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The Faculty 2- Judgement Day


Casey Bekker :

Its funny, when it’s the end of the road how your entire life flashes in front of you. Your desire to kill off the demons is so unreal that when reality finally hits you, you forget that in the end of that game you might as well not make it.

Given the last few days I've changed from my mutual self not by looking at my reflection on this soda pop machine no but I've become more so philosophical and sarcastic cynical even, until today living life day to day meant everything to me. My future had been laid out to me by my parents. Their beliefs, expectations, fears made plain to me during these 18 years of my life.

Maybe Curiosity got better of me and maybe I would have been better off not knowing anything about invasions or illusions of being a certified hero with a prize girl friend to go with saving the world from annihilation. Now after everything's been said and done I'm not sure that I Casey Bekker want the title of superman anymore. But all these things don't matter anymore nothing does its the end of the line.


Hah it makes sense now only not in the way I want it to.

Now I'm too tired to run .

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The Faculty 2 - Judgement Day


Devon Savah

Elijah Woods

Josh Harnett

David Conrad

Robert Patrick

Mark Harmon

Clea DuVall

Piper Laurie

Bebe Neuwirth

Famke Janssen

Salma Hayek

Laura Harris

Shawn Hatosy

Jon Abrahams

and the roswell gang including kyle and tess
Chapter 1- Crash and Burn

The scene opens up to show a ranch style house a little far from Ohio, owned by Marcus Vildane, a 50-ish man with thinning Grey hair resides in a rocking chair on his porch, apparently enjoying the night sky

Its past 1: am. The camera now zooms into the night sky till it’s a few good hundred miles into space. A glowing white light the size of a small rock passing at a more than 1 and half the lights speed, as it becomes larger it appears what looks like a meteor or asteroid of some kind, its as large as a big boulder. The asteroid pauses for a second then the fiery glowing color becomes even brighter till the meteor blasts into two pieces and both the pieces end up accelerating towards earth. Fade out

Credits roll

Fade in:

At this time its 1:15 am some where in the middle of Ohio, in the science and tech lab (SAT) a darkened room appears with the only apparent light coming from a computer. Some one appears to be slumped over in their seat. A zoom into the computer shows a geographical map of as of it pertaining over Ohio.

A beeping sound jar's awake the person slumped in his seat, he reaches for his glasses slips them on wipes sweat of his brow looks at the computer screen with mild interest. Frowns and quickly zooms into the source of the beeping sound and looks instantly awed, the screen shows the meteor just entering the earth's atmosphere apparent circumcised info about a fast approaching object minutes from impact. He manages to get a 3 dimensional view of the meteor and its distance from touching ground, frantically checks his watch and since its dark in the room in his excitement he tries to get up ends up banging his knee on an unseen object.

The lights suddenly come on and the man looks up to see doctor Mark Reynolds in the door way looking puzzled as he continues to yelp in pain from the blow to his knee remembering the situation at hand he points to the computer screen facing backwards from Mark. "Starting early Jake?" Chuckling the forty something scientist strides over to the computer, the beeping sound is still audible in the background.

"What the…………..?!, well I'd be (pauses) never seen one that big in my life!"

"Jake, we're going come on!" Mark pauses takes a slip of paper and hastily writes down the co-ordinates of the meteor.

"(Bleeping) table, ohhhh", lets his knee go. "What?!, were leaving?, shouldn't we tell the committee bout this?, Doc?" Jake saunters over to the adjacent room where Mark is gathering small excavating tools like a pick a tiny hammer, test tubes a large plastic looking glass tumbler, A large liquid thermometer. Gloves and two timers checks to see if they work and flashlights, shinning one in Jake's eyes making him fall back in apparent discomfort. Mark continues Randomly discarding acid tubes, flasks, throwing them unconcerned of the mess he has made around himself.

"Umm Doc I know this is kinda important to you an all but I still say we call the rest of the staff you know?"

Mark is putting everything hurriedly into a black duffel bag. Switching off the rooms light he is followed by a still protestant Jake.

"You know those D*** heads wont like it, you'll end up being fired, Alphonso is gonna make sure of it!" Jake shouted at the still mute scientist in concern as he gets in an old military like jeep. Places the duffel bag in the bag seat.

Mark finally looks at Jake who is standing at the gate looking peeved, he holds the steering wheel tightly before resting his head on it for a second.

"Jake they'll take hours to get here, I can't wait for them". Mark said softly lifting his head from the steering wheel he still sees a very unwilling Jake clinging to the gate.

"They'll have all the necessary equipment, Doc, that thing is gonna fall miles from here and were in the middle of no where" Jake urged "come on you can wait for a while". Mark laughed shaking his head. "Jesus Christ Mark! there's something called patience on this earth too you know?!".

Mark stopped laughing, Jake never called him anything but Doc, and if he said his name he meant business.

No, No Jake this is important to me, this isn't about showing someone down. Look right now I realized its something I should do something deemed to lead me to my destiny you know?. He expected Jake to throw it right back in his face but instead his shoulders sagged and he put his glasses back on

Yeah, Doc I know. Mark nodded appreciatively and after a few seconds of silence He frowned

"Look kid I understand if you don't wanna get into trouble I've practically partied and crashed most of my life in this hell hole forever and if those loser board members decide I'm too out of whack to work here anymore they can go ahead and (Bleeping) fire me it wont be too bad but I guess in your case you"…………..

"Would like to keep my job for the next 20, 30 years Jake finished for him . "yeah I would" he said more to himself then to Mark looking up at the sky he asked.

"What do you want me to tell them?" Mark looked up at the sky and grinned back at Jake "The Truth" he replied simply.

"The Truth will set you free"

Jake dug out the car keys and threw it to Mark, which he caught with ease.

"You sure you'll be all right out their alone Doc", "Sure I will, Kid I know this place better than my science". He replied confidently.

Jake finally broke out into a smile "good luck on what you find be sure to beep me so I know how you're doing".

Mark shook his head "Last time I heard something like that was from my mom"

Jake looked embarrassed, just lookin out for ya Doc your one of the good guys or maybe the only one he said glumly".

Mark smiled at Jake "Ah but you're wrong my friend I'm not alone, your in the league as well"

"You think"? Jake asked relieved. "You better believe it Kid" Mark said revving up the engine.

"Hey, Mark said turning around. Maybe I'll find a sign of extraterrestrial life on the meteor and we'll become rich and famous!"

"Sure you will" Jake said shaking his head then called out to Mark as he sped the jeep out of the SAT Lab parking lot.

"I'll see you soon Doc!" Hopefully not fired he thought looking one last time at the sky and going back in hurriedly to inform the rest of SAT Lab members.

The focus is set back on the meteorite sure enough its entered the earth's atmosphere and looks like a fiery red glowing bulb cutting through the sky at high speed it passes Markus's house he's nearly blown over out of his seat. It’s a little over 1000 feet from the ground and is seemingly racing towards a desert like region precisely when we see mark struggling with the coordinates in his hands and a flashlight in his mouth

Mark sighed looked up come on you (Bleeper) where the hell are you at the exact moment something red and glowing is approaching his way. Mark instinctively turns around and eyes the meteorite coming down to him. Is eyes widen as his face becomes brighter he feels a stinging sensation of being slightly burned. The meteorite is now about a little over 500 feet from the ground and approaching zero level fast after it passes Mark over head and continues in the direction of a decidedly more barren desert land then any.

"Holy mother of ………."Mark mutters under his breath and breaks out in inane laughter before following the meteor on the highest speed fathomable by the old jeep.