Good Ridance

Author: Alexia
Cathegory: kind of Isabel’s POV post Graduation
Sumary: Talking to Michael, Isabel ponders some things in the past 3 years.
Disclaimer: I own nothing! Roswell belongs to Melinda Meltz and Jason Katims and the song belongs to Green Day. Don’t sue me, please!
Author’s note: This fic basicaly came while I was listening the Green Day’s song Good Riddance (Time of your life). And the fic is really really small.


Isabel is siting in a rock in the middle of the desert watching the view below her feet. Michael sits at her side and waited for her to talk.

ISABEL: I don’t know why but I love places like this. It feels like I’m safe from the world.

Michael looked at her.

ISABEL: I’m must be a little too sappy now.

MICHAEL: Don’t mind me. Go arred.

Isabel smilled then started to say what’s on her mind.

ISABEL: You know when we found out who we were? When my mother told us about Max and Tess and you and me? At first I thought it could happen. You and me. But then I realized that you’ll always love Maria. Actually I have sort of a theory about it all.

MICHAEL: A theory? Spill it.

ISABEL: Vilandra must have loved Rath even betraiding him with Khivar.


ISABEL: Sort of like what I did to Alex. I mean, I loved him so much that I was afraid of jump into something and get hurt later. So I didn’t give him a chance and I flerted with other guys that I knew it wouldn’t last. Then it was too late.

MICHAEL: You miss him. Don’t you?


She gazed the horizont and keep talking.

ISABEL: But then I marry Jesse and everything was going so perfect for us. Why it have to end up this way?

MICHAEL: He knows about us. You should have bring him together.

ISABEL: I don’t think so. He wasn’t ready to live this life we’re living now.

MICHAEL: And you think that Liz, Maria and Kyle are ready?

ISABEL: I think they’re ready since the day Liz got shot. That’s why the romance happened so fast.

MICHAEL(ironic): You’re talking about Maria and me, right? Cause Max have a crush on Liz since he meet her in the elementary school.

ISABEL: You’re right. The point is that we’ve been throught a lot together in these past years and I think Jesse wouldn’t be able to understand it all. He must tried but it’s not the same when you actually was there when everything happened.

MICHAEL: The destiny thing?

ISABEL: That too. And also the dupes, the skins.

She laid her head on Michael’s shoulder.

ISABEL: I don’t regret I coudn’t make things better for me and Alex or me and Jesse like you did with Maria and Max did with Liz. I really like to see you guys together.

They keep quiet for a while then Michael broke the silence.

MICHAEL: Are you and Kyle…?

Isabel rose her head and faced him.

ISABEL: Michael!

MICHAEL: Am I wrong?

She shock her head.

ISABEL: Don’t tell anyone. I don’t wanna people thinking I flert with every single guy that is interested in me.



MICHAEL: So I guess it’s time to start all over again. Without alien secrets.

ISABEL: That’s impossible.

MICHAEL: At least you should forget about this past life in Antas or whatever.

ISABEL: What do you mean?

MICHAEL: You’re too attached to Vilandra’s thing. You think you’ll never be happy.

ISABEL: And how do I do it? How can I forget all that? How do I suppose to act to be happy?

MICHAEL: Be happy. That’s all.

ISABEL (sarcastic): And you’re a PhD in relationship and happiness.

MICHAEL (mocking): I learned it the hard way.

She didn’t respond to that.
That was when a car stoped and Maria walked to them.

MARIA: What are you doing here? The guys are worried.

ISABEL: I just wanted to go for a walk.

MARIA: Next time tell Max first. He’s a little paranoid nowadays.

Michael laughed.

MARIA: What?

MICHAEL: That’s what we’re talking about.


ISABEL: Paranoy.

Maria sitted next to Michael

ISABEL: God, I can’t remember the last time we did something like this.

MARIA: Like what? Thalk about nothing?


MICHAEL: New Year’s eve.

MARIA: You’re right.

Isabel turned down to look straight to Michael and Maria.

ISABEL: Let’s make a deal.

MARIA: A deal?

ISABEL: Yeah. From now on, no matter what happens, we’re gonna stay together. If we go sepparede ways or whaterver, we’re gonna keep in touch. I don’t want to see us apart like last two years.


MARIA: Count on me. As long as you tell the idea to Liz,
Max and Kyle.

ISABEL: Oh, I will.