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Author: MustbJello B.K.A Max or Chel

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Title: The way it should be

Category: general UC/AU some slash

Rating: R for hash language, rape and sexual conduct. It will eventually hit NC-17 I think

Disclaimer : I own jack so there's no use in suing. LOL If I did Max wouldn’t be an ass. Michael would be mine, Alex would still be alive and Tess would die an excruciating death. Hey I can still make that happen he he he

Spoilers: Yes pilot, Destiny, End of The World, forget it the whole second season is in there some where

Summary: Not really good at summaries cause I don’t know where this story is going to end. So far it’s mostly EOTW with some other eps from the second season

Authors note: This is my first fic so be kind. I’ve put my novel aside to write this I’m suffering from writers block if you can believe it. I got bored one day and whahla ficyness! I guess I need a distraction anyway, the poems are mine except that snip from Roberts Frost. Grammer isn't really my thing so if there's a lot of misspelled words and commas and periods in wrong places at least your warned.

Distribution: Let me know where when and why *tongue* seriously.

Oops almost forgot * * are character's thoughts.

~Part 1~

V.O. I’m Liz Parker Lately I’ve been feeling like my life is one big cosmic joke after another.

You can see Liz lying on her balcony eating chips while crying and reading earlier passages in her journal.

My life is desolate
Lonely, without an opportunity to be happy.
I keep to myself but hate to be alone.
There’s a destructive side that isn’t shown.
only with me it shall be known.
I can’t open up, not to a soul.
I need someone to love someone to console.....

It’s funny that I wrote that before Max Evans saved me. I hardly recognize that girl. I think I was itching for anything to happen in my life that would be a distraction for the hollowness I felt inside. It’s like I’m not complete you know? That I was missing some vital part of myself, but I just couldn’t figure out what it was. I was starting to think I was going to really go crazy. So when Kyle asked me out I was like what the hell right? I mean he’s fun and cute and were young so......He’s the captain of the football team. He’s really an All-star athlete it’s like he’s into anything-physical, wrestling, basketball whatever and I’m the brain. My brain is working a mile a minute, so I think I might have lost ya cause you don’t know the inner workings of this noggin of mine. Well, what I’m getting at is I’m attracted to Kyle not because of his looks, which is a definite plus, but because there’s something missing in him too. Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not like he walks around looking wounded and brooding, but I think only someone like me could see it. Anyway Kyle and I have gone on a few dates. We have fun together. It’s not like he’s my boyfriend or anything. We’ve left it pretty casual and decided not to label our relationship. Yeah right that’s until Max Evans invaded me...until my whole world was turned upside down. No that doesn’t really describe the force Max Evans put on my life.

Liz continues to read her journal

I’m scared of Death, but life is unbearable.
My life is gone, but why am I here?
I’m all alone, but my family is near.
I wish I had someone to call my own.
Maybe someone to love me, who I could love back.
An occassional hug-n-kiss, as a matter of fact.
So I’ll just sit-n-wait for that special someone
that will know every feeling inside of me.
But is there someone out there....
Maybe waiting for me too?
So I guess I’ll just sit-n-wait-n-wait
but not too long, for my life might not even last that long.

*I wonder what made me write that? If I had time to think about it. I could probably figure out what was going on in my life that made me want to plunge in the down ward spiral.

Liz is sitting on her bed carressing her stomach her hand in thee exact place Max healed. *So this is how it feels to be touched by Max Evans. I still can’t wrap my brain around what happened today. Two men were arguing, one had a gun and I’m just standing there like an idiot! I mean you see it on TV happen all the time and no one really believes that when it comes down to it that a person wouldn’t be able to move in a situation like that. I mean your survival instincts should kick in an you automatically know that you should hit the deck. In an instant your life flashes before your eyes and it really does happen. But in the briefest of moments my life didn’t seem that interesting. It kept playing: Getup, take a shower, get dressed for work, do the early shift, then go to school, come home, study, work, shower, go to sleep. Over and over. The next thing I know my side hurts. I'm slipping. I’m in slow motion my legs give out. My whole world disappears, it goes completely black and I woke up in a brand new world with all kinds of possibilities into the amber eyes of Max Evans.*

Few months later

Yeah well that was then and this is now and Max and I can’t be together.

I guess I should give you an update on what’s happened since the FBI closed in on The Pod Squad. I really haven’t written in here that much since Michael snatched my journal.

Anyway, the Feds lost obviously cause I’m still here right? Well they used the communicators and found out their purpose was for coming here.

Let’s not even get into details that Max was married to Tess or that Isabel and Michael were engaged. And to think, I thought my life was a cosmic joke well Max’s people must’ve been on crack! Anyway, it looks like they are going to have a wild ride ahead of them. See there was a war in Czechoslovakia and they were all killed their essence was cloned and blah blah blah sent here. They are supposed to learn how to harness their skills, so they can defeat there enemies and go back home and free their people from bondage.

I know it’s weird but oh well, my life has been anything but normal since Max stepped into it. Well I walked away, no ran away from Max that day actually, for him to fulfill his destiny. He has a purpose in life now and I’d only distract him from that.

Seeing that smug look on that blonde-pasty-face-space-ho, didn't help either. And yeah I know, it's a shocker right? The perfect Elizabeth Parker using such language. It should be illegal right?

Oh yeah where was I? Oh right Max how can I forget. Have I told you he's verging on stalking now? A big shocker now isn't it? He was so determined to push me away at first I wonder how our roles got reversed? Not that I was a stalker but that I have to push him away. Max has become utterly relentless in his quest to get me back. It's one of the main reasons why I left to go to Florida for the summer. I thought maybe if we had some time apart that Max would get some perspective. You know see that he has more important thing to focus on more than trying to piece together our non-existant relationship.

Maria told me that he was depressed the whole time I was gone and hounded her constantly on when I was coming home. I might have driven this sweet boy to the edge of insanity, and I have no clue how he got there. Maybe he's been hangin with Kyle again who knows.

Present Day

So can someone tell me why I let Maria and Alex drag me out of the house? My whole plan was to sit at home, watch old movies and eat tons of Ben and Jerry's we’ve become close over the past months. I call them B&J. Yep that's right were that tight I call them by initials.
It’s raining outside a perfect time to be inside but no I’m driving down the road with my wacky friend and Alex stole my chips!

"I’m so confused" *I want Max but he needs Tess what kind of name is Tesssss anyway? It sounds like a snake.*
"I’m so depressed." *My life sucks*


"Max keeps coming to my window and telling me he wants to be with me again and I know it can never work out."

"Isabel gave me another one of those ‘Alex let’s be friends speeches.’ It made me want to puke."

"I have Michael Guerin he’s mine. You should have seen his face when he apologized to me. He’s eyes were practically begging me to take his sorry ass back. I have so landed him for once and for all...I think."

*This is Michael she is talking about right? This is the same guy who didn't return ANY of her calls over the summer. Ya gotta love her positive thinking.*

"Where are you taking us anyway?"

"mmhmm to a place where all our questions will finally be answered...she’ll tell us where our future lies with our hybrid freaks."

*Maria sure does have a way with words!*

"She’s a prophet my mom lives her whole life based on her advice."

"And this is a recommendation." That was Alex by the way. *God I miss this hangin with Alex. He can always warm my heart.*

*So I’m sitting in this chair like I already know what she’s going to say if she’s authentic anyway. She’ll tell me, I’ll be alone right? That Max and I can’t be together. She started turning the cards over and she has this nervous look on her face. Oh this woman gives me the chills. She said something I thought I was going to pass out and die of laughter.*

"I’ve never seen the cards fall like this before...This boy ...different." *Well that’s an understatement I shake my head* "Yeah"

"He’s very important.. This boy. A leader?"

"Yeah.. he has this whole other destiny...One that doesn’t include me.."

"No he chooses Love"


"He chooses you."
Everything goes in slow mo again
"No no no no see that’s impossible."

"The reading is clear you marry your true love. You have happiness."
She picks up the card to prove her point.

"The card here? Intimacy, will not be left wanting."

Ok can I pass out now? Were heading back from Hondo and I cannot wipe the smile off of my face. Alex is even more depressed than before after all he was told that he and Isabel were never going to be anything more than friends and poor Maria only has 48 hours with Michael. I guess her celebration was indeed short lived. Maria wanted us to come over and crash at her place and veg out but I know I would only bring her down with my newfound awareness of my blissful future. So instead I tell her I need to do some homework and I’ll see her for the morning shift. You know cause I gotta eat too. I don't even miss working at the Crash anymore. I break out Grandma Claudia’s veil and practice saying my vows in front of the mirror to my future husband and boom thunder I jump and hit the mirror and catch it before it falls and I turn around to the window I see a flash of blue light and leather pants walking towards my window. For some reason when something big happens in my life it all goes in slow mo so I’m really wiggin big time


"Max?" *What the hell! I must be dreaming right?! RIGHT Max's hair isn’t this long, but whoa this guy looks yummy in leather. ok, Focus life in danger here.*

"I don’t know. Don’t know who, who you are, but’re not Max!" I start backing away from him.

"Liz I know this is all hard to believe."

Then I fall on the bed right perfect place to land in front of this hunk. It’s funny how your mind thinks one thing but your body does another.

"Wait what do you expect me to believe that the granolith is some sort of time machine?!" *I’m scrambling on the bed and standing there yelling at this supposed shapeshifter and my parents are home. Gotta wonder what they’re doing why they don’t barge in? Maybe I should just knock him down.*

"It wasn’t intended to be but it does have an enormous amount of power and we were able to modify it to artificially create a tear in time space."

*Yeah ok* "No! No! there is no such thing as time travel, ok because it is against every rule of physics, of reality of everything!"

"Look I realize this is overwhelming."

"Look, no your not Max ok. You-you you’re like a shapeshifter you are like some other kind of alien with the ability to look like Max with that beard and those grey hairs!"

"Do you really see grey?"

"This isn’t funny ok!" I make a break for it. *No dice.*

"Hold on."

"No Just let go of me! Just."

"Liz Liz it’s me."

"Please just let go of me."

"If I was a shape shifter there is no way I could tell the future in approximately 10 seconds. I will show up outside your window and begin singing to you accompanied by a mariachi band."

*Oh this just gets better and better.* "Max would never do anything that cheesy."



"I said approximately."

*oh god I hear music!*

"I spent a week learning the lyrics from Mr. Delgado at the hardware store ...Buenos Dias."

*And whahla I go out to my balcony and Max is singing in Spanish no less and he sounds so good. I guess Madam Vivian was right.* "Wow that’s really embarrassing."

*I forgot that the other Max is here until I hear the footsteps on my balcony and I hear him answer me.*

"I know but I had to do something to get your attention...You had shut me out. As I threw the flowers up to you I remembered you preferred white roses."

"Why are you here?"

"I can’t tell you too much Liz only what you need to know. But 14 years from now we are taken over by our enemies."
*And thus lies the cosmic joke that is my life.* "Uh who’s taken over?"

"Everyone. Earth. I need you to help me to keep that from happening. We need to change the future. What we do here has to be precise and surgical. No one can know I’m here and especially me. That is my younger self."

"Oh what is it you want?"

"Not now your dad is coming."

*and sure enough I hear a knock on my door and my dad is coming out onto my balcony.*

"Lizzie what the hell is going on out there?! Is that Max again? Max is that you again? It’s 11:00 tomorrow is a school day. ah Jeezs."

Max mouths I’ll be right back and disappear into my room. *Can my life get anymore complicated and embarassing?*

"It’s ok dad I’ll talk to him and tell him no more private concerts so late on a school night kay?" He just laughs and walks out and I change my clothes for work. *Like I’m actually going but of course my parents don’t really know my schedule and Whitaker seems to work me at odd hours anyway. Well at least that's what they think noone knows but us what really happened to Whitaker. I wonder how long I can keep working at the office? I'm making good money. Soon I'll have enough saved for a tropical vacation. I bet Maria and Alex would love that.

So to make a long story short. Too late for that. I thank Max for the flowers and brush him off cause I want answers from the other Max.
*I come back from talking to Max and Max is looking through my stuff. I know it’s weird but what else can I call him but his name.* "That’s private. Ok I have some questions." *Like how fast you can get out of those clothes. Ok focus.*

"I understand."

"If you need Max to do something different why don’t you just go to Max directly?"

"It’s complicated...but if a person encounters himself in another time period there could be a-ah reaction."

"A reaction to?"

"I don’t entirely understand it myself, but Serena said...She’s going to be a friend of yours one day. It has something to do with quantum mechanics but in essence Max and I would both be destroyed if we came into contact."

"Oh" *Well we can’t have that.*

"Liz what’s about to happen over the next few days is critical to the history of this planet. Things between us is about to change grow deeper...we become inseparable and nothing comes between us again until......."
*oh let me guess.* "Thee end of the world."

"That’s right."

*I guess now you can see the irony which is my life. This is getting a little too weird.* "What happened?"

"The closer you and I grew the worse it got with Tess and eventually she left Roswell."

"Because of me?" *No love loss there.*

"Because of me and how I treated her and it turned out Tess was critical to our survival. The four of us Michael, Isabel, Tess and I we made a complete unit. We all had different gifts and with one of us missing we weren’t as strong and everything fell apart."

*Ok that makes sense.* "So um you want me to help you and Tess to get together?"


*Well why don’t you just stab me in the heart and spit in my face I think I could take that better.* "Why don’t you just go to Tess?"

"It’s you I trust. It’s you I have faith in and it’s not just about getting me close to Tess. I need you, to help me, fall out of love with you."

*I think a part of me died with those words. My life is so unfair but the man I love asked me to help him save the world. I guess I, 2 have a purpose in life now and that purpose is to break my heart and rip his out too. So I guess I need a plan what can I do? I guess my best bet is to talk to Tess and see where her head is at. I walk to Kyle’s house with grim determination. Like a man taking his final walk down death row. I ring the door bell of course time is moving slow again and I’m going crazy waiting for someone to answer the door. I know it hasn't been that long since I rang the doorbell, but it feels like forever. I guess these are thee defining moments...I’ll give it 10 seconds if no one answers I’m running back home. 1-2-3 no such luck. The door opens I try to smile I know it looks phony.* "Hi" *I probably look like I've been taking some drugs.*

Kyle's just looking at me "Well you here for a reason or you just rush right over because you sensed I might be experiencing some actual joy."
*Where the hell did that come from?* "Oh I ah actually need to talk to Tess."
Kyle turns to glance at Tess
*Just when it was getting interesting with Kyle she shows up. "We'll finish trimming my lamp later."

"Right. I’ll keep my equipment on the ready."

*Somehow it seems like I interrupted a twilight episode of pre-sex. Equipment ready and trimming lamps? Ok not stupid poor Kyle.*

"Mmh What’s up?" *homewrecker*

"I thought maybe we could talk." *I think I’m going to Ralph.*

"About what?" *Get to the point.*

"Look Tess I know we got off to a bad start."

"Look I’m not into bonding." *Well bondage but bonding no.*

"Well neither am I but I want to help you with Max."


*That sure shut her up.* "I know Max and I think I can help you with him."

"How how stupid do you think I am?"

*Very if you think I want this.*

"I don’t know what your plan is but I know you don’t want to help me. You hate me."


"You all do."

*You got that right.*

"Don’t you think I know that?"

*Well it is your own fault you back stabbing hussy.* "Yeah I’m not doing this for you. I’m doing this for Max..Yeah his future is you." *I can feel the bile rising now. That shut her up for all of two seconds*

"And you just came to this?"

*Did she really have to sound so smug when she said that?* I get up and follow her. "No no look. I came to it that day in the desert when I walked away from him." *Maybe a slightly selfish approach would convince her I’m not lying about helping her.* "Tess I-I-I I’m sick of living like this and I’m not gonna be free to move on until I get Max to move on."

"Look I don’t need your help. If Max doesn’t come around on his own then then he can he can go to hell for all I care."
*touchy much.* "Tess it was really hard for me to come can imagine, an look I know it’s hard to admit you need help...but you do." *a lot of it.* "It’s up to you."

*Whatever at least I can get a laugh out of Liz fixin me up with Max.* "Ok I’m game so what do you have in mind Liz?"

*I guess I have nothing else to lose.* We go to her room. *I still can't believe Kyle gave Tess his room. He's either changed a lot or Tess did that mind frying thing again.* "I guess try to wear something revealing but not overtly."

"Are you trying to say I dress like a tramp?"

*Well if the shoe fits.* I sit down on her bed. *I need to get out of here as fast as possible.* "Look I’m doing you a favor and you're trying to bite my head off. Look this is a very awkward situation and I’d like to get this over with as quickly as possible. So next up um you you could try to stumble on him accidentally on purpose. You know he’s going to the crash for dinner."

"To see you no doubt." She said under her breathe but I caught it anyway.

"Why would he be trying to see me? I don’t work there remember?"

"Yeah you don’t work there, but where do you live?"

"Right. Look I know this is really weird and we both said we didn’t want to bond but I don’t know it sounds crazy but I think we should try and be friends. Look were a tight nit group and we are constantly thrown in these weird situations where we have to interact so atleast for the well being of the group. I think we should try." Tess looks at me like I'm crazy "You don’t have to say anything just think about it. Ok back down to business, so you go to the crash and read outside at one of the tables."

"A book that’s your big plan?"

"Baby steps. You have to work your way in slowly." *She looks sad by my statement. I can see it in her eyes but she shruggs it off quickly and pays attention to what I'm saying while I pretend I didn't see the emotion she just showed me.* "Just try to act cool your just kickin back reading, you have no agenda...Steinbeck is his favorite author. So make sure you stress that it’s yours too. Whatever you do don’t mention destiny. I gotta go to work." I get up from the bed and start walking out "Later"

I turn around "Yeah Tess?"
"Thanks" she smiles at me and I return it but I’m slowly dieing inside.

"No problem."

I ran all the way til I got to Whitaker's office. I almost broke my neck getting there but I didn’t care Max is mine damn it! And of course I have the other Max at work with me while I spy on my boyfriend. I know I shouldn’t be jealous cause were not even together and it was my choice but no matter who I'm with or who he's with. I will always consider Max mine. I look across the street to see Tess is already there. Damn she's fast! I made a funny. She must've flew here. Yeah like on her broom stick, the evil witch "Hey Max"


*Damn he looks so good, well at least I can enjoy myself while I watch this farce.*

"Good, you got her to wear that top."

*typical, typical, male.* "Yeah so you like that top?"

"Well we have to every card we have."

*yeah right!*

"Here he comes."

"Just don't look at him. Let him come to you. Show him the book. Make sure he sees it. Tell him Steinbecks your favorite author." *What am I doing? Like she can actually hear me.*

Cut to Max and Tess talking

"Really? Steinbecks my favorite author."

"Cannery row is my favorite. I think I've read it. a dozen times."

Back to Liz and Future Max watching present Max and Tess

"He sat down! You got him to sit down with her."
"Rah rah.' *I can feel my whole body heating up. Why is he staring?* "What?"

"Nothing, It's just...seeing you at 17 again is making it all come flooding back to me how my stomach used to rumble everytime I saw you."

"So um did we get married?"

"Liz you know I can't"

*You beast! I had to try.* "I know, you-you can't talk about it. I'm sorry I know."

"We eloped...we were 19"

*I knew it!* "We were 19? Wow that is so young. That's too young."

"That's what I said, but you said that Romeo and Juliet were even younger than us. So we drove to Vegas. Got married at the Elvis chapel. Congratulations, kids."
*Good imitation. I wonder if he can swing his hips like Elvis. Maybe Max has a secret Elvis fascination I didn't know about. Note to self to look into that.* "So we didn't have a real wedding."

"Oh we had a great wedding. You called Maria, Michael, Isabel and Alex and had them meet us halfway. We spent the whole night singing and dancing in some dive outside Phoenix, and at the end of the night, I shall believe came on the radio,"
"I love that song."

"I know. Everyone else was exhausted, but not us. Oh we danced...just the two of us. And ever since then, it's been our song."

*How can I give this up?* "So if this works...I'm not gonna have that day."

"No you wont."

*Well can I keep you? Ya gotta give me something here.* "Then what happens to you if we succeed? I...I mean you. The future version of you?"

"If we succeed in changing history. A different version of the future will take place. All the events that led to who I am 14 years from now will be different. The man I am now will cease to exist."

*Damn! oh well, it didn't hurt to dream right?*

Back to Max and Tess

"Listen I ...realise none of this is your fault. You sought me out because it was your destiny."

"Hey, I...I can only imagine if you thought you'd found the love of your life and someone comes to tell you that you're meant to be with someone else. You know, if things change, they change. If they don't, it's ok, Max."

"I don't think things will change."

"I know, but it takes two, and if Liz isn't interested well..."

"What do you mean? 'If Liz isn't interested?' "

"No I ...I didn't mean."

"You were talking to Liz about this?"

"Not-not exactly."

*He looks upset what did she say to him? Why is he looking over*


"Get outta here." *What am I going to do?* the door comes flying open.


"Were you watching?"
*duh* "um.."

"So it was all a setup?" *She must be crazy I've driven her nuts.*


"You tried to get Tess and me together?" *That is so hot! Damn she turns me on.*

"Look I know that you must hate me right now. I um..."

Max grabs Liz and gives her a long passionate flashback induced kiss

"I felt that...and I know you did too, and I know you think that..that I need to let you go... for the sake of Michael and Isabel and my race..."

*He is so dorky and cute and alien and was he saying something. oh yeah focus we're all going to die!*

"So you went to Tess. But she can't be you. Tess can never be you."

*You got that right!* "Max! We have to stop this. We have to. I am telling you that we have to."

"Go out with me on Friday...There's a Gomez concert in Sante Fe, I have tickets." *Can he get any cuter? I want to laugh, or cry, I don't know what, then he does the funniest thing he whipped out those little tickets. Everytime he just reminds me why I love him so much. A little stalkerish but sweet. Focus!* "No No Max I can't go out with you. ever. again. Please stop doing this."
"I can't."

*I guess getting a restraining order will be a last resort.*

Back in Liz's room Liz and Future Max are discussing what just happened

"You're supposed to be breaking up with him not kissing him."

"Look I broke up with him 3 months ago and you see how good that went. We're not together. Besides you kissed me. I know, he kissed me."

"You're only making me love you more."

"I said no to Gomez."

"You said no the last time, too. I didn't take no for an answer."

*Predatory much. Well that's a shocker.* "So we went to the concert."

"No, the night of Gomez I came to your room. That's the night that things between us were cemented."

*Is he blushing?* "Cemented. So when you say cemented you mean?" *Color me stupid*

"We made love."

"No, no we didn't." I say a little too quickly.


"No I have no intention of making love to you or...or anyone else at this particular stage of my life." *I'm lying big time. I think of nothing else. Well mostly I think of Max kissing me and touching me, but I do have some pretty erotic dreams, but to know that we were going to have sex so close in the future is not going to help me stay away from Max.*

"I beg to differ."

*That's funny I do too.* "No making love to you is the farthest thing from my mind." *Then why am I trying to get closer to him. God he smells good. Actually, now it's thee only thing on my mind.* "I don't even have protection." *give it up Parker you know you have those condoms they gave out at that safe sex assembly.*

"I did."

"Oh that's great. There you are, Max the saint just walking around with a condom in his back pocket." *Breathe.* "I-I-I don't even care what happened in your reality. I am not making love to you or anyone until I am ready, and I am, just. not. ready." *I'm not even believing this one.*

"Liz. I am telling you what happened, and we have to change that. We have to and so far, we've failed. Liz it's not just Max that's the problem here. You are. You are not letting yourself change. Now you have to do something...before it's too late."

Liz on her balcony crying her eyes out playing over and over her speech to Max

"I can't believe I said that to him, he must hate me."
Max reaches for a tissue and it goes through the box
"What's...What's happening?"

"This must be it. What you did must've worked I'm leaving."

*Don't sound so happy. My life is over. How can he just fall out of love with me like that?* "What so you're're going back to where you came from?"

"No there's no where to go back to." he moves to grab the tissue box and hits the top. "It didn't work. We have to do something else."

"No, I...can't."

"You have to."

"Do you realize how hard it was for me to tell him that I didn't want to die for him? He's the only reason that I'm alive right now.' gotta come up with another plan. Please go to someone else. I...I just ...I can't do this anymore."

"Just 25 minutes before I came here, I held Michael in my arms dead. Isabel died two weeks before that. Now you have to do this. You have to find a way. All of our lives depend on it."

*Sutble much. Why didn't he tell me this to begin with?* "How? What can I do that's gonna make you turn away from me?"

"I don't know."

The telephone rings

*good a distraction.* "Hello"

"Hey Parker. Your up late I see."

"Alex? What's up? It's.....5 in the morning."

"I know that geez. I had to catch you before you got to work."

"Oh damn that's right I'm working the early shift. I have to open the office up. right ok is this Czech related? Cause I'm on overload."

"Liz when in the past year has our life not been Czech related as you call it."

"That is so true" I say as I admire Max's butt "So what's the deal? An invasion what?" Max turns around at my statement and catches me staring. I look away quickly. My cheeks feel hot so I know I'm blushing. "You gotta give me something cause I'm working on zero sleep over here." I turn to look at Max and he's smirking. *Hey focus, remember convo with friend? Czech problem.*

"No, nothing like that. Well I thought you should know that Maria caught Michael at Courtney's house and she was just about naked so I think she's gonna need ya. And Micheal's gonna need an ambulance."

"She attached him?"

"No but I will."

"Well Ok thanks Alex."

"Just giving ya the heads up."

~Part 2~

Late same morning

Liz walks down stairs looking for Maria she walks up to the door and spies Michael and Isabel having a convo laughing and smiling.

*They look so happy. If it wasn't for that bitch! Everything was perfect til she came along.*

"What's wrong?"

"EEp! um nothing."

"You look upset Liz."

"I'm just I can't talk about it. Oh! I heard about Michael and Courtney." We hug awkwardly.

"What get's me is that..that Madame Vivian bitch was right. Granted Michael is the world's worst boyfriend. I know that, you know that. America knows that."

*I get the point Maria.*

"But when I caught them together...that look of guilt on his face...I've never felt so awful, Liz."

"Oh my god!"

"I know, I mean, I guess it's a good thing, you know cause when I saw that, I realized there was nothing he could do to make up for it. I know it's over."

*Well could I? No way I'll find another way. That's too crazy, well insane. Who would believe that? I'm not ruling it out though.* Liz looks at the clock briefly 2:30 "Do you know what we need? We need to eat tons of chocolate and the store down the street just got a stock full of the good kind."

Maria grabs her face with both hands "Your not talking about.......?"

"Yes girl, Godiva the food that you can lose your troubles on. I'll spring for a case you game?"

"As long as your buying. Come on Chica." Maria grabbed Liz and they ran out of the CrashDown laughing

"Wasn't that Maria and Liz running out Michael?"

"Yeah it was."

"So what's their deal?"

"No clue. I've stop trying to figure that chick out. She broke up with me, Liz broke up with Max maybe they're together now. Stranger things have happened."

"Right Liz and Maria together you really do have a twisted mind Michael."

"Well I think it makes sense."

"Well your just bent."

Later same day around 4, 4:30 or so...

Liz and Maria are sprawled on Liz's floor listening to music and inhaling a ridiculous amount of candy.

"God this is so good it should be illegal."

"Have you tried the chocolate covered strawberries?"

"You would have to bring up strawberries."

"Well you bought them. What's your thing with strawberries anyway?"

"It reminds me of ......"

"Oh right that thing with the orb gotcha."

"I can't believe, I spent this much on chocolate."

"Yeah me either. I thought you were joking."

"I never joke when it comes to chocolate. But it was so worth it. I got you smiling again."

"So what's got you on the chocolate binge? The rumor around is a certain Alien serenaded you. So spill! wait! hold that thought. I need some icecream to go with this. Might as well make sundaes. I'll be right back."

"Ok take your time. I need to freshen up anyway."

Liz walks into the bathroom and Max is there

"Max I thought you were gone."

"Where would I go Liz?"

"I don't know I guess I wasn't thinking."

"So I hear you and Maria are having a good time."

"Yeah it's been awhile since we had a good girl talk. I'll try to get her to leave before she finds you in here."

Max touches her cheek "You had some chocolate."

Liz looks dazed "Um what?"

"You had some chocolate on your face."

"Oh right thanks."

"Is something wrong Liz?"

"I need you to leave. Well after Maria does anyway."

Liz's bedroom door opens, Maria enters the room

"Liz you know I can't do.."

Liz touches he arm briefly "Well talk about it later she's coming" flushes the toilet and washes her hands

"Liz you in here?"

"Oh hey Maria that's a lot of Ice cream you got there."

"Yeah I know but I couldn't decide so I put a little bit of everything."

"Well that's good cause I haven't eaten anything in the past two days." Liz said sadly and resumed her seat on the floor.

"So you never told me what's up with you and Max?"

Liz lets out an exaggerated sigh. "Well a lot has changed and for some reason Max is verging on becoming a stalker. Is it me? DO I give out this vibe that makes guys go insane?" Takes the spoon from Maria and they clink spoons.

"Ok I was starting to wonder that myself actually." Maria mumbles under her breath.

"I mean look at Kyle he followed us to Texas for Petes sake! Hold up what did you just say?"

Maria starts laughing. "I'm just saying Kyle was pretty normal til he got with you and Max wasn't normal to begin with so I can see where girlfriend turns into obsessive guy. All I'm saying is I'm sorry for the next guy." Maria says in one breath "Whatever you are doing we need to get it copywrited and a patent on that thing."

Liz starts laughing at Maria's ranting.

"I mean you've had two great guys...well Max anyway. Kyle was ok but he was trainable and you tossed him away and Max, well he's Prince Charming, King of romance and you don't want him."

"Breathe Maria."

"I can't even get Michael to give me flowers or to kiss me in public much less remember my birthday. God! Liz you don't know how good you have it."

"Yeah well maybe that's my problem."


"Oh nothing look Maria I think I'm going to take a long soak and call it a night."

"But Liz it's Friday night no school tomorrow."

*Has she been smoking? We do so go to school tomorrow.* "Yeah but I haven't slept really in the past two days."

"And why is that Liz?"

"What else is there? Max, Max and more Max." *Literally*

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"Maybe another time my brain is completely fried and I am totally consumed by Max I just need a break, a very long break from Max."

Maria smiled at that comment. &Well good luck with that. Seeing as though he is coming over here tonight.* "Well I could clean up some of this stuff.."

"Ok take a couple of boxes with you and leave my chocolate covered strawberries."

Liz starts to undress then walks into the bathroom and runs the bath. "Eep! God Max I forgot you were in here. I need to take a bath. Can you turn around please?" Liz twists her hair into a bun and pours the mango and serenity bubble bath and lit the candles. Then steps in. "Ah that feels so good."

"So what's the plan?"


"Well you know the world ending?"

"Well for right now I've decided to do nothing"


"Look I've been through too much over the past year and a half. I need a break! and right now I can't think and I don't want to ok? I know what's at stake and I'm on top of it. So just leave me alone. Leave! And if your still here in two days you know where I'll be."

"Be serious Liz."

"Well I am being serious. You said I need to change so that's what I'm doing but it's got to be a slow process. If it happens too fast no one will believe it. So you just have to trust that I know what's best."

"I wouldn't have come to you if I didn't think that."

"Ok well good." Liz leaned her head against her pillow and let the calming scent soothe her frazzeled nerves. She could still hear him breathing. "Oh god don't tell me in the future Max turns into a voyeur! I still need you to leave me alone. I need some space to think."

Max walked out silently

"God I thought he'd never leave. " and Liz drifts off to sleep

"We've gotta find a way to warn Max he's in the middle of the summit right now...Damn it it's not working. I can't reach him." Michael walks over to Isabel

"Yeah, but you gotta try again. "

"Won't do any good. He's not hearing me."

"Ok, so um, what's plan "B"?"

"There isn't one."

*Ok so what now are we gonna give up all hope now? Max may never come back.*

"Liz can do it."

*huh* "What?" *Everyone looks to me like I'm the key to everything.* "What are you talking about?"

"Max brought you back from the dead you've been changed." she throws me in the chair I tuck my hair behind my ears. *God I wish I could stop that nervous habit.*

"What do you mean by changed?"

"Look, there ain't enough time to explain. You just gotta trust me here. If Max brought you back,'re different now."

"Liz...take my hand."

"I don't know why, but I'm really scared to do this. You know, if you can't contact him, what makes you think I can?"

"I know my brother, and I know that if there is one voice he will hear no matter where he is, no matter what he's doing, it's yours. Take my hand, Liz." *Oh now she decides to show confidence in me. At least I know now where I rate with Isabel in Max's life.*

the phone rings and Liz picks it up

"Hey Parker guess what? Your plan worked after all I'm going to the prom with Isabel."

"I knew you had it in you Alex."

"Yes, I the stud."

"Very funny Alex. So tell me what happen how'd you ask her to the prom?"

"Well actually she sorta asked me."

"Well I guess I stand corrected You da man!" Liz laughs at her own joke "Get out! a month in Sweden and back and you got Isabel in the palm of your hands. It must be something in the water."

"Yeah I guess." Alex gets silent

"Hey Alex you there?"

"Yeah I just..I don't know what it is. Maybe my brain is fried, but I can't remember that much of my trip."

"What were you doing mushrooms or something. You know you can tell me."

"Real funny.. So who are you going with to the Prom? Don't tell me Deluca?"

"No I'm not going with Sean. I was thinking about asking Max."

"Hey, didn't you go through those twelve steps already? You've come so far Parker and to see you fall back to your old habits it's like watching a train wreck."

"Well you’re one to talk. You never know you might have to come to a meeting with me for Isabel. Do you think we could get a patch? There has to be a cure."

"The question is do you really want to find it?"

"True true. God that's my other line hold on Alex." Liz clicks over "Hello Czech's anonymous. How can I help you?"

"Hahaha very funny Liz."

"Well I think it is anyway."

"Hey Liz do you think you could be my date for the prom? I don't have anybody to go with."

"What about Michael?"

"He is a lost cause and remember Juanita?"

"Oh yeah I remember that's when I saw Max and Tess getting snuggly on his bed don't remind me ok?"

"So what do you say? Since you don't have a date and seeing that Sean can't go."

"Well I don't know Maria it might be a little too early to call. I'm still holding out for Max." Liz takes a deep breath waiting for the rant

"Liz what is wrong with you! Do you need to go into therapy too now?"

"Look Alex already gave me the riot act. ok? Hold up! Maria, are you telling me that that your seeing a shrink?"

"Oh please ya huh Like I would even let Michael get to me so much that I'd need professional help. Why would you say such a thing?"

"Oh come on your stalling Maria."

"Ok Ok But I was sworn to secrecy so you can't tell anyone!"

"Come on it's me. You should know of all people that I can keep a secret."

"Ok well I don't know if you wanna hear this but Max is the head case... His parents sent him to a head shrinker after you left. He was just moping around the house so.."

"Oh my god! I don't believe this is happening. Maria, we are going to have to talk about this later. I forgot I had Alex on the other line. He's going to the prom with Isabel."

"We are so going to have to help him pick out his tux! Tell him he should be kissing our feet. Oh! and we have a gig coming up this weekend we need to practice."

"Ok. I'll talk to you later Maria." Liz clicks back to Alex

"Alex I am so sorry, but that was Maria on the other line and you know how she gets."

"Yeah I figured as much. I was busy doing something anyway."

"And what was that?"

"Just securing some Beth Orton tickets for next week. I thought I'd surprise Isabel with them. I know she loves her and I got ahold of some primo seats."

"Let me find out. I might just have to call you Don Juan Whitman. Oh before I forget Maria told me to tell you that you guys need to practice for your gig this weekend. Also that you should kiss our feet for hookin you up with Isabel."

Liz starts laughing and Alex joins in "Hey Parker I need to get some rest it's really late and I'm getting a head ache." Alex starts drumming his hands on the the table while looking at his computer.

"Alex you've been having headaches a lot lately. Maybe your should have that checked out. You need to start getting more rest too."

"Ok MOM!"

"Fine I'm going to bed."

Liz puts the phone down and her hand hits the water. "What the hell? Oh god that dream was so vivid" Liz starts patting herself dry, picks up her robe from behind the door and walks into her room to get her journal and writes down her dream. "I wonder what this all means? It's like there's something in the back of my mind but I can't pin point how this connects...." Liz takes one look at the clock 6:00 and falls asleep on her bed. Liz is having a restless sleep

"If we're so different then why do I feel so much when I look at you?...This whole arrangement you have with Max it's like your not together but you're not apart. I mean I bet you can't even talk to me without thinking what's Max is going to think about it...but meanwhile your not getting what you need from him. Are you?.. You’re suffocating Liz... We both are."

The woods are lovely...dark and deep. But I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.

Liz hears a knock on her door and Maria is standing there completely upset

"Come in."

"Liz you missed another yearbook meeting the least you could've done was call."

"Yes, I'm sorry to have to put all that stuff on you right now."


"Yeah, but You know what? I'm closing in on this Leanna girl." Liz gets up and starts pointing to the pictures trying to get Maria to understand what she has uncovered about Alex's death "They went on a cross-country tour together. I've got everything mapped out, but this is where things don't add up. Alex's itinerary says they were headed for the Baltic Islands, and the date on the photo matches the schedule, but there is no building that looks like this in the Baltic Islands, or--or in any of the other cities that Alex visited for that matter. I mean, maybe she took him to--"

"Would you just listen to yourself here?"

"I don't even know where-- to, like, another country or another planet. Maria-- "

"Stop it and listen to me, all right? I need my best friend right now, because our other best friend just died, and I feel lost and scared and just completely wrecked, and I know that we're supposed to go to school, and go to work, and finish this yearbook tribute, but I just can't-- I don't have a handle on things. I feel like everything is just slipping by me, and I don't even-- I don't even know if I'm alive right now. So please, just stop focusing on this thing, that isn't even there. And just be sad with the rest of us, ok? Please."

"So you don't believe me, either?"

"I'm sor --no, I'm sorry, I guess I don't, Liz."

She moves to pick up a photo for the collage

"Leave the Sweden stuff. I need it."

"God, you know, you're doing this for Alex, but you don't care whose life you screw up in the way."

"That's not true."

"Oh, it's not? How about Sean? Have you even thought about him for a second since he ruined his probation for you? God, I don't even know you anymore." and Maria storms out.

"I guess no good deed really does go unpunished."

Mr. Parker starts banging on the door. "Hey Lizzie are you ok!"


Mr. Parker opens her bedroom door slowly. "Are you decent?"

"Oh yeah Dad come in."

Liz sits up but is clearly rattled by her dream

"I heard screaming are you ok?" He feels her forehead "Your warm."

"I guess I was dreaming. I don't remember falling asleep but I guess I was having a nightmare. I'm fine dad I just haven't been eating much lately."

"Ok I'll bring you up something. I'll be right back."

"Thanks dad...Oh god what is happening to me?" Liz sees the journal next to her and tries to write down as much as she can remember from the dreams. *Ok Max and I weren't together but we were civil I think. Maria and Michael broke up over another girl? I was seeing Sean? What isn’t he in jail now? and Oh god! Alex. Alex died!. Nooone would believe me that Alex was murdered. Ok the prom is in a few short months. I saw something the other day about some info in the office about an exchange program. I'm thinking too much about this maybe future Max has me going so crazy that I can't even think straight.* "But I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep." *Ok that is too creepy!*

"Knock knock." Liz dad puts the tray down with sandwiches and a coke.

"Thanks dad." She looks at the clock it's 6:15? "Is that clock right?"

"Yeah honey is something wrong?"

"Oh nothing. I've just been doing a lot of studying lately. I think I might have over done it. I really need some sleep."

"Well you shouldn't tire yourself out like that. It's not healthy. Finish eating and get some rest."

"Yeah will do. Thanks dad." Leans down and kisses her forehead and closes the door.

"Well I'm going crazy." *I wish there was away to find out if this would really happen. It seems that since Future Max came and I've finally gotten some time to myself I'm having all these odd dreams and I know my imagination is not this wacky cause I would never wish Alex dead. So what is really going on here? I was only asleep for 15 minutes?* Liz is still writing in her journal. *Ok the things that I can really pin point is the Prom, the exchange program and something about Max missing Thanksgiving don't know where that came from but these are all things that are supposed to, or going to happen in the very near future.* Liz is lying on her back staring at the ceiling.

Maria walks into her bedroom to find Liz lying on her bed.

"I can't believe this is happening. I-I just can't even believe it's possible!"

*I still can't wrap my brain around Max and Tess. They're having a baby and now they are leaving to go to Antar while we have a killer on the loose.* "I know."

You can hear Amy shouting from the other room "Larek. He says his name is Larek, and he's an alien. Who is Larek?"

Maria looks at Liz "My mom." They get up to see what's going on with her

"And he's taken over this whole place. And he's holding us hostage here with a gun. He's pointing a gun at my daughter. He threatened my daughter."

"Mom, Mom what's wrong?"

"Maria? What are you doing up, it's the middle of the night. And Liz? What are you still doing here?" Amy begins tapping exactly like Kyle had been doing while they were all at the Crashdown. Liz has flashbacks of Kyle tapping his fingers at the Crashdown as well as Alex tapping his fingers on his guitar the day he died, and then remembers Tess mind warping Amy

"It's Tess! Tess mind warped Alex!"


"And Kyle! Look, we've got to go now."

Liz and Maria are in Kyle's room, questioning him.

"No, there's no way I've been mind warped. I'd remember it."

*That is such a typical Kyle thing to say if this wasn't serious I'd be laughing right now.*

"Kyle, that's the whole point of being mind warped. You don't know that it's happening to you."

"So I'm supposed to look around the room and what?"

"I don't know, see if you have an unusual response to anything." *Can I sound any geekier. Liz parker always the scientist.*

Kyle begins looking around the room. He suddenly starts tapping his fingers on the dresser.

Maria tries to get her attention noticing that Kyle has started taping while he is in front of the mirror. "Liz..."

"Sorry, nothing."

"Kyle, it could be really close, so keep looking, keep trying."

Kyle sees vision of Alex talking to Tess

In Kyle's vision:

"You did this to me, you sent me to Las Cruces." Alex says with a pained expression on his face. *Why did I ever start hangin out with you?*

"Okay, Alex, Alex let me fix your mind, you're not thinking straight." *God Max is going to leave me for sure. I need to fix this.*

"You mind warped me for two months while I decoded that silly book for you and now there's nothing left for you to mind warp. You destroyed my mind! How could you do this to me? ...I have nothing, I might as well be dead!" Alex screams at her.

"Calm down! Just calm down!"

Tess tries to calm him down but it doesn't work "No, you can't mind warp me. NO!!!!"

Tess mindwarps Alex and he collapses.

Kyle carries a duffle sack out the car. “Your duffel's all loaded.”

"Thanks Kyle."

Clearly disturbed "Want me to come along?"

"No. Go in the house. I'll take care of everything from here."

Kyle turns around to Liz and Maria "I carried his body. She made me think it was luggage. She killed him. Tess killed Alex!"

Liz starts crying softly in her sleep "No Max you can't go with her. You can't go open up damn it Michael. Isabel! Can you hear me! Open up. Someone answer me!
Max starts shaking Liz awake. "Liz wake up it's me Max I'm here. Liz wake up."

Max is literally freaking so he called Isabel and Michael and tells them to bring Maria and Alex with them. They arrive 20 minutes later.

"What's the emergency Maxwell?

Max is holding Liz on the bed brushing her hair away from her face and rocking back and forth and crying.

"She looks so peaceful when she's sleeping. I hardly ever get to see her like this she looks like an angel."

Everyone is clearly disturbed now cause Max sounds crazy.

What does everyone one think now is it easier to understand?

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I'm so sorry you are confused. I don't know what's wrong with my comp it cut off a lot of characters thoughts that made it funnier. Then the script turned green on me. I still don't know how that happened. I'm going to try and see if I can fix that. Um I didn't really have a plot in mind when I started writing this so your guess is as good as mine. Ok back I fixed the problem. It's way longer now I don't know if you can tell. and no more green script. Tell me if it makes more sense or not?

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Note: Anya and Roswell luver please try and read over the first two parts before reading this. The ezboard is temporarily shutdown so I decided to post these two parts up. I might come back and post part 5 later on tonight. I hope ya like it and let me know what you think. ok enough of my bable on with the fic *bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce*


*Did Max do something to Liz? OMIG! the stalker thing.* "What is wrong Max is Liz ok!? Maria jumps on the bed and pushes Max out of the way
"Hey Liz wake up. You’re scaring me and you know what I do when I'm scared I babble. So if you want to shut me up your going to have to open your eyes. Please Liz." Maria starts shaking Liz "How long has she been like this Max?"

Max is sitting next to her holding her hand repeating over and over

"She's gonna be ok. She's gonna wake up. She has to. She's gonna be ok. She's gonna wake up. She has to. She's gonna be ok. She's gonna wake up. She has to."

Maria halls off and smacks him across the face. Everyone holds their breath

"Snap out of it! Liz needs us now. Freak out on your own time! I'm going to ask this one more time and then I will kick your alien butt up and down Main Street. WHAT. THE. HELL. HAS. HAPPENED. TO. LIZ!?"

Max starts rubbing his face"I-I-I don't know wha-what happened. I-I got here. I was going t-to...surprise Liz and t-take the concert and she was crying and screaming in her sleep and she just wouldn't wake up. She called out my name and Is-Isabel and Michael and said something about I can can't go with her."

"Ok Liz you got a lot of questions to answer ok? We never did finish our girl talk. How am I gonna eat all that chocolate without you...Look she's smiling. Maybe I can scare her awake, It's obvious she can hear us. Liz if you don't wake up I'll-I'll eat your chocolate covered strawberries."

"No Maria."

"Hahaha see at least I got a response. Ok how about if you don't wake up I'll bleach your hair and put little ringlets in it."

Liz starts crying

"Yeah great going Deluca"

"Shut up! Alex."


Max looks up as she says another guys name. *Huh? don't tell me she's seeing someone else.* "Who is Sean?"

*Yeah like Parker really has another guy on the side, more like Maria she's all touching her. I guess my theory about Maria and Liz isn't so farfetched afterall.* "Sounded more like stop to me" Michael says clearly disturbed.

"Let me try. Liz it's Alex. Oh my god. Parker you have to wake up Max is turning green you have to see this."

"Alex noooooo" Liz says softly "not Alex. why Alex? why Alex!"

Everyone is looking to Alex now

"Whitman is there something you did or have done with Liz that we should know about?"

"Guerin do I have to tell you how much I hate you?"

Michael rubs his face "No I guess not." and glances at Maria who looks from Alex to
Michael to Alex again and smirks

Max immediately looks at Alex to see if he can tell if he's gonna lie

"Hey what's up with the heated glare? What are you suggesting?.....Oh well that's just gross...I mean not that Liz isn't hot!...hold up that came out wrong. What I meant to say is that I think of Liz like a cousin."

"What like a kissing cousin?"

"Right, very funny Guerin."

Maria is still stroking her hair and touches her forehead

"She's burning up obviously she's delirious why else would she call out your name
when she's sleeping."

"Very funny Maria, That just did wonders for my ego. Liz you have to wake up. Maria isn't playing nice and you know I don't hit girls so you’re going to have to do it for me."

"Hey no fair!"

"Well it got her smiling again. Liz is gonna kick your butt Deluca."


"Omig! She couldn't"

"Your not talking about?....No way"


"Funny I was going to say the same thing Liz."

*God it's like they share the same brain.* Isabel flips her hair over her shoulder "Ok Enough! ENOUGH! can you clue the rest of the class in, who hasn't known each other since they were in diapers?"

All 3 In unison "Pushy much!"

Michael, Isabel and Max look at each other and say: "That was freaky."

Liz opens her eyes and the first person she sees is Alex. She smiles immediately and pulls him down on the bed with her "Alex I thought I'd never see you again." Liz tenderly touches his face with her hand "Where were you?"

Alex gently removes her hand from his face and holds it briefly "What are you talking about Liz? We've all been right here waiting for you to wake up." *Is she still delirious?*

"We? wha what?" Liz looks around the room just noticing that Maria, Michael, Isabel and Max are in the room too "What happened?"

"Well Liz a certain green spaceman came to take you out on the town but you were sick and unwakeable. Care to shed some light?"

"Well I don't actually know what all happened. My dad brought some food up earlier cause I haven't been eating much lately. He said I had a fever." Liz is holding Alex so tight he can hardly breathe which everyone notices. "I haven't been sleeping that much I just dosed off as soon as I layed down. I was having some very weird dreams. You know the kind that you don't want to wake up from but if you try to remember you might have nightmares for the rest of your natural life?....."
Everyone looks at her like she has a second head. "You guys think I'm crazy huh?"

"Well I thought you were crazy since you told me what Max, Isabel, and Michael were, so if you tell me the sky is purple I'll believe you Liz."

Liz starts laughing "For some reason I know you don't really believe that, but for now ok."

There's a knock at the door and Isabel, Michael tense and Max jumps up. Isabel is concentrating hoping Mr. Parker doesn't see them

"Liz, honey are you awake?"

"Yeah Dad."

Mr. Parker opens the door carrying a tray and notices Maria and Alex first. Well they're on the bed so......

"Hey Alex, Maria are yall having a slumber night?"

"Oh yeah we were just making sure Liz was feeling better is all. We'll be leaving soon." Alex looks at Maria and she looks at Michael, Isabel and Max and looks at Mr. Parker who never looks in their direction. Liz catches all this.

"Actually dad I was hoping that my friends could stay over...."

"Well you know you don't have to ask Alex and Maria are welcome here anytime. Make sure she takes the Tylenol and eats her soup." He looks at Maria and Alex

In unison "Thanks dad."

Mr. Parker Kisses Liz, and Maria fore head and ruffles Alex's hair laughs and walks out.

in unison "O.k. that was freaky."

Liz lets go of Alex and gets up. Alex takes in a deep cleansing breath, then pulls up his shirt and you can see some pinkish red bruising "Damn that's gonna look ugly in the morning."

Liz walks around her room she looks in the closet, the bathroom, the balcony and even under the bed. Max walks up to Liz

"Um Liz what are you doing?"

"Oh, I was looking for Tess. Where is she?"

"What do you mean where is she Liz?"

"Am I speaking another language? I think I asked you a direct question where is Tess?"

Clearly rattled by her speaking to him like that "As far as I know Tess is home did you need to speak to her?"

"Not really. So this isn't making any sense. Who was doing the mind warp if Tess wasn't here? I know you had to have noticed that my dad didn't see you guys."
Alex looked at Max he shakes his head no, Max looks at Michael who just glares then everyone turns to Isabel

"Isabel did you um....mindwarp my Dad?...That is not ok, playing mind games like that" *That came out a little harsher than I wanted but with what Tess did to Max and what she will do or is going to do to Alex rather I just freaked!*

"Back off Parker!" Michael walks over to Isabel and puts his arm around her. Isabel starts crying Michael glares at Liz "Nice goin."

"I didn't mean to. I didn't realise I was doing it. It's just we were all worried about you and we didn't know if what was wrong with you why you wouldn't wake up was alien or not so when your dad came in I just didn't want him to see us."

*Good way to make me feel guilty.* "Look Isabel I didn't mean to snap at you" Liz glances quickly at Max "it's just the whole Tess mind thing still has me on edge. I know that you are the last person who would try to hurt me or my family."

"Well thanks for saying that."

"I'm just stating the facts.......I know this is all new but have you thought about what this all means?"

"What that Isabel is a head case."

*He's acting all different towards me now. I guess he really got the hint.* Isabel sends Alex a death glare "Real funny Alex!"

"I was just trying to lighten the mood geez."

Liz looks down at her robe "Look I'll be right back I think I should change." Liz goes over to her dresser and grabs a red tank top and some khaki capris

"Help your self to some chocolate but leave the strawberries alone."

"Don't mind if I do." Michael opens one of the boxes and grabs a bottle of tobasco sauce from his back pocket "This is primo stuff."

"Alex are you still staying over?"

Alex looks over at Isabel "I have no plans tonight." Then turns to Maria and puts his arm on her shoulder. "I might as well spend it with my girls."

"Ok good." Maria takes her cell phone from the clip on her waist and calls her mom and tells her she's staying over Liz's , Then hands it to Alex, he leaves a message on his parents answering machine. Liz comes out just when Alex completes his call

"Oh Alex if you need a change of clothes check the closet and you have a couple of sets of boxers in my bottom drawer." Everyone is disturbed by the news except Alex and Maria. Max is sending Alex a heated glare "Ok back to business" Liz notices the look on everyone ones faces "tough room"

"Well isn't the issue here that Isabel has a new power or an extention of it? Maybe we should concentrate on that." *Yeah Alex like changin the subject is going to help*

"Um Alex, Maria can I see you two for a minute?"

"Well be right back."Maria says over her shoulder. Liz doesn't wait for a response she just starts draggin them into the bathroom with her. Liz turns on the water and the shower/radio so Max, Michael and Isabel can't over hear "Ok Liz what's going on? I can't believe you said that infront of them. What were you thinking?"

"I was thinkin that it might drive a wedge between Max and Me."

"Are you crazy do you know what they are thinkin out there?"

Back to The pod squad talking

"What do you think they are doing in there?"

"I don't know Max, but what ever it is it can't be good." Michael moves toward the door and puts his ear up to it trying to overhear something. "I can't really hear anything." he tries cupping his hands

Back to Maria Liz and Alex

"Yeah I have a pretty good idea. Did you see the look on Isabel's face? This can only work in your favor."

"This all seems a little too cruel Liz, I don't know girlfriend looked like he was ready to kill Alex."

"Guys you have to trust me now. Max would never do anything to you infront of me I wont let anything happen to you Alex if it comes down to it I wont let you out of my sight. Please just this once guys I'll explain everything later."

"How are you going to do that with the pod squad right there."

"I'm gonna get them to leave but you guys have to play along. When we go out there I don't want either of you to explain away anything I say or do."

"Liz did you see the mark you put on me?" Alex lifts his shirt. Liz touches it and he winces "Whoa I'm so sorry Alex. Come on guys let's go."
Maria turns off the water and the music they all walk out and bump into Michael

"Alex I can't believe you showed me that It was so big." Liz's cheeks turn red

"Well you really know how to stroke a guys..."

"Whoa Whitman I didn't know you had it in you?"
Michael has a smirk plastered on his face, Isabel has her mouth hanging open and Max looks like he's going to cry

"I REALLY hate anyone want something to drink? I'm thirtsy"

"Oh yeah why don't I help you with that Alex." they both glance at Maria "We'll be baaaaaack"

"Funny guys that's from "Scream. Make me a float!.....So how about those comets?
Maria starts fanning "Is it hot in here?"

"Oh stuff it Maria what's really going on with Liz and Alex?"

Maria has a smile plastered on her face. Maybe Liz was right Isabel sure does look jealous "Why do you care I thought you weren't interested in Alex your just friends right?"

"I'm not interested. I did say I only wanted to be friends and I meant that. I just don't like the fact that Liz is playing games with my brother."

"Right, I really believe that one."

"Shut up Michael! You can really be an ass sometimes."

"Hey I'm a big boy Is don't try and drag me into this. If your jealous just say it, but don't use me for an excuse."

"Ok well maybe I am, a little bit, but what was that whole thing they were saying when you guys came out of the bathroom?"

"Oh yeah I'd like the answer to that one" Michael crosses his hands in front of his chest "So what he just whipped it out and what you just watched?"

*God Michael can be so crude.* "Well that's between the three of us... I think I'm going to help them with the drinks."

"Hey don't bother we're leaving" *Liz can have him.*

"Come on snap out of it Maxwell we're leaving." Michael pushes past Maria and Isabel leaves behind him followed by a very reluctant Max. You can hear Maria shout. "Ep arp orp ah ah" Maria climbs out Liz's window puts both hands on the ladder and straddles the side with her shoes and slides all the way down and unlocks the back door in record time and dashes into the kitchen.
Liz is making the drinks then stops and turns on the jukebox

"Just in case no need in them overhearing us."

"This is getting scary Liz. We might have the first case of Alien combustion. You talk me into the craziest things I swear."

"I know, but did you see the look on Isabel's face? She was turning a little green. She looked a little shocked and intreged by my statement you know what I'm not gonna repeat it again. Besides you trust me right?" Liz hears Maria warning and hears the footsteps on the stairs and walks from behind the counter "So Alex you wanna dance?"

"I am going to be so dead."

"Ep arp orp ah ah?"

"Oh that's from that cartoon we were all watching I can't remember the name."

Alex and Liz are slow dancing "Obviously you have been practing since the last time we danced. So who is she.....Are you cheating on me?"

"You know Ep arp orp ah ah that means I love you."

"Then ep arp orp ah ah back at cha" Alex takes Liz's hand and as they dance Alex spins Liz around then dips her there are only inches seperating their faces when they notice Michael, Isabel , and Max are down stairs who over hears the tail end of their convo

Alex looks down at Liz "Well they have fantastic timing," Liz justs laughs "Yeah I was going to say the same thing. Let me up."

Isabel walks past both of them without saying a word Michael pushes Alex "Your days are numbered Whitman!" Max lingers for awhile and looks Liz in the eye

"Liz I don't know what is really going on here, but I hope that someday we could work through this wall you've built around yourself now and we could some day be together."

"Well that's sweet Max but I've told you that we can't be together. I don't know how to make it any plainer. I just wish you'd just stop trying to get me back." I say sadly but not convincingly cause I don't want him to.

"That's like asking me to stop breathing, which would be an easier task for me to do. You are the air I breathe and without you I'd cease to exist. A part of me died that day at the cave. Some stupid destiny my people concocted that I have no control over. I don't know why you think we shouldn't be together. If it's because of Tess you have nothing to worry about. You're my destiny not her. This is so crazy." Max runs his hands through his hair "Ok put it this way what if it was the other way around and I was supposed to be with Michael. Do you really think I would go along with that?" He walks out the door without another word leaving Liz to stare after him.

"The man's got a point."
Liz walks over to the door and locks it and looks out the window "Do you really think this is easy for me? You have no idea. Maria would you just come out already we can hear you breathing!"

"I know, sorry I spaced out. I was just in shock. It just looked so real and I was in on the whole thing."

"Yeah well Alex made it easy It almost seemed like....."

"Hey I was just playing my role your not too bad yourself Parker."

Liz playfully smacks Alex then goes behind the counter to finish making the floats "Well ep arp orp ah ah."

"So are you going to tell us what's going on now?" Alex grabs a tray and starts putting the drinks on the tray as she finishes."I'll just take this up for you."

~Part 4~

Back in Liz's room

Damn I feel so stupid. It's bad enough I almost risked Max, Michael and Isabel's future again because of being selfish. Yeah that's right that was one of the main reasons why I sent future Max away. I was going to sleep with Max. Yeah I know It's a shocker right? But you had to have figured that out right? I mean come on, Can you really blame me? I just feel so unsure of things with Max. Everything is always up in the air and put on hold. Everytime we get closer we are ripped apart. This chance was just to great to pass up. At least that's what I thought at the time. To have a clear view of our future and how happy we were going to be even if it was for a short time...But damn it if I'm going to let anything happened to Alex because of my stupidity. Maybe I'm just not meant to be with Max oh well only time will tell right?

"Ok now what I'm about to say will sound completely nuts but it's all true" Liz takes a deep breath contimplating how she should tell them. *Max said not to tell anyone he was here but he mainly stressed that only his younger self couldn't know. Oh well I know I can trust Maria and Alex. I love loop holes.*

"Hey Earth to Liz... Spill already!"

"Oh yeah right, ok remember that night we got back from Hondo?"

"Yeah so what about it?"

"Well I got a visitor that night."

"We already know about Max singing to you."

"Well I'm not talking about that. Ok Max came to me from the future. Oh god he looked so hot!" Liz gets a dreamy look on her face "Oh sorry minor um lapse, anyway he came to warn me that if I didn't break up with present Max that the world would end, all because Tess leaves Roswell. She obviously couldn't stand how close Max and I were getting and she knew she had no hope in getting him away from me so she left. Max, well future Max, said that I had to help Max get closer to Tess. Which I did try to do, but also I had to help him fall out of love with me..."

*This is so typical. I can barely tell if Michael is mildly interested in me but Liz's love can end the world.*

Liz looks at Alex and Maria trying to gauge their response Alex looks interested and Maria looks kinda pissed "He said that when their enemies attacked they weren't strong enough Isabel had died in battle and minutes before he got here Michael died. I know it's a lot to take in but there is more"

"More worse than this?"

"I'm afraid so. Earlier when I touched Max, well the future version of him. I don't really know how to describe it, but something came over me like an awakening. God I'm not explaining this right.....It's like some part of me woke up that I didn't know was there before. I think it has something to do with Max healing me. I have an alien power too. The really strange thing is I had a premonition of what was going to happen in the future if I go along with this plan. It seems no matter what we do it's going to end the same way but this time Tess is going to kill Alex."

"Oh my god that bitch! I'll dig her eyes out! I smelled that hooch from day one." *That evil winch. Maybe we can just kill her and we can have our very own alien autopsy.* "She thinks she can just stroll into town, play mind games with Max and Isabel then kill Alex."

Alex wraps his arm around her "Breathe Maria. Besides I'm still here...for now that is."

"I can't believe this is happening. So the hussy can't get the man she wants all the while she's living with Kyle who I know likes her. I wouldn't even wish her on my worse enemy. Well maybe Pam Troy."

"Yeah well if you don't like that you'll like this even less...she was mind warping Alex for months we all thought he was in Sweden, but he was at Las Cruces decoding that stupid destiny book. She was trying to find a way home cause she got knocked up by Max. Anyway, Alex broke out of the mind warp and confronted her and that's when she killed him."

"So how did she cover up my death I'm assuming it had to be big because a silver hand print would scream alien killer."

"She mind warped Kyle to drag your body out to your car he thought it was luggage and she some how steared your car into a semi...."

"Well she was just mindwarping everyone huh?"

"Yeah including your mom."

"WHAT" *Oh that bitch is going down!*

"There is so much that I have to tell you. I thought I'd fill you guys in first before we let the rest of them in on the secret, but I still can't tell Max about future Max coming to see me."
LIz finishes filling them in on everything she learned and they are sitting around eating a pizza brain storming

"Well this is too cool...well not that Tess is a killer, but that we have all this future knowledge. I guess Madame Vivian was right. I died before anything could even develop with Isabel...Damn I have such bad luck."

Liz nudges Alex "Hey don't even think that way we are not going to let Tess win." *She must really think we are stupid. I guess I was right not to trust her.*

"Yeah I'm not losing you Alex....The interesting thing is Isabel can mind warp too. It's undeveloped but with practice they wont need Tess." *Cause I will kill her with my bare hands if I have to.*

"Tess has a tremendous amount of power. What I want to know is how come she is so much stronger than Max, Michael and Isabel? I don't really buy that whole thing just because she grew up with Nasedo" says Liz

"Yeah it seemed kinda fishy to me too..." *Michael looked really pissed when he left.* Maria picks up another slice.

"So what are we saying here that Tess is different than them?" *She always seemed more alien then human anyway. Thinking back to when I first met here she used to tweak my nerves by calling me Al or say that we were just humans.*

"It would make a whole lot more sense don't cha think? It would also explain why Khivar made a deal for her to come home with the heir and she would be unharmed." *I miss Michael so much I wonder what he is doing right now?*

"So that would mean that Tess could possibly have been a desendant of skins but-BUT since only their essence was cloned and mixed with human DNA she wont have the typical effect a normal skin would have with the peeling... but of course she doesn't have a husk so..." *I am such a geek!*

"What about doing some DNA testing? We could test hers against Isabel's see what the differences are?"

"Oh you mean like a marker for Alien psycho killer?"

"Very funny Maria but Alex might have a point. The thing is who is going to get the sample?"

"Well I think that Max, Michael or Isabel should do it, lets not risk our lives unnessesarily."

Back to the squad

Isabel took the car home and Michael decided to go with Max since he was out of it. Max is staring out the window while Michael is driving. A half an hour passes without a word shared between them Michael pulls to an abrupt stop. Max takes a look around it's dark but he knows his surroundings he'd know it anywhere. Michael gets out and walks away from the jeep. Max has no choice but to follow him

"Michael why are we out here of all places? Can you just take me home?"

Michael turns around "I need to think." Max raises a eyebrow at him and stares blankly. "Don't look so shocked. I know what everyone thinks about me, that I'm a loose cannon that I don't think before I act, but I do think some things through.....I need to know what to do about Maria."

"Ok. I never said....nevermind. What is there to do with Maria? I thought you guys were together?"

"Well were sorta not together. I don't know some stuff happened. I actually was thinking that Liz and Maria were together, but it looks like Alex has Liz's spot or both for that matter...I guess they really do share everything."

Max smiled at the thought of Liz and Maria together his mind wandered for a bit til he heard Alex "Well I don't know what to make of the whole Alex situtation. I saw the way Liz pulled Alex on top of her when she woke up it looked like she was going to kiss him til he mentioned that they weren't alone and even though I heard that comment she made about him cheating on her. I still can't believe it. That she would do that to me."

"Well fine bury your head in the sand Maxwell that'll really help, but I'm looking at this with eyes wide open. The girl said she loved him and he said it back. They were slow dancing while we were upstairs waiting for them."

"I don't care I don't think she would do that behind my back."

The man has turned into a sap singing to the girl and she is fooling around with half the town. Someone needs to knock some sense into him it might as well be me. "What do you mean behind your back the girl dumped you. No let me say it right. She ran a marathon, sprinted for her life to get away from you. She made an abrupt get away to her aunt that she hasn't seen in who knows how long to stay away from you and when she got back what did she do? She hid in her room for three days to avoid you."

Max slumps to the ground in defeat "You know Michael you have never said so many words at one time in your life and I wish you'd just turn back to mute boy."

"Fine whatever." Michael picks up some rocks and starts skipping them on the water

So does it stink? Cause I'll stop if it truly sucks

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Roswelllady and Anya you make me blush. *tongue**bounce* Ok just like I promised I'm posting the next part. Tell me ya love me by giving me some feedback.


Back at the Evan's house

Isabel is crying looking at a picture of Alex. "Yeah like I really care that your with Liz now. I'm with Grant. He's good looking and mildly interesting. Who am I lying to here? The man is boring. All he talks about is his work and some funky crystals he found. I've been calling off dates for awhile now. Are all men dense? Alex was mine, he understood me and he knew my secret and liked me anyway. I guess that's all changed. He's with Liz now. He's probably been sleeping with her for awhile now, after all they do have sleep overs all the time, and throw Maria in the mix it's like a freak fest going on over there. God I sound like Michael!"

Back to Liz's room

Maria looks at Alex "Ok the question on the table now is who is going to break the news?"

"Yeah right! Like that is going to happen." Alex looks at Liz

"What is this pass the buck?...fine, fine....I'll do it, but you both owe me big. Max will probably come over here anyway to talk to me." Alex and Maria start braiding Liz's hair.

"So Liz where is this other Max anyway?"

"I sent him away. I told him if he was still around in two days to look me up."

"I still can't believe Courtney is a skin. She has a thing for Michael too."

"I know but she's on our side and she's not gonna get anywhere with him."

*Then why was he kissing the hussy?* "Is that right."

"Hey I know all...I wish I knew exactly where The dupes hide out is, all I know is they lived in the sewers. I would love to see what Zan looks like."

"Yeah I can't wait to see Rath, I thought Michael's hair was out of control but a mowhawk?"

They all start laughing

Liz takes out the finger nail polish and Maria and Liz starts painting their toes "How much money do you guys have?"

"Not much on me."

"I have what 40 bucks why?"

"I was actually talking about money in your bank accounts. I was thinking after everything is settled we could go to the Carribean like during winter break. I missed you guys so much this summer. I was hoping we could spend some quality alone time...what do you think?"

"I would love that! I got this hot bikini I've been dying to wear."

"I'm in. Any reason to get out of Roswell."

"So we should start planning this right away cause we have a couple of road trips ahead of us..Like tomorrow night we are going to copper summit. So Alex I'm gonna need you to falsify some kind of three day school trip. Just so our parents don't think we are just leaving town again. We leave Saturday after school and we come back Monday."

Alex goes in the bathroom to change so Liz and Maria can have some privacy. He takes off his shirt and changes into a pair of sweats. Liz and Maria are changing in the bed room. Maria puts on a tank top and pajama bottoms and Liz puts on a tube top and some shorts.

"Yeah you think my mom went crazy last time. She'll hit the roof if I leave town again like that." They move to the bed to get some sleep but continue talking. Maria is on the left and Liz lays in the middle of the bed.

"Oh I know alright. Your mom is a little crazy Maria. My mind is going to explode with all this info." Liz rubs her forehead absently

Alex walks out of the bathroom. "A lot of guys would pay big money to be in this sitch."

Maria and Liz start teasing him "Who hoo! Look at that bod."

"Gotta get me a piece of that!"

Alex gets red faced and hops in next to Liz "Vixens"

"Well that's why you love us so much."

"Alex, is there someway you can stop the school from calling our house? There's no use in making up a fake field trip if we get busted by the school calling. And why did we choose to take classes on Saturday anyway?"

"You guys decided that. I elected to be school free on the weekends. I can do my computer thing, reroute some calls and monitor their system. I'll just send the calls through to my house."

"Is that even safe Alex? We don't want you to get in any trouble."

"Yeah we come back Monday and your all locked up."

"No no it's cool. It'll be just like you had your calls forwarded to my house. Besides it's just their automated message system. So what is it that I should be doing while you guys are away?"

*How can I say this so it doesn't sound self serving?* " you think you could hack into the city plans for New York. I think we should try an get ahold of Zan before Lonnie and Rath kill him, we don't have much time. It's like a month away, maybe less."

"Ok I can swing that. The thing is who is going to deliver the news? I don't think we can go up to him and say 'hey my friend had this premonition that your sister and her lover are going to kill you is going to work.' "

"Right, well let's not worry about that right now. We have two weeks tops to get the info on where they are staying and where they hang out. Then we can go to New York and warn him. Them." Liz covers quickly.

"Ok so after Arizona we have New York, then no more road trips til next year." Maria turns to face Liz and Alex "SO we have some serious shopping to do. Got to get sunblock and passports...Like my mom is actually going to go along with this. We're going to another country unsupervised."

"Hey we could always just leave again."

They start laughing again

"We'll figure out something we always do, but we are going. Noone is going to stop us. A few days of relaxation in the sun and a nice tan will do wonders for the psyche. Besides we have all this stuff to deal with at least we'll have this trip to look back on and say well we got away from all that alien crap, at least for a little while."

"Yeah I bet that would go over great with my mom. I'll just say Mom we just need a little R&R from all the alien crap. While you guys are tanning I'll be in a padded room."

"Yeah we can say the hypes just too much to take so we've decided to look for aliens and we're not gonna stop til we find some proof to the non sense."
says Alex in tears cause he's laughing so hard.

"Maybe we should just leave a note." Liz bounces back.

They start laughing hysterically "We are so bad. It would be kinda funny if we did it though."

Alex still laughing "Well I'm not dismissing it."

"You know I don't think we should tell thee others about Tess. I mean we are going to tell them, but I think we should wait."

"Maria do you really think we could keep this a secret? It'll take all my energy not to kill her on the spot the next time I run into her."

"I know, but if we feel this strongly how do you think Michael, Isabel , and Max will react? She's a traitor who's sole purpose is to sell them out."

"Ok so we wait like three months tops then we let the squad in on the whole thing. After that she is no use to us. So tomorrow let's act like nothing has happened. Noone act any different around her." *In other words still treat her like dirt*

"Ok let's just get some sleep. Good night Liz."

"Night Maria."

"Good night Liz."

"Night Alex."

"Good night Alex."

"Night Maria"

"Night Alex."

"Night Liz,"

They all start laughing. Maria, Liz and Alex fall asleep snuggled tightly together. An hour later Liz is having another nightmare and kicks Maria off the bed.

Switch back to Michael and Max at the Quarry

*I am so sick of his bullshit!* "You know Michael I'm tired of just sitting here. You can pick me up for school tomorrow morning. I need to walk some of this off. Maybe talk to Liz."

"Fine whatever."

*Is that the only phrase he knows?* "Try not to make us late for school."

"Yeah Yeah."

Max walks back into town determined to get an answer out of Liz. He walks down the alley and starts climbing the ladder. Something is telling him to turn back but he wont listen. He pulls himself over the top rung and walks over to the window.

Inside Liz's bedroom

Liz is curled up next to Alex her arm is draped over his stomach her head on his chest. He doesn't have a shirt on. His arm is around her, his hand in her hair.

Liz moves. The sheets are tangled you can see a lot of thigh and her shoulders are bare. She opens her eyes and looks toward the window and Max is there.*This cannot be happening!* Liz opens her eyes wide in shock deja vu. Max just walks away and sits down on a bench at the park across the street from the CrashDown.

*I can't believe Liz would do that to me. And with Alex?*

Tess walks up "Are you ok?"


"Can I sit down?"


"Do you want to talk about it?"


"Do you want me to leave?"


Next morning At school

"Hey you ok?"

"Oh I-I just didn't get that much sleep last night. A certain person was hogging all the covers."

"Well between Alex's snoring, your moaning Max about 50 times and waking up with a nike in my butt. I didn't get much sleep either."

"Well at least we still look pretty."

Maria and Liz are talking by Liz's locker when Michael walks up.

"Well thank god for good genes and covergirl."

"Are you ready? Here he comes." Liz takes off


"Whatever dude." Maria walks over to her locker

"No I have something to tell you."

"I'm not interested."

"Hey, It's about Courtney."

"I am SO not interested."

"Will you just listen to me!"

She slams her locker shut "You listen to me here. She made a play for you, and you went for it. So, what? Now she's screwed you over and you've come to realize she's a cheap, manipulative tramp? Well, this is not news to me."

"She's an alien. A skin, like Whitaker."

*Like I didn't already know this but ok.* "So when were you going to tell me? Before or after you slept with her?"

*I really don't need this. Especially after what she's been doing with Liz and Alex.* "Can you not kick my ass right now? We need to tell the others."

"Fine whatever but this conversation is NOT over."

Group meeting in classroon

"I knew there was something wrong about her, even before I found her picture in Whitaker's office. "

"Where's Courtney now?"

"I don't know. She went out the window. I tried chasing her... "

"But it's hard to run with your pants around your ankles?"

"Settle the personal crap on your own time. If Courtney's a skin, it means she was working with Whitaker."

"You're right. There's no way two skins would just happen to be in Roswell at the same time. They were working together, which means Courtney knows everything about us."

Max starts drifting off to sleep

Michael kicks the desk Max is sitting on "Maxwell, are we disturbing you?"

"Leave him alone. He's had a rough night."

*Yeah like we all haven't had one. I wonder how she got clued in.* "Really? Something you wanna share with the class?"

"No. Look, if Courtney is a skin and she was working with Whitaker, the first question is, does she know that Whitaker's dead?"

"If she didn't before, she does now." Maria gets up and turns the volume up on the TV

TV News Woman : "We have this story just in. A controversial New Mexico Congresswoman is dead. We'll have that story in just a minute."

*You can see everyone go in panic mode and all I'm thinking is hurry up so I can get to the beach already.*

TV News Woman: "Widowed just 6 months before her husband John Whitaker's upcoming election, she took his place on the ballot and won the election by a higher margin than any Democrat in 15 years. But all that ended yesterday, just outside her hometown of Copper Summit, Arizona, where a tragic single-car accident cut short a life of public service."

Maria is sitting back watching the pod squad put all the pieces together noticing things she never did before. Some more obvious than others.

"A car crash?"

"She died 2 weeks ago. I was there. " *I killed her.*

"We were all there." Max states. *Like saying it will make it make more sense.*

"How could she be in a car accident if she's dust?" *You know I never noticed it before but sometimes when Michael is trying to get his point across it sounds like he is explaining something to a five year old.*

"So who's conveniently covering up her death for us?"

*Why does she always have to be the center of attention? That's another thing I've noticed about Miss Harding. No matter what the situation she wants all eyes on her. Maybe it's a residual side affect from being an alien queen. God I sound like Liz.*

"Nasedo said the skins were among us. Skins, plural. Maybe other skins created a fake car accident to keep the Feds from looking too closely into Whitaker's background."

*Hmm Isabel seems to stick to the facts as much as possible. Doesn't try too hard to invent other possibilities. Boring*

Tess walks over to Max

*This is so typical all she thinks about is ways to get in Max's pants and all he thinks about is Liz.*

"Max...what do we do?"

"Uh, let me guess. Nothing." Michael says sarcastically


"Well you guys go ahead I have a shift at the Crash fill me in later."

Everyone files out

Whitaker's office. Liz is answering a phone calls

"Yeah, we...we're in total shock. No, we haven't set a date for the memorial service yet. Yes, I will let you know as soon as we do. Of course. Ok."

"The phone's been ringing off the hook for the past hour."

"Somebody covered up Whitaker's death."

*Just three more months of acting clueless.* "Why?"

"Has anybody been asking questions over the past few days?"

*Why is he talking to me like this? He sounds so cold.* "People have been calling. I just have been saying that she's on vacation, just like we said."

"Well, somehow the skins know that she's dead. None of us has said anything...unless it came from here." *He's looking at me like I disgust him.*

"You mean, from me." *So that wasn't just a nightmare. I feel sick.*

"Look at this. The postmark says Copper Summit. It's from something called the Universal Friendship League."

"Whitaker never mentioned it."

"What the hell is the Universal Friendship League? Could it sound any creepier?"

"Marked "personal." *Screw the feds rip it open.*

"Dear member: Your failure to report as scheduled violates protocol. We must receive word by the 25th of this month or terminate your membership, effective that date."

"The 25th was yesterday."

"That's when they say she died."

"Sincerely, T. Greer, Senior Coordinator, Vilandra project."


Max turns to look at Isabel. "Does that mean something to you?"

Isabel tries to take the focus off of her. "No. We should call."

Liz calls the Friendship League

"Hi, um, is this the...the Universal Friendship League?.....I...I'm calling from Congresswoman Vanessa Whitaker's office. We just, um, opened this letter this morning and...I wanted to call and apologize for not responding sooner. ..We just wanted to let you know that, unfortunately, Congresswoman has passed away. ....They just hung up."

"We're going to Arizona."

"Hey, I'm not going anywhere until I find..."

"Courtney. That's right, you're staying."

"So we agree."


"There's a first."

"But we do need you to come with us, Liz. You're the only one of us who has a legitimate connection to Whitaker."

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Thanks for everyone whose read this and liked it. I So wanted to come back and post part 6 but I am too tired to stay up and edit it. Maybe I need a beta hint hint!*bounce**tongue* I swear I'll try to have it up tomorrow morning or late in the evening but it will be up tomorrow. And FireflyDreamer I will read your fics as soon as I put up the next part. Thanks for reading you guys. Oh I'm going to cry
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-I need a beta beta bo beta bananna bana bo beta fee fi fo feta beta! *bounce* lol

Ok as promised next part

~Part 6~

Max, Isabel, Tess, and Liz are in the jeep on their way to Arizona.

"I'm...I'm ok up here...if you want to get some sleep." *Does he realise he looks like a psycho just staring at me like that?*

"I haven't slept since I saw you with Alex. Liz, I know you, and I don't believe that you would do that to me. It doesn't make sense. Tell me what's really going on." *It would be different if I caught her with Kyle then atleast I could dismiss it. Well not dismiss it really, more like get over it. It would be a lot easier to deal with because I know she doesn't love him. But Alex...Liz really does love him. Friends do make the best lovers. Atleast that's what those lame ass poets spout off about all the time. God I have done nothing else but obsess about this for the past two days. God I'm starting to think it might be true. She wont even look me in the eye anymore.*

Instead of answering him I turned on the music. *I can't wait for this to all be over with and I can stop lying to him, to everyone. It just creeps me out to see Tess draped all over him like that. Knowing that she is just trying to get close to him so she can get a ride home. I was thinking if we all got closer to Tess that things wouldn't turn out so bad, but I can't get over how much evil she really has inside of her. I can't risk Alex's life like that. Not on a maybe. I wonder who's going to be the one to do it? To end all this craziness. The beach is just calling to me. I need to get away. Just a few more weeks.*

Cellphone rings

*Thank god I needed a distraction from Max's piercing glare.*



"Oh hey Alex! You have perfect timing. What's up?" Isabel turns her head to look at me.

"I'm just checkin in. So far the parents are clueless and I've got some leads on Zan."

"I can't believe it! Your a genius. That's just one of the many reasons why I love you so much."

"And I love you back. You really know how to give a guy "the big head."

"Huh? What are you talking about Alex?"

"It sounded a bit much. I'm thinking this is more for your benifit than mine right?...Is Max there?"

"You know it!" *Where else would my alien stalker be?*

"Take it easy on him. All I need is another pissed off alien."

"Right your right. Well keep up the good work. We will talk about this more later. You know when I can find time to have a private conversation."

"Ok. I will do my best to track the man. Hey Liz! You said they had tats right?


"Do you remember what they looked like? I could always check police databanks for anyone with tattoes or distinguishing marks who's been arressted in the past four years or so."

"I don't know why I didn't think of that before...It was a...." Liz looks around to see if Isabel is paying attention but she has fallen asleep. Then lowers her voice dramatically. "ah pea in a box, four of them connected with an x."

"Well I doubt those are common. I'll get right on it because as soon as this is over with the closer I get to hitting the beach and finding some island babes."

"It's calling to me too. Thanks Alex."

"Who loves ya babe?"

"Besides my stalker? You. I'll talk to ya later."

"So what was that all about Liz?"

"Oh Alex was ah just doing a little computer work for me."

*Oh yeah right like I believe that one.*

Back In Roswell

"And just for the sake of argument I told my mom I was staying at Liz's so obviously I'm staying at your place while we snoop on Courtney."

"No skin off my back." *Just think the whole weekend alone with Maria. I definitely got the better deal. Never thought I'd be glad to be in Roswell.*

Michael and Maria are breaking in Courtney's apartment

"Michael! I feel like we're Scully and Mulder or something."

"Shhh. Would you shut up?"

"Ok." *God the guy has no sense of humor.*

"Nobody's home."

Maria walks over to the stereo "Culture Club? Wham? The Backstreet Boys? God, she really is an alien, this one."

"A little help here?"

"Fine. What are we looking for?"

"Clues? You address book or a calendar somewhere."

"Of course. Like she's gonna write her hideout in an address book, oh ho!" *He must really think blondes are stupid.*

"Hey, are you just gonna rag on me or are you gonna help?"

*What the hell is this? It looks like fake vomit.* "Michael...What is this?"

"That's why they call 'em skins. She's shedding."

"Eww, it's so gross! Eww! How did you figure out she was a skin, anyway?"

"I saw part of her skin come off."

She raises her flash light to his face to see if he's going to lie to her. "Which part?" *It better not have been her ass.*

"When are you gonna get off this?"

Maria sasshay's out the room "Not for a very, very long time, Mikey G."

"There's nothing going on between me and Courtney. "

Maria walks over to a closet and opens it

"Ohh! Ohh!" *God it's like Tess on crack!*

"That's the shirt I lost at work. What the hell is this?"

"It's Graceland...and you're Elvis." *Now how did that heiffer steal his I.d and his favorite pair of boots without him knowing? Oh this chick is really wacked out of her mind. She probably sniffs the insoles everynight just so she can follow his scent the trampy bitch!*


"Wow? Is that all you can say right now, is "wow"? She's obsessed with you. She's, like, an alien stalker. She's been spying on you for weeks. She's been dreaming about you, fantasizing about you..."

"Hey, shut up for a second. Take a look at the pictures. They were all shot from the apartment across the street from my building."

*These alien women really know how to take obsession to a whole new level.* "So? Oh. Oh! That's where she goes to spy on you."

"So we should get back there and do our own stake out."

"Lead the way Spaceboy."

Back in Copper Summit outside the Crawford's house

Max walks over to the mailman "Excuse me, is this the Crawford's?"

Mailman nods and points to the house


"You're on."

*Could he say that any louder I don't think the neighbors heard.* "Ms. Crawford? Hi, I'm Liz Parker. Vanessa's assistant. We talked on the phone?"

"Oh, sure. Liz Parker."

"I'm really sorry to hear what happened to your daughter. It's so terrible." *What I really wanted to say was I'm glad we killed her and too bad we didn't do it sooner.*

"Oh, thank you, dear. What are you doing here?"

*It's like she knows I'm not being sincere, but she doesn't really care cause Whitaker isn't her daughter just like Nicholas isn't her son.* "Oh, um, I just wanted to drop off some of your daughter's personal effects."

"Oh, honey, that is so sweet. Well, you didn't have to come clear up here. My gosh, it must be 400 miles! Walt! Visitors! Did you kids work for Vanessa?"

"No, not exactly." *I can't believe I'm here talking to this woman and I killed her daughter.*

"Oh, um, this is Max, Isabel" *That thing.* "and, uh, and Tess."


"These young people drove all the way up here to bring home some of Vanessa's things."

"Why didn't they just send them?"

"What a thing to say! After they went to all that trouble. You must be so tired and hungry after that long drive. Come on in the house. I want to make you something to eat."

Liz, Tess, and Isabel enter the house. Walt comments to Max as he's entering

"I guess you're the man in charge."

Inside the Crawford Residence

"Did you take the 70?"

"No, the, uh, the 10."

"Ah, you don't wanna do that."

"I don't?"

"You wanna go over to Lordsburg, hook onto the 70, stay on that til you see the model reservoir sign, and that'll shoot you right on to Artesia."

"Walt, did you hear that?"

"They came all this way for her service."

"Well, we felt we should come. You know, the Congresswoman, she was very...she was all of us." *Yeah ah special pain in thee ass.*

"Like a mother."

*Hey I thought I was good at lying but Isabel deserves an award for that one.*


Isabel notices a boy who is peeking in at them.

"Hi. "

"Nicholas, there you are! Come on in here. Come on, say hello."

"No, ma'am."


"He took it real hard. He and his sister were very close."

*They are starting to make my skin crawl, but I'm just being over paranoid cause I know their skins. I look at Max trying to show him how uncomfortable I am. Like he would even care after what I've put him through.*

"Maybe we'd better just find a hotel."

"There ain't but one."

"All four of you? At that old Motor Inn? I won't hear of it! You're all gonna spend the night here, and then tomorrow we can go to the memorial service together."

*God I'd rather sleep in the jeep.* "Are you sure?"

"If Vanessa was like your mother, we're like your grandparents. We'll treat you just the way Vanessa would have wanted. Well, ok, let's eat up, there!"

"Get you one of those crispy treats there."

"Yeah, and I pickeled all those gherkins myself. The crispy treats and the...lemonade freshly squeezed myself."

Back in Roswell

Michael and Maria are staking out the building across the street from Michael's apartment.

"This isn't gonna work. She's not just gonna stroll up to her hideout while we're sitting here watching her."

"This was your idea."

"That's not the way I remember it."

"Ok, so now it's my fault?"

"Yes. You know what? Just to make things simpler, from now on, you should consider everything to be your fault, ok? Ok."

"Well, I know one way to make the time go faster."

*Typical Michael* "Oh, funny."

"I know."

"But if we can talk reality here for a second, I think she booked. Out of town."

"No dice. She wouldn't do that. She's obsessed with me."

"Well, I guess that makes two of you, then, doesn't it?"

"She'll show up sooner or later."

"How 'bout sooner?"

Michael and Maria turn around to see Courtney in front of them. Michael immediately goes into his fighting stance.

"Whoa! Hey, truce."

"Don't move."

"Don't worry. I won't. You're watching the building. You figured out where I'd be from the pictures. That's very good, Mikey G. You're everything I thought you'd be and more."

"Oh, please! Do your lips not get chapped from all the ass-kissing?"

"Sit down."

"Anything you say."

"So you're a skin, like Whitaker."

"How'd you get on to Whitaker?"

"We're asking the questions here, ok? Now, why are you in Roswell? Where's the rest of your evil army? And most of all, why are you obsessed with my good-looking, if badly groomed boyfriend?"

"I'm not obsessed with him, ok? I follow him in the...political sense."

"Our leader?"

"We're not with the other skins. We're renegades who believe that if you were in charge instead of Max in the first place, that none of this would have ever happened."

"What are you talking about? In charge of what?"

"Our planet, Michael. You don't remember any of this, do you?"

"Suppose you tell me."

"Yeah, the short version, please."

"The short that our planet was on the brink of a golden age, and then it all fell apart. You were the one who could have united our planet, pulled together the warring factions, brought peace. But you weren't on the throne."


"You wouldn't betray him. That loyalty cost your lives and those of everyone you loved. Please, just DON'T let history repeat itself. You're the one we need. You're our leader, our salvation."

*I swear these space chicks are something else! She is shoveling some major bullshit and it looks like Michael is going to swallow it whole.* Maria grabs Michael and screams in his ear. "Michael, if you can hear me now over the sound of your rapidly inflating ego! Could you please tell me that you do not believe what this...this Michael-worshipper here has to say?"

" way. No, this is just part of your plan to divide and conquer."

"I knew you weren't ready to hear this."

"What's in Copper Summit, Arizona?"

She hesitates "Copper Summit's just some old tourist trap."

"What's there?"

"I'd stay away from there."


"Yeah, why?"

"Let's just say there aren't any Michael-worshippers in Copper Summit."

Back in Copper Summit

Liz is walking down the street. *I just had to get out of there. Ida was acting sickenly sweet and Walt was just so accomindating. How can they not know that they are aliens? Who else would serve rice crispy treats and gherkins as an appetizer? And then that stupid pip squeek Nicholas kept peeking around every corner staring at us. It must be an alien thing. Do all aliens have this stalker gene?*

Max calls out to her and then runs up to her

"Liz! Liz, what are you doing?"

She throws her hands up in the air. *See? Oh here we go again.*

"We agreed none of us would go anywhere alone."

*I turn to walk away knowing I should really be running cause I know how this is all going to play out.* She crosses her arms in front of her chest and turns around.



Turns back in defeat "Max, look. There's just...there's nothing left to say."

"Except the truth."

"We have already been through this!"

"So far, all I know is what I saw, and what I saw can't be true, because it means everything I felt in my heart for the last year is a lie! Now, you owe me an explanation, and I want it right now!"

"Please quit shouting, Max. You're scaring me."

"That's a lie, too! You're not scared. You're hiding something."

"I'm not." *I say a little too quickly cause I'm hiding a whole bunch of stuff..*

"What the hell is going on with you, Liz? We never lied to each other, never kept a secret from each other."

"You know, you have got me up on this pedestal, Max, and...I'm not this perfect person. I've told you so many times we can't be together, that I want to go out with a normal guy. Why can't you just respect that?"

Max walks away without saying a word

Liz is writing in her journal

It seems like that's all he does nowa days is walk away from me. I know I have no right to feel this hurt because all of this is my fault. I set this into motion. My love for Alex and our bond of friendship is just too important. For the past year and a half my life has been totally focused on the podsquad, what they wanted and what they needed. So I'm doing something for me. It's still Czech related, but somehow I think my life will always be linked someway to them...but I want things on my terms. Max has decided to ignore me when I try to talk to him. Sometimes I wonder why I even try so hard. I was so sure that after the skins invaded Roswell that he would lighten up a little, but I guess that wasn't in the cards. He's going to feel so stupid for treating me like this when he finds out the truth. He may not talk to me but he still comes to the Crash to glare at me while I'm at work. None of them know that Maria and I are taking the week off. The football team has won their past two games. I've made some good tips. It's been a zoo. So we have our plane fare and spending money for this weekend. Alex is supposed to be coming up with a cover story for our parents.

"Knock knock"

"Hey Maria what's up?"

Maria comes in an flops down on Liz's bed

"I've had the most exhausting time with Michael."

"You two didn't?"

"No gutter brain. I was trying to sneak a picture of him from his house, but he caught me. So I told him that I wanted another one cause I ripped the last one up. Well let me tell you it didn't go well after that. We got in this big fight."

"So you didn't get the picture."

Maria starts smiling. "Oh I got it alright. He's gonna be doing a lot of tap dancing."


"You don't want to know."

"So now all that's left is for Alex to get a picture of Isabel. I doubt she will just give him one. He might have to either steal it or we'll just bring our yearbook."

"Speak of the devil." Maria walks over to the window and opens it. "Nice of you to drop in."

"Hey I was just coming over to tell you that everything is set." Alex hands them both premission slips to go on a trip to NewYork with the Chess club.

"Alex you are a genius!"

"Well a guy could get used to hearing that."

"So did you get a picture of Isabel?"

"Sure did."

Maria and Liz say simultaneously "She gave it to you?"

"Not exactly.....I snuck in Max's room and stole it."

"I can't believe you did that! What if Max had caught you?"

"I watched him drive away. Do you have your year book? Because I can't find mine."

"Sure, top shelf. What do we need the year book for if we have the pictures?"

"You can easily docture a photo."

"Not everyone is as devious as you Alex."

"Hey that's just one of the reasons you love me right?"

"Yeah you know it........So I guess we should get our parents to sign these. Any idea on what we should tell them why we are takin a plane while the chess club is takin a bus?"

"Hey were not even in the chess club for petes sake. Wing it girl. I'm sure you can bat your eyes and get your way. My mom is going to be the hardest to convince. Did either of you tell the squad where we are going?" *I am so over Michael.*

"No, Isabel is ignoring me. Max just glares and I have no need to speak to Michael."

"Same here only thee opposite."

"So I guess we tell them nothing then, they ignored us so they are cut off. Screw em' "


"I'm serious they have treated us like crap and only talk to us when they need our help. They don't need to know every detail of our life."

Liz nods sadly and slightly slumps. "Your you're right. I'll just show this to my dad."

Liz walks out the room

"Sometimes I worry about her."

"Yeah me too. The way Max is treating her is really hurting her. Someone needs to knock some sense into him."

Alex smiles at Maria's comment

"Don't get any ideas. I know what you did to Michael." Maria hugs Alex "Thankyou Alex. What would we do without you?"

"Noone treats my girls like that and hopefully you'll never have to find out."

Liz walks back in "Is this a private moment or can I join?"

Alex opens his arm and they all hug

"Dad signed it and gave me two large bills."

"I knew you had it in you...Who could resist that face."

"You are so lucky Liz. I have Miss-lie-dector-Deluca to deal with."

"I'm sure you'll do fine." Liz grabs Maria's shoulders. "Remember to make eye contact and no sweating it's a dead give away." She gives he shoulder one last shove. "Besides it's just us going, no Michael."

"Hey that might work."

"So hurry up. Liz slaps Maria on her butt to get her movin "Scoot and don't come back without that slip signed."

"ouch! Right here goes nothing." Maria walks out to face her doom

Liz turns to Alex "So do you think Amy will let her go?"

"Not a chance in hell."

Alex brings his bags in from the living room

"Are you going to stand there or are you going to help me pack?"

"I can't believe your not packed yet." Alex looks at his watch "The plane leaves in two hours."

"Well I didn't expect to be leaving this quick. You kinda just called and said get your ass in gear."

So tell me love it hate it what?

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Well thx for that. I'm gonna volunteer you to be my new beta reader. I'll send you the new parts you just have to find the stupid mistakes that I over look maybe make some suggestions to make it better before I post. what do you think.*bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce* please*bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce* and Roswellady you are evil for leaving your fics where they are. You have to put up new parts soon. Like in yesterday. Chain yourself to your computer if you have to but start spitting those pages out post hasty! Ok that sounded way more demanding than I intended *blushes* I'll be good... Nope not gonna happen. What ever came out of being good anyway hurry up!
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What the heck happened? Where is everybody?*sad* Does it suck that bad that everyone has abandoned it? How will I know what's wrong with it if noone says anything. Well I'm posting this short part now but for me to post more I need some feedback.

~Part 7~

Switch to Maria in her car she is sitting in her driveway. You can see she's sweating. She walks out of the car and opens the door.

Maria yells as she enters "Mom I'm home!"

"Oh hey Maria, your home early. You want to help me with dinner?"

" mom?" *Here goes nothin.* "I was wondering if you could sign this permission slip."

"It's not so you can get a tattoo is it?"

"No, don't be crazy." *Bad choice of words.* Maria hands the slip to Amy. Maria starts chopping onions.

Amy starts reading the slip. "Ok this is a trip to New York and it leaves tonight. So you're trying to tell me that you knew about this trip for awhile now and what you decided to wait til the last minute to tell me?"

*No matter what I say it wont go over well.* "I knew about the trip b-but I only just got the slip."

"What do you think I'm stupid Maria?"

*Does she really want me to answer that?*

"When have your ever played Chess?"

"You know I don't play chess. We thought it was a good idea to support the team."


"Liz and Alex are going too."

"Who else is going on this trip? Are you trying to use this as an excuse to be alone with Michael? How are you riding on the bus with them if your not on the team.?"

*I guess now you know where I get my non stop ranting from. Does she not remember that Michael has his own apartment? I can be alone with him anytime I want. It's not like I've never been alone in a motel room with him before. I guess that wont sell her on the idea huh?* "Michael isn't going, he doesn't even know we are planning on going on this trip and I'd like to keep it that way....and no we can't ride down with them. Only back, so we are flying out there."

Amy slightly pissed *So we are flying out there. She said it so matter of fact like she was asking me to pass the damn mash potatoes!* "Hold it right there. You think you have this all figured out huh? You tell me at the last minute and I'll let you go."Amy says with a slight smile playing on her lips. *She's pulling my old tricks.*

Maria starts dicing tomatoes and peppers. "It's not like I've never been out of Roswell without supervision before." *Shit! Sometimes my mouth really gets away from me. She's going to say no.*

"Well your really pleading your case Maria. Leaving town without my knowledge is a good way to show me I can trust you. And I need to know that I can trust you. Is Max coming on this trip?"

She stops chopping, puts the knife down and turns to look at Amy "You CAN trust me. And no Max isn't coming. I haven't talked to Michael and Liz hasn't spoken to Max in who knows how long. I just want to get out of Roswell for awhile."

"So what. Your running away? Great way to face your problems. I thought I raised you to know better than that. What happened Maria?"

"Michael is just Michael and he's just being his same obnoxious self." *She's going to say no. What am I going to do? I could always sneek out and take the later flight and just meet up with them. Sounds like a solid plan. I'll just go to my room pretending to sulk. Then call a cab and have them come to my neighbors house.*

*She looks so sad, maybe going to NewYork might make her see that she has other options.* "Well I guess New York could be a good place to broaden your horizens." Amy doesn't say anything for about five minutes "I'm still not ok with you and Liz going to NewYork without adult supervision but since Alex is going to be looking out for you and I will have to talk to Jeff, just to make sure he's onboard with the whole thing...I'll take you to the airport myself just to make sure Max and Michael aren't coming."

Maria starts jumping up and down. "Thankyou-thankyou-thankyou-thankyou. You are the best!" Maria grabs Amy and kisses her. "I'll be right back with my bags. It'll only take me a minute to pack." Maria dashes into her room and starts throwing clothes in her bags. "ok Makeup check, picture check, money check, boots check. I think I have just about everything. It's good I had packed most of my stuff yesterday." Maria looks at her watch "Damn I'm cutting it close. Mom I'm ready!"

Back at Liz's

Alex is sitting on the floor with Liz their bags are packed and ready to go

"Do you think she's coming? It's been awhile and she hasn't even called. We should be heading to the airport."

"We are not leaving without her. Besides if Maria couldn't come she would call. Even if Amy tells her no she'd go anyway."

Just then Maria comes in.

"Maria where's your bags? Don't tell me she said no."


"Did you tell her it was only me and Alex going?"

"Liz let me explain...."

"I don't believe this!" Liz walks over to the phone. "I'll talk to her maybe she'll listen to me."


"What!? I'm not deaf you know, you don't have to shout my name like that."

"Put the phone down."

Liz puts the phone back on the cradle. "Oh o.k...So you are coming right?"


"Then where are your bags?"

"They're in the car."

"I thought we were takin a cab you just can't abandon your mom's car at the airport. She'll kill you, then she will start lookin for you and the last thing we need is the cops on our tail"

*Well that sounded logical. She'll kill me then she'll look for me?* "I'm not. Would you just listen to me?" Liz finally stops talking "My mom didn't believe me that it was only Us three going. So she's downstairs talking to your dad."

"Ok that's no big, so why the long face?"

"Well, there's a little catch. See my mom is going to take us to the airport and stay until the plane takes off to make sure that Michael and Max aren't coming with us. You should have heard her in the car over. I have to call her each night and hold the phone up so she can hear if we are alone. She is such a pain!"

Alex puts his arm around Liz and Maria "God your mom is crazy but oh well. No need in dwelling on it. Let's hit the road ladies!"

Back to the squad

Max pulls up to Michael apartment then gets out and opens the door
Michael is lying on the couch with an icepack on his shin

Michael turns his head as the door opens and raises his hand. "Nice of you to drop in."

Max ignors Michael's sarcastic statement."What happened, biking accident?"

Michael lowers his hand. "More like Deluca on a warpath."

"Amy did this? What did she catch you and Maria in bed again?"

"No Maria did this."

"So she really does kick your ass." Max starts laughing

"Ha ha very funny Maxwell. We got into an argument. I had something she wanted and I wouldn't give it up, so she kicked me and ran."

Max jesters with his hands "She didn't want you to ah um...."

"No you perve! If that's what she wanted, do you think I'd be sitting here with a banged up knee?"

Max sits down on the couch "Let doctor Max take a look at it."

Michael rolls his eyes and rests his leg on Max's knee

"Damn it looks more like she hit you with a hammer."

"She had on steel toe shoes."

"Why didn't you just give in and give her what she wanted? What was it by the way?" Max puts his hand over Michaels knee and heals it.

"Well that's just not my style. Besides one sap in the family is all anyone can take."
Max tries to ignore Michael comment. "She wanted another picture of me."

"I can't see anyone wanting a snapshot of that ugly mug, but it's not like she couldn't get one from the Sheriff. I know he has lots with your number right across the front."

"Well your just a laugh riot today huh Max?"

"Well I try."

"So why are we slumming today?"

"What do you mean?"

"Why are you over here and not with Liz drooling over her?"

TBC... w/ FB

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That is so cool!!!! All I need is your addy*bounce*
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Hey everybody I got a beta. The lovely Anya. Thanks a bunch hun. Ok I hope you guys aren't too freaked out when you read the next 2 count em two parts. I'm kinda nervous. Yess this is a stalling tacit. *Breathe. ok I'll just do it quick it will hurt less.*

~Part 8~

NewYork inside a coffee shop in Soho

"You'd think people who have these jobs would be more people oriented. She kind of reminds me of Agnes on pcp." Maria says after the waitress slams down their cappaccinos but loud enough for her to hear.

"If I were you I wouldn't order another thing. She's liable to spit in it." Alex says as he boots up his laptop.

The three of them are sitting down at a corner booth. Their luggage at their feet. So the word tourist is practically screaming from them. Also the lost look in their eyes doesn't help much either. Or the fact they are shocked by the rude waitresses.

Liz is sitting at the table tapping her foot nervously but smiling inward. *Who could want better friends than Maria and Alex? They believed me without question, crossed state lines with me to track down two aliens we know nothing about, except from my brief memory of a conversation I had with Ava in another timeline in the future. Now how crazy is that?! I just hope all this is worth it. Coming all the way out here to save their lives. Because if I cause Max, Michael and Isabel the same fate. I'm going to be kickin myself. Who's to say that Zan isn't just as bad as Rath and his psycho lover Lonnie?*

Alex is on his laptop. As are most of thee inhabitants of this establishment. He found a site called in the search for mole people.

"Turn off that music. It's creepin me out!" *This might be a good place to sing.* "Hey do you think we can come back here for amatuer night?" Maria picks up her cappaccino and starts drinking.

"Fine." Alex switches to another search engine. "I don't know about that it depends on how fast we find Zan and Ava. Okay, so far on this site there are at least two subway stations near here that has been neglected and has been reported to have mole people."

"What the heck are mole people? Don't tell me it's another name for Czechoslavakians?"

"No, it's people who live underground. This one right here Canal street & Layfeyette Subway station might be the one we are looking for. One second let me check one more thing." Alex starts typing away. Alex brings up a News group report and reads out loud. 'The crime rate in the city has always been high, but over the past few years there has been countless reports of thefts by hooligans. Most victums claim that they were attacked or robbed by street gangs. The only thing that lends credence to their statement is that their attackers had strange identical tattooes. This seems like our best shot. We can take the C train to get there. Then we can check out the local clubs near there and find a hotel to stay in. Not all in that order of course."

"Well it looks like we have a plan. I guess we should get moving then."

Alex pays at the counter and they leave.

"Hey don't you think we should try to find a hotel first? I don't know about you but I don't want to lug around these bags all day."

"Yeah ok that sounds good to me."

"Me too."

They walk by a street vender and pick up a paper

Alex starts flipping through the paper "Ok there are a lot of hotels in New York, but only a couple of them are in our price range." *I'm going to be spending the night in a hotel room with Liz and Maria.* Alex walks away from the stand

"Ok how far and how much? I hope these aren't fleabags cause I'll spring for a high priced room."

"Hey loser watch where your going." *Damn even the homeless are mean.*

"Your such a princess Maria. Besides we need to save any extra money we have to go to the Carribean."

A Man walks up "Hey Gucci, Prada. Futchini, Staci Adams."

Another man passes by screaming "Sandwiches, bannanas, fried chicken."

Liz soaking in the hustle and bustle of the city. "Max I- I mean Man this place is off the hook." *Half way across the country and he's still invading my thought process.* Liz takes the paper from Alex "Yeah. I for one don't really care as long as the sheets are clean and the place isn't over run with rats. Which one is the closest to where we are going?" Liz points to the two hotels in the ad within their price range. Maria starts reading a loud over Liz's shoulder.

Larchmont Hotel - 27 West 11th Street, 212-989-7676 The Larchmont provides an excellent way to lodge on a modest budget. Located on a brownstone-lined West Village street, the hotel is clean and cheery, yet affordable at $60-$100 a night for a room. There is a catch: shared bathrooms.

Abingdon Guest House - 13 Eighth Avenue, 212-243-4537 A bed'n'breakfast house in New York, Abingdon is something of a rare bird - even if the breakfast consists of a coupon allowing you to be served at the Brew Bar downstairs. Rooms go for $80-$145 nightly at this West Village establishment.

"Well both of them are in West Village so it doesn't really matter. Let's just hop on the train and check them out."

They start walking towards the subway station

Back in Roswell

Michael's Apartment

Max gets up and walks to the fridge "I'm hungry you got anything to eat?"

"You mean besides popeyes? Not really. The phone still works not that you'd notice though."

Max takes out the chicken then orders two large pizzas with everything on it extra pinnapples and jalopeno peppers

"So you and Liz are broken up for real this time?" Michael couldn't wrap his head around it. *If Max and Liz couldn't make it, what kind of future did he have with Maria?* Sure he kidded Max all the time about how sappy he was but he secretly admired how he was able to show his feelings a task that he himself struggles with everyday.

"Yeah looks like. It seems that Liz has moved on. I don't know how much more I can take and I have Tess sniffing around ready to pounce, she really creeps me out."

"Yeah tell me about it."

"I know she's supposed to be one of us, but something seems off there."

"Well you always suspected her since she got here. So what has your underwear in a twist now?"

"I don't know exactly maybe it's nothing. I could just be projecting."

Michael crosses his arms across his chest "Ok whatever." *I guess I have to do everything. note to self: check up on Tess*

Back in New York

"Well I guess this place will do just as good as any, that last place was a total dump."

"Right come on Jeeves take our bags and check us in." Maria grabs Liz's and her bags and throws them at Alex

Alex almost falls on the floor "Damn what do you have in here an anvil?"

"Just thee essentials baby, just thee essentials."

Alex checks them in and gets two room keys they walk to their room and they put their clothes away and get settled in.

Liz is sitting on the edge of the bed she looks like she's ready to jump out of her skin.

Maria notices Liz looking nervous and sits down with her. "Hey what's wrong Liz? Are you ok?"

"I don't know, maybe it's nothing." Maria just glares at Liz "Ok, ok fine. I'm all wound up cause...I don't know what to expect when I see Zan." Alex looks up at her comment "I wonder if he's as level headed as Max is? Will he be all pierced out like Rath? Don't look at me like that. You would think I was about to meet my future husband."

"Well stranger things has happened." Maria jumps off the bed "Well if we are about to meet your new squeeze, I say shopping is in order!"

Alex starts to shake his head no.

Liz puts on her favorite pair of boots. Liz is trying to think of a way to convince Alex. After all he's supposed to be looking out for them and if anything happens on this trip it would be on his ass. Plus it would negate their future plans to the Carribean. "Hey I'm with Maria on this one. I want to make a good impression."

"Aren't we supposed to be looking for Zan and Ava, not trying to hook up with them?"

Liz is too giddy to sit still. In a baby voice. "I know, but we don't want to be wandering around New York looking like tourists do we? And who says one thing can't lead to another?"

*Yeah I could only hope for that much. Alex looks at Maria and Liz. Whitman get ahold of yourself Maria and Liz are your best friend's remember that.* "I just think we should just concentrate on one thing at a time." *Like why am I starting to get jealous all of a sudden?*

"Ok we can take our pictures with us and Alex you can put the year book in your shoulder bag." Liz looks to Maria for some help.

Alex still looks upset.

Maria and Liz start in on him. Liz starts batting her eyes "Come on. Please Alex." Maria starts rubbing his back "I'll give you a massage when we get back."

"Ok fine no Alex sandwich tonight."

In a baby voice "I guess it's just you and me Liz in this big old bed." Maria says as she lays down on it and spreads her arms out wide.

Alex face turns red he mumbles under his breath "Vixens, I can't say no to anything they say."Alex does as Liz says and puts the year book and his laptop in his bag and they head out.

Maria hops up immediately. "So which stores do we hit first?"

"Well Trash & Vandville is where I want to go we might find some cute stuff in there. Then there's Canal Jeans they have inexpensive clothes. Well if we have time that is."

"Ok so we have a plan. We will have to take two more trains to get to the other store."

"Ok, so lets just go to Liz's store first since it's the farthest, then we can all go together to the next store."

Back to the Squad

"Knock knock" Isabel says as she barges in Michael's apartment.

Michael and Max are stuffin their face with pizza and chicken "Hey do you guys know how to call first? What if I was in the middle of something?" Michael says while raising his brows suggestively.

Isabel looks between Max and Michael "Well unless you have switched sides, I seriously doubt it." Isabel starts laughing at Max's pained expression. *That's priceless!*

"Ha ha very funny Iz and you think I'm bent." Michael looks at Max "Well that's just disgusting."

"I went by the Crash earlier and Liz and Maria aren't around. I think they went some where together. So unless you have a new playmate which I seriously doubt. The only person you could be boinking is yourself." Isabel can't stop laughing.

Michael throws a drum stick at her which she catches. "What's this, everyone stomp on Michael day?......why were you looking for us anyway?"

Isabel starts eating the drum stick. "Oh nothing specific." Isabel walks in the kitchen gets a plate then opens the box and gets a slice. "Your eating cold pizza?" Isabel puts her hand over it and heats it. Michael throws her a bottle of tabasco. "Thanks. So what's up? What are you doing here of all places Max?"

"Funny I asked him the same thing."

Isabel and Michael look at Max. "Well?"

"I guess the same thing you are. My half is with your other half or should I say play thing."

"Not funny we were only briefly together anyway. Get to the point!"

"What's so strange about me coming over here?"

"Oh well, I don't know. Maybe the fact that you and Michael have been at each others' throats for months now and have hardly been able to have a civilized conversation. It's just a little disturbing, but in a good way I guess...."

Back in NewYork interior of Trash & Vandville

Maria calls out from the other stall. "Hey Liz how is that halter working for you?"

Liz is admiring her outfit in the mirror. "Not so hot but these leather pants fit like a dream."

Maria finishes tryin on her outfit and exits the stall. "Well come on out and let us see then."

Alex is still trying to catch his breath from Maria's outfit when the stall door opens and Liz walks out. His eyes travels from her boots and he notices that on the side of her pants you see skin. The pants are red snake skin print with black lacing all the way to her hip

Liz turns around. "What do you think guys?" Liz looks at Maria first.

"Aye mamie!! Can I just say Hot! hot! hot!"


Maria turns to look at Alex. "Close your mouth. I guess that's a thumbs up if I've ever seen one. Maria looks down. "Or something?" Her eyes get wide.

"Huh? what?" Alex snaps out of it and catches Maria staring and looks at Liz. "Ah I-I'll b-be right back." Alex dashes out of the store. "Get ahold of yourself just need a little fresh air. Calm down. Why did I agree to go shopping with them? Oh yeah that's right Maria promised me a massage later. Just the idea of her hands all over my body. She has too much control over me. Maria looked so hot in that outfit though. And I've never seen Liz in anything like that. Whoa come on Whitman get control of yourself it's just Liz . You've seen her in less than that. Maria too. Well that isn't going to help.

Take deep cleansing breaths. Ok think baseball first base, second base. No good. Dirt on the field. Well that takes me in a whole different direction. Am I that much of a pervert? How can I get my mind off of them? Just think about dirt, Liz. Dirt. Maria in the dirt. Rollin in the dirt with Liz and Maria. Damn no good. When did I start thinking of Liz and Maria like this?" He rakes his hands through his short hair. "Hmmm I knew I felt a little different about Maria when she told me about Michael and Courtney but I thought it was just my concern for her as my best friend. Was I wrong? Am I fallin for her? Oh god no kill me now!"

Liz is looking at Maria's new outfit it's tiger striped leather pants with a black and tan leather bra top with long fringes that reach the top of her pants. "That looks so good on you. You need to help me find a top for these pants."

Maria is going through the rack she finds a black leather halter it's cut diagonal to one side with suede trim and ties. She holds it up while still looking for more clothes. "How about this?"

"Oh Maria that is so perfect!" Liz keeps looking on the rack and finds a black pair of leather pants that lace up the front, some purple snake print pants and a Harley Davidson jacket. "I definitely have to have this too." Lis grabs the halter from Maria, dashes in the fitting room and puts it on and comes right back out.

Liz is looking in the mirror. "Oh I am ready to hit the clubs now. We both are."

"Hold that thought! I want to find a leather jacket too. A little help here!"

"Oh sorry." Liz starts rummaging through all the racks "How about this one?" Liz holds up a brown leather jacket it has about 15 zips on the coat. Maria takes it from Liz and tries it on. Smoothing the material out. "It fits like a second skin. I love it."

Maria and Liz walk up to the cash register. Liz takes a pair of scizzors off the counter and cuts their tags off. Maria pulls out her mastercard and Liz hands the street clothes to the cashier "Burn these please." Liz whispers to Maria. "I've always wanted to say that." Liz takes out her bag and puts the other pairs of pants in her purse.

"Hey tell me you got me one of these too. I've been looking for these!" Maria stayed up late every night for two weeks trying to catch the informercial on tv again. It's one of those bags that can morph from chain purse to waist jogging bag to a regular size purse and into a back pack.

Liz reaches deeper in her bag and pulls out another one "Who loves you babe?" Maria hugs Liz and takes the bag. Liz shows her how to adjust it. "All you have to do is tuck this in, pull this strap out and you can wear it as a waist chain purse."

"Thankyou!...You know we have to come back and get some more boots and stuff tomorrow right?" Liz nods excitedly. Maria signs the slip and they walk out and bump into Alex he looks like he is hyper ventilating.

Maria and Liz rush to his side. Maria rubs his back while Liz grips his arm. "Alex are you ok? What happened?"

Alex checks out their outfits again. "Nothing.. nothing you two are going to be the death of me." Alex mumbles under his breath Vixens. "Lets get a move on ladies." Alex is walking down the street his arm around Liz and Maria. With his chest puffed out. Maria and Liz start laughing at him.


"You are just loving this too much aren't you?"

Alex tries to feign innocence. "What are you talking about?"

"You know the whole I'm so cool I have two hot chicks." They get on the train.

"Hey I do have two hot chicks." *I wonder if they'll slap me?* Alex kisses Maria who looks confused, just so she wont get suspicious he kisses and Liz on the cheek too.

Liz looks expectantly at Alex. "What was that for?"

"Whitman, do I have to take my belt off?"

"Yes please!" Alex starts laughing "I never knew you were into kink Deluca."

"I can't believe your acting like this in public." *Big change from Michael for sure.*

Alex leans in to Maria, grabs her around the waist and pulls her in close. His eyebrows raising dramatically. "So are you saying this would be ok in private?"

Maria starts to blush. "Alex keep talking to me like that and I will have to beat you."

Alex leans in closer "Well, you know there's nothing hotter than being threatened with bodily harm by a woman in leather."

Maria kisses Alex full on the lips. Liz is standing there with her mouth wide open. *I don't believe they're doing this.* Alex still has one arm on Liz, his back against a pole and running his other arm up and down Maria's back. Liz picks up the chain around her neck and looks at the time. "Might as well time you." Two minutes has gone by and they are still kissing. "How can ya'll keep this up without passing out?" The conductor announces the next stop and Liz wraps her arm around Maria and Alex so they don't fall. Liz arm around them snaps them out of it. "Oh, ah it's a little trick you do with your tongue if you do it right you can breathe out of the other persons nose."

"Yeah right I believe that one."

"Ok don't believe me try and see how long you can hold your breath."

Liz holds her breath for about 40 seconds. "O.k. I give up."

Liz looks at Alex and Maria she's trying to figure out how to ask.

Maria looks at Liz "Just say it!"

"Say what?" Liz starts blushing. "What are you talking about?"

Maria narrows her eyes at Liz. "You want to try it don't you?"

Liz really turns red. "This is our stop." Liz rushes off the train and sits down on a near by bench. *Yeah now what? I don't want them to think I'm a freak. Well I can't kiss Alex. Maria just kissed him and if they start going out it will be too awkward to be around them. And I can't ask to kiss Maria either she'll probably think I'm some kind of closet dyke. Not that anything is wrong with being one. This is too weird. The scientist in me is struggling with my conscious. You know damn well you will badger yourself to death til you find out if it's actually possible. Who knows when you'll get the chance again. It's not like you know a lot of poeple that has done it before. If you hadn't seen it yourself you wouldn't believe it.*

Switch to the Dupes' Lair

Lonnie and Rath are going at it on the couch.

"Ava waddup you ready ta bounce?"

"Yeah let's dip."Ava and Zan are walking out of the tunnels onto the street. "I couldn't stay in there any longer. Da gropin alone."

"Tell me 'bout it. Dey needz their own crib."

"Are ya sayin you wanna be alon wit me?"

Zan rolls his eyes. "What I'm sayin is dey needs ta find some place else to get down."

*Of course right why do I's keeps settin myself up likes dis all the time.* "So wheres to?"

"First we can check da Hole ta see if Charlie's workin if not, there's always Arlene's. Ya down?"

"I'm wit dat."

~Part 9~

Back in Roswell

"Well lets say we called a truce on the account of our messed up love lives."

"You guys really don't believe that Liz and Maria are with Alex do you?"

Michael and Max look at each other and say simultaneously. "Yep!"

"Well that's just.....I mean come on Alex? Sweet Alex who can barely approach a girl."

"Yeah well he has no problem with Liz and Maria." Says Max

"It still don't believe it. It's just...weird."

"Well believe it. Can we change the subject before I have to kill something?" Michael snaps

Max jumps in. "Have you tried mindwarping again?"

"It's funny you should say that cause Tess in on her way over here."

Max starts looking panicky "Huh? when?, why?"

"Knock knock." Tess says as she walks through the door.

"How about now? I thought she could help me."

Tess comes in with a big bag. Max gets up to give Tess room to sit on the couch. Tess sits down and looks at Max strangely. "Thanks"

"Damn when is this going to stop! You guys can't just keep coming over here without being invited. This is my house you know."

"Ooh look at Michael getting all riled up. You didn't ever hear us complaining all the times you broke into our house." Isabel and Max start laughing at Michael and he joins in.

Tess is gettin uncomfortable. *God will I ever fit in with these people? They have so much history.* "Hey at least I brought food." Tess starts taking the containers out of the bag "I know it's kinda late, but I was hungry and I didn't want to eat alone so...anyway, I found this new Chinese place and they have this new sweet and spicy sauce on the combination Kung pow I thought you might like to try it." Max goes in the kitchen and gets more plates and silverware. "I got two orders of Singapore mae fun extra extra spicy extra shrimp and eight orders of spring rolls and shrimp toast."

"I love Singapore mae fun. Pass me some of that Kung pow."

Tess passes the Kung pow to Isabel and pours spicy mustard on her plate then passes it around "Sure...So Isabel why did you want me to come over?"

Isabel puts her hand in front of her mouth "Oh right! I wanted you to tell me more about your powers how they work."

"Why what happened?" Tess continues to eat her food.

"I mindwarped Liz's dad" Isabel fills Tess in on what happened at Liz's two weeks ago. Tess starts choking on her food. Michael pats Tess on the back a little harder than nessessary. Tess swats his hand away "I'm fine, just shocked...So Maria, Alex and Liz could see you but Liz's dad didn't?"

Isabel nods her head "Well Liz and Maria kept looking in our direction and Mr. Parker looked right at us and didn't acknowledge our presence. He only addressed Liz, Maria, and Alex. Then he almost walked through Max."

Back In NewYork

Maria and Alex are talking quietly then they walk up to Liz

"Come on Liz what's going on? You know you can tell us or ask us anything. We're your best friends. You don't have to be ashamed or afraid to say anyting to us. We love you. Nothing will change that."

"I just don't want you to think I'm strange."

"We already think your strange Liz so what's wrong?"

"Well I want to try that thing, but I feel weird cause you're both my friends and if you two get together it's going to be this whole awkward thing between us."

"Why would you think such a thing? There's nothin on this earth or any other planet that could split up the three musketeers."

"I know it's just a kiss but if that was the case, then why did you breakup with Michael for kissing Courtney?"

"That was different. He went behind my back and kissed another girl, besides Courtney was a skank, God rest her soul, the girl was naked. I don't think Michael would've been able to stop himself if I hadn't shown up. Anyway what does that have to do with us anyway?"

"Nothing, I guess...."

"Besides were young adults none of us are married so what's the big deal?"

"Ok can we stop talking about it and do it?"

"Forceful, I like it."

Liz hits Alex. "ALEX!"

Maria ignores Alex and sits down next to Liz. "Okay, so what you need to do is put your lips flush with mine it's like vacuum thing and you close your gullet and breathe through your mouth."

"Flush. vacuum. close. got it. I don't believe I'm doing this."

Maria leans in.

"Hey why do you get to do it? I'm the guy."

"Damn it! Shut up Alex, you'll get your turn."

Alex winks at Maria then Liz and looks at his watch.

"Ok where were we?" Maria puts her arms around Liz. "Are you ok with this?"

"I'm fine it's just a little weird." Liz leans in and kisses her.

*Oh my god! Where is my camera? Alex goes through his bag and pulls out his digital Camera and takes a couple of shots. That is so hot! I can't believe this.* Alex looks down at his watch again. "ok that's three minutes guys."

"Whoa, that was so cool."

Maria gets up and puts on her lip gloss.

"I never knew you could do that?" *It was kinda weird cause I could feel air from my nose and it was cold but I wasn't the one breathing from my own nose.*

"I'm going in." Alex sits down "So you still want to..."

"I guess I could use some more practice."

Back in Roswell

Isabel is sitting cross legged on the floor with Tess while she coaches her in mindwarping.

"It's sort of like how you change the colors of things. How you visual something in your mind. You've connected with people before, but on an unconscious subconscious level. That's all dream walking is. So mind warping is just like that except on a conscious level. You plant thoughts or ideas or images in someones head. Change reality a bit." *In other words screw with their heads. Maybe that's why this is a girl's power women are known for head trippin.*

Isabel takes a few calming breaths and concentrates. Suddenly she gets and idea. Isabel has her eyes closed and everyone starts laughing except Michael.

"Iz change me back damn it!" Michael is in the kitchen with a pink tu-tu on.

Isabel opens her eyes. "What you don't like the color?" Isabel is rollin on the floor. "I love this! Too bad we don't have anymore skins around to try that fire flame thing on."

"Yeah, well that was an extreme case and I lost total control."

"What do you mean? You didn't do that on purpose?"

"No, I was just trying to show them fire so they would run away and we'd be free but it took so much energy to project that, that I got swept up in all the power and then that ball of fire came out and incinerated them."

Back In New York

"Hey this is the last club we are going in tonight. I still have to call my mom when we get back. We have been to just about every dive in this part of town and there has been no sign of them."

"Well maybe we should just relax and have some fun. That's probably when well bump into them."

"Well you guys have fun I'm going to see if anyone here knows Zan or Ava."

"Ok whatever let's dance." Maria drags Liz on to the dance floor. They are dancing for like an hour when all these guys come in smokin.

"It's kinda hard to dance with all this smoke."

Maria screams. "What did you say?"

Liz leans closer. "I said it's hard to dance with all this smoke."

"Yeah I know. This place is full of burners."

"Where did you learn that word?"

"I hear stuff. So you wanna get something to drink?"

"Yeah ok." Maria and Liz walk over to the bar and order two cokes

"This place is real packed."

"Well what do you expect with no cover?"

On the other side of the room

"Come on Zan don't ya wanna dance?"

"Man wassup wit dis joint tonight? It's totally wacked yo!"

"So ya wanna leave?"

"It's gettin stale let's bounce."

Zan and Ava walk through the club and bump into someone.

"Hey watch where your going! Look what you did to my top!" Liz looks up "OMIG! Zan...Ava?"

Zan starts circling around Liz.

*I got one word fo ya Smokin.* "Nice, Whassup Red? How you's know our name. I's never laid eyes on ya before. Not that I'm complainin."

"Doesn't Red mean stop?" Liz says as she puts her hand in his face. *He is so full of himself. I feel drawn to him. He's circling around me like I'm his prey and he wants to devior me. I can get used to this. Just call me home wreacker Parker.*

"Oh a fiesty one I like dat."

Alex walks up when he sees a guy harrasing Liz and Maria

"Are you guys o.k.?" Alex walks over to Maria and puts his arm around her "Is this guy bothering you Liz?" Zan is facing Liz so Alex hasn't seen his face yet.

Maria tries to calm the waters a bit. *Just cause he looks like Max doesn't mean they have the same temperment right?* "It's ok Alex it's..."

Zan turns around to face Alex cutting Maria off mid sentence. "We was havin a privite convo if ya don't mind."

"Oh right, Zan."

"Ok whats really going on? Did Lonnie set dis up?"

"We need to talk some place more quiet."

"Your place or mine?"

"Very funny no nookie action tonight big boy." *I can't believe I said that!*

The group walks toward the hotel not saying a word. Alex unlocks the door, flips the light and motions for them to come in. Maria takes off her purse and jacket and gets comfortable on the bed and Liz throws her purse down. "So you want anything to drink? A snack?"

"Why don'tcha tell us why we're here?"

"I could ask you the same thing? Do you always go to strangers' hotel rooms?" Maria states still agitated cause she looks like Tess.

"I'm wit him."

*Does she even believe that?* "Really?"

"So Red wats da deal?"

"I know who you are and I know what you are."

Ava looks panicked and Zan smile fades he crosses his arm "What are you talking bout? You know nuthin bout me or mine."

"I know your not human well not 100% human anyway. That you come from Antar and why you're here." *Yeah, I know it's cruel but I just wanted to wipe that condescending smile off his face.*

"I think ya been reading too much sci fi Red. You crazy or sumin? You escape from Belvu?"

"Stop wastin my time by denyin it!" Liz crosses the room and pulls out the photo of her and Max and hands it to Zan. He looks at it then back at Liz "Intrestin, so what is this some kind of joke?" Zan passes the picture to Ava.

She motions with her fingers but still squaring off on Zan. "Maria, Alex?" Maria pulls out the pic of Michael. "This is my ex-boyfriend Michael." and Alex pulls out the pic of Isabel. "This is my ex-girlfriend Isabel." Alex pulls out his yearbook an flips the pages. "And this is Tess." Zan and Ava looks at the pictures and the year book. Liz, Maria and Alex fills them in a little bit on the pod squad and let that settle in before they tell them more.

"Man dis is completely wack yo! So there is another set of us just loungin around in the desert living the fairytale life style while we're banished to the sewers."

"Yeah yeah lets not dwell on things we can't change right now and get to why we looked you up in the first place. In a few days Lonnie and Rath are going to try to kill you Zan."

"Rath doesn't have the stones fa dat." *Notice I didn't say Lonnie didn't.*

"Well don't say I didn't warn you, but just so your clear on everything. I can tell you exactly how it's going to happen. So Ava if you want to avoid watching him die. I suggest you listen."

"Fine whatevea."

"Your going to be contacted soon from the other 4 planets of your solar system to hold a summit meeting here. There's going to be an argument with you and Rath, a guy hits on Lonnie, Rath steals his ball and it falls into the street and you go after it and Rath makes a truck hit you." Zan and Ava are looking at Liz like she's crazy "Hey you don't have to believe me but in a few days if you start feeling a little de ja vu while walking around China town. I suggest you do the mind warp thing and let them think that Zan is dead."

"So what's in it for you Red?"

"My name is Liz. Not that you'd notice. Well I thought you could do us a favor you know, if and when it turns out that your sister is no more than a murderous space slut that you could high tale it to Roswell and take Max's place while he's gone."

Liz walks them to the door

"So when ya say takes Max's place." Zan says while holdin up the photo and leaning into Liz "What do ya mean exactly?"

Liz takes the photo from Zan. "Do girls actually fall for this shit? Cause I'm not buyin it." *Like hell I'm not. Maybe I just like guys with long hair. But that doesn't explain my crush I had on Michael last year because his hair was short. Oh maybe it's the whole bad boy thing. That's got to be it.* "Just do like I tell you, you owe me. Don't forget it!" *Where the hell did that come from?*

"So why should we believe what you say? For all we know you could be working wit Rath and Lonnie." Liz pulls Ava aside and whispers in her ear. She looks at Liz for a long time, nods her head. A tear falls from her eye. "Well It's been a mad long day so we should get going and I guess well be seeing you soon then." Zan and Ava leaves, Liz locks the door.

"So Liz what was that all about? How did you convince her?"

"Yeah what did you say to Ava?"

"I just repeated a conversation she had with me about her relationship with Zan. She looked real sad too didn't she?" *It's like she knows she doesn't stand a chance with him but she keeps holdin on.*

"Yeah, she did." *I have to admit Zan is hot.*

"Why don't you call your mom? Make sure she hasn't told anyone where we are." Liz walks over to the dresser and grabs her over night bag, gets her night clothes and goes into the bathroom.

"So a certain someone owes me a massage. Hint, hint."

Maria goes over to the phone and starts dialing "Alex lie down."

"Yes Ma'am. I love it when your forceful." Maria pushes him down hard and startes rubbing her hands with oil that Alex hands her.

"Shut up!...Hey mom it's me. I'm just checkin in were havin a blast. Here's the number at the hotel we're staying at 7. I guess I'll talk to you soon." Maria puts the phone down with her pinkie. "Well that's weird, she's not home. Maybe she's got a date. Oh well at least she can't say I didn't call." Maria gets on top of Alex and starts rubbing his back.

"umm...That feels good. ohhh...Have you done this before?"

"Yeah right unless massaging Liz's feet after work counts."

"Well don't stop doing that it feels good. So what do you wanna do tomorrow? Site seeing, shopping, what?"

"Well as long as I'm with you I don't care where we go." Maria bends down and kisses Alex's back and he involuntarily archs his back. Shocked and excited by her touch he turns around and kisses her. Maria and Alex are in heavy makeout mode. Alex pulls away slightly and runs his hand through her hair while looking her square in the eye "Is this going to be weird for you when we get back to Roswell?"

"What do you mean weird?"

"I mean are you going to regret what has happened here when or if you ever get back with Michael."

"Alex you're my best friend. I know all this is a little weird cause we have been friends for so long but I don't know it seems like we have always been together. I have more in common with you than I do with Michael and he really doesn't know how to treat me right."

"So I have two up on Guerin huh?"

"Oh you have more than two."

Liz walks back in dryin her hair "The bathroom is free if anyone cares." Liz plugs in the dryer and half dries her hair and brushes it out.

"I call next in the bathroom" Maria gets her stuff togther and goes into the bathroom.

"So do you need some help?"

"With what?

"Your hair crazy?"

"Yeah it is a little tangled."

Alex grabs the Frizz Ease off the table and pours some in his hand and works it through Liz's hair. "So you're not feeling weird about that kiss earlier are you?"

"Huh? Oh the kiss. Um no I haven't even thought about it."

"Well thanks for keeping my ego in check." Alex takes the brush from Liz and starts brushing her hair.

"Oh I'm sorry Alex. It's just I'm a little distracted right now. You know the whole Max/Zan thing."

"I can see the wheels turning in your head. How are you wearing your hair tomorrow by the way?"

"I don't know I wanna try something different. You know my hair better than I do what do you think?" Liz starts playing with her hair.

"None of that!" Alex swats her hand away and starts twisting the front of her hair "Hand me some rubber bands....thanks." He starts braiding the rest. "So what's the plan now?"

"I'm still working on it. Maybe by the time Zan shows up in Roswell I'll figure it all out."

Maria comes out from the bathroom "Your up next I'll take over from here."

"Ok thanks. I hope you left some hot water for me."

"Should be plenty." Alex leans down and kisses her on the cheek and walks out of the room.

"Aww so sweet...So you and Alex huh?"

"Yeah" Maria says as she sits behind Liz and finishes her hair. "So what do you think? Does it seem weird to you?"

"The opposite actually. You guys look good together. It's not like Alex would try and hurt you cause he'd have to beat his own self up." They both laugh at that

"Yeah that's a scary thought. I still can't believe he punched Michael."

"What can I say the guy is crazy."

"Can you imagine what Max, Isabel and Michael would think if they found out where we were?" Maria starts laughing "They'd probably think were having a week of wild sex, orgies and who knows what else."

"Yeah well I for one don't even want to think about them right now. It's only Thursday and we don't have to be back to school til Monday. So I say we have fun, shop, eat out, shop, site see, shop, party and did I say shop?"

"Yeah I'm with you there. We didn't really scratch the surface of the shops. Seeing that we got the whole Zan/Ava thing squared away so soon. We can shop til we drop."

"Oh oh I forgot to tell you. I got you something when we were shopping today." Liz gets up and grabs her purse

"What are you talking about? I bought the clothes we wore tonight. I didn't see you buy anything."

"I didn't say I bought anything." Liz pulls out the purple snake skin pants. "I thought it would look cute with your sheer black top."

"Ooh wow! When did you get this?"

"Remember we were at the counter. I cut the tags off our clothes and I put two pair of leather pants in my bag."

"I remember you cutting the tags off but that's all I saw you do."

"Hmm maybe because I was scared and I used my new power without realizing it."

"Is that even possible?"

"Well it's either that or I"m such an accomplished thief that my hands are too fast for anyone to see what I was doing. Which is highly unlikely." *I can't believe I did that.*

"So what's it like?...Your powers I mean, not stealing."

"Very, very weird. I'm starting to like it though."

"I think you should try and practice more when we get back. If your powers are this unpredictable you don't want to use them infront of the wrong person."

"Your right, anyway Ava will be coming to Roswell so I'll get her to help me."

"Right well that's good. Well your hairs finished. Let's hit the sack."

Alex walks out "Was that an invitation?"

"Come on hop in Alex."

"You don't have to tell me twice."

TBC..... W/Feedback

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Hey RoswellLady thanks for the offer. I might be able to use your help later on. So how is your husband is he doing ok? I hope so

Oh and Anya the only reason why it didn't seem like I didn't need your help was because I wrote that part over ten different times. I even added more stuff to the one you sent me. I guess I'm never satisfied. I'll send you the next couple of chapters. Please tell me you got some nifty ideas for me to add*bounce*
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~Part 10~

Back in Roswell interior Valenti House

*So it looks like Alex is a no go. What can I do? I need a back up plan. Of course Liz would have to mess my life up again by going out with Alex. If only I had someone I could talk to about this.* You can almost see the flash bulb come on over her head as she turns to Kyle. "So I heard this weird story that you got Max drunk because Liz went on a blind date? What's the deal with that?"

"Apparently Maria entered Liz into a contest to find her dream man. Some guy name Shallow I think...he was some kind of ancient language expert."

*My god I have the weirdest luck.* "So he was older than Liz? What did her parents think?"

"Oh I think they were at a convention or something out of town? Who can say for sure Liz's parents are always off somewhere."

"So he was in college. Do you remember which one?" *Now all I have to do is erase this conversation.*


"Great!" Tess's eyes snaps open "So what were you saying again?"

"What do you want to watch?"

"I think I'm going to finish my homework. Goodnight Kyle."

"Night" Tess goes into her room and turns on her laptop. Looks up the student directory at U.N.M

At the quarry

"So what do you think is really going on?" *Why does he insist on hangin onto boring Liz Parker, I'll never know. It's such an embarrassment that he pines over that mousy looking girl.*

"I don't know it just doesn't makes sense. That they would leave without saying something would they?"

"What you think they were kidnapped?" *Their probably holded up in some hotel somewhere.*

"That's highly unlikely if they were, Valenti would've been the first to know." *Maybe I should check in with Tess she's been acting strange since that mindwarp thing.* "Well Liz, Maria and Alex hasn't been in school for the past three days. Where could they be?"

"Well I called Maria's looking for her and Amy said she spoke to Maria and she was fine."

Max starts pacing. "But she didn't tell you where she was? That didn't seem strange to you Michael?"

"Comeon these are Deluca's you're talking about, they corner the market on strange." *God I miss Maria so much.* "Besides she made it sound like Maria didn't want her to tell me where she was. I say they're havin an orgie and we weren't invited."

"I'm glad you can find some humor in this Michael." Isabel motions toward Max. Who starts pulling his hair out. Max is stilll pacing back and forth "Ok so the three of them are keeping more secrets from us." *Liz is driving me crazy.*

Isabel starts changing the color of her nail polish "Well it's not like we have been speaking to them to begin with you know, after everything that went down." *I am so bored now.*

"So you think this is our fault? That we were in the wrong? Make me understand why we deserve to be left in the dark to worry about what's happened to them?" Max starts skipping rocks.

"That's not what she said Maxwell. We're not saying it's all our fault they played a big role in it too, the Key thing is we are friends. No matter what has happened between us we're friends and we shut them out. Granted what they did behind our backs was wrong, but they tried talking to us and we ignored them. So I guess we are getting a little back of what we dished out." *Did I just say that? Where the hell did that come from?*

*Who would've pegged Michael for the voice of reason? This is too weird where are we in bizarro world?*

Back in New York

"God I thought we'd never get seated." Maria said as she plopped down in the booth and put down her packages.

"It was only a forty-five minute wait. That's typical for this place."

"Oh look at Lizzie sounding like a vetern restaurantueer." Alex says in a perfect french accent.

"Do you think Rain's on duty?......You know me I'm just coming down from my shopping high. I'm still a little jumpy. But look at all the loot we got." Maria says as she riffles through another bag.

"I don't know I don't see her." Alex looks at all the packages "Did you guys leave anything on the racks?"

Liz is looking over the desert menu. "I think we got all the good stuff. I never knew shopping could make me this hungry. What are you guys having?"

In unison "The usual."

"Too bad we don't have one of these at home."

"Yeah I want to try every last cheese cake." *I've never heard of a Jack Daniel's cheesecake. OMIG they have a three muskeeters cheesecake.*

"There's over 30 here you are crazy, but I know what you mean. I haven't tasted one yet, that isn't good. Too bad we have to leave today. Maybe we should take a whole one back with us."

"I don't want to leave either we've had so much fun here. Do you think you'll hear back from that A&R person?"

"Crossing my fingers."

"I think you got a chance." *I can't wait to see Zan again. I still haven't told Maria or Alex what Zan did to me yet.*She bites her bottom lip as she looks down at her arm. Goosebumps are everywhere. *I used to feel like that about Max. My stomach would get all knotted up my heart would beat faster. But I don't know what's happened he's changed soo much. Sometimes I think it's him seeing me with Alex but something tells me there is more to it. I just wish he could just get over it. I think it's time for me to finally give up on getting back with Max. Maybe friendship is all I can hope for.* Liz quickly wipes a tear from her face hoping Alex and Maria don't see that she is cryin.

"Sleeping without two beautiful ladies in my bed will be hard."

Maria leans in close to Alex her lips are inches from his face. "You'll manage though right?"

Alex stares at Maria intently "I don't know we might have to permently move in with Liz or something." He says as he plays with her hair.

Liz is in her own world. "Yeah we'll work something out."

"Hey earth to Liz......Liz are you with us, everything o.k.?"

"Oh yeah right as rain."

Waitress walks up she's has her hair in two long pig tails her hair is reddish blonde and has blue green eyes. In a sing song voice she approaches "Thanks for choosing the Cheesecake Factory I'm Rain I'll be your waitress. Have you had a chance to figure out what you'd like today?"

"How about this time we start with dessert first. I want to try the Chocolate Moucha-Java Mouse Cheesecake. God that sounds.... "

"Absoulutely sinful. On another chocolate binge huh?" *Note to self to strangle the truth out of Liz on what's going on with her.* "Ok I wont let you go to hell alone. Just bring us a blackout cake and some icecream and two forks."

"O.k. Drinks?"

"Pitcher of Cherry Coke."

Rain writes down there orders. "I'll be right back" Rain puts the order on the silver carossel and grabs a pitcher fills it with cherry coke and gets four glasses and returns to the table. Liz looks up from the menu as Rain approaches. "God that was quick." Liz looks down at the glasses briefly "What's up with the fourth glass?"

"Well I'm gettin off in like..." Looks at her watch "Um 30 minutes. So I might as well sit and have a meal with my new friends." she sits down in the booth "God, my feet are killin me.."

Maria, Alex and Liz start laughin "So Rain busy day huh?"

"You know it!" They place their orders and 30 minutes later Rain comes back with their food after she punched out. "God, are you guys ever going to get sick of this food?"
"Well this is like the only place I know where one plate can feed three people."

"Yeah I know the portions are ridiculous but so are the prices, so I guess it evens out. I swore you would've gotten enough after that bout in Atlantic City. How much did you guys take in anyway?" Rain met Liz, Alex and Maria the same night after they ran into Zan and Ava. Liz was too antsy to sleep and decided she wanted to gamble so she convinced Alex to forge some college I.d's so they could win the rest of the money for their winter vacation. It didn't take too much convincing for Alex all he needed for an incentive was Maria half naked on a beach. They bumped into Rain and her sister at the casino in Atlantic City and they became instant friends.

"A little over six thousand. Who knows what's left after these two went shopping."

"Alex! Don't be ridiculous. He's joking. We only shopped at second hand stores. Anyway my bikini which was not second hand thank you very much, was the highest priced thing I bought." Maria reaches in her bag and pulls out a string bikini. "Now if you think it's way too much I could just take it back." Maria starts getting up. Alex looked at Maria burning in his brain the image of Maria in that bathing suit. Which really looked more like cinnamon dental floss. Alex grabs Maria. "No no no no sit sit no need to do anything drastic." Alex pulls Maria in for a heated kiss.

Rain turns to Liz. "Are they always like this?"

"This is a new thing actually."

"Hmm you would never guess it by lookin at em you would think they've been together forever."

"Well we've all been friends since elementary school. I can't wait to see what Michael and Isabel are going to do when they find out."

"Why who are they?"

"Michael is Maria's boyfriend and Isabel is Alex's girlfriend. Michael is also Isabel's cousin. We all hang together."

"O........Kay" Rain has a confused look on her face.

"Let's just say it's complicated."

"I would think so."

"Besides after today you won't be seeing our faces anymore, unless you plan on swingin through Roswell."

"It's funny you would say that cause I'm going to be starting school in New Mexico."

"Cool when?"

"The second Winter session. I think it's the second week of January."

"I can't believe this! So what's your major. Or have you not figured that out yet?"

"I'm not sure um I was thinking history. I just love history or maybe archeology."

"My grandma was an archeologist. I'll show you her journal she had published some time."

"Ok I'll look forward to it. So you'll be available to show me around maybe help me find a new job and settle into some new digs."

Alex and Maria finally come up for air. Maria snuggles in closer to Alex "Yeah we can totally help you out. We could show you all the hot guys. You could always work at the CrashDown. So are you coming alone or is your twin coming with?"

"What is Rain without Fire. We both got accepted. My parents wouldn't let me go without her anyway."

"God your parents were really tripping when they named you guys."

"Well I like it, it makes people think twice and add our first name with our last people think we're crazy."

"Yeah I don't doubt that miss Storm!" Alex paid the bill and Rain came back to the table with two large boxes.

"I know you would never get to try all of them...." Rain whispers "So I'm sending you home with samplers. We're not supposed to do this but you have at least two of every cheese cake we make."

"Omig that is so sweet. Literally. I am going to miss you so much!"

"Hey you're going to be seeing me in less than two months. I'm counting on you guys to show me around an introduce me to all the hot guys."

"Not that you need any help in that department. I just might have a guy in mind for you." Everyone says their goodbyes. Liz, Maria and Alex head back to the Hotel to finish packin and then head to the airport for their flight back to Roswell.

Back at the quarry

"So did you try dream walking Liz again?"

"That would be a big fat no."


"Look you're not the one who got smacked back into reality ok. It was disturbing and I don't want to do it again so don't force me!" *I'm going to have to have a talk with Liz about this soon. How the hell did she force me out of her head?*

Michael tries to stop the fighting by butting in "Well what about Alex or Maria?"

"That was a no go too. I tried dreamwalking them they obviously wasn't asleep at the time or they were too far away for it to work?" *Or maybe there is just something different about Liz. She's hiding something but what?*

"Man where could they be?" Max says under his breath

"It's not like they can stay gone forever. At least that's one thing you know for sure about Perfect Miss Parker."

*I'm not sure I know anything about Liz anymore.* "What's that?"

"That she wont stay away long enough to blemish her perfect record. The girl lives for school."

*Right why didn't I think of that sooner.?* "If Liz is missing from school she must've given an excuse or something why she was absent so she could catch up. Michael you up for some snooping?"

"Already on it chief." Max and Iz hop back in the jeep. Michael gets on his scooter and drives away. They've been driving for about twenty minutes in silence

"So Max can you drop me over at Valenti's?" Max turns on Olive street.

"Ok what's up?"

"Nothing I just wanted to check up on Tess." *Maybe she might have the answers I'm looking for.*

"Ok tell me how it goes."

"Thanks don't wait up" Isabel gets out of the jeep and rings the door bell. "God how long does it take for someone to answer around here?" knocks on the door. Still no answer. Isabel looks around *Tess' car is in the driveway but she could be somewhere with Kyle. But who would leave that loud music on?* Isabel goes into panic mode and starts looking at the lock to see if it was forced seeing nothing out of the ordinary. Isabel runs her hand over the lock and walks in. Isabel walks in the living room and is shocked to see the place in a mess. Chairs upturned papers everywhere. Isabel walks toward the music and opens Tess' door and greeted by a yelling Tess "In thee end it doesn't even matter at ahhgaaaaaa what the hell?! Isabel you nearly gave me a heart attack" Tess walks over to the radio and turns the music down. "So what's up? what brings you here?" *God why did I ever try to be her friend? Ever heard of a phone?*

Isabel laughs at her flushed face. You'd think she saw a ghost. "Well I didn't mean to scare you. I rang the door bell and knocked. Noone answered so I let myself in.. I thought something happened to you the living room is a wreck."

"Oh that I was just going over some college brochers. I've gotten some offers already from three schools and I was trying to relieve some stress with kick boxing and got a little carried away." *Kick boxing my ass. Yeah Doug is a handful. I can't wait to see him again. Maybe add somemore tricks in the mix.* Tess mind starts to wander but she snaps out of it when she hears Isabel's voice.

"Whoa congradulations! That's great. Three schools."

"Yeah but you never know if we'll live long enough to see college so I'm not keeping my hopes up." *Hopefully I wont be on this rock any longer.*

"What are you talking about? We might not live long enough?"

"Oh I said that out loud?" *Damn I'm slippin.* Tess walks into the kitchen and makes some coffee. Isabel follows her into the kitchen. "Well Yeah. So what's got you on the death is marching closer to me parade?" Tess is adding vanilla mocha creamer and tobasco to her coffee. "Do you want some coffee?" Tess says as she hands her a cup and starts pouring "Sure thanks."

*What I meant to say is you guys wont live long enough. I'll be back on Antar and sitting on my throneand worshipped like the goddess I am. You snobby bitch!* "Oh um I just think we should be really careful, maybe Nicholas group wasn't thee only skins out there."

"Well that's a frightening thought. It does makes sense though that there would be more out there and that we wouldn't be lucky enough to get rid of all of them." *God does my life need anymore drama?!!*

Back in New York

Zan, Ava, Rath and Lonnie come up the stairs from the subway. They pass by a fruit stand. Zan causes the stand to fall. As the vendors gather the fruit, Lonnie steals money from their cash register. Zan and Ava both grab a grapefruit. Rath is shoving two at a time in his bag. The group continues walking down the street. Some dude approaches Lonnie

"Hey, what's up, girl?"

"What's up, man?"

"You look good!"

Rath walks up "She knows it." He puts his arms up and motions to the dude "Yo, gimme the rock, G. " The dude tosses his basketball to Rath, who keeps it and continues walking down the street. Lonnie gives the dude one long last look and follows the group down the street.

"Hey, yo! My man! My ball!"

"They contacted us again last night. Same invite. We gotta tell 'em something."

*I guess Red wasn't jokin dis is goin down now.* "Tell 'em no."

"Yo, you sayin' we ain't going to the summit?"

"That's what I'm saying."

"Yo, that's messed up, duke. This is the only time we've ever been contacted."

*Didn't he just say dis was the second time? I knew he didn't know how to count.* "Whatever. Dat's it."
Lonnie and Ava are walking behind Rath and Zan. Lonnie's arm is around Ava's shoulder. *I hope they can't tell how scared I am. Can they hear my heart racin?* "We tell 'em no, they won't ask again."

"Then tell 'em hell no."

"What is up with you, man? I'm tired of you. I'll go by myself!"

*I can't believe I trusted dis punk.* "Dey don't want the number 2. Dey want the royal four."

"Why don't we go and see what they gotta say? Why don't we go and get the answers?"

"What if it's a setup?" *Just like dis is.*
"No, it's not a setup! They need us!"

*He'll believe anything. He is so dense. He probably thinks Lonnie loves his sorry ass.* Zan gets all up in Rath's grill "I'm da man. Don't forget."

Lonnie tries to intercede "Yo. Guys. It's been a mad long day. Let's just chill."

"Yeah. You da man." Rath gives a sideway look at Lonnie and she smiles. Rath passes the ball to Lonnie.

Ava notices the exchange between Lonnie and Rath and starts the mind warp. Lonnie bounces the ball out too far, Zan bends to pick it up. Rath pushes him in the street. Rath raises his hand toward an oncoming truck, it picks up speed and hit's Zan the whole time Lonnie and Rath are smiling while Ava is screaming

~Part 11~

Back in Roswell 3 hours later Evans house

There's a knock on the window. Max walks over to it and Michael comes through the window

"Why don't you come in.."

Michael glares at Max "I think I just did."

"Fine what did you find out?"

"Nice to see you to Maxwell."


"Fine. Liz, Maria and Alex went with the chess club to one of their competition things with an extended stay over to look at colleges in NewYork. They should be back soon. Maybe tonight." Michael conviently left out that he looked further into Liz's school files and found out that on their last trip Liz had a fake school trip in place too. So on the safe side he looked through Maria's and found out that she was on a three day school trip as well. *No wonder she stayed the night at my house and avoided the CrashDown she was supposed to be out of town she didn't want to run into her mother, but how did she know in advance that they would be leaving town? And have enough time to have an excuse for her upcoming absense. Liz must be behind this. Man something is up. Maybe I should have a talk with Isabel. I know she knows something more about Liz she's just not sayin. I'll have to catch up with her in history tomorrow. Can't talk to her now without Max getting suspicious*

"I wonder how they got in on that trip and why they didn't tell us?" Max says under his breath

"They probably wanted some alone time for orgies."

"Will you lay off already! Liz wouldn't do something like that."

"You didn't think she would be messing around with Alex behind your back either."

"I don't want to think about that. I'm heading to the CrashDown so I can be waiting for them when they get back. I need to have this out tonight."

Back in New York

Ava is on the ground screaming. *I must've been stuck with the wrong bunch how long are they going to let me lay here? Damn dis mindmeld is makin my head hurt. I can't believe dey let me stay on the ground dis long. It's been hours.* Rath walks over to Zan's body and disinegrated it while Lonnie was playing look out. "Come on we havta get outta here now 5 0!" *They probably reported a crazed banchee screaming on the street the stupid idiots.*

"We're not leaving her here. Pick her up we can't get busted."

"The most dey can do is cart her off to Belvue." Rath picks Ava off the ground she is punching him thee whole way. They enter the lair and Rath puts her down on the couch. "Man how long do you think she's gonna be like dis?"

"Maybe she's just in shock." *We could've found another way.* Ava tunes them out. Rath throws some water on her face. "How are we going to get to Roswell with her like dis?" Ava closes her eyes and pretends she is asleep and connects with Zan.

"Yo you aiight?"

"Fine as sugar."

*You can say that again.* "So you didn't get hurt?"

"I'm straight. The mind meld worked, they dont suspect a thing?"

"Zip. I wish I was with you now instead of your backstabbin sister and sloppy seconds. Where are ya now?"

"Tryin to find some wheels" Zan walks into a pool hall "Yo Charlie you up for a game?"

"What's da stakes?

"My money against your hog."

"Let me see da money."

"Let me see ya pinks."

"I'll be right back." Charlie goes out to his van and get's the slips. Zan looks around the bar for some paper. Spots some napkins and pulls out a fat stack and stuffs them in his breast pocket. Charlie comes back and slaps down the slip "I brought my slip for the van too not that you can beat me. You never have before. Where's your cash?" Zan pulls out stacks of cash out of his pocket. "Dis is gonna be the easiest money ever made." Charlie picks up the money and inspects it. Holding some of the bills up to the light. "This isn't more of your funny money is it?"

"Does it matter as long as you can burn it either way?"

"Guess not, rack em'."

Back to Ava talking to Zan

"Well don't let me distract ya. I'll contact ya when we are on our way to dirtville."

"Thanks for givin me time to get our shit and fa the fake out."

"You know ya don't have ta."

"Just so ya know."

"I'll always know."

Zan rolls his eyes at her comment. "Such a cornball."

Back to Lonnie and Rath talking about Ava

"We have two weeks tops to get there and back she can't be out that long. Lets just chill out for awhile."

"Well if she's not better in a week we are leaving without her."

"I don't want to hear another word."

Rath walks away and starts playing stick ball. Lonnie is hunched over Ava she pulls a blanket over her."Is that better?"*I am no good at dis.What am I doing anyway?* Ava is gripping onto the blanket for dear life quietly sobbing Zan over and over.

Back in Roswell

Liz is getting her bags from the turn table "My god that was the strangest flight ever. Not that I've been on many planes but damn!"

"I think it went sideways when we transfered in Dallas. Did you see that guy in that Stetson?" says Alex

"He was so creepy. Oh god that damn chewin tobacca he kept askin if I wanted some. His teeth were brown. So disgusting."

You could see the dread on Liz's face. "Well at least it was better than the bus."

"You can say that again." Liz, Alex and Maria are making their way through the terminal. "I hope your mom is on time. I wish I was back in New York. I so don't want to have to face the squad tonight." Alex puts his arm around Maria and Liz "You wont have to at least not alone. We could always spend the night at your house." *How am I ever going to get used to not sleeping with two beautiful girls in my arms every night.*

"That would be great Alex."

"There's your mom now." Maria and Liz get in the car while Alex loads the bags in the trunk. Amy hugs Liz and Maria "How was your trip girls?"

"It was amazing. New York is definitely an experience."

"We had so much fun. The shops alone was crazy talk about sales."

"I noticed you're coming back with more bags then you left with."

"Oh yeah we hit the second hand stores up. Can you imagine jeans for 2 dollars?"

"If that's the case I might have to take you this summer."

"I'll definitely be looking forward to that."

"You know your invited too Liz, right?"

"Well if I wasn't I could always hide in Maria's suitcase." Maria and Liz start laughing at that and Alex gets in the car with a pained expression on his face. "I swore those bags weren't that heavy." Alex starts rubbing his arms. Liz In a baby voice "Poor Alex was the girls itty bitty bags too heavy for you?"

"Haha very funny. Something told me I should have stretched first."

"Poor baby" Liz says as she rubs Alex's arm

"So mom did you get any visitors while we were gone?" Alex snorts at Maria's choice of words.

"As in visitors do you mean a certain long haired boyfriend of yours?"

Alex looks out the window at her comment on Michael

"I'm just asking cause the first night we were in New York I called and you weren't home." *Right, nice cover.*

"Yes he called and no I didn't tell him where you were."

Liz starts looking around frantically like she can sense he is near. Alex pushes Maria "Look" Maria sees the jeep

"Do you mind if I spend the night at Liz's tonight. We're going to do each other's hair for school tomorrow."

"It's fine with me as long as your not trying to sneak out and stay with Michael."

"Oh come on. I am so over him." Maria squeezes Alex's leg "Can you drive around back? It will be easier to get the bags in the house that way." They all get out and start luggin the bags inside. Maria comes back down and gives Amy a hug and kiss "You're the best. I'll be home tomorrow after my shift."

"Ok have fun and whatever you do don't come back with green hair."

"You make a mistake one time and they never let you live it down."

Maria runs up the stairs and opens the door "Honey's I'm home!" Liz and Alex are sprawled on Liz's bed.

Maria see's the flashing light on the answering machine and hits play as she plops down on the bed next to them. "God I am so worn out."

The message went as follows "Hi My name Is Jessika Portar I'm the new guidance counselor at Roswell High. I'm trying to get in touch with Elizabeth Parker to discuss her future. If this is her I have some very interesting news about some opportunities that you might want to take advantage of. Please contact me or Mrs Fletcher as soon as possible."

"I wonder what that's all about?" says Maria

Alex looks at Liz. "Hey, isn't Mrs Fletcher the 12th grade guidance counselor?"

"Yeah I think so. That's the guidance counselor who helped or is helping Isabel graduate early. Ok, totally changing the subject. Can you believe we get all the way back here and they are right down stairs? I wouldn't doubt it if Michael has your house staked out too Maria."

"Alien stalkers."

From out of nowhere. "You know I wouldn't hold it against you if you wanted to go back to Michael."

Maria raises up on her elbows and stares at Alex with a slight frown on her face. "Are you saying this because you think I want to be with Michael or are you saying this cause you want another crack at Isabel?"

"Are you guys havin your first fight? I get to witness it. What a privilage."

Maria ignores Liz's comment "You still holding something for Isabel?"

"You still got something for Guerin?"

"No, I'm not if your not."

"Well I'm not so...." Alex pulls Maria in for a heated kiss. Alex has his hand up Maria's shirt. It looks like they are headed for sex and Liz breaks in "Hey noone is losing anything on this bed except me."

"Um I don't know if I want to rent my boyfriend out."

"Not funny you know what I mean."

"Duly noted noone gettin busy on your bed but Prude."

"You wont be sayin that when you see what I'm wearing to school tomorrow."

"What are we wearing to school tomorrow?"

"Something that will make Max want to scream."

"You are so bad."

"I know, isn't it great! What am I going to do with my hair?"

"Let Alex have a crack at it."

"I think you should wear your hair straight Maria. Super straight."

"I thought you liked my curls?"

"Yeah but you look hot in straight hair."

"Well If I wear my hair straight, you're going to help straighten it."

"Fine. Like that is a problem."

"You know what would be really funny? If you visited Isabel tonight."

"Yeah pay back is a bitch huh? I know I must've freaked her out the last time when she tried to dream walk me."

There's a knock at the door "Lizzie?"

"Come in dad."

"Oh hello Alex, Maria."

They sit up as he enters the room. In unison "Hi Mr. Parker"

"I didn't know you were back already."

"Oh I was going to come and tell you after Alex finished my hair."

"Well you have someone downstairs who's been waiting to see you for the past three days."

"You're not talking about Max are you? Cause I don't want to see him tonight. I just got back home. I can talk to him in school." *Alien stalker boy strikes again*

"O.k. Well did you at least have some fun?" *As long as its far away from that Max.*

"We had a blast Dad. Thanks for letting me go." Liz gets up and hugs her father.

*How long has it been since she hugged me? *At least she looks happy for a change.* "Anytime"

"I hope you really mean that cause Amy invited us to go with her this summer." *please say yes*

"Like I can say no to you when you look like that. Have fun with the hair thing." Mr. Parker walks out. *Going to love kicking Max out*

"So what are you going to do with my hair?" *Should I be scared?*

Alex starts shaking a can "How about some gold streaks. Before you say anything it's not permanent."

"Ok then we get to pick out what your wearing for school tomorrow." *Max won't know what hit him when he sees me tomorrow.*

"What's wrong with my clothes?" *Don't I look good?*

"Well they hide that gorgeous bod of yours. Ever since you found out about Tess you've been beefing up and I want to show you off." *I can't believe I'm just noticing how hot Alex really is.*

"It's a deal if I get to make out with you guys in school." *You da man, Alex.*

"O.k." *Wonder what Spaceboy will think?*

"Fine with me." *That will certainly be worth the wait*


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You guys are so good to me. *tongue* Lissa I'm glad you like it, it has been fun to write and I loved the character Zan so much I was upset that they took him out the show.

Asabetha you are too funny. *tongue* *bounce* *bounce* I'll take my lumps. I'm a bad bad girl. Shouldn't tempt people to be late for things. And what shall I do to rectify this situation hmmm. How about a couple more parts. hehehe just call me the Evil Temptress

Oh yeah Anya I thought you were above I told you so's. Thanks babe. I hope your not to mad I added more stuff. Oh well enough of my ramblings and on with the fic.

~Part 12~

Next day at school

Max, Michael and a very sleepy Isabel are huddled together in a class room.

Michael has is arms crossed infront of him while his back is leaning on a desk "So I don't get it. What did you say when you talked to her?"

Max is slumped over in defeat his head hangin low and both arms under the desk he pulls his shirt sleeves down more over the visible scars. "I didn't talk to her. She obviously knew I was there and came through the back way. If I didn't see Amy I wouldn't have known she was home."

"Isabel are we disturbing you?"

She starts rubbing her eyes. "I just didn't get much sleep last night." *I am so going to get Liz back for this. As soon as I find out how she did it.*

Maggie Wells pops her head in "I thought I heard your voice. I've been looking for you everywhere."

"Ok calm down what's the deal?"

"OMIG so you haven't heard?" On her blank look Maggie continues. "Isabel, didn't you used to go out with Whitman?"

Isabel face remains neutral. Max and I share a knowing look. *It's a total metamorpahasis her slippin into the popular Ice queen persona. Not that different from my stone wall. Only someone who knows her like Max and I do would notice the change in her posture and demeaner. It's slightly disturbing to watch. Isabel uses it so she can belong. Max and I use it to push people away.* "What about him?" Isabel says as she flips her hair over her shoulder trying to sound like she isn't interested.

"Well he got to school and he looks yum me. He came in with Liz Parker and Maria Deluca and I have to say, drastic change."

*That is not a phrase I would normally hear associated with Alex's name. To say I was shocked was an understatement. The strange thing was that these words were coming out of Maggie's mouth and coupled with the fact that Maggie used to ride me constantly for hangin out with geeky Whitman had me floored in her perception of him now.* "What are you talking about?"

"Well let's just say he looked like he just stepped off a set from hollywood. Everyone is talking about them. I just never knew he had a body like that under all those baggy clothes he used to wear." As soon as those words were spoken Isabel had a flash of Alex when he stripped for her birthday. She immediately turns red.
"But I guess you knew obviously, you slut."

"Of course I knew, he was my boyfriend. He did a strip tease at my birthday party. You know the one you didn't show up for?"

"Well I would've never pegged Whitman for thee adventurous type."

*Understatement apparently.* "Ok you got me interested. I don't know about you guys, but I have to see what's all the buzz is about." Michael and Max walk out with her.

Roswell high interior hallway

Maria, Alex and Liz are strutting down the hallway. You can hear all the kids talking about them as they make their way to their locker. Alex has his arm around Maria and Liz. Alex is wearing some Matrix shades a muscle shirt underneath a brown and black suede vest a pair of black slacks and snake skin shoes. Both Liz and Maria are wearing shades. Maria has on a tight fitting off one shoulder black shirt that says my best friend is an alien. It cuts diagonally across her belt buckle of her hip hugger jeans. Liz did some alterations to it last night and cut the mess out of them the sides of her jeans are held together with safety pins. Which was a relief seeing as though the jeans were one size too small. Liz is wearing a pair of black hip huggers with red lacing on the bottom of her jeans and where the zipper is usually placed, and an I know alien's R out there red t- shirt ripped to shreds in the chest with three quarter inch sleeves and a Harley Davidson jean jacket slung over her purse. Both are wearing stelletto boots. Alex moves his hand from Maria's shoulder to her butt. They are laughing at a joke Alex told.

"OMig" Maria says as Alex grips her butt then covers quickly "I think I am going to take gym this semester. I am going to get so fat eating all that cheesecake."

Max, Michael and Isabel approaches them.

"Well let's not get drastic. We could always start running before school."

"Ok then bring on the cheesecake. Hey we still have all that godiva too."

"Lots of uses for that." Liz smiles seductively at both of them.

"Hey guys what's up?" Says Isabel. *Damn he didn't even given me a sideways look. hmm to wrapped up in Liz and Maria.*

"Nothing much." Liz nods inturn "Max, Michael." *God it's all I can do to pull away from him. Since when does Max wear long sleeve shirts? Liz turns her head to look at the tall blonde.* "Had any weird dreams lately?" Liz smirks at Isabel's open mouth then turns back to Alex and kisses him on the lips, hugs and kisses Maria on the cheek. "Remember to talk to you know who about what we talked about earlier. Gotta see a man about a dog. I'll check you guys later." Liz walks off and all the guys whistles as she passes by. Max catches up to her. Looks her over. *Damn she looks like she's about to enter a wet t-shirt contest. What is going on with her?* "So Liz, nice shirt." Liz stops dead in her tracks "Is there a point to you addressing me? Cause I've tried to talk to you for months." Max just stares at her. "Well?....Just as I thought" Liz leaves him to watch her walk off. Swingin her hips like no tomorrow. "Take that! I love it when the tables turn." *I guess he's getting a taste of how I felt all those times he walked away from me.* Liz heads to the counselor's office.

*I haven't spoken to her since before she left for NewYork. I want to know where we stand. God she looks so hot! I could just picture all that long golden hair fallin everywhere teasing me as we make out on my couch. If I could just kiss her one time. I know we could work it out.*

Alex is staring at Liz "I love it when she does that." He brings his attention back to the goddess infront of him. "So anyway I was thinkin after we practice tonight we could go to the movies maybe swing by a restaurant." Alex and Maria are ignoring Michael and Isabel and they eventually walk away.

"You do realise I have to work tonight right?" Maria grabs his jacket and pulls him close. "You could always bring a movie over with some carryout after my shift."

"Liz was right you do look hot with your hair like this. Not that you don't look hot all the time anyway." Maria and Alex are makin out and Alex and Maria are almost in the locker.

Michael is walking Isabel to her locker. *Damn Whitman! What do girls see in him? I guess she likes the sensitive types now.* "Have you seen Tess today Is?"

"I think she went to Las Cruces to check out their campus or maybe it was University of New Mexico."

"Ok, why the hell is she checkin out colleges so early? College is like a year and a half away." Isabel opens her locker and starts taking out her books. "Well normal people who want to further their education checks out the colleges they plan on considering to attend." She closes her locker and twirls the lock and starts walking to her first class with Micheal walking instep with her. "You know check out the campus talking to counselors. Sort of like get a feel for your surroundings, Weigh all the pros and cons."

"Right." *Am I even going to school? I seriously doubt it. I can barely stand highschool.*

After the display in the hallway with Alex and the number of catcalls heard through out the hallway Maria runs off to her class red faced and out of breath as Liz sees Maria enter the door she starts to laugh. Maria is looking everywhere but at her. "Are you ok Maria?"

"Right as Rain"

"Fine we'll talk after class."

45 minutes later and enough tappin on a desk to drive anyone criminally insane Maria grabs Liz's hand and drags her into thee eraser room. "Of all people to drag me in here I would never have guessed it. Not to sound like I'm complaining, but you look freaked what's up?"

Maria is standing infront of Liz looking totally embarrased and nervous. "I have a problem."


"I don't know if I can keep that promise we made."

"Hmm a promise. What are you talking about? I'm lost." She really gets flushed. "Your not talking about?...No cause you said you weren't going to say anything Maria. You know, we said we were going to leave what happened in NewYork IN NewYork. Not that everyone wont already know after the way you just dragged me in here. I'm sure the whole school knows by now but...."

"No no not that. I'm talking about the pact we made about you know waiting til after we graduate."

"oh...OH! So your saying you want to with Alex?" Maria nods her head "OMIG"

"I can't help it. I know you've noticed how we've been around each other and I've never noticed it before but he has this sexy smile it's devilish and innocent all at the same time and he just looks at me with those eyes of his and I just want to melt, but this is all happening so fast. We went from best friend to girlfriend/boyfriend in a matter of days and I know that it was a little weird at first cause just two months ago I thought of him as a brother type girlfriend thing."

"Slow down Maria take a deep breath...But girlfriend? Cause Alex is all ma.."

"Well you know the guy is sensitive, but I guess all artists have to be and he's loving and he does hair which is a definite plus and has thee MOST amazing hands and...."

The door opens and Alex walks in. "Hey I thought I saw you two come in here. So what are we doing?" Alex says as he raises his eyebrows.

"See what I'm saying?"

*They look like they are in heat.* "It's disturbing....Maybe we can finish that project later Maria. I think I have to see a guy about a dog. Liz leaves the Eraser Room still blushing from seeing Alex maul Maria. Liz is spotted by Tommy Hogan. "How embarrasing."

As the day progressed it didn't take long for the news to get around about Liz, Alex and Maria. Each one of the podsquad was informed throughout the day that Alex and Maria had almost had sex in the middle of the hallway and that Maria, Liz and Alex were seen going in thee Eraseroom together. When the news got around to Kyle he immediately dismissed it of course he knew his ex girlfriend better than anyone else. So when he got a note from Liz saying to meet her in the eraser room let's just say curiousity wasn't thee only thing that was raised. Kyle strode purposefully toward thee eraserroom. Before he opened the door he looked down both hallways to make sure he wasn't spotted as soon as his hand reached for the door an arm snaked out and dragged him inside. "Hey psycho? You trying to give me a heart attack?" Max was walking down the hallway when he sees Kyle being yanked in thee eraser room. He was a little curious of who he was meeting in there. So he walks toward the door and stood outside trying to listen in.

"Stalker" They both start laughin. "Well you were dancin outside the door like you were afraid to come in. It almost hurts my feelings that you wouldn't want to be in here with me." *Kyle is such a sweetheart... If I didn't already had feelings for Max maybe.. No, bad Liz.. concentrate... But he looks so cute*

Liz sticks her bottom lip out and starts to pout. *Does she realise how sexy she looks like that? Oh that's right that was the reason I fell for her to begin with. She doesn't know her own beauty.* "Right" Kyle is looking Liz over now. *This is not the same Liz Parker I knew.* "Are you going to tell me what's going on? Why are we in here?" *Not that I'm complaining. There's a few things I wouldn't mind doing in here.*

"O.K. I'm just going to say it straight out. It's about Tess."

"Ok what about her?"

"Tess is evil."

"And you know this for a fact?"

"Well for one I found out what one of my alien powers are. I have a sort of psychic thing going on so I can see some things in our immediate future and one of those things is Tess killed Alex and got you to help her dispose of the body she was mindwarping you and Alex and when he broke out of it she killed him. Well let's just say I'm not going to let her have Alex so he is stayin with me and Maria. Your not safe." *Whoa that sentence has double meanings.* "She could be tryin to get you too. Just don't be alone with her Kyle."

Kyle starts tapping on a box. "I don't believe it. Tess has been stayin with us for months. I'm like her only friend here. Why would she try to hurt me?"

Liz face pales when she sees Kyle tapping. "Why are you doing that?"

"Doing what?" He continues tapping "OMIG it's true. It's started already."

Liz makes a move toward Kyle and trips on a box and falls on Kyle. He instantly brings his hands to her waist. *God she looks sexy.* Kyle is about to reach up and kiss her their faces are just three inches apart. He can feel her breath on his face when Max hears the rumble in the eraser room and thinks Kyle is in trouble and opens the door to find Liz on top of Kyle on the floor. They both look up when the door opens. "Oh hey Max how's it going?" Liz get's up from her place on top of Kyle and pulls him up with her. "We'll talk about this later. My place 9 o' clock?" And walks out leaving Max and Kyle to face off. Max locks the door and turns to look at Kyle. Kyle raises both hands. "Hey I don't know what you have in mind but I don't swing that way."

"What's going on with you and Liz?"

"What did it look like Max? You are so dense sometimes. The girl obviously isn't affected by the Evans charms anymore and is looking elsewhere for entertainment." *I don't know if it was true or not. How I want it to be true, but just seeing his face turn all those colors made my day. After all turnabout is fair play. He took her from me. So now that they aren't together I had to gloat.* "Well I have a lunch date so see ya Max." Kyle pushes past Max and exits the Eraser room. Max is standing in the dark completely stunned. He pulls out his pocket knife that Liz gave him his finger brushed against the inscription Max and Liz forever. He pulls up his sleeve, flexes his arm and cuts it. Just staring as the blood trails down his arm. He runs his hand over it and pulls his sleeve back down.

Outside quad lunch time

"So it's true what you said...Ms. Porter said that all my teachers have recommended that I get skipped a grade. So that means I will graduate this year if I pass all the tests."

"You know you're going to pass you have well over a years worth of knowledge locked up in that knoggin."

"Everything is going great your graduating early and we might get a record deal. I know it's a long shot but still. A long shot is better than nothing."

"I heard a rumor that you guys were getting horizontal in the hallway. Say it aint so?" Maria and Alex try not to look at Liz in the eye. "I guess that's a yes. So I noticed you guys didn't talk to Kyle like I asked."

"Um blame it on this one." Maria says as she points to Alex.

"What are you talking about I was just trying to show you the different areas of thee Storage closet. Valuable information like that shouldn't go unapprieciated."*Like she didn't enjoy it*

"See what I have to put up with?"*Damn I did enjoy it. Maybe we could have a repeat performance later.*

"Well that's just great while you two are gettin smoochie in the closet. Kyle could be in trouble."
Alex and Maria look at Liz. "What!?"

"Omig what happened?"

"I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count." As Alex and Maria let Liz's statement sink in Kyle sits down besides Liz. "So what was it that you were talking about, it already started?" Liz turns to face him "Oh hi Kyle I'm sorry for leaving you alone like that with Max. Which is another thing I have to talk to you two about." Liz says to Maria and Alex.

"Oh no problem any excuse to piss of Max Evans I'm all for it." Kyle starts tapping on the table.

Maria looks at Liz "So your saying that bitch is now going after Kyle now?"

"Well look at him what do you think?"

"Damn I'm sorry man but she's after you now I guess."

"How do you know this?"

"The finger tapping it's an after effect of being mindwarped."

"Oh that bitch is going down forget waiting til after Christmas."

The podsquad are seated at a table not far from Liz and company

"Can you believe it! I caught Liz in the Eraseroom with Kyle? Not long after she was kissing Alex."

"What did I tell you? Now they've thrown Kyle in the mix."

"Maggie said that Alex and Maria almost had sex in the hallway. Something is going on with them."

Back in New York

Rath, Lonnie, and Ava steal a Trans Am. Lonnie changes the license plates to New Mexico

"Trans Am, baby. Yeah! Can't wait to get out of the city. Red line says 120, but I bet you she goes 130."

Ava connects to Zan "Hey baby"she said it in a playful way but Zan caught on.

"Ava we talked about dis there is no me and you. I thought we were straight on dat?'

"You can't blame a girl fa tryin right? So how are ya getting to Roswell?"

"I'm almost there. I gotta van and a motorcyle from..."

"You didn't hit Charlie up for dat money."

"Yeah but ya know I didn't pay cash for dis right? We made an even trade."

"Sweet. I'll guess I'll be seen ya in dirtville."

Back to the dupes talking in the car

Ava jumps back into the conversation. "We were family. The four of us." *I would kill them now if it wasn't for my promise to Liz.*

"Things change."

"Yo, move outta the way!"

"He was your brother, Lonnie." *You heartless bitch!!*

"That's right. Zan's my brother. Rath's my lover. But who are you? Why are you still livin' and breathin' and ridin' in this car? Oh, that's right. You're here 'cause I love you. Ain't that sweet?"

*More like I'm still here cause she can't pull off those elaborate burglaries without me.*


Liz is sitting on her balcony writing in her journal

I don't know what kind of reception we thought we were going to get when we got back, but it was nothing compared to the greeting we received. When I first saw Max my first instinct was to run into his arms like nothing happened, but then reality sunk in and all I wanted to do was smack him senseless for all the pain he's caused me. One of these days I will have the courage to tell him off and when that day comes watch out! I don't know what it is. Maybe it's some sort of twisted loyalty I have to Max cause he saved my life, why I don't want to hurt him more than I already am, but he just makes it so hard not to be mean to him. When did he turn into a cave man? When I first met Max I thought he was the sweetest guy alive so much so that I thought he was on the gay side. No man is that sensitive all the time. He would push me away not wanting to get close and then him lying to me saying we couldn't get together cause I could get sick. I mean really, how much harm could a kiss do? It almost had me thinking that he was in love with Michael until I saw Michael and Maria making out. I finally got to talk to Kyle and let him know what is going on with Tess. He didn't take it too well but I think he'll deal. I had to bring the Sheriff up to date not just about Tess but about Zan too. 'Did I just hear something? Must be my imagination.'

"Yo Red. You up there?"

*No this is not happening! Do they not know how to call first? It must be an alien thing. Liz moves to the edge of the balcony.* "You got to be kidding me? What are you doing here Zan?"

"You invited me Red." He starts making his way up the fire escape. "Did I tell you that you could come up?"

He jumps over thee edge and is so close to me I want to scream. "Do ya complain 'bout everything?" I look him in the eye. His body so close to mine. *I see nothin in this senerio that I don't like. He has this thing that pulls me towards him. Sort of in a primal animalistic way.* "No" I say as I walk back over to my lounge chair and pick up my journal. "So are you ok?"

"O ya mean after my sister and my bestfriend tried ta kill me in da streets? Sure just great."

Liz goes back to writing in her journal

It's been a week since we got back and now we are the one's who have been ignoring them. Well more like avoiding them. I am not looking forward to facing him in school tomorrow. I know I have been treating him badly and I've been justified cause no matter what is going on he should still be able to talk to me. Why does he have to be so intense about every thing? We were on a break so what I fool around with Alex and Maria a lot. I don't think he knows that, well not the Maria part but still. And sure he caught me in a compromising postion with Kyle. It seems that all I do is keep hurting him and all I wanted was to be his friend. Everytime I see him the worst things just start flying out of my mouth. I've been trying to control it but it's hard. It's like he's accusing me of something before I open my mouth. Who is he to get all uprighteous with me? But in thee end I know I have to make nice because all this is doing is bringing Tess closer to her goal of getting her ride home which I will NOT let happen. Ok so tomorrow I will try to talk to Max. How I don't want to do this. Liz peeks over her book to look at Zan he is sitting on a lounge chair staring at the stars. Her mind starts to wander. *I wonder if it will be like this when we're old and gray.* She shakes her head to clear it. *Where the hell did that come from?* "So do you have a place to stay?"

"Are you offerin?"

"It depends."


"When you wake up from reality." *Of course Maria and Alex would choose today of all days not to spend the night. It's not like Zan can be seen in public until Alex gets all his paper work done.* "I was only asking because noone can know you are here."

"I have my van."

~Part 13~

Following day Roswell High Interior Mr Selegaman's class

"A black hole...that's what's left after a star dies. And that's exactly what happened last week, my friends." Max's breathing is eratic he drops the pencil he's holding and grips the knife he has under his desk and cuts his arm repeatedly. "The spectacular, stellar, implosion of a red giant, unheard of in the history of astronomy...the first time a post-main sequence star burning in its prime suddenly and without warning violently exploded in a supernova of a hundred million degrees and disappeared, a process that typically takes many thousands of years. What could have accounted for this...remarkable loss?"

Class ends. Liz catches up with Max in the hallway. "Hey. Kinda weird about that star, huh? Kinda sad. It just doesn't seem that something burning so bright could just...burn out." *God he looks so lost what have I done to him?*

"But it did." Max tries to walk around her and she jumps in his path. "I hate this. I hate that we can't even be around each other. Long before we kissed...we were friends. We talked. We laughed. I don't understand why we just can't go back to that."

"We can't. I can't. I just...I need time." Again he tries to get around her and she jumps in his way again. "Ok. I understand that. I do. I...I can respect it. But, um...I don't want you to hate me."

Max walks off. *I think I might have to cut his knee caps. He's been walking away so much I was starting to mistake him for Michael. He might as well be on track as much as he loves to run away. Ok that's it. I've had it!* Liz digs in her purse and gets her cell phone out pushes two buttons. "Hey I'm walking towards the parking lot now, get Kyle. He's supposed to be takin a make up test."

"Well be there in five." Maria clapped her cell shut.

Maria spots Kyle before he goes into his class and drags him with her by his shirt. "Not so fast Valenti. We're skippin today."

"Damn what's thee emergency now? An invasion? Come on, don't tell me it's another invasion."

"Liz crisis."

Kyle lets out a breath. *Thank Buddha.* "Oh well, that was one test I was looking forward to failing."

"Well you'll have a whole weekend to study so it all works out." Maria walks up to Liz and they embrace.

"Thanks for ditchin with me."

"Anytime Chica."

"Kyle can you pick up Alex and tell him to get his stuff for that project."

"What project?"

"Just tell him. He'll know what you're talking about."

"I don't know why. I don't even know what I'm talking about." Kyle get's in his car and starts pulling away. "Why am I always the last to know?" Kyle says as he heads towards Alex's house. Maria and Liz head to the crashdown.

moments later on another side of town

Max is driving around in his jeep and spots Isabel jogging along the road *Oh this is a funny sight.* "We need to talk."

*Some how I'm glad I'm running so I don't have to have this conversation. I mean what is he going to do hit me with the car?* "One more mile." *Damn he almost hit me with the jeep. Talk about exhausting.*

"What are you running from?"

*You* "I'm just getting in shape."

"Since when? Your only exercise used to be the escalator at the mall."

"Things change." *Like Alex liking skinny leggy girls. Sad to say I wouldn't admit this to anyone but I miss the way he used to look at me like I was thee only girl on earth. I jogg around the car. I'm almost home free.*

"Fine. I'll see you later. Vilandra." I turn around and walk toward the jeep. *I can barely look him in the eye. I feel so guilty and I don't even know why it's not like I remember any of the stuff that happened on our planet. Can someone really hold your past mistakes in a past life against you? Is that even possible? Do I want to know thee answer to that?*

"Are you...Vilandra?...Isabel, there's always been a special bond...ever since we came out of the pods. We have to be able to be honest with each other."

*I wish I could make everything ok between us for keeping secrets, for everything.* "I'm sorry, Max." Isabel goes back to jogging

"What the hell is wrong with everyone?"

Liz and Maria are on Liz's balcony

"Girlfriend, what's the deal? Calm down."

"I'm trying to Maria but Max is not makin it easy. Can you just hold that side down while I tape it up?"

"Fine whatever." Liz get's on a step ladder and tapes the blue construction paper to the wall. "I don't even know why we are doing this you could've waited for Alex and Kyle to get here."

Liz stares at Maria. "I wanted to get my mind off Max for five minutes but a certain person wont let me." Liz's telephone rings

"Hello. O HI Sheriff oh okay thanks for letting me know. No he'll know soon enough. Yeah Kyle o yeah he just got here. I'll tell him. bye."

Kyle sets down a large bag and Alex starts setting up.

"Ok what was that about?"

"That was Kyle's dad he said Lonnie, Rath and Ava are at Max's house."

"Ok this is making a kind of sense that's not. So does anyone one want to fill me in here?"

"Lonnie's my sister." Zan says as he hops over the top rung.

"Zan this is Kyle, Kyle. Zan." Liz and Zan are having a staring contest


"Whoa you got to be kidding me."

LIz snaps out of it "Lets leave these two to finish their business." Liz , Maria and Kyle enter Liz's room via the window. "Are you nervous Maria?"

Kyle motions toward the window "Hello what about that pod person sitting on the balcony?"

Maria just waves him off "Oh that's just Zan, Max's dupe." Like that explained everything for Kyle. "Nervous for what?"

"Hello you have a concert tonight! You forgot?"

"What about the meeting King Max called?"

"Been there done that. I'm not going. Besides, I could tell you everything that's said, so let's not go there. You need to do this Maria."


"Hey is anyone going to tell me what's going on?" Maria and Liz trade off explaining to Kyle the situation at hand.

"Ok there were two sets of pods. They are identical to Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess, The other set was sent to New York."

"So what are they doing here?"

"There is a summit meeting in NewYork and they need Max to go cause Zan is dead, at least they think he's dead."

"See that's where my cool new power came in handy. We went to New York and warned Zan and Ava ahead of time so when Lonnie and Rath tried to kill Zan, Ava did the mindwarp."

Alex pulls one of the lounge chairs under the construction paper "Ok Zan the Man. The seat of honor." Zan walks over to the chair and sits down. "Ready for your close up?" Alex takes the picture "Ok this should only take a minute. Alex has his laptop hooked up to his digital camera "What's your last name?"

"Don't have one."

"How the hell have you gotten away with not havin a last name?"

"There are ways around everything if ya have know-how."

"Ok well pick one. While your at it make up a middle name."

Zan glances at Liz through the window. *She will be mine I garantee.* "Right"


telephone rings It's Vanessa a new waitress from the Crash. Tells Liz they need some help downstairs. "I'm sorry I can't cover a shift I have to head back to school. No Maria has a concert tonight. Just a few hours I'll ask her..."

Maria shruggs her shoulders "Why the hell not I guess I need to be knocked down a peg or two before I get up to sing in front of a crowd of my adoring fans."

"Fun ny.....She'll be down in a few. Bye....You know you didn't have to do this."

"It's no problem really." Maria says with a tight face. *Only the fact that I am forced to face Michael.* Maria leaves the room. "My Life sucks!"

Liz faces Kyle "So are you ok with giving me a ride to school?"

"Of course it's what I live for. I'm the wheel man."

"Hey I'm not using you for a ri.."

"You couldn't like me for my boyish good looks."

*If you only knew Kyle.* Liz ignors Kyle's attempt at humor "Hey are you guys finished?" Liz yells from the bed room. Then sticks her head out. "I have to head back to school. I left a book for my history paper I need to finish. So come inside you can hook the rest of your stuff up in here. We have five hours til the concert."

Switch to the Dupes infront of the Evans house after Sheriff Valenti has driven off

"It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood."

"Can you imagine actually living here?"

"No! I'd kill myself."

"Let's get in there and see what makes Mr. Max spin. Ava stay by the car and keep lookout."

Ava sits on the hood to keep watch. Rath and Lonnie climb in through Max's window

"I told you. Total cornball."

Rath looks through Max's closet "Check out this gear. Unbelievable. Where does he shop for stuff like dis...freakin' Conway's?"

"Yo. Out here, they think that's hip...Oh, my God! Check this out. He works in the UFO museum."


RATH looks through Max's drawers "Hoo! Look at dis."

LONNIE takes it from him "Ah. Dis must be his bitch. Where'd you find dis?"

"In his sock drawer."

"To Max. I'll always love you. Liz."


"She ain't got nothin' goin' on."

"Yeah, well, I'd do her."

"Fine. Do her, but don't kill her. What we're doin' here is important. Don't screw it up."

Mr. Evans is looking for Max and knocks on the door. Rath dives to the floor and hides next to the bed "Max? Izzie?"

*To say that the man almost shitted a brick when he saw me was an understatement.* "Hey...Dad."

"What happened to you? You look like some...rapper on TV. Like that, uh, Queen Latisha."

"Queen Latifah."

"Tell me that's not a tattoo."

*He's looking at me like I've gone insane gotta wonder what my other half is like.* "Chill, Dad. It's henna. It'll wash off. Ha ha ha. Ok. No, know what? I'll tell you the truth. I ain't really Isabel."

"You're not?"

"No. I'm...Juliet. See, school's doing this kinda rock 'n' roll version of Romeo and Juliet, and, well..."

"And my daughter's playing Juliet? That's great, honey! Oh ha ha! The smell of the grease paint. The roar of the crowd. I took theater, too. I was Puck my senior year."

"Totally epic, Dad."

"Ha! You certainly got that jive down. No, but I'm glad that you've...taken an interest in something, honey. But, I wish your brother would."

"Max? Yeah, he seems so, uh..."

"Tense. Now, I'm worried about him. Even the therapy's not helping him...though obviously it's helping you."

"Yeah, a shrink. But he is...helping find myself."

"I was thinking...perhaps you and Max could have a joint session to work out whatever's come between you."

"I didn't think you'd noticed."

"The doors slamming, the silence at the dinner table? Oh...I've never seen you fight like this."

"Well, I'd really like to work it out."

"Promise me you'll consider it? The joint session?" Lonnie nods
Mr. Evans leaves. Rath comes out from his hiding place.

"Yeah, ok. Ha. A shrink? How whack is that, yo?"

"So...Max's a head case. We can use that. "Love, Liz". Mmmm. Gotta bounce." Rath looks for Liz at school. After coming back from the councelors office. Liz is pacing infront of her locker trying not to be obvious. She stops pacing and opens up her locker and reaches for a book. *All I have to do is take an extra elective and starting January I'm a senior. Omig wait til I tell Maria.*

"Whassup? You look tight."

"Excuse me? Did you?...oh, my God, Michael! What is with your hair?" She starts to laugh.

"I wouldn't mind kickin' it to ya."

"Kickin' it. Yeah."

"Whadda ya say you give me a little somethin' somethin', huh?"

"Oh, my God! Get away from me! What is going on with you?" She slams her locker shut

"I just thought since Maxie wasn't around that we could, uh..."

"Just stop, ok?"

"Ai-ight. You got me. I just...I just wanted to see, you know, if you'd go for it, and you..."

"No. It's not gonna happen...ev ver."

"Of course not."

Liz starts to leave. Rath grabs her and kisses her on the lips
"Uhhh. Oh, my God! Eww!" *Gross*
Liz runs out of the school.


*I can't believe I left Zan to make time with Rath, but I couldn't not be in school when he came to look for me. I couldn't risk the chance of him showing up at my house and him finding Zan there. Oh well time to have some fun.* Liz and Kyle head back to the crashdown. "Did you see it?"

Kyle's staring at the road not making eye contact

"You know, Rath mauling me infront of half of the school."

"Oh yeah that." *Like I could've missed it.* "You do realise that when all the news circulates it's going to look real bad on you right?"

"Why? how? I told him to stop I ran away from him after it was over. How many times have I actually made out in public?" *Kyle is right though it's going to make me look well what the hell do I care? At least I still have Alex.* "I need an alien blast."

"Haven't you had enough?"

Liz glares at him. "Very funny Kyle." Liz looks around and sees Max at a table doing homework. *The crash should be closed by now what is he still doing here? Nevermind not interested.* LIz turns around "Let's go through the back." Liz and Kyle rush around the corner as they see Maria pushing Max out the door. They climb the balcony and overhear an interesting conversation.

In Liz's bed room

"So what's da deal wit Liz?"

*God I love the way he says my name.*

"What do you mean?"

"Is she attached?"

"She looks pretty put together to me, but I guess you noticed that huh?" *Oh yeah he's a goner.*

"Is she wit anyone?" *Am I speakin another language?*

"Technically no."

"Well. well. well. I leave you alone for a few minutes and you've manage to give away everything except rank and serial number. Your gonna be demoated post haste." Alex slumps and mock salutes. They start laughing and they embrace. Zan doesn't know what to make of their behavior. After all he's never been around people who cared so much for each other.

"Ok enough of the sappiness. I have to get dressed so we can go to that concert. You are still coming right Kyle?"

"Sure, sure wouldn't miss it."

"Whadda 'bout me?"

Liz starts to answer but Alex beats her to it "You can't be seen in public man."

"I can change my appearance."

"We don't want to risk Lonnie and Rath seeing you."

Liz is looking through her closet. "Yeah in a couple of days they'll be gone then you can come out and play."

Maria comes through the window and knocks on the window frame. "Knock knock. Everybody ready for the concert?" *God Max is starting to creep me out. I had to follow him to his car as he drove away just so he wouldn't climb Liz's balcony.*

"Damn Red, you got some major traffic goin on in dis piece."

"The names Liz not that you'd notice." Zan just smirks at her comment.

Maria walks through Liz's room. "Well this is nerve central. Where all problems are solved. Liz and my man Alex here are the brains in the group."

Liz pushes Maria in the closet "Your embarassing me."

Maria is looking through Liz's closet "Anyway Liz here is good at solving and finding clues and Alex is our Mr Q. Does all thee illegal stuff and hooks us up with handy gadgets. Omig no you don't still have this jean jacket. Try this on." Liz slips on the jacket.

"Red that jacket looks a lil young." Liz looks it over "I haven't worn this since 5th grade. I like it. With some adjustments it'll work." Liz picks up a razor and cuts the sleeves off. Liz throws on a pair of red cowgirl boots.

Surprisingly it fit her perfectly. Zan couldn't take his eyes off of her. She left the first three buttons open and the last two as well. Leaving a lot of skin exposed on her stomach and her breast. *I wonder if she would wear a navel ring? I could do it myself. I wonder if she'd let me touch her that way? What am I thinking I've seen the way she looks at me. My other half must be an idiot if he passed her up.* "Well I'll check ya guys later."

Liz walks up to him as he's leaving through the window "Hey be careful and stay in the shadows."

"It's what I've done my whole life. Lata Red."

"Ok let's go." Liz, Maria, Alex and Kyle head to the New Performance Space Theater and get set up. Liz and Maria are talking back stage while the guys are tuning their instruments.

"I can't believe we ditched."

"Oh please he'll get over it. I know I am."

"Does your getting over it have anything to do with....Oh let me Zan!?"

Liz just smiles at Maria. "Hey I'm going to be a senior starting in January."

"Omig I'm so happy for you."

"Yeah I snooped through her desk. They have Alex on the list next to ask if he wanted to be bumped up."

"So your telling me that both my bestfriends are graduating without me?"

"What you wanna graduate early too?"

"Why the hell not? I'll do the work. I'm over your house all the time anyway. I might as well make good on some quality studying time."

"Ok whatever you say. I'll talk to Ms Porter Monday."

"Put your hands together for...the Whits!"

"You're on Girl! GO!" Liz playfully smacks Maria on the butt and she runs on stage to the roar of the crowd.

"Ok but we have to have a talk later. Wish me luck."

"Luck!" Liz and Kyle are back stage cheering them on. "I can't believe it! I'm a groupie." *Maria looks amazing on stage in the spotlight.*

"They're really good." Kyle says after the third song and second cover. " How the hell can they stay up there so long without taking a break?"

"I think it's thee adrenaline rush."

"Must you make a scientific explaination for everything?"

"It's a curse I know....Maria and Alex have been practicing like crazy. I'm going out there."

"Yeah right."

"You wanna bet?"

Kyle digs in his pocket and pulls out some bills. "I have fifty bucks that says you wont."

Liz snatches the bills from his hand and stuffs them in her bra. "I'll take that bet and I'll even do my sexy dance."

Liz runs on stage and Maria grabs her they start laughing and Liz starts dancing on stage to the music. "Give it up for my girl Liz! Don't hurt nobody." Liz lets the music take over her. The band starts playin some new material as Maria is tryin to wind down the crowd so they can leave. "Before We go" Hear boo's from the crowd "I'd Like to introduce you guys to the band." As each person's name is called they do a little solo number "We have Alex on bass..." Very talented with hands you think? Nick on lead guitar....Yes ladies he's a cutie....Marcus on he can really move....Chris on drums.....He's a drummer what else can I say. You all know me. Maria Deluca and lets not forget the lush Liz Parker our back up dancer. Ok one last song and we are outta here. Well you can't really call this a song. What is a song but thoughts put to music?" Liz starts dancin with Maria slowly as they make up the words.

Your love is like ah fire
I want you
out of control. ragin blazin
I need you
your touch is like feathers
Strumin for me, comin for me
desires burning
kissin ticklin. lickin, whisperin
cold as ice.
fires my heart
your embrace, like home
my heart
welcomin confusing consumin
Raw... anticpating..nerves
sparks. cracklin, electrofyin
blazin, igniting , inviting
I'm thirsty. for your love
You..drink me....swallow me
need you, please you
Do me, as you wish
controls me. mold me.
spank me, take me
excites me, bite me
I'm yours
devoted to you

"Well that's it guys, for now. Thanks for coming out and supporting the WHITS." Maria, Liz, Kyle and Alex pile into Kyle's car.

4hours later at Liz's house.

"So Brody gave you a hundred dollar tip and you gave it back?"

"The guy is a little weird."

"Sounds more like obsessed."

"Are you jealous Alex?"

"I have nothing to worry about right?"

"No of course not." Maria gives Liz a pointed look. "I can't believe you got on stage."

"I know I let loose. It was liberating." *And so was the hot 50 bucks in my bra.* "You guys were so good tonight. I'm not even the slightest bit tired."

"Well thank you, thankyou." Alex says as he takes a bow. "But you two were what's a good word um...."

"Hot!" says Kyle. *But then again, Liz always looks hot*

"Well that goes without sayin but I was thinkin magnetic. You almost gave a couple of guys heart attacks."

"That must be the reason why we got another gig in two weeks."

Liz looks over at the clock 7:25 "Is that clock right?!"

Maria looks at her watch "Yeah what's wrong?"

"We have to go!" Liz pulls Maria off the floor "Maria you need to catch Brody before he gets to work. Kyle Alex your with me move! move! move!"

Back at the UFO Center

Max discusses what's going on with Isabel, Michael, and Tess.

" we are."

"And there we are."

"I thought I'd seen everything."

"They want me to go to New York to a...a summit meeting."

"What, just you? We weren't invited?"

"I already told them no."

Rath and Lonnie are discussing how things are turning out.

"Think it's gonna take some work. He's got that same brick head as Zan."

"We don't got a lotta time."

"Back off. I'm on it."

"Like you were on Zan? Do NOT screw this up, Rath. He goes to the summit, or we are stuck on this wretched planet for the rest of our lives."

The sound of someone opening the front door is heard.

Max grabs Tess' hand looks at her watch "It's 7:30."

"In the morning?"

"I-it's just my boss. Hide."

*Yeah I'll be your boss alright* "Oh please it's just me." Liz says as she walks down the stairs. Alex and Kyle trailing behind.

"Your Late." Says Max

"Yeah, like eight hours late."

"Who asked you anyway?"*Does she realise how much I want to punch her in the face? Little hooka always trying to start up trouble.* "I have other priorites in my life and not all of them revolve around this." Liz motions with her hand at the Aliens but still giving Tess the evil eye.

"Now this is freaky." says Kyle

"These are our friends. Kyle, Alex and Liz."

"Uh, we met." *Rat bastard!*

"Sorry about that. I was, uh...I was just trying to get the lay of the land."

*More like he was trying to get the lay of my mouth.*

Michael looks at Rath then looks at Liz. *It seems like I'm thee only guy who hasn't been with Liz.*

"Anyway, Maria is stalling Brody. So I thought I'd come down here and get you guys before you got caught. So hurry up and get out before Brody comes back and finds out you guys had an alien pow wow down here."

Out side the UFO Center Brody is about to open the door

"Hey." *I got here in the nick.*

Brody turns around "Hi!"

She cringes slightly. " know how you asked about lunch?"


Maria threads her arm through his and drags him towards the crashdown. "Well, how do you feel about having a little breakfast?"

At the Crashdown, Brody and Maria are sitting down in a booth having breakfast together

"You believe in God?"

"Isn't it a little early for that conversation?" *This is like a date. I feel like I'm cheating on Liz and Alex. Is that even possible? Oh well she's the one who told me to distract him.*

"Yeah, you're right."

"Ok. Fine. Fine.'s a definite maybe. You?"

"I used to. Maybe I still do. There are just so many things that make me wonder."


"Do you believe in aliens?"

"Why not? I'm dating one. I'm kidding. Of course. Hehe." *Maybe not, can Liz be considered an alien? She does have powers.*

"You see, I'm not. I had an experience once..."

"Oh, right. Your abduction!"

"How do you know? Oh, did Max say something?"

"Oh, no. No. I just...I kinda looked into your background. You know, good-looking...multi-millionaire...buys UFO Center. Kind of stirs my curiosity. So...I did an internet search and, I..."

"And found out I'm a whacko."

"Ha ha ha." *Yeah your not wrong about that.*

"I've got a feeling it's about to happen again."


"Well, just things" *Like having a conversation with a guy who looks like Max.* "Missing moments of time, bizarre dreams I can't remember in the morning. It all reminds me of the last time. So, if I...suddenly disappear for a couple of days, it's nothing personal. I've just been abducted."


"Ok? Just like that? No 'I'm sure it won't happen again, Brody. It's all in your head, Brody."

"No, no, it's just that if there's one thing that living in Roswell's taught me is that anything can happen." *Yeah like Liz Alex and me as a couple or that I actually met aliens dated one and still am. I should be on the Inquirer.*

The Dupes are talking things over

"He'll never change his mind."

"I don't care. He's coming to New York one way or another."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"You really wanna know?"

"I don't want to be a part of this." *bitch..bastard*

"That chick is turning into a real problem."

"Don't worry. Max is coming with us. I guarantee it."

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Ok I'm only posting one part today cause a certain someone who shall remain nameless wont hit me back and I'm still not to keen on ch 15 don't like not satisfied with it. I need some feed back with some meat in it. I only have 18 chapters written and I was planning on taking this fic to 30 or 35 chapters but I need some input guys. For all I know this chapter sucks too. You be the judge. Oh yeah just to warn you the next couple of parts have some sexual aspects to it so if your under 18 avert your eyes. yeah right! I had to say that.

~Part 14~

Everyone parted their separate ways after that bogus meeting. Liz went home to get some much needed rest. She flops down on her bed and then turns her stereo on. I wonder what Zan is up to? Was her last coherant thought before drifting off to sleep.

3 hours later Liz wakes up from a delicious dream about Zan. Liz stretches trying to figure out why she woke up in the first place. You can hear Sade's Lover's Rock CD playing softly. "I must've left my stereo on continuos." there's a tap on her window. Then the sound of the window opening then closing. She sits up immediately and sees a figure standing there still disoriented from waking up which only felt like 15 minutes. She realizes it's Zan in her room. Am I still dreaming cause this seems oddly familiar? Him in that black shirt with the sleeves rolled up to show his tattoo. Those baggy cargo pants, crazy hair and sexy eyebrow ring. The music playing. All that's missing is him taking me in a heated kiss and our clothes magically melting away from our bodies. Liz starts blushing when she realizes where her train of thought was going and neither one spoke a word to each other.

Liz is starting to think this is really a dream waiting for him to make his move. Zan clears his throat and walks closer to her. Liz stands up and waits for his touch "I had to see you."

"Had to?"
"Besides Ava you are the only one here....who really knows me...besides Lonnie and Rath and they tried to do me in."

"Well you know, there is this custom that says when you save someone's life you are responsible for them for the rest of yours."

"You knew dis and ya took me on anyways?...Why?"
"I think you're worth it."
"You don't even know me Red."
"Ava does and she was hurting bad over you." Liz searches his eyes for any sign that he feels some thing for Ava. "Seeing your body lying in the street. I'm glad I could spare her that memory."
"So you did all this for Ava? Nothin at all to do wit your feelings for me?"

"What are you talking bout? My feelings for you? I'm in a relationship."

"You can't be wit anybody. It's not possible."
"Why? What you think I'm ugly or something? Because I can tell you a lot of guys find me attractive."
"See you're getting ahead of me Red." Zan steps closer to her "I never said you was ugly. Your sexy as all out doors." He raises his hand to touch her face. Liz shivers at his touch. He's staring intently at her lips and Liz gazes into his eyes. Their lips are a breath away. "You can't look at someone the way you look at me and be attached."

"Well I have a very open relationship."
"So ya got an opening huh?" before Liz can respond he starts kissing her and they end up on the bed. Oblivious to the person peering in at them on the balcony.

//"What we doin here?" Zan says as they walk in the bar
"Oh you'll see...Hey can I get two glasses and a pitcher of foam at that back table?" slams his money down and walks away
"I told ya I don't drink yo."
"Ya have before."
"Yea and I was tore down."
"I gonna show ya how to hustle money outta these fools."
"Yeah ya gonna show ME how to hustle?" Zan laughs at Charlie. *If Only he knew.* There's a loud scream a guy is coming after Zan. Ava is trying to stop Zan from fighting but he wont listen.
The bartender screams at them."Yo! take that shit out to the alley."

"You don't have to do this Zan please!" Zan is squaring off on the guy when he pulls out a gun. Zan is getting ready to blast him when Charlie jumps infront of the bullet. Zan turns around. "You leave now you wont have to explain it to the cops." The guy runs off and Zan puts his hand over the bullet wound. Charlie comes to.

I've always been the one who comes through in the time of crisis. I do what's necessary, and I don't panic. But seeing Michael so sick and having no way of knowing what was wrong or how to help made me scared. Scared that one day something could happen to Max and I wouldn't know how to help this person who means so much to me, who means everything.\\

Liz pulls away from Zan trying to catch her breath. I've had flashes from Max before but I was never able to hear was was being said only the visions and the feelings behind it.

"Ya loved him a lot huh?"
"I still do."
Zan flinches at her statement but covers quickly "He's an idiot."
"Why would you say something like that? You don't even know him."
"Well I know he left you. A mistake he's gonna regret for the rest of his life." *I know I would.* "You're one of a kind Red. I've never met anyone like you before. You gotta lot goin on forya self."
Liz is smiling brightly at him "You barely know me."

Quietly while you were asleep
The moon and I were talking
I asked that, she'd always, keep you, protected....

"Oh I know you some. Ya came all da way to NewYork to save my life. Someone ya never met before. Your caring *kiss* very giving *kiss* considerate *Kiss* beautiful."

She promised you her light.
That you. so gracefully, carry.
You bring your light and shine like morning...

"So you came over here to shower me with compliments so you could see if I'd let you... what have sex with me?" Liz gets up and starts pulling her capri pants up and adjusting her shirt. "Let me tell you now, it's not gonna happen. I haven't known you long enough to go there with you. I may be a small town girl but I'm not an idiot." she says playfully then taps her head with her fingers. "Besides, I can see everything clearly."

And then the wind pulls, the clouds across the moon.
Your light fills the darkest room.
And I can see the miracle.
That keeps, us from falling...

Zan grabs her arm gently "Take it easy Red. I was gettin stir crazy with nowhere to go. Thought I'd look you up. No harm done." Liz give him a yeah right look. "Ok I admit it I've wanted you since that night we met at the bar."

"Crashed at the bar is more accurate."

She promised all the sweetest gifts.
That only the heaven's could bestow.
You bring your light and shine like morning...

"I would be lying if I said I didn't want in your pants but I'm not going to force myself on you. I do want to get to know ya better."

*Making out with Max never resulted in me half naked. I'm not trying to be a tease or a prude but I've only known him for what a month? This is crazy.*
"Come here Sweets just lay back, relax and let me thanks ya propa. We won't do nothin your not ready for."

And as you so gracefully give.
Her light, as long as you live.
I'll always remember this moment...

Max is at his house franticaly packing his clothes after a fight he had with Isabel and Michael on the street. "I can't believe I had to hear about Vilandra from Lonnie. Isabel has never kept anything from me before." Should I really go with them to New York?" Max is going over his conversation with Isabel in his head "You treat everybody like they're your property. I don't belong to you Max. I never did."

"I feel like I don't even know you."

"How could you? You only care about yourself and Liz Parker of course. Maybe you're finally getting what you deserve. Finally looking in the mirror and seeing who you really are and you are NO King. You are a self centered, self indulgent little boy!" Max's face starts turning red. Still pissed off from his conversation. As he reaches in his sock drawer he finds a picture of Liz and the giftbox she gave him last Christmas. He takes the knife from his pocket and places it back in the box. He rubs his fingers over her image "Liz. I need to see her. Talk to her. Maybe for the last time."

Switch to Valenti house

Tess is frantically opening drawers. "Where the hell is my top? I have 20 minutes to get ready for a date and I can't find my favorite top!"

telephone rings

"Please don't let that be Doug." She runs to answer the phone and see's a note from Kyle she picks it up it reads 'Tess don't wait up I'm going on a date with Maggie' "He's dating Maggie Wells? For a second I thought he was avoiding me all this time he's just been bangin dimwitted cheerleaders. Of all people, one of Isabel's flunkies. There's a relationship that'll last." Tess picks up the phone hesistantly "I know I'm running late it's not my fault."

"Oh hey Max."
"What's going on am I keeping you from something?"
"Oh no I thought you were Kyle." Tess says as she rolls her eyes. "So what's up?"

"I was wondering if you wouldn't mind going with me out of town?" Max closed his eyes and bit down hard on the inside of his mouth causing it to bleed. *Why did I word it like that? I don't need her getting any ideas.*
"You want me to go out of town with you? Uh, what would Liz think?"

"If you hadn't noticed Liz and I aren't together anymore." *What am I talking about if she hadn't noticed?* "I need you to come with me to New York. I'm going to that summit meeting with Rath Lonnie and Ava. If you can come grab whatever clothes and money you can get ahold of and meet me at the park across the street from the crashdown."

"I won't let you down." Hangs up the phone and dials Doug "Now that's what I call a change of plans." the phone keeps ringing she get's his answering machine and waits for the beep. "Hey Doug I'm so sorry to do this to you. A family emergency came up that I have to deal with. I guess I'll talk to you later."

Switch back to Liz's

"Is it going to hurt."
"Not really, well maybe a little." Zan says with a glint in his eye "Lay down sweets." His eyes are roaming all over her body Liz looks uncomfortable.

"Hey no need to be shy now after everything."
"I know it's stupid" Zan lays next to her and places his hand on her hips. *God she is so sexy. Her long brown hair falls every where like a chocolate waterfall. I might have to paint this later.* Zans smiles at her. "Just hold your breath when I slide it all the way in. Then breathe out. You ready?"

"Yeah go for it." *This conversation sounds so wrong.*
Zan looks down at Liz she's slightly trembling "Ya such a wuss you're the one who said you wanted it. Don't chicken out now. I'll try to make it as painless as possible. Here goes."

The telephone rings Liz entangles herself from Zan and jumps up to get it "Hello...Saved by the bell."

"It's already in you chicken."

"I'm on my way up the fire escape. I hope your decent by the time I get there." Zan walks over to Liz and puts the ball on and closes the ring and lightly tugs it "See didn't hurt a bit."

Liz looks down at her stomach. Her knees turn to jello as he tugs the ring. *Why didn't I ever get this sooner? God that feels good* "What if I don't want to be decent?"

"It's up to you."

"See ya." LIz hangs up the phone. Walks to the window and opens it
"What was that about?"
"I'm about to have some company." *This should be interesting* A luggage bag comes through the window, then a boot.
Zan whispers "Ya want me to hide or something?"
"No it's ok."
"Hey Maria you need some help?"
"No I'm fine" Maria says as she comes through the window "I came around earlier to see if you wanted to do something but you were otherwise engaged." Maria says as she glances at Zan.
"I see."
"So did I."
"I missed you." Maria and Liz start kissing

*This is the most incredible sight these eyes have ever seen.* "So Maria is the person you're in a relationship wit? I thought she was with Alex."
"mmhmm. I am with Alex what's your point?" Maria glances at Zan
*The way their body fits together.* "I never would've guessed dat..."
Liz turns around smiling. "You thought you had us pegged right?" Liz gets a far away look on her face "Crap!....Maria take Zan in the bathroom."
"huh? You don't expect me to?"
"DOes your mind STAY in the gutter?"
"That's just one of the many reasons you love me so much."
Liz rolls her eyes. "Max is coming...I can feel it."
Zan looks weirded out by her statement. "Wha da hell??"
"Ok buster you heard her, let's go." Maria pushes Zan in the bathroom and Liz lays down on her bed. A few minutes pass by. *I'm starting to think I imagined it all maybe he changed his mind.* Liz turns her head and see the pictures that they took on their last date and picks them up. I was happy with him then. Back when we thought nothing could seperate us. Yeah the good old days of the Max and Liz chronicles.* Theres a tap at the window and Max is crouching down and waves at her. Liz smiles brightly at him getting lost in all the nostalga. She walks over to the window, opens it and sits down and Max climbs through.

"Hi. You are just in time we are going to have a party after closing."

"Sorry can't stay...You wanted to be friends...and I thought about it. And...I realized that...that I can't be friends with you because...I'm still hanging you. To what we had. So...I decided to make a clean break. Here." Max hands Liz a box she opens it and sees it's the pocket knife she gave him.

"Max, this is yours. I gave it to you last Christmas."
"I'm giving it back. I'm...I'm going to New York with Rath and Lonnie and...and the summit."

"Are you gonna come back?"
"I don't know. I can't think that far ahead."

Back to Maria and Zan in the bathroom

"So what's the deelio wit Max and Liz? She can sense his presence?"
"Yeah it's been like that ever since he saved her life."
"What happened?"
"She was shot and Max brought her back. He's been in love with her since elementary school, he blew his cover to save her."
"Why did he give her up den?"
"It's a long story."

Back to Max and Liz

"Wait, um, you're at the summit, the granilith, ok? It's powerful, and it could be really dangerous if the wrong people get their hands on it."

"What are you talking about? How do you know anything about the granilith?"

"Oh...I can't tell you. Not now. But I-I just...I know, and...please, Max. If and when you come back. I'll tell you then. You have to trust me."

"I guess that's the problem, Liz."Max leaves. He and Tess meet up with Ava, Rath, and Lonnie. Ava has a flashback of Lonnie and Rath trying to kill Zan. Rath pushing Zan into the street in the path of an oncoming truck. "Too tight. Looks like there's no room for me. Just as well."

"What you trippin' about?"
"I ain't goin'."

"Don't be crazy. What are you gonna do, stay in the desert? Yo...just get in the car. Hey, I said get in, or I'll..."

"Kill me? What, you gonna kill me?" Ava says jumping in his face.

Max sets his bag down and rushes over to intervene. Ava smile cause she knows Rath has to let her stay or Max wont go. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are we doin' here?"

"Wha? Ha ha. You think I was gonna kill her? You wanna stay? Then you can stay. It's not a problem. Let's, uh...let's go to New York."

Ava leaves walks down the street when she sees the car pull away she doubles back to the crashdown and climbs the fire escape. Alex is looking around and spots Maria's car. "I guess she beat me here." He starts climbing the fire escape when he see's Maria on the stairs too. "I know she said she wanted to have some fun with Liz today but short leather skirt and fishnet stockings that's new." Alex races up the ladder and presses his body against hers his hands trail up her legs and go up her skirt. "Ummmm. No underwear someone's being a naughty girl." Alex starts stroking her wet folds. "I see you've missed me." her legs starts shaking and Alex starts lifting up her shirt and throws his bag over the ladder and takes her bag too "Let me help you with that." He starts kissing her neck and sucking on her ear lobe

Back in Liz's room
"Hey did you hear that?"
"I think that's Alex. He said he was coming over."
"No the scream"
"Didn't hear anything."
"he he he"
"Ooh Aghhhh"
"There it is again" Liz and Maria make their way onto the balcony and see Alex on Ava
"Hey whatcha doing?"
"Liz.....MaRIA? Oh shit! Then who is? Oh god I feel sick."

They climb the rest of the way up and Alex adjusts his clothes "Yo you said I could come over after dey left so here I am." Ava finally looks at Alex "I just didn't expect to get fucked in the process."

Maria is staring at Alex he has his head down looking like a wounded puppy "Well that's our Alex for you. He works really fast." *Can't believe he was having sex with Ava.*
"Has great hands. Among other things."

"Let's leave these two to talk there's somebody here I think you'd like to see." Liz says as she grabs Ava's bag and they climb through the window.

"Hey you can come out now the coast is clear." Zan comes out from his hiding place. "Yo"
"You ok?"
"Man how many times ya askin dat question?"
"Why ya gotta problem wit me worryin bout you?"
Zan just shruggs her off "I see you got rid of da wig."
"Yeah I needed a change." Ava says as she runs her hands through her hair. Which is past her shoulders. It's curly blonde with light pink streaks. "So what's going on 'round here?"

Zan and Liz share a look "Nothin much just chillin."

Back to Maria and Alex

"You know I wouldn't purposely do anything to hurt you right?"
"Yes I know, but how can you be with her and not know it wasn't me?!" *Jerk!*
"I guess I wasn't thinking clearly. I'm sorry Maria." *Damn, I am so dead*
"J-Just....Forget it." she pushes Alex out of the way
"Maria we need to talk about this. I don't want to lose you." *I think I'm in love with you*

"That's not going to happen I -I just can't now." Maria leaves Alex standing there and picks up Alex's bag and throws it in Liz's room and starts to crawl through the window when Alex stops her by grabbing her leg. "Hey! Alex, What's gotten into you?" Alex is holding Maria in his arms. She's struggling against him as he tries to calm her down. Ava and Zan are watching Maria and ALex through the window "Should we break dat up?"

"Naw they'll work it out, besides I got twenty on Maria..." Ava looks at Liz likes she's crazy "So Ava I need a favor."

"Hey it's your dime."
"I need you to help me with my powers. Maybe we should go someplace."

"I gotta place we can go." Liz grabs a jacket and they follow Zan out the window. Alex and Maria are kissing on the lawn chair. "We're leaving we'll be back later, don't forget to start on dinner." Alex just waves her off. He starts pulling her top over her head. All three climb down the fire escape and walk down the street to Zan's van and get in. "Wow nice wheels."

"Yeah you likes? I did a lil alteratin" Zan speeds down the highway heading toward the desert. Liz looking around the van he has a bed in the back, motorcycle, skateboard, dvd player, TV, playstation, computer, microwave, geo postioning system thingy and a sink. Damn all he needs is a toliet and he's all set. Zan pulls up to a warehouse on the edge of town and drives around back. Zan gets out and opens the door. Ava and Liz climb out Liz looks around and notices a sign that says Property of B. D. INC No tresspassing. There were tires on one side of the building on the other side were hollowed out cars. The building was huge it had three levels. Liz is still looking at the sign B.D. inc that means something but what? Zan walks up to Liz "Let the games begin."

"So whatcha wanna start wit?" Ava twists her hair in a ponytail.

"Well so far the only thing I've been able to do was the mind warp which I wasn't even aware that I was doing it at the time. Umm small manipulations, changing color and stuff like that."

"k we practice dat first then work on other stuff." Ava and Liz pratice mind warping and dream walking which wasn't working too well and Liz starts getting frustrated and astral projects herself on top of the building. "Ho-ly shit! Hey Hey! How do I get down from here!?"

"From where?" Ava and Zan are scanning the area.
"Look up!"

Back at Liz's

"Tell me Liz doesn't expect us to make all this food ourself?"

"Will you just shut up and slice the potatoes." Maria says as she glazes the ham, Picks up some pinnapple circles and cherrys "Besides Liz is still stuck making the Turkey and that crazy stuffing she wont even give me the recipe for." Maria closes the oven, takes out a bowl an grabs a bag of carrots and starts grating "Do you think Zan and Ava ever had a Thanks giving?"

"Um I don't know. From what Liz says Lonnie and Rath aren't the family orienting type so it's highly unlikely."

"You think Max is ok?...I mean he's with Tess and then you add in the fact that Rath and Lonnie are cold blooded killers. I just hope nothin bad happens to him."
"Well that's why we have Liz."
"Do you think it's really going to work? I mean her powers are limited at best." The telephone rings and Maria answers it "hello"
"Hey don't let Alex know it's me."
"Why what's up?"
"Where is he?"
"In the kitchen cutting string beans."
"Are you looking at him?"

"Ok hold on." Liz astral projects to the kitchen. *Alex, you are so going to get it.*

"Holy shit!" Alex throws the bowl he was holding and string beans fly everywhere and Alex lands on his butt. Maria cannot stop laughing she has tears pouring from her eyes holding her stomach.

"Did you see the look on his face?! Oh this is so much fun, Maria we're on our way back see you in a few." Maria hangs up the phone and grabs a broom "Check your shorts Alex."

A few minutes later Liz, Ava and Zan come strolling through the door laughing. "Yo, I knew it'd work after you ended up on dat building."

Ava holds her stomach. "Whoa and dat flyin leap you did off the roof. hahaha. You dove at Zan he almost peed on himself. You are one, down, girl."

"Well your not so bad yourself." Liz says as she playfully shoves Ava "Hey guys what's up?"

"I should kill you for doing that to me."

"Ah poor Alex did the itty bitty girl scare you?" Liz makes a show of posing showing off her non-existant muscles. Maria and Liz laugh at his twisted up face.

"It's not funny." Alex looks at Liz and Maria and busts out laughing "I can never stay mad at you guys it's a curse." *I am such a wuss.*

Liz starts looking around the kitchen "So how far have you gotten with dinner?"

"Well I had to throw the string beans away after girly here threw them all over the place. So we made asparagus tips and we have pizza."

Ava raises her hand "Um just call me stupid, but asparagus and pizza don't go together."

"Pizza is for now, asparagus is for Thanksgiving." Maria glances at Liz briefly and smiles "Of which, both of you are invited. It's a lot easier to cook some stuff the night before so we don't have much to do the next day." Maria looks from Ava to Liz "I found a use for all that chocolate that was left over." Maria says as she pulls out two cakes from the fridge. "See one for us and one for the aliens."

Ava looks to Liz "What is blondie talkin bout?"

"It's laced with tobasco sauce or red hots. Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess put tobasco on everything. We thought you'd like it too. Awe look that's so cute Maria it looks like Mars bars and milky ways. You even put chocolate covered strawberries on each slice. This is like a chocoholics dream."

Ava just nods her head "So is there anything else you need help wit?"

"Um...let's see. We sliced the potatoes, grated the cheese and carrots. I soaked the raisins in rum, made the punch and glazed the ham. All that's left is for Liz to make the turkey and her special stuffing."

Zan runs his hand over his stomach. "Damn I'm full just thinking about all dat food."

They all go upstairs to settle in and watch a movie. Alex is on one end of the couch with Maria on his left and Liz on her left. Zan and Ava on bean bags at their feet. Halfway through the second movie Liz jumps up "Damn now I remember why that sign kept bothering me that was Brody's warehouse we were at. Hey we could be on tape somewhere. Next thing you know I'll be on that's incredible or RIpley's Believe it or not and getting dissected by the FBI it'll be Pierce all over again!"

Zan gets up and pulls Liz to him "Is she always like dis?" Zan says over her shoulder. "Hey, hey no need ta worry Red. I disabled all the cameras when I moved into da place." He rubs her back in slow circles to calm her down. "Ya have a very active imagination. I likes." He brings her chin up with his index finger and smiles down at her "So what is all this stuff about the FBI and Pierce?" The silence is deafening. Everyone tenses up at Zan's question Maria and Alex share a look. "Damn tough room....It's obvious you've all been through a lot. If ya don't wanna tell us it's fine...Ya just look haunted, freaked and a lil on da crazy side."

"No no it's fine. We just don't talk about it much." Liz paces slowly and wipes her eyes "You should know what you're getting into anyway. You know most of it. Max brought me back after I was shot. Well at the time the Sheriff was trying to prove that there were aliens out there and he gave my uniform to the FBI for testing an Agent was planted at our school as a counselor. Alex blew her cover by hackin into her email account."

Alex beamed proudly as he remembered the adrenaline rush he got from lying to Tolpolsky and spoiling her plans to get dirt on Max and thee others. *Like I would ever turn in one of my friends. Not that they were friends at the time, but still I'm not a snitch.*

"Shortly after her cover was blown Pierce posed as a deputy. He was the head of this secret branch of the FBI." Liz brings her hands up and makes qoutes with her fingers "Alien hunters". I think that was around the time Nasedo and Tess came to town. Nasedo poised as Max who kidnapped me in an attempt to lure Pierce to him so he could kill him but Max tried to rescue me and was captured by the FBI and was torchered. God the things they did to him."
"Hey no need to freak out Liz."
"No need to freak out?" Liz mocks
"Nasedo took care of the FBI remember?"

"Yeah and as creepy as that guy was I wish he was still around...Sometimes it just doesn't feel real. Like we are living in this dream world where we all feel safe. I think I'm going to wake up in a nightmare screaming like a banche and boucing off my padded walls."

Alex raises up off the couch "Um didn't you do that last month? Well minus the padded walls I mean." Liz and Maria glare at Alex "Hey I was only saying..geez!" Alex gets up and goes in Liz's bedroom and brings out his mesenger bag, sits down pulls out his laptop and boots up.

"Men and their toys." Liz rolls her eyes.
"What are you doing now Alex?"
"Getting a copy of Tess' driver's liscense, birth certificate and social security card."
"And you need this cause?"
Alex looks at Maria then at Ava
"oh oooh! Right"

"O.k all done all I have to do is print this up." Alex walks over and hooks his printer up to the laptop. "I'm glad I left my stuff over here. Anybody else need a fake I.d. ?"
Ava smiles at Alex's antics "Your really into this illegal stuff?"

"You have no idea. It's not like I'm a criminal or anything." Ava cocks her head and raises an eyebrow "Ok ok maybe I am, but it's for a good cause right? That counts for something...Damn where is that stamp?"Alex is turning them over on the desk "NY, LA, AL, VA found it." Stamps the certificate puts the I.d through the laminater. He sits down at the desk, turns the light on and takes out a magnifying glass. He makes several passes of it and finds no defects he hands it to Ava. "You should be straight, If not we could always run it pass the Sheriff."

"Hey I thought you said the Sheriff was after you guys."
"Was is the key word there Missy."
"So what changed?"
"Pierce killed two of his FBI friends and the Sheriff tried to stop him from shooting Micheal and shot Kyle in the process, that's the sheriff's son. Max brought him back to life."

"Well he's just a modern day super hero huh?" Zan is a little overwhelmed by everyone's view of Max. *He seems to be very protective of the people he loves. I just hope I can stack up. Weird I've never felt this way before. Maybe because the only guy I had to compare to was Rath and anyone would look better next to him. Now I've depressed myself after all the fun I've had today. I need to get some air.* "Look it's been nice shooting the breeze witcha, thanks for the tale, but I'm gonna bounce it's gettin late. I'll see yall tomorrow." Zan looks at Liz "We'll do something."
"Oh yeah, sure it'll have to be early though cause we're still not finished cooking."
"Whateva you say Red"
"Lata Zan"
Alex turns around quickly "Not so fast." Alex gets up "I'm gonna crash at your place."
"It's all good. I could use some help putting some stuff together."
Zan throws the keys at Alex "You follow me." Alex gives him a strange look fingering the keys. He gets his bag out of Liz's room and kisses Maria goodbye. "Have fun. Night ladies."
Maria and Liz In unison "Bye Alex."
"Yeah lata Alex."

Zan and Alex walk out the door. Alex get's in the drivers side and Zan gets in the back slaps on his helmet reves up he motorcycle and flies out the back door. Throws his hand out and closes the door and pulls in front of the van and yells "Try and keep up!" He peels out from the alley heading home. 15 minutes later they pull up to Zan's place and Alex hops out bag in hand.
"What are you trying to do kill yourself?"
"What's the purpose of getting anywhere slow?"
"Whatever." Alex looks around. "I know this place. Where do I know this place then it hits him. "This is the same place we stayed at when we were spying on Tess...Now Brody owns this place?"
"Brody? Yeah you mean that English dude. We've met. Come on I wanna show you something."

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~Part 15~

Liz's room

Maria and Liz are sitting on her bed drinking Champayne and eating strawberries

"So how was it?"

"It felt like I was flying. It was hard to get used to at first. The first time I did it I projected myself on the roof."

"Oh thats what you guys were talking about when you walked in."

"Yeah I was scared at first but the fact that I did it excited me. That's when I jumped off the roof and dove at Zan. Girl if you could've seen the look on his face."

"Well if he looked anywhere near as freaked out as Alex then god that was funny...So now that the boys are gone what ever shall we do?"

Liz looks intreged by Maria choice of words "Your not suggesting that" Liz drinks the rest and sets her glass down on the night stand. "We have company Maria."

"Well you know, I think I like the thrill of getting caught. Besides locked doors might as well be wide open if you have powers."

"I don't think she even knows were together." Liz nervously starts pulling on her belly button ring then raises her hand and turns on the stereo."I'm getting good at this." Sade's compilation cd wafts through the room. Liz and Maria stare at each other for a long moment.

You're ruling the way that I move
And I breathe your air
You only can rescue me
This is my prayer
If you were mine
If you were mine
I wouldn't want to go to heaven
I cherish the day
I won't go astray
I won't be afraid
You won't catch me running
You're ruling the way that I move
You take my air
You show me how deep love can be.....

"Well she's going to find out sooner or later. Besides Ava said she wanted to take a long soak in a bubble bath. Come here, You're so far away." Liz scoots closer to Maria sitting on the bed facing each other and Maria pulls her top over her head and Liz unties Maria halter top. "Hey when did you get a navel ring? Or is that fake?"

Liz looks down "Oh, No Zan did it earlier right before you came over."

"I thought you weren't into piercings." *Who'd ever thought, Liz was kinky*

"It was a heat of the moment thing. Zan did it while I was talking to you on the phone and when he pulled it it felt like I was having an orgasm."

"Well let's see what we can do about that then" *I'm sure to make this is a night we'll never forget.*

Maria is kissing her stomach "Well it is sexy. *kiss* it. *Kiss* looks. *Kiss* good*Kiss* on you." They continue to undress, Liz is in Maria's lap and the are kissing frantically, their breasts are rubbing together as they grind together. They are staring into each other eyes when the flashes start.

*Liz laying on her bed aroused thinking of Zan*

*Maria on Liz's balcony watching Liz and Zan through the window. Zan is kissing down her neck licking and biting, kneeding her breast, unzipping her pants, slipping his hand down her panties*

*Maria on the balcony arguing with Alex then falling on the lounge chair and making angry love *

*Liz, Maria and Alex making out on the hotel bed After playing a round of truth and dare. Alex has his hands down both of their pants while Liz and Maria are tonguing each other*

*Maria and Liz making love in the tub candles all around water falling on the bathroom floor. *

THeir love making has reached a frantic pace lips and tongues and breasts and hands. The heat radiated from one another charges the air with electricity. it's all groping, twisting, kneeding, moaning, panting and whimpering. Liz arches her back as she starts to release. Maria coming right with her.

**Brody and Maria taking a long walk on the beach hand in hand under the moonlight**

"Whew, That...was...intense." *WOW!!*

Liz pauses for a long time. sounds distracted "Yeah I know" *OMIG*

I Cherish the Day
I Cherish the Day
I Cherish the Day
I Cherish the Day
I Cherish the Day

Maria wraps her arms around her."What's wrong?"

"I just have a lot on my mind." *Can't believe I saw that*



"What kind of stuff?"

"I don't really want to talk about it."

"Comeon Liz this is me. You can tell me anything just let it out. You always do this, keep stuff bottled up and noone is going to be able to help you if you don't say what's going on in that newly twisted alien brain of yours.."

"Ok ok god Maria I give up..."Remember how we said we were going to share if this." She points inbetween them "starts to get weird?"

Heisitantly "Yeah" Maria Links their fingers together

"I think I had another premonition and I don't know what to make of it."

"Why what did you see?"

"You and Brody walking on the beach."

"I never been to the beach much less with Brody."

"I know it's not a flash cause you haven't been apart from me or Alex but I know that you and Brody are going to end up together somehow and I don't like the way it's making me feel....." *Why do I feel so sad about this?*

"So me and Brody huh?"

"Your so much more experienced than me Maria. I freaked when Zan was trying to get in my pants but I wanted him too we still made out."

"So you and Zan? What is your fascination with these aliens?"

"Hey I'm an alien," *Well honorary anyway.* "how many humans do you know who can astral project across town?...I don't know, Zan is just different, I like being with him...The way he makes me he doesn't have these outrageous expectations of me. I'm free to be myself without holding back. What are we going to do?" *What am I going to about Max?*

"We'll do what we always do. We'll take it as it comes and deal with it. No matter who may come in our lives we will always have each other. Know that. We're good let just get some sleep. We still have to finish cooking and drop off the food at the mission." Maria stroked Liz's hair as the drifted off to sleep it always seemed to calm her down. "Night Liz" *Love you, Liz*

"Night Ria" *Love you, Ria*

Back at Zan's Lair

"You've really done a lot with this place." Alex is walking around taking everything in. He had various paintings on the walls sculptures, some of them made from car parts and scrap metal.

"Well you gotta work with what your given. Ya know, and make stuff outta what you have. Create things with what you lack and work out the stuff that don't." Zan raises his hand and changes the color of a wall camofloging a door. One piece caught Alex's attention in particular. An abstract woodsy painting with vibrant colors and bold strokes. The trees were grey and black some of the trunks had red on it Like someone was sliced and diced and the blood was spattered all over the trunks it seeped through to the ground and you could see the roots through the dirt but was really freaking him out was there were eight set of eyes in this painting, peeking from behind trees some in the branches. *hmm...If you look at it long enough it seems like the eyes are following you everywhere. Deep. The place was big enough to Make a club on one floor, fix cars and have living quarters in another section. This place has so many possibilities. I wonder what's he's going to do to this place? How long can he stay here without Brody locking him up?*

"Yo your rooms over here man." Alex follows him toward the back and sets his bag down by the door and walks toward the window. There's a make shift window seat. *I definitely have to check this out in the morning.* Alex and Zan spent the next couple of hours rewiring and installing a state of the art stereo system with speakers in every room. That also doubles as a intercom. If that wasn't enough they set up a new security device complete with trap doors and micro mini cameras.

Liz's Kitchen day break

Just finish letting the carrot cake cool on a rack. Taking out the three cheese augratin with bacon on the bottom Kyle's favorite, out of the oven and setting it on the counter. Liz is standing by the stove with a syringe in hand. "So what do you think the guys are doing?"

"Who knows probably playing with their toys."

"Is that whatcha call it?"

"Look who's the gutter brain in the group." Maria is making momosas while Ava is making belgium waffles. Maria places a glass by Liz which she sips

"Well that's not a stretch from the sewer to the gutter...Hey girlie whatcha doing with that thing? Your not going to shoot up are you cause that is not cool."

Liz looks at Ava then at this huge syringe. She's got to be kidding right? "Oh It's for um seasoning. I've seen my dad do this like a thousand times. You inject the seasoning into various parts of the bird so it will have lots of flavor...This is my first Thanksgiving without my parents. We are going to have a blast. Did anyone call the Sheriff? or Kyle to invite them." *No use in making everyone's favorite dishes if they weren't here to appreciate them.*

"I didn't, I thought Alex was doing it."

"Yeah and he probably thinks you did it. Then Valenti and Kyle will be home alone with TV dinners. It's just seems so tragic." *Poor Kyle*

"Comeon stop being so over dramatic. How did we switch roles? It's an easy fix just pick up the phone girlie."

"Yeah right at." Liz looks over at the clock "6 o'clock in the morning." Liz shoves the Turkey in the oven after stuffing it and starts on the next one

"You never know he might be up already. Probably watching football or some other stupid inane male ritual."

"How many turkey's ya makin Yo?"

"Only two but you never know. I might have to make three. Alex can really eat..."

"Pun intend."

Liz blushes and throws a strawberry at Maria "SHut up! Kyle and his father are pigs too. I'll be surprised if we have leftovers." Liz injects the second turkey and walks over to the deep fryer."

"Tell me you're not putting that in there?"

Liz turns around "Yeah why not? I'm making Cajun fried Turkey."

"I've never had fried turkey before."

"There's a first time for everything." Liz places the turkey in the basket and gets out the fruit and sits down to eat. There's a big bowl in the center of the table with melon balls, pinnapples, strawberries and bannas. Ava has a stack of waffles on the counter she places a waffle on each plate their huge and pours strawberry syrup, strawberry and peach slices on each plate. Maria places the drinks on the table a pitcher of momosas and a pitcher of orange/pinnapple/banna juicemix.

Maria looks down at her food the waffle takes up the whole plate and is at least two inches thick "Oh this looks so good." Maria hands the phone to Liz after hitting speed dial.

"Thanks...Hey Kyle? Did I disturb you?"

"Oh no I'm watching a bowling tournament."

Liz rolls her eyes "So if your not doing anything tonight I thought you and your dad might want to come over for ThanksGiving dinner."

"Dad's working today and I was planning to kick back with a couple of beers and catch a couple of games on tv."

Liz gets up from the table and goes in the bathroom. Doesn't want Maria to hear her beg. Someone's turned on the must be Ava because I don't think Maria listens to this music. It sounds familar. ok it's Staind Outside.

And you, bring me to my knees...yeah.
All this time, that I could beg you please....yeah.
All the times, that I felt insecure...yeah.
And I leave, my burdens at the door.
I'm on the outside - I'm looking in.
I can see through you- see your true colors.
Cause inside you're ugly- ugly like me.
I can see through you - see to the real you.

"Oh come on Kyle we don't even spend that much time together anymore. What have you been up to anyway? Besides going through the cheerleading squad."

"Well you pretty muched named it. I can't wait forever for you to come to your senses." Kyle whispers the last part under his breath

"God you changed so much."

"Not really you just never took the chance to notice the stud that I am."

"Right, anyway I will expect you for dinner tonight so come hungry."

"What time do you want me?"

All this time, that I felt like this won't end - was for you.
And I taste, but I could never have - it's from you.
All those times, that I tried - my intention full of pride.
And I waste, more time than anyone.
And I'm on the outside - I'm looking in.
I can see through you - see your true colors.
Cause inside you're ugly - you're ugly like me.
I can see through you - see to the real you.

"Not sure we have a couple of errands to run then more power training. And on the subject of changing, you want to come? It might be fun to see if you have any powers." Liz knew this was a sore spot for Kyle the idea of developing powers. He freaked everytime she mentioned it. "Kyle?"

"Still here"


"I don't...thinknow maybe."

Liz releases a breath she didn't know she was holding as a tear falls from her face.

All the times, that I've cried - all this wasting - it's all inside.

And I feel, all this pain - stuffed it down - it's back again.

And I lie, here in bed, all alone- I can't mend.
And I fear, tomorrow will be okay..but I know.
That I'm on the outside - I'm looking in.
I can see through you - see your true colors.
Cause inside you're ugly - you're ugly like me.
I can see through you - see to the real you...

It was strange enough to date an alien to be inlove with one, but to have these powers that were completely alien to her and not really have anyone who could relate was slowly driving her crazy. I mean sure there was Maria but she doesn't really understand. Not really Kyle is the only other person who is like me..changed, forever changed. "Thanks Kyle. I really need you there. Call me on my cell. Later." Liz hangs up the phone and slumps down on the floor in a heap and sobs her eyes out. It's funny how a good cry can give you perspective. It can drain away some of that load we carry around every day. Well if you don't know by now my load is kinda heavy actually it weighs a ton. Tomorrow we go back to school and all the fun starts. I can't wait. she pulls herself off the floor and walks over to the sink. Turns the water on and splashes water on her face. Stares at her image in the mirror "You can do this. Just one more day." she quickly gets herself together and walks back in the as she hears the door opening.

"Sup ladies?" Zan eyes are searching me out and I'm just standing there staring at him appreciately. I look him over and I cannot hide the blush that's stained my cheeks. *See Zan has this certain presence that demands attention. I don't know if I've mentioned it before but I can't help it he definitely is da man. He is so different than Max, he's actually taller than Max, he's taller than Rath. I wonder how that happened? Matter fact Lonnie is taller than Isabel the only one who is short is Ava but I think she is taller than Tess. Hopefully I wont have to see her again to find out if that's true or not. Anyway back to Zan everything about him that I can see is larger than life. Well except his ears thank god! Ava clears her throat and her lips are tight. Damn she looks pissed I look away from him and sit down. Clearly embarassed because I was groping myself while looking at Zan. She better get used to it because I'm not going anywhere and Zan doesn't think of her that way. Just thinking about him makes me have to ring my underwear out. That's quite a visual huh?*

"Good morning ladies."

"Do you want some breakfast?" *I try to change the subject of my gawk fest. Who can blame me though? DId I not say the man is hot? hot! hot!*

"Don't mind if I do." Alex gets up and grabs two plates that all ready have food on it. *I guess they knew Zan and Alex was on the way. How long was I in the bathroom?* He hands Zan a plate and he sits next to me. I smile brightly at him "THanks man." I hand him a glass of juice and our hands touch briefly. It was only the briefist touch, but it felt electric. I move my hand quickly careful not to draw too much attention.

"So I take it you were a good girl last night." Alex says to Maria as he kisses her cheek and sits down beside her.

"Not bloody likely." She looks at me with a glint in her eye and winks our last night activites flood my senses and I sigh of contentment escapes my lips.

"oh Really?" *Damn, wish I would have been here last night*

"What are we talking about here?"

*Sometimes I wonder if Ava is dealing with a full deck.* "You seem to have dropped that accent pretty fast."

"Well I can't have anyone thinking something is up if I'm playing Tess."

I'm picking at my food my mind is elsewhere. What can I say when Zan is in the room the most wicked things creep in my mind. "RIght so Alex how was your night?"

"Zan over here is a slave driver. Wait to you see his place. Oh someone remind me to tell you something at dinner."

"I think I've had enough." I slide my plate over.

"Me too.. Hey we made the food you guys have dish duty."

Alex groans when he looks at all the dishes. Zan looks at him, waves his hand infront of the dishes and they are instantly clean.

"You really do come in handy."

Liz Ava and Maria went upstairs to change while the guys loaded up the van. A few minutes later they desend the stairs. Maria in a pair of pink hot pants and a sheer pink babydoll shirt. I think that's what you call it. I still don't know why they call them hot pants when they're actually shorts. Ava had on cargo pants and a tank top and I just threw on a pair of capri pants and a red tank top and tied a jacket around my waist and slung my back pack on my shoulder.

"Hey what about dinner?"

"Jose is going to look after it for me he's cooking dinner for his family his stove is capput."

"Ok let's go." We drop off the food at the mission. I guess they weren't expecting the amount of food that we brought. I thought we were never getting out of there. The director kept thanking us repeatedly. Next time I'll leave this for my father. It was a little overwhealming. We spent the next couple of hours skating. It was kinda strange at first cause Maria and I were thee only one's wearing skates. I hand the inline skates and Maria had those ancient ones. You know the ones I'm talking about with the four wheels? But it looked cute on her with her outfitand all. It totally meshed. Now Ava, Zan and Alex had skate boards so Maria and I were skating hand in hand twirling around in circles. Alex, Zan and Ava jumped off and on every curve, mailbox, railing and guardrail they could find. I even did a couple of tricks. Rolling down railings when your in inline skates is so much fun. Which really got Ava's back up. For some reason she's acting a little strange. I made sure to keep my distance from Zan when I was around Ava. It's hard though. I'm starting to depress myself. Like I need a repeat of the Tess era. When we got tired we walked over to the park and laid out on a blanket. I spread my hair out, It's so long now. I stopped cutting it so now it's in the middle of my back a few inches from my butt. Ava hands a bottle of water to each of us. I hand out the sandwiches and Maria gives everyone grapes and oranges.

"Alex what do you have to tell us?"

"I said to remind me at dinner. I'm not sayin a word before that."

"Hey you can't keep secrets from me. From us."

"It's not really a secret if I plan to tell you today now is it?"

"You are a beast! If you keep this up this will be your dinner."

"Comeon Alex give us a hint." I flash him my puppy dog look I know he can't resist

"Ok ok Um let's just say I found something out that will be profitable to us all."

"Is this illegal?" Ava says with a smirk

"Maybe. Depends on how you look at it."

"Well it's obvious this conversation is going nowhere. Let's head back to the van."

"You wanna race?"

*Why she thinks or wants to be in constant competition with me I'll never get.* "Fine lets go. 1-2-3 " And were off Ava and I are neck and neck I'm starting to gain some kind of lead. I'm skating like my life depends on it. She about to pass me. *I think she's using a little alien magic to move her along faster so I jump off a car port. Bad idea she decides that makes everything free range and she spots a truck driving by and she latches on to the trailer hookup.* My telephone rings so I instantly slow down, but I'm still moving and I pull the cell from my hip. Trying to calm myself down from skating so hard I know I'll feel it for a week. I can hear my heart beat in my ears. I'm out of breath "Speak at me."


"Kyle, what's up?"

"Are you o.k? you sound winded. I didn't take you away from anything did I?"

"Oh nothing important. Ava and I were just racing. She cheats anyway. So you ready to blast some rocks?"

"What ever you say. Give me directions to where I'm meeting you."

Liz finishes up her call with Kyle and everyone is back in the van. Maria hands Liz her shoes. "Ok onto power training. Kyle is going to meet us."

Alex and Maria are watching on with interest as Kyle unsuccessfully tries to throw an energy blast.

"Man this is ridiculous! Obviously I don't have any powers. Nothing is working."

"Kyle calm down. It's not that big of a deal. Are you really trying?"

Kyle looks at her. He looks terrified. Liz looks at him and smiles she grabs both his hands. "So I heard this story about this guy he lives in a small town. He's a smart alec jock who quotes buddha til everyone around him goes insane."

Kyle starts to loosen up "You makin fun of me?"

"Of course, would you rather I point and mock like we normally do behind your back?"

"Hey take that back!" he makes a move to grab her that she easily dodges. Hey quit it" Liz says as he tries to tickle her. she grabs him by his shoulders and rubs down his arms trying to calm him down. "Look this is something amazing Kyle, just think, we are one of the few humans alive who have these kind of abilities.

"That we know of."

"DOn't complicate things....The probability of another human being who can change molecular structure , move things with there minds, astral project and blow things up is about 2.5 tril..."

"What did I tell you about that scientific stuff I barely passed Chemistry."

"Do you trust me?"

"With my life?" Kyle stared at her and no words needed to be said. She knew without a shadow of a doubt that Kyle would hold his life in her hands.

"Close your eyes and hold out your hand." Liz stands infront of Kyle.

"Your not going to do anything crazy like hand me monkey brains are you?"

"Don't give me any ideas." Kyle holds his hand out, closes his eyes. "Ok try to relax, Let your mind blank out. Even out your breathing. There is no rush we have all the time in the world Listen to the sound of my voice breathe in and out try to slow down your heart beat by regulating your breathing." Liz places her hand two inches above his. You can see white then blue light flicker between their hands. Without Kyle knowing it Liz connects with him. She finds out what she needs to know and breaks the connection.

"Is it just me or did the temperature go up all of a sudden?"

"Ok Ava or Zan I want one of you to throw and energy blast at us."
Zan and Ava are deciding who is going to throw it when Liz and Kyle start fighting.

"Liz are you crazy?!"

"I thought you said you trusted me with your life? It's either you do or you don't. Which one is it Valenti?"

Zan lets one rip.

Kyle looks at her and nods "It's just watch out!" Kyle flinches and closes his eyes waiting for thee impending death. His eyes are still closed tightly. He feels Liz's hand squeeze his. He opens one eye then thee other. "What the hell happened?"

"You deflected Zan's energy blast."

"No way!"

"Yes way."

"How did you know?"

"I got in that twisted head and I just have to say this now. You have a very dirty mind Kyle. I'm going to have to take another bath."

"Hey I could've told you that much."

They spent the next couple of hours chuckin things at Kyle. Alex even threw car parts at him. Much to every one's delight. Zan was able to hold is sheild up longer than usual using Kyle as his battery back up.

Alex and Maria are trying to coix Kyle into packing up. "Man it's getting late. He's been trying to blast that stupid rock for twenty minutes."

"Yeah it's getting dark too...Hey is something burning? I smell smoke."

"Hey I'm trying to concentrate here."

"It's the rock. It's smokin. Omig I'm so proud of you!" Liz grabs Kyle and does a little jig and kisses his cheek. "Ok enough of the training let's celebrate over a fantastic meal."

"I'm all for that."

Back to the Dupes

Tess is looking out her window. I don't even know what state we are in. Rath has been driving for a day and a half. Lonnie said that he drove the whole way here and he wouldn't let anyone else touch the car.

Maybe it's a male thing. Like his car is an extension of his...You get my drift. Maybe that's why he chose such a flashy car.

I know they've been stealing everywhere we go. I'm not stupid but it looks like Maalox sure is cause he hasn't noticed or said anything about it. He's just sitting here asleep probably brooding over Perfect Liz Parker and how much she's screwed him over. The guy is a mess he hasn't combed or cut his hair. He hasn't shaved either. I have to admit he does look ruggledly handsome. If I have to hear one more time how they are meant to be together I will have to kill someone! I was the one he was married to he was meant to be with me. Not that tramp! Oh how I hate her.

Rath is playing chicken with an 18 wheeler. He really is crazy. Maybe that's why he can stay awake so long. I think we're in Maryland or is it Virginia? I don't know how we got off track but it's Rath's turn to put gas in the car and Lonnie's getting food for all of us.

We pull over to a convient gasoline station. Rath and Lonnie get out they walk toward the door they cast a glance back to make sure noone is looking. Lonnie passes Rath a plastic wrapper. They both put it up to their face. Then they wave a hand over their face and walk in. Of course my interest is piqued. Max doesn't even notice but Lonnie casts a glance at me so Now I HAVE to see what they are up to. I would walkin but then knowing Max he would be compelled to walkin with me. That's why you gotta love these powers. Their just so damned convient. I quickly connect with Lonnie just in snooping compacity only.

Lonnie is chatting up the clerk while Rath looks around for errant customers seeing noone Lonnie does her thing and picks the combination from the clerks mind. He hands her two large bags she hands one to Rath and nods in the direction of the car. He fills the bag up with food and drinks while Lonnie goes behind the counter and opens the safe removeing all the cash and her prints.

Rath is looking out making sure noone sneaks up on them while they are robbing the place. Rath waves a thumbs up sign at Max to start fueling the car.

Five minutes later we're back on the road. Lonnie turns back to me with a smirk. I smile back in return. God how I love these people. See they aren't stuckup like Max, Isabel and Michael you know goverened by laws and freely abiding them. They embrace their alieness like a badge of honor 'Screw the rules and anyone who gets in my way.' They walk all over these monkey meat sacks they call humans and dare anyone to say anything about it. Now that! I can get with. They are more like me than I am like Max, Michael and Isabel, well Michael isn't that bad he isn't so restricted with doing right but he's not like Rath.

I wonder what Zan was like? You would think they'd want to stop at a motel for a night at least but no they are gung ho to get straight to New York as fast as possible. It's not like they can have the meeting without us. I wonder if Khivar will be there. Will I be able to get a few words in with him privately? I need to know if this deal Nasedo made with him is really going to hold up. And if it's true, then why the hell did the skins attack us?

*Jose really did a bang up job. Not only did he look after the food but he set the table and set the food out. Note to self to get him a thankyou gift*

I clink my glass with my fork. "Ok-ok-ok since it's my dinner party I guess I should make the first toast." Liz raises a champagne glass filled with sparkling apple cider. Everyone is semi dressed up sitting around a table set for six. Everyone raises their glasses.

"First let me tell you how much this means to me. That you would all come here to share this day with me. I love each and every one of you in my own special way and I'm thankful for everyday you are in my life." I say the last line as I glance at Zan.

"Cheers" We all click glasses

Alex gets up "Here's to the misfits of which I am a proud card carrying member."

"To the misfits!"

Maria gets up "Ok my turn. What to say...Here's to being involved with the craziest people on earth or any other planet. It's a privilege to know each and every one of you."

"Hear hear."

Kyle's turn he get's up "I'm not good at speaches but Buddha teaches that reflection and enlightenment are thee basic keys to growth and discovery of your inner..."

Maria elbows him in the side "Kyle!"

"Ow!...Why do I always get cut off."

"Sorry but noone wanted to hear that crap. I mean we are happy that you found something that means something to you but you constantly beat us over the head with it."

"Fine but remember I can do this now." Kyle says as he brings both hands up and makes a ball of fire in his hand. ALex takes thee opportunity to douse Kyle with water. "Fire!"

Kyle glares at Alex "Very funny Whitman!" Kyle is soaking wet. Everyone is laughing.

"Hey do your thing." Maria says and jesters with waving her hand over her body.

"Right" Kyle waves his hand over his body and catches himself on fire. Liz jumps from the table and grabs a blanket off the couch in the process of putting out the fire she knocks him down.

"Are you ok?"

Kyle smiles awkwardly then bats his eyes at her. "My hero...I guess I wont be trying that trick for awhile." Kyle says as he gets up from the floor pulling Liz with him and still checking to make sure he's not still on fire.

"Yeah you better not risk it. Ok there goes my action free dinner." Liz says as she throws the blanket back on the couch. Liz and Kyle return to the their seats. Liz looks over to Zan and Ava. "You guys don't have to say anything if you don't want. It's not mandatory. It's just this weird tradition we came up with."

"Well I don't know about Ava but I want to." Zan stands up holding his glass. "I want to say thanks for going outta your way to warn us about Lonnie and Rath. It's above and beyond anything I expected from virtual strangers. I just wanted ya to know that I appreciate everything you've done for us and I'm honored to be considered a friend."

Ava looks at everyone and points to Zan. "What he said."

"Ok let's eat."

Dinner was eventful to say the least. A lot of stories were past around and bridges crossed in that one night the six formed a tight bond. You could say we are family now. As I sit here watching my closest friends interact with Zan and Ava I have to wonder what tomorrow brings for each of us when everything goes back to normal. No more hiding. No more secret meetings. No more secrets. That'll be the day.

I guess you wanna know what the big secret Alex was hiding? I know you do. Come on admit it. I can see you salivating right now, or am I looking at my reflection after a staring contest with Zan. I love the way his name rolls off my tongue and speaking of tongues boy does he know how to work his. The things that man brings out in me. Whew! See? I'm doing it again. Everytime I think of him I go off in my own little world. What was I talking about again?....Um oh right Alex! Well let's just say he found out what Nasedo did with some of the money that was unaccounted for from the FBI.

Yep, you guessed it. He acquired several off-shore accounts in the caribbean. How great is that?! And seeing as we are going to the Caribbean anyway why not pick up some of that money. Alex really is crazy. So after dinner the guys watched some marathon sports thingie while Maria put the food away and Ava and I retired upstairs.
Ava pouts like a little kid. "Why do I havta go ta school tomorrow?"

Liz is trying to hold back her laughter. "Because being Tess it's expected....Here." Liz says as she hands her a history book. "Scan this and when your finished do this too." Liz hands her a biology book..."And this" Liz hands her a spanish book. "Now the Math I can't help you with you're going to have to learn that on your own."

"This is not fair! Living in the sewer was supposed 2 guard against stupid stuff like this." Ava says as she snatches the books from Liz and starts scanning the books. Liz goes to the bathroom laughing and gets ready for bed. Twenty minutes later she comes out and the Spanish and Biology is on her bed. Ava is going through the history book. She looks up when she sees me come back in the room. I walk over to the chair by my window and draw my legs up to my chest and rest my head on my knees my hair tickling my toes. I continue to look out the window staring at the stars.

"Can school really be this boring?"

"It all depends on what you make with the time you got."

"That's true wit just about anything though right?" It was more a statement than a question.

"You just have to find your niche Ava can you do me a favor?"

"It's your dime."

*Funny* "Can you give me some red streaks in my hair? I would do it myself but I don't want to fry it." Liz flashes back to Kyle trying to dry his clothes and snaps back as Ava put her hand through her hair.

"Do you want it only on the ends or do you want streaks from root to tip?"

"How about a couple of streaks in the front and do the ends for now."

"Ok done." Ava says as she passes her hand over my head. She grabs a handful of hair and tugs lightly "How long ya gonna grow this thing?"

"Thanks...I guess until it stops on it's own...Well I'm going to go to bed. Oh don't forget to scan those literature books on the table. You know you don't have to go back with Kyle tonight if you don't want." Liz says as she walks over to her bed. Maria takes thee opportunity to come in. "Typical typical Males. I swear Kyle can corrupt anyone!"

"What did he do now?"

"Well I'm in the kitchen minding my business and Alex, Kyle and Zan are arguing over what team is going to the superbowl then all of a sudden it gets eearily quiet. You know me I'm noisy by nature. I walk in there and it's all asses and elbows. I just want to warn you if you were about to do down there to shield your eyes. Kyle has discovered the porno channel."

"Oh god! Well I'm going to bed." I say as I set my clock for 4:30

"I'll be there in a minute." Maria says as she grabs her stuff and goes in the bathroom.

"Ok but hurry up. Night Ava."

"Night Liz."

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I didn't think. I was ever going to be able to post. Stupid browser kept timing out. Ok I think this is the last ep of the second season I'm using. Does everyong remember Max in The City? Oh well, if not your going to after this. Tanks again to my lovely beta for keeping my head on straight. Take a bow Anya *bounce*

~Part 16~

Beep beep beep. Liz opens her eyes. Groaning as she does every morning after knocking thee alarm clock off the night stand. She detangles herself from Maria and starts to shake her. She bolts upright in bed disoriented. "Wha!What? I'm up I'm Up! What time is it?" Maria says as she rubs her eyes and throws her legs over her side of the bed searching for her tennis shoes.

"It's 4:30. why I have to remind you every morning I don't know." Liz throws on her sweat pants on and puts her hair in a ponytail. They both walk into the bathroom to brush their teeth five minutes later they are stretching in the park across from the crashdown. Maria pushes off from the bench and starts to jog in place. "You ready?" I give her a side ways glance as I rotate my head and wiggle my fingers. "Ok come on lets go."

We are pounding down the street totally insync. It's still dark out. *It's kind of eearie right before sunrise. You know when it still looks like night but it's not quite day yet? There's no movement in this town except us. Every morning it's just us.* "So where do you want to go this time?"

"Oh you know where." *I look at her and I know exactly where she wants to go. I just hope we can get back in time for our early morning shift.* We've been running for the past thirty minutes. Finally we reach our destination. We stop and sit by and out cropping of rocks.

We take out our water bottles and we both sit silently, arms around each other waitng for the sun to rise. *Sometimes I take for granted the everyday beauty we are blessed with. I look out at the desert and I feel like I'm on my own deserted island just me and my girl. The sun is rising now. The reds and oranges cast as strange glow over the desert. I could sit here all day and watch this if it wasn't for the heat beating down on us knowing we have to jog back. Change that. We ran back. In record time too. We made it back to the CrashDown in fifteen minutes flat. Jump into the shower and get dressed just in time for our shift to start. Those two and a half hours went by painfully slow. I'm still trying to figure out why so many people come out to a diner the day after Thanksgiving. It can't be for the turkey omelets.*

Back in New York

Yes that's right we finally arrived. Rath pulls over and tells us he needs to return the car to his friend. So Max, Lonnie and I get out. But as we do I see Lonnie run her hand over the tags and Rath parks the car down an alley. *So much for his imaginary friend.*

"So Max what do you want do?" *Like I have to ask he's been talking nonstop since we drove through New Jersey.*
"Let's get the lay of the land. Hit all the touristy places."
"Ok let's go." Lonnie is staring after Rath not paying any attention to us. "Hey Lonnie we're going to do the tourist thing. Statue of Liberty, Empire State building."
"Ok meet us infront of Bebe when ya done."
"Ok later!"*I barely get to yell out as Max is practically dragging me off. He's like a little kid some times.*

Back in Roswell

Maria and I are standing in the parking lot waiting for Kyle to arrive. "Ok now he really needs to hurry up. I need to turn in my history assignment in early."
"Can you sound any geekier?"
I spin around and I see Kyle and Ava approaching. "It took you long enough."
"Well I had to find something that didn't look so cornball." I look her over she's wearing some of Kyle's clothes. She obviously used her powers to adjust them to fit her better. I motion for her to turn around. She has on one of Kyle's jersey's but instead of Valenti on the back it says Harding. *Cute. I wonder why she just didn't go get her stuff from Zan? I know he has some of her clothes at his place.*

"But it looks like I could've just borrowed some of your clothes." I look down at my clothes self consciously. More out of habit, I guess. I just wonder what kind of reaction I'll get when I walk through the doors. Not that I dressed for shock factor alone. Today I'm sporting a pair of red camoflage print leather pants with combat boots and a black tank top. I shortened it so you can see my pierced belly and to show off my newly dyed hair. Well not dyed exactly more like zapped.

I give her a lopsided smile. "Anytime...You ready to get this school thing on?"
"As ready as I'll ever be." *God all I need for this day to get worse is to have a class with the Lonnie look-a-like*

"Ok let's go." We walk through the double doors. Something feels different today. I can't put my finger on it, but it's there. I put my assignment in the slot and pray that he gets it. "What ever you do stay away from Pam Troy." I say as I put my arm on her shoulder. "I think she was one of Tess' friends. Now just to warn you, you have two classes with Isabel. Gym and creative writing."

"Well that's just great!" she says through gritted teeth. *See what' comes from being nice to cornballs.*
"Ok Tony just try and stay away from her."
Ava and I head to our first class together.
*Biology. What a treat.* Ava almost follows me to my seat. I point her in the direction to the back of the room. After Mr Seligman does roll call. "Um, Miss Parker?"
"Yes sir?"
"Can you please go to the back and sit next to Ms Harding? She'll be your lab partner for today."
"Fine with me." I say as I grab my books and sit next to her. I smile as I sit down and whisper "Did you do that?"
"Damn straight! If I have to dissect pig babies It's not going to be alone."
"o --kay" We finish our lab in record time. Comparing cellular structure of onions and potatoes. *Wow didn't we like do this last year in Miss Hardy's class? Oh well that's a guaranteed A. You would never know that Ava had never cracked a biology book before last night. Or that she never attended public school. What am I saying? or any school for that matter.*

Over the loud speaker. "Sorry for the interruption but would Liz Parker, Alex Whitman and a Tess Harding please come to the Guidance Office?"

Ava and I both share a look. Ava shakes her head like 'I didn't do it this time'. I shrug my shoulders and start gathering my things. Alex is right outside the door as we leave.

"Hey Parker tell me you did that to get me out of gym? I'll love you forever if you did."

I laugh at Alex as I struggle with my back pack. "You already love me silly. I swear it wasn't me." Alex Looks at Ava

"I didn't do it. Let's just find out what they want." We all head to the guidance office. Alex holds the door open for us. I walk up to the desk. "Um excuse me we were called down to the office."

"Oh yes, Liz Parker right? Um Ms. Portar would like a word with each of you in a minute. The Sheriff called earlier today and said that you would be helping Miss Harding because she suffered a head injury."

*To say I was shocked was an understatement. Why didn't he tell us this beforehand so at least I wouldn't look like and idiot when they told me this?*

"Oh yes, right! The HEAD injury." I try to think fast. "Of course the doctors said no permenant damage was sustained." I put one hand up to my face and whisper the rest "but she does have some short term memory loss. I have to show her to all her classes. She didn't even know where her locker was." In a regular voice "Tessie's doing just fine."

"Well hopefully that won't change the reason why she was called in today. It's just fantastic news."

*ok can you vague that up for me some more?*

The intercom turns on. "Ms Walker please send Mr Whitman in."

"Ms Portar is ready for you Mr Whitman." Alex gets up. I cross my fingers.
Ava and I sit down. "Fast thinking on the Sheriff's part."
"I know, He didn't say anything to you this morning before you left?"
"He was gone by the time I woke up."
Alex comes out with a big smile on his face and a stack of papers in his hand. "What's up Alex?"

"Well I passed my AP computer classes with flying colors. And M.I.T, Berkely and USC have requested an interview for early admissions. I even got a job offer from IBM and Microsoft. I have a few other colleges courting me now. Look at all these brocheres." Alex fans them wide in front of my face.

"Get Out!" I shove him playfully *It's a very fat stack. If I wasn't so proud I'd be jealous.*

"I know it's really crazy. Apparantly, Ms Tolposky put a good word in for me after all." Alex says with a wink.
"You didn't?" Alex grabs his chest and opens his mouth wide like he's actually shocked I accused him of forging documents and recomindations. But you can see it in his eyes that he thinks it's funny. He really should be an actor. *The little stinker!*
"You did didn't you? Why didn't you tell us?" *Jerk*
"For the shock factor."
"You are so bad!" I chuckle.
"Just one of the reasons you love me right?"
"Ms Parker? Miss Harding? Ms Portar is ready for you."
"Hey here goes nothing." Ava and I walk through the door and we are greeted by a smiling Miss Portar. She corrects us "Please call me Jessica."
"Ok Jessica."
"I forgot to mention to you on our last visit that you know my niece."
"Your niece?"
"I believe you met her in New York."
gulp *is it getting hot in here?* "Oh right, I met both of them actually."
"Well she speaks very highly of you and she should be coming to town in a few weeks. She's so excited. Anyway I thought that you might want to know that I KNOW."
*Well there's a loaded statement. Does she mean she knows what we've been up to with the school trips or what? I can see Harvard slipping from my grasp and the dissappointed look on my parents face. I can almost hear them say 'she had such potential' and I wince at the picture formed. I must've spaced cause I hear Ava say "yes of course Jessica" and the next thing I know Maria and Kyle is called to the office.

I turn and look at Ava in a whisper. "What the hell is going on?" Apparantly Ava told Ms Portor that Maria and Kyle have been studying with me for months now and all of us are looking for a bigger challenge than Roswell High can give us." *Truer words have never been spoken. Oh this year is going to be a blast! This is so cool think of all the pranks we could play on our teachers*

Jessica hands Ava a large packet. "Now Ms Walker told me about your accident. Mr Valenti called earlier. So have Liz help you with these and come back when you're done. You are excused from the rest of your classes. Both of you." Ava takes the papers and retreats to the waiting room with Alex. Ms Portor has a strange look on her face as she watches Ava leave the room.
"Yeah, she doesn't really like to talk about it. It makes her feel like people feel sorry for her."
"Well I'll try to pass that on to her teachers. So this is your last week as an underclassman. How do you feel?"
"Like my life is just beginning." I quietly walk out and sit next to Ava. "So you need any help?" She just looks at me like I've lost it. "Hell you got to give me something. I'll be bored to death sitting here all day." And if right on cue Maria and Kyle walk through the door.
"Girlfriend tell me you didn't do this? I knew it couldn'tve been a coincidence that we were all called down to the office today."
"Couldn'tve? Is that even a word Maria? Ava just." I blink my eyes. "Convinced Miss Portar that you and Kyle should be bumped up. Try not to babble."
"What the hell is going on?" Kyle says a little too loud
Maria turns to Kyle. "Do I have to spell it out for you Kyle? We're all going to be skipped to the 12th grade."
"No way!"
All four in unision "Yes way!"
"Ok Mr Valenti. Ms Portar would like to see you first." Kyle just stares blankly. *He's still in shock. Poor Kyle always the last to know. It's funny when you think about it. Seeing as though Kyle stalked us all last year. He was always one step behind us.*

Back in New York

Rath and Lonnie walk through a restaurant after coming from a stealing spree in which Loonie is still wearing thee items she stole. Rath sees someone's unattended food and pounces "Ooh! Yo, pastrami."
"Yo, when he gets here...if he gets here...we're puttin' him in his place, 'cause I'm sick of gettin' attitude from him."
"Mayo! Who puts mayo on pastrami? Hey, you! What kinda sick mother puts mayo on pastrami, huh? I oughta bust your head open for..."
"Drop it! He's here." Rath throws the sandwich in the waiter's face and Lonnie approaches Nicholas as he walks up the stairs from a subway station holding a map. Rath is hopping from foot to foot like he is ready to blast something.
"Took you long enough. Where the hell have you been?"
"God, I hate this town...So where are they?"
"They're doing the tourist thing...Empire State building, Statue of Liberty."
"You let them wander around this open sewer alone?"
"Yo, even Max Evans can find his way from the Empire's 3 blocks."
"Better hope you're right. Without Max, no one at the summit's gonna give you two the time of day."
Rath takes thee opportunity to butt in. "We're two of the royal four."
Nicholas scoffs "Royal rejects is more like it."
He looks like he's ready to blast Nicholas. "Hey, yo, get this straight. We are the originals. They are the rejects."
Like he's talking to a mental patient. "Ha. Uh, gee...they were carefully hidden away in Roswell and got custody of the granolith. You were dumped in the sewer. Figure that out."
Rath still looks confused but Lonnie presses on. "Yo, you ain't getting the granolith without us, so just remember that."
"You're not getting home unless I get the granolith. Remember that." *Royal Rejects my ass*
Rath is looking around and spots Tess and Max as they round the corner. "Yo yo Yo Here they come."
"Go." And true to form they stop infront of the Bebe store. How typical
Nicholas walks back into the subway station, cursing about New York.
"Oh, I hate this stupid, rat-infested, urine-soaked, butt-ugly town!"
Max and Tess wave from across the street.
"Here come the losers!...Hey. So enough sight-seeing for one day?"
"There's a lot more to see." He says a little too excitedly
"I could use a rest." *From him. He really is a little boy..not the man I married on Antar.*
"Wanna see our crib?"
Max is playing with a razor blade in his pocket. "Sure."

Back in Roswell

"So do you really think my dad is going to believe this Liz?"
Liz puts her rag down to look at Kyle. "The proof is right there. You did the paper work. Maybe the grades weren't all you." Liz says as she glances at Alex. "But those scores don't lie."
"True, well I have something to celebrate. Maggie is supposed to meet me here."
"So what are we celebrating? Your diminishing underclassmen status?" Alex says as he claps him on the back.
"Apparently I have a full sports scholarship to NYU, Georgetown, UCLA and a couple others that I can't remember. I think it's about 12 schools total."
"OMIG! That's great Kyle congradulations!"
Maggie wraps her arms around his waist from behind. "Hey handsome." she whispers in his ear. Kyle turns around in her grasp. "Hey you."
"Well at least stay for some pie on the house." Liz puts two pieces of coconut cream pie infront of Maggie and Kyle.
Isabel walks in the crashdown and spots Maria. She walks up to her and attempts to talk. "Hey Maria have you?"
"What do you want? I'm not in the mood for what ever it is you're selling."
"What are you talking about?" *This chick just gets weirder and weirder.*
"Well you obviously didn't come here for my sparkling personality so that only means one thing..." She leans in close. "You want something from me. So spit it out now and stop wasting my time. We are tired of this phony bullshit."
"We?" Then you see Liz and Alex wave hi "Hmmph. Fine is Michael in?"
"You know he is or you wouldn't have come in here. Michael ice queen to see you!"
Michael comes out from the kitchen he walks past Maria and sees the devested look on Isabel's face.
Kyle get's up "You ready?"
"Yeah let's go."
"Bye guys."
"Can we?" Isabel motions to a table.
"Yeah Yeah Sure." They sit down. "What's up? Family night not going so well?"
Maggie waves at Isabel as she walks out with Kyle
"Two days, and not a word."
"Your parents asking questions?"
"They think he's gone camping again."
"They gotta think he's turned into some kinda tree hugger."
"They think he doesn't wanna spend Thanksgiving with his family. He could have at least said goodbye."
"You know Max. It's got nothing to do with you. It's probably got something to do with, uh..." Michael motions towards Liz
"Can we?" She motions for the door.
"Yeah. Yeah." Michael to Maria "Hey, we're, uh, outta here."
"Thanks for helping. So sweet of you." *Stupid Jerk!!* Maria sets down the plates on the table and walks over to Liz. Who's doing the receipts for the night.
"God was that just the longest shift in the history of waitressing or was it just me?"
"What?...I think it's your over active imagination Maria. Having Michael working here is getting to you isn't it?"
"I have no idea what your talking about." Maria tries to side step Liz and looks away quickly obviously caught that she still has some feelings for him. "You shouldn't make a bigger deal about it than it is." Liz just stares at her. She puts down her receipts and grabs two glasses and makes sundaes. She hands one over to Maria. One of the bus boys gives them a dirty look as he clears off one of Maria's tables.
"Tell doctor Parker all about it."
"I know I broke it off, but it looks like he wasn't even affected by it at all. Do you know how that makes me feel?"
"Maria this is Michael we are talking about. How did you expect him to react?"
"Ok. I know but still. Yeah I hurt him but.....It's so humiliating. I just can't think straight right now."
"You were the first human that he opened up to."
"True but how can he just turn off his?"She trails off "God why am I sitting here trying to figure him out?"
"It's who you are." I place my hand over hers. "You care. I know that this is hard to take but Michael is not that good at sharing his feelings. It's like he thinks it makes him weak or something."
"Huh? Ok, since when have you cornered the market on Michaelland. I mean, that is a revelation, and I don't know what that's about but..."
*God does she have to be so over dramatic about everything? I start tuning her out like I need to really hear that she still has feeling for Michael. She's supposed to be in a relationship with Alex and me. Why did I encourage her to tell me what's going on with her? Oh she's still talking.* I try to look like I heard her the whole time.
"Liz are you listening to me?"
*I guess that didn't work.* "You're trying to tell me that you haven't noticed that Michael has been ignoring us for months? More than the other's. You know how nosy Michael is. He checks up on every one. Spies on people. Probably for blackmail purposes."
"I definitely wouldn't doubt that."
One of the busboys comes out "Jose' already left. The grill is shut down. The vats been dumped. I'm outta here."
"Ok see ya tomorrow."
"Hey was that my cue to come in?" Ava says as she peeks her head from the back room. The Crash is officially closed.
"Sure it's just us misfits." Alex pulls up a chair to the booth "So is everyone ready to coordinate thier schedules?"
"Well I don't know about you guys but I'm taking all AP classes."
"Damn it's amazing that we are getting skipped to the senior class but do you have to get a jump on the freshman class too Liz?"
"Hey I think I can handle it." *Especially if I can learn to scan the books like Ava.*
"So did you get any offers from schools yet Maria?" asks Alex
"I got a couple from New York, California um...three others. I can't remember what state. If you can believe it."
"So what we are basically saying is that where ever we plan on going to college. All of us have a scholarship in that state or maybe the same school. Somehow this seems fishy to me." Everyone turns to Alex who is smiling.
"Hey what are you suggesting?"Everyone gives him a you got to be kidding me yeah right look. "I get blamed for everything." Maria and Liz raise an eyebrow at him. "Granted most of the time it's me, but not everything is my doing." *I'm not god. Even though I did hear Maria scream that out a couple of times.* "Even though in this case.....Come on I don't want us to be seperated."
"Someone can't cut the cord yet how cute!"Ava says sarcastically
Maria makes a move to grab him "I swear if we end up getting pinched for this I'll kill you myself!"
Alex puts both hands up."Look I did nothing wrong here." Liz looks at Alex with fire in her eyes. "Calm down all I did was fill out some college applications for Maria ok I forged her signiture but that's as foul as it gets here. After all it didn't look like she was going to do it. And I'm sure if you'd turned in more than three Liz you'd have lots of colleges begging for you to matriculate."

"Well there are only three school that I want to attend. Harvard for all thee obvious reasons. Brown and NorthWestern. So what's the purpose of applying to schools that I don't want to get in?"
"Duh! So you have other options. Even I know that." says Ava
Back in New York

"Last time I saw ya you were barely able to work ya powers at all much less mind meld."
"Well that was a long time ago." *Not really five years ago. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Nasedo decided I needed to be around the others for a short while probably so he could kill more FBI agent who knows. That was the craziest summer of my life.* "Nasedo taught me a few tricks."
"Yeah I bet."
"What time did you say they were getting back?"
"I didn't. It takes as long as it takes. What you afraid to be alone with me?"
"I see you grew a pair since the last time I saw ya."
"Things change. I grew up."
"So Nicholas told me you were the one who contacted him on your whereabouts. If I didn't know better I'd think ya rode the short bus. Ya led the skins right to ya."
"Yeah well I took care of them didn't I?"
"And ya just happened to leave Nicholas outta the mix. That on purpose or did ya make a calculated mistake?"
"I don't make mistakes that huge." *Nicholas wanted the other skins out of the picture so he could do what he wanted without anyone looking over his shoulder.* "It was part of the deal I made wit Nicko. Besides I needed to make the others trust me."
"So whatcha saying is you gonna go through wit this plan?"
"I want to get off this rock as bad as you do. Tell me about Zan. What was he like?" *I didn't see him that whole summer I was here last.*

On the other side of town

"So really are the king."
Max looks down at the paper the emissary gave him "It's's a time card. The emissary works for a...a temp agency?"
"Duke, the emissary never left his crib. That body that walked outta here works for a temp agency."
"It's like a vessel, you know? A puppet. The alien emissary far away on another planet. Human knobhead here on this planet. Emissary reaches out with his mind, takes control of the human. Human walks around like a puppet doing whatever the emissary wants him to do."
"Like he' he's possessed."
"Ha. Yeah, possession. Doin' the Linda Blair, you know? Human dude never knows what happened to him. He thinks he's been frickin' abducted. Hehe."
"I still don't understand why..."
"Lonnie will give you the 4-1-1 later. Now you should be celebrating."
"I should?"
"You passed, man. You are the frickin' king! Which means you earned yourself a slice of the best pizza in New York. And I'm buyin'."

Back in Roswell

Michael and Isabel are sitting on the couch holding each other.
"Thanks for leaving with me. I just couldn't stay there a minute longer."
"No problem."
"So where do you think he went?"
*Hard to think straight in this position.* "I don't have a clue. Have you tried dreamwalking him?"
"No I figured he wanted to be alone. He left his car here. I'm worried about him Michael." Isabel is tracing her fingers on his chest which is driving him insane. "He's never left without telling me where he was going. He's verging on suicidal."
"Iz your overreacting."
"I'm overreacting? This is Max we are talking about, He doesn't do stuff like this unless..." Isabel is interrupted by the phone ringing.
Something about this just doesn't put me at ease. The summit is less than an hour away. The closer it gets the more the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Rath may have the same face and bad hair styles like Michael but that's as far as it goes. I needed to get out of there. Lonnie now there's another matter all together. All that nervous twitching with her hands was driving me mad. I look at her and I see Isabel staring back at me with cold dead eyes. What the hell happened to them to make them like this? Max flexes his fingers and digs his finger nails into his hand as he spots a phone and decides to call home.
"Hey, it's me."
"Max. Where are you? Are you ok?" Michael takes thee opportunity to listen in standing by Isabel

"Yeah. I'm fine. I'm still in New York. I just...I wanted to call and see how everything was going. So was Thanksgiving?"
"It was great. Mom cried all the way from the cranberry sauce to the peach cobbler. So did I."
"Isabel, how would you feel...about going home?"
"When you say home..."
"I mean...home."
"Is that even possible?"
"If it is, do you wanna go or not?"
"I don't know. I mean...leaving mom and dad and Roswell and...for another planet, it' seems crazy. It sounds crazy."
*My main purpose to call home was to calm myself down. Isabel aways seemed to do that for me. Now it seems like all we can do is fight. I miss her, Michael too it's like I can almost feel him through the phone line.* "Well, it isn't. And I need an answer. From you and Michael both."
"What? You can' can't do this! You can't just drop this on me all of a sudden. I mean, God, you just leave without even saying goodbye with those people without even discussing it with Michael and I, and now you expect me..."
"I guess I'm just being a self-indulgent little boy again."
"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"
"I don't want to rehash the entire thing, Vilandra."
"That's not fair."
"Neither was letting me hear the real story from Lonnie."
"I'm sorry, Max."
"It's a little late for apologies, don't you think? You should have said that the first time I confronted you."
"The first what? What are you talking about?"
"I'll call you when the summit's over." Max hangs up and Isabel stares at the phone then looks at Michael. "Ok so what the hell was that?"
"It looks like Lonnie did a number on you."
"So what do we do?"
"Well since we can't go to the source there's always..."
"Ava." They say at the same time. Isabel grabs her jacket and throws the keys to Michael.

At the crashdown

"So what did you want to talk to me about?" Ava and Liz are sitting at the counter.
"Ok what about him?"
"This is kind of hard to say."
"No need to beat around the bush with me just spit it out."
"Well you told me that you knew that you and Zan don't have a future together and I don't want to step on your toes, but I'm interested in him."
"Ouch! More like stomped on them repeatedly. So what you want my blessing or something? Cause I can tell you right now it isn't necessary. When Zan sets his sights on something watch out."
"So your not upset?"
"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't, but Zan doesn't love me and I guess he never will. We've discussed our non- relationship endlessly. I'll deal. So on another topic this whole school thing it's a little overwhelming but ever since last night when I scanned those books. I don't know, I feel...different. Like I could actually make a life for myself."
Liz smiles at her and Ava looks uncertain. "So school huh? You want to give it a go?"
"Shocking isn't?"
"Understatement. Ok I'm going to bring some of those brochures down and get everyone back down here."
"Thanks." Ava closes her eyes then snaps back moments later. "Hmm Kyle in the buff. Wasn't exactly a site I was planning on seeing. I bet Jim will be shocked if he knew what Kyle was doing on the dining room table.. "
knock knock

"We're closed!"


Isabel walks over and spins Ava around in her chair. "Why did Lonnie impersonate me?"
"I don't know. Like Lonnie tells me anything We're not exactly close you know."
"Why don't I believe you?"
"That's your problem."
Michael stretches out his hand and blows up one of the decorations in the Crashdown
"Don't piss us off."
"Oh like I'm really scared." *DO they really think blowing up some useless decorations is going to scare me? I can do that too. Matter fact I can blow this whole place up with an errant thought. They really are pathetic.* "Yo, ya should really save da scary alien powers thing, for the tourists."

Isabel grabs Ava by her shoulders. "Fine! We'll do this the hard way." *What she gonna to do? Try to get in my head. I got blocks so strong she'd come out in a coma.*
Liz comes down stairs after hearing the noise. "Ava you ok?" As she opens the door wider she sees "Isabel? Michael! What the hell are you doing here and why are you trashing the place?"
"Lonnie impersonated Isabel to get Max to go to New York."
"Ok so you thought hey let's trash the Crash Down? I don't think so. Clean this mess up now!"
Michael raises his hand and the glass reforms back to shape.
"Ava I need you to make that call for me."
"I already did it. Should be here shortly..." she turns back to Isabel and Micheal "Lonnie and Rath they're probably gonna kill Max...Well if he doesn't do what they want and from what I've heard about the man so far, that's not going to happen...On the off chance that he does do what they want. They'll kill him anyway."
"So it's a lose lose situtation. What the hell are we going to do? Why didn't we figure this out sooner? He just had to run away with a bunch of serial killers. Talk about dumb luck."
Alex and Maria come in and over hears Isabel's mini freak out. "Ok what's up with Mental girl over here? Jeans a little too tight?"
"Ok we got to find a way to warn Max. He's in the middle of the summit right now."
Kyle comes in and over hears Isabel's statement. "Oh god what's going on now? Why am I always the last to know?"
"Sometimes it just works out like that. Anyway you're always knee deep in hoochie's Valenti."
"And speaking of being knee deep. To quote Ben Stiller 'I was making a deposit in the first national bank of bootae' when I got popped in on. I just have to say this now. I don't want that to ever happen again. Got it?" Kyle says the last statement while looking at Ava.
"Oh god, can he get a cruder. I thought Michael was bad but damn!"
"Hello life and death stuff going on can we just stop this."

Back in New York summit

Max enters the room where the summit will take place. The first person he sees is Brody Davis

"Actually, my name is Larek. Are you Zan?"
"They tell me that used to be my name. But my name is Max. Max Evans."
"Kathana, Sero, Hanar, and I will represent each of our worlds. Max will speak for his."
Nicholas takes thee opportunity to walk in. "Actually, Kivar speaks for his world. And I speak for Kivar. Max. Nice to see your genocidal girlfriend again. Killed anyone today?"
"Day's not over."
"What a charmer."
He slowly climbs down off his bike and shifts the bag on his back. Walks over to the door and opens it by waving his hand over the lock and steps through. He slides the face guard up and walks through the door.

Liz is standing behind the counter watching Michael pace back and forth. Isabel is wringing her hands and shaking slightly. *I think she's on emotional overload. All of a sudden a tingle goes down my spine, my body starts heating up and I slowly turn my head to look at the breakroom door.
Maria sings "You have another visiter."
"Yo Red. I came to drop off more of Ava's clothes. I stopped by the Sheriff's house noone was home. Looks like everybody's here though so..." Zan is standing in the Crash Down. Isabel and Michael are floored.
He takes the helmet off and sets it on the counter. "Do I have something on my face?"
"You're dead." Michael says a little too loudly
"Yeah I can see how you can make that assumption seeing as though I'm walking, talking and breathing."
"How is this possible?" Isabel says in a whisper.
"You have some pretty amazing friends. They looked us up in New York before Lonnie and Rath tried to kill me. Ava did a mind meld and here I am."
Michael points at them. "Ok wait you three went to New York to stop Lonnie and Rath from killing Zan?" Says condescendlly
Maria speaks up "That's right."
"How did you know it was going to happen? How did you know where they were?"
Liz chims in. "Prophetic dreams."
Isabel looks at her. "That's crazy!"
Maria looks over at Michael. "So is the existence of Aliens, but we deal."
"That was incredibly stupid. You all could've been in danger." *Now everything is starting to makes sense with the permission slips and Liz being one step ahead.*
"We had Alex. We can take care of ourselves!"
Isabel breaks it up. "Ok this is getting us nowhere. We need to warn Max and we need to do it fast."
"So says miss states the obvious." Maria bites off
Nicholas is taking a break from the summit. Lonnie secretly meets with him

"Let's be clear, Lonnie. You don't get home unless I get the granolith."
Lonnie leans in really close you can tell that Nicholas is turned on by this "Let me be clear, Nicholas. I don't give a damn whether or not you get the granilith. I'm going home."
"Big talk for a woman with no cards to play."

"I got cards. I just haven't shown them to you yet." She places both hands on the wall traping him. "You know, I'm not like the others. I remember our world." She brings his chin up like she is going to kiss him. "I remember Kivar. And I remember what it was like to be Vilandra. I want that life, and I'll do what I have to to get back. Be on my side, and you'll benefit." She leans in closer he can probably smell her toothpaste. "Be against me, and...well, it would be a mad, crazy idea to be against me." She pushes off the wall and stands next to him. "Don't worry about Max. He's a cornball. He'll go for the deal. He'll go for the deal because millions of lives hang in the balance. Besides, he wants to go home and give mommy a kiss and get fitted for his crown."
"He won't live long enough to wear it. Kivar wants him dead."
"Well, I'd have to be a special kind of stupid not to have figured that out."
"If he takes the deal, there'll be a nice public execution to attend. If he doesn't take the deal, Kivar still wants him dead."
"I can arrange that. What's in it for me?"
"Passage home. But just you. The freak with the mohawk stays here."
"Yeah, I can live with that. See you at the summit." Lonnie walks away and Nicholas stands in the spot Lonnie vacated. Soaking it all in. "Whew....What a woman."

Back at the Crashdown

"Look we have been practicing her powers for awhile now. She's good, but she's going to need some help." Liz head snaps up from her position in the center of the circle. "Hello I'm right here. I'm exactly right here! Can you guys stop talking about me like I'm not in the room?" Isabel, Michael, Kyle, Ava, Zan are sitting in a circle. Liz is in the center. The windows are blacked out and the blinds are drawn.
"Are you sure this is going to work?"
"Liz can do it."
"What? I still don't understand. I'm his sister. I should be able to contact him."
"You should, but as you said before he's not listening to you or blocking you, whatever. Liz is our only chance."
"What are you talking about? What makes you think Liz can do it?"
"Max brought Liz back from the dead. She's been changed. Look, there ain't enough time to explain. You just gotta trust me here. Max brought her back then...she's different now."

Back at the summit

"Can I have a minute with my brother?...You lied to me. I don't like it. But there it is. But what's about to go down in there is a helluva lot bigger than you and I, Max. Millions of lives hang in the balance. Millions of people may die if we don't stop this fighting. So this is not about whether you and I go home. We are nothing in the scheme of things. This is about the greater good..." She takes a slight bow "After you, your Highness."

Back at the Crashdown

"Kyle...take my hand."
"Why what are we going to sing Kum baya?"
"Not funny take my hand."
"Hey before you do that let's just set these right here." Alex gives Kyle and Liz a smile and continues around the circle. Isabel looks at Alex strangely 'Why the hell is he placing buckets of water around the room' She shruggs it off. "Ok let's do this."
Maria and Alex are whispering. "What is up with this seating arrangement?"
"Well according to Zan and Ava they can feed their powers to her."
Michael is next to Zan, Ava next to Isabel and Kyle next to her.
"Ok how much power can she need she can already astral project. What the hell is that? That's new." A bright light forms between them as they connect to Liz it gets brighter and brighter and the four Aliens are thrown across the room. Liz is twitching on the floor.
"OMIG Alex!"

Back at the summit

Larek looks at Max. "Well, Max, have you made your decision?"
"Yes, I have. And the answer is no." Max looks at Nicholas. "I will not give up the granolith to you. Not to you, not to Kivar, not to anyone. It was entrusted to me."
Lonnie and Rath walk out leaving Max and Tess behind "I can't believe that selfish arogant bastard!"
"You're all witnesses. Kivar tried to be reasonable, tried to extend a hand of peace...and had it slapped away. Our business is at an end here. Our offers are withdrawn."
Kathana get's in Max's face "You made a lot of enemies here today." and walks out with Sero and Hanar. Nickolas continues like he wasn't interrupted. "Do you ever wonder why your predecessor was killed? He made bad decisions." Nickolas leaves and Larek get's up.
"You don't remember any of this, I'm sure, but...our families used to be very close. You and I practically grew up together. . We were friends and to see you trying so hard to make a better world for your people. And then to watch you have it all taken away by a man like Kivar...I told you you were trying to do too much too soon, that change takes time. But you wouldn't listen. You just kept...what's the point? It's all ancient history now. What a shame it is to see history repeat itself."

Max and Tess leaves and Liz pops in 'What the hell am I'm in the wrong place? Where is Max?' She sees a familar face about to walk out the door. Brody? I mean Larek!"

"Do I know you?"
"No but you know Zan. I mean Max and he needs your help."
"What do you expect me to do?"
"I don't have much time Lonnie and Rath are going to try to kill him. Maybe even Nicholas. The little runt tried to kill him twice already. I need you to stop him if I'm not there to warn him in time. Please."
"I have no idea where Max is going."
"Lonnie and Rath live in the sewers near the Lafeyette and Canal street station. That would be our best bet. hurry!"
Max, Tess, Rath, and Lonnie are walking through the streets of New York

Rath is getting in his face now. "What's up with you, huh? You just threw away our only chance of ever getting home!"
Rath grabs Max and spins him around. "Hey, who do you think you are, huh? Makin' big-time life decisions for Lonnie and me? You think you're the that it?"
"That's right. I am the man." Max and Rath are staring each other down. It's like Zan all over again. "Ok, you the man. Screw Nicholas. Screw 'em all."
"Screw 'em tight. We'll find another way home." says Lonnie
"I'm mad hungry. Let's go get a slice."
"Sick of pizza. Chinatown." Lonnie has a big smile on her face. Rath nods his head he knows what that implies. "I'm with that."

Liz snaps back and everyone is looking at her expectantly the floor is now littered with pillows. Isabel is the first to ask "What happened? Did you see Max?"
"No I was too late." Isabel looks devestated so Liz rushes to cover. *I guess I didn't realise how that sounded til it came out.* "I must've just missed him. I have to go back."
"Ok brace yourselves." This time the connection is instantaneous.

Max, Tess, Rath, and Lonnie are walking along a street. Rath grabs Tess and covers her mouth with his hand. Lonnie reaches out with her hand and uses her power to loosen a platform above Max. Lonnie and Rath take off dragging Tess with them.
Max is staring out into the street and sees Liz.
"Max! come here now!"
"What are you doing here." They meet in the middle and the platform crashes down where he was standing only seconds before. Max looks around to find that Tess, Rath, and Lonnie have all disappeared. He looks back at Liz still standing there.
"Lonnie tried to kill me."

Max runs back to Rath and Lonnie's lair Liz is following him.

"Ok so Max is dead! Where is the granolith?"
Tess has her arms crossed in front of her body. "You think I'm going to tell you? Think again!"
"We have ways to get it out of you not all of them will be pleasant."
Nicholas comes out of the shadows and moves infront of Lonnie to place a hand on Tess' head. ."Oh let me. I love this part." She screams out in pain and beads of sweat are pouring down her face. She drops to one knee. Nicholas is thrown his back hits against the wall hard and turns into dust. Tess stands back up."Ok who's next?"
"Ya not gonna beat both of us."

Larek is walking down the tunnels when he sees the light show

"Ya said you were on our side yo. That ya was gonna help us take down Max. You reniggin on us now?" Rath throws a couple of blasts at Tess burning her skin. "I can do this all day."
"So can I. Do you think this bothers me?" Tess falls to the floor and closes her eyes
"What are you prayin or sumin? Cause ya gonna need it yo." Rath and Lonnie continue to fire at her. Not realising that Tess is slippin away. She takes one backward glance and sets both of them on fire. "Take that you imbeciles." Rath and Lonnie scream in pain and crumple to the floor their bodies continue to burn.

Larek comes from behind and grabs both sides of her neck the left hand on the right and the right on the left side and he makes both his hands meet in the middle. Snapping her neck violently. "Now that's what I call putting your back into it." He drags her over to where Lonnie and Rath are still burning and throws her on top. "More kindling for the flames. Well my work here is done."

Max and Liz come barreling down the tunnels. Max starts screaming. "Tess! Tess! Tess, are you all right?...God what is that smell?" Max tries to cover his nose but the smell is unbearable that's when he sees the bodies. "Oh holy shit! Who could've done this?" He dry heaves for minute.

Liz points to the dust on the ground "Skins! Looks like." *I'm so glad I cannot smell this.*
"Well I have to go now Max and You should be leaving too I doubt the police will think this is an accident."
"Where are you going?"
"I'm not actually here. I just popped in to warn you about Lonnie, Rath, and Tess." Liz starts fading.
"Wait! What do you mean warn me about Tess?"
"Bye Max see you in Roswell."

Max slumps to the ground still staring where he saw Liz last. *How could I've been so stupid?* He starts digging his nails into his skins pulling some layers off not even feeling the pain. *I've treated her like dirt and she still saved my life. I must be thee biggest idiot on this planet. I have to find a way to make it up to her. To everyone. How am I going to tell the Sheriff? Knowing Liz she will tell him before I get home. I guess today is as good as any to search the place see if they have anything that we might need Not to much time to do it in though. I still have to dispose of the bodies and get a ticket home.*


Maria is wringing her hands standing in the door way. "Hey is she ok? She's been out for awhile now."
"She seems ok." Zan says as he places Liz on her bed.
"She's been under for forty five minutes. Maybe we should wake her up."
"We don't know what will happen if we break the connection. It could hurt her."
"So we just sit here and do nothing."
"Anything could be going down you don't know what she's doing. Let's just leave her be for awhile if she needs help she'll drag one of us in. Let's get back to the others."
Michael Kyle and Alex are sitting in a booth Kyle and Alex are across from Michael and Isabel is sitting at the bar facing them.
"So the real reason Liz has been acting all crazy and Maria has been treating me like shit is because?"
Maria walks in Zan trailing behind "Well I can't speak for Liz but if your asking me you deserved it."
Isabel is livid now "Deserved what? Being mentally smacked down!"
"What gave you the right to go wandering around in someone head lalalalala you think this is all fun and games? You think you can do whatever you want? What gives you the right to get information from someones head?"
"I wanted to know what was going on with Liz. Max was worried I had to do something."
Kyle looks over at Maria and nudges Alex. "Whitman your girl is down right scary."
"Don't I know it. It's sexy as hell though."
"You my man, have a very weird relationship."
"SO this was all for King Max's benifit? AM I getting this right? Cause if you were any kind of friend you would've known what was going on. You wouldn't have walked out on us. You remember US the people who were supposed to be your friends! The same people you have counted on time and time again. The same people who have kept your dirty little secret!"

Liz opens her eyes expecting to be in the crashdown but wakes up in her bed "How the hell did I get here?" She hears raised voices downstairs and walks down to investigate.
"Not by choice."
"Yeah your right not by choice. It was Max's choice to save Liz that day. It was Liz's choice to tell me her secret. I practically had to beat it out of her and threaten to tell Valenti everything I knew just to get her to let it slip. She was so scared that something would happen to you guys so she gave in to me. That's the kind of a friend she is." Maria is stalking closer to Isabel with ever phrase. "You don't deserve her or her friendship. You guys have done nothing but USE her. Now she's upstairs trying to save Max a person who has treated her like crap more times than not and ya gotta wonder what the hell is the use in all this." She throws her hands up in the air. "We've been fine for months without you and I swear on everything that is holy if anything happens to her because of you guys I will hunt you down myself and make you pay."
Alex grabs Maria from behind as she tries to grab Isabel. She looks like a caged animal trying to get free. He tries to pull her to him. She is still struggling "Take it easy Maria. Liz will be ok. It's the Three musketeers for life." She relaxes in his arms. "You know nothing can break up the three musketeers." She smiles against his shoulder Liz opens the door and see's Maria in Alex arms. Overhearing the tale end of Maria's rant and Alex trying to calm her down. *You really have to love Maria.* She decides to let her presence known. "You know it!"

Maria pushes Alex out of the way and throws herself at Liz wrapping her in a tight hug "OMIG you're ok. I was so worried about you."

"God I'm fine Maria. Really I'm ok. Just a little wiped." Not everyone is noticing Isabel shaking on the barstool but Liz caught it and turned back to Maria "We definitely have to talk later... So does anyone want something to eat?"

Zan, Kyle and Alex start talking at once "Oh you guys missed it."
"Yes Thanksgiving was da bomb."
Alex rubbing his stomach. "You wouldn't have any of that fried turkey left would you?"
"Help yourself Alex. Make a sandwich or make a plate whatever you want." The guys go into the kitchen to make food. Michael is making a sandwich and talking through the order window. "So I take it Max is fine."
"I got there in the nick. Tess wont be coming back with him and Nicholas is gone too."
"Whoa what? Tess killed Nicholas over a month ago. I was there."
"Yeah you were all there but you fail to realise that Tess' power is in mind control you saw what she wanted you to see."
"This is crazy."
"I swear if I hear her say that one more time Liz, I will pull her blonde hair out by her black roots." We both turn around and laugh. I grab both of her shoulders "Calm down. Maria take a deep breath."
"I don't know what it is she just gets under my skin."
"Why don't you go home just to keep the peace."
She grabs her arm "Oh no you don't. You trying to get rid of me?"
"I wont be able to wake up for our run if I'm at home." she fake pouts
"Fine go upstairs and go to sleep."
"Damn I can take a hint." She hugs her "See you in a few don't take too long." She leaves through the break room door and heads upstairs. Liz goes to sit next to Isabel "So.."
"So.. It seems as though I owe you guys an apology."
"For what?"
"Being a bitch, ignoring you guys. Whatever."
"Hey I've pretty much gotten used to the fact that your a princess. In other words a major bitch. So we're straight here."
"Ok that was easier than I thought. Thanks."
"For what?"
"Saving my worthless brothers butt."
"I wouldn't exactly say worthless but we're even now I guess." *Take that back.. I would say that*
The guys come out of the kitchen with sandwiches "Hey Liz where did Maria go?"
"I sent her butt upstairs it was getting a little unproductive in here."
Alex looks from Liz to Isabel "Oh right, well I guess I'll go upstairs then." Alex starts to leave.
"Are you staying over?"
"Did you really have to ask?" Alex leaves the room
Liz stares after him as the door swings shut "I guess not." *I wonder what that's about?* She turns back to Isabel.
"Do you guys do this often?"
"Huh? mean a sleep over with Alex?" Isabel nods her head "Lots Alex can braid hair with best of 'em"
"Alex can braid hair. Alex can braid hair?"
"Yeah he's really good you might as well call him our personal hairdresser. He's very good with his hands. I'm telling you-you haven't been done til you've had Alex." *Ok that sentence ended in a weird place.*
Isabel blushes and I smile at her. "So you want to stay the night? The guys are probably going to be engrossed in porn for awhile."
Isabel's face gets redder. "Ok...hold up. You have porn?"
"Duh yeah! Come on." Liz grabs Isabel's hand "I didn't even know I had it Alex hooked me up gave me this scambler chip or something I can get anything. That's what they guys were watching after dinner."

You probably think I'm crazy, but we had an orgie that night. Just kidding! God, how twisted do you think I am? Never mind don't answer that. We had a sleep over just the eight of us. We had so much fun. Even Maria and Isabel made up. Well not made up exactly lets just say they agreed to hold off on killing each other in my presence. It was a little touch and go between Isabel, Zan and Michael though I had to keep on reassuring Zan that Isabel and Michael were nothing like Rath and Lonnie and after about ten minutes of talking I think it finally clicked that they weren't evil. You should have seen the look on Ava's face when the alarm clock woke her up at 4:30 the girl definitly knows how to deliver a death glare. Alex, Ava and Zan went back to sleep. Kyle left mumbling something about always getting interrupted when it gets good and Isabel, Maria and I went for a run.

Liz, Maria and Isabel are standing at the park across from the crashdown doing a cool down stretch "So you guys do this every morning?"Isabel says as she pushes off from the bench and wipes her forehead with her sweat band
"About four times a week we try and skate for fun on the weekends."
"So you mind adding one more?"
"No problem. Since when do you skate?" Maria asks. They head back into the crashdown
"I am alive aren't I"
"Ok fair enough." *I need a camera Isabel and Maria actually having a conversation.* Jose calls from the back saying Mr Parker is on the phone. Liz runs to the back to answer it. "Hey dad how's Albuquerque?"
"It's great were still wrapping things up here we should be back tomorrow morning. How's the Crashdown? You handling everything ok?"
"Um everythings a ok here dad. Did you get what you were looking for?"
"Ah I think so it depends on how low I can talk this man down. How was Thanks giving?"
"It was uneventful." Liz lied "Alex, Maria and Tess came over." Liz didn't know if she should tell her parents about Zan yet seeing as though The Evans still didn't know about him.
"We missed you a lot I'm sorry we didn't get to call but we we're in the middle of contract negotations."
"Ok enough shop talk and I have to get ready for my shift."
"It's 7 am shouldn't your shift already have started?"
"Technically yes but seeing as I'm boss for the day...." Liz cut it short when she heard that clicking sound in her father's throat a tell-tell sign that he was going to blow. "I just came back from my morning run."
"Ok then sweetie don't let me hold you up any longer. I'll call you later bye."
"Bye dad."


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~Part 17~

Ok I have to give you a little mini update on my relationship with Zan. Yes that's right relationship. It's been awhile since we talked huh? My life has been blissful, well up until this point, but I'll get into that later. Zan and I have been spending a lot of time together. We've been on a few dates.

I thought I was going to pass out from shock when he asked me to go out with him. Our first date was a picnic at his house by the lake. He picked me up around 3 o' clock on his bike and handed me a helmet that's was so cute it had RED written on one side and red and yellow flames on thee other. That's my sweetie. We stayed under the shade and talked for hours about nothing and everthing til the sunset. We walked hand and hand to the waters edge and he washed my feet. Can you believe it? Then he proceeded to suck my toes. whoah! Okay I think he's trying to seduce me. Not that he needs much help, but I'm not going to let him know that. A guy needs some kind of challenge right?

Our second date was again at his house. At first I thought he was up to something like he didn't want to be out in public with me or anything or maybe he just wanted to be close to home in case we did the deed who knows. Maybe that's just my dirty little mind. Zan hasn't really come at me like that since the day in my room, which is a relief in some instances and frighteningly frustrasting at other times.

But anyway back to the second date. It turns out he had a surprise for me. He told me to close my eyes and he'd be right back. It seemed like forever til he came back and when he did he spun me around and sat me down on the ground and took off my shoes and put on another pair all the while my eyes were closed. When I finally opened them I had on ice skates. Zan froze the lake so we could skate together. We had so much fun. Zan didn't know how to ice skate at first so I had a lot of fun teasing him as he would wobble on shaky legs but he quickly got used to it and we were doing jumps and turns together. He is so sweet to me. Hmmmm I just want to melt every time I think of him. God I sound like a love sick teenager. Ha! that's exactly what I am. I do love him. Soo much it scares me. We haven't known each other that long just a few months. But the things he makes me feel. The way he looks at me. Like I'm his and he's mine. The way he always has to be touching me no matter what we are doing. It makes my whole body heat up like I'm on fire, but in a good way. Let me stop now before you have to see the dentist.

Now our last date-which was just yesterday-was not at his house at all. If you can believe it. He took me to this night club out of town. He said he had to find a place to get his groove on or he'd go crazy. Even though we we're in a hip hop club it was one of thee most romantic nights of my life.

*I've never been so nervous in my life. Tonight is going to change everything between us forever. What if she runs screaming in the other direction? What if she laughs in my face? Maybe she just feels sorry for me and that's the real reason she's been hangin wit me lately. I mean she must see me as a freak. My own sister tried to kill me. What kind of person does that? The way she looked at me that time when we were making out...Did she think I was trash and that's why she didn't want me touching her? I'm going to drive myself crazy. I'm holding her hand it feels so soft. I'll never get over the feel of her hand in mine. Damn my hand is sweating like crazy.* I give her hand another squeeze and she has this strange look in her eyes. Can she read my thoughts? I'm getting paranoid.* "I was afraid you wouldn't want to come here with me."

*Afraid? Zan afraid? Does not compute. Like he can't just look at me and I'll give him whatever he wants.* "Oh please Zan this is great and I love to dance."

"Oh is that right?"

I give him my hundred watt smile. "Then we are going to have to see watcha made of. I'll be right back. I'ma go to the little boys room. Then it's me, you and that dance floor." Zan leaves for all of two minutes. I glance around to the DJ booth and I see Zan chatting up the DJ and slippin him some bills. I turn back fast cause I don't what him to know I saw the exchange. I wonder what he's up to? He's been acting weird. Well weirder than usual, kinda jumpy. A side of him I have never seen before. It's kinda cute. He comes back to the table and holds out his hand for me to take and we make our way to the dance floor. After about five fast dances and I do me fast. We even did the cha cha and I think I'm going to feel the pain from that for a week. I was starting to get real tired cause if you've ever done that dance you know what I'm talking about. Especially when they say how low can you go. Shit my butt almost hit the floor. Damn I'm getting flexible. So I'm about to pull Zan to the table so we can sit the next one out and the DJ announces that he has a special request from Zan to Red. We danced to Michael Jackson's and EVE's remix of butterfly and Zan sang to me as we slowed danced at first. Then we instantly heated up. We were all over each other. There was a lot of sexual tension in the air. He was touching me everywhere. You could feel the air charged all around us. The man can really move. I love the way he would spin me in circles it felt like the whole world was spinning with me. Well you know what they say about how a man dances relates to how he is in bed. Well I can't wait to find out if that's true or not. I still can't believe he picked this song for us to dance to. The whole dance floor cleared as the song came on and I had tears in my eyes when Zan sang the words cause I could tell by the way he was singing and the way that he moved and touched me that he meant everyword and my heart did flips in my chest.

Here's the lyrics if your interested:


Uh-oh she just ya type right? Trying to figure out how you can play a major part up in her life right? 'Cause shorty got her mind tight. And everytime you see-her-walkby start thinking 'bout your night life. She's all that's in ya eye sight. And ever since the first day you seen her thinking she the wife type. You figure she'll be perfect loving you. Fanatasizing tingles from her fingers rubbing you. Trying to analyze this situtation. You feeling crazy. Wondering if forever what's so special 'bout this lady. Feeling like you wanna pull back. But you know you perfect for her you got all of what those fools lack. Hmph, maybe you should make this thing happen. Rings and things swinging on the porch while the kids nappin. You got everything else you need. Snatch her up fill the empty space she can make your life complete.

All ya gotta do is walk away and pass me by.

Don't acknowledge my smile.

When I try to say you..yeah. ach

And all ya gotta do is not answer my calls when

I'm trying to get through.

Keep me wondering why.

When all I can do is sigh.

I just wanna touch you.

I just wanna touch and kiss

And I wish that I could be with you tonight.

You give me. 'Cause you butterflies inside, inside and I.

All I gotta say is that I must be dreaming, can't be real.

You're not here with me.

Still I can feel you near to

I caress you, let you taste the,

just so blissful listen.

I would give you anything babe.

Just make my dreams come true.

Oh baby you give me baby

I just wanna touch and kiss.

And I wish that I could be with you tonight.

You give me. You give-You give me

You give me cause you butterflies inside, inside and I

Yo yo. Ya-like wait-n-stop. The way that she got you hot. Excited. Said ya need what she got. Inticing. Mamie like the cream of the crop. Crushen getting heavy 'bout to make your heart pop. All your life you waited for this chick. Nobody told you it would feel like this. Do anything just to feel that kiss. Wanna give her whatever you got. Infront of millions make it known whatever the plot. Sing

If you would take my hand.

Baby I would show you.

Guide you to the light babe.

If you would be my love.

Baby I will love you, love you

Til thee end of time.

I just wanna touch and kiss.

And I wish that I could be with you tonight.

Girl you give me.

You butterflies inside, inside and I

*Oh did I say the man can sing? Man he hit every note perfectly. I will never forget this moment for as long as I live. I bet you couldn't tell where Zan ended and where I began.* We walked back to the table. I sat down. I'm a little flustered cause my whole body is like pulsating. My heart is beating a mile a minute and Zan gets down on one knee. I kid you not and hands me a ring. "It's been burning a hole in my pocket all night. I wanted to wait for thee perfect moment ta givit to ya." *Ok that sentence has two meanings. I think I might have a heart attack. Focus! hunk at 6 o' clock on bended knee* Tears flood my eyes and I can barely make out the ring it has three stones the center stone is Red of course and the one's on either side are diamonds. *These are some big freakin stones!*

"Oh Zan it's beautiful! but does this mean....that you?...want" *God I sound like an idiot. Ok I'm not trying to jump ahead of him cause we only known each other for what? Three months, but it feels right. I don't want to ruin it if this is not what he's asking me.*

"Look I know we've only known each other for a short while, but I know I can make you happy. I know that when you look at me sometimes you might see Max and there's nothing I can do about that short of plastic surgery. But I love ya Babe. Liz you're it for me. Will you marry me?" *I'm sitting there completely stunned. I can't seem to get my mouth to work right. But look what comes flying out my mouth.* "What! Zan are you crazy?!"

*I knew it, she doesn't think of me like that.* "I understand if you think it's too soon. It's cool, I just thought you felt the same way." He starts to get up and a lone tear falls. I jump up and wrap my legs around his waist almost knocking him backwards and kiss him breathless. *I know everyone is looking at us but I don't care in that moment the only thing that matters to me is Zan. He's made me the happiest girl in the universe. God of love him.* I pull away from him slightly and look him in the eyes. "Yes of course I'd love to be your wife." *Zan swings me around so many times I'm dizzy. We must look like two idiots but neither of us care one bit. Omig I'm going to get married to Zan da man! Someone pinch me. Nevermind don't do that. Cause if this is a dream I refuse to wake up. Matter fact, I'll kill anyone who'll wake me up.*


Ok now that I told you about the best day of my life let me tell you about the worst day of my life. I used to think my worse day was when we were trying to rescue Max from the FBI, only to be topped by going to Copper Summit and being attacked by the Skins. Then after that was the Skins coming to Roswell and wipeing the whole town out.

Now I'm sitting here puking my guts out and I cannot control the after shock. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew things were going to turn out this way. See in the other timeline Max came back with Tess and every thing was hunky dory. We we're friends but my sleeping with Kyle put a kabosh on us getting back together because Max wouldn't let it go.

But in this line he thought I slept with Alex, which is a whole other story even though both of them were not true. I think everytime he saw me, he would see me and Alex together. I don't think I'm explaining this right. I'm confusing myself now. From the looks of it seems like I'm blaiming myself, but it's not all my fault. ok where was I? ok before he came straight back with Tess we were friends, but there was this rift between us he couldn't get over the whole me sleeping with Kyle thing. That's one thing I can't understand Max and I wasn't together in either timeline but he still couldn't get past it. I think it must have something to do with him being an alien King. He thinks everyone belongs to him and they should do what he says and the rules don't apply to him, I guess. Let me clue you into what went down with me and Max today.

Liz's room mid day

"Look Max I said we could be friends that's it. Can't you accept that?"

"Why should I? Why do you get to make all thee decisions in this relationship?" *What is going on I feel like I'm going to snap? I just came over here to bring Liz Tess' ashes for testing.* He starts to shake as tremors rack his body.

"What relationship? Max we broke up a long time ago."

"It feels like you're stringing me on. Wherever you want to drag me next I'll follow. I'm not a little puppy dog. I do have feelings. Not that you'd notice or even care." *I guess guilt isn't working.* "Look Liz I know I've treated you wrong and I want to fix this thing between you and me. Come on, give me a chance." *God my head hurts bad so bad.*

"Look Max it's not going to work and you're starting to freak me out!" *What the hell is wrong with him?*

Max grabs Liz by the shoulders and starts shaking her. "I wont let you go, not this time." He grits his teeth. *It's getting worse. My head feels like it's going to explode!* "I've lost you twice. I'm not going to lose you again." He wraps her in a bone bruising bear hug. *oh that feels a little better.* "We can start all over. It's ok now. I know that you didn't sleep with Alex. It can be like it was before. Please Liz!" He sounds like a desperate wounded little kid. *Nope getting bad again. God make it stop!*

"I'm sorry Max. I'm sorry that I had to lie to you. I'm sorry that I made you believe that I slept with Alex, even though you were the one that told me to push you away in the first place." She takes a deep breath and pushes on.

"I'm sorry that I do nothing but hurt you. I'm sorry that for some reason you've turned out like this. I'm sorry that you feel broken and bruised and I'm sorry that some of it is my fault. I truly never wanted to hurt you. I'm sorry that I am going to have to hurt you again 'cause I've moved on and I'm inlove now and it's not with you." *God why can't I learn to keep my big fat mouth shut!*

Max snaps his head up. His eyes blazes with fire. "Who? Who! Tell me who." He is grabbing her shoulders painfully hard and lifts her off the ground so she is eye level with him.*Much better*

"'re...hurting me!" Liz is trying to get free but has no luck. *Why can't I use my powers?*

"You always hurt the one you love isn't that what they say?" Her blouse starts to rip.

"Max please...let me down...Let me go!" *I let go why can't he? I know I wasn't brought back to life for this? This is a nightmare it has to be.*

Max realises it's not just his grasp that she wants to be released from. "Why should I?"

"Look I saved your life. Doesn't that count for anything?"

His eyes turn black. "I saved yours looks where's that's gotten me. Nothing but pain and heartache and let's not forget about being torchered by the FBI. I wont forgive this Liz ever." *He has a look on his face, one I've never seen before directed at me. Like I'm his enemy* I slowly start to cry. Max brings his lips down on hers to stop her from crying but it only makes her cry more. Completely tuned out from everything that is happening. He jams his tongue in her mouth and squeezes her right breast. "I wont let him have you." He starts pulling on her shorts and puts his hands down her pants. Liz doesn't move a muscle. Zan! Where are you I need you? God I'm holding on to a thread here. I'm not going to fight. It will only get worse. Please baby come to me. I'm in hell. Yeah that's it. I'm trapped in some weird hell dimension.*

He starts un zipping his pants pulls her shorts down. He licks her face from her jaw to her cheek. *This feels better. What am I doing? I've turned into some kind of freak who get's off on mutilating his own body now.*

Not sure how much time has passed. Liz head falls down and lands on some marks on Max's arm. Liz starts crying hysterically. "What have you done to yourself!?"

Max sets her down. *Whew what a relief* "What this?" Max pulls up his sleeve you can see Liz and Max forever carved in his arm.

"Hey babe?" Zan comes through the window and sees Max. He looks puzzled for a second. Max's pants open. Liz's shorts down. Then he sees the marks on his arm and Liz crying "Man that is sick yo." He pushes Liz behind him.

He points at Zan. "This is who you've been seeing behind my back?! You think I'm going to stand around while you play kissy face with this poser? Think again!"

"Don't try and pull that king card with me Max. I'm not one of your subjects. You can't boss me around." *That sounded awfully familiar. Talk about De ja vu.*

Zan steps to Max "Who you callin a poser?"

"I think I was talking about the guy who's wearing my face."

"I look way better than you chump. At least I know how to keep my women satisfied."

"Your sleeping with this jerkoff!? You barely know this jerk. What a tramp. I can't believe I stayed away from Tess for you."

*Ok I'm just going to ignore the Tess statement cause he's obviously crazy.* "That's none of your business." Liz starts pulling together her ripped blouse and tugging her shorts back in place. "Who I let share my bed, is none of your concern anymore. We've been over for seven months now get over it! You're sufficating me." Liz cries out.

"I'll show you sufficating!" Max lunges forward to grab Liz's neck just as he makes contact he is pushed back by Zan's force field which is surrounding his body in a vice grip. Zan moves his hand up so Max is pinned to the ceiling.

"Let me down you cock-blockin-bastard!"

"I'll let ya down when I said my piece not a minute before den." Max throws his green force field out against his to get free but Zan purple one only tightens harder. Max realises that Zans force field is stronger than his and finally gives up. "This conversation is over wit. You stay away from Liz. If I find out that you even looked at her sideways I will beat you bloody. You got it?"

Max nods his head yes and Zan tightens the the force field around his neck "Understand?"

Max's face is turning red "Yeah" he chokes out

"Say I understand."

"Ok *cough* I Understand." Zan drops the force field and Max comes slamming down to the ground hard.

"Now get the hell out and don't come back!" Max looks back at Liz in Zans arms. Zan is rubbing her back while she clings to him desperately. *That used to be me who she would turn to when she was scared or hurt or in pain. I just caused her all three and now I have to look at another man take my place and he's wearing my face. What? What the hell..happened?* "What did I ever see in you?" Max says as he climbs back out the window.

Zan pulls her to the bed "It's ok the jerk is gone." Liz just nods her head and listens to him breathing. *Oh how the hell did everything get so screwed up? I know Max was acting weird but this is insane! Why would he do that to me?*

Zan is flexin his jaw muscles trying to reign in the anger he feels toward Max. Zan kisses the top of her head. "Hey I gotta take care of something. I'll be right back." *I swear I'm going to get ahold of him and tear his ass to shreads!* Liz tightens her grip on Zan. "Come on sweets I'll be right back." *I'm not letting him get away without a scratch on him.*

"No don't leave me....please! I don't want you to get hurt." Zan pulls them both off the bed. The hurt he sees radiating in her eyes makes his anger against Max flare to a dangerous level. He steps away from her and she looks at his face knowing that he is going to go reguardless of what she says. Then she pushes him hard in the chest and he lands on the floor. Liz dashes in the bathroom and starts throwing up. Zan scrambles from the floor and rushes to the door and starts knockin. "Babe? You aiight? Hey Red are ya ok?" All you can hear from the other side is Liz heaving into the toliet. "Look I'm gonna call Maria." Zan pulls out his cell and dials Maria. She answers on the first ring.

"Maria it's Zan. Liz needs ya. Get over here quick!" *Now I don't know where she was at the time when I called, but she got here in a flash. I swear if I didn't know she was human already I would've thought she teleported here. I heard the tires screach to a halt and her feet on the balcony before I even clapped my cell-phone shut. Man the girl came in looking crazy. Her shirt was buttoned wrong. Her skirt was on inside out. Her hair looked like she just rolled out of bed.*

"Ok where's Liz?" Her eyes darting everywhere. Then she heard her whimper and she cast a stern look at me. I threw my hands up in the air. "Hey I called you aiight? I didn't do this. Just help her." I passed Alex on the way out to the balcony.

"She left the keys in the car with it running. I swear she'd forget her head if it wasn't attached."

"Hey you wanna come watch me beat up Max?"

"Sure let me just give Maria her keys and then you can explain to me on the way why you want to fight Max." Alex comes down the ladder two minutes later with his jaws tight and his face beat red. He hops on the bike behind Zan. "You're going to have to wait in line. Let's get Michael, he might want to play a round of kick Max's ass."

"I'm wit that."


Zan, Alex and Michael hop off the bikes at the same time and stalk over to the door.

Alex says "You want me to knock?"

"Screw knockin." Zan and Michael raise their hands at the same time and blast the door off it's hinges and barge in the house.

Zan is searching from room to room "Where the hell are you you sniveling bastard?!"

Max comes running down the stairs ready to attack when he sees Michael and Alex and let's his guard down.

"Big mistake Maxwell." Michael throws Max across the room. He just fly's by Zan's head. Zan looks at Michael "Nice aim man." Alex takes thee opportunity to kick him while he's down. He kicks him after every word. "You think it's ok to hurt women? Answer me you piece of shit!" He kicks him in the stomach repeatedly and Michael and Zan pull Max up and start working on his face. "Noone is going to recognize you when we're done. Zan punches him in the face so many times both his eyes swell shut. Michael hits him in the ribs and a loud crack is heard. "This is for calling Liz a tramp you bastard!" Alex throws his fist back as far as he can and rams his fist into Max's jaw so hard that he breaks his middle knuckle and Max's jaw. Max falls on the floor twitching slightly. Zan, Michael and Alex take turns kicking him.

"I think our work here is done." Michael says as he kicks Max one more time.

"Not quite." Zan hacks up a huge lugie and spits right in Max's face. "Remember stay away from Liz."

"Hey what the hell happened here?" Mr Evans is pulling the front door up when Mrs Evans walks into the kitchen.

"Oh my god!" Diane drops to the floor next to Max. Zan, Michael and Alex move aside. The only reason Diane could tell the difference between Max and Zan was because well he's bigger for one. Zan hair is way longer than Max's and Zan of course had piercings and tattooes.

Phillip calls from the front room. "Diane isn't that Michael bike outside?"

"Yes he's in here come quick." Diane looks from a badly beaten up Max to Zan and back again.

"What the hell?" Mr Evans does the same thing. "I don't understand what I'm seeing here."

Switch back to Liz's room

"Omig Liz I'm so sorry. My brother is so dead when I get home."

"I'm sure Alex and Zan left a piece for you. Hey can you hand me a tube top Iz?"

"Sure." Isabel goes over to the dresser and pulls one out and hands it to Maria.

Kyle jumps up from the bed "Why didn't anyone call me in for the Max bashing?"

"Maybe because you might have set his ass on fire." Maria pulls Liz into a sitting position and takes off her top.

"And that's supposed to be a bad thing? Look at her." Everyone turns back to Liz who is shaking in Maria's arms bruises on her arms, she has purple welts on her back and marks on her breast and scratches on her stomach from when Max was gettin in her pants. Her ripped blouse is thrown to the floor. "Oh my god Liz! I can't believe he did this to you." Maria starts crying while holding Liz. Isabel covers her mouth with her hands and starts crying and Kyle envelops her in a hug.

"Why? Why did this happen? What did I do? I'm not a bad person."

Maria grabs Liz a little tighter careful not to hurt her more than she already is and rubs her back in slow circles "SHhhhh honey it's ok. You did nothing wrong."

Liz starts rubbing her neck "Then why did this happen to me? I loved him. I saved his life. I broke laws for him. I lied to the police. I dodged bullets for him, jumped off bridges for him. I trusted him with my life and he-he tried" *The bastard tried to choke me to death..after everything he did to me.*

Maria brushes both sides of her hair away from her face and looks at her in the eyes. "I don't know honey. I don't know what to say to you to ease this hurt but will figure this all out. I promise...Where are your parents?"

"In Carlsbad buying another restaurant."

Maria slips the top over her head and she pulls her arms through. "Ok then just get some sleep. We will figure this all out." Maria tucks Liz in bed and walks over to Isabel and Kyle. "We have to do something about Max. I'm not going to just sit here and let him continue to stalk Liz. Or hurt her again or worse. Next time she might not be so lucky."

"Short of giving Max a labotomy. I don't know what would help."

Isabel and Maria look at Kyle with an astonishing admiration.

"Why are you guys looking at me like that?"

"Your idea it's..."

"not bad Valenti." Maria finishes

"Yeah we might be able to fix what's wrong with his head."

"You're serious?"

"Look I know my brother and he's not like this. Something else is wrong with him. I was too wrapped up in my own shit to see it. I just wasn't paying close enough attention. He's been acting weird for months. I thought it was a fluke but maybe this is alien related." *For his sake let's hope it is cause if not I have no qualms in ending his life.*
"Look this is not the way I wanted I meet you. Especially not under these circumstances."

"And what would those circumstances be? You beating the life out of my son. What makes you think I wont call the cops."

Zan crosses his arms across his chest. "GO ahead! Call the cops. He needs to be in jail." *Where he'll be somebodies bitch.*

"What you battered my son an inch from his life and you think he belongs in jail?"

"I don't think his cellmates will treat him kindly when they find out dear brother here likes to attack women."


"That's right that piece of sh...." Trying hard not to kick him infront of Max's parents. Zan flexes his jaw a few more times to calm down. "Is my brother."

Philip shakes his head repeatedly. "Max attacked someone? A women?! No that's not possible Max wouldn't do that. I can't believe it. I wont."

"Not only did he do it. He's mutilating his body too."

Alex looks from Zan to the Evans obviously they aren't believing it. "He's right Mr and Mrs Evans I saw her with my own eyes. She was..."

Diane cuts him off. "Who did Max attack?"

"My fiance, Liz."

Diane gets up from the floor and pulls Phillip aside. "Look Max has been obsessing over that girl for months. It was the reason why we sent him to the shrink in the first place."

"Well obviously the shrink isn't helping."

"What are we going to do? If Liz presses charges his life is over before he can even get help."

Phillip runs his hands through his hair in frustration. "What other alternative do we have she's the victim in all this."

"I know, I know it's just he's my son. My baby boy. Don't get me wrong my heart breaks for Liz. I still can't grasp that he could do something like this and especially to her. Not that it would be ok in any circumstance."

"We'll just leave you with your son." Zan says as he, Michael and Alex make their way to the living room.

Diane speaks up. "No need to rush off now. We would like to get to know you better Zan, if you can stand being in the same room as Max."

"Oh I wasn't going anywhere. We were just going to re-hang your door. I'm sorry this had to happen in your home."

Phillip walks over to him. "Not that I condone violence, but I can understand where you are coming from. If anything like this happened to Diane or Izzy. I'd....Do you need any help?"

"No, we got it covered."


"Ok Alex are you serious you guys did what?!"

"What-what happened?"

"Kyle, would you shut up? I'm trying to hear already."

"Uh huh, ok yeah put him on...Hey Zan. You did not! In the same breath as thee other. Ok you've got a set on you. Yeah no Liz didn't say anything about...oh really? You are so bad! Yeah they're here now. You spoke to Ava? Ok connected ok alright damn. I'll stay right here god!" Maria hangs up the phone. "Ok Zan wants you to meet at his house."


"They are bringing Max there. Apparently Zan, Alex and Michael beat the snot out of him, then your parents walked in...So they had to explain about Liz. Zan made a deal that Liz wouldn't press charges if we could have him for a week."

"You said he was badly beaten, and my parents agreed to this?"

Kyle chimes in. "They must be desperate to protect golden boy."


Alex speaks up as he watches Zan shackle and chain Max to the wall. "Hey any tighter he'll lose his hands. Not that I really care, but the Evans' might."

"Well in some countries he could get his hands chopped off for what he did. So it's all good." Max is dangling from the wall his arms and legs chained tightly. Blood is pouring from his mouth where Alex broke his jaw. His eyes are now purple and black. He's still passed out. Zan is getting out his bags of tricks you know: chains, spikes, needles, thorns, bats, blow torch, sawdering iron sp?, small tub of ice water, bag of nickels, a couple of bricks, pliers, cattle prod and brander.

"Oh my god Ava I cannot believe he lives here by himself. This place looks fantastic! If only you could've seen what this place used to look like." Isabel says as they walk through the building. Kyle and Ava on her heels.

"Isabel didn't Zan tell Maria they would be here? I didn't even see the bike or the jeep."

"It's probably parked around back." As she finishes the sentence the wall slides open and Isabel and Ava raise their hands on reflex and Alex and Michael tumble out of the room. You can hear Max howling. Alex looks green and Michael just walks out shaking his head. Isabel and Ava run over to Alex. Kyle stands next to him. "Hey buddy what's going on?"

"Zan is one twisted mother...He's back there pulling out some of Max's teeth. He already broke all his fingers in his right hand."


After Maria finshed taking pictures of Liz's bruised body she laid her out on the bed. "Here drink this."

Liz sits up. "What's in it?"

"Chamoile Tea, lemon, honey and some rum."

She takes a sip and shivers as the alcohol burns her throat. "Thanks Maria." She tucks some hair behind her ear. "I must look like a mess."

"No you look gorgeous as always."

"Your biased. Where did Isabel and Kyle go?"

"They had some business to take care of."

Liz looks confused at first. "What business would Isabel and Kyle have together?....You mean...Alien business right?"

"And you think I would know because?"

"You were here when they left. I on the other hand was asleep."

"As far as you know they could be on a date."

"Yeah Right! Kyle and Isabel...I'll let it drop for now cause something tells me I don't want to know what's going on." Maria sighs with relief "I just don't understand how everything got so out of control. Yesterday was the best day of my natural life and today total opposite."

"Why what-what happened yesterday?"

Liz holds up her left hand "Liz OMIG I can't believe you!"


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~Part 18~


"How could you not tell me?...I'm not just your best friend. I'm your girlfriend!"

Liz starts shaking her head and looking at Maria like she's crazy. "OH like you came running to tell me after you slept with Alex?"

"Well I told you before hand that it was a definite possibility."

"Come on, suck it up Maria. You can't be mad at me for this." Liz says as she raises her left hand in her face again and turns away. "Didn't you go on a date with Brody the other night?" Liz turns back to see the look on Maria's face a smile tugs at her lips as she watches Maria open her mouth to say something and quickly closes again. "I bet even Alex doesn't know about that one." She crosses her arms across her chest and her legs at her ankles and lays back on her brass headboard and stares at Maria.

"Fine! fine!! You made your point. I know I'm being a hypocrite and a little irrational, whatever. I have no right to be upset, but I am. Even though it doesn't seem like it. I am happy for you." A slow smile graces Liz's face and she hugs her. "Thanks Maria."

"So how did da man propose?"

"Well he took me out dancing at this club out of town." The telephone rings interrupting the story. "Hello, um no Alex isn't here Ava. No he was here earlier he left with Zan. Anything I can help with? Oh no you’re right that is more Alex's area of expertise. Nope we didn't even think about doing that. Go ahead. No I'll wait.... You found what! No sorry, I wasn't trying to blow your eardrums out. Ok I'll make sure to tell him when he gets back. Later." Liz puts the phone on the cradle with shaky hands.

"Liz what's wrong? What did Ava want?"

"She wanted help getting into Tess' computer so she could do some research for her paper for AP history class."


"She was trying to figure out Tess' code to use her laptop and stumbled on some disturbing computer files."

"Do I even want to know?"

"I don't even want to get in to it. So back to Zan."


Alex presses a button and a panel on the floor slides open. Kyle unshackles Max and they throw him in the pit. Alex presses the button and the door closes. "Man when we made this thing I never thought we would be using it for this."

"Ok now what was the purpose for this?" Zan says as he crosses his hands over his chest.

Kyle looks at the floor. *You can't even tell there was a trap door there. Too cool!* "Look Zan I know you mean well and all but you can't keep doing this all day and night you need rest ok?"

"I don't need sleep. Every time I close my eyes, Liz’s battered body haunts me."

Alex tries to humor him. "Well we need sleep then. You see Ava and Isabel left hours ago...Besides tomorrows a brand new day. You can dream up a whole new concept to torture Max with when you wake up." That seemed to bring a smile to Zan's face.

"Ok tomorrow den. I'm gonna check up on Liz. Alex you coming?"

"Sure. Let's go."

Kyle yells after them. "Well I guess I'll just stay here til you get back to make sure Max doesn't escape."

"Well knock yourself out. But it's not necessary. Dude can't even move his hands and I made sure he stays out for at least ten hours."


"Yeah, we had this long talk and he told me how much I meant to him. It was strange 'cause thee only other person who ever said those things to me was..." She looks away quickly. "At first I was scared 'cause you know my track record. All the guys I've gone out with ended up as stalkers or..."

"Or psychos" Maria finishes for her. They share a laugh

"So are you going to tell me what happened with you and Brody?"

"First, background info. This was like the second time he had rescheduled on me saying he was going to be abducted." Liz starts laughing at her. "So I told him if he wasn't there this time aliens be damned his ass was going on my hurt list."

" what happened?"

"Nothing much really. We saw a movie. Went out to eat. Then we started talking about taking our relationship up a notch. In which he proceeded to tell me he thinks he's about to be abducted again."

Liz laughs at her. "Please stop Maria I can't take it!"

"I mean come on, a guy can only use that excuse so many times before you have to say enough is enough!"

Liz holds her stomach and falls on the floor laughing. "Oh god what is wrong with us? I attract psycho's and you've cornered the market on weirdo's. What's next?"

"Don't know but it has to get better or else what's the purpose?"

"We'll always have each other."

"Do we really? You're engaged. To a very hot alien."

"Amen to that!"

"Seriously though what's going to happen to us?"

"I don't know but we'll figure something out. We always do. Not that I feel particularly sexy at the moment."

"Oh please you know damn well our relationship is not based entirely on sex and I'm the last person who would try to pressure you into doing anything. Especially now, so don't even worry about it."

Liz hugs Maria "Thanks Maria."

"What for?"

"For just being here."

"Where else would I be?" Liz tightens her grasp on Maria "Hey what's wrong?"

"He's coming." Liz says sounding scared

"Liz calm down. Max isn't coming back here."

Zan and Alex walk in the room and see Liz and Maria hugging on the bed. Maria turns her head when she hears Alex knock on the door jam. "See it was only Zan."

Liz instantly relaxes and let's out a breath. "I'm going to have to work on telling their energy apart or I will seriously have a mental break down."

"Sounds like a plan...So what were you little reprobates up to? Nothing illegal I hope." Maria says as she looks at Alex.

"Hey I resent that!" Alex says as he walks over to Maria. He sounds upset but he has a smile on his face and gives her a kiss. Zan is still standing at the door unsure of what to do. *And to think I used to be a ruler of a whole planet and when it comes to this woman I turn to mush.*

"Alex. Ava called for you earlier."

"Really? What did she want?"

"She wanted your computer expertise. It sounded pretty important."

"Ok. I guess I'll hook up with her later."

"Yeah you do that." Liz says as she gets up "I'm going to go take a bath I feel dirty."

"Liz do you want me to stay the night?" *I know there is no way I'd want to be left alone at a time like this.*

"Please Maria that's not necessary, really. Besides I have Zan here to keep me company. I'm just going to relax in a tub and then hit the hay. You've been here all day anyway. We do have school tomorrow."

"No way are you going to school tomorrow Liz." *She's got to be joking. After being terrorized she wants to go to school?*

"Yeah that's a really bad idea. You have been through a lot." *Sometimes I don't get Liz at all why does she always have to shrug everything off like it doesn't matter. What am I thinking? Maria does it too.*

Trying to sound like it wasn't a big deal "Look I'm going. No need in arguing with me about it."

Zan walks over to her. "Look I think you should listen to your friends. It's not like Ava can't bring you your homework. You do have all the same classes right?"

"Right."*I just want to forget it happened and try and act normal Ha! normal my ass! How long has it been since I was normal Elizabeth Parker?*

Maria jumps up. "So it's settled then. And we can get out early and check up on you and make sure you're not doing anything crazy, like studying."

"You’re a piece of work. Get out!" Liz laughs at the surprised looks on Alex and Maria's faces. She turns to walk in the bathroom and winks at Zan.

"You heard her get the hell out!" *I have a lot of work to do. Healing bruises. Mending things that shouldn't have been broken in the first place. Hopefully she will sleep through the night without any reminders of today.*

"I have the strangest feeling we aren't wanted here."

Maria starts pushing Alex out the room "Oh what clued you in Sherlock?"


Next day around noon Zan's lair

"I see you've been busy this morning."

Zan looks up as he sees Alex enter. He goes back to cranking the vice on Max's hand. "AaaRrrgh how long can you keep doing this?"

"Until I feel safe that Liz isn't in danger from you. I have what six more days to wreak bloody vengeance on you. Thanks to your pops. Nice guy that man. I plan on using every last day making you pay." Zan backhands Max on his already broken jaw and Max cries out in pain. "Now shut up before I sever your vocal cords."

Alex cringes as Zan's fist connects with Max's jaw. "Damn Zan." Zan gets out his tattoo gun and opens a new needle and gets to work on Max's upper arm.

"So Alex what brings ya?"

"I thought Ava might be here already and I came to drop off that thing you wanted." Alex says as he places the large bag on the floor."

"How much?"

Alex just waves him off "Look it's on me. Tell Ava I'll catch her later." Alex walks out shaking his head.

"Ok all done with your new tat." Zan says as he slaps the tattoo and gets another yelp from Max. Zan looks over at the table next to him. "Hmmm decisions decisions. What should I use next? Oh I know." Zan picks up the chains and hits him repeatedly with it til Max's body is good and tenderized.

Zan spent the rest off the day torturing Max shoving needles under his finger nails. Burning his fingers with a blowtorch. He chained him to a wall and branded him on his ass. He threw him in the pit and opened the bag that Alex brought. Careful not to put his hands in the bag and turned it over. Max yelped when crabs started biting him everywhere. To top it off Zan opened a box of biting ants and threw that on him as well.

"That should keep you busy for awhile." Zan laughed "Good luck trying to scratch." One hand badly broken thee other hand crushed and blistered. *I wish I could just kill him and get it over with but the Evans' know I have him. What kind of life would I have with Liz on the run? I could get Ava to do a mind meld. Erase that they ever saw us but would Liz go along with it? She doesn't even know what I'm up to. Would she approve of my actions? What if she left me? What would I do then? I've waited for her my whole life. What would my life be like without this angel to complete me?* Zan could still hear Max screaming from the pit but decided to ignore it. He called Kyle to come over and keep watch. He arrived 15 minutes later.

"Ok where is he? That's when he heard the thump "Ok if you want me to watch him at least take him out of there and chain him up." Zan walked over to the trap door and pushed the secret button which was really and indentation of a thumb print. The door slid open and two crabs slid out battling each other. Zan raised his hands and burned the rest of the crabs and the ants off Max causing his clothes to incinerate and his flesh to burn.

"Ok that was the last image I need to see is Max in the buff."

"You were the one that wanted him outta there." Zan tries to hold in his laughter as he looks at Max's package.*Damn I see those scientist only wasted a good nickel on his equipment. Hmm maybe Alien chicks don't need much pipe to get off. I guess I got all the extras.* Zan raises his hand and uses his force field to wrap around Max's body and carry him in thee other room. He picks up a towel and throws it at Max and uses his powers to seal it around his waist, then chains him back to the wall. He places his hand next to his head. "Sleep bitch" Just like that Max's head falls forward. Zan presses the button as he walks out and the wall closes then pushes out about an inch and seals shut. He raises his hand to the sidewall so you can see in but not out. "Thanks for coming man. I need to go check up on Liz. I don't know if I'll be coming right back or if she'll need me to spend the night. If you can't stay call Alex or Ava."

"I'm good go see your girl."

"Fiance." Zan says blissfully. *I love the way that sounds.*

"Your what!?" *Man this guy works fast.*

"Oh Liz didn't tell you? Well I guess she didn't have time to after what happened, but yeah I asked an she accepted." Zan starts walking out the door. "Will talk more tomorrow at the crash after closing."


Next day Liz still couldn't bring herself to go to school. Alex decided to ditch too. He just had to get at those computer files and Ava left Tess' laptop over Liz's house. He was just itching to try out his new decryption software. Ever since that thing with Toloposky happened he started collecting stuff like that. He lugged the rest of his equipment he thought he might need but knowing Tess she wasn't that smart that he would need his whole arsenal to break into her comp but he brought it anyway. Alex pulled the laptop from the desk and flipped it open. He attached his diagnostic scan checker to it making sure there were no viruses. He downloaded all his software he had on disk to her comp. Then made a back up to all her files on her hard drive.

"Ok open files Shellow 3.1" Two minutes later the files opened.

"Ok this was a gold mine dropped in my lap. Kyle gave me all the info I needed about him, not that he knows of course. Humans are so stupid and weak. I have a date with him tonight. I think he has all the information I need for the final phase of my plan."

"What the hell is she talking about? And what is this?" Liz says over Alex's shoulder.

"Um it's encrypted. Hold on one sec. Just a couple of key strokes and whala." Alex smiles with satisfaction. Then immediately his face gets twisted when he starts reading. "You are the royal four. Zan the King. Ava his Queen. Vilandra his Sister. Rath his Counselor. You were created from the genetic material of your alien predecessors and human subjects. You were given human form so that you could live safely on the planet undetected until the time comes for your return. You have been given the granilith. A transportation between this planet and Antar. Blah-blah-blah communication technology, yada-yada-yada access information from your true home. The chamber containing your hibernation pods and the Granilith has been hidden away. Oh god kill me now! So she did it. She actually got the translation for the book."

"I wonder if she left this guy alive."

"Doug Shellow? Liz isn't that?"

"Yeah that was the guy I went on that blind date with."

"Kyle gave her info on this guy? Why didn't he say anything?"

"Remember she mind warped him?" Alex looks confused for a second then he remembers that day at lunch with Kyle tapping on the table. "Oh right."

Liz looks at the clock on the desk. "Come one Alex let's take this downstairs I'm sure the gang is here by now."

Alex and Liz enter the crashdown and everyone is quietly sitting at the booth. Michael moves over to make room for Alex. Maria gets up and Liz sits next to Zan. Kyle, Ava and Isabel sit in chairs by the counter and Maria sits on the end next to Liz.

"So what's going on what was the reason for this meeting?"

"Um this isn't exactly a meeting babe. I thought it would be nice to officially tell everyone about our status."

"Ohhh right, our status?" Liz smiles at him.

He's still typing away. Maria kicks him in the shin. "Alex are you even paying attention?"

"Ow! Damn Maria you are abusive. Yeah I'm paying attention. I'm just doing something."

"OK fine so what were we talking about?"

"Um Zan and Liz engagement."

Ava's head snaps up. "What?! You two are engaged? This is not happening."

"Ava We talked about this. I thought you were ok with me and Zan?"

"Ok kill me. I lied ok? I thought you were my friend."

"I am your friend."

Ava ignores her. "It's one thing to get used to the concept of you and Zan going out. It's an adjustment that I have to make. I get that. I was getting used to the idea. But noooo, you couldn't put my feelings into consideration. Could you? What is up wit you? You have to have every man panting after you? You have Max. You have Zan."

"So have you."

"You've had Kyle. You've had Alex."

"So have you!"

"Who's next? Michael!"

Liz let's her words sink in. She feels uncomfortable. Kyle gives her an I told you so look. "Ava come on it's not like that."

There's a tap on the window. Everyone yells in unison "We're closed!" The tapping gets louder and Maria turns her head and sees Brody at the door.

"Guys it's just Brody I'll see what he wants."

Maria gets up and Alex barely acknowledges that she leaves. She opens the door "Hey Brody what's up? We're closed. He moves towards her and grabs her around the waist. "Hey what's going on what are you doing here?" Her arms are at her side palms facing up. She looks him in the eye like he's crazy for grabbing her in public no less. She turns around to see if anyone is paying attention and notices that all eyes are on her. "We are abo..."He brings his lips down to hers and a collected gasp is heard. Everyone's looking at Alex to see how he's going to react. He just stares at them waiting to see what Maria is going to do. Maria pulls away from him. Her fingers touch her lips. Brody what they hell was that for?"

He smiles at her, a knowing look dawns on her face. His smile turns into a sneer. "Not Brody, Larek." Maria immediately moves away from him.

"I always wanted to do that." He looks at Maria. Maria gives Liz a pointed look. And she laughs so hard everyone starts looking at her. Larek brings a chair closer to the table. "It's been awhile." Larek says to Liz. "I didn't catch your name last time."

"It's Liz. And of course you know Zan and that's Alex." He raises his head from his comp and waves. "Michael" he nods. "Kyle, Isabel, Ava and of course you-you met Maria." Liz says with a smirk.

Michael speaks up. "So Ah Br-Larek what brings you?"

"Just wanted to hang." Everyone looks at him like he's crazy. "Kidding you guys are so tense."

"Zan stares at him "Larek not that I mind ya being here, but we were in the middle of something so can ya just spit it out."

"You never were the type that settled for idle chitchat. Well there have been rumors floating around that Khivar and Hanar have banded together against you."

"For what purpose? We are no threat to him. We aren't going back. I don't want the throne and neither does Max." Liz tenses slightly.

Isabel speaks up. "Max said Hanar and Khivar are enemies. What would cause them to work together?"

"Who knows but whatever it is it can't be good." Ava answers her.

"Rumor has it that a faction has left the planet and is coming here. I have no idea if this is true or not. I am an outsider in all this. My planet is peaceful. Noone wages war on us so I have to rely on contacts but you know forewarned forearmed." Larek looks at Maria. "You know you'd make a beautiful Queen."

"Is this guy for real? You're old enough to be my grandfather!"

"Hey I'm not that old. I guess in human terms yes. But we have a longer life span than humans."

Alex throws in. "Ok off topic." *What I'm supposed to sit here while Alien possessed Brody hits on my girl?*

Maria voices everyone concerns. "Ok so we have no idea when they left or how long it will take to get here. Or where they will show up. If they show up. What kind of powers they will have? What they'll look like? How many are coming? How many people could be killed in their mission to find us?"

Michael rushes in. "Ok these are all valid questions for us to ponder and freak out over later. Larek you said a faction left awhile ago. Does that mean that it's only Hanar's men or Khivar's men? How many people make up a faction?"

"Twelve but if they've joined forces Twenty-Four. If they have a contingency plan as many forty-eight. Maybe more."

"I can see my trip to the Caribbean go bye bye." Alex says softly.

Isabel speaks up. "Who's going to Caribbean?"

"We were. Liz, Alex and I. That's all moot now. Liz what are we going to do Rain is coming in a few days?"

"Hey we're talking about cataclysmic events taking place and your being pissy about the weather?"

"Rain is a friend of ours."

"Oh damn that's right! SHit shit shit!" Liz buries her head in her hands. "Let's not forget about her sister. What are we going to do with our parents?-These people-beings whatever could show up looking for us. Then what?-It's not like they know about us. They could be attacked and they wouldn't even see it coming."

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Hey snowdove30 I'm glad you like the story your question will be answered in this next part. hope you like

~Part 18B~

Continued from earlier

"Please Liz you have nothing to worry about your parents are more likely to be out of town buying another restaurant. Which one is it now number 5?"Ava says clearly aggitated. *Funny her pops get's rich on an alien themed restaurant and she got healed by an alien. And is engaged to another one. Alien groupie.*

"Six actually."Liz says in a small voice not really listening.

"We could just send our parents on a trip out of town." Maria says with a hint of hope in her voice.

"What is this going to be a group trip?" Says Alex

"Our parents are not stupid. They aren't going to fall for that shit." Isabel bounces back.

"We are going to need Max." Michael says hesitently but with an air that it's not to be questioned. Isabel is sitting next to him nods her head.

"You're joking right? Is he even stable? Why would he even help after..." Kyle trails off as he glances at Liz and quickly shuts him mouth. Kyle looks at Zan as does Michael and Alex.

"What-what are you guys keeping from me?" Liz speaks up. Noone answers her. "Someone better say something fast and I mean it!"

Zan fills her in on the arrangement he made with thee Evans'. In any other circumstance she would have told him off for making decisions for her but she kept herself in check and said she would speak to him more about this later. Right now they had other problems to solve. If it wasn't enough on her plate Alex turns the laptop around so Liz can look at it. "Oh that Bitch! That twisted bitch!" *God I feel like I'm going to throw up! I need some air.* Liz gets up and walks out the Crash Down and goes for a walk and the rest of them crowd around the laptop to see what Liz got so mad about. Alex goes after Liz and Larek and Zan talk on the other side of the room. A few minutes later they both leave out.

"So Tess was planning on taking revenge on everyone except Michael and me. Don't you find that a little strange?" Maria says slightly aggitated. Still trying to figure out all that the blonde twit was up to. Alex still hadn't opened all the files as yet. Which was starting to grate on her nerves. *Yeah calming Liz down was important but so was this. How many other bombshells were going to be dropped on them?*

"No, not really. I never treated Tess as an outcast. She had no beef with me." Michael says blankly.

"Well she knew I didn't like her so why wasn't she going to come after me? I don't understand."

"Maria do you think before things fly out of your mouth?"

"Why? What did I say?"

Isabel looks at Maria strangely. "You sound like your mad that Tess-who was a psycho-didn't want to kill you. If you think about it everyone who she was planning on getting revenge on served a purpose. And let's face it you don't. Liz was in the way of her getting to Max.

Isabel takes a drink and continues. "Alex she was going to use him to translate the book but Liz stopped that from happening so she switched gears and went after Shellow. I was the first one she connected with. I was her first friend and I shut her out. Not that anyone would blame me. I mean she was playing mind games with my brother." *I guess she never stopped. Her power got to her head, now my brother's mind is probably mush.* "I have no clue about Kyle but maybe she was jealous you weren't spending enough time with her."

"Ok yeah maybe your right." Maria winced. That statement was hard to say and even harder to hear coming out of her own mouth. The words felt bitter and left a bad after taste. Maria picked up her glass and took a long drink. Those two were barely on speaking terms. If it weren’t for Liz they wouldn't talk at all. Her face still twisted "Ok so I get that Tess was a power trippin space ho. Who was probably working on Max for months." says Maria.

"So this was her contingency plan if all failed in New York. She wanted to make sure once and for all Max couldn't ever be with Liz. I hope you guys know I would never do something like that." Ava throws in.

"We knew you were nothing like her after the first five minutes of meeting you." Isabel says nonchalantly then points at the laptop. "Besides according to this you were supposed to be with us in the first place." Isabel gives her a bright smile and hugs her. Ava hugs back for a second and pushes her. "Cornball."

Michael interrupts the bonding moment. "So Tess screwed up Max's head so if he tried to get back with Liz and she shot him down he'd attack her. One sec. I want to get this right." Michael still reading. 'Or if he thinks of any female other than her he would inflict bodily harm to himself or others.' Man that is twisted." *She wanted to control his thoughts too. Man this girl was really nuts.* "Thee only time he acted normal were when he was away from Tess. Why didn't we pick it up sooner? Iz we should have known." Michael grabs Isabel's hand and Maria raises and eyebrow in confusion, but doesn't say anything. "Max was always so jumpy after being with Tess. Remember how we were when that thing went down with the four square? She mindwarped Max then and he was jumpy and sweaty you were the same way when she did it to you."

Isabel has a flashback 'Pay more attention, Isabel. There are signs all around you.' "Oh god Michael you are so right we just didn't see the signs." Isabel shakes her head. "I feel so sick." *Liz is going to hate us.*

"So what are we going to do now?" Says Kyle

"First things first. We need to fix the damage done to Max's head. Shit he might be a vegetable as much as he loved Liz. I wouldn't doubt if he has permanent brain damage." Michael rakes his hands through his hair. Alex and Liz come back in Alex has his arm around her they sit back down at the booth. "Where did Zan and Larek go?"

Everyone starts looking around. Noone noticed they left. Zan comes in and stops at the door to speak with Larek. "Ok thanks again man." Zan says as he takes both packages.

"I'll have some of my guys positioned not far from the space station. Well far enough so they wont be detected. If anything happens I'll let you know."

"Good lookin out." They give daps "Aiight bet, don't be a stranger." Zan walks over to Alex and hands him one package. He looks at him strangely for a second.

"It's for dat thing we talked about." Alex rolls it up and slips it in his side pocket and zips it up. "Ok I'll get right on that." Alex says as he turns the laptop back around and gets on the net. Zan sits back down and pulls Liz into his lap. She rests her head on his shoulder. Everyone is sitting quietly letting everything sink in.

"Ok noone has anything to say?" A few minutes passed by and noone says a word Alex is still typing away at his laptop. "I think Isabel and Ava should ditch tomorrow and do the mind thing on Max. Then it's practice-practice-practice. We have to come up with a solid plan and I don't just mean one. We need many many plans."

"Oh good solider boy is in full effect." Quipped Kyle
It seems like the end of the world is coming 13 years early. This can really end badly. Like duh! Even my thoughts are irrational. It's one thing to fight a couple of Evil aliens, but we're talking about taking on two planets. Well three if you count the aliens that are already here. Noone can say we need some action around here cause I've seen enough to last two life times. Life is definitely not boring in Roswell.

All I wanted to do this month was have some serious down time with my best friends. I can't even go on a stupid vacation! This is so not fair. I know, don't look at me like that! I know I'm whining. It's not attractive. I get that, but everything was just starting to be perfect. I mean besides psycho Tess sending Max to attack me. My life was good. I was able to hang out with Alex and Maria almost everyday. Kyle wasn't so distant anymore. We were having tons on fun. Ava and I were getting close. My friendship with Isabel sprang back to life. Maybe that was the clue. Everything was going too well. Maybe we should have thought of that sooner. You know, that if we took out Tess and Niko-brat that there would be some consequences. That's true with just about anything though right? Just like I knew there would be consequences to my relationship with Zan. God, but still I never expected that outburst from Ava. I feel bad. I never even got to talk to her more about it. After Larek came in we were dragged back into the Alien abyss.

I think my head is going to explode. I'm so pissed. Now Isabel, Michael, Kyle and I have to practice everyday after school. Max needs lots of practice too. I guess you're wondering why I didn't mention Zan and Ava practicing. Well according to them you can't improve on perfection. Sounds a little arrogant huh? Well they have been using their powers since they hatched and in public no less. Ava can hold her mindwarp for hours. It's funny though Tess could only do hers for a few minutes. Maybe she was counting more on her assets. I don't know. Nacedo must've slacked on her or something cause she should've been more powerful than Ava. Especially if she was the one that should've hailed from New york. I guess she really was the leaky pod.

"Knock knock" Maria says as she enters the room. "Hey I finished with my shift. It's time to go to school or we'll be late." I grumble ok as I close my journal and put it back in it's hiding place and follow Maria down to the car. We drive in silence for awhile then Maria turns on the radio. She is bouncing around in the seat. She has a huge smile plastered across her face. *It's really annoying. The little fringes on her suede jacket are swinging back and forth. It's driving me crazy. I keep cutting my eyes at her and it doesn't phase her one bit. Have you ever seen how kids jump up and down on the seats or re-cross their legs doing that pee-pee dance? Well that's what Maria looks like. All hyper like she's had too much sugar. I can actually feel my self leaving the sanity realm and heading straight to mental.* "I will seriously strangle you to death if you don't calm down."

"Damn Liz what wrong? What's on your mind?"

"What wrong? What's on my mind? Are you serious Maria? Our asses could be grass in a matter of days. If not minutes and your hopping around like you're on speed or something. Sometimes I don't get you at all."

"Hey I'm trying to put that all aside. I have faith in you guys." She goes back to bouncing around. "It's not like I can help. I don't have special powers or anything."

*Her giddiness is getting to me too much.* "You want to help? You want super powers huh? What you want me to stab you in the heart? We could fix that right quick." Liz says as she pulls out a pocket knife from the back of her jeans.

Maria's eyes gets big as saucers when she sees the blade. "Don't talk crazy Liz. Damn." She turns into the parking lot and pulls to a stop. I hop out of the car and grab my back pack and walk right in without even a backwards glance at Maria.

"Wait up Liz damn!" I hear the click clack of her stilettos I turn around. "What!"

"Fine be like that. I'll just wait for Alex. Go about your business. Sorry to have interrupted your well earned brooding moment. Aliens I'll never understand them." She says the last part in a whisper but I heard it anyway. I turn back around and continue to AP Bio. I sit down and pull out my books, pen and notebook. Carefully arranging my work area like I do every day.

Maria and Alex come in the room and they are seated at the work table across from me. I nod at Alex he looks a little panicked. I give him a slight smile. Maria just huffs and avoids looking at me. *Well that's good cause I can't deal with her right now. We have work to do with our partners of which I am missing mine. Ava is at Zan's along with Isabel. They're trying to fix the damage that Tess did to Max's head. They've been doing that for a couple of days now. Which at the moment is more important. I know that, really I do, but it still pisses me off. If we get out of this mess and I get an incomplete for this assignment someone is going to pay. I know it's not rational but when have I been? I'm hanging out with aliens. I'm turning into one. I have to help save the world this is nuts! I'm in highschool not the military. Damn I need to de stress I'm starting to freak myself out and that's the last thing I need in this class is to start blowing shit up. But how can I calm down when two groups of aliens are coming to earth to annihilate us? Someone sits next to me. I don't look up. I continue to do my assignment but I can hear Maria squealing so I have to look. I slowly turn my head to the right and my mouth drops. This is so not happening.*

"What are you doing here?"

"Nice ta see ya too babe. I messed up in one of my classes and instead of going to summer school and make it up. I said to myself 'self why don'tcha go to W.R.H. take a couple of classes and hang witcha buddies. I missed you guys."

"I missed you too." We hug briefly "Did your sister come too?"

"She just started her first semester at U.N.M. today. I'm taking all AP classes so I wont fall too far behind."

"Well that's great. Let me see your schedule." She hands it over. "Damn it's almost identical except for this AP Art History Class."

"Yeah I asked my Aunt to put me in the same classes as you guys. I hope you don't mind."

"Me why would I mind?" I turnback to Alex and give him one of my 'Can you believe this look?' We went back to work. Seeing as this was my favorite subject the time went by fast. Before I knew it class was ending. Mr Seligman gave us a packet that we could take home and complete by the end of the week. As I walked out he handed me an extra one for Tess. I don't know how long I can continue to call her that after what Tess did. Even though it wasn't that much of a shocker she was going to kill Alex. The day went by very fast. Maria and I still weren't talking to each other, but we both were talking to Fire. She noticed the tension between us but I guess she decided not to say anything.

"So Liz what's been up wit'cha since I spoke to you last?"

I grab an orange from my lunch bag and start to peel. "Oh nothing much just this." I say as I flick my hand over for her to see my ring. *I'm surprised she didn't notice it before. She was sitting right next to me in most of my classes. She was on my right side so I guess I could excuse her but let's face it the stones on this thing is not small at all. I'm not going to even ask Zan where he got the money for it.*

She whistles long through her teeth "Girl you are so crazy. This is a joke right? RIGHT. 'Cause I know you didn't get engaged and not call and tell me." she makes a move like she's going to hit me and I fake flinch. "I should slap you. Does Rain know? 'Cause if she kept this a secret I will skin her alive."

"No I didn't tell Rain yet. I was waiting to tell her in person."

"Well that's good 'cause I was gonna put a hurtin on her ass."
*This girl knows how to make me laugh. Which has been a hard thing for me to do all day. It feels good to let go. Maybe it's all the changes that my body has been going through. It's just catching up to me.*

"So who's your dream guy? What's his name? age? Tell me all about him."

"What you want his social security number too? You going to do a background check?" She gives me an exasperated look then narrows her eyes at me like she'll pull my hair out if I don't tell.

"Ok ok good gracious. Can someone turn down the heat? I'm going to catch on Fire."

She elbows Liz in the ribs "Will you stop making jokes on my name and spill already. I got some lighter fluid and a match with your name on it." which she makes a show of pulling out.

"Damn ok. His name is Zan."

She looks at me funny. "That's a very unique name."

"He's a very unique guy. I met him in New York his twin lives here in Roswell. Is that enough?"

Alex sits down inbetween me and Fire "So Miss Storm how are you liking Roswell so far?"

"Hey Alex! You came outta nowhere. Um I just got here last night. The only thing I've seen was the ratty motel we're staying in and my Aunts place. Other than that it seems pretty boring. I don't know how you guys stand it." She's tapping her pen on her notebook and as she hits each page they change colors. *The girl is doing this in broad daylight like it's thee most normal thing in the world.*

"That'll change in a second." Says Alex. Alex and I share a look. "Nuh-huh no way!"

*I can't believe this. My mind is starting to spin.* A girl bumps into Maria on her way over to our table. "I'll be looking forward to catching your show."

"Oh yeah I'll make sure to put you on the list." She says as she walks away. She sits at the table across from us. "Like I even have a list. So what are we doing here?" She sees the weird looks on Alex and my face then follows our eyes to Fire's notebook. "Holy shit!" *Very discreat Maria.*

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I never said they were aliens. Did I nope didn't say it at all. I'm glad you guys are reading and are patiently waiting for a new part. I lost my stupid disk so I had to re write this chapter which was a pain. Usually I back them up on more than one disk but I forgot. Sorry I've been a bad girl I'll brb with part 19.*bounce*
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Author's note: Just to warn you. This part is rated I'm not even sure what to rate it. But if you are under 18 look away. Some bondage and sexual sitches in here.*bounce* Um oh yeah there a scene in here from the Witchblade- Don't sue! -that I thought was the sexiest thing shown on tv, so I had to put it in here. I hope you feel the same and enjoy!!!!! MWa hahaha


"So who's your dream guy? What's his name? age? Tell me all about him."

"What you want his social security number too? You going to do a background check?" She gives me an exasperated look then narrows her eyes at me like she'll pull my hair out if I don't tell.

"Ok ok good gracious. Can someone turn down the heat? I'm going to catch on Fire."

She elbows Liz in the ribs "Will you stop making jokes on my name and spill already. I got some lighter fluid and a match with your name on it." which she makes a show of pulling out.

"Damn ok. His name is Zan."

She looks at me funny. "That's a very unique name."

"He's a very unique guy. I met him in New York his twin lives here in Roswell. Is that enough?"

Alex sits down inbetween me and Fire "So Miss Storm how are you liking Roswell so far?"

"Hey Alex! You came outta nowhere. Um I just got here last night. The only thing I've seen was the ratty motel we're staying in and my Aunts place. Other than that it seems pretty boring. I don't know how you guys stand it." She's tapping her pen on her notebook and as she hits each page they change colors. *The girl is doing this in broad daylight like it's thee most normal thing in the world.*

"That'll change in a second." Says Alex. Alex and I share a look. "Nuh-huh no way!"

*I can't believe this. My mind is starting to spin.* A girl bumps into Maria on her way over to our table. "I'll be looking forward to catching your show."

"Oh yeah I'll make sure to put you on the list." She says as she walks away. She sits at the table across from us. "Like I even have a list. So what are we doing here?" She sees the weird looks on Alex and my face then follows our eyes to Fire's notebook. "Holy shit!" *Very discreat Maria.*

~Part 19~

I think I'm going to pass out. This can't be happening to me, not again. I must be stuck in some nightmare. Yeah that's it! My brain is just overloaded from the information Larek told us about Hanar and Khivar. So now I'm inventing crazy scenerios in my head. Yeah that's it. That has to be it because I know my new bestest friend is not an evil alien about to kill us all in our sleep! I need to calm down. Where is my cedar oil when I need it? Damn, that idiot Daryl Bishop is walking over. God kill me now! That geek has been giving me the eye since last year in Mr. Sommers class. Always trying to find an excuse to talk to me or invade my personal space.

Fire snaps her head up when she hears Maria voice. Maria is shaking slightly trying to calm down but she was sTarting to freak out. "Oh hey Maria when did you get here? You guys are everywhere. Like a plague."

"Damn you've been spacing out a lot today what is up with you? Are you sick?" *Good change of subject. Allow me to pat myself on the back.*

"Sick? I've never been sick a day in my unnatural life. What's wrong with Maria?" Fire says pointing a perfectly manicured digit to the pale faced girl.

"Quick Alex make out with me." Maria says as she climbs over the table into his lap. Fire and I both stare at each other like this chick is definitely crazy. I shrug it off *'cause what can you expect after all this is Maria we're talking about here. One thing I can say for Maria is she gives a good floor show.*

"Yes Ma'am" Maria runs her hands through his hair. They are kissing for about five minutes when Maria eases off of him and looks over his shoulder. *Works faster than my ceder oil. I should give him a little treat later.* "I knew I could count on you in a pinch." Maria slips her arm through his and snuggles closer to him.

Alex just shakes his head at her. *I really have a crazy girlfriend. Not that having Maria jumping me in public will ruin my rep. Maybe I can talk her into some quality one on one time in the storage closet.* "Anytime."

"I'm not even going to ask." She turns back to Liz. "So when are you going to introduce me to this Fiance of yours? Where are all these hot guys you promised us?"

"Hold that thought." I flip my cell phone on and check the caller id. *It's Zan it's like he knows the perfect time to call me.* "Hey sugar what's going on?"

"I was takin a break. I was thinking 'bout ya all day today. Then earlier it felt like you were trying to reach out to me are you ok?"

"I'm as good as I'm going to get."

"In more ways than one."


He laughs at her embarassment. "So what's going on? You get a B- in biology or sumin? You want some help? I could show you all the ins and outs. I could be a very willing test subject."

"Zan! You are the devil."

"Hey if ya want I can wear my horns and show you what real sinning is all about."

"Zan!..." her face turns redder by the minute. "I'm going to hang up now. I swear I'll make you pay." *he is such a tease!*

"Ok would a leather outfit come in play at all? 'Cause that would really make my day."

*hmmm I might think on that* "Good bye."

"Don't hang up on me Red or I'll spank you."

"Hey! Is that a threat or a promise?" Liz says playfully

"I don't make threats baby."

"What am I going to do with you?"

"Anything your freaky little heart desires."

"Is that so? Well...Maybe if your good I'll take a tire iron to your head."

"OOh I love it when you'r violent."

"Well don't call me at school teasing me."

"What's got your panties in a twist? Is your jeans too tight? You can't be wearing any underwear I can see your imagination. *cough* Um...I mean I bet I can see your imagination."

Liz starts looking around. "Where are you?"

"I told you I was taking a break. Where do you think I am?"

"If you don't stop playing games with me I'll squeeze your balls til they pop like grapes and believe me you don't want that."

*She's saying squeeze and I'm seeing her lips in place of her hands. Good mental picture there.* "I don't know how you do it."

"Do what?"

"Make the most horrible things sound....enticing." He says the last part in a growl

Liz rolls her eyes "Will you stop trying to side track me with complements already. I'm not falling for it." *Like hell I'm not.* It was taking all the control she had not to squeeze her nipples in response.

"I'm just sitting back admiring the view honest."

"So how quick can you come over and scoop me from school?"

"Not that I mind, but I thought you were getting a ride from Maria."

"Well I'm not talking to Maria."

"What happened?"

"I don't want to get into it."

"O.k I'll see you in a few sweets."

"Later babe." Liz shuts her cells shut and look over to where Fire, Alex and Maria were sitting to discover they left her. She sees a note from Fire she picks it up and it reads: I'm sorry we bailed on you. We tried to interrupt to say we were all leaving but you were too engrossed in your conversation.
Hugs and kisses

Liz takes the note and crumbles it up. "Damn the man has me spacin on my friends. Oh well I need some quality down time with my man." Liz walks to the front of the school as Zan pulls up. "Speak of the devil." He takes off his helmet. A sexy smirk played on his lips. "Come here sweets you look good enough to eat." *Does he even realise the things that come out of his mouth?* Liz walks over to him painfully slow. Zan lets out a growl and pulls her to him the rest of the way by her belt. The first touch of their lips spark desire in them so rapid that they quickly spiral out of control. He pulls her onto the bike faceing him. His lip ring rubbing her bottom lip while his tongue ring massages her tongue. He grabs her ass and she moans loudly against him her hands squeezing his biceps. His other hand tweaking her nipples under her tight shirt. She arches her back to give him better access she's practically bent over the motor cycle begging him to take her. Zan looks down at Liz she looks so beautiful. The fact that she would let loose like this to him in broad daylight excites him and terrifies him there are people walking by them gaulking. "Hey babe let's take this some place a little more private."

"Anything you want."

Zan smirks at her statement and kisses her soundly. Liz takes her helmet from Zan and pulls her hair into a pony tail and tucks her hair in her shirt. He reves thee engine and pulls off with Liz still facing him. They reach the first light and Liz starts tuggin his lip into her mouth. Her helmet lays forgotten in her right hand.

"Your going to kill me you know that right?"

"What a way to go though." She's grinding her crotch. Letting him know that she can feel how much he really wants her. "Something tells me you really don't mind. Now hurry up so I can take care of this."

He smiles against her lips. "I'll see what I can do." Zans says with a crazy glint in his eye and mischief on his mind. A few moments later Zan and Liz are at his place chillin after a very heated make out session. Liz is playing with his long hair while Zan is drawing circles on her skin with his fingers. "What do you want to do tonight?" Liz says hoping he'll want to do more than see a movie or make out. It was getting very frustrating that he didn't even attempt to go farther with her. *Why is he always pulling away from me when we get close? Is it me?*

"I thought we were going to go see Maria and Alex play tonight."

"Oh damn that's right! I almost forgot." Liz says sadly. But then gets another idea. "Well I could make us some dinner and we could find some other way to occupy our time til then." Liz says suggestively.

"What happened to getting that ammo we talked about? Alex and Maria are still insisting on helping right?" Liz nods her head dissappointed *Why would he choose to steal guns and shit when we could be gettin busy? God I sound like a guy! I can't help it. It's like I'm addicted to him. Everytime I get around him I just want to scream!*

"I think this is a royally stupid idea. Why would they want to go on a suicide mission?"

Liz shifts on his lap and looks him in the eye. "Your talking like we don't have a chance in hell in winning."

"I didn't say that exactly."

"Then what are you saying exactly?" Liz gets up and starts going through his drawers for her clothes she has stashed there. She finds her black leather pants and her hooded black shirt throws them on the bed and takes off her clothes. She's standing there in her black thongs, garter belt and bra set not noticing that Zan has stopped breathing. "Well are you going to take that thumb outta your butt and speak to me already!" She snatches her pants off the bed and starts tugging them on.

*She's playing dirty. Work brain work! 1 1000 2 1000 3 1000. Why is she torturing me like this? Does she realise how close I am from breaking my resolve? I mean she sounds ready but that doesn't mean she is. She still has nightmares of that day and she still can't remember everything that happened before I got there, which can't be good.* "How much experience does Alex and Maria have in this kind of situation?"

"Well they haven't gone hand to hand with aliens before if that's what your getting at." She takes the shirt off the bed and pulls it over her head. "But they aren't going to just stand around while we try and save the world either."

Liz grabs his car keys off the dresser. *And the way she looks in those leather pamts it's like they were molded to her body barely containing thee animal within. I'm going to need a long cold shower.* "Where are ya going?"

She turns back around "You know crimes and misdemeaners. I'll see you in a bit. I'll even be back before dinner gets cold." She stands on her tippy toes and gives him a slow kiss. "Later."

He drags her back for another kiss. "You know I hate for you to go." Running his tongue along her lip. She opens her mouth and he gives her a kiss laced with so passion that she forgets her name for a couple of seconds. "Mmmmmh damn"*I will never get tired of his sugary sweet cinnamon kisses.* licking her lips as they break the lip lock.

"But I love to watch you walk away." *Damn! Apple pie bootie*

Liz laughs as she walks out swinging her hips like no tomorrow. *Oh I got some plans for you tonight big boy. That you will not squirm out of.*

"So Liz why'd you ask me to come along? I thought you'd be Thelma and Louisin it?"

"You were the obvious choice. Maria and Alex are practicing for their gig tonight. Michael's at work. Isabel is doing something with Ava and I would not ask for Max's help if I was drenched in gasoline and I was surrounded by fire."

Kyle shakes his head at thee imagery "Glad to know I rate so high on your list."

"Well it's a two man job so just get over yourself already Valenti."

"You know you could have just asked Zan."

"He's fixing dinner." *What have I gotten myself into? Does he even know how to cook?*

"That is so rich! He's at home cooking while his girl is stealing weapons from a goverment facility. He really is whipped."

Liz smiles at that. "Well I have to do something to get my kicks he doesn't have cable." *More like he wont show me his cable.* Liz pulls to the side of the building and they get out. She holds her hand up against the van and camoflauges it to look like a part of the building.

Kyle looks on with awe "How did you....When did you?...learn to do that? oh oh oh and can you teach me?"

"It's easy I'll show you later. Come on."She pulls the hood over her head as does Kyle. Liz and Kyle are stalking toward the building with their heads lowered so they can't been seen through any windows. Liz pulls out a pick set from her shirt pocket and starts working on the lock. Kyle is looking left and right trying to see if anyone can see what they are doing. He starts rubbing the back of his neck as he feels a chill.

"This is the last thing I thought I'd be doing with Liz Parker, Felony B&E. My dad would be so proud. " Liz rolls her eyes at Kyle. "Why don't you just.." Kyle motions with his hand over the lock.

"I don't want to melt the damn thing. Anyway I need the practice for tomorrow."

Kyle whispers "Liz this is crazy. This is a goverment building. Where are the camera's? What about an alarm system?"

"This place has been shut down for over 10 years Kyle. Besides oh ooh I got it. Yay me! 8 seconds flat a new record." *I need to get it down to three seconds.*

"So was Eagle Rock and you see how that turned out. Damn your becoming a regular criminal. You've been hanging around Whitman too long and the aliens have really corrupted you. Look at you. A year and a half ago you would never do anything like this but Max had to come along and..." Kyle trails off when he sees the look on her face. "Damn I've been suffering from foot in mouth disease lately."

Liz is looking at him with barely controlled anger. Holding the door open for him to go in first. Anytime someone mentioned something about Max or Tess nowadays Liz would fly off the handle. She knew Kyle wasn't deliberately trying to push her buttons but it was still a kick in the gut. "Will you stop with the dramatics and come on already. I swear you are worse than Maria sometimes."

"Well someone has to have a level head. Shit if your so gung ho to get in there, why don't you go first."

"Fine you big wuss." She opens the door wider and ducks her head and cat- walks inside. Kyle takes one more look around still feeling like someone is watching them. He doesn't see anyone and follows close behind her. "Da da da da dum da da da dum da da da dum dum dum dum dinu dineru dinernu dinum." Liz laughs at Kyle doing the mission impossible theme. "Ok thee Armory should be down that corridoor. Seems easy enough." They made their way to the armory it didn't look like anyone had been there in years. Cobwebs and dust littered the place. She waved her hand over the lock and it disengaed.

"You should have done that all along."

Liz looks around the space she just entered. Not too many boxes in the place but the fact that there were some crates at all was incouraging. "I wasn't sure I could do it without melting the lock. I'm still getting used to being a super hero." Liz said as she puffed out her chest. Kyle shook his head and chuckled softly. Liz put her hand on her hip and grabbed the crow bar the was tucked into her pants. She started opening boxes and crates. "hmmmm gas masks I'll have to run this past Michael and Alex but this could work in a pinch. There are about 15 to a crate. I'll just take the whole thing." She takes the crates and stackes them near the door. There is a sign on the door NOT AN EXIT ALARM WILL SOUND. She places her hand on the lock and concentrates. "Not anymore...Ok what do we have here?" She opens some more boxes. "Bungee cords, flares, harness yep definite uses there."

Kyle is on the other side of the room looking at guns. "Wow now I know what to give to the guy who has everything ooh desert eagle. I'll think I'll put that in my private collection." He says as he tucks the gun in the back of his jeans. "m-16s couldn't hurt. Now all I need to find is the ammo." he takes a couple and straps them on his back tight and continues to look through other boxes. "Well some things you can do make everything look so easy. I never knew you were still having trouble."

"Well somethings I can do without even thinking about it. But other times if I'm scared or my emotions are running too high it just doesn't work out." *Maybe that's why I couldn't blast Max into the wall that time.* "ooooh score."

"Whatcha got there little lady?"

*I bet Alex will love this.* "Rocket launcher."

Kyle eyes grew wide. *She really is nuts if she thinks we can set off rocket launchers in the desert without anyone hearing us. Man I have strange friends, but then again 75 percent of my closest friends are aliens.*

Like she was sensing his thought "I know there are silencers here somewhere. They are supposed to look like little plungers. Can you start loading these into the van while I look for them?" Liz says pointing at the stacked boxes at her feet. *These are going to have to be a last resort cause even with the silencers it's still going to be loud.*

"Sure see if you can find some grenades while your at it." Kyle says sarcastically. It took Kyle and Liz about a half an hour before they got all the stuff in the van. "You know I was just joking about the grenades right?"

"It was a good idea we could use them."

"Where are you going to store all this stuff?"

"I guess we could put some of the stuff in the chamber. It is on the way. The rest we'll keep at Zan's." Liz pulls off the road and drives about a half a mile til they come to the cliffs

"Ok sounds like a plan." They heft the boxes around to the other entrance to the cave. For some reason Liz or Kyle couldn't open it. Which seemed strange since they could do just about everything else the aliens could. "We can move these later. So um Kyle can I ask you something without you laughing at me?"

Kyle sits down on the ground with her leaning his back against the wall. "I don't know if I can make that promise unless I have more information."

"Ok ah your a um normal human male." Kyle gives her a look "Hybrid whatever stuff it. Powers aside your normal right. Do you find me easy to resist?"


"Kyle you promised!"

"I made no such claims. I just can't believe you asked me that."

"Minor lapse in judgement forget I said anything."

"If you must know." he scoots in closer and grabs the back of her neck. She looks at him the only thing she can see is his eyes. She parts her mouth and holds her breathe "Does this answer your question?" He moves in and kisses her it's gentle at first then more heated. They are rolling on the floor for a minute. His hand moves under her shirt and tweeks her nipple. A sighs escapes her lips.

Liz didn't even get to comprehend what they were doing or about to do when his hand touched her breast. Still frustrated from being put off by Zan that the first contact to her skin sent bolts of energy through her body.

"I get the point." His hands move to her pants pulls the zipper down and he slips one hand inside. "I didn't give you the point yet."

"Ok ok you made your point. Keep your hormones in control geezes." as she pushes against his shoulder they both fall off the edge. "What the hell?!" They both say at the same time. Liz uses her powers and makes a net which fortunately was large enough for both of them to fall on while Kyle forms a ball of light. "Man what do you think is down there and how far a drop do you think it is?"

"I don't know. I have no idea, but I guess we are going to find out. Just don't lose concentration on that light. I wouldn't want to drop us."

"Deal, do your thing." Kyle gets up and holds out his hand for Liz to take which she does then wraps her left arm around his waist as she uses the other one to make the net. Liz takes her time lowering them to the ground. *God it seem like the trip took forever.*

"So how far a drop do you think that was?" Kyle says looking above him. "I hope you can get us out of here."

"It was probably only 20-25 feet."

"You would think the pod squad would have found this part of the cave long time ago...don't you think? Hmph. More advanced my ass! We might die down here...You know if I'm gonna die I might as well go out with a bang!"

"Your such a jerk Kyle. Start feeling the walls maybe you'll trip something."

"Just throwing out options. Yeah feeling things up. Finally an assignment I'm good at. Right Liz?"

"Shut up. What the hell do you think is down here?" They both move to different areas of the cave feeling the walls.

"Elvis maybe?"

"Oh good I think you cracked it Kyle. Elvis Presley is really an alien. Right that makes sense."

"Well if Cal Langley is an alien why not Elvis? I mean come on it's the cover of a life time. He makes a couple albums, Spits out some horrendous movies and then dissapears off the face of the earth. Oh Buddha it's true isn't it? Then there is Graceland which is strange. He allegedly died years ago but their are sightings for him everywhere. Just like the UFO sightings. What if it's real?"

"You know he was spotted at a grocery store in Cleveland."

"Are you making fun of me? Hey what's that? Theres a light over here." Kyle moves towards the light steadily looking up when he is knocked on his ass.

"Kyle look what I found. Kyle? Kyle!" Liz is searching blindly in the dark when she spots a light as she rounds a corner. "What the hell IS that?" She starts walking towards it when she trips on something blocking her way and falls on top of a very hard body. "Kyle? Is that you? It better be you!" Liz starts feeling around and touches his head he groans in protest. "God my head." She takes her hand and places it on his head. "Let me help you." energy starts to build up and a warm tingly sensation runs through Kyles head. "Your a goddess thank you."

"No problem. So what happened?" Liz moves from her postion on top of Kyle and sits next to him.

"I was walking towards that light when I went head first into that." Kyle says pointing at the object of his latest fall

"Ah Kyle are you seeing what I'm seeing?" Liz stares eyes wide

"I don't know what your seeing but I'm seeing a space ship."

"That's exactly what I'm seeing."

"Hey what's that in your hand?"

"I have no idea."Liz says as she turns over the oblong metallic object. "It sort of looks like the orbs but it's longer and skinner."

"Alien vibrator?"

"Your such a pig." she twist it in her hand and it springs open. "Whoa ok." She tugs on the part protruding from it and pulls out an obelisk It has buttons and symbols on the front all the way down to the point. There are symbols next to each button.

"ok a mystery inside a mystery." Kyle watches as Liz placed the obelisk on the ground pointed side down and turns it. "What are you doing?" All of a sudden there is a gust of wind. "Make it stop! make it stop!" Liz and Kyle both make a grab for it but it moves away too fast and they tumble to the ground landing on their butts. "Where did it go?"

"It's over there Kyle." Liz points at the still turning obelisk trying to drag herself off the ground. Kyle dives for it, tumbles and lands on his feet in front of a large orange pillar and briefly touches it to get his footing when it sends a jolt and Kyle is thrown into the ajacent wall. "I guess it's just my day to get knocked on my ass."

Liz gives him a sympathetic look. "You want me to rub it and make it all better?" She laughs

"No I want you to kiss it." He says sarcasticly "You know this whole touch and feel concept of yours is not working and after your little stunt with this." Kyle says holding up the obelisk which she takes and puts it back inside the alien vibrator "There's no telling what could happen next."

"Ok ya big wuss. We will tell the others tomorrow at the meeting before we leave. Lets see if we can find away out of here."

"Do you remember where we fell in at?"
"Um I think it was over in this direction come on." Liz says as she drags Kyle by the hand. They round two corners.

"Liz what's that?" Kyle says pointing to the weird symbol on the wall

"I have no idea why don't you touch it and find out?" she shoves him toward the wall.

"Who am I Mikey? You touch it." he turns around and shoves her closer.

"I'm not gonna touch it. No way you go for it." she shoves him again.

"We will be here all day if this keeps up. Fine I'll touch it." Liz smiles in triumph. Kyle places his hand on the symbol and light floodes the room they have to squint against the light. "What the hell?" they both say taking everything in.

"Damn we definitely have to come back tomorrow and check this place out. This thing is huge and no telling how far back this place goes." Liz says as she sees more alien artifacts just sitting around waiting to be found. "Kyle stairs this way."

"Oh ah right You go first I'm right behind you." Liz starts climbing rung after rung when the lights go out. "Kyle? What happened to the light?"

"Right behind you I think. I turned them off. Can you go any faster?"

"Damn your bossy." It took them about five minutes to get back to the top. sweaty and panting hard. They slowly make their way back to the van "Well that was a treat. So where should I drop you Kyle?"

He takes a whiff "My house is good."

Liz looks at her dusty outfit. "Ok good I need to get changed into something a little less breaking and enterish to..."

"Something more skanky." Kyle finished for her

"Exactly." Liz sped away quickly and dropped Kyle off infront of his house. She drove around to the back of the Crashdown and climbed the balcony and crawled through the window to her room. She stares at the clock realizing how late she already is. "Ok I can do this I can get shower shaved and dressed in ten minutes. Grabbes some clothes from the drawer and jumped in the shower. A few minutes later she came out still dripping wet and conditioner in her hair. "What to do? What to do? Well shaving your legs would be a good place to start hairy." Walks over to the desk and pulls out her razor. "I can't believe I'm going to finally do this. She puts her hand against her stomach. "Damn butterflies." She quickly scanned the room. "God I'm so nervous." She picks up a bottle off the vanity and sprays her body with it careful not to miss an inch. "I hope this stuff does the trick and calms me down. Hmmm don't feel different." Takes a deep breath. "Smells good though...Warm, relaxing, tingles, ooh it's hot.

And thinking of hot what am I going to wear? She says as she looks through her closet. "My wardrobe has definietly changed since last year. Ok I already know everything in this closet looks good on me so I'm just going to close my eyes and whatever I grab is what I'm going to wear. Ok here goes nothing." She reaches in and grabs two items. one drops to the floor. Eyes open. "Ok sheer shirt not leaving much for thee imagination there. Can't go wrong with leather." Picks up the pants on the floor and throws it on the bed along with the shirt. "One leather bra and crotchless underwear to complete the look." She pulls the shirt over her head then picks up the red leopard print pants and pulls them on. She then grabs her cover and gives them a good shake. Noone can say I didn't sleep here. She looks at herself in the mirror.

"Something's missing. oh I know. She goes over to the dresser looking for the missing item. "Whala." she puts the stainless steel chocker on her neck that she got from She found the site when she was looking for more jewelry for her belly. On which she happened to purchase a playgirl bananna barbell which was just too cute and a belly chain . She makes her way back to the window when she realises she still has conditioner in her hair. Runs to the bathroom washes and half dries her hair. "Now just touch up those roots. Wow my hair has grown another inch. I guess I'll leave it wavy. Zan seems to like my hair like that." She grabs her Harley Davidson leather jacket. "Ok now all I have to do is head over to Alex's house."
"Maria tell me you are not going to sing it like that." Alex says as he adjusts himself. *That voice all throaty. Talk about a voice of seduction. No wonder we got this gig.*

"O please Alex. I know what I'm doing. I was just blowin off steam."

"We have other ways of blowing off steam."

"Ha Ha...Hey Alex what's Zan doing here?"

"Don't know." He spots his skateboard and hops on it and rides to the end of the driveway to get a better look but when he does he see Liz getting out of the driver's side.

*I feel so stupid the way I treated Maria earlier she's my bestfriend and she was always there for me when I needed her and I snapped at her like that. What is wrong with me? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Now if I could only avoid Maria til tomorrow. Maybe I should talk to Ava later and see if she could clue me in on how much more these changes are going to effect me. A bright smile spreads across her face. "Oh hey Alex. I just came over to drop off the van. I'm not sure I'm going to make it to the concert. I have plans with Zan." She gives him a big hug then pulls away. "Anyway here's the keys late." Liz hops back in the van and pushes the bike out. She turns the key reves it up and waves bye.

"When did she learn how to drive a motercycle?" Alex turns to look at Maria she's just staring into space. *Man she's been in a mood all day. Hot then cold it's freakin me out.* "Maria are you even listening to me? What is wrong with you?"

*Why did Liz have to come here in that crazy outfit? I feel so weird that she still isn't talking to me. What am I going to do? "Nothing, it's not important."

"So we're back to the nothing game again. RIGHT ok Lucy you either start splaining now or I wont let you play in the big show." * I was sure the Ricky Ricardo thing would have atleast gained a smile or something.* He scratches his ear like he's deep in thought. "Well you better get it together quick. We have a gig in 2 hours."

"OK Mom!"


Maria starts strumming on the guitar.

"I hope you don't freak out like before when you get on stage."

"Hey that only happened one time ONE time. Do have to keep bringing it up again?"

"Yep. Who did I think I was in this out fit?" Alex mocks her. Earning a glare from Maria "You proved yourself wrong now didn't you?" Maria smiles and starts to sing

"You spin my world. up. side... down. BAB-BAY..." * that sounds better. Start off slow then speed up. Then slow down again.*

"Sumin gotta break...
If it's my HEART, then it's your FACE.
If I'm not the one. Then you will nev-ver see. THE. sun."

*Is she trying to tell me something? I sure as hell hope not.*

Will I Go? Will I Stay?... Will you ev-ver see it. MY way?

Will-the-hurt-Stop? Will-it-go. Away?...
Are you going to be mines Today?

What have ya DONE to me?.....
I used to be sane... padded walls surrounds me now.

Am I Here? Are you really There?
Will I always, lay. it. out. bare?

Is-it-my I-ma-gin-nation you said: our. love. would. grow?
I told you, I'd do time.
Leaving was, your. only. crime.

If you ask, I will give. On my hopes, I will live.
That one day, you'll-see-in-ME.
All the things CAN. give.

Am I gonna stay? Will I leave?... I . DON'T. know.
How can I stay, with your lov-VER in. my. way?
Did-ya-not-believe, me when...
I said. 'this re-lation-ship has. no. end?'

Must I wake.. from this nightmare.
Without you, by my side.

Will I go? Will I stay? I dont know...
But if I did would you care?.... Would you cry?
Then you'd fin-nally be. by. my. side.

How will it end rope, bullet, pills or match?
I know now, your life... is consumed... with that snatch.

"Maria, sit down with me for a second." Maria sits down on Alex's lap. he starts running his fingers through her hair. Thinking how to start *I don't want to be labeled as a big asshole cause I do love Maria she is a great girl but she has been driving me crazy for weeks now.* "I want to know what's going on between us?" Why do I feel like I am losing you?" *I've appoligized over and over again for sleeping with Ava. Damn she was good though I still can't believe she let me do that. Ok side tracked I know she was saying something.*

"...Alex, I do love you.. You have to know I will always love you .. But lately I have been feeling like our relationship is simmering down.. It started out all exciting and sizzling but I just don't feel like that anymore."

Alex looks her in the eyes. *Was she trying to break up with me?* "So do you want to see other people? just be friends is that what you're saying??"

"I don't know.. But what I do know is that I don't want to lose you. You and Liz are the bestfriends a girl could ever ask.." Maria silently begins to cry.

*She's going the best friends route now. Next thing I know she's going to say it's not you it's me.*

"Please tell me that whatever happens that you will always be in my life?"

*What? Am I dying and I don't know about it? What the hell is she talking about? Why wouldn't I be in her life?* "You know I will. You'll always be my girl, Maria.. Promise me this.. If you don't find your man by time your thirty you'll marry me??" *You know I had to say it.*

Maria laughs. "You bet your life I will. Oh, Alex.. I love you.. I don't what will happen tomorrow.. but I know if three musketeers are together, we can survive anything." Maria kisses Alex. She gives him a look.. "We'll since this might be the last time in a long while.. How about one last go at it." Maria nods her head towards the bed. "Who am I to deny you anything." he smiles againgst her ear. Maria laughs and Alex pulls her up in his arms and carries her towards the bed.


Liz walked in the house and was assualted with the most amazing smells coming from the kitchen. Taking deep breathes she straightened out her very sore back. *I hope he realises what I went through to pull this off. I never thought I had to go to these extremes to get a guy to sleep with me. Not just any guy my FIANCe'. What the Fizzuc is really going on?* "Hey babe I'm home!" *God I love how that sounds*

"Ok I'll be out in a sec have a seat." Liz sits down at the table and picks up a gardenia that is in a bowl by her plate and smells it. She picks up a card that was next to it. It was hand made with a picture of Zan and Liz coasting through the stars. The note read: I never thought I could love someone as much as you. I love you more today than I did yesterday but only half as much as I will tomorrow. I can't promise a long happy life with two kids and dog but I will promise that you are my hearts desire. All my hopes and dreams rest on every breathe you take. Love yours always Z man. *Oh god what is wrong with me? I was making time with Kyle. KYLE of all people while Zan was here making a beautiful dinner and flowers.* A teary eyed Liz is what greated Zan when he came back from the kitchen with the dessert. He drops the apple cobbler on the table and rushes to her side. "Babe look at me." He tilts her head up with his index finger "What's wrong is it the food? To hot for you what? Did something happen? Tell me something. Your scaring me."

"I read your note. Your such a cornball." She shoves his shoulder, wipes at her eyes and smiles at him.

"Never thought anyone would call me that. Damn I must be slippin." Zan goes back and sits down.

"Don't change a thing. I love that I can make you do crazy things. Look at all the crazy things we've done together."

"Oh no that flying leap off the cliff was all your doing ok? The only reason I followed...."

Liz looks up at that "Why did you follow me?"

"If you were going to die I might as well join you."

Liz gasped "Zan!"

"I would only be a shell of a man without you."

"You know I wasn't tryin to kill myself. You know that right?" Liz says as she carefully looks in his eyes. "I was just so tired of everyone asking if I was ok after Max attacked me. I needed to feel carefree and free-falling with nothing but air beneath me was thee only thing I could think of at the time."

"That doesn't mean you didn't scare the shit out of me. When you made that net at the last second before impact I almost forgot to throw my shield. I was so proud of you."

"Ok switch topic your making me blush."

"You know I love to see you blush." *There is no easy way to work this in a convo is it?* "Anyway there is this prophecy of the transended one. The being who comes from Earth but who also possesses power like unto ourselves. She will help bring peace between the two planets..She can pierce the vail of time. She has sight like no other. She can walk between many worlds and can control the fate of many in the palm of her hand. She and she alone can control the granilith. But the granilith must deem her worthy. There are two keys to the granilith one is made of crystal from our world and the other one was fashioned into a bracelet with materials made from both worlds." Zan puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out a platinum niobum bracelet. He slides it across the table. It matches her engagement ring. The bracelet is beautiful the metal swirled in different directions in the center of the bracelet held a huge triangle red stone. They way it swirled together with the stone in the center it reminded Liz of one of the symbols in the cave. Looks like the symbol for Antar.

"Zan it's beautiful but why do you think I should wear it?"

"I was destined to be with this person."

"Then what about Ava? Weren't you supposed to be with her? I thought you had the same destiny as Max and thee other's."

"That would be a big fat no. In that message that you heard from my mother did she mention that there was another set of us on earth?"

"Well no, but that doesn't mean that..."

"Rath and Lonnie were so hell bent on going back, but I knew my purpose since I emerged from my pod. Cal will back me up on that. Of course if anything happened to Max and the other's I guess then the plan would change but we were meant to stay here. To fight the good fight when that time arises. They were the ones who were supposed to go back. Lonnie and Rath didn't want to accept that. I think Ava only wanted to go back just so she'd have something to look forward to. I've known you were the one for me the moment we crashed in the bar." Zan says with a smirk.

"But I also knew you were the one to fulfill that prophecy after that first kiss we shared." Liz remembered that night clearly. Point of fact she had so many wicked dreams of that first encounter.

///Alex and Maria were sound asleep. But Liz couldn't stop tossing and turning then she felt his presence before she even heard the latch disengage. She climbed off the bed slowly palming the bat by the bathroom door. The door squeaked as it opened slowly then all of a sudden the door flung open and Zan was standing there in all his glory. Leaning against the door jam and staring into her eyes like he was trying to hypnotise her. "Couldn't sleep huh?" Zan ignoring the fact that Liz has a bat aimed at his head. He looks in her eyes like he can find thee answer. "Couldn't stop thinking about me." He leans down to her.

"Can you get over yourself already? Who do you think you are barging in my hotel room like some crazed...." All thoughts flew out her head as she was slammed against the wall and his mouth fused to hers. Zan wrapped her legs around him as his tongue attacked her mouth.///

"Yeah that was one interesting kiss." Liz says as she puts it on her wrist.

"Max what are you doing in there?" Isabel opens the door. "Ava will be here any minute."

"Playing soccer. What does it looks like?"

"Well someone swallowed an ugly pill."

"I'm just so frustrated. My life is completly wreaked and I have no idea how to fix it." Isabel gives him a confused look. "Everyone is still treating me like I'm going to turn into something. Well everyone except Ava, Michael and you but I think the latter is out of guilt."

"Guilt? What do we have to be guilty for?" Isabel sits down next to him on the bed.

"Don't even try to pretend with me Iz. I know you and Michael blame yourselves for not realizing I wasn't myself sooner."

Isabel nods her head. "I just keep thinking how much worse this all could have gotten. I feel like we failed you somehow." She starts to cry remembering how she just left Max alone with Zan all that time. *No telling what he did to him. I just couldn't stay I immediately turned around and walked home. Does that make me a coward? I just couldn't see Max being hurt no matter what he did. Even if I thought he deserved it at the time. He's still my brother.*

"Oh please Isabel don't cry I can't stand it." She nods her head and wipes her eye trying to show a brave face for her brother.

"Mom and Dad are treating me like some severe mental case. It's just they don't know what Tess did to me. And the only way for them to know is for me to reveal who we are. They think I willingly rap..hurt Liz." He says the last part in a whisper. "But the only way for them to know that I had no control over my actions is to tell them about us and I just can't do that."

"Soon you won't have a choice. You better pick and choose your moments Max. If you keep goin on like this your going to lose more than you could ever dream of." *Damn what was I channeling Michael? I almost slipped and called him Maxwell.*

Tears starts running down his face. "Sometimes I wish Liz had let Lonnie and Rath kill me."

"Max don't say that!"

"I feel so hollow now. I don't have a connection with Liz anymore. She hates me. She knows Tess messed with my mind and she hates me. I didn't think Liz could hate anyone until she met me that is."

"Look I was there after. You know after...and Liz was so broken. I'm so sorry your hurting. Your my brother and I love you. Nothing you can do could ever make me not love you but I can't even...How can I say this without sounding cruel?"

"Just say it."

"You remember what it was like for you in the White Room?"

"Iz don't!"

"Well that's as close as I can think of what you put Liz through. And no don't give me that look you may not have any control over your actions but it was your hands on her body scaring her flesh and redurring her helpless. I don't think she can seperate it in her mind. She was in shock Max. She was in so much pain that someone she USED to love dearly did that to her. DO you understand at all?"
Zan and Liz are sitting on opposite ends of a long table. Staring into each other eyes. Zan is dressed up for once in a black pinstrip Gucci pants with matching vest, a silk dress shirt, tie and a pair of Stacy Adams. The table is clear.

"You did your task well."

"Yes." *Like a simple B&E into a federal building was hard.*


"Thank you." Liz says with a smirk

"What do you want more than anything?"


"On who?" Zans says stunned

"Tess & Nacedo."

*Taking a mental note not to EVER piss her off* "What else?"

"Everything else. Everything else all at once."


Liz gets up from the chair and crawls toward him slowly on top of the table. "Power, fame, experience, wealth..." She rocks her self back and forth at thee edge of the table. Then she sets herself down in his lap. "Immortality." she says a hair breath away from his lips.

"Care to join me in my folly?" Zan says with a smirk playing on his lips

"The granilith has all these powers?"

"Um hmm."

"The granilith can give me all that?" Liz starts fingering the bracelet


"Then why don't you wear it?" Liz says showing Zan the bracelet.

Zan grabs her by the back of her head and slams her down on the table his body over top of hers. Her hands automatically goes around his neck to thread through his long hair. "'Cause only a woman can wield the granilith." says Zan

"And only you can wield the woman." Liz says clearly turned on.

He eases off of her and drags his right hand down the valley of her breasts runs his left hand over the lacing on her leather pants. "If you agree to serve me and only me." He unbuckels his belt and pulls it out slowly. "To be obiedient, faithful. I will allow you to become my slave." He bends the belt in a loop. Liz takes her hands and places them in front of her and claps them together. Zan takes the belt and loops them around her hands and pulls the belt through the buckel and proceeds to drag her down the table with the belt. "I will allow you to become the Granilith's mistress. To experience things beyond the realm of the senses. Beyond of the realm of the rational. Beyond the realm's of the mortal. You will experience everything." He bends down over her lips and pretends to bite it. She growls in response and he stands up. "If I so desire." She takes her stiletto boot and brings it up to his left cheek and drags it down the side of his face. Then she places it under his chin and proceeds to tilt his head up. Zan snatches her off the table and crushes her back against him, squeezes her right breast.

"Are you ready to finish what we started?"

"Oh yes," he grinds his hips in her backside. "Yes!"
Sitting on a bench across from the CrashDown are Rain and Fire. To a regular passerby it would look like they were just taking in the scenery.

//So what time did you tell her to meet us?//

//Well I didn't actually give her a time. God look at this place can you believe it? Damn spaceship crashed into the building talk about tacky, but then again there's a ufo center across the street.//

//Then what did you say to her?//

//I didn't say anything. Man does the weather around here ever change? It's almost Christmas and it's still hot.//

"Serena what is wrong with you?"

Suddenly irritated for her sister calling her out her name. She gets up and starts walking across the street her sister hot on her heels. "She was so busy talking to her fiance I didn't want to interrupt. I just left her a note to meet us at the Crashdown."

"You know she could be the one we've been looking for and you could have royally screwed everything up with that not so subtle stunt you pulled."

Fire turns back around with a confused look on her face. "What the hell are you talking about.?"

"I saw what you did today at lunch infront of your friends. You can't use your powers in public."

"You were spying on me?!"

"Did you expect anything else? You're always playing with Fire....hence the name. I just hope you didn't screw us over with Liz before we get a chance to explain. You know this whole thing could have gone over a lot smoother if I was incharge."

"Well your not. Damn it, it's not like you aren't going to see her she works here and she lives upstairs. All her friends either work here or hang out here." She raises her hand to halt anymore conversation. "Give it a rest and let's get something to eat."

"Fine!" Rain says determindly as she swings the door to the Crash Down open. They take a seat at one of the center tables. A waitress comes over and hands them a menu. After a few minutes Rain notices someone has been staring at their table."Hey is that guy back there checking you out?"

Fire turns to see what Rain is talking about. Michael is looking them over through the order window. *Something feels familar about those chicks. I can't put my finger on it.* Michael puts his towel down. "Hey Jose I'm taking an early break." He takes his apron off and his bandanna and walks over to their table. "Hey um have we met?"

Fire takes out a pen and scribbles some thing down and hands it to Michael "Look if you wanted my number you didn't have to use that tired line."

He glances at the paper and puts it in his pocket. "Hey I wasn't trying to hit on you."

"Then give me back my phone number."

"Wouldn't do any good I got it memorized."

Rain laughs at Michael "So stud what's your name?"

He smirks at her and sits down. "Ah sorry I'm Michael and you are?"

"I'm Rain and this is my sister Fire."

"Well it's nice to meet you guys. So um your new in town then?"

"What makes you think we're new in town?"

"I definitely would have remembered you."

"God do you always lay it on this thick?" Fire kicks Rain under the table and she yelps in pain and gives her sister a dirty look. The bell above the door sounds and Kyle strolls in. He was headed to the kitchen to see if Michael would be interested in going back to the cave tonight. He was about to pass them when he noticed Michael sitting with two girls who are not Liz, Isabel or Maria he stops mid stride.

"Hey Valenti over here."

He takes a seat across from Rain noticing that Michael hasn't said anything in awhile and is intent on staring at the girl across from him. "I'm Kyle, nice to meet you." They shake hands. "Sorry for my rude friend he really hasn't grasped the skills of proper social ettiquette. And the whole drool factor alone is enough to make anyone want to barf. Close your mouth Guerin. If I wanted to see your tonsels I'd have been a dentist."Rain laughs at his snide comments. "You must forgive him he just managed to master walking upright."

Fire and Rain continue to laugh at Kyle's jokes. "Ok so what's there to do around here?"

"Well I say we get naked and go skinny dipping." Michael says as he rubs his hands together.

*Is he for real?* "In your dreams stud."

"God what are you wearing. He says as he kisses her neck then moves lower. Licking and nibbling along the way. "You taste good too."

"Oh that feels so good..ummm That does too." She's lost in a haze as she tries to remember what he said. When he bites down on a very sensitive part of her neck "It's called serenity.-" She squeakes out.

"As is calm?" Starts to shake his head to clear it.

"Ah yes yes!"

"It doesn't seems to be ddoing the trick though does it?" Zan slurrs

"I don't think the good people at bath and body works factored in the intricacies of a raging teen alien libido."

"Funny libido. Where did all this teen stuff come from I'm almost twenty?"

"Cute oh ancient one. Just don't stop what your doing."Liz grips his arms feircely as he continues thee assault on her body. Both of them on sensory overload one more than thee other. Every place on her body tingled. Pulsating after every brush of Zan's strong hands. *God how she loved his hands. How can anyone look that hot? it should be illegal. Damn the things he does to me just by touching and kissing. How did I ever wait this long to do this I'll never know? I'm surprised I didn't claw him to death*

"Anyway Hybrid sounds so much sexier." Zan says as he sucks on her colar bone. This girl spins my world upside down . hiccup

Liz flips him on his back. "You are torturing me give it up already!" She ripps his shirt open and she throws it to the floor. She starts laughing as she looks at his chest. She shrugs it off.

"God your beautiful. How did I get so lucky?" *No doubt I knew she'd be a tigris.* They continued to vie for domuinaxy. It felt like a dance.

"Zan you are like the whitest man alive. Have you even been out in the sun?"

"Oh you mean that yellow ball of fire in the sky? I thought that was a myth. Remember I lived in a sewer."

"Atleast you don't smell like it."

"Hey! Don't make me have to shackle you to the bed and spank you."

"You promise?"

Zan gets up from the couch and flips her on his back cave man style and walks purposefully toward his bedroom. "Hey you big cave man, put me down!"

"Your wish iis my command." He throws her down on the bed she bounces twice and he crawls along the headboard and secures her hands to the bed posts.

"Zan what are you doing?"

"What does it look like? I'm giving you what you wanted." He plops down next to her. Giving her a once over "You realise I can do anything to you that I want and you couldn't stop me." He drags a finger down the side of her breast and she holds her breath waiting to see what he does next. Zan waves his hand and lights all thee candles that are spread through out his room.

Liz takes her legs and rubs them together trying to relieve the ache. She pulls slightly against the silk stockings and it tightens around her wrist. The slight pain and pressure excites her more. "Yes I know." She says in a husky voice.

Zan get's up and moves towards the dresser he pulls out a black scarf and walks over to the bed. He sits down and kisses her deep and wraps the scarf around her eyes. "Zan what are you doing?"

"Yours is not to question why but to receive of pleasure and pain. No words shall escape your lips unless it's because of pleasure or pain." She nods her head which was really spinning now. *I'm bound to a bed and blindfolded. O my god I am really going to marry this freak? Where has this kinky little bastard been hiding? And I am going to explode if he doesn't start touching me soon.* He eases off the bed and grabs the nearest candle.

"I knew someone named Serenity once, back home she was Ava's cousin."

Zan takes his hand and runs his finger down from her right arm pitt down to the side of her hip. She holds her breath and trying to figure out what he'll do next and cries out when he rips her blouse from her body. He throws is to the floor. "I'll fix it later." He moves his hand to the side of her pants and unzips it and roughly pulls it from her body. He places one hand on her ass and draws the other hand up and traces a imaginary line from her stomach to her chest and unhooks her bra with his index finger. She's laying on the bed with just some thongs, fishnet stockings garter belt and stillitio boots. He stands there for a good 2 minutes before he snaps out of it and starts licking his way to her breast. First he takes off her boots and sucks all her toes. He bites her arch, sucks on her ankle. He repeats the same action on the other foot and licks his way up her leg. Careful not to leave any areas unattended. Sucks on her hip bone then bites her side and sticks his tongue in her navel and tugs on her rings she cries out again. "You like that huh?" Zan's head is starting to spin a weird floaty feeling passes through his body. His back feels warm all of a sudden and it's starting to pulsate. The heat spreads through his back.

She nods her head. He licks a path between her breasts. He takes the candle and drops some wax on her skin. She cries out again and he pulls her breast in his mouth and bites down on her nipple. A sharp pain goes through her as does a warm tingly feeling spread throughout her body. He does the same thing to the opposite breast. "Damn ZZan that felt so good!"

"Do you want me to pierce these?"

"Will it hurt?"

"I asked you a yes or no question. You keep talking and that will be thee only pain you feel. So I'm going to ask you again. Do you want me to pierce these?"

"Um yes." Liz squeaks out

"Ok then." Zan reaches over to the drawer and opens it.

*Now I don't know how I was able to form a complete sentence. Let alone a complete thought. SO many things are floating in this head of mine.*

Zan takes an alcohol swab and rubs her nipples with it. She cries out again when she feels the cold on her breast then he blows on it some more. Her nipples harden in response. He takes the tongs and latches on to her nipple and she arches her back and raises off the bed The needle goes through and she cries out her body starts shaking. "O my O my O my god Zaaaaaannnnn!!!!!!!!!"

"You ok?" He slips the ring in and places the ball on.

"Better than ok." She says in ragged breaths for about three minutes. He repeats the same process to the other breast thee outcome is the same. Liz pulls her hands against the stockings again as she comes down from her full body induced orgasms. "Hot damn I didn't know getting pierced could feel that good!" Zan takes the blind fold off and unties her hands.

"How do you feel? You ok?"

"Like I just ran a marathon and my body is all hot and I have this weird tingling sensation is hitting my body in all directions."

"Damn that good huh? So what do you want to do now?"

"I want you inside me."

"Say what!?"

Zan doesn't have time to process her words as she attacks him. Liz is sliding her hands through his hair her breast are rubbing against his chest. Zan is in the middle of the bed his hands are everywhere all at once. Liz starts licking his neck and sucking on his earlobe when he is bombarded with flashes. Realizing things are quickly spiriling out of control. He lifts Liz off his lap. Breathing heavy, trying to calm down. "Babe we have to stop." *Whoa I feel like my head is going to explode.*

"We don't have to stop Zan. She says as she tries to take another bite out of him. which he dodges. "I am so ready to do this...really."

"Something is off this doesn't feel right."

"What do you mean off....what you mean compared to alien sex? Well I wouldn't know anything about that.....human." she says as she points to herself.

"I never slept with Ava so what are you talking about?" He looks at her closely. "You did something to me."

"Please Zan ya huh Come on, what the fizzuc is wrong with you? Are"

"What! No are you crazzzy?"

"Ok, not gay. Bi then?" Liz still pissed off that Zan rebuffered her yet again from another sexual advance.

*Damn can't even give the shit away. Maybe all aliens are cocky bastards. Who sole mission is to fizsuc with your head. Zan IS a cocky bastard. I should have remembered that from the first night. 'Can't stop thinking about me.' I should have realised it then. It wasn't even a question he just said it like it was a fact that I was tossing and turning all night thinking about him. I should have cracked his skull when I had a chance.

"E Liz za beth."

Liz could not control the giggles that escaped her lips even though she was pissed she'd never heard Zan say her name before. It was always Red or babe, love or kitten or strawberry. He's called me Liz twice but never Elizabeth.

"Wasss so funny?" Getting no answer "The only time I've felt like this was was when I've been drinking. But I haven't had anything to drink. So why do I feel this way? If this is going to be our first time together since...I want to remember every little detail. Don't know if I can do that though. I need to sober up from what I don't know. I'll be back in two minutes."

Liz still not listening to him trying to figure out how she read him so wrong. *Yeah I was able to understand before when he did it cause it was so soon after Max but this this is clearly something else but what? I know he didn't just leave me here like this.* Liz heard him rambling on about first time and sober up. *huh? What the hell is he talking about?* She watched him walk out the room then it hit her *Omig I can't believe I didn't realise it sooner. All that perfume I doused myself with trying to calm myself down. Serenity my ass! Liz fell back on the bed with a thud laughing hysterically. I asked him if he was gay omig! Bi then? He must think I'm an idiot.* Liz gets up off the bed and go to the bathroom and takes a shower. *Greedy bastard probably sucked every inch of my body and got drunk. Not that I'm complaining. I can't believe that he never slept with Ava. Let me rephrase that. I can't believe Ava never slept with him.* She continues to scrub her body thinking of all the wicked things she plans on doing to Zan.


"So you just started at West Roswell. What do you think?"

"It's ok I guess at least I have friends there." Fire says with a smile

Michael gives his patented smirk. "Anyone I know?"

"I doubt it they're too cool to run in your circle." Kyle and Rain laugh as the smile drops from Michael's face.

"Try me."

"Liz Parker, Maria Deluca, Alex Whitman."

"How do you know them? I thought you said You were new in town." Typical Guerin getting suspicious. Michael looks over to Kyle to see if he can see what he is seeing.
But he's not paying attention

Kyle tunned out all conversation for a bit trying to make heads or tails of what went down today. 1. He was making out with Liz. 2. They could have been burried alive and noone would have been the wiser and finally: 3. Ava tried to dry hump him when he got in the door. What the hell is going on? Did the heatwave start and he didn't know about it?*

"Oh so you do know them...Yeah I wouldn't say we're new exactly more like I haven't been back here since we were little." Rain kicks Fire under the table. She yelps in response and gives her a glare. //Don't say a thing Fire. I'm warning you that kick wont be the last thing I do to you if you don't learn to shut up!//

//You think I'm scared!!! I'll attach your ass permently to your shoulders if you don't watch it! Now stop trying to talk to me in my head. While I'm trying to get to know big and broody ok?!! It's rude!//

//Fine but if this screws things up it's on your ass!//

"Fine!" Fire yells as she looks at her sister then thinks better of it. "I met them in NewYork."

Ignoring her last statement. "Where you and her just carrying on a conversation in your head?" Michael says pointing between the two.

"Michael are you crazy? That's some freak alien shit your going on about." Kyle deadpanns. *Oh shit not again.*

//See what you did now he's going to think we are freaks!//

//Don't get your panties in a bunch I'll take care of this.// "Um We're what you would call telepaths." says Rain

*Ok I think I could take it better if they said they were aliens. Which is so weird* "huh? telepaths you can talk to everyone like that?" says Kyle

"I don't know we haven't tried we've only done it with each other you know being twins and all." answers Fire

"We were just always able to communicate with each other like that." Rain adds

"You know, read each other's thoughts feel each other pain. That sort of thing." Finishes Fire.

The waitress comes back with another refill of cokes

Fire looks at Michael innocently "So anyway I have this assignment in my art class do you think you could help me out?"

//Are you setting him up?//

"I take Art what assignment are you talking about?"

//You'll see. He is a sexy cocky one though isn't he? Let's see if I can knock that smirk off his face.// "I'm in thee advanced class. Anyway we are painting the human form and you would really be helping me out if you'd let me paint yours." Fire picks up her glass to hide the smile on her face.

Michael chokes on his coke and Kyle pats him on the back hard

"I think my lungs have soda in it."


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