A Tale Of Two Parties

Rating: PG
Paring: M/L
Summary: Set after A Tale Of Two Parties
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING, suing me wouldn’t do you any good

“So how was enigma?” Liz asked
“Amazing, it was so cool, did I just say cool? Any-way thanx for making me go” Max said kissing Liz lightly on the lips
“No problem, im just glad you had fun. You needed to relax” Liz said thoughtfully
“How’s your dad?” Max inquired
“He’s ok” Liz said sitting in Max’ lap
“Good” Max said kissing her forehead
“Max, promise me every year we’re apart at mid-nite on new-years-eve, we can have phone sex” Liz said seriously, looking into Max eyes
“Ok. Can we have sex first” Max said keeping an equally serious tone
“Hmmmm, ok” Liz said after serious contemplation
“Can we start now?” Max asked looking deeply into her eyes
*Giggle* “Im being serious” Liz said kissing Max softly on the lips
“Yeah, so am I” Max said returning Liz’ kiss
“Before the year is out, ok?” Liz replied
“YES!” Max practically shouted