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This is my first fic so please send feedback!!*big*
This is based on Roswell Slayers challenge.

Liz Parker walked along the sideway thinking about how horrible everything about the Kyle/Liz/Max situation had turned.
The aliens had sided with Max and Isabel was giving her horrible nightmares every night.
Maria was pissed off. She couldn’t believe that her best friend didn’t tell her about losing her virginity to Kyle.
And Kyle had gone to football camp for the summer so he hadn’t been here to face the angry royal four. The only person who was nice to her was Alex who was supporting her on every alien meeting.
Suddenly Liz hears a scream from the alley. She runs there and sees a woman frighten in the corner and 3 men with horrible faces hovering around her with a hungry stares.
Hey stop!! Liz screams when she reach them.
The men turn to her and the first one growls at her.
Back of bitch!! The second one says.
Suddenly Liz reacts on instinct and she lunges at the men.
Something insides of her take over and soon all three of the men are dust.
Liz is shocked but she figured that she can deal with that later and goes over to the woman.
Are you okay?? Liz asks the woman who’s shaking on the alley floor.
I’m fine! The woman answers a little shaked.
Liz helps the woman home and when she turns home she gets stopped by a man.
Can I help you?? Liz asks the man who refuses to let her go.
Yes I’m here because you’re the slayer. The man answers.
After some explaining Liz finally thinks if aliens exist why not demons and vampires.
Liz agreed to train and become the slayer on one condition that she will get history and that sort of stuff about the other slayers because Liz sciens brain is working on overload.

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Thanks Anya!!!
I´m going to make part 1 a long part!!!
I´m probobly going to post on Thursday.

Elin *happy*
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I´m sorry to all who liked this fic But I´m going to put this story on ice.
Because right now everything is a little to much but if you want to continue on this story please do so.
I don´t know how to close a fic so please HELP!!!

Elin *happy*