liz. I'm here for you. Everything will be better soon. I promise. With all my heart and soul.

TBC *looks nervous* ok I was a little nervy about this part I'm not sure I did such a good job, but I hope you enjoy it *big*. Thanks for the Fb I love it (more plz lol) *cheeky grin*

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Part 4

"Liz honey just sit down and calm down!"

"Hmmph. I just can't Maria! I'm too nervous." Liz ran an agitated hand through her hair, feeling like she wanted to pull it out.

"Well chica I think it's a little premature for hair-loss so why don't you atleast stop torturing your head?" Maria rejoined dryly where she reclined comfortably on the sofa.

Liz turned to glare at her, then suddenly sighed and visibly deflated. She walked over sluggishly toward her friend and plopped down next to her. In a way, she appreciated Maria's dry humour at the moment. It elevated some of the depression that had taken hold of her.

Without a word, Maria put her arm around her shoulders and gave a comforting squeeze.. A silent encouragement to be strong and hope for the best. A reminder that she had friends to lean on, and this she did, placing her head on her shoulder.

"Where is everyone?" She suddenly frowned as she realized that it was only her and Maria. The room was too quiet, and it wasn't usually when everyone was in the same one. She also asked, as a distraction from the thoughts that were buzzing in her head.

"Ah well let's see," Maria held up her hands and started counting off her fingers. " First and foremost, your loving husband has been unavoidably detained at work and therefore will be a but late-"

"How did you know that? I haven't spoken to him." Suddenly she realized, with a glance at her watch, that he wasn't here with her, when he should've been because he due home a while ago, and began to worry.

"Oh well," she shrugged, "he called while you were in the bathroom, pacing near the toilet because you were making yourself so nervous you were afraid of depositing your inner contents on the carpet and upset Roy."

Liz flushed and felt defensive," I just didn't want him to worry that's all. And anyway, why didn't you tell me when I came out?" she demanded, now reassured of the absence of her husband.

Maria shrugged again. "I figured he'd be here by now- but anyway..where was I? oh yes," she ticked off another finger. " Our besotted couple with their heads in the stars.....well.." she paused and frowned to herself. "Actually I have no idea what is keeping those two...." Another shrug, "And then ofcourse there's Michael..."

"Uh oh, When you take that tone of voice, it can't be good, " Liz laughed at Maria's expression.

Maria sighed, "It's that precious baby of his. If I'm not careful we're gonna end up having us a funeral with a priest too. And seriously, from the way it's been lately, that won't be long."

Liz raised a brow, " I take it we are speaking of Michael's motorcycle?"

"Motorcycle? What motorcycle? More like a tin can on wheels!"

Liz burst out laughing, "So he's its in repairs again, " then she frowned, " But why now? this time?"

Maria was instantly by her side, " Oh chica, he may be an insensitive lout but not to that extent, "Maria looked rueful, " Actually he'd already gone out before I could tell him about it. Poor Max, there's going to be one hell of an explosion when he finds out! I hope he doesn't take it out on him."

"Max has gone to bring him?" So that accounted for him not being here already too.

"Yep," Maria nodded and walked to the kitchen to get a drink.

A loud pounding that wouldn't stop issued at the door. Liz and Maria exchanged looks.
Maria shook her head, " You answer, atleast he won't bite your head off."

Liz smiled and walked over to the door and turned the knob. Then she gasped. Michael charged in ready to blow, but when he saw her his anger turned to concern as quick as lightening.

"Geez Liz, are you ok? Are you hurt? Where is that bastard? Why didn't you tell me?" He'd already taken her about the shoulders and was almost on the verge of shaking the teeth out of her mouth before she subdued him.

"Easy Michael! Calm down. I'm fine, really. I'm fine." With that Michael blew out a breath.

"I wish I could tame the wild beast as easily as you do Liz." That came from Maria, who Michael quickly spotted and scowled at.

"Why the hell didn't you tell me!"

Maria was all cool and calm, " Because you were too busy saving a lost cause." referring contemptuously to his bike.

"A lost cause! That baby has lasted over 20 years!"

"I'm surprised it's still standing. Ever heard of a car Michael?"

"What?" Michael scoffed, " like that piece of junk you drive around in?"

"Junk!" Maria screeched, " That jetta is the best thing on God's green earth-"

"Enough!" And they were both immediately silenced.
Liz sighed. " Guys, whatever your marital problems, can you please save them for later. You're getting on my nerves." she shivered in reaction.

Maria and Michael glared at each other covertly as they both apologized to Liz and reassured her. Liz hid a smile.

"Where's Max?" the question burst suddenly from her lips, as she remembered that Max was supposed to have told Michael what was going on and bring him with him.

looking for a parking space. He'll be up in a minute." This had Liz looking suspiciously at Michael because for some reason, he sound a bit guilty. But of what?

"Hey" Liz whirled around at the sound of Max's voice and saw him smiling ruefully, standing in the still open doorway. There however she paused, and her eyes widened. Without further thought she turned to Michael with dismay flashing in her eyes. Maria too had seen and glared further at him.

"Michael" they both said at the same time. Liz mournful, Maria curt. Michael flushed, his eyes darting to Max.

He shrugged, uncomfortable. " I already apologized."

Max walked in, still smiling. " He did. Anyway, it doesn't hurt as much anymore." his voice was dry.

Liz jumped into action. " I'll go get an ice pack or something for that" and rushed into the kitchen.

Maria just slapped Michael over the head. " You inconsiderate, insensitive brute!"

"Ouch! Maria!"

Liz came hurrying back with a frozen packet of peas and firmly pressed it to Max's face. She looked at him worriedly. " Are you sure you don't want to see a doctor for that?"

"Why not press charges? It would be more satisfying to see him sleep in a jail cell rather than on the couch tonight." Michael only growled his displeasure.

Max chuckled, gingerly touching the pack on his eye, where it was black and blue and throbbing like hell. " I guess it shows that he wasn't too happy with what I had to say." But he secretly thought it was worth it, just to have Liz near him being so fussy and concerned.

There was no time for anymore arguments because a car was heard to be parking up front. Liz recognized the engine purr of Roy's car and hurried toward the front door, excited to have him back.

Max watched her go, like always.

When she came back in with Roy in tow he looked around and raised an eye brow, " I didn't know we were having a party," he paused to look at Max, " I take it something's happened?"

"Oh, Michael kind of reacted badly to the news and took it out on Max." Liz said with a sympathetic look at Max. Roy didn't say anything, but only nodded.

He turned to Liz and looked serious. " What time is the appointment?"

Everyone sobered as they remembered the reason they were here.

Liz glanced nervously at the clock. 6.30pm. " They said to come at 7."

"That means we've got half an hour." Roy looked around at the group, " I guess you're all coming?" a note of displeasure made itself reluctantly heard in his voice.
Liz heard it and thought that maybe he would have rather gone alone, since it was basically a private matter between husband and wife. She suddenly felt a bit guilty for not consulting him on that and laid an imploring hand on his arm.

She looked at him with pleading eyes." I need them there. Please?"

Max knew, like anyone else, that no one could resist that sweet angelic voice. And he wasn't wrong when Roy smiled and said that it was fine with him.

"Ok. I think we'd better get going if we're gonna make it on time. Madison is a while away and I want to avoid traffic."

"No wait!" Maria stopped Roy. " There's still Alex and Isabel."

"Maria, there's not much time. Just leave them a note or call them on their cell phone, but let's get going." This from Michael. She was about to argue but decided not to, since it was true..

"Ok. Should we just take two cars or, each their own?"

"I think we should share. It would save space. Is that alright with you Roy?" Liz questioned.

"Yeh sure, that's fine. Finding a parking space can be troubling. So who's going with whom?"

"Me and Michael will take the jetta." Maria said.

"And I'll go with you." Max told them. He was unwilling to be in the same car with Liz and Roy.

"Right that's settled. Now let's go." and with that

Michael made his way toward the dor, the others following. Maria wrote a hasty note and taped it to the front door of the house.

Michael walked beside Liz, his arm around her as thy found their way to he car." Are you sure you're ok?" he asked in concern. He still couldn't believe what Max had told him. How could something so horrible happen to someone as pure as Liz? He had gotten so angry that he took it out on Max, who thankfully didn't take offence. It hurt him to see Liz hurt. He just hoped that there was nothing seriously wrong.

Liz smiled, and hugged him to her. " I'm fine." Physically yes, but emotionally...well that was an entirely different matter. Michael decided that the doctor have anything but good news, the whole world wouldn't be safe from his rage.

"We're here! We're here! What did we miss?" Alex came rushing up to the group that sat in the waiting room. Isabel right behind him.

His eyes immediately locked with Liz's as she stood to him. Quickly she was in his arms. " Hey Liz. How are you?"
Liz sighed, glad to have the rest of the friends here with her at last. " Waiting. And making myself positively sick with worry."

"There's the spirit! Clinics have a way of doing that in a person." He sniffed. " My guess is that particular smell that's always in the air."

"Oh Alex." Liz groaned. Instantly he looked apologetic. " Sorry. Come sit yourself back down and try to stay calm. Do you want something to drink?"

Liz shook her head. She didn't think she could stomach anything at the moment. The particular smell that Alex mentioned seemed to make the situation even more real! It felt like a nightmare and she just wanted to get it over with. Find out what's wrong and stop thinking up horrible diseases that could be the reason.

"Hey Liz!" Isabel approached her and bent down to give her a brief hug. She looked like the beautiful model she was even in casual jeans and shirt. Liz remembered how in awe she was that someone like Isabel would fall inlove with a guy like Alex and choose to spend the rest of her life with him. But she did, and that made Alex the happiest man in the world.

Silently, Isabel conveyed her sympathies and comfort. Then she walked over to greet her brother who was standing all on his own, watching. He thought he could hide it so well. Isabel glanced back and saw Roy with his arm around Liz whispering words in her ear. She turned back to Max.

"Hey brother mine." she kissed his cheek.

"Hey Iz." he said softly. He gave her a swift glance and a smile before looking away.

But she knew. He could hide very little from his sister. She could see it in his eyes. The yearning in his soul.

Quietly she moved away, and greeted the rest.

They all watched as a doctor approached. He was a pleasant looking man, in his late thirties with dark blond hair and kind blue eyes.

"Mr. and Mrs. Donovan?" he queried looking amongst the couples.

Liz and Roy stood up. " That's us doctor."

He turned toward them, smiled, then consulted his chart. " Roy and Elizabeth. I understand you are here for some tests." When they nodded he proceeded. " Well then, if you'll follow me please, we can discuss things more privately." He paused to look at the others. " I can see that you are friends. I'm sorry but I'm afraid you're going to have to wait here for them. I think it's best that Mr. and Mrs. Donovan accompany me alone."

Everyone wanted to protest, but they knew it would be wise to follow the doctor's orders.

The girls quickly embraced. " We'll be here when you come out ok?" Maria reassured. Liz nodded and went on to hug Alex, Michael and Max.

Roy shook hands with the men. " Good luck." Max said.

Roy looked at him with an unreadable expression, then nodded his head in acknowledgement.

Once they were alone the doctor spoke again. " Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself earlier. I'm Doctor Ian Fitzgerald." He shook both their hands and then ushered them to sit down, while he took his seat at his desk in his office.

"The situation is a bit vague for me, so you'll have to explain to me what your problem is." He leaned back in his chair and linked his fingers together.

Liz coughed then started to speak. " Well, you see doctor, my husband and I, well...we've been trying for a baby for a while now. Actually for a couple of months." She faltered, but Dr. Fitzgerald only nodded for her to continue, his eyes narrowed in concentration. " And well....nothing seems to be happening." she leaned forward earnestly. " I'm afraid that, maybe, something's wrong."

"Well I must tell you Mrs. Donovan that cases like these aren't exactly unusual, so please, don't think it's anything serious...not until you have to." Doctor he may be, but he was no miracle maker. He just wanted to be sure they knew that they should hope for the best, and be prepared for the worst.

Liz and Roy both nodded in understanding, and he went on. " Its a very simple procedure really. Just a few basic tests that will tell us the situation. It won't take long. If you're willing, we can take them now." He gave them a questioning look.

Liz grabbed for Roy's hand and squeezed. " We would like to take the tests now please." Roy said.

The doctor nodded. A few moment's later a nurse appeared. Dr. Fitzgerald indicated that Mr and Mrs. Donovan were to take a fertility test, along with a blood test and a urine test, just to be safe. The nurse nodded in understanding and ushered both of them out. The parted ways soon enough, each to a room.

Liz followed another nurse, a prayer on her lips.

"Liz! chica!" Maria and everyone else were all over her as she and Roy walked into the waiting room.

"What's happened? what did the doctor say? Michael demanded looking from husband to wife, scowling.

"Nothing yet I'm afraid. We just took the tests. The results won't be out till tomorrow." Roy supplied and slipped his arm around Liz, holding her close.

"Yeah, so." Liz laughed nervously. " fingers crossed!"

"Hey!" Alex exclaimed. " It'll be fine. You'll know what's wrong and then you can fix it. Pretty soon we'll be uncles and aunts to little Lizzies with pigtails, running naked everywhere, pretending to be a plane."

Liz laughed, glad for the small distraction of the image Alex afforded. When he put it that way...well,she couldn't wait!

"What time is it?" she then asked.

"Just about 8" Alex replied, looking at his watch.

"Well. We'd all better get going. Thanks for coming you guys. It may not have been worth it, but it meant a lot to me." She said, heartfelt.

That ended with hugs and squeezes that left her nearly breathless. She stopped breathing when Max's arms came around her. His amber eyes glowed as they stared down into her face. " You're worth it." he whispered and dropped a tender kiss on her forehead.

Liz found herself blushing as she looked away. She saw Roy, standing there, watching them with narrowed eyes, his face stony. Immediately she let go of Max, said goodbye and went to Roy's side. He said nothing, only grabbed her arm and started to walk off. Liz kept looking behind and waving back to her friends. Roy never gave them a backward glance.

TBC I cant believe that took so long! soo sorri plz forgive. This wasn't much I knw(I cant believe too that it turned out so short!I feel so bad) but...I hope to give...better performance(so to speak) next time. Thanks for the FB!*bounce*


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