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Author: AlienHoney ( Jen)
email address: Chazsgurl⊕
title: "Spring Break"
Category: M/L
Rating: PG/Nc-17
Summary: Liz and her friends go to Hawaii for there spring break their senior year in College. The trip turns out to be a life altering experience for everyone.
Disclaimer: I own none of the roswell characters.

Part one:

Liz rushed through her dorm room, at Las Cruces University in New Mexico, packing her suitcase for Spring Break. This year liz and her friends: Maria, Michael, and Alex decided to go to Hawaii.
It was there senior year in college, and they wanted to make this last spring break special. All four of them grew up in Roswell, and have been friends since elementry school.
"Liz hurry up! Our plane leaves in an hour!" Maria shouted from down the hall.
Liz rolled her eyes and grabbed her luggage.
The gang gathered at the terminal waiting to board. Liz looked around her and watched her friends in awe. maria and Michael were holding hands and whispering words of love to eachother. Alex was being his normal self, flirting with every girl that crossed his path. The sound of the loud speaker broke liz out of her thoughts.
"Flight 219 to Honolulu Hawaii will now start boarding."
"This is it guys, were goig to Hawaii!" Maria said jumping up and down.
"It is my mission to find a hot girl and have my way with her."
"Isn't that always your mission Alex?" Alex's smile faded when he heard Liz's comment.
"That may be right, but this time I'm looking for love too."
Liz, michael and maria all started to laugh.
"Come on Alex, you don't have to say things you don't mean." Michael said while handing his ticket to the flight attendant.
"You guys just wait, I guarantee it will happen."
Liz had other things in mind. She just went through a bad break up with her boyfriend Kyle.
They had been going out since junior year in High School. They even made plans to marry, but liz caught kyle in bed with another woman. Right there and then liz threw her ring at him and ran out before kyle could attempt to explain. For weeks every time she saw kyle she would picture him and the other woman making love in their bed.
She had given him everything, her innocence, her trust, and all of her heart. So from that day on, liz made a promist to herself, she would never put herself in a position to get her heart broken ever again. She wouldn't and couldn't go through all that pain ever again.
All she wanted to do was go on this trip and have fun. She wanted to start over and leave all the pain behind.If she happened to meet a guy then she would only indulge in her lust and that's it.
Little did liz know that on this trip she would indeed meet someone and that someone would change her life in more ways than one.....

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Part Two:

The plane landed and the gang couldn't wait to get off.
Alex stood up streching " We're in Paradise!"
"Lets start the party!" liz yelled out, but immediatly regretted it when she noticed the whole plane staring at her.
"Aren't we a little anxious." maria said while putting her arms around a very beet red liz.
The group of friends checked into the Kaui Lanai Resort. All three of their rooms were next to eachother. In the lobby there were dozens of other college students hanging out and being obnoxious.
"will you look at all these fine girls." Alex said while scoping the lobby. " I agree-umph!" Maria hit michael in the stomache for his comment.
"Ow, I was just joking around." Michael tried redeeming himself but all maria did was shoot him an evil glance.
"Well guys lets go to our rooms and settle in." Liz said while picking up her bags. She turned around quickly and bumped into someone. " oh, I'm sorry." she looked up and looked into the most soulful soft honey brown eyes.
"It's okay, no harm done." the man said while smiling.
All liz could do was stare.
The man put out his hand " I'm Max Evans."
Liz swallowed the lump in her throat and proceeded to speak.
"H-Hi, I'm Liz Parker. " she spit out while shaking his hand.
The minute their hands touched liz felt a jolt go through her entire body, even her toes were tingling. It was like the whole lobby froze and for a split second all that mattered was the connection they were sharing.
"Liz, you ready to go up stairs now." Maria asked breaking the moment.
Liz quickly let go of max's hand and turned to her friends.
"Yeah, of course, I was just- let's go" she picked up her bags once more and headed for the elevator.
"Well then I'll see you around." max yelled after her.
"yeah." was all liz said and disappeared into the elevator.
Liz couldn't hold back the grin that spread across her face.
"What's gotten into you liz." maria asked skeptically.
"What are you talking about? "
"Don't pull that on me, you are glowing."
"Look maria, I'm just excited to be here and to relax."
Maria rolled her eyes" Whatever, that guy said to you must have been something."
The four of them got out of the elevator and went to find their rooms.....
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Part three:

All four of them settled into their rooms. Each room had a queen size bed and mini bars.Alex was in heaven.
"Hey guys let's go for a dip!" Alex shouted in the hall. Liz poked her head out of her room.
"Alex keep your voice down, do you want to get kicked out already." Alex just laughed.
"Well do you guys want to come or not?"
Michael stood in the doorway of his and ria's room.
"Hey man go for it, me and ria are going to hang out here for awhile." he said the last part while raising his eyebrow at alex.
"Oh okay. How about you liz? You want to go have some fun?"
By the time alex asked liz was out of her room fully dressed in her pool gear.
"Let's get going before all the lounge chairs are taken."
She grabbed alex by the arm and led him towards the pool.
Alex and Liz scoped out for a spot by the pool.
"If you don't mind liz, I would like to go sit by those fine ladies over there." Liz looked in the direction alex was looking and saw two blondes sitting at the edge of the pool. One girl had short curly hair. She had a round face and blue eyes. The other girl had long blonde hair and she was a little curvy.
"Sure, go right ahead. You only have 6 days to fall in love." Liz shoved him playfully in their direction.
Instead of finding a spot in the sun, liz went directly to the bar.
"Can I get a strawberry margarita?"
The cute bartender smiled. " you lovely lady can have any drink you choose."
Liz's cheeks turned a little red.
"Thank you."
The bartender handed her the drink and then winked.
Liz wasn't much of a drinker but she decided to relax and try to not be her usual predictable self.
Liz walked over to a empty table and sat down. She looked around her and watched all the other girls laughing and flirting. She wanted to be like that, she wanted to be carefree and single. And damn it she was going to do just that. Liz's thoughts were interrupted by a deep voice.
"Liz? that is your name right." liz looked up to see the man from the lobby.
"Yes. Max?" she tried to seem non chalant.
"Yeah, that's me. I saw you from far away and thought I would come join you. Do you mind?"
"No." liz felt like a scatter brain whenever he was around.
"So how are you enjoying hawaii so far?"
Liz took a sip from her drink. " It's real beautiful. I'm used to the desert."
"me too. Where do you live?"
"I'm from Roswell, New Mexico. The famous alien capitol of the world."
Max made a face of shock. " You're kidding, I'm from Alberquerque."
"Wow, what a coincedence. It is a small world." Liz felt stupid after that corny remark.
"Yeah it is. See we already have something in common." Max reached over and touched liz's hand.
The old liz would have pulled away, but the new liz didn't mind.
"Would you like to go for drinks tonight? " Max asked with hope in his eyes.
Liz contemplated on what to say. Her fear was that she might actually begin to like this guy more than she should. Her heart was warning her not to get too close.
"Um, sure drinks sound fun."
Max's eyes lit up.
"Okay then I'll meet you in the lobby at 8. I can't wait."
"8 it is, see you later." with that liz stood up and walked over to where alex was lounging.
She couldn't believe that tonight might be her night to let loose with a guy.....
* how did you guys like this part, I promise the NC-17 will come soon. And I hope you guys are liking how max and liz are coming together.