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Title: Only Skin Deep
Author: Nicole
Category: M/L, AU
Rating: Um, I'm only seeing PG right now, but who knows, there may be nookie, I haven't got that far...
Disclaimer: Roswell and it's affiliates do not belong to me, I'm just borrowing here and there... (hee-hee, I'm a Borrower!)
Summary: Post-Destiny, Liz is kidnapped and made to believe she is Max's enemy. Grant, Vanessa, Nicholas, and Courtney are Skins.
Author's Note: Um...I really don't ahve anything to say at this point except, "Hope you enjoy it!"

Only Skin Deep


Liz hugged herself tighter, willing the chill that had seeped through her skin and into her bones away. It didn’t help, she still felt cold, numb even. The voice os Max’s real mother was ringing in her ears, as well as Tess’ and Max’s last conversation.

The four of them…

Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess. No Liz. There was no room in Max’s life for her, not now that they had discovered their true destiny.


She closed her eyes against the pain in his voice, the confusion. Two emotions she was feeling equally as much. But she turned back to him, unable to deny herself one last look at his beloved face.

Max shook his head at her set expression, his beautiful eyes begging her to come back to him, but she didn't go to him, and he didn't go to her. This wasn’t the middle of the night, they weren’t alone and running for their lives. They couldn’t pretend, not now. It wasn’t just about them, not anymore.

She turned away and began walking, tears flowing freely down her face. She didn’t look back again, but when the temptation began to grow too great, she ran, ignoring her stumbles and trips, concentrating on blocking out the agony her soul was in with each step she took away from him…

It was some time later that she realized she was lost. Liz had grown up in Roswell, but the only time she had come to the desert was with Max, and then, she was in a car. But now, in her determination to avoid the heartache of this final separation from her soulmate, she had gotten herself thoroughly lost in the middle of nowhere.

She sniffled, wiping away the last of her tears, and then squared her shoulders. She was Liz Parker, and she could do anything. Yeah right, a little voice muttered, then why aren’t you with Max?

No! She couldn’t think like that. She wasn’t with Max for a reason, a very good reason. He had a wife in Tess, and a planet to save, and he didn’t need a small town girl muddling up his destiny…

Anguish welled up within her, overwhelming her, and she fell to the ground, curling up into a fetal position and rocking back and forth on the sandy desert floor as a fresh wave of sobs came wrenching from her.

Her gaze, before sleep overtook her from exhaustion, was fixed on a bright, V-shaped constellation glowing in the night sky.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


I know, it was short, but it's only the prologue! Now, is it good enough to continue? Do you want to know more? Can I get a round of feedback, pretty please?

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_Part One_

Max Evans sat hunched over a glass of Cherry Coke at the counter of the Crashdown Café. School had just started, and the local hang-out was over-flowing with teenagers. Kids he had grown up with over the past eleven years. But one person was missing in the teeming madness.

Liz Parker.

His soulmate, the love of his life…His everything.

The blame was placed solely on his shoulders, no matter what everyone else said. If he hadn’t pushed to use the orbs… If he had just managed to be content… But no, he had wanted to activate them, and thereby he, Izzy, Micheal, and Tess had learned their true purpose for being on Earth. Their “destiny”.

And then he had let her go. It cut the most, knowing his confusion had driven her away, and that he had let her. He could have stopped her, could have run after her and held her close... But he hadn't, and now she was gone.

She’d never made it back to Roswell that night. He had waited at her balcony all night, had called Maria and Alex… But there was nothing. Then he figured she’d need time to deal with everything, so he had waited.

And then her parents called, asking if he had seen Liz. He had lied, it seemed he spent his whole life lying, and then the panic had set in.

After 24 hours, the Sheriff started an official missing persons search. He and Max had led the whole gang in combing the desert, but they never found her. Maria was nearly beside herself with anguish, and only Michael could comfort her. Alex stayed strong, but Liz’s loss had had a profound impact in him, and he took solace in his music, spending less and less time with the group. Isabel had been regretful, but she shook it off quickly once she met a new guy. Tess pretended to feel sorrow, but he could tell she still held a grudge against Liz and was not sorry for her disappearance.

Max, himself, was completely lost. His mom and dad tried to help, but they didn’t understand. He had spent most of his summer at work or with the Parkers, chasing possible leads… But they still never found her.

And now the summer was gone, and she was still gone, and he was losing hope. He stared into the dark caffeine-loaded liquid in the red plastic cup and closed his eyes, seeing Liz smiling at him, flirting with him as she set the soda down-

“Hey Tiger.” He raised his head, his black hair slightly longer and shaggier than his usual clean-cut look, and looked at the aqua-clad waitress eyeing him. Courtney Banks rested one hip against the counter and leaned toward him, her blue eyes amused, “Can I get you anything else?”

He shook his head and went back to staring at the soda. He felt uncomfortable around the new waitress. He especially didn’t like the fact that all these new people had suddenly moved to town. First there was Courtney, and then that Congresswoman with her younger brother, and then Isabel’s new boy toy…

Max twisted his stool slightly and looked sideways at the laughing couple. His sister’s brown eyes were sparkling as she leaned forward in the booth, her hand clasped in her boyfriend’s on the table. Max frowned, and caught Izzy’s eye, she glared at him and then turned her attention back to the man across from her.

Grant Sorenson, another newbie in town, who just happened to be a geologist and who just happened to find Pierce’s bones in the desert. Max shuddered when he remembered his torturer’s ice blue eyes, they thought they had buried him where no one would find the remains, but obviously they had been wrong.

Isabel had said she would handle it, and she had, but she seemed to be handling it more than was necessary. She hadn’t even turned 18 yet and this guy was at least ten years her senior… He didn’t approve, their parents didn’t approve, Alex didn’t, Michael didn’t, only Isabel was all for her relationship with Grant.

He shifted his eyes back in front of him and then glanced at Michael, who was also watching Isabel and Grant. Their eyes met, each conveying their mutual distrust, and then Michael went back to flipping burgers and Max caught sight of Jeff Parker in the window of the door leading to the back room.

He was out of his seat immediately, suddenly feeling revitalized, and he rushed to the back. “Mr. Parker!” he called, stopping Liz’s father as he ascended the stairs to the apartment above.

But when Jeff turned around, Max’s hope died. The defeat in the older man’s eyes was all Max had to see. Another dead end. Liz hadn’t been in Utah.

“Damn it!” he cried, the frustration and pain overwhelming him. He drove a fist into the brick wall beside the steps, not noticing the breaking sound of his knuckles as skin was scraped off his hands and blood dripped on the floor.

“Max!” Jeff exclaimed. “Nancy!” he shouted up the stairs, “Get the first aid kit!”

“Damn it,” Max whispered, pounding his broken hand against the wall over and over, tears flowing down his face. He leaned his forehead on the cool brick as Mr. Parker hovered over him. He didn’t notice Jeff, or Michael who had come out of the kitchen and was watching them solemnly, or even Maria and Courtney, who stood in the doorway in their uniforms, hands over their mouths at the sight of him.

Liz, his soul sobbed, where are you?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Grant parked his SUV in the driveway of his small, comfortable home. He smiled as he grabbed the bag of groceries out of the passenger seat and got out of the vehicle. His lunch with Isabel had gone well.

It was just like old times.

He sighed, accessing his previous memories of Vilandra, and love blossomed within him. She was the perfect Princess, his soulmate. And he had finally found her again.

It had been ironic that the Royal Four were in Roswell, home of the ’47 Crash and UFO fanatics. Hiding in plain sight… He shook his head, it had been a stroke of luck that he had caught the signal that night last May.

The door opened before he got his keys out and he looked down at Nicholas. The fourteen year old boy gave him a sour scowl. “School sucked,” he announced, “I don’t want to go tomorrow.”

“You have to.”

“No,” he countered, shutting the door after Grant had come in, “I know every pitiful thing they’re teaching. I’m beyond it.”

“You’re fourteen,” Grant reminded him, “It’s required that you go to school.”

“This body is fourteen,” he argued, “I’m not, and I hate being a freshman. There are only so many wedgies those dumb jocks can give me before I fry them.”

Grant stopped and looked at his second seriously. “No, Nicholas, you have to act normal. That means school tomorrow and no frying humans.”

“She doesn’t have to go to school,” he continued to argue, “Why can’t I be home-schooled too?”

“She can’t go to school. You can, and you will.” Nicholas didn’t reply, and they had a staring contest for several minutes before the boy finally relented.

“Fine,” he muttered, and then started stomping to his room, “I have homework to do then.”

“Dinner will be at six-thirty,” Grant called after him and then pushed open the kitchen door. He gave the two people sitting at the table a smile and set the paper bag on the kitchen counter, taking items out and putting them away in cupboards. “How’d it go today?” he inquired.

Vanessa Whittaker, Congresswoman and his cousin, met his brown eyes with her blue. She pushed a strand of white-blond hair out of her eyes and smiled. “She’s progressing nicely.”

The girl sitting beside Vanessa at the table raised her head from the book in front of her. Her large brown eyes watched him as he moved around the cooking area. She tucked a lock of chocolate brown hair behind one ear and granted him a smile, “I finished derivatives today and I learned how to change the molecular structure of vegetables this morning.”

“Really?” he asked, grinning. She was his trump card in the game he was setting up. She was the key. But first he had to prepare her… Without her knowing. “How’d that go?” He picked up an apple off the basket on the table as he sat down beside her and bit into it.

Liz Sorenson smiled, “You tell me, big brother, that used to be a carrot.”

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

To be continued...

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