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Title: Love you forever
Dislaimer: I don't own anything!! even though I wish I did!!
Summary: Just read it please and reat the note at the bottom.
Rating_pg-13 to nc 17 or u can say everything

Liz point of view


I've always wanted someone who I could love forever. Someone who would be the other half of my soul. A person who would complete me. I think I have found this person in Max Evans. He is my one and only, my everything.

Chapter 1.

I hate school. Yup, I really do. Its just a waste of six hours of my time. The only good time is when I see Max. I love him so much and he loves me.

Right now I am walking home from school by myself day -dreaming. I jump suddenly when I feel someone come up in back of me and place their hands over my eyes.

"Guess who?" I hear the voice say, trying to change their voice. I instantly know it's Max. I can always tell where he is hen he's close to me and I know he can do the same to me.

I decide to play along with him. "Hmmm... I dont know I wonder who it could be." I say to the person.

"Oh I know who it is!" I say excited. "Its Matt. Isn't it." I say seriously.

"Nope it's not Matt." I hear him say to me. I can here the smile in his voice. He thinks he got me, well he's wrong, I think to myself.

I start to grind my hips and butt in Max's groin when I say,"Come on Matt you don't have to play anymore I found out who you are."

"It's not Matt," I hear the voice say again. I continue to grind into him. I feel his erection agaisnt me.

"Come on I would know you anywhere Matt. Don't you remember last night and the incredible se.." I start to say but Max turns me around, and starts to kiss me with hunger. I guess the grinding was too much, I think to myself pleased.

When we finally pull away, I look into Max's eyes and see the hunger in them. I probably look the same way, I think to myself. I love the way his eyes look into mine. I can see everything he feels and everything in his soul.

"God Liz, don't ever do that again." He says even though I know he loved every moment of it, as did I.

"I know you loved it and I know you would have even loved it more if we had hot wild sex right here on the sidewalk." I say to him knowing that it would get to him.

"Don't talk like that or I might even do it." Max says to me with hunger in his eyes again.

"Is that a threat or is that a promise?" I ask.

"Definitely a Promise, definitely a promise." I hear him say lowly. His voice is so sexy also.

I decide that I should steer the conversation away from all this sex and hunger or we may start doing it right here. I wouldn't want my parents to see. Were only a block away from the crashdown where I live.

"Max, I think I should get home, my parents might get worries about me." I say to him seriously.

"Okay, Liz I'll see you later. I love you." He says as his kisses me on the lips. MMMMM.. I love the taste of his lips and mouth.

"I love you too Max!!" I yell so everyone in the world could here.

All he does is smile. I know the feels the same way too and thats all that matters to me.

Max is my everything. He's the love of my life. If we never met I don't know if I would have been the same person I am today. If I didn't have him I would have rather die not because of my parents or anything. I love them just as much, its just that I am not very close with my parents. with Max I can tell him everything and he wouldn't judge me on it, he would always love me just like I would always love him.

You know Max and I ar going to get married one day. Yep we are going to have a nice house with a little puppy and two children. Were also going to have a boy and a girl. The boy's name would be Josh and the girls would be Madison. And guess what Max doesn't even know about it yet. I smile as I think of this. it would be the perfect life.

I walk all the way home back to Crashdown and greet my parents as I walk up to my room.

tbc... I dont really have a plot yeat if u like it would you give me some plot ideas..only if I have feedback ill continue!!
I also know that this part is short illtry o write more and more each time!!!!

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Thanks u too..I am going to need more than 2 feedbacks to continue.. maybe 5 or 10!! realy need to know its good.. and plezse gie m ideas on a plot. I hav an idea but I would like to know wat u guys think! Thanks
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Sry it took soo long.. but I took me awhile to feel like writeing I need some feedback to coninue assry for pelling mistakes I will be fixing them soon. Here you guys go

Part 2.

I can't wait fot tonight. I am soo excited. Yep because Maria, Alex, and I are going to a club called the Alien Abyss. I know its corny but what do u expect from a town obsessed with aliens. Yeah now you understand. Yep now I have to go pick out something to wear tonight. I went to my closet to find something when I hear the phone ring.

I go to my phone to see that it is missing. Damn. Where did I put it. I run around my room searching under my bed, on my bed, on my dresser, desk. God where is the stupid thing.

I look on the phone and there it is hiding under my shirt. Stupid phone don't run away like that again, were not playing hide-seek angain. I swear my phone is stupid.

I answer the phone and I hear the sexiest voice on the phone.

No its not Maria. I know you were thinking it was Maria but I dont swing that way, sorry. Yeah I have to admit though that Maria is cute and Michael is one hell of a lucky guy.

It is max. Yep my love. Insert dramatic sigh here

"Liz?" I hear the person on the other side of the phone say.

"Hey Max, waz up" I ask him.

"Nothing I was just wondering if you wanted to go out tonight and then maybe later tonight you could come over my house and hang out or something." He's says. I know what he's really thinking about going over his house.

"Sorry Max, but I can't I'm going out with Maria and Alex tonight." I say and I know that next he's going to ask where I am going.

"Oh really... thats good." I hear him say ok here it comes. "Uhh where you going." See I told you.

"Just to that club"

"Oh, thats good." Yeah I know he wants to come I can hear it in his voice.

"You know Max you can come if you want and you can invite Isabel, and Michael too if you want."

"Yeah thats a good idea, I'm sure that they would want to go and of course I want to go beacuse your there." I know he's relieved that I asked.

"Okay so meet us there at about 9 o' clock."

"OK I'll see ya there. I love you."

"I love you too." I really mean the words too.

I hang up the phone and started towards my closet again but that stupid phone rings again. Stupid. Stupid. I look over to where I thought I put the phone and guess whats it's not there.

Damn it I lost it again . I told it to stop hiding but does it listen to me. No.

I finally find it under my blankets on my bed and answer. "Hello"

"Hey chica" Its Maria, one if my best friends.

"Liz do you think that it's okay if I come over and get ready oer there. My mother is really bothering me beacuse she has this date tonight with some weird guy and I don't wanna be anywhere near her right now. "

I feel bad for Maria sometimes. Her father left her and her mother when she was younger and her mother always goes on these dates with these weird men. I even met them once and he was weird. I mean he smelt like burnt rubber. But I guess whatever turns on Ms. D is okay for her. But god I couldn't even stand next to him. I now try to make myslef scarce now every time I hear that she is on one of her dates. I may have nightmares forever.

"Yeah sure Ria just come right over. Oh and I invited Max, Michael, and Isabel to come. I hope thats ok." I know that she won't mind.

"Oh thats totally fine. I know how much you care about Max and now I get to be close to my little spaceboy." I hear her say and then I sorta just tune her out. cause you know she can talk forever. Then I hear her say that she has to go and will be right over.

"Ok see ya Ria." I hang up the phone.

Finally I think to myself. I can get ready. I look at the clock. and it's already 7:30... Oh god I'll never get ready. I go to my closet and look through my things. I have no idea what to wear Maria is good at these things and when I finally hear the doorbell I jump up and get the door. When I answer it I'm soo relieved that it's Maria.

"Maria you have to help me pick out something hot to wear. I wanna Max to think I look hot." I say cause I really want him to do. "I was thinking about this red halter top but I dont know what else to put with it." I said showing her the top.

"Oh yea thats the perfect top. Now lets see. Hmm what to pick. what to pick?" I love Maria when she's like this. "I got it!! This black mini skirt. You'll look so hot, just like me." Have I already mentioned that I love her.

Maria gets dressed in my bathroom while I get dressed right in my room. Maria did a good job with the outfit. I look pretty good and Maria looks hot. Michaels better watch out tonight.

"Oh my god Chica I am going to need bucket tonight for every guy thats look at you cause their going to melt beause your soo hot."

"Oh God Maria, that was terrible. Did you just tun into Alex or something. that was one of the corniest jokes I ever heard."

"It's only the truth Liz." I smile at her. I love her and Alex's jokes.

"So when is Alex coming?"

"Right now" She says as we hear Alex beep the horn in his car.

We looked into the mirror righ beofre and when we ere happr we ran down and out the door. When we got out of the building I hear Maria yell


I look down at her feet and start laughing. She forgot her shoes. Alex and I are still laughing when she comes back from inside with her shoes on.

"That was the higlight of my day, Maria, it was hilarious." I say starting to calm down.

"Yeah maria it was soo funny." I hear Alex say. "Ahh, My Feet!!" I hear Alex coping Maria and I laugh even harder.

"Guys you better not talk about this to anyone because I know stuff about you that other don't" I hear her say.

"Ok I promise." I say becoming serious. Maria knows stuff me that a lot of people dont know. like my obsession with Max in 4th grade and all the things I did. No body knows about that except for Maria.

"My lips are sealed." I hear Alex still laughing a little but becoming more serious. "So are my lady's ready to boogie."

"Okay lets go guys. I am ready!!" Mraia says as Alex as we leave.

There was little talking in the car of the 2 minutes we were in the car going to the club.

I am soo excited when we finally arrive. I love music. Everyone knows that and I love to dance. When we enter the club the first thing I think is where is Max. but before I could look Maria starts pulling Alex and I off to the dance floor.

"Come on guys we have to go I love this song." Maria says pulling us.

"Okay Maria, just loosen your grip a alittle I think your given me a black and blue mark and you know how much they hurt," I hear alex say. I laugh a little at that.

When Maria is finally happy at the spot we start dancing. After the song I look up and I see max and I know that he see's me.

He smiles and then I do and I am happy. I am always happy when hes around.

I see him walking over to me and I feel like everything is going in slow motion. When he reaches me the song changes to a techno. I like the techno songs that have words and dont go on forver. I like this one its "Milk inc" Walk on Water.. and Max and I dance together. We are totaly in sinc with each over and I love it. My hips grind me with his and we complete one another. And right now in this moment everything is perfect.

Milk Inc: walk on Water

There was a time
When nothing would last.
There was a time
I held onto the past.

The music started out slow so we grinded slowly, loving the feel of one another.

As the pace of the music quickened so did we.

I would walk on water just to be with you
Walk on water
just to be with
Split the ocean
cross the sea.
if you believe.

There was a time
I lost my faith
There was a time
I could only hate.
You were my shelter
you were my guide
I followed your dark eyes
right into the night

You were my savior
You took control
You came and touched my soul.

I'd walk on water just to be with you
walk on water just to be with you
Slpit the ocean
Cross the sea
walk on water if you believe

There was a time
when nothing would last
there was a time
I held onto the past

you were my shelter
you were my guide
I followed your dark eyes right into the night.

You were my savior
you took conrtol
you came and touched my soul

the music slowed down again and we slowed. I swear our bodies felt as if they were one. I couldn't tell where I began or ended.

But why are you still overshadowed by a doubt
if only you could see the love that carries me

The music quickened again. Have I mentioned I loved music.

I'd walk on water
just to be with you
walk on water
just to be with you
split the ocean cross the sea
walk on water if you believe

I'd walk on water
just to be with you
walk on water
just to be with you
split the ocean cross the sea
walk on water if you believe

Or Maybe I just love Max. I looked upat him as the song ended and he smiled at me and I saw his lips say I love you. I copied him.

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thankx.. I msry I havent written in a while I didnt think anyone liked it ..but thanx for the feedback
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Bumpin so I can find it!!
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Hey guys thanks to the people who actually gave faeedback. I appreciate it... !!

Now to the next. Warning: its not all fluff.

Part 3

I love Max, yep I do and I know you guys already know that so I'll stop talking about that now

. Another fast paced song comes on and Max and I decide to go sit down with our friends.

As we walked toward our table I could tell that Maria was trying to get Michael to dance. I watch as she tries to pull him up of his chair. It looks as if his butt is glued to the chair.

"You know she's never going to get him of the chair" I hear Max say to me.

Just as I was about to tell Max something I see Maria fly towards the floor. I guess she had a harder time getting Michael off the chair then I thought she would..

I run over to her laughing my head off. Okay not my head literaly, but you guys get the picture. When I get to her I was just hoping that she wasn't pissed off

As I reach her I am relieved when I see her laughing.

"Maria are you okay?" I ask, knowing that she is. "that look liked it hurt. You looked like you flew." I say laughing.

And all I heard from was.

"Superwoman to the rescue!!" Uh oh.. She turned in to superwoman. Everybody run to the hills, catch the next plane to new york, just get out of here before she starts to use her powers, I think, laughing to myself.

"Whats so funny?" I hear Alex ask me.

"Nothing." I say with a smile on my face. "Just my wild imagination running away with me again." I say to Alex. If only they knew how my brain really worked.

Soon afrer Maria finally got Michael to dance with her. I am happy for her someone has to break down his wall that he built.

It was funny watchin them dance togther. I could see Michael giving all the guys that glanced in Maria's way a nasty look. I thought that was very interesting so he really must like her.

Oh and Alex and Isabel. I can see something forming there. It's alittle wierd though. you know the computer geek and the popular ice princess together. A weird combination don't you think. But oppisites attract I guess you could say. yea, well thats what I think. It's the only thing that could explain it.

And Last but not least Max and I. Okay I know that you don't want me to go into the soulmate lover thing again. So I won't but I really love him. Its just so hard to keep my feelings in. Well Max and I we danced a little here and there, shared a few kisses, okay maybe a lot and we watched our friends.

I love my life in this little corny town called Roswell. Who cares that all the people are obsessed with aliens here. I guess you could say it is one of the things that keps the town interesting

"Hey guys, I think its time to go" I hear Maria say to us while max and I were dancing.

"Okay Maria we'll be right there." I reply.

Before going to the door me and Max shared this passionate kiss. You know the ones that you see fireworks and your knees get weak. I guess we better stop or I might just pass out. I pulled away from him slowly and look up into his eyes and smile. He looks back and smiles.

"I love you." I say

"I love you too. I will always love you." He's says looking into my eyes. I know he means it too. I can always tell when hes lying its in his eyes. The love, wanting, and hunger. It's all there in his eyes.

We walk over to the gang and see their relieved looks. Okay I know that we should have hurried it up a little but we were having one of our happy moments. I smile just thinking about that kiss. Maybe we should have snuck out the back.

"Its about time." I hear Michael mumble.

"Yeah, I thought you guys ran out on us for a second. cause I know how much you guys want to go and have some hot and wild animal sex." I hear Alex say. I dont say anything back cause you know thats what I really want to do, well in my fantasies thats what I want to do.

"Alex!!" I hear Isabel say to Alex about the last statment.

"Thats okay Isabel we don't mind do we Max"

"Nope, I dont mind."

"I wasnt talking about that. I just didnt want to visual about you and my brother like that." Isabel says. oh okay thanks for caring about us having unprotected sex togther Isabel. we could be creating millions of babies and she porbably wouldn't care. Okay maybe that a lie.

After Isbels comment We hear a screech in back of us. Uh oh what happened Maria. I think to myself.

"Oh my god!! You and Max already had sex!!" Maria says a little loud

"No, no we didn't where dd you get that idea from." I say suprised. Only Maria would think that. It was porbably something we said.

"Maria why would we have sex anyway. I have to tell you something im gay." I hear Max say out of no where.

"Max, your gay!." I hear Maria say. I bet shes feeling stupid right about now.

I see Michael give a weird look, Isabel to. Alex is grinning as am I.

"Well, I want to let you know I am just going out with Liz so know else finds out."

"Oh I see that makes sense. but you and liz have that far out look into my eyes soulmate type of thing. Are you sure your gay."

"Umm well let me think about it" I hear him say. I start to laugh a little and uh oh did Maria just see me. yep she did.

"OH my god you were lying to me." Maria says shocked. "I can't believe you guys." She slaps Max on the arm.

"You better stop you might give Max one of those killer bruises." Alex says. I laugh. I love Laex in a brotherly type of way. "They really hurt." I hear him say and laugh a little more.

"Can we go now?" Michael says annoyed. what can I say a mood breaker.

We all don't answer but all of have smiles on our faces as we leave. I give Max a kiss before we leave because were leaving in different cars. It would just be easier for everyone. I give him one last kiss and hug and walk to Alex's car. I can feel Max's eyes on me the whole time well at least until Alex pulls away.

When I finally return to the Crashdown I see my parents waiting up for me. Uh oh, What did I do now. I am scared to even ask.

"Hey mom, dad. Whats up? You guys look wierd." I ask a little worried.

'Liz hunnay I have bad news." My dad says. This can't be good.

"I know you like it here in Roswell here but I got a transferred to New York. Its a better job and everything." I hear mom say. This can't be good.

"Im sorry hunnay but were moving."My dad says gently.

I can't say anything to them. All I do is run to my room crying. When I get into my room. I slam the door shut and got to my ad and continue cying.

What about my friends, my school, my job and most of all what am I going to say to MAX!

tbc?.. only if you want.. feedback would be good. I wanna know how many people are reading.