Title: Without Words (Love Unspoken)
Author: Kerry
Email: Whatever212⊕yahoo.com
Couple: Liz/??
Disclaimer: Roswell is not mine, nor will it ever be.
Rating: PG
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Comments: Wow, its been so long since I’ve written a Roswell fanfic! Lets hope I remember how ;)

At first, when the realisation had sunk in completely, Liz Parker had to wonder why it had taken her so long to acknowledge it. Perhaps it was because it had grown so gradually that she hadn’t even realised what it was at first. Perhaps it was because she didn’t want to admit what was happening to her.

She had fallen in love…with someone other than Max Evans.

She remembered the exact moment when she realised he had loved her. Oh, it wasn’t something that was spoken – it was merely a shared look, a longing heart in eyes that sought her out without hesitation. She remembered it so well. That night so long ago. The nights that followed…

The reddish tip of a cigarette flared out of the darkness as the unseen person inhaled. The resulting mouthful of smoke was as invisible as the person who had released it, yet Liz was unafraid.

She knew the person was watching her, watching him. Just as she knew whom the person was. She had always known, without even really realising it.

Yet the darkness stood between them as an unwavering veil of anonymity that she was loathe to be parted from. She didn’t need the light to know what he looked like. She had memorised his visage with loving clarity.

Similarly, she didn’t need the light to recognise the look of longing he wore. It was the one she wore on her own face.

It was a nightly ritual that appeared as though it would never end the way each of them wanted it to. It began the same, it ended the same.

Tormented hearts screaming aloud the love unspoken between them. The screams that were cradled within the night, cradled and then destroyed as the sun’s deadly rays begins its daily climb into the sky, washing away the hope night had brought.

A salty, bitter tear slipped down her creamy cheek as she watched the glow move closer and knew that he had sensed her misery. The glow bounced slightly, as though his hand had slipped, his guard that he kept up so carefully, dropping.

Her eyes unwavering from the small light that connected them together, Liz stepped forward and pressed her fingers against the cool glass of the Crashdown’s closed door. Silently, she pleaded with him to step forward himself, to break the barrier that was as strong between them as the weight of expectation.

Breathing deep, she could sense his own longing, his uncertainty. He wanted to join her, this she knew. He wanted to toss aside the obligations they held during the day, to be unconcerned of the hurt they would cause, for just this one moment, just this night.

The light arched, flicked from careless fingers before being crushed, ground into the dirt below brutally as she felt her calm break.

The temptation was hard to deny, yet he fought it…and won.

Footsteps echoed into the night, and Liz knew that he had left her alone again. Always alone when she wasn’t with the one that she wanted.

Until tomorrow night.

Desolately, she turned from the window and climbed the stairs to her room to lay down on her bed, her unbearable sadness turning her shoulders inward. In a few hours, her commitments would begin again – to Max, to her friendships, to her life.

But the night would come again, and she would be there, watching and hoping. Wishing that this night would be the one where they would dare their friend’s heartbreak and be together as they longed.

She would be there.

And so would he.

The End