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** Befor I write part four, I would like to answer some questions for you guys. Well in this chapter we will get
to know max a little better. But I don't want to give away too much. I haven't decided who alex is going to fall in love with yet, but I would love some suggestions on that part. Please help me vote: Isabelle, Tess, or a mystery girl? I hope you guys enjoy part four!! Love Jen

Part Four:

It was 7:30 and liz was changing into her sheer black dress. She rolled on her panty hose and strapped on her shoes. She stood infront of the mirror and looked herself over. Her long chestnut brown hair flowed down her bareless back.
"Somethings missing." she told herself.

She reached in her purse and pulled out her lip gloss. She applied it to her lips.
"All better."
There was a knock at her door.
"Just a minute!" she yelled running out of the bathroom.
She opened the door and there stood maria.
"Hey ria whats up?"
Maria walked in the room and gave liz a puzzled look.
"Where are you going?"
"I'm going out for drinks." Liz answered while trying to avoid eye contact. She knew maria always had a opinion.
"Oh. Are you going by yourself?"
"No. It's kind of a date. What do you and michael have planned?"
"Don't try changing the subject. Who are you going with?" Maria asked nosily.
"If you must know I'm going with the guy I met in the lobby, Max Evans." Liz replied trying to walk past maria.
But maria intercepted her.
"Liz please be careful. You don't know this guy.Don't go being with some stranger just because you're trying to get over Ky-"
Liz interrupted her in mid sentence.
"Maria stop. This has nothing to do with kyle, I'm just going out for drinks that's it. I don't need some lecture on how I feel. I just need you to be my friend and support my decisions no matter how crazy they may seem." With that liz left the room leaving maria behind.
On the way down to the lobby, Liz couldn't help but think about what maria had said. Why did every action she did have to have something to do with kyle? He wasn't apart of her life anymore, why couldn't people except that.
The elevator doors opened and liz immediatly searched the lobby. She didn't see him anywhere, she began to think he stood her up. Then she felt warm breathe on the back of her neck.
"You look stunning." The familiar voice whispered in her ear.

"For a second I thought you weren't coming." her voice trembled.
"Well you were wrong." liz turned around and looked at the sight before her.
Max was wearing black slacks and a tight black shirt with a black blazer. This man was absolutely drop dead gorgeous.
"Where do you want to go for drinks?" Liz asked.
"I was thinking about the hotel bar. They have dancing and all the drinks are free. Does that sound good to you?"
"Yeah it sounds great."
Max took her by the hand and escorted her to the bar.
They sat at a table near the back, where it was quiet.
A waitress approached them.
"What can I get you guys?"
Max gestured for liz to go first.

"I'll have a martini, dry, followed by a screw driver."
Max gave her a surprised look.
"I'll have the same please."
Liz gave max a sneaky smile.
"Didn't think I was much of a drinker did you?"
"I have to admit I was surprised, but ilike a woman who can handle her alcohol."liz blushed a little.
The waitress returned with their drinks

"so tell me a little bit about yourself max evans."
liz asked while taking a sip from her martini.

"Well let me see, I'm from New Mexico, as you already know. My parents are still married. My dad is a lawyer and my mom is a housewife. I have a twin sister named isabelle. I'am currently in my senior year of college at the university of New Mexico studieng psychology. I'm 21 years old and I'm a libra." He said confidently.
"Wow, now I feel like I've known you forever." liz said sarcastically.
"How about you? Tell me somethings about you."
Liz took a deep breathe before talking.
"My life is pretty random. I'm also in my senior year of of college studieing Biologyat Las cruces university.I'm 21 and I'm the only child. My parents are still together and they own a little cafe in roswell. That's about it." By the time she was finished both her drinks were gone.

"okay I have a question for you. Do you have a boyfriend?" The question caught her off guard.
"No I don't" she said non chalantly.
"That's good to know.FYI I'm also single." max couldn't hide his excitement.
Liz decided to change the subject. Right now she was feeling a good buzz and she didn't want to talk about relationships.
"Do you want to dance?"
"Sure." max took liz by the hand and led her to the center of the dance floor. Britney spears's " Boys" was blasting through the speakers.
Liz swayed her hiops to the beat. She began to dance a round max seductively. At the moment max couldn't resist, he grabbed her by the waist and grinded up against her. Liz put her arms around his neck and followed his rhythm. His hands got lower. he caressed her behind slowly. She rubbed her hands through his hair.
She turned around so that her backside was up against him. She slowly slid down and rose up against his manhood.Max wanted to moan out in pleasure. Liz never felt so sexy in her life.
A slow song came on. Liz turned around and max hugged her to him tightly. Their bodies were letting off so much sexual energy it was driving them crazy. Their bodies were so close you couldn't fit a piece of paper between them.
"You're a good dancer." max said.
"Thanks, you're not bad either." liz whispered in his ear.
Max started to kiss her bare shoulder. Liz felt a tingle go through her spine. Pretty soon their dancing had stopped and they just stood ther staring into each others eyes. Both of them filled with lust and hunger for one another.
Max caressed her cheeks gently. At that moment again the whole room froze.
Max lightly kissed her on the lips. He pulled away to see her reaction.
She looked down and took a deep breathe contemplating her next move.
Then she kissed him passionately. Max tangled his hands in her hair trying to get as close to her as he could. At that moment nothing else was important.
They finally pulled away both breathing heavily, but never breaking eye contact.
Then liz asked the fateful question.
"Do you want to go upstairs?"....
**Sorry to leave you guys hanging but I have to keep you guys wanting to come back for more. Love Jen

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****Author's note****
Parts two and three is on page 19 of the fanfic board. Sorry I messed up when I reposted. Sorry to confuse any one. I will try and get part four up by tomorrow night.

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