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Title: The Alien Diaries
Author: JustThisOnce
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Rating: PG
Category: CC

AN: My first fanfic, so leave ya feedback to let me know what ya think… should I continue?

This is just a short part to give you a feeling as to what the fic will be like.
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The Alien Diaries

Part 1

It’s September 24th, I’m Liz Parker, a year ago I was a normal teenage girl but I met a man called Max, and now...


“Chica? Is that you making all that noise?” Liz opened the door a crack and peered round the edge.

“Um… yeah, I was just trying to get my window open,” she said as Maria pushed the door open and stepped in.

“Lizzie? When you need to open it all you need to do is flip the catch and push it up. I think you might have gone to slightly extreme measures there.” She stared at the shattered glass scattered on the floor, “what on earth did you do?”

What on earth did I do? “It was just a little accident; it’s nothing to worry about. In fact I was just about to tidy up, want to help?”

“A little accident? What would you class as a major one? On second thoughts I don’t think I want to know.” Maria walked over to where the window used to be and grabbed the dustpan Liz had placed on her desk. “What’s going on Liz? You’ve been acting all weird; have you and Max split up?”

“No, nothing like that. Things have just started getting complicated, that’s all”

“Between you and Max?”

Liz shook her head, “but he’s responsible for it”

Maria raised her eyebrows, “you’re talking in riddles now chica. Max is responsible for… oh my god, you’re not…

“Maria, no! I am not pregnant”

“So what’s this complication?”

Liz held out her hand palm down, “you’re not gonna freak on me are you?”

“nuh-uh” she replied shaking her head. Liz moved her hand over the pieces of glass and they began to rise and swirl, moving towards the window. Within minutes the glass was back in place and looked as if it had never been broken.

Maria stared open mouthed, “that’s some complication you’ve got there!”


It’s September 24th, I’m Liz Parker, a year ago I was a normal teenage girl but I met a man called Max, and now… well, now I’m something else

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Thanx for all the feedback, I'll have part 2 finished and posted by the end of tomorrow.

I havn't actually seen season three, but I saw chchchanges and thought it would make an interesting starting point.

Just a little note to let you know that at the beginning and end of each part will be a bit more of liz's journal entry.
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AN: as always, your feedback please, enjoy!

Part 2

For years I knew exactly where I stood and where I was going. Isn’t it strange how one day can change your whole life’s perspective? I feel like I don’t know who I am anymore…


“So… what do you think of the new improved me?” Liz joked, hoping she had covered her signs of nervousness.

“Lizzie, you know I think you’re the best no matter what you do; unless it involves turning my best red top into some disgusting shade of purple.”

Liz laughed, “Well I’m just glad I didn’t mess the demonstration up like when I’ve tried doing things before.”

“Hey, hang on a minute there. Tried doing things before? How long have you known about this ‘complication’?”

“Since the beginning of the week,” she said sheepishly.

“You’ve known for five days and you’ve only just decided to let me know? I only found out today because I came in; we’re supposed to share everything Liz… why didn’t you tell me before?”

“You were going through the whole Michael do we, don’t we thing; I didn’t want to worry you. You and Michael really should stay together by the way, you’re a great couple.”

“Don’t change the subject, Lizzie” Maria said, not wanting to talk about her and Michael.

“Okay, I needed time to deal with it by myself. You wouldn’t know how difficult it is to find out your not what you always thought you were.”

Maria stepped over to Liz and hugged her, “your still Liz Parker; just Liz parker with an extra alien kick. Speaking of aliens, what does Max think of your new powers?” Liz said nothing. “He does know doesn’t he?”

Liz moved away and lay down on the bed, she hadn’t told Max. Not because she didn’t want to, oh how she longed to up to him and explain what was happening, but because she couldn’t. Even if she could tell him, she didn’t know how to. How exactly are you supposed to tell someone that they’ve turned you into an alien? “I can’t tell him Ria. I can’t even be near him at the moment.”

“Surely it’s not that bad? Max is a wonderful guy, all you need to do is explain what's going on and he’ll give you time to deal…”

“No, Maria. I mean I physically can’t be near him. Just being in the same room as him hurts so much, its like a thousand volts of electricity pouring through me. Just having him in the area nearby is enough to make my skin tingle and become alive with electricity. How can I talk to him if I can’t even bear to be in the same area as him? It’s not just that though, I’m a danger to society…”

“Michael’s driving is a danger to society, there’s just no comparison to be made.”

Liz shook her head, “I can’t control what I do. If I get angry or panic I tend to blow things up or set fire to them. I even melt things, what if I do that to you or Max, or someone who’s just unfortunate enough to be passing me at the time?”

“I see your problem chica, but the only way to cope with this is to talk to someone who can help.”

“You mean someone like Max”

“Well yeah. I mean you could try Michael, but with his track record it’s pretty safe to say he wouldn’t make the best teacher”

Liz stood up and looked at her watch. “Our shift starts now; we better go and get started.”

“You’ll be okay won’t you? I can call someone to cover if you want?”

“Stop worrying Ria, I’ll be fine” she turned and left the room, Maria following close behind her, asking questions about her powers. When they reached the café door Liz stopped. Max was sat in their usual booth and she could feel the electricity moving through her body. “Remember Maria; not a word to anyone! Especially not Max, I know what I have to do”


…Or more importantly; what I am.

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Part 3

I’ve sat and gone through the what ifs and the why me’s. Why do I have to be the one changing? What if it wasn’t me? Why did I have to be shot? What if I hadn’t been shot, or healed? Then I saw everything pointed to the one question…


Maria watched as Liz walked towards the booth where Max, Michael and Isabel were seated. From where she was stood, she could just make out the green crackling energy that appeared as Liz reached Max. She glanced around, checking that no one else noticed. The young couple in the corner were too pre-occupied, they wouldn’t even notice if a UFO landed in front of them she thought to herself, there was a small group opposite Max’s booth but they were busy looking at the menu and the man at the counter had his back to them.

Liz stood in front of the booth. “What can I get you?” she asked looking at Max.

“The usual,” he replied and Liz nodded, jotting it down.

“Liz? Is there something wrong? You’ve been avoiding me for the past few days”

Liz shook her head, “no, everything's fine Max.” She turned and walked away; grimacing at the pain she had felt from the last crackle of energy. He was upset and confused, she could tell that… she could feel it. The thought made her angry. He was upset and confused? How could he feel like that when it was her that had to go through this? The light in the kitchen exploded as she went in and slammed the order on the side.

Michael spun round as Maria rushed in to see what was going on, “what the hell just happened?” he asked.

“I knew that would happen one of these days, its been playing up for ages, we should have changed it really” she said covering for Liz, who was still staring at where the light should have been.

“Liz, I think we should go and find a new bulb,” she said, steering her out of the room, leaving a confused Michael to cook in the dark.

Maria took Liz to one of the rooms out the back and sat her down. “Chica, you really need to talk to Max”

“You know what Ria? You're right, I do need to talk to him.” She stood up and went back into the café, while Maria searched for a new light hoping that Michael wouldn’t ask her any questions when she went back into the kitchen.

Liz walked over to the booth and stood in front of Max, “you know what? Things aren’t okay, we need to talk. Do you have a minute?” He nodded and stood up, following her outside. Liz struggled to keep control of the power running through her, she didn’t want to have any more accidents.

“You wanted to talk,” he said, not knowing what else to say.

“Yes. Things have changed Max. I’ve changed. There’s no easy way to say this but I can’t be with you anymore.”

“What do you mean? Liz, you’re my soul mate, my destiny.”

“You heard me Max,” she said, feeling that her heart would break as she saw tears forming in his eyes, she turned to leave.

“Don’t walk away from me Liz, please! At least tell me why?”

“I don’t want to hurt anymore Max. I just don’t want to hurt.” She called as she opened the door and went back inside.


…What if I’d never met Max?

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Thanx for all your feedback and the bumps, it's great to know you like the fic!*big*

I just finished a uni assignment so I'll be able to do part 4 tonight. It'll be up tomorrow.

Thanx again

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Really sorry for the delay, the uni I'm at has had lots of problems with their computers, then I lost this thread, then we had powercuts every 5 seconds form this freak weather we've had over here and finally I had some personal things to sort out *sad*


I'm now back on track and off to do part four now, this instant and I WILL post it tomorrow *big*

Sorry for the long delay

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Well I got it here eventually... sorry for the huge delay. I wont make any promises about when parts will be up in future, but part 5 should be up at the end of the week!
Anyway, sorry once again and on with the fic!


Part 4

If I hadn’t met Max, I wouldn’t have risked everything so many times or had such dangerous secrets. I wouldn’t have made such big sacrifices or endangered my friends’ lives. If I hadn’t met Max I wouldn’t hurt so much…


Max stood and stared at the doors as they slammed shut, blocking Liz from his sight. They had split up before but he had always known why, this time it was a total shock. What did she mean she didn’t want to hurt? he thought. He’d never hurt her, not intentionally anyway. Maybe he’d done something, said something? If only he knew, he could do something to make it better; and make sure he never did it again. But Liz wasn’t going to say; she had made that much clear. What ever it was he’d done, it was bad. The door opened and he looked up hoping it was Liz.

“Hey Is, what's up?”

“I thought perhaps you might like to tell me that. God Max, you look awful. What did she say?”

He glanced back inside and caught a glimpse of Liz behind the counter. “That we’re finished.”

Isabelle shook her head, “come on Max, you and Liz have broken up before. You know you always get back together.”

“I know, but this time was different. Something's changed; she says she's changed. I could feel something was different, I’ve felt it for most of the week but I didn’t want to say anything in case I pushed her away. Not that it seems to have made any difference in the end.”

“Don’t talk like that Max, you and Liz are meant to be together, after all we’ve been through you should know that; and you will be. Just give her time, she probably has something to work out by herself”

Max stared at his sister, “do you know something?”

She shook her head, “now come back inside and eat, you’ll freeze out here.” she said taking his hand and pulling him back inside.

* * *

Liz sat on the floor against the wall, her chin resting on her knees, which she held tightly to her. She made no attempt to stop the tears, which came freely.

Maria rushed into the room, “so, how’d it go? Oh my god Lizzie, what's wrong? Did something happen?”

Liz shook her head, “no nothing happened. I told Max what I had to tell him. That we can’t be together any more.”

“But Liz hunny, you need him. You have no idea what effect this new alien thing could have on you. After all the pair of you have been through for each other you're going to let it end here? All because of what?” Maria was getting angry, “all because your angry at Max? And what for? For making this happen to you; for saving your life?” She stormed out of the room leaving a stunned Liz staring at the doorway where her best friend had been standing only seconds ago. She stood up and dried her eyes.

“Maria? Maria!?” she thought about what she had just said as she called. Maria as right of course, she couldn’t really blame Max for this, without him she’d have died. She’d have done the same for him if it had been the other way round. But telling Max was a different story, he’d want to help her and though his heart was in the right place he really wouldn’t be a help. The bond between them was obviously so strong it was causing physical effects, effects that would act like a neon sign saying ‘alien activity here, come and get me.’ What she had done was not just because she was angry at Max, deep down, not only was she afraid of getting hurt, she was afraid of hurting him.


…But then I realise; without Max, I’d never have loved.

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Just bumping to remind you all the new part is up!