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Title: Party Challenge
Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything sadly belongs to the dreamkiller himself. I only borrowed the characters for a short time period with a promise to return them unharmed.
Category: M/L AU - Total Fluff.
Rating: PG13-NC17(This is your forewarning)
Summary: Both Max and Liz get roped into attending a party. I want to write some of the innocence of S1, but with the electricity of SH. For this story the pilot never happened. Max, Michael & Isabelle are still aliens, but their origins are still a secret. Max still pines secretly for Liz though. Take place in the middle of their Jr. year.
A/N - Just wanted to write a fun story for awhile. I promise to still make my weekly updates on Escape. Let me know what you all think.


Part 1

"Oh My God! I can't believe my mother. Of all the weekends of the year, she chooses this weekend for us to visit my Aunt." Maria DeLuca complained to her best friend since childbirth Liz Parker.

"Maria, she choose this weekend because it's Sean's birthday and your Mom wants Aunt Michelle to not feel guilty about where he is." Liz and Maria had been such close friends for so many years, they both called each other's family members their own. Like Liz's Grandma Claudia, was Maria's Grandma Claudia and vice a versa.

"I know, I know. I just can't believe that loser cousin of mine is locked up in JD and I'm the one who has to miss the most social event of the entire school year. I still can't believed we finally get invited to one of Pauly Short's party's and I have to miss it."
Maria continued her whine. "I mean his party's are always the biggest thing that happens in this rinky dink town. It's as big as the Prom, maybe even bigger. Remind me when Sean gets out of Juvie that I'm going to seriously kick his ass for this."

"Oh Maria, I know how badly you wanted this." Liz did know too, her best friend had wanted to be invited to one of Pauly's partes since their freshman year and his party had been the talk of the school for months after. But, you had to be invited, no exceptions. Unless you were lucky enough to have a date that was invited to the party escort you there, you simple didn't get in. This was the first time that both Liz and Maria had been invited and Maria had almost had a heart attack when she had discovered they both were invited finally. "At least you have an excuse for not going, you won't be socially criticized like me when I don't show because I couldn't get a date." That in itself would be social suicide in the eyes of their fellow peers. It wasn't that Liz didn't feel she couldn't actually get a date, in fact she had several members of the opposite sex hint that they would like to go with her. But, Liz had heard too many stories regarding Pauly's notorious parties and there was just no way she would feel comfortable going to one of his parties with just anyone. And the only guy she would ever want to consider going with was just unattainable. He was shy, quiet and never ever dated anyone. In fact he only spoke socially to two people that Liz knew of, his sister and his friend Michael Guerin.

The guy that Liz had secretly been pinning for since they had been paired as science partners in their sophomore year. Max Evans. He was as good looking as they came, soulful amber eyes, broad shoulders, tight butt. Yes, even she, science geek Liz Parker had checked out his behind on more than one occasion. He was intelligent, Liz knew this from being his lab partner and was as polite as could be. But, no matter how many parties he was invited to, Max was always on the A list of invites. No matter how many girls asked him out, some literally threw themselves at him in a disgusting down right slutty way, he still was as polite as could be, but always turned them down. Yes, Max Evans was the most unattainable bachelor of all of West Roswell.

His sister on the other hand was the complete opposite from Max or so it seemed. She was popular, beautiful and just about every guy wanted to date her and every girl seemed to envy her. She had a different date every weekend and went to every party to scrutinize it, like she was grading the party and the attendees. Where Max was shy and quiet, Isabelle was the social Queen of West Roswell. No one would ever even consider having a party unless Isabelle was available to attend. Because without Isabelle Evans attending the party was deemed unworthy. She ruled the school as far as the social events went. Liz, wondered many times if Max was always placed on the A list for parties because of his sister's social status, but then again it was no secret that just about every girl who had any social standing at all wanted to be the one who dated Max. No, Liz knew Max was on the A list because of himself and not from riding on his sister's coat tails.

Liz herself was always way to shy to even contemplate the nerve to try to ask him out. When they were in biology together, many a times she had thought she had seen him checking her out. But, that was of course, all in her own mind. Liz never considered herself beautiful in the sense as of Isabelle Evans beauty, but she was diffidently not without looks. So she knew there was no way Max Evans, most eligible bachelor of West Roswell would ever be checking her out. Sighing heavily, she was brought back to the conversation with her best friend with a loud reprimand. "No WAY! LIZ, you HAVE to GO! It's bad enough that I have to miss the opportunity of a life time, there is no way I'm going to allow you to miss the boat."

"Maria, I can't. If you were going, that would be one thing. But, there is no way I could go to one of Pauly's parties without you there. I just can't."

"Can't what?" Alex Whitman asked as he approached his two best girlfriends.

"Alex, you have to help me here. Liz is about to commit social suicide and as her best friends it's our duty to make sure she doesn't."

Feeling a little in the dark about the current conversation, Alex inquired. "And just how would Liz ever commit social suicide?" Yes, Liz Parker was one of Alex's best friends, but that didn't mean he didn't know where she stood socially. She was one of the most unattainable girls in all of West Roswell. Every guy in school just about wanted to date her. She was beautiful, kind, sweet, intelligent and her assets were more than amble to look at. The most amazing thing about Liz was the fact that she had no idea exactly just how amazing she was. Alex knew for a fact that Liz was invited to just about every social event, but she always turned them down. Liz was just to sweet to allow Maria, her best friend know that every social event that Maria had died to get an invite to, Liz herself had. So instead of making her best friend feel bad, Liz just politely declined the invites.
Knowing all of this, Alex had no idea why Maria was freaky out at the moment, of course Maria getting all freaked out about anything was just Maria's normal.

"Liz, here states she's not going to go to Pauly Short's party, just because I can't get out of visiting my Aunt Michelle to cheer her up because my loser cousin is still in Juvie on his birthday." She grabbed a hold of Alex's shoulders, looked him straight in the eye and stated as firmly as her voice would allow. "Alex, you have to promise me that you will make sure Liz goes to this party. She has to go!"

Alex looked over to Liz who was rolling her eyes at her best friends melodramatics. "Pauly's party?" He asked, knowing that was the main party of the year. Only the very elite were ever invited, people like Isabelle Evans and Liz Parker. Liz had gotten an invitation to Pauly's party every year, but had never accepted because Maria hadn't gotten one. Alex recalled a conversation with Pauly a few weeks back, when Pauly had approached him to seek information about Liz. His main inquiry was regarding his party and if Whitman would know if she was thinking about attending. At the time, Alex knew Liz wasn't going to go, because at the time Maria hadn't been invited as of yet. With a quick statement about best friend pack and the next day Maria had been jumping up and down in excitement regarding the invitation. Then and only then had Liz told Maria about hers and had accepted the offer to go, knowing how much it meant to her friend.

Liz nodded her head, she and Alex shared a knowing smile, when Maria pulled the two of them together. "I've Got It! Liz, you don't want to go alone, but you don't want to go with just any one right?" Not waiting for Liz to reply, she continued. "And since I can't go with you to support you, and you have already accepted the invitation, then why don't you invite Alex as your date. I mean if you don't feel comfortable with Alex, then who in the world would you feel comfortable going with." Maria enthused confidently that she had come up with the perfect solution.

"Gee, thanks. I think." Alex stated not sure if he was just insulted or complimented.

"Come on Liz, you've got to go. If not for yourself, for me. For Alex. We need this Liz.
You've got to go, we've already accepted and stated we were going. If neither of us show, we'll never ever be invited to another social event for the rest of our high school days."

Knowing there was no arguing with Maria when she got an idea in her head, Liz finally caved.
Throwing up her hands in surrender. "Fine, Alex, would you do me the honor of being my escort to Pauly's party."

Now Alex's grin was from ear to ear. Unlike his friend Liz, he was more in the social standings with Maria. Not that they weren't popular, they just weren't considered A list type people in the social standings of their high school. He knew he would never have the opportunity to get to go to one of Pauly's parties and knowing the one person he would die for in a heart beat would be there no matter what. The one person that was so far out of his reach that he had secretly pinned for her from afar for as long as he could remember. One, Isabelle Evans. He was more than happy to accept the invitation put forth to him. "Mi lady, I'd be honored." He bowed deeply to Liz in a joking manner and the three friends couldn't help but laugh at Alex's antics.

Maybe going to Pauly's party wouldn't be so bad after all Liz thought as she laughed with her friends. "Okay, now that's taken care of, the mall is a must after school today. I can't have my best friends showing up at the social event of the year in just anything." Maria went on and on as she escorted her two friends down the hallway toward their next class.

Max Evans stood down the hallway doing his morning ritual. His locker was located just far enough down the hallway from the girl of his dreams locker that he had an easy observation view of the beautiful Liz Parker. He spent every last second he could pretending to be going through his books in an unsuspecting manner. Just so he could have those precious few extra minutes watching her. He wished more than anything that he was a normal teenage guy so he could woo her until she would be his. He had dreams and fantasies of all the romantic things he would do for her. He knew she was out of his league, the girl was simply unattainable. In fact, the last guy she had dated was the captain of the football team, none other then Kyle Valenti. God, how Max had envied and hated Kyle for those few short months. But, since then no one. Max, wasn't blind or nieve. He knew how many guys wanted to date her, hell he wanted to date her. But, he also knew just asking Liz Parker out wasn't enough. She needed to be swept off her feet and if Max was a normal teenage guy, he knew exactly how he would do it. Michael always gave him a hard time about his romantic fantasies when they discussed what they would do if they hadn't been born different, but he never let on who the girl that starred in every single fantasy of his. Nope his deepest desires, he kept to himself, knowing that there was nothing he could do about it anyway.

His sister on the other hand, consistently tried to set him up with one of her friends. Saying that he should at least live a little like she did, just not get involved. He still remembered the one and only time he let his feelings for Liz Parker known. Isabelle had bugged him about going to the homecoming dance. She had tried to persuade him to ask just about all her so called friends, telling him any of them would be more than happy to go with him. But, as he constantly shot down their names, she finally asked. "Well, out of all the girl's at school who would you ask if we were normal?"

His reply was out before he even had time to think about what he was saying. "Liz Parker."
From that moment on, Isabelle stopped bugging him. Even she knew how unattainable Liz was considered. The most social Ice Queen of the school, knew all to well how just about every guy pinned for herself and Liz Parker. But, where she went out regularly and allowed the male gender of West Roswell think they may have a chance to attain her, Liz politely declined each and every offer. In fact, Liz was the only girl in the entire school, Isabelle ever even considered in her league of standards and that in itself spoke volumes.

No, for now it was just enough to get to have the few precious glimpse of Liz Parker that made Max's day complete. He would continue to worship her from a far and continue to have fantasies about being normal and Liz falling in love with him. Little did he know that in just two days his life was about to change and every fantasy he had ever had was about to come true.

End Part 1

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I'm having so much fun writing this story that I've already written several parts. I hope you all have as much fun reading it as I am writing it. Anyway here is the next part, let me know what you think.

Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 2

It was Saturday evening, the night of the big party when Isabelle Evans came rushing into her brother's room. "Max, get dressed. You're going to Pauly's party with me." She stated in a rush as she started going through Max's closet inspecting his clothing the right outfit.

"What? No, I'm not going." Max denied, he had no intention of going to one of Pauly Short's parties. He had heard all the rumors from his last party and he still had a hard time believing that his sister of all people actually wanted to attend the party in the first place. Yes, Isabelle was considered one of the most popular people at their school, but what happened at Pauly's parties wasn't something that Max would ever think his sister would be willing to do.

"Yes, you are. Now go get in the shower and then put these on." She flung a nice dark green shirt that Isabelle knew made her brother look great on his bed next to him. "Wear your black jeans and black leather jacket with that and you'll do." She stated icily as she continued to rush around his room, making sure the items she requested him to wear were clean.

Climbing off his bed, he went over to his sister to halt her rushing around his room. "Isabelle, NO! I'm not going, so just stop. What's the matter with you? You know I don't do parties, it's your thing, not mine."

His sister plopped down on his bed in a huff. "Oh God, my life is ruined. You don't understand Max, you have to take me."

Sitting down next to his sister he asked, genuinely concerned about her. "What's going on Isabelle?"

"Ronald Bates got sick. Can you believe that? Out of all the guys in school I allowed that pig head to think he stood a chance with me and then he goes and gets sick. He didn't even bother to call and cancel in time to allow me to find another date at the last minute. NOoo he calls me five minutes ago and says he sorry, but he has the stomach flu. He said he was hoping it would pass if he stayed in bed all day today, but he just woke up and still feels like crap. Can you believe that?"

Isabelle continued to berate her once date, while Max sat and listened to his sister's complaining half blocking her out and half wondering when she was going to get to the part where all of this concerned him. Finally she stated. "Max aren't you listening, this party is the social event of the year. I have to go and I can't attend without an escort. It's part of Pauly's party rules. Everyone that attends must have an escort of the opposite sex.
If I don't show, my entire reputation will be blown and I can't call for another date at this last minute. It would look way too desperate, so you have to take me. There is no other choice, please Max. Please, I've never asked you to do anything like this for me, but I'm begging Max. You have to take me to Pauly's party. If you love me at all, you'll do this for me." She ended her plead with sad eyes on her daughter.

Max was caught between and hard plate and a rock, he knew it, his sister knew it. She knew he wouldn't deny her the opportunity to attend the party of the year and disrupt her social standings at school. Even though he, himself couldn't care less about social standings, he knew it was important for his sister and as much as he wanted to say no, they both knew he wouldn't. "Fine, but we're not staying long." He commanded as he got off his bed and headed for the bathroom.

Isabelle was more than pleased with her performance. She felt bad for canceling on Ron at the last minute like that, knowing full well he was accidentally forgotten to be invited himself. But, she felt even worst about deceiving her brother, even if it was for his own good. Her original plan failed when she discovered Maria wasn't going to be able to attend the party. After all, she was expecting to set both her brother's up for a night neither of them would forget. She had been planning this since the homecoming dance. Michael would have gone easily enough once she laid into him about how she was always there for him, but he was never ever there for her. The guilt trip factor was a manipulation that Isabelle prided herself on knowing how to use it to the fullest effect. Maria was to ask Michael, which would have been easy for Isabelle to manipulate. Then she would bring Max and somehow she would end up with whoever Liz had decided to bring for the evening forcing the pairing of Max and Liz together.

There had only one time that Max had let his guard down and let his desires be known to her. Max was good at hiding his emotions, but once he had spilled just that one time, Isabelle was careful to watch and learn. Sure enough, she couldn't believe how blind she had been.
In fact, she couldn't believe how blind Max was for that matter. For as she watched how many times her brother had stolen glances at Liz Parker, Liz Parker had stolen just as many glances at her brother. It amazed Isabelle, how neither of them ever noticed the other looking in their direction as often as it was happening. Even more amazing was the fact that it had been happening for so long and that she, Isabelle Evans, the social Queen of West Roswell hadn't noticed it. Max was pinning away for Liz at the same time Liz was pinning away for Max. She knew the reasons for Max to stay away from Liz, but pact or no pact it was time for her brother to live a little. At this point in time, Isabelle had no idea what kind of Pandora's box she was playing with. She had no idea that Max nor Liz could ever just have a casual get together, for even though she had witnessed how they both had been pinning away for each other. She had no idea just how deep both of the two of their emotions actually ran for each other.

Now that she didn't have to worry about manipulating the scenario for both her brothers, once she found out about Maria's dilemma, she put forth all her effort on her brother's happiness. Once she discovered Liz's so called date was Alex Whitman, Isabelle couldn't have been more pleased. For Isabelle knew for a fact that Alex and Liz were best of friends, but friends only. Tonight was just going to be too easy to get Max and Liz together. She couldn't wait to see how Max was going to respond to some of the party challenges that Pauly had already set up. There were ten of them in all and she planned on manipulating her brother into completing all ten of them with Liz. Each challenge required a couple, that's why Pauly's parties were by invite only and you weren't allowed in if you tried to go stag. She herself didn't know what all the challenges were, but she couldn't wait to see the look on Max's face when he was told about the Jell-O challenge. Her smile grew at just the thought and immediately left her brother's room knowing that tonight was going to be the best night of her brother's entire life. Even Isabelle didn't know how true her thoughts were at the moment and it was only the beginning.

Liz stood in front of her mirror examining herself for the millionth time in less than an hour. Maria had literally dragged her to the pull the day before and hand picked the outfit that Liz currently was wearing. Of course, this wasn't an outfit that she herself would have ever imagined herself wearing, but she had to admit it did make her look more alluring than she ever thought possible. A black mini skit and a turquoise halter top that didn't leave much to the imagination, but with the black leather jacket to top it off, she had to admit herself, she looked hot. She would just have to make damn sure that she kept the jacket on at all times. The halter top itself just stated I want to have sex tonight a little too much for Liz to even think about removing her jacket. She left her hair basically down except for a few butterfly clips that swept only half of the front of her hair upward and back, while the other half hung down straight. "Liz, honey, Alex is here."
Her mother shouted down the hallway. Checking herself, yet again she walked down the hallway toward her date.

"Wow! Liz, you look great. I'm going to be the envy of every guy at the party." Alex stated in a joking matter, but knew every word he said was going to be true. Liz looked incredible and if she wasn't so much of a sisterly friend to him, his brain would be thinking all kinds of thoughts that would only lead to trouble. Alex made a silent promise to himself, not to let Liz out of his sight for the entire night. There were just too many male teenage hormones that were going to be at that party and his instincts told him that tonight of all nights, Liz would need a big brother protecting her.

"Thanks, but I guess the compliment should go to Maria as she was the one that picked the outfit out for me to wear tonight. By the way, you look styling tonight yourself."

Shaking his head, he laughed as he stated. "Maria." The two friends laughed loudly before Liz turned to her parents that were also heading out for an evening of fun.

"I won't be too late tonight. I've got my cell phone, so if anything comes up, I'll leave a message so you guys won't have to worry." Liz was always the perfect daughter. She always let her parents know where she was going, who she was going with and how late she expected to be.

Neither Nancy nor Jeff Parker had concerns about their daughter, as she always showed good judgment, was responsible and they knew most of her friends were of a good crowd. No drugs, no alcohol. It also helped knowing that she was going to be with Alex all night so they didn't have to worry about any boy problems. Alex, was just like her brother and they had even had Alex over on several occasions to spend the night with Liz and Maria. No, tonight they were heading out for an evening of carefree fun, without any worries that their teenage daughter would be in good hands. Little did they know she would soon be in good hands, but the hands that would be holding her, would diffidently not be Alex's.

The two couples wished each other a good night and then got into their separate vehicles and were off for the evening. Once on the road, Liz expressed her concerns about going to the party. "Alex, maybe we should...."

She didn't even get her sentence completed before Alex interrupted her. "Don't even think it Parker. I'm under strict orders by Maria and I for one have no intention of having Maria's wrath rain down on me. We are going to Pauly's party, we are going to have a great time and we are going to be able to tell one Maria DeLuca every second of detail from this moment on so she won't be drilling us for information by this time next weekend." He finished adamantly.

"Okay, okay, your right. We're going to have a blast, but Alex promise me..."

Once again, she didn't need to finish her sentence as Alex was right there with her. "Don't worry Liz, I'll be right there with you every second of the night." He promised and he truly had every intention of keeping that promise. Little did he know that while he was making that very promise his own personal dream girl was doing some planning of her own to make sure the promise he had just made was never fulfilled.

By the time the two of them arrived at the party, it was already in full swing. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. Some were just standing around talking, others were munching on the snacks, some were dancing or listening to the music. All in all Liz couldn't believe how standard this party seemed to be. She had heard so many stories of all of Pauly's parties that she was nervous about coming this evening. But, as she and Alex walked around the party greeting other friends and acquaintances both felt slightly disappointed about the way the party seemed to have that ordinary flare of any regular party to it, nothing seemed spectacular. Nothing was so note worthy that they would hear talk about this party for weeks or months to come. No, as far as the two best friends could see, this was just like any other teenage party. The only difference she could see was the fact that everyone that was here were couples.

"Why don't we go grab a glass of punch?" Alex suggested, thinking on the same lines as Liz.
That Maria wasn't going to get that much as far as news or gossip about this party and he was halfway glad that she hadn't come. Because, he was sure Maria would have more disappointed than either Liz or himself.

"That sounds good." Liz agreed as the two of them made their way into the kitchen another couple was just arriving.

"Isabelle! Your here finally. I thought for a moment that you wouldn't be showing." Vicky Delaney stated in a false friendly tone of concern.

"What? And let my peers down. I don't think so." Isabelle replied in her ice princess voice. "So is everyone else here yet?" She asked knowing full well that she had timed her entrance to be the last person to arrive. "You know my brother Max, right?" She gripped her hold on her brother's arm and literally dragged inside the house.

The whispering had begun the minute Liz had arrived at the party. No one could believe that Isabelle would fulfill her promise of getting Liz to the party. But, when Max walked in the door, the atmosphere at the party silenced for a few seconds in total awe that not only had Isabelle been able to get Liz Parker to Pauly's party, but to also be able to follow through with her promise that her brother would also be there was just too much to believe. The other party members quickly regained their composure and the party atmosphere started all over again.

Max had no idea what he was supposed to do for the next hour, since that was how long he had promised his sister he would hang around for. Before he even had time to process it though, two girl's from school had already made their way over to him and were flirting like crazy. Which made Max all the more uncomfortable, but not able to hurt anyone's feelings he politely acknowledged their presence all the while looking helplessly for his sister. As she seemed to disappear the moment they stepped into the house. God, he was never going to forgive her for this and Max momentarily thought about leaving as quickly as he could manage to get away from the two girls that were practically offering themselves on a silver platter to him.

Isabelle had left Max to go seek out Pauly and make sure all the arrangements were made. She had assured him, if he would agree with her plan that his party would be the talk of the school for the rest of the year. Pauly couldn't care less who got paired with who, because he just liked to make up the challenges and liked the idea of how everyone talked about his party and the challenges for days, weeks, hell sometimes months after the fact. So when Isabelle suggested to him to get the most gossip out of the party was to make the gossip at the party the best it could be. And what the best possible gossip that could ever be noted would be to pair the unattainable Liz Parker with the elusive Max Evans. It only took Pauly a few moments to whole heartily agree with what Isabelle was saying so he made it a point to make sure that the two of them were paired when he began the challenges.

After she was positive her plan was still in motion, she returned to find her brother still standing close to the front door, with Stacy and Pam flirting like crazy around him. Trying to get him to turn his head in their direction. The only thing Isabelle could see though was her brother trying to find an escape. Doing a quick scan of the party goers, she noted the punch bowl would be a good place to take her brother to so he wouldn't run out on the party before the party really started to get going. Taking pity on her brother she quickly rushed up to him. "Excuse us, would you Stacy, Pam. I need to speak to my brother for just a moment." When the two girls started to whine in protest, Isabelle turned her best ice princess voice and glare on them. "Desperate much! I just need him for a second." With that she took hold of Max's arm and began to tug him toward the kitchen, punch bowl and the unattainable Liz Parker.

End Pt2
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I'm so glad you uys are enjoying this stor so far, because I'm having a great time writing it. Thanks for the great FB so far and hopefully you guys will continue to enjoy it so I can continue to write it. Without further a do here is the next part. Let me know what you think.

Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 3

"Yeah Liz, Alex. I'm pleasantly surprised to see the two of you here." Isabelle stated in an extra sweet voice. "That's a great color on you Alex." She flirted as she unbuttoned the top button of his shirt at the same time.

"Huh..uh.." Alex was completely awestruck at the elite Isabelle Evans. She had not only talked to him, she actually touched his shirt. He was never ever going to wash this shirt again. God, he was probably going to sleep in this shirt for the rest of his life as he dreamed of this moment in time, over and over again.

Liz seeing her friends distraught and inability to speak, spoke up for the both of them hoping to put her friend at ease. "Hello, Isabelle. Are you having a g.gooood t.tiimme.
Hi Max." She started strong, lost her composure when she saw Max step beside his sister and then recovered to a soft, shy greeting to him.

"Why, yes. Thank you so much for asking, both Max and I plan to have a great time tonight. Right Max?" She then gave her brother a quick elbow in his ribs to get him to regain his own composure. Amazing these two haven't gotten together before hand, Isabelle thought as she watched the two of them get lost in each other's eyes. This was just going to be way to easy for her.

"Uh..Hi, Liz. So how's the punch?" He asked trying to come up with anything to prolong his conversation with his dream girl. Punch? That was the best he could come up with, how's the punch? He mentally scolded his self.

"It's not too bad. Isabelle, would you like a glass?" Alex had regained the use of his vocal cords when the sexual tension in the room skyrocketed the moment Liz and Max's eyes met. His big brother instincts kicked into high gear he thought it would be a good idea to steer Liz away from Max before things got any deeper than they already had become. But, one more glance at Isabelle and his feet refused to move. Instead of following his first gut instinct and walking away he offered her a glass of punch.

Isabelle quickly accepted the offer, but before Alex could pour the glass Pauly grabbed hold of the microphone he had rigged to his stereo speakers. "Alrighty folks, it's time for this party to get underway now that all the guest have arrived. As most of you are aware, I like to put a little challenge to my parties. Now we have a total of twenty couples here tonight. That means we have ten challenges and ten pairs of watchers. The watchers will be responsible to verify the challenges are met. If a couple is unable to complete any challenge they will automatically be disqualified from the grand prize. What's the grand prize, you ask? Well, I just happen to have with me a pair of tickets to the Gomez concert in Albuquerque for next weekend, along with back stage passes. Now some of you already know how this game is played, but for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of coming to one of my parties before let me explain. Inside this hat I have placed the names of each of the guys here tonight. You ladies get the pleasure of picking your partner's name along with a number. The challenges tonight have been broken up into two halves. The first half of challenges are pretty basic and I'm sure some of you have had the pleasure of participating in them before. The last five challenges are little bit more challenging to perform, especially for those not so experienced shall we say. Now remember if you pull a number that has a W before it, that means you will be the watcher for that challenge this round. Remember ladies choose wisely as whoever you choose will be your partner for the night and they will be your only hope of getting to see the sold out Gomez concert." Pauly joked as he held out the hat in front of him. "Now who should go first. Remember everyone will have to complete all ten challenges in order to be eligible for the concert tickets.
Isabelle Evans, I believe you are as lovely a first lady as they come, so why don't you step on over and be our first lady tonight."

Isabelle, of course wasn't surprise by her being asked to be first. She had been to all of Pauly's parties in the past and was pretty sure she knew what to expect tonight. Of course, with each year his parties became a little more challenging and she was more than up for any challenge. Besides she always made it a point to be a watcher first, prior to having to do the challenge and if the challenge turned out to be something she knew she wouldn't be doing she simple shrugged it off, making some excuse and came out smelling like a rose every time. She quickly made her way over to where Pauly stood, closed her eyes and lifted a piece of paper out of the hat. Already knowing who her partner was going to be she awaited to hear his name anyway. "Isabelle's partner tonight will be Alex Whitman. Alex why don't you come on over and pick a challenge out of the round one jar."

Alex couldn't believe his luck, he was partnered with Isabelle Evans and his promise to stay by Liz's side tonight was quickly forgotten as he made his way over to the table of jars. He reached inside and pulled out a paper and opened it to reveal a W-1, then let out the breath he hadn't realized he had been holding as he realized he only had to watch the first challenge whatever that may be and handed the paper to Pauly. "Awe, our first lady and her partner get off easy this first round. Seems they will be a pair of watchers for the first challenge." Pauly continued to rattle off different names to come down to pick their partner and the partners picked the challenge number. Once it got to Liz's name, she hesitated briefly then walked over to pick her partner for the night. The entire way she silently begged for a certain partner's name to show up on her piece of paper. Handing the paper over to Pauly, she too held her breath. "Looks like our lovely Liz will be hanging with Maxwell Evans tonight." Oh thank you, thank you, thank you God. Liz repeated in her head as she watched for Max's reaction to being her partner. His responsive shy smile was all the encouragement that she needed to know this party was about to become the best night of her life.

When Pauly had first started explaining the challenges, Max was ready to bolt for the door once again. Promise to his sister or not, there was no way he was going to do any kind of challenges no matter how minor with the likes of Pam Troy all night. That fear was quickly relieved the moment Pam picked Marcus Reed as her partner. Then Liz's name was called and every fiber of his being stood on end in hopes and prayers that she would be the one to pull his name. The moment his name was called Max didn't know if he should jump for joy or cry in relief. Suddenly now that he was partnered with Liz, that hour only promise he had made to his sister was long forgotten. He couldn't help the small smile that automatically appeared on his face and began to walk over to the challenge jars. The slip of paper had only the number 1 printed on it. He stepped back next to Liz and whispered. "You ready partner?"

"I think I need more information before I can honestly answer that question." Her heart was beating so fast she was sure he would be able to hear it. Even though none of them had been told what the challenges were as of yet, just the thought of having Max as her partner for these so called challenges was already making her mind race with what the possibilities could be. She wasn't sure if she was more nervous or excited about what was to come. This night was diffidently turning into one of the best nights of her life.

Max stood anxiously beside her, hoping that she wouldn't be able to hear how fast his heart was pounding in his chest. He still had no idea what to expect out of these challenges, but all he knew for sure was he would be doing them with Liz Parker and that alone was enough to make his blood boil in excitement. Now all he had to do was keep his body from going into over load so he wouldn't screw up the first challenge. Knowing the more and more he was able to succeed in the challenges the longer he got to be partnered with Liz.

Pauly finished assigning all the partners and each pair had already picked what challenge they were assigned to due. Now it was the time for everyone to learn what exactly they would be doing. "Now each challenge has a five minute time limit, you must either complete the challenge within the five minutes or you must do the challenge for at least five minutes. The couple that has only the number is the couple that will do each challenge first, the one's with the W's in front will be the watchers to verify the couple has completed the challenge within the five minutes or for the five minutes. Then each couple will switch places. Now is there any questions before I reveal the first five challenges of the evening."

Robin Trently immediately voiced her objection. "Can we switch partners if we want before we start and are we stuck with who we picked?" Brett McGee who was currently Robin's partner face flamed in humiliation at just how easily she belittled him with that one simple question. Okay, so he wasn't the all American jock, but he wasn't trash either and he didn't appreciate how easily she had just dismissed him in front of all his other peers.

Before Brett could voice his own crude remark, Pauly spoke up. "Now Robin, you know the rules. Once you've chosen your partner, he's yours for the duration. Participation in the challenges is totally optional, but if you don't do them you forfeit your chance at winning the grand prize. Any other questions?"

The room became silent for just a moment while Pauly took the time to make sure everyone understood the ground rules so far. "Now the first three challenges will be performed here in the living room, the fourth will take place in the kitchen and the fifth will be in the den where the big screen is currently located. Isabelle since you are one of the watchers for the first challenge why don't you read the card and see what Challenge Number 1 is."

Isabelle walked back over to the table and picked up the card that had a large #1 printed on it, opening carefully she read. "Braun is the show of strength, it's time to show your partner your strength." She looked over to Max, knowing whatever sick idea Pauly had come up with he would be more than able to handle this challenge. Then she carefully glanced back to her own partner, whereas nice a guy as Alex was he certainly show that he had the same kind of build as her brother or the other jocks in the room. Isabelle suddenly was very unsure of her decision. It was one thing to bow out of a challenge and use her best ice princess status because of the reasoning, but to be kicked out of the game because her and her partner were unable to complete a challenge. Especially the very first challenge now that was totally unacceptable. "So you want the guys to flex their muscles for us girls or what?" She asked unsure if she wanted to really hear this challenge or not.

"Oh Isabelle, I'm so disappointed in you. Flexing muscles is so tenth grade. No, tonight us men are going to be doing American style push-ups with a twist. Your partner will be sitting on your back speaking words of encouragement for five entire minutes."

Isabelle gave a quick glance over at Alex and one look at his worried face told her this would be a difficult challenge for him and was about to say something when Liz stepped up to her and whispered for her ears only. "Don't worry, Alex works out regularly. He just doesn't feel it's as important to show off his muscles as some other guys at school." She reassured Isabelle, being able to read her thoughts on the subject almost instantly. Isabelle gave Liz a slight nod, acknowledging she understood her words completely. Heck, she had probably dated half the guys that Liz had spoken of and couldn't have agreed more at Liz's statement.

Leaning over to give Liz the same kind of encouragement she whispered back. "This will be a walk in the park for Max." Although Max never joined in any sports at school, his body was well toned and Isabelle of all people knew the exact reasoning why. It wasn't to impress the girls, it wasn't to get a varsity letter. No, unlike most teenage guys his age, Max worked out vigorously to be prepared for the unknown. Enemies were out there, alien or FBI, it didn't matter and Max, Michael and Isabelle had spent many of evenings planning, preparing, practicing and working out just to be sure they were ready for whatever happened to come their way.

But, what surprised Isabelle the most at the moment was Liz's casual commit back to her. "I know." Was all she said, but at that moment Isabelle Evans realized one very important thing. Liz Parker had checked her brother out and checked him out regularly.

Pauly went on over to Kristen and Tommy to read off the second challenge to them, then continued on down toward the next couple Kyle and Vicky, then Pam and Marcus and finally going into the bedroom he stated the challenge for Robin and Brett. Seconds later Robin came screaming out of the bedroom. "No Way in HELL, am I going to sit through that with HIM!" The huffed off down the hall to the bathroom and slammed the door shut.

"Well, it looks like we have our first disqualified couple of the evening." Pauly laughed off and then looked at his watch. "Okay, everyone get ready."

Max looked over at Liz. "Are you okay with this?" He asked not wanting to pressure her into doing anything that might make her feel the slightest bit uncomfortable.

Liz looked shyly up into Max's beautiful amber eyes. "I think I'm getting off pretty easy on this challenge myself. Are you okay with this?" She returned.

Nodding his head slightly, giving her a small Max signature smile that melted her heart into a pool of mush, he confirmed what Liz herself already knew. "I think I can handle this." Just as long as you don't say the words I'm getting off while your on my back, I'll be just fine. Max thought to himself as he reached his hand out for Liz to take. Shyly she placed her hand in his and allowed him to lead her over to a spot in the living room that had been obviously cleared out of furniture for Challenge #1 to take place. He got down on his hands and knees, then into a push-up position before giving Liz the okay I'm ready look. Hesitantly she sat down on the right side of his back, but her feet were still touching the ground as she was afraid to put her full body weight on Max's back side for fear of hurting him.

Pauly walked over and instantly reprimanded her. "No cheating Liz, Max can't very well show off his muscles to you if your helping him. Feet off the ground." Liz immediately pulled her feet up and scooted to the middle of his back.

It was Alex who stepped in next. "Uh..Liz, you might want to lay length wise on top to distribute your weight more evenly. Sitting in the small of someone's back like that could take it's toll on even the best of us, right Max?" In realty he was thinking of himself being the next person in that position and knew having the weight centered only on his lower back would be more difficult. Being a man that prided himself on able to figure out the best angles for solutions, he figured distributing the weight more evenly might help to add on the few extra minutes in the timing he would need to complete the challenge.

Isabelle got what Alex was saying and immediately jumped on the band wagon. "Yeah, Alex is right and you might want to consider letting me hold your jacket while we're at it. No reason to add any extra weight then necessary, right Max?"

To Max it didn't really matter, because Liz felt light as a feather to him in any position on his back, jacket or not. But, as he happened to look forward, he noticed that he just happened to pick a spot directly in front of a mirror and the sight of Liz Parker sitting on his back, he couldn't help but let out a groan at the way his body was beginning to react to the sight before his very own eyes.

Liz was about to protest taking off her jacket as she recalled the kind of halter shirt Maria had forced her to wear for the evening, but the moment she heard Max's groan she immediately took it that she was already becoming too heavy for him and they hadn't even started yet. Quickly she shed the jacket and did as Alex and Isabelle suggested and laid flat against his back, butt and legs. Her front to his back and her hair fanned around his face. That was all it took for Max's mind to fill with all sorts of fantasies and he began to pump his arms up and down. Isabelle clicked the stop watch to start the timer that Pauly had handed them and the first challenge was on the way.

Laying on top of Max in the position she was in, Liz could feel just about every single one of his muscles as he continued to pump up and down. Her breathing became just as heavy as Max's had within just the first minute and neither had anything to do with the actual push-ups themselves. Liz looked forward and her eyes locked with Max's in the mirror wall that stood before them and suddenly the room seemed to heat up at least ten degrees. Her body started to respond to the way his was moving underneath hers and with his intense eyes turned darker, Liz wouldn't have been able to stop the moan that escaped her lips if she tried. "Oh God, Max." Then realizing what she must have sounded like to him, she tried to remember why they were in the current position they were in and tried to recover some sense of herself. She started to whisper words of encouragement in his ear. "Keep going, your almost there. Keep going." But, her voice took on a tone she hadn't even known she possessed as it came out in a deep, sultry voice.

"Three minutes." Alex shouted out to them, but Max and Liz barely heard his voice as they were solely in their own little paradise at the moment.

When Max had heard her voice, every muscle tensed with more power than he even knew he had.
The push-ups themselves were starting to get harder and he was desperate to hear that tone in her voice once again. "Liz...deep breath, release...Keep talking."

Instinctively Liz knew exactly what Max was requesting without him having to go into details what he wanted or needed. She allowed her arms to circle around to his chest and she began her encouraging words once again in the low, sultry voice. "That's it Max. Your almost there, keep going. Don't stop, Max. Don't stop." Suddenly a wave of intense pleasure swept through Liz's body as Max's body continued to move up and down underneath her and she let the feeling take over. "Oh yes...God, yes. Don't stop, please don't stop." She moved her hips ever so slightly so that the movement couldn't be seen, but Max sure in hell could feel what she as doing.

Looking into the mirror again and the look that Liz's face had taken on, was a look he wanted to see again soon and often. That was all it took for Max's own body to react violently to the sight before him. Just as Alex yelled out they had made it, letting them know their five minutes were up, Max lost the ability to control his body and the most enjoyable ejaculation of his lifetime so far had just been released from his body. "Oh God, Liz he moaned out as his body collapsed to the ground.

Liz was immediately off his back and ran in front of him, bending downward to look into his eyes thinking she had killed him or something. "Max, are you okay?"

Trying to get his body under control he quickly used his powers by waving his hand over the front of his jeans before lifting his head upward. The moment his eyes turned upward they were welcomed by the sight of a girl's cleavage. Not just any girl's either, Liz Parker's breast were staring right at him. No, no, no, that's wrong. Breast can't stare at you. Oh God, I'm staring at Liz Parker's breast. Immediately his lower body started to come to life again. Suddenly he knew this was going to be the best and last night of his life as Liz Parker was surely going to kill him. His eyes pulled away from the treat they were given and saw the concern face of Liz staring back at him. "I'm fine, Liz. I'm more than fine really. Just needed a minute" He replied to her question.

Liz did the only thing she could think to do, she leaned over and placed a soft kiss upon his cheek, then whispered in his ear. "Thank you, Max. You did great." With that she stood back up and stepped over to where Alex and Isabelle stood.

Whispering to himself, Max stated. "No, Thank You." As he stood to follow Liz's lead.

End Pt3

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This story is just taking off, I'm glad you guys are still enjoying it. I can't seem to stop writing. Thanks for all the wonderful FB. Here is the next part, hope you enjoy it also. Let me know what you think.

Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 4

Alex knew he wasn't about to be able to keep the pace that Max had set, especially at the end where he seemed to have this burst of energy and was pumping his arms up and down as if his life depended on it. But, even though Alex knew he couldn't keep up with Max's pace, he still knew he would be able to handle the challenge. Isabelle took her position on top of him, once he was set and ready. Liz started the stop watch and Alex was off. Isabelle leaned next to his ear and tried to encourage him onward. "Your doing great Alex, I knew you can do this. I believe in you Alex Charles Whitman."

Alex's head shot up the instant Isabelle used his middle name. He didn't even realize that Isabelle Evans knew his name at all, let alone his middle name. The moment he saw their reflection in the mirror, Alex understood exactly what gave Max the ability to go at the pace he had. But, Alex needed to keep his focus, Isabelle believed in him and he sure in the hell wasn't about to let her down now. His body moved up and down in a slow, but steady pace as Isabelle kept speaking words of encouragement to him and before he knew it Liz was at his side shouting excitedly that he had done it. While Isabelle climbed off his back. Like Max, Alex's body dropped to the ground, but in exhaustion Vs the true reason Max had collapsed.

The entire time that Alex and Isabelle were completing their challenge, both Max and Liz tried to avoid eye contact in fear that the other would know exactly what had happened to them as they had completed their first challenge. Neither could believe they had lost their control the way the had, in a room full of people no less. Both prided themselves on taking control of situations and using their brains to help sustain that control. Secretively however, both were more than happy that they had shared something so intimate with each other, even if the other person didn't know they had experienced a pleasure so intense it had taken their breaths away for a second.

Their own personal thoughts had been put on the back burner, when the stop watch had reached it's goal of five minutes and they realized that Isabelle and Alex had completed the first challenge also. They also heard Josh yelling about how stupid Jenna was, which she fought back instantly, giving as good as she got. Apparently the two of them had not been successful with challenge #2 and had been disqualified. After a few minutes to recoup Pauly announced it was time to move on to the next challenge. The couples from challenge #1 were to move on down to where challenge #2, #2 to the #3 spot, ending with #5 moving to #1.

Isabelle once again took it upon herself to read challenge #2. "Braun and beauty are only as strong as the mind allows. Use your whits to turn the cube until all the colors fit."
All four of the two couples smiled widely at what the next challenge apparently was. Max and Liz especially since both of them were recovery from a little extra curriculum activity they had taken on in the last challenge. "I hate to ask, but is the challenge only to beat a rubics cube?" Isabelle inquired as that in itself seemed a little too easy.

"That's it, Isabelle. Of course, you must work with your partner so you have to take turns after each move." Pauly answered as he came up behind the four to make sure they understood the rules of the challenge.

Alex and Isabelle gave each other a look, obviously sizing each other up in the strength department. While Liz and Max finally managed to look into each other's eyes once again. They both gave the other a shy smile as they had been lab partners long enough to know they knew how the other one worked. All four felt confident that they could easily win this challenge, but working with someone else could easily throw off your concentration or if they made a wrong move by accident it could cause them to easily not meet the time limit set of five minutes. Max walked over to the rubics cube, picked it up and handed it to Liz. "Ladies first." He stated, then gave her another one of those half smiles of his that left her knees feeling weak.

Isabelle held up the stop watch, stated, "go" at the same time she click the timer for the five minutes to begin. Liz quickly made her move, handed back to Max who moved the cube again, then handed it back. The two worked in sync with each other, almost like they could read and anticipate what the other persons next move was going to be. Within only about a minute and a half time they had successfully completed the rubic cube so all the different colors were aligned on the correct side. "I guess this means we get to move on to #3." Max stated proudly of their accomplishment.

"Yeah, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing." Liz replied as they watched Shelly and Vance drop a card in-between the two of them and immediately started to yell at each other. "Max, if we don't...I mean if for some reason we aren't able to..."

"Successfully complete a challenge." He finished her thought process for her.

Nodding her head to say that's what she was trying to say. "Well, I just wanted you to know that I won't get upset and I hope you aren't disappointed either." The last thing Liz wanted at this point was to have Max yell at her about making some stupid mistake. So far, they hadn't really had it too hard. Well, she hadn't had it too hard, but she knew sooner or later they were going to get into an area that she wasn't sure if she could or would be willing to complete and she just didn't want to disappoint Max.

"Trust me Liz, I won't be angry or disappointed. We're here to have fun, I'm having a great time myself and I wouldn't want to make you feel that you had to do something that made you feel uncomfortable in any way. We're in this together okay." He hoped his words set her mind at ease.

"Thank you, Max. It's just that so far everyone that's been disqualified seems to be very upset and I just..."

Max reached over and instinctually lifted her chin with his hand so their eyes met. "Liz, it's okay. Let's just have fun for as long as it feels fun." Liz smiled a genuine smile for him, which he returned accepting the deal silently.

Liz then took control of the stop watch and was just about to start it for Isabelle and Alex to complete their second challenge when Matt collapse in the middle of his push-ups taking Brenda with him. As the current statistic went Brenda immediately started to scream at Matt. Matt trying to defend himself by blaming it on the previous challenge, which only caused Brenda to scream even louder at him and the two of them stormed off in opposite directions. Just as that scenario had calmed down Abbey stormed out of the den screaming the words You Pig at John as he came running out after her in apology. It took about two minutes for the two of them to forgive each other and headed off into the a secluded portion of the living room to contentedly sit and make out. Well, at least they didn't storm off in the opposite direction. Liz had no idea what the Challenge #5 was, but she knew it wasn't going to be pretty. So far at least one of every set of couples that went into the den had been disqualified from the contest. "You guys ready?" She asked trying to get the four of them back into the game themselves and off all the other things that were happening around them. For she was pretty confident they would be finding out what the other challenges were pretty quick.

Both Isabelle and Alex nodded their heads and soon the two of them had also successfully arranged the cube to the correct color scheme. But, no sooner had they completed challenge #2 then they saw Deb run out of the kitchen screaming. "Your supposed to put the Jell-O down my throat, not your tongue!"

At that small piece of information four pairs of eyes widen at the thought of what exactly challenge #4 is. Alex was the first to clear his throat and asked if anyone else was thirsty, considering his mouth had suddenly gone completely dry. Within seconds everyone was nodding their head and all four headed over to the punch bowl to get a much needed drink. While at the punch bowl, Max decided it was now or never. "Uh..Liz, I was wondering if you...if you...if you got any new items put on the menu at the Crashdown?" God, I am such a wimp. Chicken, Chicken, Bauck, ba..bauck. Max screamed inside his head. He wanted to ask her out, actually he had dreamed of asking her to prom, but thought he would never have the nerve nor the opportunity. Now he had the perfect opportunity and he had lost his nerve completely. You wussy, he degraded himself in his mind.

Liz bit her lower lip in defeat, she was so sure Max Evans had been just about to ask her out when he obviously changed his mind. Maybe spending so much time with me tonight made him realize how much of a nerd I really am. I mean who else completes a rubic cube that quickly except for a nerd, she belittled herself before answering his question. "No, not since yesterday anyway." She answered, then realized how that must have sounded, considering the fact that Max had been in the restaurant just yesterday afternoon. God, why do I sound like such an idiot around him.

Max quickly turned away as he stated. "Oh, yeah. I hadn't really looked at the menu very closely." He tried to cover his mistake, but still had to turn away due to his embarrassment at being such an idiot when he was around her.

Liz was just about to say something to the fact that why should he bother looking at it, because he was there almost every other day at least, but quickly caught herself and bit her bottom lip once again to keep her motor mouth in check. Max was just about to get the nerve back up to try again, when Pauly announce it was time to move on to the next challenge. Max knew his moment had passed, but didn't even think twice about grabbing Liz's hand to led her over to the next challenge area.

There were two plant stands that stood about five feet apart, one held what looked like a regular deck of cards. As before Isabelle grabbed the challenge and read it out loud. "A regular game of suck and blow, usually ends in fun for the two of you. But, where the fun would begin tonight, next weekend's plans would be particularly blue."

"What kind of game is suck and blow?" Liz asked suddenly feeling a little too nieve in the way of the party world.

From the shrug of her brother's shoulders and the same questioning face upon Alex, Isabelle knew it was going to be up to her to explain how to play. "Suck and Blow is a pretty fun game actually, but you usually play it with a big group of people. You see you have to pick up a card by using the suction of your mouth, then passed the card to the next person by them sucking on it and you releasing it by blowing slightly on it. Now usually if you drop the card you end up kissing the person you were originally trying to pass it to, so it turns out to be kind of funny if you get stuck next to a person you really don't want to kiss."

"Okay, so what we have to pass a card to each other and that's it?" Max asked not quite sure he was understanding the hard part of the challenge. Maybe this one wasn't going to be that bad after all.

"Not exactly Max. You and your partner will need to pass the entire deck from that table through each other to the other table without dropping any cards and doing it within the five minute time period. It doesn't sound too hard, but it's a lot harder to do than meets the eye. I have found many lips that have passed my way of this game, I highly recommend it. Wouldn't you agree Isabelle?"

"In your dreams pervert. Don't you have other people to bother?" Isabelle's ice princess voice came out loud and clear. That's when it hit both Liz and Alex, so far the entire evening they had spent with Isabelle, she was actually acting like a civilized human being instead of her normal, I'm better then you so bow down to me routine she usually acts like.
Liz and Alex threw each other a knowing glance. That's all it was an act, for her so called friends. But, with them she seemed more normal, more real, more sweet, even vulnerable. Liz assumed it was because Max was around that she felt like she could be herself for an evening. Liz still couldn't help but wonder if maybe her and Isabelle could actually become friends.

Wanting to keep the mood still friendly, Liz spoke up maybe a little to friendly. "Well, it doesn't seem all that difficult, I'm up for it. What about you guys?"

Alex and Isabelle both shrugged their shoulders in an accepting the challenge manner, where Max looked a little nervous and didn't make any movement like he was okay with continuing.
Liz took his lack of movement to say that he wasn't sure if he wanted to do this or not. She personally had no idea what kind of effect just being in close proximity to her caused his body. She just took his silence and lack of movement to mean he wasn't okay with doing it and didn't want to continue. Considering they had just been discussing the fact that they wouldn't be upset if one decided to not continue or was unable to complete a challenge so Liz felt torn about how to approach the subject. The challenge itself didn't seem that difficult to her, nor did it seem that inappropriate considering if they did fail or mess up the worst that would happen would be a forced kiss between the two. A kiss she had no problem with, but apparently Max did. He doesn't want to kiss me. I can't believe I didn't think about this before. Why would Max Evans want to kiss me, scrawny, brainy, Liz Parker?
He is just trying to think of a way to bow out gracefully without hurting my feelings probably. He's never rude to anyone, that's one reason he is so attracted to you in the first place Parker. Thinking quickly she stepped in front of Max and said. "Max, I won't be upset if you don't want to try it. I mean you won't hurt my feelings, it's okay. I understand."

Max had been having all kinds of fantasies regarding the current challenge and what it would be like to actually feel Liz's lips on his. Hell he had never even kissed a girl before and here he was being asked to have his greatest dream come true handed to him on a sliver platter. He thought about the possibility of failing to connect with the card she was holding on purpose just so he could actually feel her lips and actually experience his first kiss with Liz Parker, his dream girl, herself. But, would she be upset if they lost, or disappointed with him. She said she wouldn't, but he had been watching Liz for years. He of all people knew how competitive she got. She wouldn't say it out loud because she's not that kind of person. She's too sweet and kind hearted, that's one main reason your so attracted to her to begin with. But, could he actually do the challenge and not take the opportunity that presented itself to him. Of course, he had no idea what other challenges that were still ahead of them and that meant he could have even a better opportunity. But, if he were able to feel her lips for a second, would he be able to control himself and not ravish her until all the breath was completely out of his lungs and hers. He hadn't even noticed that he had spaced completely there until his angel's voice tuned into his ears. Oh God, she thinks I don't want to do it, because I'm just standing here like an idiot. Oh God, I'm still standing here like an idiot. Say SOMETHING IDIOT! "NO! I want to kiss you." Oh God, did I just say I want to kiss her. I DID! Oh God! I am such an idiot.
"I mean...I would like to try the challenge with you, if you want to." His brain finally came out of it's Liz lust filled haze and was able to process a half way decent sentence.

Did Max Evans just say he wanted to kiss me? He DID! He did say he wanted to kiss. Oh God, I want him to kiss me so bad I can almost taste it now. "I'd like that...I mean..I'd like to try the challenge too."

Max reached for her hand and without hesitating she placed hers in his and together they stepped in between the two tables. "Do you want to practice one first before we begin or just go for it?" She inquired unsure if a practice run was okay to do or would that be unallowed in the rules somewhere and disqualify them.

"I don't know if we should take the chance or not." Max replied to her question thinking on the same page as she was. Besides, he didn't want to get disqualified before he even had the chance to touch her lips. "It's pretty basic, why don't we just..."

"Go for it." She stated in a joking manner, but her words had such a double meaning that both of them ending up blushing. Recomposing herself, Liz bent down and was just about to pick up the first card by suction with her lips when challenge #5 claimed yet another victim.

Julie came storming out of the den yelling. "Doesn't the word GENTLEMAN mean anything to you? It means NO hands! No touching! You are such an animal, I can't take you any where."

Riley quickly swooped her up in his arms and planted a long hot open mouth kiss upon her mouth, then pulled away saying. "You know you love me when I get all animalistic." As the two of them walked by where Isabelle, Alex, Max and Liz stood. All four of them had the same thoughts. What the hell is challenge #5 anyway?

Trying to get them back in the game and trying not to let his mind wander with all the possibilities that challenge #5 could be too much, Max quickly gave Liz's hand a quick squeeze. The hand he had yet to let go of because it just felt so natural together with his. "You ready?" With a quick nod, Liz leaned back over and once again began to form a suction against the top card on the deck. Finding it to be a little more difficult then she had originally thought, but accomplishing the task she held the card with suction upon her mouth and turned toward Max.

Max leaned down and quickly took the opportunity to place his mouth on hers, of course a playing card was in between them, but in Max's book it didn't matter. He left his lips pressed against hers. In fact neither made any attempt to withdraw their pressed lips away from each other and they more then likely would have stayed locked in that position if it hadn't been for Alex who spoke up once he realized neither of the two of them were even trying to make an attempt to pull away. "Uh..Guys, you only have four minutes left to move all the cards. Make that three minutes and forty-five seconds...forty..thirty five..Max, Liz..You can lock lips later..."

Alex attempt to joke about their current lip lock and their ability to continue it later finally sank in and Max formed a suction quickly against the card and withdrew it from Liz's lips. He released the card at the same time Liz had picked another one up. By the time Max was turned back around, Liz was waiting with another card already against her mouth. In no time the two of them had a rhythm going between them and they were quickly dwindling their pile of cards from one table and building them up on the other. The only problem was they had wasted so much time on that first card that they didn't spare themselves any extra time so by the time they were down to only thirty seconds left they still had about ten more cards to finish off.

Isabelle and Alex had both grabbed each other's hands squeezing them harder than they realized as they watched a frantic Max and Liz desperately race against the timer. Fifteen seconds and five cards left, their pace quickened even more. Together Alex and Isabelle started counting down the last ten seconds. "Ten, nine, eight." By the time they got to five Max and Liz were on their finally card. Liz pressed her lips that held the last card against Max's mouth and tore her mouth away a millisecond too quick. "Four, three." The final card started to fall in-between their bodies and without thinking Max wrapped his arms around Liz's waist and pulled her body up flush against his. His head bent forward and his lips caught their last card between his mouth and Liz's upper breast. "Two." Without taking the time to release her from his grasp he turned both their bodies to the other table. "One." Dropping the card from his mouth on top of the rest of the deck, just as the ding sounded on the stop watch.

"We Did IT! We Actually Did It!" Liz shouted out as she jumped up and down excitedly against Max's body. In the excitement of the moment and without even thinking she placed her lips on Max's and gave Max his first real taste of the girl of his dreams.

End Part 4
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Okay I can see everyone is wondering about Challenge #5 and I have to say it's a doosey. But, first we have to go through #4 and I'm betting most of you will enjoy it. Thanks for the FB, I'm glad everyone's enjoying the fun of the fic. Here's the next part, hope you like it. Let me know what you think.

Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 5

Instantly Liz was brought back to realty and opened her eyes wide as she pulled back from Max's lips. "I..I'm sorry, it's just..I can't believe we made it." She stumbled across with her words feeling like a complete idiot.

Max hardly had time to process what had happened since before his mind had time to process that Liz's actual lips were touching his and he was truly being kissed by Liz Parker, she had pulled away. Then what he had done to secure that they had actually completed the challenge came into his mind. He had basically caught the fallen card between his mouth and the upper part of her breast. Oh man, I had my mouth on her breast. Me, Max Evans, had his mouth upon Liz Parker's breast and she hadn't even slapped him. Instead she kissed me, she actually kissed me. Okay I must be dead, because I know for a fact I'm in heaven. This has got to be what heaven feels like. Even if I'm not dead, I could die right now and I'd still be the happiest man alive. Wait, why is Liz blushing like that? Oh man, you idiot she just apologized for kissing me and I'm standing here like an idiot again. Quick, Say Something, ANYTHING! "Your Beautiful." Oh God, I didn't just say that out loud did I. Man, she's probably going to run screaming away from you. Way to play it cool Evans, you idiot.

Blushing even a deeper pink tone at his words, she retorted the only thing her mind would process. "Thank you." Then her own mind processed what had just happened and only one thought had come to mind. How she wished that card had fallen completely free and wasn't blocking Max's mouth from actually sucking on her breast. Wait, Oh Lord, did I just wish for Max to suck on my breast? What is happening to me? First I have my first orgasm and the guy hadn't even really touched me, I just laid on his back. Then I'm wishing I had lost a challenge just so Max could have sucked on my breast for real, in a room full of people no less and then I practically throw myself at him. God, he probably thinks I'm a slut. Maria is never going to believe the way I am acting. Note to self, make sure you talk to Alex to confirm stories about tonight before Maria gets back.

Liz's own thoughts were interrupted by Alex who slapped Max on the back. "Way to make a save, Max."

"You guys did great. I didn't think you were going to make it. I have to admit that was quite a unique way to finish though." Isabelle stated with a touch of sarcasm. If she hadn't witnessed it with her own eyes she would never have believed that her brother would have been so bold to due a move like he had. Not to mention Max's comment to Liz after their winning kiss. Isabelle was starting to wonder if she had released some kind of untamed animal from it's cage. Little did she know just how soon she would see just what kind of animal her brother could be.

Isabelle comments made Max blush until his ears turned red. Suddenly remembering he hadn't even apologized to Liz as of yet. "Liz, I didn't mean to...Uh..."

"It's okay Max." Liz stated, letting him know that she understood he wasn't trying to attack her, not that she would have mind if he had. But, was just going after the card.
Trying to change the subject quickly she said anything that she might regret. Like the fact that anytime he wanted to suck on her breast she would be more than okay with it, she added.
"I guess it's up to the two of you now." Motioning to both Alex and Isabelle.

Alex looked over to Isabelle. "You ready partner?" Isabelle gave a quick nod and the two of them stepped up to the two tables and they were off, with Isabelle taking one, then passing it Alex and within three minutes they had completed the challenge without any incident. They were so wrapped up in their own challenge, they hadn't even realized that two other couples had been disqualified. Gary and Betty over at the challenge #1 station and Carrie and Bill didn't finish the rubics cube challenge in time. But they did finish in time to hear Pam and Marcus's commits about challenge #5 as they successfully emerged from the den.

"Man that was hot." Marcus stated as Pam voiced back to him in a low slutty voice.

"I'd like to try that later tonight."

Now everyone knew what Pam's reputation was, so that comment made all four of them that much more curious about challenge #5. Not wanting Liz nor his sister to feel uncomfortable, Max
thought it was best to worry about their upcoming challenge in lieu of where it was apparent all their minds were going with worry and wondering about challenge #5. Anyway before they made it to challenge #5, they were going to have to make it past challenge #4. "You guys want a break or are you ready to go see what the next challenge is?"

"It's got something to do with Jell-O so I'm in. I remember in sixth grade, I practically lived on the stuff." Liz joked.

"I remember, you use to eat it at lunch just about every day at school." Max stated
with a genuine laugh.

Alex was having a great time, he hadn't even caught on what Max had just let slip out. The fact he knew that Liz had for lunch everyday at school, yet he had never actually eaten with her. But, that small slip didn't get past Isabelle who suddenly realized how long her brother had been pinning for Liz. Looking at him now with a whole knew set of eyes, his eyes seemed to have a certain sparkle to them that she had never seen before. Not to mention how much he had smiled tonight. Max never smiled, he was always Mr. Serious, Mr. I'm in Control. Smirked, yes. Smiled, No. And he actually laughed, a genuine good all American laugh. Isabelle tried to remember the last time she heard her brother laugh, especially one like that. The answer was simple, never. The way his whole entire body seem to be glowing tonight. Then she noticed Liz, she had the exact same aura surrounding her.
When Isabelle glanced downward and saw how their hands were inter linked together in such a natural looking state, she knew without a doubt. Her brother was in love with Liz Parker.

Max's statement had also been caught by Liz, but she immediately knew she had heard him wrong. Deciding she no longer cared why or how she was here with Max Evans, but she was determined to just go with it at this point. She had kissed him and he hadn't pulled away, instead he told her she was beautiful. No one had ever said that to her, well besides her Mom, Dad, Maria and Alex, but they don't really count. Not only hadn't he pulled away, told her she was beautiful, but also was still holding her hand in his. At this point Liz was through questioning the how's and the why's, she was just going to go for it and have fun for once in her life.

Asking Liz out was still a high priority on Max's list of things to do before this night was over with. He just had to figure out how to get his voice to say what his mind was telling it to say. He was already floating on cloud nine and decided before the night was over, he, himself, Max Evans was determined to have a prom date for the first time in his entire life.
Keeping a hold of Liz's hand that he still hadn't relinquished since he had taken it the first time, he guided her into the kitchen area to see what their challenge would be.

As it had become custom by this time, Isabelle picked up the challenge card that had the #4 written on the top of it and read it out loud to everyone. "They say food is the key to every man's heart, so it's time to feed your partner and hope the treat's not too tart."
Sitting on the counter were several bowls of Jell-O. "This doesn't sound too hard. Hell, anyone can feed someone Jell-O." Isabelle stated knowing she had to be missing some part to this challenge.

"That is obviously a correct statement Isabelle, but it can be difficult when you aren't allowed to use your hands." Pauly stated as he walked up to the group of four. "Now I am giving each couple their option as to who feeds and who gets to eat the stuff, just to show I have a heart."

Isabelle couldn't help but roll her eyes at Pauly. Pauly was one of the most popular guys at school, not only because his parties were the talk of the school, but he also played a variety of sports. He most diffidently was considered on the A list at school socially, but that didn't mean Isabelle had to like him. In fact, she really didn't and with her Ice Princess reputation she was able to insult him regularly and get away with it. Basically Isabelle could insult just about any one and get away with it, because she was at the top of the social status in school. "Pauly, you may go away now." She dismissed him with a wave of her hand and to the other three members of the group standing there, they watched in amazement as he did exactly what she had commanded of him.

But, for Max, he didn't have time to care about his sister and her so called pawns in her life. No, his mind was most diffidently on much more important things. Like the fact that he was going to actually be touching Liz's lips for real this time. No playing card in between them, this was hands down the best challenge in the world as far as he was concerned. Now if only he could slow down his beating heart so he didn't have a heart attack before he got the opportunity of a life time. He was also having a problem of another part of his body becoming a little too stiff just thinking about getting another taste of Liz.

"I guess we should decide on who's going to feed and who's going to get fed?" Liz inquired to her partner and the man of her dreams. God, could this night get any better. I don't think so. Liz didn't care one way or another, all she knew was she was going to be feeling that deep intense sensation that she did for only those few seconds earlier when she had kissed Max ever so quickly before. Considering how wonderful it had felt when they were doing the suck and blow challenge to have Max's mouth pressed against her. Even if a playing card was in between them, it simply didn't matter. That first card proved two things to Liz now that she had time to think about it. One, Max made her feel things that she had never felt before and she wanted more of those feelings and two, the fact that Max hadn't pulled away with the card when he had taken hold of it, but they had stayed joined in that spot far too long. Almost so long that they barely finished the challenge in time. Liz could only imagine how much she would be kicking herself right now if they had indeed blown it and been disqualified then, knowing what she knew now.

"How about I feed the Jell-O to you, since you already made it known how much you like the it?" Max volunteered himself for two reasons. One, he didn't want Liz to get her face all messy by putting it in some bowl full of Jell-O and two, being the one to feed the Jell-O gave that person a little more control and right now Max needed all the control money could buy.

"Okay." At this point Liz would agree to just about anything. Hell, if Max told her he was an alien and wanted to impregnate her with an alien being she would probably say okay to him.

"Any particular flavor you prefer. It seems we have your choice." He waved his free hand over to the variety of different bowls of Jell-O. Letting her have the choice in which flavor she wanted.

Liz looked over the different flavors and picked her all time favorite. "Strawberry, if they have it. It should be a little lighter in color from the cherry flavor." She looked over the choices carefully, finally picking a bowl that looked like that most possible choice of it being strawberry. "I think this one might be it."

They both leaned down at the same time until their foreheads met and sniffed the bowl. "I believe you picked wisely partner." Keeping their heads slightly touching, Max became serious and looked Liz deeply in her eyes. "Are you okay with doing this? I would never want you to feel uncomfortable around me."

Keeping her eyes glued to his, she replied with her heart without thinking with her head first. "I don't think that could be possible. I trust you Max." They remained starring into each other's eyes for a few more minutes before Max gave her a full blown smile.

"Okay then, let's do it."

"Okay, I'm ready, willing and able. Feed me." Liz joked completely lost in the moment, then realized how her comment must have sounded, she degraded herself once again for sounded so much like a slut. Man, what is he going to think of me? I swear come Monday, I might not be able to attend our AP Biology class together. But, she didn't care, nope. She didn't care at all at this point. She was finally going to have a real, true taste of Max Evans and she couldn't wait. Her body temperature must have gone up at least five degrees just with the anticipation alone.

"Ready, set, GO!" Isabelle stated as she clicked the timer on the stop watch. Max dipped his mouth inside the bowl and easily picked up a cube of strawberry flavored Jell-O, then leaned over to Liz who tilted her head just ever so slightly and opened her mouth so Max could easily dropped the cube of Jell-O inside her mouth. Which of course he did. They worked together so well, that in this case it was frustrating to both of them, because Max's lips barely even grazed Liz's and both felt the disappointment immediately. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Here you have the opportunity of the life time and you didn't even take it. What an idiot? What is wrong with you Evans? Next time place your lips on hers before you let go of the Jell-O. And for God's sake leave them there long enough to at least get a taste of those lucious lips of hers. Max coached himself silently thinking how pathetic he was for his error.

Why did you have to open your mouth so wide you idiot? Next time keep your lips closer together so he has no choice but to touch yours. God, can you be any more stupid. Your here to have fun, now damn it have some fun. Liz yelled silently to herself as she watched Max pick up the next piece of Jell-O. It didn't go unnoticed by her the way he held it deeper in his lips then the last time and the anticipation heat of her body swelled to life once again.

Prior to leaning down to feed Liz the new, more firmly held in his mouth piece of Jell-O, Max almost smiled with the way Liz's mouth was practically closed this time. No, this time there wasn't going to be any just drop and go, this time he was going to finally do what he had wanted to do since he had first seen Liz on the playground back in third grade. Slowly their lips came together and extremely slowly Liz opened her lips to allow Max to tease the Jell-O inside her mouth. Letting his lips linger on hers until she closed her mouth completely to chew and swallow her treat. Right then and there, strawberry became Max's favorite flavor of Jell-O also.

Quickly Max dipped his head for another piece of Jell-O eager to have his lips on hers again.
This time they both tentatively moved their mouths over the others after the Jell-O was passed from Max to Liz. The movement was subtle, but they both felt it. This time it wasn't just completing the challenge any more. No, this time they did more than just the challenge and they both realized it. As soon as Max pulled away he looked Liz in the eye to verify what he had just felt. The sultry look she gave him, left no question that it wasn't just his imagination. No, not only had he surrendered and kissed her, but the amazing thing was that she had kissed him back.

The next piece of Jell-O found their lips tangling just a little more then the last time and the next one after that a little longer until Max was still kissing her until she let the piece of Jell-O slide down her throat while continuing to kiss him back. This became their routine until there was only a few remaining pieces of Jell-O to go and Max began to become a little more bolder with each piece that passed between them. Finally working his courage up as he slipped the Jell-O past her lips into her mouth, he allowed his tongue to follow and just barely touched his tongue to hers for his first real taste of Liz. In that instant Max was hooked completely and was a little quicker to release his mouth from hers to grab another piece of Jell-O. This time coaching himself to allow his tongue the pleasure of playing with hers just a little longer, knowing their challenge was almost up. He wanted to make the most of it while it lasted.

On the second to last piece Max once again slid his tongue inside her awaiting mouth, but to his amazement, this time Liz swallowed the Jell-O almost instantly and moved her tongue to duel back against his. Now I know I've died and gone to heaven they both thought as the challenge was completely forgotten as the two of them continue their kiss. Max finally released Liz's hand and both his arms went around her waist while her hands ran up his arms and around his neck. Both were so caught up in the moment that neither remembered the audience in Isabelle and Alex still being there. That is until Alex started to remind them they still had one more piece of Jell-O to go and only about thirty seconds to complete the challenge.

Reluctantly Max quickly released Liz's mouth, but refused to release her body. Bent down for the last remaining piece of Jell-O and easily popped it into Liz's fully opened mouth for her to swallow just as the timer rang out. "Man, you two have got to stop going so close to the wire. My heart just won't take it." Alex teased making sure he teased about the time and not the reason behind the time. He had watched the two of them since the first challenge and the sexual chemistry that was between the two of them was a sight you would have to witness yourself. Words just wouldn't do it justice, so even though he still slightly felt like the big brother protector. He was also Liz's friend and he wanted his friend to be happy. And in his mind, there was no doubt Max Evans made Liz Parker very happy.

Both Liz and Max turned to give Alex a look to shut up and leave it alone before once again locking eyes with each other. Max didn't even notice that his sister had placed the stop watch in his hand or that Isabelle and Alex had started their challenge. No, at this moment in time his entire focus was on one person and one person only. Liz Parker. Leaning forward he whispered in her ear for her only to hear. "Liz Parker, you take my breath away."

Liz didn't even blush at his words as she didn't feel embarrassed at all, in fact she had never felt so warm and safe and loved as she did in that moment in Max's arms. "And you mine." She replied as she tilted her head upward as if giving permission to continue what they had been doing.

Max didn't need to be told twice, his lips swooped down and covered hers instantly. Their tongues almost immediately met in the middle and were once again dueling for dominance. The kiss started slow and tender, but soon became hot and heated with passion that wasn't going to be denied any longer. Pulling her body closer to his, Max continued to ravish her mouth. This might have been his very first kiss, but Max always was a quick study, not to mention that he had fantasized about doing this with Liz for so many years it was as if he already had and was an expert at Liz's mouth. Apparently he was doing a somewhat decent job of trying to show her how much she meant to him with that kiss, because her moan of pleasure that escaped her lips was music to his ears and just urged him to continue. It wasn't until the ring of the timer he held in his hand went off that the two of them pulled away. Both wide eyed as the realty hit them of what they had just done. But, as soon as Liz gave him that shy, sultry smile, he returned to her a full blown smile as they both then turned to see how Alex and Isabelle had done with their challenge since neither had bothered to even watch the two of them do theirs.

The sight before them sent both of their mouths opened in total shock. Isabelle had Alex in a complete lip lock, soul searing kiss, while Alex stood with his arms at his side afraid to move still not believing that Isabelle Evans was actually kissing him. Their bowl of Jell-O still sat on the counter almost completely full. With a loud pop, Isabelle released Alex's mouth and stated in an apologetic tone. "Oh Alex, I'm sorry. I made us lose the challenge and get disqualified. Can you forgive me?"

Still in a state of shock, Alex could barely nod his head with a barely audible, "Ah..Un."
Isabelle smiled to herself knowing her plan had worked out wonderfully. She knew that the next challenge wasn't going to be something that she would be willing to do, so she needed to find a way to get out of it and still keep her reputation in tact. As soon as her brother and Liz began their lip lock, Isabelle set her plan in motion. Knowing that her boldness would shock someone as sweet as Alex, she went in for the kill. Alex never knew what hit him, all he knew for sure that for basically five full minutes Isabelle Evans had kissed him and that was all that mattered to him.

End Pt5
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Hey everyone, I'm amazed at the amount of FB on this story so far. You guys are great. In answer to some of your ?'s. Half of the challenges in this story are from personal experience, the other half are just my weird imagination. Which half is which is for me to know though. LOL Anyway I realize how so many of you are looking forward to Challenge #5. I'm just wondering what you guys are going to think of some of the other ones when they really get going??? HINT HINT Okay without further a do here is the part you've wanted. Hope your not disappointed. Let me know what you think.
Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 6

Liz felt absolutely horrible, here Alex had literally saved her and Max's butts twice from becoming disqualified and the one time he needed her, was she there for him. NO, you were too busy playing tonsil hockey with Max Evans. But, Max's tongue, lips, heck his entire mouth is just simple yummy. I could kiss him forever. Are you even listening to yourself, your friend needed you and here you are fantasizing about Max's mouth. His dreamy, soft, sensual mouth. Liz, stop it. Alex, think of Alex, the guy you actually invited to this party to begin with, he must be so mad at me. Liz's enteral battle kept fighting back and forth between being in heaven with Max and feeling guilty about letting one of her best friends down. "Alex, I'm really sorry." She began to apologize, when she was abruptly pulled out of Max's arms by one Isabelle Evans.

"Liz and I need to use the little girl's room. We'll be right back." She stated as she continued to drag Liz behind her.

Alex stood stock still unable to meet Max's eyes, considering what he had just been doing with his sister. Alex was sure Max was going to beat him to a pulp any second for mauling his sister like he had just done. Well, technically Isabelle had attacked him, but did that really matter to a brother.

Max was in shock from so many angles he didn't know which shocked him more. The fact that he had just had the most incredible kiss of his life with Liz Parker or the fact that his sister who barely aloud her dates to kiss her good night at their front door was in a major lip lock with Alex Whitman. Not to mention the fact that Isabelle had just grabbed Liz out of his arms and was dragging her away from him. What was she going to say to her? Was she going to tell her to leave him alone, or threaten her? Should I say something to Alex for the public display of affection? Wait I was doing a very PDA myself with his date for the night. I can't believe Isabelle left me standing here by myself to deal with this. Man, remind me to yell at her later. No wait, I can't yell at her, I need to make sure I thank her from the bottom of my heart for forcing me to come tonight. If I hadn't come, I would have never gotten to kiss Liz. Max's mind was going in so many directions he had no idea what to think or do. Shuffling his feet that his eyes currently thought were the most interesting thing at the moment, he finally said the only thing he could think to say to break up the silence. "So."

"Uh..Yeah, so." Alex replied still waiting for Max to punch his lights out. Hoping to get Max's mind off the fact of him and Isabelle, Alex asked. "So, you and Liz huh?"

Now Max blushed deeply in embarrassment thinking Alex was going to punch his lights out for stepping in on his date with Liz. "I'm sorry Alex, I didn't mean to ruin your date with Liz." Being the nice guy he was, he couldn't help but feel like he owed an apology to Alex.

"What?" Alex couldn't believe Max was actually apologizing to him. He was sure the guy was going to punch his lights out and then to hear that Max thought he would be upset about him moving in on his so called date with Liz. Didn't the guy know how much Liz wanted him? Alex knew Max was intelligent, I mean the guy did take all the same kind of advance courses like he and Liz did, but he had to be some kind of stupid idiot not to realize how much Liz had been pinning for him for the last few years. "Max, Liz and I are friends, friends only. You two seem to be getting along great, go for it." He tried to reassure and encourage Max all in the same breath, wanting to make his friend happy. Then the big brother protective mode came into play. "Just don't hurt her or I'll have to kick your ass."

Smiling at Alex's words, Max replied with a simple. "Ditto, with Isabelle that is." With that said, the two guys seemed to come to an understanding and the tension that had been there a few moments ago seemed to evaporate in thin air.

"I guess this means you and Liz will get to see what the deal is with challenge #5 after all." Alex said to keep the conversation going. "I have to admit, I was getting a little nervous about what it was." He admitted.

As soon as the words Alex said went into Max's brain, the light bulb went off instantly. Isabelle and Alex hadn't lost the challenge due to an incredible kiss that Isabelle couldn't get enough of. No, Isabelle had done that on purpose so she wouldn't have to go through whatever challenge #5 was. That way she wouldn't put her reputation on the line, but still kept her rank as the social queen. Man, she is good, Max thought. Suddenly his mouth went dry with worry as to what challenge #5 actually was. The jury was still out at this point now if he was going to thank his sister or kill her. In reply to Alex's statement, but more under his breath, Max said. "You and me both."

Isabelle didn't even think twice about pulling Liz into Pauly's bathroom and quickly shut the door. "So you and my brother huh?" She wanted to make sure that she was correct in her assumption about Liz liking her brother as much as he liked her. After all Max was her brother and she didn't want to see him get hurt.

Shyly ducking her head, Liz nodded and answered. "Yeah." Then turned the tables on Isabelle. "So you and Alex?"

Isabelle knew the only way to get Liz Parker to open up to her, was if in fact she opened up a little first. After all, her and Liz weren't exactly best of friends. Hell, the two of them hadn't even really had a conversation before this. "Alex is a great guy. He's cute, smart and he makes me laugh. I hope you don't mind, I mean I know he came as your escort and all, but I figured you guys were just friends and all..."

"It's okay, Isabelle. Your right, Alex and I are only friends." Liz couldn't believe she was actually girl talking with Isabelle Evans. The two of them weren't really friends, but Liz could only hope that Isabelle would be okay with her getting together with her brother.
It didn't by pass Liz how protective Isabelle seemed to be when it came to Max.

"Well, I've never been one to beat around the bush sort of speak, so I'm just going to say what I need to say." She took a deep breath to pause for a moment before beginning again. "Liz, do you like my brother?"

Isabelle's question shocked Liz. "W..What?"

"Do you like my brother?" Isabelle asked again, then when she saw Liz was hesitate to answer her question she decided she needed to push the issue a little more. "Liz, I love my brother and I don't want to see him get hurt. Max likes you Liz, he likes you a lot and before you two continue down the road your heading tonight I just want to make sure that you aren't planning to use him in any way. Because unless you really care for my brother, I think it would be best if you stopped anything further from happening between the two of you." Isabelle finished and held her breath awaiting Liz's response. Hoping beyond hope she was accurate in her assumption and that Liz Parker would be the one that could actually allow her brother to have a life instead of just living it.

"I would never hurt Max. I mean, I would never use him." Liz defended herself.

"So you do like my brother?" It was said in a question, but sounded more like a statement.

"Yeah, I do, like him I mean. I like him a lot. Isabelle, I know we haven't really ever talked too much before, but I'm not the kind of person that just lets anyone or anything touch me. Let alone kiss me. I'm not Pam Troy." With that statement, Liz froze realizing what she had just said. Pam Troy was one of Isabelle's friends or so she thought. They ran in the same popular circle at school, but her fear of having said the wrong thing was soon forgotten when Isabelle busted out laughing.

"I didn't know you had it in you Liz. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship. Now we better get out there because you and Max are going to win those tickets to the Gomez concert next weekend since Gomez is one of Max's favorite groups."

"Mine too." Liz confirmed.

Rolling her eyes, she put her arm around Liz's shoulder as the two walked out of the bathroom to rejoin Max and Alex as she commented. "I should have known."

Once the girls found their way back to the guys, Max and Liz were back to being the typical shy individuals that weren't quite sure what to say. Alex was the one to break the silence. "You two better get going to the den, since it looks like it's up to the two of you to win this contest for us." He leaned over to Liz and whispered. "Besides one of us has to explain the different challenges to Maria." Then he approached Isabelle. "Isabelle would you care to dance with a fellow disqualified individual?" He asked as he offered her his arm.

"I'd love to Alex. Thanks for asking." She happily accepted his arm and the two of them began to walk off toward the living room where the other disqualified contestants had been gathering.

"Wait I thought you two were supposed to be our watchers?" Liz spoke up quickly, not sure if she could go through the rest of the challenges without Alex there to support her.

"Oh Please, like anyone is going to think the two of you would even consider cheating." Isabelle shrugged her off and continued walking toward the living room for her dance, pulling Alex behind her.

Max noticed how nervous Liz seemed to get as soon as Alex and Isabelle walked away, he didn't want her to be nervous, he wanted her to feel comfortable around him. "Liz, we don't have to do any of the other challenges if you don't want to. This is supposed to be fun and I would be perfectly happy just being with you."

Just at that moment Vicki Delanie, Pam Troy and their partners Kyle and Marcus came into the kitchen area for them to do their fifth challenge, which they were on challenge #4. Pam had heard Max's comment to Liz and immediately spoke up. "Yeah, Liz. You might as well stop now because there is no way a little Miss Priss like yourself is going to be able to complete the rest of the challenges anyway."

The challenge was set forth and there was no way in hell Liz was going to back down from Pam Troy. She had debated with herself already rather to continue on with the party challenges or stop now. But, the moment Pam had called her a little Miss Priss, Liz was more than determined to do whatever it took to make sure her and Max won this so called contest and put Pam Troy in her place once and for all. "Why Pam, I'm actually shocked you made it through the Rubic cube challenge. At least you're in your environment with the Jell-O challenge, so this one should be easy for you. Now if you'll excuse me Max and I have a date in the den." Without waiting for a response, Liz turned to Max and took his hand. "You ready partner?"

Max gave her a genuine smile, proud of the way she held her own against the likes of Pam Troy. "Ready partner." The two didn't even take a second glance back so they had missed the smiles that had taken over both Kyle and Vicki's faces from the way Liz had put Pam in her place.

Walking into the den Liz strolled over to the table that had the challenge card on it with the #5 written across the top. Taking Isabelle's place she read out loud to Max. "It's time for Gentleman's Porno. Sit or lay while you watch and enjoy, but no touching with hands or mouth as this is strictly Gentleman's Porn."

"Let me see that." Max once again read it to himself wondering if he had heard Liz correctly. Challenge #5 was just watching a porn movie. Okay a little embarrassing, but he was sure they could handle it. "So we supposed to watch a porn movie."

"That's right Max. For the next five minutes you and your partner will be a watching a very
XXX rated movie in any sexual position you two choice to watch it in. Your bodies have to be touching intimately, but your hands have to remain at your sides at all times and absolutely no kissing." Pauly instructed the two of them.

Max and Liz looked at each other with wide questioning eyes. Neither of them had expected this and with both of them being virgins their lack of sexual position knowledge put them at a disadvantage. Max's mind raced through every single sexual fantasy he had ever had starring Liz trying to come up with the least embarrassing position he could think of and one that would effect his body the least. Hell, who was he kidding, there was no position out there that wouldn't effect him if Liz was in fact going to actually be there with him and not some fantasy Liz from his mind. Pauly could see the two of them were in a mind debate of their own, thinking the two of them were more than likely going to be the next victims in the disqualifying category. "Well, the tapes in the machine, here's the remote and the timer." With that he left them alone in the den to make the decision on their position by themselves while he moved on to his other guest and the other challenges.

"So..Uh..." Liz bit her bottom lip in a nervous gesture unsure of what to do or how to even begin to come up with a position that wouldn't embarrass the crap out of either her or Max.

"Liz are you sure?" Max asked one more time wanting to let her know he wasn't going to force her into doing this if she didn't want to.

"No, I'm not sure. But, I'll be damn if Pam Troy wins those Gomez tickets, so as long as you can handle this, I'm telling you right now. I'm in it for the long haul, so do you have a preference on positions." Liz spoke the truth about not being sure, but she was determined not to let Pam win. Her competitive edge was showing it's ugly head and she knew it, she just couldn't help it.

Max couldn't believe his ears. Liz Parker was actually willing to get into a sexual position with him and watch a porn movie. Not only that, but she just confirmed that she wanted to complete whatever the other challenges that were still to come. God, he was going to be kissing his sister's ass from here to eternity for this gift. "I guess we could just go for the standard position..I mean..If that's okay with you."

"Okay." Her voice shy and quiet and just about sent Max over the edge before they even started the challenge. At this point Liz didn't think it mattered any longer, because no matter what position they were going to choose it was going to have it's effect on her. Hell, just holding hands with Max effected her. Slowly she laid down in front of the large screen TV so she was laying length wise to the screen.

Max grabbed the remote and the timer and followed her down on the carpeted floor. "Liz, I just want you to know, I am going to try my best to keep myself from embarrassing either of us, but..." He stopped in mid sentence trying to think of the best way to word what he wanted to say. I'm going to try to not get a hard on, but when I'm around you, I always have an erection so don't get offended when you feel how hard I'm about to get. No, he didn't think that was going to fly to well.

"Max, I have a feeling we are going to both be embarrassing ourselves before the next five minutes is up. Let's just do it and get it over with." Liz was already beyond embarrassed but more determined than ever to get through this.

"Okay, but would it help at all if I say I'm sorry in advance." He tried to joke to keep the tension level from growing or anything else for that matter. Especially one certain body part of his. What was it that Michael always said, just think mud? Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud, he kept repeating in his mind as he moved his body on top of Liz and pressed play on the remote.

The picture came on the big screen television and Liz gasped. Max assumed her gasp was due to the movie they were currently watching, but the gasp was directed more so because of him more so than any picture on a television screen that her eyes weren't even able to think about focusing on. No, the moment he had laid on top of her, Liz felt it. The mystery of the male species and just the feel of his entire body laying over her was enough to make her gasp.

Mud diffidently was not working, he was trying to keep as much as his body weight off her as possible by keeping his arms straight, stiff and tense by the sides of her head. The only problem was that by doing so, it was only that much more strainful trying to keep his lower body lifted as much as he could. His muscles strained in places he hadn't realized he didn't even know they could be so strained. But, even with all the attempts he was trying to make to keep his lower anatomy in check just wasn't working and for the second time that night Max knew he was going to be in trouble. The girl on the screen before them was moaning out extremely loud. "OOOHs and AAAHs." As the male starring in the movie continued to pound inside the female. Max tried to keep his fantasy mind from picturing Liz as the girl and himself as the male, but that was becoming as impossible as trying to keep his ever growing erection from growing any harder.

Max was driving Liz completely insane with want. Liz had spoken the truth to Isabelle earlier about not being like Pam Troy. She had never even thought that she could possibly be ready to be in that kind of relationship or do some of the things that Pam had bragged endlessly about doing, but as Max laid over her body. Her mind couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to actually make love. For Max to make love to her more precisely.
It wasn't helping with the fact that she could feel Max's desire growing. The only problem at the moment was the fact that Max was keeping his body lifted off of her just enough that she didn't get the full feel of him against her center and right now, Liz wanted to feel him completely pressed against her more than anything.

Both of them had kept their eyes glued to the television screen, not because they were that interested in what was playing on it. No, it mainly had to do with the fact that both of them knew if they looked into the other persons face that would be all there was to this challenge. If Max looked down at Liz, there would have been no way he would have been able to not kiss her, same thing for Liz. If she looked up into Max's soulful amber eyes nothing could stop her from reaching up to touch him. Either way they would become disqualified.

Before she could stop herself Liz shifted her body underneath Max, bringing her middle core
in contact with Max's now very obvious erection. Just that small movement brought such a rush of emotional sensations to crash throughout her system. Lust, desire, need, want and Liz knew that she wanted to feel more of Max.

Max felt her shift her body, then he felt it, the ever so slightly brush of her lower body against is erection and without thinking he rencountered her movement almost immediately and pressed the lower half of his body downward just enough so his straining bulge in the front of his tightening jeans was now not just grazing over her heat, but was touching her in an intimately way.

Liz's eyes closed at the sensation and unconsciously her hips lifted just enough to press against him that much more. This movement however subtle was more than enough to cause Max to groan and he reciprocated once more, this time pressing himself more firmly against her and causing a soft moan to escape from Liz's lips. As soft as it was, it had it's effect on Max. His control had been slowly slipping from his grasp with every second that passed by and that one small tiny moan did him in, he pressed the full length of his bulge firmly against her center and moved his hips in a circular rotation to bury himself even more closely to her core.

That was all it took for Liz and she was lost in the sensation. "Oh God, Max." Liz panted out as her legs fell further apart allowing him to snuggle even deeper.

That was it, Max had to kiss her. There was no way he could stop himself from kissing or from touching her. He turned his head away from the big screen and looked down at the same time that Liz turned and looked up. The sultry stare of Liz's chocolate brown eyes made his entire body quiver with desire for her. The two stared into each other's eyes for just a moment. A mutual agreement was made in that instance, to hell with the challenge, they wanted to touch each other, kiss one another and to hell with the circumstances. Max bent his head to capture her lips at the same time Liz reached up to caress his strong jaw line.
The sudden bell of the timer that laid forgotten about next to Max's hand and Liz's head snapped the two of them back to reality. Eyes still locked, Max said the only thing his brain could process. "I cannot not kiss you."

Keeping his gaze, she replied with one word. "Please."

End Pt6

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Okay people here's the next part and the next challenge. It's not quite level #5, but it was just so Max and Liz I had to use it. Hopefully most of you will agree. Let me know what you think.

Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 7

With Liz's word of consent that was all Max needed in ways of encouragement. Unlike the kiss they shared during the last challenge however, where it was soft, gentle, both holding back in uncertain. This time their lips crashed together in a soul searing kiss, it was hard and deep. Full of passion that had been building between these two for much longer than just this one evening. No this kiss was full of hunger, want and need. Tongues slipped back and forth demanding and relenting as desire ran rapid through their blood. Max's hands slid around Liz's back pulling their bodies even closer as Liz's hands cupped his face and held on tight, afraid to let go, afraid he would pull away from her until she had her fill. Little did she know, Max had no intention of pulling away any time soon. That is until they both heard the loud clearing of someone's throat coming from the doorway.
Breaking apart almost instantly as reality came crashing down around them Max saw his sister standing in the doorway trying to look everywhere in the room except the two of them or at the big screen that was still showing the man and woman pounding into each other like there was no tomorrow.

Max immediately jumped off of Liz and reached for the remote, hitting the stop button as he turned to face his sister. "Isabelle, what are you doing in here?" His hand automatically reaching down to help Liz up into a standing position.

"Pauly said one of us had to verify the challenge. Taking someone's word for it isn't in Pauly's nature so either Alex or I had to come in and keep watch. So I gave Alex a break and told him I'd come so both of us wouldn't be scarred for life. Anyway my job is done here so I'm going to get back to Alex now." Isabelle turned ready to leave when she stopped. "Oh, congratulations on your victory, looks like you two are heading for the second half of challenges." She stated as she laughed and left the two of them alone.

Max and Liz were both starring at the ground before them. Their shy nature coming back into play. Both wanted to say so much, yet neither knew how to begin. Finally Max broke the silence. "I guess we did it." He stated as he looked over at her.

"Yeah." Liz answered but she still avoided looking at Max by keeping her head held down.

Max could tell Liz was embarrassed and the feeling of guilt swept over him. He hadn't meant to get as carried away as he had. He didn't want Liz to feel like he was some kind of pervert or some guy that got off on watching porn. When the truth was, the porn movie they had been forced to watch, did absolutely nothing for him. Being on top of Liz, that was another whole story. He couldn't have controlled his own bodies response to hers if he had tried and he had tried, at least in the beginning. Now Liz was embarrassed and probably feeling used and humiliated. But, Max was so inexperienced with woman and relationships he wasn't sure what to say to make her feel better. So he spoke the words that came from his heart. Lifting her chin and turning her face so she was forced to look him in the eye, he began. "Liz, your the bravest person I've ever known. I know this challenge wasn't you, it's not me either. This isn't who I am and I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable in any way. If you don't want to continue, I will completely understand. I like you Liz, I like you a lot and I would rather stop now, then go on with these stupid challenges if they are going to make you feel uncomfortable about being around me. We could just go hang out with Isabelle and Alex instead."

Liz threw her arms around Max's neck and buried her face into his chest. "Oh Max, I'm sorry. It's just that I've never..I mean, I haven't ever...I'm not Pam Troy." She finally blurted out.

Max couldn't help the rumbling laugh that escaped his lips. "Well, it's a good thing you aren't because I would have lost in the first round. There is no way I would have let her sit on my back." He said in a joking manner, but his words were more than serious. He would have bolted out the front door before he would have allowed that.

"Thank you for saying that."

Pulling her back away from him so he could look into her eyes, he replied back. "It's easy to speak the truth. Come on let's go find Alex and Isabelle." Grabbing her hand the two of them walked out of the den together. Their decision made to quit the challenges and just spend the rest of the night having a good time together.

As soon as they reached their friends, Alex filled them in on who else had become disqualified during their time in the den. Heather and Jake couldn't get the Rubic cube together in time. Barry couldn't complete five minutes of push-ups with Stacy on his back and both Sam and Margie and Lee and Rachael dropped cards in the suck and blow challenge. He also informed them that apparently Pauly was keeping score on everyone, but no one knew who's score was the highest or how the scoring was taking place.

Suddenly the music was turned off and Pauly once again grabbed the microphone. "Well, well, well, looks like we only have a total of five couples left that are eligible for our grand prize of the evening. I've calculated the tally finals and the scoring for tonight so far are as follows. For challenge #1 the score was based on the number of push-ups the couple completed. Out of the five remaining couples we have a tie. Kyle Valenti and Vicki Delaney and Max Evans and Liz Parker came in with the exact same number of push-ups so each couple is awarding one half of a point. Challenge #2, 3 and 4 were all based on who completed this challenges in the least amount of time. Max and Liz get the full point this time for being the quickest to put the Rubic cube together correctly in challenge #2. Kristen and Tommy showed their experience at the Suck and Blow challenge so they earn the point for challenge #3 and Monique and Adam finished off their bowl of Jell-O in the best time earning them one point for challenge #4. Now obviously challenge #5 couldn't be scored on time, so instead I scored it on originality. Whoever came up with the most original position got the point for challenge #5 and the winner of that point goes to Pam Troy and Marcus Reed.

So Max Evans and Liz Parker are currently in the lead with one and a half points. Since we only have five couples left I thought we could have each couple do each of the next challenges together instead of having different ones being done at the same time. Does everyone agree with that. Most people were shaking their heads, a few yelled out yes and one yeah baby was shouted, so Pauly continued. Since Max and Liz are in the lead, why don't we have the two of you come on down and try your hand at challenge #6, titled Seek and Find.
Max and Liz looked at each other, the look of surprise was on both their faces. Neither knew what to say and Liz knew for a fact Max wasn't about to push her into it. Biting her lower lip and making her mind up, she grabbed his hand and stated out loud. "Let's do it."

"Okay Pauly, what did your sick mind come up with for Seek and Find?" Liz asked with sarcasm, knowing Pauly it was not going to be your regular seek and find type game.

"Why Liz, I'm glad you asked. All right ladies and gents here's the deal. Max, Marcus, Adam, Tommy and Kyle are going to step into the den. Ladies you five will just have to sit here for this challenge, with only one job. Expose your legs to our five male contestants. The guys will be blind folded and led out here one at a time. They are going to have to pick out their partners legs by seeking and finding the correct pair of legs that belong to their partner by way of touch only. That means no talking or hinting of any kind by anyone or they will be disqualified. Including spectators, so if the rest of you want to watch you'll have to be quiet. Just remember if you choose the wrong pair of legs guys you and your partner are disqualified. Now if you guys don't mind, please follow the lovely Stacy into the den where she will be blindfolding you." Max gave Liz a quick glance to make sure she wanted to do this, with a slight nod he was led back into the den along with the other four guys.

While the guys were in the den, five chairs were brought in and each girl took a seat. Liz was in the fourth chair and had never been more happier with Maria's choice of mini skirt. If it had been up to Liz, she probably would have worn a pair of jeans to the party. Monique had already gone in the bathroom to change clothes with Jenna as Jenna had worn a skirt versus Monique wearing jeans. Now that the girls were all set, Max was walked out fully blind folded by Rachel. She helped him kneel down in front of the first chair that Pam happened to be sitting in. Max felt pretty confident that he would be able to pick out Liz's legs from the other girls as he had always had some kind of six sense when Liz was around him anyway. He reached out and touched Pam's legs quickly pulling his hand back and scooting down to Vicki, then to Monique. His touches were quick, no lingering required as he knew without a doubt none of them were Liz. When he got to the fourth person, he tentatively reached out and as soon as his fingers touched the silk feeling of Liz's legs, the sensation he always got when Liz was around him ran through his body and without hesitation he let his hands roam from her knees down to her ankles and stated out loud. "This is Liz." He hadn't even bothered going to the fifth chair, there was no need. He knew without any doubt when he had touched Liz who she was.

He pulled down his blindfold and looked up to see Liz's smiling face. Wrapping her arms around his neck she asked. "How did you know?"

His answer was short, but sweet. "Because it was you."

Their victory moment was quickly interrupted by Pauly. "My, my, my, Max and Liz are going to be tough to beat this round. Okay girls switch seats now and let's bring on out Kyle."

Kyle took his time feeling each and every pair of legs finally going back to Vicki's and claiming her legs as Vicki. Vicki repeated Liz's question wanting to hear Max's response from Kyle, but his reply wasn't quite what she was wanting to hear. "I'd know your nubs anywhere babe." Which earned him a quick slap on the side of his face.

Adam and Marcus both were able to pick out their girls legs after a few minutes of letting their hands linger on all the girls legs. Max was biting his tongue to keep from screaming at each one of them when they touched and examined Liz's legs. He wondered if each of the other guys were lingering on the other girls on purpose or not. Then when it was Tommy's turn, he did as the other guys and let his hands wander over each of the girl's legs. In fact he went back and forth between the girls several time, when he got to Liz the third time he claimed she was Kristen, disqualifying him and Kristen from the challenge. But, when he didn't remove his hand from Liz's leg stating he really liked the feel of her legs and Max saw how uncomfortable Liz was getting with his hand still remaining on her leg it took him one-second to make up his mind what to do. Stepping up behind Liz who was still seated in the chair, he snarled out. "Games over Tommy, get your hand off her leg."

"Why? I don't see her objected to it being there." Liz instantly went to shove his hand away, but Tommy just laughed it off. "Come on Liz, you know you love it."

That was all it took and Max was unable to control his need to protect Liz. He shoved Tommy backward and picked Liz out of the chair pulling her behind him in one quick move. Tommy was about to jump back at Max when Kyle stood between him and Max. "That's enough Tommy. Your lucky Evans didn't punch your face in, because if you had done that crap to Vicki I guarantee you I would have." It wasn't so much that he was trying to stop the fight that was about to happen, but Kyle had seen how uncomfortable Tommy was making Liz. He of all people knew the kind of girl that Liz was and she definently wasn't like Pam Troy. "Besides do you really want to get into it with Evans, I mean he tied me in the push-up challenge. When has anyone ever even come close to beating me? I would have guessed in about two minutes you would have been crying like a baby."

Knowing Kyle was more than likely correct, Tommy backed down. "Sorry Evans, didn't mean to step on your toes."

"It's not me that you owe an apology to." Max stated as he looked over at Liz.

Liz stood shocked once again this evening at how Max had come to her defense and defended her honor against Tommy, he was making him apologize to her for his normal rude behavior. "Sorry Liz, didn't mean to offend you." Came Tommy's apology, Liz immediately nodded her head letting him know she forgave him, since Liz was just too sweet of a person to hold a
grudge against anyone, even Tommy.

"Okay, well now that everyone has been through the challenge, I think we can all safely say once again Max and Liz have earned the point. It seems the two of them are going to be a tough couple to beat out." Pauly went on, but Max and Liz were no longer listening. They had eyes for each other and their entire focus was just on the person in front of them.

"Are you sure your okay?" Max's concern for her well being could be heard in the tone of his voice. The challenge's didn't matter to him, winning the Gomez tickets didn't matter, all that mattered was that Liz was okay and didn't feel uncomfortable in any way.

Smiling shyly at him, she answered. "I'm fine." Then added without thought. "Your amazing."

Now it was Max's turn to blush as her words sank in. She thinks I'm amazing, she actually thinks I'm amazing. He was just about to do the most boldest thing he had ever done in his life, by taking her in his arms and kissing breathless in front of everyone, when Alex stepped up to the two of them. "So are you ready to have him put it on Liz?"

Coming out of her Max induced haze she shook her head and turned toward Alex. "Excuse me, put what on?"

"Oh man, I can't believe you two. You didn't even bother listening to next challenge did you? I'm talking about the whipped cream!"

End Pt7

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So who's ready for some whip cream? I know I'm posting this later than usual, sorry for the delay. Just so everyone knows the next part won't be posted until later Thursday mornining. RL will come into play until then. Anyway on with the whip cream challenge. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 8

Max and Liz glanced at one another once again and then back to Alex. "What about whip cream and what's the seventh challenge again?" Liz asked a little more direct to get a more pacific answer. Chiding herself for getting so lost in Max's eyes that she hadn't even listened to what the next challenge was, therefore she had no idea if she would even be willing to do the challenge or not. It wasn't so much that she wanted to win, even though she was competitive in her own nature. It was the thought if her and Max did win, then they would be going to the Gomez concert together the following weekend and to Liz that in itself was all the more reason to want to win this stupid challenge contest.

Before Alex had a chance to answer Liz's question Stacy brought out four cans of whip cream, the kind you that you spray, not the kind in the tub that you had to spoon out. She saw Stacy handed one of the canisters to Kyle, then to Adam, then to Marcus, then she came over to Max and handed him the last can. Max starred at the can in his hand, then turned to his sister to get the information they needed from her. Isabelle seen the questioning look on her brother's face. "Okay guys let's get this next challenge underway."

A challenge that apparently neither Max nor Liz knew anything about so Isabelle quickly tried to explain what they were supposed to do. "Spray the entire can on Liz's neck."

"Get Ready..." From Pauly who was starting the challenge already.

"Then you lick it all off." Alex jumped in to help the explanation.


"Who's ever clean first wins!" Max barely got to turn his head to question if he heard her or not as Pauly's final command was sounded.


"Last one to finish is disqualified." Isabelle finished the explanation, then her and Alex together yelled. "GO! Max, GO!"

Max didn't have a chance to question if Liz wanted to do this challenge or not. Everything happened so quickly he didn't get that opportunity. The sound of the other guys spraying their cans of whip cream on their partners filled the room. Liz was caught up in the excitement of the moment and quickly shouted out. "My neck, Max my neck!"

Without thinking, without hesitation Max quickly shook the can, pointed and sprayed the whip cream at Liz's neck. Liz quickly grabbed her hair to pull it up and out of the way of the whip cream. Isabelle quickly removed the scrounge from her hair and ran behind Liz, grabbing her hair out of her hands and quickly put it up in a bun. Securing it with a little alien magic in the blink of an eye so no one else would notice. The whip cream was cold and weird feeling to Liz, but she kept her head raised upward so Max could cover her neck with the gooey substance. The sounds of spraying stopped, replaced by the sounds of empty cans hitting the floors and squeals from the other girl's as their partners started to dig in.
Max's mouth found it's way to devour the fluffy white treat as Liz stood still trying to control her body from crumbling to the floor as the feel of Max's mouth upon her neck was causing her body the sensation that lit her entire body on fire. Her knees were growing more weaker by the second.

A little of the cream started to run down Liz's neck toward the valley between her breast and Max was quick to follow it. Running his tongue down her chest without even realizing exactly what he was doing until Liz's legs started to give out unable to hold her weight as the feel of his tongue in such a spot did her in. Thinking on his feet, his arms encircled her waist and as he licked his way back up to her neck he mumbled against her chest. "I've got you."

Liz placed her hands on Max's shoulders and held on tight for the ride of her life. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders and Max had never felt such exquisite pain in all of his life. Here he was holding Liz Parker in his arms as he ate whip cream off of her neck and she was obviously enjoying it in more then a friendly matter. Now Max knew for sure he had died and went to heaven. There was no doubt in his mind that tomorrow he would be buying his sister whatever her heart desired for forcing him to come to this party tonight. By this time he was through the majority of the whip cream and was working on just licking the last of the sweet stuff off so he was getting a full taste of what Liz's skin tasted like also. This by far was most definently the best night of his entire life.

Once Max had gotten through the massive amount of whip cream and started licking her neck clean with that wonderful tongue of his, Liz was a pool of jello in his arms. The only thing holding her up was in fact Max's arms that held her tight. As his tongue licked an extra sensitive spot on her neck, the moan that escaped her lips came from deep inside her throat. Deep enough that even though the moan was barely audible to the other people in the room, Max not only heard it, but felt it and he was unable to prevent his own moan from escaping.

At this point Max was beyond caring about winning any challenge, he was enjoying himself far too much to care. His feasting became less frantic as his tongue was more set to continue on the spot he had found gave Liz the most pleasure, then care about the little whip cream that was left on other parts of her neck. His lips began to kiss and nibble as he was totally caught up in the moment of having his mouth on Liz's neck to remember why it was there in the first place.

As soon as Liz felt him kissing on her neck versus licking the whip cream from her neck, she knew he was as lost in the moment as she was. Not that she cared at all, for every lick, every kiss and every nibble that he place upon her neck took her higher and higher into the stars. Reality came crashing back to them as the sounds of, "Way to go Kyle." and "We always knew you could eat like a pig." and "Congratulations Man." Brought them back to why they were in this position to begin with, the challenge, the contest, the chance to go to the Gomez concert next weekend with Max had Liz's mind racing all on it's own.

Despite the wonderful sensations that Max was causing her body at the moment, Liz twisted her head slightly letting him know it was time to move on to the other side and finish the task he had originally started. Max picked up on her subtle hint and immediately moved to the other side, trying not to get caught up in the fact that he was still licking and nibbling on Liz's neck, but that he had a job to do and he was going to be damned if he didn't finish the job that Liz apparently wanted him to finish. His tongue quickened it's pace and before he knew it all the whip cream had been cleaned off of Liz's neck completely.
Raising his head to signal that he had finished, he took a quick glance around the room and noticed that Adam was the only guy left licking whip cream away from Monique's neck. His eyes roamed back to meet Liz's and the two of them locked gazes. The realization of what had just happened finally kicking in, Liz licked her lips and then stated in a jokingly manner to ease the tension. "Well, that was..different."

Max gave her a smile and nodded his head in agreement, before either of them had a chance to say another word, their moment was broken when Adam went running into the bathroom and the sounds of retching could be heard throughout the living room. "Damn It, Adam. I told you not to drink so many beers!" Monique shouted as she ran after him.

"Beer and whip cream, now that sounds nasty." Alex joked causing Isabelle, Max and Liz to crack up laughing.

Max leaned over and whispered in Liz's ear for only her to hear. "But whip cream and Liz Parker together was delicious."

Liz blushed, but playfully hit him on his chest. "Max! I can't believe you said that."

"I can. God, you are so sick Max." Isabelle scolded her brother, as Max's face turned red with the knowledge that his sister had heard what he had intended only for Liz to hear.

Knowing his sister heard what he had said, made him realize just what he had said. He turned back to Liz to apologize when Pauly got back on the microphone stopping Max from saying anything so that this time they could both hear what the next challenge was going to be. That way they could have time to agree to do it or not. "Well, it looks like we're down to our last three couples. Do you guys want a break for a few minutes or would you rather just jump right in to the next challenge?"

"Go for it!" Came from Pam.

Then the chant of, "Challenge, Challenge, Challenge." Was on and Max knew there wasn't going to be any break time to talk to Liz.

Pauly voice came over the speakers once again. "Okay, okay, hold your jets people. I get the hint, let's just keep going shall we. Now guys, it seems to me that the ladies have had it pretty easy here lately and you've had to do most of the work. I think it's time we make the ladies work for our next challenge. I mean we believe in equal opportunity don't we."
The crowd laughed lightly at Pauly's attempt at a joke. "Besides I believe you ladies will like challenge #7. For this challenge the guys are going to just stand there and enjoy, no helping your partners in any way. Ladies, the challenge set forth for you is to remove your partner's shirt. With just one catch, you can't use hands in any way."

Liz looked Max over, or more precisely she looked Max's shirt over. Sizing up the best way for her to eliminate his shirt. After all they had done this evening, removing Max's shirt with her mouth didn't sound all that degrading. Stepping closer to him, she leaned forward and asked. "How much do you like that shirt?"

"Uh.." Max couldn't think with her so close to him, all he could feel was her breath upon his face and his mind was a goner for the millionth time this evening.

Isabelle quickly stepped up to Liz. "He doesn't, do what you need to do. This is the first time since Pauly started having these stupid parties that someone besides Kyle or Pam has ever had a shot to win this thing. You've got to do it, Liz. Trust me, nothing is going to be worst than what you've already done. Just go for it, you can do it." Isabelle coached her, she couldn't believe it. She never thought the two of them would have gotten as far as they had. It was almost inconceivable that her brother, Mr. I Don't Do Parties, and Miss Brianiac Parker, as she was known to all the popular female crowd at school could actually win.

"Yeah Parker, this is your shot to put Pam Troy in her place. You've got to do it." Alex chimed in, encouraging his friend for years to go for it. He knew exactly how competitive Liz was when it came to Pam Troy. For years Pam had always tried to degrade Liz, but Liz was just too nice of a person to put her in her place. Instead Liz silently fumed to Alex and Maria in private how much she disliked Pam Troy.

"Enough you two." Max had finally came out of his Liz induced haze hearing his sister and Alex goading Liz into doing this. So far this evening Liz had been embarrassed, uncomfortable and literally devoured by him. He was not going to let his sister and one of her best friends make her do something that would make her do something that she didn't want to do, if she didn't want to do it. Looking her straight in the eye so he would be able to judge if she really was okay with what was being asked of her. "Liz, tell me the truth. Do you really want to do this?"

Liz was so caught up in her competitive edge, she hadn't stopped to think if this would be okay with Max or not. After completing challenge #5 and the whip cream, she had assumed they were past the point of asking if the other one really wanted to continue with the contest. Now her insecurities were coming back, wondering if Max was asking her if she really wanted to do this because in reality he didn't want her to do it. "Do you want to stop?" She asked instead of answering.

"Liz, I told you before that I didn't want you to do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable. That still holds true now. This is your choice, if you want to continue I'm with you. If you don't, then we stop and that's okay with me too." He replied honestly to her.

"Max, I can't explain why, I can't even explain half the things I'm feeling right now, because I've never had these feelings that I'm feeling before. I just know that I have to see this through with you. So if your willing, let's not question it any more. Besides it will be kind of nice to know I have a date next weekend with you to the Gomez concert when we kick their asses."

"I'd like that too, Liz."

"Which part kicking their asses or going to see Gomez with me next weekend?" Liz jokingly asked.

Max leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Both." Liz blushed at his word and then both looked over to see Alex holding his hand to his chest.

"Alex, what's wrong?" Liz asked, the concern for her friend was heard in her tone.

"Liz Parker said the word ass twice in one night. I think I'm having a heart attack from the shock of it."

Liz shoved him back and spoke firmly. "Yeah, well, I've done a lot of things tonight that I have never done before. Besides I didn't say ass, I said asses, you asshole." She said with a smile on her face. A smile that extend to also include Isabelle, Max and Alex. Yes, tonight had a lot of first in Liz's life and the night wasn't over with yet. Liz turned back to Max. "You ready partner." The uncertain feeling she had a few minutes ago had vanished and she was more determined than ever to see this through.

"Ready, willing and able, partner."

End Pt8

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Next challenge anyone? I'm just amazed at the response I'm getting on this fic. It is just so fun to write. I'm glad everyone is having as much fun reading it as I am writing it. Without further a do, here is the next part. Let me know what you think.

Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 9

"Okay ladies let's see what you got! Get Ready, Set, GO!" Shouted Pauly as Vicki and Pam immediately started pulling at their partners shirts with their teeth. Liz on the other hand slowly approached Max with a look that Max swore looked like he was her next meal. Instead of going for his shirt immediately she raised up on her tip toes and kissed his neck. That small movement caused Max's knees to almost give out. Knowing effect she was going for worked, she teased. "That was to get you back for the last challenge." Then she allowed her tongue to lay flat on his body as she licked down to the first button on his shirt. Slowly she took the top button in her mouth and bit on the thread that held the button to is shirt. She continued to grind her teeth back and forth until the thread gave way and the button fell into her mouth. She smiled triumphantly with the button in-between her teeth for Max to see. Max couldn't help but laugh at her playfulness. He would have never guessed that Liz Parker could be such a seductress, but she was that and so much more.

Bringing her mouth back to his chest, she once again ran her tongue downward to the next button. Repeating her actions over and over until she reached the part of his shirt that hid his belly button. By this time Max was leaning back on the back side of the couch with his hands as he needed something to hold him up since his legs felt like the Jell-o he had fed Liz in challenge #4. Every fantasy he had ever had with regard to Liz didn't even come close to what the real Liz felt like. Her mouth and tongue were the most amazing thing and the way his body was responding to them just about took his breath away. In fact he was breathing so heavily by this point he was sure his chest had expanded two sizes from his lungs taking in so much oxygen. He had tried to keep his eyes open to watch the wondrous of Liz's mouth as she played havoc on his body, but the sensations she was causing his body made it almost impossible. Especially the lower she got. Her tongue teased around his belly button for a few seconds and when she wriggled her tongue inside it, Max's eyes just about popped out of his sockets and he immediately straightened his stance. "Oh God, Liz."
He moaned out unable to stop himself. His body had already begun to react to Liz's actions, he tried his best to keep himself in check. The moment her tongue dipped inside his belly button his fight for control was a lost cause and his erection strained against his jeans.

Liz couldn't stop the smile that grew on her lips as the thought that she herself, little Miss Brianiac Parker was causing the elusive Max Evans to lose so much control. The power she felt from having him in the palms of her hands or her mouth more precisely was such a rush, it gave her the ability to continue with boldness even she never thought she had. She reached the top of his jeans where his shirt was still tucked in and took the shirt within her teeth, biting Max's lower stomach region with just a nip as she did and pulled the front of his shirt free. She allowed her tongue to follow a trail of the small hair line from his belly button to top of his pants, then boldly ran it just underneath the very top of his jeans. Sending Max back against the couch, gripping the top of the couch so tightly his knuckles were actually turning white. Quickly she grabbed the next button and using the same technique the small button was removed from his shirt. The way his shirt tail hung down, the last button was located right in the center of the obvious bulge in the front of his jeans. She looked up into his closed eyes and asked. "Max?"

His eyes were clenched shut, trying to keep his body from exploding as he awaited her next move. Hearing her voice call his name, he looked down to see an angel. His angel kneeling in front of his very strained erection and he found himself swallowing his drool of desire hard in his throat. "Uh.." That was the only thing he had the ability to voice at this moment in time and even that came out an octave higher than normal.

"Do you trust me?" She asked seductively as she moved her face even closer to the bulge that was almost tenting his pants at this point.

Nodding his head with one slight movement up and down, he answered in a straining voice of. "Uh..Huh." Nothing could compare to the sight before him and he was sure he was going to die any second from the strain of the part of his body that was closest to her face.

"Good." She replied cheerfully as she grabbed the last button between her teeth and began working on the thread that held it to his shirt. Once she had successful freed the button, she smiled victoriously and just before she rose back to her feet she let her tongue snake out and just for a brief second touched the bulge area of his pants.

Max almost fell to his knees when she had done that small bold move and he had to use every muscle in his arms to keep himself standing upright. As Liz stood back to his feet, Max let out the lung full of air he hadn't realized he had been holding. Liz quickly moved to his side and tugged that side of his shirt free, then moved to the other side and did the same thing. Realizing he needed to give up his hold on the couch so she could move to his back side, he took another deep breath to give himself another boost of control and stood straight, taking a step away from the couch. Liz quickly stepped behind him and successfully had Max's shirt hanging open and freed from any restraints. Standing on her tip toes she took hold of his collar and started tugging the shirt off his back.

Sounds of cheering for Pam filled the room and Liz made a quick glance over to her left to see Pam had successfully removed Marcus's shirt already. Looking quickly behind Pam and Marcus she seen Vicki was still working to get Kyle's turtleneck he had worn over his head.
Not wasting any more time Liz quickly tugged the shirt down Max's arms and soon realized her mistake. Max's shirt sleeves had been rolled up in forearms and with them in the particular position it was making it impossible for her to tug it free. Thinking quickly on her feet she yelled. "Max squat down!"

Not sure why she wanted him to do what she requested, but not going to question her judgment either, he did as she commanded. Liz took one foot and placed it on the shirt just on the inside of his forearm where his shirt was stuck and stepped down hard pulling the sleeve of his shirt as it ripped in two. She repeated the same process on the other side and quickly knelt down beside Max and grabbed the remaining piece of fabric that dangled on the left side with her teeth and yanked it free. Scooting around Max's body to the other side and repeated the process, basically leaving a shirt free Max in her wake.

"Way to go Liz!" Alex shouted out at the same time Isabelle shouted.

"She did it! She did it!"

Vicki instantly marched over to where a now standing Max and Liz stood, screaming. "You cheated, you can't use your feet!"

Liz was just about to shoot back, when Isabelle beat her to it. "Oh Shut UP Vicki! Pauly said you guys couldn't use your hands, he said nothing about you not being able to use your feet. So be a gracious loser and back off, NOW!" Her ice princess voice ringing loud and clear and when she used it, people took note and listened. After all, she is Isabelle Evans and she'd be damned if her brother and Liz lost on some technicality.

"Fine!" Vicki gave in, not willing to cross Isabelle and take a chance on social suicide. She then stomped over to Kyle. "Next time I tell you to wear a shirt, you better damn well listen. But, NO! Kyle, wants to wear what he wants to wear. Well, guess what Kyle, your shirt choice SUCKS!" Then she stormed out of the room, slamming the bathroom door closed behind her. The room fell silent for a second and then laughter erupted throughout the entire room. Everyone knew Vicki was just blowing steam and she would be okay when she had a minute to cool down.

Liz wrapped her arms around Max's neck, jumping up and down she shouted. "I did it, I actually did it."

Max's body was still anything but in control and with Liz jumping up and down against his bare chest wasn't helping the fact either. Reaching around her waist with his arms he did his best to stop her movements. "That you did. That you did."

Realizing what she was doing she pulled away, her shyness coming out in full force once again. "Uh..Sorry about your shirt. I'll buy you a new one." She apologized.

"The shirt is the least of my concerns at the moment, Liz." He stated honestly. His body was in such a flushed state at the moment, he couldn't have cared less about a torn shirt.

"It looks like that round goes to Pam and Marcus." Pauly's voice came over the speakers once again interrupting before Liz could respond to Max's statement. "The score stands right now with Marcus and Pam having a total of 2 points and Max and Liz in the lead with 2 1/2 points. Marcus, you and Pam have to win this next challenge in order to have a chance at winning the grand prize. You guys ready for Challenge #9?"

Max was no where near ready to continue to the next round. He didn't want to disappoint Liz after she had worked so hard to get them to this point in the contest, but he just couldn't get his body under control. Alex took note of Max's stance and knew exactly how Max was feeling. Hell, he was a teenage guy after all and after that kiss Isabelle had given him in Challenge #4, he knew exactly what Max was going through. Alex also took note that Marcus, even though he knew Marcus had a lot more experience in the ways of women then either he or Max did. He still could tell that Marcus was feeling the affects of the last challenge also. So quickly Alex spoke up before Pauly could continue. "Hey, Pauly. Why don't we let our winning couples grab a drink before you go on?"

Seeing how both Max and Marcus body language was pleading with him to agree to Alex's request he quickly said. "Sure, besides I think the guys are going to need a cool drink before they'll be able to perform at the top of their ability for the next challenge any way."

Max could only groan at Pauly's words, knowing now that he was diffidently going to die a very young, very happy, very aroused man before the night was over. He couldn't even try to think what else Pauly had planned for the remaining challenges. "I'm going to head to the..Uh..I'm going to use the facilities for a second." He quickly excused himself after giving Alex a look of thank you and rushed off to use the bathroom.

"Is Max's okay?" Liz asked concerned, not quite sure why he was acting so aloof since the last challenge. She worried that he was upset with her about basically ruining his shirt or even worst, he was upset by how bold she had been during the challenge. Max had even told her that if he had been partnered with someone like Pam Troy, he wouldn't have made it through the first round. Now, here she was acting exactly like Pam Troy. Oh God, he probably hates me right now. What was I thinking? Oh man, the only guy I have ever been interested in thinks I'm a slut like Pam Troy. The exact kind of girl that Max hates. Liz was growing more and more concerned with each minute that went by and Max still hadn't come back.

Alex just laughed at Liz's innocents, she had no idea just how much she had in fact gotten to Max or what she had done to him. Draping his arm around her shoulder, he joked. "Liz, didn't your Mom ever have the birds and the bees talk with you or do I need to do it?"

Raising her hand to her mouth in total humiliation as Alex's words seeped into her brain and the realization of why Max was acting the way he was finally sank in. "Oh My God, Max is going to think I'm such a slut." She voiced her fears out loud as she sank her head into Alex's chest.

Isabelle had watched the scenario between her brother and Liz Parker and the after effects it had on her brother. Then when Liz voiced her concerns regarding how Max was going to see her now, Isabelle wanted to laugh out loud. Didn't she know that Max would never think that of her? Didn't she realize that she alone was the only person that Max had ever thought of in that kind of way? Didn't she realize that Max had the kind of reaction he had was because it was her that had done that to him in the first place, not just because of her actions, but because it was her that was doing it? Speaking up quickly to reassure Liz. "Liz, that is the last thing my brother thinks about you. Trust me, I think you just shocked him beyond his wildest fantasies girlfriend."

Liz looked over at Isabelle and saw that she was speaking the truth. "Do you really think so?"

"Oh Please! Liz, you are the last person in the school that would be considering that."

"She's right Liz." Max's voice rang out from behind them. "I'm sorry if I made you think I thought of you in any way, but the most amazing girl I've ever met. Forgive me?"

"Oh Max." Liz cried out as she stepped out of Alex's arms and took a hesitate step toward Max. She had wanted to throw herself into his arms, but wasn't sure how he would respond if she did.

Without hesitating Max reached out and pulled her into a tight embrace. His body hadn't calmed down completely, but his concern for her feelings out weighed his discomfort at the moment. Besides the gallon of cold water he had thrown on his face in the bathroom had provided some sense of relief. The two of them stood in each other's arms until Pauly's voice once again boomed over the speakers. Max pulled away just enough so he could look into Liz's eyes. "You ready?"

Nodding her head, she replied. "Let's do it."

End Pt9
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Who's ready for challenge #9? Thanks once again for all the FB, you guys are great. Now on with the next challenge..Uh..I mean the next part. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

Title: Party Challenge Pt10
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 10

"Okay folks it's time we get back on track. Just a reminder, Marcus you and Pam are trailing Max and Liz by a half of a point. So in order to have a shot at the concert tickets the two of you must win this next challenge." Pauly paused for a moment to make sure the two couples understood what he was saying, plus to give the effect of anticipation to take hold before he announced the next challenge. "Okay I think the women did such an awesome job accomplishing their task, that it's only fair that the guys have their turn."

"In your dreams Pauly. I'm sure all you horndogs would just love to see Pam and Liz lose their shirts, but I think that's disgusting. Even for your sick mind." Isabelle spoke up immediately knowing that while Pam would let Marcus do it, there is no way the Liz would go for it nor would Max attempt to try to do it.

The other party members soon took Isabelle's side arguing the same point. No one dared to disagree with Isabelle Evans on a point of such as this. Max stood rooted to his spot, still holding Liz in his arms and feeling her tense up as they awaited Pauly's decision.
"Now hold on everyone, let's not get into an uproar until you've heard the full challenge."
Pauly stated quickly not wanting everyone to think he was a low life, even though the idea seemed like a great one for next year's party. As the party crowd started to quiet down, Pauly went on. "The challenge isn't for the girl's to lose their tops."

All the air went out of Liz's lungs with a swoosh of relief washed over her. "No, actually it's just the opposite. For the next challenge the guys will have to remove an article of the girl's undergarments without removing their outer clothing."

"I'm going to kill Maria." Liz said under her breath, but loud enough for Max to hear her.

Marcus and Pam were grinning from ear to ear. It wasn't like it would be the first time that Marcus had ever had the opportunity to remove Pam's bra without removing her shirt. Many a times they had been in a heavy make out couch on Pam's living room couch with her parents just down the hallway where he had successfully removed her bra so he could have better access to her breast, with leaving her shirt in tact just in case her parents would walk in on the two of them. This was going to be a walk in the park.

Liz was beside herself with one thought in mind. She wasn't wearing a bra, the only undergarments she currently had on was her panties under her mini skirt. Oh man, I am going to literally kill Maria for picking out a shirt that made it impossible for me to wear a bra tonight of all nights. Max could sense her discomfort about the challenge and immediately wanted to reassure her they didn't have to continue with this contest. "Liz, it's okay. We can go see Gomez the next time their around. We don't need to prove anything. We'll just stop now."

"Good, I'm glad your finally seeing that there is no way you, Little Miss Brianiac Parker was ever going to beat me at this game." Pam bragged as she had over heard what Max had said about the two of them stopping now and forfeiting the concert tickets to her and Marcus.

"Shut up Pam! Max and I will be the ones going to see Gomez next weekend, while your sitting on your couch letting any Tom, Dick or Harry get off. So go back over to your partner and be ready when Pauly says go!" All of Liz's fears went out the door when Pam had come over to brag.

The room went silent as no one had ever heard Liz Parker defend herself like she had to Pam Troy. Alex literally had to bite his lip from laughing out loud, while Isabelle was quick to jump in on the action. "You heard her Pam, now move along."

With a huff and a, "We'll see about that." Pam went back over to where Marcus was standing.

"Liz?" Max wasn't too sure even if Liz agreed to do it, that he would be able to remove her bra. He had never even touched a girl's bra, let alone seen one up close. Not even his sister's or mother's in the laundry at home. Now it was up to him to not let Liz down and he had no idea what he was supposed to do.

Before Max could say anything more, Liz turned to Max. "We have a problem."

"What's that?" Besides the obvious of me having no idea on how to remove your bra. Max added silently to himself.

"I'm not wearing a bra!" She whispered to him.

Nodding his head in confusion. "Oh." He stated and then the realization of what she was saying sank in. "Ohhhh! Liz, we don't hav....."

His words were quickly cut off. "Yes, we do Max. I know tonight has been totally unreal to both of us. I mean have you ever dreamed we would have done half the things we did tonight. I know I haven't, well, maybe in my dreams. But, I never thought I would or could do half the things we've already done. Max, I know I'm asking a lot here, but I really want to put Pam in her place, if only this one time in my life. Please, I need your help to do it. Will you help me?"

Max couldn't believe it. The woman of his dreams was asking for his help, help he would gladly offer her. Hell, if she had been shot, bleeding to death in the middle of a crowded restaurant he probably would have risked everything to save her life, even exposing himself.
But, here she was literally asking him to remove her panties in the middle of a party full of people. "Are you sure?" He asked one last time.

Nodding her head quickly, she confirmed. "No, but I have to do this Max. I have to."

"And you really want to win?"

"More than I've wanted anything else in my life."


"Okay?" She questioned, making sure she had heard him correctly.

"But, let's finish this now. Who knows what else is in that sick mind of Pauly's?" Max stated, he didn't think his mind or his body could take any more excitement.

"I couldn't agree more. But, Max, I...I just.." Now that they had agreed to do it, there was that virtuous part of her brain that was flashing caution red lights in her mind.

"It's okay Liz, I promise to be a gentleman." He stated already knowing what she was trying to say.

Liz gave him a small smile of gratitude and jokingly asked in a whispering voice. So, how fast do you think you can remove my panties?"

"Is a blink of an eye to quick for you?" He joked back. With that they both laughed and the tension was gone.

Pauly had waited for both couples to nod their acceptance. There for a minute he wasn't to sure if Max and Liz were going to go for it or not. Now that they had turned toward him showing they were ready, he spoke into the microphone once again. "You guys ready?" Both Max and Marcus nodded their heads. "Get set, GO!" He shouted.

The next few seconds of Liz's life played out in slow motion. She felt herself being lifted by one of Max's strong arms, the next thing she felt was a tug on her panties and before she had a chance to blink an eye she was back down on the ground and Max was twirling her pink panties around his finger with a wicked smile on his face. He leaned down and whispered in her ear. "A blink of an eye."

Before Liz could process what had just happened, Isabelle jumped in Max's arms yelling. "You did it! You really did it!"

While Alex wrapped his arms around her waist. "I cant believe it. Liz you guys won!"

People that Max had never spoken two words to before this night were coming up to him and congratulating the two of them. Slapping him on the back, shaking his hand, ruffling his hair, hugging Liz. In the back ground Max and Liz could faintly hear Pam yelling at Marcus, "Why didn't you think to take off my panties? You Idiot!" Liz briefly noticed Pam yanking Marcus's hand out of her shirt and trying to refasten her bra.

The rounds of clapping and congratulations were soon quieted by Pauly tapping on the microphone to get everyone's attention. "Congratulations Max and Liz, you two have successfully completed challenge #9. You two are also the only ones eligible to win the Gomez concert tickets."

"What are you talking about Pauly? They won, fair and square." This was surprisingly by Kyle.

"Aaah! They did beat all of you out, but as you all recall at the beginning of the evening, I set forth ten challenges and so far they have only completed nine of them. But, don't worry, I have a feeling Max and Liz are really going to enjoy their last challenge. Compared to some of them, this is going to be a walk in the park for our winning couple."

Pauly did another dramatic pause, but Isabelle was beside herself at how unfair he seemed to be. But, then again no one had ever won the challenge competition at one of Pauly's parties before the tenth challenge so she wasn't surprised at all that Pauly would still want his last challenge to be performed. "Well, I know your just dying to tell us what Max and Liz still have to do so just get on with it and tell us already." She demanded.

"I'm glad your curious Isabelle, the tenth and final challenge is similar to seven minutes in heaven. Only because we're not back in the fifty's, we're going change the rules around just a bit. Instead of seven minutes, Max and Liz will get thirty minutes and instead of them being locked in a closet, we're going to let our winners have the pleasure of the guest bedroom." So far the challenge didn't sound all that bad to either Max and Liz. Nope, not at all. Spending the next thirty minutes alone with Liz in a bedroom uninterrupted, now this was the kind of challenge Max could handle. Maybe just maybe he could finally get the nerve to actually ask her to prom within that thirty minutes. The next words out of Pauly's mouth however, made him rethink how easy this challenge was going to be.

End Pt10
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Is everyone up for chllenge #10 ??? Now I know some have threatened to tie me to a chair until I posted the next part of the story. So I thought I better get it posted before every attacked.LOL The FB has been so awesome, you guys know how to make a person want to write faster. Anyway, without further a do, here isthe next part. Hope you enjoiy it, let me know what you think.

Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 11

Thirty minutes alone with Max, that I can diffidently handle Liz's mind was thinking in the same line as Max and just like Max's, her mouth dropped open in shock as Pauly finished explaining the rest of the challenge. "The only twist is you both have to relinquish your clothing for the duration of your time in heaven."

Max and Liz both responded in the same way, they both blushed a deep red, both began to choke and coughed at just the thought of being naked, alone in a bedroom, for thirty minutes uninterrupted with each other. Now Max understood Liz's need to defeat Pam and even though Pauly was handed him his every dream come true, he just didn't see Liz agreeing to do this challenge just for the sake of some concert tickets, no matter who the group was. He glanced over at Liz and noticed she was biting her lower lip. A nervous habit he knew she did when she was nervous about something or when she was trying to make an important decision. Could she actually be considering doing this? Would she be willing...No, no, no? Get your head back in realty here, Liz would never ever even consider being naked with me, alone in a bedroom. There is just no way. Besides could I do it, even if she wanted to. She thinks I'm a normal every day guy. She doesn't know me, the real me, who or what I am. God, what I would give for her to say she wanted to do this? Stop it, Max. She isn't even considering it, so just stop. As his mind was going in every directions thinking about the challenge and what it would mean, Liz shocked him yet again with her next statement.

"Like Max and I would entrust our clothing to you Pauly?" She yelled out in a jokingly manner, but her words spoke volumes to Max. She was thinking about it, Oh My GOD! Liz is actually considering do this.

"Fine, Parker. If you don't trust me, you and Max can hand your clothing over to whom ever you choose. Now if you guys would follow me, your heaven awaits." Pauly stated as he took a step down the hallway.

Liz reached down for Max's hand and whispered in his ear. "How long can you keep your eyes close?"

Oh God, Oh God, Oh GOD! We're actually going to do this. We're doing this! Oh God! Keep it together Max, keep it together. Trying to keep his voice even, though it was one of the hardest things he had ever had to do, he whispered back. "At least twenty-nine minutes."

Liz hit him playfully on his chest knowing he was just joking trying to ease her mind. At first Liz was about to tell Pauly where he could go with his challenge #10, then as her mind thought about it over and over. The more she knew in her heart that she could trust Max. If she had been partnered with any other person, even Alex, her answer would have been a resounding NO, but her partner was Max. Suddenly she wasn't afraid or nervous or uncomfortable, she had no fear of completing the challenge. Liz looked over her shoulder to see a wide eyed Isabelle and Alex starring down the hallway in unbelief that the two of them were actually going to go through with the challenge. She yelled out, "Isabelle, do you mind?" Meaning she wanted Isabelle to be the one to hold their clothing, as much as she loved Alex as a friend, it would just be too weird to ask him to hold her clothes while she went into a strange bedroom, to be alone with Max. Make that alone, naked with Max. Oh God, I can't believe I'm doing this.

Max was sure this was all a dream, there is no way this night was actually happening and there was no way he was about to step into a real life fantasy come true. God, please don't let me wake up just yet. Pauly opened a door at the end of the hallway. "Now we'll give you guys a few minutes to lose the clothing and then your time in heaven can begin." He then stepped aside allowing Max and Liz to step inside the bedroom, then quickly shut the door behind him.

Isabelle had followed them down the hallway, along with Alex. Now Isabelle was all for her brother getting together with Liz Parker, hell she had basically set the whole thing up. She meant for him to date her, even to finally experience his first kiss. Yes, Isabelle knew her brother well enough to know that tonight had actually been the first time she knew about that he had ever even kissed a girl. She wanted Max to have some fun in life, like she did. But, no matter how much fun they had, they were still different and to actually even consider having sex with another person when they themselves were not completely human was just in the plan. They knew they were basically human, alien human hybrids to be exact. They had found that much out about themselves, but still there was no way to know if they were intimate with a human would it be okay. Isabelle was about to barge into the bedroom and put a stop to this before it got any more out of hand, when Alex became the calming presence she needed.

Seeing the look of unbelief on Isabelle's face, then he watched as her facial features went from shock, to nervous, to fearful. He could see the panic start to take over and he quickly raised his hand to touch her softly on the arm. "Isabelle, I wouldn't worry. I know Liz and I know she's not the kind of person know. She's not like that." Then a nervous thought flashed through Alex's mind. "Max wouldn't?" His question halted in mid air, suddenly not sure how to ask Max's sister if he was the kind of guy that would take advantage of the situation. Max didn't seem the type to Alex, but then again how much did he really know about Max. He shared a few classes with him at school, he saw him at the Crashdown often. He knew he got halfway decent grades, was quiet, shy and never really dated. But, the more he thought about it, the more he realized how much he really didn't know Max at all.

"No, of course not. Max would never." She defended her brother instantly, but instantly her mind started to recall what she had witnessed when she was forced to watch over them when they completed Challenge #5. Then remembering the way the two of them had kissed during Challenge #4. Hell, the way the two of them acted toward each other for every single rest of the challenges. The way Max had jumped to Liz's defense against Tommy, her brother had never ever let anger control him. He was always Mr. I am in control. Self doubt about whether Max would or wouldn't growing stronger by the minute the more she though the more the self doubt took over.

"Yeah and neither would Liz. So stop worrying besides I doubt they even hand out their clothes." Alex stated hoping to reassure Isabelle and himself.

Unsure if this was a dream or real any more, Max stood waiting for Liz to make the first move. He would follow her led, if she said she wanted to stop, they would stop. If she took her cloths off, he would take his off. He was giving her complete control, so he stood and waited. Once the door was closed Liz wasn't sure what she should do. In her romantic fantasy, Max would step over to her, sweep her off her feet and undress her slowly. Kissing every inch of her body, worshipping her like their was no other. But, this wasn't some kind of romantic fantasy, she wasn't even dreaming, this was real and suddenly she felt extremely nervous. Her mouth was suddenly dry and her eyes looked every where except at Max, who was still standing there like a statue. Why isn't he moving? Does he think I'm going to make the first move? He's the guy, shouldn't the guys make the first move? The more Max stood there doing nothing, the more nervous she became.

After a few minutes passing with neither making a move to begin to undress, finally Max spoke up. "Liz, are you okay?" He could see how nervous she was becoming by the minute, it also hadn't gone unnoticed by him that she had yet to look at him.

Finally looking over at an already half naked Max, as he no longer had his shirt thanks to her. "It's weird, isn't it?"

"What? This or us?" Max wasn't sure what she was talking about.

"This night I guess. I mean, you and I we haven't even really talked that much besides when we do a lab together or I take your order at the cafe. Now look at us, we're supposed to undress and do what exactly?" Liz took a step toward Max as she talked.

"Liz, we don't.." Max began to tell her, he wasn't expecting anything from her and he understood. Hell, he wasn't sure if he could do anything even if he wanted to. Well, he knew he could, but he wasn't sure if he should.

But, Liz just continued on as if she hadn't heard a word he said. "A guy I've barely spoken with, but I've known for years kisses me at a party and then we're thrown in a room together. Expected to get naked and I guess just do it, but Max, I...I'm just not the type to have a one night wham, bam, thank you mam, relationship." Still moving toward him.

Once again Max tried to stop her and explain he wasn't into the wham, bam, thank you mam relationships either. Hell, he hadn't ever even kissed a girl before this night, he was the last person to do the wham, bam, thank you mam thing. "Liz, really I don't..."

Still not listening, Liz taking another step toward Max and continued. "I like you, I do. God knows you seem like a great guy and a guy I would really like to get to know. Not to mention you kiss like a God, but I need to know someone, I need to be in love and know that person loves me completely and know we are committed to each other before I could even consider being with said person in an intimate way."

Max wanted to tell her he did love her, he has loved her for as long as he could remember, but before he could even get a word out, Liz continued her rambling as she took yet another step toward Max. "Now I know I was the one that dragged you in here. I was the one that said I wanted to win and I'm sure come Monday at school every person is going to believe that we did the wild thing hanging from chandeliers or something no matter what happens, but Max I'm just not ready to make love yet." By the time she finished her rant she was standing directly in front of Max and if a force of nature was pulling them together their arms were around each other and their mouths met for a mind blowing kiss that didn't end until their lungs were in desperate need of oxygen. Finally coming up for air, she whispered. "Undress me Max."

Now Max had heard story after story about men never understanding a woman's mind, but until this moment he hadn't really ever experienced exactly what that meant. Here Liz had gone on for at least five minutes explaining to him how she wasn't ready to have sex with just anyone and that she wouldn't even consider making love until she knew it was right and that she was in love, probably married or at least seriously committed to the guy. Then she turns around and kisses him, taking his breath away and tells him to undress her. Max leaned back just enough so he could look into her eyes. "Liz, are you sure that's what you want?"
He needed to make sure that she was 100% positive that she knew what she was saying and that he had heard her correctly.

Was she sure? No. Did she really know what she wanted? No. Part of her was so unsure, the other part knowing this was right. Being with Max, was all she ever dreamed of. Now her dream could come true, but did she have the nerve to follow through. She had asked Max to undress her, because she didn't know if she would be able to follow through and do it, if she herself had to do it. But, when she was in Max's arms like this, she felt safe, protected and loved. It was so wrong, but it felt so right. Like she had found her match, her soul mate and nothing had ever felt so right to her as it did in that very moment. "I'm sure." She whispered to him as she laid her head against the warmth of his chest and listened to the beating of his heart.

Max nodded his head against the top of hers, he lifted her head, while he leaned down to kiss her one last time. The kiss was soft, full of tenderness unlike anything Liz had ever experienced before. It felt like he was pouring his soul for her to take and saying without words just how much she meant to him. His hands were cupping her face, holding her in place and then moved around her neck to the tie that held her shirt up. He pulled one string, then the other. Breaking off the kiss, he kept his eyes closed as he finished undoing the ties. His hands then moved down the sides of her body, grazing her body with such tenderness that Liz was once again finding it hard to remain standing. Once they reached the bottom edge of her halter top, they moved around to the backside of her shirt and keeping his eyes tightly shut he lifted the shirt up and over her head. He brought his hands back down and they went around her waist to find the back button of her mini skirt. Unbuttoning it, then unzipping, he gently pulled it down her legs. All the while his eyes remained closed.

Liz watched him the entire time he had undressed her with his eyes shut. She had known in her heart that she would be able to trust the man before her and as she continued to be memorized by his actions, her heart soared as she discovered just how wonderful a person Max truly was. As soon as she stepped out of her mini skirt, she stepped away from him and quickly walked over to the bed and climbed under the covers. Once she was settled she spoke softly. "It's okay Max, I'm covered. You may open your eyes now."

Opening his eyes, they immediately sought Liz out. She was sitting up in the bed, with the covers pulled up just above her chest, her hair was fanned around her shoulders and Max had never seen anything so beautiful in all his life. "Do you have any idea how beautifully amazing you are?" He couldn't help but express the words his heart was feeling.

"You know, you could really make a girl's head swell if you keep saying such wonderful things." She moved a pillow into the center of the bed to divide the bed in half. "Now why don't you get undressed and join me." She pulled down the covers on the other side of the bed, then leaned back against the headboard of the bed and closed her eyes. Giving him the same respect he had shown her.

Understanding exactly what she was offering, the opportunity for the two of them to share the covers, but that was all they were going to be sharing that evening. Max quickly removed his jeans and boxer. Opened the door ever so slightly, handed his and Liz's clothes other to his wide eyed in shock sister, then quickly walked over to the opposite side of the bed and climbed in covering the intimate parts of his anatomy. "Thank you, Liz."

Opening her eyes, knowing he was already settled by the shifting movements of the bed. "For what?" She asked.

"For tonight and for...just being you." He stated honestly.

End Part 11
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I hope everyone liked the party challenges, like I said before some were ones I've done, some were my weird imagination. Anyway I hope everyone isn't disappointed with this next part. Remember in my summary I stated I wanted this story to have the innocence of S1 w/ a touch of SH. Anyway here is the next part. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.

Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 12

"And then what happened?" Maria asked her best friend, not wanting her to leave out one single detail of the party. Once again cursing her cousin for being a stupid juvie and causing her to miss the party of a life time. It was the Sunday afternoon after the party and Maria had been hounding Liz since they had started their shift. Since Sunday afternoon's were relatively slow Maria had more than ample time to drill Liz for information about the party. She couldn't believe what she had missed, Max and Liz had finally gotten together. Even though Liz had never came out and said it, Maria knew all too well how much her best friend wanted to be with Max. And there had been so many times that Maria had caught Max looking at her friend, but whenever she would say anything to Liz. Liz would deny it, thinking she was not in Max Evans league.

So far Maria had been able to get Liz to tell her about all the different challenges, about her and Max sharing their first kiss, about how they had beaten Pam and Marcus and how the two of them had gotten naked, got into bed together in the guest bedroom at Pauly's house before they had been interrupted with customer's wanting their orders taken. Now the place was dead once again and Maria couldn't wait to hear what happened once they got into the bed. "Maria, just stop okay. I've already told you basically everything, but I already told you, what happened between Max and I is private. You can whine until your blue in the face, but Max and I made a promise to each other and I'm not going to break that. I gave him my word. So just drop it." Maria's persistence was starting to get to Liz. Yes, she was Liz's best friend and the two of them usually told each other every single detail of their lives, but this was different. She had made a promise and she always kept her word no matter how much her best friend begged.

The challenges were another matter, every person that was at that party knew what had taken place as far as the challenges went so Liz knew Maria would have heard all about them eventually through the gossip mill at school. But, her and Max had promised each other what happened in those thirty minutes would stay between them only. She knew people would be gossiping about them no matter if they knew what happened or not, but for some reason it just felt too personal to Liz to share it with anyone. That included her best friend, no matter how much she pleaded.

She was saved by the bell literally, when Alex walked into the cafe at that very moment and Maria charged after him to begin her grilling of his redemption of the party. Liz's mind wandered back to the night before, back to those thirty minutes of pure heaven. "Thank you." Max had said once he climbed in the bed on the opposite side of her.

"For what?" She had questioned.

"For tonight, for...just being you." He had replied.

"I think I'm the one that should be thanking you. You were wonderful tonight. There aren't many guys at school that wouldn't have taken advantage of this situation. So thanks, for being you." Liz reached over to offer her hand to him, a hand that Max easily accepted with his. It was more than just the two of them holding hands, it symbolized the beginning of something all too new to both of them.

Max had taken her hand when she had offered it to him and was content to just sit there and hold her hand for the entire thirty minutes if that was all she felt comfortable doing. His eyes remained looking forward, considering for the thousandth time what it would feel like to be able to tell Liz the truth about himself. "I'm not like the many guys at our school Liz."

"Yeah, I kind of figured that one out. Look, I know I was rambling before, but I still meant what I said." She turned her body to lay on her side facing him.

"You don't have to worry Liz, I wouldn't think to take advantage of you." Max stated as he turned his head to face her.

"Thanks, but that's not what I was talking about. I would like to get to know you better though. Tell me something, anything about you." Liz questioned.

Would you really want to know? Max thought to himself, then gave her a half smile before answering. "I'm a Junior at West Roswell High School."

Liz rolled her eyes at him. "I know that. Tell me something I don't know. What's your favorite color? What kind of movies do you like? Who's your favorite author? Do you have any hobbies? I just really would like to get to know you, the real you."

God, if only I could tell you who the real me was. If you knew, would you still look at me with the same beautiful doe eyes? "I'll tell you something only if you tell me."

"Deal." She squeezed his hand that she was still holding and laid down just a little bit more in the bed to get more comfortable.

"My favorite color is green. Yours?" He also scooted down in the bed, propping his head up with one hand to get more comfortable.

"Red. Your turn to ask a question."

They continued asking basic questions back and forth, they learned each other's favorite movie, favorite flavor of ice cream, favorite singer and band. They told each other about their families, their friends, what they liked and disliked about school. Liz told him her plans of going to Harvard, of what she hoped her dream job would be someday. Max told Liz how his father wanted him to follow in his foot steps and become a lawyer too, but how he preferred a profession in the medical field. Maybe a pediatrician, as he liked working with kids. For the entire thirty minutes, the two of them took the time to really know the person that they had been pining for over for years. And the most amazing thing was, they discovered that the beautiful person on the outside that they had been attracted to, didn't compare to the the beautiful person on the inside that they got to know. By the time Isabelle knocked on the door to let them know their thirty minutes were up, Max knew without a doubt he would be able to share his most personal secret with the girl he not only obsessed over. But, now knew without any doubt in his mind that he was total head over heels in love with her.

As before Liz closed her eyes to allow Max the privacy to climb out of the bed to retrieve their clothing from his sister. He quickly slipped back in his boxers and pulled up his jeans, then walked over to Liz's side of the bed to hand her clothes back to her. While her eyes still remained closed, he leaned down and kissed her gently on her lips, then whispered against her lips. "You realize you've stolen my heart tonight Liz Parker."

Liz opened her eyes to meet his amber ones and honestly replied. "You had mine when you said Hi." Their lips came together once again, only this time with enough passion they could have lit a flame to a candle with it. Neither willing and wanting to pull away from the intensity of feeling that the other was provoking in them, until their time was once again interrupted by another knock at the door. "Okay you two, your thirty minutes in heaven is up. Come on out here and claim your prize already." Pauly's voice beamed through the door.

Reluctantly Max pulled away. "I'll just wait outside for you." He stated as he stood and started walking toward the door.

"Max!" She called out to him before he reached the door. Max halted his steps and turned back to face her. "I just..I know what everyone's going to think we did in here and I really don't care what they want to think. But, what we did instead...It just seems that much more intimate to me and I'd rather it stay between us. Do you mind?"

"I agree. I mean about it being more...intimate. I promise, what happened between us here tonight is between the two of us." He replied.

Liz gave him a full blown smile that made his heart soar with pride. "I promise too."

With that Max stepped out of the room and Liz hurriedly gotten dressed. Just before she opened the door she could her Max telling his sister. "Look, Isabelle. What happened between Liz and I behind that door is for Liz and I to know only. So just drop it already."
At that moment in time, Liz knew no one would ever take the place that Max had in her heart.
She not only loved him, she was totally head over heels IN love with him.

Her memory of the previous night was put on hold when Alex came up to her and tapped her shoulder. "Did you ask your parents about going to the concert yet?"

"I told my Dad about winning them, leaving out the part about how I won them of course. He told me, he would discuss it with my Mom and they would let me know their decision if I can go tonight."

"Did you happen to mention who you would be going with?" Alex knew Liz had always been pretty up front with her parents. Of course, he also knew she never had a reason not to be up front with them before.

"Yeah, I did. I also told him how Max offered to let me have both tickets so I could invite someone they knew better, if they had a problem with me going with him since they really didn't know him that well and he didn't want me not to get to go to the concert just because of him. Even though I did explain how unfair that would be, since Max and I won them together. So either both of us should get to go or neither of us will go. I just hope they trust me enough to trust my judgment in Max." Liz stated unaware that her father had just stepped into the cafe and heard her last sentence.

Jeff Parker had discussed the concert situation with his wife Nancy and both weren't quite sure about letting their only daughter drive to another city that was a couple hours away. Especially with a boy they really didn't know at all. They had always trusted Liz and she had been honest and up front with the two of them about the situation. They knew some kids might have told their parents anything they would have wanted to hear to get to go to the concert, but Liz hadn't. She came to them, open and honest. Now was the question that every parent had to face sometime in their children's lives. Did they trust their daughter enough to let her go? Yes, they did trust Liz. But, the fact remained they didn't know this Max guy at all and how were they supposed to trust their daughter in the hands of an individual that they didn't know at all. As he heard his daughter's words, he wondered. Should he trust Max, based solely on the fact that Liz trusted him?

Before he had the chance to say anything, the chimes of the cafe door rang out and two teenage boys and one girl walked into the cafe. He witnessed how the one boy's eyes sought out his daughters, he continued to watch how Liz's entire face lit up as she saw the boy enter the cafe. Now Jeff Parker wasn't too old to see that there was something there, some kind of spark between the two of them and instantly he knew that the decision to allow Liz to go to this concert was going to be that much more difficult. Although they trusted Liz and he did trust his daughter's judgment, he always had the excuse that he didn't know Max that well. Making his way behind the register in pretense that he needed to check something there, he kept one eye on Liz and one eye on the new boy in her life.

The moment Max walked into the cafe, his eyes immediately found Liz. She turned to face him and the two of them shared a smile. As Isabelle and Michael went to their regular booth, Max excused himself and walked over to where Liz was standing with Alex and Maria. "Hey Alex, Maria. Hi Liz." He used the word Hi on purpose when he greeted her, remembering her words from the night before.

"Yeah Max." This from Alex, his tone as friendly as it had been the night before.

"Max." Maria stated in an I'm sizing you up as a newly potential boyfriend of my best friend type tone.

"Hi." This from Liz as their eyes locked.

"Maria, why don't you show me that thing you wanted to show me?" Alex stated more than asked as he tried to pull Maria away from Max before she had the chance to start grilling him in the way Maria usually did things. Very Bluntly.

Alex pulling Maria away brought Liz back to her senses. Looking around the room to see where Alex and Maria were going, her eyes landed on her father who was by the cash register.
"Max, would you mind meeting my Dad? Maybe if he knows who you are a little better, he'll be more willing to allow me to go to the concert next weekend with you." She added quickly so he would be more willing to meet her father. She knew all too well how shy Max was, but she also knew her father might try to use the excuse that he didn't know Max to keep her from going to the concert with him.

"Uh..Yeah, sure. I guess." Flashes of Liz's father walking in on them when he was devouring the whip cream off of Liz's neck flashed across his mind and his palms immediately started to sweat.

Before Max knew what was happening he was standing in front of Liz's father and was being introduced to the man who held their future in his hands. Well, at least next weekends future. "Dad, this is Max Evans. Max this is my Dad, Jeff Parker. I thought the two of you should meet and maybe have a chance to get to know each other before next weekend so you would know I'd be in good hands." She stated to her father.

"It's nice to meet you Mr. Parker." Max stated trying to keep the nervousness out of his voice, but slightly failing to be able to complete his mission.

Jeff immediately sized Max up before sticking out his hand. "It's nice to meet you too, Max." Jeff stated as he thought. Damn, now I won't even have that excuse any more.

End Pt12
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I'm glad to see most everyone wasn't disappointed with Max & Liz getting to know each other before just getting it on. Now for those of you that pointed out the story's rating, just remember patience is a virtue. LOL Also JBehrsGirl made a beautiful banner for this story - Thank You so much!!! Now hopefully I can get it to show up and show off your wonderul talent. Here's the next part, hopefully you will enjoy it. Let me know what you think.


Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 13

Isabelle Evans sat in the booth at the Crashdown cafe, that she normally sat in with the two guys she considered her brothers. Only one was her brother as far as blood, but that didn't make Michael any less of a brother to her then Max in her book. Well, at the moment only one was technically sitting with her. Max had gone over to say hi to Liz Parker, which was okay with Isabelle. She had never seen her brother Max look as happy as he was before in his life. She had a sliver of doubt when Max and Liz had gone into the guest bedroom at Pauly's house, that Max would do something that could possibly jeopardize their safety. But, she could still hear Max's words to her when she kept asking. "Isabelle, do you trust me?" When she nodded her response, he simple told her. "Then trust me now and drop it." As much as she wanted to know what went on behind that close door for those thirty minutes she knew her brother wasn't the kind of guy that kissed and told. Besides she did trust her brother, with her life if it came down to it, so she did as he asked and dropped the subject.

Now as she sat there and watched as Alex pulled Maria toward the back of the cafe, she also noticed how Michael was watching, but trying his hardest not to watch. She knew it. Now all she had to do was come up with a way to get Michael and Maria together. After all she considered Michael her brother too and she wanted him to be happy. Isabelle's mind started working on her real life challenge. Her attention was brought back to Max as she seen him start to fidget, then when Liz pulled him over to where her father stood, Isabelle understood why her brother had gotten so nervous suddenly. He was about to be formally introduced to Liz's Dad. Isabelle had to laugh at the way Max looked, didn't he realize he was considered the perfect guy for a girl to bring home to meet the parents? He was clean cut, had good manners, made good grades, didn't drink or do drugs. Although he may not play sports at school, it was obvious that he took physically good care of his body. "What are you laughing at?"

"Max, he's so nervous about meeting Mr. Parker. He just has no idea what a catch he is."

"Besides the fact that he's not human." Michael snapped back, he knew Isabelle thought he and Max should have some fun once in while and at least pretend to have a somewhat normal existence while they were still on this planet. But, Michael still thought it was better to hide in plain sight and not get involved with anyone. Although he did have to admit, it was different to see Max smile for a change. His eyes drifted to the employees only door and to a certain blond that was coming back out with her friend Alex.

This movement didn't go unnoticed by Isabelle and she made a bold move. "Hey Alex." She waved him over. Alex was quick in his response as he made his way over to the booth where Isabelle and Michael were sitting, still pulling Maria with him.

"Hey Isabelle, how are you on this fine day?" Yes, Alex Charles Whitman was in a fine mood. Not only had he gotten to spend a fun filled evening with the woman of his dreams, but here she was the following day still wanting to talk to him.

"Good, I'm good. I just wanted to tell you how much fun I had last night and was hoping we might be able to do something together again. Like maybe see a movie this weekend or something, since it appears Max and Liz already have other plans." Her plan was put in motion.

"Uh..Yeah, sure. Sounds like fun." He answered quickly, trying to keep his voice from squeaking. Oh My God! Did Isabelle Evans just ask me, Alex Whitman out on a date?

"Hey Maria, I'm really sorry you weren't able to make the party yesterday." Isabelle stated with sincerity.

"Yeah, I heard I miss quite an ordeal. What I wouldn't have given to see Liz finally putting Pam Troy in her place?"

"Well, with Max's help Marcus and Pam didn't stand a chance." Michael jumped in, wanting to make sure that Ms. Blondie didn't think it had all been Liz by herself. That his friend Max was also to be commended for his part in taking down Pam and her partner.

Without even realizing that he had played perfectly into Isabelle's plan by bringing himself into the conversation, it opened the window of opportunity for Isabelle and she was never one to not use an open invitation. "I know, why don't you and Michael come with Alex and me this weekend to the movie? That way we can all speculate on how the concert is going for Max and Liz together."

"What?" This came from both Michael and Maria at the same time.

"Oh come guys, it will be fun." Isabelle used her most friendly voice, trying to convince the two of them.

"Could you excuse us for just a minute?" Alex stated. Now Alex was no dummy, he smelled the set up instantly and if Isabelle wanted to get Michael and Maria together he could only see it as a plus for him. After all if Liz was dating Max and Maria and Michael started dating. He was Liz and Maria's best friends and Isabelle was always with the two of them. Well, in Alex's book two and two usually added to four. He quickly pulled Maria over toward the counter of the cafe. "Maria, you've got to do this."

"I don't got to do anything Alex. Besides wouldn't you rather spend your date with Isabelle alone?"

"Come on Maria, it's obvious that Isabelle wants you and Michael to go and I don't want to take the chance that she may decide she doesn't want to go out with me, if you don't want to go out with Michael. She thinks of him as her brother, just as much as Max and if you offend Michael by not going, she will become defensive and not want to go with me. Now, I'm asking as one of your best friends to do this for me. PLEASSSSE!"

"Oh stop begging it's so unbecoming on you. Okay, okay I'll do it. But, remember you owe me one." You have no idea, Alex thought to himself.

In the meantime back at the booth, Michael jumped in the minute Alex pulled Maria away. "What the hell was that Isabelle?"

"Calm down, Michael. I like Alex, I really like him a lot and I know he feels that he isn't good enough for me because of my rep at school. So I figured he would be more at ease if he had a friend of his with for support. I mean last night, Liz was there and he wasn't so distracted by my rep that he was able to treat me like me. Not the ice princess of West Roswell, but me Isabelle Evans and it felt good for a change. Now when have I ever asked anything of you before?"

Michael raised his eye brows as if to ask if she was for real. He knew Isabelle's manipulation skills were the best out there and he knew how often she used this tactic on Max to get him to do things for her all the time. But, Michael wasn't Max and he knew when he was being played. Isabelle saw Michael wasn't going to be swayed as easily as Max, so she quickly added. "Please Michael, it would mean a lot to me."

Now at that moment in time they both knew he had lost the battle. After all Isabelle was the closest thing to family that he had and if she needed him that badly, he would be there for her, manipulation or not. "Fine, but your paying." He added for his benefit so he didn't feel like he had been totally manipulated and could save face in some way.

Isabelle gave a triumphant smile knowing she had a way out of that one too, but thought best to just nod in acceptance with the agreement for the time being. She glanced over to where Max was standing next to Liz talking with her father and from the looks of it, it appeared as if Max was in the middle of an inquisition.

"So Max, what kind of car do you drive?" Jeff decided if Liz wanted to play it this way, then he would just have to find some other kind of loop hole. He did trust his daughter, but she was still only seventeen.

"I have a reconditioned jeep." Jeff smiled victorious, here was just the out he was looking for, when Max continued. "But, I asked my parents if I could borrow their car for the evening since the concert is out of town and I wouldn't want to take a chance on the jeep breaking down in the middle of no where with Liz." Damn, Jeff thought again.

"And your parents have both agreed that you could go already?" Jeff knew he was stretching it with this hope. Considering Max was a seventeen year old boy and it was a lot different to allow your seventeen year old son to go to a concert out of town, then it was for you to allow your seventeen year old daughter. He knew it was a double standard, but as the father of the said seventeen year daughter he felt he had a right to a little double standard.

"Yes, sir. They trust my judgment." Damn, Damn, Damn. Did the boy have to be so polite and did he have to use those exact words?

Liz could see her father was faltering and the sway was turning more and more positive in her favor. She knew what type of person Max was and knew once her father met him, he would have no chance but to agree to allow her to go with him. Jeff, tried one last shot. "I bet your insurance rates are sky high. With you being in the highest risk category." He tried to appear like he was just making conversation, when he was actually still fishing trying to bait Max.

"Yeah, my Dad is always saying how unfair it is that just because I'm a seventeen year old male they shouldn't judge my driving risk on others. I've never even been pulled over for a speeding ticket, but I still have to pay the high risk rates." Max answered being himself and not getting what Liz's father was doing, but Liz did and knew it was time to put a stop to this.

"Dad, before you ask. No, Max doesn't drink, he doesn't do drugs and he makes decent grades at school. So can you stop all the questioning and just trust me and my judgment?" That did it, she knew it and her father knew it. In one sentence she took every loop hole he hoped to have away and now it was down to the issue of trust or not. There was no doubt the teenage boy that stood before him seemed like a nice guy and a guy that his daughter obviously did trust.

"Liz, I wasn't questioning your judgment. I was just trying to get to know Max a little better, right Max?" Let's see how he answers this one.

"It's all right Mr. Parker, if I had a daughter of my own I think I would have doubts myself about letting her go out of town with some guy I didn't know either." DAMN! Couldn't this guy have some flaw that a father could use? Liz on the other hand couldn't believe Max's response.

"Max, I'm trying to get my parents to agree to let me go to the concert, your not supposed to help their side of the debate."

"Liz, your parents trust you. They don't know me from atom. Your Dad has every right to question who I am and make sure you'll be safe." Max turned back to Jeff Parker and added. "Mr. Parker, I would like to attend the concert with your daughter. It would mean a lot to both of us and I can assure you I am a safe driver and I will make sure your daughter makes it home safe and sound."

"Daddy, please. May I go to the concert on Saturday with Max?" Liz gave her father the if you love me, you'll do this for me look every daughter on Earth has when it comes to wrapping their father's around their little pinkies.

"Okay, if your mother agrees. I'll agree." Jeff caved at Liz's look, wondering if Max knew exactly what he was getting himself in for. When it came to his daughter, Liz knew what she wanted and knew how to go about getting it. For a moment, Jeff truly felt sorry for Max.

Liz threw her arms around her father knowing that once he said yes, her mother would follow suit. "Oh, thank you Daddy!" She exclaimed in excitement knowing next weekend it was going to be just her and Max, alone for hours. Well, at least while they were in the car.

"Fine, but you still have customers to attend to so get going." Jeff stated as he gave his daughter one last hug before shooing her back to work. He still had reservations about this concert thing, but the fact remained he did trust his daughter.

"I better get back to Michael and Isabelle anyway." Max stated as he turn to leave, thinking to himself that years of watching Isabelle's ability to manipulate situations had actually paid off. Then realized once again how much he was going to owe his sister.

During the rest of the pod squad's visit, one stared openly at a certain brown hair waitress, one shared shy glances with another patron as he sat at the counter and one tried his hardest, but failed completely from not looking over at the other waitress that was blond every now and then. Their lives were changing, but all three were learning they could have a life, not just life it.

End Part 13

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I'm glad everyone enjoyed how Max won over Mr.P. Now truefully, don't you guys feel S1 woud be the perfect guy to bring to meet your parents??? Anyway on to the new part. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.

Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & summary see Pt1

Part 14

Liz was correct in her assumption come Monday morning. The entire school seemed to be talking about the party. Or more precisely they were talking about her and Max. Both Liz and Max had kept their word to each other about their time shared in heaven and because no one knew the truth everyone immediately jumped to the worst case scenario. Before school even started rumors were flying, Liz had jumped Max's bones the minute the door was closed. Max had jumped Liz's bones the minute the door was closed. They apparently had wild monkey sex from the door all the way to the bed and yes, even hanging from the light fixture on the ceiling. But, it didn't bother Liz in the least. She had never been one to really listen to gossip in the first place and she knew the truth and that was all that mattered to her.

When she opened her locker, she got the most pleasant surprise of her life. Inside her locker was a single white rose. She couldn't help but smile at the memory of telling Max what her favorite flowers were, apparently he was listening. There was a note attached to the rose and Liz quickly opened it and was smiling ear to ear by the time she finished. The note simply said. "I can't wait for another piece of heaven with you. M"

Now the rumors and gossip mill didn't bother Liz, but to Maria as her best friend it was up to her to make sure her best friends reputation wasn't run through the mud. Even though her, herself didn't know what happened between Max and Liz behind that close door at Pauly's house. So with every snide comment or remark that was made, she was quick to defend her friend and turn the tables of the gossip hounds by stating it was just Pam Troy starting something because it was her way of being a sore loser. But, now as she stood beside Liz and saw the rose in her friend's locker and a note in her hand, Maria immediately needed to find out the truth herself once and for all. "Well, is it from Max? What does it say?"

Liz blushed slightly, but couldn't help the dreamy look that came over her face. "Yeah, it's from Max."

"And..." Maria stood with one hand leaned against the row of lockers and the other out toward Liz, palm up.

"It's personal Maria." She reread the note one more time and nothing could prevent the smile of giddiness on her face.

"Okay, that's it." Maria stated as she grabbed for the note, but Liz was fast on her feet and quickly pulled the note away from her friends prying eyes. "Oh come on Liz, I don't have any kind of love life at the moment. I need to live vicariously through yours.

"Sorry Maria, it just says he can't wait to spend some more time with me in so many words or less." Liz wasn't about to tell her exactly what the note said word for word as she knew her friend would take it totally the wrong way and start flipping out.

Maria leaned her back totally against the lockers and sighed heavily. "God, I can't believe it. Who knew under that shy exterior lived such a romantic. You most definitely have to keep this one Liz. Smart, Romantic and a total Babe. You my friend are the most envious girl at school today." Maria stated proudly.

Neither girl noticed the dark haired, mystery man from an exotic place watching the entire exchange from his locker down the hallway. Max had thought about walking over to Liz and handing her the flower in person, but the years of watching from the wings preventing him from having the nerve to do it. Yes, Saturday night had been a dream come true of his since he could remember and Liz acted like she was really excited about going to the concert together. But, the fact remained he had no idea where they stood as of right now. They hadn't really discussed what they were to each other. Were they friends, more than friends, possibly boyfriend, girlfriend, what? So instead of giving the rose to her on purpose, he left it inside her locker, alien powers were good for something at least. Along with a note and waited patiently by his own locker to see what her response was. By the smile on her face at first made him think it was a good sign, but then he had seen her laughing with Maria and wasn't sure if that meant she saw his romantic gesture as something she thought was funny. Now he was right back to square one.

Suddenly Liz looked down the hallway and their eyes met. She gave him a shy smile, then shut her locker and started walking toward him. Max was a basket case, was she going to tell him to stop stalking her? Was she going to tell him, she didn't appreciate the fact that he had gotten into her locker without her permission? Was she going to say Saturday night didn't mean to her, what it meant to him? Oh God, here she comes.

Liz got the feeling someone was watching her, in light of the fact the rumor mill spreading like wild fire it didn't go unnoticed how all eyes in the hallway seemed to be looking at her as they walked by. But, this felt different, not in an uncomfortable way, but in a way that made her feel special. She looked down the hallway and that's when she saw him. As if a moth drawn to a flame her body went into motion. "I'll talk to you later." She dismissed herself from her best friend, shut her locker and went to thank Max for the beautiful flower. His intense look on his face made her falter her steps just for a few seconds, suddenly not sure what the flower meant exactly. Could this possibly lead to something or was he just being polite to thank her for helping him win the tickets to see a group that he enjoyed their music? She had no idea where they stood as of right now. She had thought they had started something beautiful and even though he acted like he did want to go to the concert when he came to her parent's cafe yesterday, he really didn't act any differently around her then before. Maybe I was just reading too much into Saturday night, maybe I'm setting myself up for a fall. Her mind was racing in a debate of where she currently stood with the elusive Max Evans as her legs continued to carry her toward him. Before she knew it, she was standing directly before him at his locker. "The rose was beautiful, thank you."

Max heart soared with the realization that she had in fact liked his romantic gesture. "Not as beautiful as you." He responded, then a silence fell between them. Both so shy in personality, neither knowing how to take that first step.

Their silence was broken when several guys that had been at the party walked by, one stating. "Going for seconds, Evans." While another stated. "Your the man, Max." As they continued down the hallway.

Both Max and Liz blushed as it was obvious what everyone was thinking the two of them did on Saturday night. "Liz, I'm sorry. I hadn't realized what everyone was going to presume when we didn't say anything about how we spent that thirty minutes. If you want, I could..."

He was silenced by the tip of Liz's finger to his mouth. "No, Max. We know the truth and that's all that matters to me." She removed her finger from his mouth reluctantly, she wanted him to kiss her, to tell her he wanted to be with her. But, when all he did was nod his head that he accepted what she said, she spoke up again. "Well, I better get to class."

Suddenly Max didn't want her to leave, he wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her breathlessly like they had Saturday night. She turned to take a step toward her class and Max knew in that moment that she was waiting for him to make the first move. "Uh..Liz." He called out after her.

Turning immediately back to face him when she heard him call her name. "Yeah."

"Can I walk you to class?" Please say yes, please, please, please say yes.

"I'd like that." She gave him a genuine smile as he stepped next to her and the two started walking down the hallway together.

Take her hand. Just reach out and take her hand. She liked the flower. She admitted to you Saturday night that she did like you. Don't be a wimp, just take her hand. Max coached himself as they continued to walk down the hallway of the school. He knew exactly where her first class was, it was just down the hall from his. Then second period was AP biology that they shared together. He had always made it a point to follow her to class so he could watch her from afar. Of course, she never knew this piece of information. "So what's your first class?" She asked trying to break the comfortable silence that had fallen between them.

"American Literature with Mr. Boynes." He responded, but didn't think to ask her what she had first, since he already knew. Just take her hand you idiot. They were already halfway to their classes by this time and he still hadn't worked up the courage to reach for her hand.

"That's right down the hall from my first period. Maybe we could walk to Bio together afterward." She stated hoping he would agree. She kept thinking any second he would reach for her hand when he had moved his books to the opposite side from her, but to her dismay he just continued to walk beside her. What would Maria do in this kind of situation? Liz didn't know any techniques, she had never needed them, because the only guy she would have wanted to use them on was the one that was currently walking beside her right now and she didn't know how to get Max to take her hand in his. Maria on the other hand probably knew fifty ways to accomplish that mission and more than likely, each way would make the guy feel like it had been all his idea.

Max could see Liz's door to her first period classroom just up ahead and knew he was going to lose his opportunity if he didn't act quickly. He was just about to move his hand when a basketball came bouncing down the hallway directly toward the two of them. Without hesitation, Max grabbed her hand and pulled her to one side to keep her from being hit with the basketball. Neither of them had noticed how Isabelle just happened to be in the hallway talking to one of the varsity basketball players at the time and had asked him to show her how to dribble the ball the correct way. Nor had they noticed how the ball had accidentally slipped out of her hands in their direction. Thankful for the ball incident Max continued to hold Liz's hand the rest of the way to her classroom door, amazed how natural it felt in his. "I guess this is you."

"Yeah. So..."

"So." The warning bell rang out right at that moment. "I guess that's my cue." He stated, but didn't make a move to leave or release her hand as of yet.

Can he be any more adorable? God, now if only he would just kiss me, Liz thought as they still remained outside her classroom door. Their time together was clicking away quickly and both knew they either needed to make a move or leave. It was Liz who finally stood on her tip toes and kissed Max on his cheek, before releasing her hand from his and saying. "I'll see you in an hour."

Max watched her walk into her classroom and then darted to his classroom just as the tardy bell sounded. The hour seemed to last an eternity and Max didn't hear a single word his teacher had said the entire hour. His mind was on a certain brunette that had just kissed his cheek in the middle of the school hallway. Now all he had to figure out was what that actually meant. As soon as the bell sounded, Max was out of his seat and in about two seconds flat was standing outside of Liz's first period door waiting for his dream girl to come out of her classroom. The minute she stepped out, he took her hand in his without any hesitation this time and the two of them walked in a comfortable silence to their next class. The only problem was the simple PDA's they had exhibited only reinforced the rumors to gain by leaps and bounds.

To their dismay, they were given written assignments to complete in lieu of a lab where they might have been able to talk a little to each other. Unlike the hour before, this hour seemed to breeze by in no time at all. Max wanted to ask her if she would like to eat lunch with him, but again his shyness took over and he chickened out. After they're class they reluctantly said their good byes and went in the opposite direction. Max cursing himself for being such a chicken for the next two periods. By the time lunch came around Max's head was hanging low with regret for being such a wuss and not having the balls to ask Liz to eat with him. Walking out into the quad, his eyes roamed over to verify Michael was sitting in their normal table. The sight that he saw made his head lift up instantly. Not only was Michael sitting at their normal table, so was Maria, Alex, Isabelle and Liz.

His step quickened as made his way over to the table. To his amazement the five of them were laughing and joking around with each other like they were life long friends. Well, technically they did know each other since third grade, but they really hadn't been friends. Michael, Isabelle and himself were different and their differences had kept them from forming friendships beyond the three of them. Well, until now apparently. "Hey Max, I hope you don't mind, but Alex, Liz and Maria are all three in my Government History class and I asked if they wanted to join us for lunch." Isabelle stated as she reached over to take another grape from Alex's lunch he had offered to her.

"Uh..NO, I don't mind. Hey, guys." He greeted them as he sat down directly across from Liz who was currently seated between Maria and his sister. "Hi." He said to Liz with a half smile that was all Max.

"Hi." She beamed back loving the way he was always greeting her. It was one more private thing the two of them shared.

That day's lunch for some reason tasted better to Max then he could ever recall. He was desperately trying to come up with some way to ask Liz out, but he just couldn't get passed his shy usual self and he was quickly learning how much he hated being shy. Once again his sister came to his aid before the end of the lunch period. "So Liz, do you have to work tonight?" She had asked to help get her brother started.

"No, I usually only work on Tuesday's and Wednesday evenings during the school year."

"Great, because I was wondering if you could possible come by tonight and help me complete the rest of today's assignment. We could order a pizza or something while were working, my treat of course. Max, you have Government History seventh period, don't you." Without waiting for his response, she added. "Maybe the three of us could work on it together."

Michael, Alex and Maria all had to slightly turn their heads trying to keep from laughing at the obvious manipulation Isabelle was pulling off so easily. Max was blushing with the same thought, but made a self note to kiss his sister later and Liz just accepted the invitation not picking up on how easily she had just been played. After all Isabelle was as good as it could get when it came to manipulating situations. Once Liz agreed, Isabelle quickly added. "Great, how about 6:30? Would that be okay with you?" Once again Liz agreed the arrangement was made. Almost immediately the bell rang, sounding the end of their lunch period. Alex, Maria and Isabelle got up quickly to head to their next period as they all shared the following class together.

As they began to walk away, Alex committed. "Man, your good."

Isabelle only replied. "Will you two hurry up, I've got to hurry up and get my Government History assignment finished before 6:30."

End Pt14

PS Those who are waiting for an upgrade from PG13 rating, I think you'll enoy the next part. Hint Hint
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Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Max had rushed home in a matter of minutes after school was let out. He rushed around the house like a mad man, cleaning making sure the house itself looked embecable. He had taken the longest shower known to mankind and Isabelle was in a fit of laughter watching him trying on different shirts for a simple study date. At 6:15 he had order the pizza knowing Liz's favorite toppings now and didn't even question Isabelle, when she stated she didn't have any extra money to pay for it since she forgot she had spent the last of her allowance at the mall for last Saturday's party.

By the time 6:25 rolled around, Max was a complete basket case. "Max settle down or your going to have a heart attack and I'm not the one with the healing hands here so quit it."

But, at this point he was still frantically trying to pick up all the clothes off his floor from when he was trying different shirts on earlier. He vowed never ever to make fun of his sister when she attempted to get ready for one of her dates ever again. "Does the house look okay? Is this shirt okay or do you think Liz would prefer the gray one?"

"God, no wonder I had to practically throw that basketball at Liz today before you would take her hand. You are so pathetic." Isabelle admitted her role in the hallway prior to first period.

"That was you? Why?"

"Max, reality check here. Which one of us is shy? You. Which one of us is nervous as a sweat hog going to the slaughter house? You. So when you ask a question, try to make them a little more intelligent than the last one. Besides it was so funny to see Brett's face when I accidentally threw his basketball down the hallway, talking about being pathetic. Like I would need his help in showing me how to dribble a basketball."

Until that moment, Max had no idea just how devious his sister's mind was. He didn't have time to think or question it though, because it was 6:30 and as usual Liz Parker was on time. Max shifted nervously back and forth on his two feet and Isabelle couldn't take it any longer. "Max, go to your room. We'll be up in a second and for God's sake try to calm down."

Max did as his sister requested him to do and ran up to his room, two steps at a time. Isabelle walked over to the door and greeted Liz with a friendly smile. "Hey Liz, come on in. Max and I are setting up in Max's room since he has the computer."

Liz greeted Isabelle back, but didn't question her motives for leading her to Max's room.
"So where are your parents?"

"Oh, they drive to their office in Clovis every other Monday. They shouldn't be home until sometime after ten." Isabelle threw that piece of information out effortlessly and Liz's red flag radar started sounding in her mind, but she ignored the implications of what that could imply. It wasn't like she was going to be studying with Max alone in his room, Isabelle was going to be there with them.

Walking into Max's room, Isabelle was quite surprised by how calm, cool and collected the basket case she had sent up here a few minutes ago seemed. Max rose from his desk where he was pretending to already have gotten started on his assignment. Truth be known he had completed his in the same hour that it had been assigned, knowing good and well that he wouldn't be able to concentrate at all if Liz was going to be at his house, without his parents. The only thing that was keeping him in check was the fact that his sister would be in the room with them. "Hi." He greeted Liz with his signature half smile.

"Hi." Liz greeted back, the two of them lost themselves in each others eyes for only a moment before Liz realized what she was doing. "Huh, where do you want me to set up?" She asked as she pulled off her back pack and began to get out her already finished assignment.
She had actually done it during the period she shared with Isabelle, but didn't have the heart to say it at lunchtime. Besides this gave her some extra time to spend with Max and even though Isabelle was around, it was still better than nothing.

"You can do it on my bed..I mean..You can set up on the bed, your assignment. You can work on your assignment on the bed. If that's okay with you." Max stumbled through degrading himself the entire way about sounding like such an idiot.

Liz barely got her books out when the pizza had arrived. The three of them basically left the assignments lay forgotten as they laughed and talked while eating their pizza. As soon as the pizza was finished, Isabelle dropped her bomb shell. "Oh man, I forgot I was supposed to call Stacy. You two can go a head and start without me." She stated as she started to excuse herself.

"Isabelle, can't the phone call wait?" He didn't want to keep Liz waiting on something so lame as a missed phone call excuse. "Why don't we get the assignment done first, then you can go call whoever?"

"That's okay, I finished mine in seventh period when we had some extra free time. But, you two go right ahead and work together. Have fun." Then she was out the door before either Max or Liz had time to process what had just happened.

She didn't, she couldn't have, she wouldn't, oh man. I have just been played by the best. Max thought to himself, then looked over to a very shocked looking Liz and thought, not I, we have just been played. Man is she good. Trying to keep Liz from becoming nervous or uncomfortable, Max spoke up quickly. "Liz, I..uh..Do you want to..uh..Would you prefer..."

"Max it's okay, let's just get to work." Liz knew that Max was becoming flustered at his sister's quick departure. Not that Liz didn't have a moment of panic attack herself, but then she quickly realized this was Max. The guy who she had laid stark naked in a bed with and didn't take advantage of the situation. The guy who had the most incredible eyes, the most sensual mouth she had every tasted, the guy she was head over heels in love with and.. God, Liz get it together so she quickly tried to put them both at ease by suggesting they work on an assignment that she herself had already completed.

Max nodded his head and went to pull out his paper forgetting that it was already completed, nor did he realize Liz was watching as he pulled the paper free. Max looked over to Liz and followed her eyes back to where they were looking. The assignment that was grasped in his hands and unmistakably finished. Feeling like a deer caught in the headlights of a car, Max quickly blurted out. "I finished mine in class. I didn't want Isabelle to feel bad so I didn't tell her." Then held his breath waiting for her to scream at him for lying to her when she shocked him instead of screaming, she started laughing.

She reached into her folder and picked out her own assignment paper and flashed it to him. "I finished mine too, but I didn't have the heart to tell her at lunch." The two of them started laughing together, then Liz looked back at Max's closed bedroom door. "I guess I should go on home." Not really wanting to leave, but now knowing there was no reason to stay. She started to replace her books, folders and papers back in her book bag slowly.

It took Max about two seconds to comprehend what Liz had said, she was leaving. Suddenly the thought of not spending the evening with Liz was just wrong to him. Making his mind up quickly Max walked over to where Liz stood next to his bed still putting her things away.
"Liz, maybe we could talk for a while. If you want to that is?"

Liz stopped her packing and turned to face Max. "I'd like that."

Max tentatively reach for her hand and Liz accepted it by placing hers in his. The two sat down on Max's bed together. "So." Max stated unsure how to begin.

"So." Liz replied feeling the same way as Max.


"Liz, I...." They had both began at the same time, giving each other a smile, Max stated. "Why don't you go first?"

"I guess, I'm just wanting to find out where we stand?" Liz looked down at their clasped hands. "I mean, I'm not trying to push you into something or anything. It's just Saturday night I felt...a connection between us and I was just..." Liz could feel the knots in her stomach starting to turn, not sure how to word what she was wanting to say. I'm in love with you and I was wondering if you loved me too, was not something you said to a person that you haven't really even gone out on a first date with.

Max stopped her rambling with his free hand as he brought it up to gently cup her face. "I felt it too." Slowly he leaned his head forward, giving Liz ample time to pull away if she didn't want him to kiss her. Their lips joined for just a brief touch. It was sweet, but quick as Max pulled back to look her in her eyes for confirmation that she was okay with what he had just done. When he saw only acceptance in her eyes, he leaned forward once again and this time when their lips came together a passion ignited between them. Max moved his lips hungrily over hers, capturing her bottom lip in-between his and sucking gently again and again. Liz tilted her head and opened her mouth up just a little and that was all the invitation Max needed. His tongue slid inside her mouth and tentatively danced with hers.

Liz's hand wrapped around his neck, teasing the nape of his neck with soft stroking of her fingertips. Max quickly follow suit and brought his arms around her back. Caressing her backside from her shoulder blades down to the swallow of her back. Their mouths moved effortlessly together with hunger and passion. Tongues probing and dancing in and out of each other's mouths. Both were losing themselves completely in the moment. Slowly their bodies began to lay backwards until they were both stretched out next to each other lying on top of Max's bed. Now this was one fantasy that Max often had, but never in his wildest dreams did he imagine what it would truly feel like. He wasn't even sure if this was real or if this was just another wild fantasy his mind was conjuring up. But, the feel of Liz's body was too real, the taste of her mouth unbelievably breathtaking. It was to real to be a dream, but yet it was to unreal not to be.

His mouth broke away from hers only to kiss his way down to her neck. Liz was beyond a pool of mush by the time Max found his way to her neck. A tiny voice in the back of her mind was telling her they needed to stop, that this was wrong. They weren't even officially together as a couple, but the feel of Max's mouth was provoking feelings to stir deep inside of her that she didn't even know existed. As Max made his way to the spot on her neck, that he remembered from that other night was a sensitive area for her. He was quickly rewarded with a soft moan that escaped her beautiful lips. The sound was music to Max's ear and only made him want to hear it again. He began to feast upon her neck, licking, nibbling and kissing all at once. His hands moved up and down the sides of her body. Memorizing how soft her skin feels and how it responded to his touch. Max knew he should stop, this was wrong. He should be wining and dining her before he should even think about touching her so intimately. But, then again this was his dream come true, everything he had every fantasized about was here and now. This had to be a dream, it had to be. He just hoped to God if it was, he wouldn't be waking soon and if it wasn't then consequences be damned for this felt just too right to be wrong.

"Oh Max." Her voice brought him back to reality as he realized exactly why she had just moaned out his name. Without even realizing he had brought his hand up and was currently massaging her right breast over her shirt. While his other hand was slowly caressing it's way up from her stomach area and was moving under her shirt. Shit, I've got to stop, he thought as Liz leaned over and attacked his mouth once again and all thoughts of stopping were quickly thrown out of his mind.

As she leaned over to kiss him, she self consciously leaned her breast more fully into the palm of his hand that was currently massaging her one breast and eagerly twisting her body to encourage his other hand to continue it's path up her shirt. Now Liz had made out with a guy before, but nothing like this. Yes, Kyle had barely brushed one of her breast in passing, but this was not just a brush pass by. No, Max clearly had one hand on her breast and the other was quickly moving in on her other one and Liz had never ever felt anything more exciting in her life. His hand that was under her shirt was teasing, lightly caressing right at the bottom edge of her braline. Liz thought she was going to die of anticipation, wanting him desperately to take that final step, but feeling fearful all at the same time.
She was excited, yet scared. Nervous, but wanting.

Max was in his own debate, should he or shouldn't he. His mind in a fight with his body. When Liz's tongue teased at his lips, the debate was over. He plunged his tongue deep inside of her mouth and at the same time his hand moved the final inch, taking her shirt and bra upward as he went until her breast was completely exposed for his hand to explore. "Oooh.." Deep breath "...Yes." Liz's moan filtered into Max's mouth as he deepened their kiss even more. His touch was soft and tentative at first. Testing and learning, he massaged the full breast, then moved on to her ripe nipple. Tweaking at it slowing, then twisting and turning. Amazed at how it was responding to his touch, becoming firm and hard.
The harder it got, the more his own body responded in like.

The moment he had taken Liz's hand in his, his lower body had stirred to life. The first touch of her lips and it started to stand at attention. Once their make out session began to grow more and more heated, so did his erection. But, Max was far more concern with the sensation that he was causing in Liz's body, then to worry about what was happening inside his extremely tightening jeans. He moved his mouth from hers, back down to her neck, his hand moving off her shirt and into her hair pulling her body in tighter next to his. While the left hand remained on the exposed breast, mesmerized with the feel of it. Kissing down her neck, over her collarbone and downward. Liz's hands went from the back of his neck, into his hair and on up. Pushing ever so slightly downward on his head in encouragement for him to continue on his path.

It didn't take much to encourage him as Max had already determined he had to taste her there. There was no option, he was through fighting, he wanted this and now there was no doubt she wanted this too. He lifted his head just enough to move over her shirt that he had pulled up and over her breast. He looked up to verify that she was okay with what he was about to do, but the sight of her was breathtaking. Her eyes were closed, her mouth slightly opened in an O shape, her lips wet from his, her hair slightly tangled with the look that stated she had been ravished, which she had been. Her entire face was glowing with desire and Max's heart had never been more effected by anything in his life. "Your beautiful." Were the words that came out before he leaned his head down and gentle kissed the very tip of her very erect nipple. His tongue snaked out and encircled the entire nipple. As with every knew experience his mouth moved slowly and tenderly at first. The more Liz responded, the more he was encouraged to deepen his movements. Until he was finally sucking her entire breast into his mouth and lavishing at her nipple with unleashed passion.

Liz held onto Max's head, running her fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp anything to keep him from stopping. Her entire body was on fire and the need he was causing her was coming to a boiling point. In one quick move Max pushed her shirt and bra up and over the other breast to expose that to him as well. Then was eager to taste the other one as much as he had the first. Liz moved one leg over the top of his pulling his lower body up flush with her and was once again thrilled beyond belief at the sensation his body caused hers.
This movement didn't go unnoticed by Max, his moan escaped from deep inside his throat onto her breast before he could stop it. "Lizzz...Oh Liz." He stated as he moved his mouth away from her breast back up to her mouth for another soul searing kiss. Full of passion and love as that was the only thing he knew at this moment in time. Max Evans is completely in love with Liz Parker and he wanted to show her exactly how much with that kiss. His hand moved through her hair, down to her face, over her breast and roamed past her stomach until they landed on her hips.

Liz's followed suit, through his hair, over his arms and then down his back. Reveling in the feel of his strong muscles until she reached the edge of his jeans. She slid her hands slowly over his back side and when she received another moan from Max she gently squeezed.
Max was so lost in the feel of Liz he didn't even notice how he had moved his body so it laid more on top of Liz's versus just to the side of her. When he felt Liz squeeze his behind he couldn't stop himself from pushing his hips in hers. Liz once again followed his actions, spreading her legs a little more to give him more access to her lower region and moved her hips upward. Their tongues dueling as their bodies moved in sync in an up and down position. Both knowing they were going into unknown territory, but neither wanting to stop. Liz moved her hands back to the edge of Max's jeans and pulled the bottom edge of his shirt upward as she continued moving her hands up his back. Max didn't hesitate to help her remove his shirt and within seconds his shirt laid on the floor of his room next to his bed. Her shirt and bra followed suit soon after and their bodies crashed together once again. Both letting out a moan of delight at the sensation of their naked upper bodies joined brought to them. Their mouths sought each others and their lower bodies started in a sensual rhythm again. The dry humping continued for a while, both marveling in the feel of being so intimate with the other. All inhibitions were gone as they continued to show the other exactly what they were feeling. Liz's hands moved up and down his back, then around to his chest to feel every muscle that was making her quiver with desire.

Max's hands roamed freely over her chest, her back, her face and hair. Not stopping in any one place too long as he couldn't get enough of any of her. His hand finally moving down to her stomach and teased softly at the edge of her low hip hugging jeans. He knew he was going into dangerous territory and hesitated briefly making sure Liz knew of his intentions and giving her time to stop him. The button on her jeans were undone without him realizing he had even started working on it and a soft kiss upon his chest from Liz only continued to drive him to continue his movements. He carefully pulled the zipper down and with caution let his finger move inside her jeans to discover his hearts desire. Slowly and tenderly he reached the edge of her panties.

Liz was being carried away in the passion Max was provoking in her. She was loving ever kiss, every touch, every second of there make out session. But, the minute Max's hand reached her panties her warning flags were waving high. As much as she wanted him to take that next step she just wasn't sure if she was ready and until she was positive, certain beyond certain, without any doubt in her mind she just couldn't do it. "Max." She tried to voice her objection, but Max had just sucked on a very sensual spot on her neck that drove her crazy with desire and her attempt came out in a moan of pleasure instead of any kind of protest. Max's finger moved just inside of Liz's panties and was teasing his way down through her hair. "Max, we have to...Oh God!" Her hips bucked against his hand and she failed once again in her attempt to stop him as his fingers found her sensitive nub that just stuck out in-between her lower lips. Her desire skyrocketed as he rubbed her nub ever so gentle in-between two of his fingers, testing and exploring as he had done with every other part of her body. She felt the beginning of that need she had experienced only once before start deep inside of her body and all thoughts of her wanting him to stop flew out the window. She wanted that feeling to take over her body and she needed it more than she ever needed or wanted anything else in her life.

Max's fingers continued to tease now around her entrance and Liz knew she had to stop this.
She wanted him to continue so badly, needed the relief he was offering her, but she knew it
just not the right time. His mouth clamped back on her breast and his finger started to probe it's way inside of her opening. "Max..Don't..Stop." She breathed out, then again. "Don't Stop, don't stop...YES!" Her release came and came hard the moment his finger slipped inside of her wetness and his reward was the clamping down of her lips together on his finger and her bodily juices creamed his fingers in a texture that felt sweeter than honey to him. He moved his finger in and out of her passage until he knew she had been, completely satisfied. Once he knew she had gotten the full effect of the pleasure he was hoing to give her, Max immediately removed his finger and was quick to gather her in his strong arms as he laid kisses on top of her head as he waited for her body to regain it's control.

Never in his life had he experienced such joy or pleasure then he had when he had given Liz the ultimate pleasure she had just experienced. It was a gift he would cherish for the rest of his life and a memory he would never forget. He wanted to tell her how much he loved her, that he worshipped her and he would do anything for her. But, their relationship was so new, so raw, even with what they just had shared, it still seemed too soon to express his true feelings. Afraid she would become scared with fear that they were moving too quickly.
Hell, for a minute there he thought she was going to tell him she wanted him to stop, but instead she told him not to stop and then gave him the ultimate gift.

Once she was under some kind of control, Liz sat up slightly embarrassed by the way she had lost total control. Covering herself, she asked Max for her shirt. Max was unsure if he had went too far by her sudden change. "Liz, did I do something wrong?"

Liz haphazardly threw on her shirt, not evening bothering to put her bra back on. "No." She said flatly and in that moment Max knew he had gone too far. "I need to get home."
She stated as she started quickly gathering her stuff once again.

"Liz, I'm sorry. Please, talk to me." The concern in his voice apparent. He reached out and grabbed her arm gently trying to make right what he obviously had done wrong.

Dropping her bookbag she fell into his chest. "Oh Max, I'm sorry. It wasn't you, it's me. It's just I have certain principles that I live my life by and suddenly I'm not sure what's happening. I mean I never thought I was ready for this." She motioned back to the bed.

Knowing instantly that he had caused this turmoil in her, he pulled her away from his body so he could see her face. "Liz I'm so sorry. I swear I would have stopped if I had known I was making you feel uncomfortable. I'm sorry." His apology was from his heart and he hoped she knew he truly meant what he was saying.

"That's just it Max, you weren't making me feel uncomfortable, you made me feel things that no one..I mean I've never experienced anything so incredible in my whole life! But, I shouldn't have experienced that."

"Liz, I'm a little confused. Why shouldn't you have felt that?" Max needed an entire study guide to the woman's mind he decided at that moment.


"Because why?" He prompted hoping to understand what had gotten her so upset, if it wasn't what he had done.

"Because we're not even together, together officially and I'm NOT PAM TROY!" She screamed out finally and the light bulbs were going off strongly inside of Max's head.

He quickly gathered her back in his arms. "Oh Liz, I want to be together with you. I want to walk down the halls at school holding your hand. I want to take you out and make your dream come true. I do want to be with you, don't you know that. I'm in love with you, Liz."

End Part 15

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I'm glad to hear such positive response on the last part. I was a little worried, it was too soon for our shy couple. But, the devil came out in me and I just had to do it. Okay I'm trying again to get the banner to come up. It's so cool, I hope it works. Anyway here is the next part either way. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.

Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 16

"...I'm in love you, Liz." Max had admitted openly and honestly and then the tears came. Now he was more confused than ever. Was she crying because she didn't want him to love her? Was she crying because she didn't know how to tell him she didn't love him? Man, there has got to be some kind of hand book on the female mind. He had no idea what to do or say, afraid he had already said way too much as it was, but knowing he had to say something. "Liz?" Was the only thing that came out of his mouth though.

"Oh, Max." She cried even harder, making Max even more unsure of what to do. Finally she pulled back, sniffled once and then admitted. "I want that to. I think I love you too."

Max's heart soared as his mind processed what she had just admitted. Was it possible? Could it be true? Then as quickly as the joy filled his heart with this new knowledge, he was pulled back into reality. She couldn't really love me, even if she thinks she does. She doesn't even know me, not the real me. Not who or what I am. "Liz, we really need to talk." He said as he wiped her tears away that had fallen down her face.

"I know, but not right now. I think I'm an emotional over load as it is right now and I just. Can you just hold me?"

Max held her tightly against his bare chest, unwilling to deny your anything at the moment. Especially not after what they had just shared. That was the position they stayed in for quite some time. Not moving, not wanting to move. They stood in each other's arms and reveled in the feeling of warmth, security and love from the other person. Max knowing this was probably the last time he will have this opportunity as he knew he would have to tell her the truth. He wouldn't be able to hide his true self from her, he didn't even want to try. But, knowing as soon as she knew, she would accept the truth and wouldn't turn him in. No, he knew he could trust her, but she wouldn't be able to offer him her heart any longer. So without hesitation Max held her tightly, if only for this last night.

After what seemed like forever, Liz finally pulled away from the arms of the man she knew she loved. "It's probably getting late. I guess I should really be going home now."

Max nodded his head, knowing this night couldn't last forever. He grabbed his shirt and quickly threw it over his head. "I'll drive you. Just let me tell Isabelle that we're leaving." He said and quickly walked across the hallway. Knocking once, then opening it he informed his sister he was driving Liz home and would be home shortly. "Stay up." Was his only other words to her, letting her know he wanted to talk to her when he returned.

The two drove back to the Liz's home in comfortable silence. When they reached the cafe, Max parked the jeep and turned off the engine. "Liz, I meant what I said before, I do want to be with you, but I've never been with someone in this kind of relationship. Your the only one I've ever wanted, so I might not know what's expected or what's not. But, I am willing to learn if you'll help me."

"Do you have any idea how wonderful you are? Just be yourself Max, be honest and the rest we'll figure out together." She leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on his lips before she hopped out of the jeep and headed for home. Before she got to the doors, Liz turned back around. "Do you want to eat lunch with me tomorrow again?"

"Yeah, I'd like that. See ya tomorrow Liz." With one final wave Liz was inside the door of her home and Max collapsed his head against the steering wheel of his jeep. Be honest, be honest, be honest. Her words filled his brain and he knew he was already in trouble.

As soon as he got home he went to his sisters room only to find her waiting for him already in his bedroom. "So how are we going to thank our favorite sister?" She asked in a jokingly matter.

"Isabelle, what you did tonight was wrong...thanks though. But, now we have a problem."

"What, you don't know what shirt Liz will like you in tomorrow?"

"No, I'm going to tell her the truth Isabelle."

"WHAT? Max, come on you can't be serious. What's the matter with you? Your supposed to have fun, your supposed to be able to have a life. Not destroy our entire existence just because you finally have a girl friend."

Max smiled at the thought of the endearing term his sister had used to describe Liz. His girlfriend. "Look Isabelle, you've got to understand something. I'm in love with Liz. I have always been in love with her and now that I know how she feels in return how can I not be honest with her. Honesty is the basis of any relationship. I have to tell her the truth. I won't base our relationship on a lie. I know her, Isabelle. I know I can trust her. I just thought I should tell you before I did."

"HELLO! Is anybody up there in that thick brain of yours. You've already based your relationship on a lie Max. No matter if you tell her now or not, it doesn't matter. The end remains the same. You started a relationship with her, without telling her the truth first. It's a catch 22 I know and believe me I understand that, but that's our life. Those are the facts. We can't trust anyone until we are in a relationship that's strong enough for us to know that we can trust them. But, once we are already in that kind of relationship it's too late to come clean, because by then we've already built that relationship on a lie. Believe me, if I could have figured out a way don't you think I would have by now. Do you have any idea how many guys I've liked and thought maybe just maybe I could let them know the real me? Look at Alex, he is the sweetest guy I have ever known and you know what? I know if I told him, I could trust him. But, once he knows that would be it. He won't want to continue a relationship with me because of the truth and hell, the guy literally worships me. Say even if Liz accepts the truth, do you think she'll want to continue in a relationship with you. No, because your not a different religion then her or have different social standings. Your a different species. So what good would it do to tell her in the first place. NONE! And that's the catch 22." Isabelle knew she was being harsh, but she was only speaking the truth. This wasn't something new to her, she had been out on dates with too many guys not to know that someday she did want to find someone that she would like to be able to open up to, but as of yet. She knew it wasn't possible.

Max allowed his sister to rambling until she was finished. He actually thought she would go off a lot more than what she had when he told her he wanted to tell Liz the truth about them. "Isabelle, I know all that. Don't you think I already thought of that? Why do you think I've kept my distance all these years? It doesn't matter any more. Liz told me tonight she's in love with me and I owe her the truth. I won't lie to her or break it off with her based on a lie. I can't do that do her, I won't. But, I know I'm probably going to lose her, once I tell her. Even though I know she'll keep the secret, we won't be together once she knows the truth. I have to do this Isabelle and I hope you can understand that."

Isabelle did understand, she did and her heart broke for her brother knowing he was already caught in that catch 22. "I know Max. I do."

"And you're okay with me telling Liz?" Max couldn't believe his ears. They had made a pact to never trust anyone, never let anyone in and here he was about to break the one pact that could ultimately cost them their lives and his sister was okay with it? Something was off, he just didn't know what it was.

"No, Max. I'm not. But, I do understand why you feel the need to do this. I don't trust too many people, but I do trust you Max. I trust your judgment. Besides it's not me that needs to give you a hard time about this one. Michael on the other hand is a totally different story." With that said Isabelle left her brother's room.

As soon as Liz walked into her bedroom, her phone was ringing. "Hello."

"Okay, spill it chica." Maria sat down on her bed with a pint of ice cream and a spoon ready to hear all the juices details of her best friend's study even at the Evan's home.

"Maria, can't this wait until morning." Liz was still on an emotional roller coaster and wasn't sure if she was ready to spill all the personal moments of the evening that had taken place with Max. Even with her best friend.

"No, it cannot. Look I have my ice cream and my spoon ready so start talking." Liz knew it was no use. She might be able to postpone the conversation with Maria, but until she finally caved that's all it would be, a postponement. So she filled her in on how they had already ordered pizza and half of the pizza was her ultimate favorite. Something she knew Max had done knowing that was her favorite topping. She told her how Isabelle had used some phony excuse and left her alone with Max in the room. She told how they had both already finished the assignment. The she told her that the kissed a little, she made sure not to go into great detail and made it sound like it was just a few kisses in lieu of the major make out session that it had become. Then quickly went into the part of the evening that she had asked Max what they were now and how she had admitted that she wanted to be together officially with him.

"And." Maria prompted as she snuggled with her pillow really getting into the story Liz's was revealing to her.

"He said he wanted that too and I guess we're now official boyfriend, girlfriend. By this time it was getting late and I needed to get home so Max drove me home. Oh and tomorrow, I have a lunch date with him, so I'm not sure if we'll be eating by ourselves or with the group like we did today again. I guess we'll play it by ear and I'll let you know tomorrow."

"Boyfriend and girlfriend. Does that mean your going steady or just dating casually or what?"

"Well, he didn't actually ask me to go steady, but I think it was mutually agreed that we would be exclusively dating only each other. So, I guess it means we more than casual, but not quite to steady. If that makes any sense." Now that Maria had questioned it, Liz was back to being a little confused. In fact they hadn't really talk about if they would be together exclusively, Liz had only assumed that's what Max had meant when he said he had only ever wanted to be with her. But, the more she thought about it, the more uncertain she became. She figured she would just have to ask Max tomorrow at school to be sure one way or another. She only hoped her assumption was correct, because she wanted their relationship to be exclusive to each other only. After what had happened tonight, she didn't think she could handle sharing Max with another girl. "Listen, I better go. It's getting late and I still need to take a shower." Liz needed time to think and she needed to do that alone, not on the phone with Maria. Her and Max's relationship was just so new that she was just so uncertain about how things between them were supposed to be.

"Okay, I'll be there at seven to get you in the morning. Night Liz."

With that said both girl's hung up and almost immediately Liz's phone rang again. "Maria, I told you everything, now good night."


OH NO! "Max?" Please tell me I didn't just say that I told Maria everything to Max.

"Uh..Yeah, it's me. I was just calling to wish you sweet dreams, but..uh.." His train of thoughts with what he was going to say vanished with the thought of Maria DeLuca knowing what the two of them had did earlier.

"That's sweet Max, thank you." She stated softly into the phone. Her entire tone changing from when she thought she was talking to her best friend to her new boyfriend instead.

"Well, that's all I wanted to say. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Night Liz."

"Night Max." Then quickly added. "Max?"


"I didn't tell Maria, everything."

"I know." And in that moment he did know, he knew what they had shared was to personal, to intimate to Liz and to himself. "Good night Liz."

"Sweet dreams." Together they hung up the phone and Liz laid back on her bed in a dreamy sigh. Could this guy be any sweeter? Remembering she still needed to get in the shower, she climbed out of bed. She removed her bra from her pants pocket, where she had placed it earlier when she had hurriedly put her shirt back on. Pulled out the PJ's she was going to wear for the evening, then quickly started to undress and put her robe on without paying any attention. Her mind was full of memories of the evening she had spent with Max and the things that they had said. Things they had done. Walking into her bathroom, she turned on the shower to get the water temperature just right. Went to the sink to brush her teeth and then slowly removed her robe. That's when her eyes just about popped out of her skull. She
leaned over and looked closely at her body in the mirror. "Oh My God!" She said to herself, but spoke out loud.

There in the mirror starring back at her was a hickey on her right breast and the most unbelievable thing was, it was glowing.

End Part 16

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I think I finally got the banner down. YEAH!!! Isn't it neat. Thanks to JBehrsGurl, you did a great job. Also, thanks to SciFicNutt for all your extra help. Now, on to the next part. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.


Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 17

The next morning Liz's mind was still whirling with the knowledge of actually having a glowing hickey on her breast. She had traced over it tentatively with her fingertips and examined it thoroughly. Even after her shower, it still glowed brightly. She had laid awake most of the night trying to figure out exactly how she had a glowing hickey on her breast. The hickey part she didn't have any trouble figuring out, it was the glowing part that took her completely by surprise. First thing in the morning she had jumped out of bed and went to the mirror in her bathroom to make sure she hadn't just seen things. Sure enough the bright glow was still there and Liz was dumbfounded as to why. She knew there had to be a logical explanation, but for the life of her, she couldn't figure out what that logical explanation was. She wasn't sure of anything at this point. All she knew for sure was that she needed to talk to Max. Maybe he would be able to come up with some reason behind it. She also knew without a doubt, that she needed to keep this a secret. Something inside of her told her it was important. So when Maria showed up at seven fifteen Liz made sure she kept her words in check. Knowing one small slip of the tongue and her best friend would goad her into telling all.

As soon as they arrived at school, Liz's pace quickened with each step. She had to see Max before class and find out a time they could talk privately. After all discussing a hickey glowing or not on her breast was not something she wanted the entire student body to know about. Rounding the corner to where her locker was she saw him, not standing by his locker but by hers. Her heart started beating faster, her stomach did flip flops and she unconsciously licked her lips in anticipation. Max Evans was waiting for her by her locker.
Then he turned his head and their eyes met. Both instantly smiled and for some reason Liz knew everything was going to be okay. In that moment of time, it didn't matter that she had a glowing hickey on her breast. No, for that single moment all that matter was that she and Max were together and he was making it known to the school body by standing and waiting for her by her locker. She walked up to him and said softly. "Hi."

"Hi." He greeted her right back and immediately bent his head and gave her a small, soft kiss.

Now Maria who had been walking as fast as she could to keep up with Liz witnessed the entire exchange between Max and Liz. There was no doubt in Liz's best friend that the two of them had it bad. Clearing her throat, she also greeted. "Hey Max. How's it going?"

It was one thing to be totally caught up in his Liz haze, it was another to have done that in front of her best friend. Max ducked his blushing head and greeted back. "Hey Maria."
Before anymore pleasantries could be exchanged the warning bell sounded and Liz knew her opportunity to talk to Max prior to school was lost. She quickly got the books out of her locker she would need for both her first and second period. As soon as she shut her locker, Max offered her his hand. "You ready?"

She placed her hand in his and nodded. "Yeah, let's go." Looking back at her friend, she yelled back. "I'll see ya later Maria."

Since they were already running a few minutes behind schedule they really didn't have time to talk. Max once again gave her a small kiss when they reached her first period door and let her know he would meet her here to go to Bio together.

During Bio they had a lab together, so Liz was finally able to ask Max if he would mind having lunch together, just the two of them, so they could talk. Max agreed without even having to think about it. He was on cloud nine and couldn't remember school ever being this great. After all, it was their first official day as boyfriend, girlfriend and just the thought of being able to hold her hand or give her a kiss between classes and for it to be okay was more than Max had ever dreamed possible. Isabelle was correct on one assumption, he was just going through the motions of life, not really living it. But, today was different today he was living it as well. Living it with Liz Parker and he was having second thoughts about telling her the truth about himself. Their relationship may be based on a lie, but it was still the best thing that had ever happened to him and he wasn't sure if he was willing to give it up just yet. What could it hurt to wait until after the concert and at least have this one miracle week to remember and cherish for the rest of his life? Before he dropped the bomb and lost her.

They agreed to meet on the steps leading out to the quad for lunch and when he arrived, she was already standing there waiting for him. Without any hesitation this time, he leaned over and kissed her softly, then greeted. "Hi."

"Hi yourself. I brought us lunch today. Jose was making the galaxy subs for the day while I was waiting on Maria, so I thought you might enjoy having one with me. Oh, and I brought us each a slice of men in blackberry pie, if that's okay?"

Max raised his eye brows in surprise, having not expected that. "Okay, man that's great!"
Liz smiled at the way his mouth seemed to water and his eyes lit up, for she knew how much Max enjoyed the food at her parent's cafe. Especially the men in blackberry pie Amy DeLuca baked for the cafe. "Well, the least I can do is buy the drinks." He offered and ran back in to purchase two sodas from the vending machine and was back by Liz's side almost instantly. "Shall we?" He asked as he offered her his arm, which she took immediately. Man can this day get any better? He asked himself as he led her over to a semi private spot under a tree in the quad.

The two sat down side by side and even though they really didn't say too much to each other while they ate, to Max it was the best lunch he had ever eaten. He made his mind up that even an alien hybrid deserved a little happiness and even if it was only for one short week, he was determined to make the best of it. He knew it was selfish, but he knew he would be paying for his selfishness for the rest of his life. Because after this week he would no longer be living, he would only be going through the motions. Because after this week he vowed he would tell Liz the truth and then he knew this one magical week would be all he would have. As after this week was over, after the concert he would lose the only reason he had ever had to live. He was going to lose Liz Parker. So his reasoning, even a man on death row got a final meal and this was his final meal, his one and only week and nothing was going to stop him from at least having this one week.

After they finished their lunch, Max shocked Liz when he immediately pulled her into his lap and began to devour her completely. Their kisses were full of passion and it ignited the flame that they burned for each other brightly. Liz was so caught up in the moment that she had almost forgotten why she had asked to eat lunch with him privately in the first place. Her entire body was on fire with want and need. A feeling she had never experienced before.
A feeling she wanted to continue to feel over and over again and again. But, then again she had only almost forgotten why she and Max were there. Breaking away from his lips and moaning softly when he started immediately in on her neck, Liz finally whispered. "Max, we need to talk."

"Uh..Huh..I'm listening." He said as he continued to kiss and started to suck on her neck.

The minute he began sucking on her neck, thoughts of him giving her another hickey flashed in her mind. Another glowing hickey like what was currently on her breast. Pulling quickly away from him, she stated. "Max, I really need to talk to you."

Seeing her face, he knew she was more than serious. "I'm sorry..I didn't mean to get so carried away Liz." He said thinking she was upset that he had gotten so openly affectionate in the school lunch quad. This relationship thing was so new to him, he still didn't know what was okay and what wasn't. Peck kisses in the hallway at classroom doors were apparently okay, mauling kisses at lunch in the quad apparently weren't, okay check, got it.

Liz blushed as she heard him apologize. Didn't he know how much I love it when he kisses me like that? "Max, I'm not mad, in fact I enjoy it quite a lot when you kiss me like that. Maybe more than I should." She blushed again as she realized what she had just said. "It's just that I do need to talk to you. Something strange happened last night and I'm not sure why it happened or even how. So, I thought I would mention it and see if you had any ideas."

Still on the part of their conversation where she had said she enjoyed it when he lost so much control while kissing her. His brain really didn't pick up on the rest of her statement, so he replied. "Uh..What happened?"

"Well, I kind of got a hickey's on my...breast." She finally got it out.

Smiling from ear to ear at the memory of having his mouth on her breast, then she dropped the bomb that brought him back to reality of who he really was. "'s glowing."

"What? Let me see." Now Max's brain was on full alert and he didn't even think about what he was doing, he lifted his hand to her shirt to get a look at what she was talking about. Not her breast in a sexual way, the glowing hickey that was upon it. After all nothing like this had ever happened that he knew of before. Then again, it wasn't like he had ever been in a heavy make out session with another girl before last night and he knew for a fact that Michael had never done anything like what he and Liz had done. Isabelle, had never had a hickey as far as he knew, but then again if she had it would have been from a human so that probably had never happened. No, Max was just simply curious and concerned about Liz's well being. So when he reached for her shirt, he wasn't even thinking about where they were at or what he was actually doing. He reached up and started to pull her shirt to the side so he could see what it actually was and see if he could fix it.

Mortified Liz immediately slapped his hand away from her shirt. "Max Evans, what the hell do you think you are doing?" She screamed out, not believing that Max of all people would have the nerve to try to feel her up at school, in the middle of the lunch crowd, with many many eyes on them. She rose to her feet immediately.

Max followed suit and reached out for her arm. "Liz, I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking...I didn't mean...God, I'm really sorry."

"Max you know how you asked me to help you with the rights or wrongs of being in a relationship. Well, that was definitely the wrong way. Look, I've got grab my books for next period. I'll talk to you later." With that she left a very sorry and very concerned Max in her wake.

Now, of course, Maria, Alex, Isabelle and even Michael were just a few of the pair of eyes that had taken note of Max and Liz's impromptu make out session in the quad. It was kind of hard not to notice as they were definitely getting more than a little hot and heavy with their kisses. So the four of them had also seen how it had ended and what had happened that had caused it to end. Since they weren't close enough to hear what the two of them had been saying to each other, but what Max had attempted to do was easily seen. Maria watched her best friend storm off and she immediately grabbed Alex's arm. "What a hound dog? Come on Alex, I'm betting Liz is going to need us." The two were off and heading in the direction Liz had gone leaving Isabelle and Michael at the table.

"That jerk. Did I just see what I think I just saw?" Isabelle asked Michael.

"Man, I didn't think Max had it in him. Talking about unleashing a dragon." Michael joked.

"That's not funny, come on. I think Max needs to learn proper boyfriend, girlfriend ethics." She stated as she pulled Michael behind her on their way over to where Max still stood speechless. As soon as she was closed enough she started in on her brother. "Max, what hell is wrong with you? I didn't plan this whole thing out just to find out my brother is big a hound dog as the rest of the male student body at West Roswell High. What were you thinking?

"Yeah Maxwell, not that I don't blame you for trying, but even I know you can't feel your girlfriend up in the middle of the lunch crowd at school."

"Michael, your not helping. So be quiet." She yelled at one brother then turned to the other one again. "I'm waiting." She wanted an explanation, there had to be an explanation. Max was a lot of things, but a Pig wasn't a word she would have used to describe him before this happened.

Max looked over at the two people who were like him, the only two people in the world would understand exactly why he did what he had. Well, maybe at least one would understand, the other would to a point, but his sister had a lethal tongue and he knew he wouldn't hear the end of this even after he explained. "Guys, we're in trouble. Or least Liz is...I think."

"What? What the hell are you talking about?" This from Isabelle who was still totally upset with her brother's PDA.

"Look, it's not what it looked like. Liz has a hickey, that's glowing. A glowing hickey from me. Do you get it now? I was just trying to get a look to see if I could do something about it."

"In her shirt?" Isabelle asked still not getting where the location of the said hickey was.

At the same time, Michael started laughing and said. "Maxwell, you dog. You gave her a hickey on her tit!"

This earned him a slap from Isabelle, who also turned and slapped Max. "You didn't even have the decency to ask her out to dinner first. Who the hell are you and what have you done with my brother?"

Max had never felt like scum in all his life as he did in that moment. Isabelle was right, what was wrong with him. Then he realized what was really the issue here again and what the priority of this conversation needed to be. "Didn't you guys hear what I said. She doesn't just have a hickey, so get your minds out of the gutter. She has a hickey that's glowing, one that I gave her. Doesn't that strike either of you as say...Different!"

"Oh SHIT!" Both Michael and Isabelle said at the same time as the realization of what Max was trying to tell them both sank in. Liz didn't know anything about them as of yet. What if she panics and goes to the school nurse, or shows her parents, or shows anyone for that matter. Not to mention if the said glowing hickey would cause Liz any harm. No, this was definitely bad, very bad.

"I've got to go find her. Look we'll talk later, but right now I've got to find Liz." Max took off like a bat out of hell, hoping he found her prior to her telling anyone else what the problem was. God, Max, she came to you. She came to you and what did you do? Humiliate her in front of half the school. God, you are such an IDIOT!" To his dismay though Liz was no where in school to be found. She hadn't gone to any of the rest of her classes and he had Isabelle checking all the girl's bathrooms. Michael was also helping to look for her, Maria or Alex to try to help his friend out. But, in the end they hadn't found hide nor hair of the three of them.

After school, the three pod squanders went to the Crashdown knowing that Liz and Maria usually were scheduled to work Tuesdays after school. But, once again luck wasn't on there side. Max had continued to sit at the cafe until it closed in hopes to catch Liz and try to explain himself and the glowing hickey. Finally giving up after closing time, he went home defeated and utterly ashamed of himself. "I'm so sorry Liz." He stated as he drove away from the cafe.

End Part 17

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Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 18

The next day Max waited for Liz by her locker as he had done the previous morning. He had attempted to call Liz later that night, but only got her answering machine. A machine that he couldn't even try to attempt to explain himself on, so he had left the only message that he could. "Liz, it's Max. I really need to talk to you. Please call me back anytime." Of course Liz hadn't called him. Finally he could see Maria and Liz making their way to Liz's locker in the hallway and he could see that she had a rough night. There was no hiding it, her eyes gave her away. The minute she came up to him, he started his apology again and reached out to touch her arm. "Liz, I'm really, really sorry about yesterday."

"Paws off Romeo." Maria being the best friend, it was her job to defend. Her and Alex had left school after lunch yesterday with Liz and made up an excuse to Liz's father about a major school project that had to be done by the following day to get out of work. They had taken turns holding her while she cried, but Liz never told them the entire truth of what had happened. She was to mortified to even try to admit what she had done the previous night with Max. Let alone try to explain about the glowing hickey that was still on her breast.

"Maria, could I have a moment with Max." Liz stated hoping to stop an argument between Max and Maria before it could even get started. She loved Maria to death, she was like a sister to her, but sometimes she was just to overly protected of her and this was something that she needed to deal with Max. Alone.

"You sure." At Liz's nod she added. "Okay, but remember I've got your back if you need me."

Liz nodded and the two girls hugged briefly before Maria walked on down the hallway. The moment Maria was gone, Max started again. "Liz, I..."

Liz placed a finger to his mouth to silence him. "Max, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have over reacted the way I had. It's just..."

Taking her finger in his hand, he interrupted. "No, Liz. I'm the one who's sorry, I never should have..."

"No, you shouldn't have. But, I shouldn't have reacted the way I did either. I was just a little surprised that's all."

"So, are you okay? I mean does it hurt or anything?" The alienus that caused the glowing hickey was put on the back burner, Liz's well being was more important to Max.

"No, I'm fine. It's just weird and I don't really understand how it happened in the first place." She stated and her confusion was apparent.

"That's a nice way to say it, I'm sure Maria had a better word to describe it than weird."
Max joked already assuming Liz had told or worst yet shown Maria her glowing hickey.

"Maria knows I was upset Max, she doesn't know the real reason why. She may be my best friend, but something's are still private."

Max nodded his head, then realize he had broken her trust yet again. As he realized that he had in fact told both Isabelle and Michael about her hickey. He made a quick mental note to make sure that neither of them said anything to Liz that they knew and then kicked himself in the head once again degrating himself for being such an idiot. Alienus or not, this was still between him and Liz. He had broken a confidence that should never have been broken. It did confirm to him thought that Liz could be trusted, yet again amazing him how wonderful she was and once again confirming what an idiot he was. "Liz, I'm not sure why it happened, but I might have an explanation. I was hoping to talk to you in private and maybe explain. But, not here at school. Would you be willing to let me take you out to dinner tonight and we could talk privately then?"

Liz smiled at the thought that Max was finally asking her out on their first official date.
Then her smile fell on deaths door, as she recalled her work schedule. "I'd really love to do out with you Max.." A smile started to appear on Max's face realizing he had actually asked a girl out on a date and she was accepted. And it wasn't just any girl, it was his dream girl Liz Parker. But, like Liz's his smile was quickly deflated as she continued with her statement. "...But, I have to work tonight. I kind of missed my shift last night and I know there is no way my Dad will let me get out of work tonight too."

"I understand, what about Thursday?" He asked hopefully.

Shaking her head with regret. "I can't, I have to work for Angus Thursday since she worked for me on Tuesday. I'm really sorry Max. I'll tell you what, why don't we just wait until Saturday. We'll have a long drive to the concert anyway and this will give us something to talk about."

"Okay, it's a deal. So, does this mean we're okay?"

Nodding her head and smiling shyly at the same time. "Yeah, we're okay." Then she surprised Max when she stood up on her tip toes and gave him a sweet, tender kiss upon his lips. And the smile that had been deflated previously was back in full force. The two walked to class hand and hand once again.

The next few days of the week breezed by without any incidents. Max and Liz were as happy as they could be. Max was the perfect boyfriend, he left little notes in her books for her to find later, one saying how beautiful she was. One saying how lucky he was to have her in his life. He went to the cafe on both Wednesday and Thursday and spent most of his afternoons and evenings there telling her how he couldn't get enough of her beauty and both days he had left a single white rose for her as a tip. He had brought her a picnic lunch to eat on Friday that he had prepared himself. He made it a point to control his natural urge to get carried away when they would kiss and only allowed himself short, simple, but ever so sweet and tender kisses that made Liz feel cherished beyond words. The clincher was each night, Max would call prior to her going to bed just to wish her sweet dreams and tell her he couldn't wait to see her tomorrow. All in all the rest of the week was one of the best weeks in Liz's life. She had never felt so cherished, or loved. Max, himself also thought the week was the best he ever had. Every second he got to spend with Liz he cherished and it showed in every gesture, kiss and look he gave her. "The guy literally worships the ground you walk on." Maria had commented to her at one point so green with envy, but at the same time she couldn't help but feeling happy for her best friend. Once she got past the lunch incident on Monday, it didn't take long for Maria to discover what a great guy Max really was. Nor did it take her long to figure out just how much he cared for her friend.

Friday evening, Liz had gone to the mall with both Maria and Isabelle to find the perfect outfit to wear for the concert. Isabelle also made sure to get a new outfit for Max while they were there. Liz and Maria were amazed at the way Isabelle's personality seemed to change from the ice princess they were use to seeing at school for so many years to a person who seemed caring, nice and considerate. To Liz, it only confirmed what she had thought the past Saturday. The ice princess was just an act and the real Isabelle Evans was someone she was proud to call a friend. They had picked out a pair of khaki pants and a deep green shirt for Max that Liz insisted on paying for to replace the one she had literally ripped off his body at the party. Liz settled on a black mini skirt with a low v-cut sweater with half sleeves that she was going to wear with her black leather jacket. They had their nails done and both Isabelle and Maria insisted that Liz have a pedicure also. The only store that Maria insisted taking Liz into that Isabelle refused to help in was Victoria Secrets. Refusing to know any more because if was her brother and stated some things were not meant to know between brother and sister. Although Liz was embarrassed to death for Maria evening suggesting they go in there for intimate apparel with Max's sister with them, Maria refused to let her not go. Stating that she should always be prepared for the unexpected.

That evening Max had made his usually sweet dreams call and Liz couldn't wait for the next day to come fast enough. Wanting to spend as much time with Liz as possible, Max had suggested they drive to Albuquerque early so they would only have to make the drive in the dark after the concert. Using the excuse that it would be safer driving at least one way during day light hours and that way they could have time to go somewhere nice for dinner before the concert and their long drive home. Liz understood Max's plan before he even had to explain it to her, so she was quick to jump on the band wagon for safety reasons of course and both sets of parents saw the logic and agreed they could drive to Albuquerque in the early afternoon versus waiting until evening.

At first Liz was going to have her hair done, but then decided Max seemed to like it down since he was always running his fingers through her hair. So she left it down already anticipating the feel of his hands in her hair. The main debate she had for her outfit was shoes. Although her short black boots with spiked heels looked great with her black mini skirt, they weren't exactly known for walking. Though she didn't plan on walking much, going to a concert there was always walking involved and she had no idea how far away they were going to walk. Her flats were much more comfortable and allowed her to walk better, but they didn't look any where near as good as the boots did. Looks finally won out, as she wanted to look her best for Max. Comfort was for Miss Brianiac Parker, tonight she was going for Ms. Alluring Liz.

Max arrived at the Crashdown promptly at 12:30 to pick Liz up. Jeff had packed them a few snacks for the car ride there and back. He didn't hesitate in giving both Max and Liz, Max especially another lecture on safe driving, being home as soon as possible after the concert and then added that he was entrusting his only daughter, emphasizing the only daughter bit in Max's hands and he would be held accountable if anything were to happen to her. With his lecture completed, he handed them the snack bag and wished them a good time.
Max stayed in form with being the perfect boyfriend, opening her door for her and the two of them were off.

Max had taken Liz's hand almost immediately once they were on their way. "You look amazing." He stated sincerely.

"Thank you. You look hot herself." Oh My God! Did I just tell Max, he looked hot. I can't believe I told him he looked hot.

"Well, my girlfriend bought me this new shirt. See she turned into this animal last weekend and literally ripped my other green shirt off my body last weekend." Max joked back not really realizing what he had just said.

"Oh really. An animal, huh? Bet she brought you to your knees when she did though?" She bantered back, thinking if Max was okay with this kind of conversation then she could give as good as she got.

"You have no idea. But, that was only after I brought her to hers when I had to attack her neck, you know, it being so sweet and all." Max had no idea where this boldness was coming from, but was enjoying their conversation emencely.

"You can't blame her though, I mean you should come with a warning label. How was she supposed to know how wonderful your tongue was going feel on her neck?" Max was making her hot just with the thought of how his tongue felt against her skin, but she was determined to make Max lose his control before she did.

Max looked over at Liz with this comment. Was she trying to kill him? Didn't she realize what she was saying or that he was currently driving and if she continued saying things like she was, would she hold him responsible if he had an accident? When he looked over and seen the gleam in her eye, he knew in that moment that she knew exactly what she was doing to him and suddenly holding her hand wasn't enough. Releasing her hand he lifted the console that was currently in-between them. That was one of the nice things about driving his Mom's car versus his jeep. The middle console could be put upward, leaving the middle seat opened for Liz to seat right next to him. Patting the seat, he commanded. "Come here."

Without hesitating Liz slid right next to him and cuddled into the crook of his arm that Max slipped around her shoulder the moment she scooted over. "Now, would you consider this safe driving?"

"I'd say it was more a necessity." He answered honestly. He really needed to hold her and if they were going to make it all the way to Albuquerque in time to see the concert he was going to have to commentate his need in some way.

Once Liz was settled, they both fell into a comfortable silence, just enjoying being together. Liz place her hand on Max's upper leg and her fingers began to draw small circles without even realizing what she was doing. Or more pacific, what she was doing to Max? For the next several miles, Max's body temperature rose as Liz continued her sweet torture. His hand unconscious began rubbing up and down her arm sending Liz's own body temperature skyrocketing as he did so. The two of them were quickly driving each other insane and neither even realized how their simple touches were effecting the other one. Liz began twisting her body and soon her other hand was playing with the buttons on Max's shirt. Trying to keep the mood in the car from getting out of hand, he joked. "Your not going to start biting my shirt buttons off again, are you?"

"Oh, I don't know. I kind of like the idea of having you shirtless again to admire." With that said she undid the top button of his shirt just to emphasize her point.


"Max." She whispered back in a soft sultry voice. That was it, that was all Max could take and the car swerved to the shoulder of the road and his lips were upon hers in a heartbeat.
Now Max had always been very shy and tentative in his moves with her. Even though their kisses would sometimes end hot, deep and full of passion, they had always usually started out tentatively and sweet. However, this time he attacked with hunger immediately. Their mouths came together in a heated embrace. Years of yearning and pent up desire came to a boiling point and Max couldn't seem to get enough. Liz was in her own dream world, with Max's tongue tantalizing hers to where all she wanted to do was crawl inside of him and lose herself forever. The feelings he provoked in her was more than she ever dreamed possible. Their hands weaved into each other's hair, trying desperately to bring the other closer and quench their desires. Max broke up the kiss and immediately went to her neck to get another sweet taste that was all Liz. "Oh God, Max. YES!" Liz screamed out as he licked then sucked hard on her sensitive spot, driving her further into her Max dream world. It was too amazing to be anything, but a dream. Her fingers dug into his scalp encouraging him to continue. Max happily complied with her request and sucked deeply on her neck, marking her as his and loving every minute of it.

An ache started to weave it's way into her lower body, that Liz was becoming all to familiar with. She knew what cured it now and she wanted that special feeling that only Max could give her that would relieve the need that was building inside of her. Moving her body so she was able to lean back and bring Max more on top of her. Max moved in sync with her and before long the two of them were pressed up against the passenger side door and Max was laying half on her and half off the front seat of the still idling car. His hands began to roam down the sides of her body and Liz withered beneath him wanting and requesting him to go further. They were subtle moves, but moves that Max was learning to read well and it didn't take him long to know what Liz was asking of him. He sucked even deeper and let one of his hands come up to her breast. He began kneading and massaging it and was once again rewarded with a deep moan that escaped Liz's throat. Lifting his head to tell her how much he loved her, he saw what he had just done and all movements stopped. Removing his hand from her breast he quickly brought it up to her neck and touched it lightly where he had placed his mark on her. His glowing mark.

Liz saw his eyes widen in surprise and it didn't take a genius to figure out the look on his face was one of shock and concern. She immediately pushed him up and grabbed the rearview mirror before Max had a chance to react. "Oh My God! I'm glowing again." She smiled as she looked over at Max. "You make me glow, literally!" Since she had the glowing hickey on her breast for two days prior to when it had disappeared and it hadn't caused her any trouble as far as she knew. She wasn't as concerned this time. No, this time she was just simply amazed that he had done it to her again. "Max, this is amazing!" She leaned over and gave him a soft, but seductive kiss eager to resume what they had been in the middle of.

To Liz's dismay though, Max pulled back after the initial kiss. "Does it hurt?" His concern for her now very clear to Liz.

"No, but when you touched it, I did get a tingling sensation." She answered him honestly, she could tell that he was worried about her and she didn't want him to think he had hurt her at all. Knowing their impromptu make out session had come to an end, she asked. "You said you might have an idea why this happened. Why don't you tell me now?"

Max sat back, clearly in debate. He had initially intended to tell Liz after the concert, so they could spend their last night together before he dropped his bomb on her. But, now he wasn't sure how he could wait. "Liz, there is something that I need to tell you about myself. Something that may change the way you see me or feel about me."

Liz quickly interrupted Max, wanting to reassure him, that there wasn't anything that he could say to her at this point that would change how she felt about him. She was completely in love with him and this past week only made her realize exactly how strong her feelings for him were. "Max, I doubt that." She saw the doubt in his eyes at her words, so she quickly added. "Don't you know what you mean to me? I have never felt this way about anyone before, never."

"Liz, I..I.." Max tried to get the words out, he wanted to tell her the truth desperately, but at the same time he didn't. He wanted to be with her, he wanted her to continue to love him. He tried once again. "I...God, this is so hard. I love you so much and I don't want to lose you and I know you won't want to be with me after I tell you how different I am, because I'm a...I..I'mmm..." When he stumbled over his words once again, Liz knew whatever Max wanted to tell her was making him seem almost afraid.

She could sense it was something important to him and he wanted to tell her, but at the same time she could tell he just didn't seem ready. Not wanting him to feel uncomfortable with telling her something that he was obvious uncomfortable saying or talking about. She quickly stopped his attempt. "Max, it's okay. You don't have to tell me right now. I know whatever it is, you'll tell me when your ready. Just know, I love you too and there is nothing you could say to me that will change the way I feel about you. Nothing, okay? Why don't we get back on the road? Besides you promised me dinner before the concert and I expect my boyfriend to keep his promises to me." She finished with a slight joke hoping to help settle Max down from whatever seemed to be bothering her.

Max gave her one of his half smiles. "Your amazing, you know that?"

"Well, you'll just have to remember that when I'm old, wrinkly and gray." She joked back.

"I will." He promised back and he meant it. If she would allow him the honor to know her when she was old, wrinkly and gray like she said, he would continue to think she's amazing.
Giving her one more lingering kiss on her forehead, he sat back up and got back behind the wheel. Once again the were on their way to the concert.

End Pt18

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I know it's a little later than usual, but I'm still keeping up on my daily post. Now for those who are wondering, this story basically wrote itself from the get go. When I started it, I couldn't stop. I had a few days off and wrote close to twenty chapters during that time period. Since then, I've written quite a few more. So as long as I can, I will continue to post daily for everyone. Anyway, here is the next part. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.


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Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 19

It only took about five seconds to be back next to Max as he drove. This time though Max took her hand in his in lieu of putting his arm around her like he had done previously. His body was still feeling the effects of their little make out session and he was afraid if they went straight back to their previous position they wouldn't make it to the concert because he wasn't sure if he would be able to stop himself from where he was sure they were heading if he hadn't caused Liz to have another glowing hickey.

That was a whole other issue to deal with, why was it happening? It obviously wasn't hurting her, but could it have some side effects that they didn't know about yet? Perhaps if he told her the truth, she would allow him to scan her and verify that everything was in fact okay with her. But, if he told her the truth would she allow him to come near her, let alone touch her to do the verification.

Liz was also still being affected by the way Max had been kissing her. They were so demanding, yet passionate that she just wanted him to pull over again and continue to devour her. Knowing he had concerns about why his hickey's always seemed to make her glow, but then she recalled how the one on her breast had already faded. Thinking for a second she realized she hadn't told Max about that yet and maybe, just maybe if he knew they did go away that he wouldn't be so concerned about them. "Max."

"Yeah." He said, as his eyes remained focused on the road ahead of them. Afraid to look at her while his body was still so ready to resume what they had been doing.

"It goes away."

"What does?" God, she didn't mean her love for me will go away did she? His mind frantically thought.

"The glowing on the hickey. The one stopped glowing after about two days. I'm sorry, I know I should have said something to you as soon as it happened, but we just never seemed to have a moment alone together since it went away."

"So it just went away?"

"Well, it kind of faded away." She answered him honestly, not wanting to hide anything from him.

"What about the hickey?" For some reason it seemed important to ask her if his mark was still on her body.

"Yeah, it's still there. But, it just isn't glowing anymore."

Max wanted to ask if he could see it. He wanted to reach out and touch the mark he had placed on her body, marking her as his. But, he wasn't sure if that was an appropriate request or not in a boyfriend, girlfriend relationship. "Liz."


"I know how this is going to sound and I apologize if I'm out of line, but can I see it. I just...I'm curious that's all."

"That's all, just curious?" She joked with him, even though the thought of Max looking at her breast sent shivers up her spine in anticipation. Man, why do I constantly think like a slut when I'm around Max. All I can think about his how his lips feel or what it feels like when his hands are on my body.

"Well, I'm concerned too. I just want to verify your really okay." Even though Liz had just been joking with him, Max's reply was so serious and he really did mean the words he said.

Liz looked around the highway that they were driving on. She twisted her body just enough so her front half was facing Max's side and with a devilish gleam in her eye she pulled her jacket off while Max continued to keep his eyes on the road and then said. "See everything's normal." As she pulled her v-cut sweater, along with her bra over and flashed him quickly, then pulled it back.

Max had been trying to keep himself in check and was doing everything in his power to keep his eyes trained forward. It took his brain a half a second to comprehend what she said and just as he finally turned his head to look in her direction to see if she was saying what he thought she had said, Liz was just readjusting her top from her quick flash.
Only allowing Max to see a small portion of her breast, but only for a second. "Did you just flash me?"

"Uh, Huh." She confirmed with a giggle.

"You actually flashed me, while sitting next to me in this car and I missed it?"

"Uh, Huh." She confirmed once more, this time with a laugh at the look upon Max's face.



"Flash me again."

"Nope, you had your chance. Next time you'll have to earn it." Oh God! Did I just say that? I can't believe I had the nerve to say that to Max.

Earn it? Earn It? Did she just say I had to earn it? Okay, so that's how she wants to play, I can deal. I think. "So, just how do you want me to earn it, exactly?"

Liz leaned forward and whispered in his ear. "I guess you'll just have to make me hot."

"Hot, huh?"

Giving him the most seductive look she could, she licked her lips, then added. "Really HOT!" Max immediately started to swerve the car back onto the shoulder of the highway, but Liz quickly stopped him. "No stopping, remember we have a concert to see. Besides we can make a game of it. If your able to really make me hot, while your driving. I'll let you see your hickey, if not then I won't. Besides, you just might make me hot enough that I'll want you to give me a knew one. I kind of like the way you make me glow."

"That kind of puts me at a disadvantage though, having to continue to drive. Maybe we could renegotiate for me to pull over, but only have say five minutes to make you hot enough that you want to show me your..." Max wanted to say your perfect creamy white breast, with it's perky rosy red nipple, but caught himself just in time by saying. " mark."

"So now it's your mark. You've marked me. Does that mean I'm yours and have to do what you say?" She asked in a joking but seductive manner. Liz was loving the fact that her and Max were having a conversation like this. Usually the two of them were always so shy, neither would have ever considered talking this way and it only confirmed to her, that they were indeed growing closer. Close enough to banter back and forth like this and that meant they were getting really close.

"If it means I get to claim you forever as mine, then yes it's my mark and I should have the right to see it." He stated firmly.

"Okay, it might be your mark, but it's on my body and you have the ability to see it, you just have to play by the rules. So, I suggest you begin or your going to lose this game."
She warned, but she was already feeling the effects of his words about claiming her as his forever. Just the thought of it made her skin begin to tingle.

Max heard her warning and took it to heart. Now he hadn't finished all ten of Pauly's challenges just to lose this one that meant a lot more to him, mainly because it was Liz that had set forth the challenge to him. Getting back on the subject at hand, he stated in a low husky voice. "Hi." It was the greeting that she had informed him, that made her a goner last Saturday.

Liz gave him a sultry smile, knowing exactly what he was going for, although just that one word had started to work on her. She'd be damned if she was going to let him know it was that easy for him to get her feeling hot already.

The effect he was going for was easily seen on her face when she gave him that special smile. "God, your beautiful. But, since you won't allow me to pull over and show you how I would make you hot physically. I guess my only option is to tell you what I would do, if I wasn't driving."

Now this was what Liz wanted. She tried to keep herself from turning to mush at the way his eyes seemed to pierce into her soul as they turned dark with desire. Desire for her, a desire she wanted to release from him. "O..okay, let's hear what you've got."

"I think first I would have to touch your hair, because it is so soft, silky and radiant looking. When I run my fingers through your hair, it's like feeling the most beautiful silk made in the world. Of course, I couldn't stop at your hair. I would have to feel your soft skin, by caressing my hands down your cheeks while I looked into your perfect doe shaped eyes. Then I wouldn't be able to stop myself from leaning over and giving you a tender kiss. The kiss would start slow, but soon my desire for you would take over and I would have to deepen the kiss. Your lips, so lucious, so tempting. I could never get tired of kissing those lips. That doesn't even include how sensual you taste. God, I can almost imagine my tongue running along your lips and tasting them just before I would get to feel the magic of you tongue sliding against mine." By now Max himself was so worked up just saying out loud what he wanted to do that even with the khaki pants Isabelle had bought for him couldn't hide the swelling that was beginning in the front portion of his body.

Liz had to take a couple deep breaths to keep from telling Max to pull over and do exactly what he had just said he would do to her. Trying to keep her voice even, she said. "Then what?" She was already hot enough for him to win this game she had started, but she wanted to know what else he would do or at least say he would do.

Max looked over at her and could see how flush her face had become. He knew without any doubt that his words had effected her. In fact he wasn't sure who was becoming more effected by this conversation, her or him. "Liz, how hot are you?" He asked trying to turn the tables on her for a little while.

She leaned over and kissed his neck softly, then whispered in his ear. "It depends on how hot you want me to be?" Twisting the conversation back to him again.

They had only been on the road for about an hour now and Max was trying to figure out how it would be possible to continue this conversation and continue to drive to see the concert on time. He reached over and laid his hand on her upper thigh, then stated. "Babe, I plan on making you a lot hotter before this night is over with." He moved his hand slowly up her thigh until it was resting just right under the edge of her mini skirt. "But, since you won't allow me to pull over for now I think we'll have to wait to see just how hot you can get."

Now Liz knew she was treading a fine line, between having fun and going down a road that she wasn't quite sure if she should be going. Scooting a little closer to Max, she placed her hand on his upper thigh, mimicking his move on hers. "I have to agree, but only if I get the opportunity to see how hot I can get you?"

A certain part of Max's body had already begun to grow with anticipation and with Liz's hand playing so near to that part of his body, he knew he was in trouble. He loved the fact that they were getting so close and comfortable with each other that they could touch each other like they were. Being intimate in a way without being too intimate. Now Max was in a total fight with between his body and his mind. His mind was shouting, telling him that he was getting in deep and he should stop before he did something that he knew was wrong. But, no matter how loud his mind was screaming at him, his body just wouldn't listen. He wanted to be with Liz in every way possible to be with her. He had simply just yearned for her for way too many years to give up when he was on the verge of getting everything his heart desired. He moved his hand just a little higher under her skirt hesitantly, slow enough that she had the opportunity to stop him, if she wanted him to stop. He stopped just at the juncture between her thigh and her center. Just at the edge of the side of her panties. Then he went back to the original challenge and began his statement. "Then I guess it's time for me to continue in my duty. After I've kissed you thoroughly, I would have to taste your skin. Moving my lips down your neck until I found just the right spot and that's when my tongue would tease you until I feel that moan escape from deep in your throat and drives me crazy."

"My moans drive you crazy?" She questioned as she once again mimicked Max's move and moved her hand and let it rest right at the juncture of his leg and the ever growing tent in the front of his jeans.

"Everything..." His voice cracked as Liz moved her hand just too close to where he wanted it to be. Clearing his throat he tried again, trying to keep his voice under control. But, in so doing, it came out low and husky sounding. "Everything about you drives me crazy with want." He moved one finger and barely allowed it to brush over her panties, amazed at what he felt. Dampness, she was wet for him, because of him.

"Oh..Max. Talking about driving a person crazy with want." She reached one of her fingers out and scraped it over his fully grown erection. Then let out a soft moan when she felt how much he did desire her.


"Yeah, Max."

"Can I pull over now?"


End Pt19
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Okay guys you asked for it. Now those of you who were wondering at the beginning of the story about my NC17 rating - I think we can all safely agree we're heading into that direction. But, just remember this is only the beginning. I think by now most of you know my imagination gets out there some time, so hopefully you will enjoy the wild ride I'm planning on taking you on.
Anyway, here is the next part. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.

Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 20

Max didn't need to be told twice. His mother's SUV swerved quickly to the shoulder of the road. He barely got the car into park, before Liz was climbing on his lap and this time it was her lips that were attacking him. His words had made her so hot, that she could barely contain herself. Then when she had felt how much he desired her, she couldn't take it any more. She just had to kiss him. It felt to Max as if her hands were everywhere at once. Weaving through his hair, caressing his chest, rubbing up and down his arms, cupping his face. He had known his words were effecting her by the dampness on her panties when he had barely touched her there, but until he had pulled the car over and Liz attacked, he didn't realize just how much his words had effected her. Her tongue greedily requested entrance and he wasn't about to deny her. He couldn't even if he wanted to as the feel of her hands, body and mouth all over him was playing such havoc on his body that he just couldn't take it any more. He needed her in the worst way and he was done playing games. Pulling his mouth away from hers only for a second, he huskily stated. "I want you, Liz. I want you so much."

"Take me then Max, touch me." Her voice thick with desire, a desire that only Max could tame.

That was it, Max couldn't control himself any longer. His mouth went back to her neck and sucked hard as both his hands went to her breast to find her nipples already aroused to hard peaks. Not able to wait another second he kissed his way down her chest, pulling her shirt aside as he mouth sought out her delicate breast. His touch was of hunger, but gentle. The moment his mouth took her breast in, Liz arched her back pushing her breast even more fully into his mouth. "Yes, Max! That's it, yes." She moaned out as her hands held his head firmly to her breast. The sensation he was causing in her body, was almost too much. She had never felt this need to be so aggressive with anyone in her life. Boldly she moved her hand in-between their bodies and tentatively touched his groin area, wanting to give him the kind of pleasure he was giving her.

As soon as her hand touched him so intimately Max pulled away from her breast just enough to take a deep breath and let out his own moan. "Oh God, Liz." He then took her mouth with his in another soul searing kiss as he continued to massage her breasts with his hands this time. Liz's hand began exploring, rubbing and squeezing the massive bulge under his pants.
She had never done anything like this in her entire life and wasn't even sure if she was doing it correctly or not, but she just kept going on instinct. They were both moaning inaudible sighs into each other mouths as feelings took over without thought.

Max let one hand move down her slim waistline, over her hip and down her thigh. Then moved it back up under her skirt until her reached her panties. This time he didn't tease, his fingers made their way under her panties and he rubbed her nub just for a moment before seeking his way inside of her. As soon as his finger found it's way to her entrance, he thrusted it inside and was rewarded once again with a rush of honey slick fluid. He slid his finger in and out of her wetness wanting to feel that same rush again and again. It was her response to his touch that amazed him the most. Her hips moved suggestively in time with his hand, causing his already aroused state to harden even more. It didn't help matters that the entire time Liz was rubbing her hands over his arousal in the same rhythm.
It was in that moment that he felt it, his own release was coming and it was coming quick.

He didn't know if Liz had any idea what she was doing to him and what was about to happen because of what she was doing. He wasn't sure how she would feel about it and he didn't want to embarrass her. Breaking away from her mouth but keeping his lips just slightly a part from hers he whispered. "Liz, I'm going to..."

Liz knew Max was trying to hold himself back, she could feel that he wasn't sure if she wanted him to have the kind of pleasure she was enjoying. He had already given her so much, she wanted him to have the same kind of release. "Going to what?" She asked innocently, even though she was pretty sure she knew what he was going to do. But, at that moment Max thrusted his finger deep inside of her and she felt her own release take hold. "Yes, don't stop Max, keep going, YESSS!" Her hips continued to slide back and forth with his fingers to achieve the ultimate pleasure as possible. Visions of stars were flashing in her mind as the intensity of her orgasm took hold.

"LIZZZZZ!" Max screamed out as her release caused his own to erupt. He buried his head against her chest as he tried to calm his own breathing down. Liz leaned her head against his and was in the process of doing the exact same thing. Both were completely out of breath and neither could believe what they had just done. After quite a few minutes they both finally had their bodies under some sense of control and their hearts began to beat once again at a normal rate. "Are you okay?" Max asked once he was sure his voice wouldn't crack.

Nodding her head, she gave him a shy smile. "I'm more than okay Max. How about you? I mean I've never..Did I..Was it okay?" She finally managed to get out, still quite unsure of herself. She feared her lack in experience might turn him off in some way and even though she knew he had ejaculated, that didn't necessarily mean she had really caused it or was he just caught up in the moment. She also couldn't quite comprehend what she had just seen in her mind. She briefly wondered if this was something normal, as she had heard the phrase take me to the stars before. But, to actually experience, not just seeing stars, but having the feeling of flying through them was so awesome. She felt like her entire body was glowing.

"Liz you were wonderful." He replied honestly, then added. "I love you so much Liz. The way you made me feel, I've never felt anything like that in my whole life. Liz Parker, you take my breath away."

"I agree." She admitted. Max leaned forward and captured her lips one final time, in a slow, tender kiss that was full of love. When he pulled back to look in her eyes, he couldn't keep the smile off his face as he saw how her eyes were still closed and her lips still slightly parted with a dreamy look of contentment upon her entire face. "That was nice." She whispered before she opened her eyes.

"Your amazing. You know that, you are truly amazing." They continued to look into each other's eyes, not wanting to move from their intimate position, but knowing they couldn't stay like they were forever. "I guess we should get going."

"Yeah, I guess your right." Liz still didn't stir to move and Max made no movement to encourage her. He was enjoying this time with her way to much to worry about seeing any concert. Reluctantly Liz began to move off of Max's lap and that's when they noticed the change in scenery around them. "When did it start snowing?" Liz inquired her personal thoughts out loud.

"I'm not sure, I was a little preoccupied to notice before now though." He joked a little, but the fact of his statement was true. He had been so wrapped up in Liz, his brain hadn't been processing anything else, let alone how the weather was. Although the white substance was coming down at a pretty good rate neither of them had heard any weather reports about a snow storm coming or that they were supposed to have any accumulation of any kind. Still they were already an hour and a half away from Roswell and without any information about what to expect, Max wasn't sure if Liz would be concerned or not. "Liz, if you want we can skip the concert and head back home." Not that he really wanted to, but if Liz thought it would be best he would do it. He meant what he had told Liz's father at the beginning of the week, Liz's safety was a top priority to him.

Liz looked out the window of the vehicle at how the ground around them was just barely even showing any signs of the winter storm. "Max, I doubt this is going to accumulate into anything. I mean, I'm sure if a major storm was coming, my Dad would have known about it and there is no way I'd be sitting in this car on the way to the concert at all. Let's just keep going. Unless you don't want to go on?" Liz asked suddenly unsure if Max wanted to continue driving.

Max looked at how the grounds around the road, then at the road itself. While the snow was barely starting to cover the grounds, the road was still basically just wet with a slight shine from the snow covering it. Looking back over to Liz, he stated. "I agree, I don't think it's going to continue much longer." Now the two of them had been listening to CD's on their ride so far and hadn't heard any kind of weather report. If they had, they would have heard about the winter storm warnings that had been issued for Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. Reports of one of the worst storms in years were coming through. Without further worry, Max pulled his mother's SUV back onto the highway and the two of them began their journey once again.

The snow continued falling, but the roads were only starting to become effected as the two of them finally pulled into Albuquerque's city limits. "Are you hungry yet?" Max asked not sure if she would want to eat yet or not. The concert itself wouldn't be starting for another few hours so they had plenty of time to do something before they needed to eat.

"Actually I'm not that hungry as of yet. But, if you're hungry...."

Max stopped her knowing she would offer to go to dinner already if he wanted, so he quickly stated. "No, I'm not really hungry either." Then tried to think of what a girl would like to do, wanting to make their trip enjoyable for her. He saw the next exit off the highway was Main Street and remembered how his sister and mother had talked about all the sales they had found at an outlet mall when they had traveled to Albuquerque last summer for a mother daughter outing. Thinking Liz would enjoy that, he offered. "I think I remember Isabelle saying something about a pretty good size outlet mall or something like that at the next exit. Would you like to check it out?"

Could this guy be any better? Liz thought, no guy volunteered to take their girlfriend shopping. "That sounds good." Max gave her a full smile, knowing he had made the right decision. "Besides, it might be a good idea to get a pair of jeans or something for the ride home, especially if this snow keeps up." She added.

Max looked down at her legs, then out at the snow falling and he couldn't have agreed more. As lovely as Liz's legs were to look at, he wouldn't want her to catch a cold or something because her legs were bare. They found the outlet mall without any problem and the two of them walked hand and hand through the mall. The mall itself was an indoor mall so neither of them could see how the falling snow was quickly turning into a blizzard of sorts. In fact they decided to eat at a quant little restaurant that was inside the mall. It was a Mexican style restaurant and the food was delicious. By the time they were getting ready to leave the mall, Liz had purchased a new pair of jeans and a pair of boots, suddenly wishing she would have worn her other shoes instead of the pair of heels that she had gone with for looks. Max had insisted on buying her a pair of gloves to keep her hands warm just to be on the safe side in case the storm got any worst. Liz only agreed when she talked him into buying a pair for himself. They had both worn their leather jackets, so neither were concerned with needing any further kind of coats. Of course, when they had chosen to wear their leather jackets, it was more for looks then for warmth. When they walked out of the mall, they were shocked to see how bad the weather had gotten. There was at least several inches of snow on the ground by this time and even the roads looked like they were getting in pretty bad shape. "Max?"

"I think we better call our folks and let them know we made it here all right." Liz quickly agreed, knowing that her parents would be more than likely be worried about her. "Wait here and I'll bring the car around." He stated and Liz couldn't help but admire what a gentleman he was being. She waited just inside the doors at the mall until Max pulled up front. He was quick to jump out and escort her to the car, wanting to keep an arm on her just in case she slipped on the slippery substance.

As soon as they were in the car, Liz got out her cell phone and dialed her home number. Her father answered it before it rang a second time. "Liz?"

"Yeah, Dad. It's me."

"Oh Thank God! Where are you two?"

"We made it to Albuquerque, before the storm really hit. Did you hear anything about a storm warning?" Liz asked, her father always kept up on the weather and she was actually surprised he hadn't said anything about a snow storm coming.

"I'm sorry honey, but no one predicted how huge this thing was going to be until it was almost on top of us. How are the roads there?"

"They're covered Dad, but we can still drive. Max is going slow and we're being careful. I just wanted to call and let you know we made it here safe and sound so you and Mom didn't worry about me all night." As always Liz showed her parents respect by letting them know what was going on in her life.

"Honey, let me talk to Max." Jeff had been watching the weather updates regularly, he had a pretty good idea how bad things were about to get, but he didn't want to make his daughter nervous. Even though he really didn't know Max that well, he thought himself a pretty good judge of character and Max Evans seemed to be a level headed kid that he could count on to take care of his Lizzy.

Handing the phone over to Max, she explained. "My Dad wants to talk to you."

Nervously, he took Liz's phone from her. "Hello."

"Max, listen. I don't want to make you nervous or anything, but have you and Liz been listening to the radio reports about what's coming?"

"Uh..No, sir. Why?" Max could tell by the sound of Liz's father's voice he was concerned.

"Look I don't want Liz to get upset, but the storm is a bad one. I think it might be best if the two of you turned around and came straight home. I know you both were looking forward to this concert, but the roads are only going to get worst and..."

"Max, this is Nancy Parker. Listen to me, I don't think you should try to drive home in this storm. It's moving way to fast and the two of you could get caught in it, stranded in the middle of no where. Do you have something to write with?"

Max turned to Liz who was questioning what her father was saying. "Do you have a pen?"
Liz nodded her head and gave him a pen from her purse along with a small notebook she carried with her. "I'm ready Mrs. Parker.

"Good, now write this number down, 555-279-6900. It's the number to the Cedar Lodge.
Jeff and I are friends with the owners and I will call and make arrangements for you for the night...."

Jeff Parker quickly took the phone away from his wife. "Max, we will be making arrangements for two rooms just so you know and I expect you to keep your promise about keeping my daughter safe. That means from you too, if you know what I mean." Jeff hated the thought of having his teenage daughter staying at a lodge for the night with her boyfriend, but Nancy was right. The worse of the two evils was in fact, Liz and Max trying to drive home on the desert highway only to get stuck and stranded during a snow storm. "Now, I'll take care of the bill from here, just make sure you keep your promise."

In as serious voice as he could muster with the thought of spending the night with Liz without their parents around, he replied. "I understand and you don't have to worry, I'll take care of her."

"Fine, let me talk to Liz." Max handed the phone back to Liz.

"Dad, what's going on?"

"Honey, the storm is going to get pretty bad. Your mother and I both feel that you and Max should hold up for the night and ride it out. Now Lizzy, I trust you and I trust your judgment with Max. If you have any concerns, I want you to be honest with me right here and right now and I will come and get you."

Liz looked over to Max, then answered without needing to think it over. "Daddy, I trust Max. I'm in good hands, you won't have to worry." Jeff then went on to tell Liz about Cedar Lodge, how the owners Oliver and Mary Banks have been good friends with her parents for years. How her mother and him have stayed at the lodge on several occasions when they had gone up to Albuquerque for various restaurant conventions and how he would make all the arrangements. He also informed her of the directions of how to get there. With one last promise to stay safe, she finally hung up the phone with her parents.

"I guess the storm's going to get pretty bad if my Dad wants me to spend the night with you." Liz stated, wondering just how bad the storm was actually going to get, considering her father was telling her to stay over the night with Max. Well, actually he was going to be getting two rooms for them, but still it did make Liz a little worried about the storm.

"He said he would get us two rooms Liz. Don't worry, I won't take advantage of the situation. Remember, this is the guy that's been naked, alone in a bed with you for thirty minutes." He tried to joke, not wanting Liz to think he was going to jump her bones the moment they stepped into a hotel room. He also could sense she was getting a little nervous with regard to the weather, or at least he hoped she was only worried about the weather and not about having to stay over night with him.

"I'm not worried Max. I told my Dad the truth when he asked if I was okay with this and if I trusted you or not. I told him and now I'm telling you, I trust you. Now, let's get going." Liz stated honestly.

Max nodded his head and started to drive slowly and with extra caution following the directions Liz was giving him. The light snow they had driven in before was becoming more heavier by the minute. When they reached the turn off exit for the lodge, Liz asked Max to stop at the QuickMart on the corner to pick up just a few essentials for the night, like a toothbrush, ect... With their few newly purchased items they made their way slowing to the lodge. By this time, the snow storm was in full bloom. Max dropped Liz off at the lobby door and quickly parked his mother's vehicle and headed to meet up with Liz again. Together they walked up to the reservation desk to inquire about their rooms. "Hi, I'm Liz Parker, my father Jeff Parker has reserved a room in my name and another room in the name of Max Evans."

The gentleman behind the desk started tapping his fingers away at the keyboard in front of him. After several minutes he told the two of them it would be just another moment and quickly picked up the phone, turning his back to them and mumbled into the phone after a minute that neither Max nor Liz could hear. Then suddenly his voice grew loud enough. "I'm sorry...Yes, I understand that...Already booked....Several stayed due to the storm....Okay, yes sir." By the time he hung up the phone, Max and Liz were starting to get worried. From the sound of the one way conversation they heard, it didn't sound too good. In fact, it sounded as if they didn't have any rooms at all left. "I'm sorry for the confusion folks, there seems to be a slight problem. I understand that two rooms were requested, but we are completely booked due to other guest that were only originally slated to stay for one night decided to continue their stay due to the storm. The owner of Cedar Lodge, Mr. Banks has extended his sincere apologies..."

At that moment a man came rushing up to the reservation desk. "Excuse me, I don't mean to interrupt, but I need to check out immediately. I've had an emergency come up and I need to cut my business trip short. I believe my bill has already been covered, here's your key." The man handed his room key over and was out the door in a flash.

The gentleman standing behind the desk, along with both Max and Liz watched as the man rushed out the door. He then turned back to the young couple standing before him. "It looks like we have an opening after all. Let me call housekeeping and we can at least get you two one room for the night." The man said smiling thinking he was able to please his boss after all.

Max looked over at Liz and could see that she was indeed nervous about sharing a room with him. "Liz, you take the room. I can try to see if their is another room somewhere else and meet you back here in the morning." He quickly offered, but his gentlemen's offer was quickly defeated.

"Sir, I'm sorry. But, this is more than likely the last room available anywhere in town. The snow storm has shut the airport down and I've been called by several of the airlines trying to set up rooms for their passengers. I can pretty much guarantee that if they're calling here, the main hotel chains are full since our room rates are quite higher.

Liz stepped up and quickly stated. "We'll take the room." She then turned to Max and in a low whispered voice, she added. "I trust you, remember." Silently she thought, now if only I can trust myself around you.

End Pt20

PS - For those of you wondering about the concert. Remember, Max and Liz never made it to any Gomez concert. LOL

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PS 2Crzy4Roswell - I just about died laughing at your FB
Thanks for making my day. I might suggest you not eat a lot of chips for the next five parts or so, if you don't want squished chips. LOL

Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 21

The front desk put a rush on the housekeeping request and within twenty minutes Liz was handed a key to their room for the night. As they walked to their room, Max continued to coach himself to keep what little control he could around her. Remember, she trust you. You are not going to break that trust. You are going to be a gentleman and show her the respect she deserves. Even though you're going to be spending the night with the girl of your dreams, in a hotel room, all alone, with no parents around and she makes you hornier then hell just looking at her. Stop it Max, you are going to keep yourself in check. Don't look at her lips or her breast. God, she smells so good. I love how her hips swing ever so slightly as she walks. QUIT IT! You are in control, you are not going to even kiss her good night. Oh, man she's a great kisser, her lips are so kissable. And her skin, God I can almost taste her neck on my lips right now. Maybe we could at least kiss good night. NO! You can't, you won't be able to control yourself. You've already proven how weak you are in the control department once today when she was touching...Oh God, I can't do this. Max's mind was fighting for control, but his body was quickly winning the battle of wills.

I can't believe we are doing this, I can't believe I'm doing this. I'm actually going to spend the night alone with Max in a hotel room. Max. Oh God, just saying his name in my mind is making me want him. Just keep walking to the room, don't turn around and look at him. If you look at his eyes, you'll melt. God, he has the most amazing eyes, I've ever seen. Will he at least want to make out a little? No, maybe we shouldn't, if he kisses me once I'm a goner. But, damn he kisses good. Maybe we could at least kiss good night. Oh God, here we are. We are actually doing this. "I guess this is it."

"Looks like it." Liz stuck the key card into the door, but she was so nervous and anxious all in the same breath, she was having trouble getting the green light to come on. "Why don't I get that?" Max stated as he reached for the card. Their hands brushed and Max's fingers tangled with hers only for a mere moment, but it effected both of them in the same way. A sensation of need, want, desire and love rushed through their bodies. Finally Max got himself together enough to take the key card from Liz fully and successfully opened the door. The two tentatively stepped inside the room and both their eye's flew to the one and only bed. "Liz, are you sure you're okay with this?"

Shaking herself mentally to get the visions of the two of them in a wildly exotic embrace together on the bed, she stated. "I'm fine Max, really." The two stepped fully inside the room and Max closed the door behind them. "It's kind of a bummer isn't it, I mean not getting to go to the concert and all."

"Yeah, I know. But, I do have a small confession to make." Max started and Liz's mind immediately went to thinking about the fact they were in a hotel room all alone and wondered if she really knew Max all that well after all. But, her mind was put at ease almost instantly with his next statement. "As much as I would have enjoyed the concert, it was the person I was going with that would have made it worth whiled for me."

This made Liz's smile bloom. "Thank you for saying that."

"It's the truth Liz. I know this evening isn't turning out like we planned, but I'm happy just getting to spend time with you."

Liz stepped in front of Max, looked up into his eyes and saw he was speaking the truth. "Me too." She leaned forward and kissed him softly on his cheek. "So, you want to spend another minute in heaven with me?" She joked, even though to anyone else those words would have had a double meaning, but Max knew exactly what she meant.

"I'd like that. So, what's your favorite sport?" He asked a quick question, letting her know he knew exactly what she meant.

Liz moved further into the room and sat down on the bed. "I'm not sure if I have a favorite sport. I mean it's not that I don't enjoy watching them, but I've never really gotten into any one sport to say I have a favorite one. What's your game?"

"I guess it depends on if I'm playing or watching. I enjoy throwing hoops, but when it comes to watching I'd say either football or hockey. Football is my Dad's favorite game to watch and he makes it fun to watch it with him. But, watching a hockey game with Michael is an experience to say the least." Max said as he made his way over to sit next to Liz. The anxiety they were experiencing only moments before, easing away as they began talking. As they had done the previous Saturday, Max and Liz asked, answered and really talked. In fact the two were enjoying each other's company for so much, that Max had forgotten to contact his own parents, until they started on the subject of parents. Then suddenly Max realized he had yet to contact his parents or Isabelle for that matter. Between his sister and his parents he wasn't sure which one would worry more about him. "Speaking of parents, I better call and let mine know what's going on, so they won't worry." He picked up the phone, dialed his home number and Isabelle answered it before it finished ringing on the first ring.

"Max?" Just like with Liz's father, Max could hear the worried tone in his sister's voice.

"Yeah, Izzy, it's me....Yeah, we're here at the Cedar Lodge...Okay, I just thought I should check in with you guys and let you know...No, not yet...I'm going to though, at least with the weather it gives us time to talk...I will....Yeah, I'll see ya soon." When Max hung up and turned back to Liz. "Looks like your Mom talked to mine already."

"This must be some snow storm...I mean, for both our parents to insist we stay here instead of coming home." Liz stated, still not believing that her mother and especially her father was allowing her to stay the night with Max. Even though technically he had originally requested two rooms.

"Why don't we turn on the television for a while and see what's happening?" Max stated more than asked as he went to turn on the television, then sat down on the foot of the bed while Liz moved to sit next to him. Apparently the blizzard was coming down from the North and was expected to be one of the worst snow storms for the southwestern portion of New Mexico ever. People were encouraged to stay in their homes and not try to drive on the roads if at all possible. Power outages were expected and at least several feet of snow was expected to fall before the storm ended. Both Max and Liz watched on as they showed several motorists already stuck in snow drifts and the reports of several accidents were already being reported to the authorities. After watching for quite a few minutes, Max and Liz both understood why their folks had insisted they stay in lieu of trying to drive back home. Max could picture them being stuck in the middle of nowhere on the side of the road and was grateful that they were safe and warm for the time being. He recalled his short conversation with his sister. She had asked if he had a chance to talk to Liz yet, meaning had he told her their secret. Now, with the two of them bound to a hotel room together in the middle of a snow storm, Max knew he would have the opportunity to tell her the truth. After all it wasn't like she could run away from him. Working up his courage, he began. "Liz."

"Yea, Max." She turned to face him and her big brown doe shaped eyes made Max want to lose himself in them and forget that he was different, forget reality and just be Max Evans, Liz Parker's boyfriend.

"Liz, I need to tell you something. Something I've never told another soul. Something about me, the real me." He paused and took a deep breath, knowing this was going to be difficult, but not really knowing just how hard it was going to be until he started talking.

Liz could see whatever it was that Max wanted to tell her, was important by the way his facial features became serious and tight. But, she could also see he was having a hard time getting started. She leaned closer to him until her lips were just a millimeter away from his and whispered. "Max, I love you. You can tell me anything." She encouraged and let her lips graze across his trying to let him know she would love him no matter what he had to say to her.

Max cupped her face with his strong hands and returned a kiss to her. "I love you too, Liz and that's why this is so hard. I never thought I could trust anyone to tell them the truth about me and I trust you Liz. I don't want to lose you." He stated truthfully, he was so nervous his body was actually trembling, but he knew he had to do it.

Liz brought her body even closer to his, given him a longer, deeper kiss wanting to show him that no matter what he had to tell her, he wouldn't lose her. "I trust you too. It will be all right, just tell me Max. You won't lose me."

Max pulled away and stood up, being so close to her and being so intimate with their kisses it was making it all the more difficult for Max to think clearly and in order to tell her the truth his mind needed to be clear. "Liz, you know I'm adopted right?" She nodded her head letting him know she did in fact know that. "Do you know how my parents found me?"

Now Liz had heard stories about Max and Isabelle being found in the desert by the Evan's, but most of the story was just gossip whispered. The Evan's never really told anyone the real truth that Liz had known of and their adoption had been pretty quiet for the most part. "I heard the stories about you and your sister being found in the desert, but I don't really know the whole story."

"Liz, I want to be honest with you. Not even my parents know the whole truth, but it's really hard to open up after all these years and...."

Liz rose to her feet and came to stand next to Max. Whatever had happened to him, was obviously something that was hard for him to talk about. As much as she was curious and wanted to know what he was trying to tell her. The concern she had for him was greater. "Max, whatever it is, I want you to know, I'm here. I'm not going anywhere and it won't change the way I feel about you."

Max looked into her eyes and saw the truth in her words, but could it be possible. Taking another deep breath, he tried once again. "I..I'm...I..God, this is so hard." He took a small step away, turning his back to her not being able to face her. "I want to tell you so bad, I know I have to. I owe you the truth, but I just can't get the words to come out."

By this time Liz's mind was imaging all kinds of possibility. Was Max molested as a child before the Evan's adopted him? Was he tortured some way? Her mind was going in a million different directions trying to come up with what was so hard for him to talk about. But, in that moment the anguish that she could hear in Max's voice told her none of it mattered. She knew Max wanted to tell her, she knew it was something big and she also knew that whatever it was, he thought telling her would make her not love him any more. And that last thought was what put Liz into action. She hesitantly reached over and touched his arm, pulling him around to face her again. "Max, nothing you could tell me would change how I feel about you."

Max tilted his head to the side. "Are you sure? I mean you have no idea the bomb shell I'm about to drop on you, so how can you be so sure?" He asked trying to turn the tables a little.

"Try me." She challenged back at him.

"What if I told you I was a murderer or a rapist or an alien?" He goaded back at her challenge.

Now it was Liz's turn to cock her head to one side, her look clearly told him she thought he was completely nuts. "Okay now your just being silly. I know you..."

"No, you don't. You know the Max Evans that was adopted by Philip and Diane Evans, the Max Evans that goes to school and keeps to himself. The Max Evans that makes decent grades and you may know all my favorite things in life, but you don't know the real me." His voice was becoming bitter and he knew he shouldn't have said those things to her but, he just couldn't help himself.

Liz stepped closer to him, knowing he was just trying to goad her into a fight to keep from having to tell her whatever it was that he wanted to say. "Fine, if your a murderer, than you must have murdered in self defense, because you don't have a mean bone in your body. So I would still love you. Now, as far as being a rapist. Max, we were naked in a bed for thirty minutes last weekend and you never even tried to make a move on me. Besides, I think half the girls at school would freely give themselves to you without you having to rape them so I doubt I have to worry about that, so I'm going to have to say I'd still love you. And what was the last one, ha yes, the old I'm an alien bit. Well, if your an alien then beam me up to your planet because you are the hottest alien I've ever met, so I'd still love you.
Any other test you'd like to throw my way?"

Max couldn't believe his ears. He knew she thought he was only being smart with his comment, but still. "Well, then this is going to blow you away, because I am an alien Liz. A human alien hybrid to be exact. So what do you have to say now?"

Liz let out a small giggle, before answering. "I'd say beam me up Scottie. Now would you be serious and just tell me what it is that you want to tell me."

Max looked into her eyes and as seriously as he could be, he stated. "I am serious. I am an alien human hybrid. I may look human Liz, but I'm not."

Liz saw he was serious and stood in shock for a moment letting her mind process what she had just heard. All joking was gone, when she asked. "Your serious?"

"Yeah, I am." He watched her closely, seeing how her mind was trying to think logically about what he had just told her. Also, watching to see her reaction when she finally processed the information.

Liz looked around the room they were currently standing in, not sure what she should do. Her mind told her to run away, get as far away as possible and not look back. But, in her heart she still saw the same individual that she had just a few moments ago assured nothing he could say to her would change the way she felt about him. And the truth was, it hadn't.
She still felt the love she had for him in her heart. Even though she knew he was speaking the truth because of the way his eyes were telling her he was, she still was having a hard time processing it. "Prove it."

Scrunching his eyes in question. "Prove it?"

"Max Evans, you just told me that you were, what did you say an alien human hybrid? I told you no matter what you had to say wouldn't change my feelings for you, but I want to know the truth. So prove it."

Max still couldn't tell if she was serious or not, but now that the words were out, he had to go the distance. He stepped over to the bed and placed his finger on the orange and red swirl bed spread changing it to a royal blue and purple coloring. He turned back to Liz, saw her eyes widen in shock and then roll up into her eye lids as her body began to fall passing out as the shock of her reality came fast and furious. She was in love with an alien.

End Pt21

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Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 22

Liz felt woozy as her mind started to awaken from the blackness that had taken hold of her body. Slowly her eyes began to flutter open and the first thing she noticed was the royal blue and purple bedspread she was currently laying on. Now fully awake and the memory of what happened came flying back at her. She sat up quickly and glanced around the room only to find it empty. When Max had first told her the truth about who or what he was, she had laughed it off, thinking he was only joking. Then when she realized he wasn't, her mind was still having a hard time accepting. It wasn't until he had changed the coloring on the bedspread using only a touch of his finger did it finally sink in before her world had gone black. As she sat on the bed her mind recalled how nervous, almost afraid to tell her his secret. She remembered trying to assured him, no matter what he had to tell her, it wouldn't change her feelings for him. Knowing it was probably the hardest thing he had ever done, opening up and telling her. Fearing that she would look at him as some kind of freak or monster and how did she react. She faints on him. Of course, she was shocked and she was still having a hard time believing it, but did it change the way she felt about Max. He was the sweetest, most caring guy she had ever known. Should his unworldly status really make any difference? Did it make a difference? The glowing hickeys, seeing the stars when they had been making out in the jeep. Those things weren't normal, far from normal actually. Suddenly Liz had about a zillion questions flying through her head, that she needed answers to. Knowing that she wasn't going to be getting them, sitting here on the bed she quickly started to scrambled off the bed to go in search of Max when the bathroom door opened and he stood frozen in the doorway.

Max had no idea what to say. Liz had literally passed out in the middle of their hotel room when he had changed the bedspread using his powers, he had carried her over to the bed and had sat next to her for over thirty minutes waiting for her to wake back up. He hadn't wanted to leave her, but nature had called, so he gone to use the facilities only to come back out and find her awake. Now they stood there in an awkward silence. Finally finding his voice, he asked. "Are you okay?"

She nodded her head, then shook it no, then nodded again. Still confused by his admission.
"It's true isn't it?"

Max couldn't speak this time, he was so scared about what she was going to do, run, scream, yell, what he didn't know. So his only response was a slight nod of his head. "I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say. I mean I have all these conflicting emotions running through me at once." Liz stated still trying to comprehend that aliens do exist and that she was in love with one. Max still stood silently, he kept waiting for her to drop the ax on him.
To Max's surprise she didn't run or scream or yell, instead she walked over to him and stood directly in front of him. Liz reached her hand out and hesitantly let her fingers trace over his face, down his neck, continuing over his shoulders and down across his chest. The entire time speaking to herself more then to him. "My mind's telling me I should be afraid, but your the most gentle man I know so why should I fear you. It's telling me to be angry for your deception, but I can understand why you didn't to tell me. You said I don't know you, but I do and then I don't." She moved around to his back side letting her fingers trace his back, then down lower. "I should run, but I'm drawn to you. I should be scared, but I've never felt more secure in my life than I do in your arms." She continued to move until she stood directly in front of him again. "Your still Max, but yet your not." She moved up on her tiptoes and brushed her lips across his. "Your lips feel the same, your skin, even your eyes are the same, but are they really you?" She looked up and met his eyes. "My feelings for you are the same, but should I have these feelings?"

This entire time Max still stood silently waiting as he watched Liz battle with her own feelings and adjust to what she had learned. Finally not being able to watch her despair any longer. "I'd never hurt you Liz, I know this is difficult and I understand how you must feel. But, I do want you to know, I do love you and that's why I had to tell you the truth." He reached out for her hand tentatively, giving Liz ample time to pull away.

Liz took his hand, their fingers intertwined, then Liz pulled her hand away and began to pace in front of him. "This isn't fair. I've never felt like this about anyone. How is this possible?"

"Liz." Max started wanting to comfort her, but stopped when she turned back in his direction.

Turning to him, the hurt and anger she felt came to a boiling point, she walked back over to Max and started to hit him in his chest with her fist as her tears ran down her face. "It isn't fair. It isn't fair."

Max stood and took her fury, not sure what he could say that would make her feel better. As her tears turned to quiet sobs and her pounding fist became light slaps, he finally knew what she needed. Slowly he wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly against his chest as her head fell into his beaten chest and she cried even harder. Stroking her hair and her back in a soothing tone, he whispered over and over again. "I'm sorry Liz, I'm so sorry."

The storm that continued to fall outside, was blanketing the grounds in a fury of soft white. The coldness was becoming brutal in nature, but inside one certain hotel room the temperature was rising and rising quickly and it had nothing to do with any thermostat.

Liz finally lifted her head and with tear stained eyes she stared into amber ones and saw what she had always only seen. Love. Their eyes held each other captive, until the both simultaneously moved downward to each other's lips. Suddenly neither cared about the fact that one of them was human and one wasn't. Their lips moved closer until finally they brushed hesitantly over the others. Then all the heightened emotions of earlier crashed over them as their lips crashed into each other with such intense hunger. Passion exploded between the two of them and they devoured each other's lips, mouths and tongues until air became a necessity.

Max moved his lips hungrily down her throat and continued to kiss, suck and nip at her sensitive area as he moaned out. "I love you so much."

Liz was practically purring in rapture as Max continued to his sweet torture upon her neck.
She didn't want to think about the consequences or if she should or shouldn't. All she wanted to do was feel and what Max was doing, was making her feel incredible and she didn't want him to stop. "Oh God, Max. I love you too." She cried out as the incredible sensation of his love swept through her body as his lips moved back over hers.

Max knew they needed to talk, that what they were doing was wrong, but it felt so right to have her in his arms. The most amazing thing was the fact that she was still in his arms, still allowing him to kiss her and was kissing him back with the same passion. And for as long as she allowed him to be with her, he wasn't about to stop. He had never felt this kind of need in his life. Maybe it was because she knew the truth and still loved him, maybe it was because he was afraid come morning they would both realize they shouldn't go any further down this road. But, right now, this very minute he wanted nothing more than just to love her and feel her love for him in return. So without further thought and as he continued to kiss her, he bent over and swept her into his arms. He walked the few feet to the bed and gentle laid her on it all the while continuing to kiss her passionately. He once again trailed a line of kisses down her neck continuing down her chest. "Max, oh Max. We shouldn't." Liz moaned out as she heaved her breast forward, begging him to continue.

"I know." He replied as he continued to kiss and lick his way down her chest toward her breast. "God, Liz. Your skin is so soft." His mouth moving her shirt down as he continued his journey. "Do you want me to stop?" He asked praying she would say no. For he was so far gone, he wasn't sure if he would be able to stop if she did, but knowing he would even if it killed him.

Liz pulled at Max's shirt until it was free from his pants and pulled it up as she moaned out. "No." Then let out a small whimper as Max's mouth moved completely over breast that he had exposed with his mouth. Only to release it just long enough to allow Liz to pull his shirt the remaining way over his head. He quickly followed her lead and lifted her shirt up and over her head. Liz released her bra and pulled it off as she stared into Max's lust filled eyes.

Max watched in wonder as she removed her bra, never in his life had he seen anything so beautiful and he said just that. "Beautiful, you are so beautiful." He leaned down and kissed her so tenderly, so full of passion that Liz started to see the stars flying past in her mind. Her moans become loud and unrelenting as she taken to a place that she was sure no other person on the planet had gone before. Max's hands massaged her breast gentle, but firmly. Breaking the kiss, but keeping his lips against hers, he moaned out. "Liz, we need to stop." Then let one hand travel down her stomach as his hips began to grind slowly against hers.

"Don't think Max. Just feel." She moved her hand over his and brought it down to her to her bare leg, bringing up and leaving it high on her upper thigh, then pulled her hand away as she repeated. "Just feel."

Max did exactly what she said, he stopped thinking and started feeling. With his hands, his mouth and his body. When his fingers caressed slowly over her panties and felt her wetness, his desire for her skyrocketed and he was lost in the sensation. Without thinking further about why they should or shouldn't, he moved his hand inside her panties and his finger quickly made their way to her sweetness. His reward was the creamy substance of her own desire that she released for him upon his fingers as he thrusted them inside of her.

Liz hips bucked again and again against his hand, wanting more, needing more or him. Her hands moved from his hair, down his back and to the front of his jeans. She tried to undo the top button of his jeans, but in their current position it was almost impossible for her to get the job done. "Max, help me." She finally stated in frustration.

Max pulled back away from her and looked her straight in the eye. "Are you sure? Liz, are you positive?" He knew if they went any further, they were going to head down a road that they wouldn't be able to turn back from and he needed to make sure she understood what she was saying.

Coming out of her lust induced haze, Liz took in the sight before her. Max's naked torso made her body quiver with desire. His eyes shining with love and his lips begging for her to respond to them. She looked up into his eyes and replied with a sultry tone. "Take me to the stars Max."

With that comment, Max leaned over her and softly kissed her lips just for a second before he unbuttoned her skirt and slid it down her legs. Then stood up and undid his own pants, dropping them to the floor along with his before he climbed back on the bed with her. Liz let out a small giggle and Max suddenly wasn't sure what to think. "I guess that answers that question." She finally stated.

"What question is that?" A little taken back by her giggle.

"Boxers or briefs." She answered and gave him a wide smile. Max swore at that moment he definitely was going to get a hand book on the female mind from his sister. Then she asked. "Max, is it safe?" She honestly had no idea what she was getting herself into, but knew she wanted this more than anything. She just needed to be sure after the glowing hickeys and seeing stars, that something else wasn't going to happen that could possibly be harmful.

Max reached down for his pants and pulled out his wallet. Removing a small foil wrapped item, blessing Michael for forcing him to take the condom from him, he stated. "I told you I would never hurt you Liz. It'll be safe."

Liz nodded her head and motioned with her hands for Max to join her. He laid the foil covered condom on the bed beside the pillow and joined her. Their lips joined with such tenderness that Liz was quickly swept back into her lust induced haze that Max always produced in her. Their movements turned slow and gentle instead of the heat of the moment pace that they had been going previously. Every touch, every caress was full of love and acceptance. The two slowly removed each others final piece of clothing, Max's briefs and Liz's panties. They took their time in acquainting themselves to each other's bodies. As the storm continued outside, there was no need to rush and they both moved as if memorizing every inch of their partner's body. Liz had never in her life felt the way she was feeling at that moment, so loved, so cherished. Max laid kisses everywhere his lips could reach upon her face. His hands tenderly caressed her body, her face and through her hair. Although he had touched softly on her breasts, he kept himself from exploring her lower region as of yet.

In fact his touches were so light, so gentle, they were driving Liz crazy with desire for him. Now Liz had never considered herself an aggressive person and she never thought she would initiate the physical aspect of a relationship. But, at the moment she wanted Max's touch to move down to her center, the one place he had yet to touch and she wanted his touch there now. Placing her hand on top of his, she moved their hands together down to her soft patch of curls and stopped. Hoping that he would take the hint and continue southward.

The moment his hand came in contact with Liz's lower curls of fluff, he knew what she was requesting. When she removed her hand from his he stopped kissing on her and looked into her eyes as he moved his fingers down through her lower lips and explored her sensitive nub.
Watching her for any sign that she didn't want him to continue. Liz kept her eyes opened, watching him watch her. She knew he was questioning her with his eyes, making sure she was okay with what he was about to do, so she held his gaze. One finger slid inside of her wetness and Liz couldn't help the soft moan or how her eyes slowly closed reveling in the sensation that Max was producing in her body. As Max continued to work his finger in and out of her wet passage with one hand, his other hand reached for the foil wrapper that he had set down next to Liz when he had joined her on the bed. Liz's eyes remained closed and Max could see the pleasure she was enjoying due to his ministrations. Keeping one hand working vigorously, he tore open the foil package using his mouth and free hand, then quickly rolled it on his straining shaft.

He positioned his body to enter her, but waited for just the right moment. The minute he felt her inner walls begin to clamp down and her purrs of satisfaction, he removed his finger as he requested Liz to reopen her eyes. Straining to comply with his request while her orgasm was still coursing through her body, she finally managed to open them slightly. Only to have them go wide with wonder as she felt another part of Max's body begin to fill her. Her inner muscles were still trembling with the feel of her orgasm and as Max pushed his erection inside those already over stimulated muscles, another orgasm hit immediately.
"Oh GOD! MAX!" She screamed out and that was what Max was waiting for, he embedded himself completely inside of Liz, breaking her membrane as he went. Then he held himself completely still waiting for her body to adjust.

Liz wasn't sure if she was screaming because of the pleasure or the pain. The way Max had taken her innocents was filled with both. The pain because she was a virgin was expected, the pleasure that surrounded the pain wasn't. Then again everything about Max had brought her pleasure, so why she becoming a true woman be any different. Max was dying to drive into her, the way her body surrounded his was almost too much for him to bare to wait, but wait he did. His body was trembling almost as much as hers was for two very different reasons. One, never in his life could he have dreamed this was a possibility, to actually be making love to Liz and two, his body was demanding for it's own release, but still he kept himself in check and waited.

After a few moments, Liz drifted back down from the clouds Max had sent her to and then the realization of the way Max was waiting patiently for her to signal she was ready. Her signal came instantly with a slight movement of her hips. That was all Max needed from her and he began pumping his hips. Slowly at first, allowing her body to adjust to his each time he moved. Then, his thrust began to get more urgent and deeper. As their love making continued his pace became quicker, deeper and harder. It didn't take long before Max felt Liz's walls clamping down on him once again, only this time his released came right along with hers. "LLlliizzzzzzz...." He screamed out her name as he bit down on her shoulder.
They both felt like they were floating in air, high in the clouds, their orgasm seemed never ending and when they finally came back to Earth, both collapsed in total satisfaction of what they had just shared and experienced.

End Pt22
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Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 23

Max was in a groggy haze, his body was so exhausted he could barely move. The soft feeling of such a warm, cozy mattress underneath him felt so good he didn't really want to move. Each second that passed, his grogginess lifted that much more and his senses started to tune more into the present. The warm, cozy mattress that made him feel so peaceful, wasn't a mattress at all. But, one Liz Parker. Immediately becoming completely awake when he realized he had literally passed out on top of Liz Parker after experiencing one of the most ultimate intimate moments of his life. He quickly moved off of her, fearing he was squishing her. That's when he noticed she was also out cold. "Liz. Liz, wake up love." He moved some of her hair off of her face and gently stroked his hand over her cheeks. When she made no movement, he started to grow concern. "Liz, LIZ!" His voice rose as he said her name again and again.

Max was about to scream her name and shake her silly when she started to stir with a whimper. "Max?" She whispered softly.

"Oh thank God!" Max sighed in relief and pulled her even closer to his body.

"What happened?" Liz asked when she started to become more fully awake. She couldn't remember anything after their shared orgasm. That's when her memory came into play. She wasn't a virgin any more. Max and her had made love for the first time and it was the most beautiful experience of her life.

"I think we passed out. Are you okay?" His concern for her very apparent as his hands and eyes were already roaming over her body to check her out physically.

Liz smiled shyly and ducked her head into Max's chest. "God, Max. That was...incredible."
She meant it too, their love making had been more than she ever dreamed making love to a person could be. When she noticed a warm tingling sensation on her body, everywhere Max's hands roamed, her body tingled. "What are you doing? That tingles."

"I was just scanning to make sure you were really all right...I mean, I just wanted to make sure everything was normal." She could hear the concern in his voice, but his words brought back reality. A reality that they really needed to discuss since she now knew the truth, she wanted to know everything.



"Tell me it all. Tell me everything. I want to know all about you, the real you." Her feelings for Max hadn't changed and she hoped she had proven that when they had made love.

"All right." Max sat up a little and motioned for Liz to join him. Liz was quick to snuggle in next to Max and waited for him to begin. Lying naked, snuggling together, Max began his tale, he told Liz everything he knew about himself, at least as much about himself as he knew. He told her about being on the ship that crashed in 1947, about being in incubation pods, about the night he, his sister and Michael had broke free and how it was that same night that Diane and Philip Evans had found them. He told her how they had always known they were different and how they believed that if they were discovered that the government would want to experiment or kill them so that's why they agreed never to tell anyone about themselves. He told her about the powers they had, he even demonstrated several different ones.

Liz was amazed at most of them, though the energy shield he produced was by far the neatest she thought. The fact that he could heal with his hand also intrigued her, but since Max hadn't demonstrated that power, it was hard for her to truly comprehend just how amazing that power could be. They had spent almost the entire evening snuggling together, while Max continued to tell her the story of his life. He told her how they had always wondered why they were here and how it was possible until they finally remembered where the cave they had emerged from the night they had broken out of their pods was and how on the inside they had discovered a book that told them about their previous lives and who they use to be. He also told her about the fourth pod they also found inside the cave that had been damaged and how the other being that was inside had never developed and had apparently died years before they were even born.

Max purposely left out the part about the fourth being was supposedly his past life wife. He had no memory of that life nor of her, so he didn't think it was all that important to bring that subject up. Liz felt remorse about the other individual that had been sent with them and had not survived and tears had come to her eyes when Max told her about the damaged pod. But, Max assured her that he didn't even really know the person, nor could he remember anything from his prior life that he could even recall the individual so he soothed her tears away and continued his story.

From what they now knew of who they use to be, to discovering an orb that was supposedly a communication device that was supposed to tell them why they were here. But, they had yet been able to figure out how to work it. He told her how he suspected that they might not ever be able to work it though, as the book spoke about the four of them being sent as a unit. That he suspected that all four of them were needed to work it and with the fourth member of their group gone, that part of their discovery would go unknown.

Now that Liz knew the truth about him, he held almost nothing back. Except the truth about the fourth pod member. Liz had asked questions and listened intently. Throughout his tale she snuggled closer and closer to him, wanting him to know how much he meant to her and that she still loved him. By the time he finished, it was well into the early hours of the morning and he had never felt so content and free as he did while opening himself up completely to her. Amazed at how she took everything he told her in and never once did she shy away and make him feel like a freak or a monster that he thought she would see him as once he told her the truth. Amazed actually wasn't a strong enough feeling to describe the way she made him feel and as he finished his tale, he knew without a doubt he had found his soul mate.

They had made love once more prior to collapsing into each other's arms once again, only to sleep until late the following morning. In fact they would have continued to sleep if the phone in their room hadn't continued to ring. Finally in a groggy state once again, Max lifted the phone and sleep filled voice rasped out. "Hello."


Max was still half a sleep and didn't recall the voice on the other end of the phone, so replied sleepily. "Yeah."

"Where's Liz?" Jeff Parker asked, warning bells going off wondering why Max had picked up the phone sounding as if he was still asleep when he had asked for his daughter's hotel room.

The moment the man's voice on the other end of the phone asked where Liz's was, Max became fully awake and realized who was on the other end. It was Liz's father, Oh Shit! Was the only thought to race across Max's brain. "Mr. Parker!" Max sat straight up in the bed, then looked down at his naked chest and automatically brought the sheet up to cover his naked chest as though Liz's father could tell on the phone that he was indeed naked lying in the same bed as his very naked daughter was.

"Yes, Max, it's Jeff Parker. Liz's father, now where is my daughter?" His voice was growing more angrier by the second as pictures of the two of them lying naked in some hotel room bed together doing something's a father never wanted to hear his little girl could even think about doing.

Max's sudden movement had stirred Liz awake, but of course not fully awake. To Max's dismay her timing couldn't have been worst, because the moment her father asked where she was Liz
dreamily said. "Max, it's too earlier. Come back to bed."

Immediately Max attempted to cover the mouth piece of the phone, but not in time. In one ear he heard Liz's sweet voice beaconing him back home, in his other was her father's voice. "Max, put Liz on the phone."

This time Max held his hand securely over the mouth piece, while he brought Liz fully awake with his next statement. "Liz, wake up. Your father's on the phone."

As he expected, Liz became fully awake and sat straight up in bed. Just like Max, she immediately pulled the covers up around her feeling very exposed as she took the phone from Max who was silently saying sorry to her. "Uh..Dad?"

"Liz, what the hell is Max doing sleeping in your room?" His voice boomed out loud enough for even Max to hear, even though Liz was holding the phone to her ear.

Liz herself had never heard her father sound so anger in her life, but what her and Max had shared the prior night was too special for her to allow her father to degrade it, so she immediately went on the defensive. "Max, slept in our room, because they only had one room available. Would you have rather he spent the night out in his mother's car in the middle of a snow storm?"

"What do you mean they only had one room. Your mother spoke to Oliver personally and he assured us everything was taken care of."

"Dad, please calm down. By the time we arrived here, there wasn't any vacancies available at all. People that were supposed to leave didn't want to take their chances on the road just like we didn't so they stayed an extra night. The hotel couldn't very well kick someone out just because you called the owner. The airports were all shut down and everyone that was supposed to be flying out were put up in the hotels throughout the city. The only reason we got this room, was because a gentlemen got an emergency call just as we were being turned away. I'm sure your friend Oliver didn't realize the number of guest that had decided to keep their rooms for another night when Mom spoke to him on the phone. So what's the weather like outside?" Liz stated quickly trying to change the subject.

"I supposed you haven't bothered to look outside as of yet." Jeff stated irritated that his daughter thought it was no big deal that she had spent the night with a guy in a hotel room.
The sarcasm in his voice was easily detected, but with one smooth move Liz put her father back at ease.

"Actually no we haven't. We watched the weather reports last night and stayed up talking half the night before we literally passed out from exhaustion. So, are the roads being cleared." She did speak the truth, but just left out the part where they had made love until they passed out from exhaustion. Something's a father just didn't need to know about his daughter, even as close as the two of them were. This wasn't something that Liz was even tempted to share.

Now Jeff was at a turning point, one side of him wanted to scream at her for being so nonchalant about the whole thing and tell her he doubted that's all they did all night was talk. But, then he could actually visualize the two of them doing just that and he wanted desperately to trust his daughter. Finally deciding he had no choice but to trust her and truthfully he didn't really want to know any different from the fact that they had indeed talked through the night. Getting back to the actual reason for his call, he started again in a more calm voice. "Lizzy, it's still snowing here. I'm actually surprised the phone lines are still working. Most of the town has lost power and it's not supposed to let up until tomorrow at the earliest. Is it still snowing there?"

Liz held the phone out and spoke to Max, who was looking a bit green around the gills. "Max, check outside and see if the snow has stopped here." She requested, then returned to the phone. "Max is checking now. I bet your glad I talked you into buying that generator for the cafe now, with the power out and all." Liz began making conversation with her father, hoping to put his mind at ease. As Liz talked to her Dad on the phone, Max climbed out of the bed, butt naked and walked over to window. Not realizing the stirring emotions that he was causing in Liz as she admired every inch of his sculptured body.

"Tell your Dad, it hasn't stopped here and it looks like a good couple of feet of snow is already on" He stumbled over his last words as he turned to face the demure look of desire that was on Liz's face as she looked directly at his semi erect penis, causing it to immediately stand at attention. Which in turn took Liz by surprise and made her mouth begin to water with want as she recalled the way he felt when he was moving in and out of her body so gracefully.

Literally shaking her head to get herself under some attempt at control, she relayed what Max had just said, trying desperately to keep her voice from quivering. Jeff hated saying the next sentence that came out of his mouth, now that he knew the true circumstances, but he had no choice. "Liz, you and Max are going to have to stay put until this clears up. I'm going to trust your judgment because I trust you. Just...Liz, be careful. Please."

Liz knew exactly what her father was saying, her father wasn't a stupid man and she couldn't have respected nor loved him any more than she did in that moment. As hard as it was for him to have to accept the fact that she was going to be spending another night alone in a hotel room with Max, he was more concerned with her safety then what was happening between the two of them in that room. It was also his subtle way of telling her to use protection if they did indeed moved their relationship in that direction. "Dad, it's okay, we'll be okay. I guess I better let you go so Max can call his parents before the phone lines do go out. Just in case we don't get a chance to talk again, because of the storm I just wanted to tell you how much I love you Daddy and you don't have to worry. Max, will watch over me." She stated honestly hoping to put her father's fears at ease.

Both of them said one thing, but they both understood what the other was saying. Their relationship had always been very close and they could easily read what the other was saying even though they weren't saying it with words. "Hopefully we'll see each other tomorrow. You don't have to worry about any expenses, I want you to eat and get what you need. If the phone lines are still up, I'm sure your mother will be calling you sometime today or this evening. I love you Lizze, you take care."

"I will, bye Dad." She hung up the phone just as Max was slipping on his boxers. Lowering the sheet she asked in a sultry voice. "So, your getting dressed?"

Max didn't want to take advantage of their situation and as much as he was desiring her, he felt he needed to give her the respect she deserved. As she spoke on the phone, his thoughts went to climbing back in bed with her and making love to her over and over again. But, he wasn't sure if that's what she would want so as she was saying her good byes to her father, he had found his boxers and was in the middle of slipping them on when he heard her voice her question. He turned to face her, only to be drawn immediately to where her naked breast laid naked and exposed for his eyes to feast upon. "I was just.."

"I myself feel so warm and...wet. I think I'll stay in bed." She stretched her arms upward and flipped her hair back and before she even had the chance to lay back in the bed, Max was upon her. His mouth clamped down on her exposed breast, then the other and he began to devour every inch of her. He kissed her chest, he licked her nipples, he nibbled upon her neck and he never thought he could get enough of her tastes. Then her word about being wet made him want to taste everything about her. He kissed, licked and nipped his way down her body driving Liz completely insane with want and need as he did so. By the time he made it to her wet center he too was completely insane with want and need. He kissed her first softly, then his tongue darted out for a quick taste. That was it, that was all he needed to become totally and completely addicted to Liz Parker. He sucked and licked her clit demanding more and more of her honey juices to flow. Liz, knew what oral sex was, but she herself never thought she would really enjoy it. To her, it didn't sound romantic and sex that didn't have anything to do with romance, just didn't seem like something that she would like to experience. But, as Max continued to feast upon her, she learned something about herself that she had never known before. When it came to oral sex with Max, she was wanton and she loved every minute of it. Her fingers ran through his hair and held him to her tightly, never intending to let him stop. "Oh God, Max! Yes! YES! Right there..Don't Stop
DOOONNNNNN'TTT STTOOOPPPP! YYESSSSSSSS!" Her first multiply orgasm hit and it hit hard, her juices flowed into Max's mouth and he drank like there was no tomorrow. Her body was thrashing with pleasure as Max continued to pleasure her in such an intimate way. Max plunged his fingers inside of her as he continued licking her sensitive nub. Then an idea came to mind and he switched, stabbing his tongue in and out of her opening, he placed one finger upon the ultimate spot that he had learned was her spot and gave a little nudge using his powers. She came again instantly and then again instantly by the time Max released her, she thought for sure she was going to pass out from the pleasure he was producing in her.

Max crawled back up her body and held her tightly against his own hard body. When she finally came back down from the stars he had sent her to, he asked. "So, I take it you enjoyed that?"

"I..That..Oh God, Max. How did you?" She could barely make out a complete sentence for her breathing had yet to calm back to a normal level. Never in her wildest fantasies could she believe that she would have enjoyed what Max had done as much as she had. Even though she was completely sated with satisfaction beyond her means, she was craving more.

"Let's just say, healing isn't the only power I seem to have." He joked and felt proud that he was able to give her such pleasure.

Feeling how hard he was, Liz wanted to return the favor. The only problem was, she really had no idea how. She knew the basics of what she was supposed to do, but she feared her inexperience would show and after the way Max had pleased her so much, she didn't want to disappoint him. "Max?"


"Teach me how to please you like that."

End Pt23
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Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 24

Max sat up just slightly and looked down into her eyes. Surely he was hearing things, she didn't just say that, did she? No, that fantasy was just that a fantasy, wasn't it? "What?"

"I want to..please you. But..." Her insecurities about her lack of knowledge was making it difficult for her to even admit.

Max couldn't believe what he was hearing and just the thought of her placing her mouth where he only dreamed about made his balls tighten instantly. His erection turned rock hard and he wasn't sure if he would even make it past a simply kiss of her lips upon him there, let alone anything else. It also amazed him how only moments ago this innocent looking girl that was currently lowering her eyes in shyness was such a wanton vixen. She went from a tigress to a kitten and both sides of her turned him on completely. Lifting her chin so her eyes met his, he stated honestly. "You please me, by just being you. Everything else, we'll learn together."

Liz nodded in understanding. She wasn't the only one that was completely inexperienced in the ways of sex. She only hoped she was just as fast a learner as Max apparently was. She sat up and pushed Max slightly on his shoulder motioning him to lay back, which he did. Liz bent her head and started kissing his neck, then kissed her way down his chest. Stopping at his breast she gently nipped, then licked one then the other and was amazed that his nipples hardened also. When Max let out a moan of pleasure, it thrilled her and only encouraged her to continue. She moved downward to his naval and as she had done the night of the party, she teased around it and then moved her tongue around inside and Max's body literally jumped in response. Giving her that much more encouragement, she continued downward.

Max watched as she settled her body in between his legs, with her long silky soft hair fanning over his legs surrounding his manhood, Max almost cummed right at that sight. The minute she brought her lips down and place a soft experimental kiss on the very tip of his erection, he lost it and quickly swooped her back into his arms and started to devour her mouth fearing if she did anything else he would cum on the spot and he didn't want to scare her. After he kissed her almost breathless, she asked. "Didn't you like it?" The way he had pulled her away from him so quickly made her think she had done something wrong and her insecurities were showing.

"N..nnnoo. In fact it was..I mean, I was going to...I didn't want to so quickly, but.."
Max couldn't complete a full sentence if his life depended on it, his heart was beating way too fast and it was hard just trying to maintain some semblance of control.

As Max spoke, Liz began to understand what he was trying to say. So she tried another tactic. "Why don't we start small and work our way up?" She asked and waited for him to nod in acceptant. She moved her hand down to his groin area and tentatively ran one finger down the length of him, simply amazed at the feel of him. "What turns you on Max?" She asked innocently.

"You." Was his honest response. It was the truth through and through. Everything about Liz turned him on. It didn't matter if she was being shy, innocent, kitty cat Liz or daring, alluring tigress Liz. It didn't matter if she was dressed to the hilt or if she was in jeans. It didn't matter if they were at school with a crowd of students around them, or alone in a hotel room. The fact remained the same, Liz Parker turned him on. It didn't help matters that Liz was also currently running her fingers up and down his shaft.

"Then show me how to please you." She answered, wanting to please him more than anything, but not really sure how. His one word response made her entire body tingle with delight and thanked the stars for sending such a wonderful man into her life, no matter where he came from, he was still the most sweetest, kindest man she had ever known and she wanted to show him exactly what he meant to her.

Max hesitantly only for a moment to make sure she was sincere in her request, when he saw in her eyes that she was, he reached down and took her hand in his, then wrapped their joined hands around his shaft and began stroking himself with her help up and down. Once a rhythm was established he released her hand, closed his eyes and enjoyed the pleasure of her pleasuring him. He had been so far gone already, that it didn't take Liz very long to bring him to completion. His iridescent pearl jetted out onto her hand and Max moaned out her name over and over again. The look of total contentment came over his face as he swiped his hand over his lower body and her hand to clean them up, then quickly gathered her back in his arms. "Now that wasn't so hard, I mean it was hard, but it wasn't difficult. Oh, you know what I mean." Liz blushed trying to correct herself and finding it harder to admit out loud then actually doing the deed itself.

"God, I love you. I love you so much." He hugged her tightly, still not able to believe she was here with him like this and she knew the truth about who and what he was. When he felt her hand start to glide back over his now soften member, he asked. "Uh.. Liz?"

"It's fascinating. How one minute it felt hard as steel in my hand and now..." She leaned down and actually started to examine his penis. Yes, the two of them had made love twice so far and she had touched him intimately enough to give him ultimate pleasure. But, she still hadn't had a chance to really look at that part of him that was so intriguing. So different from her body and so fascinating all in one. "Is this how it normally is?" She asked innocently simply wanting to know.

There was intimacy and then there was intimacy and to Max, he wanted to experience it all with Liz. If she wanted to know, then he wasn't going to hold back. He had exposed himself completely, his true self to her already. So he answered her honestly once again. "Day to day, yes. Until your around." He admitted, for as long as he could remember, whenever Liz was near just a simple smile or a flip of her hair or the way she wrote notes in class. Max could always remember being semi hard.

Liz started to ask what he meant, when his manhood began to stir to life once again. He wasn't completely hard, but she could definitely tell the difference between the way it was a few moments ago versus what it felt like now. "And this?"

"Normal, when your near."

Suddenly wondering if it hurt to have to walk around with a semi hard on when she was around. "Does it hurt?"

"No. I'm use to it by now." Max was keeping his answers short and to the point, as Liz continued to examine him, it was becoming more difficult to answer and try to keep himself from getting lost again.

"I know what you mean." And she did, for as long as she could remember. Everytime Max sat in her parent's cafe or when they shared a class together, or even when she could see him sitting on the other side of the quad at lunch she would always feel her nipples harden just a bit. Not enough for anyone else to notice, but enough for her to feel.

"What?" He asked curious as what she had meant by her statement.

Biting her bottom lip, Liz told him the truth. The way he had always had an effect on her and then she blushed deeply and hid her head in his chest feeling very vulnerable. Not wanting her to feel ashamed for having the same kind of reaction that he had when she was around, he lifted her head so their eyes met. "We're a pair, aren't we? All this time wasted, when we should have been together. I was such a fool, I should have known I could trust you like I do now. I always knew you were special, I don't know why I never had the nerve to take the chance. If it hadn't been for Isabelle, I doubt that I would have every gotten the nerve to actually talk to you, let alone open up to you completely. Forgive me for being so ignorant." Max then told her how his sister had help the two of them get together. Between forcing him into taking her to Pauly's party, the basketball incidence in the school hallway the following Monday and then he reminded her about the study date that same evening.

"Max, what's going to happen when we go back home? I mean this storm isn't going to last forever."

"I don't know anything except the fact that I want to be with you. I want us to be together and I want to be a part of your life for as long as you'll give me that honor."

"I want that too, but I don't want to cause you any problems. You've spent your life in the shadows, trying to just blend in. Then since Pauly's party, you've been forced into the lime light sort of say and being with me isn't helping make that go away. Are you ready to come out from behind the shadows? Are you prepared for what's going to happen? Like it or not your life will change if we stay a couple and as much as I want to be with you, I'll understand if you aren't ready for that kind of change in your life."

Max thought over what she said for a minute and Liz held her breath knowing that he truly was thinking it over. This was their defining moment in their relationship and even though Max had the courage to open up to her personally, she knew he wasn't ready to open up completely to everyone. Though he might not have to acknowledge who he really is, he wouldn't be able to hide in the shadows any longer if they stayed together. "Liz."


"If I have you by my side, I'd gladly come out of the shadows I've hidden behind. It might take a little while to get use to and I'm not sure exactly how far out I can step, but I would like to try if your willing to help me along the way." Now Max was showing his own vulnerability and insecurities. He knew she was correct, his life had already started changing. People who never took note of him at school before started greeting him in the hallways in-between classes at school. He had girl's approach him, who he wouldn't have given the time of day to before and could easily side step their advances with a polite rejection, now seemed more determined then ever and relentless in their advances. Teachers had actually started calling on him in class, something that rarely happened because he had always been the quiet student that sat in the back that they never paid much attention to before. If he continued in the path with Liz that they were heading, there wouldn't be any more shadows for him to hide. Liz was popular, Liz was outgoing, Liz was on the A list to every party and even though he had also been on the A list. He was never expected to attend, but if he was Liz's steady boyfriend that would mean if she attended, he would be expected to attend also.

"I'd be proud to stand by your side Max." She gleamed to him, that's when she heard his stomach rumble. "I think that's our cue to get dress and go get something to eat. Man, woman or alien can't live on sex alone obviously." She joked.

The two of them together climbed out of bed and began to get dressed back in their clothes and headed down to the restaurant that was located in the lodge. Max amazed at how things were turning out in his life. He had the perfect girlfriend, who accepted everything about him and still wanted to be with him. They feasted on the luncheon buffet that the lodge had set up for it's guest. Then they shopped in the small boutique that was located in the lobby, each buying a new T-shirt, charging it to their room account like they had their lunch. Liz also purchased a teddy on the side using her own money and Max made a purchase that would allow them to have another round of fun when they returned to their room. An entire box of condoms. The few that Michael had insisted he take along, were long gone. Together they headed back to their room just in time for another phone call, from another concern set of parents. "Hello." This time Liz answered thinking it was her mother and not wanting her to start off with the wrong impression that her father already had.

"Liz, this is Diane Evans. Is Max there?"

"Yes, he's right here." Liz handed the phone to Max and said. "It's your Mom."

Max took the phone and began talking. "Hi, Mom. What's up?"

"I just wanted to check in and make sure you were all right." Her motherly concern singing in her voice.

"Yeah, Mom. Liz and I are staying inside. Mr. Parker called earlier and told us about the storm not looking like it was going to be stopping until sometime tomorrow."

"Well, that's what I'm calling for to tell you the truth. Jeff called us here and he is very concerned for his daughter as I'm sure you can understand. Max, I know you've always showed good judgment in the past, but I also know when two people are thrown together in certain situations things can happen and your father and I just wanted to make sure that you remembered to use that good judgment of yours and not do something you may regret at a later date..."

"Max, what your mother is trying to say is you've got your whole life still ahead of you and we wouldn't want you or Liz to do something that may jeopardize what you may want out of that future." Philip Evans told his son.

"Dad, please you don't have to worry about us. Liz and I both know the score here and we've already talked about it, so please don't worry and tell Mom the same." Max didn't want his parents worrying, but he also wasn't going to be ashamed of what he and Liz had shared. As far as he was concerned Liz was the best thing that had ever happened to him and he was proud to be with her.

"That's good to hear son. Now I've already talked to the front desk and even though the Parker's have taken care of the room expense, your mother and I thought the least we could do was offer to take care of your other expenses. So, make sure the two of you get something decent to eat and not just some snacks."

"Thanks, Dad. Both of us appreciate it and we'll be home as soon as the weather permits." Max actually was praying for the weather not to break any time soon. He was having the time of his life and was in no hurry to get back to the real world.

"Okay Max, hopefully the phone lines will stay up and we'll can stay in touch. I know I've told you this before Max, but I wanted to tell you again. I'm proud of you and I trust you. Now your sister wanted to speak to you before we let you go, so here's Isabelle."


"Hey Izzy." The minute Max mentioned his sister's name, Liz's ears perked up. Ever since Max had told her the truth and told her how they had all feared the worst would happen if anyone knew the truth about them, Liz had wanted to reassure Isabelle and Michael both herself that their secret was safe with her. She only hoped that she would have the opportunity to gain their trust, like she had gained Max's.

"Did you and Liz have that discussion you wanted to?" Isabelle asked, still unsure if she totally agreed with her brother's decision, but she trusted her brother and that meant she trusted his judgment also.

"Yeah, I did." Max stated calmly, but didn't add any further details. Isabelle was holding her breath waiting for him to tell her what happened until she couldn't hold it any longer and realized that Max was going to come forth with any more information unless she asked him first. She knew her brother well enough to know he wasn't trying to withhold information from her, he just always kept his emotions to himself. It was just Max. So she gave him that extra push she knew he needed.


"We're okay Izzy, she...Hold on, Liz wants to speak with you." Liz had been trying to get Max's attention from the moment he had first said his sister's name, but Max wasn't looking in her direction. Finally she just stood in front of him and started pulling the phone away from him and mouthing she wanted to talk to Isabelle. Max quickly released the phone and stood back wondering what was going to be said between the only two women that meant everything to him. Excluding his adopted mother, as she still didn't know the real him.

"Isabelle, it's Liz. Max told me your guys story last night and I just wanted to let you know that you don't have to worry about me saying anything to anyone. I wouldn't do anything to put you, Michael or Max at any kind of risk." Liz stated sincerely, trying to emphasize that she understood the need to keep the truth a secret.

"Thank you Liz, I know Max has wanted to tell you for a while now and I'm glad that he found someone who can understand and someone we can trust."

"I think I should be the one thanking you, Max told me what you did to help get us together."

"Yeah, well it's all in a sister's duty to make sure her brother is happy. Michael's my next project. I had a beautifully set up plan for this weekend, but then the snow started and..."

"Michael and Maria. Let me know what you need and I'm in, those two are so perfect for each other. Not that either would admit it to anyone." Maria had already whined to her earlier in the week how she had been hooked into going on a double date with that Michael character.

"I know, they're both so..."

"Pig headed. Their perfect for each other." Liz finished Isabelle's thoughts for her, then added quick when Max started to give her a signal it was time to hang up. "Isabelle, I just wanted you to know. If you need someone to talk to...I mean, someone of the same gender. I've been told, I'm a pretty good listener and I'd like it if we could get to know each other better so you would know yourself that you can trust me and you won't have to take mine or Max's word on it."

"I think I'd like that. I better let you go since I'm getting the long distance cost money look from my Dad. Tell my brother to behave and make sure he stays in line."

"I will, we'll be home whenever we can. Bye Isabelle."

"Bye Liz."

Liz hung up the phone and was quickly into a pair of strong, muscular arms. "You are absolutely amazing. How did I ever get so lucky to have you in my life?"

"Just lucky I guess." Max was already kissing on her neck by this time and Liz was already feeling her legs begin to go weak with desire. Wanting to surprise him with the teddy she had bought earlier, she reluctantly pulled out of Max's arms. "I think I'm going to take a shower and get washed up for bed. Why don't you check out the weather channel and see if there is any knew word on what's going on with the storm?"

Max nodded his head in agreement, he was actually tempted to ask if she wanted him to join her, but thought that might be a little forward in their relationship just yet. He released her completely from his arms and sat down on the edge of the bed with the remote in hand and immediately did the normal guy thing and started channel surfing. Wondering how it was possible that this man before her was so different, but yet not so different at all. He was truly simply just amazing. She headed for the bathroom, to prepare herself for another night alone with Max in their hotel room.

End Part 24
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Now I have received a few b-mails with concerns regarding the NC17 parts of this story. I understand, truly I do that NC17 isn't for everyone. But, I did give fair warning that this story was rated NC17 for that reason alone. If NC17 is not for you, please don't read this next chapter. I don't want to offend anyone, but this chapter and the next are VERY NC17. Fair warning!!
Anyway, here is the next part. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.
Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 25

The warm water ran over her body, refreshing, reviving. Liz stood under the running shower water just enjoying the feel of it when everything went black. "MAX!" Liz screamed not sure what was happening, but knew the one person that she felt the most secure with would be there to take care of her.

Within two heartbeats she heard the bathroom door pop open, she couldn't see as the entire room outside the bathroom was also in utter blackness. "Liz, are you okay?"

"I can't see a thing, what happened?"

"The power must have gone out. Let me close the door and I'll help." He knew he could use his powers to create a light for Liz, but didn't want the light to be seen outside their hotel room door just in case someone was passing by where it would look suspicious. Years of being careful was engraved into his head. As soon as he closed the door a soft blue light illuminated from his hands. Looking up from his hands, he asked. "Is that better?" Then froze at the most gorgeous sight his eyes had ever laid eyes on. There was Liz, stark naked, with glistening droplets of water running over her body, along with the blue iridescent light coming from his hands, she looked like a living angel to him. "Your beautiful."

"And your my hero again. Is there anything you can't do?" She asked jokingly.

"Right now, I'm finding it very hard to stand here and not touch you." He admitted seriously.

"I asked if there was anything you can't do, I'm not stopping you Max. In fact if you don't get your clothes off and get in this shower with me in about two seconds your only pair of jeans are going to get awfully wet when I drag you in here with me fully clothed."

Max didn't hesitate, he stripped faster then he knew it was possible and stepped inside the shower right along with Liz, pulling her into a deep passionate kiss as he did so. The light in his hand going out as his concentration was suddenly gone. His only thoughts were the feeling of Liz. The darkness enveloped them, but they couldn't care less. They were in each other's arms and their other senses took over. Mouths opened wide over mouths and tongues dueled for dominance. Hands began to roam and explore and in the darkness Liz felt bolder and more in control. She kissed her way down Max's neck, chest, stomach and further south until she made her way to his very hard erection. Kissing his tip tentatively once again she then let her tongue run down the length of him. Max had to lean against the shower stall wall to hold himself upward. His body already ready to release, but there was no way he was going to not let her do this for him. He knew how much she wanted to give him pleasure, but damn this was the sweetest torture he had ever experienced.

When her lips surrounded his lower head, Max could feel a small amount of release of his precum and wasn't sure what Liz would feel about it. At first he tried to pull himself away, but Liz pressed her hands on his hips to hold him in place and let her tongue lick the silky substance from his tip. Her mouth then took him inside and Max could not withhold the loud moan that escaped his lips. Her mouth move slowly at first pulling him further in inch by inch before she formed a suction and pulled back, only to roll her tongue around his head when she did. Repeating her movements, but each time taking more and more of him inside her mouth. When she felt him begin to hit the back of her throat she relaxed her throat muscles and deep sucked him hard. Max could barely remain standing the feel of her mouth upon him was so intense, it was almost bringing tears to his eyes. "OH God, Liz. That's awesome, just like that. Oh Baby, yes, yes."

He had tried to keep himself from moving, not wanting to cause her to choke, but his body had a will of it's own and soon his hips were aching to move. With just the slightest of movements, Liz understood what he wanted and released her grasp on his hips giving him free reign to do what he wanted. Slowly his hips began to pump in time with her sucking. His hands went to her head and before he knew what he was doing, he was helping her head bobs back and forth as his hips began to move forward and back. Liz kept her throat muscles relaxed as much as possible allowing him to make love to her mouth. It was the most erotic thing she had ever done and with the darkness surrounding them, she felt her own orgasm approach.

Drawing her hands away from his hips, she ran them down his waist to his upper thigh, then to where his sensitive sacs hung and lightly began to caress them. That was it, Max couldn't hold out any longer, his hot liquid shot deep inside Liz's throat in spurts of explosions. Liz swallowed once, twice, three times before she finally released his swollen membrane. No sooner had she released him was she lifted from the shower floor, up in the air and felt Max pushing her body against the wall of the shower. Next thing she knew, Max was embedded deep inside of her and with his first deep thrust she came. Screaming his name in ecstasy as Max continued to pump deep inside of her wet passage. Each time it felt like he was hitting the nail on the head or with his head to be more precise. Each time his cock pushed deep inside of her, she felt another release of cum flow from her body. Max drove wildly in and out of her body, pushing her to an orgasmic bliss over and over again, that seemed never ending. One wave would take hold, only to be replaced with another before the first one had time to settle. She vaguely thought if anyone every was known to die of too much pleasure.

Max had lost all control, the feel of her mouth surrounding him still fresh in his mind, wanting to give her as much pleasure as she had given him, he had brought her up and reversed her body until she was against the wall. Giving him the leverage he needed to impale himself inside of her. Once his rigid staff was surrounded in her wetness, that first orgasm was all it took for him to lose all of his control. He began pounding inside of her like there was no tomorrow. He barely registered her cries of pleasure, all he could do in the darkness was feel. And what he was feeling was so stimulating that he had no desire nor any control to stop. From his angle, he could go deep inside of her, deeper than he had ever even attempted to go and that's when he had found it, the spot that men desperately seek and rarely find. Now that he had found it, he wasn't about to lose it again so he repeatedly responded to it. He didn't even realize that unconsciously he was using small burst of alien power every time he hit it and was rewarded each time with another clamping of her inner walls around him. His movements were instinctual, primal, almost animalistic, but he persuade in his body's movements. Pounding deeper and deeper, harder and harder. He had no control and it showed in every thrust.

Liz voice was becoming hoarse from her moans and cries of pleasure. All she could do was hold on for the ride of her life. When Max came this time, he came long and hard and nothing prepared the two of them for what came with it. A spiritual connection formed between the two of them and at that moment in time they literally saw inside each other's souls. By the time Max pulled himself free, Liz collapsed into his arms. Exhausted, sated and too overwhelm to speak, let alone trying to breath. Her heart was racing and her blood was boiling from the heat the two of them had created. The darkness that was surrounding the two lovers in the shower made it impossible for Max to see that Liz had literally passed out from their love making again. "Liz. LIZ!" He shook her body gently hoping to stir her awake, but Liz was out cold. Waving his hand in the shower the water immediately stopped running. He waved his hand over their bodies and dried them in the same manner. Then recreated the small blue light within his hands to actually be able to see.

Although he too was literally spent from their love making, he lifted her into his arms and carried her back into their room. Placing her gently on the bed. He laid next to her on the bed and softly stroked her hair and caressed her cheeks with the palm of his hand. He had no idea what had come over him, one minute she had been giving him the most amazing blow job and then when he had cummed, he lost it. A primal urge had taken over and the next minute he was pounded inside of Liz like there wasn't going to be a tomorrow. The way her body felt was so amazing to him, he couldn't have stopped himself if he had wanted to. It took him by such surprise that he wasn't sure if he would be able to control himself the next time they made love and he didn't want to hurt or scare Liz. Cursing himself all over again for being so different. But, then he recalled the connection that had formed between them and realized if he had been a normal guy, neither of them would have ever had that kind of experience.

After a full hour Liz finally began to stir. Her eyes slowly opened and the first thing she saw was Max's concern face hovering her. The room was pitch black with a single flame of a candle that was sitting on the night stand next to the bed. The glow from the candle made Max look like an angel from heaven to her as the soft flickering glow surrounded his head.
"Max, what happened?" She whispered out, her throat too raw to really speak any louder.

"Oh God, Liz. You passed out. I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me. Are you okay? Did I hurt you?" He rambled off still so upset with himself about the way he had literally rammed into her like a speeding bull.

Her voice still not working as of yet, she whispered. "I'm okay. I think my throat is going to be very sore for a while."

"Oh Liz, I didn't mean..." Max started to apologize believing the way he had made love to her mouth was what was causing her throat to be sore. But, Liz quickly silenced him with one finger.

"My throats sore because of all the moaning you made me do." She gave him a sly smile letting him know exactly how much she had enjoyed herself. That's when she saw the guilty look upon his face and she knew he was thinking he had hurt her in some way because of the way he had lost so much control and had been pounding into her. "Maxx..." Her throat scratched slightly when she began to protest and tell him how fantastic a lover he was, but before she could begin again. Max, placed a finger to her mouth this time to silence her.

"Let me take care of that for you." He looked directly into her eyes and placed his hand on her throat. Within seconds Liz felt a warmth tingling in her throat and the rawness she had been experiencing vanished and Liz's eyes filled with love for the man before her all over again.

"Thank you. Where were you when I had that cold last year that lasted for almost two weeks?"

"I was sitting in the back of class wondering how I could help you without giving away our secret." Max answered honestly, almost like he was ashamed that he hadn't helped her out then.

"Your incredible. God, Max. That was INCREDIBLE!" She exclaimed loudly now that she had her voice back. "Do you have any idea how special you are and how special you make me feel?" Then Liz recalled what had happened between the two of them during their final orgasm. "Max, did that really happen? I mean was it just my imagination or did I get to see inside of your soul?"

Max's eyes widened in shock as he realized it hadn't only been him that had seen inside her beautiful soul, she had also seen inside his. "Your soul is as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside." He answered honestly, still having a hard time comprehending how it was possible they were here sharing themselves with each other and she still wasn't afraid, she still loved him.

She threw her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. "Oh Max, I love you so much."

Rubbing her back soothingly, he replied. "I love you too, Liz Parker."

The two held each other for a long time, just enjoying being in each other's company. Even the snow storm that continued to fall outside couldn't cool the warmth their hearts felt at this moment in time. They were focused solely on each other. If it hadn't been for the front desk calling to inform them, the outside phone lines were down, they would have probably been content just to stay in each other's arms for the rest of the night. The front desk also let them know they're own generator was working and they would be serving a complimentary dinner for all their guest between six and seven that evening by room service as the restaurant was going to remain closed until the power was back on. Plus, they had lanterns being brought to all the rooms by housekeeping and was advising their guest to stay in their rooms until the power was restored. Max had looked out into the hallway of the hotel to see it was pretty dark, except for the emergency lighting. The two of them did as they were advised and pretty much stayed in their room. It wasn't long after that, when housekeeping arrived with a lantern and a choice of different games to occupied their time.
Max had chosen a deck of cards thinking he could teach Liz how to play some poker. The two of them had an enjoyable day just spending the time locked in their hotel room together, talking, laughing and in general just enjoyed each other's company. They ate their dinner when it arrived, then Max suggested a game of poker.

What Max didn't know was that Jeff had taught his daughter to play the game and play it well. She let Max go into detail on what would beat what and put on her poker face not to let him see that she already knew the things he was telling her. Thinking it was going to be fun to see the look on Max's face when she kicked his butt. Knowing they didn't have any sort of poker chips, Liz made a daring move when she suggested they play strip poker. After all it wasn't like they hadn't already become intimately familiar with each other's bodies and she was looking forward to seeing Max's naked chest once again.

It only took Max losing both his shoes, socks and shirt to realize he had been tricked. At first Liz played innocent, stating it was beginners luck. But, as he continued to lose and Liz was still fully dressed, he started to become aware he had been had. That's when Max started to cheat ever so slightly. With the game winding down to the end, both determined to win, both now only left in the underwear the final hand was dealt to see who would be the victor. Liz was dealt three kings, a ten and an ace. Max was dealt two aces and two nines along with a three. They both took only one card, Max throwing his three in the discard pile and Liz threw her ten. Liz smiled brightly when she was giving the ace of hearts to give her a full house, kings over aces. Max on the other hand received another three. "What'd ya got?" He questioned, as he had been the one to deal this hand.

Triumphantly she laid down her cards. "Full house sucker, kings over aces. Pay up." She held out her hand for Max to give her his boxers.

But, Max wasn't going to let her win that easily. Quickly he changed his three to the ace of hearts, not paying any attention to the cards really, just wanting to win. "Not so face, I've got aces over nines." He stated triumphantly.

Liz looked down at the cards, immediately seeing that there was no way that was possible. "Maxwell Philip Evans, WHO CHEATED!"

Max still hadn't paid much attention to the cards, so he didn't know how Liz could have noticed his sly slip of his hands. "I did not." He immediately joked back.

"Uh..Max. How is it possible to have five aces in a deck of cards? Two being the ace of hearts." She questioned, trying to sound upset, but failing miserably as she was just simply having too much fun.

"Uh..Uh..Good question." He finally replied, finally realizing the error he had made. "So, I guess that means we need a redeal." He replied innocently, still not owning up to what he had done.

"I have a better suggestion. Since I won, legally mind you. I think I'm entitle to a reward."

"A reward huh, and just what would the lady like as her reward." He joked back, knowing he was busted and not really caring. He was simply just having too much fun as it was to care.

"I think my reward should be..." She tapped her finger to her chin as if in deep thought trying to come up with a suitable reward. "A full body rub."

"Front and back?" He asked while wriggling his eyes brows up and down.

"Of course, I did say a full body rub. Didn't I?"

End Pt25

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Okay, once again I am putting out a true NC17 warning as this part also includes major NC17!!!! Fair warning given. I have to thank you guys once again for the fantastic FB. You all are so wonderful. Now on with the story. Here is the next part, I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 26

Liz laid down on her stomach awaiting her reward. Her wait wasn't long. It only took Max a second to agree. He removed her panties and his boxers first before he started on her neck. His hands worked expertly moving over her body, from her neck, to her shoulders, back, butt, legs and toes. He massaged using both his muscles and his powers leaving Liz in a land of jello status. Every joint, every muscle was so relaxed that she never remembered feeling so wonderful. The way Max touched her body, made her feel cherished and loved beyond words. He seemed to know the exact amount of pressure to use on which ever part of her body he was rubbing.

Liz wasn't the only one loving every minute of her massage. Max was enjoying himself just as much. He would never get tired of touching her body, especially so intimately. The feel of her soft skin underneath his hands was driving him insane with lust. Every inch of her body turned him on a little bit more. From her slender neck, her sexy back, her muscular legs, her delicate feet and toes. Her beautiful behind was causing him to almost break out in a sweat as he massaged and rubbed it tenderly. Not being able to stop himself, his fingers roamed down her opening and he began to softly rub around her anal entrance.

Now this was a whole new experience for Liz. Heck, the past twenty-four hours had been a whole new experience for her, but this was way beyond what she thought she would enjoy. At first it was extremely sensual the way he was touching her so intimately there, but as his fingers moved closer to her opening, she twisted her body slightly. "Max, I don't..."

"Ssshhh, who's giving this body rub anyway. I told you before, I'd never hurt you Liz. Do you trust me?" His voice deep with desire and Liz thought she was going to have an orgasm just hearing the way his voice sounded.

Turning her body back into the bed, she whispered. "Yes."

"That's good, my love." He bent his head down and softly kissed the back of her neck, then down her back. The entire time his finger played just at the entrance of her back side. His other hand moved underneath her body and began to work it's way in and out of her now very sleek entrance. Thrusting two fingers inside of her, while his thumb played havoc on her sensual nub. Liz was moaning softly into the pillows as she allowed Max to do as he pleased, having complete faith and trust in him. Bringing his fingers that were soaked in her wetness up to her backside he used her own juices to lubricate the entrance that his other fingers were still currently toying with. The sensation was driving Liz completely insane. She never would have thought that she would have enjoyed this kind of experimental foreplay, but then again she was learning she liked just about everything Max was doing to her. Once he knew she was ready, he lifted her hips ever so slightly with his hands and then bent his head down. His tongue went to work on her vagina as he pushed his fingers back inside of her wetness. Cautiously he moved one finger just barely inside of her backside and Liz instantly came.

Max greedily sucked down her juices, but he was far from finished. He pushed his finger a little further inside as he continued to use his mouth on her other side. His other hand was busy trying to hold a trembling Liz steady as she orgasm again and her body was beginning to thrash about. He reached over for the unopened box of condoms and used his powers to open it one handed as he kept one hand on her back side, his finger moving in and out of her freely now. Slipping the rubber on as quickly as possible he lifted her hips further and slammed home. Pumping vigorously in and out of her as he slid a second finger inside her back side. Once again finding her spot and once again without realizing it using a small burst of energy each time he touched it. Liz was panting so hard, she could barely breath. The sensation of the way Max was touching her was almost too much. She came hard and harder and harder. Multiply orgasms speared throughout her body, leaving her quivering in sheer pleasure beyond words.

Her hips rocked back to meet his thrusts as much as possible, but the position he had her in, he had complete control of her and she was loving every second of it. Max was amazed at how her backside seem to become as wet as her front, her dripping sex continued to encourage him to go further. He pulled out of her for only a few moments at a time, teasing and testing her back entrance only to slam seconds later back inside of her wet passage.

Originally Max only wanted to test the waters sort of speak, but soon found himself wanting to dive in when he first started playing with her back entrance. Now his mind could think of nothing else. He had already made love to her mouth, to her delightful center core and now he wanted to make love to her everywhere. Part of his mind was telling him it was wrong, he shouldn't even be considering it, but another part of his mind wanted to possess her, all of her. As he continued to thrust deep inside of her body and his fingers continued to move in and out of her back side, the need to possess every inch of her body became unreal. He continue to pull out and tease around her back entrance only to reenter her in an alarming rate. Each time he did though, Liz's hips would ease back into him, encouraging him to go for it.

Each time Liz felt Max's enlarged cock at her back entrance, Liz thought she would die from the want she was developing for it. Never would she had imagined wanting someone to breech her in such a way, but as he continued teasing her and as his fingers continued to move in and out of her there it was becoming unbearable the way she craved him. All she could think about was Max filling her everywhere. No, she would have never imagined wanting it, but now all she could do was pray he did it. The next time Max pulled out to tease her, she pleaded with him verbally. "Please Max, I want you."

Max knew what she meant, knew she was feeling the same need he was. A drive to complete them to make love in every way possible. It was unreal, it had to be, but it was happening and Max could no longer deny the primal urge that was driving him to complete them totally.
Slowly he did as she requested, entering her from behind was such a different feeling. Her front side was tight and her inner walls when they clamped down on him, drove him utterly insane. But, nothing prepared him for the way it felt to enter her in such a way. Tight didn't even begin to describe it. Max took his time entering her, making sure she felt no discomfort at all. Holding back, was one of the hardest things he had every done, when his entire body screamed for him to push forward fast and hard. "Oh God, Max!" Liz's moan was barely a whisper once he was fully pushed inside. He pumped slowly and tenderly, but the sensation driving him onward soon caused him to pick up the pace. He never drove hard though, harming Liz was out of the question. Liz's hips rocked back over his erection, moving easily with the pace that Max had begun.

When Max came, he screamed out in blissfulness her name over and over again before he collapsed on top on Liz. It felt like he had completed a full circle of need to possess her and the sensation took him completely by surprise. With it, a bond was formed between the two of them that no one would ever be able to separate. For a circle had no openings, no beginnings and no endings. They were one in unison, in mind, body and soul. No wedding ceremony could have cemented them together any more than what they had just shared. Not wanting to cause Liz any discomfort he immediately pulled out of her and rolled onto the bed next to her. "Are you okay? I didn't..hurt you..did I?" He knew he hadn't hurt her physically through the connection that opened as their joined climax had it, but he needed to hear her say the words. Needed to know she was okay with what they had just shared and experienced.

Giving him a tender smile, she replied honestly. "You know I am, you could never hurt me by making love to me. No matter which way you choose to do it."

"I honestly didn't mean to do it like that Liz. Something just took over and I had to. It's hard to explain, but I had to." He honestly didn't know what had possessed him to make love to her in that manner, but for the life of him he wasn't able not to do it. It unnerved him slightly how something had taken over inside of him, something so primal, so alien that it made him feel somewhat ashamed.

Liz could sense that he was feeling guilty and she wasn't about to have any of it. They had made beautiful love together, no matter which way they did it and there was no way she was going to allow him to feel guilty about giving her such ultimate pleasure. "Look at me, Max." She commanded when he had lowered his eyes, when his amber eyes looked into her brown ones, she continued. "You are the most amazing lover I could ever imagine being with. You did nothing, that I didn't want you to do. I feel it too. We both did and I won't allow you to feel guilty or ashamed of our love making. It was beautiful, sensual and awe inspiring. Now kiss me quick, because as soon as I get back you still have to massage my front side and no matter how many times you took me to the height of pleasure, your not getting out of it. Then maybe the next time you try to cheat when playing with me, you'll think twice about it." She stated as she moved off the bed to use the restroom.

Max shook his head in laughter at her statement, amazed at how truly magnificent of a creature she truly was. "I'm at your service, mi lady." He joked back and he too went to wash himself. When they both returned from using the restroom, he once again began her massage. Only this time on the front of her body. He tried hard not to let himself get carried away again, especially when he got to her breast, but the more he massaged them, the harder her nipples became, causing him to once again grow hard and before they knew it, another condom was retrieved from the box that was only missing the one and they were making love all over again. This time there was no drive, no urgency. It was slow and sensual, but just as fulfilling as the last few times they had made love. With their pace going so slow, their love making lasted for quite a bit longer and by the time they were finished, both were feeling exhausted from the experience.

Max wrapped his arms securely around Liz and Liz snuggled as close as possible to Max's body as the two fell into a peaceful slumber together. The next morning when they awoke, they shared a breathless good morning kiss before climbing out of the bed. Liz to use the restroom, Max to check on the weather. To his dismay, it seemed the snow had stopped sometime during the night. Which meant their time together would be coming to an end or at least their time alone together would be coming to an end. He had no idea how he was ever going to be able to go back to the real world and not be able to hold Liz in his arms at night or talk with her every second of the day. His world was going to change dramatically and he knew it was going to be hard to get use to. The only thing he knew for sure, he would be able to handle anything as long as Liz was by his side.

When Liz emerged from the bathroom, Max swore she had a glow to her and as soon as anyone saw her they would be able to tell that the two of them did a lot more than just talk for the past forty-eight hours. But, he didn't care. In fact he wanted to shout to the world that Liz was his and he was hers. He wasn't ashamed of what they had shared, Liz made that clear the night before that their love making was nothing to be ashamed of and he agreed with her. They discovered the electricity was back up and running and even the phone lines were working. They learned from the television the roads weren't completely cleared, but the road crews had been working throughout the day and night yesterday and most of the main highways were drivable. Neither wanted to leave, but both knew it was time. They made love one final time before they gathered their things and headed out for home.

The car ride back was silent, but comfortable. About thirty miles outside of Roswell, Max pulled off the side of the road once more just to hold her one final time for a few minutes.
He hadn't meant for them to actually make love in the car on the side of the road, but once they began to kiss and touch, neither could stop themselves from having one last time surrounded by the other. By the time they made it to the Crashdown, both were feeling sad about parting. The town looked the same, but for the two that had just returned it felt so different to them. Even though their homes were only separated by a mile or so, it felt like they might as well be separated by a thousand. Neither wanted to take that finally step inside the cafe, knowing as soon as they did their time just for the two of them would come to an end. Finally Liz squeezed Max's hand that she was currently holding in a reassuring gesture that this wasn't the end, but only the beginning. Hand and hand they finally took the last step of their journey and walked into the cafe only to be swept apart when Liz's mother immediately engulfed her into her arms. Jeff Parker extended his hand to Max to thank him for taking care of his little girl during the storm and Max shocked him when he replied. "I'd give my life, before I'd let anything happen to her." It was a bold statement, but it was the truth. The way he truly felt and he didn't care who knew how he felt. He was done hiding in the shadows, it was time for him to actually enjoy living and in that moment in time, Max knew he would be living from here on out. With Liz by his side to help him along his way, it was time to live life not just go through the motions.

The End

A/N - Now before anyone starts shooting daggers my way, I do have one more part. Yes, I actually did an epilogue to this story that I feel wraps it up. Also, please remember that I posted a part every day for almost an entire month in lieu of only once a week that would have stretched the story itself out quite a bit. I do hope everyone has enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. A story angst free, with some fun and some loving. Most importantly, everyone was in support of our beloved couple Max & Liz, including the two of them. Come back tomorrow for the wrap up, if your interested.
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Title: Party Challenge
For Disclaimer and Summary see Pt1


It was three weeks out of graduation, and tonight Max and Liz planned to celebrate big time.
They had both applied and been accepted to Harvard. Receiving their acceptance letters on the same day last month. They had already planned to visit the Boston area to find an apartment to share, unbeknownst to their parents as of yet. But, they knew their parents wouldn't object too much at this point. Since their return from their snowed in weekend over a year and half ago when they became an official couple, the two had been inseparable.

At first Liz's parents had tried to meddle and tried to persuade Liz she was too young to know for sure if Max was the one and she should go out with other people. But, Liz stood firm about her feelings for Max and they soon relented and finally accepted. Neither Max's parents nor Liz's parents had questioned them too much about their time away from home, as Max and Liz simply stated that they're time together was special and that what they shared was between the two of them. Neither set of parents wanted to know anything more, for they were pretty sure of what had happened, but without knowing for sure they could deny that their children were growing up just for a little longer.

Max and Liz were of course the talk of the school and their blooming relationship didn't help the gossip. But, the two of them stuck by each other and couldn't care less about what others said or thought. There had only been one time that one of the Neanderthal jocks had made a commit about Liz and how good she must be to have Max dotting on her every command.
With that Max had taken the so called jock, lifted in the air like he was a feather against the row of lockers in school, with a stern voice demanded he apologize to Liz, then with a lethal look let him know in no means was he to speak or even imply anything but nice conversation regarding Liz in the future. No one after that incident made any further rude comments, but Max became the boyfriend that every girl in school wanted their own guys to be like.

They had a scare at the end of their first month together when Liz was a few days late, fearing she might have been pregnant. Max had scanned her body for verification and found that she wasn't pregnant, but her body was changing to accommodate his DNA in case they did decide in the future to have children they would be able to. To his amazement once again, she wasn't afraid or scared about the unknown but accepted it just as she had accepted him.
Claiming their love together would show them the way. It was a future they had discussed often and there was never any doubt or hesitation that the two of them would always remain together. Through thick or thin, through happy times or sad times, through the good or the bad, they would stand by each other's side.

Max was the perfect boyfriend in every terms of the meaning. He constantly wrote her love letters, sent her flowers, and with a simple look everyone could see he literally worshipped her. They would talk for hours on end on the phone when they didn't see each other and Max still called her nightly before her bed time to wish her sweet dreams. Liz was just as bad though, she had learned of his sweet and spicy craving and had made up a chocolate chip cookie recipe that was laced with tobacco. It became Max's favorite dessert, even over the men in blackberry pie he loved. She stood beside him in every small step he took from coming out of the shadow world he had lived in for so long and her eyes were for him and him alone. Although there were many girls that would have liked to go out with Max and a lot of guys that wanted to hit on Liz, no one ever did. It was just too obvious the way the two would look at each other, how they felt. They were head over heels in love and it showed in every action, every look and every touch.

The two of them began to accept party invitations and together they attending parties, school events, even helping out in fundraisers for the yearbook. During the summer between their Jr & Sr year, they were basically joined at the hip or so Isabelle and Maria always said. Max just laughed it off, seeing how close his sister and Alex Whitman had become. Their relationship was sweet and caring. A friendship bloomed into more, but no where near the status that Max and Liz were at. Michael and Maria were another thing all together, their relationship ran so hot and cold, it seemed they were either bickering constantly or heavily making out. But, they seemed happy together as it just seemed their way. Of course, Liz was there by Max's side when Michael and Isabelle finally worked up the courage to tell Maria and Alex their secret. It had been an ordeal all in it's own, as Maria wanted to freak out and Alex was shocked silence. But, in the end Liz helped them both realize that the three of them were the same people that they had always known and the six of them became closer than ever before.

Liz and Maria also became best of friends with the real Isabelle Evans and the three girl's bonded over everything. Isabelle had always been popular, everyone had always wanted to be with her because of her social standing at school, but only Liz and Maria got to see the true Isabelle and loved her like a sister. It turned out Liz was correct in her assumption that with Isabelle being the only female of her kind, she never really had anyone that she could confide in where areas of another female's voice was needed. Those times were long gone when Max had opened his heart to Liz and in doing so Liz opened her heart to Isabelle. Once Maria joined in the secret the three became best of friends and Isabelle Evans finally knew what it was like to have real girl friends.

Alex on the other hand made it his point in life to help the three aliens secret to stay a secret. He constantly monitored different web sites, even breaking into the FBI's computer system to verify no unknown investigation was under way. His computer skills became unique and he was soon becoming top dog in the computer underworld as far as hacker's were concern. His need to protect his friends didn't stop with just his computer skills either, whenever a new individual came to town he was on top of it. Checking into their back ground, verifying they were who they said they were. Max and Michael were amazed at his abilities, but it was Isabelle that showed him the most gratitude for his help. Something that Alex never had a problem accepting from her. But, Alex also became Maria and Liz's protector in a way too. They were like his sister's and as much as he liked Max and Michael, he made it clear to the both of them, if they ever hurt either of his girl's they would have to answer to him. Alien powers or not. The strange thing was, with all their powers Max and Michael believed him and took his warning to heart. Not that either of them had any intention of hurting either of their girl's, but it was always in the back of their minds the threat that Alex had made and it kept them just that much more in line.

During their senior year Max and Liz were voted prom King and Queen almost unanimously. Liz had even talked Max into going out for the basketball team, stating the shorts in the uniform would turn her on something fiercely. Max unable to deny her anything, did eventually try out and was stunned to find out how much fun he had being part of the team. He had become first string and him and Kyle led the West Roswell Comets to their first District Championship in ten years. They had lost in the Regional playoffs, but Max couldn't have cared less, he had a blast and Liz was there to cheer him on at every game. Her statement about his uniform turning her on turned out to be true and just about every game night the two wound up making love afterwards.

Diane and Philip Evans couldn't have been more pleased with their son's choice in a girlfriend. Because Liz had big dreams that she was determined to see through, she pushed Max in his grades. Max had always had the ability to pass every course with flying colors if he had wanted to, but instead he just went for above average in lieu of being the perfect straight A student so he could remain in the shadows, less noticeable. But, with Liz's encouragement, he went from a high B average to a high A. Actually giving Liz a run for the money to be valedictorian of their senior class. In the end, it had been the two of them together pushing each other in a friendly battle to see who would win and Max's parents had never been so proud of him. Max, himself had never been more proud of Liz when she was named Valedictorian of the 2002 Sr class of West Roswell.

Even though the Parker's were more hesitant with the relationship that was blooming in front of their eyes, they couldn't deny what their own eyes were telling them. Max and Liz were in love and their love was strong. Once they finally accepted the growing relationship, Max won them over quickly and it wasn't unusually to find Max over at the Parker's home for dinner. Especially when Max's mother was trying new dishes from different Martha Stewart recipe books. The two families were almost forced into merging their holidays together as Max and Liz refused to not spend their holidays together. In the end Philip and Jeff became good friends as did Diane and Nancy.

As much fun as the two of them had with their friends and family, Max and Liz never lost sight of each other. They would go for so long, which never lasted really more than a week at a time and then they just had to be together. They craved the intimacy of each other's body and gave and got pleasure a like. Max never took advantage and Liz never took for granted their relationship. It was true, it was honest and it showed.

The clincher though was when Liz finally persuaded Max to accept Isabelle's proposal about finally telling his parents the truth. As usual Liz stood by Max's side when he stumbled his way through telling the truth to his parents. She also held Isabelle's hand in support of her friend. Although shocked beyond belief, the Evan's accepted their children for who they were not what they were. Adding that no matter what they were still their children and they still loved them. It was a defining moment in Max's life, one he would never have had the courage to do without the love and devotion Liz gave him.

"Liz we better go." Max stated as he tried to get Liz moving. She was having a difficult time trying to decide exactly the right outfit to where to the party they were going to. After all no one knew exactly what Pauly's sick mind would come up with for his party challenges and Liz was determined this year her and Max would win, with smooth sailings. The grand prize was once again a pair of tickets to the Gomez concert only it was in Las Vegas this year and there was no way she was going to miss Gomez again.

Max on the other hand, wanted to win for a whole other reason. He planned on winning the tickets to get Liz to Vegas, but seeing the Gomez concert was the last thing on his mind.
He had another more permanent commitment in mind rather than going to Gomez. When Liz finally came out of her room looking as gorgeous as ever, Max asked. "You ready partner?"

"Ready, willing and able." She replied winking and the two of them took off to join a party that had begun it all. Pauly's party challenge had been the beginning, but the end was no where close to be seen.

The End