Behind The Music

Summary: another of my eppi tags
Paring: M/L
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I only own naughty thoughts about JB & CH

“Is Michael okay?” Liz asked after kissing Max
“I, don’t know he’s really messed up” Max said sitting Liz in his lap
“Would it be wrong to say I feel sorry for Maria?” Liz asked snuggling in to Max
“No, I guess she has been thru a lot” Max replied stroking Liz’ hair
“They, they both have problems, but hopefully they will be together in the end, they make a good couple” Liz said thoughtfully
“Yeah. Do you think that will ever happen with us?” Max inquired kissing her neck
“Well, I havent got any ‘old flames’ & I don’t think I could ever bring myself to leave you & your ears” Liz said with a giggle
“Ok, their large! So the only reason you’d stay with me is for my Vulcan ears?” Max asked nibbling Liz’ neck
“Yeah, that & the fact I love you. Oh, who am I kidding it would have to be the larger than life ears” Liz said giggling
“Aw, thanx” Max said sarcastically
“Im kidding, their cute, really, oh & fun to nibble” Liz replied smiling
“You’ve never nibbled my ears!” Max said matter-of-factly
“Oh, sorry, next time we have sex I will” Liz said keeping a straight face
“NEXT TIME!?!?” Max said pulling away a little
“Awwww, your so cute” Liz said pinching Max’ cheak
“Hey!” Max said feigning irritation
“Max, really I love you” Liz said snuggling into Max again
“Ok I love you too” Max said holding Liz tight to him
“But, it would be nice if you nibbled my ears” Max said after a little silence
“Ok” Liz said & started gently biting Max’ left ear
“Hmmm” Max moaned
“Better?” Liz asked
“So what was that about having sex?” Max asked