Secrets & Lies
Disclaimer: I own nada L
Rating: PG
Summary: One of my eppi tags J Ummm, its bound to suck, what can I say, I didn’t have much inspo
Pairing: M/L
Langley took his foot off of Max’ neck.
“Leave me alone,” Langley said letting Max get up.
“I need my son back” He replied, rubbing his neck.
“Look, Zan, or should I say Max? I know what you’ve done & I know how you screwed up”
“I want my son” Max said
“Max go back to Roswell; you’ve got a lot of people there that care about & love you” Langley retorted turning his back on Max
“My son Langley” Max persisted
“Do you ever think about what your doing to your parents, those two people couldn’t care about you more”
“MY SON!” Max practically shouted.
“Isabel, Michael, Maria, Kyle; your friends” Langley said thoughtfully
“Look” There is no-one I care more about then my son, NO ONE!” Max fought back getting angry
“You wana tell Liz that? Hmmm, lets see, you broke her heart, what was it 6 times? She still loves you! You got her arrested, & yup she still loves you. Either she’s insane or she’s the one, the person who could not love you more unconditionally. Oh, & Max don’t worry about your son”
“Leave Liz outa this. Why shouldn’t I worry about my son?” Max said irritated
“He doesn’t exist” Langley said facing Max
“But!” Max started
“It was a mind-warp. Max go back to Roswell, back to the people that love you”