Fruit cake chronicles - Drunken Dramatics
Daniel Pierce came staggering in Tess's room holding a piece of Fruitcake
Pierce: Hi Tess!!
Tess: Umm Pierce you ok?
Pierce: Sure sure weather permitting (he's smoking)….coughs a little I have a surprise!
Tess: are you drunk??
Pierce: Umm….noooooo! knocks over the table taking a swig of Romeac (it's whisky ? or brandy I think)
Tess: Oh No
Pierce: Oh yes ..takes another swig goes out and comes back with a dress that consists of a black sphagetty tank top …and a long flowing too
Tess: what...?
Pierce: It's a put it on….(he makes a gesture of putting on clothes which seems a little obscene to our viewers since its Pierce we're taking about…..
Tess: Making a face …I know but what do you want me to do with it?
Pierce *tongue*ut it on!!!!!!!
Tess: I know that!!…..another stupid question
Pierce: Shoot
Tess: what you?
Pierce: NO you moronically engineered tramp……ask the question!
Tess: Oh …I mean why should I put it on?
Pierce: Easy! We're going out
Tess: What where???
Pierce: Lets go to Las Vegas….Scully and Mulder met me tonight they gave me this really cool fruit cake and told me they were going to meet up with Dogget to go to an Aerosmith concert. They called him doobie ..doobie Dogget
Tess: shakes her head…how can we go out are you mad!…this is the eagle rock military base….suits left right remember?????
Pierce: Becoming suspicious falls of the table he was sitting on
How did you know that???
Tess: uhhh…..he told me Pointing to a creed poster on her cells wall
Pierce: That’s it !! I have to kill him now…pulls out a gun and poses like he's fox mulder ….don't tell anyone but it's personal…
Tess: Did he out rank you?
Pierce: wrong movie
Tess: what was it? Men in honorable poses?
Pierce: Men of Alburque? No no
Tess: Men in briefs?
Pierce: no no….takes a swig Men in….shakespearean blunders?
Both Pierce and Tess pace around the small white room Tess to the front of it Pierce to the end they cross each other cross armed seriously thinking rubbing their chins look at each other shake their heads and continue to pace.
Pierce+Tess: YES!! I got it!!
Pierce: You go first
Tess: Why me? You go first
Pierce: No you first
Tess: I said you first
Pierce: Why you little…I ought to…
Writer: uh guys?
Pierce and Tess: What!
Writer: I think we should get on with it
Pierce: Fine I think I should go first
Tess: and why is that?
Pierce: Beats the shit out of me but I think I have more of a right to talk dirty then you do…he points at Tess.
Tess: Really?
Pierce: yup…I'm an officially labeled bad Ass. Raises his collar proudly
Tess: pouts…when do I get my license of big bad slutiness
Pierce: You already do
Tess: I mean officially as in on screen?
Pierce: ahh yes yes don't worry kid stick with me and you'll get your credits faster than you could say "I'm a slut on the Ho train"
Writer: uhh I really think we're getting off track..we'rent you guys suppose to figure out that movies name….
Pierce: oh yeah and I know just the thing
Tess: Shoot…she poses(moron) Pierce stops and stares at her for a second.
Pierce: lets check the local listings
Tess: did you know all along Pierce bobs his head..why didn't you say so in the front place..I call it a waste of our time
Pierce: and I call this Drunken dramatics
Tess: fine …they both pull out their star wars glasses
Pierce: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Tess smacks him…oh yeah here it is the movie I get short 4 or 5 min cameos….
Tess: what Austin powers?
Pierce: no you blonde hussy …"Men of Honor"
Tess, Pierce: only on Star Movies!