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Unanswered Questions
Author: DreamingOfMax84 ~ A.K.A. Ria
Rating: PG-13 - R.... not sure yet
Category: Liz's POV
Summary: Liz's reflection on Season 1 and her relationship with Max.
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Author's Note: Hey guys this is like my first fic all over again.... so be nice. Tell the truth, but please don't be too brutal. Thanks. FB PLEASE??
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Sad but true. Although I wouldn't mind owning Jason Behr. YUM!!

Part 1

Dear Journal,

What would've been if Max Evans hadn't come into my life and saved me? What kind of person would I be today if I hadn't met my "soulmate"? I totally use that term loosely now because of what's happen over the course of the last year. Maria says we were meant to be together, but do I even believe that anymore? When Max and I started dating Sophomore year he was so attentive, sweet, loving and caring. Wait, why does if seem like I am writing the same word over and over again? Probably because I am. He was all of those things, but he was never really passionate or driven to rebel unless it had to do with some Czech thing.

That night at Michael's was like magic, I thought I was finally going to make love to my one true soulmate, but of course 'Hurricane DeLuca' ruined that moment. And even in the desert later that night I thought, 'it's going to happen, Max Evans is going to show me just how much he loves me.' But no that damn beeping orb blew that chance too. Like all the other almosts we were only pushed that far because it was the 'right thing to do', we had to find out what happened with the glowing hickey, and what all those flashes were for.
"Was it ever about us?" That was the question I asked Max the morning after finding the orb. I still wonder if it was ever even about us. I wonder; was this some cruel joke to play on a young girl who was in love? Did I do something so terrible in a past life to deserve such heartache?

But that wasn't even the kicker, at the end of the school year someone new appeared in our lives. The little tramp's name was Tess. God, just that name makes my blood boil and my fists clench. That bitch was just another one of the reasons I couldn't be happy. She came to Roswell about 2 months before summer vacation and that's when my life ended; well actually my life ended when I was shot, but that's another story.

Anyway she was your standard home-wrecker; stupid fake blonde curls, large breasts, big blue eyes, okay basically she was perfect. Compared to me and my boring brown eyes, brown hair and flat chest, I just screamed 'freak'. Back to the downward spiral. She was after Max from the start, I knew it, Maria knew it, hell everyone knew it but my dear sweet, naive boyfriend. One night I was closing the CrashDown up and it was pouring outside, I went to lock the doors when I saw that bitch kissing Max. I was so upset that I closed up and went to bed, crying myself to sleep. The next day I told him I saw them and he told me he had a flash while kissing her, I was completely dumbfounded. My response to what he said was, "I guess I'm not so special after all, huh?" I thought I was the only one, and it made me feel special, jeez was I wrong.

Maria tried to convince me that he loved me and only me, that he wouldn't want trash like her, that it wasn't like him. We suspected her so we thought to watch her, we used the camera that was in Michael's apartment; again another story, and we placed it strategically in a statue of some sort, and I was completely clumsy and knocked it over breaking the statue. Luckily I put it somewhere else then we watched and waited. That night we saw her wave her hand over the statue; completely restoring it.

After that we followed her around a while, she later found the camera and our surveillance ended, but the nightmare was far from over. Max later found out that she was also an alien and told Michael and Isabel. I got kidnapped by Nasedo Max yadda, yadda, yadda, touchy subject and I don't want to go there. Max got caught buy the FBI; another touchy subject. He got put in a white room and had terrible tests done on him. We rescued him and hid out, the sheriff got filled in on all that's gone on.

We captured Pierce; who was behind all this, tied him up and Michael killed him saving the rest of us. Poor Kyle was shot and Max healed him, so we had to tell him too. The 'Pod Squad' as we called them resurrected Nasedo after an accident he had, and he took Pierce's place in the FBI to help inform Max and the others of any further alien investigations.

The Pod Squad used the orbs; the one from the desert and one from the FBI, and activated them. It was a message from their home planet, more importantly from Max and Isabel's mother; the queen of Antar. She told them that Max would be King, Isabel princess. Michael would be the second in command and Tess would be queen. Max and Tess were betrothed to each other as were Isabel and Michael.

I watched the whole thing play out and decided to be honorable and bow down and away from my love. I said to him, "Max, you do have a destiny. You just heard it. I can't stand in the way of it." He told me that I meant everything to him, I kissed him one last time and said my final goodbye. From there I ran away from the only thing that I ever wanted, and he didn't even bother to come after me. I thought he loved me. I guess I was wrong. I left for Florida right after school let out for summer and tried not to think of Max and Tess together. Just the thought made me want to throw up.

Again, what would've been if Max Evans hadn't come into my life and saved me? This and so many other of my questions will remain unanswered.

TBC....?? Tell me what you think.

Another Author's Note: Okay this may be a two parter if you ask for it, it'll revolve around Season 2. But it will only be two parts at the most. Thanks

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