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TITLE: No Sleep Till Brooklyn
RATING: PG-13 to R
DISCLAIMER: Not even close to being mine.
SUMMARY: Liz POV A/U Max is the new 'badboy' and Liz is the town's 'goodgirl' or so everyone thinks. Relatively dark- no aliens.
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Okay, so this may be a little confusing but it'll make sense in the long run, I promise. Oh and they're in a movie case that's unclear. Oh yeah, and it's Max and Liz. ha ha...yeah okay...


"Ugh. This is all so agonizingly human."

He smiles and shifts me closer. "Would it make you feel better if I did a little rendition of my 'mating calls of the wild' speech?" Okay so not so much of a speech as a bunch of jumbled coo coo's and kaw kaw's.

"What, are you trying out for the boyfriend of the year award?"

He gasps in mock surprise, "Try out? I think we both know I'm a shoe in."

I smile weakly but don't say anything. He pulls me closer to my side because he knows what I'm thinking. He always knows.

"One day. One day we'll be in Brooklyn."

I snort, "Yeah, you say that a lot."

He's smiling that smile again, "I know, I think it's all part of the being wonderful thing."

"I think your theory's flawed."

"You're right." I raise my eyebrow. "I'm beyond wonderful."

"Yeah well, you weren't always so wonderful."

His eyes shift down and his grip around me loosens and his arm draws back slightly. "I know."

He's pulling away again. It's a habit we're both trying to get rid of. "Neither was I."

"You were always wonderful."

"And I always thought you were beyond it." I take his hand in mine and place his arm firmly back around me and we smile. We smile because we know. Someday we'll be in Brooklyn.


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Sorry this part is short, but I've been having serious writer's block and I really wanted to get a part out. Future posts will be longer I promise!!! Thank you for the feedback everyone and to LixMix- what I meant by Liz saying he wasn't wonderful and then contraticting herself was that no one thought he was wonderful, and that he did some let's say "not wonderful" things but she always thought, despite that, that he was beyond it. I hope that clears up that confusion and here's some more! I hope you like it.

Poor Liz.

Something bad happened to her.

Poor Liz.

It lived in the walls, hid in the cracks and lurked in the crevices. The whispering the stares, the pitiful glances. They pounded it in my brain and I believed them.

Poor Liz.

So I did what was expected, I became the perfect little girl everyone wanted me to be. No one ever caught the irony. I went to school, I got my good grades I did my community service and I was all around perfect Liz Parker.

Poor Liz.

Perfect Liz Parker.

Too much perfect and you're just not human anymore. Sometimes I wonder if I've crossed the line, sometimes I make it my goal too. Sometimes I don't have enough energy to care.

Pam Troy walks by and gives me a sympathetic smile. Once upon a time we were enemies, but not even Pam Troy dares hurt perfect Liz Parker. Not when the poor girl's already been through so much.

I stand at my locker, rifling through my useless things looking at my papers full of awkward A's and blindly searching for anything that used to be me.

See, the thing is, I didn't always want to go to Brooklyn. Hell, I didn't care where I ended up so long as it wasn't here. I couldn't live in the whispering and in the depth of saturated pitying eyes. Now I know Brooklyn is the epitamy of all I want. Me and Max are gonna go there someday, perfect Liz Parker and delinquent Max Evans. That's what they pegged us for, the simplest answer seemingly always the best one. See, Brooklyn symbolizes me escaping my demons and Max facing his. But right now I'm still searching. Desperately clawing through the A's and the stares and the whispers, still trying to find it.

"You heard of the new guy?" Maria: best friend. Sometimes I wonder if Maria's my best friend just because it gives her another way to rebel against "the system", tainting perfection. Other times I wonder if she's my best friend because she feels guilty, responsible for what happened, but most of the time I don't care. At least I'm still allowed to have a best friend, at least I have one.

"New guy?" Maria gives an exasperated sigh.

"Yeah, he goes to East Roswell. Tess claims he's a major hottie." You might wonder how everyone seems to know about a guy who doesn't even go to our school. The thing is Roswell has a population of about 20, so 21 is gonna be everyone's favorite number for at least the next three months. I'm relieved in a way because, for a while at least, everyone will be looking at the new guy. Whispering about his past. Then they'll remember poor Liz Parker, and what perfection she embodies.

I snicker. "Well, if Tess says so...." Tess: Another former enemy. We became friends over our similar misfortune. Tess is lucky though, I'm the only one who knows about her, about what happened to both of us. I envy her that. She lives in the silence, without the burden of hungry stares and the aching whispers. She knows peace, she knows imperfection.

"Yeah well.... there's a party tonight. The new guy's gonna be there..." I'm beginning to shake my head no already so Maria pushes on with her little diatribe, "Hey, if he's as cute as Tess says I'll even give you the first crack at him." I feel my face twitch slightly. "I...I mean if you want to. I'm sorry Liz, you know what I mean." It seems even Maria isn't immune to Roswell.

Poor Liz. Poor perfect Liz.

"Are you sure it's a good idea for you to be going to this party? I mean so soon."

Grandma Claudia watches me look over my wardrobe nervously and twists her hands in anticipation.

"It's been a year, grandma." Ever since I've been living with her, she began thinking of me as poor Liz too. Because why would poor Liz want to subject herself to a night of debochery? Perfect Liz Parker who doesn't even need parents.

"I know..."

"I'll be fine. I just need....I need to get out, okay?" Out of this house, out of Roswell out of this life.

"Well, okay...if you think it's best." But she's still skeptical. I see it in her glances, I hear it in the walls and feel it surround me.

"I...I gotta go. Bye."

I hurry downstairs because the whispers are just too loud. Too loud. Too loud.

Maria's already waiting in the restaurant under my apartment. Welcome to the Crashdown Cafe. Home of the alienated, home of the weird, strange and undesirable. Home of Perfect Liz Parker.

The party's already in full swing hysteria by the time we get there. Tess is waiting by the front door to meet us. Because god knows what would happen if Liz were to be left alone. It's potentially catastrophic.

"New guy, 10 o'clock." Tess nudges me and I look at the new guy. Or rather, the new guy's back. But I can't bring myself to care about the new back in town, not when I can already feel the whispers fading and the stares shifting, not when I can bask in the glow of being forgotten.

"Let's go say hi." Maria and Tess each grab one of my arms in turn and direct me to the newest back of Roswell. Mr. number 21.

Pam catches my eye and smiles her sympathetic smile. "Max, Max...this is the girl I was telling you about this is Liz." The back laughs and Pam's eyes grow big. The room reeks of imperfection. The back turns around and as I had expected a face takes its place.

"So you're perfect Liz Parker." The room grows eerily still and I feel all eyes on me. Perfect Liz Parker's been called out. She no longer lives in the shadow of everyone's notice.

I look behind him and see the entirity of the cheerleading squad eagerly baying at his heels. What's he doing? What's he doing? Doesn't he know? Doesn't he know?

"Wow, I've never met a sheep herder before. This is actually quite fascinating for me." And he smiles this cocky smile, completely oblivious to the stares and the whispers and the baited breath.

"Well look at that, I believe I've just discovered the untapped violent side of Roswell's very own sweetheart." I hear Maria's agitated breath behind me, even she was never brave enough to fuck with the system like this.

"You'd be amazed at all the powers I possess."

"Really? Amaze me." Tess gasps at this.

"I think I already have." I retort and he just smiles his cocky smile and everyone wonders just what the hell is going on? What is this? What has happened to perfection, because if perfect Liz Parker isn't, what is?

"Yeah, so do I."

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update soon!

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AHHHH! I'm SO sorry you guys, I'm just such the bad little author. I swear my teachers have been extra ganging up on me though. I just gone done with midterms and I think this week will be a little bit better. I'm really sorry I haven't updated like I said I would but I will by the end of this week I SWEAR and if by some freak accident I don't please throw large objects at me until I do.

So next week. And Eve, babe, a promise is a promise and I'm keeping it damn it!!!

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Hey. (lowers eyes in shame) I''ve been kinda dead to the board since October. Oops. I''m really sorry, especially to you Eve, I''m a bad, bad, girl. But I''m really really gonna try to have a part out by my mid winter break which is the week after next. And by "part out" I mean a part out for all my stories. But if that isn''t possible I''m gonna post in this order.

No Sleep Till Brooklyn.

Again I''m really sorry you guys and I hope you''re still interested and you don''t hate me too much!*big**big**big**big**big**big**bounce**bounce**bounce*