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Author: Angel aka Maxs Angel
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Rating: PG 13
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Summary: It’s about the characters in a whole new setting. They’re all in college, and here you have some falling in love happening!
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Whoever said that life was easy was extremely drunk. In my opinion, just when you think that you’re in that perfect place where everything’s going alright, something just HAS to blow up in you’re face. I guess it goes without saying that “Ironic” is my all time favorite song! I cant say that nothing in my life has ever made sense, because that would too obviously be an overstatement but I would say that sense has pretty much become obsolete in my universe.

I grew up in the infamous city of Roswell, New Mexico. Yes, the place where the “alien crash” took place. Yes, where everything, I mean EVERYTHING has an alien theme to it. So much so that my sister owned a restaurant called “The Crashdown” where I spent my adolescent years working. I was never really popular and never had many friends … oh did I say many? I meant ANY friends. I was the geek in class, the one who always tops science and never gets a date. That was me! Liz Parker.

If there was one thing that I always wanted, it was to go to a university FAR away from home and to some day become a molecular biologist. When I got my acceptance letter from Cloverdale University, I thought I was finally getting there. A small college in the quiet suburbs of Boston, where else would you go to find normality?

Ecstasy did not even come close to define how I felt the day I boarded a plane to Boston. I was finally leaving behind all abnormality, going to live with my normal roommate … I think her name’s Amy… from Florida, nice and normal, in a normal university, with no mention of aliens, just normal people. You’ll know how I feel if you had to wear an alien head-thing for years for a job, and had to live across from the UFO center. Geez … and I’m supposed to be the geek.

~~~~~~~~~ At the University~~~~~~~~~

Beautiful, green grounds… an amazing looking building… and a great room … and an airhead roommate, living up all too well to the blond cliché. I have to admit Amy wasn’t all that I pictured to be but hell I’ve put up with worse. Try a restaurant full of orthodontists asking for a “Men in Blackberry” Pie.
Its not that I’m biased or anything but 10 minutes into our first conversation I just knew I’d hit rock bottom. CANNOT get any worse. If only I knew.


Just as Amy was about to bring out the photo albums to prove that her dogs were in fact “the cutest things you’ve EVER seen,” someone knocked on the door. She sauntered over to the door and swung it open with a very cheesy smile that got only cheesier when she heard the baritone at the door.

“ Hi! I’m Dylan you’re next door neighbor. (Cheesy smile) Thought I’d come over and introduce myself” (Cheesier smile – if that’s possible)

He stuck his hand out as he finished his speech, which Amy all but happily took, nearly drooling all over him.

“Hi, I’m Amy. This is my roommate Liz.”

I waved at him from behind scared that if I got any nearer my hair might loose their color.

“Where’s you’re roommate?”

Whether she asked that question to find out if there was something else to drool over or coz she just couldn’t come up with anything better is something I haven’t figured out as yet. But almost as though on que, a tall, dark haired guy walked in through the door right behind Dylan.

“ This is my roommate Max.”


“Hi! I’m Amy, this is Liz”

“Hi Liz”


I looked into his eyes, which I noticed had the most incredible color and unbelievable depth. Something about his manner and his expressions was completely different from the look in his eyes. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but there was something about this guy, something that went deeper than face value. And he spoke my name in a very odd manner. Why did he do that? He made it sound … exotic.

After the initial hello’s, everyone looked around rather awkwardly. Amy giggled. God what wrong with this girl? Anyhow the guys then excused themselves and I was left to listen to Amy rant about how cute she thought Dylan was. Yippee!

College started the next day. I had work in the Library maintaining some sort of records and my first semester classes were Math, Biology and English literature. My favorite subjects. I kept to myself most of the time, out of habit more than any other reason. Amy’s “worship Dylan” sessions were getting progressively longer … she’d been seeing him since the day they met. Max was in all my classes and we talked sometimes. He seemed like a nice enough guy. Funny, good-looking, smart, could take a joke just as well as he could make one. But we never really knew each other that well. Little did I know what was gonna happen.

One fine Tuesday night about two weeks into our first semester, I was sitting up late reading a book from my English lit class. I was about to give up on it when I noticed that it was almost one. Amy wasn’t back yet… Probably lost out in the grounds! Just then I heard a knock on the door. Who the fuck is it as this hour?

As I neared the door I heard a familiar voice call out “ Liz?”


I opened the door to a pretty freaked out Max.

“ Max, What the hell are you doing here at one in the night?”

He walked in and threw his jacket on my bed and said “ Liz, do you mind if I camp out here tonight?”

“Yeah, sure. What’s wrong?”

“Umm … you’re rommie and mine are getting a little too close next door.” He looked up at me with a sheepish expression.

“Ok… so why do you look so freaked out?”

“Well… you walk in on them having sex on YOU’RE bed… then maybe you’ll get it.” His expression softened as he smirked and before we knew it we were laughing uncontrollably.

We woke up next morning to the sound of the lovers rummaging around in the room. Almost simultaneously both Max and I screamed, “Do you guys mind?”

“Oops sorry!” Giggle “Good you’re both here … we uh wanted to tell you something.” Giggle. “ Dylan and I, we’ve decided to live together.” Giggle. “So, if that’s ok with you guys we were hoping that Max could move in here.” Giggle.

I looked at Max. He took a second to register the information and almost immediately remarked, “Well, I know I’m never gonna be able to sleep in my bed again so its ok by me.”

“Liz?” Giggle.

“Yeah, Its ok by me too…I guess.”

“Great! So I’ll get all my stuff together and out!”

In case you’re wondering why Dylan was so silent all this while, well that’s coz he was a little busy sucking Amy’s neck. But when he heard that all was cool, he detached himself long enough to say “Great and Thanks” and resume his task.

Thankfully they left just then or I would’ve been tempted to throw something at them. As I turned I noticed Max’s intense look.

“So I guess this a permanent deal now huh?”

“I guess”

So watcha think? Should I carry it on or not?
Tell me.


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Thanx a lot you guys
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I'm esctatic believe me!

I'm gonna be gettin down to writin more pretty soon...I'll keep every1 updated on the progress.

Once again THANX!

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I watched him get out of bed, my eyes lingering involuntarily at his black satin boxers. He moved with such grace, even at something as simple as getting out of bed. I suddenly found myself wondering what it would feel like to be in his arms.
Whoa – Get a grip Parker. A guy like this MUST be taken, if not he will be. Even if that doesn’t happen god knows that there is no way he’s gonna be interested in you. So get over it.

“So, I’m gonna go take a shower,” I said watching him put his pants on.
“Ok … Um Liz?”
There it is again, why does he say my name like that?
“Are you sure you’re Ok with this live in thing? Coz if not, my friend Michael has an apartment just off campus and I’m sure he’ll let me stay with him … and his girlfriend.”
A distressed look crossed his face. I could tell last night’s incident had just flashed in front of his eyes. I couldn’t help but laugh.
“Nothing. Max, I said it was alright and I meant it.”
“So you’re cool?”
“Great, then maybe when you’re done with you’re shower you could help me move in here.”
“Alright … Um why don’t you go get started and I’ll come join you when I’m done.”
“No Way.” His last night’s ‘Freaked out Max’ expression was back as he pulled on his shirt. Damn, he works out.
Ok, stop drooling Parker.
“Why?” I knew the very obvious answer and couldn’t help the smirk on my face as I tried to play innocent.
“Because last night was not a pretty sight and I’m NOT going in there alone.” His seriousness when he said this cracked me up as I shook my head and walked into the bathroom.

When I came out I saw Max perched uncomfortably on my bed as he watched Amy gather the last of her stuff. Turns out that things had been headed this way for some time now and she had most of her stuff packed already. Knowing that he’d slept in the same bed as them on more than one occasion was visibly creeping Max out. Doesn’t get any better than this.

As soon as she saw me Amy dropped the bag she was holding, on Max’s foot might I add, and grabbed me into a strangling hug.
M-u-s-t g-e-t a-I-r
Almost as though she’d heard me say that, she let go and said tearfully, “It’s been wonderful Liz. I’ll really miss living with you.”
I plastered on what I hoped was a genuine imitation of a smile and replied, “Me too.”
I dodged her attempt to hug me again and walked over to my bed, smacking Max on the shoulder to get rid of his smirk.

She got her bags and stood in the door, telling Max that she and Dylan would be gone for the rest of he day and so he could use this time to get all his stuff out. Then with one last tear she left. I plopped down onto the bed and remarked, “Well, the volume of air in the room just dropped down drastically.”
“Hey, she’s not that bad. Besides I don’t care so long as I can get my stuff out without any further permanent damage to my brain. Let’s go.”

Despite the fact that he knew that the room was empty, Max made me go in first, following me like a scared little child. He looked at his bed almost as though it was going to jump up and bite him. Talk about trauma!
20 minutes into the repacking procedure, I came across his record collection.
“Hey, music!” I couldn’t help but remark. A person’s taste in music almost always tells me whether I’m gonna like someone or not.
“Creed, The Calling, Third Eye Blind, Extreme. Wow Max, we have really similar taste in music.”
He walked over and squatted next to me.
“You listen to this stuff?” he asked, doubtfully.
“Yeah, I love all of this … wait … Sarah Mclachlan???”
“That’s Isabel’s.” he said, a blush creeping up his face. God, he can’t lie!
“Ya, a huh, right.”
“Alright, so I listen to it sometimes, so what?” he demanded.
“So nothing. I love her songs.” My expression told him I’d got him.
“Man, I walked right into that one.”
“Oh yeah! Anyways so tell me, which one’s you’re favorite?” I asked holding up his CDs.
“Well, I’d have to say Dave Matthews Band … definitely.”
Hey, that’s my favorite band.
“No way.”
“Yeah.” To prove his point he walked over to his CD player and switched it on. One of the best songs by the band filled the room.
He came back over and held out his hand. I looked up into his eyes; they would give away nothing but his mischievousness. Not knowing what else I could do, I took his hand. The first touch sent shivers down my spine.

So here we are tonight
You and me together
The storm outside, the fire is bright
And in you’re eyes, I see
What’s on my mind
Drive me wild
Turned around inside
And then desire, see, is creeping
Up heavy inside here
And know you feel the same way
I do now
Now lets make this an evening
Lovers for a night, lovers for tonight.

His hand in mine, his arm around my waist, he pulled me close to him, till I could feel his breath on my face. We began to dance to the sensuous rhythm of the song, hips swaying to the beat, bodies moving in unison. Wow he can dance.

Stay here with me, love, tonight
Just for an evening
When we make
Our passionate pictures
You and me twist up
Secret creatures
And we’ll stay here
Tomorrow go back to being friends

Just as I had imagined, his arms felt so right. I would feel myself melting into a little puddle on the floor. But then he began singing along with the song.

Go back to being friends
But tonight let's be lovers,
We kiss and sweat
We'll turn this better thing
To the best
Of all we can offer, Just a rogue kiss
Tangled tongues and lips,
See me this way
I'm turning and turning for you
Girl just tonight

His voice was low and sexy and he could sing so well. We continued our dance, he went on singing, I went on losing all control I had on sanity. How could just a dance with this guy do this to me? How?

He twirled me round on the last beat on the song as I fell into his arms laughing uncontrollably because I knew that if I didn’t laugh I would kiss him senseless. I looked up at him and in his eyes I saw everything I was feeling. All I couldn’t put into words. All that was making me go insane. It was all there.
We stood up properly and he went to switch the CD player off. He turned around and leaned against the table. The feeling I’d just seen had moved into the background, but the mischief was back.

And I have to live with this guy.

lyrics from "say goodbye" by dave matthews band

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A couple of night after Max moved in I was lying on my bed, with my biology book. Biology can be so interesting. Especially if it comes with beer and pizza! That’s my personal opinion. Half way through the molecular intricacies of the plant cell I heard the door open. I glanced at my watch, just 7:30. No way Max could be back that soon. I rolled over onto my side and saw him standing against the wall, watching me.

“Hey Parker, feel like company?”

“I guess.” I was getting a little sick of photosynthetic abilities of the chloroplasts. A smile slowly spread on his face as he walked back to the door. I watched as a deluge of people filled the room. Actually it was just six of them but eight people in our room definitely made it crowded.

“I wanted you to meet everyone. Everyone, this is Liz. Liz … everyone.”

What kind of an introduction is that? One of the girls seemed to agree with this, as she shook her head and came forward to make an actual introduction.

“Hi! I’m Maria. This is my boyfriend Michael.” With a courtesy nod, Michael spied the pizza and came over to help himself. Now that’s like a guy!

Taking a hint from Maria, Max went over to the next couple and said, “This is my sister Isabel and her guy Alex.”

“And we are Kyle and Serena,” the dark haired jock from the last couple spoke up.
Everyone settled around in the room. Michael proceeded to pass the pizza box around as Max and Kyle got more beer.

“So, Liz, where are you from?” asked Maria.

“I’m from Roswell.”

The room froze. Within what seemed like a millisecond a wave went through the entire room as nervous glances were exchanged. But just as fast everyone relaxed into normal behavior.

“Really? What was it like growing up there?”

“It was weird, to tell you the truth. Really weird.”

“How so?” came Michael’s question.

“Well, everyone there is alien obsessed. Even those who’re not have to pretend like they are, coz that’s what draws any tourism there at all. I mean the town is nothing but shop after shop of alien themed stuff. I worked for years at a restaurant called The Crashdown, and had to wear this tacky uniform with an alien antenna head gear.”

“That’s gotta suck,” Serena said with a chuckle.

“Like you won’t believe!”

The conversation drifted, we talked about how they were all from around here, had all gone to high school together and had been a close group for almost all eternity. Incredibly they all made me feel like I had been with them forever too.

“So you guys have been couples for over 2 years?” It was all so new to me and seemed so amazing. The closeness, the jokes, the love that each couple visibly shared. It made me feel wonderful.

“Yeah we have … but as yet we’ve always been an odd number,” remarked Maria, staring suggestively at Max. Max had been handing out a second round of beers. He was handing me mine as Maria said this. As he settled down next to me on my bed, he said, “Well, now Liz completes the octate!”

Huh? Ok now that was a joke right. The omnipresent mischief in his eyes gave nothing away. So I gave up too, laughing it off as a joke.
The conversation drifted again. This time to hockey or something. I leaned back and observed the traits of every person in the room. It’s a thing I find myself doing very often, trying to figure people out. And more than not I’m right.

Maria was spirited, extremely so. She was a good person inside and outside and loved and respected Michael to death. Michael felt the same way about Maria. I felt as though he was more protective and passionate about Maria than she could ever imagine. I got the impression that it wasn’t easy for him to trust people, but when he did trust someone, he would protect them with his life.

I got the same vibes from Isabel. She was reserved and opened up only when she felt it was “safe” but I couldn’t figure out what “safe” meant to her. I could tell that she adored Alex and that he worshipped her. Alex was a lot like Maria, only he kept his energy inside him more often than he sprouted it out. He also had an amazing and goofy sense of humor, which I found immensely adorable.

Kyle and Serena had a deep devotion for one another. Serena was sweet, fun loving and trusted people much more easily than the others and Kyle, he was you’re typical golden hearted Hollywood hero. But something that struck me more deeply was the bond between them all. They had something in common that made them like a close-knit family rather than a group of teenage friends. It gave them all a maturity that I found astounding.

How can I tell so much about people in one meeting? Well I told you that I can do that. It’s just this ability I have that I’ve honed and cherished over the years. I’ve always figured people out. But I couldn’t figure out Max. There was something about him. I could feel his passion but besides that I couldn’t get anything from him. He somehow managed to shield himself and I just could not understand his driving force. He remained the enigma.

The next evening Max was watching a basketball game on the TV in our room. Getting sick of it, I picked up my book and went into the bathroom to read. I know I’m weird but I can sit in an empty bathtub for hours and read. I used to do that all the time at home and decided to do it that evening too. About half an hour later, I heard the “gang” pour into the room. Maria asked Max where I was and he said I’d left some time back. Idiot didn’t even know I hadn’t left the room … entirely.

A few minutes later, the bathroom door opened and Michael walked in. “Liz?”
He looked shocked. I imagine I would be too if I’d been him. But from my point of view this was all too funny and I burst out laughing.
“What the hell are you doing in here Liz?”

“I’m sorry, you need to use the bathroom, I’ll leave,” I managed to say between giggles.

“No, I just came in to wash my face. Why are you here?” he questioned.

“Well,” I said settling back into the tub, “Max’s game was bugging me and I was trying to read. So instead of going out somewhere I just came in here.”

“You’re really weird you know that?”

“A huh!”

“So, what’re you reading?” he asked as he splashed water on his face.

“Virginia Wolfe for English Lit.”

“Really, I love her work. What book is it?”

I was surprised at his reaction, and the amazement only grew and as he sat shut the toilet seat and sat down on it. What followed was one of the most interesting and insightful discussions that I have even had. I have to say, Michael didn’t strike me as the intellectual types, but the depth of his knowledge and thoughts stunned me.

About an hour after he’d been in there with me Maria opened the door. The sound of her jaw hitting the floor could be drowned out only by our laughter. This caught everyone’s attention as they all came to see what was going on. Needless to say they were shocked. Whether they were more shocked by the two of us discussing Virginia Wolfe in the bathroom or by the fact that Michael could read is a question that remains to be answered. All I know is that that night I made a connection with Michael at a level that no one had ever done before, at an intellectual level and at the level of a brother.

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Authors Note: Thanx you guys for the feedback. I’m sorry the new part took so long but I was trying to give the story some direction. Also I’ve been spending every free moment reading Maxeo and Lizzet by Breathless. I just started it a few days back and it’s addictive, what can I say. Anyways onto the new part.
p.s. I've tried some Max POV this time. Tell me what you think. and I know this is short but the next one will be up sooner than this one came up.

Part 4

“So, Maria, what’s the deal with Max?” I’d been hanging out with “The Octate,” as they all called themselves now, for about a week. And I still hadn’t figured out Max. So I decided to get an insight over lunch.

“What do you mean?” Maria asked, almost apprehensively.

“Well, he’s a nice guy and he flirts like there’s no tomorrow, and yet he isn’t ‘hitched’. What’s his deal, is he a faithless philanderer who doesn’t believe in love or did some woman break his heart?” I needed to know what kind of man I was living with, and all the phone calls for him were driving me nuts.


“Neither?” She shook her head in negative. “Then explain.” I was determined to find out the details even if I had to zap them out of her.

“I guess you could say he believes in love too much.” Seeing the lost look on my face she continued to expand. “ I can’t explain it that well, I’ve never actually asked him, but it seems as though he believes in love so much that if he doesn’t see it happen within the first couple of weeks he just lets go. He doesn’t let himself let too close unless he knows its gonna go all the way,” she finished, waving her hands around vaguely in the air.

“That’s just twisted.”

“What’s twisted,” Alex said as he walked up to us and dropped himself on the grass next to us.

“Max,” Maria explained.

“Why, a bad roommate Liz?” he asked with a grin as he reached for some fries.

“Oh the worst.” I exclaimed without even thinking twice.

“Why?” asked Maria with an odd yet unreadable expression.

“Well, he’s messy, keeps sneaking his laundry into mine and if I could get a dollar for every phone call I have received for him I’d be a billionaire by the end of the year.” And coz he’s so sexy and it’s becoming progressively impossible for me to live with him and not jump him. I omitted out the last reason for obvious reasons.

“Then do something about it.”

“Yeah, tell him off, set up some ground rules you know that kinda stuff.” Maria said excitedly, thoroughly enjoying the situation.

“I will. Anyways how’s Michael as a roommate?” I asked.

Alex leaned into me and said, “Bad move Liz.”

I listen as Maria started bitching about Michael like there was no tomorrow. How was I to know I was opening a Pandora’s box!


“Come on Iz, don’t you think you’re overreacting a little bit?”

“Yeah. We checked her out. She is who she says she is. And she seems really nice. We really have no reason to doubt her.”

Michael and I had been trying to reason with Isabel for some time now. She had obviously scared about letting anyone new in.

“Besides, she’s only a friend. We’re not telling her anything, remember.” Michael finished.

I watched her. I knew she wanted to believe us. We all had this strange sense of trust in Liz, on some level that was making us more suspicious. But even after we dug up all her records, we found nothing, giving us no reason to be wary of her.

“I guess you guys are right,” she said finally.

The tension in the room relaxed with the issue resolved.

“So Max, is she a good roommate?” Michael asked with a grin knowing my answer.

“She’s like a mother … no like Satan. She keeps on nagging me about cleaning up and the number of dates I’ve lost because of her are phenomenal.” And she’s so sexy and if I see her in those tiny denim shorts of hers one more time I’ll die.

“Then do something about it Maxwell. Stand up and be a man. Set up some ground rules. That kinda stuff.”

“I think I will.”

As I walked to the room ready to confront Liz, I could think of nothing else but her. During final year of high school, I’d given up living behind my tree. I’d decided that if I had to put up a front I could pose to be something more fun than what I had been doing all through my life. I’d started dating and going out with friends but never let anyone close. Since then I’d flirted with and often asked out every girl I’d met. But Liz…there was something different about her. The day we’d danced I’d felt things I couldn’t describe. Just the touch of her skin sent a shiver down my spine. I couldn’t act with her the way I did with others. It was like she could see through me. And somehow I didn’t seem to mind.

My musing was interrupted as I stopped before my door. I walked in and saw her folding laundry, dressed in the blasted denim shorts. I didn’t realize I was staring at her till she turned around and looked me in the eye.

With a nod of her head she said, “Evans.”

“Parker.” I replied in the same fashion.

She watched me as I shrugged my jacket off my shoulders and faced her.

“We’ve got to lay down some ground rules,” we both said in unison.

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Authors Note : Thanx all for the feedback. Eve.. I dont know whether Liz has psycic powers or not, I think she's just intuitive and I good judge of nature.
Anyways here's the new part as I promised. Remeber the feedback!


Needless to say I was surprised when she said it with me, even a little relieved. But I kept my face straight, belaying no emotions and waited for her to make the first move. Noticing the same expression on her face I decided to go first.

“Alright, first off you’ve gotta stop nagging me about keeping clean.” Maybe I should’ve started with something else. I didn’t have to be that much of a man.

“You keep clean and I’ll stop nagging you.” I looked at her, she was serious bout this. This is gonna be harder than I thought.

“Liz...” She cut me off before I could go on.

“Look Max, all I’m asking for you to do is put you’re dirty clothes in the basket under the sink, put the clean ones in the closet, keep your books on the desk or in the shelves and shove everything else in a drawer. Is that so hard?”

“I guess not.” Ya…way to be the man, Evans.

“Good. So rule one is you keep clean and I don’t nag you.”

I nodded in agreement watching her folding her clothes, finding her so attractive just then. I snapped out of my thoughts as she spoke again.

“Two, keep the hell out of my computer.”

“I was never in your computer,” I told her defiantly. How the hell did she find out about that?

“Come on Max. Files I haven’t accessed in days were in the newly opened list.”

I didn’t have much of a choice but to own up so I just looked down at the floor, finding it immensely interesting.

“Also, don’t use my computer to access porn.”

I jerked my head up in surprise. “I never did that.”

A grin slowly formed on her face as she said, “I know, I just wanted to freak you out! Looks like I did well.”

Dodging her remark I said, “Ok. Rule 2 we keep out of each other’s files. Also, don’t bring as guy in here unless you have to…and if you do, put like some sign outside so I know that I should keep away and …”

She cut me off again, “I should keep him the hell away from you’re bed?!”

The color began to rise in my cheeks as she smirked at me. How did she know I was gonna say that? Once again I ignored the remark and said, “Rule 3, no one brings a date in here and if they must, they will tell the other person some way or the other.”

“…and they will keep out’ve each others beds!” she finished.

Fine, fine enough about that already.

“Also, Max, get an answering machine. I’m gonna kill myself if I have to attend another call for you.”

I grinned, “I can do that.”

I saw her expression change. I looked down at what she was holding and realized why. Oops … fireworks.

“And Evans, you cannot, repeat NOT sneak your laundry into mine. If you do, let me tell you, you are not gonna get it back.”

She was holding a pair of my boxers and looking down at a shirt that I had also sneaked into her clothes. They were fine washables and I don’t have the patience to wash them myself and I can’t let them go bad. I couldn’t tell her that either. So I just nodded mutely.

“I’ll take that,” I said as I reached for my clothes.

“Oh no you don’t.” She grabbed them and ran away from me. I followed her. Those were my favorites, dammit. And I wanted them back.

She ran into the bathroom and locked herself in.

“Parker, get out here.”

A couple of minutes later she came out.

I stepped back surprised, shocked actually. Oh my God.

“I think they fit me quite well, don’t you think.”

She paraded around the room and turned around, awaiting my reaction. How am I supposed to react to this? She had put on the boxers, folding them over the elastic to make them fit and she’d put on my shirt, folding the sleeves to three-fourths and had fastened just one button over her chest. God.

“Well, what do you think Max?” Her smirk was driving me crazy. I lunged for her determined now more than ever to retrieve my clothes.

I chased her around the room till she fell back on her bed. I jumped on top of her, pinning her down underneath me. I looked down at her. There is something about this girl. Something that makes me go wild.

I reached to unbutton the shirt when she said, “Max … don’t. I … uh … I’m not wearing anything under that.”

Naked … Liz Parker was naked in my clothes. My clothes are on her naked body. I could feel my brain go into over drive as I eased of her. I couldn’t do this. Any other girl I wouldn’t have given a damn, I’d just take the clothes. But her … I couldn’t do it to her.

I got off her bed and went over and sat on mine. She sat up straight and looked at me with that piecing gaze of hers.

“You … uh … you can keep those.” I was stammering. Damn Evans, get a grip.

Taking a deep breath I looked up into her eyes. Mischief, that’s all they’d tell me.

“Thanks Max. I guess next time you’ll remember to wash your own clothes.”

“I guess so.” I couldn’t help stare at her. Then I said something without even realizing that I was talking. “Last rule, we have dinner together, once a week, just you and me.” I just said that? Why did I just say that?

I watched as a shy smile crept over her face. “Alright.”

Alright! Looking at my watch I said, “Well, I’ve gotta go.”

“Where to?” She’d begun to put her laundry away. Every time she’d reach for the upper shelf I’d get a glimpse of her flat creamy white stomach.

Taking another deep breath I said, “We guys have to play at the coffee house in an hour.” Seeing that she didn’t understand me I explained about the band Alex and I play for.

“So what do you do?” she asked, her eyes sparkling.

“I’m the lead guitarist… I also sing a few songs.”

Before I even finished saying that she said, “I’m coming with. Gimme a minute to change.”

“Alright.” This cant be bad, I mean everyone was gonna be there. She came out of the bathroom and I couldn’t help the gasp that escaped my throat.

She was dressed in a small, black skirt with a black spagetti top and my shirt on top of that.

“You’re gonna wear that?” I asked gesturing towards the shirt.

“Ya … I think it looks good.”

She ran a brush through her hair and said, “Let’s go.”

This is gonna be bad, I mean everyone’s gonna be there.

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I could see it in his eyes; he was so unbelievably shocked by my actions … I have to say I LOVED every minute of it. I had never been this spontaneous or outrageous but something about a different environment was setting me up in a situation that allowed me to go berserk. And that was exactly what I was doing.

“Well, come on Max. Let’s go.”

I walked purposefully to the door and turned around to watch him get up and follow me, scared out of his wits. Seeing him squirm was giving me some sort of a high. A high I was really enjoying.

I walked through the corridors just a step ahead of him with a deliberate swing in my hips knowing that he was watching my every move. I was going to do everything in my power to freak him out today coz he looked so cute was when he was scared of me!

When we reached the coffee shop, he hesitated for a minute. Then with one last look in my eyes, he swung the door open and stepped aside to let me in. Apparently a lot of people had heard their band play before and liked it, because the place was packed. He ushered me to a table near the stage where everyone was sitting, his hand on the small of my back, sending periodic shivers up and down my spine. Looked like he was in the mood to pay me back.

As we neared the table, everyone’s smile of recognition turned to a gaze of disbelief. My fashion statement was making quite an impact! Almost as soon as we reached, Alex got out of his chair and with a knowing wink targeted towards me, he dragged Max off before he even had a chance to say hi. They needed to set up because he was already late, thanks to me! I slipped into his chair next to Maria.

The blatant staring continued, so finally I asked, “What?”

“Isn’t that Max’s shirt?” Isabel asked on behalf of the rest.

“A huh.” I reached for Alex’s abandoned coffee, not offering any other information.

“Um … then how come you’re wearing it?” Serena asked.

“Well, Max made the mistake of slipping some of his laundry into mine and I told him that he wasn’t gonna get any of it back.”

I smiled in triumph as Maria exclaimed, “You go girl!” and Michael mumbled under his breath, “Way to be the man, Maxwell.”

“Liz, why does you’re necklace say Angel?” Kyle asked diverting everyone’s attention from my conquest.

“My parents used to call me that.” I explained.

“It’s beautiful,” Isabel remarked fingering it.

“Thanks,” was all I could offer.

Just then, the sound systems came alive as the band was introduced and the first song began. Grabbing Maria and Isabel by the arm I dragged them to the makeshift dance floor and we began to dance. The rest of the gang joined us as we danced away for about a half hour. The music was interrupted my Alex.

“Thank you everyone for coming here tonight. For a special treat we will have a solo performance by the newest member of the band … Liz Parker.”

Liz Parker … Wait that’s me … I’m not in their band … I’m no gonna sing a solo.

The room erupted with applause as I felt myself being pushed onto the stage. I caught the sparkle in Max’s eye as the band got together at the back. So this was his idea of payback huh?

“So Liz, what’s it gonna be?” Alex asked me off the mike. I looked at Max again. It wasn’t gonna be payback just yet.

“Um … why don’t you and the guys take a break, I don’t need backup. I can handle this.”

Surprised by my reaction he asked, “You sure?”

“Positive,” I told him with a smile.

He went back to the guys and conveyed my message. A look of worry crossed Max’s face as he looked back at me. I smiled back to assure him I was cool and the guys left the stage.

I walked over to the piano and slid onto the stool. Fixing the mike I spoke into it, “This one’s for my roommate, I know you’ll like it.”


For me? I knew she’d figured that I was trying to play a prank on her, why was she still going ahead with it? What was she going to sing? Was my plan gonna backfire??

I watched her carefully as she played the first notes of her song. She looked so comfortable; she’d definitely done this before.

Spend all you’re time waiting
For that second chance
The break that’ll make it ok
There’s always one reason
To feel not good enough

Angel by Sarah Mclachlan, that’s what she was dedicating to me? Why the hell was she telling everyone that I listened to that? This is her idea of payback… All my thoughts lost their significance as she sang on. I was mesmerized by her voice, she sang so beautifully.
Then I heard Maria remark, “Now we know why her parents nicknamed her Angel.”

In the arms of the angel
Fly away from here
From this dark cold hotel room
And the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage
Of your silent reverie
You’re in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort here

She sang on, every note hitting every heart in the room. She could put any diva to shame; there was such power in her voice. I felt my knees beginning to give way as her voice began to have a stronger effect. I made my way through the rotating couples towards our table. Easing into a seat I couldn’t help wonder, damn Parker, how do you do this to me?

As the song ended the entire room erupted with applause once again as Liz got a standing ovation. Everyone congratulated her as she walked off stage and in my direction. The band started up again and people went back to the dance floor. But she slipped into the seat beside me.

“Whatdja think?”

I couldn’t trust myself to speak; she’d taken my breath away. Just with a song.

Looking deep into her eyes I told her exactly what was going on in every mind.

“Truthfully, that was the most beautiful thing I’ve even heard.”

I watched as she blushed and said, “Thanks Max.”

She took off my shirt as the song changed. Determined to retrieve what was left of my pride, I held out my hand, “I believe this is our song!”

Her eyes shone, reflecting all the feelings I had inside, most of all the passion that she awoke in me. Taking her hand we headed to the dance floor. The world dissolved around us as I slid my hand around her bare waist. This woman’s gonna be the end of me.

Seeing that my original plan had backfired big time, I devised a new one. I’d never been comfortable using my powers in public, even discretely, but I decided to use them now. Every time I would touch her skin, I would leave a trail of heat behind. The first time I did this, her eyes snapped up to look at me. I feigned innocence and we went on dancing. But the next time I did it, I saw a slow, blushing smile form on her face, which made me feel like there was a fire burning inside of me.

The song changed and the rest of the gang surrounded us. We broke up and danced non-stop for a few more hours. Every time I would touch her accidentally, or rather intentionally, I made sure that she felt the heat she was making me feel. Payback is sweet!

Finally all of us decided to head out. Liz grabbed my shirt off the chair she’d draped it over and tied it firmly round her waist. As soon as we got out the doors of the coffee shop we bid our goodbyes and goodnights and headed back to our room. I watched her every move, unable to take my eyes off of her.

Entering the room, she untied the shirt and handed it back to me.

“You can have this back now. But I’m gonna hold onto the boxers … to make sure you don’t repeat you’re offence.” With a wink she headed off to change her clothes for bed.

You’re in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort here

Lyrics from Angel by Sarah Mclachlan
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well things have been pretty hectic lately .. I have been getting a lotve work at college ... and it was my parents 25th wedding anniversary a few days back and we had this big bash last nite .. as a result I now own a flower shop in my house!*wink*

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Authors Note: Well I got a lucky break. Some free time creeped up and pounced on it. So without further ado here's the next part. Enjoy. And don't forget about the feedback.



I leaned over and turned off the alarm as I read the flashing letters. 7:00 AM. Great, so someone messed with my alarm clock and now I have an hour to get to class. Max is so going to get it for this. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I dragged myself out of bed and noticed Max’s empty bed. That’s new. Max up in the morning. Probably got a call from Sarah.

I slowly ambled towards the bathroom.


There he was. Max was dangling from the bathroom doors frame, doing chin-ups in his boxers. That should explain the great shape he’s in.


Seeing that he was done, I elbowed his in the ribs as I made room to move into the bathroom. I unconsciously rubbed my elbow from where it had come in contact with him because there seemed to be a heat pulse emanating from the point of contact and spreading through my arm. He turned around to face me, his breath coming in short gasps. I leaned against the sink ledge.

“No way you just did 50 of those.” I teased him.

“Yes way. I can do more than that too, it’s just, you came in the way,” he said defensively.

“Oh yeah? I bet you can’t do 50 right now if I told you to.”

“Really, how much?” There was that characteristic sparkle in his eye, which warned me that I was headed for trouble. But last nights rebellion still seemed to be around.





He stepped back into the door and started all over again.


I sat back on the ledge and watched him. I was such the genius. I had made him volunteer to be an object of scrutiny. In other words, I could freely stare at him now. My eyes roamed over his washboard abs and muscular torso. I could see every part of his body work as he attempted to win the bet. If I was not who I am, I would walk up to him right now and trace every inch of body, running my fingers through his silken hair and down his back. I would cup his face and kiss him, exploring every tiny crevice in his mouth till I passed out from lack of air.


He spoke in a husky voice, breathing fast and shallow between every word. My mind wandered further. Is that what he would sound like when we would …

But I am who I am. I can’t do that. I shouldn’t even be thinking about it. But he makes it so tough to hold back, to keep in control…so tough.


He jumped to the floor triumphantly, awaiting my reaction.

“Great, I was wrong. You are the man. Now get out. I wanna take a shower before I head for class.” I got off the ledge, waiting for him to exit. But he stood his ground.

“Uh uh uh. Not so fast.”

I looked at him with questioning eyes, hands on my hips.

“We had a bet, remember,” he said grinning dangerously. I am so in trouble now.

“Ok. What must I give?”

“You have to do what I just did,” he replied, his intentions imprinted all over his face.


“A huh.”

“Shirtless?” I asked, arching an eyebrow.

Settling in my former position he said, “Well, I leave the extent of nudity up to you.”

“Alright.” Just to explain I would never, NEVER do such a thing. But with Max…

I lifted my shirt off my waist and pulled it over my head. Tossing it at him, I walked over to the door wearing my bra and my favorite denim shorts. I turned around to face him and pointed to frame above my head and said, “You’re gonna have to gimme a lift.”

He came over and lifted me, his hands spread over my waist. I felt as though my whole body would burst into flames. His touch made me feel things I had never imagined possible. I hooked my arms over the frame, afraid that I might pass out. Seeing me safely perched he let go of me and reassumed his position. I took a deep breath, trying to control my soaring pulse rate. Cleaning my mind out of everything I had just experienced, I concentrated on the task he’d given me. I could do it, no problem about it. I just didn’t know if I could survive his looks. Remembering all the things that had gone through my head while watching him, I told him, “You count.”

I set to work, pulling my self up over and over, feeling his eyes on me every second, wishing that he was holding me, wishing it was possible between us.

As I finished, he came over to help me off. I didn’t notice him coming and let go of the ledge thinking that I would land on the ground. Instead I fell on top of him. The collision startled him too as we both ended up in a heap on the ground. I lay flat on top of him, feeling every inch of my body in contact with his. And feeling something else too. Could it be?

I looked into his eyes and felt a wave of desire wash over me. I wanted to kiss him so bad.

No Parker.

The voice in the back of my head snapped me out of my reverie. I pulled myself off the ground, my skin on fire from the contact with his skin.

“I should get to that shower if I wanna make it on time.”

“Ok.” His voice reflected the emotions in his eyes and the reaction of his body. But I couldn’t allow myself to notice that. Stepping back from him I watched him leave and shut the door behind him. Stripping of the rest of my clothes, I put on the shower and turned the water temperature down.

“Cold shower. Definitely cold shower.”


I leaned against the bathroom door. I’m sure I saw what I saw and I felt what I felt. But I can’t do this. I just can’t. Just then I heard her say, “Cold shower. Definitely cold shower.” I couldn’t help but smile.

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Author's Note : Here's the new part I promised. Enjoy. Feedback, Feedback, Feedback!!


20 minutes later I was sitting in biology class. The cold shower had definitely done me some good and I was using this time to regroup.

"Excuse me?"

I turned around to see who was talking to me.

"You're Liz right?"

"Yeah..." I looked at him questioningly. Who was this guy and why did he know me?

"Hi, I'm Sean. I saw you perform last night. You were amazing."


Just then I felt someone brush against me as he sat down next to me. Judging by the sensation that brief contact caused, I knew it was Max.

"Well some one got here on time."

"You're really long, cold shower didn't help me, I'll tell you that."

Cold.... COLD...Did he just say cold? How did he know that? I turned around and looked at him, panic in my eyes. He grinned and winked at me. Unzipping his bag, he began to take out his books. Note to self - DONOT speak so loudly when you are in the shower alone. Just as the color began to recede from my cheeks, Ms Pool walked in through he door. I leaned into Max and said, "Ahh, so that was your incentive."

Ms Pool was about 27, 5 feet 9, long black hair and "really hot" as Kyle put it. Max leaned into me and said, "Nah, she's not my type. She’s too tall and I like girls who are more petite." His breath hit my neck as all the feelings of this morning came flooding back.

Control Parker. Control.

"Alright people. Today I'm gonna give you your Lab assignments and appoint partners. Though we have lab classes I would prefer it if you worked mostly on your own time. And you can call me whenever you need me. Alright here are your partners.
Smith and Hanks, Hill and Jordan, Parker and Evans...."

I tuned out of the rest of the conversation. Parker and Evans. Life was playing a cruel trick on us, pushing us further together with every passing day. And with every passing day, I minded it less and less.

"Guess we're stuck together again, eh Parker."

"I guess."


I was lying back in bed, working on an English assignment. It was around 6 in the evening when I heard Max come in. Dropping his jacket on the bed he said, “Hey.”

I grunted in reply, too engrossed in my work to do say anything else. He walked over the TV and bend down to switch on the main plug. I involuntarily stole a glance. Almost instantly I kicked myself. Come on Parker, you have enough trouble as it is, why the hell must you check him out. Jeez. Shaking my head I turned back to my laptop. Out of the corner of my eye I watched him pick up the remote and walk over to me. I looked up at him, wondering what it was he wanted.

“Move over.”


He blushed deeply as he repeated his request, or should I say, order.

“Why exactly?”

“Well, it’s simple Parker. The view of the TV is best from your bed. So move over.”

“I’m kinda trying to work Max.”

“Go ahead.” But he still stood there, towering over me, waiting for me to relent. Finally I moved over, making room for him and he plopped down beside me. Sure Evans, now I’ll get some work done.

He put on a basketball game. “Come on Max, basketball?”

“What’s wrong with basketball?” he asked looking down at me. As if it wasn’t difficult enough that he was in my bed next to me. Now he had to look at me like that.

“Nothing, I love the game, but not when I’m trying to work ok?”

Silently he turned the volume of the set off and continued to watch the game. I have to say, I was really impressed. I resumed my work, which, luckily, I had almost finished. Just as I was putting in the final touches, the phone rang. Almost as if it was a reflex, I reached over across Max and picked up the phone.


“Hi, Liz. This is Sarah.”

“Oh, hi Sarah. Um Max is right here. Hang on a second.”

“Liz… actually I wanted to talk to you first.” She sounded a little concerned about something.

“Uh … ok. Can you just hang on a minute?”


I covered the receiver with my hand and told Max what Sarah had said. Then I leaned over Max again to switch on the speakerphone and replace the receiver.

“Ok Sarah. Shoot.”

“Um… this is kindve embarrassing. I’m just going to ask you straight out. Are you and Max involved?”

“What? No… Max and I are just friends. What would give you such an idea?”

“Well … you guys are living together and weren’t you wearing his shirt last night?”

I held back a snicker as I told her, “That... I had just borrowed it for a night. Max isn’t with me Sarah. I assure you.”

Her voice reflected her relief as she said, “Wow, Ok. Thanks. See, now I feel stupid.”

“Don’t be silly Sarah. It was an honest mistake. Um … you wanna talk to Max now?”


Max switched the mode of the phone again and picked up the receiver.

“Hi honey!” Excuse me while I barf. “No, I don’t think that will be possible. See Liz and I have this Lab assignment and I promised Liz that we would get started on that today. Yeah I’m sorry. Tomorrow. Definitely. Ok. Bye!”

I looked at him with an arched eyebrow, awaiting an explanation for what had just transpired.

“Um … she was asking if I wanted to go eat, and I don’t so…”

“No, no. You’re right we do have an assignment.”

“You’re not gonna make me do that, are you Liz.”

I hopped off the bed and said, “Oh you bet I will.”

He sighed in disappointment and then turned around and said, “Thanks.”

“What for?”

“Saving my pride about the shirt thing.”

With a slight smile on my lips I said, “No sweat. Now come on, we have lab work to do.”


“How is it possible? How could you have graduated AP Bio without ever making a slide? I mean, Max, these are the SIMPLIST things she could’ve given us.”

He shrugged his shoulder, “I guess I got stuck with a very good lab partner. I seem to be lucky with that.”

I ignored his remark and set to work. Even if it killed me I would teach Max Evans how to prepare a temporary slide.

Three hours later, I smiled proudly at what I was seeing.

“See, it ain’t so hard.” I arched my back uncomfortably. Leaning over a microscope for so long had really messed me up and my back and shoulders were killing me. Noticing my movements, Max came over and gently rubbed my shoulders.

“Back trouble?”

“Yeah.” My words came out sounding like a moan as he continued to gently massage my shoulders.

“You’re muscles seem really tight. You wanna call it a night?”

“Yes, please.”

“I’ll clean up, you relax.”

With one last squeeze, he left my side and set to work, cleaning up everything we had used in the lab. I watched, amazed. This was a side of Max Evans I hadn’t seen before.

After about 20 minutes we were back in our room. I dropped onto my bed, lying on my stomach, my face pressed into my pillow. I ran a hand over my aching back.

“You want me to help you with that?” Max asked, walking over to me and placing his hand on my shoulders. His touch sent a soothing warm sensation down my spine. I nodded in assent and he set to work, tenderly working out all the knots in my back. I could feel his every touch relieving me of any tension that I had, turning my mind blank, leaving nothing for me to focus my attention on except his touch. I felt myself drift off to sleep. I managed to whisper, “Thanks Max.”


I watched her as she fell to sleep. Her skin, smooth and soft, was becoming more and more relaxed. Finally when I was sure that she was asleep, I lifted her in my arms and tucked her into bed. I removed her hair clasp, smoothing out her silken hair. Running my fingers through her hair, I whispered, “Goodnight Liz.”

I went over to my desk and found a book I had been meaning to read and with one last look at the sleeping angel, I settled into my own bed and set to work.

About an hour later I heard her moan. She began to whimper; her breathing becoming shorter. She spoke out, “No… wait … no … don’t leave me. Please … wait for me. NO”

I was by her side as she screamed. I held her outstretched hand in my own and immediately her crying stopped. She regained her peace. I guess it was just a nightmare. I leaned in to her to wipe away her tears. I felt her draw my hand closer to her. She tucked my hand, entwined with hers under her chin. I heard her whisper, “Don’t ever leave me again.” I sat there like that, watching her sleep peacefully, her chest rise and fall in a steady breathing, for about a half hour. Finally I pulled her hand and mine away from her. Bringing her hand to my lips, I gently kissed her fingers. “I won’t Liz.” Kissing her forehead I stepped away, feeling an inner peace I’d never felt before.

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Author's Note
HI you all

Ok ... so here are some clarifications.

Sarah's just some girl Max is seeing. Max goes out with a lot of women remember, she's just one of the crowd. He's obviously not very serious about her coz he'd rather sit for hours doing biology work with Liz than go out for dinner with Sarah. Thought this was necessary coz she's gonna make another (and final!) appearance in the next part.

The nightmare ... well well... you're just gonna have to keep reading to find out what happenes on that front!!!

Btw, I changed the name coz ... welll ... I dont know. I just think "Semi Charmed Life" is more appropraite than "Complicated". I had come up with that name when I had a different story in mind. Since I kindve moulded the plot, I thought a change in name was in order.

While I'm at this, there's another thing I wanted to be made known : There is no Tess in my fic.

I think that should be all. I've almost got the next part ready, it should be up soon enough, mayb in a day or 2.
If you guys are reallly nice, mayb today!!!

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Author's Note : Wow .. thats a lot of songs *wink* I'm surely gonna take up some of those. Anyways here's the new part I promised yesterday. Remember the feedback .. its what gets me to the computer and writing!!


Lost in thought, I didn’t realize I had passed my door. I retraced my footsteps and stood in front of it. It was just past 7 in the evening. I hadn’t really talked to Liz all day, so I hadn’t had a chance to ask about last night. Honestly I didn’t think I could. I didn’t even know what I wanted to ask her. I could hear noises though the door, so I knew she was in there. Talking one last deep breath I opened the door.

I stepped into the room and softly closed the door behind me. Liz was sitting on the floor, leaning against her bed. She was dressed in a baggy shirt and pajamas. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She looked gorgeous. The TV was on, tuned to a music channel, but she wasn’t watching. She had her angel necklace in her hands; I don’t think she had let go of it all day.

She looked up and saw me coming in.

“Hey Liz.”


She turned her attention back to her necklace.

“What’re you watching?”

Looking up at the TV as though she’d just noticed it was on she said, “Nothing, anything.”

I went over to the refrigerator, picked up the biggest ice cream tub I could find and returned to her. I opened the tub, placed it before her and handed her a spoon. Living with Isabel had taught me that ice cream was a man’s best friend!

“Help me finish this?” I asked with a tentative smile.

Grinning, she accepted the spoon from me and dug in.

“Sarah called, about 10 times since this afternoon. You should do something about getting that answering machine.” She looked a little out of it, but I guess I was reading too much into this, considering she was still cracking jokes.

“Umm… you can tell her that it’s definitely over.”

“Why, what fault did you find in her Max?” she asked, her eyes twinkling.

She wasn’t you.

“She’s sleeping with her roommate Liz, I’d think that was reason enough, don’t you.”

“Oh come on Max, how do you know that?”

“Well, just like I found out about Amy and Dylan.”

“You walked in on them?”


“Wait, Sarah’s roommate is that girl Lana …. NO”

“Yes. I admit it. The girl I was seeing was sleeping with her female roommate. I have really bad luck.”

She burst out laughing. Needless to say, that really didn’t help my position. I looked at her intently, enraptured by her laugh. She noticed this and asked, “What?”

“Liz… are you ok?”

She looked into my eyes. With a small smile she said, “Yeah. I just…I really miss my parents today. I don’t know why.”

“Why don’t you give them a call?”

“It’s not that simple Max. They um … they died when I was 10.”

“I’m sorry.”

She took my hand in hers and squeezed it. “It’s Ok.”

“How’d it happen?”

“Car crash. They were driving out in the deserts outside of town and they lost control of the car.” She looked up at me and gave me another small smile. I could feel my heart melt.

“It was really long ago, sometimes I don’t even remember it that well. But I owe my life to them.” I looked at her. I guess she could tell that I didn’t get her because immediately she started off to tell me her story.

“When I was about 6, I had got lost out in the deserts. I had been out there, alone, for about 2 days. Then the second night, the Parkers were driving out there and they spotted me. They took me in and later that month they officially adopted me. If they hadn’t found me that night I don’t think I’d even be alive today. So I owe them my life.”

“Wait, so, after the accident, you were moved to another family?”

“No. My sister, Jen, she was 17 at the time. So social services allowed her to assume guardianship.”

“Where’s she now?”

“In Boston. With her husband Jason and their little baby boy.” Her face lit up as she talked about her nephew.

“Wow, so you’re like an aunt.”

“Yeah. I love the little guy. He’s about 5 months old.”

“What’s his name?”


Max? He and I shared a name? Weird.

“Who named him?”

“I did.”

I watched her in surprise as she confessed, “I’ve always loved that name.” She smiled shyly and looked down at her hands again. In my mind I was singing. Outside I played it cool.

“Well, I’m gonna have to meet this guy then, aren’t I.”

“I guess.”

“Well, we have more in common than I thought.”

“How so?”

“Isabel and I were adopted too.”


I proceeded to tell her about our adoption, leaving out the detail that we too were found in the deserts of Roswell and that Michael had been with us but had been adopted my mom’s sister and her husband I.e. the Guerins. The conversation drifted as we exchanged high school stories, discussed music, and everything else in this world.

A few hours later Liz leaned against my shoulder, visibly tired, and pretty soon she fell asleep. I ran my fingers through her hair, letting it open and smoothening in out. Right then I was hit by what seemed like a flash.

Liz was roaming aimlessly in a desert. She looked like she was about 10 or 11 years old. Her entire being trembled with loneliness and despair and she came to stop in front of what looked like a rock formation. Leaning before it she began to cry.

“Why? Why did they have to leave me? Why must I be all alone?”

Letting her tears fall freely to the sand, she wept her heart out, periodically repeating, “Why? Why ……”


“Max, what’s wrong? Why did you call us here so urgently?”

I put a hand on Isabel’s shoulder and gestured towards the bed.

“I think you two should sit.”

Following my instructions, Michael and Isabel made their way over to the bed and sat down.

“Ok guys, this is really … well … difficult to explain. Even I don’t know what I wanna say exactly so just try to stay with me ok?”

“Ok.” Both Isabel and Michael looked completely confused. But I couldn’t help it. I was so confused.

“Maxwell, what is this about?”


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Authors Note:
Hey you all!

Sarah_helen .. I'm so sorry! Jus the first name that popped into my head!

The songs are for a future part btw.

New part will definately be out early day after tomorrow ... it's difficult to tell time actually ... I'm in India so the time difference is warped! But according to EST - early day after tomorrow!

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Authors Note: Here's the new part. Thanx everyone 4 the feedback ... keep it up.


“I don’t get it Max.”

“Neither do I Iz.” I ran my hand nervously through my hair.

“But the only other time that happened was….”

“At the camp … when I…”

“Maybe it was because you were using your powers on her.” Isabel said hopefully.

“But I wasn’t Iz. I was just touching her hair when I got the flash. Besides, I’ve used my powers on her before, but it never happened then.”

“Go over it again Maxwell. Maybe we missed something.”

“Ok… Last night, she was having a nightmare. When I took her hand to try and calm her, it was like a connection formed between us. I could feel her helplessness, her despair, her loneliness … and then her relief and joy … that I was there.”

“But you didn’t see anything then.”

“No.” I continued to pace back and forth around Isabel’s room.

“Then today, the flash… her tears…in the desert…”

I came over to Isabel and squatted before her, my mind still overwhelmed by what I had experienced, my heart crying for Liz. I put my head in Iz’s lap, unable to get what was going on. I could not understand what the flash meant or why I got it. And it was driving me insane.

“How come this has never happened with you guys?”

Running her fingers soothingly through my hair, Iz mumbled, “I don’t know Max, I don’t know.”

I sat there, trying to understand what was going on. Neither Isabel, nor Michael had ever had a flash. This just didn’t make sense. Or maybe it did.

“I think I’m falling in love with her.”

My voice was no more than a whisper. I was falling in love with her.

“Max, look at me.”

I responded to Isabel and looked up at her.

“There’s nothing wrong with falling in love. We’ve all done it. We’re all in meaningful relationships. So why are so afraid to give in?”

“Because Liz doesn’t know … what I am. I can’t do this to her Iz. She deserves better than what I can give her.”

I go up and walked over to other side of the room, trying to shelter my tears from them. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around to face Michael.

“Maxwell, it’s getting late. Try and get some rest. Sleep on it.”

I nodded mutely.

“And we’ll take care of this thing, the flashes, we’ll take care of it.”

“Thanks for listening you guys.”

Saying my goodnights, I wandered out into the grounds.

Liz will never feel about me the way I feel about her. I’m alien, nothing can get past that. I remember years ago I’d conjured up this picture of the perfect woman. I’d thought of every detail, the feel of her skin, the color and texture of her hair, even the kind of jokes she would crack. I guess I’d done it all in the effort to make sure that I never fall in love. But then Liz came along.

She’s everything I’ve ever wanted and so much more. Just the simplest of her smiles melts my heart into a little tiny puddle. But I can’t have her. I can’t do that to her. I have to hold back. I know I have to. There’s no other way.

Wrapped up in my own thoughts I bumped into someone.

“God, I’m sorry.”

“Hey, Max, It’s ok. Um…what’s going on? You look kind of troubled.”

I looked into Maria’s concerned eyes. She was the one person I could never hide anything from.

“I’m in trouble Maria.”

“What’s up?”

“I think I’m falling for Liz.”

Her eyes began to sparkle as she said, “Duh!”

“But I can’t Maria.”

Somehow Maria and I had developed a special rapport, one that always told her how I felt without my having to say it. I greatly cherished my relationship with her and respected her opinion immensely. With one more look into my eyes, she grabbed my arm and led me into the coffee shop.

After ordering lattes for us both, she sat down across me and looked at me with that penetrating gaze of hers, the one that made me look up and face her scrutiny.


“Because, Maria, Liz has no idea as to who or rather what I am. And I can’t do that to her.”

Placing her hand in mine Maria said, “Max, WHO you are is a wonderful, kind, loving guy who’s had it rough and deserves to be with the woman of his dreams. Who you are is the most amazing person I know. Who you are is the one who is ready to risk everything for a friend.”

She looked at me meaningfully, knowing exactly what to say and how to say it.

“Besides, we both know that you and Liz share a great friendship, one that means so much to the both of you. Now I know you wont do anything unless you want to but all I will say is, don’t pull back. Don’t shut her out Max coz its gonna hurt the both of you.”

Maria knew how to put things so simply that no matter how hard I tried to misunderstand it, I couldn’t. I knew she was right. I knew I could hold back from Liz, not even if my life depended on it.

“Thanks Maria.”

“No problem Girlfriend,” she said with a wink as she got up. Kissing me on my cheek, she pulled me up and decided to escort me to my room. I didn’t protest. I desperately needed the company.

Once at my door, Maria said goodnight and left. I entered the room, trying to make the least noise possible, so as to make sure my angel didn’t awaken. One look at her sleeping figure and I knew that no power in the universe could have allowed me to pull away from her. I loved her.


I stretched out, rubbing the sleep away from my eyes. Judging by the amount of light outside I knew it must be about 8 in the morning. I looked over at my sleeping roommate and remembered last night’s incidents. I’d been having nightmares all my life. All of them ended with me in a heap in the sand, drowning in my own tears. But since the last two days, things had changed. Someone had saved me from my misery and turned my nightmare into a beautiful dream. Looking at him again I whispered, “Thank you Max.”


“No way … how the hell could you guys manage that without getting caught?”

I watched Liz laughing as Maria told her of one of our post-high school, pre-college escapades. It was lunchtime and we were all in our room watching a basketball match. It was half time and so Maria was using the time to tell some stories. I was using the time to look at my angel.

“Well, we didn’t actually empty the entire pool, we just emptied it enough so that someone who fell in would get hurt not injured. Anyway, our brilliant luck that Tess Harding, this bitch from our class, decided to take the first plunge. The bruises on her face were classic! She almost didn’t come to the Prom!”

The entire room burst out laughing remembering the incident. Just as Maria began to tell another tale, someone knocked at the door. Liz went to answer it, carrying herself so humbly, oblivious to the effect she was having on me.

“Sean, Hi!”

“Hi Liz.”

What the hell is he doing here?

“What are you doing here?”

“Well, I was hoping maybe we could get some coffee.”

Before Liz had a chance to respond, Michael stood up and exclaimed, “Coffee sounds great.”

Taking a clue from him, everyone stood up too and said, “Yeah.”

Way to go Mike!

Now, it was obvious just how uncomfortable Sean was with this, I mean who wouldn’t be. But he didn’t get a chance to object as everyone swept him out of the room and to the coffee shop!


After a long, long coffee break, the group dispersed, making sure Liz went with them and not with Sean. I made my way to the practice rooms. We had a band practice session scheduled. Maybe this time would allow me to forget about Liz, at least for a while. As I neared the room, I heard the band already playing. What the hell?

I walked in and almost fainted. Liz was up on stage and singing. Oh no that’s not all. Wanna know what she was singing?

I believe in miracles
Where’re you from
You sexy thing

I watched, unable to tear me eyes away from her dancing figure. How am I gonna continue to live with her without going insane.

I believe in miracles
Since you came along
You sexy thing

Spotting me by the door, Liz jumped off stage, walking towards me, singing to me.

Where did you come from baby
How did you know I needed you
How did you know I needed you so badly
How did you know I’d give my heart gladly
Yesterday you were one of all the people
Now you’re lying next to me, making love to me

“That was great Liz. Really great.” Alex’s voice brought me to my senses.

“What did you think?”

I found myself unable to speak. Say something Max … say something.

“It was amazing.”

Alex broke in before I had an opportunity to something more, “Max, good you’re here. Now we can work on some duets.”

Lyrics from You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate

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Authors Note:

Rest assured, Tess is NOT in this fic. I just could resist trashing her anywz!!

I'm gonna start the new part today. So I dont know when it will be ready. Could be in a few hours coz I have it all planned out.

Thanx for the great FB! Keep it comin!

In the mean time I cant resist sharing a little anecdote with you. This is for people who watch Buffy. IF you remember in the first season when Buffy had just met Angel and didnt know he was a vampire, they were hanging in the Bronxe and Angel offers his jacket to buffy saying, "You're cold."
Now this frd of mine didnt like angel much so when she saw this scene she gve backgrd music of "you sexy thing" (the song I used in the last part). It was too funny coz that song has been used in "the full monty" as well. So it was like strip show! What was more funny was Xander when he said, "What now it's clothes exchange day? And what kinda girlie name is Angel anywz"!!!!!!


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Authors Note: Here's the new part. Enjoy. Remember the FB.


I had spent about an hour working out after rehearsal. Singing ‘I want to spend my lifetime loving you’ to Liz wasn’t exactly what I had in mind as an exercise to get over her. Life just wasn’t gonna let me get away from her.

I opened the door to our room and immediately heard strains of Oasis filtering through. Liz was cleaning up, dancing simultaneously to the sound of Wonderwall. I closed the door softly and leaned against it, watching her, mesmerized by her movements. She danced like she’d found meaning in life, like there wasn’t a thing that could possibly bother her right then. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this happy. I stayed where I was, captivated.

She turned around and noticed me in the door. Still swaying to the music she made her way over to me. I met her half way; we were standing in the middle of the room. She swung one arm over my shoulder and said, “Dance with me.”

Melting because of her smile, I began to move with her. “What’s the occasion?”

Smiling radiantly she exclaimed, “Life!”

“Can’t argue with such logic.”

Just as I got a little comfortable, the music changed.

I was standing all alone against the world outside
You were searching for a place to hide
Lost and lonely now you’ve given me the will to survive
When we’re hungry love will keep us alive

I snaked my arm around her waist and pulled her closer. She settled against my chest, leaning her head on my shoulder and began to sing softly.

Don’t you worry sometimes you just gotta let it ride
The world is changing right before your eyes
Now I’ve found you
There’s no more emptiness inside
When we’re hungry love will keep us alive

The words made perfect sense. The way Liz sang, it seemed like she felt the same way.

I would die for you
Climb the highest mountain
Baby, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do

We swayed to the music, oblivious to anything but us. I could smell the sweet scent of her hair and feel her breath through the thin material of my shirt. Could I love this girl any more?

I was standing all alone against the world outside
You were searching for a place to hide
Lost and lonely now you’ve given me the will to survive
When we’re hungry love will keep us alive

“You’ve reached Max and Liz. Leave a message.”

Good thing I had that answering machine installed.

“Hey guys it’s me. The gangs comin over in 5.” Maria’s voice filled the room as Liz eased away from me.

“I wonder what’s up,” she remarked. It didn’t seem as though she felt awkward. She behaved as though being with one another like this was the most natural thing in the world. It definitely felt that way to me.

5 minutes later Maria came through the door, dragging everyone else behind her.

“What is this about Maria?” I asked in a weary voice. Maria looked like she was on a mission. That can’t be good.

“Well … I think we all need a party. Pam Troy, from History, told me that she’s having a bash at this place near our apartment tonight.”

A party? This was all for a party? Maria…

“So are we all in?” she asked happily.

“Yeah I guess so….”


“Sounds like fun.”

Bouncing up and down on her feet she looked delighted, like a kid in a candy store. I tried really hard to hide my smile; she would kill me if she saw it!

“Great so we’re all in.”

“What time is it?” Serena asked.

“We have about three hours.” Pulling Isabel and Serena up, Maria went over to Liz and asked her, “You wanna come get ready with us?”

Liz looked at her, trying to suppress the same expression that was dying to surface on my face. “You know what, I think I’m fine here.”

“You sure, chica?”

“Ya. You guys go ahead.”

With that the girls swept out, leaving the guys in their wake. Michael got up and with a nod he too dragged the rest of them out behind him, leaving Liz and me alone once more.
I was sprawled on her bed when she came back from the door. She picked up the remote and nudged me over, plopping down next to me. I looked at her, surprised.

“Don’t you wanna go get ready?”

“Max, Maria said we have three hours. How long can it take to get dressed? Jeez.”

I watched her in amazement. Quality number 26. She should not take hours to get dressed. I’d thought that one would be impossible to crack. Just another way in which Liz Parker is perfect.

She switched on the TV and began to channel surf. “Hey, Someone Like You.”

“Liz, please. That movie’s so boring.”

“It is not. Besides Hugh Jackman is so hot.”

“And I’m supposed to appreciate that?”

“Ashley Judd ain’t half bad.”

“I prefer brunettes.”

“Just watch.”

About an hour and a half later, just when Hugh Jackman was enumerating the perks of casual sex, Liz turned to face me and asked, “So this is your policy.”


“This whole casual sex thing.”

Looking up at her face I remarked, “Casual sex? Liz I’m a virgin.”

She burst out laughing as I finished my sentence. Sitting up I asked her, “What?”

“You, Max I’ve dated every woman in the world Evans, are a virgin. Yeah, and I’m Princes Diana.”

“Hey I am.”

“Ok… show me your wallet.”


“Your wallet Evans.”

I took my wallet out of my back pocket and handed it to her, wondering what on earth was going on. After sifting through it she held out something triumphantly.

“Well, Evans, if you’re a virgin then why do you have a condom in your wallet?”

“Well Liz I don’t want all the other guys to know I’m a virgin. I mean come on. I have a reputation.” I tried to block the images forming in my mind, trying very hard to control the blush coming upon my face.

“That is the lamest thing I’ve ever heard.” She chuckled at my logic. Hey I’m not justifying it. It’s just a vague logic.

“Never mind.” She turned her attention back to the movie, a small smile playing on her lips.




“Nothing Max.”

The last scene of the movie played before us. Ashley Judd was running behind Hugh Jackman to tell him that she loved him. I felt Liz move down the bed, like she was about to lie down. She rested her head on my chest, never taking her eyes off the TV. I felt her hair tickle my face, her hand resting on me just under her face. I was about to put my arm around her, but I checked myself. I didn’t know her intentions. This probably didn’t mean a thing. Despite that, I could feel my pulse quicken. My heartbeat seemed to be echoing in the room. I prayed that Liz couldn’t feel the effect she was having on my heart. Not that it mattered; my heart belonged to her anyways.

The final kiss of the movie ended. The credits began to roll. Liz turned the TV off but stayed where she was. Then lifting her head and looked into my eyes. Her lips were inches away from mine. I could so easily kiss her now. She was so close and yet I couldn’t.

After what seemed like eternity she said, “We should probably get ready. We don’t want Maria to get mad at us.”

“We don’t want that,” I chuckled, trying to get my breathing to even out.

Lifting herself off the bed she said, “You take the bathroom, I’ll change here.”

Taking my cue, I grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom to change. I shut the door behind me and walked over to the sink to splash some cold water on my face. Taking a deep breath I changed into black trousers and a gray shirt. I looked at myself in the mirror, remembering how sexy Liz looked in the same shirt. Damn Evans, settle down will you. After fixing my hair I unlocked the door and called out, “Liz you decent?”


I stepped out of the bathroom and stared, unable to focus on anything but the beautiful woman before me. Twirling around she asked, “How do I look?”

A part of me that had been sleeping for days woke up. I walked over to her and loosened her hair, running my fingers through it till it fell around her face. I stepped back and took in the effect. She was wearing a black skirt about 3 inches above her knees and with slits on both sides going much further up. Her shirt was a shimmery black with a halter neck and pretty much no back.

Looking her up and down one more time I said, “Perfect.”

I watched her blush under my gaze. I missed doing that, flirting with her and watching her blush. Her eyes suddenly began to sparkle. She walked up to me and tugged at the collar or my shirt and said, “Hey, isn’t that mine?”

It was my turn to blush and hers to gloat, but not for long. I was gonna win in this game tonight, if it’s the last thing I do.

Lyrics from Love Will Keep Us Alive by the Eagles.

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Authors Note: Well, heres the new part. Thankx all for the FB. The parts might take a little longer to come now coz I'm gonna be goin back to college in a few days. Anyhow, here it is.


“We’re not going to be late right?”

Max looked at his watch and said, “I sure as hell hope not!”

We laughed, both thinking of Maria. We reached Max’s jeep. Taking one look at me, he lifted me up by the waist and sat me down in the jeep.


“Just helping out Princess.”

I arched an eyebrow at him as he jumped into the drivers seat.


Giving a sheepish smile he said, “Does Angel work?”

I couldn’t help but smile at his tone. “Yeah, I guess that would work.”


He started the car, staying pretty quiet for a few minutes. Finally he said, “So, this Sean guy, you meeting him at the party?”

There was an odd tone in his voice. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but something was up.

“Come on Max, after what you guys pulled this afternoon? I don’t think he’s gonna come within 5 miles of me.”

“Pulled? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Sure Max.” I smiled to myself. I knew exactly what they’d done. I knew the entire thing was Max’s idea. Weird thing was I wasn’t mad.

“We’re here.” Before I even registered what was happening, Max jumped out of the car and came over to the passenger’s side, and once again lifted me up.

“Max Evans.”

Once again he said with a wink, “Just helping Angel.”

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“Michael, hi, “ I said straightening my skirt. “Where are the girls?”

“Upstairs. You look great.”

Going up to him, I kissed him on the cheek and said, “Thanks.”

One last look at Max and I ran in to look for Maria, Isabel and Serena. As I entered the room, the trio lined up and posed.

“Whoa girls, you look fine!” Serena was wearing a pale lavender spaghetti strap dress that ended just above her knees. Maria was in black pleather pants with a lace black corset top. Isabel had on a pale green dress something like Serena’s only shorter. They made quite the group. The guys were so gonna fall flat!

“You too chica, really good.”

“Why thank you! Now maybe we should go, the guys are waiting.”



The music from the party was so loud that we could hear it almost a mile away. Max parked the car and was about to pull his thing again when I jumped out before he had a chance. Feigning disappointment, he led me towards the door, his hand resting on my bare back. A shiver ran up my spine when he touched me. I couldn’t help thinking how wonderful his touch felt.

“Alright people, lets make an entrance.”

Maria dragged Michael in front of the rest of us. She’s so cute sometimes! As we entered, Max accepted two cups of god knows what, depositing them at the nearest table. The place was rocking, people everywhere. I stood in the sidelines for a while, watching the crowd.

“Hey, Liz, my dance?”


I followed Michael into the crowd and began to dance. About a couple of songs later a very fakely angry Maria came up to us and said, “May I cut in?”

Michael gave her a look and said, “And what will Lizzie here do?”

With a grin Maria replied, “I took care of that.”

From behind her came Max.

“May I?”

“Do I have I choice?”

Pulling me into his arms he whispered, “Not really.”

The night passed away like a flash, dancing most of the night away with Max, taking a break sometimes to get with Kyle, or Alex, or Michael. That’s the twisted part of hanging out with three couples and a single guy. You end up hanging out with the single guy all the time. And coz you’re hanging out with the single guy all the time, all other single guys presume you’re taken. Not that I mind.

“Ok, I need some air.”

“Me too.”

I held Max’s hand as I pulled him out of the overcrowded house. I walked to the jeep and stood next to it, looking at him expectantly.


“Aren’t you gonna help me up!”

“Yeah.” With a chuckle he picked me up, seating me on top of the frame behind the front seats. I looked up at the stars, the night was so beautiful. Coming round he got up and joined me on my perch.

“Much better out here isn’t it?” I asked.

“Wait.” He leaned down and turned on the stereo. The voice of Sarah Mclachlan filled the air.

“My, aren’t we being bold, Sarah Mclachlan in the car!”

“Hell why not!


“Hey, you guys heading out already?”

Serena and Kyle were coming in our direction. Max and I had been sitting out under the stars for over an hour now, talking about everything and nothing all at the same time. I was having the time of my life.

“Already? Serena it’s like 3 in the morning.”

“Oh yeah! Well, I think we guys are gonna stay a bit longer.”

“Okay, we’ll see you later! Tell the others we’re going ok?”

“Will do. Bye.”

Sliding down into the seats we waved goodbye and headed back.

“That was some bash.”

“Yeah, just what I needed.”

We fell silent, listening to Sarah crooning. I couldn’t help but identify with the song. Every time I was with Max I wanted tot tell him what I felt, but I couldn’t. And so he would just leave. I was watching him unconsciously. Looking over at me he asked, “What?”

“Nothing.” Well what did you expect? I couldn’t tell him that I loved the way his shirt fell over his muscles, the way his hair curled at the nape of his neck, the way his amber eyes sucked me into him.


He opened the door to our room and held it there to let me in.

“What is up Evans, lack of sleep getting you dizzy? I mean you’re being chivalrous and all!”

“Doesn’t pay to be nice huh!” he chuckled.

Leaning against my closet I said, “You know it’s amazing, we spent the entire night dancing and I’m not the least bit tired.”

“That’s just a little extra adrenaline. I know the perfect remedy”

“I’m not gonna sleep with you Max.” I joked.

Faking disappointment he said, “Plan B then huh!”

He slipped a CD into the player and twirled me into his arms.

“Shouldn’t the music be faster if we’re looking to get rid of adrenaline?”

“No… this is perfect,” he whispered in my ear. Holding one of my hands in his, he looped the other around his shoulders, pulling me closer by holding me around my waist.

We rotated around the room to the sound of Dave Matthews’ Crash Into Me. I felt my body begin to relax as my mind went devoid of all thoughts but him. I leaned my head against his chest, listening to the soft beating of his heart, loving him, hating myself. I had made a promise to myself, never to get too close. Why did Max Evans feel different? Why did I love him?

As the song ended, I pulled away a little. Max still had his arms around me. As I pulled back his eyes locked me in a gaze that made my knees go weak. And then he leaned in and kissed me, very gently, on my lips. He pulled back, once again looking into my eyes, almost as though he was waiting for my reaction. His eyes darted to my lips. Before I realized what I was doing I closed the distance between us, capturing his lips with mine, pulling him into a deep kiss.

I found myself looking at a cave with three green glowing pods. One of the pods was ruptured and a six-year-old Michael stood in the doorway. A hand emerged from a second pod as Max tore away the barrier and stepped out, Isabel following suite, coming out of the third one. They looked at one another. It looked at though they could communicate without speaking to each other. Isabel held out her hand to Max. Taking it, Max held out his to Michael. The three of them walked out of the cave together into the dark desert outside.

I pulled away from Max; tears flowing freely down my face, one of my hands covering my mouth.

“Oh my god,” I whispered.

“Liz, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that, I’m sorry.” There was utter panic on his face. I put one of my fingers on his lips to silence him. Holding out my hand I said, “Take my hand Max.”

He mutely put his hand in mine, looking very hurt and confused.

Just as Max, Michael and Isabel walked out of the cave, a fourth pod tore open. A tiny hand came out, pushing away the layers of covering in front of it. A little girl stepped out – Liz Parker.

Max looked at me, shocked beyond words. I hadn’t been sure I could’ve transmitted the image to him. Somehow I had managed. Looking at me with an unreadable expression in his amber eyes he whispered, “You’re one of us.”

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Authors Note: Hey everyone. I wasn't gonna post this till later, but I just got my SAT II score and I'm esctatic. So here is the celebratory part. Enjoy. Thanx for all the feedback, keep it comin!


I stared at Liz, unable to understand, unable to comprehend, unable to accept. Liz…Liz Parker … an alien … like me? How? Why didn’t we know this… how come we never remembered the fourth pod?

I looked up and realized Liz wasn’t standing in front of me anymore. I turned to see her sitting on the end of her bed. She had her arms tightly wrapped around her waist, like she was trying to block everything out. Her face was tear streaked; she was still crying like her world was ending. I walked over to her and sat down on the floor before her.

“Are you?”

Without looking at me, Liz took my arm and ran her hand over my sleeve. I watched as the color changed before my eyes. She ran her hand over it again and returned it to its original color. Once again she wrapped herself up in her arms, not once looking at me.

“Oh god.” I stayed silent, looking at her, thinking furiously, wondering what to do next.

“Liz, we have to tell Michael and Isabel.”

I watched as her body began to tremble. Streams of tears were flowing down her face. I cupped her face with my hand, trying to get her to make eye contact. Finally she looked at me and whispered, “I can’t.”

In that one brief second that she looked straight at me I felt everything she was going through. I felt her fear, fear of letting anyone in. All her life she had never told a single soul about who she really was. And now she was terrified. Terrified of dropping the façade, unable to come to terms with her identity, her destiny.

“I know you’re scared Liz, but we have to tell them. They’re one of us, they have to know you are too.”

She kept her eyes on the floor, avoiding my gaze, not saying a word. I got up and picked up the phone.

“Michael … are you sober?”


“Is everyone sober?”

“I wouldn’t say everyone. You should have seen Adam Smith…”

“Michael this is serious.”

“Sorry Max, what’s going on?”

“Just get everyone together at your place. Liz and I are coming over right now. We need to talk.”


I put the phone down and picked up my jacket. I held it out to Liz.

“Put this on Liz. We have to go.”

She looked up at me. The fear in her eyes crushed me inside.

“Trust me Liz.”

Getting up, she slipped into my jacket, hugging it close to herself. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and led her out of the room. A few seconds later I realized I’d left the keys to the jeep in the room. I went to get them and when I returned I found Liz slumped on the floor, sorrow wracking her body as she shook with every sob. I ran over to her, gathering her up in my arms, running my hand up and down her spine, trying to calm her down.

“Shhhh, It’s going to be ok Liz.”

I held her till I felt her tears abate. Pulling back I held her face in my hands, drying her cheeks with my thumbs. Helping her up I led her to the jeep. This was not going to be easy, but I had to do it.

We drove to the apartment in silence. Occasionally I looked over to her and saw the tears still silently streaming down her face. I wish I could heal her wounds, but no alien powers could help me right now. Years of hiding were coming to an end today. I couldn’t fix this. Only Liz could.

I pulled up in front of the apartment and cut the ignition.

“You ready Liz?”

She shook her head in negative. Then suddenly she nodded. I stepped out of the jeep and went over to her side. I helped her out and awkwardly stood inches away from her. She looked up at me and I saw the last of her defenses crumble. She fell into my arms, crying unbearably. I held her close to me, my heart breaking with every tear that fell on my shirt. Taking her hand I said, “Come on.”

When we entered I looked around the room to make sure everyone was there. Kyle and Serena were curled up together on the floor. Alex was sitting in a chair and Isabel stood in front of him. Michael and Maria were on the couch. Isabel stepped forward toward us as Michael asked the impending question, “What’s going on Max, what is this about?”

I squeezed Liz’s shoulders supportively and looked up to face the room.

“There are no 2 ways to say this. Michael, Isabel … Liz is one of us.”

The room froze as each person tried to understand what I had just said.

“What do you mean Max?” Iz asked, confusion overshadowing her expression. I felt Liz ease away from me as she went over to Isabel. She took her hand and looked deep into her eyes before closing them. She made Isabel see the same flash she had made me see. Isabel darted her eyes open as they filled with tears. Taking Liz into her arms, they cried together.

“How did we never know Liz?”

Liz spoke her first words since she’d entered the room, “Coz, you left before you saw me.”

Letting go of Iz, Liz walked over to where Michael was sitting. She squatted before him and took his hands. Repeating the procedure, she relayed the images to Michael. Staring at her with moist eyes Michael pulled her into a hug as he whispered, “Welcome home, Lizzi.”


“So all these you’ve lived without telling a single soul?”

Liz nodded her head. We’d been sitting in Michael and Maria’s apartment for about an hour now, discussing Liz’s life away from us. For the last 15 minutes, Liz had slumped against me, barely talking. I could feel that she was drained and desperately needed to sleep. Being close to her, having contact with her, it allowed me to fell everything she was feeling. I had never had that kind of connection with either Iz or Michael. But it was overwhelmingly strong with Liz. I felt her drift off to sleep.

“Guys, she asleep. Maybe we should call it a night.”

Everyone nodded in agreement as Kyle, Serena, Iz and Alex made their way to the door. Michael escorted them out as Maria came over to me.

“Maria, you think we could maybe…”

“Take my room Max,” she replied with a smile before I could even finish my sentence. I lifted Liz in my arms and walked to Maria’s room. Liz snuggled close to me, relaxing like she hadn’t all night. I put her down on Maria’s bed. Looking at her clothes, I waved my hand over them, converting her shirt and skirt into her nighttime attire of tank top and pajamas. Just as I moved away, Liz stirred. She looked down at herself and smiled at me. She held out her hand. Taking it, I sat down on the bed next to her.

“Thanks Max.”

She was a little calm but not entirely.



“Stay with me.”

She looked up at me and went on talking.

“I know I’m probably acting juvenile but when you’re around, my nightmares seem to subside.”

I marveled at her innocence and her beauty as she lay there. Nodding to her, I walked around the bed and got under the covers. She turned around and looked at me.

“You gonna sleep like that?” she asked gesturing towards my clothes.

I looked down at my shirt and trousers and said, “Yeah…”

“Max, you always sleep in boxers. I’m ok with that.”

I realized that she was serious and thankfully stripped down to my boxers. Liz reached over and took my hand in hers as she turned back around and draped my arm over her waist.



“Can I ask you something?”


“These nightmares … what are they about?”

She turned around to face me and said with moist eyes, “Um… sometimes they’re about my parents and the crash, but mostly they’re about you guys and how you …”



I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead, “Goodnight Liz.”

“G’nite Max.”

She snuggled into me; it was amazing how our bodies just fit together. I felt her drift off as fatigue got the better of me and sleep took over.

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Thank you all for the gr8 feedback. When I realized that I got a 2370/2400 in my SAT II exam I just HAD to post a new part...thats why part 13 came up today. Glad you all like it!

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Due to some circumstances the next part might take a some more time.
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Authors Note: Hi guys. Sorry for the dalay. I've been suffering from writers block. Not to mention too much work for my college applications. But I tried and tried until I got this part ready. Here goes. Remeber the FB!


I woke up pretty early next morning … actually I had barely got any sleep all night. Every few seconds an image or flash from Liz’s mind would flood my brain. I got out of bed as quietly as I could and went to the kitchen to get myself some coffee. Michael and Maria were still fast asleep, as was the rest of the world.

With the mug in my hand I went back to Maria’s room and watched Liz sleep, slowly processing everything I had seen through the night. I had seen Liz when she was “born”, when she’d been found by her parents, her adoption, her room in Roswell, the Crashdown, her school, her working in the Crashdown. I chuckled as I remembered her in the cupcake dress her mother had made for her. She looked so adorable. And the uniform from the Crashdown…every bit as cheesy as she described it. I saw her sitting in the balcony outside her room, looking up at the stars, wondering which one was her home. I saw her parent’s crash, I saw her in the desert in front of the same rock formation I had seen a few nights back. I saw her at her sister Jen’s wedding, helping Jen into the labor room months later, holding the newborn Max in her hands. I felt like I had experienced in one night everything she had experienced in her entire lifetime.

Feeling the need to do some manual work, I decided to wash the jeep. I’d been meaning to do that for days now. Besides, it would help me divert my mind from Liz. About a half hour later my mind still refused to think of anything but Liz. I’d never felt this content all my life. She felt like the missing piece of the puzzle. Just then I turned around and found her sitting a few feet away. She had my shirt on and was clinging to her sides like last night.



I put down the sponge and went over to her. I sat down and asked, “Sleep well?”

“Yeah … thanks.” She smiled shyly making me melt.

“You got up awfully early.”

“Yeah…you didn’t let me get any sleep!”

Her expression clouded. “Why?”

“Well, I really don’t understand it, but every time I’m near you or I touch you I can feel whatever you’re feeling. I’ve never had that sort of connection with anyone else. And last night, because of our closeness I guess, all through the night I saw flashes of you.”

“What kind of flashes?”

“All sorts of things … um your house, the Crashdown, your school, the wedding, the baby Max, the crash of your parents…”

She bowed her head. Without looking at her I knew she was almost about to cry. Then I felt something I hadn’t felt before. I realized that she felt guilty.

“Liz… why do you feel guilty about your parents death?”

A look of amazement crossed her face. I heard her voice ringing in my head, “How did you know.” How was I hearing her voice?

“It’s part of the connection I was talking about.”

She looked down at her hands again as she whispered, “I was in the back seat when it happened. When we crashed, I tried to save them, to heal their wounds, which I knew were fatal. But I couldn’t … the wounds were too extensive, I was too young. I had injuries too, but I’d healed by the time the paramedics could get there. I couldn’t save them.”

Tears were falling fast now. I reached over and pulled her too me. She fell into my arms, holding me like her life depended on it. I said over and over in my head it’s not your fault Liz, it’s not your fault.

“Did you say something?”


“But I heard you …”

Smiling down at her I explained, “I guess its another part of our connection.”

“How come this never happened before… I mean in the last couple of months?”

“I don’t know. I guess it’s because of the high level of emotions.”

She leaned back into my arms, staying there for a minute.



“Can I ask you something?”


Pulling back to face me she asked, “How did you tell everyone else? And who all know?”

“Well, the people in that room last night are the only ones who know about us. And that also happened because of an accident. See during junior year of high school the seven of us had gone out camping. One night Maria tripped and fell down on some rocks. She had a very severe wound in her stomach and we were too far away from civilization to get her to a hospital in time. So I had to heal her wounds … or she would’ve died. We all cared about her too much to let that happen. When they saw me do that we had to tell them the truth. But they were all very supportive. And since then we’ve all been inseparable.”

“So you have the power to heal.”

“Yeah… so do you.”

“I don’t know how powerful it is … I mean I’ve never had an opportunity to try it on anything extensive. At least not since the accident.”

I stroked her hair, feeling the silky strands pass through my fingers.


Looking straight at me she said, “I don’t know exactly what all I can do, I’ve always tried to hide my ‘gifts’. But from whatever I do know I have what I call the power of the mind.” She smiled slightly. I could see she still feared letting her alien traits out. She still couldn’t come to terms with who she really was. But I was going to help her. Every way I can.

“The power of the mind?” I asked perplexed.

“Yeah … its difficult to explain but I can access a persons mind … um… you know thoughts, memories things like that. I can connect to the body through the mind… to figure out an ailment or something like that. I can also alter a persons sense of reality.”

“What do you mean alter sense of reality?”

“Well … I can make you believe something even though its not true, like I can make you think you saw something when you didn’t. I used that sometimes when Jen caught me messing around.” She smiled shyly at her memories as I saw a flash of her adding too much Tabasco to her food and hiding that from Jen by doing a mind warp thing.

“Have you ever done that to any of us? To me?”

“No… that’s why I never figured out you were like me.”

I thought back to last night. So the kiss had been real, her feelings had been real…

“Can I help you wash the jeep?” she asked innocently. Helping her up I said, “Sure.”


“Damn it I’m tired.”


After about an hour we’d managed to finish up the jeep. Maria and Michael were still sleeping so we’d decided to come back to the dorm. Dropping my jacket and the keys on my bed I went into the bathroom to wash up. Liz walked over to the phone, to check messages I guess.

“Hi, you’ve reached Max and Liz, leave a message.”

“Lizzie, its Jason.”

I bolted out of the bathroom. Something seemed to be wrong by the tone of Jason’s voice. I went up to Liz as she stood rooted next to her bed.

“Jen’s not feeling too well. We got her into the hospital today. We don’t know what’s wrong yet. The doctors are going to start testing in the evening. If possible please come Lizzie. Please try.”

I reached out to touch Liz’s shoulder. I stopped with my hand still in the air as I saw her with her eyes tightly closed holding Jen’s picture in her hand. A solitary tear ran down her cheek.

“Oh my god Max. She’s got cancer.”

“How do you know?”

“The connection between me and Jen, its very strong coz we’ve been together so many years. I can connect to her mind without touching her. Max she’s gonna die.”

Grabbing hold of her before she crumpled to the floor, I waved my hand over the both of us to change our clothes into jeans and t-shirts.

Looking her dead in the eye I said, “We’re going to Boston.”

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Eccentric One originally wrote:
Two aliens both with the gift of healing powers. I don't think Jen's cancer has a chance.

When do we get more smoochies and perhaps some confessions of feelings? Not like I'm anxious of anything! *tongue*


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Author's note: Hey every1!! Yeah, I'm back, armed with a new part. I've been really short on time so this took way too long and I can't promise very frequent updates. But I will promise I wont die out on ya! Anyways, here it is. Enjoy! And remember the FB.

“Damn it I’m tired.”


After about an hour we’d managed to finish up the jeep. Maria and Michael were still sleeping so we’d decided to come back to the dorm. Dropping my jacket and the keys on my bed I went into the bathroom to wash up. Liz walked over to the phone, to check messages I guess.

“Hi, you’ve reached Max and Liz, leave a message.”

“Lizzie, its Jason.”

I bolted out of the bathroom. Something seemed to be wrong by the tone of Jason’s voice. I went up to Liz as she stood rooted next to her bed.

“Jen’s not feeling too well. We got her into the hospital today. We don’t know what’s wrong yet. The doctors are going to start testing in the evening. If possible please come Lizzie. Please try.”

I reached out to touch Liz’s shoulder. I stopped with my hand still in the air as I saw her with her eyes tightly closed holding Jen’s picture in her hand. A solitary tear ran down her cheek.

“Oh my god Max. She’s got cancer.”

“How do you know?”

“The connection between me and Jen, its very strong coz we’ve been together so many years. I can connect to her mind without touching her. Max she’s gonna die.”

Grabbing hold of her before she crumpled to the floor, I waved my hand over the both of us to change our clothes into jeans and t-shirts.

Looking her dead in the eye I said, “We’re going to Boston.”


I sat in Max’s jeep trying to gather my thoughts. My sister, my only family, Jason’s foundation, baby Max’s mother … she was going to die. And there was nothing I could do to help her.

I felt Max’s hand reach out for me. He laced his fingers through mine; looking over to me he said, “Nothing is going to happen to her Liz. I promise you.” I placed my other hand atop our interlocked fingers, trying to draw strength from him, dying to believe him.

“Trust me Liz. I will NOT let anything happen to her.”


“Yeah, we’re on our way there … ya we’ll be careful Iz. Thanks. Bye.”

Max hung up on the cell phone as we neared the hospital. I replaced his hand in mine. He hadn’t let go all through the drive, except to change the gear or to answer the phone. Pulling into the parking lot, he cut the ignition and looked over at me.

“Are you ready?”

I nodded mutely, not trusting myself enough to speak. Leaning into me, he kissed my forehead and whispered in my ear, “We can do this Liz. Know we can.”

We stepped out of the jeep and walked hand in hand into the hospital.

“Halliwel, Jennifer Parker Halliwel.”

“That’s ward 7, room 26. Second floor, third door to your right.”

“Thank you.”

Flashing the woman at the desk a smile, we walked to elevator and stepped in. The beat of my heart resounded in the closed elevator as I tried to calm down. I felt Max, in my head. I didn’t understand how or why but I knew he was there to calm me. I took comfort in his presence, he was the only thing preventing me from fainting right then. The elevator stopped and we stepped out. We walked through the corridor, coming to a stop in front of the third door. Through the window I could see Jen sleeping, looking pale and fragile. Max ran his hands up my arms and squeezed me shoulders from behind me. I leaned against him, wishing I wasn’t in this position. I had to save Jen … she was all I had. I had to.

My resolve must have been transmitted to Max as he stepped back and opened the door to let me in. I went over to the bed, leaning over Jen and brushed her hair off her forehead. She began to stir. Through hazy eyes she looked up at me.


“Hey baby.”

She lifted her arms and pulled me into a hug. Holding her made my eyes misty and I felt a knot form in my throat. No I wasn’t gone cry. I couldn’t.

Pulling back a bit I asked, “What happened?”

“I don’t know. I’d been feeling very tired lately, fatigued when I got up in the morning. I thought it was just with Max and going back to work and everything. But then this morning I fainted, and Jason insisted on getting me down here. How did you get here?”

“Jas called me and told me that you weren’t well so I had to get down here. Max gave me a ride.”

I gestured towards Max and introduced him to Jen. She looked at me with a sly grin; somehow she always could tell if I liked someone.

“Well so where is Jason anyways?”

“Home, with Max, he couldn’t find a babysitter the last I heard.”

Squeezing her hand I said, “Well I’m here now. You should rest. I’ll call Jason.”

With a smile she settled down in the bed. I ran a hand over her forehead and kissed it. Then placing my hand over her head I closed my eyes. A solitary tear ran down my face.

“It’s everywhere Max.”

I opened my eyes, my hand still on Jen’s head, maintaining the connection that was keeping her asleep. Max went over to the door and sealed it. He also shut the drapes of the window to prevent anyone from seeing what we were doing. Coming back over he wiped away my tears and said, “I’m gonna fix this Liz.”

Taking a look at Jen he said, “I need a way in.”

“What?” I asked him puzzled.

“When I healed Maria, we had eye contact. It was my way into her mind, her body, so I could see the damage and …”

Understanding what he was saying I held my hand out to him. “I’ll be your way in.”

He took my hand and locked eyes with me. Immediately I felt an energy course through my body. Max raised his hand over Jen and began to slowly move it down her body. I could feel my strength being pulled out of me. I thought I was going to faint, but Max’s eyes kept me standing. He inched his way over Jen’s body, curing the cancerous cells as he proceeded. As he finished I felt him leave my mind. The overpowering fatigue made me black out for a second. Just as I recovered I saw Max crumple to the floor.


I ran over to him and held him to me. “Max. Max. Are you ok?”

He took a long deep breath and replied, “Yeah, yeah I’m fine. It’s just…”

“I know.”

He gathered himself up and said, “Liz, I’m fine. See Jen, tell me if I got it all.”

“But Max…”

“I’m fine Liz. See Jen.”

Not letting go of him I reached up and held onto Jen’s arm. Once again I felt the overpowering effect of entering another person’s mind.

“She’s fine. Its all gone.” I couldn’t help the smile on my face, neither could I help the tears in my eyes. Max touched my cheek and wiped my face. Suddenly, we heard footsteps.

“Liz … someone’s coming. The door … you have to unseal it.”

After he reassured me that he was ok I scrambled to the door and unsealed it just as a doctor came and opened it.

“Hi, I’m Doctor Smith.”

“Hi, I’m Liz Parker. I’m Jennifer’s sister. This is my friend Max Evans.”

Nodding at us he said, “Alright. So we did some preliminary blood workups this morning. We’re gonna do some more extensive blood tests and then we’ll take it from there.”

Taking our cue we left the room and moved into the corridor. I was still tired and confused. More than that I was worried about Max.

“Liz, I’m fine. Trust me. You, on the other hand, are not. You haven’t eaten anything in forever. So come on.”


“Uh uh … no whining. Come on.”

He led me towards the elevator.

“You know this mind reading thing … it can be very dangerous,” I thought out loud.

He smiled down at me and I felt myself melt. “Well, its nice to see that sense of humor again.”

Down in the cafeteria I sat with my head on the table exhausted. Suddenly I remembered that I hadn’t called Jason yet. Lifting my head up, I reached out to check Max’s pockets for the cell phone.


I held up the phone that I had just fished out of his jeans’ front pocket and said innocently, “Cell phone.”

Laughing at the relief on his face I dialed Jason’s number.


“Jason, where are you?”



“I’m on my way to see Jen. Where are you?”

“At the hospital in the cafeteria. Where’s Max?”

“He’s with me. I couldn’t get hold of a baby-sitter.”

“Ok … see you in a bit.”

I hung up and replayed the conversation to Max. Finishing the coffee, we made our way back to Jen’s room. Just as we reached, Jason came off the elevator. I hugged him and introduced Max.

“I’m going to go see Jen.”

Jason handed Max over to me and went into the room. I looked at my nephew and smiled. He was the one person I loved more than anything.

“Hey Liz?”


“You said you can read minds…so could you tell what little Max here’s thinking?”

I looked up at Max and pondered over what he was saying. I’d never thought about it. I ran my hand over baby Max’s head and heard a voice in my head.

“Yeah, Aunt Liz, you can understand me.”

My jaw nearly hit the floor. “ Oh my god.”

“Yeah. You know I always thought there was something special about you. I was right.”

I smiled down at the little boy in my arms, overwhelmed by the whole thing.

“You know something Aunt Liz, you’re really beautiful. And I love you so much. Not as much as your friend here though.” He nodded his tiny head in Max’s direction when he said this. “Trust me.”

Before I had a chance to respond, I saw Dr. Smith coming up the corridor. Handing my nephew to Max I joined the doctor so I could go in and hear the diagnosis.

Flipping through some pages he started. “We’ve identified the problem. You see Jen you have a rare stomach bacteria. It’s uncommon but very easily curable. It should account for all your symptoms. We have a week long medication schedule you’ll need to follow and that should take care of it.”

Not hearing the rest of what Dr. Smith had to say, I went out the room and closed the door behind me.

“Max, what the…”

“Liz, calm down. She had been sick, I couldn’t just fix it. It would’ve been too suspicious. So I just made a little bacterial infection come up instead.”

Gratitude flooded through me as I leaned up and kissed Max, right where I’d kissed him last night. Lingering for a second, I pulled back and said, “Thanks.” In my head I heard baby Max, “Way to go Aunt Liz. You got him now.”

I laughed softly at what I’d just heard. Max looked at me puzzled. Taking the baby back from him I said, “He’s just a little to smart for his age.”

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Cinder originally wrote:
And enter nephew Max. He is a smart kid. How old is he, anyway?

That was so endearing how Max healed Liz's sister. He really put himself out there to help her. It is good to know that Liz will still have someone to lean on from her childhood. How awful about the did it spread so quickly?

I am waiting patiently for the fireworks.

well like I mentioned b4 baby Max is a few months old .. mayb five or so. And the cancer ... well that had been there for long, it was just undetected.
fireworks as soon as I can find the matchbox (lol)

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Authors Note: Heres a new part. Its very short I know but I have a bit of a block. Its the prequel to the fireworks. They're up next part, promise!



Liz and I said our final goodbyes to the Halliwels as we left their home and headed for the jeep. Jen had been released from the hospital about an hour after the diagnosis and she was already feeling much better … well obviously she would. Liz was glowing. I don’t remember a time that I’ve seen her look like this. I helped her into the jeep before going around the driver’s end. When I sat down I looked over to her and saw her slumped back against the seat, a small smile playing on her lips.

Looking around I said, “You know I grew up in this neighborhood.”

She looked over at me and said, “Really?”

“Yeah, my parents are just a few blocks from here.”

I watched her smile widen as she said, “Well, don’t you wanna go see them?”

It sounded more like a statement than a question, so I said, “Yeah.”

With another smile she settled back in the seat, as I pulled out of the driveway and headed home, my home.

Pulling into my driveway I turned the engine off and jumped out. Walking over to the other side I helped Liz out and still holding her hand I rang the doorbell.


Needless to say mom was overjoyed to see me and quite thrilled to see Liz as well. I had never brought a girl home, ever. So this was big. As Liz went up to use the bathroom, mom cornered me and asked, “So Max, Liz. Should I clean out another room, or will the two of you want to be in one room?”


“Oh one room will be fine Mrs. E. We’re used to sleeping together. Right?”

I didn’t know Liz had come back down the stairs and was standing right behind me. I couldn’t think of what to say. What do you say when something like this happens? Just then my cell phone rang. I dug it out of my pocket and scrambled to the other room. Through the door I could hear them laughing. I heard mom ask, “So Liz, are you?”

“Am I what Mrs. E.?”

“Used to sleeping together?”

“We’re roommates, so yeah.”

“Just roommates?”

“I don’t know.”

I have a new fic - Life on the Rocks. Go check it out.

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Authors Note

I''m sorry I havent been around lately. I''m working on a new part now. Will be up in a few days. I swear!

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Authors Note: Unbelieveable? Believe it. I'm back with a brand new part. I finally got the right time and inspiration together and well here it is, the part we've all been waiting for!!(Yeah, I wish.) Anywz, I cant tell you whats gonna happen in the story next, or when its gonna happen, but hey, atleast I'm here now right! SO (Drumroll) here's Part 16 & 17 (I'm reposting 16 so we all know where we last left off and coz it was not supposed to be posted alone b4 but I had to post something.)




Liz and I said our final goodbyes to the Halliwels as we left their home and headed for the jeep. Jen had been released from the hospital about an hour after the diagnosis and she was already feeling much better … well obviously she would. Liz was glowing. I don’t remember a time that I’ve seen her look like this. I helped her into the jeep before going around the driver’s end. When I sat down I looked over to her and saw her slumped back against the seat, a small smile playing on her lips.

Looking around I said, “You know I grew up in this neighborhood.”

She looked over at me and said, “Really?”

“Yeah, my parents are just a few blocks from here.”

I watched her smile widen as she said, “Well, don’t you wanna go see them?”

It sounded more like a statement than a question, so I said, “Yeah.”

With another smile she settled back in the seat, as I pulled out of the driveway and headed home, my home.

Pulling into my driveway I turned the engine off and jumped out. Walking over to the other side I helped Liz out and still holding her hand I rang the doorbell.


Needless to say mom was overjoyed to see me and quite thrilled to see Liz as well. I had never brought a girl home, ever. So this was big. As Liz went up to use the bathroom, mom cornered me and asked, “So Max, Liz. Should I clean out another room, or will the two of you want to be in one room?”


“Oh one room will be fine Mrs. E. We’re used to sleeping together. Right?”

I didn’t know Liz had come back down the stairs and was standing right behind me. I couldn’t think of what to say. What do you say when something like this happens? Just then my cell phone rang. I dug it out of my pocket and scrambled to the other room. Through the door I could hear them laughing. I heard mom ask, “So Liz, are you?”

“Am I what Mrs. E.?”

“Used to sleeping together?”

“We’re roommates, so yeah.”

“Just roommates?”

“I don’t know.”


As soon as Max’s mom left the kitchen, he came in fuming, murder written all across his face.

“Now Max,” I said backing away from him, “remember that human life is the most sacred thing … no wait that won’t work … remember life is the most sacred thing and that which does not kill you will only make you stronger…”

His eyes narrowed in mirth and confusion. I offered an explanation, “I’ve been spending a lot’ve time with Kyle and his Buddha lately.”

We burst out laughing. I couldn’t help but notice how absolutely amazing he looked when he allowed himself to laugh, truly laugh. He caught me looking at him and said, “There’s something that I want to talk about.”


Closing the door to his room Max turned to face me. I was looking around, awed by the huge TV sitting in one corner of his room. I felt his intense gaze on me and turned around. Taking my hand in his he led me to the bed and sat me down, squatting on the floor right in front of me.

“Something has been bugging me since last night, something that I think I must say to you.”

Breathing deeply he met my eyes and continued, “I know that I might be irrational when I say this but you came here to get away, to leave behind Roswell and all that it represents in your life… last night I felt everything that you felt when you came away and I realize you came looking for normal. I might be absolutely out of line to think this, but we guys have destroyed any possibility of that.”

Getting up he began to pace. I followed his step with my eyes, not quite getting what he was trying to get at with all that he was saying.

“I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you want me to back off, to take a step away, I would understand completely. I don’t want you to suffer any more than you already have…”

I prevented him from going on with what he was saying by walking up to him and touching his shoulder.

“Max, you’re right, I came away from Roswell to look for some semblance of order, for normal. To tell you the truth I never quite expected for my wishes to come true. Then you walked through the door. Don’t you realize what you are to me? What you’ll always be? You’re my normal Max. You, Michael, Isabel… you’re what I’ve been looking for all my life. Ever since I saw the three of you get into those cars that day in the desert.
You remember back in the jeep after we left Jen’s place you were wondering what I was feeling, why I had that expression on my face? That was peace Max. Contentment. For the first time in 14 years I’ve felt at home, like my search is finally over and I feel that around you. So as far as stepping back is concerned, if you try that I’ll have to forget everything I’ve learnt from Buddha and keep you here using all means necessary.”

The smile on my face belied the moisture in my eyes. Putting his arms around me, Max held me next to him… up until his dad interrupted us.



You know how sometimes when you’re dying to watch something anything on TV there’s absolutely nothing on and you have to sit surfing channels saying, “Crap, Crap, Crap…” And then there are the times when you are too preoccupied to really pay attention to what’s on, every station is showing something good. Today it’s the latter case. My parents had just gone out for this community dinner type thing and I was waiting for Liz to come out of the bathroom. My mind was swirling, my feelings were in a haze. Well actually I was quite aware of what I was feeling. I just didn’t know how to deal with it. I was dying for Liz, dying to tell her exactly how I felt, dying to hold her in my arms for the rest of my life. Suddenly all obstacles were also cleared away. Yet I just couldn’t figure out how to do it. Liz, I love you…

“You say something?”

I nearly jumped out of my skin as I heard her voice piercing through my reverie. “Um…no. Not really.”

Smiling she sat down on the couch next to me. We were gonna watch TV in my room. Why did she sit so far away from me? Why does her smile make me so insane? Why….

Once again all my thoughts were put to a stop. Wanna know why she sat so far away from me? Because she was now lying down with her head in my lap and the popcorn bowl sitting on the couch tucked into the curve of her waist. Looking up at me she asked, “So what’s on?”

I gathered myself together, trying to solidify from the tiny pool that I had melted into because of her. “Um… lot’s of stuff. Almost all stations seem to have something good on.”

“Wouldn’t you know it,” she smirked. “I’ll tell you what, lets just pick a random channel and we’ll watch what’s on.”

“Sounds like a plan to me. You pick one.”

“Ok…” she scrunched her nose in thought, looking as adorable as ever. “15”

“15… Bedazzled”

“Cool,” she exclaimed.

We watched as Brendan Fraser and Liz Hurley pranced around on screen as I wondered how I always got stuck watching what she wants.

“Coz, you don’t have the balls to say no.”

What? “What??”

“The answer to your question Don Juan.” She smirked up at me as she rolled a little closer to me waist so she was facing me. I felt a deep red color creep up my face as I said, “No it’s coz I’m polite.”

“Yeah, and I’m Tina Turner,” she scoffed before she rolled back. Did I mention what kind of torture her movements were subjecting me to?

Brendan Fraser was just back from being the huge basketball star with the You know the one in which he keeps saying – you just gotta put in a hundred and ten percent, and you wanna play good and you hope you play good, I think we played pretty good today. I mean come on, how dumb is that?

“Pretty dumb, but its cute how he does it.”

“Liz, damn it, will you just watch the movie?”

“Geez ok!” she replied, the smirk permanently plastered on her face.

“You know,” she said, “ a guys size doesn’t really affect either partners pleasure.”


Turning to me Liz said, “Ahuh, I read it in ‘Doctors,’ you know, Erich Segal. Size really doesn’t matter.”

Ok, useless information for me considering, well, I will never have that problem.

“Good to know that Max.”

Shit, SHIT. Why can’t I remember that she can read my thoughts as and when she wants to? My embarrassment was becoming quite obvious by the color of my cheeks as I tried to think of some wise aleck comeback, but I couldn’t. Smirking in victory, she rolled over to her side once more and focused on the TV.

I reached for the popcorn a few minutes later. But instead on closing in on a handful of kernels, I found Liz’s hand under mine. Unable to resist, I reached through her fingers and held her hand in mine. She didn’t seem to mind. Instead she filled her other hand with some popcorn and put it up for me to eat from.


I was having quite a blast, embarrassing Max to my hearts content. That’s what I thought until he laced his fingers through mine. Heat and electric waves pulsated through me as his thumb slightly caressed my fingers. I grabbed a handful of popcorn and reached up for him to eat some. Leaning towards me, he took some of it in his mouth, kissing my hand and fingers as he did so. The simplest of his touches did so much to me. I’d probably pass out if things went where I wanted them to go. Slowing rolling onto my back, I looked at him, taking in the undeniable passion in his eyes.

He continued to kiss my hand as I sat up in his lap. Cupping my face, he looked deep into me as his lips softly brushed against mine. Putting his other arm around my waist, he pulled me closer as he deepened the kiss. Slowly he traced the outline of my lips with his tongue, demanding entrance. With a mind of its own, my mouth opened and Max’s tongue plunged in, mating with mine. Breathing seemed to be a forgotten concept as our tongues dueled for victory. I ran my finger through his hair and lost myself in him, in his lips, in this kiss.

As we finally parted to get some oxygen, I pulled back. Getting up I walked about two steps away from him before I turned back around. I couldn’t be away from him now. I felt him, in my head, felt him whisper, I can’t not touch you right now as he reclaimed my mouth. His hands ran up my spine under my shirt, making me amazing weak in the knees. Recognizing the need to hold me up, he slid his hands down and lifted me off of the ground. I wrapped my legs around him for support, as he made his way down my throat. He was walking backwards, until we fell onto his bed. He sucked at a sensitive spot in my neck as I moaned his name, “Max…”

Suddenly, still panting, he pulled a little back and said, “Liz…” moving back to kiss me again he mumbled between kisses, “We… we can’t…can’t let this get too far.” Pulling back again he said, “I don’t have protection.”

Breathing rapidly I sat up and said with a smile, “What happened to the Max who carried around a condom in his wallet for no good reason?”

“Threw it out. It was too much temptation to carry around in my back pocket with a roommate like you,” he said, sincerely.

I blushed, smiling shyly as he too sat up, with me still in his lap. Holding my face in both his hands he said, “Liz Parker, from the day I met you, I knew you were different, I knew you were special. Every single day I spent with you just made my beliefs more firm. I have wanted to say this to you a long time now so here it is. I love you Liz. I love with all my heart and soul.”

I felt the tears roll down my skin as I said the one thing my heart had been screaming out for so long now, “I love you too Max.”

He wrapped his arms around me as we held each other. I’d wanted this so long and so much. And now here it was. Max was mine! And I was his!

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