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Title: The feeling of belonging.
Summary: A Post destiny fic. What if Liz was to get lost after jumping off of the bridge, and completely forget everything. Everything including who she is.

Author: Ginger
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING Damn

Lie there still, pain filling my back . My arm twisted swimming in a pool of blood flowing from my arm. The pain, I can t feel. My whole body has seemed to go numb. Strangely my whole body is numb. I m shaking, freezing, and soaked by not only the water from the river that I lay beside, but the pool of blood that surrounds my body. Trying to sit up, I feel a pain splitting down my back, my arm, and my legs. I cringe screaming in agony, as my small and fragile body shuts down. I can t move anything. My teeth are chattering. I m so cold. I can feel my lips starting to chap, and turn blue. Trying to remember why I lay here by this river, surrounded by blood, I can t think of one thing. Then realizing I can t remember a single thing. I don t even know who I am. Why I m here. Or how I was even brought here.
Taking all the energy in my body I pull myself up, knowing that my left arm is broken hearing it snap. My leg nearly just as bad.

Feeling down to the knee cap, not feeling the pain till she reached the middle of her cap. It was broke. She knew it. Her arm couldn t be moved. Or she would cry in agony. Seeing a long, tick walking stick to her right. Merely inches from her, she pulled her self to the walking stick. Taking a few breaths she pulled herself onto the stick using all the energy inside her, using her one arm and twisted ankle. By time she got herself up, she was unable to bring herself to think of what to do next. She was surrounded by dessert, a rode probably not seen for miles. Taking a look back at the river she saw a large rock sticking a very small amount out of the water. It was stained. Stained of blood. Looking at it curiously she felt something wet on her forehead, sliding down to her brow.
Bringing her hand to her forehead, she felt the thick substance on her index finger. Pulling it from her forehead, she stared at her finger, finding a pure drop of thick deep red blood. She felt it between her fingers, just to see if it were real. She didn t know what to think. Hobbling around she found herself alone. No civilization. And no memory. Who was there to trust? Looking to the river once again, the one and only thing that she had any remembrance of she saw something floating. Hobbling to get a closer look, it slowly made it s may to the shore. Blood soaked, and large, pulling it out of the water, she had a feeling it belonged to her. Pulling it over her shoulders, she felt somewhat safe. It hung lose around her small and frail body she lost her balance and fell to the hard cold ground, on her left arm, the pain soaring through her, making her tremble in agony. The pain far to great. Gritting her teeth, she slams her fist into the ground out of frustration.
Not being able to take it, she lay there frozen, loud sobs making her body shiver and shake violently. She didn t know who she was, what she came from, what she was. All she knew was she was going to die out there, lying on the desert floor, without any memory of her life before hand.

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Title: “ The feeling of belonging.”
Summary: A Post destiny fic. What if Liz was to get lost after jumping off of the bridge, and completely forget everything. Everything including who she is.

Author: Ginger
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING Damn

PArt Two..

I can’t feel Any............thing. I’m starting to see the world in only one color I see the world in, red. A few hours ago......I think........I may have fallin, and now I just can’t............get up. Someone help me please. I don’t want to die here, not like this, not alone, not afraid. Closing my eyes I think of how my body is in so much pain, How my brain, isn’t even functioning, I don’t know who I am, where I am, or what I am.

“ Oh my God!” Someone gasped.

I look around, best as I can, not able to move my body, I get so happy. I’m not going to die. Someone is here. My breathing gets raspy, I can’t breath......Why can’t I breath? Why am I getting so light headed. Someone help me!

“ Oh my go, James she’s not breathing...Help her!” the woman say’s as she runs over to the brunette covered in blood.

The light brunette quickly runs over to the girl, taking in the sight, and didn’t hesitate to start CPR. He quickly rips off his jacket, putting the pressure to the wound in her arm. Knowing he couldn’t do two things at once, he told the blond to apply pressure, doing so, she noticed something. It was a bullet wound. She looks from the Brunettes arm back to her Boy friend. He looks at her and shakes his head, not understanding it himself. But he knew he didn’t have time to wonder, he continued with the CPR.
As the boy continued with the CPR, the girl looked at the girl from head to toe, she looked as if she had been brutally beat, more than once. Looking to the river, she understood, the rapids were bad this time of year, the girl must have come from there, but who would have known that, her being soaked in blood. Then just as the boy brought his lips to her once more she coughed, trying to breath, her hands clenching, and the two saw the unthinkable. Her hands were glowing, a marvelous white. the couple backed off, looking on in amazement, and fear, watching as each of her wounds healed themselves. Or she healed them?

“ James?” the girl asks as she wraps her arms around him, as he does the same to her.

“ I don’t know Helen. I don’t know.” he said looking at the girl with so much wonder. The glowing stops, just as he starts to actually breath. Not noticing he had been holding his breath until now.

The brunette sits up, and shakes her head, looking at the two, she quickly wrapped her arms around her protectively, like a child, scared. James, hesitates, then slowly gets closer. Just as he takes his first step, Helen grabs onto his arm. Turning he sees the fear in her eyes. Of him getting hurt. He nods his head, and pulls her hand from his arm. he walked slowly towards the girl. She started to shake, frightened by him. Kneeling down he looks into her eyes. Pulling his jacket from the ground, he wraps it nicely around her small figure. Her hair hanging in ront of her face, he pushes it back gently to look into her eyes. When she looked up he couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. He hadn’t noticed at first, her face covered, in sand, dirt and blood, now she was cleaned as if she had just recently bathed. Her eyes were large, and dark, but you could see small golden specs in them. They seemed unnatural. Hell! She was unnatural.

“ What are you?” he asked looking at her. He kneels in front of her and waits for an answer.

“ I don’t know.” she whispers scared.

She snuggles into the coat, smelling its sweet manly smell. Its soft insides warming her cold, shaky form. She looked like a frightened little girl in his coat, afraid of everything around her.

“ What’s your name?” he asks.

“ I....I don’t. I don’t know.” she stutters in fear. She didn’t know who she was, or what she was, she just knew she really liked this coat.

“ Do you remember anything?” he asked. He was fearing she may have lost her memory.

“ No.”

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Hey, I know that it has been extremely long since I have updated this story...but guess what...I am now, so please give me some support, and all those who have in the past, thank you so VERY much, and Ill be posting the new part later today, thank you, and I hope you continue reading, byez!*angel**angel**angel*
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Title: The feeling of belonging.
Summary: A Post destiny fic. What if Liz was to get lost after jumping off of the bridge, and completely forget everything. Everything including who she is.

Author: Ginger
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING Damn

Part three....................................New Life

TWO YEARS LATER...................................................................

“ Helen!” Danny yelled out the drivers seat of the deep red convertible. She once again slammed an impatient hand down onto the horn, her long dark terraces falling in front of her tan face. A pair of dark red tinted glasses sitting on her nose. Waiting impatiently for Helen, she yells towards the top story window, “ Come chica lets get this show on the road!”

Looking at herself in the mirror she stares. Why had she just called her that? Danny quickly shrugged it off and straightened her hair with her fingers, finally seeing Helen stepping out of her large luxurious home, which she shared with her two brothers, sister, and mother and father. The Kaleen were very proper and nice people. When Danny’s parents died they took her in willingly. They had been friends with her parents for a very long time. But the strange thing to Danny was, they could never tell her much without hesitating. It must have been a hard thing to remember. But to Danny’s luck, she had lost all memory of her parents. She and they were in a car accident two years ago. She suffered from a serious case of amnesia. She didn't remember her name, her age, or where she came from. But to her luck once again the Kaleen’s and of course her best friend James, who sat next to her in the convertible were there. They were always there, and she would forever be grateful for that.

“ Hey babe, what took you so long?” James asks as his girlfriend Helen kisses him lightly on the lips. She smiles and winks.

“ Getting beautiful for you baby.” she say’s sweetly, a seductive smile making its way onto her angelic like face, that clashed terribly. She tossed her blonde locks behind her shoulders and made her way into the back seat of the car giving her boyfriend a good look of her behind.

Danny laughed and let her sun glasses slip to the edge of her nose, staring both of her friends down, “ There’s going to be a smack down if I’m going to have to deal with this ALL week long.” she playfully stated, yet with a serious tone, a smile hanging from her lips.

James laughed and grabbed Helens hand from the back seat and smiled at Danny devilishly, “ Bring it on Dan.” he sighed showing hi obvious large biceps off, flexing them in front of the girls. Helen giggled, as Danny rolled her eyes at them. Her golden specs tinting her brown eyes.

James smile soon fell to a frown as they backed out of the drive way. The first day he had seen Danny, she was covered in blood, close to death, and was now living with a glow to her face. She had looked so scared and so alone when he found her in the dessert that day. Him and Helen had been walking around after a big argument. And Helen had seen her body setting on the ground, the blood pouring out of her in every possible place. She was so fragile. so small and delicate he hadn’t known what to do. But there was a secret Danny held that not anyone knew except him and Helen. Not even Danny knew. James and Helen thought it would be better that she lived her life without any worries. But Danny wasn’t normal, not even close. She had an unexplainable power the day they found her. She had healed herself with her own hands, her dirty blood stained skin, back to its natural olive tone. When James first saw her face, he knew then she was the most beautiful thing he had every seen. He loved Helen yes....But Danny, she was beautiful, unnatural, and so unworldly. The first day he took a look into her brown eyes he knew Helen or he....would never come back. They left normal, as they lived now, but after knowing Danny and finding her, he knew. There was no turning back now.

“ Roswell New Mexico here we come!”


“ Hey space boy! Order please.” Maria said as she angelically smiled at her boyfriend and just recently fiance Michael. He smiled at her and then dropped the plate in front of her. “ Thank you baby.” Michael smiled this time. A REAL smile. Something he rarely did two years ago, but after losing Liz....everything had changed.

Maria made her way through the Crash Down tables to a certain booth. The Booth. There she set down the three orders. She smiled at the customers and asked if they were needing any thing else, and they said they were all ready. She then sat down next to her good friend Isabel, who was wrapped up in the arms of her boyfriend Alex. Maria smiled, knowing how long it had taken Alex to win her heart. But when he did, she fell head over heels and hard. Alex had changed over the past two years. Yeah, he was still skinny and was still rocker but he had so much more wisdom, and sometimes loneliness that matched Maria’s as well. Guess that’s what happens when you lose your best friend. Looking over to the other side of the table her face made a disgusted look, seeing the couple on the other side.

Max and Tess. How in the hell did that happen? No one knows. Michael had grown to hate Tess over the years, she was to clingy. Just like she was now. Hanging on Max like he was a lifeline. Sure him and Liz did that, but it was cute. Now it was just.....eww...

“ Hey Maria.” Max greeted as he somewhat struggled with Tess’s tight embrace, grimacing. He looked down at her blonde head and said, “ Mind loosening it a bit Hun?” She looked up at him and smiled. Somewhat loosening her grip and said meekly, “ Anything for you baby.”

Almost immediately Max drifted off into his little world, slipping out of this one. All Maria wanted to do at this moment like many of the others in the past two years was drive a spear right through that tramps head. And she would, if only she didn’t have to face that whole execution thing...

“ So Max, how are things going with college and all?” Isabel asked as she gently rubbed her thumb over Alex’s brow, trying to start a conversation, but somewhat distracted by Alex’s feature’s.

“ Oh, ok I guess. I only wish I was going to some other university, it’s just there isn’t any real good options I can choose from here. You know how wanted to get into the medical field.” Max said as he was drifting down the road of regret once again. Sooner or later he’d hit the end. The end which came to Liz.

“ Yeah Max, why didn’t you anyways?” Alex asked wondering, “ I mean go to Med School?”

“ I just..” Max started trying to think of the reason, but obviously having a hard time doing so. Tess quickly butted in.

“ Because his job is to stay here, in case of anything ever happening, that know unworldly.”

“ Tess, nothing has happened for two years. It's all over.” Isabel stated. Knowing what Tess was doing. Trying to drag Max completely into the alien world. Something no one wanted. Tess darted a stare at her full of hatred. Something that made Isabel gasp and slightly flinch. She didn’t like Tess. She had this feeling she never really liked. Except for the time she was unwillingly influenced by her mind warp.

“ Isabel, you never know what may happen, that is why we take the precautions.” Tess hissed at Isabel over the table. Her eyes flaring in flames.

Max obviously became uncomfortable and started to wiggle out of Tess’s embrace, climbing out of the booth, he gulped as he stood, looking paler than normal. And for once since the White Room, he looked sick. Maria stood almost immediately.

“ Max?” she said as she softly touched his shoulder, bringing him out of the state he was in as he stood, staring at the doors.

He shook his head and rubbed his eyes, then looking up at Maria he whispered, “ Tess...she’s...she’s pregnant...”

TBC..........Feedback Please...
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