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This story is based on Judith McNaughts original Water's Edge! I really liked the pretense of the story but she changed it , so I am going to try to write it like it was in the begining.
Rating- NC-17
Summary: Liz Parker is a 22 year old college student majoring in molecular biology. She is a major bookworm and really doesn't have a lot of friends. She goes to the desert of Roswell New Mexico one night and makes a wish that forever changes her life...ok that is enough summarry please read and leave me feedback!

Water's Edge

When I was young child , I remember looking up at the stars and feeling like a part of my life was missing. That I was meant to do something great, or be with someone great. So far my life has been a complete utter waste. So what if I was valedictorian or that I got into Havard . I never had very many friends and I never had a boyfriend. My mother tells me that I am beautiful and that one day some great guy will sweep me off my feet. Well I have been hanging on to "One day " for so long that I have just now realized nobody wants me. I am not ugly , I am just plain and now with todays society all guys are just looking to find a Brittney Spears look-a-like.
I mean how the hell am I supposed to compete with that.
I am sitting here in my dorm room crying , but I did this to myself. I never tried to make friends with anyone and I never tried to get a date. All I ever did was study and study. My parents wanted me to go to Havard for as long as I can remember. I was so caught up trying to please them that I let best years of my life pass me by. I have to get out of here , I feel so closterphobic that I cant breathe. I ran out of my dorm room so fast that all I grabbed were my keys to my car, I don't even have shoes on. My eyes are so swollen from crying I can barley see where I am going. Panic started to overcome me, how was I going to change , what if I never made any friends or never got married. What if nobody wants me. I pull over on the side of the road, turned my hazards on and started running as fast as I could into the desert.
My knees buckle because I have been pushing my self so hard that I fall to the ground. My chest hurts so bad and I can barley breathe now. But somthing catches my attention. The same constellation of stars I used to look at when I was a child. It calms me and I start to breathe normal again. " Why!" I scream into the darkness. " I wish I could go somewhere where nobody knows me, Where I can start over!"
I must of passed out because when I woke up I saw the most beautiful man lingering over me. I pretended to still be sleeping . I wanted to get a look at my surroundings before I tried to get up so I could make a run for it in case this guy was some kind of freak. But my surroundings are totally not familiar. First off there is this thing it looks like a fireplace but instead of red flames these are blue.
The man is frantically pacing around the room and stops just as another man enters. " Your highness , it is confirmed this woman is Kivars bitch. What do you plan to do with her?" the man asked waiting for an answer.
"I will talk to her first and then you may do with her as you want."
Liz was petrified . She hoped they were talking about someone else, but she knew they weren't. I am just going to half to stay asleep they can't ask me any questions if I don't wake up!

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Water's Edge
Chapter one B

Max paced around the room , this girl could be the key to the war that enslaved his planet. She may be the key to this whole war. Max had something he knew Kivar would want back and that meant he had a bartering tool.
It was pure luck actually, The girl was found outside in his gardens. She had a huge lump on her head and he became concerned right away. Max was know for his kind and gentle composure, it was only natural that he would help this young girl. He was the king and he would not turn his back on one of his people, well that is until he found out she was his enemys lover.
She was quite beautiful. Her long brown tresses flowed over her lucious breast and her complexion was quite flawless. She had deep red luscious lips. Max couldn't help but notice these things about her. The girl had caught his attention ever since he found her. Kivar was lucky to have found such a beautiful lover. Max became jealous as he thought about Kivar touching this woman.
Anger was boiling inside of him, he knew he shouldn't feel like this but he couldn't help it.
It didn't matter she wouldn't be around long enough to go back to Kivar. Maybe he would have his way with her before she was put to death for treason against her country. Why wasn't she walking up. He was growing impatient by the second. He slowly sat beside her on the bed and place his hand on her silky creamy face. His hand slid down to her chin and he caressed it . "Wake up " he said softly . But he still got no response. He became worried , she would be of no use if she didn't wake up.
Liz trembled as he caressed her face. She had never been touched like that by any man. It took all she had not to moan out in pleasure. Shivers were travling down her spine. All these feelings were new to her. She had never felt like this before. His voices was like silky caramel. And she wanted to eat it up. Liz wished he would go away so she could sneak out and run home. She knew this Man was mad at her but she didn't know how because they had never met. He kept rambling about someone named Kivar, and she didn't know anyone by that name. All Liz knew was the faster he left the faster she could go home.

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Water's Edge
Chapter one (cont.)

Isabelle burst into the room her brother had been in all day. She was tired of waiting for Max to come out and inform everyone of the situation that was going on. Isabelle gasped when she saw the Brown haired girl on the bed. " Max that is Alexis, Kivars Mistress. How did she get here?" Isabelle said impaitently.
Max was upset now. He didn't want Isabelle involved in this. " Iz I don't know, your guess is as good as mine."
"Well what are you going to do with her?" She asked curiously.
"I will question her and then she will be made as an example. She will be put to death for treason against her country.
Liz gasped as she listen to them talk. There had to be another person in this room. She was not Alexis and if they thought she was then they were sadly mistaken. Is this another hurdle God. Liz thought to herself. What else can go wrong? Never mind don't answer that. Liz wondered if this girl was married to the man that had stirred real emotions in her. Stop thinking about him Parker and think about how the hell you are going to get out of this mess. Suddenly Liz got an idea, She would fake amnesia. They wouldn't put her to death over something she did if she couldn't remember. God I must be dreaming. Death!! What century is this? This is just a bad dream. I will wake up any minute.
Max told Isabelle to go and infom Michael of their visitor and give him a few seconds to see if he could wake her up. Isabelle left the room quietly closing the door behind her.
Max approached the bed and shook Alexis. "Wake up! " he said firmer this time.
Liz decided to put her plan in to action and hoped it gave her some time.
Liz cracked her eyes open and found the most gorgeous amber eyes staring deeply at her. She was mesmerized by this man. He was gorgeous.
Max was intoxicated , she had beautiful chocolate brown eyes and they looked so sad.
"Where am I? Who are you?" Liz stammered.
Max too a breath and sighed . This girl had no idea what was going on. Great now what was he going to do.
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Well here is another part.

Water's Edge
Chapter Two

Liz waited for Max to reply. He kept starring at her which was making her uncomfotable. "Why are you starring at me? Did I do something wrong, or do I have something on my face ?" Liz said trying to test him out.
"I am starring at you because you are in a world of trouble. Do you know your name?" he asked her
"Yes my name is Liz Parker and I want to go home." she said as tears rolled down the side of her face.
"Please do not cry. I guess I can't hold you responsible for things you do not remember. I will call for a doctor so he can come and assess your needs and make sure you are alright. But as soon as you get your memory back we will need to talk.'' Max said to her feeling upset for her.
"Do I know you? Have I hurt you in some way. Are we in love and did I betray you? What did I do to cause you to look at me with such disapproving eyes? I feel like I need your arms around me and I can't take seeing you upset at me?" Liz said trying to soak up his kindness.
She was curious as to how he would answer.
"No we do not know each other, therefore we could not be in love, although it would be easy to fall in love with someone so beautiful. I told you we will discuss this more after the doctor assures me that you will be fine." Max replied.
"Whats your name ? Oh and where am I ? " Liz asked trying to feel out how far away from home she was.
"My Name is Max and you are here in Antar."
"Antar? What city is that? what planet is that? Liz said becoming confused .

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Water's Edge
Chapter 3

Liz was feeling overwelmed and confused. This was ridiculous. She had never heard of Antar. Her body was trembling with fear, what if she was in another country. She had no money or credit cards on her, so how would she get home. Liz could feel her eyes begining to water , she did not want to cry anymore, her head was already pounding. She needed to get in control of her emotions. All she needed was a phone and then she could call her mother. Her parents would know what to do, they would get her home.
A garbled knock on the door startled Liz from her thoughts. Max opened the door and walked in. Liz noticed the smaller older man following him. Max approached the bed and said "This is my personal phsycian. He will perform an exam to find out the extent of your injuries. Just lie back and let him take care of you Alexis."
Liz was instantly annoyed. " My name is Liz. I cannot understand why that is so hard for you to comprehend."
Liz was losing control fast. Tears welled up in her eyes and started falling down her face. Her breathing was becoming irratic. Her chest was heaving up and down at a very fast rate. Her pulse was raging. Liz felt like she was going to pass out.
Max looked and Liz and could tell she was becoming very stressed. He became concerned right away. He needed to calm her down. " Look maybe we have you mixed up with another person. Liz I will get to the bottom of this. You just need to tke care of yourself in the meantime."
The doctor pulled out a small object and shined it in her eyes. Liz became paralyzed and for some reason she felt very passive. She was relaxed for the first time in hours. Her day had been nothing but a big rollercoaster ride. The light had shut off and Liz was back to reality and felt alot calmer The doctor sat next to Liz and explained some of her injurys to her. "Miss you are suffering from minor head trauma . You have no brain damadge or hemredging as far as I can tell. Your amnesia should be short term. You may not recall the incident that caused you trauma but I believe you will be backed to yourself in a few weeks. So just try and relax and take it easy."
The doctor rose from his seat and started walking to the door. He turned abruptly and asked Max to join him outside for a moment.
Max followed the doctor out the door and spoke first.
"Did you retrieve her memories?"he asked impatiently.
"Of course Your Highness. But these things take a few days. I will have the results for you in two moons." The doctor replied. " Ben you have been my family physician for as long as I can remember, can you please get these results alittle faster. I really need to know if she is really this Liz person she claims to be. This is a matter of security for all of us. If she is kivars lover , she needs to be punished , otherwise my people will not understand my actions. They will doubt me."
"Your Highness please dont get upset at me , but I think you have other reasons for wanting these results faster. I see the way you look at her. You are falling in Love my friend. If she is not Alexis , you will keep her?"
"I don't know . God , she is gorgeous and I can't help having these feelings but I will not get attatched to her until it is confirmed she is not Alexis." Max stated adamently.
"I am sorry Your Highness but I think you are far beyond that point, but I will go now so I can work on this memory retrival project. Now go and take care of her , I will be in touch if anything turns up." The doctor bowed and left promptly. Max stood in the hallway shocked at what Ben had said. Was it that obvious ? He couldn't believe Ben saw the emotions she struck up in him. He needed to get back in control.
Liz was getting worried now. Max had been in the hallway with the doctor for over fifteen minutes. What if she was dying and the doctor was telling Max and not her. Liz stood up and approached the door. It was her health they were discussing and she had every right to know about it. God It is not like Max is family, Why should he get to now about my personal health problems anyways. He wants me to be executed, so he can just go piss up a rope. Just as Liz was about to grab the door handle but Max came barreling in the door. He bumped right into her and she lost her balance. He reached for her and pulled her against his body. Shivers returned and continued up and down Liz's back. He was staring at her and inching his face closer and closer. She wanted him to kiss her but she had no idea what to do. She had never been kissed before.
He face was almost touching hers when a lound knock on the door broke them apart. Max was thankful for the interuption because he was about to do something he might regret later. She was intoxicating and he was learning she was going to become a weakness to him. " Enter!" Max said loudly. Max was surprised to see Maria standing there. She looked pissed off too.

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1) Liz doesn't know where she is at this point. She is confused about her surroundings. She doesn't know she is on another planet. So I guess she is surrounded by aliens. So yes she is the only human so far.

2) Does Max believe in God? I really hadn't thought about that . I guess I really just wrote that . I don't know if there is a god on Max's planet. We will see though!!

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Water's Edge
Chapter Four

Maria was ready to strangle Max. She had heard from Iz that they had found some strange girl passed out in their gardens. Iz had told her that it was Alexis and Maria just did not believe that.Kivar would be calling out his guards if his precious Alexis was gone. Her brother Alex lived in Zelian, Kivars home town. So Alex would of informed her of this news if she were truley missing. So she had to see for herself. Max swung the door open to find a sour Maria standing in front of him. He could tell by the look on her face that she was upset.
"What's the matter? Max asked .
"I hear you have some poor girl locked in these quarters and you are claiming that she is Alexis. Your sister also told me that you plan to execute her."
"Maria it really isn't any of your concern?" Max stated agitated.
Max could see Maria was losing her composure so he stepped out of the room and closed the door behind him. he didn't want Alexis or whoever she was to become upset again.
"What do you mean it isn't any of my concern? Did you forget that I am your advisor . Oh and not to mention I am you Sencond in comands fiance. Oh and let me throw another thing at you , maybe you fogot that I am your FRIEND? So maybe you should remember these things next time when you exclude me!" Maria said loudly.
"Keep your voice down! The girl has amnesia and gets upset easily. I don't want her to get upset again. She claims her name is Liz Parker and She also claims to not know who I am."
"Max did it ever occur to you that she maybe telling the truth. Maybe your guards are mistaken about her idenity. I mean have you actually ever seen Alexis?"
Max became uneasy again. What if Maria was right? But it all would be revealed soon enough. His family physician had taken ome of the girls memories and was going to examine them .
"Maria calm down! I had already thought of that , so I called Ben and he took some of her memories . I will have the results in a few days."
"You never cease to amaze me Max. You stole her memories.Why didn't you just send one of your spies to investigate? Why do you always got to do things ass backwards. There could be reprocussions." Maria said as she rushed passed him and enter the room.
Max was getting furious. Why was she second guessing him? Maria approached the girl who was curled up in a ball on the bed. " Excuse me miss?" she said quietly.
Liz heard the females voice and rolled over and sat up.
Maria was shocked. The girl was breath taking. No wonder Max didn't want her upset, he probably liked her.
"Hi! My name is Maria. I am so sorry for the caveman over there. So what is your name? " She asked with a smile.
Liz was hesitant at first but Maria was being very nice and it was hard to not be nice back. Maybe this girl could help her." My name is Liz." she stammered out.
"Well Liz what can I do to help make your stay more comfortable? Are you hungry or thirsty? Or maybe you want to take a shower?" she said excitedly.
Max was shocked to see Maria being so friendly , when she was just so nasty with him. Max caught Liz staring at him , and all he could think about was how to get Maria out of there so he could be alone with her.
"I would love a shower and some new clothes , if that is possible." Liz asked nicley.
"Absolutley. I will run and get you omething to wear , we look about the same size. I will be back in a flash.
Maria exited the room and Max sighed in relief. Finally some alone time again.
Max was gazing at Liz again . He just could help it . She looked so lost and it was killing him. But he couldn't even think about getting involved with her until she was cleared. Liz wanted to Kiss Max so bad. She got of the bed and moved closer to him. She wanted to finnish what they had started before they were interrupted.
Max wondered what she was doing. She was almost touching her body to his and he didn't know if he could control himself. And then it happenend. She wrapped her arms around him and placed her red lucious lips on his. At first he didn't respond but then her tongue touched his lips and he lost whatever senses he had left.

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Water's Edge
Chapter 5

Max opened his mouth and allowed Liz's tongue to enter and tangle with his, he had never felt such intense pleasure before. His hands were traveling up under her shirt. Her skin was so soft and warm that it sent chills up his back. They weren't supposed to be doing this , she was his enemies lover. It was wrong, but it felt so good. Max was conflicted, he needed to pull away and stop this before it went to far, but his body was betraying him. Liz moaned and Max jerked away.
Her eyes had such a sad glint in them. She looked like she lost the most important thing in her life .
"Don't you care if I am telling the truth?"Liz cried.
"Are you so bent on having me executed that you won't listen to me! My God , I am not this woman that you are proclaiming me to be. Never in my wildest dream did I ever think I would meet someone like you. You are driving me crazy. All I can think of is you and what you do to my body. I swear to you I am not this person that you think I am . My name is Elizabeth Ann Parker, my parents are Nancy and Jeff Parker. I was born in Roswell New Mexico and I attend Havard."
Max looked at Liz, his eyes consumed by anger. He just learned her secret she didn't have amnesia she was just making up stories. He should of known better.
"Don't tell me another lie and make me more angry than I am ." exclaimed Max. "I can be very cruel if I want to be. Max reached for the door and locked it. He was going to use her like she was just about to use him. He wanted her so why shouldn't he have her. Max moved closer to Liz and ripped her shirt open. Max saw the tears that were falling down her face and felt a breif moment of remorsefulness, but that was all it was going to be . Just one moment. She deserved this kind of punishment and the many other punishments that were going to come after this. She betrayed her country and her King. " It won't do you any good to cry because no one gives a damn about a traitor like you." Max moved his hand to her breast and cupped it. They were so round and full. Max spoke again , some of the coldness leaving his voice "You really are beautiful, I have never seen or touched such soft , white skin before."
It was Liz's turn to plead with Max. She wanted him but not like this. He was so angry and so insistent that she was someone she wasn't. "Please Max . Don't do this! I am telling you the truth." Max ignored Liz and brought his mouth down to her breasts and kissed each peak. He lingered there for a long while before he looked into her eyes which were wide with tears. " I promise I won't be to rough with you, as long as you don't fight me. I can promise you only that." he replied. He moved his hands from her breasts to her face . He cupped her chin and kissed her deeply . She was rufusing to respond. Max was getting upset . he could mind warp her to get her to respond but he wanted her to respond natrually. Just a few moments ago they would of been in the bed anyways. So what was the difference now. Max removed his lips from her mouth and kissed a trail down her neck to her stomach and to her pants line.
Liz wanted to be cold , but her body was reacting to every little touch. It was on fire, but she refused to show him any kind of response. He took her pants and panties off. She felt so torn, she was sure she was in love ten minutes ago and now all she could feel was emptiness. She was going to loose her virginity to someone that didn't care about her and she was probably going to die afterward. Max crawled on top of Liz and posistioned himself in between her legs. Liz could feel his hard penis pushing at her spot. Tears fell silently down the cornors of her tightly closed eyes. She tried to brace her self for the sharp ripping pain he inflicted as he slammed into her. Max stopped instantly as he felt something tear. She was a virgin. How was that possible? Kivar would of taken her already. In that breif moment he knew she was telling the truth and Max knew that he had messed up badly. Her took this girls innocense and messed up any chance of reconcilliation with her. He felt Liz hiccup and looked up. Max brought his lips to her ear and whispered " Please forgive me Liz . I am truley sorry. Do you want me to stop?"
Liz looked up at him and saw the sorrow in his eyes. She decided she would have this one moment with him and then he would never touch her again. " Go ahead and finnish what you started ." She whispered.
Max started pumping his shaft in and out of her . This girl had caused so many mixed emotions in him that he didn't know wether he was coming or going. He felt her walls tighten around him and he knew she was haveing an orgasm and that was all it took. He lost all control and spilled his seed into her. Neither Max nor Liz had heard Maria knocking at the door. Max fell on top off Liz both of them breathing irratic. Max looked down at Liz and tried to kiss her lips , but Liz turned her head .
"Get off of me!"

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Water's Edge
Chapter Six

Max was disgusted with himself and she was disgusted with him. He looked over and saw the blood on the bed and Liz looked up at him. " What's the matter Max ? What did you forget that virgins bleed? Max looked down in shame. He walked to the door with his hands clasped together . He stood there for a moment contemplating what he was going to do.
"Liz I am sorry for not believing you and I know sorry isn't going to change anything but I truley believed you were toying with me and my people and my kingdom come first. I need to protect my family and people from Kivar, maybe if you were in my posistion you would understand better. Again I am sorry , I will send Maria in to get you settled in and she will see that you are attented to until we get you home. I will not bother you again." Max said as he walked out the door. He never looked at her while talking. He just couldn't look at her after what he did. He could take her hurt stare glaring at him.
Liz sat on the bed with two blankets wrapped tightly around her, waiting for Maria to come in and talk to her. She was so isolated , no contact with anyone. It had been hours since she had last seen Max or anyone else for that matter. Liz noticed a window and made her way to it. She was surprised when she opened the shade, the sky was purple and blue. It was absolutley amazing . Liz gasped as she looked out toward the sun. Last time she remembered Earth only had one sun, but wherever she was there were two . Liz felt a laugh bubble in her throat. She didn't know where she was and she felt like she would never get home for the first time today.
Liz sat back on the bed trying to keep from crying hysterically. Tears were coming faster and faster. She couldn't stop herself from crying. She didn't even know why she was crying. She had missed Max for these past couple of hours. He made her feel safe when he was near. Even after what had happened between them. She was mad at him for the way he acted and for the way he had treated her but she knew he had cared about her even before he took her virginity away. She was in love with him ad she didn't even know when it happened . How was she going to go on with her life after this ? How could things ever be normal again?
Liz grew impatient waiting for Maria to come and bring her clothes, so Liz approached the door to see if it was locked. She turned the door handle and it opened. She walked out into the hallway and started on a mission. She was going to find Max and they were going to talk.
Liz walked from room to room and was just about to give up when she heard a female voice. She followed the voice and came upon a door that was partially opened . She normally didn't spy but she figured what the hell. What she saw shocked her. The blonde female was hugging Max telling him she was happy aabout their upcoming marriage. Liz felt the anger boiling inside of her. This girl needed to stop hanging on Max or she was going to find herself flying out a window.
Max had tried to avoid Tess for ten long moons, but every time he turned around she was there. Her father had purposed marriage to join their two planets and to also form a needed alliance. But all Max could think of was the brunette he had hurt earlier. He racked his brain all day trying to come up with a plan to get her to forgive him and had failed. He did not need Tess to bring up a marriage he did not want. He was growing tired of living for his planet and kingdom, when was he going to get something he needed or wanted. For the first time in a long time Max realized he had not wanted or needed anything , until Liz Parker showed up and turned his world upside down.
Liz pushed throught the door feeling a brief moment of courage. " Max darling I thought you were coming to bring me clothes hours ago." Max was dumbfounded. He could believe Liz was hear. An instant smile appeared on his face. He was happy to see hear and to hear her voice. Tess on the other hand had smoke coming out of her ears. " I don't believe we have met. I am princess Tessa of Trenova . And you are?"
Liz was not impressed by her title . Paybacks are a bitch Max . She had come up with a plan . She would make him pay and when he was sorry enough she would allow him to love her.
"I am Princess Elizabeth from Earth, and I am carrying Max's son. Were are to be married shortly. You are here for our blessed day?" Liz asked as she hooked her arm through Max's. Max had almost chocked on his spit . First she had shocked him by saying she was from the planet Earth. That was impossible . How could she be? There was no such place . Earth was a myth , a story and fairytale his parents used to tell him and Isabelle when they were little.
And then he had almost passed out when she told Tess she was carrying his son and they were to get married.
Tess was ready to burst. " There must be some sored of mistake . Max and I have been promised to each other since birth. To bring an alliance of our planets together in peace and Antar needs our alliance or it would not survive. So I think you are mistaken." Tess said with a smug satisfied look on her face. Max was trying to get a word in but Liz and Tess kept going back and forth. " No Tess there is no mistake I am carrying Max's son and we are getting married. You can count on that." Liz spoke with more anger in her voice.
Max finally stepped in between the two of them before they started killing each other. " Tess would you please excuse me for a moment . I think Liz and I need to speak for a moment."
Tess sighed " I suppose but don't keep me waiting long. You know I hate to be kept waiting." Liz was about to say something but Max grabbed her arm and tugged her out of the room and down the hallway. He said nothing the whole way back to the room and Liz was growing uneasy. She was beging to think it was a bad idea.
They finally reached her room and he pulled her in behind him and slammed and locked the door.
"What the hell do you think you were doing?"
"Finnishing unfinished bussiness. You didn't think you would not hear from me , did you? I mean you steal my innocence and ruin what ever chances I had for finding love because I now have a tarnished veiw on men. So now Max you will suffer like I am suffering." Liz said anger boiling again.
"I know you are upset but Tess is important to the survival of my kingdom. I need that alliance or we will falter. I know I hurt you and I don't know what I can do to fix it. Just tell me I will do anything."
"Max what if I am truley pregnant , what will happen to me then ? "
Max was in deep thought he had never considered that . " Liz I don't have an answer for that. You say you are from Earth and that is unimaginable to me. I mean how did you get here. Planet Earth is a myth here , it is a story here. I never imagined it truley exsisted. We may not even be compatible for reproduction."
"What do you mean not compatiable for reproduction, we were compatible for sex , so why wouldn't we be compatible for children? I could be pregnant and have no way to get home, so what will I do then ? Where will I live? Mark my words Max you will marry me if I am pregnant and it will be a cold loveless marriage. I don't care if your kingdom falls appart because you certainly didn't care about me when you raped me."
Max was falling apart , tears were threating to spill. He had ruined an innocent girl and never thought about the reprocussions. He was a king but he felt like a boy. The tears finally started to poor down his face. He had made so many mistakes and now Liz and his kingdom would suffer.
Liz felt awful for bringing him to this much pain. She had never imagined he would cry. Liz was torn she was hurt from how he hurt her but she still loved him. She moved close to him and put her arms around him and tried to comfort him. He burried his head into her shoulders and cried. He could stop , he was so ashamed for his actions, and her she was comforting him when someone should be comforting her. " It is alright Max , I am sorry. I don't hate you . I am just hurting. I wanted my first time to be with someone who loved me . I wanted the feelings to be two ways not just one way.
Max looked up at Liz . Did he just hear her right? She just basically said she loved him. Max brought his lips to hers and crushed her body to his trying to wipe away any bad memoried of earlier.

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Water's Edge
Chapter 7

Liz was lightheaded from Max's intoxicating kiss. He showed her lifetime of passion in one kiss. Max drove his tongue in and out of Liz's mouth as his hands explored her body. She had to stop this from going any further. He was engaged to that tramp Tess and Liz didn't want to be hurt.
Liz gently pushed Max away . He looked up and there was confusion in his eyes. " I know you are still upset but I can feel that we are meant to be together. I feel in my heart, soul and body. I have never felt this way about anyone."
Liz was so confused, did she hate him or love him? She had no idea all these new feelings were making it so hard to decide. Her mind said she hated him but her body and heart were betraying her mind. " Max I really wish this could be more, but you are with someone else. You are destined to be a king , I am just a girl from another world and time, and I really am having a hard time pushing past what happened between us earlier."
Liz stared down at the ground not wanting to look in to Max's eyes, because her eyes would tell a whole different story . Liz didn't want to be hurt and she had no idea how long she would be here. What if I fall asleep and tommorrow I wake up in my bed on my planet. What then? I would loose him and I never would be able to recover from that. They stood there a long time not speaking a word just staring at each other .
"Liz I know you are confused and hurt , but just hear me out. Let me help you change your mind. "
"Stop . You are with Tess and that is it . Don't ruin your planet and kingdom over me. You said it yourself your people and family come first. Well it just so happens Max, that I am neither.

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Water's Edge
Chapter 7 b

Maria was about to enter Liz's room with the clothes she promised Liz, but stopped when she heard their voices. Maria couldn't believe what she was hearing. Max was actually begging Liz to reconsider their relationship. Max never begged he always got what he wanted. Maria smiled to herself and thought it was about time someone gave him a hard time. Maria decided she should save Liz because she had no idea how Max was going to react to this rejection .
She burst into the room with a big smile and said " Beg much Max!" and bursted into laughter. " Sorry I don't mean to be rude but here you are begging Liz for a chance when you still have a fiance'. I think you should work on your tact Max. Now go and leave Liz alone so she can take a shower and get some food."
Max couldn't believe how Maria was treating him. He realized that he had never really had a serious relationship with any woman but he was always kind and caring for the most part. He would talk to his advisor later when they were in private.
"Maria we are tal.." Max couldn't even finish his sentence because she cut him off again.
"No buts Max . She needs to get cleaned up and get some food in her system . Now go!"
Liz was grateful for Maria's intrusion because she didn't know how long she could keep saying no to Max.
"Umm Max I could actually stand to take a shower and change my clothes . Actually I am quite famished too. I will come see you soon and we can talk then ok?"
Max sighed he knew there was no way they were going to finnish this conversation now . All because Maria couldn't just keep her big fat nose out of his affairs.
"Ok Liz but just call if you need anything ." Maria was already pushing Max towards the door . He gazed at Liz one more time trying to memorize every curve . Liz could feel Max staring at her body. It brought a blush to her face, and then he was gone.
Liz was ready to hug Maria !!! "Thank you so much , I have no idea how much longer I was going to be able to say no . I owe you one."
"Oh girl he has got it bad." Maria replied.
"Got what bad? " Liz asked questioningly.
"He is in love with you and you are in love with him."
"Oh is it that obvious. This is just way to complicated." Liz said fusterated.
"Well you don' t worry about Max right now , just take your clothes and go and get in the shower and I will think of a plan to get him back."
Liz stepped up to Maria and gave her the biggest hug.
"You are great thank you so much for believing me when no one else did. Oh and how did you find out they knew I wasn't the other girl , or Kivars friend or whatever?"Liz asked .
Maria smiled and actually laughed out loud. " Let's just say I ran into a very upset Princess!"
Liz giggled and walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her while Maria devised a plan.

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Water's Edge
Chapter 8

Liz turned on the bath water and made sure it was extra hot. She needed to relax and knew this would do the trick. She took off her clothes and got in. Liz was shocked to feel that the tub was plush and soft . Definitley could fall asleep in here she thought to herself.
Liz closed her eyes and thought about the events that took place today. All of this was so overwhelming that it took her breath away. She felt different , more grown up. She thought about Max , he just kept popping in her mind. She thought about his eyes, the way they made her feel naked. it was like he was staring into her soul and knew everything about her. Liz felt like she had known Max a lifetime but they had only known each other for a day. Nothing more and nothing less. She kept thinking this was a dream and she was going to wake up at home missing the most intriguing man she ever laid eyes upon. She was so afraid that was going to happen that it sent shivers running up and down her spine. How was this even possible? Tears were threating to spill from her eyes. How was she going to stay away from him when all she wanted was for him to pull her in his arms and hold her? What if she woke up tomorrow and he was here and she was back on earth and they were ripped apart? She didn't think she could deal with that. She was in love, her grandma Claudia and her mother always told her she would meet someone special and she couldn't believe this was how it happened. Dhe felt her eyes growing heavy and sleep was threating to overcome her. She was emotionaly exhausted and she just couldn't fight it anymore. She fell asleep in the water and felt the most calming peace she had ever felt.
Maria was trying to come up with a plan that would make Max go crazy. She could do this, it was her job to come up with plans. She always came up with plans for Max , since she was his advisor and that was her job. It was just she never had to come up with a plan that included him as the plan. But that was all going to change tonight. He need this wake up call. Anyone could see that he was falling in love with Liz Max needed to be shown that he needs to work for things he wants , that everything wasn't always going to fall in his lap. He needed to learn that just because he was a king that he wasn't going to have everyone at his beck and call. If Max thought he was going to marry Tess and keep Liz around as his mistress he had a nother thing coming. She was not going to let that happen . It would have to happen over her dead body and that just wasn't very likely.What was taking Liz so long? Maria paced back and forth and grew more impatient as she waited. She decided she would give Liz five more minutes and then she would know on the door. When five more minutes came and gone she knocked on the door.
"Liz are you ok in there?" Marai waited and there was no answer. She was instantly worried. She knocked harder this time.
"Liz you ok?" She shouted louder this time. Still no response. Maria opened the door and found Liz floating in the tub. She approached the tub thinking Liz was just sleeping but as she came closer she saw the girl was not breathing. Maria frantically pulled Liz out of the tub and laid her on the floor and ran to get Max. She ran down the hall and flew into Max's quarters and found Tess and Max talking in his room. She was instantly disgusted but right know she need to get Max to help her with Liz. Tess was smirking at Maria . She would be damned if anyone knew Max had just ender their relationship for some sniveling human girl. She would get him back if it was the last thing she did.
"Max, Liz is in trouble." She said as she flew back down the hall to were Liz was. She couldn't let her die. She felt a connection to her and cared for her deeply already. She would be so devastated if Max couldn't help.
Max raced behind Maria not really knowing what was going on, but that didn't matter because Liz needed him .
He followed Maria into Liz's bathroom and found her lifeless body on the floor. He fell to his knees and kneeled next to Liz. Tears were pouring out of his eyes. He needed her like he needed air to breath. He would not allow her to die. He placed his hand on her chest and began the healing process that would link them together forever. He was going to seal their fate in just one short moment and he knew she was the one and he was ready for whatever came their way.
"Are you sure Max? I mean there is no reversing this, once it's done it is done. No turning back. You guys will be linked forever and you will never function as a complete person if she leaves and neither will she. Are you sure?" Maria said shocked to see Max doing the old Antarian ritual that bond to souls together forever.
"I love her and would die without her. I am sure. I will figure out a way to make her stay." He said as the tears contuined flowing down his face. He couldn't believe he had all these emotions for a girl he had known for such a short period of time, but he knew she was the one.
Liz and Max both started to glow as the process continued. He started recieving flashes of her life.
(flash.... " Liz your father and I are so proud of you. Your going to Havard!" Her mother said as she embraced her daughter. Liz was not sure this was what she wanted . She was just a senior and had no friends or boyfriend. She had no social life what so ever. But this is what her parents had pushed her to do all along, so she just continued throwing herself into her studies...... Liz was hysterical , she was shaking incontrolably. "Mom grandma Claudia is really gone. How am I going to live without her. She was my only friend." Liz's mother embraced her daughter tightly because it was the only thing that was keeping her from falling. Liz was devasted . Her only friend and companion passed away. Her grandma was her sunshine and always kept her striving to be a better person. How was she going to go on?......."Why!?" She screamed into the night. I wish I could start over where no one knows me." And then complete darkness. Only waking up to find the most amaxing amber eyes staring at her.....Max and Liz kissing. She was so scared and so in love. How could she stay away from him?...
Liz opened her eyes and found Max hovering over her and Maria kneeling beside her.
"W-What's going on and why am I naked." Liz said mbarrased trying to cover up.
"You must of fell asleep in the bathtub and you drowned. Max brought you back though your ok now." Maria said with a sigh of relief. Liz didn't know what to say. She had just closed her eyes , she never meant to fall asleep.
Max stood up and wiped at his face, trying to dry his eyes.
"Liz please get dressed and meet me in my room." He said as he dragged Maria down the hall back to his room.
Max didn't even have a chance to talk because Maria was already yelling at him.
"Why was Tess in your room? You know I am getting really annoyed now. You want your cake and icecream and you want to eat it too and it doesn't work that way . It's either one or the other.
Max cut her off. " I am going to be a father! Were having a son." He said proudly.
Maria wanted to wipe that smirk of his face. How could he? It was too late know! He did the ritual and he and Liz were connected. He was still smiling and she just couldn't stand there and watch it anymore . So she did the only thing she could think of. She punched him in the nose.
"Owww What the hell was that for? Max screamed in pain.
"You got Tess pregnant and your actually smiling about it. That's why I hit you. Why did you so the ritual if you are having a baby with Tess. An hour ago you were begging Liz to stay with you and five minutes ago you said you couldn't live with out her. What the hell is wrong with you ?" She screamed at him.
Max laughed to himself . Maria was confused as hell.

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Water's Edge
Chapter 9A

Liz put on the clothes Maria gave her. They were a perfect fit, a little too revealing but they were clean and smelled fresh. Liz walked down the hall slowly trying to cope with the recent events. Max wanted to talk to her but what about? Liz entered was about to enter the room when she heard Max scream out in pain. She rushed in thinking someone was hurting him and boy was she right. Maria punched Max right in the nose, and then screamed at him. Liz couldn't help but repeat the last phrase Maria said out loud in her head over and over again. Tess was pregnant with Max's baby. Liz looked up at Max and the pain in her eyes was evident.
"Liz wait! Your pregnant not Tess." Liz stopped dead in her tracks, Max couldn't possible have said that. They were together only one time and that was even close to making love. How could they make a child together? It wasn't even concieved out of love?
Liz turned around to face Max " We didn't even make love? That was out of anger and pain and distrust. How can anything good come out of this Max. I can't have your baby, I haven't even finnished school. Were not even married. " Liz was babbling now. She wasn't ready for this , any of this. She was so angry with him, she would have to deal with the consequences of what Max did to her that night for the rest of her life. What was she going to do?
"Liz I know you are upset but only good things can come from this now. I promise I will spend the rest of my life making up for what I did. Just let me take you out tommorrow and if I can't convince you then I will spend My life trying to figure out how to get you home."
Max looked so sincere, how could she tell him no. Atleast she could learn a few things about him so when she did go home she could tell her baby good things about his or her father. Not bad things.
"Ok tommorrow is fine, but I can't promise anything Max.

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