You Cant change the Past
Author: Tracy
Rating: PG-13, maybe R later, but I am not sure
Category: M/L and All the Other CC
Summary: it takes palce somewhere between the end of season two, and In season three. Other than that you have to read to find out. Let me know what you think, and I'll post more if you like it, The amount of feedback I get determines if I'll comtinue with my story


October 21,2006

This is where it all began. Liz thought as she looked through the window of the Crashdown. Her dad was standing at the counter waiting for an order or something. When she left Roswell she never expected to come back. When Max never came out of the Granolith before it left, she knew that he had gone to Antar with Tess, and that there was a possibility that she would never see him again. A few months after that she had a breakdown she thought she saw max in the Crashdown while she was closing up. She had been there until her dad found her curled up into a ball in the corner crying. He knew that max had left. But other than that she didn’t tell him anything. Isabel and Liz became closer over the past few years. So did Maria. She married Jesse, and she became a model and Liz was her manger and She was Maria manger as well, Maria had perused her music career and she became famous. Pulled out of her thoughts by customers coming out of the Crashdown. She walked in and her dad dropped everything he was in the middle of doing and walked over to her.
She smiled and gave her dad a big bear hug.
“hi dad”
He looked at her, and smiled.
“come sit…we can catch up.”
“Well…actually I just stopped by for a minute, I have to go with Maria to her charity benefit, but I am pretty sure that we both can come by after and we’ll talk”
She could see that her dad was disappointed and she felt bad, but she was here on busness if she had it her way she would have stayed away from Roswell.
“Liz you okay?”
She shook her head and looked at her dad.
“Yeah, I’m fine, I’ve got to go actually, But I’ll be back.”
She stood on her tip toes and kissed her dad on the cheek.
“I Love you!”
“I Love you too Liz”
She took one last look at the Crashdown and walked out the door and headed towards the Evan’s house, it was where Liz Maria and Isabel were staying. Liz didn’t bother to tell her father that, it would have crushed him. Ever since her mom died last year, he hadn’t been doing so good. For few months after, he’d call her every day just to make sure she was ok. It was understandable. Isabel and Liz were always hanging out together just to make sure that they knew that neither one of them were going to run off on the other. It was a comfort to know that there was someone there that you could talk to, so she never brushed her dad off.
Once Liz got to the Evan’s she expected Maria and Isabel to be ready to go to the concert and then that would be it, but what she found when she got there was another story.