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Couple: Liz/Max, others - AU
Rating: PG for now, we will see if I find the courage to test my english for more ;)
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me! :(
Authors note: This story isn't all about conventional couple as you'll find out. Also it's kind of an crossover even you don't need to know the other show. Hope you'll enjoy it!


“I can’t believe I did this!” Meg Cummings murmured at the thought of what she’d just done.

“Do you regret it?” Liz Parker asks looking at her friend worried.

“No! No, of course not. I mean... Oh god, how could I have been so blind!”

“You trusted him. And Connie. Beside, you’d been so busy moving back to Ludlow, finding yourself a new home, preparing the wedding... I’m just glad you hadn’t luck with that house you’d been looking for.”

“Yeah, maybe that should have be my clue. Tim couldn’t even bring himself up to help me. I thought it only was about his new job but obviously it wasn’t.”

“And what will you do now? I mean we can’t just sit around here, somewhere in the middle of nowhere with you still in your wedding dress.”

Meg stares out of the car while suddenly an idea starts to form in her mind. “Do you still have my suitcase in the car?”

“Yes,” Liz answeres streching the word not knowing where this will lead towards.

“I go with you.”


“Liz, I haven’t a home, I haven’t a job and obviously I won’t have a husband tonight either. I’ll have to start over anyway so why not in Sunset Beach? Sunset Beach is as a good place as any other, maybe better because I always dreamt about living at the ocean one day and I would have you with me. Would you mind to have a roommate?”

“I would love to have you around, you know that. But are you sure that this is about moving on or are you just trying to get over Tim by looking for SB.”

Meg thought back at the events of the day that was supposed to be her wedding day. She was about to get dressed for church when SB got online to say good bye. The online chats with this ‘unknown’ friend of her had ment a lot to her and she got sad at the thought that it had to stop. Anyway, she would marry her boyfriend since childhood and live her life in Ludlow, Kansas. SB would never be part of it. As she arrived at the church with Liz with her parents and saiblings in row she, her sister Sarah and Liz went straight to the room where they planed to meet Connie, Megs childhood friend and bridemate. Before any of them made it to the door they heard Connies voice “Hey Tim. I guess that means we going to have stop seeing each other.” “Yeah, absolutely” they heard Tim answer, “until the night after I get back from the honeymoon.” The three young women stopped short in their tracks, shocked by the words, looking at each other. Sarah was the first to act again. She grab Meg and Liz and headed back to the cars. “Liz, get her out of here. I cover for you as long as I can. Go!” While Liz was heading out of town, Meg thought about Tim. Why hasn’t she noticed, how long does this last and when did it start? Most of all why was she sitting here angry with Tim for cheating on her and feeling like a weight had been taken from her shoulders. There was no denying. Leaving Tim at the church for a very good reason comes as relieve to her. Has Tim only been her safe ally? He had always been there for her, they had always been together, so everyone expected them to marry one day. Thinking about it she can’t even remember if they had talked about getting married before their parents had told them that it would be a great time for a wedding when Meg comes back to Ludlow. Neither Tim nor her did or said something against it and so the parents start planning even Tim and she hadn’t official been engaged. Actually by the time Tim proposed to her the date of their wedding had already been set. Had Tim felt trapped? Was it his way to revolt against the marriage? What about SB? Is this really? Are her feelings for him real or is she just picturing him the way she liked him to be? Does it matter as long as she starts to get to know the real him? She definitely wants this chance but she also wants a life for her own. Calling her wedding off gives her the chance to find out what life hold for her beside being wife to someone.

“Liz, this isn’t just about SB. It’s about to get to know me, Meg Cummings. I’d love to get to know SB too but either way, this is about me starting over. What better place to do then next to your best friend?”

“Okay then. Sunset Beach, we are coming!”

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Thanks for the feedback! I wasn't sure about posting the story on this board so this is encouraging. *bounce*

Of course you are all right about Sunset Beach but I don't go very deep into it just a few characters. As for who is SB... it will still be your guess for a while. *happy*

Hope you'll enjoy the new chapter,

Part 1

Because of the delay of the flight Alex Whitman nearly waited an hour before Liz and her friend Meg finally appeared in the crowd of the LAX. Liz had called him earlier to tell him that she’d arrive a day earlier then planed because Megs wedding was called off and that she was taking Meg with her. He wondered what had happened in Ludlow.

“Liz!” Alex lifted her in his armes. ”Welcome to L.A.”

“Hi Alex! How are you? Thanks for picking us up. You remember Meg?”

“Sure I do. Hi Meg! I’m sorry about your wedding... or... maybe I’m not. I’m looking forward to spend some time with two beautiful ladies.”

“Alex!” Liz cried.

Meg laught. “It’s okay, Liz! Hi Alex! It’s been quite some time.”

Alex smiled at Meg. “Right, is that all your stuff, ladies? Let me take the suitcases and lead you out of here.”


On their way to Sunset Beach Liz and Meg filled Alex in the events and Alex enjoyed to have his friend around. Liz and he grow up together back in Roswell but went to different colleges after high school so that they hadn’t seen each other that much in the past years. He had missed her dearly and when his boss and friend Max Evans told him that he was looking for a PR manager Alex mentioned Liz. Max only had met her once on the wedding of his cousin Ben and Liz’ and Alex’ best friend from childhoold Maria DeLuca. That day Alex recognised that Liz had made quite an impression on his shy friend and so Alex had been sure that Liz would have a good chance to get the job. He had been right and now Liz would start working in the same town at the same company as him - would finally be a constant part of his life again.

They arrived at Liz’ new flat and Alex wondered briefly if she’ll like it. Ben and he had look for one what seemed like ages to make sure that she’ll like her new home. Ben knew what Liz had meant to Maria and had been as eager as himself to find a suitable appartment. He looked at both women and announced while opening the door, “Welcome to Sunset Beach, welcome to your new home.”

Liz wandered to the flat speechless. She couldn’t believe it. The apartment was amazing, large, bright and hold a wonderful view at the ocean. The building stood on a cliff at the outskirts of the town in a wooded area. “Alex... this is... wonderful! I... how did you find it? Are you sure that I can affort it?”

“Take the rent as a small bonus. The house belongs to Ben. He built it for his twin brother Derek but he never had been here. When we didn’t find what we were looking for he decided to make to appartments out of the house one still for Derek and the other for you. If you look for the catch - your new boss, Max, is living next to you.”

Max Evans would live next to her? Liz tried to stay cool while her heart missed a beat. “Why would that be a problem? He is your friend so he can’t be that bad. Actually on Marias wedding he seemed to be very nice.”

“Yeah, well, he is. But you’ll work with him very closely and maybe don’t like to see him that much privately too.”

“I’m sure I can handle it,” Liz quoted hidding her excitement about the news. She would work a lot with him? That one was new to her. She new that she would work with Alex but she hadn’t expected to see much of her new boss. Thursday couldn’t come soon enough. Liz only had seen Max once at Marias wedding and with her being Marias maid of honor and Max being Bens best man she had been able to spend some time with him. Because of him she spent the time of her life back then. Talking with him came so easily to her and when he listend to her she got the feeling that to him she was the only person around. But the most amazing thing was to be hold in his arms. When he took her in his strong arms everything seemed to fall from her and found herself in a harbor of warmth and calmness. She nearly begged him to hold her a bit longer when the dance was over. After this day years ago she’d never seen him again but the impression of him was still fresh in her mind. When Alex asked her if she would be interested in working for the company Max owned and offered her this great job she jumped at the opportunity to both the new challenge in her career and get to know Max Evans.

Alex smiled at his friend. “Glad you like it. Liz, Meg, it’s starts getting late. What about you just unpack the stuff you need till tomorrow morning and then I take you out for diner before we call it a night.”

“That would be great, Alex,” Meg stated. “Liz, which bedroom do you what to take? If I where you I’d choose the one upstairs. Even you haven’t the view on the ocean you get the morning sun and a nice view of the city.”

“I thought the same and I will take that one. Make yourself at home in the other bedroom and we meet back in the living room in about half an hour? As Alex said we can start unpack everything else tomorrow. There are still four day till I start working that means there is no rush to do everything at the first evening.”


An hour later they sat together enjoying the sunset at a place called Java Web next to the beach. The women wanted to eat salats and Alex had told them this was the place to do. Meg finally felt herself calming down. She wondered how that can be after everything that happened but she had to admit that between the easy skirmish between Alex and Liz, the warm wind on her skin and breathtaking colors of the sunset she just couldn’t bring herself up to bother about tomorrow. A man got in her view and she watched him for a moment. His movements gave away self-confident and she catched two women turn around to look at him. ‘Can’t blame them,’ Meg thought ‘he really is one to look at.’ Suddenly he turn his head and his eyes met hers. Meg hold her breath. For some weird reason she couldn’t bring herself to look away. Then the moment was over and they both turned back watching the sun finally disappearing at the horizon.

“Earth to Meg! Are you still with us?” Alex voice broke her out of her absorption. She looked at Liz and Alex to find them staring at her. Meg blushed and before she could answer she heard Liz “She blushes! Now this is interesting. I wonder what it is about.”

Meg laught with her. “Caught!” She leant over to Liz lowering her voice as to share a screte and continued loud enough for Alex to hear “I was drooling all over a man!”

Alex looked down at himself. “Can’t blame you, Meg!” enjoying the laughter that followed his remark while trying to look hurt what made Meg and Liz laugh even harder.

They finished their meal and both Meg and Liz enjoyed the warm weather. Neither one of them could bring herself up to go home just now so they decided to celebrate the first evening in California with a bottle of wine.


At his office at the ‘Deep’, a night club he owns, Ben Evans tried to concentrate but his thoughts seemed to constantly slip away back to this young woman he’d seen while taking a break to watch the sunset. His office between both of his companys, ‘The Deep’ and the ‘Java Web’ was build to watch sunsets from his desk but today he’d felt the urge to go outside. At some point he’d felt someone watching him and when he’d turned around there she was. He couldn’t describe what it had felt like but for a moment everything just seems right. All the nervous energy he had felt the whole day seemed to fall away for just this moment. When he’d looked away it all had came back and he wondered if he’d just made things up. With a sigh he started to clear his desk sure that he wouldn’t get much done tonight anyway. Maybe this woman was still outside and he had a chance for an other glance to make sure that there was nothing special about her.

When he came into the cafe form the back his eyes went straight to the table he had seen her before. His eyes wided in surprise to see Alex Whitman and an other woman with her. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t seen them before. He turned to one of his employee. “Is there an order up for table 18?” “House white,” he got answered. “Okay, I take care of it,” Ben said and took a bottle of his favorite white wine together with glasses before making his way over towards Alex’ table.

“Hi Alex,” he greeted his friend.

“Ben! Hi,” Alex stated in surprise. Ben didn’t show up at tables himself very often. ”Great to see you. Do you have some time to join us? I’d like you to meet Meg and Liz.”

“Hi Meg! Hi Liz!” he smiled at both women and sat down.

“Hi” Liz and Meg said in unison and Liz continued, “thank you so much for the appartment. It’s wonderful!”

“You’re welcome, Liz. And welcome to Sunset Beach. I hope you will like it.”

“I bet I will. The city is lovely and as far as I can trust Maria I will get the best bosses I can ask for.”

Ben laught. “Actually, we both know that she wasn’t exactly objective about it.”

“Guess I have to take the risk,” Liz answered amused and thought once more that she could understand why Maria had fallen for him.

“And you are a friend of Liz, Meg?” Ben turns his attention to Meg. “I’ve never seen you around her before. Are you new at Sunset Beach too?”

“You can say that. I arrived with Liz today.”

“How long will...” Ben trailed off as he heard one off his employee calling for him. “Sorry, seems there is sort of an emergency. Hope to see you all soon again, Meg, Liz, Alex.” With that he Ben hurried off to see what had happened.

Meg watched Ben disappear. “He seems very nice.”

“He really is,” Alex said. “He was married to a friend of us but Maria died in a boot accident soon after their wedding. He’d had a hard time to deal with it.”

“Sorry to hear. It’s the Maria you both grow up with, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” a melancholy smile crosses Liz face. “I still miss her. She was so full of life. If she set her mind on something there was no way to stop her. Hurrican DeLuca we often teased her. But she was very kind and loyal too.”

“Do you remember when she got pissed at Pam Troy for getting after her boyfriend? She stand in the middle of the hall all furious and when Pam started to mocking she told her if she needed it that much she better uses her carotte for other things then nibbling at it. I never forget Pams face back then.” Alex laught at the thought and Meg and Liz joined in.

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Hmmm... yeah the boat accident... then again, why do I mention the person we all do know at all if she's already dead? It could just have been a person we don't even know or really care about. Guess you have to find out yourself *wink*

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