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Title: Let’s Start Over
Arthur: Lizzy
Email: isaenzus⊕
Category: M/L AU
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.
Arthur’s Note: This is my first attempt at writing. I have never denied that I suck at writing, but my friend convinced me that I should post this, so I’m going to try. So please leave feedback.

Chapter 1

“Max you have to pull over.”

“No I don’t Liz.”

“Yes you do Max. It’s raining too hard and it’s too dark outside for you to see. And I can see you squinting you eyes so just pull over.”

Max was getting agitated at Liz. He could see just fine and he was not squinting. “Liz everything is perfectly fine and I am not squinting. I have 20/20 vision you know.”

Liz just rolled her eyes at Max. ‘God he could be such a jock sometimes’ she thought.

As they kept getting closer to Roswell the rain kept coming down harder and harder. They were still about two hours away from home when Max realized he would have to pull into a hotel and wait for the storm to pass. He hated to admit that Liz was right and he couldn’t see.

“Tell me when you see a sign for a hotel and we’ll stop for the night.”

Liz just smirked and said, “Take the next exit and there should be on you right.”

Max pulled up to the hotel a few minuets later and got out of the car to try to get them some rooms.

Once Max went inside Liz started thinking she how came to be in the same car with the most popular guy in school. There biology teacher, Mrs. Harding, asked for two volunteers to go to Carlsbad on Saturday to pick up some supplies that they were going to need Monday in class. It was only suppose be a quick trip and they were suppose to be back around 6pm that evening.

Mrs. Harding said she would give this as extra credit so naturally she took the opportunity. Liz Parker is the smartest girl in school. Any extra credit a teacher gave Liz would do even though she never needed it and it was expected that she would take it. What wasn’t expected was that Max Evans would volunteer, but he did. When Liz realized that Max was going to be accompanying her on this trip she nearly fainted. Max Evans was the most popular and hottest guy at Roswell High. He had raven colored hair, tanned skin, a body to die for, and his eyes were amber with golden specks. He was the captain of the football team and basketball team. Liz would usually just ignore someone like that but Max Evans was her exception. She has hated him since she first saw him in elementary and he has recuperated the feelings right back. He usually went out of his way just to piss her off and she usually took it because he was so high in the social ranks and she was so low. It was just impossible for her to even hope of being able to do what she really wanted to do, hit him.

Liz saw Max coming back to the car with not a happy look on his face and wondered what was wrong.

“What’s wrong,” Liz asked Max once he was in the car.

Max looked at Liz’s expectant face to answer her question. “Well they only had one room due to everyone stopping cause of the storm and it’s a single.” Max watched as Liz’s mouth took the shape of an O but other than that he couldn’t read her face.

Liz didn’t know what to say so she just turned to face the front window and said nothing. When Liz didn’t say anything Max started the car and drove to their room for the night.

Once they were inside Max laid down on the bed with his hands behind his head and his eyes closed while Liz stood awkwardly in the middle of the room. She did not fancy spending the night in the same room with Max let alone the same bed.

Max opened his eyes to find Liz staring at him with a questioning look. “What,” he asked. “You’re not going to sleep in the same bed as I am,” Liz said.

“And where do you suppose I sleep.” Max saw Liz’s eyes shift to the floor then back up to him and he just started to laugh. “I’m not sleeping on the floor so just forget it.”

“Don’t you want to do the gentlemanly thing and let the girl sleep on the bed. By herself.” Liz added as an afterthought.

“No” Max replied and closed his eyes again know full well that would get her mad.

Liz looked at Max and felt her anger rise up till she no longer could contain it. “You’re a jerk you know that.”

Max opened his eyes at her little statement. “Excuse me.”

“You heard me,” Liz said. “You know it’s your fault we’re stuck here. If you were on time this morning and you didn’t take your sweet time eating lunch and drooling over the sluts you were staring at then we would have been back home by now.” By the time Liz finished she realized that she was yelling.

Max’s eyes were wide open with Liz’s little outburst. No one dared talked to him like that especially geeks who were losers like Liz. “Who the hell do you think you are talking to me like that.”

“Last time I checked I was Liz,” Liz stated sarcastically.

“Don’t blame this on me just because you jealous.”

“Jealous” Liz question raising her voice an octave.

“Yeah. It’s not my fault you can’t get guys to look at you. And it was not entirely my fault we’re stuck. If you hadn’t of been asking all those stupid questions at that place that we went to then we wouldn’t have gotten stuck in traffic on the way out of town,” Max said yelling at Liz.

“At least I’m smart and willing to learn things instead of being a dumb jock.”

“At least I’m not a freak”


“I hate you”
“I hate you too”

In the next moment Max and Liz’s mouth came crashing down on each others.

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AN: The next part is NC-17 for anyone who does not read it so you can skip down to the last few parts of the story. I’m not very good at writing it, so don’t expect a lot of it. Thanks for all the encouragement I really appreciate it.

Chapter 2

As Liz and Max’s mouth came crashing down on each other Liz’s hands went around his neck to pull him closer as Max put one hand in her hair and the other around her waist to pull her closer.

Once their bodies made contact they both realized what they were doing and jumped away from each other and just stared into each others eyes. Neither said a word for a second before crashing their lips together once again.

Max had no idea what he was doing kiss nerdy Liz Parker but it felt too good to stop. He never would have guessed Liz even new how to kiss a guy, but what they were doing proved just how wrong that was.

Liz could not believe she was kissing Max Evans. She no idea what had gotten into her and knew she had to stop, but the moment Max ran his tongue along the bottom of her lip asking for permission to open up all thoughts flew out of her head as she granted him his wish.

When she opened her lips to him Max wasted no time in plunging his tongue in her mouth. He couldn’t believe how good she tasted.

Her knees would have given out if Max had not been holding her up. Max was plunging his tongue into every crevice of her mouth.

Finally Liz and Max broke apart in desperate need of air, but instead stopping Max kissed his way along her jaw line to her neck and started sucking on it. Liz threw her head back to allow him more access and moaned when he reached a sensitive spot right behind her ear.

Liz realized that this was crazy, she didn’t even like Max Evans. “Max we have to stop.” Max grunted his agreement, but neither made a move to stop what they were doing. ‘Damn teenage hormones,’ they both thought.

Max dragged his lips back to hers and his tongue slipped easily and eagerly into her mouth. As their tongues dueled back and forth fighting for control neither noticed that they had gradually headed towards the bed until Liz’s knees hit the back of it. Max picked her up and gently laid her on the bed with him on top of her keeping his weight off her as much as possibly. At that moment both looked into each others eyes and realized what they were doing. But instead of stopping they only slowed their movements down to prolong the experience.

Liz’s hands slowly wandered their way down his body to the end of his shirt and started to tug it up. Max stopped kissing Liz long enough to get his shirt and hers off then found her lips once again. Both their hands roaming each others body trying to touch every part of the others skin.

Max hand slowly trailed his hand to down the valley between her breast to the front clasp of her bra. He looked into her eyes asking for permission which she granted with a nod of her head. Once he slid her bra off he just looked at her. “Beautiful,” he mummered. Her skin was a light golden honey color and as he ran his hands up the sides of her to cup her breast he noticed her skin felt like silk.

Liz was a little embarrassed when Max was looking at her, but once she looked into his eyes she saw nothing but passion burning in them. She was a virgin and didn’t know why she was letting him go this far, but she did know that she didn’t want him to stop. She also knew that Max was not a virgin and that he had a reputation of leaving a girl after he got what he wanted from her. All thoughts vanished once again from her head as Max's mouth covered one breast, eliciting a moan from her.

He rolled his tongue around her nipple before finally covering it with his mouth. His other hand was continuously rubbing her other nipple pinching it between his thumb and finger then traded places to give her other nipple the same attention. Her moans filled his ears and encouraged him on as well as her hands that were roaming all over his body.

Max hands lowered to the button on her pants as he once again looked to her face for permission which she granted after a slight hesitation. He didn’t know why she was letting him do this, hell he didn’t know why he was doing this with her of all people, but he did know that he didn’t want to stop. So he slowly unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and pulled them down her legs along with her panties. After he dropped them to the floor he took his first look at Liz completely naked and all he could think was ‘beautiful’. He never would have known Liz had a beautifully curved but trimmed body under the clothes she wore. He ran his hands up her legs and stop once he reached the insides of her thighs where his eyes settled on the patch of curls in between.

Liz was starting to get uncomfortable with the way Max was just staring at her. What if he didn’t like her body. Would he turn away? Max seemed to know what she was thinking because he came back up to her face and kissed her. It was a slow and sensual kiss that conveyed what he was feeling even if he didn’t know what that was.

Liz started to feel a little more confident in herself and started to undo his pants and bring the zipper down. Max helped her get them off along with his boxers and put threw them on top of her clothes. Liz eyes widen as she saw Max for the first time. Think god she read a lot and knew what to expect, but seeing him still made her a little nervous.

Max hand slid down her body as his mouth returned to her breasts and groaned aloud when his fingers found his goal. He ran his finger the length of her lips and pushed one finger into her to get her ready.

Liz gasped at the new feeling of Max’s finger. Max moved his finger in and out a few times then added a second finger. All the while watching Liz’s face for any signs of discomfort or wanting to stop. Liz on the other hand had no intention of telling him to stop. She couldn’t believe how good it felt.

She was acting on instinct rocking against his hand in a steady rhythm. A breathless sound came from the back of her throat as she felt the thrust of his fingers teasing and making her ache for more.

Max came back up to her face for a kiss, swallowing her moans, while keeping his hand inside her.

Liz could feel her orgasm building but she couldn’t quite reach it. Max felt Liz trying to reach that point and said, “Just let it go Liz. I have you.” At that Liz reached her orgasm calling out Max name.

Max looked on in utter amazement. The look that came over her face was pure pleasure and Max prided himself for being the one to bring her there.

Max held her close as she came down from her high. When Liz looked at him she saw nothing but passion in his eyes. She also felt how taunt his muscles were and realized that he had held himself in check to bring her pleasure.

Max looked at Liz when she felt her arms sliding around him. She smiled at him as she repositioned herself fully under him. She didn’t know exactly what she was doing and she was nervous, so her movements were a little clumsily.

Max looked at Liz and saw her nervousness and hesitation so he asked, “Liz if you what me to stop tell me now and I will.” Liz looked up into his face and knew he would stop if she asked him to. She knew she should tell him to stop but she couldn’t. She always promised herself that when the time came to lose her virginity she would only did it if it felt right, and this felt right. So she found herself saying, “Don’t stop.” Max nodded and gently pushed his way in and stopping at her barrier before she grabbed his hips and pulled them down breaking her virginity.

Liz closed her eyes at the sudden pain and Max held himself still letting her get use to him. “I’m sorry. Are you okay” Max asked her when he saw a tear slid down the side of her face. Max brushed the tear away and saw Liz finally nod when she felt the pain recede.

Max pulled out of her and pushed back in to her slowly and kept repeating the same rhythm. She was so tight that he thought he would never last. Neither had felt so much pleasure before in their lives. Liz kept moaning Max’s name over and over again as did Max.

“Max go faster” Liz said quickening her own hips to a faster rhythm when she felt herself closer to her orgasm. Max followed Liz’s lead and felt very close to the edge himself but he didn’t want to go over without Liz, so he put his hand in between them and found her nub and started to rub it. This in turn sent Liz over the edge a few seconds later Max’s name on her lips once again and when he felt Liz’s walls tightened around his erection Max lost himself and spilled his seed into her.

Max head fell into the crook of Liz shoulder while both of them tried to get their breathing under control. Max finally moved to the side of Liz and both stared at the ceiling not knowing what to say to each other. Max was the first one to speak still not looking at Liz.

“Are you okay. I didn’t hurt you did I.”

“Yeah, I’m fine”

Silence once again fell over them as they tried to figure out what to do next. Max finally said that they should just go to sleep because they had to get up early to leave and with that he rolled over with his back facing her and tried to fall asleep.

Liz turned with her back facing away from his and could fill the tears forming in her eyes. She held them in as long as she could before she finally let them out silently. When ever she pictured her first time she always thought she would be in love with the person, not with someone she hated. She couldn’t lay all of the blame on him because he asked her if she wanted to stop, but she could blame him for being here.

Max felt rather them heard when Liz started to cry. He knew she never pictured herself losing her virginity to someone she didn’t love especially him. He finally couldn’t take her crying so he turned and moved behind her encircling his arms around her. Liz turned her body till her head was facing his chest and let him hold and comfort her.

“Shh, it’s okay. Liz I’m sorry. Please don’t cry” Max said.

She started to calm down a little and eventually fell asleep in his arms. Max fell asleep shortly after thinking he liked have her in his arms.

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Chapter 3

The next morning Max was the first to wake up. He realized Liz was still asleep and her head was across his chest while both of his hands were wrapped around her and their legs still entangled.

He couldn’t help but notice how the small amount of light that was coming in through the window shined down and gave her skin this glowing look. She looked beautiful. He couldn’t seem to stop himself from staring at her. God what was he doing. This is Liz Parker he’s with. The person who thought of herself better than anybody.

He never could understand why she wasn’t popular. She had the money and if she fixed herself up she had the looks, but it was widely known that Liz was to smart for her own good. She avoided all people only letting fellow geek Alex Whitman and loser Michael Gurein get near her.

He didn’t know what reaction he would get out of her when she realized what they had done, plus they forgot the condom, and she probably wasn’t on the pill. He hoped that she didn’t freak out, because he didn’t know if he could handle that. It was bad enough that he had sex with Liz Parker, but what was worse was, that instead of never wanting to sleep with her again like what would usually happen, he wanted to see her again and hold her in his arms. Damn he couldn’t handle this right now. He felt her start to stir and saw her opening her eyes. All he could hope for was the best.

Liz woke up and immediately remembered what happened the night before when she saw and felt the bare chest underneath her. She slowly looked up into his eyes and moved off him with the sheet clutch to her chest sitting up. Max sat up and continued to look into her eyes for any signs that she might freak.

Neither said a word but continued to look at each other until Liz finally spoke up. “We should get up and check out so we can head on home.”

Max just nodded his head afraid that if he spoke it would set her off. Both got up and Liz went to the bathroom with her clothes in hand the sheet wrapped around her body. Max hurriedly got dressed and hoped that they got home quickly.

Once Liz came out of the bathroom Max kept staring at her. Liz became very uncomfortable under his intense gaze.

“What are you looking at you?”

“Nothing. Liz look …”

“Max don’t say anything.” Liz didn’t know if should could take being in a room with him at the moment.

“I haven’t even said anything yet.”

“No, but you were going to and I don’t want to hear it.”

“You know what fine” Max yelled. “I won’t say anything to you. Are you happy?” Max didn’t mean to yell at her, but she won’t let him apologize.

“Yes!” Liz yelled back. All she wanted to do was get out of the room and home, as fast as she could.

So they left to turn in the key and headed home.

Neither said a word in the 2 hours it took to get to Roswell. Max pulled up to the Crashdown, the local diner where Liz lived in the apartment above it, and turn to say something to her when she spoke first.

“Listen Max about last night. I don’t know what got into either of us, so how about we just forget it ever happened, okay?”

Max was kind of shocked that she said that. He was trying to think of a way to tell her basically the same thing. What he didn’t expect was the little disappointment he felt at her words, but he ignored it.

“Yeah, I was going to say the same.”

With that Liz nodded her head and got out of the car and walked into the diner. Max took off for home and hoped to god that he didn’t look like he got laid last night, because if his twin sister was to see him, she would know he that he did.

When Monday came around Liz really did not want to attend school. She had three classes with him, 1st period AP English, 3rd period AP Government, and 6th period AP Biology. She had been lucky not to see him Sunday afternoon when she was working because he usually came in with his sister, Isabel Evans, to have lunch. She hadn’t been so lucky with keeping him out of her every single thought.

Her two best friends, Alex and Michael, had asked about how the trip went and Liz told them everything that happened leaving out the part where she slept with him, but she knew that they suspected that she wasn’t telling them everything. She just had to hope that she could lie to them for about, forever.

Liz heard Alex honked the horn for her and she new that she could in no way not go without raising their suspicions. So without further ado she grabbed her bookbag told her mom and dad goodbye and left for school.

Once she got there she automatically noticed Max’s jeep already there and sighed preparing herself for the day ahead.

Michael and Alex looked at each other and noticed Liz set her shoulders on her way into the school. They both new she had not told them everything that happened on the trip. When they asked if that was all that happened she nodded her head instead of answering, she really did not lie well.

Over the course of the day they had put their heads together to try and figure out what she hadn’t been saying, but they couldn’t figure it out.

“Liz do you really have to work today,” Alex asked her in his best whiny voice. He wanted her to come practice with his band today. All the guys in the band loved her voice, but she was so shy that she always found some excuse not to come.

“Yes I do. My father and mother are going out of town tomorrow for a month, as you know, and they want to make sure I know where everything is for the café and also spend some quality time with me,” Liz answered with a smile.

“I can’t believe your parents are trusting you by yourself for a whole month,” Michael said with awe in his voice. “If I was you I wouldn’t go to school and I would have a party, especially if my dad owned a diner.”

“That’s probably why your dad never leaves you alone for longer than a day,” Alex replied. At his remark Michael pushed him.

“Hey calm down boys, because my parental units want to see you two also tonight.” Liz said laughing at looks on their faces.

Just then Max came into the hallway along with his sister, Isabel, and friends, Maria and Sean Deluca, and Kyle Valenti.

Liz promptly shut up and turned to face her locker acting like there was something she needed. Max also made a show of not looking at her or make a crack about her which was unusual. Alex and Michael along with Isabel and Maria noticed this. Neither Kyle nor Sean seemed to notice and kept crack lame jokes.

Max had been trying not to think about Liz after he dropped her off, but he couldn’t get her out of his head. Sunday night he had had dreams of their night together and in the morning he had to take a cold shower, which really put him in a grumpy mood.

As soon as the bell rang both Max and Liz took off for their classes.

By the time lunch came around Liz was literally exhausted from trying to avoid Max, which was impossible because he was in two of her class already and she still had one more class with him.

“Liz,” yelled Michael from down the hallway. Liz laughed at how all the underclassmen literally ran to get out of his way. She had to admit that he did intimidate people with his brown spiky hair and the leanness of his body and his brown eyes, plus the permanent glare that was always on his face except when he was with friends and family.

“Liz” Liz, along with Michael, looked further down the hall and saw Alex waving his hands in the air. Liz laughed at the sight he made. Alex was very tall and skinny but lean with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He was the joker of the whole group. He could turn an awkward situation and make you just a little more comfortable.

All three walked to their table in the quad where they usually sat and started talking. Liz looked after a while up from eating because she could feel someone watching her. That someone was actually two someone’s, Maria Deluca and Isabel Evans. Both girls just smiled at her and Liz wondered if there was something wrong with her.

Isabel and Maria had started staring at Liz as soon as she had walked in the quad. Isabel had told Maria that when Max came back Saturday morning he seemed to glow just like he had gotten laid, but when she asked Max he said he was just getting back from the project Ms. Harding had sent them on. Isabel had just raised an eyebrow at that and said nothing, but gone straight to call Maria. When both girls had seen Liz this morning and saw how Max and her was acting, they knew something was up.

“So what do you think happened between the two of them,” Maria asked.

“I don’t know, yet,” answered Isabel.

“You don’t think they you know did it,” Maria said making wild hand jesters.

“I don’t know. I mean they hate each other,” Isabel said.

“I know what you mean. Max would jump off a building willing before sleeping with her,” Maria said.

“Hey, you work with her right,” Isabel asked Maria who nodded. “Maybe you could ask her questions about the trip and get it out of her.”

“That sounds like a good idea, but how about we both ambush her. She can avoid one of us, but not both of us,” Maria said.

“Now that’s a plan.”

Max had been on his way to lunch trying to think of a way to get out of his last class which was Biology with Liz. They had both been trying to avoid each other but with both of them thinking the same thing it wasn’t working.

“Max.” A high and annoying voice called out to him. He sighed before turning around and plastering a fake smile on his face. “Hey Tess.”

Max didn’t want to hurt her feeling, but he couldn’t stand Tess Harding. He had to admit though, she was a looker with her blonde curly hair, ice blue eyes, and chest, uh body. She has been trying to get him to ask her out on a date since freshman year.

“Hey Max.” Tess said pushing her chest out a little further than necessary. “I wanted to ask you a favor.”


“Accompany me to Pam’s party Friday night. I don’t want to go alone,” Tess said in a sugary sweet voice which made Max cringe.

“I don’t think I’m going,” he said smiling thinking he was going to get out of it.

“Oh really, because I asked Isabel and she said you were.” Tess stuck her chest out more and rubbed against him.

Max rolled his eyes at her antics and politely backed away from her. “I haven’t decided if I’m going or not. Why don’t I let you know by Thursday.” He walked away thinking of ways he was going to kill his sister.

Tess squealed in delight as Max walked away. “Sooner or later Max Evans I’m going to have you by my side and in my bed.” Tess said allowing a smile on her face before walking away to start her plan in motion.

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LttleMrmade - They do talk to each other but only about work related things so, there not friends. Alot of it has to due with the social rankings of school, but a large amount has to do with Liz not really like the popular crowd, which you'll find out why later on.

JaneLane - The answer to your first question is in this next chapter and the second questions you'll just have to wait and see.

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Eough of my ramblings, here's the next part.

Chapter 4

By the time sixth period came around Max still hadn’t found a way to not go. Liz was pretty much in the same position. Neither wanted to be around each other and that was going to be impossible because they were partners.

Liz was walking around a corner not really paying attention when she bumped into someone and nearly fell over. But instead of hitting the ground she felt a pair of warms hands on her arms steadying her.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t watching were I was going,” a deep voice said. Liz stiffened and tried to get out of the arms when she recognized the voice.

Max looked down to see Liz trying to get out of his grip. “Sorry,” he mumbled while releasing her arm. Liz looked up at that and stared right into his eyes everything else fading into the back round. Neither could look away until a kid yelled across the hall breaking the spell over them.

Liz was about to leave when Max grabbed her arm. “Can I talk to you?”

“No,” Liz replied right away.

“Why not?” Max asked shocked.

“Because I said so,” Liz said exasperated. “Anyway you’re making a scene.”

“Making a… Listen, if anyone is making a scene it’s you.” Max replied without thinking.

Liz raised her eyebrow and said, “Oh really. Max the only time you every talk to me in public besides when you’re making fun of me is never. So it’s looking pretty odd that all of a sudden you’re grabbing my hand and begging me, in front of all these people to talk to you. Yeah I can see how that is my fault.”

At that Max looked around to the students that were staring at them and blushed, then dropped Liz’s hand. He turned back to her and said, “I was just asking. You didn’t have to agree. It’s not like I wanted to talk to you anyway.”

Liz just snorted and started walking off. The bell was just ringing when Max grabbed Liz’s arm and basically dragged her into the eraser room.

“Hey, what the hell are doing,” yelled Liz.

“What does it look like I’m doing, Liz.” Max had had enough of her attitude and he really needed to talk to her about the other night. “Look I just need to ask you a few questions about the other night so drop the attitude.”

“I thought we were suppose to forget that ever happened.”

“I did forget it happen, but I still need to ask you a few questions about it.” Max realized what he said and closed his eyes at his own stupid ness.

Liz looked at him like he had lost his mind. ‘I always knew he was a jock at heart’ Liz thought. She decided to let him talk only on one condition. “Okay fine, but only on one condition.”

“Name it.”

“Never talk to me again.”

“I don’t plan on it.” Max was starting to think that Liz really did want to forget what happened between them and that was fine with him. But he did have to admit, he really did like having her in his arms that night. He also felt kind of possessive of her now, like he didn’t want anybody else to have her but him. He realized he was Liz was still waiting for him to talk so he plunged right in. “We didn’t use protection that night.”

It was then that it dawns on Liz that he just wanted to make sure she wasn’t going to get pregnant. “I’m on the pill so you have no worries there. Unless you have some kind of a disease you’re not telling me about.”

“No, I do not a have disease. God could you for one moment talk to me like you don’t absolutely hate my guts,” Max said.

“But I do hate your guts.”

Max rolled his eyes at Liz. “Look I also just wanted to make sure your okay. No hided agenda behind it, just honest concern.”

Liz looked up into his eyes and realized he actually did want to know she was okay. “What have you done with the real Max Evans.”

Max smiled at her and she saw that he had a really great smile. ‘Stop that thought right there,’ she told herself.

“Yeah, contrary to popular belief I do have feelings.”

Liz actually laughed at that and Max thought she had a beautiful laugh.

Silence took over them and it was at that moment that both of them realized that the eraser room wasn’t all that big. Liz stared at Max hands and remembered how they had felt on her and how they had made her feel. She started to feel aroused and blushed at her thoughts.

Max had been thinking how it had been to be inside her and felt himself harden just at the thought. Max looked up to see Liz blushing and staring at anything but him. Liz finally looked into Max eyes and felt the room rise in temperature.

Liz saw his eyes filled with passion and knew her eyes looked just the same. Liz pulled Max to her lips by his collar. He eagerly followed and wasted no time in opening his lips and allowing her to plunge her tongue into his mouth.

Their tongues duel for a few minuets while hands went to touch every place they could. When they finally broke apart for air they looked at each then bolted to get out of there, with her going in one direction and him in the other.


Alex had wondered where Liz was when she didn’t show up for class. It wasn’t like her to skip a day, especially the day of a test.

He also noticed that Max didn’t show up for class. ‘Great he’s probably got her holed up somewhere making her cry or something,’ thought Alex. He immediately discarded that thought and realized that he had to stop hanging around Michael so much.

So when the bell rung Alex took off from his seat in pursuit of Liz.

But while Alex was wondering about Liz, Maria was wondering about Max. Though he wasn’t very big on tests he would never miss one the week he had a game to play. It was when she was looking around that she noticed Liz was missing from class as well.

Her lips started to curve into a smile and her mind started going in a million different directions on where they were. She new it was possible that they weren’t even together, but she decided to ignore that.

So by the time the bell rang to end school Maria literally jumped out of her seat and ran out the door, also knocking down a few people, in search of Isabel.


Liz had gone straight to her locker after she took off from Max. ‘Stupid, stupid, stupid,’ she kept repeating in her head. ‘What was I thinking. It wouldn’t have been so bad if he had initiated, but no, I had to do it. Maybe I can make this out to be his fault somehow. And what am I going to tell Alex about not going to class. Grr.’

With that thought Liz put her head down in her locker and that was how Alex found her a few minuets later.

“Where were you,” Alex asked getting start to the point.

Liz looked up startled and said, “Well hello to you too.”

“You did realize we had a test today, right,” Alex said.

“Oh My God. I completely forgot. See that is what I get from letting people drag me places I have absolutely no business in.” Liz noticed what she was saying and promptly shut up. Alex would definitely no something was wrong.

Alex gave her a confused looked then asked, “Who dragged you where?” When Liz didn’t answer he decided to bring up that Max was not in class either. “You wanna know something funny. Max Evans was missing from class today too. Have any idea where he was.”

Liz didn’t think before she said, “He was probably in the eraser room making out.” Once she realized what she said she closed her eyes and started to blush hoping against hope that Alex didn’t notice. No such luck.

Alex noticed her blushing and he jumped right on it. “Why are you blushing? You weren’t in there with Max, were you?”

Liz eyes went big and new she had to come up with something fast, but the thing was she wasn’t very good at lying. “No, I was walking by the eraser room when I heard something and then I heard a name so I was just guessing that it was him, but it probably was, that’s all.” ‘Great Liz babble and he will know something is wrong.’

“Are you sure, because your looking kinda flushed and”

“It was just embarrassing to hear that that’s all,” Liz interrupted him. “Look we have to get going or I’m not going to make my shift in time and Michael is probably waiting at your car, so lets go.”

With that Liz closed her locker and took off toward Alex’s car with him having a confused look on his face.


When Maria had found Isabel she just blurted out what her mind had come up with. “Isabel, Max was not in class today, but neither was Liz Parker and everyone knows that she never misses class, so what I was thinking was that they were off somewhere, maybe the eraser room, doing who knows what so you have to help me find out what happened, okay?”

By the end Isabel was in shock at what she heard. Max was not in class and neither was Liz, what could this mean. Was Max starting to take notice of Liz or were Maria and her letting their minds wonder away from them. No.

“Hello, Isabel did you not hear what I just said,” Maria asked at her blank look.

“Yes. This just means we’re going to have to find him and ask him. If he doesn’t tell us well, will just have to double team Liz like planned.

“Yeah, but how are we going to get him to tell us.”

“We catch him when he is least expecting it, like now,” Isabel said with a smile on her face and one began to come over Maria’s face. So with that they went in search of Max.


Meanwhile Max was at his locker trying to figure out what the hell had gotten into him. ‘First you kiss her, then you realize your kissing her, but then you don’t stop and proceed to sleep with her, then you can’t stop thinking about her. So next you drag her into the eraser room and then you, …wait. She kissed you, but you didn’t do anything to stop her.’

Max kept thinking about this oblivious to everything around him. It was just this reason that he didn’t hear or see Maria and Isabel come up behind him or else he would have taken off when he saw the looks on their faces.

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Hey everyone,

I was able to get chapter 5 written up today. Both my bosses are gone, so you know what they say. ‘While the boss is away the employees will play.’ Plus I have nothing else to do today.

Also, I kept forgetting to tell you this, but I got the title of this story from a song I was listening to. I hadn’t been really paying attention so I didn’t find out the name of it until now. It’s ‘I Feel So’ by Boxcar Racers. The song somewhat fits to the story, but not really. I don’t know if that made sense to anybody. I appreciate all the feedback.

Thank you

Chapter 5

As Isabel and Maria got closer to Max they both realized that he had not seen or heard them so they flanked both sides of him preventing any escape.

“Hey dear old brother of mine. How’s it going?” Isabel asked in her most innocent voice with a big smile on her face.

Max immediately recognized Isabel’s voice. It was the voice that said your-going-to-tell-me-what-I-want-or-else-I’m-going-to-find-out-another-way-and-you’re-not-going-to-like-it. ‘Maybe if I ignore her she’ll go away,’ he thought until another voice spoke.

“So Max, why weren’t you in class today. You know you missed a test right.” Maria tried not to let the glee show in her voice at knowing that he couldn’t get away.

He slowly turned around to face the she devils, as he had started calling them and noticed that they had blocked all ways of escape. “Hey guys. I’m going to be late for practice so if we could continue this later I would really appreciate it.” Max had put on his best little boy face and voice hoping against hope they would leave him alone. The next words out of Maria’s mouth dashed his hope.

“Not going to work this time Maxie Now why don’t you be a good boy and tell us where you were during 6th period and if Liz Parker was with you.”

Max looked like a deer caught in headlights and new he had to get out of here. Then he remembered Tess and his conversation early. “Isabel, why did you tell Tess I was going to Pam’s party on Friday when I had asked you not to.”

‘Busted’ thought Isabel. She had forgotten that she had told her in a moment of weakness, but she was very busy at that particular moment. She also knew Max would never tell her what she wanted to know now. “Well you see what had happened was that she caught me a in a very unsuspecting moment and I let it slip.”

“What unsuspecting moment would that be.”

“Yeah, what unsuspecting moment would that be,” Maria copied. She knew Max wouldn’t say anything about where he was since Isabel had told Tess. So she wondered how Isabel would get out of it.

Isabel glared at Maria. She didn’t really want to say what she was doing because she knew Max would get mad. “I’m waiting,” she heard him say. “Iwasputtingonmymakeup,” she mumbled altogether and so low Max asked her to repeat herself as did Maria. “I was putting my make up on alright,” she yelled.

Max looked at her with an unbelievable expression on his face while Maria started laughing. “I can’t believe you. How could you not know what you were saying.” “Hey don’t yell at me it wasn’t my fault.” “It wasn’t your fault. Isabel you were putting on your make up and you told her what I specially told you not to tell her.”

Maria kept laughing at the argument that they were having. It was such a stupid one too. They always managed to make her laugh over what they argued about. Whether it was over where to eat or what they other was wearing. It was then that she realized know one was talking anymore. She looked up to find Max staring at her and Isabel glaring at her. “What? It was funny.”

Just then Kyle yelled down the hall to Max that the coach was looking for him. But before he got down the hall Isabel yelled. “Max this isn’t over yet. We’ll find out what you’re hiding from us.”

Max didn’t say anything, but kept on walking. He knew she wouldn’t do anything true drastic like going to Liz and ambushing her like they did him. Or so he hoped.

Maria turned to Isabel and asked, “Is it time to go on to plan B now.” Isabel smiled and answered, “Why how did you know my next thought Maria.” Both girls squealed in delight and ran towards Maria’s car to take off for the Crashdown.

As soon as Isabel walked into the Crashdown Alex had his eyes trained on her. With her blonde long blonde hair, brown eyes, and tall shapely body, Alex was in heaven. He has had an obsession with her since the fifth grade when she talked to him.

She had fell down off the monkey bars and he had helped her up and brought her to the nurse. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and he was a goner. Now Michael and Liz usually had to physically shake him just to bring him back from Isabel land.

Michael saw Alex start to space out and called to Liz. Liz went over to Alex and slapped him on the back of the head and said, “Your going to win Isabel over with all the drool hanging down your chin.”

“You know you didn’t have to slap me upside my head. All you need to do is slightly shake me or something,” Alex said rubbing the back of his head.

“Where would the fun in that be,” said Michael from behind the grill.

Isabel took a seat and waited for someone to come take her order while. Maria was changing into her uniform in the back. So when she came out she was in the teal green dress that came to her mid thigh with snap buttons, the alien head apron, and to complete the ensemble, an alien antenna on her head. ‘Gotta talk to Mr. Parker about getting the uniform changed,’ thought Maria.

She went straight over to Isabel and they decided that they would wait until Liz got off of work before the ambushed her.

“Look at that,” said Michael.

“Look at what,” answered Liz.

“Maria. What’s the first thing she does when she comes to work. She goes and talks to her friend who she sees and talks to all day in school. That’s just stupid. What did they forget to organize their clothes for tomorrow.”

“Wait a minute. All I do is hang around here and talk to you two after I’ve seen and talked to you in school,” said Alex. “So does that mean I’m stupid or does that mean we forgot to organize our color scheme for tomorrow.”

Michael just glared at Alex. Liz shared a knowing look with Alex after Michael had gotten back to work. Michael has liked Maria for almost as long as Alex has liked Isabel.

Maria has shoulder length blonde hair with green eyes. Michael was always a sucker for a girl with green eyes, plus her body is not bad on the eyes.

The thing with Michael though is that he will only admit it in times of distress. Like when Liz is holding a picture of him in his carebear boxers at age 17.

The rest of the day went by quickly. They were so busy that Liz or Maria had no time to take a break so by the time Maria had gotten off she had forgotten about talking to Liz. Isabel on the other hand had not.

“Maria where’s Liz,” Isabel asked.

“I don’t know,” was her answer.

“Did you forget what we are suppose to be finding out,” asked Isabel with a look saying how could you forget.

Maria closed her eyes then rushed back into the back and found Liz going through her locker. “Hey Liz. How’s it going.”

“Fine.” Liz liked Maria, but they never really talked so she was a little concerned why she would be talking to her now.

“You know we, as in Isabel, you and me, never really talk. I mean we’ve been going to school together for what, 12 or 13 years now.”

Liz was starting to get worried about where this was going. In all her life this was the most that Maria has spoken to her.

“So we, Isabel and I were wondering if you would like to come talk with us. Now.” Maria finished hoping Liz would go for it.

Liz didn’t want to say yes and she was thankful that she had an excuse to get out of it. “I really wish I could, but my parents want to spend some quality time with me tonight. Sorry.”

“Oh well, that’s okay. Maybe another time like tomorrow or something. Neither of us works after school so we could go to the mall or movies, but we can’t really talk in there, or a library. Have you ever wondered why we can’t talk in a library, anyway, so maybe we could go to the park, but we don’t want to get bitten by mesquites, so we could just hang out here or something instead, don’t you think.” Mara said all of this in one breath hoping to confuse Liz into saying yes. “That is if you have time, because we wouldn’t want you to do anything that you didn’t want to do,” she threw in there as an after thought.

Liz was so confused with trying to keep up with what Maria was saying that she found herself saying yes. Maria squealed and told her they would meet after school tomorrow and from there have a girls day. “I need to go tell Isabel. See you tomorrow at school. Oh yeah we’ll meet you at your locker, okay. Okay bye.”

With that, Maria left to go tell Isabel the good news and left Liz feeling like she didn’t know what was happening.

Alex came in from the dining area and Michael came from the grill. “What was that all about,” Michael asked.

“I don’t know, but I think I agreed to have to hang out with Maria and Isabel.” Liz was still confused over the whole thing and shook her head to clear it. “Man, that girl can talk fast. I think she took like one breath, maybe two to say that whole thing.”

“Liz, Michael, Alex. When you’re finished cleaning up remember to come up here,” Liz’s parents yelled from the top to the stairs.

“Okay,” all three of them yelled.

Once they cleaned up the Crasdown and said goodbye to Maria. Michael, Alex and Liz headed up the stairs to Liz’s apartment.

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Chapter 6

As soon as Liz got to school the next day she went in search of Max. She had been going over in her head what exactly Maria had wanted and said. All she could come up with is that she had found out about what happen between her and Max.

Isabel and Maria knew. Some how they had found out and the only person who could have told them was Max. So when Alex and Michael came to pick her up this morning she was so mad that she ignored all attempts at conversation.

She new they would get curious as to what was wrong with her, but she didn’t care. All she knew was that when she found Max she was going to let him have it.

Liz found him by the bleachers on the football field talking to the coach. She sneaked up behind him so that when he was about to leave she yanked on his backpack making him fall.

“Ow.” Max yelled out when he hit the ground. He turned to look at the person that had pulled on him and saw Liz glaring down at him. “Well if you wanted to get my attention that bad all you hand to do was say my name,” Max said somewhat sarcastically while get up and dusting himself off.

“I thought you said you weren’t going to tell anybody,” Liz said getting right to the point.

“What are you talking about.”

“I’m talking about what happened between us the other day or did you already forget about it.” Liz didn’t know why she felt hurt that he had forgotten already. She should have knowing that he didn’t care.

“No I haven’t forgotten what happen. Especially if you keep reminding me every few minuets. And no I didn’t tell anyone what happened. Anyway it’s you who wants to forget everything that happened.” Max didn’t know why he had the need to tell her that he didn’t forget. Then he registered what she had said. “Why did you ask me if I told anyone?”

“Because your friend Maria came up to me after work yesterday and said she and Isabel wanted to get to know me better.”

“As in my sister?” Max questioned confused.

“Duh,” Liz said rolling her eyes at his obvious stupidity.

Max closed his eyes and sighed. He couldn’t believe they would go this far. He opened his eyes to find Liz staring at him waiting for an explanation. “Isabel and Maria cornered me yesterday asking questions about why we both were not in class. They seem to think that something is going on between us.”

“Why would they think that.”

Max knew she wasn’t going to like this next part. “Because when I got home Sunday morning Isabel had said that I looked like I got laid.”

“So what, you told her you did and she automatically assumes it’s me.”

“No, I told her that I had just gotten back from the trip. She’s putting two and two together on her own and with Maria’s help their both going to find out.”

“So what did they corner you about yesterday,” Liz asked somewhat apprehensively.

“Well they noticed how weird we were acting yesterday around each other. So when neither of us came to class Maria went and told Isabel and then they tracked me down. All they wanted to know was if I was with you and why. I didn’t tell them anything. They should leave me alone for now on.”

As Max was saying this Liz started to get the sinking feel that that is exactly what they wanted to know from her. “And what about me, Max. What would happen if they both got together and asked me to go out on a girls day out with them.”

“I would say don’t agree to it. They probably just want to get information. Why?”

Liz swallowed before answering him. “Because I agreed to it.”

“You what! Why would you do that. You never even talk to them expect Maria and that’s only for work.” Max was yelling by the time he finished. He looked at Liz and saw how pale she was. He knew he had to prepare her for the on slaughter of the she devils. “Okay. I’ll just couch you for what you need to know in how to deal with them.”

“Can’t I just cancel on them.”

Max laughed at that. “All that will do is make them more determined. Now it’s pretty hard to deal with just one of them, but both of them together is just bad.”

As Max was explaining to Liz how to deal with Isabel and Maria they never noticed the four sets of eyes on them.

Alex, Michael, Isabel, and Maria were all watching them together. Alex and Michael had followed Liz just to make sure she was okay. Isabel and Maria had just stumbled upon them arguing.

“So what do you think their talking about,” Michael asked.

“Probably the next time both of them are available,” answered Maria.

“Hey, that’s something I so did not want to hear,” said Alex.

Isabel ignored them all and said, “I think they’re talking about how we’re taking Liz on a girls day out today.”

“What the hell is a girls day out,” spat Michael.

“Well you see it’s when nothing but girls get together and go out,” joked Alex. Michael glared at him.

“Look they’re leaving.”

As Max and Liz passed them by, without seeing them, Maria got an idea. “Okay. Since we all want to know what’s going on between those two, we are going to have to work together.”

Isabel smiled at her and new she had a plan.

“What do you suggest?” Question Michael.

“I suggest that while we’re out with Liz trying to get information you two wait for Max to get out of practice and invite him to hang out.”

Alex and Michael gave her an incredulous look. “Do you realize what you’re saying?” Alex said. “You want us two social outcast,” he said pointing at Michael and himself, “to go up to Mr. Popular and ask him if he wants to hangout.”

Both girls nodded their heads. Then Isabel said, “Look, the worse thing he can do is say no. Anyway, if he likes Liz he’ll want to get to know her friends and that in and of itself should let us know that something happened.”

“And besides,” Maria threw in, “I’m pretty sure you two can intimidate him into hanging out with you two.”

Michael snorted while Alex said, “Yes, I’m pretty sure that that will go over well with him.”

With that all of them left. Two with hopeful smiles on their faces about knowing they were that much closer to finding out what happened and two with not so sure looks that they wanted to know what happened.

What all of them failed to see was Tess Harding lurking in the shadows. She had seen but not heard everything. ‘Well what do we got here. Max Evans and Little Lizzy Parker socializing.’ A happy, but evil smile came across her face. ‘I think I could use this to my advantage.’

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Chapter 7

By the time school let out, Liz was a nervous wreck. Though she doesn’t really like any of the popular kids, she still is creeped out by the fact that the two most popular girls in school want to talk to her. Even if it is just to find information. On the plus side Max gave her some ammunition on both girls.

Before Liz gets to her locker she sees Isabel and Maria already waiting for her. Maria said she would meet her at her locker, because she had to make sure so she had the right homework for home economics. Liz takes a deep calming breath before heading over there.

“Liz, what took you so long. We were beginning to think you ditched us,” Isabel said with a smile on her face.

‘No such luck,’ Liz thought. “No I just had to get a few things from my teacher.”

“Okay so should we head to the mall or do you want to grab something to eat first,” Maria asked. She really did like Liz a lot. The only thing about her was that she was so shy and to smart for her own good.

“Okay let’s head out.” Isabel was finally going to find out some answers, even if it killed her. Which it probably would. She knew Liz wasn’t stupid enough to fall for their tricks, but if Maria and her played their cards right, and stuck to the plan, then they could confuse her enough to where she didn’t know who was asking what questions. Isabel smiled at that thought.

Like Maria, she thought that Liz was really sweet and also way to smart for her own good. Plus she always hung around with Alex.

Once they got to the mall they headed in the direction of the clothing stores. Liz noticed they knew exactly where everything was and from the looks of it everyone that worked there.

“So Liz, what’s going on in your life.” Isabel asked what she thought would be a good way to sort of ease their way into the conversation.

“Um, not much.” Liz had to act like she wasn’t paying attention.

Maria eyed Isabel with a look that said be careful. Isabel nodded to show she understood. They had talked also about the possibility of Max coaching her on their antics.

“Mine either,” said Maria. “You would think that being popular would give you so much more to do with your time.”

“Yeah, I mean how many times can you watch Kyle and Courtney break up.”

“Or get back together.”

“Oh, not to mention Pam’s obsession with your cousin.”

“I know. How gross is that.”

“I betcha Sean has only one use for Pam.”

“You know what he told me. That….”

Maria and Isabel had pretty much struck up a conversation without Liz, for which she was grateful. Sometimes they would not even talk in complete sentences and talk so fast that Liz couldn’t make heads or tails of what they were saying.

But unbeknownst to Liz this was all a part of Isabel and Maria’s plan. To start talking about other things totally not related to her, then make a 180 degree turn and ask nothing but question about Max and her.

“All I know is that by the time it got back to Becky the whole story had been completely over dramatized.”

“Didn’t Becky like backhand Cindy.”

“Yeah, but she apologized within the hour after she heard the truth.”

If Liz had been looking at them, then she would have noticed the nod that the girls exchanged to go ahead and start the plan.

“Did you know who’s after Max now?” Isabel said and watched Liz’s head pop up to listen.


“Tess Harding.”

“Uh-huh. But I thought that Tess was over Max.”

“No. Apparently she was just trying to make him jealous.”

“So what do you think Liz. I mean you’re an observer from outside our group.” “Yeah. You wanna know what? I bet Max is just waiting for the right person to come along.” “Who would be the right person for him. I mean your brother has the reputation of loving ‘em and leaving ‘em.” “This is my brother you’re talking about. I don’t think I need to hear about his sex life.”

This conversation went on for about another five minutes. Just Isabel and Maria going back and forth as fast as they could confusing Liz more and more along the way, until they started saying things that concerned the trip.

“He went on this project thing Saturday for school. Liz didn’t you go on this trip with him.” “I bet he was making a move on every girl that walked by.” “Didn’t you say that he came in glowing Sunday morning.” “Yeah, he did.” “Well didn’t you ask who the lucky lady was.” “He wouldn’t tell me.” “So, who do you think it was?” “Well he didn’t come home till the next morning and the only girl he was with that night was Liz.” “Liz you and him didn’t do anything, cause that just doesn’t seem like you, right?” “So do you know who it was?”

At that Isabel and Maria hoped they had talked fast and long enough to confuse Liz about her answer. They new they had succeeded with the look on Liz’s face and her answer.

“Yes. No. Wait a minute!” Liz didn’t know what they asked her and she couldn’t be sure so she did the only thing she could think of. “Isabel, what do you think of Alex?”

At that Isabel had a dumbfounded expression on her face and Liz new she had succeeded in using the information that Max had provided her at the right time.

Maria started laughing at Isabel’s expression. But when Liz looked at her with a raised eyebrow, she asked what.

“Maria, what about Michael?” At that Maria didn’t think it was so funny.

Yep. Liz sure did know how to make to people who never shut up speechless. “What no answers.” Liz looked at both girls worried faces and decided to let them off the hook. “Look, I won’t tell them what I know. All I ask for in return is that you lay off all the talking so fast without pausing for a breath, and the questions about Max. For all I know he could have gone somewhere after he dropped me off to go get laid. Deal?”

Isabel then realized that Liz possible couldn’t have slept with Max. She was to smart to fall for his charm and she new Max would never sleep with her. Then thing that still puzzled her was who was it that Max was sleeping with. She would just have to wait and see.

Maria and Isabel looked at each other before agreeing. “Can we get back to shopping now, ‘cause I really am in need of shoes,” Maria said before all three girls busted out laughing.


Meanwhile back at school:

Alex and Michael had hung around school so they could catch Max. They had decided the best course of action would be just getting straight to the point.

Neither felt like learning about whether Liz slept with Max or not. She was like a sister to them. They just wanted to know that she was alright and to put the fear of God in Max, that if he hurt her, they would come after him with a shovel.

So they sat around doing absolutely nothing, which was not a change from what they usually do, for two hours until they saw football players coming out of the locker rooms. They waited another five minutes before Max came out of the locker room.

They needed to get his attention away from talking to one of the cheerleaders that had stopped him, so Alex started jumping up and down behind the girl and waving his hands like a crazy fool.

“Could you be even a bigger dork then we pegged you for,” Michael said.

“Hey, it got his attention, didn’t it.” Alex stated pointing to Max who was headed their way.

Max stepped up to Michael and Alex, putting his hands in his pockets and wondered what could they want. He had two theories, but wanted to make sure he didn’t saying anything that could get his ass kicked.

“Hey,” said Michael.

“Hey,” Max said back.

Alex being his usually self decided to break the tension in the room by acting like they were girl talking. “So anyone heard what happen between Becky and Cindy?” He new it was a lame, lame excuse for a ice breaker, but it got the reaction he was looking for when Michael and Max started laughing.

“So, we wanted to ask you something,” Michael said after everyone had calm down. He wasn’t suppose to talk until the end, only look intimidating, while Alex asked the question. After Alex was finished he was going to threaten Max’s life. Yeah, he was not a people person.

Max was a little surprised that Michael had spoken. He never new Michael to say much and when he did it was usually a threat, but nodded his head for him to go on.

It was Alex who spoke this time. “Max, we know something’s up with Liz and you. She has been acting pretty weird the last couple of days.” Alex had a whole speech planned out, but Michael shoved and glared at him to get to the point, so he did. “We want to know if something happened between Liz and you when you two went on this project run for Ms. Hardy.”

Max was a little taken back by they’re forwardness, but respected it. Personally he was expecting something along the lines of being thrown against a wall or locker and a threat. He might be the most popular guy in school, but that didn’t mean everyone liked him.

He knew he wouldn’t tell them, but they deserved something. “I take it Liz doesn’t know anything about this discussion your having with me.”

Michael answered this time. “No, and we would appreciate it if you didn’t tell her.”

Max nodded his agreement. “Nothing happened that she didn’t want to happen. I know that’s not the answer you’re looking for,” Max said before one of them could interrupt him. “But if something did happen don’t you think she would have told you?”

Michael and Alex looked at each other and new he was right. If something major happened, they would have been the first and only people Liz would have come to.

They both let out the breath that they had been holding in. It was nice to know Liz was still they’re innocent little sister. Neither wanted to think about her having sex with anyone.

Alex shoved Michael and he remembered about the threat. He cleared his throat to get Max attention one more time. “We consider Liz a sister. So if we find out your lying or you hurt Liz in anyway, then run.”

Max swallowed and hoped to God that they never found out that he slept with Liz. He knew Michael had a reputation of kicking someone’s ass if they some much as look at him wrong. He didn’t know about Alex, but if he had to guess he would be sure that the tall lanky boy would be right behind Michael.

Alex noticed that they still had time to kill so he suggested they all head to the Crashdown for some food.

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Chapter 8

When the girls got back from the mall it was raining, so they ran to the doors of the diner. When they got inside it was to fine Max and Michael laughing at Alex, who was using his whole lanky body to describe something. He looked like a complete idiot. The diner was closed so no one was around to witness it.

The guys stopped laughing and Alex wondered why until he realized that they were looking past him. He had a bad feeling about what was behind him, but he decided to be a man and turn around. To his utter embarrassment stood Liz, Maria, and the object of his affection Isabel.

The girls started laughing as soon as they saw Alex’s face was as red as a tomato. Alex immediately sat down and sunk low into the seat.

Liz was the first one to come out of her laughing fit and came forward to sit next to Alex. She put her arm around him and whispered in his ear, “Don’t be embarrassed. I still love you and I know someone else who doesn’t mind your dorky ness either.”

Alex lifted up his head and turned to smile when he realized what she said. Before he asked her anything Liz spoke to the small congregation of people around her, asking a question she wanted to know since she walked in here.

“Why are you guys here and why is Max here with you.” Everyone grew quite at her question while Max just watched on in amusement. Alex, Michael, Maria, and Isabel didn’t want to tell her that they had been trying to get information at of Max as well.

Even though she spoke the question to Alex and Michael, it was Max who answered it. “I asked Alex if he could help me study for our Math test on Friday.”

Liz knew from the expression on all their faces that they had tried to get Max to talk to the guys. “Okay, that explains Alex, but what about you Michael.”

Liz was the only person that could make Michael want to tell the truth instead of lying, but at Alex’s look he knew what he had to do. “There wasn’t a game on tonight so I came to hang with Alex.” Michael mentally patted himself on the back at the lie he had come up with, which was half truth. There was no game on tonight.

Liz rolled her eyes and decided to let them off the hook. “Oh. So Alex what were you doing when we came in.”

Alex already over his embarrassment stuttered over his answer, “Oh, uh, you know guy stuff.” They were really talking about Liz and the time they accidentally got her drunk and how she… uh, never mind. He didn’t think she would appreciate it if she knew he and Michael were retelling the story when she swore them to secrecy.

“Guy stuff?” Liz questions.

She was about to ask when Isabel interrupted her. “Liz when a guy says guy stuff it’s usually about girls, sex, or sports.”

“And when it’s not about any of those things, then it’s about gossip,” Maria said. She new guys liked to gossip just as much as girls. She had her cousin Sean to prove it and Liz had Alex to prove it.

“Why are you three coming back so late anyway,” questioned Michael looking at the clock and seeing that it is after 11 p.m.

“Yeah Iz, I thought you said that you were going to the mall. And didn’t Dad put a curfew on you too?” Max said trying to get a reaction out of Isabel, but to his surprise it didn’t work.

“We went to go eat and then to a movie and no Max. I asked Mom to stay out later and she overruled Dad. But you did remind me that I do have to get home now, before she grounds me for good.”

Silence descended the room at her statement. Everyone new that tomorrow they would go back to how it was before. Max, Isabel, and Maria ignoring or making fun of Liz, Alex, and Michael. No one wanted the day to end.

Liz, being to smart for her own good, was the person to make the first move. “Well, I guess we’ll see you around.” Everyone nodded their heads and started to leave.

Max asked Isabel if she needed a ride home, but she said she would get a ride with Maria. Alex and Michael asked Liz if she was sure she wanted to stay by herself and she assured that she would be fine.

After everyone left Liz made sure the downstairs was locked and headed up to bed. The rain had not stopped since this evening, but it had died down to a drizzle. Liz loved it when it rained,
because it soothed her nerves, especially after dealing with Maria and Isabel. She didn’t know any two people who could talk as much or fast as they could.

Liz took a shower and went threw her nightly ritual of getting ready for bed. It usually put her in a relaxed mood, but tonight her thoughts kept drifting to Max. She couldn’t seem to stop thinking about him. In biology today she kept imaging Max and her on the lab table. She didn’t know what was wrong with herself.

She put on a CD to help her relax her further and was just getting into bed when she heard someone knock on her window. She looked up to see Max.

She walked over to the window to open it, then stepped back to let him in. “What are doing here Max?” Liz didn’t know what to do. She didn’t like the effect his was having on her body.

Max didn’t know why he was here. He couldn’t get to sleep and she was the reason. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. In the showers after practice he was thinking about Saturday night and ended up taking another cold shower.

“I had to see you.”


“I don’t know.” Max was being truthful with her. From some strange reason he was attracted to her when he shouldn’t be. He should be attracted to people like Tess, okay maybe not Tess cause that’s just nasty.

“You know Max I’ve been thinking a lot these past two days and I still don’t know how we ended up sleeping together.” She truly was confused about it. Everything happened so fast.

“It’s simple Liz. We’re two hormonal teens that were alone in a hotel room for a night. What did you think was going to happen,” Max stated. He didn’t mean to be so harsh, but then again, he didn’t know how to deal with a situation like this, so anger seemed the best way to go. But then he took a look at her face and new it was the absolute wrong way to go.

“What did I think was going to happen,” Liz yelled. ‘That’s it,’ she thought. “You know Max. I’ve had enough of your crap. For the last four years I have let you talk down to me like I was nothing, but not tonight and not in my own house.”

Max instantly felt sorry for everything bad he had said to her. Then he thought why should he. He knew he was being an ass about everything, and that he should shut up, but right now he wasn’t listen to that voice.

“You wanna know why I talk down to you. You act like too smart to associate with the rest of us,” Max yelled right back.

Liz had a disbelieving look on her face. He did not just tell her that. “You did not just say that. I can’t believe you. You’re the one who thinks of yourself to high and mighty to associate with the rest of the people who are not in your ‘popular group.’ ”

“Popular group!” Max couldn’t believe her. “What’s that suppose to mean.”

Liz raised her eyebrows and replied, “You know what I mean. You either play a sport or something and that’s, that’s,”

“That’s what!”

“I don’t know.”

“And you call yourself smart.”

“God, you can be so…”

In that next moment Max covered Liz’s mouth with his own. He couldn’t help it. She looked so sexy, with her cheeks flushed and her big doe eyes flashing with anger.

Liz was to shocked to respond right away. One minute she was yelling at Max and ready to hit him the next minute he was kissing her. Though she did start responding when he ran his tongue across her bottom lip asking for entry, which she granted him.

His tongue slid into her mouth effortlessly, like it was a second home. They dueled back and forth in an endless dance.

They broke apart in search of oxygen why leaning their foreheads against each others. Their breathing was ragged and their eyes were closed. Max opened his eyes and saw Liz cheeks still flushed from his kisses.

He smiled and put his finger under her chin to make her eyes meet his. Liz opened her eyes and found herself lost in Max’s gaze. How could he make her want to kill him one second and the next want to throw him on her bed.

Max couldn’t help but kiss her lightly on her lips before he said, “Sorry, I just really need to kiss you.” He wet his lips before saying the next thing, “ Liz we really need to talk about what happen between us and that night and now. Also, I, uh, wanted to know why you’re on the pill.”

Liz raised both eyebrows at his last words. But instead of answering, she gave him a question of her own. “How many girls have you really slept with?”

Max chuckled and new he had to answer her first before she answered his. “Truthfully wise,” he asked. At her nod he said with a smile on his face, “Just one.”

“Only one,” Liz couldn’t hide the surprise in her voice or face. She didn’t know what to say to that. So the first thing that popped out of her mouth was, “Who?”

Max laughed at her expression. “I don’t think you knew her. Serena James.” At the shake of Liz’s head he explained further. “She was a friend of Isabel’s and she came to visit the summer before sophomore year. It first happened towards the end of June and we were alone in the house and it just happened. After that it was just something to do, really.”

“So why do you have the reputation of ‘love ‘em and leave ’em.”

“I made the mistake in telling Kyle, who let it slip to Sean, who then told Pam Troy. I never bothered to correct it.”

“So how does fit into Isabel fit into all of this?” Liz was truly puzzled by this.

“Isabel always saw us afterwards, mostly by accident. The reason she doesn’t say anything now is because I’m usually out late and I have people cover for me. Plus I come in through my window and so she never sees me.”

Liz made an O shape with her mouth and started laughing. “What’s so funny,” Max asked. “Your reputation is built on nothing but rumors and no has ever questioned you about it. I find that stupid, that’s all.”

Max had to admit that it was kinda stupid. Then he remembered the questioned he asked her earlier. “So your turn.”

Liz smiled. “I have an irregular cycle and my mom wanted me to be ready just, um in case. Why did you want to know.” “I thought that maybe you were on it for, because you already had someone in mind.” Max’s face turned red with the embarrassment that he felt and such a stupid question to ask.

Liz shook her head and tried not to laugh. Then the smile faded when she remembered that they really needed to talk about what was going on between them. Max too remembered and thought he should start it off, but before he could say anything Liz cut him off.

“Max it’s really late and we have to get up for school tomorrow, plus I have to work after school and you have to practice. Now just is not a good time.” Liz really didn’t want to talk about what happened. She just wanted to do like the said they would, forget it ever happened.

Max apparently thought differently. “Liz you can’t just ignore the that we slept together. It happened and though I know you want to you can’t make it go away.”

“Yes I can.” Liz was getting nervous. She had never had to deal with something this big and she didn’t know if she could make it through this talk without reveling how she truly felt about what happened between them.

Max was not going to let it go. He knew she was not exactly at peace with everything yet, but she would be and he would too, once they finished talking and they could go back to their life’s. “Liz I’m not going away just cause you don’t want to talk about it.”

Liz closed her eyes at the anger she felt rising up at him. Why couldn’t he just leave it alone. At his silence she opened her eyes and saw that he had lied down with his hands behind his head and gotten comfortable on her bed. She let out a sigh and new there was no way to avoid this talk. The sooner they got this over with, the sooner they could go back to their life’s.

Liz sits down on the bed and takes a look at Max who has his eyes closed. She smiles and raises her hand to brush the hair that has fallen over his forehead away. It is then that Max lets out a snore. Liz starts to laugh and then quickly covers her mouth with her hand.

‘Guess the talk will just have to wait,’ Liz thinks to herself. She goes around the bed and takes off Max’s shoes, turns off her stereo and light then climbed in bed. She turned to face him and saw that with the little light coming through the window he looked just like a little boy.

Liz knew she couldn’t put off the talk they needed to have forever, but at least now she could get what she wanted to say in order. With that last thought she fell asleep.

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Chapter 9

Sometime during the night Max and Liz had managed to become entangled in each others arms. The only way you could tell where one ended and the other began was because of their clothes. Liz was half way lying on top of Max with her face buried on his chest. Their arms were wrapped around each other as were their legs.

When morning came around neither Max or Liz had woken up. Liz had forgotten to set her alarm the night before. Liz had her parents car so she didn’t need for Alex to come and pick her up. They probably would not have woken up if it wasn’t for Max’s cell phone.

Max heard it and moved to get it when he felt something stop his movement. He looked down to see Liz stretched across him. ‘What the…’ He didn’t get to finish that thought, because Liz woke up then.

When Liz opened her eyes she was too relaxed to notice the body underneath her. However, she did notice it when it tried to move. She bolted straight up and looked into the eyes of Max Evans.

Neither moved for they were lost in each others eyes. Deep chocolate looked into amber golden eyes. Unconsciously the moved closer to each other until they were inches apart. Their heads started moving towards each other and were less then an inch apart when Max’s cell phone rang again.

Liz jumped back startled and closed her eyes while Max answered his phone.

‘What the hell was I thinking?’ Liz thought. ‘You weren’t thinking,’ she answered herself. She rolled her eyes and thought she really needed to stay away from him for her own good.

Max then turned to look at her then looked at her clock, then back to her. Liz turned and looked at the clock and saw that is was 9:30. Her eyes widened and she started running around her room looking for her clothes. She then ran into the bathroom about to slam the door shut when Max’s hand stopped her. She raised her eyes and saw him put his finger to his mouth for her to be quiet. Liz noticed that he was still on the phone and guessed it was Isabel. She nodded her head and closed the door as quietly as possible.

Once in there Liz started hurriedly got ready. She through on her clothes while trying to brush her teeth. Then she moved on to her hair and put it up in a ponytail then ran out of the room and straight into Max.

Max grabbed her arms to keep her from falling. He looked down to see her face flushed from all the running around she did. He let her go when she moved away then cleared his throat before he spoke.

“That was Isabel. She just wanted to make sure I was alright.” Max put his hands in his pockets while Liz asked. “Is she at school?” When he nodded his head she asked, “Does she know I’m not there?”

Max looked up into her eyes and nodded and he answered her questioned before she could ask it. “Yes, she did ask if I was with you and I told her no.”

Before he could finish, Liz interrupted him. “You told her no but did she believe you? I mean knowing your sister she’s going to jump to conclusions then she is probably going to start sniffing around again.”

Max just looked on in amusement at Liz making jesters with her hands. When Liz realized what she was doing she shut up and cursed herself for hanging around Michael and Alex too much. “What,” Liz asked when she saw Max’s grin.

“Nothing.” Max was contemplating not telling Liz about the back up plan he had, but one look at her face told him if he didn’t, he would die a horrible fiery death if she found out he let her worry. “Don’t worry Liz, I got it all covered.” At her puzzled face he explained. “Kyle and I have a deal. If I cover for him, he covers for me. So I just told Isabel that I was at Kyle’s, and if she ask him he knows to say where I was with him.” Max let a smile cross his.

Liz sighed in relief and smiled in gratitude to Max. Silence returned to the room, but this time it wasn’t so comfortable. Liz felt the sudden need to get out of his presence. “I have to go to school,” she said.

“Why? You’re already late, why not just stay home,” Max replied. He really needed to talk to her and she wasn’t making it easy.

Liz looked down then back up at him. She couldn’t believe what she was about to tell him. “Why don’t you come by tonight around 11. I should be done closing everything down stairs and then we can talk all you want, okay.”

Max knew he should say no and just stay away from her before they got into another fight, but he couldn’t. “Alright.”

Liz nodded her head and watch Max climb out her window, down the ladder, then leave. She herself headed to the door of her room, got her keys, and left for school.

Max headed home to take a shower and change. He also needed to call Kyle and Make sure he told Isabel. So that was the first thing he did.

“Hello,” Kyle said on the other line.

“Hey, it’s Max.”

Kyle knew exactly what Max wanted to know. “Don’t worry man. Isabel took the story, so she won’t bust your chops.

Max let out a sigh of relief. He knew Kyle would come through, but the question was, will Isabel but it. Apparently she did.

“So man” Kyle began with a smile on his face, “where were you last night.”

“Kyle, that my friend is none of your business.” Kyle was the only true friend he trusted, but out of respect for Liz he would keep her name out of his conversations.

“I get the picture dude. Listen, did you tell Tess you were going to take her to Pam Troy’s party Friday night?”

“I told here I would think about it, but I was never going to agree. Why?” Max was getting a bad feeling about where Kyle was taking this. Even Tess couldn’t be this stupid and say he was going with her unless she had something on him.

“Well, she’s been going around school all day tell people you are.”

Max could tell Kyle was holding something back. “What else is she saying.”

On the other end, Kyle closed his eyes and sighed. Max was definitely not going to like this. “Well, she started telling people that you’re going out.”

“Shit,” was all Max uttered. “What’s your opinion on this.” He trusted Kyle’s opinion, judgement and honesty.

“You mean besides that she’s mental.”


“The only explanation I could come up with is that she has something on you and it’s big.” At the silence on Max’s end Kyle started getting a little worried. He had a bad feeling that Tess had gone to far this time and Max had had enough. “You still there.”

“Yeah. Hey could you do me a favor.”


“I need you to try to get what she has on me.”

“Yeah, sure, but what will you be doing.”

“My own investigation.”

Max was about to hang up when Kyle called him back. “I have two things to say to you.” He took Max’s silence as a go ahead. “Who ever your bonking right now is probably going to hear about what Tess is saying if she goes to this school. And last but not least, Isabel.” With that he hung up.

Max hung up the phone thinking about what Kyle had said. Isabel was sure to find out what Tess was saying and if he knew Isabel as well as he thinks he did, she would think two things. ‘She’s going to kick her ass and is she the one Max was with last night.’

After Max had showered, changed, and eaten, it was time for school to let out. He needed to find Kyle and see what information he could have gotten.

When school let out, Liz came out of class with Alex. Everything had gone back to normal, with Isabel and Maria acting like Liz, Alex, and Michael didn’t exist. It was just like they all had never spoken to each other before.

Isabel and Maria felt bad about what they were doing, but unfortunately that is the way the social rankings work. They had had fun last night though and maybe they could do it again.

Michael, Alex, and Liz pretty much stayed out of their way. Alex felt used and abused, but he was a little more sensitive, Michael didn’t care either way, and Liz didn’t know what to think. She always thought they would be a little more stuck up, but they weren’t. She didn’t know how to take that.

Liz was going over to Alex’s house to practice with his band, only because she couldn’t take his whining anymore. So Alex had the goofiest grin on his face for getting his way.

When she was getting into her car she saw Max pull up in his jeep. He locked eyes with her for a brief second then continued in to the building. Though she refused to admit it out loud, it hurt her that he basically ignored her. Then she remembered what she had heard from Alex and what the whole school was talking about. She wanted him to come over to her house tonight. So she could give him something.

Alex called out to her and said they needed to hurry, because she had to be at work at four-thirty. With that she got in her car and followed Alex.

When Max was in the building he took straight off to the locker room where he knew he would find Kyle. Once he turned the corner he spotted Isabel and turned right back around. She was the only thing standing between where he needed to be.

He was about to leave when he heard her say something. He stayed where he was so he could hear what she was saying and if it was about him. He wasn’t going to ease drop, he was just going to listen and see if he could find out any useful information, like if he had to stay away from her.

“I can’t believe that bitch. Who does she think she is, that little tramp, spreading rumors about her and my brother. I’m going to kick her ass.”

‘Yes. Isabel doesn’t believe Tess,’ thought Max.

“No offence Isabel, but even Tess isn’t that stupid to say something like that.”

‘Thank you Maria,’ he thought sarcastically.

“I know, but what ever it is Max is still going to be pissed. I need talk to him about this and make sure he isn’t doing anything with her. He could catch a disease.”

Maria and Isabel started heading in his direction. Max looked quickly around and found there was no place to hide. He was about to start panicking when someone pulled him into a closet.

He found himself looking into Michael Gurien’s eyes. Max swallowed and wondered what could he want.

Michael wasn’t stupid. He’d known Liz longer than Alex and he could tell by her eyes that Max and her had something between them, even if they were oblivious to it. When they had heard about from Alex what was going around school, he saw her eyes hurt in her eyes. Even though he didn’t like Max, he would find out the truth for her sake. If it was the truth, then he would do want he wanted to do, kick his sorry ass.

“So, is it true,” he asked.

Max knew playing stupid wouldn’t get him anywhere, so he answered, “No.”

Michael nodded his head. “So what’s going on, and once again don’t lie to me because it won’t get you anywhere.”

“I don’t know what’s going on. That’s what I’m trying to find out.” Max was to need more help then what Kyle could be and Michael was that help. “Look I know you don’t like me and from what I can tell you don’t believe what Liz and I told you.” At his silence Max continued. “I’m going to need help with finding out what Tess has on me.”

“Why should I help you? I don’t even like you and neither does Liz. So just stay away from her. I don’t know what’s going on between you two and I don’t want to know, but if you hurt her I will hurt you.” Michael watched as Max lowered his eyes and knew he hadn’t admitted to himself that he liked Liz, yet. He probably didn’t know what he was feeling.

“I want to stay away from her, but I can’t, and I can’t explain why. I have no intention of hurting her. I just want…I don’t know what I want, okay.”

Michael rolled his eyes and just knew he was going to regret doing this. “What do you need help with.”

Liz just finished moping when Max came up to the door. He could hear music coming from a radio she had on and it looked like she was alone. He had come a little earlier than planned, but Michael said if he wanted to get into her good graces again he better start early. So he took a calming breath and knocked on the door hoping for the best.

Liz had sent everyone home early. She didn’t feel like being around anybody right now, plus she thought that cleaning by herself would calm her nerves down. So she turned the lights off to the dining area only leaving one of the soft lights on over the counter so you couldn’t really see in unless you knew what to look for.

When she heard a knock she looked up to see Max at the door. She turned to the clock and saw that it was only ten-thirty. Liz turned back to Max and decided not to open the door until eleven.

When Liz completely ignored him, Max sighed and leaned against the window putting his hands in his pockets. Michael warned him this would happen, but he didn’t believe him. But he was grateful for the time so he could get want he needed to say in order.

Dealing with what Kyle had told him had been enough, but what Michael had found out had really took the cake. But before he could deal with that he had to deal with Liz.

Every time he thought about her he would get this feeling inside him. Not a bad feeling, but he didn’t know if it was a good feeling either. He wanted to forget her and go back to his life, but he wanted to get to know her.

Liz ignored him for about ten minutes, before looking over to him and seeing a dejected look on his face and caved. She didn’t know why and she told herself she didn’t really care, but she found herself getting more attached to him. When Liz had heard the news that Tess and him were going out Friday and possibly longer then that, she had been seriously hurt. Though Liz wanted to be mad at him she had no reason to because he wasn’t hers to begin with. She walked over to the door and opened it.

Max looked down at Liz when she opened the door. Her eyes were a mixture of emotions, raging from happiness to anger and finally hurt. “Liz…”

Liz didn’t let him finish, for she let her anger get the best of her and balled her fist up and punched him.

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Max held his eye his hand over his eye and cried out like a girl. “What the hell did you do that for?”

Liz shrugged her shoulders while holding on to her own hand and said, “I just felt like it.” On the outside she displayed the I don’t care attitude, but on the inside she was jumping for joy and feeling proud of herself. Liz looked back up at him and noticed he was still holding his eye. “Stop being a big wuss. I didn’t hit you hard enough.”

“You say that because you’re the one who didn’t get punched.” Max yelled to Liz’s retreating back. Michael didn’t tell him he might have to duck. ‘That’s probably what the smirk was for,’ he thought remembering Michael telling him everything he needed to do for Liz and saw him smirk. When Max asked about it he said nothing.

Liz came back into the dining area with two small bags of ice. She pointed him to a chair at a table and he sat down. Liz then non to gently plopped a bag of ice against his eye telling him to hold it there and he watched as she took a seat and put the other bag of ice against her hand.

“So why did you punch me and don’t say you felt like it. I want the truth.” Max knew it was time to have that talk he wanted and so did Liz.

“I heard about the thing with Tess and I just got mad.”


“I don’t know and I don’t care.”

“You’re lying.”

“Fine you want to know why, I’ll tell you why!” Liz was getting scared. She didn’t want to tell him why but knew she had too. “Because I do care alright! I’m not sure how or why but I do.

Max was a little stunned at her confession that when she finished stared dumbly at her. “What do you mean you don’t know how or why,” he asked once he got his voice back.

Liz looked him straight in the eyes then looked away not being able to tell him. When she looked away Max got up from his chair and came to kneel in front of her. “Liz. I don’t know what to tell you either. One minute I hate you and the next I want kiss you senseless.” Max was talking first knowing it would make her feel better. “I don’t know why we slept together Saturday night, but I do know that ever sense then I’ve wanted you again. I’m not exactly sure if that is a good thing or not.”

Liz looked at Max and an idea came to her. She always prided herself for being levelheaded and her parents and everyone else’s trusted her judgment. I mean everyone was always telling her she was smart, but this idea sure did seem stupid. But first she needed to tell Max what she thought. “Here me out on this, okay?” At his nodded she continued. “What I think happened is that you were right and we are just two hormonal teens who were alone in a room. Now what is going on now with our feelings is yours is probably due to the fact that you haven’t gotten any in a very, very long time and your hormones are going crazy. Now since you already slept with me your subconscious is probably thinking that maybe it would be alright to do it again with, um, me. You know how people are always saying that you get attached to the first person you sleep with? Well I think that, since you were my first and my body is going all hormonal since I did sleep with you, that and my mind is getting attached to you and like you it also thinks that it would be okay to do it again with me.” Liz paused to let all of what she said sink into his think head.

Max stood up and was trying to process everything she said, but wasn’t exactly sure what she had said thought he caught the gist of it. “Where are you going with all of this.”

Liz closed her eyes and took a deep breath for about what she was about to propose. Looking him straight in the eyes she said, “My parents or out of town for a month, so what I propose is that we, um, you know, keep sleeping together in that time. Once they get back we stop and, and we, um go back to not seeing each other. That way by the end of the month we will have gotten ride of the, the um, sexual tension.” Liz rolled her eyes at herself for stumbling over her words. She wanted it to seem like she wasn’t nervous. ‘Guess that didn’t work,’ she thought.

Max nearly bulged his eyes out when she suggested what they do. Then he tilted his head to the side and a thoughtful expression came over his face. For a month he would have sex with her and at the end of it there would be no obligations. Would they have to talk in public, not that he would mind, but he did have an image to protect. Also would they just keep it to after hours or could they do this anywhere? Though he really did want to do this he had to find out the ground rules of this proposition and if she want to do this. ‘God, I’m a jerk.’

Liz watched as his face went from shock to thoughtfulness at her proposal. When she was about to speak cause she thought he wasn’t going to answer, he spoke.

“Okay, what are the ground rules.” Liz looked at him in confusion then said, “I haven’t thought that far ahead.”

Max nodded his head then asked, “Would you be wanting me to speak to you in public?” Liz looked at him with disgust on her face. “You think I want you to speak to me in public? I don’t think so. Alex and Michael might think I’ve gone mental, plus I don’t want your popularity.”

Max glared at her then asked his next question. “Would this just be at night or could we do this anywhere?”

Liz narrowed her eyes. “What do you mean anywhere?”

“Like at school or someplace.” Max blushed at his answer. Liz rolled her eyes and replied, “Anywhere.”

Max cleared his throat then asked, “Do you really want to do this. If you don’t then we can just find away to stay away from each other.” He didn’t want push her into anything she didn’t want to do. It was her idea though.

“Yes, but if one of us wants to stop before the end of the month is up, then we stop no questions asked.” Liz couldn’t believe this was coming out of her mouth. ‘If Mom and Dad could see me now,’ she thought. When Max agreed silence once again claimed the room. “So what do we do now.”

Liz looked at Max who was looking back at her. Liz stood up from her chair and walked over to Max. She looked up at him with a smile on her face and said, “I think we better get started on that month.” With that she brought her lips to Max’s.

Max kissed her back eagerly slipping his tongue into her mouth. It was a hungry, passionate, but gently. There tongues glide across each other like they had been doing this for years.

Max carefully started pushing Liz backwards until he could pick her up by the back of her thighs and put her on the table. They broke apart for air just then and Max kissed his way down her jaw until he found the sensitive spot right behind her ear. Liz moaned and tilted her head more when he started to lick and suck on it.

Her hands went the play with the hair at the nape of his neck while Max’s hands went to the front of her uniform. One by one he popped opened the snaps until her dress was fully open. She had a lace red bra with a matching panties on. He slid his both his palms over her covered nipples that sent a shiver through Liz.

His hands found the front clasp of her bra, opened it and then his palms slid over her exposed nipple. Liz sucked in a breath when the cold air hit her breast and felt them harden more when Max covered them with the warmth of his hands.

Max kissed his way down her neck, forcing Liz back a little, until his mouth found her breast. He sucked her breast into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the nipple before gently biting it and then releasing it and blew onto her nipple watching it hardened even more. He switched breast lavishing it with just as much attention.

Liz realized Max had on way to many clothes when she ran her hands down his body. She needed to feel his skin so she grabbed the edge of his t-shirt and pulled it over his head. Max released his hold on her breasts long enough to get the shirt off then reattached his lips to her body. She ranked her fingernails down his chest and abbs, briefly wondering why she hadn’t noticed how well he kept his body the last time.

Liz couldn’t contain a groan she had building up when Max slid his hands further down her body to the edge of her panties. Max crushed his lips back against hers while his hand pushed aside the damp fabric. Liz threw her head back in ecstasy when she felt Max’s finger glided down her lips, teasing them.

Max softly told Liz to lay back and when she complied he stepped in between her legs. He leaned over her and placed a soft kiss on her lips then worked his way down. When he got to her breast he teased them rolling her nipple between his forefinger and thumb, then kissing and sucking each one in his mouth.

Liz closed her eyes and bit her lip to keep a moan in when Max started kissing her breast. It was getting harder and harder to keep just from coming apart right there. She felt Max kiss his way down her body then dip his tongue in her navel. He then traveled further down and stopped at the top of her panty line.

Liz then opened her eyes and looked at Max. With his eyes he was asking permission to continue is exploration of her body. She granted him his request with a nod of her head, for she couldn’t speak.

Max hooked his fingers on the sides of her panties and kissed the damp fabric before pulling them down her shapely legs. Liz moaned out loud then and raised both hands behind her clutching the edge of the table.

He grabbed her ankles once he discarded her underwear, pulling her legs up and bending them at the knee to get a better look at her glistening curls. Liz watched beneath lowered passion glazed lids as Max slid her legs apart and his eyes turn almost black with need.

One of his hands let go of her ankle and with his finger slid down and slightly parted her moist heat. Liz let out at small whimper and when he took his finger away, groaned in disappointment. “Oh God,” Liz said and bucked her hips up when she felt Max’s mouth replace his finger against her throbbing center.

When Max had put his mouth against her he knew he was in heaven. He put his hands against her hips to hold her down. He couldn’t get enough of her taste. Liz put her hands in his hair to pull him closer to her. Along with his tongue, Max inserted one finger in her. That was all it took to send Liz over the edge.

Max found himself getting yanked up to come face to face with Liz. She grabbed his erection and positioned it at her opening. Max entered her the same time his mouth covered hers capturing both their moans of satisfaction. The strokes were hard and fast. Liz wrapped her legs around Max waist, causing him to go deeper. With a few more strokes both tumbled over the edge, throwing their heads back in surrender.

After Max was sure his legs were able to hold him up, he completely pulled out of Liz and stood up then backed right up into a chair to sit down. He was wrong. He couldn’t stand. Liz still had her eyes closed. She was to sedated to move. Max looked over at Liz then started chuckling.

Liz looked at him liked he had gone crazy. “What are laughing at.” He raised his eyes and did a half smirk for her. “When I asked anywhere I didn’t think on a table in the diner were anyone could walk by the window and see.”

Liz turned her head and immediately realized that he was right. Anyone could have come by and seen this. She buried her face in her hands embarrassed. Max got up and pulled up his boxers and pants then walked over to Liz. He pulled her up into a sitting position, pushed her hands away from her face and kissed her lightly on the lips.

Liz smiled at him then wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. The kiss quickly turned into something much more. Liz barely registered Max picking her up and carrying her upstairs.

The next morning Isabel got up at her usual time, six a.m. She was walking to the bathroom when she stopped at Max’s door. Raising her eyebrow, she doesn’t remember him coming in last night. ‘I’m just going to take a peek and see if he made it home okay,’ thought Isabel. What she was really thinking was that she had him caught.

To her disappointment, when she opened the door, Max was lying in bed. She walked into the room anyway needing to talk to him about Tess.

“Max wake up.” Nothing happened so she shook and called his name again. “Max, get up.” When he just rolled over she got an idea and a smile claimed her face. This would answer her question if Tess was telling the truth yesterday or not. Isabel leaned close to his ear and whispered, “Max, Tess is lying right next to you in bed.”

At that Max immediately jumped up and fell onto the floor with a thud. He looked wildly around his room for Tess and only found Isabel holding her stomach trying to breath and laugh at the same time. “That’s not funny Isabel.”

“Oh yes it was.” Isabel continued to laugh until Max got up and pushed her off his bed and landed on the floor. She stopped laughing at that.

“What do you want.” Max snapped at her climbing back into bed. He had just gotten home about thirty minutes ago from Liz’s and had planned on sleeping another forty-five minutes, but Isabel had killed that plan.

“I wanted to ask you about the Tess thing. I assume you heard about it.” Isabel saw him close his eyes and sigh. “Yeah I heard about it.”

“Well. Is it true?”

“Not entirely.” Max was going to stop there but noticed she wasn’t going to let it. He ran his hands over his face and told her exactly what he had told Liz last night when they were up in her room. “I told Tess that I would think about taking her to Pam’s party, but I never had any intention of doing so. With Kyle’s help I found out the reason she started telling people we’re going together. She’s blackmailing me because she saw me talking to Liz.”

Isabel interrupted him. “That still wouldn’t have caused her to tell people that your going together. For all she new you were making fun of her or getting a copy of your class notes. Plus that would never ruin your reputation. I mean you don’t even care if your popular or not.” She was truly puzzled by what Max was saying. No way could Tess blackmail him with something that small. “Anyway you said she saw you not heard you.”

Isabel was right that Max really didn’t care about his popularity. On the other hand Isabel did. “Not only did she see me with Liz, but she saw you and Maria with Alex and Michael.”

Isabel didn’t know what to say. She had worked so hard to have her status in school. She was the Ice Princess. She got everything she wanted, from junior prom queen to the guys she wanted to date. This would ruin that. She raised her eyes in silent question.

Max answered that questioned with a small smile. “Don’t worry Isabel. I’m taking care of the problem. I just have to find Tess first. She left before I had a chance to speak with her yesterday.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I have no choice but to play along with her game until I can come up with something.” Max ran his hands over his face.

Isabel smiled at him. She headed for the door then turned around to face him. “Thanks Max. I know you are only going threw this with her because of me and my stupid concerns on my popularity.” Max nodded his head and with that Isabel left to get ready for school.

What Max didn’t tell her or Liz was that Michael was helping him as much as Kyle was. Michael was better at getting people to talk then Kyle was. He was to gather all the information that he could and see exactly what it was Tess had seen and heard. Also he had not told Liz and Isabel that Tess had supposedly got more on them. The thing is if she really did have more or not.

He looked at the clock at realized he had to get ready for school. He needed to find Tess and tell her he will play her game for now. He had no choice if he didn’t want Isabel’s reputation ruined, or Liz’s for that matter.

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Chapter 11

Liz woke up feeling uncharacteristically relaxed that morning. She took her time getting ready for school thinking about everything Max had told her about the Tess situation.

Tess was the only other person besides Isabel who was the top socialite of the school. She got everything she went after except one thing. Max Evans.

Yes, he did date a lot but Tess was never one of those girls. Liz took a lot of pride in that. Because just like Max she hated Tess with a passion.

Tess was one of the main reasons that Liz couldn’t stand popular kids. Always talking down to her or ignoring her completely. Why Tess wanted to ruin her reputation was an enigma to Liz, because she had no reputation to speak of and Tess made sure that.

Now Isabel did.

With that thought Liz started to form her own ideas about what exactly Tess wanted. She needed to find Max or Isabel herself.

When Liz got to school, she decided that she could talk to Max tomorrow after the game and Pam’s party when he came over. So she headed straight for Michael’s locker where she found Alex instead. “Where’s Michael?”

“I don’t know.”

“Didn’t he ride to school with you.”

“No.” Alex was just as puzzled as Liz was. Michael didn’t have any other friends to give him a ride to school and he refused to walk and the last time he took a bus, well lets just say there were cops involved.

In the past few days, since the whole thing with Max started, she really hadn’t hung out with Michael and Alex. She was starting miss telling them about everything that was going on. “So you don’t have any idea where he is?”

“Actually he did say something about not coming today when I took him home last night, that was it. He didn’t really give me a definite answer.” Alex looked at the disappointed look that crossed Liz’s face. He put his arm around her and acted wounded. “What am I not good enough for you? I’m hurt.”

Liz laughed as Alex put is hand over his heart. “No. I just wanted to hang with you guys today without having any interruptions.”

“Guess your just going to have to make do with one of us.” Alex was quite on the way to Liz’s locker debating with himself if he should ask her about what she said about Isabel.

Liz seemed to know what he thinking. “Go ahead and ask me Alex.”

“Did she really say that she liked me,” he asked excitedly.

“Well I’m not allowed to talk about what we talked about.” In truth while they ate Maria and Isabel had spilled their guts out about Michael and Alex.

Maria had told them about her crush on Michael that she had had since ninth grade. Now Isabel had hers since Alex helped her to the nurses office in third grade. The reason no one said a word was cause of their popularity. Liz didn’t think she could roll her eyes far enough back for that one.

Liz didn’t really care about Maria and Michael because that wouldn’t have been big news. However it would be big news if Alex and Isabel got together.

“Why not.” Alex knew he was whining but he couldn’t help it. He wanted to know everything Isabel had said and Liz was denying him his right. “You’re denying me my right.”

“I’m what,” Liz asked. She should have known better to say something to him because he would just try to get it out of her.

He started walking backwards so he could talk to her. “You’re denying me my right to my dream girl.” Liz looked at Alex. That was new. She saw him getting ready to put on his puppy dog face and turned her head away so she wouldn’t get caught in the trap.

“Please, please, please. I’ll give you anything you want. Alex noticed his shameless begging wasn’t getting him anywhere, so he tried a different tactic. “I’ll stop begging you to come to band practice.” He saw her head tilt to the side in contemplation. This next thing would seal the deal for sure. “I’ll do your waitress duty for the month your parents are gone and let you keep all the money.”

Liz eyes went big at that statement. She carefully considered the pros and cons of not telling him. Not telling him would keep Isabel’s secret safe and would keep her trust, but telling Alex would get her out of work for the next month. She smiled really big at him then said, “I start work today at four o’clock and …”

But before she could finish the rest Alex slammed back first into someone, knocking him and the other person down, hard.

Max had been waiting for Tess by the football field. She was now 10 minutes late. He was about to leave when she finally showed up.

“Hey Max,” Tess said in a surgery sweet voice.

“Cut the crap Tess. What do you want.” Max wasn’t trying to hide the fact the he disliked her now. He wanted to be far away from her.

“Well Max you should know all I want is you.” When Max stayed silent, Tess dropped the act. “Alright, here’s the deal. You start dating me and I leave Isabel and Liz’s reputations alone.”

“Before I agree to this what exactly did you see and hear.”

Tess laughed and replied, “I’m not going to tell you that. Also before I forget, tell Kyle to stop nosing around or I’ll ruin him too.”

Max realized that Tess sill didn’t know about Michael and that gave him a slight advantage. “Alright I’ll go along with this for now, but stay away from Isabel you got that.” ‘Liz too you bitch,’ he added silently under his breath.

Tess once again assumed he annoyingly sweet voice. “Great. I’ll meet you at the lockers after the game.” She yelled as he was walking away.

Tess smiled when Pam came out of the shadows.

“You know this could all backfire on you if you really don’t have something on them,” Pam said. When Tess stayed silent Pam asked, “You do have something on them, right?”

“Unfortunately I don’t have anything concrete on them yet, but I have someone looking into that,” Tess replied and left.

Pam shook her head at her. Tess didn’t know when to quit and when it came out she didn’t have anything on Max, Isabel, or Liz, which it would, she would get burned. Pam would make sure of it. Though she really liked Tess and hated Isabel, Pam had to begrudgingly admit that Liz Parker didn’t deserve any of it and neither did Isabel. Pam rolled her eyes at herself. God why did she have to have a heart.

Pam looked at her watched and realized she had to make a phone call.

“Ouch,” Isabel screamed when she landed face first onto the floor.” Who ever knocked her down was going to pay for that.

Alex recognized who voice it was and immediately jumped up to help her to her feet, all the while apologizing. “Here let me help you. I’m so, so, so sorry Isabel.”

Isabel took Alex’s offered hand and as soon as she was up immediately started acting like the Ice Princess. “Why don’t you look where you’re going you loser!” Isabel realized who she was yelling at and looked at Liz in shame who just shrugged her shoulders.

Alex widened his eyes at her outburst. He didn’t know what to say until he saw the regret in her eyes at yelling at him when she looked at Liz. “Is there anything I can do to make it up to you.”

“Just don’t let it happen again or next time you won’t be able to walk away plus your going to get my dry cleaning bill.” Isabel turned around and left with her hair swinging behind her.

Liz noticed Alex starting to drool on himself so she pushed him. “Alex how can you like her so much. I mean she just treated you like crap.”


Liz shook her head and said, “You know your really hopeless and pathetic, right.” At Alex’s vigorously nod of the head Liz pulled him along to class and started telling him all about Isabel’s so called crush.

After school Liz and Alex went to her apartment so she could clock in and have him work her shift. Truthfully, Liz didn’t tell him everything that Isabel had said about him. She wanted to keep some of Isabel’s secrets secret.

They noticed Michael right away when they came in. He was getting ready to start work and looked like he had just gotten up with his hair more mussed then usual.

“Where have you been,” Liz asked. Michael may have been able to fool his dad and say that he went to school everyday, but it was Liz who actually made him attend class.

Michael was glad that he didn’t have to lie to Liz or else he wouldn’t have been able to. “Dad was out of town, so I took a day off.”

Alex smiled when a look of disbelief came over Liz’s face. He took a seat on the couch to watch the fireworks.

“Your dad wasn’t home so you just decided your sleep was more important then school?” Liz asked incredulously.

Michael shrugged his shoulders and answered yeah.

“OH,” Liz yelled. She couldn’t believe him. “I can’t believe you. Just because your dad isn’t home doesn’t give you permission to not go to school.”

“What. I needed a day off. Besides I’m sure all my teachers and the student body appreciated that I wasn’t there. Anyway you’re one to talk. Didn’t you go to school late yesterday morning.”

“Late being the key word here.” Liz didn’t say anything after that. She couldn’t and Michael knew this. She started to head up stairs when Michael called out to her. “Where do you think your going. You do work today.”

“Alex will explain,” and with that she left to get her homework done early for a change.

Max went home after practice. Tomorrow was there biggest game and he needed all the sleep and energy he could get. But after dinner with his parents he snuck out of his room and walked to the Crashdown.

Liz was just getting out of her shirt when she heard someone tap on the window. She looked to find Max standing there with a half smirk on his face.

“I thought you weren’t going to come until tomorrow night.” Liz asked when she let him in.

He flopped down on the bed and just said, “I couldn’t sleep.” Which was true. He needed to talk to her anyway. “We need to talk about Tess.”

“Okay,” Liz stretched the word out. This wasn’t exactly what she hoped he would talk to her about. “What did she say about everything you went to talk to her about.”

“Well she basically said that we are going to start dating and she wouldn’t tell me what she had on Isabel or myself.”

“That was stupid to ask.” At Max’s confused face she clarified. “Why would she tell you what she had on you. Tess wants you badly and she is the only person I know who would blackmail someone into dating her.”

“You and me both. But I had to try and see if she would tell me.”

Liz decided to tell him about her theory. “I was thinking about what you were saying last night. This is want I’ve come up with. Tess just wants to ruin Isabel’s popularity to be top whatever you call yourselves. But she also wants you so she will have to sacrifice one thing for the other.” Liz smiled at the end of her explanation. God, she was smarter than she thought.

Max just raised an eyebrow at her and said, “I don’t think it is that simple Liz. Anyway Tess is pretty popular on her own she just wants the one thing she can’t have and that’s me.”

“Thinking a little highly of yourself,” Liz said crossing her arms over her chest.

“Why not. Everybody wants me even you.” Max replied. Liz started to get mad. Here he was in her room and he had the nerve to speak to her like that when she had specially told him not to. Arrogant jerk.

“You know what. Get out of my house.”


“Why you” Liz started hitting on him until Max finally grabbed her hands, pulled her on top of him and kissed her. The kiss was full of need, but Liz knew he couldn’t do anything tonight because of the game tomorrow. “Max you need to stop. The game…”

She didn’t finish the sentence because Max interrupted her. “The game is just a game.” Needless to say Max broke the promise he made to himself to stay away from Liz tonight.

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Chapter 12

The next day at school Max was tired. He didn’t mean to, but he had kept him and Liz up half the night, and not all of it was doing what he wanted to. He accidentally told Liz that Alex and Michael told him about her drunken escapade.

She got this horrified look on her face and started yelling on how she was going to kill her two supposed best friends.

He made the mistake of saying she was the first person to go streaking across town yelling ‘Marry me Jay and you can have my body,’ and clucking like a chicken arms and all. Of course it wouldn’t have been so bad if he would have just kept his big mouth shut and not clucked like a chicken.

Needless to say he was thrown out of her window and ended up pleading his forgiveness in the nude, and only after he promised to do the most embarrassing thing of his life was he let in. But before he was let in she had snapped 2 pictures of him. He ended up dressed up in a waitress uniform, antennas and all with make up and before he knew it Liz had taken about 4 or 5 pictures of him which he couldn’t get back.

Oh but was it fun to try.

Max was brought out of his fantasy land by Kyle laying a hand on him. “Hey, what’s up?”

“Not much man. Though I do have to say Tess looks mighty smug this morning,” Kyle said. Like most of the school Kyle did not have a fondness for Tess.

“Unfortunately, Tess might have more on us then we thought, but I want you to stay out of her face. She’s on this whole ‘I can ruin anybody I want to.’ So just be careful around her.” Max made sure that Kyle stayed away from Tess.

“That girl is seriously going mental.” Kyle shook his head at the creeps that Tess gave him. He needed to change the subject. “So ready for tonight’s game.”

Max groaned and shook his head yes. Kyle laughed and knew Max was not up for this game. Who ever he was doing was keeping him in a really good mood. Every practice this week, Max had been in his zone. Not once did he miss hitting his target.

“Kyle,” he looked up at his name to find Max waiting for him to follow to class. “I’m coming.”


During 6th period Biology Max and Liz had completely ignored each other like always. Maria and Alex had been stealing glances their way because neither had shown up at lunch. But they saw the way they were action and realized they had told the complete truth. That they had not been involved with each other in anyway.

Max and Liz had truly been ignoring each other, but for different reasons. During lunch, Liz had pulled Max into the eraser room and needless to say clothes came off and body parts touched. She was embarrassed by how she just attacked him. So she couldn’t look him in the face with turn a crimson color.

Max on the other hand had been ignoring Liz because he already had a permanent smirk on his face, but if he took one look at her it would go into a full fledge goofy grin. Then everybody would know that he got laid and by who.

Before class ended Max slid a note over to Liz. She opened it and it read, ‘Do you still want me to come to your house tonight. I won’t be able to leave the party till after midnight depending on Tess.’

Liz rolled her eyes at the party and Tess thing. She wrote something down and slid it back to Max. ‘Yes. I’ll leave the window open on my balcony if I’m asleep by the time you get there.’ Max nodded his head a little then the bell rang and he took off to get ready for the game.

Liz waited for Alex after class. She had been ignoring both Michael and he. Now it was time to figure out how to kill them. For you see after she had let Max back in he had told her that Alex and Michael had told more then just he, but he didn’t know who.

“Hey Liz. Where have you been all day. It’s almost like your ignoring us,” Alex stated. Everytime they would see Liz she would keep on walking not answering her name. Both of them were starting to get frustrated.

“Hey Alex buddy. How are you doing today.” Liz decided to put her overly best friend voice on. She was at going to be nice first until she got them both together. She didn’t know who told Max that story, but she did know that Alex had acted it out.

Alex looked at her worriedly. The only time she ever used that voice was when he or Michael did something wrong. The only problem was that they always knew what they did to piss her off. Now he was going threw everything in his head as Liz and he walked and talked to her locker.

Michael was already waiting for them to get there and he got the same voice she gave him. “What did we do now.” He didn’t like beating around the bush like Alex. But then he realized that maybe he should have when he saw Liz’s fake smile turn into a glare.

In a very tight voice she said, “Who told Max about me getting drunk.”

Michael and Alex looked at each other then back at Liz. “Who told you,” they asked at the same time. The look on her face told them they weren’t going to get anything out of her. Michael guessed who it was as did Alex. Max Evans.

“It was an accident,” Alex said thinking if they explained how it had ‘slipped’ out they would be okay. Michael was thinking the exact same thing. Even though Alex acted out everything in detail, he had told Max so he was in more trouble.

“I repeat my question. Who told Max?”

“Michael did.” Alex was not going to take the heat for this one. “Thanks Alex,” was his reply.

“I’ll deal with you later at work,” she told Alex. Liz pointed at Michael and told him to follow her. Michael looked helplessly at Alex who just shrugged his shoulders and mouthed good luck.

“Michael,” Liz yelled at him. He turned around, squared his shoulder and left to face the wrath of Liz thinking about how glad he was that she didn’t know about the other people him and Alex had told.

On the way to the Crashdown, Liz had yelled at Michael. Everything from how could you to doesn’t are friendship mean anything to you. Up until then he had said nothing knowing if he did say something he would put his foot in his mouth and make it worse. But when she said that, he had caved like a little boy being scolded by his mother and endlessly apologized.

It was that apology that had him in his current predicament. The only consolation was that Alex was going to get the same exact speech and when he caved, he would get the same punishment just like himself.

Liz came out of the apartment with Alex in tow. “Told you we never should have told Max about what happen,” Alex grumbled at Michael.

“We are going to kick his ass after today. He probably used that information to piss her off.” Michael had decided that even though Max could be an okay gut at times, this was not one of them. He was so going to kick his ass.

Liz held their punishment in her hands and it was with pleasure that she gave it to them. “Now boys, you have to put on everything.” She walked into the dinning area to help with the crowd until they finished getting dressed.

After 10 minutes had gone by and still no sign of Alex or Michael, Liz finally had to yell for them to come out. The first thing she heard was laughing coming from the kitchen and a ‘don’t say anything’ from Michael. When she looked over to the order window it was to see Jose the cook along with everyone else back there doubled over in laughter with tears streaming down their faces.

No sooner had she looked to the door that led to the back, that Michael and Alex came through. Liz bursted out laughing as soon as she saw them along with most of the customers. The only ones who didn’t laugh were the elderly.

Both Michael and Alex were dressed in the ugly teal waitress uniforms with alien apron head and antennas. Neither looked too happy about it either. Alex looked at Liz and saw she had tears in her eyes then said, “I don’t understand why you’re being so harsh on us for just telling him.”

“Oh. Well this is for everyone that you have told behind my back.” Liz looked at the surprised expressions on their faces. She wasn’t really mad at them. She knew they would have told somebody sooner or later and all Liz had to do was find out when they did. “Now boys customers are waiting.”

Alex turned to Michael and said, “For someone so small and sweet, she sure knows how to be deviant.” Michael nodded his head in agreement then both went to work.

After the game Max was seriously thinking about ditching Tess and just going to bed. They had won the game and Max had made every pass he wanted, but staying up late the last two nights was finally starting to hit him.

He was coming out of the lockers hoping Tess wouldn’t be there, but luck was not on his side. She was standing against the wall on the opposite side looking like the slut she was. She was wearing a blue tank top and black mini skirt with blue heels. Her hair was down and straight for tonight.

“Hey Max,” Tess whispered in a seductive voice. She was going to try to seduce him tonight at the party that way she wouldn’t have to come up with anything on him.

Max rolled his eyes at her and started to walk away. Tess had to run to catch up to him. When she did Max said, “I hope you don’t min but I’m giving Dave a ride too.” As they approached the jeep Dave Fielding was already sitting inside.

Tess had caught what he said. He was basically implying that he was only giving her a ride to the party and nothing more. She didn’t say anything instead sat down and waited to get to the party.

The drive was made with Max and Dave talking about the game. So by the time they made it to the party, Tess was mad. She jumped out of the jeep, grabbed Max’s hand and attached herself to his arm before he could pull away.

They made their way into the party stopping to say hi to everyone. Some people were saying they made a good lucking couple but others were wondering why Max even asked her out.

Max pretty much ignored the whispers and after detaching Tess from his arm and leaving her with her friends he went to get a beer. He saw Isabel and Maria with two of his teammates and went over there to say hello and possibly get away from Tess.

“How’s the date with the from with the gerbil going,” Maria asked after noticing Max’s grimace.

“Oh, it’s going great. Having the time of my life,” he stated sarcastically taking a swig of his beer.

“Don’t worry Max. Knowing Tess she’ll be drunk by midnight.” Isabel knew just about how long it took for Tess pass out. “Just don’t drink a lot Max.”

That was forgotten by not only Max but Isabel too when Kyle and Sean showed up. Whenever they were around Max had a tendency to drink more then normal. So by the time midnight came Max was too drunk to drive and he couldn’t find Isabel or Maria. Plus there was still too much stuff going on here.

About two o’clock he finally went upstairs to find a room. When he found one he stripped to his boxers and fell asleep as soon as his head his the pillow.

Liz had waited up till one o’clock in the morning for Max until she had fallen asleep. Her last thought was that Max must not have been able to get away from the party.

Max woke up the next morning with a headache. He sat up in bed and noticed there was a draft in the room. He went to cover his chest when he realized he was only in his boxers. He felt someone move next to him and looked down. “OH MY GOD.” Max said.

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Chapter 13

“OH MY GOD” Max mouthed silently. Maria was sleeping next to him in just her bra and panties.

“Oh god,” Max said silently again panicking. He started to get up slowly as not to wake her and reached for his pants.

But right when he was zipping them up Sean busted through the door looking for Pam. “Oh shit Max. Is that who you’ve been banging under the covers.” Sean said it so loud that not only did Maria wake up, but about everyone who was in the house came to the door and saw.

“AHHHHH,” Maria screamed. She looked in the direction of Max and saw him half naked then down at her on clothing and screamed again. “Shut the fucking door you pervert.”

Once Sean had seen who it was put his hands over his eyes traumatize and yelled, “My Eyes. I’m blind,” instead of shutting the door.

Isabel had come running towards the room when she heard Maria scream. She took in the scene and then screamed herself. “AAHHHHH.”

Max pulled Isabel in and pushed Sean out of the room closing the door. Isabel was still in shock at seeing her best friend and brother half naked.

Max was trying to remember what happened last night, but kept coming up with a blank. “Isabel shut up,” Max said. Isabel was talking to Maria who was talking back. “Now Maria, do you remember what happened.”

Maria went raking through her memories of last night. “I remember Kyle and Sean coming over then drinking and dancing. I came up here because I was to drunk to drive and so was Isabel, that’s it.” She didn’t remember sleeping with Max.

Max started to pace. He remembered the same thing except put Tess in there until midnight and that was his story. He turned when Maria started to move.

Maria covered herself with the sheet when she stood up. Isabel and Max looked at each other when she started jumping up and down a little, but she ignored there stares. A smile broke over her face. “Ha,” she yelled. When Maria saw her friends confused faces she explained. “We didn’t do anything.”

“Are you sure? How do you know,” Max asked.

“Because I don’t feel like I’ve had sex. I still feel like I’m a virgin,” Maria exclaimed.

“Whew.” Isabel didn’t have anything else to say. She saw Max physically relax. She got up and walked to the door. Once she opened it the whole house was still there listening in. Sean saw the smile on her face and said to the everyone behind him, “People, Maria is still a virgin.”

“SEAN,” Maria yelled. At that Sean made a beeline for the front door. Max grabbed his shirt and told Isabel he was going before Mom and Dad got home that afternoon. On his way out he saw Tess still passed out on the couch.

When Liz woke up the next morning she briefly wondered where Max was. She started getting ready for work. Alex had band practice that morning so he couldn’t cover for her.

Michael had tried to refuse to come in this morning because Liz had ended up taken pictures of him and Alex. Liz quickly put that to rest when she threaten not only to tell his dad, but also her parents. Needless to say he showed up and stayed behind the grill all day with a scowl on his face.

Alex had shown up around noon to take over for Liz, but it was so busy and Maria had called in that Liz had to stay on duty.

When some of the kids from school had come in Alex was the first to hear what happened at the party last night. Once he heard what happened he went rushing over to Liz and Michael to explain everything. “Hey guys, guess what I just heard.

“What did you just hear.” Alex was their gossip gatherer. Liz was never interested in other peoples business and Michael didn’t care either way. “Apparently Tess had made a move on Sean even though she was there with Max and he was there with Pam. Well Pam bitched slapped Tess. Kyle and Courtney had broke up again after she caught Stacy hanging all over him, but they ended up getting back together cause they were in the same bed this morning. And Max and Maria had been caught in bed together half naked, but nothing happened because Sean had shout that Maria was still a virgin.”

Liz was just shaking her head. “Alex I don’t understand. You’re a guy. You’re not suppose to gossip, I am since I’m the only girl in this group.”

“Well you don’t and so what if I’m a guy. I still need to be kept up on the happenings at school,” Alex said in his defense. “Plus Michael wants to know too.”

Michael raised up his eyebrow up and said, “Whitman, I would appreciate it if you kept me out of your conversations.”

Around one o’clock Max showed up with Kyle and Sean. Liz saw him and rolled her eyes which he saw. They sat down in her section and started talking about what each have been up to these past few days.

Liz walked over to their table. “Hi my name is Liz I’ll be your waitress may I take your order.”

“We’ll all have a Will Smith burger with saturn rings and a blood of alien smoothie.” “Make mine a cherry coke,” Max said.

“I’ll be right back with your drinks.” Liz turned to go put their order in. When she got to the order window Michael gave her a look. “What,” she asked.


Max had not wanted to come, but Kyle had been insistent that he wanted a burger from the Crashdown. Want he really wanted was to see if he had guessed right with who Max was sleeping with. And from the looks of it he had. Liz Parker. You couldn’t really tell if you weren’t looking for it. They ignored each other like always. The only thing that he could tell was different was that Max was not making any kind of comments on her, which he usually did.

That was the first thing that tipped Kyle off something was different. The next was when he heard that Max and Liz were on the football field together. The last thing Kyle noticed was the looks that Max sent Liz when she wasn’t looking. It was looks of tenderness and confusion. She didn’t look at him the same way he looked at her but she did look at him a lot more then usual.

Kyle had figured it out. Mr. Popular was sleep with Ms. Nerdy. And from the looks Michael was sending Max, so had he. He needed to talk to Max.

“So are we partying again tonight or what,” asked Sean.

“Actually my parents want Isabel and I home tonight,” Max said.

“Same here,” Kyle said.

“Well then I guess it’s just Pam, me, and her parents house tonight.” It was then that Liz came up to the table with their orders and Kyle just stared at her.

“Okay here’s three Will Smith’s and saturn rings. Is there anything else I can get you. No. Good.” Liz turned and left. She felt very uncomfortable under Kyle’s gaze.

“What’s wrong,” asked Michael when he saw Liz was creeped out. “Nothing really. It’s just that Kyle kept staring at me and it was just weird. He wasn’t looking at me in a sexual way or anything, just an inquisitive stare.”

“Do you want me to kick his ass.” Liz smiled at Michael and told him later then went back to work.

Max too had been getting uncomfortable, because as soon as Liz left Kyle had turned his stare to him. “What,” he asked. “Nothing, but remind me to talk to you later.” Max nodded his head, but he had a bad feeling about what Kyle wanted to talk to him about.

Michael, Alex, and Liz finally got off of work around three o’clock. They were currently trying to decide on what to do for the rest of the day. “I say we go to a movie,” was Alex’s suggestion.

“NO, I say we stay here and watch the football game,” was Michael’s suggestion. Liz looked at Alex and both shook their heads in the negative. “Why not? We haven’t sat down and watched a good game together in a while.”

“I still say no and if I’m not mistaking it is my turn to decide what we do this weekend.” Liz smiled innocently at the guys. Both just groaned because they knew what they would do. It was the same thing they always did. Rent some movies and eat nothing but junk food. Liz knew that even though they complained about it, all three of them had a better time just chillin’.

Max was currently over Kyle’s house. They were watching the football game on TV and when a commercial came up Kyle turned to Max. “Max buddy how did you end up sleeping with Parker.” He thought that if he just said it, it would be better.

Max choked on his coke that he was drinking. ‘How did he know,’ Max was thinking to himself. He penned Kyle with an icy look. “Who says I’m sleeping with her.” Maybe if he denied it Kyle would think he is wrong.

“No offense man, but the way you look at her gave it away.” He saw Max’s eyes widen. Kyle laughed and said, “Don’t worry man. No one else knows, but I think Michael Gurein might.”

Max knew it was no use to keep lying to him. “How did you find out.” Kyle sighed and sat back on the couch. He was glad that Max wasn’t going to try and act like there was nothing there. “I had three major clues plus some small ones. One was you never made any comments about her anymore, two you were actually talking to her on the football field by yourselves, and like I said the way you look at her.”

“What do you mean the way I look at her?”

“You look at her like you don’t know what to make of her.”

“I don’t,” was Max’s reply.

Silence came over the room until the commercials came back on. “How and when did you get her to start sleeping with you. I mean she’s a prude and you’re not exactly her type.” Kyle seriously wanted to know.

“Remember the project Mrs. Hardy sent me on.” At his nod Max continued. “Well Liz was the other person that went. Anyway the storm that came that night forced us to stop because we couldn’t see the road. There was only one room left and it was a single, but we took it. Well, she started telling me about how I should do the gentlemanly thing and sleep on the floor and I told her no. We started yelling at each other and the next thing I know were kissing and then it progresses on to more then that.”

Kyle was nodding his head while trying to think about how they were still sleeping with each other. “Okay, but how is it that you two are still sleeping with each other now.”

Max was silent. He didn’t know if he should answer his question or not. He really needed someone to talk to and he did not think Michael would appreciate it if he went up to him talking about how his best friend said she wanted sex from him. Giving up he told him everything from how Isabel and Maria tried to get him and Liz to talk to Liz propositioning him to have sex with each other for one month.

By the end of everything Kyle had his mouth wide open. “Shit Maxwell. Do you know what this means. That Liz Brianiac Parker is not as big of a prude as we all thought.”

“Stop calling her a prude.” Max threw a glare at Kyle. “What” Max asked after noticing Kyle kept looking at him.

“You like her don’t you.” It was more of a statement then a question.


“You like her,” Kyle repeated his statement.

“No I don’t like her. I just don’t think any guy would appreciate it if someone called the girl he was sleeping with a prude,” Max said. He really didn’t like her, or so he told himself.

“Keep telling yourself Max.”

Michael and Alex left Liz’s house around midnight. They had vegged out all night and watched cheesy 80 movies plus Michael’s personal fav. The Loin King.

Liz lighted candles all threw out her room before listening to her CD player and writing in her journal. She wasn’t paying attention when the knock came on the window startling her. Max lifted the window and came in. He put his hands in his pockets and stood in her room awkwardly as if he had never been in it.

After his conversation with Kyle he took off for home for family night. His parents were very conservative so how Isabel and him got away with the stuff they did he had no idea. He and his father disagreed on just about everything. So when they were at the table tonight, Max and his father had gotten into another argument. Max stormed out of the house and drove around to cool off. He was finally on his way home when he past by the Crashdown and saw Liz’s light on.

“Max what are you doing here.” Liz didn’t think that he was going to come over tonight. Actually she had hoped he would because she wanted to make fun of him about what she had heard.

“I saw your light on.” Max knew it was a dumb excuse but he couldn’t come up with anything better at the moment. “So what are you doing up?”

“I am writing in my journal and listening to my radio.” She said it as if it was obvious. “So want to tell me what happened at the party. I heard it was a blast from night till morning.”

Max widened his eyes. “So you heard about what happened, huh?” Liz nodded her head and both of them started laughing. “What happened to Tess,” Liz asked. “Well she passed out around midnight and she was still out as I went home. You’re not mad that I stood you up last night,” he asked after a few minutes.

She smiled and shook her head. “To tell you the truth, yeah I was pretty mad, but I calmed down and realized that I’m not your girlfriend and I can’t tell you where to be. But that doesn’t mean you could do it again. Plus I sent a copy of you dressed in the waitress uniform to Michael and Kyle.”

What was he suppose to say to that. He just stared at her in amazement. He couldn’t believe she had the guts to do that, but he couldn’t say nothing about it. Kyle was going to play this for all it was worth.

Max did his infamous half smirk and moved to sit next to her on the bed, but made no move to touch her. She looked beautiful just sitting there in a tank top and pajama pants with the candle light all around her. He could just stare at her for the rest of the night. Maybe Kyle was right and he did like her.

“Maybe we should stop this,” he said. Liz scooted closer to Max. He was looking at her in such a way that she couldn’t read the emotions in his eyes. She didn’t know how to answer him. Max brought both his hands up and cupped her face. He leaned in and kissed her lightly on the forehead. She closed her eyes as his mouth lingered there for a moment before lightly kissing her on her lips.

She opened her eyes and stared into his. Max leaned in once again to capture her lips. This kiss had raw passion behind the gentleness of it. It was filled with so much emotion that neither could deny.

Max moved his hands to the bottom of her tank top and carefully lifted it over her head. He ran his hands down the sides of her body before pulling her into another kiss. His gently eased her to lay on her back with his weight on top to her.

Liz got her breathing back to normal. She had no words to describe what she was feeling. She looked over to Ma and saw him staring at her. Maybe he was right and they should stop now before things got complicated.

Max couldn’t stop staring at Liz. She looked breath takenly beautiful with her flush cheeks and lips still swollen from his kisses. He felt male pride that he was the only one making her look like this. When she looked at him he saw confusion in her chocolate eyes.

“Maybe your right and we should stop.” Max was surprised at her words though he shouldn’t be. “Do you want to,” he asked.

“Do you want to,” she asked in return.

Both looked at each other and big smiles came over their faces and at the same time they answered, “Nah.”

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Chapter 14

Over the next couple of weeks Max and Liz continued to see each other anywhere they could. Liz also thought it was a good idea if he continued to see Tess and take her out to parties so no one would suspect them.

What Max and Liz didn’t realize was they weren’t being as careful as they thought. Isabel, Maria, and Alex had all become suspicious again. Isabel started to notice that Max was not coming in till early morning. Maria saw Max coming into the Crashdown near closing time more often. Alex saw Liz coming out of the eraser room, but never got to see who else came out.

Kyle of course knew which Liz wasn’t happy about, but he did help cover for them.

Michael knew too. He came over late one night to make sure she was alright and found Max already in her room. She had no choice but to tell him everything that was going on then made him promise not to say anything. He did so on one condition. She never ever tells him about her sex life again. Max stood back just in case he came after him until he heard it was alright. Liz then sent Michael over to Kyle’s house to make sure he didn’t tell anyone.

Tess was also becoming suspicious about Max even though he was willingly taking her out on dates now. Everyone was saying he was getting laid so she made people believe it was her who he was sleeping with him. Her source was coming up empty on who Max really was sleep with. So she was just going to have to seduce Max.

Liz was walking down the halls before school started. She was thinking about what she was doing with Max. How could she be doing what she was doing with him. She was starting to feel things she wasn’t ready to feel. It wasn’t in the plan she had. She decided early this morning after he left she was going to stop sleeping with him. She just needed to find him.

Alex caught up to her in the hall way. “So where is grumpy,” he said referring to Michael. They hadn’t really seen much of him these past few days.

Liz laughed at his childhood nickname for Michael. “I don’t know. I think I got him in trouble though.”

Before Alex could ask about it someone bumped into Liz. As it turned out it was the not so lovely Tess. “Oh, I’m sorry,” Liz apologized.

“You better be,” Tess said snidely. Ever since Max and her had officially been declared a couple she had been treating Liz worse than normal. “Maybe you need glassed to see where you’re going. Then your geeky ensemble would be complete.”

Liz had had enough of Tess being a bitch to her. She had put up with enough crap. “I said I was sorry Tess or did you go deaf from you own squeaky voice,”

“Why you,” Tess said before a hand covered her mouth.

Max was walking down the hallway with Kyle when he saw Liz and Tess. Tess looked about ready to scream and Liz looked about ready to kill, so he stepped in. “Hello Tess. Why don’t you walk me to class.”

He was already pulling her away as she nodding her head. Alex was glaring at his back for just ignoring them. Michael came up behind them having overheard everything. “Who do they think they are. Tess just comes and blames you for her bumping into you and Max just acts like neither of us exist,” Alex said.

“You should be use to it now Whitman. We don’t exist to them,” said Liz. With that she took off for her first period class telling Michael he better go to class.

That night when Max came to Liz’s window she was waiting for him on her bed with her arms crossed over her chest. Max could tell she was mad about something.

Over the last couple of weeks that he had been with Liz he felt his feeling start to change. He didn’t find himself always trying to get a rise out of her. He just didn’t like the direction these feeling were taking. He decided to end it with her, but he didn’t know how.

“Hey,” he said. “What’s wrong.”

“I don’t want to do this anymore so I think we should stop.” Liz just blurted it out. She had been having a hard time with trying to decided how to tell and guessed the best way would just be to get right to the point.

Max was a little shocked at first. She had said what he wanted to hear and say, but why did he feel a little disappointed. He shook his head and realized she was giving his a way out. “Your right. We should stop.”

Liz felt a little disappointed that he agreed so fast and eagerly. Was he really starting to enjoy Tess’s company. “You don’t have to sound so enthusiastic about it,” she said a little mean.

Max was surprised by her tone. “Look you’re the one who wants to end this.”

“Oh please. I could tell by when you agreed that you were happy this was over.” Liz was starting to get mad.

Max was also getting angry. “Look maybe we never should have started this in the first place.”

“Your right we shouldn’t have. I must have been high to ever get involved with a jerk like you,” Liz spat. She really meant it to. He has been nothing but one.

“I’m a jerk,” Max yelled. “Look don’t go blaming this fucked up arrangement on me. You’re the bitch that wanted it.”

“I least I’m a bitch. They don’t have a word bad enough for you so I’m just going to have to settle with asshole with a side of dumb jock,” she yelled.

“I don’t have to take this. I’m going.”


Max and Liz’s lips crushed together in an angry and passionate kiss. When they pulled apart their breathing was hard and fast. In the next moment Max took off towards her window and down the ladder, while Liz headed to her bathroom and slammed the door.

The next day at school Max was still angry, but now he was also tired. He didn’t sleep much last night. He was at his locker with Kyle and Sean when Tess and her cronies came up to him. He didn’t feel like dealing with her this morning.

“Hey baby,” Tess crooned in what he guessed was suppose to be a sultry voice. It made him cringe along with Kyle, Sean, and surprisedly Pam.

Max rolled his eyes and was about leave when Tess pushed him into the lockers attaching her lips to his. He pushed her away in disgust, but not before she put her tongue in his mouth.

Just as he was about to tell her something Liz was walking by and had seen the whole thing. Instead of completing ignoring him though, she threw an icy glare his way that did not go unnoticed by Michael or Kyle.

Max closed his eyes and took off in the opposite direction. With Tess at his feet like a puppy begging for candy.

At lunch Liz was eating and doing her homework so she could help out with the dinner crowd today. Alex had band practice this afternoon to late evening.

“What are we going to do this weekend,” said Michael. It was Wednesday and he was bored of doing the same thing every weekend. So he thought they should plan now, plus there wasn’t a game on.

“I think we’ve seen about every movie in the video store there is, so that means only one thing.” Alex had been wanting to do this for a while and it was his turn to decide what they were going to do.

“What are you thinking Whitman,” Michael questioned.

“A party.”

At that Liz snapped her head up. Michael got a grin on his face. “How and where do you expect to pull this off,” Liz said being the reasonable one. Alex was always trying to make them do different things so they wouldn’t be stuck at home with no life.

He got this grin on his face that usually meant trouble. “Well I was thinking this weekend since your parents are going to come back Wednesday evening. My parents are going to be out of town till Monday night and Michael’s dad is also going out of town until Monday afternoon, right.”

“Yeah with no help from Liz. From now on don’t call my house or every talk to my dad,” Michael said. Last Friday during lunch, Liz had called his dad and asked him if Michael was okay. His dad asked why and she said because he wasn’t in school. Needless to say he got yelled at and grounded by his dad. He wasn’t going to go to go out of town this weekend due to that fact, but realized that Michael was working all weekend so he couldn’t get into too much trouble.

“It not my fault. You shouldn’t have pissed me off,” Liz countered. Her parents had called Michael’s house to make sure he was okay, when he said that maybe they should check up on Liz again tonight. They called when Liz and Max were in the middle of…well the called at a bad time.

“Okay, break it up guys. Now where were we.”

“Where are we going to have this gathering at,” Liz asked.

Alex threw Michael a look and he knew exactly where Alex wanted it. It was the exact place he had always wanted a party. “At the Crashdown.”

“WHAT,” Liz shouted. People turned to stare at her, but she didn’t care. “Are you insane. Do you know what my parents will do to me if they found out. I would never go to Harvard. No.”

“Oh, come on Liz.”

“Yeah. Just think about it. My band could play and we could get popular kids to come plus the losers like us.”

“Come on Liz. Don’t be the goody two shoes you always are. Have fun and go wild are for once,” Michael had said. “And we’ll clean up so you don’t have to do any of it,” added Alex.

Liz looked at the puppy faces they were giving her. She rolled her eyes, sighed and said, “ Fine, but if the café is in anyway wreaked, then you will take on all the responsibility. Understand?”

They both accepted the deal. “Alright we have a lot to do. I want to have it Saturday, that way we don’t interfere with the football game,” Alex continued. “During my computer class I’ll print up some flyers and tell the rest of the band during practice tonight.”

“I’ll start telling people,” said Michael.

Alex looked at Liz panicked. “Maybe we should just stick to the flyers,” Liz said.


“Well people have a tendency to…,” Liz was looking for a word that would not hurt his feelings or make mad. Alex on the other hand had no problem with that. “We want people to come to the party of their own free will and not fell threaten. In other words, you scare the shit out of people, Michael.”

A dreamy look came over his face then he said, “They are, aren’t they.” The bell rang and the three split up to go to class.

For the rest of the day Max avoided Liz as much as possible. During Biology he sat at Maria’s table and Alex sat at Liz’s table.

After school, Kyle was looking for Max to ask him about everything that was going on with Liz. “So what’s up with you and Liz.”

“Nothing, why?”

“I don’t know except for the fact that she kept looking at you like she wanted to kill you,” Kyle said. He saw Max sigh and close his eyes for a second. “So what is going with the two of you.”

“Well there is no Liz and me and there never was. Next we put a stop to the arrangement last night. She thought I was overly excited about it even though she suggested it,” Max said.

Kyle shook his head at his stupid friend. “Max don’t you know you weren’t suppose to agree. I even know that.” At Max’s perplexed look he explains. “Courtney is always telling me even though she says one thing and even might mean it, somewhere deep inside herself she really means another. In other words, somewhere deep inside Liz, she didn’t want you to agree.”

“So you’re telling me that I should have belittled my ego and begged her not to want to end what we were doing?” Kyle nodded his head and Max said, “But…she…I, I wanted to end it too, so it was going to be…,” Max kept stumbling over his words. “No way was I going to do that. She’s not even my girlfriend. Come on or we are going to be late for practice.”

Kyle rolled his eyes at his friends lame excuse, but dropped the subject and followed him to practice.

Michael was looking at Liz since they started their shift. Today at school she didn’t see her go anywhere near Max or vice versa. Something was up, plus he needed to tell her something. “So Liz what’s up with you and the jock,” he says as she comes to put an order in.

“First off there is no Max and I, there never was, and secondly I put a halt to the proposal last night.”

Michael lifts his eyebrows into his hairline, but says nothing more on the subject. Liz goes to check on her customers before coming back with a question of her own. “What was up with Alex after school. He looked like someone stole his favorite toy.”

Michael smiled. This is exactly what he was hoping she would bring up. “Well someone did.” At her bewildered expression he elaborated. “During the class he has with Alysia, he told her about them playing the party and she quit.”

Alysia Morales was the lead singer of Alex’s band. The thing was that she had the worse case of stage freight anyone had seen. Their last gig, she had locked herself in the bathroom and wouldn’t come out. Liz ended up talking to her for over an hour before she opened the door. “Why or how she got to front the band will be a mystery to me,” Liz said.

“Any way the are now looking for a new lead singer.” He watched as Liz absent mindedly nods her head. “Well what I was thinking is that maybe you could do him a favor and sing on Saturday.”

Liz looked Michael right in the eye and answered, “No,” without even considering it. “I didn’t want to have to do this, but you left me with no other choice,” said Michael sighing. “If you don’t then I might have to let Alex and some other people in on a very big secret you might not want to let out, namely the jock.” He smiled as Liz looked at him disbelief.

Liz couldn’t believe that her best friend was blackmailing her. “You’re blackmailing me.”

“If you want to use the technical term for it, yeah. So what’s it going to be.”

Before Liz could say anything else Maria came up to the window. She had over heard the last part of the conversation. “So what’s what going to be,” she asked.

“Well we, as in Alex, Liz, and myself, are going to throw a party this Saturday night and the lead singer to Alex’s band quit so I’m trying to get Liz to sing. She basically knows all the songs and the guys really love her so it would make sense,” Michael finished up.

“You’re throwing a party. Do you need help,” Maria was in the mood to help and it also gave her something to do with Alex, Liz, and Michael. She liked how they were always there for each other. “Liz you sing. I would love to hear you sing. Oh come on. You have to.”

Liz looked at the faces that they were giving her and Michael could actually see the moment she caved. “Fine, but I’m not cleaning up.”

Maria squealed in delight and something about she can’t wait until she tells Isabel. Michael ran to the phone to let Alex in on the good news.

Liz had a feeling that she was going to regret this.

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Chapter 15A

Isabel and Maria had taken over planning the party at the Crashdown, with Michael, Alex, Liz, and Max’s help.

Thursday at school, the news about the party had spread like teenage wildfire. The fact that Isabel, Maria, and Max, who was dragged into this, were going had more people agreeing to attend. Isabel had somehow gotten Kyle’s father, the sheriff of Roswell, to ignore the fact that they where going to throw a party were underage drinking would surely occur, but that didn't mean he would not keep a discreet eye on the revel. Alex and Michael couldn't believe how she managed that, but they would not question such luck. The alcohol was being provided by, no shock there, Kyle, Sean, and Pauly.

They organized it so the café would be open until noon on Saturday, that way they could have enough time to decorate and move some of the tables, and closed all day on Sunday. Also no one but the party organizers would be allowed in Liz's apartment.

Liz and Alex were practicing with the band Thursday and Friday afternoon, and Saturday morning, so Isabel had to fill in Liz's spot for waiting tables. Maria, Isabel, and Max had yet to hear Liz sing. Alex said that he wanted it to be a surprise for everybody. The only thing Liz took comfort in was she and Alex had made a deal, she would not sing every song, he would also, which he had no problem with.


When Liz finished with practice about two o'clock on Saturday as she walked home, her anxiety over tonight's performance was worrying her. To top it all off, she was having to deal with seeing Max Thursday, Friday and tonight at the party, with Tess. She hadn't slept all that well the last few days and she couldn't figure out why.

Once she reached home she went into the apartment attempted to eat and calm down maybe enough to get a nap. She was just laying down when a tap at her window startle her, someone was there. She looked up to see Max, "great, just what I need," she thought.

She let him in and then went to lay down again, Max leaned against the edge of the window and watched Liz close her eyes. "Tired?" he asked.

Liz sighed then said, "what do you want Max?"

"I just wanted to ask you if you wanted me to come tonight or stay away. I haven't had much choice in the matter, but all you have to say is you don't want me to come and I won't." It had taken a lot of courage on Max's part to come here. He didn't know what her reaction would be upon seeing him. He also wanted her to be comfortable at her own party, and if the only way she could feel that is if he wasn’t there, then he would not come.

Liz opened her eyes and looked at Max, he looked exhausted. The team had barely won the football game last night due to Max not being in his zone, at least that is what Michael had complained. She smiled at him then said, "You look tried. Why don't you just stay here and get some sleep, then go home to change for the party?"

Max didn't hesitate on accepting her offer and once his head touched the pillow he was out. Before she fell asleep, Liz looked at him and briefly wondered why she hadn't noticed the small smirk he wore when he slept.


Max woke up from his nap feeling refreshed, instead of getting up to leave, he couldn't help but stare at a still sleeping Liz. The past few days had Max thinking over his has feelings for her, he knew he liked her, but there was something else. Something deeper, something his conscious mind refused to let him analyze.

He looked over at the clock and realized it was time for them to get up, Max gently shook Liz awake. She stretched and opened her eyes to find Max staring at her, "It's time to get ready for tonight," he smiled.

She stretched, looked at him and groaned, "I don't want to sing, what if everyone laughs at me or thinks I have the most awful voice ever?” Liz felt herself slipping into full panic mode, and Alex or Michael were not there to calm her down.

Max impulsively grabbed her shoulders, leaned down and kissed her. He pulled back a little and looked into her eyes, “You’re going to do just fine tonight. If no one loves it, then I’ll be sure to make fun of you first, Okay?”

It took Liz a second to register what he said, all she could think about was the feel of his lips on hers. Mentally chastising her lack of control, she pushed him off the bed, Max landed on his back and stared at the ceiling. “I can sing and I will show you tonight! You’re an ass, you know that?”

“Yeah this ass got it off your mind, right?” Liz tried not to smile and nodded her head. Max got up off the floor, leaving to get changed with a knowing smirk on his handsome face.


Max was just finishing up getting ready for the party when Isabel arrived at his door. "So, are you going picking up Tess this evening?"

"No! I told her she had to get a ride or walk. I didn't feel like dealing with her tonight," Max said.

"Have you found what else she has on you?" Isabel asked.

"Iz, let's not talk about it tonight, we can discuss this tomorrow or something." At her nod he turned to face her and asked how he looked. He was dressed in a dark brown sweater, that brought out his eyes, black khakis and black shoes. His hair was parted on the right, with bangs falling over his forehead.

"I'm impressed, you don't usually dress look this nice," she commented. Changing the subject back to her, as usual, "Now how do I look?" She said turning in a circle. Dressed in a red halter top, a mid thigh red skirt and strappy sandals. Her hair was straight and she had on light makeup. "Perfect as always," Max recited sarcastically. "The guys will be drooling, I don’t know if I’m happy about that or not."

"Yeah, well I'm only shooting for one," she smiled and left before he could question her about it.


Max, Isabel, and Maria met up at the Crashdown at seven-thirty, Alex and Michael were already there with Liz. The party started at eight and Isabel wanted to make sure Liz had put on the clothes she had chosen for her.

“Why Max, don’t you look fine tonight.” Maria said giving him a once over. She modeled her own attire for him to inspect.

"Maria you look great," Max said. She was wearing black leather pants, purple top that criss-crossed in the back. Her hair was put up in a twist and her makeup matched her outfit, it was a total Maria ensemble.

She followed Isabel upstairs after getting her compliments. Max waited downstairs and a few minutes later Alex and Michael joined him.

Michael and Alex simultaneously smiled at Max. "Hey, there Max." Alex started first. Michael continued. "Liz told us something a few weeks ago. Do you want to know what it was?"

Max gulped, laughing nervously, "I guess you heard, huh?"


Upstairs Isabel and Maria were staring at Liz in amazement. The clothes Isabel had chosen for her was a knee length black skirt with slits on both sides, that stopped at the upper thigh, a dark wine colored silk tank that was held together in the back by spaghetti straps, leaving her back almost bare and matching sandals. Her hair was hanging down for a casual affect and her makeup was almost nonexistent except for the shine on her lips.

"Wow, you look great Liz," Isabel said, Maria voiced her agreement as well. "Well you two look amazing as well," commented Liz. She liked them but she just wanted to roll her eyes at herself for sounding and dressing like them. She hated dressing up, but Isabel insisted that the jeans and t-shirt she was planning to wear would not be good enough. When she had her back turned, she never noticed when Isabel went searching in her closet until it was too late.

Isabel thought it was time for Liz to come out of her shell and surprise everyone, especially her brother. Tonight was going to be about them and not about their popularity. So Isabel was going to lend something to Liz tonight, but when she saw the clothes she had Isabel started pulling them out. Oh yeah, it was defiantly time for Liz to come out of her shell.

The girls came downstairs just as the first wave of people were coming in. Michael and Alex had had time to recover and not make fools of themselves when they saw the girls, as they already saw as they came down, Max however did not. He was dumbfounded when he saw Liz, what she wore emphasized her curves, and he could see how delicate she really was.

"You look amazing," Max said when he finally got his voice back, Liz blushing, was thrilled at his words his hot gaze.

It was at this moment when Max and Liz were staring at each other that Isabel, Maria, and Alex realized that something had to be going on between the two. But, out of respect for them, they decided to keep quiet and not mention it, for now anyways.

Michael was trying to get their attention by clearing his throat, Kyle's arrival with the beer finally broke the spell. Max dashed over to help him, Sean, and Pauly. Liz and Alex went over to be with the rest of the band, making sure everything was ready to begin. Isabel and Maria headed over to their friends to chat about their outfits, and gossip.

Michael went towards the door to make a phone call to be sure his plan was in place. The one person that would not be allowed in was about to get stuck on the side of the road.


About an hour and a half later the party was in full swing. This was one of the only parties that no matter what your social status was, you were equal this one night. Everyone mingled and people who never talked to each other was enjoying the others company, some were even dancing. Isabel was very proud of herself.

"Hey. Isn't time for you two to go up on stage?" Maria yelled over the music. She really wanted to hear Alex play and Liz sing.

Alex looked at his watch and nodded then took off for the makeshift stage, Liz couldn't get her feet to follow him. She was starting to panic, "This is what I get for making fun of Alysia," she thought. She looked around and saw Michael, he gave her an encouraging smile, Liz took a deep breath then headed in the direction Alex took.

Maria went up to the microphone to introduce them, "Can I have your attention," she said. Once the room quieted down she resumed speaking, "Okay everyone, tonight we actually have a band..."

Liz tuned her out after that, she was trying to take deep calming breaths. Alex was talking low to her, also doing his best to calm her down. She looked down into the crowd and saw Alysa's smiling knowingly at her, it was that condescending smirk that gave Liz the encouragement she needed. Determination took over nerves, she knew she could do this, no, she would do this.

"...So without further ado, The Whits!" Maria wasn't the only one to scrunch her nose at the name.

When Maria got off stage, Pete the drummer started the count off. Alex had decided to just go for it without an intro to the song, the band started to play and Liz started to sing.

Are you gonna live your life wonderin' standing in the back lookin' around?
Are you gonna waste your time thinkin' how you've grown up or how you missed out?
Things are never gonna be the way you want.
Where's it gonna get you acting serious?
Things are never gonna be quite what you want.
Or even at 25, you gotta start sometime.

When the band started playing, everyone in the room waited with baited breath to see if Alex had been right all along about his band being good. And to their surprise they were.

I'm on my feet, I'm on the floor, I'm good to go.
Now all I need is just to hear a song I know.
I wanna always feel like part of this was mine.
I wanna fall in love tonight.

Isabel and Maria exchanged a look, they had an inkling the band would be decent, they just didn’t grasp how good they really could be, especially Liz, she blew everyone away with her voice. There were low whispers going around the room, people actually started moving to the music and the talking, drinking and dancing began anew.

Are you gonna live your life standing in the back looking around?
Are you gonna waste your time?
Gotta make a move or you'll miss out.

When Max first heard Liz’s voice he was taken aback by how good she was. He couldn’t take his gaze off of her, she had her eyes closed and her lips were moving sensually. It was at that moment Max knew that Kyle was right, and he liked Liz, he liked her alot, more than he was contented with.

Someone's gonna ask you what it's all about.
Stick around nostalgia won't let you down.
Someone's gonna ask you what it's all about.
Whatcha gonna have to say for yourself?

When Liz opened her eyes they instantly connected with Max’s, the room and everyone in it just faded, it was just the two of them. She saw so many emotions in his eyes, emotions she couldn’t decipher. Max broke the lock on her penetrating gaze and walked out, he needed air.

I'm on my feet, I'm on the floor, I'm good to go.
Now all I need is just to hear a song I know.
I wanna always feel like part of this was mine.
I wanna fall in love tonight.
Crimson and clover, over and over.
Crimson and clover, over and over

When he got outside it was raining, so he stood underneath a cover breathing in and out deeply. He could still hear her singing loud and clear. How the hell can he be falling in love with Liz Parker? The girl he thought he hated more than anybody.

Our house in the middle of the street, why did we ever meet?
Started my rock 'n roll fantasy.
Don't don't, don't let's start, why did we ever part?
Kick start my rock 'n rollen heart

Liz watched as Max took off and went outside in the rain, even with her eyes closed while singing, she felt his gaze pierce through her soul.

I'm on my feet, I'm on the floor, I'm good to go.
So come on Davey, sing me somethin' that I know.
I wanna always feel like part of this was mine.
I wanna fall in love tonight.
Here tonight.

She momentarily took her mind off of Max and glanced around the room, everyone seemed to enjoy the music and had continued dancing. Alex, who wrote most of the music for the band along with Pete’s help, she also helped on occasion, but this was the first song she and Alex had written together.

I wanna always feel like part of this was mine
I wanna fall in love tonight.

As she finished singing, she met the surprised look on Aylisa’s face, always priding herself as the better person, Liz couldn't help feeling elation at her success. Next her eyes rested on Michael who was talking to Maria Deluca, he turned to face her and smiled, showing that he was also proud of her.


After three more songs they took a fifteen minute break, Liz after drinking a much needed glass of water, went in search of Alex when Max tapped her on the shoulder. “Hey, were great,” he whispered.

Liz, smiling shyly replied “Thanks,” she hadn't seen him came back in. Neither saying a word, just stood there awkwardly, trying not to look at each other. Liz's nervous habit of putting her hair behind her ears and Max with his hands in his pockets, rocking on his heels. The moment was broken when Alex finally called Liz back, “well I uh, I guess I’ll talk to you later,” Liz said quickly trying to get away. Max nodded his agreement, contemplating what he should do as Liz returned on stage.

Song is Praise Chorus by Jimmy Eats World
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Anyway I thought I would just drop in and let you all know. Thank you for all the feedback.

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Please don’t hurt me. I am so sorry that I have not posted the new part but I’m not happy with it. So I am rewriting it. Also I am getting busier with RL so that sucks but updates hopefully will come faster.

Thank you for all the feedback. It is so nice to see people actually enjoy this story. I will try to have the new part after the Thanksgiving Holiday.

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I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to get this out to you but there have been things getting in the way. Hopefully the next part won’t take so long but no promises. Thank you to my beta for giving me an honest opinion and to all the people who left feedback. Hope you all like it. Enjoy!

Chapter 15B

It was about eleven when they finally got off the stage for good. Liz felt like her throat was on fire, she wasn’t used to singing for so long. Isabel, Maria, along with other people congratulating her and the rest of the band.

“That was really great Liz,” said Maria.

“Yeah,” Isabel agreed. “So who wrote the songs you two were singing?”

“Alex and Pete wrote most of the music, but I wrote the lyrics and Alex wrote the music to the first song I sang.”

Maria was about to ask the story behind it, but Isabel interrupted. “Well now it is time for you to have fun.” She put a cup of beer in her hands and told her to drink up. Liz looked at the alcohol with disdain. “What’s the matter,” Maria asked. “I don’t drink,” Liz replied.

Michael, Max, and Alex came up to the girls just then. Alex saw the look on Liz’s face and peered into the cup she was holding, then snatched it away from her. He passed it onto Michael who started drinking it.

“Hey, whatcha do that for,” Maria questioned. “Liz doesn’t drink,” Max supplied for her. Everyone gave him a quizzical look.

“How would you have this information...?” Isabel demanded. Max felt uncomfortable under their scrutinizing gaze, he shrugged his shoulders and grabbed himself a much needed drink.

“She just doesn’t handle her liquor all that well,” Michael told them. Liz gave him a look that clearly stated I can to hold my liquor, and for example she took the cup from him and drank a little less then half. Her face scrunched up and she started coughing.

After that everyone started to loosen up, have fun and drink. Just like the last time they were together they laughed and told jokes except they were getting drunk.

Isabel maneuvered her way over to stand near Alex. “Hey.” He turned to look at her then turned to look behind him to see if she was talking to someone else. “Hey,” he returned cocky, she smiled a 1000-watt smile at him. Alex felt his stomach doing flip flops at the smile she sent his way.

Maria was staring at Michael, trying to figure out how to get him to notice her. Liz looked at her then at Michael and decided on a quick action. She 'accidentally' bumped into Maria and made her spill some of her drink on Michael.

“Hey watch it blondie!” Michael grumbled, trying to wipe off some of the beer so he missed the outraged look she threw his way.

“Blondie?!” Maria said incredulous. No way was she going to let him get away with that calling her that and blaming her for bumping into him. Max and Isabel knew what was about to happen so they stepped back a few feet.

Michael was still mumbling to himself about klutzy girls when something cold, sticky and wet dripped down his head. Maria had poured her cup of beer over his head. Everyone around them laughed until Michael threw them an icy glare.

He gradually turned to face Maria, and when he did she had an innocent smile on her face. Liz saw the fireworks about to explode and said, “Michael maybe you should go change. There is an extra shirt of yours in my closet.”

He was about to protest when Alex pushed him towards the stairs. “Maybe you should go help him Maria,” suggested Isabel giving her a nudge towards the stairs.

“Why should I help him?” Isabel gave Alex and Liz a look that said help me so Alex spook up. “He sometimes has trouble with putting his shirt on and don’t even get me started on his color coordination.”

Maria contemplated what they were saying for a moment. She would be upstairs alone with Michael in a room with a bed. A smile spread across her face and she tried to act causal about what she was doing. “Well we couldn’t have that now can we, figures he wouldn’t know how to match his clothes. I’m just gonna go and help him.”

Once she was out of earshot Max, Isabel, Alex, and Liz burst out laughing. “I can’t believe she thinks we don’t know what’s going on in her mind,” Isabel said between bouts of laughter.

Upstairs Maria found Michael going through Liz’s closet. She came up right behind him and said, “Whatcha doing?”

Michael startled, saw who it was and rolled his eyes. “Don’t you think you’ve done enough damage? It took me all day to find a shirt and when I did Liz told me to find another one.”

“It took you all day to find that shirt?” At his nod Maria mumbled, “Maybe you should have started yesterday.”

“What did you just say?”

She walked right up to his face and repeated make sure to sound out each word, “Maybe you should have started yesterday.”

“Listen pixie…”

“Pixie? Who do you think your calling pixie?”

“You.” Michael smiled. He knew that calling her that would infuriate her, he hoped that she wouldn’t get angry enough to leave.

Maria narrowed her eyes, she saw right through him. If he wanted to play this game then she could play too. She got even closer to him and batted her eyelashes at him. “You know if you have a pet name for me, I get to have on for you.” She bit her lip and watched how his eyes automatically followed.

“A pet name...” Michael wanted to cringe at the crack in his voice. Maria’s smile grew bigger. “Why don’t I call you hmm…how about hairy. You know cause of your unruly hair, no?” Maria really had no idea what to call him. She looked into his face and noticed how there was a blank expression on it. “I got it! Spaceboy! Because you have a habit of spacing out on people.”

Michael looked at her like she had lost her mind. “I do not space out on people.” At her raised eyebrow he gave her a cocky grin. “Well I’m not spacing out now.”

“No you’re not.” Maria licked her lips, it turned out to be too much for Michael, he swooped down and kissed her, which she eagerly returned.

They moved to the bed and were in that position for a little over an hour when they were interrupted by loud chanting coming from downstairs.

“What is that noise?” Maria said.

“Just ignore it,” replied Michael, kissing her neck. Maria pushed his head away, and was about to investigate before Michael’s voice interrupted her. “You might want to fix your, um, well your everything,” he stated, trying not to laugh.

Maria looked in Liz’s mirror and gasped. Her lips were swollen and her lipstick was smeared, her hair was sticking out in every direction and her clothes were wrinkled. She turned to look at Michael and failed to hide the smirk on her face. “You might want to fix your everything too.”

Looking in the mirror, Michael noticed his lips were just as swollen and he had more lipstick on him then she did. His clothes were also wrinkled, but his hair was just as messy as ever. They went downstairs when they looked presentable enough.

The first thing heard was the chanting, “CHUG, CHUG, CHUG!” Michael didn’t like the sound of that. Opening the door leading into the diner they saw everyone congregated together chanting over and over.

Maria and him fought their way to the front of the crowd, Michael’s mouth was hanging wide open at what he was looking at. Alex was standing in the middle with Kyle, Sean, and Pauly chugging beers and from the looks of it Alex was winning.

Alex slammed his glass down on the table then raised his arms above his head and yelled, “YEAH BABY!” before stumbling back to the wall and using it to hold himself up.

Everyone erupted into loud cheers congratulating him on beating the self proclaimed kings of drinking. Maria and Michael came to stand by Alex, Isabel, Liz, and Max who were all more than a little tipsy. Alex put his arm confidently around Isabel’s shoulders who just snuggled further into him.

Michael looked at him like he lost his head. He was about to ask Liz what was wrong with Alex when he noticed she and Max were having a staring, or glaring, depending on how you were looking at it, contest.

“Hello,” said Alex in a high pitched voice, Isabel just giggled.

“What the hell is wrong with you guys,” questioned Maria.

Liz and Max finally broke away from looking at each other and Liz answered. “Well see…”

Isabel interrupted her. “We all decided to have a drink while we waited for you two to come down and, well you didn’t come down so we drank more and more…”

Max took over from there. “And then Kyle and Sean wanted to have a contest on who was the biggest and fastest drinker of beer, but I didn’t want to…”

Alex finishes the story. “So they asked me if I wanted to join, needless to say I agreed and won.”

Maria looked at Michael who just shrugged his shoulders. “So exactly how much have you all had to drink.”

“Between each of us, I say about 4 cups of beer and 1 shot. Except Alex who has had a lot more,” Liz answered for everybody. She started drinking water because when Max saw that she looked ready to puke and shoved the cup in her face, and told her to drink it.

“I think you two need to catch up,” said Kyle pressing a cup of beer under Michael and Maria’s noses. He swayed a little on his feet until Courtney came up to steady him. He had started drinking the moment he set up the keg.

Maria got a big smile on her face, grabbed the cup and downed it. When she looked back up everyone was staring at her like she had grown a second head. “What? Oh, it’s okay for Kyle, or Sean to knock back a few beers in less then a minute but not for me? Well I be damned if I let the man tell me how fast I can drink a few beers.” With that she grabbed Michael and Kyle’s drinks and kicked them back one after the other.

Everyone started laughing at her when she swayed a little on her feet. Kyle walked over the where the keg was and started pouring more beers while Sean went to pour the shots that they were going to do.

“Okay people,” Kyle said. It was him, Courtney, Max, Liz, Sean, Michael, Isabel, Alex, Maria, and Pam, who was Sean’s date. “I’m making a toast.”

“We get that Kyle,” said Maria.

As per usual Kyle just ignored her and raised his shot. “This is to a kickass party and its hostess.” Everyone raised their shots to Liz and downed them.

Liz started coughing as the drink went down her throat. Max gave her a glass of water to help ease her throat and stomach of the tequila burn. “Thanks,” she muttered.

“Wusie,” Sean called from where he was with Pam. “OOF.” Maria slammed her fist into his stomach.

Isabel started dancing then leaned against who she thought was Alex, when she felt the person tense she looked up to see what was wrong and found herself staring into Michael’s eyes. “Opps, wrong person,” she said then leaned to the other side where Alex really was.

Maria was anxious to dance but from the look that Michael was giving her she knew not to ask. So instead of asking anyone she grabbed Max’s hand and pulled him to the dance floor causing Liz, who was leaning against him, to fall to the floor.

“Ahh,” she screamed on the way down. “Ouch,” was all she said when she hit the floor. Everyone busted out laughing even Liz.

“Are you okay,” asked Alex while holding his stomach laughing and trying to breathe at the same time.

“Yeah. I think I’m to drunk to feel anything,” she said while Michael helped her off the floor.

After dancing for a few minutes Maria was bored with Max. She wanted to dance with Michael and Max to dance with Liz. Just because she was drunk didn’t mean she could put her match-making skills to use.

She dragged Max off the dance floor and pushed him toward an unsuspecting pair of arms. Liz’s to be accurate. “Why don’t you two have another drink and dance. Have fun.” Maria took off in search of her unsuspecting dance partner before either could argue.

“So I guess its just us,” Max said. He realized how stupid it sounded. “How about we just dance?”

Liz gave him a bemused look and an unlady like snort at what he said, but when he asked her to dance she shrugged her shoulders in acceptance.

Max took her hand and escorted her to the dance floor, as they got on the song changed to a slow one. When Max looked towards the DJ table he saw Kyle with a drunken grin on his face and Alex holding two thumbs up.

He encircled his arms around her waist and pulled her as close as she would allow. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck not letting him pull her any closer. “W h h at?” she slurred when Max kept staring at her.

“Nothing.” He continued to watch her while his thoughts swirled around in his head. She had her face pointed downwards, he lifted her chin and gave her a small smile. “Can we go somewhere and talk?”

“Yeah,” Liz said after a moment of hesitation, she really needed to get out of here. They went outside where the rain was still coming down. This wasn’t exactly what Liz had in mind. “Isn’t there anyplace quieter we could go?” she asked.

He was thinking of just going up to her room until she asked if there was anyone at his house. “No, why?”

“Could we just go there?” Max nodded and Liz ran out in the middle of the rain towards his house. He caught up to her and said, “We could have taken the jeep so we didn’t have to walk in the rain.”

Liz grinned up at him. “I like the rain, it clears my head as does a good run." She took off running before he could comprehend what she was doing, catching up to her a few seconds later, they walked, no stumbled in companionable silence the rest of the way to the house.

Once they slip inside, Max went to get a towel for both of them to dry off, as they were drenched from their impromptu walk in the rain. When he gets back, Max noticed Liz shaking from head to toe.

“Here’s a towel, let me get you a t-shirt and some sweats,” he said. Liz agreed and followed him to his room. He went searching through his closet and found his old Roswell high shirt, Max turned to give it to Liz when she pulled his head down to her lips.

Max responded at first, but then pulled away. “Liz, I don’t think this is the best idea, you're drunk and so am I, besides we really need to talk." Putting a finger on lips, "no talking" she breathed. Liz then pulled his mouth to hers again, "tomorrow" Max stated firmly, Liz nodded.

The kiss they shared was different than any other. It wasn’t lust, it was something more. Need, so much need was poured into it, need and something else they both refused to analyze. Max entwined his fingers in her long tresses, Liz started to undress him but swayed on her feet. Max knew if he laid her down on the bed she would instantly fall asleep, and being a reluctant gentleman, that is exactly what he did.

He moved to take off his wet shirt and when he turned around she was out like a light. He started to undress her being careful not to jostle, leaving her bra and panties on, pulled the covers over her. Changing into a pair of dry boxers, he laid out his sleeping bag, and climbed in.

Unbeknownst to Max, Liz had been awake the entire time and through her drunken haze she felt how gentle he was with her. He could have easily taken advantage of her or made her sleep on the floor, but he didn’t. She didn’t know how to process that so she just ignored it and fell into a deep sleep.

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Hey guys, I come baring a new part. Sorry it has taken so long but with Christmas I’m sure you know how it is. I would like to say thank you to my beta, Sophia. She made this part better than it was. Also thank you to everybody who has left feedback and bumps. I have already started writing the next chapter so maybe it won’t take as long.

Enjoy the new part and I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year! Lizzy

Chapter 16

As soon as Liz opened her eyes the next morning she closed them right away against the sunlight
filtering through the room, and the throbbing ache in her head. She turned to lie on her stomach and bury her head in a pillow when a familiar scent hit her nose. It was Max’s scent, why was she smelling Max on her pillow?

It was then that everything came back to her. She asked if they could go some place to talk,
once they arrived at his home the alcohol she had consumed hit, after attempting to attack him, blackout ensued, hence her place on his pillow this fine morning! Liz gingerly sat up aware that the ache in her head was starting to become a full blown hangover migraine. Having never been in his room she looked around noting the few posters on the wall, the dresser that had a drawer opened, her clothes hanging off the chair by the desk that had a computer…her clothes. What the fu….!

Liz looked down at herself and saw she was only in her bra and panties. "Oh God" she thought as she remembered Max taking them off. She heard a rustle down at the end of the bed, ever so slowly as her banging head would allow, she made her way down and right when she was about to lean over Max popped his head up scaring the crap out of her so much, she screamed!

Max winced. “Shut up will you?” he groaned. Even though he was used to hangovers, it didn’t mean that they didn’t hurt. He looked up at Liz and watched her cradle her head between her hands, realizing she probably was experiencing her first hangover, “Are you okay?” He asked concerned.

“No,” she whispered afraid to speak any louder, slowly lifting her head when she heard Max get up and go inside his bathroom. He shortly returned with a glass of fizzing water, “drink this and your headache will be a little more bearable for the rest of the day.” Liz reluctantly eyed the glass, took and drunk it in one huge gulp, gagging she asked, "what the hell was that?" Max shook his and tried not to smile at how cute she was, instead answered, "trust me, it will make you feel almost human soon. Anyways, why don't you shower first?"

Shaking her head she lay back down. Max shrugged his strong shoulders and muttered "God, she's adorable," grabbed some clothes and proceeded to take his shower. Liz lay in bed waiting for the suspicious brew to kick in, last night was only the second time she had ever drunk, and by the way she was feeling this morning she promised herself that there would not be a third time!

As soon as the shower started Liz was back asleep, so neither she nor Max heard the front door open, his parents were home early from their trip.


“I wonder why the jeep isn’t in the driveway? There is no way that the kids would not still be asleep on a Sunday morning.” Diane Evans laughingly asked her husband.

Phillip looked at her with a raised eyebrow but said nothing, he had a feeling that neither of his
children came home last night. Diane ignoring the telltale look he gave her, started to make her way towards her room when she heard the shower in Max’s. The door was wide open, so when she walked by casually glancing in not paying attention. She had taken two steps before stopping, and slowly turned around. She took a closer look into the room and gasped when she saw a girl in her son's bed.

Phillip had just turned to go down the hall when he saw his wife looking into their son's bedroom. “Honey what are…” he started to ask but the question died on his lips when he saw exactly what had caught Diane’s eye.


Max unknowingly choose that exact moment to come out of the bathroom barefoot, and with only his jeans on. He didn’t see his parents standing in the doorway, "Liz," he softly called, "it’s time to get up, once you shower you will feel better,” he said. "Besides, wouldn't want the parentals to come home early and catch us," he chuckled at his own joke. Liz started to move and when she looked over in his direction she noticed his angry parents glaring at them. Quickly grabbing the blankets to cover herself before they saw anything, she started to point to Max, so upset she couldn't speak. "Parker, liquor got your tongue now?" He chuckled, thinking he was on a roll with the jokes. It was then he finally turned around and gasped at the sight of his livid parents, "oh shit!" he thought.

Diane closed her eyes against the scene a teenagers mother should never bear witness to, her son dressed in nothing but jeans and a half naked girl in his bed. When she finally opened her eyes it was to a guilty Max and an embarrassed young woman.

Phillip was barely trying to control his anger, through clinched teeth he looked at his son and said, "Maxwell in the living room now!" But before he could leave Diane put a hand on his arm.

“Why don’t you two finish showering and getting dressed?” She said this part with difficulty, “and both of you come and meet us in the living room, because I'm sure there is a good explanation for this.” When both of the teens nodded she grabbed Phillip and dragged him down the hall.

Max recognized the calm tight voice his dad was using and knew he was in trouble. He silently thanked his mom so he could get prepared for the lecture, yelling, and punishment he was about to receive.

Liz grabbed the sheet to pull around her body and walked to where her clothes were. When she grabbed them she realized that she couldn’t put them back on for they would only fuel the fire of the Evans imagination. She looked to Max who hadn’t moved from his spot, tentatively she asked, “Do you have any clothes I could borrow?”

Max turned, looked at her and went out the room. He returned with a pair of sweats and went to his opened drawer and pulled out a Roswell athletics t-shirt, giving them both to her. “Go and take a shower real quick,” he said pushing her towards the bathroom.

Liz got out five minutes later. She saw Max sitting on his bed with his face in his hands. Walking over to him she sat down next to him, “we'll just explain that nothing happened, it’s the truth so hopefully they will believe us,” she said trying to give him words of comfort.

Max smiled at her, “I hope your right, but my parents, especially my dad, is not known for their understanding.”

Max went down the hall with Liz reluctantly following. Diane was sitting down talking quietly to Phillip who was pacing when they entered the room. Max cleared his throat to get their attention and both sets of eyes met his.

“Why don’t the two of you sit down,” Diane said in a stern voice. Once seated she asked, “What is you name dear?”

Liz swallowed to wet her dry throat before answering, “Elizabeth Parker ma’am.”

Thinking for a minute she raised her eyebrows, “you are Jeff and Nancy Parker’s daughter, the Crashdown Parker's?”

“Yes Mrs. Evans I am.” Liz cringed at the thought that they would tell her parents about this.

“Now,” Phillip said speaking up, “Will one of you tell me why you were in this house alone with my son and half naked?”

Max and Liz looked at each other but Max was the one to speak up. “Last night we went to a party and came back here to get away from the noise but before we could get back we fell asleep.”

“That doesn’t explain why she,” Phillip said pointing to Liz, “was half naked in your bed!”

Liz quickly responded, “I w..a...s, was umm..., was sort of drunk and I wanted to sleep but I wasn’t comfortable in my clothes being that they were wet from the rain so I took them off," she managed to stammer out in one long sentence.

“Nothing happened dad, I slept on the floor while she was on the bed.” Max spat out, before they got anymore of the wrong idea.

“And where is you jeep Maxwell?” Phillip asked unbelievingly.

“I left it with Isabel.”

“And just where is Isabel,” asked Diane.

Oh this is not going well, Max thought, “She was still at the party when I left.”

“You left your sister at a party alone while you came home with a girl?” Phillip said raising his voice. “Whose house was this at?”

“Mine sir,” Liz stated.

Phillip swore under his breath and resumed pacing.

Max didn’t want to say anything while Liz was there and his mom seemed to sense this. “Max why don’t you walk Liz home and get your sister then come straight home. Liz I hate to say this but we will be calling you parents about this.”

“I understand.”


Max got up grabbed Liz’s hand and strode out the front door without looking back. Neither of them spoke to each other until Max noticed Liz kept pulling up her sweat pants. “Sorry, they're Isabel's, not exactly small around the waist, uh?”

Liz started to chuckle, Max gave her a questioning look. “I can’t believe you just that, she is going to be so mad when I tell her.”

“You wouldn’t do that,” Max stated confidently. He was laughing at how sexy she looked trying to keep up the sweats.

“Would you stop laughing at me. It’s not funny, I have been humiliated as it is by your parents!"
Truthfully Liz thought it was funny. “I can’t believe we got caught!"

“What do you mean caught? We weren’t doing anything, besides that’s over, remember?” Max said the last part with regret but Liz didn’t notice.

“I’m just saying that after taking so many precautions not to raise suspicions among our friends, your parents would catch us, and it was innocent.”

They looked at each other and started chuckling, then lost it and started laughing over the absurdity of the situation. Max stopped laughing first and turned to stare at Liz. He liked the times between them when they would talk and laugh about inconsequential things. He also enjoyed when they lapsed into a comfortable silence. In fact, he admitted to himself, he liked everything about her.

Liz felt Max’s eyes on her but silently continued walking. She still hadn't figured out her feelings for him. She accepted that she enjoyed his company, it somewhat made her feel less alone and safe. She desperately needed to talk to someone who could help her sort out her feelings, but who? Certainly not Alex or Michael, how embarrassing!


Arriving at the Crashdown, Liz stopped before entering, “What’s wrong?” Max asked worriedly.

“I’m just trying to prepare myself for the destruction,” she answered. She took two deep breaths before she was ready to go in.

When they entered the first thing that hit them was the foul smell of beer, and unbathed bodies, it permeated the air like a cheap bar. The next thing to be noticed was the kids asleep in the booths, on the tables and counters and even the floor. Max put his hand on the small of her back to push her forward when she stood frozen in horror. In the back it was much of the same with teenagers spread out over the floor and on the couch. The only thing that comforted Liz was the kitchen area seemed to have survived.

Max propelled her forward up the stairs, but they had to be careful because there was a trail of
more semi conscious drunks on the stairs. Liz whimpered a little bit when she looked back down the stairs. Max was trying not to laugh at the faces she was making. Going into the apartment Liz was almost relieved to find nobody had dared to prenatrate her parents home, until she walked into the living area. Walking through to the living room she and Max were surprised to see Michael and Maria basically molded to each other on the floor.

“I wonder were Isabel is?” Max asked. He went to wake Michael and Maria up while Liz went in search of Alex and Isabel and found them in her parents room, still dressed thankfully.

Walking up to them she leaned down in Alex’s ear and whispered, “sleeping beauty get up before Isabel’s brother gets in here and finds you!” Alex shot out of bed looking around wildly and mumbling something about that he never touched her.

“I know I’m not my best in the mornings but I didn’t think I looked that bad,” Isabel said. Alex smiled sheepishly.

“Liz I think you might want to come out here, now.” She went into the living room to find her parents coming through the door with looks of dazed shock on their faces.


“Please tell me that I didn’t not just see what I saw coming up the stairs,” Jeff Parker said. He and his wife looked to their only child to see her staring guiltily down at the floor apparently finding a crack in the wood very interesting. Jeff turned to look at his daughter's two best friends and notice the three extra people standing beside them. “Who are you?”
Max cleared his throat before answering. “I’m Max Evans, this is my sister Isabel and our friend Maria Deluca.” He faltered at the end when he noticed Mr. Parker looking at how close he was standing to Liz. He took two steps away from her right away.

Nancy noticed this and tried to hide her amusement, so she turned to the other teens in front of her. “Now does one of you want to explain why it looks like there was a party thrown in the café last night?” She asked sternly.

Michael being Michael said, “It wasn’t a party Mrs. P. it was a sleep over.”

Nancy closed her eyes and tried not to laugh while Jeff cleared his throat. “Michael Guerin.”

“Yes sir?”

“I suggest you keep your mouth shut.”

“Yes sir.”

“Now Liz, Alex and Michael because I know it was you two who had more to do with this then anything, I want you to go downstairs and get those kids out of my café.” Jeff stated. “Then I want you three to come back up here so we can have a chat, is that clear?”

All three teens nodded hurriedly and all six ran downstairs waking up everybody and getting them to leave by telling them that the parental units were home. The place was empty in five minutes.

Liz, Alex, and Michael walked Max, Isabel, and Maria to the door to say goodbye. Noone
knew if things were going to go back to the way they were or if they would change.

While the others were saying goodbye Max was talking to Liz, “do you think your parents are really mad or just slightly angry?” He asked.

Liz thought about it for a moment, “I think they are just going to be slightly angry with me, but with Michael and Alex they're going to be really mad. It was their idea after all and me well this is my first offense so I will get off with a slap on the wrist until your parents call.”

Max looked guiltily at her and put his hands in his pockets. “Yeah I’m sorry about that, I didn’t know that they would be home early.”

“It’s ok, I shouldn’t have been over there in the first place.” Liz looked into his eyes but quickly looked away. “So,” she said while pushing a strand of hair behind her ear, “ are your parents going to be mad?”

Max chuckled lightly, “mad doesn’t begin to describe what they will be, but its okay, I’ve had to do this once or twice before, so I'm an old pro," he revealed half cocky, meaning he had been in trouble before, but mistakenly giving Liz the image of dozens of girls in his bed.

"Oh" Liz muttered, hurt and feeling nausea by that revelation. "Well you better get going,” she said.

“Yeah, see you around,” Max said before reluctantly walking out the door.

Liz continued to stare at him until he was out of sight. Nancy had come downstairs to see what was taking them so long and noticed Liz and Max standing awkwardly by each other and talking. Alex and Michael had seemed comfortable in the presence of the two girls but Liz and the boy had caught her attention.

“Come on upstairs children,” she yelled out at the three teens that were still in the café. All three of them threw nervous glances at each other and headed to the apartment.


Once Max and Isabel got home their parents got right down to business, Max knew he was going to get the worst of it since his dad was just looking for an excuse to tell him how irresponsible he was.

“I can’t believe the two of you,” Diane started. “We leave you alone and trust you to act responsible, and what is the first thing you do? You go out and get drunk. That is unacceptable.”

“We were responsible mom” Max said even though he knew he should just keep his mouth shut.

“You do not have the right to speak after we found you with that girl in your bed half naked!” Phillip yelled.

Isabel held in a surprised gasp but turned to look at Max. So that is where Liz and he went to last night. If only they would have stayed just an hour longer she thought.

“You, young lady have no right to act surprised since you didn’t come home,” Diane stated. “What has gotten into you? That you would act so stupid?”

When neither of them replied but continued to look down at the ground Phillip spoke up. “This is unacceptable behavior.”

“Well how do expect us to act Dad? Like you?” Max asked angrily. Isabel shot him a look trying to tell him to shut up.

"Yes that is exactly how I want you to act, like a friggin adult!" Phillip yelled.

Before they could go into one of their famous yelling matches Diane intervened. “Max be quiet. Phillip sit down.” Once she had everyone’s attention she continued. “Since this is the first time we are going to be lenient with you Isabel, so no telephone or mall for a week, meaning including the weekend,” she emphasized.

“But Mom!” Isabel started only to be interrupted by her dad.

“No buts Isabel. If you didn’t want this to happen then you should have thought about it before you decided not to come home last night.” That of course shut her up. Now it was Max’s turn and Phillip was to give out that punishment. “Max no telephone or TV. Also you will come home right after practice instead of hanging around those friends of yours. Also this goes for both of you, no parties.”

“But Daddy...” Isabel whined. She found that if she whined enough to her dad that he would usually cave but unfortunately for her, her mom didn’t fall for it.

“Isabelle Evans don’t even think about it.” She shut her mouth up real quick while Max tried not to laugh and get himself in more trouble. “Go to your room Isabel. Max we still have to talk about the girl in your room.”

"And one more thing, I want cell phones," Phillip stated.

"Daddy, pleaaasse...!" Isabel begged, but one look at him quickly shut her up.

Nodding Isabel got up and went straight to her room while Max looked on in envy.


Back at the Parker household the three teenagers were getting the same treatment just a little less dramatic.

“Now whose idea was it?” Jeff asked. He had a pretty good idea who it was but he needed to hear it before jumping to conclusions.

“That would be me Mr. P.” Alex said but Jeff remained quiet.

“I backed him up,” Michael admitted.

“Elizabeth?” her mother said asking if there was anyone else.

Liz sighed, “I wasn’t to opposed on the idea but it was still mostly their fault.” She knew that if she laid most of the blame on her best friends she wouldn’t be in too much trouble that way they could just save up all their anger for when Mr. and Mrs. Evans called.

“Thanks Liz!” Alex and Michael muttered sarcastically.

Though Jeff and Nancy Parker knew this was a serious situation they couldn’t help but be a little amused. None of them had really ever caused any serious trouble so they knew that they couldn’t punish them harshly, but they could scare them.

Michael cleared his thoughts before Mr. and Mrs. Parker could get started on their punishments. “I was wondering if you were going to tell my dad about this momentary lapse in my judgement?” He tried with his true handsome grin.

“Me too?” Alex piped up, trying and miserably failing to copy Michael's grin.

“Nice try Guerin, ain't gonna work, this time!” Nancy said laughing, she looked to Jeff to finish.

“One you clean downstairs, two if there is anything broken you will pay for it out of your wages, and three you have to help me paint the apartment and clean out the basement.” Jeff and Nancy finally laughed at the expressions on all three teens faces.

“Fine,” grumbled Michael. Alex just slouched down on the couch and gave a pout. Liz knew that she would be excused from this at least until Max’s parents called.

As if on cue the phone rang and Nancy went to answer it. Liz looked worriedly at Michael and Alex. She hadn’t had a chance to tell them what happened at the Evans, she knew they too would be a bit ticked off at not only her lapse in brain cells, but also at Max for, well being Max.

Once Nancy had gotten off the phone she looked pointedly at Liz and said, “Why don’t you two boys go ahead and start cleaning, you stay put,” she said to Liz. Once the boys were gone she turned to her daughter and asked, “Liz that was Mrs. Evans, would you care to explain what you were doing over there this morning in her son’s bed and half naked?”

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Chapter 17

After the talk, if that is what you could have called it, Max went to his room and slammed the door. He dropped on his bed and closed his eyes in exhaustion. His parents, meaning his dad, hadn’t really let him explain exactly what had happened they just jumped to conclusions and assumed he slept with her.

His mother couldn’t believe that he had corrupted sweet innocent Liz Parker. He tried real hard not to laugh at that. His dad kept talking about how his behavior was getting out of hand. God he wished they would leave him alone.

His thoughts were interrupted by someone knocking on his door. Isabel peeked her head in before coming in and shutting the door, smiling a sad smile at her brother. She felt guilty because she knew that it was half her fault for not coming home.

“Hey,” she said.

“Hey,” was Max’s reply. He didn’t look at her but continued to stare at the ceiling.

She came to sit on the foot of his bed. “So what did they say.”

“That I am grounded for life. Also I’m suppose to go over to the Parker’s and help Liz clean up.”

“Are her parents even going to allow you to get near their daughter?”

“Who knows.” Max didn’t relish going over there. He wasn’t usually overly concerned about any girls parents but this was different.

Apparently being a twin had its disadvantages for Isabel picked up on this. “You really like her don’t you?”

He turned to his side to face her and debated on telling her. “She intrigues me.”

“That’s crap,” she said. “She intrigues you because she doesn’t take any of your shit.”

Maybe sharing with her was a bad idea. Isabel could always read him like a book. Running his hands through his hair he flopped back on his back. He wasn’t ready to admit to anyone, that Max, the take ‘em and leave ‘em stud, could possibly have deep and lasting feelings for bookish Liz Parker. A girl he was sure didn’t like him all that much, jeezus, could his life get any suckier?

Isabel seeing she wasn’t going to get any further on this subject changed it. “You should have stuck around last night. It would have been well worth any punishment mom and dad gave us.” Max raised his head and eyebrow in interest. “The social bitch of our school showed up fashionably late.”

“Tess,” he asked.

Isabel started laughing remembering what happened but before she could start telling the story their mom knocked on the door.

“It’s time to head over to the Parker’s and Isabel you’re going too.”

Once Mrs. Evans closed the door again Isabel rolled her eyes. “Come on brother dear let’s go,” she said hitting Max’s foot.


Back at the Crashdown Liz was coming down from her talk with her parents. Unlike Max’s her parents were a little more understanding.

She basically told them the truth leaving out the parts where she threw herself at Max and the excessive drinking.

She saw Alex and Michael just sitting at booth whispering , about what suspiciously sounded
like gossip. “I thought you two were suppose to be cleaning,” she said startling them.

“Jesus Liz. You could give a guy a warning before sneaking up on them. You could also have given me or Alex a heart attack,” Michael exclaimed.

“That and the fact we thought you were your parents,” Alex added blushing. Liz came to sit by them carefully stepping over the trash. “So what did your parents want you to stay for,” he asked nonchalantly.

Liz saw their faces and narrowed her eyes. Then she rolled them saying, “I don’t know but I’m sure either of you could remind me.”

“It was his idea,” both of them said accusing the other. Liz chose to ignore them, she should have known those two busy bodies were going to eavesdrop. Sometimes, she swore they were worse then women, and she would bet her salary for the next three months it was Gurein’s idea.

“So was what you tell them the truth or did you leave out some important information,” Michael asked. He didn’t want to believe that his sweet Liz would go off with dog boy and do things that she shouldn’t be doing.

Liz looked at her two best friends since birth and first grade. She loved them both like brothers and God knows they were overprotective, but she didn’t feel like telling them how she attempted to attack Max. “Yeah that is what happened, I fell asleep and so did he.”

Of course neither Alex nor Michael said anything but they knew she was leaving something out.

“Come on, we better continuing cleaning or we’ll be doing this till we’re thirty,” Liz gripped.

Just as she spoke Max, Isabel, and Maria entered. Max and Isabel had driven by Maria’s house to get her. She had refused to go at first saying that it was their fault that they got caught but Isabel had said that if she had to clean so did Maria and got Max to pick her up and carry her out to jeep.

“What are you doing here?” Liz didn’t mean to snap at them they just surprised her.

“We were sent to help,” Max answered wondering at her sharp tone.

“What do mean sent,” Michael questioned.

“Well apparently,” Maria started hitting Max in the back of the head while walking over to a booth, “Romeo and Princess Isabel here was sent by their parents help clean up and I get to watch.”

Isabel let out an unlady like snort and flopped down in the booth opposite Alex. “Sorry Maria but if you don’t help then I just might let it slip to my mom how you were also not home all night,” Isabel threaten with a warning grin on her face. Maria narrowed her eyes and knew without a doubt, Mrs. Evans wouldn’t hesitate in telling her own mother. Damn she was caught.

Nancy Parker came through the back door then and noticed that Max and Isabel had arrived and they brought Maria. “I’m glad to see you’ve made it here. Maria nice of you to join your friends in helping clean up the place were you will be working over time in for the next few weeks without getting paid.” Nancy reminded her husband that Maria worked here and she had a feeling that the girl’s mother knew nothing about the party.

“I am glad to be of service Mrs. Parker,” Maria said through false cheeriness. She had hoped that Mr. and Mrs. Parker wouldn’t recognize her but that wish was not to be. The rest of the teens tried to hold back their laughter.

“Alright, settle down kids. I want this café clean, no, actually I want it spotless . If I or Mr. Parker finds anything that you missed, then you will be volunteering to help waitress for the next few weeks. Is that clear?”

All the teens noticed the way she stressed volunteer, “Yes ma’am,” they all replied in unison. The ones that worked didn’t want to have to go without pay, and the ones that didn’t, well they were appalled at even thinking of the word!

After her mom left Liz, per usual, took charge. “Okay I think it would be faster if we all worked on a different part of the café. Michael and Alex can take the back, Isabel and Max can take the right side and Maria and I can take the left side since we know how to clean behind the counter.”

“Well then shouldn’t at least one of us clean were all the glasses are,” Maria asked pointing to were all the glasses and condiments were.

Knowing that Maria was right but knowing she didn’t want to work with Max she said, “Okay then Isabel will work with me and Max will work with you.”

Once everyone was sorted out they began to clean. It took well into the evening before they were finished. Apparently the diner was left in even a bigger mess then they thought. Jeff and Nancy came down to inspect it. They tried not to laugh at how each teen was sprawled out on chairs and in booths.

“I don’t think I can feel my legs,” Alex said poking his legs.

“I broke all my nails but one,” Isabel said holding out her pinky. Michael couldn’t resist pulling something out of his pocket and walking over to her. Before she could react or Liz could warn her he pulled her hand into his gently and clipped off her remaining fingernail.

Max, Alex, Maria, and Liz started laughing while Michael took off running with Isabel hot on his heels. Casually Mr. Parker came into the diner and Michael not looking where he was going didn’t notice the older man stick out his foot. Michael hit the ground face first. Isabel seeing her chance grabbed a pair of scissors Mrs. Parker just happened to be holding out and leaned down and cut off a lock of his hair.

“Ha, that will teach you to mess with Isabel Evans,” she said victoriously. Everyone was laughing except Michael.

“You just had to give her the scissors didn’t you,” he scowled at Liz’s mom.

Nancy just shrugged her shoulders. “I always said you needed a haircut plus think of it as a payment for not telling your father about the party.”

“The things I do,” Michael mumbled under his breath.

“Why don’t you kids take off on home. The café looks fine. Remember I want you here tomorrow after school, Alex and Michael. Liz don’t forget your punishment,” Jeff Parker said. He put his arms around his wife’s shoulders and led her upstairs for a nice quiet evening.

After her parents left Liz sank even lower into the booth. Max and the others looked to her but he was the one to ask. “What is your punishment?”

Clearing her throat she said, “grounded for eternity.”

No one said a word because no one could believe that good girl Liz Parker could be grounded. For as long as they have knowing her, Liz had never been grounded. Alex and Michael didn’t think she even knew what the word meant. Then all of a sudden Michael started laughing. Alex, Isabel, Maria, and Max slowly joined in. They all felt tears roll down their faces cause they were laughing so hard.

Liz just closed her eyes and tried not look at them. She didn’t think it was funny that she got grounded. So she just sat there waiting until everybody finished laughing.

Max looked at her and immediately stopped laughing when he noticed the scowl on her face. He walked over and sat next to her. “Hey, being grounded is not that bad. Trust me, for Isabel and I have gone through it many times.”

Liz turned her glare on him. “I am grounded. That means no phones, no TV, and no science club,” her voiced raised a little at the end. “I have to come straight home and work and no excuses. I have never been grounded a day in my life.”

“Come Liz you had to have been grounded at least once,” Isabel said. She knew that Liz was smart but she couldn’t and wouldn’t believe that the girl had never gotten in trouble.

Liz shook her head but Alex answered for her. “Believe me when I say this. Liz has never once in her life ever been grounded or punished. Not even when she was younger.” Michael nodded his in agreement.

Maria gaped at the dark headed girl she had been working with for the last year. Thinking it over not once during that year did she see Liz late or absent for work and she never saw the Parkers yell at their daughter. Liz was the perfect daughter. “Liz do you think you can come and meet my mother this week. She would absolutely love you.”

“Now do you see why Michael and I hang around her. Both of our parents think she is the perfect example,” Alex said. Liz threw a playful glare his way knowing that he was kidding. Though she never got caught Liz could be quite devious when you provoked her.

Max smiled thinking how cute she looked pouting. “If it makes you feel any better I’m grounded too.”

“And don’t forget me,” Isabel piped up.

“Don’t forget us,” Alex said pointing to Michael and himself. Just because Mr. and Mrs. P. weren’t going to tell their parents they would be sure to punish them.

All of them looked towards Maria who just shrugged. She then remembered what had happened at the party. “Hey did any of you tell Liz or Max what happened with Tess after they left.” Everyone shook their heads no but no one could stop the laughing that started. Liz and Max looked at them in puzzlement. Maria tried to stop laugh so she could tell them but everytime she thought of it she would burst in fits of laughter.

Michael was the one that ended up telling them. “Well an hour after you left Tess shows up and everyone goes quiet. She comes in wet and covered in mud.”

Maria interrupted him. “Yeah she looked awful. Half her hair was wet and the other half was caked in mud. Her makeup was smeared leaving black marks of mascara down her face. Her clothes were covered in mud and she was barefoot.” Maria cracked up laughing again along with everyone else.

Alex took the story from there. “Like Michael said, the room was totally silent. Tess literally screeched for someone to help her. I think I saw a few people cringe. Anyway when no one came to help her threw what I’m guessing was suppose to be a glare at us. It was then that I think Kyle yelled out ‘help me I’m melting’ and everyone burst out laughing with cameras going off everywhere trying to document that moment.”

Liz and Max broke out in laughter with tears coming out of their eyes and holding their stomach. Alex fell off his chair he was laughing so hard. Liz couldn’t believe she missed such an opportunity to bring down the wicked bitch of the West, West Roswell High that is!'

“Man what I wouldn’t give to have been there,” Max said in between fits of laughter.

Isabel and Alex smiled. “Well you are just in luck. As it happens I not only took pictures but we had just busted out the camcorder and caught the whole thing on tape.”

Liz and Max wanted to know where the tape was. Maria had it at home in her bag and she would bring it by tomorrow.

It was another twenty minutes before they all calmed down with just the occasional giggles. Shaking her head Maria suggested that they leave before it became later. So everyone got up to say goodbye. Though they might not know what tomorrow held in store for them, especially at school, at least they had a great time today.

Everyone gathered their belongings and were taking off, except Max who stayed back. He watched as Liz said goodbye to everyone before going up to her.

Liz turned when she noticed Max wasn’t with Isabel or Maria and looked at him. She watched as he put his hands in his pockets and realized he only did that when he was nervous about something.

“Liz,” he began. He was feeling guilty about getting her in trouble today though he wasn’t sorry to spend at least one more night in her company . “I’m sorry about you getting in trouble today.”

Liz narrowed her eyes. This was something new. She had never known Max to apologize, specifically when he wasn’t at fault. You have no reason to be sorry. I should have known better then to let Michael and Alex through this party,” she said smiling at him.

“I’m not talking about the party.”

“Oh ummm… well that wasn’t really your fault either,” she said embarrassed.

Max walked closer to her and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “I’m still sorry,” he said huskily before giving her a soft and lingering kiss on the lips and leaving.

Raising her fingers to her lips, an unconsciously dreamy smile on her face, Liz watched Max gracefully jump in his jeep, and speed away. She really needed to talk to someone about this.

The perfect person walked through the door just then. “Liz honey, come on upstairs.”

Liz turned around and looked at her mother. “Hey mom, can I talk to you?”

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