Title: When
Author: StormyBear30
E-mail: StormyBear29⊕cox.net
Couple: Liz and…well you have to read to find out.
Rating: As if there is anything else…NC-17
Summary: Liz finds friendship and love in the one place that she never in a million years would expect to find it.

Present Day

Just when exactly was it that I became the person that I am today? When did my life turn from utter misery and devastation to undeniable joy and jubilation? When did my heart that was left broken and confused by the man that claimed he would never hurt me…fill with so much love that I feel it may explode from all the happiness that surrounds it…despite his painful lies and desertion? So many questions and yet only one simple answer…ten glorious years ago…ten years ago when a man that I knew…but never thought much about came into my life and it has never been the same since. He is a man that had been a constant part of my life for such a long time…but after one simple night of release and fun…he became the most important man in my life.

“Nick…Shiri…Brenden…Jason and Katie get your butts down stairs and eat your breakfast before you miss your bus” I hear my husband holler up the stairway as the herd of elephants known as our children trample their way down to breakfast. I can’t help but chuckle to myself as one by one they race down the stairs with bright happy faces as they call out morning greetings to their father as he kisses them each lightly upon their heads…for it has been a morning ritual at our house for as long as I can remember.

“Morning mommy” those same chorus of voices now surround me as I do as their father has done and kiss them atop their darkened heads as they one by one take their seats at the breakfast table and begin to eat the breakfast that I have lovingly prepared for them. “Morning sweetheart” he whispers in my ear as he gathers me into his arms and litters my lips with many coffee flavored kisses. This is my favorite time of the day…for it is the time that we get to be all together as a family at the start of a glorious new day. There is nothing more perfect in this life then being with your family as you share of your hopes and dreams of this brand new day. “Sit…I’ll finish” he speaks lovingly as he leads me to a nearby empty chair as assists me as I try to find a comfortable way to sit in my condition. Oh…did I forget to mention that I am once again heavy with child? This will be number six and I am just as ecstatic and excited about their impending birth then I have been with all my other babies.

Finally able to get somewhat comfortable…he goes to finish with breakfast…only to have me stop him as I grab his hand and place it upon my swollen belly. “Can you feel it” I giggle as our unborn child dances crazily inside me. He doesn’t say a word…he just continues to smile at me with that gorgeous smile of his that causes my heart to squeeze each and ever time that I look upon it. “I love you” I whisper as I kiss him with all the love and passion that I hold for him…and he quickly returns this kiss just as eagerly for the love that we share with each other is boundless. Back and forth of tongues duel with an out right need to consume each other…only to break apart at the moans of disgust coming from our completely grossed out children.

“Omg…don’t you two every stop. I mean you two are the only parents that I know who are still all over each other even after the million years that you have been married” Nick our eldest son laughs evilly…causing his remaining siblings to start with their childlike laughter as we glare at them with mock anger…for it is true that when we are together we can’t keep our hands or our lips off of each other. But it only comes with the fact that we are a very affectionate family. We don’t hesitate to show our love to each other…no matter where we are or what we are doing.

“School…now” my husband bellows playfully as he tries to hide the smile that is threatening to cover his face for he knows that Nick has received his smart mouth and off beat sense of humor from him and only him. One by one our children file through the kitchen where they proceed to kiss and hug their crazy parents as they head off to another day of learning and fun. “Now…where were we” he chuckles…as he turns from the slamming door…again kneeling before me.

“Right about here” I reply need fully as I take his more then familiar lips beneath my own…only to break apart when the need for air becomes emanate. “I love you…”

“I love you too” is his truthful reply as he places another quick kiss upon my now swollen lips before grabbing his briefcase and heading out the door. “I’ll see you tonight” he winks as he shares another one of his stunning smiles with me…heading out the door.

“Good morning Mrs. Liz” Our part time housekeeper chirps cheerfully as she enters through the door that my husband has just exited. “So…what is on the agenda today for you and the little bambino” she giggles as she comes up to me and rubs my tummy playfully.

“Sleep…” I murmur softly as I fight the yawns that have continued to threaten me all morning. “Your little bambino decided that he would rather dance all night long then allow mommy to sleep” I yawn…finally losing the battle that I had been waging all morning.

“Poor thing” she says concerned as she helps me pull my laden frame from the chair I am still sitting in. “You go and take a nap and I will wake you when lunch is ready”

“Thank you Susan” I reply tiredly as I drag myself wearily towards my bedroom. The truth is that I haven’t been sleeping all that much lately anyway…and I don’t think that it has anything to do with my future Michael Jackson here. In fact I haven’t been feeling well as of the last two days. I really can’t explain the symptoms…but I just don’t feel well…feel as if something big is going to happen…something that will frighten me to my very foundation. Slumber consumes me as soon as my head hits the pillow and before I know it Susan is knocking on my door alerting me that lunchtime is now upon us. I can still feel the exhaustion as he weighs heavily upon my thoroughly spent body…but I push it aside for I have many things to do today before my family returns this evening. “So what’s going on with you and Robert” I ask groggily as I enter the now spotless kitchen…holding onto my back as I try to rub away the constant ache deep within it.

For the next thirty minutes she continues to tell me all about her newest boyfriend and how even though she cares very deeply for him…so already has her eye on another. I watch as she bounces all around my kitchen…so animated…so full of life and I wonder when I got as old as I feel. I mean…Susan and I are not really that much apart in age…only ten years and yet it feels as if it is a whole lifetime of distance. I don’t remember being that young and carefree when I was her age…but then again it was kind of hard to be young and carefree when you were fighting for you life of a daily basis.

I continue to listen to her…but my concentration quickly fades as images of him begin to invade my mind. It is hard to believe that it is been over ten years since they left and yet at the same time it feels as if it was yesterday. I think about him from time to time. I wonder if he is happy with the destiny that he chose all those years ago. I wonder if he is married and been blessed with the wonders of children. I pray that he is happy…that he has been allowed to share in the joys of children for it is something that I would never in a million years trade for anything. I won’t lie to you…I was bitter at the beginning. I was so angry at him for allowing me to fall in love with him only to rip out my heart with his Behr hands when he left me all alone that fateful night…leaving only a short note that he left on the nightstand besides my bed. A note that to this very day I know backwards and forwards…

My dearest Liz…
The time that we all knew was coming…has. We received word this morning via the orbs that the war on my planet has escalated and so I must leave you my love. This has been the most excruciation decision of my life to leave you my precious Liz…but I must follow my destiny for it is the very reason that I was created. Never doubt the love that I hold for you Liz…for you are the very heart deep within my chest that pumps life giving blood throughout my body. You will forever be a part my soul and I will love you till the ends of time.

I hope that one day you can forgive me for leaving you the way that I am…but please understand that it is the only way that I will be able to leave…for I know that one look into your beautiful brown eyes and I would not be able to leave your side to fulfill this dreaded destiny. You are so beautiful Elizabeth Parker as I watch you sleep peacefully before me and know that it will be an image forever burned into my minds eye as well as all the other images of you and our short time together.

I must go my love…but before I do know this…you are my heart…my soul…you are my everything and I thank the lord above daily for allowing me the courage to save you that fateful day. My life has never been the same since that day Liz…for when you came into my life…everything became so much clearer thanks to the love that you shared with me. I will love you Liz for always…but the truth is I don’t know how long I will be gone or if I will even return to you at all and so I ask you this…forget all about me. I beg of you to move past the love that you hold for me and share that love with another. Don’t let what we shared hold you back in finding love again. However…I do ask you this…ignore my previous words and think of me from time to time and know that you will be loved for all eternity by an alien hybrid king from an alien planet. I love you for always…Max

“You ok Mrs. Liz” I hear the concerned voice of Susan pulling me out of my thoughts of the past.

“I am fine” I respond quickly…shaking my head in an attempt to clear my jumbled thoughts. “I guess that I just zoned out for a minute there”

“You’ve been doing that a lot lately” she replies…her concern for me so readable on her young face. The truth of the matter is that she is right…that for the last few days I have been zoning out as images of Max randomly consume my mind.

“Don’t you have a class to get to” I quickly change the subject.

“Yes…but I am not leaving till I know that you are going to be ok”

“I am just fine” I falsely assure her as I give her a quick hug and send her on her way. “Go break some hearts at Roswell University. Oh…and try to learn something as well. I tease. She tries to speak…but the ringing of the doorbell cuts her short as I push her out the door…quickly closing it behind me. With heavy steps I make my way towards the front door as speedily as possible in my condition as tiny tremors rumble up and down my constantly sore back. “Just a minute” I holler as to alert the person on the other end that I am aware of their presence. Throwing the door open I come face to face with two people that never in a million years I thought that I would see again.

“Liz…” I hear a voice reminiscent of years gone by whisper as he stands wide eyed before me. He is the same as I remember…and yet so different. The years have not been kind to Max…his face is rugged and worn…his hair graying and long…but the same look of endless wisdom is still gleaming from his ever expressive eyes. “Hello Liz” I hear the snide voice of his companion speak as she pushes past me and enters my home without so much as an invitation. The sound of her voice sends shivers straight to my heart as she throws herself heavily onto the living room couch…picking up a picture of my family taken only a few short months ago. I pull my eyes away from the sneering girl…with her cold and heartless looks of evil and into the warm…almost pleading depths of those eyes that I used to drown in each and every time that I gazed upon them. “Lookie here Max…seems our little Liz has herself quite the family”

“Isabel please” Max begs as he continues to probe me with his almost pleading eyes. Quickly I jerk my eyes away from the hold that he has on me as the sound of shattering glass reverberates loudly behind me. “Ooops…didn’t mean to do that” she retorts evilly as I rush to pick up the shattered remains of my family picture.

“OMG…” I cry out in utter pain as pains so severe that they cause my legs to go out from under me…rip across my abdomen and back. “Max…please…help me…my baby” I cry out tearfully as I place my hands protectively over my protruding belly. I watch as he makes his way as if in slow motion to where I have fallen in a heap upon the softness of the carpet…but my world quickly turns black before he has the chance to reach me.


It had been two long weeks since he had left…two weeks of nothing but tears of pain and abandonment…but most importantly it was those same two weeks that he had forever entered her thoroughly devastated life…and it was never the same again. At the beginning he would only stop by periodically to ensure that she was doing ok…then periodically turned into everyday and then everyday turned into a couple of times a day…until they were spending every non-waking or working moments together. They had known each other for such a long time…but as the day turned into months and the months into a year their strange relationship turned into something that neither had ever expected…they became as close as people can get without being intimate. They loved each other…they defended each other whenever necessary with the people who were confused about the terms of their relationship and eventually they moved in with each other.

Each was dating the opposite sex…but it was always nothing more then casual dating for neither was willing to give of their hearts with deep emotional bonding after the turmoil of losing the ones that they loved before. At the end of each outing…they would always return home to give a play-by-play account of their horridness evening and by the end of the night they would both swear off dating for eternity…only to renig on the very idea soon afterwards. Liz enjoyed those moments most of all for it was a time where they would share of themselves fully without the emotional attachments that always seemed to go along with the men that she dated. For two straight years this pattern continued…until one fateful night where everything that had been the norm changed with on simple kiss and their lives were never the same again.

The night started out like any other night as she pouted on the couch waiting for him to get home from one of his numerous dates…so she could recount every horrifying detail of the date that she had just ended. She had been dating Jason for almost two weeks and he was more then ready to take their relationship into the next level…but as he lead her into the bedroom for their first night of love making…she got scared and bolted from his apartment…leaving him pissed off and ranting after her retreating figure. She didn’t know why whenever her relationships got to the point where they were about to become intimate that she would become fearful and run like a scared rabbit…but what she did know was that it had been two years since she had become intimate with anyone and she was more then a little frustrated.

“Man…what a nightmare” she heard him holler…pulling her from her thoughts as entered the living room…jumped the couch and puller her into his arms. “So…tell me all about it” he chuckled as he snuggled into the over stuffed cushion of the couch…bringing her body along with him. For the next twenty minutes they relived the gory details of their evening…until both were to exhausted from the sheer weight of it all to continue as they continued to lay in each other’s arms. “You know…this is really pathetic” he grumbled…jumping off the couch as he tried to control his laughter at Liz hit the floor…grunting loudly. “We are acting like we are ninety years old” he continued as he offered her his hand…assisting her off the ground. “Come on Liz…were still young. Lets go and have some fun while we still can”

“What do you have it mind” she asked a bit fearful at the amount of excitement radiating from his eyes.


“Dancing” she repeated…looking at him like he had grown another head. “Are you crazy. It’s almost midnight and…”

“And…” she counters…cutting her off mid sentence. “Neither one of us has to work tomorrow and there is absolutely no reason why we can’t go out and have the time of our lives. Now…go into your room…get yourself all beautified and I will take you out on a night on the town unlike you have ever experienced”

The very excitement that surrounded him was contagious as Liz jumped from the couch…placing a quick kiss upon his cheek as she ran into her room and began to get her self ready.

The club was jumping as they hit the dance floor and forgot about all their worries and cares. As they were dancing several club goers had tried to cut in on their dance groove…but neither was having it as they ignored everyone around them and continued with their bump and grind. They were so into their night of fun that they never even noticed that they club had emptied out at the end of the night…at least not until the bouncer had basically booted them out on their asses. “Thank you for tonight” Liz exclaimed giddily as she continued to dance in the seat of the car as they made their way back home. “I really had such a good time”

“Yeah…me to” he replied laughing as the still grooving girl besides him. However his laughter turned into out right confusion as if for the first time in all the years that he had known her…he noticed just how absolutely stunning she was. “Hey…are you ok” she asked concerned…placing her hand upon his cheek as he continued to gape at her. “Fine…yeah…I’m fine” he replied…shaking his head to try and clear those crazy thoughts from his mind.

“Well I was just wondering” she giggled…trying to read the look that was crossing his face. “Since we have been sitting at this same stop light for the last three red lights”

“Um…yeah…sorry” he stammered as he drove off in the direction of the apartment that they shared. “I guess that my mind was somewhere else”

“I’m not ready for bed yet” she stated happily as she exited the car after he parked in their apartment parking lot. “I have an idea” she continued with her giddiness…jumping up and down excitedly before him. “How about we go swimming”

“Are you mad” he exclaimed…trying to once again focus his attention on anything other then the gorgeous girl before him and the idea of seeing her wet and glistening. “It’s three thirty in the morning”

“Chicken” she teased as she past him…smacking him playfully on his behind as she jumped into the cooling waters of the pool.

He watched as she splashed around in the water…fully clothed and despite the fact that it was against his better judgment…he jumped into the chilled waters right behind her. Laughter and splashing could be heard all around them as they continued to forget about the crap of the past and enjoy the now with the ones that fate had brought back into their lives. “Your still a chicken” Liz teased as she swam up on him…splashing him square in the face…then trying like hell to flee before he had a chance to retaliate…finding that she was indeed to slow as he grabbed her arms and held them over her head as he pinned her against the hardness of the pool wall. Then he did something that shocked the both of them…he kissed her and when she kissed him back he quickly released her arms as she wound them tightly around his neck. He could not believe that he was kissing the girl that in a span of two years had become his best friend…had become the most important person in his life…but the truth of the matter was that at that point in time he did not care…for nothing was more important then exploring her gloriously hot mouth with his more then eager tongue.

Her head was swimming as she allowed him to work his tongue over her heated lips…as he began to hungrily massage her tongue with his own. She felt as if she was in a daze…felt as if she was in some sort of strange other universe as she tightened the hold that her arms held around his neck…forcing his wondrous pleasure provider deeper into the recesses of her mouth. She knew that she should have stopped him…knew that she should not have kissed him back just as passionately as he was kissing her…but she found that she could not. That she would have rather died from lack of oxygen then to stop what they were doing…what she hoped they were about to do. Hesitation quickly flew out the door…for at that point in time there was nothing more important then making love to the man that without her knowledge had dominated her heart and her soul from the first moment he had reentered her life.

“Liz…” he panted pulling away from lips that he longed to taste for all eternity as he pulled necessary air into his lungs. “We shouldn’t”

“I know” she agrees half-heartedly…once again capturing his lips within her own.

“This…this will change everything” he gasped once again…as they came up yet again for air.

“I know”

“But…I want to”

“I know”

“Can you say anything else besides I know” he chuckled lightly as he pulled her in for another round of tonsil hockey…only to stop short at the words that were spinning crazily through his ears as he gaped open mouthed at her.

“Make love to me…”

He didn’t allow her to finish her sentence as he need fully clutched her hand into his much larger one as together they raced from the openness of the pool and into the privateness of the apartment they had shared for over a year and a half. Neither understood their fastly changing relation ship…but they weren’t willing to question it either for there was no way that after that night that they could ever go back to just being friends.

“⊕#%$” he growled in frustration as he stood before the apartment door fumbling with his keys as he attempted to find the correct one…the one that would take him into a new realm of his relationship with Liz. She couldn’t help but laugh out loud for she was not helping the matter as she nipped and sucked tenderly at his exposed neckline…gently blowing upon the moistened skin as she continued her sweet torture. “Liz…please” he moaned as she continued with her ministrations…wrapping her arms tightly around his waist as she snagged the hindering keys from his shaking hand…finding the correct one within a second as she quickly opened the door before them.

Her squeals could be heard throughout the open hallway as he turned the tables on her as he caught her momentarily off guard…throwing her over his shoulder in a caveman like gesture as he lead her towards the nearest bedroom. Slamming the door once inside…he placed her gently upon the floor in front of him as he greedily consumed her luscious lips once again. Back and forth their tongues fought as with each sweep they became bolder…freer…more soul consuming. “Liz…Liz…are you sure” he stammered lustfully as he reluctantly pried his lips from the place that they longed to be.

She didn’t say a word as she reached up and began to unbutton the silk shirt covering her achingly hard breasts. She needed this…needed to be with him in this matter more then she ever thought that she could need to be with a man again. She thought that she had lost her want to make love to any man after that night that Max left her…but as she shyly removed the thin material she found her hunger for him was consuming her wholly. Standing bare chested before him…she nervously reached out as she gently tugged the knitted material of his own shirt from the confines of his dress pants…pulling it over her head once she was done. She could feel her breath catch in her throat at the sculptured fineness of the man standing before her. In all the years that she had known him…not once before that night had she ever noticed just how exquisite he was in all his manliness. His chest looked like beautiful granite…hard and strong…but as she passed her hands over it…she found that it was in fact quite the opposite as it jumped and twitched with each sweep above it. Grazing her fingers down his fully heaving chest…she stopped before the equator of his waistline as she quickly unzipped the hindering clothing…tugging at the waistband of his pants until they pooled in a mass at his feet.

Once again her breath caught in her throat as he stood in all his glorious nakedness. He was absolutely beautiful in every way…and she could feel her mouth begin to water as she gazed lustfully at the semi-erect penis beckoning so proudly before her. Slowly she began to move towards him…intent on tasting the flesh of this man…only to whimper like a spoiled child as he tenderly wrapped his hands around her arms…pulling her back up to his level. “Not yet” she spoke gruffly and she could tell by the dripping lust in his voice that this was what he wanted…but that he had other ideas in store before she would feast upon him. “You seem to have on to many clothes” he growled against her ear as he pulled her close to his body…running his hands along her textured backside as he groped for the elusive zipper of her skirt. She couldn’t help but giggle at the groans of frustration that kept rolling from his ample lips as he continued to fumble with the god-forsaken zipper.

“Here let me help you” her giggles continued as she momentarily removed his hands from her ass…placing a gentle kiss upon the two of them before she hastily undid the zipper…pulling the skirt and her unmentionables off with one fell swoop. Together they removed the last of her clothing…as the stood fully nude before each other as they tried to take in the reality of what was about to happen next. “Are you ok” Liz asked tenitively as he continued to gaze at her with a look of undeniable lust

“I just can’t believe that this is happening” he spoke finally breaking the lock that he held on her. “That we are about to make love. I’ve thought about it for so long…and now we are…”

“You’ve thought about making love to me before” she asked surprised at the amount of truthfulness dripping from his words.

“Yes…of course” he answered…sitting down on the bed before him as he took her hand and sat her down beside him. “I’ve wanted to make love to you even before they left us. Your so beautiful Liz…so pure and so true. I always hated the fact that it was Max that got the privilege of having you love him…when it was more then obvious that he didn’t deserve it. I love you Liz. I’ve been in love with you for such a long time…but it wasn’t till now that I actually realized just how much it is that I love you”

She didn’t allow him to speak another word as she lunged herself forward against his chest…knocking the two of them backwards against the softness of the bed. Capturing his lips under her own…she quickly snaked her tongue along the contours of his plump lips…dipping inside as he granted her eager access. With measured movements…she broke the searing lip lock as she straddled his chest…assisting him as he laid out fully under her tiny form. “I have a confession to make” she whispered need fully as she leaned forward…her breasts dangling tauntingly above his suctioning lips.
“What…what” he panted as he tried unsuccessfully to capture a swollen bud into his watering mouth.

“I’ve wanted to make love to you for a long time as well and I don’t want to waste anymore time. Make love to me…”

He didn’t allow her to finish as he wrapped his arms tightly around her small frame as he flipped her onto her back…sucking a tender nub into his hot mouth. “OMG…” he heard her squeal as he continued to suckle her softness until it became a tender pinked peak…and then before she had a chance to register what his mouth was doing to her already frenzied body…he switched tactics and attacked the other one with such force that it almost knocked her off the bed. Her moans of pleasure were driving him mad with want of her…and yet he wanted to savoir the moment…wanted to drag it out for he had no idea where their blossoming…or floundering relationship was going to go after that perfect night. Pushing such harrowing thoughts as losing her out of his mind…he only concentrated on making love to the perfect body of Liz Parker. It was his goal to make her love him the way that he was falling in love with her and once that had happened there were no limits to what he would do to ensure her happiness.

Her emotions were a spiraling whirlwind that were about to explode deep within her as he continued his assault upon her chested region. It had been so long since she had wanted a man to touch her in the way that he was touching her. His hands molded perfectly to her shuttering body. Every touch was like fire that in turn enraged the fire that was raging within her molten core. She felt flickers of excitement as she arched herself fully off the bed…coming in contact with the hardness located between his legs and it caused a deep sexual moan to escape over her trembling lips. She was on fire…fire located over every inch of her body as he explored her contours with his generous mouth. Horny as hell and in desperate need of release she wrapped her legs around the slope of his back and began to hump his dick against her slicked up core like a dog in heat…which in turn caused a slew of profanities to fly from his shocked mouth.

“HOLY ⊕#%$” he cried out as she continued to ride his raging dick. He was in heaven for he could feel the way that his touch was arousing her as he felt her juices hot over his stomach region. He knew that time was of the essence…that if he didn’t stop her that their perfect bout of love making was going to be over before it even started. Running his hands along the supple legs of his love…he fought like hell to remove the lock that she held around his waist…trying like hell to control the urge to laugh at the animalistic growl that echoed loudly around the room as he finally broke free. However her frustrations didn’t last long as he quickly shifted his body downward before she had a chance to reclaim her position…until he was leaning mere millimeters from his intended target.

His heated breath mixed with the rising heat of her ⊕#%$ as she eagerly waited for what it was that he was about to do to her. She had often wondered what it would have been like to have a man try and pleasure her in that capacity…wondered if it was as mind blowing as she had heard it was…but those thoughts flew out the window in a second as his tongue came in first contact with her nubbin. With each caress of his tongue she felt the fire deep with in her loins begin to grow into a raging inferno and she found that she had to fight the conscious state for his wondrous mouth was bringing to maddening heights of dizziness. She fought the urge to scream in out right jubilation as she bit down hard on the palm of her hand…but he had other idea as he reached up and removed her swollen hand.

“I want to hear you Liz” he growled lustfully as he placed a quick kiss upon her reddened hand before placing it across her heaving belly. “I want to hear you scream for me Liz…scream for me” he chanted as he returned his head to its original position between her legs and began to litter her moistness with open-mouthed kisses and she did just that. Loud and animalistic screams wafted throughout the bedroom as he continued to suckle and nip her most tender of areas until she was writing and screaming for immediate release.

He couldn’t help but feel anything but pride at the way that she was reacting to his advancement as he sucked her nub fully into his eager mouth…quickly bringing her to orgasm as wails of pleasure flew from her swollen lips. Feeling quite proud of his accomplishments…he placed a final kiss upon her core as he lifted himself forward until he was hovering mere inches from her glowing face. Her eyes were closed…her breathing labored and her hair wild…but to him he thought that she was the most beautiful that he had ever seen her as he placed gentle kisses upon her closed eyes. “You ok” he chuckled heavily as he fought the urge to take her right then and there as she slowly opened her eyes…causing him to gasp from what he saw there. His breath caught in his throat at the look of wanton need radiating so clearly from her that it caused him to harden even more then he ever thought possible. He tried to speak…tried to utter any understandable word…but she was having none of it as she tackled him…knocking him backwards across the bed…open to what ever she had in store for him.

She had kissed him with such fury that he thought that he was going to cum right there on the spot as she pinned his hands over his head…laying full-bodied over him. He couldn’t remember the last time that he had been with a woman that had aroused him so much that he prayed that the magic that he was feeling that night would never end. He loved her…he knew that he did and had for many months now…and he hoped that in some small way that she could hopefully love him as much as he loved her. He wanted to tell her…wanted to whisper his words of love against the softness of her hair as he made slow and steady love to her…but she had other ideas as she snaked her way down his body…covering his throbbing member with her heated mouth once again causing a slew of profanities to spew from his own mouth.

She could tell that he was enjoying her ministrations as he continued to buck upwards into her more then eager mouth with each swipe of her tongue…and she could not help the small giggle that escaped from her as she continued the pace…causing yet again another round of dirty words to fly past her bobbing head. “Oh god Liz…” she heard him cry out as he placed his hands on either side of her head…aiding in her attempt to bring him added pleasure. Taking the hint…she increased her suction as she lightly scraped her nails along the purple and bulging vein of his penis…swirling her tongue around the tiny indentation at the tip as the first drops of his manliness appeared. She found that she was in heaven as she tasted of his essence knowing that she was never going to grow tired of it but heaven quickly disappeared as he jerked his wondrous dick from her mouth. “NO” she cried out in need of more.

“I need to make love to you Liz” he cut her off need fully as he yanked her up his overheating body…quickly pinning her under the bulk of his frame as he reached across the night stand in search of a condom. Loudly the lamp crashed to the ground below as he continued his search…a triumphant yell echoed loudly around them as he found it…quickly placing it on his pulsing penis. With nervous hands he placed his dick at the heat of her entrance as he looked upon her pre-sexed beauty one last time before thrusting himself forward into her velvety juncture. He couldn’t believe that he had let two years pass without making love to this women as he closed his eyed and allowed the scents and sounds that were only Liz Parker envelope him as he continued to ⊕#%$ her with all that he was worth. He knew he was close…and he hated the fact that her cries of pleasure were going to be his undoing for he always wanted to see that look upon her face…always wanted to hear her call his name over and over and he knew that there was going to be time for slower more intimate love…but at that point in time immediate release was all that he could think of. Not wanting to cum too soon and without bringing her pleasure like she was bringing him…he quickly found her clit and began to circle it teasingly with his finger.

She felt as if she was going to crawl out of her skin as the heat from his finger merged with the heat of his pummeling manhood…and she fought hard to maintain some semblance of sanity as he pinched her clit between his two fingers…sending her over the edge with a high pitched wail as his result. A blush quickly filled her entire body at the wanton ways her body had reacted…only to have her embarrassment disappear as his own wails of release wafted through the tiny room.

Spent…he laid down beside her as he tried to gather his vanishing breath…pulling her tightly into his arms. For what seemed like hours they just stared into the eyes of the ones that they had known for what seemed like forever…but until tonight and in truth never really knew. “Tell me again why we waited so long” he heard her giggle as she ran her hand along the contours of his rugged face…tracing his plumps lips with the tip as they come in contact with his mouth. Without hesitation he placed a tender kiss upon them before leaning forward and capturing her own lips with his own. The kiss was slow and lingering as they shared of their souls fully for the first time since the ones that they had loved before hand left them alone with their pain. “I don’t know” he spoke truthfully…as he reluctantly separated from her perfect mouth as the need for air became eminent. “But you can best bet that we won’t ever wait that long again. I…I love you Liz” he spoke…his voice cracking as he awaited her response.

“I…I love you too” she replied shyly.

“You…you do” he asked shocked…not only by her words…but by the look of truth that shown so brilliantly from her expressive eyes.

“I do…” Six weeks later she uttered those same words before a justice of the peace as a small group of their friends and family looked on.

He wedding day was the happiest day of her life…or so she thought until the day that she held her first born son in her arms for the first time. She was amazed and in awe that something so precious and tiny was actually created from the love that her and her husband shared with each other. She never thought that she would find happiness after Max left…never thought that she could find love with anyone other then him…but at the years flew by she found that the love that she held for her husband well surpassed the adolescent love that she once felt for Max. She was happy…she was content and she was utterly in love with a man who would do everything and anything in his power to ensue the happiness and well being of her self as well as their growing family.

Present Day

“Liz…Liz” I hear a far off familiar voice call out to me. “Liz you have to wake up…you have to come back to me. I love you Liz…I love you so much. Please…you have to come back to me”

Slowly the world around me comes into focus as I fully awake to a pair of fear filled hazel eyes staring longingly back at me. “My baby” I cry out in utter panic as I jerk myself forward only to crash backwards just as quickly as an excruciating pain rips across my abdomen. “Max…please” I exclaim as I try once again to lift myself from where I am laying. “My baby…what’s wrong with my baby”

“Liz…please you have to lay back and move as little as possible. You baby is in distress” he answered truthfully his eyes never breaking the hold that they have on my own. “He needs immediate medical attention Liz. I…I…I can save him with my powers…but you know what the aftermath may be” he speaks nervously as he pushes a piece of my hair off my dampened forehead.

“Where…where is my husband” I call out in absolute terror…ignoring the look of pure devastation now covering his face. “Please Max…I need my husband”

“Isabel went to get him” he mutters heart broken…but I continued to ignore his upset as my heart plummeted into my stomach. “No” I sob as I momentarily forget about the sickly child fighting for its life deep within my womb. “Not Isabel…anyone but Isabel” Tears of desperation flood my eyes as memories of days gone by invade my petrified mind. I am going to lose him…going to lose everything that meant something to me…including our unborn child.

“Liz…BABY” I hear him call out to me as he rushes to my side…dropping to his knees as he cradles me in his arms. “My precious Liz”

“Our…our baby…” I murmur against the comforting firmness of his chest as he continues to hold me as tears of relief and despair flow down my face. “He’s…he’s…” I stammer in an attempt to speak…finding I cannot due to the lump lodged in my constricted throat.

“He’s in distress” Max finishes for me as I continue to cling to the man that I love with all my heart and soul. “I can save him…but it will mean using my powers and you know what that…”

“YES…DO IT” he yells frightfully in response as he clutches me tighter into his embrace. “Use you powers…do what ever you have to do to save our child. Liz…what about Liz” he screams terror so evident in his voice that for a moment it causes my heart to swell. “I can’t lose you Liz…you are my everything”

“I’m fine baby” I answer tearfully at the amount of love I see in his eyes…love that is only directed at me. “I love you…so very much. I was so…” I attempt to speak but my words are cut short as the world around me begins to spin frantically as another flash of pain zaps through me. “MAX” I scream out painfully as I fight like hell to fight the darkness. “Save them…please” I hear my lover beg of Max as the world around me slowly get dim. I watch through have half slitted eyes as he quickly places his hand upon my stomach. I Watch as he uses the same hand that saved my life all those years ago saves the life of our child.

“He’s ok now” he whispers spent as he falls to the floor before us. “Max…” I hear my husband cry out as he leaves my side and rushes to the man that has just saved our child. I watch as he quickly scoops his unmoving form into his arms…laying him on the bed besides me as he tries to regroup such a strenuous drain on his powers. I can see the exhaustion heavily readable upon his once handsome face as his eyes dart between Jesse and myself as if trying to figure out some great mystery. I continue to watch the plethora of emotions that pass through his eyes as I lean into the arms of my true love…my husband. My heart breaks…but at the same time I find gratitude as well as relief for I know that Max’s journey is over. I can read it so plainly upon his face as without a word Isabel…who has been standing silently behind us makes her way to where he continues to lay…assisting him off the bed.

“Thank you” I speak truthfully to him as he is lead past the two of us…continuing to hold each other as if for dear life. “Thank you for saving our child Max…thank you for saving my life all those years ago…thank you for”

“Thank you for everything” he cuts me off as he places a tender kiss upon my forehead before pulling himself off the bed as he makes his way towards Isabel and Max. “I owe you man…more then you can ever know”

He doesn’t speak a word…just nods his head as he looks past my husband and directly at me for what he knows is the last time. I can see the pain on his face…can see the tears of loss and regret in his eyes…and I can honestly say for the first time in years that I still love him. Yes…I love him…but not even close to the all fired love I that I feel for my husband. I love him for loving me…for being there for me in my time of need…but most of all I love him for leaving me and giving me the chance to find the pure and true love of the man that I plan to spend the rest of my life with. Finally breaking the lock that he hold on me…he and Isabel turn and exit the room with not a word spoken between the two of them.

“Oh Liz…I love you so much” his words pulls me from the empty doorframe of our bedroom. “I thought I was going to lose you and our child…I can’t lose you Liz…I just can’t” he sobs against my breasts as he wraps his arms around me waist…pulling me tightly against his shuddering body. “You’re my world…you’re my everything. I…”

“I love you too baby and I am ok…our son is ok” I whisper lovingly as I gently place my hands along his rugged cheeks…moving his face forward as to see the amount of love radiating from my eyes…only for him.

“Our…our son” he stammers…looking at me with shocked filled eyes.

“Our son” I chuckle…placing a quick kiss upon his startled lips. “Were going to have a baby boy”

“And…and he is healthy…you are healthy”

“As a horse…we both are” I giggle giddily knowing that my life is about to change and yet at the same time stay the same. “I love you so much Jesse Ramirez”

“I love you Elizabeth Ramirez…forever”