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I first wanted to say that I will not fall behind on my fics. I am a couple of part ahead in most of them. But I liked this idea and Liz (Canadianroswellian) thought I should post it. Thanks to her for being suggestion girl. She rocks doesnt she*happy*

Title: These Dreams
Author: Annie
E-mail: Anniepoo98⊕
Summary: This is an AU fic. The aliens are still aliens. I don't know if Tess will make a showing. That will come later if she does. You will just have to read the rest.
Rating: PG
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: I only own the story. Please dont sue me.


I know that it sounds silly to believe in Destiny. Like everything in our lives has been planned before we were even born. What kind of person we are going to be, what we are going to like, even who we will fall in love with. But I believe in all of this.
Deep down, I have always known that there was someone out there that was perfect for me. We were like two halves searching for the other to make us whole. I knew he was out there. I just didn't figure that out there incorporated the whole universe.

Part One:

"I don't want to," eight year old Liz Parker whined as her mother dragged her to the Ferris wheel. "I don't like to go that high."
"It will okay," Nancy Parker reassured her daughter. "It's not scary at all, you'll see."
Liz closed her eyes, squeezing the tears out of them as they waited in the line. The ride attendant waited until one group got off, then allowed another to get on. Liz and her mother waited in line quietly as this routine was repeated over and over again.
After about fifteen minutes, Nancy turned back to her daughter. "We're next, sweetie."
The ride attendant waited once more as people got off, and then he turned to Nancy. "Would it be okay to group you six together?"
Nancy looked at the family behind her. A middle aged couple with a boy and girl about Liz's age. "Sure, that is fine with me."
The family also agreed, and before Liz had a chance to complain, she was swept onto the ride. Up and up they went as the Ferris wheel made its way to the top, standing high above all the other rides.
"Look over here, Max," the other little girl squealed. "You can see all the rides."
The dark hair boy shook his head. He turned his attention to the other little girl sitting next to him. She had her eyes shut as tight as she could, tears running out of the corners. "Are you okay," he asked softly.
Liz shook her head, refusing to open her eyes. That is when the ride came to a stop.
"Ooooh, they stopped us at the top," the blond girl proclaimed.
Liz began to cry even harder. Her stomach was turning, tying itself into a bunch of knots. That is until she felt something warm touch her hand.
Liz opened her eyes wide enough to see that the boy was holding her hand. She raised her head and looked into his big amber eyes. They were full of concern. Even at eight, she knew that there was something unusual about them.
"It will be over soon," the little boy whispered.
Liz just nodded. He caressed her hand softly. She could feel her stomach settle and her nervousness leave. All because of that little boy.
Liz could see his sister shake her blond head from the corner of her eye. "Wuse," she mumbled.
Diane Evans swatted at her daughter's arm. "Isabel, that isn't very nice. Apologize."
Isabel rolled her eyes. "Sorry."
Nancy gave a little laugh. "It's okay. Liz has always been afraid of heights. But I try to get her on the Ferris wheel at least once a year."
"Oh," Diane pondered. "Do you come here often?"
Nancy smiled. "Yeah, this is our annual vacation. Just Liz and I escaping the world for a week."
Diane laughed. "That sounds wonderful. This is our first time here. But the kids sure seem to like. I think that we might be back next year."
Phillip looked at his wife. "We'll see, honey. A lot of things can happen."
But before the conversation could go any further, the ride attendant was asking them to exit the ride. Max held Liz's hand until their parents pulled them away. Liz whimpered when his hand left hers. Nancy began walking them towards the kiddy rides as the Evans' headed over to the concession stands. Liz glanced over her shoulder and watched Max walk away. Those amber eyes would haunt her for years.

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Wow everyone. Thank you so much for the feedback. You are too good to me. Wow. Well, here is the next part. I am getting peer pressured into posting it. Just kidding. I hope that you like where the story is going to go*happy*


Part two: Ten years later

Liz looked around at the people standing with her in the line. The Ferris wheel. She was no longer scared of it. Actually, she looked forward to her yearly ride on it now. Ever since the little boy with the dark hair and intense amber eyes calmed her fears ten years ago. "Max," she whispered.
It might sound strange, but even at eight, Liz felt a connection to Max. It must have been his eyes. She had dreams about them, about him, ever since.
Over the years, she had dreamed so many dreams about him. They even grew more intense around the time her mother and her would take their vacation to the amusement park. The only person she ever told about the dreams was her best friend, Maria.
Standing in the line, Liz could hear Maria's voice. She laughed at the thought of what Maria would say. "Chica, you know that I am all for a person believing in their dreams, but this is taking that a bit far. You haven't seen this guy since you were eight years old. This fixation just isn't healthy. How do you know that you will ever see him again?"
Deep down, Liz knew that she would. That is why she rode the Ferris wheel every time she came to the amusement park. "Your next," the ride attendant told her.
Liz smiled at him and entered a gondola. The park wasn't very busy that night so she got one to herself. As she reached the top, her breath caught in her throat as she saw the sight below her. The park lights danced upon the water of the surrounding lake. Music rose from the crowd, but not enough that she could make out the words. The world was at peace on top of the Ferris wheel.
But soon the ride ended. Liz made her way past the exit, bumping into someone walking in front of her. The guy turn around and Liz found herself looking into his familiar amber eyes.
"I'm sorry," she stuttered. "I wasn't looking where I was going."
Max flashed her a smile. "That's okay." Then, he tilted his head slightly. "Do I know you?"
Max actually knew the answer to that question. It was the girl from his dreams, from the Ferris wheel ten years ago. He couldn't imagine that he had actually found her.
Liz nodded her head in response to Max's question. "About ten years ago," she said softly. "You held my hand on the Ferris wheel, trying to calm me down."
Max's smile grew wider. "I remember. I see that you are not afraid of them now."
Liz let out a little laugh. "No, no I'm not." She couldn't believe that he was really here. She always looked for him on her vacation, but now she had found him. "I can't believe that I ran into you," she said trying to break the silence that had befallen them.
"I know," Max said. "So how long are you staying?"
Liz sighed. "My mom and I are leaving tomorrow."
Max looked down at his shoes. "I am sorry to hear that."
Liz suddenly felt bold. She ran a finger under his chin, urging his face upward. Max looked her in the eyes. "What are you doing now," she asked. "I am starving. I was just about to grab a bit to eat. Would you like to join me?"
Max's smile returned. "I would love to." He took her hand with his own and they made their way to the concession stands.

I know that this part is sort of short, but the next one is long, especally for me. And it is very dreamy. I hope that you are liking this story*happy*

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Wow... wow. Everyone has left me so much feedback. I am speechless. Well not really, but I am honored. Thank you. I decided that since you are so good to me, I would post the next part and see if you like it. It is very dreamy so enjoy and let me know what you think*happy*


BTW... The places mentioned in this story are real places. Including the amusement park. You will find out what one it is later. I promise. So there is no infringement intended in mentioning this places. I swear.

Part Three:

Max and Liz spent the night talking as they ate concession stand tacos. "Mmmm," Liz said as she took a bit out of her taco. "I think that these might be the best tacos I have ever had."
Max lifted an eyebrow. "Really?"
Liz nodded her head as she finished chewing her bite of food. "Yeah. We don't have many restaurants in my town, so good food is hard to come by."
"Where are you from," Max asked, picking up a bottle of Tabasco sauce at the same time.
"Kentland, Indiana," Liz said with a smile. That is when she noticed how much Tabasco sauce Max was putting on his food. "Do you always use that much Tabasco?"
Max immediately stopped applying the sauce. "I like things spicy," he said with a wicked grin on his face. Max couldn't believe what had gotten into him. This girl made him more comfortable then anyone that he had ever known, even Michael and Isabel.
"Me too," Liz replied softly.
Max's eyes grew wide with surprise. "What was that," he asked, laughing slightly.
Liz blushed. She couldn't believe that she just said that. It just slipped out. "What are you doing Parker," she thought to herself. "You are eighteen years old, get a grip on yourself. It's just a guy."
Then, Liz recanted that thought. "It is not just a guy. This is the guy of your dreams, literally."
Max watched Liz silently for a little bit. It looked like she was having an argument with herself. Max gave another little laugh before grabbing a napkin, crumpling it up, and tossing it at her.
Liz flinched a bit. "What was that for?"
"I just wanted to get your attention," Max told her.
Liz returned his wicked smile with one of her own. "Get this," she said as she threw the wadded up napkin back at him.
The napkin hit him square in the nose. But before Max could retaliate, Liz threw her hands up. "Truce," she said.
Max nodded, then stopped because he heard the music playing in the background. "Only if you dance with me."
Liz looked around. "No one else is dancing."
Max shrugged his shoulders. "So," he said, extending his hand to Liz.
"Okay," Liz accepted, taking his hand. The both got up and made there way to where no one was standing. Max wrapped his arms around her waist and Liz brought hers around his neck.

There is a lot you don't know
There is a lot I can't tell
Would you think I'm crazy
If you knew me that well
'Cause there's a lot you don't know
And you say you won't go
And I'd like to believe you
But I know....

Liz loved the feeling of having Max's arms around her. This was one of those perfect moments. The kind you want to bottle up forever. As the lights of the rides and the moon played across Max's features, Liz thought about how it accentuated how gorgeous Max was.

Is it all in my head
Or somehow is it truth
Was it something I said
I can offer no proof
'Cause there's a lot you don't know
And you say you won't go
And I'd like to believe you
But I know....

As each second past, Max drew Liz closer. She was warm to his touch. The wonderful scent of vanilla filled his senses. Max felt like he could drown in all things that were Liz.

There's no one left to save me
I am the only one
There's no one left to save me
I am the only one
There's no one left to save me

"Max," a tall blond girl yelled across the crowd. Then she spotted him dancing with a girl with long, chocolate colored hair. She quickly walked over to them and tapped on Max's shoulder.
The moment broke. Max turned around to face his very angry sister. "Isabel, what is the matter?"
Isabel rolled her eyes. "Mom and dad are looking for us. We have to get going."
Max let out a disappointed sigh. He then turned to Liz. "I guess I better get going."
Liz nodded. "I guess so."
Max began to walk away with Isabel by his side. Something lurched in Liz stomach. She knew she had to stop him, if only for a second. So she called out to him.
Max turned around the second he heard Liz's voice. "Yeah Liz?"
Liz racked her brain for something to say to him. That is when she realized something she didn't know about him. "What is your last name?"
"Evans," he called back to her as Isabel pulled on his arm.
"What were you thinking," Isabel scolded. "You don't even know anything about her. She could be after us. Since when did you start flirting with random girls?"
"What wasn't a random girl," Max said, getting angry. "It was her."
Isabel looked at her brother sideways. "You mean the girl from your dreams? The one that you held hands with when we were eight?"
Max nodded his head. "The very same one."
Isabel shook her head. "It doesn't mean anything. Just forget about her. I mean, why is she so special?"
Max let out another sigh. "Because she makes me feel normal."

There's no one left to save me
I am the only one ~ "Save Me" by the Pierces.

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Wow everyone. Lots and Lots of feedback. You are too good to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Well here is a new part. I hope that you like it*happy*

AraxieHRH - I am so sorry, but those are how long my chapters. Please dont be to mad at me. I sorry. But I promise that I am working on that problem. I hope that they will get longer*happy*

Jenn- I am pretty sure that Liz is not going to be an alien in this story. You will just have to wait to find out how this is going to play out*happy*


Part Four: Eight years later…

Liz could feel the burning sand beneath her bare feet as she turned to face the familiar rock formation. He was waiting there for her. She gathered the long black skirt of her dress into her hands and ran towards the formation.
Liz knew had to reach him soon. There was something wrong. The atmosphere was thick with tension. He was in danger and she had to help him.
Liz began to climb the rocks toward their usual meeting spot. When she was half way there, Liz felt her foot catch on her skirt. Not able to hold her footing, Liz slipped and began to fall.
The world around her grew dark. Liz felt like she would fall forever. That is when a pair of big, strong arms reached out and caught her. His hands guided her to the ground. The ground itself had change. It was no longer hot sand, but rather cool, wet grass that tickled the bottom of her feet.
Liz leaned back into him as he wrapped his arms tightly around her waist. Her head came to rest at the crook of his neck. Liz placed a light kiss there and was rewarded with a low moan from him. "Max," she whispered.
"We don't have much time," he said softly.
"I know," Liz sighed. "We never do. But something is different this time."
Max turned her around in his arms. "Things are changing, Liz. Are you ready?"
Liz nodded her head. "Will I be with you?"
Max took one of her hands with his and placed it against his heart. "You are always with me." He then placed their hands against her heart. "And I am always with you."
Liz looked into his deep amber eyes. "Then I am ready for anything."
Max let out a breath of relief. He began to pull her closer, leaning over to kiss her…

"Liz, Liz are you okay," Maria asked.
Liz jolted up in her bed. "Oh my God Maria. You scared me. Why did you wake me up?"
Maria shook her head. "Because you were talking in your sleep. Were you dreaming about him again?"
Liz fell back onto her bed and Maria quickly laid down next to her. "Yes," Liz admitted a couple of minutes later. "I was dreaming about Max again."
Maria let out a little laugh. "Chica, I think we need to find you help. You have been having these dreams all week now. You're talking in your sleep. Hell, three nights ago, you scared me to death when you started screaming. Were you awake, no, but you sure were screaming."
Liz sighed. "I'm sorry, Maria. I just can't help having these dreams. They all seem so real. Like he is calling to me or needs my help."
"Well, maybe you should find him so I can get some sleep," Maria teased.
Liz groaned. "Maria, bestest roommate and friend in the world, we have been through this. How can I find him? I have no idea where he is from, let alone anything about him."
Maria sat up on the bed and patted Liz on the head. "Sweetie, you have been dreaming about this guy since you were eight, and you have only met him twice. I think that it is time you made some sort of a move. Find help, either a shrink or a detective. I don't care which, but do something."
Liz gave Maria a little smile. "We'll see. I think that something is going to happen soon."
Maria gave Liz a puzzled look. "How do you know that?"
Liz sat up again. "I just have a feeling."
Maria looked at the clock, then jumped from the bed. "Well I have a feeling you will be fired if you don't get a move on. Are you ready?"
Liz jerked her head around. "What did you say?"
"I asked if you were ready," Maria said giving Liz a strange look. "You know, today is the big chance you have been waiting for. Your first interview. What's the matter?"
Liz shook her head. "Nothing. I am just experiencing a big deji vu, that's all."
Maria shrugged her shoulders and left the room. Liz got up and walked over to her bathroom. "Something is going to happen today, I can just tell."

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Part Five:

Liz ran toward Alex's desk. "We are going to be so late," she mumbled under her breath.
Alex just let out a little laugh when he saw Liz running towards him. "Are we in a hurry or just nervous?"
Liz gave him a little smile. "A wonderful combination of the both, actually. Do you have your stuff ready?"
"Calm down, Liz," Alex said, holding up his camera bag. "You have the best digital photographer at the Sun Times at your service."
Liz looked up from her briefcase. "Thanks Alex. Aren't you even just a little modest."
Alex shook his head. "Modest, as in modesty. Nah. I never bothered with the stuff."
Liz let out a laugh. Alex grabbed the hand that was still rummaging through the briefcase. "Liz, you have everything you could ever need for this interview. Remember, you called me last night, twice, and we went through the checklist you made two weeks ago when you found out about this assignment. I doubt that anything hopped out of the bag on its own."
"I know," Liz admitted. "I am just nervous. Not to mention, I had this dream last night that really got to me."
Alex threw Liz a concerned look. "You've been having a lot of those kind of dreams lately."
"How did you know that," Liz asked, surprised.
"Maria told me," Alex replied plainly.
"And how long have you and my roommate been talking about me," Liz said, trying to be angry.
"Well, ever since the two of you moved to Chicago. I will never forget that unfortunate happy hour incident when I had to pick the two of you up," Alex told her, trying to lighten the mood.
"I still maintain that I was not drunk," Liz defended herself. "I just wasn't sober enough to handle the situation. Now, Maria was plastered."
Alex laughed. "We can argue about that on the way to your interview."
He threw his bag over his shoulder and the two of them hurried towards the elevator. The entire cab was spent arguing over who was drunker that night, Liz or Maria. Yet, they both agreed that Alex had saved the day by telling off the ogres that were hanging on them, then driving them home. Ever since, the three had been the best of friends.
The cab stopped in front of Mercy General Hospital. Alex paid the driver and Liz gathered their stuff. "We are going to be late," she said, growing panicked again.
Alex shook his head. "We are not going to be late. Hell, we're fifteen minutes early."
Liz flashed a weak smile in Alex's direction as the walked off to find Dr. Logan Thomas's office. Liz stopped at the front desk, and the receptionist told them to go to the sixth floor, room 320. Liz thanked her as Alex held the elevator for them.
Just as the door was closing, Liz heard someone call out.
"Hold that elevator," a low male voice cried.
Liz's ears perked at the sound. She instantly reached out her hand and kept the door from closing. As it slid back open, Liz closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath. "Could it really be him," she thought.
"Liz," she heard the voice say softly.
Her eyes flew open and standing before her was Max. "It really is you," she exclaimed.
Max just looked at her and smiled. He really had found her again. "Wow," he said. "It has been eight years. What have you been doing?"
Liz's smile quickly widened. "I'm a reporter for the Sun Times. What about you?"
"I just started my residency here," Max replied.
"And I'm getting a creak in my neck," Alex said, calling attention to his presence in the elevator.
Liz turned to face him. "Oh Alex, I'm sorry. Alex this is Max," she introduced them.
Alex reached out his hand, and Max gave it a quick shake. "So, how do you know Liz," Alex asked.
Max laughed a little bit. "We keep running into each other."
Liz blushed slightly, which didn't go unnoticed by Alex. He was definitely going to have to pry Maria for information later. "Wow, that's pretty weird."
Max nodded. "So how do you know Liz," he asked. Deep down, he was praying that he other guy didn't say the word boyfriend. The dreams he had been having were too intense to be crushed in one second.
"I know Liz from work. Just call me the photo guy."
Liz laughed a little bit and Max let out the breath he didn't know he had been holding. "Well, it is nice to meet you Alex."
Liz dared herself to look up at Max's face. She wanted to see if those amber eyes were the same. They were. And they were staring right into hers. "So, you're a doctor here?"
"Well, a resident," Max said. "So what is a reporter doing at Mercy General?"
Alex started to chuckle. "Freaking out about her first interview."
Liz reached over and gave Alex a little smack on the arm. "Thanks a lot, Alex."
"It was my pleasure," he said, giving a little bow.
"Who are you interviewing," Max asked, with genuine interest.
Liz turned her attention back to him. "The new chief of staff, Dr. Logan Thomas. It is for a feature the paper is doing on the hospital."
Max nodded, but his thoughts were wandering elsewhere, especially after hearing the name Logan Thomas. Max did trust him, not from the first day he met him and most definitely not that day. Things were changing. The old chief of staff disappearing, his meeting today, his assignment to Mercy. Max felt like it was a set up and now Liz might get caught in the middle of it.
Liz watched Max for a few moments before waving her hand in front of his face. "Earth to Max. Are you okay?"
Max shook his head a bit, coming back into the moment. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just spaced out for a second. Hey Liz could you do me a favor?"
Liz raised her eyebrow, then flashed him a smile. "What is the favor?"
"Can I have your number," he asked softly.
Liz's smile grew wide again. "Sure." She grabbed a loose piece of paper from her briefcase, wrote the number down, and gave it to him. "Are you going to use it?"
Just then the door to the elevator opened to the fifth floor. Max took the paper from Liz's hand, his fingers grazing her's ever so slightly. It was like a flash through both of their systems. A charge that seemed to crackle through the air, even though it only lasted an instant. "I will definitely use it," Max told her before he stepped out of the elevator.
"Way to go Liz," Alex whooped as soon as the door shut.
Liz glanced over at him. "What is that suppose to mean?"
"Not only have you scored a prime interview with the man who is replacing the most beloved doctor in Chicago after his untimely disappearance, but you gave a doctor your number. And I think that Max has every intention of calling you."
Liz blushed again. "You think?"
Alex nodded. "I know. Hell, take it from a guy, I know."

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Wow lots and lots of feedback. You are all my favorite people. I feel really really loved. I know that this part is on the old board, but I wanted to put it here too. I hope that you like it*happy*


More soon, I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!

Part Six:

Max carefully tucked Liz's number into his pocket before making his way to room 512. That was where he was supposed to meet Serena. He just hoped that her information would prove useful to their movement.
When he reached room 512, Max knocked firmly. He heard a female voice telling him to enter, so he slowly opened the door. Standing near a cabinet was a girl with long read hair wearing a candy stripper uniform. "Max is that really you," she asked. "It has been so long since I have seen you."
Max walked over to the girl and gave her a quick hug. "I am so glad to see that you are okay, Serena. I heard that your last mission nearly got you killed."
"Most missions almost get me killed. That is why I am so glad that this one is kind of easy," she said with a smile.
"That's good. So, Isabel sent you here to pose as a candy stripper in order to watch over me," Max said, chuckling.
Serena nodded. "Yeah. You have one paranoid princess on your hands. She sent me out here as soon as she heard about Dr. Morris's disappearance."
Max sighed. He knew that Isabel worried about him being so far away, but he knew that they couldn't stay in New Mexico forever. "So speaking of the currently missing doctor, what is the information you have for me? By the way," he said, pointing to the door across from them. "Is that door locked?"
Serena laughed. "And then some," she told him, waving her hand.
"Good," Max sighed. "So what is the news?"
"Dr. Morris is dead. Kivar had him killed so Logan Thomas could take his place."
"Logan is a skin," Max realized.
Serena nodded again. "A pretty powerful one too. I suspect that he has orders to kill you, maybe worse."
Max looked down at his shoes. He knew that Logan Thomas couldn't be trusted. Now Liz was with him.
Serena noticed how quiet Max got. "What are you thinking," she asked.
Max shook his head, trying to clear his head. "I was just thinking about someone."
Serena raised an eyebrow. "Someone huh," she said with a smirk on her face. Isabel had mentioned Max's dream girl, and she was positive that was who he was thinking about. "Who would that be?"
Max looked at her. "Someone from my dreams."
Serena began to laugh. "I see."
Max opened his mouth, ready with a really witty comeback but a loud clicking noise filled the room. Both Max and Serena turned to face the door as it flung open. A boy about fourteen years old and spiky hair stood in front of them. "Well, well," he said as he entered the room. "It is our king and his red-headed little spy."
"Nicholas," Serena said with hatred. That very name left a bad taste in her mouth. He had managed to kill some of her closest friends, and now he was after her king.
"Very good Serena. You know your enemies," Nicholas said, mocking her.
"And you don't seem to know where you are not welcome," Max snapped at him. "Get out of here."
Nicholas narrowed his eyes. "I do not take orders from you."
The air in the room was thick with tension as the standoff began. Max and Nicholas just stared each other down, while Serena was looking for a way to escape. Suddenly, Nicholas raised his hand, sending out a blast of energy. Serena saw it before Max and she pushed him out of the way. The blast caught her square in the chest. Serena flew across the room, hitting the cabinets.
Max got to his feet as quickly as he could. He rushed to where Serena was lying and raised his shield to protect them. Max leaned over Serena to check her pulse, but she was dead. He fell to the floor when he realized she was gone. A tear fell from his eye for the woman who had risked her life for him so many times. "I'm so sorry," he apologized. "I wish I had never set up this meeting. This assignment was supposed to be easy. Please forgive me," he cried, before he stood up and turned to face Nicholas again.
Nicholas was grinning wildly, like a child who just won a prize. "Oops, I missed. But it looks like I still managed to do some damage."
Max edged toward the other door with his shield still raised. "You will pay for this," he yelled, his voice full of emotions.
"We will see, your highness," Nicholas said calmly.
Max gripped the handle and jerked the door open. He ran down the hallway, and into the elevator.
Nicholas stayed in the room. He walked over to Serena's crumpled body. "You died trying to protect your king and now you will be his downfall. I am going to love seeing him trying to escape both us and the human law enforcers."
He knelt down next to the body, waving his hand over it. "First thing is first. We need to make you more human. Then we set little Maxie up. He won't be able to survive the next 48 hours in this city."

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here is a brand new part. I just wrote it today. Thank you all for the feedback. You know how much I love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope that you like it*happy*


Part Seven:

"Thank you very much Dr. Thomas," Liz said, extending her hand towards him. "I really appreciate it."
"My pleasure entirely," Logan responded as he took ahold of her hand. "It is so nice to see that the community is interested in the happenings at Mercy."
Liz nodded. "Well, thank you." With that, she and Alex left his office. When they were a safe distance down the hall, Alex stopped Liz.
"Is it me or did all of his answers seem rehearsed," he asked her.
Liz let out a breath. "Thank God. You thought so too? All of his responses were like mechanical. It was like he knew what I was going to ask before I asked it."
"Except for the questions on Dr. Morris's disappearance. The new chief of staff didn't seem to like those questions," Alex pointed out. "In fact, he almost acted guilty."
"All I know is that there is something wrong about that guy," Liz agreed.
Alex opened his mouth to speak again, but Liz's cell phone when off, causing her to jump in the air. Liz quickly grabbed her cell to answer the call. "Hello… Yes, this is Liz Parker… Sure Jerry… You mean here at the hospital… Yeah, I'll see what I can find out."
Liz turned off the phone. That is when she noticed that Alex's face was bright read from holding his laughter. Liz placed both of her hands on her hips, giving Alex a scolding look. "What is so funny?"
Alex let out a bellowing laugh. Then, he noticed Liz's expression. "You jumped nearly three feet in the air. Did the doctor creep you out that much?"
Liz lowered her arms and leaned closer to Alex. "There is something very strange going on in this hospital, and I intend to get to the bottom of it."
"My, my Nancy Drew, why are you so paranoid," Alex teased. "What did Jerry want?"
"Well, our dear editor and boss just asked me to check out a murder investigation underway not to far from here," Liz said sarcastically.
Alex gave her a curious look. "How close is it?"
Liz's frown grew more profound. "Just outside. A candy stripper was pushed out a window on the fifth floor."
"Oh God," Alex exclaimed. "You know, Liz. I think you might be right. Something is going on here."
"And I am will to bet that Dr. Thomas is involved in it somehow," Liz thought to herself. She reached over and took ahold of Alex's arm. "Come on, let's go check this out."
The two friends made their way out of the hospital and immediately saw the crowd of people gathering around the crime scene. After a little pushing and shoving, they made it to the area the police had blocked off. Liz scanned the scene and noticed Officer O'Mally standing a few feet from her. Officer O'Mally use to give her information when she covered the Metro beat. She knew if she was going to get any information, it was going to come from him.
Liz reached out her hand and waved to get his attention. Officer O'Mally saw her standing there and made his way over to her and Alex. "Hey John," she said when he finally reached them.
"Hey Liz, how have you been," he asked.
"Not too bad," she told him.
Alex offered his hand to John. "How's it been with you?"
John rolled his eyes. "The same. So are you two covering this story?"
"Yeah," Liz admitted. "So what's happened?"
John chuckled a bit. He knew that Liz never beat around the bush when it came to a story. "Well, they unofficial word is that the girl was murdered. Witnesses reported seeing a dark haired male figure push her out that window on the fifth floor," he told her, pointing to an open window.
Liz could tell by the tone in his voice that there was something John was hiding. "There's more, isn't there?"
John nodded. "Yeah, but this is strictly my opinion. I think that she was dead before she was pushed out of the window. I'm no medical examiner, but she was put through the ringer before she died. There is a big wound on her chest that couldn't have been caused by the fall."
"Do you know who she was," Alex asked.
"Well, she is about twenty- three or four and wearing a uniform with the name Sarah on it. But it is going to take hours before we can confirm that."
Liz was making mental note all over the place. She just had one more question that she had to ask. "Do you have any suspects?"
"Some nurses said they saw a guy matching the description enter the room just before she fell. Some new resident named Max Evans."
When Liz heard that name, all of the air in her lungs rushed out. It was like her entire world was shifting on its axis, spinning out of control. Suddenly, he legs wouldn't support her weight anymore and everything went black.
Alex watched in horror as Liz began to pass out. Luckily, he reached out in time to catch her. John lifted the crime scene tape over his head and rushed to help with Liz. "Is she okay," he asked as they eased her to the ground.
Alex had to think of something quick. He wasn't sure if he should tell Officer O'Mally that Liz knew Max, especially after seeing her reaction to the news that he was a suspect. "I know that she hasn't been sleeping well lately. Maybe it just caught up with her in all this excitement. After all, she just did just finish her first interview," Alex informed him, hoping that John would buy it.
"I think that you should get her home," John said out of concern. "She probably just needs some rest."
"Yeah," Alex said, letting out a breath of relief. "I think you're right."
Together, they managed to get Liz on her feet, but she was still incoherent, just staring straight ahead. John hailed a cab and helped Liz into the car. As soon as the door was shut, Alex gave the driver Liz's address. Then, he turned his attention back to Liz. "Hey Lizzie, come on. Speak to me. We'll figure this out, but right now you are scaring me."
Alex saw the tears streaming out of Liz's eyes. "Well, at least that is some reaction," he thought. "It's okay," he reassured her. "Everything will be okay."
Liz began to mumble when she heard Alex speaking to her. "Things are changing… are you ready… not Max… not Max."
"Liz," Alex said unsure. "Liz, what do you mean?"
She turned to look at him. "He didn't do it," she exclaimed out loud. "I know he didn't. My dreams… things are changing… am I ready… my dreams," she cried as she buried her head into Alex's shoulder.
Alex rubbed her back in an attempt to calm her down. Before he knew it, Liz was sound asleep. "Maria is going to freak when I get you back to the apartment," he whispered to her.

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Part Eight:

"Oh my God," Maria shouted when she saw Alex carrying Liz. "What the hell happened," she asked, moving aside so he could enter.
Alex walked past Maria and towards Liz's bedroom. He laid her sleeping form gently on the bed, taking the nearest afghan to cover her.
"Alex," Maria pleaded. "Tell me what is going on. What is the matter with Liz?"
Alex turned and ushered Maria out of the room. When they were in the hallway, he finally opened his mouth to speak. "Who is Max Evans," he asked her firmly.
Maria tilted her head to the side. "Why do you want to know about him? Did he do something to her?"
They both walked over to the couch. Alex sat down first and forced Maria to sit down beside him. "He didn't do anything to her. I will tell you the rest when, and only when, you tell me exactly who he is?"
"Okay," Maria said softly, her eyes growing wide. She had never seen Alex like this. He was always like a big brother, but this was way more protective than he had ever been. "He is the guy of Liz's dreams, literally."
"Huh," Alex moaned, not trying to hide his confusion.
"You know the dreams Liz has been having lately," Maria asked him.
Alex simply nodded his head.
"Well, he's the guy in them. She met him when she was like eight years old on a Ferris wheel. That is when her dreams started. Every year after that, when Liz and her mom would go on vacation, she would look for him. She saw him again just after we graduated from high school. Her dreams started getting more intense after that."
"Does she always dream about him," Alex asked in disbelief.
Maria nodded her head. "Pretty much. Now it is your turn to spill. What does Max Evans have to do with a very comatose Liz?"
Alex let out a sigh. He knew he was never going to make it though his story without interruptions. "Liz and I saw him today in the elevator at the hospital."
"No way," Maria gasped.
"Yes," Alex snapped slightly. "They seemed to hit it off. I thought it was a good thing. So we went and did the interview. Dr. Thomas really gave Liz the creeps. Well, I don't think that he is a swell guy either, but she didn't trust him at all. When we were walking back to the elevator, Jerry called to ask us to check out a murder investigation just outside. We went to the scene and ran into John O'Mally. He told us that Max Evans was a possible suspect."
Maria grew pale. She brought her hand to cover her mouth. "That can't be. Liz wouldn't fall for some crazy killer guy."
Alex threw up his hands. "All I know is that Liz freaked when she found out he was a suspect."
"Wouldn't you," Maria asked, looking at Alex like he was a moron. "She just found out that the guy she has been dreaming about, obsessing about, for 18 years might be a killer."
"That settles it," Alex proclaimed, getting up from the couch. "I'm staying here tonight."
Maria was taken back a bit. "Why?"
"Because Liz gave him her phone number," Alex admitted, bracing himself for her response.
"SHE DID WHAT," Maria yelled. "And you let her. I mean, what does she know about this guy. How could you let her do something so reckless!"
Alex grabbed Maria's arms in an attempt to keep her from pacing. "Calm down," he ordered.
Maria let out a peep, but still tried to pace back and forth. She eventually stopped moving and looked up straight into Alex's eyes. "I don't think so. I am not calming down. I have every right to be anything but calm." With that, she began her ramblings at the top of her lungs all over again.
While Maria and Alex were arguing, the phone rang. Liz shot up in bed. She grabbed the receiver before it could ring a second time. "Hello," she whispered.
"Liz," the voice on the other end asked.
"Max," Liz gasped, now wide-awake. "Are you okay?"
Max let out a sigh of relief. At least she knew who he was and wasn't screaming. "I'm okay," he said. "Liz, I know what they are saying, but I didn't do it."
"I know," Liz told him, trying to hold back her tears of relief. "But what happened? Did you know her?"
Max was silent for a few seconds. "Yeah, I knew her. She was my friend."
Liz could tell that Max was crying. Her heart broke for him and she could no longer hold back her own tears. "Max, tell me how I can help."
Max was trying his best to regain his composure. He took a couple of deep breaths. "Liz, I need you to meet me somewhere."
"Where," Liz asked.
"The Silver Cup diner on Lawrence Ave.," he said, his voice getting softer and softer with each word. "Can you be there in a half hour?"
"I'll be there," she replied. "Please be careful."
"Thank you Liz," Max whispered, then he hung up the phone.
Liz did the same as she got off her bed. Quietly, she crept to the door and peered out. She could see down beyond the hallway into the living room. She saw Alex and Maria fighting over what happened. "Thank God they didn't hear the phone ring," she thought to herself.
Liz knew they only way she could get out of the apartment was if she went out the window and down the fire escape. So she eased her door shut. She wrote a note explaining that she needed some air, placed it on her nightstand, grabbed her coat, and went out the window. Five minutes later, she had made it to the street corner and was waving down a cab.

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Part Nine:

Max sat in the most remote booth he could find, keeping his eyes open for Liz. She arrived less then twenty minutes after he hung up the phone with her. Liz saw him almost immediately and she made her way over to him as quickly as she could.
The first thing Liz wanted to do was touch him, to make sure he was really there and okay. Therefore, she sat next to him in the booth, not across the way. This shocked Max, but he was brought out of his bewilderment by the waitress coming to take their order. Max order them couple cups of coffee.
After a few more awkward moments, Max finally broke the silence. "Liz, I really appreciate you meeting me here…"
Liz cut him off. "Max, it is no trouble, but before I can help, you need to tell me what when on."
"Nicholas killed her," Max answered her. "He was trying to kill me, but she pushed me out of the way. That is why she is dead and I'm not." Max lowered his head as he said this. The next thing he felt was Liz's tiny arms wrapping around him, offering him their warmth and comfort.
Yet, Max grew ridged, and Liz withdrew her arms. The look on her face was one of disappointment and rejection. Max could have kicked his own ass right then and there. He knew he had to say something before she left. "I'm sorry Liz," he told her, trying to look in her eyes.
Liz tried to avoid his gaze, but those amber eyes were to hypnotic to ignore. "It's okay," she said, her voice edged with a little bit of pain.
Max shook his head. "No it isn't, but there is so much you don't know."
"Then tell me," Liz pleaded, her eyes still focused on his. "Why would anyone want to kill you?"
Max hesitated for a second. "I'm part of a secret movement. Nicholas works for the people that are opposed to us," he told her. It was the closest thing to the truth that he could think of.
Liz tilted her head to the side. "Is it something illegal," she asked not sure if she wanted to hear the answer.
"No," Max said. "It is more like a rebellion. See, I am not from around here."
Liz was trying to process all she was hearing. "Where are you from?"
"I can't tell you that. The more you know, Liz, the greater danger you'll be put in."
Liz reached out to touch him again. "I don't care Max," she whispered to him, lightly grazing his cheek with the tips of her fingers. "If I did, I wouldn't be here."
Max drew in a sharp breath. Her fingers left a trail of heat with every part of his skin that she touched. "Liz…" he moaned, wrapped up in the sensations she was causing.
Liz leaned in towards him, unconsciously wetting her lips. Her gaze focused on his wonderful mouth, a mouth she had longed to touch for as long as she could remember. She was finally going to succeed what her dreams had long kept her from.
"Any refills," the waitress asked, shattering the moment that had been building between Max and Liz.
Both jumped a little bit at the sudden intrusion. "No thanks," she said, glaring at the waitress intently. The other woman left in a huff, and Liz focused her attention back to Max. Her mind ran through all the things he had told her, trying to figure out the next course of action. "Where are you going to stay tonight," she asked Max. "You can't go back to your apartment. Everyone will be looking for you there."
Max shook he head, running his fingers through his hair. "I don't know," he admitted to her.
Liz stood up from the booth and threw a couple of dollars on the table to cover the coffee and a meager tip. Max placed his head in both of his hands, thinking that Liz had finally had enough of him and was leaving. Never did he expect for her to take ahold of his arm. Yet, a moment later she did just that, tugging on it, trying to urge him out of the booth. "Then, you are staying with me," she told him frankly. "I won't take no for an answer."
Max looked up at her, smiling with both gratitude and admiration. It was like she trusted him completely without having any reason too. Every move she made defined just how special she was; it confirmed what Max had seen the first time he that saw her. That she was to be his everything.
Twenty-five minutes later, Liz unlocked the door to her apartment. She looked around, hoping that Maria and Alex had gone out for a little while. When she saw that everything was dark, she showed Max inside, closing and locking the door behind her. "Well, this is my place," Liz said, waving her arm in front of her. "It's not much, but I call it home.
Max glanced at his new surroundings. There was a pretty large couch with a matching chair, a couple of tables, some lamps, and an entertainment center. As he entered further into the apartment, he noticed two bedrooms and a bathroom. "Do you have a roommate," he asked her when he saw the other room.
Liz nodded her head. "Yeah. Her name's Maria. We have been best friends since we were five years old."
Max began feeling a little out of place. "Is she going to mind me staying here?"
"No," Liz lied. "Actually she is going to flip out when she finds you staying her," she thought to herself. But she didn't want to tell Max that right now. He might leave, and that was something she couldn't handle, especially knowing how much trouble he was in.
Max wasn't convinced, yet he didn't have the energy to argue. He walked over to the couch and took a seat. "Would you mind if I used your phone," he inquired.
"Sure," Liz said, handing him the cordless phone. She then walked down the hall to give him some privacy. She was sure he was going to call someone in this underground movement and there were things he probably didn't want her to hear. She entered her bedroom with the intent of rummaging around for some sheets and a blanket for Max, but her curiosity got the better of her. Liz quietly picked up the extension, placing her hand over the bottom so he couldn't hear her breath.
"I'm okay Isabel," Max whispered into the receiver of the phone. "No, Serena is dead. Nicholas killed her. He is much more powerful than we thought."
Liz heard a female start responding on the other end of the line. She remembered hearing that voice before, it was Max's sister.
"What are we going to do Max," Isabel asked, the tears welling up in her eyes. "Serena was one of our best spies. She has… had managed to do so much for us. How can we ever make it without her."
Max sighed. "First things first, I have to get out of Chicago as soon as possible."
"Why," Isabel asked, getting more and more frightened by his tone. "What is going on that I don't know about?"
"Nicholas framed me," Max told her. "He pushed Serena's body out the window, making it look like I killed her."
"Oh God," Isabel gasped. "What should we do?"
Max thought for a moment. "Have Michael go to guard the Granolith. Tell him to take Rowena with him. Then, I need for you and David to drive out to pick me up. I'll keep in contact with you so we can set up a place to meet."
"Please be careful, Max. I don't want to lose you," Isabel pleaded.
"I will. The same goes for you," he tried to reassure her.
Isabel was the first to hang up the phone. Liz waited a couple of seconds for Max to do the same before she hung up. "What have I gotten into," she wondered to herself. "Okay, Parker, think. Max is being framed for murdering this girl… Serena. You at least know that much. And wherever it was he call to tonight there are about four more people on his side. The enemy is Nicholas, and he is more powerful than they thought. And what the hell is a Granolith?"
Liz's mind was spin in circles. Her head was pound against her forehead and she was desperately craving some extra strength aspirin. She began debating on getting some, but Max standing in her doorway broke her out of her reverie.
"Are you okay," he wondered aloud after seeing her rub her temples.
Liz gave him a faint smile. "Yeah. I just have a little bit of a headache. But what about you? You must be exhausted."
Max nodded in agreement. Liz got up off the bed, walked over to her closet, and pulled out some extra sheets and a blanket. "I'll make up the couch for you," she said, moving to the door.
Max followed her quietly back into the living room. He watched her fix up the couch for him. "Thank you again," he told her, not really knowing what else to say.
"You need to stop thanking me," she joked with him. "I don't mind doing this at all."
Max moved over to the couch and laid down. Liz began to leave the room when he called out to her. "Stay," he half begged. "Talk to me for a little bit."
Liz sat down on the edge of the couch. "What do you want to talk about?"
Max looked into her eyes. "You."
"How does he manage to do it," Liz pondered. "He can make one simple word sound like it was the most important thing in the world to him." She opened her mouth to speak to him. "There's really nothing much to say. I am a reporter living in a two bedroom apartment with her best friend."
Max's lips curled into a smile. "I am sure there is much more to you than that. Tell me about the town you grew up in."
Liz smiled back at him and launched herself into small town life in Indiana. Max listened intently for he just loved the sound of her voice. It was better than anything he had ever heard. Slowly, he drifted to sleep.
Liz paused when she realized she was rambling. She glanced over at Max, only to find him sound asleep. "Good," she thought. "Maybe he will get some rest." Liz leaned over for a second, only to brush a strand of hair loitering by Max's closed eyes. Gently, she brushed it aside. Her hand lingered for a bit longer than it had to because she was reveling in the notion of how smooth his skin was.
She began to move her hand away, but one of Max's came up and took ahold of it. He then brought her hand to rest on his chest, just over his heart. Liz saw that he was still asleep. Rather then jerk her hand from his grasp and risk waking him, she laid her head down on his chest. Slowly, she brought her legs up on the couch till she was partially lying on him and on the couch. Her ear was filled with the sound of his heartbeat. Gradually, she too fell asleep.

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Without much more ado.... here is the new part. I hope that you like it*happy*

Part Ten:

A thick fog rolled around Liz as she judged her environment. This place was foreign to her. The thin layers of her blue dress did nothing to protect her from the elements, and Liz felt more alone as each second passed. “Max,” she cried out in desperation, hoping he would answer her.
The air began to stir, and soon it parted slightly as Max quickly made his way to her. “Liz,” he said out of concern. He had heard her cry. She sounded so lost. Max enveloped her in his arms the second he reached her.
Warmth and comfort spread throughout Liz’s body the second Max touched her. Yet, there was still something off in the moment. “Why are we here,” she asked him. “In all these years, we have never met in a place like this.”
“I don’t know,” he told her. Max glanced up, noticing that fog was getting thicker and thicker. “Maybe it is because we are so close.”
Liz thought for a second. “Maybe,” she whispered. “But wouldn’t I feel safer? This place is unnerving. I know that you feel that. You’re scared, aren’t you?”
Max took a step back, looking into her eyes. “Yes,” he said quietly. He didn’t know how she knew his feelings, but he thought he should at least tell her why he was afraid. “Things are so unclear.”
“That might explain the fog,” Liz thought out loud.
Max just nodded and pulled Liz closer. He knew that he should be pushing her away because just being with him put her in danger. However, he couldn’t. She was like the air he breathed. Liz was… well… his. He needed her. He let out a sigh as he realized this.
Liz heard his sigh. She could hear the contentment in it, so she matched it with one of her own. Gently, she moved an arm from around his waist and brought her hand up to play with the skin exposed where his shirt wasn’t buttoned.
“Hmmm,” Max murmured as Liz caressed his neck. Her ministrations were so light that they left a tingling sensation on his skin. He was surprised at how little contact was needed between them for him to lose sight of everything. All he could see was Liz.
Suddenly, Max felt the need to touch her back. He leaned forward, his face coming so close to hers that their lips grazed each other’s. But Max wanted to taste her skin. So he brushed her lips again as he made his way to her jaw line, working down towards her neck.
“Max,” she moaned as he placed tender kisses at the base of her neck. Even with the heavy fog that surround them, Liz felt weightless, like she was flying. Being with him was so right. She had no doubt about that anymore. “But he is leaving,” she thought.
Liz pulled away from Max. Max looked at her with surprise. “What’s the matter,” he asked. “Did I do something wrong?”
Liz glanced towards the ground. “You’re not staying,” she told him, feeling the tears swell in her eyes. “In a few days, the real you will be gone and I will have nothing but these dreams.”
Max reached out to comfort her, but Liz shied away from his touch. “I don’t want you to go,” she cried softly. “I want this to be real.” With that, she turned and ran into the unknown.
“Liz,” Max called out to her. “Liz….”

“Holy shit,” Maria screamed when she saw Liz and a strange man lying on their couch.
Alex ran into the apartment, then directly into Maria. Maria fell forward, barely catching herself before she fell flat on her face. The two of them had spent the last few hours looking for Liz. They had checked all of her usual hangouts, but had no luck. That is until they went back to the apartment.
Max and Liz both jolted up on the couch when they heard Maria scream. They had no idea how long they had been asleep, but judging from the dark sky outside, it had been awhile. Liz immediately got up from the couch and walked over to Maria.
Maria just started shaking her head. “Oh no you don’t,” she told Liz, pointing a finger at her. “You have Alex and I worried for hours, going frantic trying to find you. Then, we come back to find you on the couch with a possible killer. Hell no, I am not getting over this one any time soon.”
Alex decided that it was time to shut and lock the door before they made any of the neighbors mad. Then, he turned his attention to Max, who was now standing awkwardly by the couch. “What are you doing here,” he asked, slightly gritting his teeth.
Max looked at the man that had been so friendly only hours before. “Liz invited me to stay,” he admitted.
“Is that so,” Maria said venomously, glaring between Max and Liz. “Well, I’m revoking her invitation. This is insane. What were you thinking,” she asked Liz.
Yet, it was Max that spoke. “I’m sorry I’ve caused such a problem. I’ll just leave,” he stated, moving towards the door.
Liz panicked. She reached out to him, grabbing his arm and holding it like her life depended on it. “No,” she yelled. That one little word seemed to suck all her energy. Liz crumbled to the floor, still trying to hold Max’s arm. “You can’t go,” she cried. “Please don’t leave.”
Max felt the pull on his arm. When he turned, he saw her on the floor. Quickly, knelt beside her. Liz let go of his arm and wrapped her’s around his neck.
Maria and Alex looked at each other, very confused about what had just happened. Liz was never like this. Neither had ever seen her lose control before. However, when it came to Max, Liz was anything but rational.
Maria reached out and tapped Liz’s shoulder. “Chica, are you all right?”
Liz looked up at Maria, still not letting go of Max. “Max has to stay,” she demanded. “He didn’t do anything. Trust me, or I’ll go with him.”
The other three people in the room looked at Liz in shock, including Max. “Did she just said she would go with me,” he asked himself.
Alex stood for a second, looking back and forth between Max and Liz. The earlier impression he got of Max replayed in his mind. Deep down, he knew somehow that Max could have never killed that girl. “Fine,” Alex quietly agreed. “Max can stay, but I am staying here too.”
Maria turned to him with the what-the-hell-did-you-just-say look on her face. Alex grabbed her by the arm and guided her to the kitchen. “Did you just give him permission to stay in my apartment,” she forcefully asked.
“Yours and Liz’s,” Alex corrected her. “Think Maria, he could have hurt her, hell us, by now if he wanted to. Liz snuck out hours ago and has probably spent most of that time alone with Max. She obviously trusts him.”
Maria couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Does that mean that we should,” she asked sarcastically.
“Not necessarily,” Alex told her. “But maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt. In any case, I am staying here to keep an eye on him.”
Maria took a deep breath. She knew there was no point in arguing any further. Liz was on the verge of hysterics and Alex was practically insisting that she go along with this. “Fine,” she sighed. “But I am sleeping with my bedroom door locked.”
The two of them made their way back to the living room. On the floor before them they saw Max trying to soothe Liz, rocking her back and forth. Max looked up at them, awaiting his judgment.
Maria softened when she saw Max comforting Liz. “You can stay,” she told him.

Michael pressed his hand to the handprint on the rock. Immediately, the chamber opened. “Come on Roweenie, you are holding up the show,” he called out to the girl climbing the rock.
“Damnit Michael,” Rowena yelled at him. “I am twenty-five years old. Couldn’t you think of a better nickname for me?”
Michael looked back from climbing into the chamber. “None that would annoy you so much,” he teased.
Rowena rolled her eyes. “We’ve have just gotten to the Granolith chamber and I already want to hurt you.”
“You love your big brother and you know it,” Michael told her, a smirk growing across his face.
“You wanna bet,” she challenged him, giving him a smack on the arm.
Michael raised his eyebrows. “Is that a threat?”
Rowena nodded her head as she walked past him. She ran her fingers through her light brown hair, drawing it back into a ponytail. “So do you think that Max is okay?”
The smile on Michael’s face disappeared. “I don’t know. Isabel just said that Nicholas had framed him for Serena’s murder and that we needed to guard the Granolith.” He paused for a moment. “I already miss Serena.”
“Me too,” Rowena said softly, wiping a tear from her eye. “She was like a sister to us. God, I hate this,” she shouted.
Michael walked over to her, placing his hands on her shoulders. “We’ll get though this,” he reassured her. “Nicholas will pay. And when we are done with him, Kivar will be next.”
Rowena let out a sigh. “I hope so.” She slipped out of Michael’s grasp and proceeded to the back of the chamber.
The Granolith stood before her, glowing with hues of purple and blue. Rowena reached out to touch the cool, smooth surface. “I wish I could remember,” she thought aloud. “Serena could remember her role as a protector. David has clearly accepted his duties as a solider. You are Max’s second-in-command in every way. And Isabel wishes to fulfill her job as the Princess of Antar. Then, there is me.”
Michael gave her a curious look. “What do you mean?”
“I was high priestess of the Granolith. But can I remember anything about that now? Hell no. I don’t even know what the Granolith does.”
“This is no time to feel sorry for yourself, Rowena,” he scolded her. “We need you just as much as everyone else.”
“I’m sorry,” she said quietly. Then, she turned her attention back to the Granolith. Trying to open her mind completely, she lightly grazed the surface of the rock again. A hum began to vibrate thought her fingers, sending a pulse through her fingertips. A lighting fast jolt rushed thought her body. A million voices began talking in her head.
Michael caught Rowena as she fell backwards. “What the happened? Are you okay?” Rowena said nothing. Her eyes were wide open, but she was not responding to anything. It was like she was frozen. Michael began to tap on her face.
Suddenly, Rowena came out of her trance. “What happen,” Michael asked again, pulling her to a sitting position.
“The Granolith communicated with me,” she told him, trying to get her bearings back. “It was like could hear what it was thinking. There were so many voices.”
Michael looked at her in shock. “Did it tell you anything?”
Rowena nodded slowly. “He has found her.”

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Part Eleven:

"Here you go chica," Maria said, handing a cup of Camille tea to Liz. It had taken them nearly twenty minutes to calm her down, but she was still shaking a little.
"Thanks," Liz said, giving everyone a faint smile. "I am really sorry about freaking out," she whispered, turning to look at Max, who was sitting next to her on the couch. "Talk about bad timing."
Max took her hand in his. "It's okay Liz. I've asked you to accept a lot without a lot of time to process it."
Alex cleared his throat. "Speaking of which," he said, trying to cover the awkward transition. "When are we going to get let in on the story?"
Max leaned back on the couch. He took a deep breath before he spoke. "What do you want to know?"
"Did you know the girl that was killed," Maria asked after a minute or two.
"Yes," he told them, softly. "She was a friend of mine named Serena."
Instead of responding, Maria took a seat on the chair next to the couch. Alex, on the other hand, started to pace back and forth. "Do you know who killed her, why she was killed," he asked.
Max nodded his head. "I am part of … well, a movement. Serena was a spy placed to gather information on our enemies. They found out. They sent someone to kill me, but she pushed me out of the way, that is why she is dead." The last part came out of his mouth so quietly, that Alex and Maria were straining to hear his words.
"Nicholas," Liz squeaked, trying to put a name to the person who did this horrible thing.
Alex just resumed his pacing. After another five minutes, Maria jumped up from her seat. "Damnit Alex, stop pacing. You're beginning to act like me."
Liz squeezed out a giggle, which was soon followed by another, until she was leaning against Max laughing as hard as she could. Maria joined in, and Max found it hard to resist his own urge to laugh. Alex stood there, looked at them with shock, then he started to chuckle too. "This is a great tension breaker," he said between fits of laughter. Everyone just started to laugh harder.
Maria was the first to stop laughing, as a terrible thought entered her head. "Will he come here trying to find you," she questioned aloud.


"How long will it take for us to get there," Isabel asked, sitting the front seat of the black Jeep.
David turned his head for a second to look at her. "I don't know. Three, maybe four days. Did Max even leave a number where he could be reached?"
Isabel shook her head. "He said that he would call me. God, this whole thing is unreal."
"But we knew it was coming," David said, looking straight ahead at the road. "The Skins have been planning something big for years, we just didn't know when they would begin the attack."
Isabel glared at him. "Spoken like a true solider," she snapped.
David turned the car onto the highway. "I didn't mean that way and you know it," he replied. "I just hate being caught unprepared."
"So your saying that all Serena did was for nothing," Isabel said, trying to hold back the tears forming in her eyes. "Like her death was for nothing."
David winced at Isabel's accusation. "I lost her too," he whispered. "I just can't handle thinking about it now, Isabel. If I do, I might not be able to protect you and Max."
A few minutes passed where neither of them spoke a word. Finally, Isabel broke the silence. "I'm sorry, David," she said softly. "I'm just really worried about Max."
"He'll be fine," David reassured her. "He is the King after all," he attempted to joke.
Isabel gave him a small smile. Suddenly, her cell phone rang, causing Isabel to jump. "Max," she answered quickly.
"No," the voice on the other end told her. "It's Rowena."
"Rowena," Isabel questioned, getting a puzzled look on her face. "Is everything okay?"
David's ears peak with curiosity and worry when he heard Rowena's name. A pit began to form in his stomach at the thought of something happening to her. However, he couldn't make out why she had called from Isabel's short responses. There were just a lot of "You have got to be kidding me" and "so than what" replies. David pounced on Isabel the second she hung up the phone. "What's the matter," he demanded to know.
Isabel took a deep breath. "Rowena communicated with the Granolith."
David's jaw practically fell to the floor of the Jeep. "Is she okay? Can she do that? Did she get hurt?"
"She's fine," Isabel told him, trying to hide her amusement. She had her suspicions that David was in love with Rowena, but this was definitely confirming it. "And apparently the Granolith can tell her things when she is able to connect with it."
David breath a sigh of relief to hear that Rowena was okay. "Well, what did it tell her," David asked with anticipation.
"Max has found the one," Isabel informed him, still a bit shocked herself. They all knew that Max had a destined mate. Someone who was born from a human, but who was part alien. Serena had read it in the Book of Destiny. There were pictures of eight people in the book, separated into two groups. One group of pictures was Max, Michael, and Isabel as kids. There was also a fourth girl. The second set was made up of David, Serena, Rowena, and another boy. However, none of them knew who the other two people were. The thing that confused Isabel the most was that there were four pods found in the Granolith chamber. Therefore, fourth girl pictured in the book couldn't have been Max's mate because she wasn't born from a human. All of these thoughts went through her head when Rowena told her that Max had found his mate.
Obviously, David was thinking along the same lines, because he was having a hard time talking. He would open his mouth, close it, and then open it again. Finally, words managed to come out. "Is she sure," he asked.
Isabel shrugged her shoulders. "She said that was what the Granolith told her. I just wonder if Max knows that he's found her."

Knock, knock…

Max needed to check on Liz. After their little giggle fit and Maria's question, Max had to own up to the fact that he was risking all of their lives just to save his. He didn't know where Nicholas was, but Max was pretty sure that he was still looking for him. Not to long after Max told everyone this, Liz said that she needed to go to bed. He couldn't tell if she was mad or concerned or afraid of him. Maybe it was all of them at once. In either case, Max had to find out.
"Who is it," Liz asked.
"Max," he said softly.
A couple of seconds later, Liz opened the door. She had already gotten into her pajamas, a pair of light blue shorts and a matching camisole. It was enough to take Max's breath away. In fact, he couldn't speak, so he just stood there, standing with his mouth slightly open. Liz took that to mean that something else had happened. "Is everything okay? Where are Alex and Maria," she asked, getting more panicked by the second.
Max shook his head slightly. "No, no everything is fine. Alex is making up the couch and Maria has locked herself in her room. I think what I said really scared her." He wanted to hit himself the second the words came out of his mouth. It was really meant to sound like a joke, but it made him sound like an ass.
Liz looked at him, a wounded expression on her face. "She's not the only one."
"That wasn't what I meant Liz, I swear. Man, that came out really bad," he told her. "I just wanted to see if you were okay. I promise I will leave you alone now."
"That's not what I want," she sighed. "I'm just really confused. All that has happened today like finding you again and then you getting framed for murder. Believe me when I say that I really don't know what to do in this situation."
Max nodded his head. "Neither do I."
Liz looked him in the eye. "But I know that you know more than you're telling. There is something you're keeping from me, and that hurts, especially now that I know I am risking my life by keeping you here. Not to mention, Alex and Maria's lives as well. I want to know the truth."
"Okay," Max agreed. "Can I come in?"
Liz nodded, as she allowed him to come into her bedroom. Max looked around for a second, then took a seat on her bed. "What do you want to know," he asked, his voice filled with dread.
Liz winced for making tell something that he obviously didn't want to, but the journalist in her had to know all the facts. She really wanted his trust. "What is a Granolith," she questioned him softly.
Max nearly jumped out of his skin. "How do you know about the Granolith," he demanded, slipping into king mode in 0.6 seconds. Then Max thought about it for a second. "You listened to my phone call."
Liz looked down at her shoes. "Yes," she mumbled softly.
Max fell back on the bed. "But why," he wondered aloud.
"Why," Liz said, getting a bit louder. "Am a journalist, Max. Finding out stuff is what I do. I needed to know what I was getting myself into," she defended herself.
Max just sat there, taking deep breathes. Minutes passed and Liz was getting worried. "Say something, Max. I'm sorry I invaded your privacy, but I had to know."
"You really don't trust me," he said softly.
"Now you know what if feels like," she told him. "If you really trusted me, you would know that you could tell me anything."
Max looked at her for a second, then reached out and pulled her over to the bed. "I do trust you Liz. But if I tell you, your life will never be the same. You will never be safe. Things will change. Are you ready?"
Something clicked in Liz's mind as the all too familiar words played throughout her head. Yet, she had to know the truth. "Tell me," she said, sitting next to him on the bed.
"I'm an alien," he confessed.

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Yay... here is a new part. I hope that you all like it. *happy* I hope that I didnt keep you all waiting too very long. If I did, I am so sorry. Evil seems to be my name when it comes to post lately. I promise that it is something that I am working on. Please forgive me*happy*


Part Twelve:

"You're kidding," Liz chuckled, trying to break the tension. "You didn't just say that you were an alien."
Max nodded his head. "Yes I did."
The expression on Liz's face went serious. "No, you didn't."
"Yes," Max repeated, looking down at his shoes. "I did."
Liz opened her mouth, shut it, and then opened it again. "How is that possible," she gasped. "I mean you look like a human, walk like a human, and talk like a human. This generally leads a person to believe that you are human," Liz rambled.
"Well actually, I'm a hybrid. I have both human and alien DNA," Max said in the hope that maybe Liz would think he was a freak. "So we look human, but have the ability to use certain powers."
"P…p…powers," Liz stuttered. "What kind of powers?"
Max took a deep breath. He knew that he could never lie to Liz, but he was wondering if it was smart to tell her the whole truth. Not that it mattered now. "I can change the molecular structure of objects."
Liz raised an eyebrow. "Meaning?"
"I can't explain it," Max told her. "It would be easier to show you."
"Okay," Liz agreed, wrapping her arms tight around herself. "Go ahead."
He reached out and touched the comforter on her bed. A few seconds later, the pristine white color of the blanket changed into a pale blue to match Liz's pajamas. Liz jumped from the bed when she what happened. "Oh wow," was all she could say. "Oh wow."
Max looked at her face. "Are you okay," he asked, unsure of himself. He noticed that she was becoming more and more pale by the second.
Liz started pacing, hold her arms even tighter around her body. "I don't know," she told him. "I honestly don't know. I mean one day I find out that the guy I have been thinking about, hell obsessing about, for eighteen years is an alien." Liz paused for a second. "No wait. First, it's that he is wanted for murder, then that he is an alien."
Drawing in some much need air, Max got up from the bed and moved over to the door. However, Liz ran in front of him quickly. "Are you leaving?"
"Isn't that what you wanted," Max asked, still looking down at his shoes.
"Damnit Max," Liz cried in frustration. "It is going take me more than five minutes to adjust. That wasn't a little secret you told me. Actually, I have to say that it was a pretty big secret."
"I know," Max whispered. "Believe me, I know."
"How many aliens are there," Liz asked looking down.
"Eight of us hatched from pods in two locations around Roswell. We have always assumed that we are survivors from the 1947 crash," Max replied.
"So that wasn't a weather balloon," Liz laughed. This whole thing just sounded so completely unbelievable to her. Yet, there was Max, standing right in front of her. His amber eyes held the rawest look in them, as if he were laying his entire existence at her feet. And he was.
Liz quickly stopped laughing when she realized what Max must have been going through in telling her all of this. "Could you be any more of an idiot," she scolded herself.
Max just stood there in silence since the weather balloon remark. He had heard Liz stop laughing, but couldn't bring himself to say anything else to her. Then, he felt a warm hand lightly touching his cheek. He closed his eyes and just felt. Her little fingers caressed the skin along the jawbone, leaving a trail of warmth in their wake. "Open your eyes," Liz pleaded. "Please look at me."
He did what Liz asked, opening his eyes very slowly. They looked directly down into her wide doe eyes. It took Max a second to notice that her eyes were misty and cloudy with tears. He knew that she was trying to fight them, but it was a battle she was going to lose.
Liz took a deep breath, than another, all in the hopes of controlling her emotions. Finally, she managed to say what she had started to say minutes before. "I am so sorry Max. You were opening up to me and I laughed at it. I couldn't have been a more horrible friend."
With that, Liz lost the battle and the tears came pouring out of her eyes. Max immediately reached out and brushed as many tears away as he could, but it seemed to make Liz cry harder. So Max did they only thing he could do. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to his chest. Liz rested her head above his heart, and like earlier, the steady rhythm of its beating began to calm her. "Shhh," Max whispered in her ear. "It will be okay."
There they stood. Max running his fingers through her long, dark hair, cooing reassuring words to relax her. And Liz, just trying to hear Max's heart beat. As long as it did, she knew she would be okay.
Minutes passed, but they seemed like an eternity. Eventually, Liz moved her head, positioning it so she could look Max in the eyes. "You must think that I am a blubbering idiot," she said, trying to laugh. "All I have done since we have run into each other is cry."
Max leaned into her. For a second, Liz hoped that he was going to kiss her. Her gaze focused on Max's lips as wetted them slightly. Then, she closed her eyes. However, his tender lips came to rest on her forehead, placing the lightest kiss there. "I think that you are the most amazing person I have ever met," he told her. "That is always what I have thought of you."
Liz sighed. "Thank you Max."
Now, neither of them knew what to do. After another minute of two, Max unwrapped his arms from Liz, thinking that she probably wanted to go to bed pretty soon. Liz felt a chill shiver down her spine as Max released her. Her eyes quickly opened and she watched as Max began to open the door.
"Good night, Liz," Max said softly.
"St… stay with me," Liz stuttered, half-panicked and half-wondering what she was going.
Max turned around in an instant. "What," he asked with awe in his voice.
Liz took a couple of short breaths, her chest rising and falling as her heart paced faster. "Stay with me," she repeated, sounding more sure. "Hold me tonight."
This had to be the most amazing thing that ever happened to him. Liz knew his secret and she still wanted him to stay. Acting on an impulse, Max walked over to Liz, wrapped his arms around her, and lifted her up. She reacted by clinging to his neck, mostly out of shock. Then, he began to spin her in a circle. When he finally stopped, Liz couldn't help but smile. "Does that mean yes?"
Max nodded as he walked over to the bed, Liz still in his arms. Gently, he laid her down and in beside her. Liz snuggled up against him and Max instinctively put his arm around her waist, protecting her.

Maria woke up early the next morning, which was a Saturday. "I hate waking up early on Saturdays," she grumbled as she walked out to the kitchen.
Alex, who was still asleep on the couch, opened an eye, then started to roll over. "Then have pity on the rest of us and let me sleep in," he moaned.
"Not a chance in hell," she told him, turning on the coffeepot. She walked over to couch, ripped the covers off of Alex, and began clapping her hands. "Wake up, wake up you sleepy head. Rise up, it's time to get out of bed," she sang, taking particular enjoyment in tormenting him.
"Argh," Alex groaned, doing his best to win back the covers. "If you are going to sing, at least turn on the radio so you will have a good song to sing to."
Maria began to laugh, feeling much more awake after teasing Alex, and ran back into the kitchen to turn on the radio.

"She's his yellow brick road,
Leading he on,
And letting him go as far
As she lets him go,
Going down to nowhere."

Alex pulled himself up on the couch, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. When he could see better, Alex looked around the living room. Noticing that Max wasn't there, he got off the couch and walk over to Maria, who was happily humming along with the radio in the kitchen.

"She puts on her makeup,
The same way she did,
Hoping that things are the same,
But everything has changed."

Hearing Alex come into the kitchen, then clear his throat, Maria turned her attention away from the eggs she was cooking. "What is it Alex," she asked, noticing the concerned look on his face.
Alex took a deep breath. "Where is Max?"

Liz felt the burning desert sand between her toes. It was the beginning of an all too familiar dream. She gathered the long black skirt of her dress into her hands and walked over to the familiar rock formation. But this time, she noticed someone standing on top of a flat surface in the formation. It was Max. "You're waiting for me," she asked, climbing over a couple of rocks to reach him.
"My whole life," he told her, offer a hand to help her over the last rock. Softly, music filtered into the atmosphere around them.

"In my mind, everything we did was right
Open your eyes, I'll still be by your side
How could I ever have been so blind?
You give me something to sleep to at night."

He pulled her close and looked down into her eyes. "Things have begun to change."
Liz nodded. "I know. Now I know everything."
Max turned his head and looked into the deep blue sky. "Not everything," he said sadly. "You don't know everything yet."
The blue color of the sky began to darken into a black night as a panicked expression came over Liz's face. "What else is there to find out about you?"
"Would it be bad if there was more," he asked, hoping to get some direction on what to say next.
"No," Liz said, without considering it a second. "It's just an adjustment."
Max took a deep breath. "Life is an adjustment," he sighed, pulling Liz closer to him. The music in the background grew louder.

"He wakes up to the sound
So scared that she's leaving
He wishes she were still
Asleep next to him
Hoping she will change."

Liz let out a little laugh. "Are you going to go all philosophical on me now?"
Shaking his head, Max softly said, "No." However, the tone in his voice was still dripping with sadness. "I'm just wondering what you are going to do when you do know everything."
"The same thing I am doing now," she reassured him. "I will stand by yo…," she started to say, but a faint glimmer caught Liz's eye. She turned her head to the slab of rock jutting out beside them. A silver handprint appeared for a moment, then it was gone.
"Liz," Max said, noticing that she was concentrating on something.
Liz looked back at him, then at the rock, and back at him again. She opened her mouth to speak, but a loud scream filled the air and everything went black.

"Maybe he went out to get something to eat," Maria said, trying to convince herself of that.
Alex threw her a look. "Come on Maria. The guy is wanted for murder. I am sure that he is not going to risk being seen in public right now."
"Okay," Maria conceded. "So where is he then?"
Alex thought for a moment. "Did you check Liz's room? He might have fallen asleep in there. I mean they were still talking when I went to bed."
Maria threw up her hands and walked over to Liz's bedroom door. She knocked softly then turned the knob. When she looked in, Maria saw Max and Liz sleeping next to each other on the bed, a pale blue blanket covering their sleeping forms. Maria looked back at Alex over her shoulder and opened her mouth to tell him that she found Max. But, something hit her. "Liz doesn't own a pale blue comforter," she thought to herself. "In fact, the blanket on her bed is white."
Alex walked over to Maria, who was just standing there with a shocked expression on her face. "What," he asked, trying to figure out what she was thinking. The only answer he got was a high-pitched scream.

"In my mind
Everything we did was right
Open your eyes, I'll still be by your side
How could I ever have been so blind?
You give me something to sleep to at night."
~ "Something To Sleep To" by Michelle Branch

Max and Liz instantly shot straight up in bed. "What," they said, practically in unison.
"You don't own a pale blue blanket," Maria accused her.

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Oh wow!!!! New people reading and bumps... you all are too good to me. Well, Hi everyone. I am glad that you are liking this story. Here is the new part. I hope that you all like it.


Part Thirteen:

Alex looked at Maria, who was about to put on the biggest round of hysterics ever, then he glanced at Liz. She was wearing the classic guilty-as-sin expression on her face, occasionally looking to Max, as though he had the answers. A pounding began at the back of his brain. "Not again," he said, covering Maria’s mouth with his hand and leading her over to the chair by Liz’s desk.
"Okay, don’t scream," Alex ordered Maria. She shook her head "yes," and Alex let his hand drop to his side. Then, he turned to Max. "Now you," he said, pointing a finger at him, "have a little more explaining to do."
Max nervously shrugged. "What do you mean, Alex?"
"Don’t even try that with me right now," Alex almost shouted. "We’ve been taking a lot on faith, but I can feel a really big headache coming on right now. Spill the beans so we can deal with it and I can go take some aspirin."
"Alex," Liz pleaded with her friend. "It is not that simple."
"Like everything up until now has been," Maria chimed in. "Come on Liz, the guy is wanted for murder and is part of some underground movement, enemies included. I think that we have been pretty understanding."
Liz dropped her head into her hands. "You have been," she groaned. "But this is so much more than that."
"So," Maria said, jumping up from the chair. Her fear was turning into anger by the second. "I think that since Alex and I are willing to risk our own necks, we are entitled to the whole truth. You have never kept a secret from me before Liz. I mean, we have been friends for forever. Why are you starting now?"
"It’s not my secret to tell," Liz cried out in frustration.
Maria was on the verge of tears, Alex was scowling at Max, and Max was just pure afraid of what was going to happen next. Telling Liz was one thing, but telling Alex and Maria was something else entirely. A minute passed, and still no one had said a word.
"I’m not from around here," Max finally said, breaking the silence.
Maria rolled her eyes. "What does that have to do with anything? Where are you from?"
Max took a deep breath. Liz reached out and took ahold of his hand, offering some reassurance. Max smiled slightly. "When I was little, I lived in Roswell, New Mexico, but before then," he told them, gesturing upwards by point his finger towards the ceiling.
"Up north," Alex asked bluntly. "What is the big deal with about you being from the north? We are talking Canada here, aren’t we?"
"No," Liz shook her head. She then pointed towards the ceiling with her free hand. "Up," she said.
Alex looked at Liz, then Max, and then the ceiling. The connections in his brain began to fire, as the dots started to connect. But the truth still hit him like a ton of bricks. "Holy shit," Alex exclaimed.
Maria turned to look at him. "Holy shit what Alex," she asked. "I am utterly confused about what you crazy people are talking about."
Alex looked at Maria while gesturing wildly at Max. "He is TRYING to say that he is an ALIEN!"

"Do you wanna play a game of poker," Michael asked, getting bored of staring at Rowena’s back.
Rowena shook her head and kept right on staring at the Granolith. She hadn’t stopped watching it since she called Isabel. "It is not going to do a trick," Michael called out to her.
Rowena turned her head to look at him. "How do you know," she retorted.
Michael let out a sigh. "Because it hasn’t done anything since yesterday morning."
"But it might," she told him, turning back to face the Granolith. "Let’s face it. We need all the help we can get right now."
Michael stood up and began to pace back and forth. "Obsess much," he teased.
Rowena finally got up from the ground. "Clever Mickey G. Did you come up with that all by yourself?"
"Are you calling me an idiot," Michael snapped. He walked over to his sister, glaring down at her, challenging her to say something.
Rowena smiled. "If the shoe fits," she told him, emphasizing every word.
"That’s it," Michael yelled. "Your going down."
"I kicked your ass in the seventh grade, and I can do it again," she yelled back. A couple of seconds passed, then both of them broke down laughing. "24 hours with each other and we are already losing our minds. This is not a good sign," Rowena laughed.
"I know," Michael agreed. "I think that I will go sit back down over here," he said, pointing back to his corner.
"Yeah, get away from me. You really stink," Rowena teased, getting the upper hand.
Michael opened his mouth to say something, but decided against it. Neither of them knew how long they would have to watch over the Granolith, so fighting over every little thing would not be a good idea. He resumed his seat and began shuffling cards. "So, you wanna play poker?"
Rowena’s shoulders slumped. "Not that again."
Michael threw up his hands. "Sorry I asked. Man, I wish David was here."
"Why," Rowena asked, her eyes growing wide.
"For one thing, it would mean that I wasn’t stuck here with you," he threw in the little jab. "Secondly, David sucks at cards. I could make a killing."
"David doesn’t suck at cards," she said in defense. "He just finds better things to do with his time."
"Ouch," Michael mocked. "That hurt. Why are you defending David anyway? You like him or something," Michael joked, oblivious to Rowena ever-reddening cheeks.
"No," she quickly answered. "But he is not here to kick you butt himself, so I might as well do if for him."
"Go watch the rock," Michael said, a bit annoyed. "I’ll amuse myself."
Rowena turned to the Granolith. "Not that it takes much," she mumbled under her breath.
"What was that," Michael asked.

"What do you mean she freaked out," Nicholas demanded an answer.
"I mentioned the King’s human name and she passed out. Her friend began to act strangely too, like he was hiding something," John informed him.
Nicholas smirked. "Do you think that she is the King’s intended bride?"
"I have no idea," John shrugged. "Do you want me to find out?"
Nicholas glared, then raised his hand and sent John flying across the room. "Of course, you imbecile. We need to know for sure. Otherwise, our little Tess might not have a chance to entice the King to his death."
John slowly rose, wincing slightly, but not completely out of pain. "Yes sir," he said, like a true little soldier.
"Very good. I will inform Kivar that we might have the little queen soon. He will be please after all these years. Especially after moving such a large part of the operation to the Midwest. The navigator’s little girl will have no clue what hit her."
John marched out of the room. Then, he glanced up and saw who was approaching him. "Hello Tessie," he greeted the petite blond.
"You know better than to make him mad, John," she said coldly. She continue on into the room, closing the door behind her.
John took a deep breath. "And you never use to be so cold to me," he whispered. With that, he walked out to the street and got into his squad car. Liz and Maria’s apartment was the next stop on his list.

Okay... so am I any good as this suspence thing. That is what I was trying for. I hoped it worked. Please tell me what you think.

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Hey all,

Just a little claricfication. The scream in Max and Liz's dream was not Liz. It was Maria screaming about the blue comforter. That woke Max and Liz up, which ended the dream and no one found out what Liz was going to say.

The rock thingy will be explained later, I promise. I am just hoping to add to the mystery before I solve it*happy*

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I am soooooo happy!!! You have been soooooo good to me. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! All of the bumps and new people reading. Nothing but happiness and joy in Annieland! So as a reward-ish ( I should have gotten this out sooner and I am sorry) Here is a new part!!!!!

I hope that you like it. It is not going to take as long for the next part I promise because I am on a role with this fic right now*bounce*

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Part Fourteen:

"La la la la la," Maria sang at the top of her lungs. "I'm not listening."
After hearing Alex's little outburst about Max's origins, she had run to her bedroom and locked her door. For the past twenty minutes, Liz had been trying to coax her out, but to no avail. "Ria, please come out."
"No," Maria said indignantly.
"Maria Louise Deluca," Liz shouted in frustration. "Open this door right now."
"No," Maria yelled back. "Not unless you tell me that he is an illegal alien from Canada or something."
Liz threw up her hands. "Max is an illegal alien from Canada or something. Now will you come out?"

You saw me lost in treading water
I looked pathetic I looked as helpless as a stinger without a bee
But underneath my presentation
I knew the walls were coming down
And the stones that fell were aiming away from me…

There was silence on the other side of the door. "Are you telling me the truth," Maria inquired a moment later.
Liz sighed. "Ria, what do you think? Now, please come out."
Another minute or two of silence fell upon them. Then, Liz heard Maria's chant of la la la's coming through the door. Alex chose that moment to peak his head out of Liz's bedroom.
"Any luck," he asked.
Liz looked over her shoulder at him, an annoyed expression across her face. "Does it look like it!"
Alex brought one hand up to his head, rubbing his temples. "Ooookay, sorry I asked," he said before ducking back into the bedroom.
Max was still sitting on Liz's bed watching… well more like listening to the whole scene unfold. He saw Alex duck back into the room. "Do you think that I can help out there," he asked Alex, getting tired of sitting around doing nothing.
"Sit," Alex ordered, letting his shoulders drop. Then, he let out a groan as the loud noise hurt his already throbbing head.
Max cleared his throat, after noticing how much Alex's head was hurting. Alex winced again. "Sorry," Max apologized. "You know, I could… um… fix that."
"What," Alex asked, looking up at Max.
"I could make your headache go away," Max repeated, a little more confidently.
"With that boogied alien shit? I don't think so," Alex said, getting a little alarmed.
"Fine," Max grunted.
"Fine," Alex replied.
At least five minutes went by without a word being spoken between the two men. In fact, the only noise that could be heard was the radio, still playing in the background, and Liz pleading with Maria to come out.

Hey what would it mean to you?
To know that it'll come back around again
Hey whatever it means to you
Know that everything moves in circles

Finally, Alex broke the silence. "Can you really make my headache go away?"
Max looked at him. "Yeah, I can make your headache go away."
Alex raised his eyebrow. "How?"
"I can't explain it. I just have to show you," Max said, getting off the bed. "Okay," he asked sarcastically for permission.
Alex nodded his head. Max placed a hand on the top of Alex's head, and a second later, the pain was gone. "Dude," Alex exclaimed, relieved that the pounding was gone. "You are better than extra strength aspirin anyday."
Max laughed a little. "Thanks."
"So," Alex said. "You're an alien."
"You don't have any plans to take over the Earth or anything, right?"
Max shook his head.
Alex breathed out. "Good." Then, he paused for a moment. "Hey, sorry about earlier," he apologized, extending his hand towards Max.
"No biggie," Max said, taking Alex's hand. The two of them shook on it. Suddenly, a noise came from the hallway. A second later, Liz came bounding to the bedroom door, dragging Maria behind her.
"Guess what I caught," she joked, smiling triumphantly.

"Are we there yet," Isabel teased, stretching her arms out in front of her. She had managed to sleep a couple of hours, but she was sore and aching from being in the car all night.
David yawned. "Nope," he said shortly.

I saw you standing in my headlights (blink, blink, blink)
I thought I'd run you down for the weight you left on me
Instead I pushed rewind, reversed and drove away
And see you disappear in my rearview
brought to me the word 'reciprocity'

"Oh," Isabel exclaimed, reaching out to the volume dial on the radio and turning it up. "I love this song."
"Damn Isabel," David said, jumping a bit from her squealing. "Are you two?"
The song began blaring from the speakers. "No," she informed him, rolling her eyes. "But if you want, I can act like I am." With that, she broke out into a chorus of the annoying "Are We There Yet" song.
"That's it," David yelled over Isabel's singing and the radio. He turned the wheel, forcing the car off to the side of the road. Slamming on the breaks, the car halted.
Isabel felt her body fly forward, then jerk backward because of the seatbelt. "Are you trying to kill us," she shouted angrily.
David gave her a wicked smile. "If you think that you can do any better, be my guest. It is your turn to drive anyway."

Hey what would it mean to you?
To know that it'll come back around again
Hey whatever it means to you
Know that everything moves in circles

"Fine," Isabel said in a huff, unbuckling her seatbelt and opening the door.
David did the same. They switched places and got all settled in. Isabel pulled the car back on the road. "So where are we," she asked.
"We should be about a hundred miles from Jefferson City," David told her, making himself comfortable.
Isabel looked over at him. "What do you think you are doing," she asked.
David let out a sigh of contentment. "Getting ready to take a nap."
"Oh no you don't," Isabel complained. "You don't want me to get us lost do you. You know that I am directionally impaired."
"Well, if you hit the ocean," David started. "You have gone way to far."
"Smart ass," Isabel retorted.
"It's better than being a dumb one," David teased, closing his eyes.
"Go to sleep," Isabel commanded. Then she heard David laughing. "What is so funny?"
"Are we there yet?"

Round and round we go...
Who could have known it'd end so well?
We fall on and we fall off
Existential carousel

John reached out and turned down the volume on the radio. He hesitated for a moment, then took a deep breath and got out of the car. "Could it really be that the prophesied queen of Antar was under my nose for all these years," he wondered to himself. He laughed to himself at the irony of it all. "A protector of the King came to Earth, died so this boy would live, and now it is up to this boy-King to protect the daughter of the man of who die for him in the first place. It is laughable, really. Well, what goes around, comes around."
Looking at the building in front of him, John thought about all the times he had met Liz over the years. He had first seen her when she was a rookie reporter and he was brand new on the force. From that first meeting, he knew deep down that she was different, he just didn't think that she was part alien.

Hey what would it mean to you?
To know that it'll come back around again
Hey whatever it means to you
Know that everything moves in circles

He crossed the street, making his way towards Liz and Maria's apartment building. Someone was just going in and held the door for him. "I know your hiding something, Liz Parker," John mumbled. "Now it's time to tell me what it is."
The knock rang loud and clear in the hallway. There were a few muffled voices and shuffling of feet. John could even hear the radio in the background. He raised his hand to knock again.
Then, the door opened a crack. "Hey," a voice said softly.

Everything goes in circles round and round and round and round…
~ "Circles" by Incubus

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Part Fifteen:

"How is my favorite blond this morning," John asked, seeing Maria's head peek around the corner of the door.
"Good," Maria replied, screwing the biggest smile she could muster on her face. "And how is my favorite officer?"
John chuckled. "Don't tease."
Inwardly, Maria was desperately fighting the urge to roll her eyes, but her expression remained steadfast. "I never tease," she joked back. "So what brings you by?"
John's face dropped a bit. "I was just coming by to check on Liz. Is she feeling any better?"
Maria nodded her head. "Yeah," she said quietly. "But I think that she is still pretty out of it. Actually, she is sleeping as we speak." She was hoping beyond hope that would be enough to satisfy John and get him to go away. Maria was wrong.
He stood there thinking about what Maria had said and noticed that she had not moved an inch to open the door wider. "Oh yeah," John thought. "They are definitely hiding something. I have to get into that apartment."
John cleared his throat. "So, would it be too much to bum a cup of coffee off of you, gorgeous?"
Maria couldn't help the groan that escaped her lips. Reluctantly, she opened the door wider and let him into the apartment. "I hope I gave Liz enough time to hide Max," Maria thought to herself.

"Shit," Liz whispered as she heard Maria let John in. She and Max were hiding out in her bedroom, waiting for the all-clear signal. Apparently, it wasn't going to come for awhile.
Hearing her hushed exclamation, Max leaned into Liz. "Why? What is going on out there," he whispered in her ear.
His breath left a tingling sensation on her skin, sending chills down her spine. "Ah…he… he is in the apartment," she answered.
"Shit," he said softly.
Liz turned to face him, a smile growing on her face. "See what I mean?"
Max chuckled softly. "Yeah," he said, looking in her eyes. "I do."
Liz couldn't help herself. It was as if he was drawing her to him. She leaned in closer to Max, wanting desperately to touch him.
Max felt it too. He reached out, gently placing a hand on each shoulder, pulling Liz closer to him. Suddenly, there was a loud knocking on the door.
"Liz," Maria called in an almost mother-like tone. "Are you up yet? There is someone here to see you."
Liz's eyes grew wide. She looked at Max, then the door, and back at Max. Out of the corner of her, she saw the window. Mouthing in the words "fire escape," she began pushing Max in that direction. He took the hint and quickly climbed out the window.
However, nothing could have surprised him more when Liz climbed out right behind him. Silently, they cowered off to the right side of the window. Max rested with his back against the brick, pulling Liz flush with him.
They both took a deep breath when they heard Maria open the bedroom door. "Liz, Liz are you in here?"
There were more footsteps, followed by a low, male voice. "Hey Liz, it's me. How are you feeling?" The last word trailed off some as the speaker saw there was no one in the room.
Max threw Liz a puzzled look because he knew it wasn't Alex talking. Liz looked back at him and mouthed, "Officer John O'Mally," putting emphasis on the officer part. Max nodded his head in understanding.
Liz snuggled closer to him, afraid to make a sound, but her heart was beating so fast, she was positive someone could hear it. She felt Max wrap his arms around her, holding her tight against his body. Just as she was start to calm down a bit, a little blond head stuck itself out of the window.
The shock made Liz jump, but before she could make a sound, Max swooped down and firmly took her lips with his own. It took only a second for Liz to realize what was happening. Slowly, she wrapped her arms around his neck, not wanting his mouth to leave hers any time soon.
For Max, it was as though the whole world slipped away. At first, he thought it would stop her from giving away their location. Yet, deep down, he knew he did it because it was what he had wanted to from the very first time he saw her. Yes, even at eight years old, Max knew Liz was special and all he ever wanted to do was be with her, protect her.
The gentleness of the kiss was soon replaced with passion as Max traced Liz's lower lip with his tongue, begging for entrance. Liz opened up to him and he began caressing her tongue with his. He was feasting on her mouth like he had never eaten before, or at least nothing as sweet as Liz.
Maria turned her head just in time to see Max kiss Liz. "Oh my God," she exclaimed.
"What," John asked, walking towards her.
"What," Alex asked, running into the room wearing a fluffy green robe with butterflies because he had just gotten out of the shower.
Maria turned quickly, grabbing the curtains and pulling them to her sides. "Oh my God," she repeated, trying to think of something to say as fast as she could. "Liz snuck out of the window again." She began to giggle loudly, hoping to hide her nervousness. "That darn girl," she said, pulling the curtains completely closed. She walked over to John and took him by the arm. "She is always going for little walks."
John looked around the room, not convinced by Maria's performance. He could sense that the King was nearby, but it would do no good to blow his cover now. "Oh well," he sigh, easing back into character. "I guess I will see her later."
"Yeah," Maria said, leading him out of the room and towards the front door. "I am sure you will." She reached out and opened the door for him. "Thanks for stopping by," she told him, practically shoving John outside.
"No problem," he replied, again noting her eagerness to get rid of him. "By the way Alex, I love the robe."
Alex let out a fake bellow. "It brings out the color of my eyes."
Maria slammed the door and locked it. As soon as she did, Alex muttered, "Asshole."
Maria fell back against the wall and slid down till her butt hit the floor. "That was close," she sighed.
Alex threw her a confused look. "What the hell just happened? Why was John here?"
Maria rolled her eyes. "He wanted to check on Liz," she mocked, showing her annoyance.
"Damnit," Alex muttered. "That guy is as thick as a board sometimes."
"I thought you didn't mind him," Maria asked. "You always acting like he is a buddy of yours."
"Only when he is around," Alex informed her. "Come on Maria. The guy is about twice my size and carries a gun. He is not the kind of guy I want to piss off. Besides he comes in handy when you need tips on crimes in this city."
"I guess," Maria conceded, getting up off the floor. "Now, lets go break up Romeo and Juliet's little balcony scene before someone spots Max." She took Alex's arm and led him to Liz's bedroom.
"Huh," Alex moaned as he was dragged away.

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Part Sixteen:

"And all that happened during the five minutes I was in the shower," Alex asked, finally dressed and sitting on the couch.
"Yup," Maria said. Then, she turned her head to look at Max and Liz, who were at the kitchen table eating breakfast. "Hey lovebirds," she called out to them.
On cue, Max's ears turned a bright red and Liz's face became flush. "What is it Maria," Liz asked, slightly grinding her teeth.
"What do we do now," Maria asked them, getting off the couch. "John isn't stupid. Maybe not completely perceptive, but not stupid. He will be back. How long is Max going to hide here?"
Max looked down at the floor, knowing that he couldn't look Liz in the eyes at that moment. "I'm leaving as soon as Isabel and David get here."
Liz started shaking her head. "We can help you Max. You don't have to leave."
He looked up, trying to meet her eyes. Their dark chocolate brown was darkening each second that passed. Max assumed that it was with hatred, but her next words showed it was fear. "What if something happens to you?"
Max stood up quickly, pulling Liz into a fierce hug. "If I stay, I will only put all of you in danger. I can't do that. Please don't ask me to."
Alex cleared his throat in the background, and Max let Liz out of their embrace. "I really hate to say anything," he started, very unsure about what he wanted to ask.
"It's okay," Max told him, understanding that this had to be weird for all of them. "What did you want to ask?"
"Well, if this Nicholas guy and all his minions, or whatever you call them, are aliens, don't they have special powers," Alex rambled.
"Yeah," Max said, not quite sure where Alex was going with this.
But Maria did catch on to what Alex was saying. "So what's to stop them from finding out that we helped you?"
Max fell back in the chair, mentally scolding himself for being so stupid. Humans had never known about them before. This was completely new territory for him, and he honestly had no clue what to do next. "Ca… can I use your phone," he stuttered from the realization that just hit him.
"There is one in my room," Liz told him. "On the nightstand. You can use it."
Getting up from the chair, Max looked into Liz's eyes. "Thank you," he said softly, then he made his was to the bedroom, shutting the door behind him.
As soon as the door was shut, Liz made her way over to the couch. She flopped down next to Alex, laying her head on his shoulder. Maria sat down next to her, doing the same thing. "It will work out," Alex reassured her.
"How can you be sure about that," Liz sighed.
Alex ran a finger under her chin, forcing Liz to look at him. "Because for the past 18 years you have been dreaming about this guy. You also keep running into him. In my book, that means that somebody up there wants you two to be together."
"Yeah," Maria chimed in.
Liz forced her eyes back down. "I don't know, you guys. I mean he is planning on leaving. What is going to happen when he does?"
Maria took Liz's face in her hand and turned it, so she would pay attention. "I think that the more important question is what do you want to happen?"
Liz let out another exasperated sigh. "I don't know," she whispered in frustration. "No, wait I do know what I want. I don't want him to go."
Alex smirked at bit. "And why is that," he asked, fully knowing the answer to the question.
"Because I l..lo," she stammered.
"You l..lo," Maria repeated, egging her to complete the sentence.
"I love him," Liz shouted. The second the words left her mouth, Liz realized how true they were. She had always felt the Max was the one. Hell, she had been dreaming about him since she was eight. But after feeling him, touching him, kissing him, being held by him, Liz knew that there could be no one else.
"Well, its about damn time," Maria exclaimed, very happy about her role in Liz's realization.
Alex backed her up by clapping softly. "So, have you told Max about whole little thing. You know, that you love him?"
Liz shook her head. "No. But what if he doesn't feel the same way about me?"
Maria began to laugh. Liz shot her a death look. "What is so funny? I'm serious!"
"Seriously blind," Maria added to her statement. "You would have to be not realize that Max is completely in love with you."
"I second that nomination," Alex joined in on the teasing.
"And how would you two know," Liz asked, hoping deep down they were right.
Maria let out another little chuckle. "I saw the kiss."
"And I heard about it," Alex told her. "Plus, we both have seen the way he looks at you, Liz. That I saw right away in the elevator. He loves you just as much as you love him."
Liz thought for a moment. "God," she gasped. "This is happening too fast," she exclaimed.
"Too fast," Alex questioned. "Did I just hear you say 'too fast.' You have got to be kidding Liz. Eighteen years, need I say more."
"Your right," Liz finally admitted, letting out yet another sigh.
"Of course we are," Maria said, matter-of-factly. "Now my advice would be to tell Max as soon as he comes out of that bedroom. Maybe then, we can figure out something to do about the rest of this mess."
Liz took Maria's hand with her right hand and Alex's with her left. "I sorry about dragging the two of you into this," Liz apologized. "I really am."
"That's what friends are for," Alex reassured her.
"So obsessions, murder, and aliens are NOT above the call of duty," she joked.
"Well," Alex trailed off. "Maybe a little."

After closing the door behind him, Max quickly walked over to the bed and picked up the phone on the nightstand. "How am I going to explain this to them," he wondered. "Isabel is going to freak out. David will go alone with it, but only because he thinks he has to. Michael will want to integrate all of them, possible shoot me, and I know Rowena will probably want to help."
Max couldn't help but laughing at how all his friends, more like his family, would react to his news. They all knew each other so well it was scary. That is what happens when you share a secret with people. It brings you closer to them, especially when your life depends on it. "And now I have let three more people into this secret little world of ours, without discussing it with anyone." Max ran his fingers through his hair. "Oh yeah," he sighed aloud. "They're going to kill me."
Getting that much cleared in his head, Max picked up the receiver and dialed Isabel's cell phone number. On the third ring, a male voice answered the phone. It was David.
"Hey David," Max said softly.
"Max," he said, relieved to finally hear his friend's voice.
"It's Max," he heard Isabel cry out in the background. "Let me talk to him. Where is he? Is he still with that girl?"
Max let out a little laugh at his sister's outburst. It was just like Isabel to be so worried about him.
David obviously chose to ignore her. "Are you okay," he asked. "Have you run into any trouble?"
"Only one," Max confessed.
David's attention grew more acute. "What… what happened?"
"Something happened," he heard Isabel begin shouting again. It was quickly followed by a screech and a thump.
"Are you trying to kill us," he heard David yell at her.
"That was payback for the little stunt earlier," Isabel shot back at him. "Now, tell me what is going on."
"As soon as I know, I will tell you," he retorted. Then, he turned his attention back to the phone. "So what is the problem?"
"Has Is told you about the girl that was hiding me," Max asked.
"Only that you knew her somehow, and that we shouldn't worry about it," David told him. "Why?"
"She knows," Max whispered, kinda hoping David wouldn't hear him. He wasn't so lucky.
"She knows," David began yelling. "You told her? Why did you tell her?"
"Because," Max sighed, "I love her." He had always known that he loved Liz, but it was a much different thing to say aloud. He was scared to admit it to her, but now it was more of a relief to finally tell someone how he felt. However, at this moment, he wished it had been Liz, instead of David.
"You love her," David asked. "How can you love someone you just met?"
"I didn't just meet her," Max tried to explain, but David cut him off.
"I can't believe you told her without talking to any of us," David yelled in frustration.
"I had no choice," Max yelled back at him. "She has the right to know what she is getting herself into, especially since she has been risking her life and the lives of others by hiding me."
There was a little shuffle sound at the other end of the receiver, and a few minutes passed without David saying a word. Max was beginning to worry when suddenly Isabel's voice began yelling at him instead of David's. "So this Liz girl now knows that there are aliens, that we are the aliens, and you love her. Anything else?"
"Others," Max heard David whisper to her.
Isabel could feel her heart pound in her chest. "Others," she asked. "What others?" Maxwell Phillip Evans, fess up now!"
Man, he hated when she called him by his full name. It made him feel like he was seven and getting in trouble for stealing her Barbie or something. "Liz's roommate and a friend have been helping to hide me. I made a mistake, and the only way to explain things was to tell them the truth." Isabel made a peep, like she was going to say something, but Max cut her off. "And before you ask, the answer is yes. All three of them know. Liz, Maria, and Alex."
"So what now," Isabel asked, doing her best to keep calm. "How did they take the news?"
"Pretty well," Max laughed, remembering Liz having to coax Maria out of the bathroom and Alex watching every move he made. "As for what we need to do now, I have no idea."
"This isn't funny," Isabel scolded, apparently not amused. "We have to know what to do here, Max. I mean David and I are almost to Chicago and here you are laughing like a fool on the other end of this phone. I do not find this amusing."
Max let a groan of irritation. "I am sorry that I didn't talk to you guys first, to any of you. But I am not sorry I told them," he practically yelled into the phone. He heard Isabel whimper a bit at the other end. "People were going to find out sooner or later," Max said, letting all the air out of his lungs. "Deep down, we all knew it. I'm just sorry it had to happen this way."
"It's okay Max," Isabel said softly. "It's just that this isn't easy. I'm scared," she admitted. "We all are."
"So am I," Max conceded, wishing he could be there to comfort Isabel. "So am I."
"Okay," Isabel said, trying to sound more up beat. "What is the plan? And so help me God, if you reach for the phone one more time David, I will zap you with my awesome alien powers."
Max laughed, hearing David grumble a little in the background. "Well," he started, still trying to control his laughter. "This is what I was thinking…"

"How long is he going to be talking on the phone," Maria whined impatiently. "I mean he has been talking to whomever for over 45 minutes."
Liz took a sip from her cup of coffee. "It takes a lot to plan an invasion."
Maria nearly choked on the piece of toast she was eating. "Invasion. No one said anything about an invasion." Then, she realized Liz was joking. "Damnit," she yelled, throwing the rest of the toast at Liz. "Don't ever do that again."
Alex doubled over on the couch from laughing. "Good one Liz."
"Shut up Alex," Maria snapped.
"Hey, payback is a bitch," Alex teased.
"And so am I," Maria retorted.
Liz got up from her seat on the couch, preparing to step in before World War III broke out in the living room when the door to her bedroom opened. Max came out and Liz couldn't read the expression on his face. "Did everything go alright," she asked, walking towards him.
He looked at her, dreading what he was about to say. They agreed with most of the plan he had come up with. All except one thing, giving Liz, Maria, and Alex the chance to decide whether or not they wanted to go with them. "David and Isabel are almost here. I told them to get off at exit 215 on the Dan Ryan."
"215," Maria thought outloud. "That's the exit to Homewood/Flossmore."
"Yeah," Max said, nodding his head. "There is a hotel just off the ramp. That is where we will meet them."
"We," Alex asked.
"You don't have to if you don't want to, but the others would like to meet you."
"And that would be David and Isabel," Alex asked, just trying to keep up.
Max nodded his head again, smiling a little bit.
"Just out of curiosity," Maria piped up. "Who are David and Isabel exactly?"
"Isabel is Max's sister," Liz said, without moving her eyes away from Max. She could tell there was something he didn't want to tell them. It was now apparent to her. He was still going to leave her behind, again.
"And David is a friend of ours," Max finished where Liz left off. His eyes never left hers and he knew that he needed to tell her sooner or later. David's last words to him rang in his ears while he worked up the courage to do it.
"She won't be safe with us. None of them will. If they stay away maybe they will have a chance. Look what happened to Serena."
"I will leave with them," Max told them, but he was mainly addressing Liz. "David and Isabel want to thank you for helping me, but they agreed that after that we need to leave you all alone."
"They agreed," Liz repeated. "They agreed, but did you," she yelled at him.
Max took a step towards her. Liz neither moved nor looked away. "I don't want you to go," she cried. Suddenly, Liz stopped all of her emotions, thinking for a second. "How can you give up all that you have worked for?"
Max reached out and placed a hand on Liz's arm. "It was something that I knew might happen sooner or later. I have always known it." Then, he broke his gaze into her eyes. "The only think I didn't count on was…" his voice trailed off.
Liz knew just how to complete his sentence. "Me."
Silence hung in the air as Maria and Alex backed their way down the hall to Maria's room. Actually, it was more like Alex was backing up and dragging Maria with him. "Max and Liz need a moment alone," he whispered.
Finally, Maria conceded and went into her bedroom.
However, Max and Liz were oblivious to this. Max took deep breaths, trying to keep his emotions in check. Liz was trying to numb herself for what was coming. It was Max who finally broke the silence. "I don't want to leave Liz, but I have no other choice. If I'm caught I will either be exposed or killed. And both situations put you, Maria, and Alex in jeopardy."
"I know," Liz admitted, nodding her head. "I just don't want to lose you again. Not after waiting this long, not after realizing how I feel about you."
A tiny smile appeared on Max's face. "How do you feel about me?"
"I love you," Liz confessed. "I know it's really soon…"
Instantly, Max swooped down, cutting her off by capturing her lips in a kiss. Liz sigh as she felt his mouth firmly press against hers. He took the opportunity to explore her mouth, memorizing the feeling and taste that was Liz. Only when his lungs were burning for air, did Max pull away. But, even then, he face was still close enough to feel her sweet breath on his lips.
"I love you too," he sighed, loving the fact he could tell her that, even if it was only once. He could survive going through the motions of being a king and leader as long as he knew that the one person he loved more than anything knew his feelings. And she returned them.
Liz closed the little distance between them, bringing her lips back to Max's. Her head tingled at his words, causing her heart to soar. "Maria and Alex were right," she thought. Then, she remembered what Alex had told her.
"Somebody up there want you two to be together."
Liz broke the kiss, needing to tell Max something. "Promise me," she whispered, catching her breath. "That you will come back for me someday. When things have settled down or when you can convince whoever needs convincing that we need each other. Promise me that I will see you again."
Max kissed her lightly. "I promise," he vowed. "I don't know how or when, but I will be coming for you."
Liz wrapped her arms around his neck tightly, throwing her entire body into this hug. Max enveloped her in his arms, wanted to hold her forever. "Liz," he whispered into her ear. "I need you to promise me something too."
She withdrew a bit, looking him in the eyes. "What?"
"If you notice anything out of the ordinary or feel like the three of you are in danger, call me," he asked. He took her hand in his, a piece of paper causing a barrier between their skin. "I will be back here in an instant if anything happens."
Liz took the slip of paper. "I will," she promised.
Just then, they heard a commotion coming from the end of the hall. Both Max and Liz crept silently to Maria's bedroom door. Liz took hold of the doorknob and threw it open. I loud thump was followed by two ow's.
"What was that for," Maria asked, rubbing her nose.
"Eavesdropping," Liz laughed.
Alex pointed a finger over at Maria. "She made me do it."

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Now I sorry if I might have confused you about whether or not Max and Liz remember their dreams when they wake up. The answer is... yes they do. But because of Maria's little outburst, John walking in one them, and trying to get both Alex and Maria to accept, Max and Liz sort of forgot about the dream for this moment. Trust me... it is for a reason and will be explained later. Everything in this story happens for a purpose. And there are going to be a couple more twists and turns before everything gets figured out. So.... I hope that you all are in for the ride*happy*

Just as an extra added bonus to this little note... I have a new part*happy* I hope that you all like it and leave me tons of feedback!!!! But, you all do that anyway, just cause you are too good to me*happy*


Part Seventeen:

"So you felt his presence," Nicholas seethed. "The King is with her."
"Yes," John stated. "I am sure he was there and by the way the others were acting, I am positive they know something."
"What about the little queen," Nicholas demanded.
"She was hiding him," John informed him.
A second later, John felt a fist sock him in the stomach as hard as it could. "I know that you fool," Nicholas yelled, straighten his stance after hitting John. "The question is did you see her? Could you feel her presence?"
"No," John gasped, struggling to get to his feet. "I just figured she was hiding with him."
"So you couldn't feel her," Tess finally spoke up.
"Good," Nicholas grinned. "That means she hasn't awakened her powers. We still have time." Nicholas turned and took a couple of steps towards Tess. She grew ridged at his approach, bracing herself for whatever he might do. "This means you still have time."
Tess nodded sharply. She knew the full meaning of his words. Her part in the little trap was about to start, and she had to play her role perfectly.
John cleared his throat, and both Nicholas and Tess turned their attention towards him. He stiffened in his solider-like stance. "What do you want me to do now, Sir?"
"Follow them," Nicholas snapped, irritated at John's ignorance. "Watch them and report back to me. I want to know their every move."
John nodded and turned to leave. Then Nicholas called him back. "And John, whatever you do, make sure the little queen doesn't have an enlightenment."
Bowing mechanically, John left the room. Tess watched as the door shut behind him. She despised the way John was treated by Nicholas, but she was powerless to stop it. After all, she was just there to play a part, to follow the plan she had been trained for. A plan that which was getting ready to be executed.

"It will be okay," David said reassuringly, watching Isabel pace back and forth in the motel room. "He will be here soon."
"I know," Isabel replied. "But that is not all that I am worried about."
"You mean the humans," David asked, taking a seat on one of the beds.
"Yeah," she sighed, sitting down next to him. "I mean they are the first few people to ever find out our secret. And we don't even know them."
David laid back on the bed. "But you have met Liz right?"
Isabel rolled her eyes slightly. "Only twice. Once when I was eight and once when I was eighteen. Both times for a total of a couple of minutes. Not enough to form a bond where I would share my darkest secret."
"I understand," David conceded. They all knew that Isabel was the one who was most afraid of getting caught. She always had been. Max told him once that Isabel use to have nightmares about people coming and taking them away from their adoptive parents, performing experiments on them, killing them. He could sense that this was Isabel's worse nightmare coming true, and she needed to be calmed down.
"Trust me, we all have the fear of letting others in," David confessed. "But we do trust Max. I think I'm going to going along with his judgement in this case and trust them too."
"That is the only reason I am not freaking out right now," Isabel told him.
David raised an eyebrow. "Pacing back and forth is not a part of freaking out," he teased.
Without even waiting a second, Isabel reached out, grabbed a pillow, and slammed it into David's face. Out of shock, David jumped a bit, lost his balance, and fell of the bed. He landed with a thud on the ground.
I couple of second later, Isabel peeked over the edge of the bed, pillow in hand. "Are you okay," she giggled.
David leapt up from the floor, yanked the pillow from her hand, and hit her with it. However, just as she was rolling to get another pillow, a knock sounded at the door.
Isabel struggled to get to her feet, but David made it to the door first. He looked through the peephole, paling at what he saw. He didn't even hear Isabel come up behind him. "Is it Max," she asked.
David pushed her away from the door. "No," he stated, going into full protective mode. "Go and hide in the bathroom and don't come out until I tell you," he ordered.
Never hearing David speak to her in that voice before, Isabel knew something was wrong. She could feel an alien presence, but she had assumed it was Max. It wasn't. Quickly, she made her way to the bathroom, locking the door behind her.
David took a deep breath, then unlatched the door. He opened it a crack and peered out. "Can I help you," he asked.

"Do you think he knows who she is," Rowena asked Michael, grabbing a soda from the cooler.
Michael shrugged his shoulders. "I have no idea."
Rowena glared at him. "Please Michael. Show a little interest in the words that are coming out of my mouth."
"Why," he asked, still not looking up from the cards he was shuffling.
"Because this could have a profound impact on our lives," she yelled, waving her arms around to get his attention.
Michael looked at her and groaned in irritation. "I am not going to get myself all worked up over answers I have no way of finding out before Max gets here."
"Well," Rowena exclaimed.
"Well what," Michael questioned.
"Isabel and David must have found Max by now. Let's give them a call."
"No," Michael said firmly.
"No. Why no," Rowena asked.
"We have no idea what kind of situation they are I right now. I don't want to give away their location or ours by calling now," he explained.
"Oh," Rowena said, looking down at her shoes. "You have a good point."
A cocky smile grew across Michael's face. "Don't I always?"
Rowena pretended to think for a second. "Other than ones your hair is shaped into, NO."
Michael ran a hand through his hair, which did stick up all over the place. Then, he caught on to the insult. "Hey," he yelled, getting up off the cold rock floor.
But Rowena was too quick for him. She quickly reached over, grabbed the cards he had been shuffling, and ran to the other side of the cave. "Another step and the deck of cards gets it."
Michael stopped in his tracks. "No, no. I've stopped."
Rowena smiled wickedly. "Okay. Now say that I am the most wonderful sister in the whole universe."
Michael groaned. "You are the most wonderful sister in the whole universe," he mumbled in defeat.
Her smile got bigger. "Louder."
Throwing the deck at him, Rowena nodded. "Yes I am. Have fun with you cards Maverick."
Michael's face fell with her words. "What the hell," he muttered, then began flipping through the cards. They were all the ace of spades. "Shit Rowena," he scolded her. "What am I going to do for entertainment now?"
"You may want to develop your verbal skills by talking to me," she retorted. "Besides, I am tired of all the quiet."
"I could put on a little Metalica," Michael said, pointing to the radio. "That would get rid of the quite just as fast."
"Or Liz Phair," Rowena challenged him.
"No," Michael said, sliding back down to the ground.
"Than talk," she demanded. "It's not like it is going to kill you."
"On second thought," he said, tossing her the mobile phone. "Call Isabel. Chat up a storm. Whatever danger they are in is nowhere near the danger I am in to losing my mind."
"Baby," Rowena mumbled. Suddenly, the phone rang in her hands, causing her to jump. She turned it on quickly. "Hello?"

Did I add to the mystery and suspense??? Are you curious who was at the door and on the phone??? I am soooooooo evil*happy*


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Part Eighteen:

A light knock echoed through the quiet in Liz's bedroom. A few seconds later, Alex peeked around the corner of the door. "I hate to bug you guys, but it's time to go."
Max sat up slightly. He and Liz had gone to lie down until they had to take Max to meet up with Isabel and David. Liz had fallen asleep fairly quickly and for the last 45 minutes, Max had watched her, trying to ignore the fact he was going to leave her again. His heart broke each time it entered his mind. And Alex's words bought reality back, crashing down on the tiny lie Max allowed himself to believe while he watched Liz sleep.
Liz let out a little sigh and curled closer to Max when he moved. Slowly, she opened her eyes, finding Max's beautiful face staring down at her. "Hey sleepyhead," he teased, leaning down to give her a light kiss on the lips.
"Sorry," she replied, stretching out a little. "I didn't mean to."
Max smiled grew wider. "Trust me, I didn't mind." A couple of minutes passed. Liz cuddled next to Max again, resting her head against his chest. She loved listening to the sound of his heart beating because it meant that he was there, next to her. However, Liz knew it wasn't going to last. "What time is it," she asked, breaking the silence.
"About 12:30. Alex just came in to see if we were awake," Max told her, turning his head to look away. "It's time to go."
He could feel Liz nod her head against his chest, and then her warmth left him as she moved to get off the bed. He watched as she picked up her shoes, sitting back down at the edge of the bed to put them on. His eyes drunk in the sight of her dark hair cascading down from her shoulders, hiding parts of her face from view as her delicate little fingers worked the shoe strings into a knot. Max knew he would do anything just to stay with Liz.
As though she sense what he was thinking, Liz turned towards Max, looking directly into his amber eyes. "This doesn't feel right," she admitted. "I still think that you should stay, or that I should go with you."
Max opened his mouth to speak, but Liz cut him off. "I know all the reasons not too, Max, and trust me, I understand them." Slowly, she reached out and took his hand in hers. "But it feels wrong," she said, guiding the hand till it lay over her heart. "Here," she whispered.
The rhythmic beating of her heart bumped up against his palm, and it broke his to leave her, especially when she was offering him everything he ever wanted. But it wasn't safe for her, or Alex and Maria. Max didn't want to put any of them in danger. "Liz," he whispered, afraid that every word he spoke could hurt her. "I am so sorry," he said, glancing down at the comforter. "I just want you to be safe. Right now, you won't be safe if you stayed with me. But I will come back for you, I promised. I love you Liz, and I will always come for you."
Liz listened as the words came out of his mouth, tears running from her eyes. She knew he meant each word he spoke, but it did not make it easier to be apart from him. So she moved in closer to him, her skin tingling as his hand, which was laying on her chest, traced its way from resting place, down along her sides, and coming to rest on her waist. His other hand wrapped around her neck, cradling the back of her head as he brought her closer. "I love you too," she whispered, as his mouth covered hers.
Max could feel Liz's essence envelop him, filling all of his senses as he kissed her. However, it wasn't complete. It was like there was something blocking him from taking all of her in. Liz felt it too. Gradually she moved closer, never breaking the kiss. It was amazing to feel Max all around her. She wanted more, and she was desperately trying to break the barrier that had seemed to settle in.
Their kisses deepened, growing more intense. Lips on lips, tongues dancing together, hands starting to roam the expanse of each other's bodies in the hopes of memorizing each curve. That is until another knock came at the door.
Maria's voice shattered the little dream world Max and Liz were momentarily experiencing. They broke apart just as Maria threw the door open. "Good, you too are still dressed. I wasn't sure with all the little breathy moans coming from this room. Anyway, Alex is down in the car and the coast is clear. We better get a move on."
Liz watched the tips of Max's ears grow red, and she could feel the color rise to her face. "God," she thought. "I didn't realize I was moaning."
"Neither did I," Max thought to himself.
Quietly, they both got up and followed Maria down to the car, hands entwined.

"God Isabel," Rowena gasped. "You scared the shit out of me. Is everything okay? Did you find Max?"
"He is going to meet us later," Isabel's voice rang loud and clear over the phone. "But I need you to do me a favor."
Rowena was starting to panic a little. "What do you need me to do," she asked.
Isabel drew in a deep breath. "I need you to look at a book," she said, putting special emphasis on the word book. "It is in that place where I put that thing that one time."
Rowena thought for a second, knowing fully that Isabel was talking about the Destiny book. "Oh, okay. No problem. And what I'm I looking for," she asked, not quite sure what this could all be about.
"I just need a little refresher about some history. You know," Isabel whispered into the receiver. "Something to do with the family tree."
Looking directly at Michael, who was more than a little curious about the phone conversation going on in front of him. "Ahh, the family tree," she repeated.
Michael threw her a confused look. "Family tree," he mouthed, not understanding what she meant by it. He took a couple of steps towards her, reaching out for the phone, but Rowena waved her hand to shoo him away.
"I can do that right now, but what is with the sudden urgency," Rowena asked, wondering why Isabel couldn't just wait until they got home to look at the Destiny book. "What the hell is going on," she thought to herself.
There was a rustle of noise, and then Rowena heard David's voice come through the receiver. "Please," he asked softly. "Hurry."
Rowena could feel the air catch within her throat. "I will. Just tell me everything is alright."
"I wish I could," David sighed, really wishing he could see her face to face instead of talking on the phone. "But I'm sure we will figure everything out when we get home."
"Okay," Rowena replied. Something was wrong, she could feel it, but all of the riddles they were feeding her did nothing more that to raise her apprehensions. "I'll call you when I have gotten the book."
"No," David said, cutting her off. "We'll call you when we've stopped for the night. It will be fine," he reassured her. "I promise."
"I trust you," she whispered. "And Isabel," she quickly covered her tracks. "Talk to you then." With that, the line went dead, and Rowena turned her attention back to a very frustrated Michael.
"What was that all about," he demanded to know. "Why do they want you to get the Destiny book," he asked, finally figuring out what 'family tree' had meant.
Rowena crossed the chamber, picking up her coat and the keys to the car. "I think that they have found someone," she voiced her suspicions. "Someone different. And I don't think they wanted to reveal to much while this person was around."
Michael rubbed his head. "So let me get this straight, David and Isabel go to Chicago to get Max. However, they have found someone that is 'different.' They want to consult that damn book so the can figure out who this person is and where or not they are our kind of different."
Rowena nodded her head. "In a nut shell."
"What about Max," Michael asked, concern lacing his short words.
"He is coming to them," Rowena told him. "Or at least that is what Isabel said. I'd better get going."
Michael walked over to her and gave her a quick hug. "Be careful sis."
"I will," Rowena said, smiling at him. "I think that the library is the safest place to break into anyway."

Isabel watched as David put the phone down. "Well, she said she could look that up for you no problem," he said, trying to put on a cheerful front.
"Good," Isabel smiled, playing along. Then, they both turn their attention to the tiny blond sitting on the other bed, across from Isabel. "So," Isabel began, her voice trailing off slightly. "What is your name?"
"Tess," the girl answered. "My name is Tess Harding."

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Well, I am finally back with the new part. I want to thank Melissa for proofreading it for me. She is such a godess for doing that and letting me bounce my ideas off of her. Thank you thank you thank you for being so patience and waiting for this new part. Sorry it took so long....


Part Nineteen:

Isabel felt a strong hand pat her on the shoulder. "Staring out the window is not going to make him get here faster," David tried to joke.
She let out a sigh. "I know, but I just cant help worrying. It’s in my nature, especially when I know that he is bring the all-knowing humans with him."
"That part has me freaked too," David admitted. "But we’ll handle it. We always do. They did sorta save his life, after all." Then, a sudden realization hit him as he looked around the room. "Speaking of outsiders, where is the newest member of our alien team?"
Isabel let out a little laugh. "Man, if that statement wasn’t dripping with sarcasm. So, what’s up with you?"
"It just seems weird that she would show up now," David said. "And here for that matter. How did she know that we where here?"
"And you say I’m paranoid," Isabel said, turning to face him. "Besides, she told us that she had sensed us, just like we sensed her when she came."
"But she was only 20 ft. away or so," David argued. "Why are you so quick to defend her? Do you really think that she could have sensed us if when we were miles away?"
Isabel nodded her head. "I am not defending Tess. Just trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. But I was thinking about that too. Her sensing us doesn’t seem quite logical. Do you think she is lying?"
David’s stance stiffened a bit. "I just believe we should be careful around Tess, at least until we find out more about her. I feel that something off in this whole situation. Let’s hope that Max gets here before she gets back, so we can talk to him."
"Well," Isabel started. "I kinda sent her on a wild goose chase for food."
His shoulders slackened as David threw her a puzzled look. "What do you mean?"
"I simply told her you were picky about what you ate," Isabel laughed. "Right now, she should be looking for pizza place that would put peanut butter M&M’s as a topping. You are an alien after all."
David crinkled his face in disgust. "You’re sick, none of us are that bad."
But Isabel was no longer paying attention. Seconds later, David knew why. He could feel the same alien energy she did. Isabel plaster herself to the window, praying silently that it was Max. Less than ten minutes later, she got her wish as a silver Toyota Camay pulled into the lot of the motel and parked.
"It’s Max," she yelled, jumping up from the chair. Sure enough, his dark head appeared out of door, accompany by Liz, Alex, and Maria.
David took a deep breath. "Well, here goes nothing."

The soft filter of the radio had practically been the only source of noise in the car as the four drove to the Homewood/Flossmore off-ramp. Apart from the tension-breaking jokes Alex was attempting to tell. However, it all came to an end as they parked in the motel lot.
Alex, who was driving, stopped the car, but still left the engine running, just in case. The first thing they all saw after getting out of the car was a tall blond bounding out of a room, running over to Max. Not too far behind her was an equally tall guy with chestnut brown hair. "MAX," the blond called out.
All Max could do was smile. "Isabel," he said, as calmly as he could, but this was the first time he had seen her in months.
She ran straight into his arms, giving him a big bear hug, just before pulling away and punching him in the arm. "Don’t you ever do this to me again."
Maria smile and turned to Alex and Liz. "I like her already."
"Thanks Maria," Max said, wincing slightly as he rubbed the spot where Isabel had hit him. "Well, Isabel… David, this is Liz," he said, wrapping his good arm around Liz shoulder, pulling her close. "And her friends Alex and Maria."
Alex extended his hand, like he always did, while Liz and Maria smile, saying hello. David took his hand first, but it was a very stiff, cold handshake. Isabel sort stood there, watching every move the humans made, particularly Alex. No one could tell if this was most because he was the one doing the most moving, or something else.
"Well," Maria broke the awkward silence. "This is about as comfortable as a funeral."
Liz’s eyes grew wide at Maria’s statement. Quickly, she reached over and smacked her on the back. "Not the time to be blunt," Liz scolded.
Maria threw up her arms. "Hey, I ran out of cedar oil yesterday, thanks to you. My only option was blunt."
A small smile appeared on David’s face, which rapidly grew to a big smile, then turned into a laugh. Everyone just looked at him. He, in turn, threw a knowing look to Max and Isabel. "She should meet Michael," he told them, nodding at Maria.
That was enough to peak her interest. "Who’s Michael," Maria quickly asked.
"Just another person in our little family," Isabel said pointedly.
And Maria caught it. Glaring a bit, she tossed out the witty comeback, "Oh, so why should I meet him?"
The tension was quickly building again, and Max knew he had to do something. "David probably said it because Michael always speaks his mind, whether he should or not."
"Ahhh," Liz backed him up. "I gotcha. Blunt is the name of the game with any who has the first initial M."
The two blondes turned their glares towards her. Liz took a tiny step back. "It was a joke that started off funny in my head, but quickly died the second it left my mouth," she muttered in self-defense.
Maria shook her head, then gave Liz an apologetic look. "Nah… not my type," she quipped in an attempt to lighten the mood. "I like to be the sane one in the relationship with all the right answers."
Suddenly, a loud snort echoed through the parking lot. "Sorry," Alex laughed. "But Maria, you’re not sane."
She stared at him in shock. Her mouth opened, close, and opened again. "How can you say that Alex? Liz can vouch for the fact that I am not crazy."
Liz began to laugh a little. "Actually, I agree with him."
Maria’s face reddened with anger. "See if I ever help you hide an…" she began to say, but the stares she was getting told her not to quite finish that sentence, so she said the first thing that popped into her mind. "A Checkslovakian again."
A nervous laughter broke out in the group. "Oh yeah," David added. "She needs to meet Michael."
After a few minutes, the chuckling died down. The tension had been cut, but it’s two halves still had a pretty hefty weight to them. However, Max decided not to focus on that for this second. He only had a few minutes left with Liz, and he want to be with her alone, if only for moment.
"Excuse us for a minute," Max told them, linking his arm around Liz again. "You guys can head to the room for a minute, I just want to talk to Liz alone."
Everyone nodded. Maria even threw in a, "I have to pee anyway," for good measure. Max led Liz over to the car.

So lately, I've been wondering
Who will be there to take my place
When I'm gone, you'll need love
To light the shadows on your face

Through the windows, they could hear the radio playing, but neither paid attention. "I am coming back for you Liz," Max said first. He knew she understood that, but he had to tell her again. Saying the words made it seem more real.

If a great wave should fall
It would fall upon us all
And between the sand and stone
Could you make it on your own

Liz gave him a faint smile. "I know Max." She linked her hand with his, watching intently as their fingers intertwined. "If you don’t, I’ll just have to find you."

If I could, then I would
I'll go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low
I'll go wherever you will go

Max brought her closer to him, letting the warmth of her skin comfort him. "I take it you’re not a patient person," he teased softly.

And maybe, I'll find out
The way to make it back someday
To watch you, to guide you
Through the darkest of your days

"Not after waiting eighteen years," she told him, focusing her gaze on his deep amber eyes. Max opened his mouth to speak, but Liz placed a finger against his lips. "Just kiss me, Max. Please," she pleaded.
He descended the short distance between them with a kiss so fierce, and Liz met him equally. Deep down, they wished that one kiss would bond them so they could never be parted. But it wasn’t true. Therefore, their lips soften, the kiss deepen, and became more about memorization. A good memory. One to be used for battling loneliness.

If a great wave should fall
It would fall upon us all
Well I hope there's someone out there
Who can bring me back to you

Liz took a deep breath when their lips parted. "This isn’t goodbye," she whispered.
Max rested his forehead against hers. "No it isn’t," he reassured her. "I’ll never say goodbye to you again."
Max took her in his arms one last time. Liz leaned into, kissing him gently. "See you soon," she whispered against his lips. Slowly pulling away, Liz opened the car door. "You have to go," she told him.

If I could, then I would
I'll go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low
I'll go wherever you will go

"I know," Max regretful agreed. "But I don’t want to."
Liz let another faint smile cross her lips. "You have to."
Max nodded, and turned towards the motel. He began walking towards the room where the others had dissapeared, but his feet had never felt so heavy. This had to be one of the hardest things he had ever done. "I just hope that I’m right," he thought to himself. Yet, a little ball of doubt burned in his stomach.

Runaway with my heart
Runaway with my hope
Runaway with my love

Liz stood next to the door of the car, watching him walk away. It had to be one of the saddest moments of her life. Subconsciously, her mind called out to him, "I hope you are too."
She turned and got into the car. A few minutes later, Alex and Maria joined her. Then, they drove away.

If I could turn back time
I'll go wherever you will go
If I could make you mine
I'll go wherever you will go
"Wherever You Will Go" by The Calling

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Just thought that I would say this... I AM A DREAMER... M/L forever.... they will be together.... but they had to be temproarly seperated for the time being so plot could thicken. Just a little hint for the next part.... Rowena breaks into the library and runs into some trouble*happy*


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Part Twenty:

"I have looked all over the place," Rowena sang along with the radio, at the top of her lungs no less. "But you have got my favorite face…"
The words hung in her head. "Her favorite face," she thought, almost questioning herself. Suddenly, an image of David answered her question. "Shit," Rowena gasped. "Liz Phair songs are not suppose to be serious. "Quirky, maybe. Sexual… well yeah, but not serious. Stop thinking about him," she scolded herself aloud.

Your eyelashes sparkle like gilded grass
and your lips are sweet and slippery
Like a cherub's bare wet ass ...

The desert sand whipped up as she pulled off of the dirt and on to the actual road. It was a good thing that her little SUV was good at handling the off road stuff. Sure it was on the older side, but it had four tires, a steering wheel, good gas mileage, and the ever important radio.

'Cause you're a human supernova,
A solar superman.
You're an angel with wings of fire,
A flying, giant friction blast.

Rowena let out a sigh. "God," she commented. "This song reminds me of David. Hell, everything reminds me of David lately. What is wrong with me?"

You walk in clouds of glitter
and the sun reflects your eyes.
And every time the wind blows,
I can smell you in the sky.

However, no matter how hard she tried, there was no getting him out of her system. It had been like this from the first time she saw him, back in the eighth grade. She knew that there were others sent along with her when she broke free from the pod, but somehow everyone in her unit were completely separated. It was different with Max, Isabel, and Michael. They had pretty much come out at the same time. Rowena remembered just being alone.
Luckily, when she was found and put into the foster care program, her first home had been at the Guerin’s household. Michael was there too and an instant bond had formed. In fact, one of the happiest days of her life was when she found out that they were really brother and sister.
The only other day that could rival it so far was when David entered Mrs. Johnson’s math class in eighth grade. "Get ahold of yourself," she vocally berated her thoughts. "Yeah, David is great… and one of the nicest guys you’ve ever met… and gorgeous, but get a grip. You’re not a girlie girl. You hate things like dresses, make-up, and love poems. No, you are into jeans, tennis shoes, and John Grisham books. Guys couldn’t get you things like flowers and candy. Nope, they would have to get you something like a baseball bat."

Your kisses are as wicked as an F-16
And you f*** like a volcano
and you're everything to me...

A deep blush filled her cheeks when Rowena turned her attention back to the radio. Her mind wander for a second to unexplored territory. "I am a wicked, evil girl," she laughed. Then, she focused on the road. She would be at the library in just a few minutes. "Library… good, mission… better."

'Cause you're a human supernova,
A solar superman
You're an angel with wings of fire,
A flying, giant friction blast
"Supernova" by Liz Phair

"And David is super cute," Maria prattled on as she drove back into the city. "But I think that he has it bad for someone else."
Alex gave her a baffled look. "How do you know?"
"Woman’s intuition," Maria replied without a thought. "Am I right Liz?"
Liz glanced up from her hands, which had been permanently fixed in her lap. "What?"
Alex reached over the seat and patted her knee, sensing what she had been thinking about. "He will be back. Like I said before, I’m a guy, I know."
"Yeah," Maria chimed in. "I agree. From what we have seen these past few days, Max is definitely a goner. Nothing but love for ya. He’ll be back."
Liz gave them a faint smile, but her heart just wasn’t into this conversation. "Thanks," she whispered, leaning back into the seat. "I hope so."
Alex kept his eyes on Liz, but Maria turned her attention back to the road. Some guy had started to lay on his horn, driving her insane. "Of all the nerve," she muttered angrily. "Who the hell does he think he is?"
"What are you talking about," Alex asked, finally turning to look at her.
"Just stupid drivers," she told him. "But speaking of nerve, what did you think of Isabel? She’s a bit on the cold side."
"Nah," Alex said defensively. "It was just an awkward meeting."
Maria snickered. "Damn," she laughed. "He owes me five bucks."
"Who," Alex grumbled.
"David," she informed him. "I told him that I could sense you liked Isabel, but she was too frosty for you. He said I was crazy, that it was the other way around. So we made a bet. How the hell am I going to collect now?"
Alex waved his hand around to get Maria’s attention as she ranted on. "When did you do all of this," he questioned her.
Maria jerked the wheel as she snapped out of her thoughts. "Oh, when you were in the bathroom. Isabel also left, muttering something about having to go check on a pizza."
Liz, who had been pretty silent, couldn’t help laughing at all of this. She had to agree with Maria. There was a little vibe between Alex and Isabel, but she thought the current was kind of running both ways. She pondered how Isabel had watched Alex with such intent. It reminded her of the way Max looked at her.
"Damnit," she mumbled in frustration, a tear slipping from her eye.
Both Maria and Alex turned to look at her. "What?"
"I need a new mind," Liz cried out. "That is the only way to prevent me from worrying about Max and driving myself completely crazy."
"Honey," Maria whispered softly. "He will be fine. I have a feeling that he knows what to do better than we ever could."
"Then how come I have such a strong feeling it’s bad for us to be apart like this," Liz shot back.
"Because you love him," Alex comment quietly.
Liz thought about what they were saying for a second. "Nope," she shook her head. "It’s something else. Something more primal. Like I have this need for him."
Maria smiled back at her through the rearview mirror. "Isn’t that what love is?"
Liz tossed her head back. Her mind was rapidly working for a way to explain this to them, but she couldn’t even explain it to herself. And it was going to drive her insane. She had always been to logical, things had to have a reason. Without warning, an idea came to her. "That’s it," she yelled.
Her outburst caused Maria to swerve and Alex to jump. "Do that again," Maria warned. "And you will be walking home, best friend or not."
"You two listen to me," she gasped. Everything in her head was moving so quickly. "I have to find out what really happened when Serena was murdered."
Alex gave her a weary look. "I don’t think that is such a good plan. Especially with that whole dangerous underground movement and everything."
"But that is my point," Liz exclaimed. "Max had to get out of Chicago because not only were these other evil aliens looking for him, but the police as well. However, if I can find some sort of tangible proof that it wasn’t Max, it could clear his name."
"Chica, how do you plan on finding anything out," Maria asked.
"By starting at the beginning," Liz told her. "With Dr. Logan Thomas."
"Yeah, the creep factor on the guy is high," Alex conceded. "But that doesn’t mean he was involved. How do you know he had anything to do with this?"
Liz raised an eyebrow. "Cause I don’t believe in coincidences."

Rowena parked the car a couple of blocks away from the library, so no one would spot it and get suspicious. Nonchalantly, she made her way to the building. The library closed early on the weekends, which was a good thing. It meant that even the staff would be gone when she tried to get in.
"Thank God we live in a small, strange town," Rowena laughed to herself. She peered into a window at the back of the building. Seeing the whole building covered in darkness, Rowena knew her suspicions were good. "What’s so great about normal," she entertained herself. Bring her hand to the lock, she let the energy flow from it, a click telling her the door was unlocked. "You can’t do that if you’re normal."
The musty smell of books hit her as she lurked through the aisles. She found it strangely comforting. Libraries had always been her passion, but coming her this time something struck her. It was comforting, yet at the same time a bit sad. Making her way down another row of books, the reason why struck her like a ton of bricks. The first time she met Serena was here.
Rowena remembered it like it was yesterday. She had been in the library, like usual, pouring over a new book. Unexpectedly a wave of energy came over her senses, like another one of the group was walking over to her. Secretly, Rowena had been hoping it was David, but when she looked up, the only person around was a tall girl with long red hair.
Remembering how she watched quietly from her seat that day long ago, Rowena walked over to the place Serena stopped. "Even though she was tall, Serena still had to get a step-stool," Rowena recalled. So did she. "The downfalls of being short," she chuckled, trying to keep her heart as light as possible.
She quickly got on the stool and waved her hand in front of the wall. A silver handprint appeared, and Rowena stuck her hand through it, pulling out a book made of a cool thin metal. "Just as Serena had done," she thought. That was when she knew Serena was one of them.
Mirroring the actions she had seen Serena perform almost ten years ago, a realization came to her. Serena was really gone. Rowena could never talk to her again, get the great advice that she usually ignored, or confided her feelings to her. There was just a quality about Serena that made her like an older, wiser sister figure. Rowena never really had that before, not even with Isabel, and now it was gone.
Rowena felt herself collapse to the floor, numbly. Tears rolled freely down her cheeks. It was no use to wipe them away. There was nothing she could do to stop them. They would just keep coming. She had lost her friend and nothing in this world, or the next, could bring her back. Serena was really gone.
The sobs tore thought her so harshly, that Rowena almost hear someone come into the library. Her ears perked up when she heard the shuffle of feet again. "Shit," she gasped, clutching the Book of Destiny closer to her chest. Quickly, she scrambled to her feet and peer around a shelf of books. Sure enough, it was the sheriff’s son and deputy in his own right, Kyle Valenti.
"This is not good," Rowena’s mind screamed. Quietly, she watched as she made his way around another row of books, and was not heading in her direction with his gun drawn. "Roswell’s Sheriff’s Department," he identified himself. "I know someone is there. Come out, so we can get this over with."
Rowena rolled her eyes. "Why do they always do that," she wondered. "Yeah, like I am really going to just hand myself over to you. Think again, Deputy Dog." Noticing a group particularly large books on a shelf across the room.
"It would be better for me if you thought it was over there," she planned. Concentrating her powers on those books, Rowena flicked her wrist, causing the books to crash loudly to the ground. Kyle ran over to the noise, giving Rowena a narrow escape route to the door. "It is now or never," she thought, her feet breaking out into a run.
Kyle whipped around as he heard the patter of feet across the floor. "Stop," he yelled. "Stop or I’ll shoot."
Her heart was beating rapidly in her chest. "Shit," she muttered with each step she took. Just then, a sound echo though the library. A gun shot. All of Rowena’s told her to duck, so she dove underneath the closest table. The window a couple of feet from her shattered. "Are you crazy," she couldn’t stop herself from yelling.
"Just turn yourself in," Kyle said as calmly as he could.
Rowena looked at the door, noting that she was still too far from it. Then, she looked at the window. "Look’s like there’s a change in plans," she whispered.
Kyle inched his way closer to the table, but before he reached it, Rowena flicked her wrist again, knocking him flat on his butt. She sprung up from her hiding spot and leapt towards the window. A second gun shot rung out, and Rowena felt a searing pain as the bullet grazed her arm. But she kept running. Her feet hit the sidewalk and she sprinted to the car, screeching the tires as she drove away.

***Okay, just a little teaser. Things are going to start happening. For instance, remember that dream way back when that seemed important, but was kinda forgotten. Well, that was done on purpose and will be sorta picked up in the next chapter! I know, I am evil***


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Part Twenty-one:

"So," Isabel trailed of as soon as she entered the room. There had been no sign of Tess, and she felt that this would be the best time to tell Max about her.
Max looked up at from the chair he was sitting in. He couldn’t explain it, but he felt like all of his energy had gone. It had driven off in the car that carried Liz away. "It’s for the best," he thought.
Isabel was now pacing back and forth in the room. Max let out a sigh, got up, and walked over to her. "What is it Isabel? Please, just tell me."
"We found someone here," she said quickly. "Well, more like she found us. I think that she is an…." Suddenly, the word Maria used popped in her head. "A Chesklovakian too."
"Huh," Max groan, far too tired to hide his puzzlement.
"She is one of us," David finally chimed in. "I don’t know how or where she came from, but she is definitely one of us," he explained.
Max’s eyes grew large. "How is that possible? Is she from one of the missing pods?"
David ran a hand through his chestnut hair. "I don’t know. We didn’t ask." He walked over to them, sitting down on the edge of a bed. "She is an alien. However, I still feel that there is something off in this situation."
"Where is she now," Max asked.
Isabel couldn’t help her smile. "I sent her off to get some food. Don’t worry, I know that she will be back."
Max raised one of his eyebrows at the tone in his sister’s voice. "Do I detect a bit of venom in your voice," he teased.
"I just agree with David," Isabel stated matter-of-factly. "Something is off balance with her. I think we should keep her at arm’s length for now."
"Sounds like a plan to me," Max sighed.
"Beyond that, what are we going to do," David inserted.
Max moved to sit back down in the chair. "We leave tonight. The further away from Chicago we get, the better."
A swell of jealously hit Isabel. "For who," she bit out. "Us or the humans."
"Don’t start Isabel," Max grumbled, slumping down in the chair. "It’s better for both."
"I’m just saying that you looked pretty cozy with Liz," she baited him.
"Isabel," David scolded. "That’s enough."
Max slowly lifted his head, glaring at her. "I love her Izzy. And even though I have agreed to leave her behind for now, I will come back for her."
Tears welled up in Isabel’s eyes. "It’s not safe," she whispered. "That’s all I want, to be safe Max."
Max moved over to her, wrapping his arm around her in a tight hug. "I know Isabel. I know."
"I was so scared," she sobbed.
Patting her back softly, Max placed a light kiss on the top of her forehead. "We can trust them Izzy," he reassured her. "All of them," he said, glancing at David. "Liz, Maria, and Alex."
Isabel felt the heat rise in her cheeks at the mention of Alex’s name. Max missed it, but David sure caught it. "I win," he mumbled.
The Evans’ siblings turned to look at him. "What was that," Isabel stiffened, wiping away her tears with the back of her hand.
David raised his hands in a defensive manner. "Nothing, nevermind."
Shaking her head, Isabel walked over to him. "Oh no, there’s something. Tell me."
"Nope," David refused. "Not a chance in hell. I’ll take it to my grave."
The fire flashed in Isabel’s eyes. "Which may be soon rather than later," she informed him.
"Only if I tell you," David muttered under his breath.
Isabel glared at him, but there was a familiar buzz of energy that interrupted her before she could think of a comeback. "It’s Tess," she exclaimed.
Sure enough, a knock came at the door a few minutes later. David went over and opened it, letting a petite, curly haired blond into the room. "I couldn’t find a place that would put peanut butter M&M’s on a pizza, but bought a bag of them so you could put them on yourself," she told David. Then, she saw Max out of the corner of her eye.
"Hello," she said meekly.
"Hi," Max replied, offering his hand.
Tess slowly extended hers, shaking his hand quickly. "My name is Tess," she introduced herself.
"Max," he offered back.
Isabel clapped her hands together. "Well, that was fun. Tess are you ready to go with us?"
Tess shook her head in agreement.
A smile spread across Isabel’s lips. "Good. Well let’s get this show on the road. The sooner we get to Roswell, the much happier I will be."

"What part of be careful do you not understand," Michael yelled as soon as Rowena entered the Granolith chamber.
"Please don’t yell Michael," Rowena pleaded. Dropping the book on the ground, she walked over to the stone wall and slide down till her butt hit the floor. "I just ran into some trouble."
Michael knelt down beside her and started to examine her arm. "No shit. That’s not apparent at all."
Rowena turned her head to face him. "So help me God, Michael, if you are not quite, I’ll…"
"You’ll do what," he taunted her. Then, he reached over and grabbed the first aid kit they had brought.
"I’ll make you a platinum blond, like that guy on Buffy," she threatened.
Michael took bit of gauze, soaking it with some peroxide. When he heard Rowena’s little threat, he pressed it hard against her arm.
"Hsss," Rowena sucked in some air. "Damn that hurts," she exclaimed, tiny little tears swelling in her eye.
"It’ll learn ya to be more careful, now won’t it," Michael teased. "The gash isn’t too deep. You’ll live."
Rowena leaned her head back against the stone. "Well, your choice of words isn’t very encouraging. Gash. Can’t you just… fix it."
Michael shook his head. "I think that we should wait for Max. He is better at that stuff than I am."
"Come on. All you have to do is nudge a few little molecules together," she muttered.
"I’ll wait for Max, thank you," he told her, grabbing a packet of aspirin. "Here. Take this. It will help with the pain."
Rowena held out her hand. "Fine," she sighed.
Michael stood up. He saw the shiny metal that adorned the Book of Destiny. "So you got it."
She mustered a weak smile as she wrapped some of the extra gauze around the wound. "Of course. Did you ever doubt me?"
"Don’t be a smart ass," he warned her. "You did get shot after all. So what happened?"
Rowena shrugged her shoulders, hissing in pain from the movement. "Someone must have called the Sheriff’s department. They sent our dear Deputy in after me."
Michael gritted his teeth. "Kyle Valenti shot you. I’ll kill him."
"That’ll help," Rowena laughed. "He was only doing his job Michael. Unfortunately, I just happened to be the one he wanted to arrest this time."
"Can I at least maim him," Michael joked.
"We’ll see," Rowena told him. "I think that I am going to lay down for a bit. Getting shot took a lot out of me."
Michael stared at her for a moment. "Yeah," he agreed softly. "That might be a good idea."
Rowena got up and moved over to the other side of the chamber. The truth was she was exhausted. Not just from her injury, but from everything that had happened in the library. She had never cried that hard in her life. But she certainly was not about to tell Michael that. He would go into super-big brother protective mode, start pressing her to talk about it, and Rowena couldn’t handle that right now. She just needed to be alone.
Michael, however, did know there was something else going on with his little sister. He could sense it. Yet, it was obvious she didn’t want to talk, so he would leave her be for now. Michael glance down at the Book, then leaned over to pick it up.
"You are nothing but trouble," he told the inanimate object.

The rock formation. That familiar place that resided in her dreams. It seem so distant now. Liz took off running towards it and suddenly the world began to spin. Spinning and spinning, mixing the various yellows that made up her surroundings.
Liz stopped in her tracks, taking deep breaths and trying to get her barrings. Unexpectedly, the spinning around her stopped as well. Liz took a look around. Now she was no more than a few feet from a flat surface admit the jutting rocks.
Thinking that it might be a good place to rest for a moment, Liz made her way over to it slowly. "Where is Max," she wondered aloud. "We always meet somewhere around here."
She leaned against the rock, allowing it to support her back. A overwhelming sense of warmth filled her like a presence. Liz knew it was Max, he was somewhere around there. "Max," she called out, hoping he would answer. "Max."
Suddenly, sounds of a skirmish could be heard. Liz turned, trying to find the source of the noise. Then, she heard Max’s voice.
"I will not let you leave this planet with her or the Granolith."
It was coming from the rock formation, from inside. The sounds of more scuffling followed his voice, and Liz was now in a deep panic. "Max," she cried out as she banged her hands against the rock, "Max, answer me. How do I get in," she cried out in frustration.
Desperation drove her every move as Liz moved to another section of the rock, banging against it with all her might. Without warning, a little silver handprint appeared where her hand had been. Instinctively, Liz knew to press her palm against it. The formation rumbled and a large piece of the rock began to move. "How in the hell," Liz gasped at the sight before her.
But her thought were cut short by the scene playing out in front of her. A boy of about thirteen or fourteen was standing with his hand raise. Liz followed the direction his hand was pointing in and saw Max. His facial expression was on of pure anger and hatred. She had never seen that look on his face, and it rocked her soul to the core. "Who was this boy ," she wondered. She feared him, that was for sure.
"Leave Nicholas," Max ordered.
Liz gasped. This was Nicholas, the alien who killed Serena. "Oh God," she whispered.
As though hearing her words, Nicholas turned to look at her. His eyes were evil, menacing. Liz took a step back.
"Say goodbye," Nicholas told her, sending a large energy blast towards Max.
"NO," Liz screamed. "NO!"

A hand tightly gripped her shoulder, shaking her. "Liz, wake up. "Please chica, open your eyes."
Liz jerked upright in the chair at her desk. "No," she cried out once more. Tears started to stream down her face. She vaguely registered Maria wrapping her arms her, offering comfort.
"God Liz. Are you okay? You have been waking up screaming for the past three nights, ever since Max left," Maria whispered.
Pulling away slightly, Liz wiped at the tears with her hand. "He is in trouble Maria. I just know it. I can feel it."
Maria walked over to Liz’s bed, sitting down on the edge of it. "Could you tell me about the dream. Maybe that will help."
Liz shook her head. "No. The only thing that can help is for me to clear Max’s name. Then he can come back to Chicago."
Maria knew it was time to let the subject drop. Once Liz got like this, there was nothing that could stop her. All Maria could do now was keep an eye on her, with Alex’s help of course. "Just be careful," she warned. "Please."
"I will," Liz reassured her, turning back to her laptop. She must have fallen asleep while she was searching the Internet for information on Dr. Thomas. That was the boggling part. There were no records about him dating back further than two years. "Oh yeah," Liz thought to herself. "This man is up to no good."

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Part Twenty-two…

David began tapping his foot on the floor repeatedly. His nerves were raw, grated by the trip home. Hell, by the whole week. And now he was sitting here, on the couch in his apartment waiting for Rowena and Michael with the others. David had come to the conclusion that he hated waiting. Patience was not a virtue he possessed.
Apparently, everyone else was beginning to notice as well. Isabel glared at him from her perch on the other side of the room. She started to crack her knuckles, a sound that just made David cringe.
Tess was over by the stereo, checking out David’s CD’s quietly. In fact, that was how she did everything… quietly. David couldn’t put his finger on it, but her meekness seemed to be a cover up for something. "What," David wondered. "What is she so afraid of? Finding others should have made her come out of her shell, not retreat into it."
Isabel thought he was paranoid when he told her all of this. They had stopped for gas at a small dive on the highway where David told Isabel and Max all of his suspicions. But Isabel didn’t listen. She was warming up to Tess a little. They seemed to chat up a tiny storm while he drove.
Max, on the other hand, just didn’t seem to care. It was like he had no will to do much of anything. Like leaving Liz was physically draining him of energy. David could sympathize. Being on the other side of the country and worrying about what was happening here in Roswell was exhausting. More like worrying about Rowena was exhausting.
There was no doubt in his mind now.. he loved her. Not that he was going to do anything about it. Just the possibility of hurting her was reason enough alone to stay away. Add Michael to that list and the situation they now found themselves in, and staying away from her seemed like the best option.
However, he could still picture the way she looked the first time he saw her. He had walked into Mrs. Johnson’s English class late because he had trouble finding the room. All the students looked up at him, eyeing and judging him in one glance. All except for one, Rowena. She sat in the back of the room, reading a book, not paying attention to any of her surroundings. One side of her long light brown hair was pulled back with a tiny barrette, the rest fell in her face. God, how he wanted to brush it away so he could get a better look at her features.
Almost as if hearing his thoughts, she looked up at him, meeting his eyes directly. He walked towards her, intending on taking the seat next to her when he felt it. The buzz of energy surrounding his being. It got stronger as he got closer, and he knew that she was different like him. But the pull to her had been first and much more intense.
David loved reliving that memory, but Isabel brought him out of it. "David, stop tapping your foot, or I will tear it off," she threatened.
He just looked at her. "Did you know that cracking your knuckles not only causes a person to get arthritis but drives the people around her insane?"
"It’s not the only think I can crack," she told him.
Max got up form the chair he was sitting in and moved to the center of the room, his arms outstretched on either side of him. "Okay children," he smile. "Do I have to separate you?"
A snort came from the direction of the radio. Everyone turned to look at Tess. She just shrugged her shoulders. "What? It was funny."
The weird thing was, Tess was right. It was funny. David started to chuckle, he just couldn’t help himself. Soon Max joined in. Then Isabel. "You snorted," she teased Tess as laughter over took her.
Tess snicker. "I guess I did," she said meekly.
Max went back over to the chair. "So, should we call you Miss Piggy from now on," he joked.
Tess opened her mouth to respond, but then they felt it. The alien buzz. Michael and Rowena were close. Minutes later, Michael came bounding into the living room. "Maxwell," he called out in an typical irritated Michael tone. "You ever do that to us again and I will assassinate you myself, your highness."
The anger was a facade. It was always how Michael hid his fear. The point was proven when he went over to Max and gave him a quick hug. However, the little reunion was cut short when Rowena walked in.
Rowena had trailed in slowly behind Michael, her light green tank definitely not covering up the bandage on her arm. "What the hell happened to you," David exclaimed when he saw it. He was by her side a second later, looking her over for more injuries.
Rowena flashed him a shy smile. "Nice to see you too," she taunted. Their eyes met and she could feel her skin heat up under his hazel eyes.
Michael begun his rant. "Oh don’t you dare sluff this off like it was nothing," he grumbled. "You have been bitching and moaning about that arm ever since you got shot."
Everyone else in the room stood there from shock for a second before the place burst into chaos. "When did you get shot," Isabel asked.
"Who shot you," Max questioned.
"Are you in a lot of pain," David voiced out of concern.
Rowena just looked at each of them. "I’m fine, Kyle Valenti, and at the library when I went to get the Book," she answered all their questions.
Everyone just looked at her like she was a specimen under a microscope. Rowena squirmed a little, accidentally bumping into David in the process. He looked down at her, his hazel eyes full of concern. "Do you want me to heal it," Max asked, moving towards them.
David held out his hand. "Nah," he said calmly. "I got it. You should rest your powers." But David was anything but calm. His heart felt like it was going to take a flying leap out of his throat. Just the way Rowena was looking at him right now was enough to make him reconsider everything, especially his decision to stay away from her.
Rowena moved to take the bandage off of her arm and the gash caused by the bullet was shown to the group. Isabel let out a little gasp, then muffled it with her hand. Michael moved alongside her. "Don’t worry Isabel, it’s not as bad as it looks," he reassured her.
They all continued to watch as David moved his hand to cover the wound. Molecules began to reform under hand, the pain was start to subside, but the flashes were the most important thing going though Rowena’s mind at the time. She saw what had happened when David and Isabel went to meet Max in Chicago. She could picture a bubbly blond, a lanky guy with brown hair, and another woman with even darker hair clutching to Max.
She could sense David’s uncertainty about the whole situation, including another blond with curly hair. Then she felt comfort. The comfort of coming home, of being with his family, of being with her.
They flashes stop as soon as they started, and she was looking into his eyes again. David blinked a couple of times. "Good as new," he announced to the group, turning away from her.
Rowena just stood there for a moment. That is until she noticed the curly haired blond standing a few feet from her. "So," she uttered, more cheerfully than normal. "You must be Tess."

Alex watched Liz flip frantically though her notes. It had been four days since Max left, and Liz was still in full detective mode. Hell, she was obsessed with finding out Dr. Thomas was somehow involved with Serena’s murder. And when Liz was obsessed with something, she never let it go without a fight.
Now Alex knew he could handle Liz’s compulsive tendencies, but he was worried about how this was effecting her health. According to Maria, sleep wasn’t a large concern of Liz’s the past few days. Add that in with the fact that everytime she did fall asleep, Liz would have nightmares about Max, and it equaled some very dark circles under her eyes. Everyone in the office noticed them and it wouldn’t belong before their boss did too.
Taking a very deep breath, Alex worked up his nerve. He was determined to force Liz to go home to get some rest. However, as soon as he took a step towards her, his cell phone went off.
"Did you talk to her yet," Maria demanded.
"I was just going to talk to her," Alex whispered.
"Okay," Maria said. "Now she can be very persuasive when she wants to be. Don’t take no for an answer. Also, no stops on the way here. That is part of her dodging technique. I have no idea how many times she…"
Alex cut her off. "Maria, I understand my mission. No need to debrief me again."
"You wish Whitman," Maria teased.
"I am hanging up now," Alex sighed, rolling his eyes at Maria’s humor. "Call me one more time and I will turn off my ringer for good. That might lead me to get fired and you will have to support me and I will be very sad and…"
"Bye Alex," Maria shouted over his ranting.
Alex smiled. He finally got her. "Bye."
Working up his courage again, Alex made his way over to Liz’s desk. "Hey Liz," she began, feigning cheerfulness.
"Not a chance," Liz told him without even looking up.
"How do you know what I was going to ask," he retorted, taking a seat in the chair near her.
Liz reached across her desk and grabbed another notebook. "I heard your cell phone. I know the two of you. That was probably Maria demanding that you take me home this instant. My answer is not a chance."
"This is going to be more difficult than I thought," Alex muttered. Liz was still sorting through papers. The light bulb went off in his head. "Can I at least help you?"
Liz’s head shot up in surprise. She turned to face Alex, and he wished he had his camera with him. Her face was just priceless.
"Your kidding," she uttered. "You’re actually going to help me. No more treating me like a crazy person."
"Well you are a crazy person," Alex joked. "But I figure that is the least I can do."
Liz eyed him. "Okay, I need you to got down to the photo archive and find the pictures we have from Dr. Morris’s disappearance. The notes Lauren sent up from the article she did disappearance don’t quite add up. I also need the photo you took of Dr. Thomas."
Alex nodded his head. "On one condition," he added.
Liz let out a breath. "So close," she mumbled. She met his gaze, pleading with him to help her. "Alex, I am so close to finding out something that could really help Max. Please, I need your help."
"I will aid and abet your little scheme, but you have to get some sleep first," Alex voiced his concern. "You look terrible Liz and Maria told me that you haven’t been sleeping. It’s not good for you."
Liz turned back to her notebook. "I can’t sleep," she stated dryly. "Everytime I do, I see him… him get …" Her throat started to close up on her. The all to familiar tears threatened to spill out of her eyes.
Alex got up from his chair and hugged her from behind. "Tell you what, come with me back to the apartment. On our way out, I’ll get the photos. You can work the puzzle there."
"Yeah," Liz whispered. "It’s just that I can’t stop now. Not when I am so close. I know that Dr. Thomas is behind this. He is working for Nicholas somehow. I can feel it in my bones."
He had never seen Liz like this. She was practically begging for his support, for him to understand. How could Alex deny his friend. "We will find out the truth," Alex vowed. "And we can have fun by making Maria help too."
Liz let out a little laugh. "I am sure she will appreciate it."
Alex laughed too, but deep down he was kicking himself. "I have now become a double agent. How do I get myself into these situations," he thought. "Maria is just going to love it when she finds out."

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Hey everyone... Thanks for the feedback. You know that I love it. And lookie... I have another part... take a little read and I hope you like it*happy*


PS... I am working on a sequel for this... Would you be interested in reading it? Can you think of any good titles?

Part Twenty-three:

"Ah ha," Liz cried out. She jumped up from her seat on the couch and began waving two pictures in Alex and Maria’s faces. "This proves it," she screamed. "I was right."
Alex and Maria just looked at each other. For the past two hours they had watched silently as Liz went through her notes and pictures. Well, almost silently. Maria was not to thrilled to hear that Alex had indulged Liz’s obsession in any way, shape, or form. It had taken nearly an hour for her to stop fuming, and that was only after he promised to by her another bottle of cedar oil the next day.
"What did you find," Maria asked.
Liz pushed a picture against Maria’s nose. "Look at that."
Maria took a step back, focusing her gaze on the photo. "It looks like a picture of Dr. Morris, the old chief of staff at Mercy. So?"
"Now look at this one," Liz said, holding up the other picture. "Do you see the resemblance?"
Alex glanced at the photos over Maria’s shoulder. "Yeah, they kind of look alike. How does that prove that Dr. Thomas is responsible for anything?"
Liz passed the photos to Maria as she ran into her room. A minute later, she reappeared with a red marker in her hand. She took the pictures back from Maria, made a couple of circles, then held them up again. "Look at that. They have the exact birthmark."
Alex reached out and grabbed the pictures. "Well, I’ll be damned."
"I bet that Dr. Morris would have looked the same as Dr. Thomas if he had been about thirty years younger," Liz informed them.
"So you think that Dr. Morris is Logan Thomas’s father," Maria gasped. Things were starting to line up, and Maria wasn’t so sure she liked where they were pointing.
"Sort of," Liz said, running back to the couch. "I found a blurb on Dr. Morris that said when he was about 28 or 29 he believed he was abducted by aliens. And since we know that there are aliens …."
"Maybe he really was abducted," Alex finished. "But what does that have to do with Dr. Thomas?"
Liz sat down at the kitchen table. "Well, this is the part that I am not quiet sure about, but what if they cloned Dr. Morris, or used his DNA somehow to make Dr. Thomas? I mean I haven’t found any records on a Logan Thomas dating back more than two years. Highly suspicious."
Maria stared to rub her head. "And when you say they, you are talking about aliens right?"
"Yes," Liz told her, nodding her head.
"Therefore," Maria continued. "You think that Dr. Thomas is an alien?"
"Right again," Liz stated.
"I need to sit down," Maria mumbled, making her way over to another kitchen chair.
Alex started pacing. "But how can we take this to the authorities? They aren’t going to believe you when you say that this might have been the whole alien soap opera-ish killings. And it still won’t prove that Max didn’t kill Serena."
Liz shot Alex a look. "Don’t you think that I thought of that," she retorted. "First off, maybe the police will think that Serena found out about Dr. Thomas. It will at least make him look very suspicious because what motive do they have for Max killing Serena? Besides, take another look at the pictures and pay attention to the watches both are wearing."
Looking down at the photos. Alex noticed that the watches were alike. "They look the same."
"Liz, you do know that watch companies have this little notion that they can make more money if the produce more than one of the same object," Maria taunted.
Liz rolled her eyes. "I know that Maria, but Dr. Morris’s watch has an engraving on it. It was given to him by his wife for their anniversary. If the one Dr. Thomas is wearing has the same inscription then we have all the proof we need for the police."
"So what is the next step," Alex asked.
"I’m going to call John," Liz announced.

"Yes," Tess whispered into the phone. "I am with them."
"Are they curious about your sudden appearance," Nicholas hissed into the phone.
"No, they don’t suspect a thing," Tess replied defensively. "They just think that I felt them getting close and used the energy to find them."
"Good work," Nicholas said. "Stay closest to the King. He’s the one you need to get comfy with. The others are a bonus in this whole set up."
"Yes sir," Tess mumbled. "But I do think that John was right. Max seems to have a connection with Liz. In fact, he has been downright depressed since we left Chicago. I think that this confirms that she is the one."
"I believe so," Nicholas mused. "I’ll just have to have John bring her by for a little visit now won’t I."
"But that would break his cover," Tess gasped.
"Which is none of your concern," Nicholas yelled into the phone. "And, you’ll do well to remember that."
"Yes sir," Tess snapped back. Then, a knock came at the bedroom door. "I have to go." She barely managed to push the off button as Isabel opened the door.
"Tess," she said unsure. "Are you alright?"
Tess smiled. "Yeah. I just needed to call my landlord to tell him he could lease my apartment. I thought it would be quieter in here."
Isabel thought for a moment on the very heated argument between the rest of them that went on while Tess had disappeared. Well, the argument was actually about her, but there was no need to let Tess in on that piece of information right now. "So, does this mean that you are going to stay here for awhile?"
"If that is okay," Tess asked shyly, reverting back into her role.
Given her a reassuring smile, Isabel took Tess arm as started to lead her back into the other room. "Of course it is," she exclaimed. "Well, with me anyway," she thought to herself. Isabel couldn’t explain it, but she felt the need to help Tess. Maybe it was just a way of forgetting for a moment everything that was happening around them. She had already lost a friend that meant the world to her. Isabel was not about to let the others drive away one of the only two girls left who could have any idea what it was like to be like her.

"I don’t think that this is a good idea," Maria interjected her opinion as Liz reached for the phone. "I know that John is a cop, but he sort of creeps me out."
"The guy is weirdness personified," Alex agreed. "Couldn’t you go to someone else?"
"But John is the only one I know who has a connection with this case," Liz argued. She turned on the phone and began dialing the precincts number. "Can I please speak to John O’Mally," she said into the receiver.
Suddenly, the phone was snatched from her hand. Liz looked up and saw that Maria had taken it way from her. "Lizzie, think about this," she said, turning off the phone. "You could get ahold of Max. Tell him what you found out."
"And what would he do," Liz stated coldly. "He is on the other side of the country. If he came back now, it would only put him in danger. He’s still wanted for murder. I need to clear his name so he can come back."
"Liz please," Maria pleaded.
"Please what," Liz glared.
"Wait until morning," Alex cut in. "I think that we all need some sleep and we will be in better moods in the morning. Besides, we don’t need to rush into something that could possible be dangerous when it will be getting dark in a matter of minutes."
"I agree," Maria chimed in. "Please wait until morning. Just get some sleep tonight."
Liz knew that she wasn’t going to win this argument. That didn’t mean she was going to wait, she was just not going to give Maria and Alex the option of arguing with her. The sooner the police found out what she discovered, the sooner she could be with Max. "Fine," she grumbled. "Well, I am going to grab a shower and go to bed."
The two friends watched as Liz slowly walked down the hallway to the bathroom. Once they heard the shower running, Alex turned to Maria. "Is it just me, or was that too easy," he asked.
Maria nodded. "Too easy. She is planning something."
"We better watch her like a hawk," Alex stated.
"So, are you staying her tonight," Maria asked, moving towards the hall closet.
Alex smiled and shrugged his shoulders. "Like always."

So... wondering what will happen next? Will Liz get caught or worse? I know I am evil*happy*


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Hey everyone... I'm back and with a new part too. Just look at me and my writing self*happy* Thanks for all the feedback. Please keep it coming... I love it so*happy*


Part Twenty-four:

Liz took a quick shower, said goodnight to Alex and Maria, then headed of to her room. Quietly, she moved around, getting dressed. Five minutes later, she was ready to go, but something was nagging her. Then, she saw it. The piece of paper with Max’s number on it.

You could get ahold of Max. Tell him what you found out…

Maria’s voice echoed in the back of her mind, like the annoying cricket from Pinochio. "Let your conscience be your guide."
Letting out a snort of laughter at the comparison, Liz tried to push those thoughts out of her head. "I need to do this," she told herself. "This is the safest way." However, she was beginning to have her doubts. So she did what any person would have done. She wrote a note to Alex and Maria.
Carefully laying the note on her bed, Liz made her way over to the window. She climbed out and down the fire escape. "Damn," she thought as the deji vu hit her. "I am getting good at this. My mother would be shocked. It only took me ten or so years to learn how to sneak out."

Nicholas watched as John hung up his cell phone. "Who the hell was that," he fumed, upset over the interruption.
"Liz," John whispered. "This girl has to have the worst timing ever," he thought to himself.
However, Nicholas just smiled. You know, the evil grin that comes when schemes are falling into place. "How ironic. Just when we were talking about her. So what did you two talk about?"
"She wants to meet me," John informed him. "Liz thinks that she has found out who kidnapped, more like killed, Dr. Morris."
The grin got wider. "And who would that be?"
"Who the hell do you think," John snapped. As the words left his mouth, Nicholas shoved his hand forward and a wave of energy flung John across the room.
"Watch your manners," Nicholas scolded him. "Tess isn’t here to save you. In fact, the only reason I have kept you around is because she has a soft spot for you, and I was told to keep her in line. She is needed, your expendable. Best you remember that."
John stood up, glaring down at the little boy who held so much power. "If that were true, you still would have killed me. I know you Nicholas. The truth is that you need me too because I am the only one with a connection to Liz."
With another flick of the wrist, John went flying in the other direction. "Yes," Nicholas seethed. "You do happen to know the little queen, but you were also to stupid to realize it. So I suggest you tried to redeem yourself by bring her to me."
John stumbled to his feet once again. "And if I refuse?"
A laugh was emitted from the recesses of Nicholas throat. The sound was both awkward and terrifying to John. It unnerved him like nothing else ever had. But Nicholas just smiled. "I will destroy the only thing you have ever cared about," he warned him.
John’s stomach started to turn. "Tessie," he croaked.
Nicholas stalked over to him, circling him like a hawk. "Yes, you dear Tessie. Did you think that I was stupid enough to not know what she means to you. I raised you both, saw you in your last lifetimes. I will destroy her faster than you can bat an eye if you do not do what I ask."
An ancient yearning over took John’s entire being. He had always had the need to protect Tess, but what did that mean? What had they been in their past lives?
Still stalking, Nicholas took John’s silence to mean that he was considering his options very carefully. He decided to make sure John choose what he needed him to. "Tess might be important now, but what about after? When I am done with the King, what purpose will she have? I could either let her go, to live out her life as she wants. Or I could kill her. The choice is yours. Make a decision."
John let out a weary sigh. "I will bring you Liz."
Nicholas’s smile resumed, even wider than before. "Good. Now, where are you two going to meet?"
"McCormick Place," John replied.

The cab pulled up to the building. The driver looked back at Liz, unsure of the stop. "Sugar, are you positive that you want me to let you out here?"
"Yes," Liz said, working up her courage to actually get out of the car. When John suggested this location, Liz felt a chill run up her spine. Something about this place had always irked her. It could have been the coldness of the structure, with the hard steel beams and cement floors. Maybe it was it’s chameleon-like ability to change under the hands of construction workers and iron riggers from the numerous amounts of conventions and shows it held.
The driver cleared his throat, bringing Liz out of her thoughts. She grabbed a few bills from her wallet and paid the man. Getting out of the car, Liz vaguely registered the sound of the cab pulling away. Quickly, she gulped in a large amount of air, letting it fill her lungs to full capacity. "I really hope this isn’t something I’ll regret later," she mumbled, making her way to the designated entrance.
The expanse was dark and the concrete squeaked under the rubber soles of her shoes. "Hello," she called out. "John, are you out there?"
No response. The wind whipped around her as a breeze came off the lake, filling the place through some of the opening left by the latest show. "Hello," she yelled again. When she heard nothing, Liz started to think that it was time to get out of there. She turned fast, coming into contact with someone almost instantly. Liz let out a scream and stumbled back a couple of steps, then saw who she had run into. "John," Liz breathed in relief. "You scared the shit out of me."
John just stood there. He hated what he had to do, but he knew he had no other choice. Not if he wanted Tess to live. "Sorry," he apologized, both for scaring her and what he was about to do.
Liz didn’t even notice the look on John’s face as she exploded into her rant on what she had uncovered. "I think that Dr. Thomas is the one who killed the girl at the hospital. See, I think that he kidnapped and killed Dr. Morris. If you check out photos of both of them, they are almost identical. The girl might have found out something and Dr. Thomas…."
"I’m so sorry Liz," John cut her off.
Liz’s eyes grew wide, both out of shock at his interruption and a growing sense of fear. "Sorry for what," she asked, barely about a whisper.
John swiftly reached out and place a hand on each side of her head. "For this… you know to much, your too close. And now he wants to see you."
Liz felt a dull pounding in the back of her brain that started to grow rapidly. She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out. The world started to spin, faster then the Ferris wheel at the amusement park. "Max," she managed to croak out before the world faded away.
Without any effort, John swung Liz into his arms and carried her to his car. Gently, he laid her in the backseat. "I’m sorry," he whispered again.

"That’s it," Maria cried out in frustration. "I am nailing this fucking window shut. She snuck out again."
Alex searched the room for any clues to where she might have gone. "Damnit, we should have kept a better eye on her," he uttered in frustration as he searched through some papers on her desk.
"More like a leash," Maria said angrily. "I can’t believe she didn’t listen to us."
Alex threw her a look over his shoulder.
Maria saw the look and tossed the pile of papers she had been shuffling through on the bed. "Okay… I can believe that she didn’t listen to us, but it doesn’t mean I have to be happy with it."
"No shit," Alex stated. "I am so kicking her butt when we find her. Are you with me? Maria?"
However, Maria wasn’t paying any attention to Alex. An envelop had caught her attention at the top of the bed, and Maria walked around to pick it up. It was Liz’s note.

Just know that I had to do this. I know that you already know where I went. I love Max so much that I had to go as soon as possible. I don’t know how to say this without it sounding weird, but I feel like we are losing time. Almost like the next time I will see him might be the last. My dreams aren’t helping, so I am doing all I can to make sure that I fix what has happened.

By I am not so desperate that I can’t see something dangerous might happen. So things seem weird or I’m not talk to you in a few hours, call Max. I left his number in my journal. Maria, you know where it’s at.

I love you both and please don’t be too mad…
Liz ~ 6:17pm

"What is it," Alex asked, placing a hand on Maria’s shoulder. "You look like you are going to pass out."
"Liz left a note," Maria replied softly. "She did go see John. Alex, I’m scared," she admitted.
Alex sat down on the bed next to her. "It will be okay. Let’s hop in my car and we’ll find them. Or we could call John."
Maria wiped a tear that started trickling down her cheek. "No Alex. Something else is wrong. She left hours ago, and she says in the note that she would call or something in a few hours. I think that something has happened."
"Like what," Alex questioned. "Do you think that maybe Dr. Thomas or this Nicholas guy found out something."
As her eyes widened in fear, Maria reached out for the phone. "I’m calling Max."

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Hey all, I know... I'm late. But better late than never... right???? Please dont kill me. I did bring a new part. I hope you like it. This is the turning point for the story. From here on out there will be action, discoveries, new relationships, and of course... the ending. I am praying that you all want to stick around for it*happy*



Part Twenty-five:

"We could put in Metallica," Michael suggested. "I have Reload in the car."
Rowena shook her head. "Nah… too harsh. I think that we need something a little more mellow."
"I agree," Tess chimed in.
David rolled his eyes. "She has an opinion," he mumbled under his breath.
Isabel, who was walking out of the kitchen, heard his little comment and promptly smacked him upside the head. Then she turned her attention to the conversation at hand. "Why don’t we just watch a movie?"
"After everything that has been happening, my brain is to fried to watch a movie," Michael protested. "Besides, we would never be able to agree on one anyway."
"Yeah and selecting a CD to listen to is working out much better," Rowena tormented.
Michael let out a disapproving grunt and turned his head back to the stack of David’s CDs in his hand. Silence ensued, until Tess spoke up. "Could I put one of mine in?"
David shrugged his shoulders. At this point, he really didn’t care. Hell, they all were too tired to truly argue. Even Rowena wasn’t giving it her all. "Sure, be my guest."
Tess reached into her bag and grabbed a case. She walked over to the stereo and place the CD in the player. A soft melody filled the apartment.

Bye bye baby.
Don't be long.
I'll worry about you while you're gone.

Rowena nodded her head. "Ivy… good choice. I highly approve."
"Thanks," Tess whispered, walking back to her chair. "It’s one of my favorites."
"Mine too," Isabel stated, sort of fake-ish. She just wanted any shred of a conversation to keep going. Especially when it was involving Tess. No one had hardly spoken more than a sentence to her in the few hours they had been back. David was not at all shy about hiding his disapproval, but Isabel was starting to have doubts about not trusting her. Tess seemed nice, and she was sure that the rest would explain itself later.
"So," Michael trailed off, giving Isabel a strange look. "Do you think that Max is okay? I mean he looks like he has been dragged to hell and back."

Bye bye baby.
Don't be long.
I'll worry about you while you're gone.

"Well, it has been a very bad week," Isabel remarked. "A very bad week."
"She’s right," David added. "I mean an encounter with Nicholas, hiding out with humans, Serena’s … well…" He couldn’t finish the sentence. Events of the past few days were starting to catch up with them, and it was apparent that no one wanted to say anything yet.
Everyone just nodded, except for Tess. Actually, she flinched at the mention of Nicholas’s name. Something that did not go unnoticed by Rowena. However, she decided that now was not the time to bring it up. "I think that a nap will do Max good. So lets keep it down."
Max had confiscated the extra room in David’s apartment, hope to lie down for awhile. That was an hour ago. Finally, after tossing and turning for forty-five minutes, Max fell into a restless sleep.

I'll think of you in my dreams.
You'll never know just what you mean to me..... me.

A gray mist surrounded his mind, filling his dreams the instant he finally fell asleep. Max could feel a presence within his mind, a strong presence. Thinking it was Isabel checking up on him, Max called out her name. "Come on Isabel. I know you’re out there. Just leave me be."
There was no answer. Max took a couple of unsure steps forward, feeling that whoever was out there was close. The inclination grew with every step he took, until the mist around him stirred. Max’s eyes grew wide with horror at the sight the appeared before him.

Bye bye baby.
Don't be long.
I'll worry about you while you're gone.

He was in an abandon building and the smell which permitted was distinctly Chicago… like a perfect mixture of rain and sulfur. Nicholas was kneeling down next to a body, a tall man with light auburn hair next to him. And the body on the ground was Liz. Her dark chocolate hair was splayed across the wooden floor.
"Liz," Max cried out as he rushed forward. Suddenly, a hand gripped his arm. Max whipped around to find Liz standing there.
"Max," she whispered, not sure if it was him or not.
He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her body close to his. "God Liz, what’s going on? My dreams have never been like this."
Liz’s legs buckled and she collapsed, causing Max to lose his balance. He fell to the ground and instinctively reached out to pull Liz next to him. "Confused," she muttered, grabbing her head. "Things are spinning. Keeps replaying in my head. Over and over and over."
She pointed to the beings in front of them. Max turned his head slightly, seeing a repeat of her torment. Nicholas reached down to the form of Liz laying on the ground, grabbing her head to rip through her thoughts. Max pulled Liz tighter as he saw her getting mindraped.

Bye bye baby.
Don't be long.
I'll worry about you while you're gone.

Nicholas laughed as he tore through memory after memory. "She knows nothing about who she is. Innocence and ignorance wrapped up into one package. Too good to miss."
John winced as he watched. "What have I done," he scolded himself.
Noticing the steadfast soldier’s demeanor, Nicholas laughed even harder. "No stomach for this," he teased.
Anger filled Max’s veins as he watched. But before he could do anything to stop it, the figures faded, leaving only Liz and himself. "Have then done anything else to you," he seethed. "Where have the taken you?"
Liz opened her mouth, however an outside noise began permeating the dream. "Someone is coming," Liz whispered, shaking from fear.
Max hurried towards her, but she held out her hands to stop him. "Where are they taking you," Max cried in frustration.
Her form began to fade too. "Roswell," she mouthed before disappearing completely.

I'll think of you night and day.
I'll never know just what you meant to say.... say.
"Worry About You" by Ivy

The phone rang for what seemed like the hundredth time. Maria tapped her foot impatiently. "Max if you don’t pick up soon I swear to God I will…"
A click resonated as Max turned on his cell phone. "Hello," he said groggily.
"Max," Maria shrieked. "It’s about time you answered the damn phone. We are having big problems here."
Now Max was fully awake. "Maria," he spouted off into the receiver. "How did you get this number? What is the matter? Did something happen to Liz?"
Alex noticed that Maria was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, so he reached out and took the phone from her. Now was not the time to panic. That would have to come later. Right now, Max just needed to know what was going on. "Hey Max, this is Alex."
Max was more worried than ever. "Where is Liz? What the hell is going on?"
"She’s gone," Alex tried to say as calmly as possible. "She went to see John O’Mally about some information she found out. That was four hours ago. I don’t think it’s a coincidence."
Liz was missing. The thought didn’t even want to be processed through Max’s brain. No she needed to be safe back in her apartment, sleep or working on an article. Anything but missing.
"Max," Alex called. The silence on the other end of the phone was eerie. Alex wanted a response, any kind of response, or else he was going to start losing his mind. Having an agitated Maria sitting next to him wasn’t helping either.
Maria fidgeted next to him, finding anything to keep her hands busy. She always did that when she was worried. At the moment, it was a scrunchie that had been lying on Liz’s nightstand.
Finally, Max spoke. "What information had she found out," he asked.
"Stuff about Dr. Thomas and Dr. Morris’s disappearance," Alex admitted. "She thought that Dr. Thomas could be a clone or something of Dr. Morris and he found out. It’s more complicated than that. I can’t really explain it over the phone. But Liz couldn’t wait to share it with John. She snuck out on us."
Thoughts ran through Max’s head, until they came back to the dream he had just woken up from. None of his dreams about Liz had been that vivid. Could it have been real? Then there was that stranger who seemed to be in league with Nicholas, but he hated what that evil little alien was doing to Liz. Who was he? Liz had gone to meet John O’Mally, the officer she knew. John… the stranger… they had to be the same person. It made the most sense.
That meant that Nicholas was coming back to Roswell. "Alex," Max began to explain. "I need you and Maria to get some stuff together and get on the next flight out to New Mexico. You can’t stay in Chicago. It’s not safe."
"What about Liz," Alex protested. "You have to help her."
"I know," Max whispered. "They’re coming to Roswell."

So what did you think... I was really unsure about this part... I hope it was to your liking*happy* Let me know!!!


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Part Twenty-six:

"So this makes you cringe," Nicholas taunted. "And here I thought you were a soldier. My mistake."
John stiffened. He hated that Nicholas was taking this as a sign of weakness, but that was how he saw all emotions… as signs of weakness. "I just think that we shouldn’t torture her too much. I mean she’s no good dead."
Nicholas grinned. "I see. You’re thinking that we shouldn’t damage the goods before the King has a chance to agree to our trade."
"Yes," John said, nodding his head.
"I wouldn’t really worry about it John. If the legend holds true, the King will do anything to keep this little thing alive and safe," Nicholas informed him. "Therefore, lets get all the information we can out of her while she’s here."
Liz started coming out of her haze, just in time to hear Nicholas’s last statement. "No," she whimpered. Her head pounded as her own voice resonated in her ears. "Please no."
"She stirs," Nicholas stated, turning his head to look at Liz. "So nice to see you awake, your highness."
Dragging a hand up to shield her eyes from the light in the room, Liz tried to focus on what Nicholas was saying. "Your highness? What do you mean?"
Nicholas grabbed her hand and tore it away from her eyes. "I mean the protector’s daughter in the grasp of the King’s worst enemy. The irony of it all."
Nicholas started to move his other hand to cover Liz’s forehead. However, Liz saw him move out of the corner of her eye. Mustering all of her strength, she started to kick aimlessly, hoping to push him away. "John," Nicholas growled. "Get over here and hold her feet."
A pain tore thought him when he saw Liz thrashing about, but John did what he was told. He took both her legs in his hands, stopping her movements instantly.
"John, help me," Liz pleaded. "Don’t let him get to them. I won’t let you hurt them."
Laughing, Nicholas’s hand finally reached her forehead. "You’re in no position to stop me, your highness."
Tears made their way down Liz’s cheeks. "Please," she begged. "Just stop. I’m so confused."
"It won’t matter," Nicholas told Liz as he began rifling through her memories. "Soon, it won’t matter at all."

Max continued to pace the living room. It had been a half hour since the call from Chicago. It had taken nearly that long for him to calm down enough to tell everyone about the dream he had and that Alex and Maria were flying to New Mexico. Isabel immediately went off to see when the soonest flight would arrive. Tess sat in the chair, seeming not to focus on anything. Rowena watched Tess’s every movement like a hawk. David watched Rowena and Michael dove straight into a lecture.
"Are you sure about this whole dream thing," he asked. "Think about it. There isn’t much sense in your theory."
Max stopped moving. "Yes there is," he snapped. "Why else would I have a dream that Liz was captured by Nicholas, then get a phone call that she is missing."
Michael ran a hand through his hair. "But it was a dream," he countered Max.
"It felt real," Max yelled. "I know that you are not happy about the humans knowing who we are, but that is no reason to ignore the fact they’re in danger."
"And they will only be in more trouble if the come out here," Michael exclaimed throwing his hands up. "This is the funky alien capitol of the world, Maxwell. If anything bad is going to happen, it will happen here."
David decided it was time to interrupt this argument before it got any worse. "That’s not true," he uttered, getting up from the couch. "What happened in Chicago proves that Nicholas and gang can find us anywhere. Max is right. Alex and Maria are safer with us than alone. At least we know what to expect when it comes to Nicholas."
Michael could feel the blood pound in his veins. This whole idea was stupid, and he was going to let them know it. "We never know what Nicholas is going to do," he shouted. "That is the only predictable thing about him. How are we going to protect ourselves when we have to worry about humans," Michael asked. He turned to Max. "How are we going to protect you?"
Max took a couple of deep breaths. Things were getting too far out of hand. None of this was suppose to happen. Leaving was suppose to keep Liz safe, not put her in greater danger. He had to make Michael see that this was the only way to fix things.
"I don’t want to be protected," he told them. Everyone looked at him, but Max kept going. "I am tired of everyone looking out for me, putting themselves in danger for me. I’m not going to have anyone else die to keep me safe."
"You’re the King," Michael protested. "You are the whole reason we were sent. If you die, everything that has happened will be for nothing."
Max headed towards the door to the balcony. "If that was the case, why would they have sent you too," he asked just before closing the door.
The living room stood in complete silence. Isabel came running in, breaking the quiet. "The next flight into Albiquque arrives in four hours," she informed them. However, Isabel stopped dead in her tracks when she saw that Max wasn’t in the room. "Where did he go," she questioned, turning to look at Michael. She had heard the arguing when she was on the Internet.
Michael looked down at his shoes, while Rowena answered for him. "It was getting a little tense in here, so Max stepped outside on the balcony."
"I could go check on him, if you want," Tess chimed in. This was her chance to get close to Max. After spending a few minutes with the group, Tess knew that they weren’t going to trust her. She could mindwarp, but manipulating the six of them would be too risky. Isabel had provided the perfect in. Now, she would do the same to Max.
Isabel nodded her approval of Tess’s offer, so she made her way towards the balcony. Sliding the door behind her, Tess saw Max’s head snap when he heard the click. "Just thought I would check on you," she said softly.
Max turned back to the desert night stretching out before him. "I really want to be along right now."
"I understand," Tess mumbled, starting to focus on the warp she planned to create. Not only could a warp make someone see something, it gave her the ability to make people think what she wanted. And now she wanted Max to trust her. She needed to find out how far his connection to Liz had developed. "But sometimes it helps to talk to someone who can be … well … impartial."
Max could feel his mind lose focus for a moment, blurring his concern for Liz and lessening the guilt he felt in his gut. However, a second later, it came crashing back. "Can you be impartial," Max asked, glancing over his shoulder. "These are people you have never met that know your darkest secret. You’re okay with that?"
Tess thought for a minute. The mindwarp hadn’t worked. She lost control of his mind almost the instant she gained it, but it only took that one moment to tell the person who occupied all of his thoughts. Liz. Now she had to come up with an answer, and fast.
"I don’t know," she told him honestly. "I have always kind of been on my own, so all of this is new territory for me."
"What happened to you," Max questioned, fully interested in the answer. "After you emerged, what happened?"
"I don’t remember a lot from when I was little," Tess sighed. "One of the protectors found me wandering around the desert. He called himself Nacado. We moved to the Midwest not to long after."
"Is he still alive," Max asked with enthusiasm. "He could help us find Liz…"
Tess cut him off. "He’s dead Max."
Max’s mouth stopped moving. Glancing down, another wave of grief washed over him. "I’m sorry Tess."
"How were you to know," Tess sloughed off his apology. "It was a couple of years after he found me. He went out one day to run errands and just didn’t come back. After that, I stayed with some neighbors." It shocked her to hear such honest words come out of her mouth. She had been trained to lie since she was eight years old, but it was amazing how easily the truth found it’s way out. Not the whole truth, yet most of it.
Max nodded his head in understanding. "I really am sorry that you had to go through that on your own."
"It’s okay," she lied. "I’m over it. However, it is kinda nice to be around others like me."
Reaching out, Max touched her shoulder, trying to give some comfort. "I’m here if you ever need to talk," he offered.
"Thanks," Tess whispered, looking up into his eyes.
"No problem," Max told her.
Tess turned back to the door. She had been taught that these people were her enemy. Yet, after seeing the way Max was concern for her, hell even for Liz Parker, Tess wasn’t so sure. After all these years, Tess was starting to have doubts.

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Howdy everyone.... I know that this has been awhile, but here is a new part. I hope that you all like it. We are now on the edge of the home strech. Nothing but excitement from here on out.

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Part Twenty-seven:

When the night shows
the signals grow on radios
All the strange things
they come and go, as early warnings

"God, the music in airports suck," David commented. "I really want to know who the hell picks these songs because they sure do not seem to listen to anything released beyond the 70’s"
"I still don’t think that they should be coming here," Michael voiced again.
David rolled his eyes. "That’s great Michael. Their plane lands in ten minutes, and you want to tell them what? Just to get on another plane back to Chicago. I doubt they’ll listen."
"Shut up," Michael retorted.
"Shut up," David mocked.
"That’s it," Michael exclaimed, getting up from his seat. "God, you are acting more and more like Rowena everyday."
"Is that a bad thing," David quizzed.
Michael nodded his head. "Let’s see. I have spent the past several days stuck in a cave with my dearest sister, how loves to harangue me to no end about many things. And now you are acting like her. Yeah… I am going to go with it being a bad thing."
David laughed. "Come on, it couldn’t have been that bad. You guys did live together for a few years after all."
"That was different," Michael grumbled. "For one thing, we weren’t confined to one room. Besides, was I suppose to let her stay alone with Hank."

Stranded starfish have no place to hide
still waiting for the swollen Easter tide
There's no point in direction we cannot
even choose a side.

David cringed at the name. Hank Cobb, the third foster home Michael and Rowena had been placed in. The one that had almost killed them both. Michael rarely brought up Hank, under any circumstances, so David knew it was time to end the conversation. "I’m sorry man," David apologized. "I didn’t mean to bring it up, I swear."
Michael shrugged his shoulders. "It’s all good," he said. Hank had always been a trump card with him, the ultimate conversation stopper. The subject was always avoided when possible, even though Rowena had tried to bring it up several times. However, Michael knew it was better that she never knew what he went though just to keep as much of Hank’s wrath off of her.
Now, the topic was left hanging between him and David. Luckily, some woman decided it was time to come over the loudspeaker. "Flight 654, Chicago to Albaquque, is arriving at Gate 8."
"Goody," Michael groaned. "They’re here."

I took the old track
the hollow shoulder, across the waters
On the tall cliffs
they were getting older, sons and daughters

Maria wiped at her eyes groggily. Exhaustion had finally overcame her on the plane, and she fell asleep. Hard. Alex just let her sleep, but now it was time to get off the plane.
"So, who’s meeting us," Maria asked, grabbing her carry-on.
"The last time I spoke to Max, he said that David was coming," Alex informed her. "And probably Michael."
Maria’s ears perked a bit. "You mean the guy that I need to meet, according to David," she commented.
Alex nodded his head. "The very one. So, do you think that this will go better than the last time," he asked, moving towards the plane door.
"I really don’t care," Maria stated, looking up at the New Mexico sky. Clouds covered the normally bright and scorching sun, making is look as though it was going to pour down rain at any second. "I just want to get Liz back, safe and sound."
Alex laid a hand on her shoulder. "We will. I have a feeling that none of the…"
"Checkslovakins," Maria threw in, knowing exactly what he meant.
Alex smiled a little. "Right, Checkslovackins. I know they don’t want anything to happen to Liz, but if they drop the ball, we’re here to catch it."
Maria eased a bit. "Right."
Then, at the same time, they notice standing at the gate opening, a guy with spiky hair standing next to him. "Here goes nothing," Maria mumbled under her breath.

The jaded underworld was riding high
Waves of steel hurled metal at the sky
and as the nail sunk in the cloud, the rain
was warm and soaked the crowd.

"Home sweet home New Mexico," Nicholas’s twisted humor reared it’s ugly head again. "I was hoping to never come back here again. Humidity dries out the skin," he quipped.
John looked down at him. "You have a weakness after all," he remarked, glancing across the private plane at Liz. She was propped up against a window, so he couldn’t tell if she was really awake or in the cationic state Nicholas forced her in to.
"What was that," Nicholas asked.
John stiffened. "I was simply amazed that you had a weakness after all. Those pesky husks must be a issue out here in the desert sun."
Nicholas stormed over and backhanded John across the face. "Hold your tongue, if you know what is good for you. Now go pick up the little queen."
John rose, doing as he was told. Liz laid limply, making it hard for John to lift her, but finally he managed. Then, he made his way off the plane.

Lord, here comes the flood
We'll say goodbye to flesh and blood

Liz shuddered as the climate change over took her body. Deep down, she knew where she was, but everything on the surface was so muddled. Most anything seemed to hurt, so she remained as still as possible. However, she was being carried right now, and it was taking all her strength not to scream out.
Suddenly, two images across the runway caught her attention, reaching thought the fog that was her mind. Her body jerk awake, shocking the hell out of John. "What the…" he managed to say.
But Liz cut him off. "Alex, Maria," she cried out the best she could. "HELP."
John quickly covered her mouth with his hand, muffling her screams. Yet, Liz kept right on hollering. "Quiet," he whispered harshly in her ear, as he noticed the same thing she must have. "If he finds out who they are, he will hurt them too."

If again the seas are silent
in any still alive

"What is going on," Nicholas demanded, turning away from a black car. "What the hell is she yelling at?"
Twisting to face him, John shrugged slightly, still trying to restrain a struggling Liz. "How should I know. You’re the one who messed with her mind. She probably seeing things."
Nicholas looked around, taking notice of every person his gaze fell upon. "Are you sure? I mean, you’re not feeling any sort of energy from the others."
"No," John lied. He could definitely feel a strange presence, in fact two, but he would be damned if he wanted Nicholas to know that right now.
Nicholas turned back to the car. "No matter. It’s not like they could see us anyway. Mindwarping is such a useful power."
When she heard these words, Liz stopped moving. Alex and Maria weren’t going to hear her. She wasn’t going to get to them. Big tears started rolling from her eyes as she slumped back against John, giving in a little more. "Maria.. Alex… Max," she whispered one last time before retreating back into her safe catatonic state.

It'll be those who gave their island to survive
Drink up, dreamers, you're running dry.

"So," David trailed off. "Was the plane ride okay," he asked, not able to think of anything better.
"Yeah," Alex said, shuffling the duffel bag on his shoulder. "Thankful uneventful."
Michael scoffed, and Maria glared over at him. "What was that," she questioned.
"Nothing," Michael said, looking away.
David threw him a cautioning look. "This is Michael. And Michael, this is Alex," he said pointing in Alex’s direction. Then, he gestured towards Maria. "This is Maria."
"Thanks for clarifying that," Michael remarked. "Cause I thought it was the other way around."
Opening his mouth with a comeback, David was shocked when Maria beat him to the punch. "Stuff it, Spike. You could be a little nicer, considering that we are of our element here."

When the flood calls
You have no home, you have no walls
In the thunder crash
You're a thousand minds, within a flash

Michael gaze widened. This short little blond spitfire was already getting on his nerves. "What is it with the Buffy comments," he wondered aloud.
"I could ask the same thing about your hair," Maria retorted. "Are you trying to look tough?"
"That’s it," Michael sputtered. "I’ll be in the SUV. I was going to be nice, but you can carry your own damn luggage."
They all watched as he walked away. "Figures," Maria announced as she made her way to the baggage corral.
David looked at Alex, and visa versa. "Now that was just strange," Alex declared.
David shook his head in agreement. "Very, and I have seen some really strange things."
Alex snickered. "I bet you have."
The humor of what he said hit him, and he started laughing. "Michael isn’t really that bad, you just have to know him."
"The question is," Alex began. "How long will that take. Trust is kind of important right now."

Don't be afraid to cry at what you see
The actors gone, there's only you and me
And if we break before the dawn, they'll
use up what we used to be.

David stopped laughing. "I know," he said quietly. "I really am sorry about all this. Isabel and I should have listened to Max in the first place."
"What do you mean," Alex asked.
"Well, Max wanted to bring all of you back with us, just in case. But Isabel and I talked him out of it. We thought it would be to dangerous," David admitted. "I really am sorry."
Alex waved his hand. "Don’t be sorry, just get Liz back and we will call it even."
"Deal," David agreed. "We better go before Michael decides to leave us here."
Alex felt a little panic about being stranded at the airport. "You don’t have the keys," he exclaimed.
"I do," David said, heading in the direction Maria walked off to. "But we don’t need them."
"Oh," Alex uttered, following David. They need to hurry. Not just because of Michael, but because Alex felt they were running out of time. They needed to get Liz back as soon as possible.

Lord, here comes the flood
We'll say goodbye to flesh and blood
If again the seas are silent
in any still alive
It'll be those who gave their island to survive
Drink up, dreamers, you're running dry.
"Here Comes The Flood" by Peter Gabriel

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Here is the new part I promised. I said that I would get it out. We are in the home stretch now. Just four more chapters left. I hope you like this one. All of the clues start coming together!


Part Twenty-eight:

"Honey, I’m home," Alex called out as David opened the door to his apartment.
Everyone turned to look at him. Alex shrunk back a couple of steps, throwing his hands up in the air. "Hey, I just always wanted to say that. Thought it would break the ice."
Maria nudged him in the arm. "Not the time Alex."
He conceded as they all walked into the apartment. Isabel and Rowena, who had been talking, stood up from the couch. Tess stopped playing with the radio, but she stayed sitting on the ground, secretly hoping not to get noticed.
"Well," David said. "I guess it’s time for another round of introductions."
Rowena was the first one to step forward. "Hi, I’m Rowena," she said offering her hand.
Alex shook it first, then Maria. David smiled as he pointed towards Isabel. "And you already know Isabel."
"Hello," Isabel mumbled, plopping back down on the couch. "I hope that your flight was okay."
"Fine," Maria choked out.
"Crappie movie, but what else is new," Alex joked.
Maria threw him a death glare, and he quickly backed off. "Okay, okay. I won’t joke ever again."
Maria nodded her head in satisfaction, a tiny smile forming on her lips. "That’ll learn ya."
"And this is Tess," David chuckled.
"Hi," Tess whispered, giving a little wave.
"So," Maria trailed off. "Where’s Max?"
"He said he was going to take a nap," Isabel told them.
Michael grunted. "Great time for a snooze," he muttered.
"Damnit Michael," Rowena sighed. "Give it a rest."
Michael started to pace back and forth. "Why should I? He invited the ‘we know an alien club’ here. Max could at least be awake enough to greet them."
Isabel stood up again. "There is more to it than that Michael, and you know it! He might be trying to…" Isabel stopped abruptly.
Alex and Maria looked at each other, then to Isabel. "Care to share," Maria exclaimed. "What were you going to say?"
Immediately, Isabel’s stance stiffened. "Nothing," Isabel said shortly.
Rowena approached her. "Come on Isabel, back down."
"I didn’t do anything," Isabel protested.
"Yeah. The vibes coming off of you and Michael evoke nothing but the warm and fuzzys," David chimed in.
"More like frostbite," Maria added.
"That’s it," Isabel yelled. "I’ve had enough."
"Too bad," Maria taunted. "Because I’m not finished."
"Enough," Alex shouted over them. "Aliens over here," he commanded, pointed at the couch. "Maria over here," he ordered, gesturing to the chair.
Everyone quietly scurried to their ordered locations. Meanwhile, Alex took Michael’s position and started to pace the room. "This bickering stops now," he lectured. "Whether or not you want us here. Whether we want to be here or not. It doesn’t matter. We, the humans, are here and we are not going anywhere till Liz is safe. And if anyone has a problem with that, they can just get the hell off this planet. Is that understood."
Everyone nodded their answers, as a satisfied look crept across Alex face. "Good," he huffed, trying to work the last bit of anger out of his system. "Let’s get this all straight. Everyone here is on the same team. We are working for the common good. You know, kill the bad guy and save the girl. Agreed?"
To the shock of the whole group, Michael was the first one to answer. He stood up from the couch and stalked over to Alex. Alex remained stiff, but deep down, he was a little intimidate. That is, until Michael offered his hand. "Agreed," he stated.
Alex let out a little sigh of relief as he took Michael’s hand, and Michael began to laugh. "Not such a bad ass, are ya?"
Giving him a heated glare, Alex thought again and began to laugh too. "Maybe."
The laughter soon died down. A serious tension began to fill the room again. Alex knew that couldn’t happen, so he turned to Isabel. "Please tell us what you were going to say before. Right now Maria and I need to know about anything that might help Liz."
Isabel met his eyes, finding herself getting lost in them for a moment. "Dreams," she whispered. "Max had a dream before you called. That is why he was so freaked. He saw her being captive by Nicholas."
"Was it just this one dream," Maria asked suddenly.
"No," Isabel said, shaking her head. "Max has been having dreams about Liz since he was eight."
Maria gasped, covering her mouth with her hand. "Oh God!"

Max had fallen into another restless sleep. It was like true sleep evaded him, but consciousness was too far behind him. So his mind took to conjuring images. Good images. Images of Liz.
On the own, his body started to relax and his breathing evened out. Only Liz could make him feel this kind of calm. God, how he wanted her back, wanted her to be in his arms sleeping.
And suddenly, her image appeared. Max blinked once, then again, and a third time for luck. "Liz," he questioned.
"Shhhhh," the sound came rolling off her tongue. "We don’t have much time."
Max let out a disappointed laugh. "We never have enough time."
Liz chuckled her agreement to the comment. However, her expression turned serious. "Alex and Maria are in New Mexico. I saw them."
"I know," Max told her, then his mind finished processing her complete statement. "Wait…. YOU SAW THEM? You were there?"
Liz nodded. "We arrived at about the same time. Nicholas can do things, Max. Lots of things. He is so strong."
Max took a step towards her. "I know. But we’re stronger. We can defeat him Liz. You just have to hold on a little longer," Max begged. "Please."
Taking a step closer to him, Liz gazed up at Max’s face reverently. "I will wait forever Max. As long as you are at the end of any journey, I don’t care how long it takes."
Max couldn’t wait any longer. He had to hold Liz in his arms, even if it was only a dream, it was still some version of her. His arms came around her, pulling her close to his body.
"God," Liz murmured against his arm. "I know that this is just a dream, but I don’t want to wake up Max. It just feels so real."
Max took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of her hair. "I know," he told her, lightly kissing the darken strands. "It is like I am actually holding you."
"Why is that Max," Liz asked. "These dreams just keep getting stronger."
"I don’t know," he admitted. "But I hope it never ends."
Silence befell them. And it was just the two of them. A Max and his Liz.
"… your highness," A voice shattered the moment.
Liz jumped away from Max. "It’s him," she gasped, terror lacing her words.
"… time’s up," the voice echoed again.
"Liz," Max cried out as she began to fade from sight.
"No," she protested, reaching out for him.
Then Liz was gone.
Max shot up straight in bed. The darkness surrounded his sweat covered his body. His breath was labored. Quickly, Max looked around the room, his eyes quickly meeting those of Isabel’s.
"Max," she whispered. "Are you okay?"
Taking a deep breath, Max wiped his hand over his brow. "Yeah," he reassured her. "Just a weird dream."
Someone else cleared their throat. "Was Liz in it?" That time the voice was Alex.
Max blinked a couple of times, adjusting his eyes to the light in the room. That’s when he noticed that everyone had congregated in David’s guest room. "What are you all doing here," he asked, definitely confused as to what was going on.
"We’ve been thinking…" Rowena trailed off. "And…. well…"
Michael grew impatient waiting for someone to say something, so he walked over to the edge of the bed and plopped himself down. "The truth is Maxwell. That dream you were telling us about. Well, you were right. They’re real."

"Give me that damn book," Max commanded, holding his hand out.
David gave the book to him, and Max began flipping though it’s metallic pages. "So your saying you believe that Liz is my chosen queen," he asked incredulously. "How can that be? She’s not an alien."
"But the dreams Max," Maria started to explain. "Just a few minutes ago, you told us how you have been having dreams about Liz for years. Well, it has been the same for her."
"Plus, you have always had this attraction to her," Isabel added. "Since we were eight. EIGHT!!!! It’s not normal for eight year olds to fall in love."
"Include what happened with the Granolith and I think we have a pretty solid hypothesis," Michael chimed in.
Max ran his hand though his hair roughly. "Which I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about sooner," he groaned, shooting an angry look at Rowena.
"I forgot," Rowena apologized for the tenth time. "A lot happened. You know, getting shot, finding Tess…. a lot."
Max took in everything they were saying. He had never believed in destiny. In fact, he hated the thought of this stupid book prophesying who he would spend the rest of his life with because in his mind, his heart the only one for him was Liz. Now he knows that Liz is somehow the prophesied daughter of the navigator.
Unexpectedly, the dream came crashing back on his mind…
"…your highness."
That voice. It was Nicholas. He knew. Knew who Liz is, what she is?"
"Nicholas knows," Max announced to the group. "He knows that Liz is the queen."

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Howdy all...

I am back again. Sorry, but my muse is just running on overdrive with this story. Three more parts left, according to my caculations. But then will come the sequel!


BTW... I have started another short fic... three parts only, called Lovewhammy. It's going to be short and fluffy so please check it out if you have the chance!

Part Twenty-nine:

"Grrrrr," Rowena growled at the book in her hands. It was frustrating her to no end. She wasn’t able to make heads or tales of a word it said. In a final act of frustration, she picked it up and threw the book across the kitchen table.
"Did the big bad book bite you," Maria teased, rubbing the threatening sleep from her eyes.
"Serena didn’t teach me much Antarian. Hell, I can’t even construct a sentence, let alone read one," she grumbled. "What made me think I could understand the damn book."
David came up behind Rowena and gently started rubbing her shoulders. "You tried. That’s all the matters."
"Trying helps us how," Rowena scolded herself.
"You understand more Antarian than the rest of us," David tried to boost her confidence.
Rowena glanced back at him, managing a weak smile. "Thank you," she said softly.
Meanwhile, Maria sat in her chair, grinning like a mad fool "I knew it," she mumbled to herself.
Rowena and David turned to look at her. "Knew what," David asked.
"Nothing," Maria said quickly.
"You said something," Rowena stated, amusingly laying her head on her hand. "Now spill, what was it?"
Maria knew she had to think fast. "Ummmm, that there is no place for us to sleep here," she announced, almost a little too loudly.
Alex jumped a little when her heard her raised voice. He had been nodding off at his laptop, but the sound of Maria’s voice jerked him awake. "Who… what? Evil alien," he shouted, jerking forward.
Isabel, who somehow managed to curl up on the floor near Alex’s feet, was sound asleep. When Alex stood up, his laptop went flying, crashing down on Isabel’s head.
"Evil alien," she exclaimed, bolting upright, her hands raised high. Then, the pain in her head registered. "Ow," she whimpered, falling back to the floor. "What hit me?"
Alex winced. He knelt down next to her. "I’m sorry. I knocked over my laptop."
Next, an unmistakable laughter filled the room. Alex turned towards the kitchen table. "Maria, this isn’t funny."
"I beg to differ," a male voice coming from the couch chimed in. "Evil aliens," Michael chuckled. "No doubt what is going on in your minds."
Isabel glared at him. "Shut it Michael."
"Make me Isabel," Michael challenged.
"I will as soon as the throbbing stops," Isabel threatened, still rubbing the top of her head.
"I’m sorry," Alex apologized again, looking down at the floor.
Isabel smiled a him. "No biggie. Everyone is always telling me that I have a thick skull. This time, it just came in handy."
Sitting in the corner, Tess tried to cover up the fact that she was yawning like crazy, but Max saw. "Why don’t you guys go and get some rest. It won’t do any good for everyone to fall asleep when we try to rescue Liz. I’ll keep looking for anything we can use against Nicholas."
"But Max," Michael started to argue.
Max just waved his hand. "I mean it. Get some rest. Michael you can go back to the apartment. Tess, Alex, and Maria can stay with Rowena and Isabel."
Isabel forced herself to her feet. "Max… I don’t think that is such a good idea."
Turning his head to the side, Max threw his sister a puzzled look. "Why not. You guys have got the most room, living in a house and all."
"But," Isabel started to protest.
"Please Is," Max begged.
Isabel nodded. "Okay." Then she turned to the others. "You guys can get your stuff and I will take you over to our house."
Tess, Alex, and Maria went about gathering their stuff. A few minutes later, they managed to pack themselves into two cars. Rowena and Tess in one, the rest in Isabel’s car.
Isabel was the first to arrive at the house. She quickly got out of the car, ran up to the door, and unlocked it. "Make yourselves at home. I know that the place is kind of a mess, but I haven’t been here for a little while." she babbled, straighten things as she moved around the front room.
Suddenly, she stopped. Alex and Maria watched silently as she turned to face them, an expression on her face as though someone turned on a light bulb in her head. "Blankets," she exclaimed. You guys need blankets. I’ll be right back."
Maria leaned in towards Alex. "And you thought I was a nazi when it came to guests," she whispered.
However, Alex wasn’t listening. Something was up with Isabel. He barely knew her, and yet he knew something was wrong.
Isabel headed upstairs. If Alex and Maria were staying with them, they would need blankets and pillows. And those were in the upstairs closet. "I can do this," she told herself. "I can walk around my own house."
Quickly, she went to the closet and searched for the necessary items. Then an all to familiar scent hit her nose. Lavender. Serena loved the smell of lavender and almost everything she owned smelled like it. It was calm and soothing, just like she had been.
Isabel walked down the hallway, towards Serena’s room, as if she was in a trance. It was the first time she had even been in the house since her death, let alone in her room. Nothing had moved, nothing had changed, like it was waiting for her. The room was just mocking her. Serena was not going to come back.
Isabel took in the sight of everything. The clean, crisp white sheets on the bed that contrasted with the deep purple of the comforter. The light purple curtains were pulled back by the white cording, letting the light it. The lavender smell was overwhelming in the room, and stung Isabel’s eyes. Maybe it was the tears.
"It’s not fair," she whispered to the air. "It’s not fair." Frustration filled her veins, and suddenly she saw it. The picture of her and Serena taken a few weeks ago, sitting in a picture frame on the nightstand. Rowena had finally got Isabel to relinquish her grip on the camera, so she took the opportunity to take a picture of her two roommates.
Now the photograph stared at her, and Isabel hated it. She hurried over to the nightstand, picked up the frame, and threw it at the wall. Her hands quickly found another item, this time a vase, and Isabel threw that at the wall too. "It’s not fair," she cried out.
Isabel reached for another object to throw. Maybe if she destroyed any evidence that Serena actually lived it would hurt less that she was really dead. Her fingers ran across a bottle of perfume, and Isabel picked up. But just as she was about to throw it, a warm pair of hands placed themselves on her arms. The bottle slipped from her fingers, shattering when it hit the hardwood floor. Its perfume hit her nose. Lavender.
She turned around and her eyes met Alex’s. "Why did you stop me," she yelled at him.
"Smashing every item in this room isn’t going to change the fact she’s gone," he said softly.
"Who’s gone," Isabel asked, her eyes narrowing.
Alex brought his hand back up and placed it on her shoulder. "Serena," he whispered.
"You have no idea what you are talking about," Isabel hissed. "Now leave," she commanded, pointing over at the door.
Alex shook his head, standing his ground. "You’re not the only one who has lost someone," he explained gently. "You’re not the only one who lost Serena."
Isabel’s defenses were up. "You didn’t know her, you don’t know me. This is none of your concern."
"My friend is missing because of what happened," Alex told her. "And you all are helping to find her. It is my concern."
Opening her mouth to speak, Isabel found that no words would come out. A tear slipped from her eye, followed by another, and another. "It’s my fault," she managed to choke out at last. "Serena’s death, Liz’s kidnapping, putting you all in danger. It’s all because of me."
Alex took a step towards her, using his hand to pull her into his arms. Isabel embraced him, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck. "It’s not your fault," Alex whispered.
Isabel nodded her head against his shoulder. "Yes it is. I sent Serena to Chicago," she admitted. "I wanted her to check up on Max. I was actually mad that my brother was having a life that didn’t involve me, so I send her to watch him. And she did, because I asked her too."
Alex listen to her, but he didn’t believe a word she said. "Serena went to Chicago because she suspected something was wrong. You both knew something was going on at the hospital. It was concern, not jealously."
Pulling back, Isabel opened her mouth to argue with him, but Alex placed a finger on her lips. "And it saved Max. You saved Max."
Sobs over took Isabel’s body, and she dropped to the floor. Alex sat down next to her. He pulled her to him as he leaned his back against the bed. Isabel didn’t fight him. Instead, she curled up next to him, practically sitting in his lap. Alex ran his fingers though her long blond hair, trying to calm her down. Every once and awhile, Isabel would manage to say Serena’s name before she began to cry all over again. But Alex sat with her, holding her as long as she needed him to.
Meanwhile, Rowena and Tess arrived at the house. They were greeted by the sight of Maria snooping around the living room. Rowena could help but laugh, alerting Maria to their presence.
Maria quickly froze in her tracks. "I’m sorry. Couldn’t help myself."
"What were you looking for," Rowena asked, still laughing.
"Alien artifacts," Maria joked. "Actually, I was checking out your movie collection. Some good choices."
"Yeah," Rowena said, her voice a little quieter. "Isabel has a big thing for movies. So did Serena."
Maria looked at the ground. "Sorry."
Just then, Tess cleared her throat. "I hate to interrupt,, but I am kinda falling asleep where I stand?"
"Oh," Rowena said. "Well, you can have the room in the basement. There should be some pillows and stuff down there. Just follow the hall to the end and go down the stairs."
"Thanks," Tess mumbled.
Maria looked over at Rowena. "Is she always so quiet?"
Rowena shrugged her shoulders. "I was just wondering the same thing."
Suddenly, the phone rang. Maria jumped nearly three feet in the air as Rowena dove for the phone. It was Max. "You guys have to get back over here. Nicholas just contacted us."

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Part Thirty:

"Alex," Maria called out as she rushed up the stairs. "Isabel. Where are you guys?"
They stumbled out of Serena’s room, just as Maria was coming down the hall. "What’s the matter," Isabel gasped, wiping the tears from her eyes.
"What happened," Alex managed to say at the same time.
Maria jerked to a stop. "Is everything okay," she asked noticing Isabel’s tears.
"Fine," Isabel muttered. "Now, spill. Why were you yelling like the house was on fire?"
"Nicholas contacted Max," Maria informed them. "We need to get back to David’s apartment right now."
"What are we waiting for," Alex exclaimed, reaching out and grabbing both girls by their hands, dragging them down the hall.
The three rushed down the steps, almost bowling Rowena down in the process. "Oh my God," the three girls shouted in unison, while Alex yelled, "Shit."
"Rowena," Isabel gasped. "What the hell?"
"Tess is gone," Rowena announced. "I just went to the basement and she was gone."
Maria threw up her arms. "Perfect."
"Where would she go," Alex asked.
Isabel shrugged. "I don’t know. It’s not like she knows her way around Roswell."
Now both Maria and Alex were confused. "I thought that she was part of your group," Maria questioned.
"We only just found her," Isabel explained. "When we were in Chicago, in fact."
"But how did you know that she was one of you," Alex asked, trying to remain calm.
"We can sense the energy of other hybrids like us," Rowena told them. "Kinda like a homing beacon."
"I don’t like this," Maria said. "Too many coincidences."
Rowena moved towards the door. "I’ll go look for her. She couldn’t have gotten far. You three head for David’s. Tell the others what’s up." With that, Rowena was out the door.

Tess headed down a dark section of an alley, slowing down for the first time since she left Isabel and Rowena’s house. She could feel his energy grow more intense. "John," she whispered under her breath, speeding up her pace again.
She didn’t know why, but she couldn’t wait to see him. It was like this need that turned at the bottom of her stomach, fueling each of her movements since she first sensed him. Deep down, she missed him terribly this past week. Especially after seeing how close the other hybrids were. They were a family, and she would never be part of that. She didn’t know how to be.
Nicholas would never understand. He would command her, manipulate her, allow her the ability to rise back to her rightful place on the throne of Antar. Yet, he would never understand her feelings, her doubts. All Nicholas could understand was pain and power.
John was just the opposite. He might understand because he was in the same position. A hybrid, abandoned by the others like him and taken in by Nicholas. Raised for a mission, but never fully understanding why he had to play the role he was handed. If anyone could help Tess figure things out, it would be John.
A light appeared on the other side of the street, illuminating the park behind it. Sitting on one of the swings, Tess saw him. And she ran faster.
"Tess," John exclaimed when he saw her running towards him. "Is something the matter? Are you hurt? Did they hurt you?"
Instead of getting an answer, John got a reaction that he would have never expected. Tess launched herself into his arms, embracing him.
"I felt you," she whispered. "I just had to see you. But what are you doing out here in the park?"
John took a step back. "I had to clear my head. Think about things."
"Like what," Tess asked.
John looked at her knowingly. "Whether or not this is right. How do we know that we are on the right side of this war?"
Tess looked down at the grass. "It will get us home, that’s why. We don’t belong here. We should be on Antar instead of Earth."
"We are part of both places," John groaned. "Both Antarian and human. I just don’t know which I like better."
"You have to come with me," Tess cried. "When this is all over, you have to come back we me John. I can’t go without you."
John ran his finger under her chin, lift her face to look her in the eyes. "I’m going to go wherever you do Tess. You’re my home, the only family I have ever known. I just think that we need to watch our steps until this is all over with."
"Why," Tess asked, not moving her eyes from his.
"We can’t trust Nicholas," John told her.
A loud gasp echoed through the park. Tess and John both turned around, facing a very shocked Rowena. "I knew it," she yelled at Tess.

"I think you should sit down, Maxwell," Michael suggested, watching Max walk back and forth in David’s living room.
"I’m fine," Max grumbled, still caught up in this thoughts.
David shook his head in opposition. "I think that Michael is right. After all, that was pretty intense."
Max scowled at him. "I’m fine. It wasn’t that bad."
"The connection threw you across the room," Michael protested. "You made a dent in the wall."
"Yeah," David chimed in. "There goes my security deposit," he added softly.
Michael couldn’t help snickering. "Nah. That went when you threw a skin out the front window."
"He broke my stereo," David joked.
"Guys," Max snapped. "We need to focus here. Nicholas forced that connect," he told them. "There is no way he could have done it without using Liz."
"How do you know that," Michael asked.
"There isn’t a bond between Nicholas and I. The only one he could have gotten to that I did have a connection with was Liz," Max explained. "Also, Nicholas’s powers are strong, but not that strong. He was getting power from somewhere else."
"And you think he was using Liz’s power," David questioned. "She doesn’t even know she any."
Max looked down at the floor. "But he does. He was using her power. I could feel it."
David opened his mouth again, but a clatter from outside interrupted him. A moment later, Isabel, Alex and Maria burst through the door.
"We’re here," Maria panted. "We’re here."
Alex leaned against the wall. "What she said," he managed to say.
Maria slid down the wall next to him. "Two flights of stairs and we are this out of breath. Man Alex, we need to get in shape."
Isabel walked over towards Max. "What happened? What does Nicholas want?"
Max gave her the typical ‘duh’ look. "What does he always want?"
"The Granolith," David, Michael, and Isabel said in unison.
Alex cleared his throat. "I will probably kick myself for asking, but what is the Granolith?"
Michael turned to him. "Big, powerful, important rock thing," he told Alex. "Basically, if Nicholas gets it, we lose."
"But if he doesn’t get it, Liz dies," Maria retorted. "I call that losing too."
"Neither is going to happen," Max exclaimed, quieting them.
They all nodded, but David wasn’t listening. He was too busy looking around the room. "Where’s Rowena," he asked Isabel. "And Tess?"
"Our big news," Isabel remarked softly. "Tess snuck out and Rowena went to look for her."
"I don’t like this," Michael said, his tone lined with worry.
David turned around, rushing in the kitchen to grab his keys. "Neither do I," he uttered, heading for the door. "I’m going to find her."
"I’ll go with you," Michael said, taking a couple of steps towards the door.
David’s head snapped around. "No," he order, shocking everyone in the room. "You stay here, figure out a plan. I’ll bring them back."

"I knew it," Rowena exclaimed, pointing at Tess. Then, she took a step back. "Okay, maybe not in the sense that I had an actual clue what was going on, but I knew something was up with you."
Tess raised her hand. "Rowena, let me explain. I…"
Rowena cut her off. "Back down," she ordered, extending her hand. "Put your hand down right now."
John stepped in front of Tess. "It’s two against one. The odds are not in your favor."
"Yeah, but you haven’t seen what I can do," she said threateningly, trying to appear calm.
Tess let out a little laugh. "You can move things," she stated matter-of-factly.
Rowena flinched slightly. "Shit, they weren’t suppose to know that," she thought as she took another step back. Then, she had an idea.
"Well," Rowena sighed, letting her hand come down. "I’m really good at it." With that, both hands snapped up, sending out bolts of energy.
Tess and John went flying back. Rowena turned from them, breaking into a dead run. "Oh God," she thought aloud. "I have got to warn the others."
However, her movement was cut off when she suddenly ran into something. Actually, someone.
"Rowena," David gasped as she hit him. "Are you okay? What happened?"
Glancing behind her, Rowena saw John and Tess heading in their direction. "Explanations later," she shouted, grabbing his arm. "Run now."
The ran back in the direction that David had just come from. "Did you bring your car," Rowena asked, keeping a couple of steps ahead.
David glanced in the direction of his Camery, starting patting at his jacket pockets, doing his best to keep up with her. "Shit," he exclaimed. "I must have dropped the keys when we bumped into each other."
"Damnit," Rowena cried out in frustration.
They turned a corner, heading down an alley. Suddenly, David realized something. "For God’s sakes, we have powers. I’ll just hot wire the damn thing," he told her, gripping her arm and pulling her off to the side, behind a dumpster. "We need to double back," he whispered.
Rowena took a couple of deep breaths. "I can keep going, draw them away from you. You hot wire the car, and I’ll come to you."
David shook his head. "No. It’s too dangerous. "I’ll draw them away, you go to the car."
"David," Rowena protested. "You have more control over your powers. I might blow the car up, and where would we be then."
"But," David started. However, Rowena cut him off.
With a kiss.
She knew that this might be her last time to do it. After all, she doubted that if Tess and the other guy caught up to her, that they would let her go. Even if they got through this, who knew what would happen later. Rowena had to kiss , even if it was only once.
The initial brush of her lips against his caught David off guard. Yet, when she did it again, letting out a little sigh next to his mouth, David used it to his advantage. He gently began exploring her mouth, reveling in the taste of her sweet lips.
Then, the heard footsteps coming down the alley. Rowena pulled away, not being able to help the smile on her face. "Just something I had to do," she whispered, quickly kissing him again.
David didn’t get a chance to say anything. Rowena quickly moved out from behind the dumpster. "Hey," she called out. "I’m over here."
Watching as she ran away, followed a few moments later by Tess and the other guy, David quietly crept out of his hiding spot. Making his way back towards the car. Jumping in, he waved his hand over the ignition, trying his best to get the engine to turn over. "Come on," he yelled. "Start!"
When it was obvious that it wasn’t going to work, David reached under the wheel. "I guess I’ll have to do this Michael’s way. Taking two wires in his hand, he yank them apart. Then, he began touching the two ends together.
Rowena had come around the far end of the park, when she saw David’s Camery. Even thought her legs were burning from the abuse, she did her best to pick up the pace. Tess and John were no more than a few steps behind her.
John turned to Tess. "Stop her," he yelled. "Nicholas will kill us if she get away."
Tess’s movements immediately came to a halt. She closed her eyes, working to create the mindwarp fast. Anything to disorient Rowena.
And it work. The world around her changed, making Rowena stop running. She knew that she had to get out of there, but at the moment, she wasn’t sure where there was.
David saw Rowena stop, just short of the car. "What the hell is she doing," he wondered outloud.
John rushed up behind Rowena. She didn’t even see him. Tess’s mindwarp was doing the trick. Suddenly, a guy got out of the car in front of him. He rushed up to the girl, grabbing her around the waist and shoving her into the car. Seconds later, the car was speeding away.
John started to chase after them, fully knowing that it was pointless. Turning around to look at Tess, he saw her run towards him.
"Great," she cried out. "What the hell are we going to do now? Nicholas will kill us when he finds out."
"Maybe not," John managed to say, in-between breaths. "Please tell me you have some information on them. Something?"
Tess thought for a moment. "Maybe."
John sighed in relief. "Good. We’ll forget about his and just tell Nicholas that is why you came back… to give him the information. Once this thing blows over, we will be out of here post-haste."
"But," Tess began to protest.
John turned to her, placing a hand on both shoulders. "Please Tess, trust me on this. I know that you just want to get back to Antar, to lead our people, and I know that you will do everything in your power to do that. "I just don’t think that using Nicholas as a means to an end is the best way. He’s dangerous. Please don’t think that he, or Kivar for that matter, won’t kill either of us if it suits their purpose."
Tess looked down. "I know that," she said softly. "But once we get back, they won’t matter, the other hybrids won’t matter."
"So you think that it is the right thing to help Nicholas get rid of them," John asked.
"They got rid of us," Tess shouted angrily. "They left us behind John. Left us for Nasado to find, to hand over to Nicholas, to become what we are. And they’re the reason we’re here in the first place."
"Alright Tess," John conceded. "Let’s just get back to Nicholas. I have a feeling that this will all be over soon. One way or the other."

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Part Thirty-one:

"Trust me okay," Rowena exclaimed. "Tess… bad. Any questions?"
The entire group just stared at her, with the exception of David. He just nodded his head in agreement at all the words coming out of Rowena’s mouth.
"How do you know," Isabel asked, not wanting to believe it was true.
Rowena rubbed at one of her eyes, her vision blurring for a moment from lack of sleep. "Let me see," she yawned. "Tess was in the park talking to some strange guy about Nicholas and what to tell him."
Michael sat up straight. "Guy… what guy? Who the hell would she know in Roswell?"
"He was tall, with strawberry-blondish hair. I think that Tess called him Joey or Josh…"
"John," Max, Maria, and Alex finished for her.
Rowena snapped her fingers. "That was it. How did you guys know?"
Maria flung herself back on the couch. "Officer O’Mally," she groaned. "That bastard."
"I’m gonna kill him," Alex seethed. "I am going to freaking kill him."
Max’s eyes were ablaze with anger. "Not if I get to him first."
Isabel raised her hand. "That’s nice and all, but mind letting the rest of us in on what is happening before you do."
"The guy was a cop," Alex explained. "We thought he was a friend of sorts. Odd, but still a good guy."
"Liz went to talk to him," Maria chimed in. "To explain how she knew Max didn’t murder Serena. That’s when she disappeared."
Michael looked confused. "So what does that make him?"
Maria gave him the typical "duh" look. "An alien."
"No shit," Michael remarked. "But what kind," he asked, looking at Max.
Now it was Maria’s turn to be confused. "There’s more than one kind?"
Michael couldn’t help but grin. He had the perfect chance for some payback. "Yeah blondie. There’s us, wonderful hybrids. Skins, who need to wear husks in order to survive. Then, there is the aliens who only suck humans blood and walk around at night."
Maria listened intently, until she heard the last part. She knew he was feeding her a line of bull, and she fell for it.
Rowena walked around the back of the couch, smacking Michael upside the head in the process. "Your humor chooses the worse times to rear its ugly head."
Michael smiled triumphantly, shrugging his shoulders.
"The first two are true," David told Maria and Alex. "Just ignore the rest."
"So what kind is John," Alex questioned, looking at each of the aliens in the room.
"I think that he is a hybrid," Rowena announced. "I could feel the energy."
"Huh," Alex moaned, trying to absorb everything.
Isabel looked him directly in the eye. "We can feel each other," she said.
Maria crunched up her face. "That’s gross."
Isabel turned her head slightly, glaring at Maria. "Not like that," she scolded. "We can just sense when one of us is near. Sort of like a homing beckon. That’s how Tess said she found us."
"He must be our fourth," David utter in realization. Rowena looked at him. "You," he pointed to her. "Me, Serena, and John."
Max knew exactly what he was saying. "Isabel, Michael, me, and Tess," he mumbled. "Jesus, this is not good."
"Still out of the loop," Maria added in frustration. "Mind not speaking in riddles anymore."
"We were split in to two units," Max sighed. "There were four in each, and we needed each other to defeat our enemies."
Rowena plopped down on the arm of the chair, resting her head on David’s shoulder. "Now we’re minus three."
"Shit," Maria gulped.
"Damnit," Alex joined in.
"And to top it off," Max grumbled. "They have Liz."
Silence befell the group, each on a search for a possible solution. Finally, Isabel broke the silence. "I think I might have a plan," she whispered.

It felt like she was moving. Gliding away on wheels. Liz opened her eyes slightly. "Oh no," she thought. "Wheels. That equals car. Not again."
Sunlight filtered through the window, and when Liz tried to open her eyes a bit wider, it burned them. She groaned in pain. Nicholas had been particularly brutally in his last search through her mind. She knew he had used to her connect with Max because she could feel him briefly. Like he was there with her. Then, she was yanked away and promptly passed out. "I really need to stop doing that," she scolded herself.
"I see your awake," a female voice said on the other side of the car.
Liz swung her head around, opening her eyes again to see who was talking. A blond appeared before her. Her ringlet curls were pulled back with a barrette, and she was driving the car. "Who are you," Liz asked dryly, her throat dying for some water.
"The rightful queen," Tess told her coldly.
This just wasn’t what Liz needed right now. Her eyes rolled slightly as she tried to stifle a moan at the girl’s statement. "That’s nice for you," she remarked snidely. "And that has jack to do with me. I just wanted a name."
Tess looked down at her. "It has everything to do with you. You are the navigator’s daughter after all."
Now, Liz was starting to wake up. "Who’s daughter? I have no idea what you are talking about."
"Get off it," Tess scoffed. "Your father was the navigator on the ship. Nicholas thinks that you are the prophesied queen. Max loves you, of course. And that leaves me."
Liz’s ears perked at the mention of Max’s name. "You know Max?"
Tess smiled wickedly. "Yeah, I do. We were married."
"What," Liz shouted, sitting up straight in the car.
"Back on Antar, dearie," Tess informed her. "Our home planet. Max was King, and I was his queen."
"Was," Liz asked, getting more confused with each statement out of Tess’s mouth. "What do you mean was?"
"We died back home," Tess explained. "They mixed us with human DNA and sent us here. Now bam, you have a royal octet running around earth.
"So why are you helping Nicholas," Liz cried. "He wants to kill Max and the others."
"They left me for dead," Tess retorted. "Why shouldn’t I do the same?"
"Max would never," Liz protested.
Tess glared at her. "He did. So did the others. They left me to be raised by Nicholas, so why shouldn’t I turn them over to him. Either way, I’m getting home to help my people."
"Please don’t do this," Liz begged, slumping back down in the seat as her head began to pound even harder. "Help them."
The tone of Liz’s voice struck a cord in Tess’s heart. She genuinely wanted to save Max. She didn’t care about a throne or politics. She just wanted Max. "It’s too late," Tess sighed. "You see the car in front of us?"
Liz looked up over the dashboard, nodding her head at the black sedan in front of them.
"That’s your precious Max," Tess told her. "And he is leading us to the Granolith. See he doesn’t care about what happens at home, who has control of our planet. He just cares about you."
Liz shook her head. "None of that is true," she said with more conviction than even she thought she could muster. "And, deep down, I think you know it."

"Ready." Rowena whispered, looking at David.
He nodded his head. "As ready as I will ever be," he sighed, taking a step toward her. They were waiting in the back of the cave, just inside the Granolith chamber.
"Good," Rowena said nervously.
David took a step towards her. "Did you mean it," he asked.
She looked down. "Mean what?"
"That you had to kiss me," David asked. He had been wanting to ask her for hours, but never had the chance. This could be the only time he would get to, so it was now or never.
Rowena’s head snapped up, and she gaped at him for a moment. "Yeah," she said softly. "I did kiss you, after all."
David took one last step towards her, leaned down a bit in the process. "I’m glad," he whispered, before pulling her close, taking her lips with his own.
The kiss took on it own urgency. David found himself exploring her mouth, savoring how she tasted. Hell, reveling in it.
For Rowena, her stomach was doing flip flops. Sensations stirred with in her as they continued their explorations. It was taking all of her strength keep from melting completely away. Because, if she did, there would be no more of this feeling.
"You guys ready," Michael whispered from his hiding spot.
They broke apart. "Yeah," Rowena groaned.

"So what do I do with this," Alex asked, gripping even tighter to the bat in his hands.
"Hit the first bad guy you see," Isabel told him, trying to hide her amusement.
They were crouched near the entrance, just behind a large jutting piece of rock.
"Just out of curiosity," Alex pondered. "How many of those bad guys do you think there will be?"
Isabel thought for a moment. "Not many. A few years back, we had a little encounter with Nicholas and the skins. We managed to destroy most of the husks that they needed to survive."
Alex shook his head. "I’m not going to ask right now."
Looking at him nervously, Isabel mumbled, "Okay." Then she paused for a moment, thinking. "Too much information," she asked.
"A little," he said.
"Sorry," she apologized.
Alex looked into her eyes. "Don’t be sorry. I just want to hear about all this when I have time to sit down, process it all."
Isabel smiled in relief. "Okay."
Suddenly, a noise came from the outside. Isabel’s head rose immediately, peering over the rock at the entrance. "Someone is coming," she mouthed to Alex.

The cars screeched to a stop in front of a large rock formation. Instantly, Liz recognized it as the place from her dreams. Her head began to spin. None of this was making any sense.
"Come on," Tess ordered as she opened her door. "Don’t struggle and this will go smoothly."
Liz felt her car door open and she stumbled out of the car. Someone grabbed her right arm, dragging her to a standing position. Liz looked up and saw it was John.
Tess quickly grabbed her other arm, forcing her to move up the rock formation. Standing a few feet ahead of them was Max… and Nicholas.
Liz tried to lunge forward, but Tess and John held her back. "Max," she whimpered as she jerked back.
Max took a step towards her, however the look on Nicholas’s face cause him to pull back. "It will be okay," he reassured her. God, how he desperately longed to hold her in his arms again.
"Only if you cooperate," Nicholas reminded him. "Now open it up," he demanded.
Max waved his hand over a piece of the rock that was jutting out. Without warning, a silver handprint appeared. Liz gasped when she saw it. This was exactly like her dream.
"Stay out here," Nicholas told Tess. "Make sure she doesn’t go in there." Then, he motioned for John to follow him.
"No," Max protested. "They both come."
"And why is that," Nicholas questioned.
"How do I know that you won’t have Tess hide her again," Max retorted.
Tess rolled her eyes. "I’m not going to hide your precious Liz."
Max’s quickly turned his head, his eyes narrowing. "And I should trust you?"
Taking a tiny step back, Tess couldn’t help feeling a little bit disappointment course through her.
Nicholas looked around, annoyed with the delay. "Fine, we all will participate in this little fieldtrip." He looked directly at Max. "You first, your highness."
Max glanced over at Liz, has he placed his hand over the print. The ground started to rumble as the rock opened up, revealing a deep cave.
Max stepped into the cave, his eyes never leaving Liz. John was next, keeping alert for anything. Tess and Nicholas started to enter the cave at the same time, an unsure Liz following along behind them.
Out of nowhere, Liz felt someone shove her backwards. She landed just outside the cave with a thud. The rock began to move again as the opening shut. Everything in her head stopped spinning, and Liz regain the focus she had been missing for the past few days. And that focus was aimed at one thing. Getting into the cave.
She quickly got up, throwing herself at where the opening had been. Liz pounded against the dry desert rock with everything in her being. It wasn’t going to budge. The her dreams began to come flooding back…
"I will stand by yo…," she started to say, but a faint glimmer caught Liz’s eye. She turned her head to the slab of rock jutting out beside them. A silver handprint appeared for a moment, then it was gone…
Without warning, a little silver handprint appeared where her hand had been. Instinctively, Liz knew to press her palm against it. The formation rumbled and a large piece of the rock began to move. "How in the hell," Liz gasped at the sight before her…

Liz stepped back. It was beginning to make sense. Her eyes roamed over the rock, trying to find the place where Max had made the handprint appear.
"Damnit," she called out in frustration. ""Why couldn’t there be some sort X to mark the spot. It all just looks like a big rock."
Out of pure desperation, Liz began waving her hand along the entire surface. Like a beckon, the silver handprint appeared underneath her palm. "There you are," she exclaimed. Taking a deep breath, Liz closed her eyes. "Here goes everything," she whispered, pressing her hand against the mark.
The rock moved.

Max leapt towards the opening as the rock started to close. It was too late. Liz was trapped outside. Without hesitating a moment, Max raised his hand to open the cave again, but he saw Nicholas approach him.
"The second it opens, I’ll blast her," Nicholas informed him. He could not risk Liz getting that close to the Granolith… for the awakening to occur. Not yet anyway.
Max twisted around to face him. "I am going to kill you," he announced. "You know that."
Nicholas smiled at his threat. "Not if I kill you first."
That is when all hell broke loose.
Isabel rushed out of her hiding spot when she heard Nicholas’s words. Her hand was raised and she was ready to attack, but John moved up behind her. He grabbed her pinning her arms down.
Alex moved next, lunging at John with the bat. "We trusted you," he yelled in fury, as he swung at John, hitting him on the shoulder.
John let out a cry of pain, letting Isabel go in the process. Her body was thrown to the ground, cracking her head against a rock as she hit the ground..
Tess shoved at Alex, trying to push him away from John. Then, the others rushed from their places. Rowena was the first to react, raising her hand. Tess felt the air surge out of her lungs as she went flying across the cave, hitting it with a thud.
Michael and David moved towards John, restraining him from helping Tess.
Maria, for her part, rushed to Tess and sat on her back, pinning her to the ground.
"Enough," Nicholas demanded. Turning his attention back to Max, he raised his hand. "You tricked me your highness. I never knew you had it in you. Not that it matters now."
Max also put his hand out defensively, his shield instinctually rising. "I’d say it matters. You’ve lost."
"I don’t think so," Nicholas taunted. "Because I know one thing."
"What is that," Max questioned, not easing in his stance.
A eerie smile crossed Nicholas’s lips. "You can’t kill me. You’re second over there has taken a life. Even your sister, but never you. You do not have the stomach for it. Never have. You just send others to do your dirty work like the spoiled King you are."
The truth hit him. Nicholas was right, he had never killed anyone before. And Max didn’t know if he could start now. When he said that Isabel and Michael had killed, it was for everyone’s protection, but Max still saw the effect it had on them. Michael withdrew more and Isabel barely spoke for a month. Max didn’t know if it was in him, and he wasn’t going to find out if he didn’t have too.
"Leave Nicholas," Max ordered. "Never come back. Leave now."
Then the cave shook. The wall alongside Max began to move, Liz standing on the other side. Both he and Nicholas turned their attention that way.
"Max," Liz called out when she saw him.
Tess had enough. Struggling, she finally managed to get Maria off her back. Stumbling to her feet, Tess closed her eyes and began weaving one of the most elaborate mindwarps she had ever done. After all, disorienting eight people was a job of work. But this facade needed to stop. She wanted to get home… now.
No one knew what hit them. They were all seeing different things at the same time, and none of it made any sense. Rowena took a step back, bumping into David and Michael. All three of them fell to the ground, releasing John at the same time. Isabel was fumbling around, trying to find Alex, who had been helping her not more than seconds before. Alex was no more than a foot away, looking for her.
And Max… he just kept blinking, reaching for something in front of him. In his mind, he was reaching for Liz. Yet, Liz was more than a few feet away, and in her mind all of this was another dream she needed to wake herself up from.
Nicholas smiled in satisfaction. "Very good Tess. I always knew the power was useful."
"We have to go soon," Tess mumbled, pained. Manipulating so many minds was taking a power reserve not even she knew she had. However, it was weakening, and wouldn’t be long before it faded. "Let’s go home."
John took a couple of steps towards her, noticing the effort she was putting forth to help them escape. But nothing could have prepared him for what he heard next.
"Fine," Nicholas sighed. "John, grab the little queen and we will be on our way."
Tess’s eyes snapped open. "What?"
His eyes narrowed. "You heard me. We are bringing her with us."
"No," Tess shook her head. "Liz stays. That was the bargain you made with Max. We have gotten what we want, they get what they want."
"Are you questioning me," Nicholas snapped. "Because I can leave you behind just as fast."
Tess took a couple of steps towards him. "I am queen. You need me. My people need me."
"You are a pawn," Nicholas retorted. "Used for political gain back home, and stupid enough to allow the same to happen here. That human girl over there," he said, pointing to Liz, "has more power than you will ever have just by breathing. And on Antar, power is all that matters. Kivar has her, and he wins."
The blood in her veins pounded, coursing at a manic pace. Tess had never felt anger like this. The backlash was going to be powerful, and focused on one person…. Nicholas.
Tess lunged forward, knocking Nicholas to the ground. She clawed at him, hit him, proceeded to beat him down with her own two hands. Her powers were long forgotten. Tess wanted to hurt him with her bare hands for all the pain and suffering she had endured just to get home. Nicholas was going to pay.
The mindwarp she had forced on the others melted away. Each one of them began to regain a sense of what was going on, the scene that played before their eyes.
John stood there with them for a moment, watching Tess rip at Nicholas. His own anger welled up inside him. The little runt had taken more from them than even they would ever know, and it was time he felt an ounce of what they suffered. Taking a couple of steps towards them, John kicked at Nicholas, hard. A sense of satisfaction overcame him.
However, it was all to brief. Nicholas struggled against them. He used his powers, throwing Tess off his body and into John’s. "You stupid wench," he shouted at her, raising his hand. "I knew I should of had Nascedo kill you. You are worthless, and have always been… the both of you."
With that, he send out an energy blast meant to kill Tess instantly. It never touched her. John immediately knew what Nicholas was going to do, so he cover Tess with his own body, taking the entirety of the blast.
"No," Tess cried, tears welling her eyes. John crumpled in her arms. For the last time, he reached up and gently touched her face.
"Tessie," he gasped for air. Then, a light flickered in his eyes and extinguished forever.
Shaking the body that was lying in her arms, Tess pleaded with him not to go. "You said that you would go with me," she cried. "Anywhere."
"And so you will follow him," Nicholas told her.
Tess closed her eyes, resolved in her fate, but Michael made his move before Nicholas did. Tackling Nicholas to the ground, Michael managed to pin his arms behind him. "We have to do something," he yelled to Max.
"Liz," Tess stated, turning her head to face her rival. "Touch the Granolith. It’s the only way."
Liz stood in shock for a moment.
"Just do it," Tess ordered.
"What’s is a Granolith," Liz asked, still confused.
Rowena stood up. "This way," she motioned for Liz to follow her. Quickly, they made there way to the back of the cave and into the chamber. Liz saw the cone-shaped rock in front of her, its smooth surface glowing.
Instinct somehow knew it was finally time to take over. Liz didn’t even hesitate for a moment. The rock glowed brighter under her hand, like it knew her.
A sensation began to build from the bottom of her toes. Growing and moving up her body, until it took over her entire being. And Liz knew… knew everything, and it awakened something inside of her. She had come home to who she really was.
The second Liz touch the Granolith, the world around her faded. She never heard Nicholas struggling. Never made out Max calling to her with concern. Rowena’s scream as a blinding light emanated from the rock. It was only her meeting up with clarification. The kind that comes right up and smacks on upside the head before saying hello.
Then, it stopped. Liz returned to the world around her, yet everything was different. Sort of bathed in a new light. She also knew what needed to be done.
Liz walked out of the chamber and straight to Nicholas. He was still trying to maneuver out of Michael’s grasp. She looked down on him. "You will never hurt us again," she told him. "Never."

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Hey everyone...

Here it is... the final part to These Dreams. Man, it has almost been one whole year since I started this story. I just really want to thank all of you for reading. I hope that it meets your expectiations.


P.S.... I will be coming back to thank you all properly in just a moment... I promise*happy* But here is the part till then.

Part Thirty-two:

One month later….

Liz closed her eyes, allowing the gentle breeze coming in from the window to brush against her face. Without intention, a soft sigh escaped through her lips.
Max looked across the U-haul at her, admiring the softness of her skin as it glow slightly in the sunlight. "Penny for your thoughts," he cooed, finding it hard to keep his eyes on the road where they should be.
Liz smiled, yet didn’t open her eyes. "Is that all my thoughts are worth to you," she teased.
"Nope," Max laughed. "I would pay up to a quarter for them, but I need those for the tollway."
Her eyes snapped open. "Really. Well for your information, my thoughts are so highly in demand that people are willing to pay a dollar."
Max feigned surprise. "Ahhh… people with money to burn."
Liz turned quickly, reaching out and started to tickle Max’s sides. "Take that back Mr. Evans," she ordered as her fingers continued their assault.
Trying to squirm and wiggle his way out of Liz’s assault, Max accidentally swerved the car a few times. "Stop that," he told her. "I don’t feel like crashing today."
"Humph," Liz sighed as she settled back down into her seat. "Aren’t we fussy," she taunted.
"Just careful," Max said, turning his head back to the road. "So are you going to tell me what you were thinking about?"
Liz held out her hand. "Dollar first."
Max’s jaw dropped. "Are you serious," he asked.
Nodding, Liz pointed to the palm of her hand. "Hey, I’m out of a job buddy. Gotta pay the bills somehow."
Fine," he caved. "But I will demand a refund if I don’t like what I hear," Max added as he reached into his pocket, pulling out a dollar bill.
Liz clutched the dollar in her hand, flashing Max a huge I-got-you smile. Then, it faded a bit when her thoughts returned to where they had previously been. "I was just thinking that it has been a month since… we well killed.."
"Nicholas," Max finished for her.
"Yeah," Liz said softly. "I mean, I know that he was evil and would have killed us if he had the chance. It still doesn’t change the fact that we…"
"Took a life," Max finished again. "You do know that it was what we had to do?"
Liz looked out the window. "I know. I just feel a little on the bad side. Like we stooped to his level."
"We did what we had to do," Max reassured her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Otherwise we would all be dead."
Liz nodded her head. Now matter how much she tried to, her thoughts still drifted to that day back in the desert. She had connected with the Granolith, awakening this alien side she never knew she had. Yet, everything became clear when she had touched the rock. Who she was, who her father had been, and what she had to do.
Taking a deep breath, Liz remembered walking towards Nicholas, seeing him struggle against Michael. She recalled her threat, a threat they all made good on.

"Take my hand," she commanded Michael, who was standing closest to her.
Michael kept his firm hold onto Nicholas. "Now is not the time to embrace each other and sing kumbya. We need to get rid of him."
Liz looked up at Max. "Trust me," she told him.
And he did. Max rushed to her side, clasping her hand in his.
A confused Isabel joined next, followed by Rowena and David. Finally Michael , let go of Nicholas, shoving him to the center of the circle the group had made. They all turned to Tess. "You too," Liz stated. "We need everyone."
Tess reluctantly left John’s side, taking both Michael and Liz’s hands.
"Focus," Liz ordered.
Maria and Alex watched from the sidelines as the air around them came alive. It cracked and snapped as the energy from the aliens grew. It merged and meshed into one collective power. A power solely aimed at Nicholas.
An ear piercing scream echoed through the cave as the power over took him. And just as soon as it started, the energy stopped, and Nicholas was gone.

"Still processing," Max asked softly.
Liz gave him a faint smile. "Oh yeah. After all, it is quite a lot, don’t you think?"
Max nodded. "Totally."
"Totally," Liz giggled. "You are spending way to much time with Maria."
"Well, last week she did declare that I was a honorary girlfriend," Max informed her. "I’m not exactly sure what the means, but Alex told me it was just better to let it drop and accept that I would never understand."
"He has a good point," Liz chuckled. "Maria is on of the people on this planet that no one is meant to understand fully. Speaking of which, wasn’t that our exit," she asked, watching Alex’s car get off the expressway.
"Nope," Max remarked, keeping his eyes focused on the road.
"Then why did they get off back there," Liz questioned.
"Because they are going to Roswell," Max explained, knowing that the surprise he had in mind was going to drive Liz crazy.
Liz’s eyes widened at his statement. "And we are going to…"
Max puckered his lips, pressing his forefinger to them. "Shhhh, it’s a secret."
"Tell me, or else," she threatened, a devilish grin crossing her face.
Max just shook his head. "Nope."
"Please," Liz begged.
Max extended his hand. "Ten bucks."
"What," Liz exclaimed. "You have got to be joking."
Max grin grew even bigger. "The way I see it, one of your thoughts cost me a dollar. Keeping a secret from you has got to be worth ten times that. One times ten is ten bucks. Fork it over."
"Never," Liz refused.
"Then you will just have to wait an see," Max retorted.

"Oh my God," Liz gasped as the U-haul pulled into a driveway to a little brick house.
A woman, about middle fifties appeared in the doorway, looking as happy as can be. "Lizzie," she exclaimed as Liz stumbled out of the car.
Liz ran towards her. "Mom."
The two women embraced as Max stood back and watched. Nancy peered over her daughters shoulder to the young man standing by the car. "So is that why you haven’t been calling me," she tormented Liz.
Liz found herself blushing a bit. She extended her hand towards Max, which he was more than glad to take. "Mom, this is Max. Max this is my mother," Liz made the introductions.
"Kinda figured," Nancy said, offering Max her hand. "Maria can never keep her mouth shut for long."
Liz rolled her eyes. "What did you bake her?"
"Chocolate chip cookies," Nancy confessed. "Her favorites. Speaking of which, I think I still have a few in the house. You two want to come in."
Both Liz and Max nodded, following Nancy into the house.
"It hasn’t changed," Liz sighed, looking around at her former home.
Nancy’s head whipped around. "It has so. I painted the living room just last month. It’s now buttercup instead of sunflower."
Liz laughed. Her mother’s favorite color… yellow. She felt a twinge of guilt for being away for so long. "I’m sorry mom," she apologized.
Nancy shook her hand. "Don’t feel bad. From what Maria has been telling me, life has been really hectic."
Max snickered. "You can say that again."
"Well, at least you two have finally gotten together," Nancy uttered. "Eighteen years of dreams. Bout damn time if you ask me."
Liz blushed again. "Yeah. It sure was."
"And you’re moving to Roswell," Nancy continued. "Talk about climate change."
Max laughed. "I don’t think that Maria will ever stop complaining about the heat. At least Alex doesn’t seem to mind."
"Yes, the three musketeers," Nancy giggled. "All moving together. I should have known."
Liz started to laugh to, but there was something nagging at her. Something that she was just dying to ask her mom about. Liz knew it was now or never. "Mom," she said softly when the laughter started to turn into silence.
Nancy looked up from her cup of coffee. "What is it honey?"
"How did you meet my dad," Liz blurted out.
The question shocked Nancy. Her eyes grew wide, and her mouth dropped. After a few moments, Nancy cleared her throat, regaining her voice a bit. "Max," she choked out. "Could I have a moment alone with Liz?"
Max nodded his head, quietly getting up from the kitchen table and walking towards the living room
"He didn’t have to leave," Liz sighed. "We don’t have secrets."
Nancy smiled. "I kinda figured that one out too. See your old mom is so out of the loop. It was more for me than him."
"Okay," Liz said softly, not really knowing what else to say. "What actually happened between you two?"
Nancy took a deep breath, calling on memories that were more than 26 years old. "He was my one," she commented. "Just like yours is Max. I even met him at the same amusement park. Out of the blue this gorgeous man invited me to ride the Ferris wheel. Of course I said yes."
"What happened next," Liz asked, enthralled. She had never heard any of this before.
"We rode that ride all night, and by the time the park closed, I was in love," Nancy reminisced. "Only I didn’t go home that night."
Liz’s eyes grew. "So you and he… well…"
Nancy laughed. "How do you think you came into the picture?"
"Sorry," Liz blushed for the third time. "I’m so embarrassed."
"Don’t be," Nancy told her, pouring herself another cup of coffee. "I never have been. That was the first time I had ever done anything that bold. The first time I just gave into my heart. And I regret nothing."
"So what happened next," Liz urged.
"Well, by morning, the spell seemed to be broken," Nancy sighed. "He was gone when I woke up."
"He just left," Liz yelled. "How could he do that to you?"
Nancy held up her hand to silence Liz. "He was gone, but it never really felt like he left. I had a piece of him after that night and it has never gone away."
"But still," Liz grumbled. "He should have said something, a note, just anything."
"Liz, do you want to know what the only bad part about it has been," Nancy asked.
"What," Liz questioned.
"That you never knew him," Nancy smiled. "That he never knew you. That is the only dark spot on the silvery cloud I call my life. I always felt like you two would have just clicked."
"Is that why we always went to the amusement park," Liz asked. "Why you made me ride the Ferris wheel?"
Nancy winked at her. "You bet. And like mother, like daughter," she said, gesturing towards the living room. "You love him, do you?"
Liz looked dreamily at Max, who was inspecting the walls in the room. "Since I was eight," she whispered.
"Like mother," Nancy muttered. "Like daughter."
Max could feel eyes on him. He glanced over his shoulder, and sure enough, Nancy and Liz were staring him. "So what is the difference between buttercup and sunflower," he wondered aloud.

"Keep them closed," Max said, guiding Liz through a crowd of people.
"This is crazy," Liz mumbled. "You’ve surprised me enough for one day. I can’t even imagine what you have in store for me now."
"Well, no peeking until I tell you two," Max taunted. "Those are the rules."
Liz tried to swat at him, but she missed because she couldn’t see anything with her eyes closed. "No fair."
Max kissed her cheek. "Life’s isn’t always fair."
Liz frowned. "Don’t go all philosophical on me now. I’m just curious. You know that all I have to do is open my eyes."
Max placed a hand over them. "Go ahead and try," he jested.
"I still say this isn’t fair," Liz grumbled, knowing that it was no use to argue.
Suddenly, a familiar scent filled her nose. The air around her was carrying the aroma of tacos, corn dogs, and cotton candy. "You didn’t," she exclaimed. "You brought me to the amusement park."
Max dropped his hand. "Damn," he grumbled. "I was trying to surprise you."
Liz opened her eyes, blinking a couple of times. Sure enough, they were standing in the middle of the boardwalk to the all familiar park. "I am, trust me," she reassured him, turning on her heels to face him.
Leaning forward, Liz pressed her lips to his. Max caught on fast, pressing right back, urging her to allow him in deeper. Her lips parted, and Max claimed her mouth. Tenderness and passion never melded together more perfectly than in this moment.
Finally breaking away, Max rested his forehead against Liz’s. "Surprise," he whispered.
Liz placed another kiss on his lips. "Thank you," she sighed.
That is when they noticed they were starting to attract an audience. Max took a step back. "Well, should we," he asked, offering his arm to Liz.
Liz took it. "Yes, let us."
They quickly made their way down the boardwalk to the end of the park, trying to ignore the whistles and hollers behind them.
"So where are we going," Liz asked, looking up at Max.
Max glanced at her. "Where do you think."
Liz smiled. "Ferris wheel."
"Ferris wheel," Max admitted.
The line at the ride was short. After a few minutes of waiting, the found themselves being whisked to the highest point in the park. A soft tune from the speakers below rose with them, filling the night with a calm melody.

Inside my skin there is this space,
It twists and turns, it bleeds and aches.
Inside my heart there's an empty room,
It's waiting for lightning, it's waiting for you.

"I hope the attendant stops us at the top," Liz sighed, looking at the people underneath them.
"I thought you were afraid of heights," Max jested.
Liz shook her head. "Not since you."

And I am wanting,
And I am needing you here,
Inside the absence of fear.

"It’s funny how things have a way of working themselves out," Liz thought aloud.
"What do you mean," Max questioned, giving her a confused look.
Liz started to list things on her fingers. "One, you’re not wanted for murder."
Max laughed. "Thank God. That was a drag."

Muscle and sinew, velvet and stone,
This vessel is haunted, it creaks and moans.
My bones call to you, in their separate skin,
I make myself translucent, to let you in.

"Two," Liz continued. "Dr. Thomas is wanted for questioning. I really hope the Chicago Police find him."
Max looked over the edge. "I’m not sure they will, but I hope so too."
"Three," Liz rambled on. "New life to start in Roswell."
Turning back, Max’s lips curled at the edge. "Any reason in particular why you are so excited about it?"

For I am wanting,
And I am needing you here,
Inside the absence of fear.

Liz knew what he was getting about, but she decided to let him dangle a bit. "Alex and Maria will be there. I get to live with Isabel, Maria, and Rowena, so that should be interesting. Michael seems like he will keep everyone on their toes…."
Max cut her off with his lips. Because she was talking, he was quite able to claim her entire mouth. She whimper against his lips as his tongue grazed hers.

There is this hunger,
This restlessness inside of me.
And it knows that you're no stranger,
You're my gravity.

Max pulled away slightly, yet his lips were still caressing hers. "And me," he whispered against her mouth.
Liz smiled. "That goes without saying."
"Say it anyway," Max pleaded softly.

My hands will adore you through all darkness aim,
They will lay you out in moonlight,
And reinvent your name.

"I love you," Liz sighed.
"I love you too," Max told her, taking her lips again.

For I am wanting,
And I am needing you here,
Inside the absence of fear.

Neither noticed that they had been stopped at the top of the Ferris wheel. It wasn’t important anymore.


Destiny. Maybe now you can see why I believe in all of that predetermined stuff. I was meant to find Max. Or he was meant to find me, I don’t care which. Only that I am now completed because he is with me.
Not that everything will be perfect. Memories of what took place to get us here will still be etched in our minds. And who knows what we will have to face tomorrow. I just know that whatever it maybe, we will face it together.
After all, that was what the dreams were always about. Our link, our connection. Fate’s big fat signal to tell me who I was suppose to be with. Thank the powers that be that I finally listened. Cause in the end, he makes the whole universe just fade away. There is only Max and I. Destined to be.

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I just wanted to come back and thank you all properly. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it.

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Do not fear, this story is far from over.... Of course there is going to be a sequel. It should make a showing on the board very soon. Here is a little insight as to what might happen ....

There will be two marriages, a pregancy (with twins no less), a tiny relocation, a rebellion, and a score of new friends and enemies. Oh yeah... Annie has been planning. I hope that you all will check it out!

Thanks again!