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Disclaimer: I do not own any of these character's...Except, the ones that are not from Roswell.
Summary: I had this dream one night and it was really strange. SO I'm taking it from there. I'm making a College Up.
Couples: Well, not quite sure yet, but will end up M/L.
Rating: Who knows.

Dear Journal,
This is my last entry for my high school year. Heck my last entry ever. Max Evan's. What can I say. We we're going out. Broke up. Friends over the internet when he left town, when came back he well, decided I was his again. Then he left Earth. Yep Earth. He's an Alien. But not before taking my virginity. You know it's awfully weird how a guy like Max can just change like that. His friend Micheal probably influenced him. (He's an alien too, along with his sister Isabel.) So anyhow where was I oh yeah....I'm leaving to go to College tomorrow. University of Seanna me and maybe tell him I'm half alien and carrying his child. Wouldn't that be a shocker?

Two Years Later

'God could life get any worse? My alien child is living with his grandparents in Roswell, I have friggin' alien power's and I'm the daughter of a King that wants to attack Max or should I say Zan...' "Hey Liz." Mark says.

"Hey, you know if we're doing anything in Physcology today?" Liz asked him as they walked down the so called halls. 'Can you believe our halls are like well, hard to describe..'

"Yeah, we're supposedly suppose to be doing notes and getting a big written assignment." He says getting into the classroom.

"Alright class take your seat. I'm taking roll..." 5 mintues later Liz's head shot up, "Maxwell Evans. Ahh, skipping on his first day." Liz gathered her things and left. "Seems miss. Parker has some problems."

-In her dorm room-

Liz headed over to her phone and dialed a fimilar number, "Hey mom, yeah everything's fine. Is Tyler okay? Alright, put him. Hey sweetie. Yeah what's wrong."

"Mommy something's coming." Tyler said scared. 'God my three year old already has powers.'

"Okay sweetie, your safe, okay nothing's going to get you I promise. I love you lots. Okay bye bye." She hung the phone up and left the dorm on her mission.

"Hey, Anthony do you know this guy?" Liz asked showing a picture of Max.

"Umm, yeah I've seen him around you might wanna check the computer room, ask Chris." Liz nodded. 'Great its raining the rooms probably flooded some.

"Hey Bris." Liz hated this guy.

"It's CHRIS. What do you want?" He said not turning away from the game. Liz turned the game off. "HEY!"

"You seen him. Heard your friends." Chris smirked. "He told me some girl would probably be searchin' for him. Didn't know it be you. He don't look nuttin' like that now."

"Either you know where he is or you don't. MY life depends on it." Chris turned around at his friend and smile. Liz turned and left.

Chris followed her out, "Liz he's right there." He pointed to Max and Micheal. Who we're searching some sites. Micheal was the same but Max was different. Spiked hair, still beautiful eyes, hot body, leather jacket, white button down shirt, faded jeans, wore out tennis shoes, and a pierced ear.

"Thanks." Liz walked up to him. "Well, if it isn't MAX EVANS"

Max turned and looked at her. "That would be me. Liz."

"Oh you can call me Elizabeth, your royalness." Liz said crossing her arms. Max glared at her while looking around.

"Nice going Liz." Micheal snarled.

"You can shut the fuck up Micheal, cause I really don't give a damn what you think, cause you can't even think." Micheal looked down.

"Now, after you left me nine months ago....You left me with some issues..So I'm just going to lay them on the table, since I have you right here, unless, you wanna go somewhere more private." Liz suggested.

"To tell you the truth, I don't want to talk to you at all." Max said going back to the computer.

"Well, guess what....." Liz blew the computer up with her hand. Max looked at her shocked as well as Micheal, "Your going to have to one day." Liz walked off screaming, "ALIENS ARE INVADING EARTH!!!!" Max looked around, and jumped up.

"What the hell are you doing?" Max asked grabbing her arm.

"Getting your attention." Liz left with that. "ALIEN ATTACK RUN!!!!! ALIEN'S ARE COMING"


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Authors Note- To the people who had trouble with the time....She took a few months off during the pregnancy and her son is now three...I met to type Two years later. My mistake. Sorry!

Part 2-

"I can't blame her for doing it Max. You did just leave her after well...." Isabel stated walking with Max down the halls.

"But screaming our existance?" He said looking at her.

"Like anyone is going to believe her, go talk to her..See what she has to say." Isabel suggested. She walked into class leaving him there.

-Liz's dorm room-

"Yeah yeah I'm coming!" Liz shouted pulling her shirt on. "Oh well if it isn't our King...What can I do for you?"

"Cut the crap. I wanna know how the hell you blew that computer up." Max said coming in.

"Come in on, make yourself at home." Liz saod sarcastically. "Anyhow, did you ever think that maybe when you screwed me that you might give me some powers?"

Max flinched at the term screw. "No, I never thought about that."

"Yeah well Max, you pretty much made me alien." She headed over to the window. "Max, do you have any idea how you hurt me. I bet you don't even give a damn."

Max looked at her. "Liz, things have changed. I...I wanna be friends alright...I may not love you, but you'll always have a piece of my heart."

Liz turned around, her eyes evil, something he's never seen before. "You can take that piece of heart and your friendship and shove it. I have enough friends. NOW GET OUT!"

"Fine." Max left.

"We must go, Lyann is in trouble. We must kill Zan." One of the guards told her father.

"What is the problem? Lyann loves Zan. If I kill him, she disowns me."

"She's sad, we've been watching." The guard stated.

"Very well, bring her home along with my grandson, and Zan. ALIVE!" Lyann's father stated.

-Earth-~Late at night woods~

"So you two talked?" Micheal asked. Max nodded. "What she say?"

"Not much, just that I made her alien..." Max said looking at the ground.

"So umm, what are you going to do now?" He asked.

"Nothing, she means nothing to me."

"Is that right?" A voice said behind them.

"Who the hell are you?" The three stood up with hands raised.

"I come from Zennar with a message from her father." The guard stated. "We have your son your royalness. You are to come with us."

"HELL NO. All we no is that you could be Skins." Max stated. "What are you talking bout my son?" Max fell to the ground. "What the..."

"Do not deny me boy. You may be KING on Antar, but here..." The Lord stated.

"He's a King father." The guards bowed. "STAND!"

"My daughter...I was just coming to get you."

"How the hell...What the hell do you think your doing?" She helped Max stand up. "You were not suppose to come to Earth."

"What's going on?" Isabel asked confused.

"Meet my father." Liz said crossing her arms. "Wheres Tyler?"

"On the ship." Liz looked at him with disbelief. "You put my son on a ship without my knowledge. You were going to bring Zan to Zennar without Antar and my knowledge."

"Whoah...what son?!?!" Max asked stepping up.

"Your son Max, he's yours." Liz said having a stare down with her father. Max just looked at her.

"Okay..." Was all Micheal could say.

"You are to let them go, and I will go with you." The lord shook his head.

"Heal your husband aboard the ship." Liz looked at Max. "If your not on that ship in four hours your son will die."

"You'd kill your own grandson?" The Lord left.

"Okay, we have to talk now!" Micheal said coming up to Liz..

"How about we go to my dorm. I don't have any roommate." Liz nodded.

"My son." Was all Liz could say. Max looked at her again. "Come I have to tell you lot's before we leave." Liz headed to campus.

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