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Okay I've decided to start a new story. I have the first few parts done, if I get alot of feedback I'll post the next part fairly soon.

Title: Welcome To My Life
Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own any of the Roswell characters.
Rating: R
Summary: Totally AU, f/f no aliens. Liz, Kyle, Tess, & Sean are all 23. They all graduated West Roswell together and have been best friends since grade school. Max, Isabel, Michael, Maria, & Alex are 27 and have never met Liz, Kyle, Tess, or Sean. Sean is still Maria’s cousin, but they aren’t very close, hardly ever see each other.


I’m Liz Parker… well I used to be. I am now Liz Martin, but will hopefully be Liz Parker once again. Let me tell you a little about my life. I was born and raised in Roswell, New Mexico. My parents own a restaurant called The Crashdown Café we lived above the restaurant for most of my life. I attended West Roswell High with my three best friends. Kyle Valenti has been my best friend since we were in diapers. Our mothers were best friends most of their lives. They did everything together, they married around the same time, were pregnant together. Kyle is only 2 months older than me. Tess Harding moved to Roswell in third grade. We clicked instantly. She is just a very genuine person; she’s got a great sense of humor, totally loyal. She’s always been there for me. She’s also been in love with Kyle since she met him. Our other best friend is Sean Deluca. What can I say about Sean? Well he started hanging out with Kyle, Tess, and me in sixth grade. He’s a really great friend. Kind of a troublemaker, he can also be obnoxious and loud. But he’s a blast to hang out with. We all usually got into trouble when we went out.

We all attended West Roswell High. Tess and I were on the cheerleading team. Kyle and Sean played football and basketball. We hung with the popular crowd. Tess and Kyle started dating when we were sophomores. It was funny Kyle never looked at Tess as anything more than a friend, and Tess tried everything she could think of to get Kyle to look at her as more then a friend. It finally worked when she started going out with a football buddy of Kyle’s. Then all of the sudden Kyle was crazy jealous. He told her how he felt and they’ve been together ever since. They even got married a few years ago. Me and Sean tried dating each other, it didn’t work there wasn’t any chemistry between us. Then in the middle of junior year Ben Martin moved to Roswell. His family is very wealthy. They own a hotel resort in Santa Fe and were building another one in Roswell. I was smitten with him. He was so good looking. He has dark brown hair and the most beautiful blue eyes. Tall and well built. Most of the female population of West Roswell was drooling after him. Anyways he joined the football team and started hanging out with our crowd. He asked me out two months after he started hanging around our crowd. Of course I said yes! He was the perfect boyfriend for the most part. We dated for the rest of high school.

Tess and I wanted to open our own nail salon. So we enrolled in a nail tech program at a cosmetology school in Las Cruses. It only took six months to get certified. Then we took a nine month business course. So by the time we were 20 we were done with school. We rent a space in a strip mall here in Roswell. Shawn decided that he wanted to help troubled kids. He had a bad home life after his dad left in the middle of eight grade. His mom just let him do whatever and wasn’t the greatest role model. She drank pretty heavily and would just take off with different men for days on end and let Shawn fend for himself. (Which was a great time to have a party! And trust me we had plenty of those!) But he didn’t have any adult role models or anyone he could talk to. So he studied psychology at Las Cruses University. Where he met his girlfriend Serena Porter. He recently graduated and has just started a job working at a local office. Kyle is studying criminal justice at Las Cruses. (a/n I don’t know how far it is between Roswell and Las Cruses so I’m gonna say its about a half hour drive.) He and Tess got married when they were almost 21. When Ben turned 21 he got access to a pretty hefty trust fund his grandfather left him. He’s always had lots of money but it was his parent’s money. His parents didn’t even tell him about it until his 21st birthday. He majored in business and graduated last year. He now works with his parents and older sister. Ben proposed to me a few months after Kyle and Tess got married. I said yes. I was so happy. We started planning the wedding and were married four months later.

We’ve been married almost a year now. After we got married he started to change. He’d lose his temper really easily and got really possessive. Sure before we got married he’d lose his temper once in a while but it was never bad. Now he has all these stupid little rules. Like if me & Tess wants to go out together to a movie or dinner or to a bar or something. I have to ask which is understandable but he has to know exactly where I’m going with who and gives me a time to be home, oh, and when I go out he calls me just about every half hour. I swear I feel like teenager again. By 6:00 when he walks in the door from work the house must be picked up, dinner has to be on the table and my mess from making dinner must be cleaned up. Nobody can believe how much he’s changed. I know Tess, Kyle, & Shawn are scared for me. Shawn keeps after me to go see one of the lawyers that he cousin works for. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do yet. Because we should try to work it out, but I don’t want to be around if it gets worse. I’m scared he’ll do something to me. He’s only hit me once, well not even hit more like shoved. He shoved me into a wall, I pushed him back and yelled at him not to touch me, then he shoved me back and smacked my head against the wall and told me I don’t tell him what to do. I don’t even what to think about how ballistic he would be if I approached him with divorce papers. He always tells me we’ll be together forever. But I don’t think I want to be with him forever.

Okay so let me know what you think!! the more feedback the sooner you get the next part!! Corrin

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Jermiah, A Rose is True Blue, & Marteloise, thank you for the feedback!! I really appreciate it, I'll post the next part tomorrow.

A Rose is True Blue, I decided not to make Shawn and Maria not that close just becasue of the age difference. They'll get along fine when they are together. They just don't get together that often.

Thanks again for the feedback you guys!!! Corrin *angel*

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Jeremiah, A Rose is True Blue, Marteloise, & Firefly Dreamer, thanks again for all the feedback!! Hope you like the next part. Corrin *angel*

Chapter 1

“You should just go see one of the lawyers Shawn’s cousin works for.” Tess tells me while we’re eating lunch. “I know. I’m just scared. I don’t know what Ben will do when I hand him the papers.” I said. “Do you want me to be there with you, if you do it?” “I don’t think so. And another thing, where am I gonna go? I don’t want to go back to my parents.” “You could stay with me and Kyle.” Tess offered. “No, it would be too crowded. You guys only have a one-bedroom apartment. You and Kyle need your own space. I’d only be in the way.” I said. “You would not. Besides we are in the process of looking for a house. So after we buy a house we’ll have plenty of room.” Tess said. “I can’t do that to you guys.” “Sure you can, it’ll be fun!” she exclaimed. “No, I think I’ll have enough to get an apartment. It’s just that all of our money is in a joint account. I can’t suddenly take out enough money to put down a deposit on an apartment and pay lawyer fees without him noticing.” I say. “How much do you have of your own money?” Tess asked. “I have enough to get an apartment and probably furnish it.” “You know you’ll probably get some sort of alimony.” “Probably not. We haven’t been married that long. And besides I don’t want any of his money.” I said.

We finished our lunch and returned to work. I finished up about 3:30, Tess was going to stay until 5:00. “Okay, I’m gonna head home. Call me later.” I said to Tess. “I will. Think about what I said at lunch.” She said. I smiled at her. “Okay, bye.” “Bye.” I drove home, did some laundry and picked up the house. After I picked up I sat down to see what was on television. There was nothing on so I zoned out then fell asleep. The phone woke me up about 4:45. Damn telemarketers. I went into the kitchen to start supper. Then I saw it. “Oh no!” Ben left me a note to pick up his dry cleaning before 5:00. Great it was five minutes to five; I wouldn’t make it there in time. I’m never going to here the end of this. Why can’t he pick up his own damn clothes? I went about fixing supper and cleaning up. I decided to dust and vacuum really fast. You know make sure the house was extra clean since I didn’t get his suit. I was setting the table when the door opened. I took a deep breath. “Hi.” I said. “How was your day?” “It was okay, pretty hectic.” He said walking over to kiss me. “The house looks nice.” He said sitting down at the table and fixing himself a plate. “Did you pick up my suit from the cleaners?” He asked. Oh no. “Um about that, I am so sorry but I didn’t see your note until five o’clock. I’m sorry, I’ll pick it up first thing in the morning.” I said. “Damn it Liz, I need it for tomorrow. Did you deliberately not look at the note this morning when you grabbed something for lunch?” He asked raising his voice. “I said I was sorry. Tess and I had planned yesterday to go out to lunch today. I didn’t even go in the kitchen this morning.” I tried to defend myself. “And what time did you get home?” he asked. “About 3:45.” I answered quietly. “And you didn’t go into the kitchen for anything when you got home?” He asked not believing me. “I think your doing this just to piss me off.” He stated. “Whatever, fine don’t believe me. You can clear the table and finish the damn dishes. I am so sick of this. I’m not your god damn maid, Ben.” I said getting up. I had lost my appetite. I walked past him and he was up in a flash. He grabbed my arm and spun me around. “Don’t talk to me like that.” He said squeezing my arm “Ouch! Why not, you talk to me like that and treat me like shit. How come I can’t do the same to you?” “I treat you like shit because you deserve to be treated like shit when you act this stupid. Maybe if you use your brain a quarter of the time this wouldn’t happen.” He shoved me backwards. I lost my balance and fell flat on my back knocking the wind out of me. “Leave me alone.” I said when my breath had returned. I got up and went to the bathroom locking myself in. I paced back and forth for a little bit. My arm began to throb a little. I look down and sure enough bruises were starting to form. “Great.” I said to myself. I sat down in the bathtub and drew my knees into my chest and rocked back and forth and started to cry. What was my life becoming? I didn’t want to continue to live like this. I fell asleep. I think the reason I had been sleeping so much lately is because I could escape everything in my dreams. I woke up to Ben knocking on the door. I looked down at my watch. I had been in here for almost two hours. “Liz, honey, please come out. I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to get so angry. I just had a very stressful day. I didn’t mean to take it out on you. I love you.” I didn’t say anything. You love me, I thought to myself. Sure have a funny way of showing it. “Liz, are you okay?” He asked. Just peachy. I said to myself. “Liz?” He started to sound a bit panicked. He probably thinks I’m in here trying to kill myself or something. “Liz!” He started to turn the doorknob, but I had locked it. “I’m fine Ben, just leave me alone. I’ll be out in a while.” I said. “Okay. Oh, Tess called a little bit ago.” He said. “Okay.” Of course I was lying. I didn’t come out of the bathroom until I was sure that Ben had gone to bed. I walked into the dining room to clean up our dinner and to my surprise Ben had actually cleaned up. I walked into the kitchen and there wasn’t a dish in the sink. Wow, he must have felt really bad. It was almost 11:30. I decided to get a pillow and blanket from the hall closet and sleep on the couch. I didn’t have a client until 10 tomorrow morning, so I didn’t have to get up until eight-thirty. I grabbed my cell phone and set the alarm on it. I didn’t want to go into the bedroom to get my alarm clock and risk waking up Ben. I laid down on the couch and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to Ben kissing my forehead and my checks. “Liz.” He said softly. My eyes snapped open and I shot up. “Huh?” “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. He said as he pulled me into his arms and held me. “I am so sorry about last night. I just… I have no excuse for my behavior and I guess I just let my temper get the better of me. I promise I’ll change. I love you.” He said. I just let him hold me and listened to him tell me all these thing I wanted to hear. “Let me make it up to you. Let’s go out tonight, we’ll have a nice dinner and maybe go dancing or to a movie or something. Okay?” I nodded my head. “Okay.” He kissed me and then he handed me a single red rose. “Thank you.” I said. “Alright, I got to get to work. Be ready around six.” “Okay.” He got up to walk out the door. “Oh and Liz,” “Yeah.” I answered. “Can you please pick that suit up today?” “Yes, I’ll see you when you get home.” “Thanks. Bye.” And he was out the door. See here’s the thing. See how nice he was this morning? That’s the man I fell in love with. This always happens. We have a big fight, he apologizes over and over for a day or two, things go really well for a few more days, and then he’s all pissy again. Welcome to my life. It sucks.

Feedback is a must for this story to continue!!! Corrin
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Thanks again for all the feedback, FireflyDreamer x4, Marteloise, Elc x2, TD Dreamer Behr, & LizParkerEvans4evax. I hope you guys like this part. I'm pretty happy with it. So enjoy and let me know what you think. Corrin *angel*

Chapter 2

I got up and got ready for work. I decided to swing by the dry cleaners before I went to work. I only had five clients today. So I was done around three-thirty. I was getting ready to go and Tess was waiting for her four o’clock. “So what happened last night?” She asked. “I’m sorry. We got onto this huge fight because I didn’t see a note that he left me to pick up some clothes at the dry cleaner.” I explained. “Are you serious? Over dry cleaning?” she said. “I know. Ridiculous, isn’t it? I spent the whole night in the bathroom.” I said. “Do you want to go out tonight and get away for a bit? We could go to that karaoke bar off Maple Street and get totally smashed on margaritas and sing all night.” She asked. “Sounds fun, but Ben is taking me out tonight to make up for last night. Maybe in a couple days.” I said. “Alright, I’m just gonna be board. Kyle is leaving tonight.” She said. “What for?” I asked. I couldn’t remember her mentioning anything about it. “Jim and Michelle are moving back this weekend and Kyle is gonna help them.” She said. “Oh my god, I completely forgot about that. I thought it wasn’t for another couple weeks.” I said. “It got changed.” She explained. “They were able to move up the closing date on the house they bought. I thought I told you.” Kyle’s parents had moved to Arizona almost two years ago to help out Michelle’s mother who hadn’t been doing too well. She passed away a few months ago and Jim and Michelle were moving back. Everyone was happy they were coming back. My parents really missed Jim and Michelle. “I must have spaced it.” I replied. “That’s okay. Let me know if you want to go out in the next couple of days, cuz he’s gonna be gone for four days.” She said. “Okay, I’ve got to get going so I can be ready when he gets home.” I said. “Alright, see ya later.” She said. “Bye.”

By the time I got home it was close to four o’clock. I decided to curl my hair so I plugged in my hot rollers and washed my face to redo my makeup. After I had my hair and makeup finished I went to our bedroom to decided what to wear. I decided on a black skirt that came to my knees and a light blue button up dress shirt with three quarter sleeves. Hopefully we would have a good time tonight and not fight about anything. I went into the living room to watch TV until Ben got home. He came rushing in twenty minutes to six. I got up to greet him. “Hey.” I said. He looked flustered “What’s wrong?” I asked. “They’re having a huge problem at the hotel in Santa Fe. I’ve got to get out there as soon as possible.” He said. “Tonight? It’s a four-hour drive. Can’t your parents handle it?” I asked. “They left on they’re vacation yesterday. My sister really needs the help.” He said. “Do you want to have dinner before you go?” I asked. “Liz, I don’t have time. I’m gonna get some stuff together and go. If I leave in the next fifteen minutes I can make it there around ten.” He said as he was heading for the bedroom. I followed him. “Can’t you just drive out in the morning? If you left at six or seven you’d still be there by ten or eleven.” I said. “No, I’d rather drive out tonight.” He said as he was packing some clothes in a suitcase. “How long are you gonna be gone?” I asked. “Why? Planning on doing something you shouldn’t?” He asked snidely. “You don’t have to be such an ass. I was just wondering, like any normal person would.” I said. “A few days, I don’t know. I’ll be back on Saturday or Sunday.” He said. “Fine.” I said as I walked out of the room. Actually I was kinda glad he was leaving. I was sick of fighting with him. Maybe a few days apart would do us some good. “Liz!” He hollered from the bathroom. “What?” I yelled back from the kitchen as I was putting a frozen pizza in the oven. “This bathroom is a mess! Get in here and straighten it out.” He yelled. I walked toward the bathroom. “What do you care you’re leaving? I’ll clean it up later.” I was so sick of him treating me like a child. I turned to walk away and he grabbed my upper arm. “I asked you to clean it up.” He said through gritted teeth. “No, you told me to clean it up. You didn’t ask.” I said. “Whatever. Just do it.” He commanded. “Okay, I am getting really sick of this. I am your wife, not your child. Please treat me like an adult.” I told him. “Then act like one. I’ve got to go.” He said. “Of course you do.” I said under my breath. “What was that?” He asked. “Nothing, just go.” I said. “I’ll see you when I get back.” he said. He walked up to kiss me on the lips and I turned my head so he got my cheek. “Whatever, bye.” He said and walked out the door.

After he left I had supper and called Tess to explain what happened and see if she still wanted to go out. She was going to come and pick me up, and then we’d head out. I decided to change. I was a bit over dressed for a bar. I changed into a pair of black flare pants that hung low on my hips and a white v-neck tank top that showed off my stomach. Ben would probably have a fit if I went out like this without him. But, oh well. He wasn’t here. Thank god. Tess knocked at the door and I answered. “Oh you look cute!” She exclaimed. “You too.” I said. She was wearing a pair of dark blue flare plants and a blue stripped tank top that matched her pants. “You ready?” She asked. “Yep.” I said as I grabbed my purse. We got into Tess’s car and drove to the bar.

It was Thursday so it was pretty crowded. We sat down and ordered a pitcher of margaritas. Tess wanted to go up and sing right away. Not me. I have to be pretty tipsy to get up in front of everybody and sing. I looked around to see if I recognized anyone. I didn’t recognize too many people. I caught the eye of a guy sitting a few tables away. He was pretty cute, dark hair, looked pretty built. I couldn’t make out the color of his eyes in the dim light. He was sitting with two other guys and two girls. I smiled at him and he smiled back “Who are you looking at?” Tess asked. “What? Oh, that guy at that table over there.” I said nodding my head towards the table. “Which one?” “The dark haired guy.” I replied. “He is cute!” She said. “Yeah, too bad I’m married.” I said sadly. “Go see a lawyer.” Tess told me for about the tenth time. “I know. I really need to. But lets not think about guys now. Lets have fun!” I said. The night passed and we drank more and more. The cute dark haired guy would smile at me every now and then. The blonde that was with him was really enjoying the whole karaoke thing. She had a pretty good voice too. She looked vaguely familiar. Maybe she was a client of mine or Tess’s at one time. Who knows? My brain wasn’t functioning properly after the large amounts of alcohol I had consumed. Finally, I was gone enough that we got up to sing a song together. We were still too chicken to do it by ourselves, so we sang Complicated by Avril.

We decided to go. I attempted to stand and just about fell over. Tess was already standing doubled over in laughter, which made me start laughing hysterically. Walking with our arms around each other for support, we made our way towards the door. “Excuse me.” The blonde that had been enjoying singing way too much called. Tess and I turned around to see who was talking to us. “Yes?” I asked. “Hi, sorry I know it’s none of my business but do you think either of you should be driving?” she asked. “Probably not.” I said. “Do you have someone you can call to come and get you? I’m Maria by the way.” She said. “I’m Liz and this is Tess.” I said. “I suppose we could call someone.” Tess said. Tess started to pull out her phone. “Why don’t you guys call someone and come and sit with us.” Maria said. “Okay.” I said and smiled at her. Tess was already on the phone with Shawn. “Shawn.” Tess slurred. “Can you please come and pick us up at the bar on 22nd and Maple. Please, me and Liz are so drunk and I don’t want to get into an accident.” She looked at me while Shawn was talking to her. “I know. I’m sorry it’s so late. Okay I’ll see you in a few minutes.” She said. We made our way back to the table we were sitting at. That Maria girl was waving at us to come over. Wow she was really friendly. We made our way over and sat down in a couple empty chairs. “So, is someone coming to pick you guys up?” Maria asked. “Yeah, a friend of ours is coming to get us.” I answered. “Guys this is Liz and Tess.” She said as she gestured towards us. “This is Isabel, Alex, Max, and Michael.” We both said hi. We made small talk. Turns out they went to the same high school as us. But they were a few years older than us. They were seniors when we were freshmen. And wow Max was even cuter up close. He kept looking at me and smiling. God he had a smile to die for. I looked up and saw Shawn enter the bar and I waved. He looked at me and made his way over. “Hey, you ready?” he asked. “Yep. I am so tired.” Tess answered. Maria looked up. “Shawn? Oh my gosh. These are friends of yours, I thought they looked familiar. How are you?” Maria said without taking a breath. “I’m doing good. I was sleeping until someone woke me up.” He said glaring at me and Tess in a playful way. “Sorry.” Tess and I both replied. “It’s okay. I’d rather wake up and come and get you guys than have you end up I an accident.” Shawn said. Maria introduced Shawn to everyone. “Well we’d better get going.” Shawn said. Tess and I got up. “Bye everyone.” I said. I looked at Max one more time and smiled and we left.

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Chapter 3

Tess ended up staying at my house with me. We both plopped down on my bed and fell asleep instantly. The phone kept ringing every five to ten minutes, but I was too incoherent to pick it up. “Make the phone stop. Please.” Tess begged. I was attempting to unplug it when the phone started ringing again. I gave up and practically threw it across the room. Ahh, silence.

I woke up at 7:45 the next morning. I shook Tess awake. “Tess, wake up we have to be to work in about an hour.” I said. She mumbled something but I couldn’t understand what she was saying. “Get up. You better hurry up and jump in the shower. You can use the bathroom in the hallway and I’ll use the one in here.” I said. “Okay. She said as she sat up. I opened my closet and grabbed some clothes for me and an outfit for Tess. “Here you go.” I said as I tossed the clothes at her and headed into the bathroom. After I was ready I headed into the kitchen to grab a couple of bagels for me and Tess and I noticed the answering machine light blinking. Great I thought. Ben is probably really pissed. I pushed play. I had seven new messages. They were all Ben. The messages started out really nice like, “Liz, baby, I’m sorry. Please pick up the phone,” and the ended with, “Liz pick up the damn phone. Where the fuck are you? You better call me the instant you get home.” “That Ben?” Tess asked as she walked into the kitchen. “Who else.” “You ready to go?” Tess asked. “Yeah, oh I should probably hang the phone back up. I think I threw it last night.” I said. “I think so. God, was he calling like every five minutes.” She said. “Something like that.” I hurried and hung the phone up and we headed out to my car. “You know I have never given him a reason not to trust me. I have always been faithful. And he treats me like he doesn’t trust me. I wonder why he does this?” I said. “I have no idea.” Tess said. “Do you think we should try some type of marital counselor?” I asked. “I think you should try a lawyer.” Tess retorted. “Tess!” I said. “Sorry, I just hate seeing the pain he’s putting you through. You deserve someone so much better; someone who loves you for you. Not trying to change you and bitch about how you did this and that wrong or how you didn’t fold his pants just right.” She said. I was quiet. I knew she was right. I couldn’t live like this for much longer. My cell phone started ringing. Tess grabbed it out of my purse. “Guess who?” She said with a phony smile on her face. I snatched the phone out of her hand and tossed it over my shoulder and into the back seat. “There.” I smiled. “You know what? I’m gonna call Shawn find out the name of that law firm his cousin works for and I’m gonna make an appointment with a lawyer to have divorce papers drawn up.” I said firmly. “Finally!” Tess said. “Wanna go out and celebrate tonight?” She asked. “What the hell!” I said. We pulled up to the shop and got out. I felt so much lighter. Like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I could breathe normally again. After my first client left I had a half hour before my next appointment. I called Shawn to thank him for coming to get Tess and I last night and to get the name of the law firm. After I hung up with him I looked up the firm in the phone book and dialed the number. It rang a couple of times before anyone answered. “Good morning, Evan’s and Associates. This is Maria. Can I help you?” “Hi, Maria. This is Liz Parker from last night. Shawn’s friend.” I said. “Oh, hi. How are you?” She asked. “Good, I need to make an appointment with a lawyer to have some divorce papers drawn up.” I said. I had no idea how to go about this. “Okay, I can set you up an appointment. Was there any lawyer in particular that you would like to meet with?” She asked. “No, whoever is fine. I actually don’t even know any of the lawyers that work for the firm. Shawn just said that you worked here and said that I should call.” I explained. “Okay.” she said. “Let me see who’s available. When would be a good time for you?” She asked. I pulled my appointment book out of my purse and opened it up. “Do you have anytime Friday afternoon, maybe around three?” “That would be good.” I said. “Great. Then I’ll set you up with Mr. Evans and we’ll see you tomorrow at three.” She said. “All right, thank you very much. Bye.” I said. “Bye.”

Maria’s POV…

Max will be thrilled. I purposely set the appointment up with him because I saw him eyeing her last night. I can’t wait to see his reaction when he meet’s with her tomorrow.

Back to Liz…

“There, I did it. I made an appointment.” I said to Tess after her client had left. “Good for you! I can not explain how happy I am for you!” Tess exclaimed. The rest of the day passed uneventfully. Ben called the shop a couple of times, but I had Tess tell him I was busy. I didn’t want to talk to him. I was excited, nervous, and scared. I was excited and nervous because I have never been on my own before. I lived with my parents, then a couple months before our wedding Ben bought a house and we moved in together. And I am scared of what Ben’s reaction will be. I didn’t even want to think about his reaction. I pushed it to the back of my mind. I decided that maybe I should start packing my things this weekend and be gone before Ben gets back. Yeah that was a good idea. I wouldn’t have to face him. We closed a little after four, neither of us had any more clients. I dropped Tess off at her car. “So, do you want to go out to dinner tonight, then maybe a club or something?” Tess asked. “Sure.” I said. “Cool, I’ll run home and change and pick you up in an hour.” She said. “Sounds good. That should give me enough time to change and get yelled at for a little bit.” “Don’t call him.” Tess said. “I would love to just forget about him and not call him, but do you know how much more angry he will be if I don’t.” I replied. “I guess your right. Okay, so I’ll see you in about an hour.” Tess said as she got out and walked to her car.

I got home and sure enough there were three more irate messages from Ben. I decided to get ready first in case Ben wanted to talk for a long time. I changed into a pair of low rider jeans, and red tank top. Then decided to pull my hair back. I grabbed the cordless phone and sat down on the couch and dialed Ben’s cell phone. It rang twice while I silently prayed that he was too busy to answer. No such luck he answered. Damn it! “Hello.” He said. “Hey…you called.” I said quietly. “Is that all you have to say? Where the hell have you been?” His voice seethed with anger. “I went out with Tess last night.” I explained. “And did what?” He asked. “We went to that new bar off Maple Street.” I said. “You couldn’t have called when you got back. You know I originally called to apologize for leaving like I did. But, I don’t think you deserve an apology. I think you should apologize to me for acting like a bitch.” He said. “I am not acting like a bitch!” I practically yelled. “I had a little too much to drink last night and I fell asleep as soon as I got home.” I said. “But you were awake enough to take the phone off the hook?” He asked. “Yeah, I guess I was.” I said sarcastically. “Why do you have to act like such a selfish bitch? I was just trying to settle things between us, and you don’t care. You were out getting drunk like a fool.” He said. “You know, I’m not going to listen to this anymore. If I want to go out and have a good time that’s okay. I shouldn’t get punished like a child. I am an adult. Just call and leave a message and let me know when you are getting back. I don’t want to talk to you anymore! I’m hanging up now. Goodbye.” I hung up the phone and took a deep breath. My hands were trembling. I couldn’t believe I just stood up for myself and said those things to him. Two seconds later the phone was ringing. I knew it was Ben. I picked it up. “I said leave me alone. I don’t want to talk to you.” I said with my voice slightly shaking. God, he pissed me off. I was greeted with silence. Oh great, it wasn’t him. “Hello.” I said feeling really stupid. “Hi, is Liz Martin there?” He asked. “Yeah, this is her.” I replied. “Hi, this is Max Evans from Evans & Associates and my secretary has you scheduled for a three o’clock appointment with me tomorrow. Anyway I was wondering if we could change that to three-thirty. Would that work okay for you?” He asked politely. “Um. Yeah, that should work okay. Sorry, I thought you were…someone else.” Could I feel any stupider? “That’s okay. I figured you thought I was someone else. Either that, or that’s just the way you answer your phone.” He said playfully. “Yeah, sorry again.” I said. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll see you tomorrow at three-thirty then.” He said. “Yes, thank you. Bye.” I said and hung up. Now my lawyer probably thinks I’m insane. Tess knocked a few minutes later. I actually really didn’t feel like going out after I talked to Ben. But we decided to go out to dinner and see a movie. I didn’t feel like clubbing to night and plus I was kinda tired. Tess dropped me off at home about nine-thirty. “Are you okay? You seem kinda distant.” She asked. “I’m okay. Just tired.” I said. She looked at me like she didn’t quite believe me. “I’m fine, really.” I assured her. “Okay, call me if you need anything.” She said. “Alright.” Tess leaned over to hug me. “Bye.” She said. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” I walked inside and went straight to my bedroom. I just wanted to lie in bed and listen to mellow depressing music. I switched on the cd player and put in a cd by Transister and listened to the song Flow on repeat. I started to cry. My life was going to change so much in the weeks and months to come. I was going to be on my own, by myself. And that thought scared me. Could I really manage on my own? I really did love Ben. “Did” being the operative word. At one time I loved him so much and couldn’t imagine my life without him. But he’s just changed so much. I don’t love him the way I used to. And I don’t think he loves me the way he should.

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