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Title: ‘Learning from myself’
Author: 2BMeIsFree
Chapter: 1 (Path’s Taken)
Summary: Liz’s mother died/ Father left her/ Grandmother took her in/ Grandmother took her out/ Liz moves to Roswell and discovers things that she never knew
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, except my life
Author’s Note: To all the people out there that love life, keep on loving
Rating: PG-13 (Language, Violence)
Category: Max/Liz; Others
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Chapter 1: Paths Taken

When you look at me, you see innocence. But when you get to know me you’ll see a wild child, a little bit too wild.
Here I am dancing with someone I don’t know, drinking a drink, which I have no idea what it is.
I’m not like this all the time; it’s just an escape.
I could feel the boy’s eyes on my thighs, or maybe it was a girl.
My head is dizzy.
The blue lights that were flashing upon me were no longer blue; they looked red or maybe green.
The music had changed to an even faster beat.
I swallowed the rest of the drink and dropped it to the floor.
I held on tightly to the person whom I was dancing with.
Trying to get some balance.
What was a Roswell girl in a wild state like Las Vegas?
Oh, I am sinning and grinning.
I bounced my head to the music and kissed the person on the lips.
I don’t know why but I just did it.
After that… BLANK!

“Jeff, I can’t take her anymore”
“She’s drinking, doing drugs, having sex, I can’t take it”
“Yesterday, or should I say this morning she collapsed in a club”
“Yes, she’s gonna be okay, but I’m not”
“Look just take her, now”
“Please, I’m getting old, very old”
“Okay, either you take her or she’s out, and I mean it”
“Fine, Fine, Call me back, Goodbye”

I called for her; I needed her to get me a Tylenol badly. I knew she was on the phone with my dad but she was always on the phone with him, and she always says that she’s going to kick me out but she never does.
Her face his soft but I know that she’s mad, especially when she got that call that I was in the hospital today.
“Can I get a Tylenol please?”
“We don’t have any”
She smiled and wiped her forehead.
“Well could you please go out and get some please, my head is killing me”
Her face was suddenly drained; she was as white as a ghost.
“Your head, your head, my head has been killing for the last 5 years, you smoke, drink, party, you have issues that you keep inside with beer and dancing. I’ve had enough Elizabeth Ann Parker!”
O God my head, please don’t shout.
“I’m not keeping you any more, either you go back to Roswell or your out on the streets, and I’m serious”
Her face was stiff now, and I knew she meant it.
Her eyes were large and her lips were straight.
I walked closer to her smiling.
“I’m your granddaughter”
I touched her arm but she snatched it away. O O I ticked her off.
“Yea, well I wish you weren’t”
Now my face was white.
“Yea well you should have told your son to not fuck with my mother!”
I shouted after her as she turned her back. She seemed to be getting two suitcases.
She came back and dropped them unto my bed, her eyes were distant and she grabbed my clothes from my closet and threw them into the suitcase.
I watched as she threw my clothes into the suitcase, she even got another one for my shoes and accessories. She went into her room and came back with her purse, she pulled out her checkbook and wrote something on it, and then she went into her wallet and pulled out $100.00. She placed it on top of the suitcase and walked away.
Finally I realized she really wasn’t joking, I opened the suitcase and pulled out a jeans and a shirt and took a quick bathe. I felt sad but I didn’t show it. My Grandma didn’t want me either.
I grabbed the three suitcases; two were in one hand and one in another. I placed my handbag over my shoulder with the money and some things inside.
“She’s on her way”
My Grandmother hung up the phone and told me she had called a cab ten minutes ago.
I looked her in the eyes but she wouldn’t look back.
Then I heard the horn blow from outside.
I turned to the door and closed my eyes. I took a stepped but then realized that my suitcase had knocked over a picture. When I looked down, I saw her face. Her face was glowing and she was smiling. Her eyes looked so happy. I want to be happy!
“Mom” I whispered.
I picked up the picture and held it close walking through the door not looking back.
“Here I came Roswell, and dad” The last part I whispered, hoping no one heard. I got into the cab and watched as it drove away from the house. Forever!!!!

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