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Author: Moonbeam4747
Disclaimer: Roswell, it’s characters, etc, are not mine. They belong to other, richer, meaner, people. How sad. Oh well, life goes on. What is mine are the characters , Katherine (Rin), Alex(no not that one), Parker, Evan, Rebecca, Veronica, Jessica, and sorta Zan. But if you really want them enough to steal them, more power to you. The title came from a Rachel Lampa song off of the A Walk to Remember soudtrack. The song, soudtrack, and movie are great so be sure to check them out!)
Category: CC & Kids
Summary: This is a FF. It takes place about 18 years in the future. Everything in the show happened up until Tess returned. She did return with Max’s son, but it didn’t set off the chain of events that led up to Graduation. She just quietly returned to Roswell, left Zan and disappeared. Max did give the baby up for adoption. The pod squad never had to leave their home. It will mainly focus on the gang’s children. I’ll probably fill in the missing gaps in the past later in the story through flashbacks. I guess that’s the best summary I can give you without ruining the story. Just read, maybe you’ll like it.

Prologue (Liz’s POV)

Its weird to think that my daughter is now the age I was when Max healed me. Just the thought of my little Rin doing half the things I did at her age almost makes me want to lock her in her room and throw away the key. Not that I don’t trust my daughter, because I do. Its just that life is so dangerous. Especially hers. Once when she was small I wondered if I did the right thing by bringing her into this world. I immediately felt guilty and have ever since. Just looking at her I know that she is the reason I was put here on earth. I would gladly suffer all of the danger and pain over again just to see her smile. When I was young I thought I could never love anyone as much as I loved Max. But I was wrong. I love Rin that much, maybe more. Not in the same way, but with the same strength. That’s why its so hard for me to do this today. I know what I have to tell my daughter will cause her pain. Max says she deserves to know the truth. Michael says her life may depend upon it. I know they’re right, but that doesn’t make what I have to do any easier. But I will do anything to keep my daughter safe, including hurt her. I hate to do this on her birthday, maybe it can wait until tomorrow. I remember back to my vision. Maybe it can’t.

It's up to the readers rather or not I continue. So watcha think? Please leave feedback!

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Part 1

“The new guy from school is here and he’s staring at you.” Rin just shot an unconvinced look at her best friend and cousin, Jessica Ramierez, over the counter in the Crashdown where they were sitting having an after school snack. There was no way on earth the new guy was staring at her. Why would he? With her long brown hair and petite frame, she didn‘t have the awesome beauty of Jessica. Today was her 16th birthday, but instead of having all of the curves most girls developed at this age she was still “waiting to mature” as her mother put it. The only truly striking thing about her was her eyes. Dark green and the color of emeralds, most people gave her unusual eyes a second glance upon meeting her.

“More than likely he’s staring at you and I just happen to be in the way.” Which had happened on more than one occasion. Jessica had an exotic beauty that most girls would kill for and most guys found mesmerizing. She had inherited her long curly black hair and dark brown eyes from her father. Her skin had her father’s deep tone, but was a bit lighter. She always looked as if she had a perfect tan. She was tall like her mother. Rin was constantly staring up from her 5‘5“ stature at Jessica‘s 5‘9“ worth of height. And Jessica somehow always managed to look perfect. Rin thought maybe it had something to do with having Isabel as a mother. Isabel expects only the best and she usually gets it. Even in her children.

“No way he’s totally staring at you. I know.” Rin still looked skeptical, but she had to admit, her interest was peaked.

“And how do you know this?”

“Because earlier at school, I heard him ask some freshman what your name was.”


“Really.” Rin was just about to pry more information out of her friend when she felt herself being grabbed around the waist from behind. Only one person would dare grab her like that, and he just happened to be one of the most eligible guys at West Roswell High. Light brown hair, tall, muscular, and brown eyes that would make any girl melt. And she knew for a fact that the owner of that great body knew exactly how drop dead gorgeous he was. There was only one course of action Rin could take. Elbow him in the stomach. Given, not the reaction most girls would have, but she wasn’t most girls.

“Oww! That hurt.” Rin just grinned as the guy let go and plopped down on the stool beside her.

“Serves you right, Evan. Almost giving Rin a heart attack, and on her birthday no less. I’m almost ashamed to call you my friend.” Jessica was trying to be serious, but faced with Evan’s grin it was difficult. “Why are you annoying us anyway?”

“So much for my good intentions. I saw my two favorite girls sitting here and thought I would come, say hi, and wish one of them a happy birthday. And look at the thanks I get.” Evan tried his best puppy dog eyes, but couldn’t pull it off and started grinning again.

“I would believe that, but you already wished me a happy birthday at school and your shift doesn‘t start for half an hour.” Rin gave a pointed look at the guy that she considered an honorary cousin, before making her next statement. “And I wouldn’t let Rebecca hear you say the two of us were your favorite girls. She might just break up with you.”

“Alright you may have a couple of good points there. The real reason I’m here is because Mom sent me to find you. Something about your Mom wanting to talk to you.”

Rin sent Evan a perplexed look. “Why would my mother call your mother to send you to come and get me. I just said it and it doesn’t even make sense to me.”

“Because your Mom knew you would be here. And when she told my Mom she needed to talk to you, my mother volunteered me as messenger.”

“Oh. That makes sense. Did she say what she wanted?” Rin was worried. If her mother was making this big of a fuss, something important must be up.

“No. But here’s an idea. Go home and find out.”

“For once Evan you actually have a good idea. I think I’ll do that. Jessica will you tell my grand parents bye for me?”

“Sure, no problem. Do you still want me to come over later so we can study for that Biology test?”

Rin picked up her school bag and headed for the door. “Of course. I’ll see you later Jessica, and I’ll see you tomorrow at school Evan.” On the way out Rin glanced at the new guy Jessica said was staring at her. He was completely gorgeous. Too bad she had been right earlier, he was starring at Jessica.

End Part 1

Author’s Note: I thought that all of these new characters might get a little confusing, so after each part where I introduce a new character I will do a quick AN to make sure everything is clear.
Rin Evans: The 16 year old daughter of Max and Liz Evans
Jessica Ramierez: The 15 year old daughter of Jessie and Isabel Rameriez
Evan Guerin: The 17 year old son of Michael and Maria Guerin, and current boyfriend to Rebecca Valenti.
Rebecca Valenti (referred to, but not actually in part 1): 16 year old daughter of Kyle and Serena Valenti, Evan’s girlfriend.
Hope this helps to make everything clear. Thanks for the WONDERFUL feedback. Hope you like the first part!

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Ok, if you read my earlier message I said I wasn't going to post this until Saturday, but what can I say? I got inspired. I had one plan, and my muse had another. Thanks for all of the WONDERFUL feedback. I have great love for all those who left it. Here's part 2, enjoy!

P.S. If there are any errors, I didn't have time to proofread this, so I will correct them at a later time (If I ever have a free moment!).

Part 2

Rin walked the short distance to the home she shared with her parents. It was just a couple of blocks away from the Crashdown. In a small town like Roswell it seemed everything was just a couple of blocks away from everything else. It was a nice house. Rin always liked to think of it as homey. It was actually much simpler than what someone would expect two successful doctors to live in. The only special thing about it was the balcony off of the second floor. When her parents graduated from medical school, and they could finally afford to move out of the small apartment they had lived in since Rin was born, her mother had made only one request of their new house; that it have a balcony. Rin was always grateful to her mother for that request. The balcony was Rin’s place of escape. When her life became totally out of control, she would just go out onto the balcony and look to the stars. And on many occasions her life did get out of control. Being born into a family full of aliens, having alien powers, and always looking over your shoulder for enemies, would cause anyone to want to escape.

Rin found her mother in the den. Liz was just sitting there, staring into space. This in itself made Rin worry. Her mother never wasted a moment. Once Rin had asked why she never took time to just sit and relax. Her mother had answered “time is too precious to waste, you never know if the present moment will be your last”. Rin always remembered that day, because her mother‘s eyes had been filled with a look a deep regret, sometimes she wondered what that look of regret was caused by, but she never had the courage to ask. From that time on Rin always tried to shape her life with her mother’s words in mind.

“Mom, I’m home.” Liz’s eyes focused on her daughter. She always knew this day would come, but having time to prepare, didn’t make what she had to do any easier. What she had to say would change everything.

“Hi honey. Have you had a nice birthday?“

“Yeah Mom, its been great. Evan said that you needed to talk to me about something?”

“Why don’t you come sit by me? I have something very important to tell you.” Rin did as her mother asked and sat down. She had a feeling that whatever her mother was about to tell her was extremely important.

Liz tucked her hair behind her ear, a nervous habit, she never grew out of, and tried to find the correct words to tell her daughter what she needed to say.
“Rin, what I’m about to say, its not going to be easy to hear. But I just want you to know that no matter what your father and I will always love you. Nothing could ever change that. And anything we did, we did to protect you. We love you more than anything else in the world. You were always the most important thing in our lives.”

“I know that Mom. You prove it everyday.”

“I’m happy to hear that. It makes this a little easier.”

“Just tell me whatever it is. I can handle it.” Rin’s stomach felt like acid. Her Mom was acting extremely strange.

“I guess the easiest way to make you understand is to start from the beginning. You know the story about how your father healed me, but you don’t know the rest. I know I’ve always told you that we fell in love, and eventually got married when I found out I was pregnant with you, but that’s not the whole story. I never allowed you to find certain things out for fear it would hurt you. Now I feel you are old enough to know the truth. About Alex, Tess, and the truth about your father.”

End Part 2

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I just dropped in to say I'll have the new part out sometime this afternoon. I was planning on it being out this morning, but I found TaffyCat's new story,A Fortunate Son, and ended up reading the VERY ENTERTAINING first part, for most of the morning. If anyone is looking for a good story, check it out. It's great.


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Just a quick word of caution. This part deals with rape, so if you have a hard time reading that type of thing, beaware. It doesn't go into much detail. It is just briefly mentioned

No on with the next part. Hope you enjoy. And please leave feedback! I'm not above begging. Please, please, please, please, please, please...

Part 3

“Your father and I broke up towards the end of our sophomore year of high school. There was another girl he began to date. Her name was Tess, and she was like them and you, not of this earth.” Liz used the same words Max had used all them years ago without even realizing it.

“Mom, you can say alien. I won’t be offended.” Rin gave her Mom a slight grin to try to lighten the mood. It didn’t work.

“Tess killed Alex.” Liz couldn’t say those words without tears coming to her eyes. She still missed him, even after all these years. And the anger towards Tess still remained as well.

“You mean your and Aunt Maria’s best friend from high school? The one Aunt Isabel named Alex after? I thought he died in a car wreck.”

“He did, but Tess caused it by mind warping him.”

“Mom, how could Dad ever date someone that would commit murder?”

“None of us knew she was evil until later. By the time we found out it was too late. The only option we had was to let her go back to Antar.”

“Mom, why are you telling me this now? I’m sorry I never knew Alex, I wish I could have. From the stories you’ve told me I know he was a wonderful person. But how does this effect me?”

“It’s what drove your father and I apart. Things were never the same between Max and I after Alex’s death. I went away to boarding school my senior year, to get away from him. I ended up coming back to give our relationship another chance. Things were better for a while and then they became unbearable again. So when I was accepted to North Western, I went.”

“You went to North Western? I never knew that. How long where you there for?” Rin found it difficult to believe that her family had kept so many secrets from her all these years. She always knew her parents kept her on a need to know basis. They hadn’t told her about the skins and their leader Nicholas, or about who they really were, until it was absolutely necessary. They even hid their powers from her until it became apparent her cousins and her had inherited them. The question was why.

“I was only there for a few months. While I was there I started dating this guy. He was sweet, honest, and what I wanted most at that point, normal. Rin, what I’m about to say will be hard on you. Whatever you do, try to remain calm.” Liz paused at this point trying to consider how to continue. Finally she took a deep breath and forged ahead, reliving painful memories.

“Then he changed. I noticed things I had never noticed about him before. I started to suspect there was more to him than met the eye, and it scared me. But I refused to allow him to effect my life, the way I had allowed Max to. So I confronted him. My suspicions were correct. He was an alien. His name was Kivar. He was just using me to get to Max. He tried to mind rape me to find out what I knew about Max, Michael, and Isabel. But by that point I could control my powers enough to keep him out of my mind. When his mind rape didn’t work he became angry…” Liz paused here to catch her breath and wipe away the tears that were forming in her eyes.

“When the mind rape didn’t work, he…raped me physically.” Rin couldn’t believe what her mother had just told her. It was so horrible. Hearing it made her so angry her energy began to build. Without meaning to, she sent a vase flying into the wall. It shattered upon impact, but that little bit of violence did nothing to calm her. How could someone hurt her mother like that?

“Rin, calm down, sweety. It was 16 years ago. There‘s nothing you can do about it now. I have more to tell you and I can‘t if you are so upset.” Rin could see that this was so very hard on her mother. So she tried to calm her self and focus on what ever else her mother had to say. Taking her mother’s hand she urged her to continue.

“I passed out afterwards and by the time I woke up he was gone. I couldn’t go to the police. Even if they could find him, they wouldn’t be able to handle his powers. So I did the only thing I could do. I came home to Roswell. For the first few weeks I wouldn’t tell anyone what had happened. I just locked myself in my room and cried. Then I found out I was pregnant.”


“Rin, let me finish. At first I was devastated. I didn’t know what to do. I called and made an appointment with a doctor. I was planning on aborting the baby. I got as far as the clinic’s waiting room, when I realized I couldn’t go through with it. I couldn’t kill my baby no matter who the father was. So I did the only other thing I could think of. I went to Max. I told him what had happened and about the baby. He was wonderful. He said he would be there for me no matter what I decided to do. And he was. He helped me to come to terms with everything. A few months later we got married. He told everyone it was his baby. When you were born he was there. He loved you from the first moment. No one ever knew you weren’t his, except him and me.” Liz was crying by this point.

But Rin was in shock, she couldn’t cry, she could barely breath. The only thought that ran through her head was that her Daddy wasn’t her Daddy anymore.

End Part 3
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Quick question Roswellluver, is it Kivar being Rin's father or the way Liz told her? Because I was worried whether or not the way I had Liz tell Rin was too blunt. I tried to imagine the way my mother tells me bad news, and translate that into this story. My mother and I have a very honest relationship and she always tries to treat me as an equal. I felt Liz would do the same for Rin, because I see Rin as being someone that had to grow up before her time (much like me) with all of the stuff she had to deal with growing up. I just hope I didn't turn off too many readers with this part.

But just to let everyone, this fic is not going to be dark. I plan on it eventually becoming light and fun. I just needed to get all of the seriousness out of the way first. I appreciate instructive feedback. I feel it helps me grow as a writer to know what my readers think. Just as long as it isn't too mean. Remember I am a high school student, so go easy on me*wink*.

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Author’s Note: I am really sad that so few people are reading this. So if you are just lurking, but enjoy the story, please leave feedback. I am going to continue writing even if feedback doesn’t improve, but I am kinda depressed about the lack of response. Now enough of me whining, on with the new part. And thank you to all of those people thar ave left feedback. It means SO much to me.

Part 4

Rin needed time to think. Her whole life had just been turned completely upside down. She needed to get away from it all. She knew her mother was in no shape to be left alone, and she knew her father, but wait he wasn‘t her father anymore. Rin made herself stop that train of thought. Of course Max was still her father. He still loved her. He was the one that raised her. Well whatever he was to her now, he was working at the clinic. She couldn’t call him home. Since her mother was here he was the only one there to handle emergencies. Maria. She would call Aunt Maria to come be with her Mom, so that she could leave.

A few minutes later Maria rushed in the front door withotu even stopping to knock. She had been expecting Rin’s call. She hadn’t known what Liz was about to tell her daughter, but she had known it was big. Liz had sounded so upset early when she called. Maybe now she could get some answers. When she walked into the den she found Liz sitting on the couch crying softly and Rin staring out the window. She had been right, whatever it was, it was big.

“Hi Aunt Maria. I’m leaving for a while and I figured you and Mom needed to talk anyway. I’ll be back later. When Mom calms down tell her I will be home before curfew.” Maria called Rin back before she could leave out the front door.

“Honey are you ok? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Rin knew her Aunt’s concern was genuine, but she was in no mood to ease her mind at the moment. She had to many thoughts that needed working out.

“I’m fine. Just take care of Mom.” Rin left before Maria could call her back a second time.

Once outside Rin decided to walk to the park. She had so many wonderful memories of this park. Her father used to bring her here when she was little. She remembered how he would push her in the swings for as long as she wanted. And she had loved every minute of it. She felt that swinging brought her a little closer to the sky, and somehow she just knew her father understood that.

When she had found out she was different he had been the only one she could realy talk too. He knew how she felt before she herself did. So many nights she had been awakened with nightmares of people finding out what she was and wanting to hurt her. And he was always there. He would be there to hold her until her tears dried, and promise her he would always keep her safe. Max was the best father she could have ever hoped for, but he wasn’t her real father. Someone named Kivar was. A man that raped her mother, and wanted to kill the ones she loved. Rin felt her legs give out at that last thought. She could feel the bile start to rise in her throat. Somehow she managed to stumble to the nearest bench and collapse there.

How could someone like that be her father? Someone so evil. She felt the tears come to her eyes, and gave in to them. Her whole life was a lie. That thought played over and over in her mind while she cryed. Nothing would ever be the same.

“May I sit down?” Rin looked up at the sound of the unfamilar voice. Those eyes. They were so blue. Deep blue, like a saphire. She recognized those eyes. They belonged to the new guy, Jessica said was staring at her in the Crashdown.

“S-sure.” Was all that Rin could squeck out between the hiccups caused by her sobbing. She knew she must look horrible, but couldn’t bring herself to care. Even if the man of her dreams had just sat down beside her.

“Are you alright?” Rin didn’t know how to answer that question. Was she alright? So she said the only thing that came to mind.

“I will be, if you tell me your name.” Rin saw the shy smile that came to his lips and felt a quesy feeling in her stomach. Smiles like that should be illegal.

“My name is Zan. Can I ask you a question?”

“I guess.”

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” Rin scrunched her eyebrows at his question, but decided to answer honestly.

“Yes, I do. Why?”

“Because I think it just happened to me.”

End Part 4

Ok, now things are going to get really fun! I hope if anyone is reading this they enjoyed the new part. If you did please tell me, because I’m loosing my motivation to wright. Thanks!

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Actually no. If this fic bears any similarity to another fic, its totally a freak happening. I promise. I feel it is wrong to steal other people's ideas. I actually wanted to name this story Ordinary Day, but then I saw that someone else (sorry can't remember the name) had a story on this board with that name, so I changed mine. (By the way, Ordinary Day is a great story. If you have a chance check it out.) So if this story is like someone else's, I apolegize. How does that saying go? Oh yeah, "Great Minds Think Alike", lol.

Thanks for all of the wonderful feedback. It has really inspired me to know so many people are reading this!

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Part 5A

“Please tell me that’s just some pick-up line you use on lots of girls. I mean I didn’t even know your name a minute ago. And now your telling me you love me. What the hell’s wrong with you? I mean sure I think you’re like a total babe, with your deep blue eyes and shiny black hair, and your lips they’re really nice also and you seem like a nice guy, but love. You don’t even know me! And you were staring at Jessica, I saw you. And you don’t want to love me. My live is so complicated. I can’t handle this. I have to go away now.” Rin stood from the bench quickly, so quickly she felt light headed and staggered a bit. Zan reflexively put his hands on her waist to steady her. Rin just stood their and staired into his eyes, those beutiful blue eyes. His hands. They were on her waist. She should portest but, they felt so nice. So warm, so safe. Safe, now that was a weird thought. Nothing in her life was safe.

Zan could see that he had totally freaked her out with his statement. He hadn’t meant to say what he had. All he really wanted to ask her was why she was so sad. But somehow that had come bubbling out. It wasn’t like him to talk to people he just met, or girls, or any one for that matter, the way he had just spoken to her. He didn’t know what had come over him. She just looked so lost sitting there on the bench crying. And she was so beautiful. He had noticed her earlier at school, and then later at that restaurant the Crashdown, and he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off her. He had even gone as far as to ask someone her name. How could he be so stupid? He wasn’t supposed to get involved. He couldn’t. His life depended on it. But now he was head-over-heals in love with a girl he hadn’t even known 24 hours ago. And worst of all she knew it. The idiot that he was he told her and now she was scared of him. Could things get any worse? Yes, they could. He realized he still had his hands on her waist, and she was stairing at him like a deer caught in a pair of headlights. He quickly removed his hands and tried to think of how to do some quick damage control.

“Wait. I was just joking about the being in love with you thing. You looked so sad, and I wanted to make you smile. I hope I didn’t upset you too much.” He tried to pause off his actions with a casual shrug. Man he hoped she bought it.

“Oh. So you weren’t serious? I mean of course you weren’t serious. Why would you love me?” Rin felt so embarrassed. What had she just said? Something about his eyes, and his hair, and oh god, his lips. How could she be so stupid? She was blushing. She knew she was.

“Why don’t you sit back down? We could talk. I know you don’t know me, but sometimes its easier to talk to a stranger.” There he went again. Saying things he shouldn’t. If he was smart he would get up and run as fast as his legs could carry him. But he wasn’t smart. At least not where this girl was concerned.

“No! I mean I have to go. Stuff needs doing and all that. Maybe I’ll see at school tomorrow.”

“Oh, okay. I understand about stuff and how it needs doing and all. Bye.”

“Bye. It was nice meeting you.” Rin held his gaze for a couple of seconds, then turned to leave. If she wasn’t careful Zan could be her downfall.

I’ll be back soon with part 5B, where I’ll show Liz and Maria’s conversation. Hope you enjoyed the new part. And remember I get sad if I don’t get feedback.
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I'm sad again about the lack of response. So I'm hoping since I posted so many parts in one day people just overlooked the new one (Just keep telling yourself that Cassie). Yeah, like I said before, I'm sad, but at least I admit it, that is afterall the first step to recovery. Thank you babynotinapram for your feedback. It means alot that you would come out of lurkdom just for my little ole story. So this is just a quick bump. I probably won't post part 5B until tomorrow afternoon. My muse has taken Columbus day off or so it seems. Ok, that's enough rambling for now. See y'all later. (I'm from Mississippi, so try to look past my occasional y'all, *big*.) Bye!


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Just Bumping so I can find the thread. I plan on posting a new part later today. And roswellluver thank you for being SO wonderful with the feedback. I think I should dedicate the new part to you for being such a loyal supporter. Be back later with Part 5B, bye!

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AN: Part 5B is dedicated to roswellluver for all of the wonderful feedback she had left. I am truly grateful to have such a dedicated reader, thank you. And once again I am begging for feedback. PLEASE tell me if you are enjoying this story.

Part 5B

“Liz, what did you tell Rin? She ran out of here like the hounds of hell were on her tail. There’s glass all over the floor. And I haven’t seen you cry like this since, well not for a very long time.”

“I told her the truth.”

“The truth about what Liz? This is obviously bothering you, and I can’t help until I know what it is.” Maria was truly concerned about her friend. Liz was always the strong one. Whenever something bad happened Liz was the one that took charge and made it better. Now, seeing her sit there so defeated made Maria very worried.

“Maria, there’s something I never told you. Something that only Max and I knew. I didn’t tell you because at the time you were pregnant with Evan and Parker and I didn’t want to put anymore worries on you.” Maria remembered back to that time. When Liz had come home she had seemed so lost, withdrawn. And Maria had been so caught up in her own life that she hadn’t taken the time to find out what was wrong with Liz. She had told herself that being pregnant with alien twins, and planning her wedding to Michael was an excuse, but it wasn’t really. Now here she was, almost 17 years later, and it was coming back to bite her in the ass.

“Well it’s not too late. Whatever it is tell me now.”

“Kivar is Rin’s father. I met him when I was at Northwestern. He raped me. I got pregnant. Rin is the result. I’m sorry I never told you. I-I just didn‘t know how. You were so happy. I couldn‘t hurt you with my problems.”

“Liz, oh my god. Don’t apologize. I regret that I wasn’t able to be there for you. If you had told me I could have been a better friend. But don’t apologize for doing what you thought was best. God, when I think of the hard time I gave you after you came home. I was constantly nagging you about giving up on your dreams. I’m the one who should be sorry. Not you.” Maria hugged Liz with the16 years worth of regret she had gained in 5 minutes. How could she have let her best friend go through this, for so long, without realizing something was wrong?

“Maria, its not your fault. No one anything was wrong, except Max. He was there for me. He was so supportive. And its ok now. I’m happy. We’re happy. I’m just worried about how badly Rin took the news. I shouldn’t have let her leave, but I knew she needed some time alone.”

“I’m sure she’ll be fine Liz. She’s a smart girl. You and Max did a great job raising her.”

“I know. But I had a vision. Kivar knows about Rin. He’s coming for her, and I have no idea how to keep my baby safe.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll get everybody together and figure it out. We’ll keep her safe, I promise.” Liz listened to Maria’s words and knew they were true. Maria had changed so much over the years. Used to she would have totally over reacted to this news. Now she just tried to find a way to make it better. Liz knew she was lucky to have a friend like Maria. She was always there when she needed her, like a true best friend should be.

“Thank you Maria. Do you mind not saying anything about Rin’s parentage to the rest of the group. I want to give her some time to come to terms with it herself , before she has to deal with everyone else knowing as well.”

“Of course Liz. Do you think it will really be that hard on her?”

“Rin loves Max so much. I hope she can see that he still loves her, no matter what. But its going to take time. She has a lot to come to terms with. I just hope she doesn‘t find anything else out that would make things even more difficult on her.”

“You mean about Max and Tess. That Max has a son by another woman.”


End Part 5B

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I finally got over my writer's block. I'm so happy! *happy*

Part 6

Rin walked. She didn’t know what else to do. Her life just kept getting stranger and stranger. True, her life had never been the picture of normal, but the events of today were odd, even for her. There was only one word that could describe her encounter with Zan in the park, and that was weird. She should have been relieved when he told her he was just joking about loving her. In a way she guessed she was, but there was still a part of her that was disappointed. Why should she be disappointed that a guy she had just met didn’t love her. It didn’t matter how nice he smelled, or how his smile made her all warm inside, or that when he had touched her it was like all of her problems just disappeared. But her problems hadn’t really disappeared. As soon as they had broken contact all of her worries returned. Her biological father was still a rapist, her mother still felt the pain from 16 years ago that her birth was a result of, and the father that had raised her had still been ripped away from her without warning.

She felt as if she had lost her father. Rin knew that was an irrational thought. She still considered Max her father. And just because they weren’t related by blood, didn’t mean he wasn’t the one that raised her. The one that had taught her to ride a bike, and healed her scraps when she fell. She had been raised knowing that Grandpa and Grandma Evans were not her biological grandparents, but that had never made her love them any less. She knew her father would never stop loving her.

But things were different now. Their relationship would be different. In a way it would have been so much easier to lose him to death. At least then he would still be her father in her memory. Now, there would always be the thought of what if he decides he no longer wants her as a daughter. Rin admitted she did some pretty stupid things sometimes. What if one of those things caused Max to decide raising her was more trouble than it was worth?

“Stop. I’m being ridiculous.” Rin suddenly said aloud. She tried to convince herself that her father would never do that, but a little doubt still remained in the corner of her mind. So she continued to walk. Soon she came to a stop. Walking wasn’t helping. Taking a quick look around Rin realized she had walked a good ways from the park and her home. In fact she had walked all of the way to her parents’ clinic. Rin had taken this same course so many times, she must have did it subconsciously. Maybe her mind was telling her that she needed to talk to Max. She needed to talk to her father about all of this. Whenever she had a problem he was usually one of the only people that could make her feel better. Why should now be any different?

Taking a deep breath, Rin entered the cozy waiting room to her parent’s clinic. She was immediately greeted by her Aunt Serena, who worked as her parents’ nurse and receptionist.

“Hi Aunt Serena. I know Dad is probably pretty busy with my Mom taking the afternoon off, but I was wondering if I could go back and see him.” Rin tried to cut her aunt off before she could ask any questions. She loved Serena, but the woman had an uncanny knack for firguring out when something was wrong. Rin sometimes wondered if it had something to do with Serena’s powers. Whatever it was she didn’t want to deal with her Aunt’s concern today. She just wanted to see her father.

“Sure Rin. Go on back. He’s in his office.” Serena must have sensed her apprehension about talking. Her aunt was cool like that.

Rin didn’t remember the walk to her father’s office taking so long in the past. Holding her breath, she timidly knocked on the door. When she was little she never knocked, but since the day when she was about 12 and had walked in on her parents making out, she made it a habit. She heard her father’s “Come In” and knew it was now or never.

“Rin. What are you doing here? I thought your mother had something to tell you today.” Rin could here the surprise in her father’s voice. At least she hoped that’s what it was. All the other options that ran through her mind, like dread, relief, and general disgust, were not something she wanted to consider.

“Yeah. She told me. That is sort of why I’m here.” He didn’t look surprised now. He just looked resigned.

“Sit down Angel. We need to talk.” Max used his pet name for Rin without realizing it. It was a name he had called her since she was placed in his arms at the hospital 16 years ago. He promised himself at that moment that he would be there for Rin, the way he hadn’t been there for Liz. Rin was his redemption.

“Rin, I know you must be feeling a lot of things right now. I’m not even going to try and say I understand, because I don’t. What I will say is that I’m here for you no matter what. I love you. I was there on the day of your birth, and I’ll be there for you as long as you want me around. In my heart you are my daughter and nothing will ever change that. You‘ll always be my little girl.” Rin felt the tears running down her face. This is what she needed to hear. Somehow, her father always made things better. And this time was no exception.

“Thank you Daddy. I really needed to hear that.” Rin walked around the large desk that dominated most of her father’s office and went into her father’s open arms. After a moment she pulled away.

“Can you leave early today? I really think Mom needs us both to be there with her. I shouldn’t have left her, but I wasn’t thinking straight at the time.” Rin felt guilty for leaving her mother. She should have stayed and made sure she was alright. Instead she left, and probably caused her mother to worry about her safety.

“Actually I was thinking the same thing. I was just finishing up a few charts, before I left. But they can wait until tomorrow. You and your mother are more important.” Max quickly put away his charts. When he looked at his daughter again he noticed she had a grin on her face. Rin only looked like that when she was planning something. And when Rin had a plan it was time to start worrying. “What are you planning Rin?”

“Oh, I just thought maybe in light of everything I’ve been through today you and Mom might reconsider letting me go to that concert Friday.”

Max just smiled at his daughter. His little girl never ceased to amaze him.

End Part 6

AN: Well, hoped everyone enjoyed the new part. Thank you Kath for checking out my story and then liking it. I’m speechless, lol. I want to thank everyone that left feedback, I appreciate it SO much. Sorry I took so long getting out the new part. My muse took a vacation and then real life wouldn’t stop happening. I hate when that happens. I can’t say when I’ll have the next part out, but I will aim for sometime before Wednesday. See y’all then. Bye!
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Isn't it funny how you can't write for days and then a whole part comes tumbling out in 10 minutes? Well that's what happened to me today. Thanks for the feedback. You know how much it means to me! Hope everyone enjoys the new part.

Part 7

Rin over slept the next morning. She had spent most of the night talking with her parents. They had told her she didn’t have to go to school today, since they had kept her up so late, but Rin wasn’t one to miss school unless it was absolutely necessary. She caught a ride with Parker and Evan. Those two were always running late, so she knew they would be able to pick her up. Plus being the guys that they were they wouldn’t notice if she wasn’t feeling very chipper. The ride to school was uneventful, except for the fact that Evan drove at 90 mph so they wouldn’t be late. Evan didn‘t seem too concerned about getting a ticket. Maybe it had something to do with their Uncle Kyle being Sheriff.

Rin considered herself lucky to make it to school in one piece. She made a mental note to have a little talk with her Uncle Michael about his sons’ driving habits. Seeing all of the students still in the hall told Rin she had enough time to go by her locker before the warning bell. She felt pretty smug about balancing her jacket, purse, book bag, and notebook in one hand, while she pulled out her literature book with the other. Until everything came crashing down. Jessica had warned her that she needed to clean out her locker, but did she listen? No. Now all eyes were on her while she tried to pick up her belongings. Somewhere in between her mumblings on how life wasn’t fair and how everyone in West Roswell High needed to be taught some manners, someone had managed to walk up behind her without her noticing.

“Do you need some help?” Rin looked up from where she was kneeling to see a pair of beautiful blue eyes staring at her. Shaking herself out of her reverie over Zan’s eyes she realized he had asked her a question.

“S-sure.” Oh god. She stuttered. How sad was that?

Zan helped her to gather the last of her things and handed them to her. When he took her arm to help her up, she felt like her knees would give out. Why did her stomach always start doing tumbles when he came near?

“So, about yesterday in the park. That was weird. I hope I didn’t scare you or anything.” Zan’s voice sounded nervous. Rin couldn’t help but to think how cute that was.

“NO! I mean no. I’m the one that over-reacted. I’m surprised you even want to talk to me.” Zan flashed a slight grin and Rin blushed. She knew he had to be remembering what she said about his hair, and oh god his lips. Where’s a hole to crawl in to when you really need one?

“Well, if we’re both ok with it, how about us going out this Friday?” Did he just ask her out?

“W-what?” There was that stuttering again.

“I asked you if you would like to go out with me this Friday.” Yep. that’s what she thought he said.

“I’d love to! But I can’t. I have this thing. A party in fact. It was my birthday yesterday and my family always gives me a party. I’m sorry. I can’t get out of it.” Zan’s grin disappeared and a frown took its place.

“Oh, alright, then I guess I’ll see you around.”

“No Wait!” Rin looked around to see all eyes once again on her do to her out burst. “I’m meeting some friends at the Crashdown today. You can join us if you want.” Rin didn’t know what had just come over her. She was never this forward.

“Yeah. I’d like that. I’ll see you then.”

“I can’t wait.”

Rin walked into her first period English class, with a smile on her face, and took her usual seat behind Jessica and across from Rebecca. She still didn’t know what the teacher had been thinking when he organized their seating arrangement. The three of them constantly passed notes and rarely paid attention to what Mr. Draughn was saying. But he never moved them. Rin figured it had something to do with the three of them maintaining a perfect average despite their lack of involvement. Either that or it was because he had a crush on the music teacher, her Aunt Maria. Rin hoped her Uncle Michael never found out about his wife’s admirer. She liked Mr. Draughn the way he was, alive. After saying good morning to Rebecca, Rin took out her pen and quickly jotted a note to Jessica.

Jessica opened the note and read Rin’s message:

Sorry for canceling last night. Some stuff came up. We need to talk later. PS Do you believe in love at first sight?

Jessica wasn’t surprised by the first part of the note. She knew Rin would have a good reason for canceling. But the post script was another story. Rin never went in for the whole sappy love thing. Something was definitely up, and she would know the whole story before the end of the day.

When the bell rang Rin was the first student to exit the classroom. Jessica wasn’t far behind. As soon as they reached Rin’s locker Jessica began her interrogation.

“What’s up? Why do you want to know my opinion on love at first sight?”

Rin still didn’t know whether or not she wanted to share what had transpired between her and Zan in the park with Jessica. Or the fact that he had asked her out this morning. She would blow the whole thing way out of proportion. “Let’s just call it a scientific question. All I want is a yes or no.”

“Well, its not that simple. I mean I believe that you can be drawn to someone from the first time you meet. Look at your parents, they’re living proof of that fact. But in the end I guess it comes down to the individual. If You Believe in love at first sight that‘s all that matters. So do you?”

“I don’t know. Let’s just drop it, ok? I’m in a weird mood today, so just ignore my insane questions.”

“Alright.” Jessica made a mental note to continue the conversation later and then changed the subject to the other question that had been bugging her. “So why did you cancel on me yesterday? You sounded funny on the phone last night.”

“Jessica, this really isn’t the place. It’s sorta a long story and we don’t have time to get in to it right now. Anyway, we have to get to Music Appreciation.”

“The only reason I’m letting you off the hook is because I don’t want Aunt Maria to get upset over us being tardy. But we will continue this later.”

“I promise. Now lets go.”

End Part 7

No promises on when another new part will be up. Senior year of highschool is a very busy time. But one thing I can say for certain is that feedback helps me to make time to write.

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Part 8

Rin sat at the lunch table and picked at her cafeteria spaghetti. Of all the days to forget her lunch she had to choose spaghetti day. Just when she was contemplating whether or not to put her life at risk and take a bite, her salvation walked in and took the seat opposite her.

“Hi Alex. Please tell me your Mom sent extra food today.” Her tall handsome cousin just grinned and began pulling turkey sandwiches from his lunch bag. Handing her one he began to eat his own. Most people would take Alex’s lack of conversation as an insult, but Rin knew her cousin well enough to know that he must have something very important on his mind. So Rin just waited patiently until Alex was ready to speak.

“So I heard the new guy asked you out. Should I be concerned?” Great, if Alex knew that meant his sister, Jessica, and everyone else knew as well. Rin had hoped she could keep this whole thing quiet until this afternoon.

“What do you mean should you be concerned? Contrary to what you and the rest of my male relatives think, I don’t need a protector. How did you find out anyway?” Rin grabbed Alex’s Doritos and began to eat. She would normally ask before taking someone else’s food, but Alex’s question had put her in a bad mood.

“Parker. He overheard you and him this morning in the hall.”

“Oh great, which means Evan knows too. Now I have all three of my big brother wannabes on the case. Let me guess, you’re running a background check with Uncle Kyle as we speak.” Rin rolled her eyes and slumped back in her chair. Her life just kept getting more complicated.

“Just for the record we had no part in that last time. Uncle Kyle and Uncle Michael did that on their own.”

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Its taken me a long time to repress that incident. I don’t feel like reliving it.” Rin scrubbed at her eyes and tried to relieve some of the stress she was feeling. Alex recognized the habit as something she did only when she was really agitated.

“Why are you getting so upset? You weren’t planning on keeping it a secret were you?”

“Well no, but its wrong to eavesdrop on people, and then gossip about what you hear.”

“I do not gossip. Anyway, we only spy because we care.” Alex gave her a hurt look, and continued. “But I do have good news. The background search was clear.” Rin was just about to open her mouth to yell at him when he silenced her with his laugh. “I’m just joking. We haven’t told anyone yet. But only because we know that your planning on meeting him at the Crash today. So we all plan to be there to check him out.”

“No. Absolutely not. I was expecting Evan to be there yes, but not you and Parker. You two will terrify him. Your like bulldogs, but not so cuddly, to every guy that takes an interest in me.”

“We’re not that bad. Rin will you please let us come if we promise to behave?” Rin knew that Alex was just humoring her. He would be there whether she gave permission or not, so she should just go ahead and say yes, so that she could pretend she had a say in the matter.

“Alright, but absolutely no use of powers of any kind. That means that you can’t give him a rash, or tie his shoe laces together or anything else the three of you can think up. Alex I really like him. Please don’t scare him off.” Rin gave her cousin a pleading look and hoped he got the message.

“I promise that everyone will be on their best behavior.”

“Who’s going to be on their best behavior?” Jessica took the chair beside Rin and started unpacking her own lunch.

“My ferrets. I wanted to use them in a presentation Rin and I are doing together in Advanced Biology, but Rin wasn’t sure whether or not they would behave.” Jessica gave her brother a skeptical look and then shrugged. Rin mouthed a thank you at her cousin and then turned her attention to Parker, Evan and Rebecca as they made their way across the cafeteria towards them.

Parker sat on Rin’s other side and Evan and Rebecca took the chairs beside Alex. A heated debate over what the green stuff in the spaghetti was soon erupted between the guys. Rin tuned them out and turned to Jessica to tell her about her meeting with Xan that afternoon.

“Jessica, I’m going to tell you something, but only if you promise not to over-react.”

“You know me, I never over react.”

“Do you remember yesterday in the Crashdown you told me that the new guy was staring at me?”

“Yeah.” Jessica seemed very interested suddenly.

“Well, I walked to the park yesterday, and he was there.”


“And we talked a little. I was kinda upset and he tried to cheer me up.”

“What were you upset over?”

“I’ll tell you later, I promise. This just isn’t the right place.” Rin gave her cousin an apologetic look and hoped she understood.

“You better.” She knew it was killing Jessica to have to wait to find out what was going on, so she promised to tell her the whole story as soon as she got a chance.

“Anyway, this morning he asked me to go out with him this Friday, but I have my party, so I invited him to meet us at the Crashdown this afternoon.” Jessica didn’t say anything for a few minutes and Rin began to worry.

“Say something.”

“Just remember it may not be anything more than what it is, but he asked me to meet him in the library during my free period tomorrow. We’re in the same Spanish class, so he may just want my help or something, but I thought I should tell you first.” Rin’s stomach suddenly felt queasy. She knew Zan was too good to be true.

End Part 8

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Just for the record I had absolutly NO intention of writing today. But with such great feedback I was forced to. Now, I'm going to fail my government test. Are y'all happy now? I'm just kidding. I love the feedback, and I probably wouldn't have studied anyway. What am I saying? I know I wouldn't have studied. So this is just proof that the more fb I get,the faster I work. Hint, hint!

Part 9

Rin decided to ride to the Crashdown with Jessica and Alex. Putting her life in danger by riding with the Guerin brothers once in a day was enough. Plus she needed to keep an eye on Alex. She knew Parker and Evan would try to intimidate Zan, maybe even play a few practical jokes, but they wouldn’t do anything to scare him off. Alex on the other hand wouldn’t hesitate to beat the poor guy to a pulp for so much as making a wrong comment. She had found that out the hard way a few years ago. Rin decided to hope for the best and turned her attention to the other reason she had to worry.

Why had Zan asked Jessica to meet him in the library? Rin knew that every guy at West Roswell High had a thing for her cousin, but did that list include Zan? And if it did why did he ask her out? Maybe he was just trying to get close to Jessica through her. Rin immediately dismissed that thought. Anybody with half a brain would realize that Jessica and her were best friends. It would just be stupid to try to get to one by using the other. It would never work. By the time Rin had come to the conclusion that all Zan wanted from Jessica was help with his Spanish work they had arrived at the Crashdown.

Rin spotted Evan, Parker, and Rebecca already inside occupying their usual booth. She followed Jessica through the door as Alex held it open for them. One thing she could say about all of the males in their family was that they were gentlemen, even if they forgot the fact sometimes. Jessica took the seat beside Rebecca and Evan, while Alex waited for Rin to slide in next to Parker on the seat opposite. Once Rin was seated Alex slide in behind her. Rin knew that the guys had probably planned it this way so that Zan would be forced to pull up a chair, effectively making him feel like an outsider and ill at ease. Some would say she was being paranoid, but those people didn’t know how crafty her self-appointed protectors were. Man, did she have her work cut out for her. What had she been thinking of when she invited Zan here?

“Rin, are you sure about this guy, I mean the last one you tried to date…” Rin decided to cut Parker off before he could finish his sentence.

“No, don’t go there. Is it my fault all of the guys that like me have something wrong with them? I mean how was I supposed to know that Billy was wanted for stealing the mayor’s car? And Steve seemed like a perfectly nice guy until he tried to take me to that Goth Club. And plus I was only 14 then. My judgement has improved since then.” Parker held up his hands in defeat and Rin felt as if she had just accomplished a minor victory.

Seeing that Parker wasn‘t going to continue in his lecture of Rin, Evan took over. “He does have a point though Rin. How do you know this guy is any different?” Rin was just about to defend her choice when Alex did it for her.

“You two stop. I know that Rin’s dates have been very…ah colorful in the past, but that doesn’t mean she can never date again. Anyway, that’s why we’re here. To check this guy out before he can date her.”

“Wow, thanks Alex. Just what I always wished. That you and the twin goofs would be able to personally aprove every single guy I date for the rest of my life. What fun!” Rin clapped her hands in mock joy. Sometimes she just wished her family would leave her alone.

“Point taken, but that doesn’t mean that we’re going to stop looking out for you.” Alex had on his determined face. Which strangely resembled Aunt Isabel’s at Christmas time. Rin knew she would just have to let it go for now.

“So Rebecca, have you picked out a dress for the homecoming dance yet?” Rin knew this question qould get attention off of her and on to the fact that Evan hadn’t asked Rebecca to the dance yet. She felt bad about making truoble for Evan. No, on second thought she didn’t. He deserved it.

“Well, I haven’t really looked because no one has asked me yet. But, I’m hoping David Sanderson will.” Rebecca looked directly at Evan when she said this. Rin knew she was just trying to make him jealous.

“Like hell!” Grandpa Parker sent Evan a watch-it look at his choice of words. Evan looked a bit sheepish and then continued more calmly. “I mean, I’m taking you to the dance. I thought it was understood and that I didn’t have to ask.” Rebecca looked amazed.

“Understood? What like I’m supposed to magicly know what’s going on in that head of yours. Sorry, if you’re looking for someone to read your mind you have come to the wrong alien. But if you’re looking for someone to mind-wrap your butt into thinking that a flock chickens are attacking you, then we can work something out!” At this Parker started to laugh uncontrollably. That is until Jessica kicked him under the table.

“Such people skills Curly. No wonder you don’t have a date to the dance.” Parker bent down to rub his shin, just in time to miss the pack of sugar aimed at his head.

“As a matter of fact, I have been asked numerous times by numerous guys. I am just waiting for the right one.” Rin thought that Jessica’s eyes hald a hint of longing when she looked at Parker, but it was gone so quickly she told herself she had imagined it.

“Chess club and band members don’t count.” Parker snickered at the thought.

“Hey, what’s wrong with members of the band? Are you forgetting that I’m a member of the band?” Evan seemed truly upset. Rin could tell that things were about to become heated, that’s why she was actually relieved when she saw Zan walk through the door. For some reason she suddenly felt light headed, but it went away by the time Zan made it to their booth. Rin was going to make polite introductions, but Alex beat her to it.

“Hi, I’m Alex. I’m almost like a brother to Rin.” Alex leveled a look upon Zan that would have made most boys at their school run the other way.

“Hello Alex, I’m Zan. I’m almost like a friend to Rin.” Zan sent a look back at Alex that said he knew exactly what he meant and that he wasn’t easily intimidated. Rin knew this wasn’t the best way to get in her cousin’s good graces, and no matter what she said, she wanted Alex to like whoever she dated, so she interfered.

“I’m so glad you made it Zan. Why don’t you pull up a chair? We waited for you to order.” When Zan looked directly at her and smiled her stomach felt quesy, just like the last time. Man, it should be illegal to have eyes that blue.

End Part 9

Author's Note: Okay, so I have introduced ALOT of characters, and I imagine they are getting a little unclear. So here's a list-
Rin Evans: The 16-year-old daughter of Max and Liz Evans. Biological daughter of Kivar.
Jessica Ramierez: The 15-year-old daughter of Jessie and Isabel Rameriez.
Alex Ramierez: The 17-year-old son of Jessie and Isabel Ramierez, Jessica's brother.
Evan Guerin: The 17-year-old son of Michael and Maria Guerin, and current boyfriend to Rebecca Valenti.
Evan Guerin: The 17-year-old son of Michael and Maria Guerin, Evan's twin brother.
Rebecca Valenti: 16 year old daughter of Kyle and Serena Valenti, Evan’s girlfriend.
Zan (no last name as of yet.): 18 year-old son of Max Evans and Tess Harding, aka, the gerbil. (Did I ever mention I hate Tess?)

The next part will be up soon. Hope you enjoyed!

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Author's Note:

Actually NewYorker18, they aren't related. Rin is Kivar and Liz's child, while Zan is Max and Tess's. In no way do they share the same parents. Will it be a weird relationship? Yes. But will it be incestuous(no idea how to actually spell that, not a word I use much, lol)? NO!
I just thought I would clear this up now, so that there is no confusion later on.

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Author's Note: I'm off school all week so expect alot of new parts, hopefully! Thank you Kylee for all of the bumps. It means SO much to me! And to everyone that reads this I am trying to be funny, but its a first for me, so if the humoruos elements are just stupid please tell me and I will just stop trying. Now, on with the new part...

Part 10

“So Zan, ever been convicted of any crimes?” The question came from Parker. He made it sound like a joke, but everyone knew that he was totally serious.

“And let the grilling begin.” Rin mumbled it under her breath, but blushed when Zan smiled at her as if he had heard.

“Does treason count?” Zan said it with a smile, but Rin noticed that it didn’t quite reach his eyes. Weird. Everyone took it as a no response and Parker posed the next question.

“Where did you move here from?”

“Most recently California. Before that I moved around a lot. I don’t know how long I’ll be in Roswell for. My Uncle Cal is here on some type of business.”

“So you live with your Uncle?”

“Yeah. I never really knew my parents. I’ve lived with alot of different people over the years.” Rin could see the pain in Zan’s eyes at the mention of his parents. She wanted to take his hand and comfort him. But she couldn’t. She had known him for less than two days. She suddenly realized how lucky she was to have her parents. Even if Max wasn’t biologically related to her, she was lucky to have goten him as her father. Rin saw the waitress walking over and took the oppurtunity to change the subject.

“Look, here comes Donna, we should order.” As grateful as she was to have the interuption, Rin couldn’t have chosen a worse person to be their waitres. Donna went to their school, and was a huge airhead. The girl never got their orders right.

“Hi, you guys. Imagine seeing all of you here! What can I get for you today?”

Alex gave the girl a perplexed look. Why should she be surprised to see them here? They were always at the Crashdown. And she knew good and well what they all wanted, well except for Zan.
“The usual. You know like we get eveyday.” Alex said it slowly so the girl wouldn’t get confused. He knew she wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

“Oh, yeah!” Donna paused for a moment as if she was thinking, and took a long lock of her bleach blonde hair and began to twirl it around her finger. “So what’s the usual?” She hated waiting on the Unreachables, as they had become known at West Roswell High. Most people wanted to be a part of their group. But not her. Weird was weird, no matter how popular you are. Something about them made her nervous. And now they had to go and adopt the new guy. Of course someone that cute would be scooped up into their little group. What made them so special? Oh yeah, every single one of them was smart, gorgoues, and totally out of normal people’s reach.

Rin saw that the girl would never get their order right, and she didn’t feel like dealing with it. “Never mind Donna. I’ll get our orders myself.” Donna just shrugged and turned to leave. Like she cared if little miss owner’s grandaughter got her own order.

“Care to help me Jessica?”

“Why not? I think I still remember where everything is, even if I don’t work here anymore.” Alex stood and allowed Rin out of the booth.

“Is it normal for the customers of this place to get their own food?” Zan was still trying to adjust to all of the changes around him. Most of the time he just sat back and watched things unfold, but this time he felt the need for clarification.

“No, not usually. But my Grandpa owns the Crash, and Donna is hopeless. So, I will be your waitress this afternoon. What can I get for you?” Rin was starting to get annoyed at the whole situation, but then she looked at Zan and realized she had his undived attention. So she just smiled and turned the whole thing into a joke.

“I’ll have whatever your having. I’m sure being the owner’s granddaughter you know whats good.”

“Alright, we’ll be back in a few minutes. Be good.” Rin shot all three guys a meaningful look and then followed Jess to the kitchen.

After placing their orders with Jose, they talked with Grandpa Parker for a little while. Rin glanced at their booth and could tell that Evan was telling a story from his very animated hand movements, and from Zan’s laughter that it was funny. She was grateful they were making an effort to make Zan feel comfotable around them. Then she caught the words Billy, mayor, and car and realized what story it was. Totally ingnoring the look from Jessica and her Grandfather she took off at a run across the Crashdown. She got to the booth just in time to hear the end of the dreaded story.

“…so Rin’s sitting there in the court room wearing this short black leather skirt and tiny red tank top, with enough make-up on to cover her face ten times over, while every Deputy employed by the Roswell Sherrif Department testifies that she was seen driving the mayor’s stolen car. I thought Grandpa Evans was going to have a stroke.” Parker doubled over in laughter at this point.

Zan noticed her quick approach. He looked up at her and smiled. Was that mocking in his eyes? There was only one course of action she could take now. She would have to kill them all!

End Part 10

Hope you liked it. And please don't forget to answer my question: Funny or lame? Thanks, bye now. Maybe I'll be back tomorrow with a new part.

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Part 11

Jessica saw the way Rin ran across the Crashdown and became concerned about her friend. Sometimes Rin acted on impulses she shouldn’t and lived to regret it. Jessica hoped this wasn’t one of those times. She slowly made her way over to where Rin was standing with a devasted look on her face and tried to force everyone to return to their meals by giving them hateful looks. It didn’t seem to work, as most people were still stairing at Rin, but she kept on trying. When she reached her friend she lightly tapped her on the shoulder and waited for a response.

Rin felt someone tapping her and knew it was Jessica. She turned around and faced her cousin and gave her a hurt look. She saw Jessica was confused so she quickly filled her in.
“Evan, Billy story, need to get away.” Rin walked out the doors of the Crashdown after her short explanation. Like it really mattered what Zan thought of her at this point. After hearing that story most guys headed for the hills.

Jessica instantly knew what had happened when she heard Rin’s short explanation. When all else failed the guys always resorted to telling that horrible story to scare Rin’s perspective dates away. Well, this time they weren’t going to get away with it.
“Zan, dear, allow me to give you a little advice. My your tablemates are idiots and if you care about Rin at all or hope to care about her in the near future, you will get yourself out that door and chase the girl down.”

“You really think that I should? I mean I bairly know her and she seemed pretty upset.”

“Nevermind that. Just go. You’ll thank me later.”

“Oh, ok.” Zan was confused. He hadn’t had much contact with humans and if these were examples of what all of them were like, maybe it was a good thing. For some reason he wasn’t able to keep up with what was going on around him. But he knew that he should’t allow Rin to be alone right now. He was now positive she was the one he had come to this planet searching for. And if that was the case, she wasn’t safe.

Jessica waited until Zan passed through the doors and then she laid into the guys. Maybe even Rebecca too, afterall she had allowed it to happen.
“I can not believe that you did that! What were you thinking? You know how embarassed Rin was by that whole incident. And in no way was it her fault. You three have gone too far this time. Crossed the line. You have left me with no other choice but to tell my mother.” When that didn’t get the fearful response she was hoping for she resorted to the most dreaded threat of all. The one saved until the most crucial times. “Ok then, Aunt Maria” There. That made their faces go pail.

“You wouldn’t!” Alex thought she was bluffing, well she would show him.

“I would. And Aunt Serena too since it seems Rebecca had a part in this.”

“Me? No, I’m innocent. I told them it was a bad idea. Zan seemed like a nice guy to me.”

“She’s telling the truth. She tried to stop us but we wouldn’t listen. Jessica, we didn’t know Rin liked the guy so much. We had no idea she would react the way she did.” Alex had on his, ‘I’m sorry I burnt the hair off your Barbie look’. Well it wasn’t going to work this time buddy. He wasn’t sorry about Barbie and he wasn’t sorry now.

“Tell it to Aunt Maria, because she’s finding out about what you three did.” Jessica turned and walked to the back of the Crashdown where Grandpa Parker seemed to still be trying to figure out what the hell had just happened. After she was out of earshot she took out her cell phone and dailed her Aunt Maria. Heads, or maybe ears as the case may be, were gonna roll over this one.


Rin started walking towards home at a very fast pace. How could they do this to her? It wasn’t that much of an unusual occurence. It seemed they were always doing something to keep her perspective beaus away. She usually didn’t care, most of time she was grateful, but this time was different. She didn’t know why, but it was. Why did she suddenly care? Sure Zan seemed nice and he looked pleasent. Who was she kidding? The boy was drop dead gorgeuos. But that hadn’t really ever effected her before. She was constantly surrounded by hot guys. And even though she had no idea why, many of them asked her out. But she never felt bad when Parker, Evan, and Alex scared them off. It was more of a relief. But this time it felt like her heart was being crushed. She shouldn’t care this much. After all she had only known Zan for a couple of days. She had lived 16 blissful years without him, and if he decided to never talk to her again, it wouldn’t be that big of a lose. She was lying to herself. Maybe this was what love felt like. Dear Budha, what was she saying? She didn’t believe in love at first sight. What was happening to her?

“Rin, Rin stop!”

Rin quickly spun around. “Why?”

“Becuase I’m afraid that if you don’t Jessica will harm me.” Why was she smiling? She shouldn't be smiling. Maybe she should rethink the whole no love at first sight thing.

End Part 11

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Author's Note: Well, what an overflow of feedback. I bairly had time to read it all. Just joking. I'm hoping that the lack of responses is because of the board being shut down or maybe because of the weird hours I've been posting at. Oh well, we'll just wait and see. But please if you read this leave feedback and let me know. It means SO much to me. Thank you.

Part 12

“Don’t worry, Jessica’s more into yelling than hitting.”

“Good to know. I’ll have to remember that the next time she gives me an order.”

“Is that why you’re here? Because my cousin made you follow me? If that’s true you can leave. I don’t feel like being pitied today.”

“Then quite overreacting.”

Rin’s mouth dropped open. What did he just say?
“What did you just say?”

“I said you should quite overreacting.”

“You know what, you don’t even know me. I never overreact. I am a very calm person. I’m class president. People who overreact aren’t good leaders. Why would they elect me if I wasn’t a good leader?” Rin accompanied each of her words with a jab to Zan’s chest.

“Because your pretty?” Zan gave her a sheepish smile. He hadn’t meant to get her so worked up. He just couldn’t help it. She was so cute when she was flustered. He had discovered it yesterday in the park.

Rin smiled back and could feel herself calming down. How had he did that with one compliment and a smile? “So you think I’m pretty.”

“It was just an idea.” Rin’s heart fell. Did that mean he didn’t think she was pretty?
“Zan I’m beginning to think that you are a jerk.”

“And I’m beginning to think that you are a drama queen. But I’m willing to reserve judgment until I know you better.”

“Are you sure? Maybe your first impression was right?”

“You have no idea what my first impression of you was.”

“Then tell me.”

“No, I don’t think I will. At least not until you promise to go get something to eat with me. I’m starving.”

“Alright, but we can’t go back to the Crashdown. I don’t think I can handle anymore quality time with my cousins today.”

“Ok, then how about pizza?”

Rin thought about inviting him to her house, but she knew her parents would have a total melt-down if they found out that she had a boy alone in their home when they were at work.
“No, I have a better idea. Why don’t we go to my grandparents’ house. Grandma Evans always has something cooked. And since she ditched the Martha Stewart cook book its actual edibile.”

“Evans? Your grandparents’ name is Evans?” Zan’s face paled visibly.

“Yeah, on my Dad’s side. We kinda all have the same last name. We’re weird like that.” Rin mentally kicked herself for being a smartass. Why did she always have to say the wrong thing?

“Rin, what’s your father’s name?” Zan was beginning to worry. If what he suspected was true he had been lied to. Why would Cal set him up like this?

“Max Evans, why?” Rin waited for a response and when one never came, so she spoke again. “Zan, you’re starting to freak me out. Do you know my father or something?”

“No, I’ve never met him.” Zan’s mind tried to wrap around the implications of what she had just said. If Max Evans was her father, then she wasn’t, and what he felt couldn’t. He needed to talk to Cal.

“Then why…”

“I have to go. I just remembered that I’m supposed to meet my Uncle.” Zan turned to leave, but Rin grabbed his arm before he could take a step. The moment her hand made contact with his skin she could feel a connection open. Rin began to feel his feelings. Confusion, ditrust, love, and for some reason guilt over that love, and most of all pain, so much pain. She quickly let go. That had never happened to her before. She had never lost control like that. Never opened a connection when she hadn’t meant to, and especially not with someone who didn’t know her secret. She wondered if he had felt it too.

“Listen, if you are just looking for a way to get away from me, I’ll understand. You don’t have to make up an excuse. If you don’t like me after talking to my cousins we can just pretend like you never asked me out, it won’t be the first time its happened.”

Zan had felt the surge of emotions coming from Rin when she had grabbed his arm. It was possibly the most wonderful thing he had ever experienced. At first he had felt her agitation, and then there was love, and what amazed him the most was that it seemed to be directed at him. And then he had felt her hurt over the way he was acting, she thought he didn’t return her feelings. He wanted to tell her she was wrong, but he couldn’t. If Max Evans was her father, that meant she wasn’t the one he had been sent here to find. If Max Evans was her father that meant, no he wouldn’t finish that thought. It couldn’t be true. How could his feelings for her be so wrong?

Rin waved her hand in front of Zan’s face to get his attention. “Zan, earth to Zan.”

Zan snapped back to reality when he realized Rin was speaking. But he didn’t have time to contemplate what she was saying.

“Rin get down!” Zan pushed Rin to the ground and put up his shield just in time to block the energy blast.

End Part 12
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Thanks for all of the wonderful feedback. It means SO much to me. I would thank each of you individually, but I'm horrible with names, and I wouldn't want to affend anyone by misspelling their names. So I hope a group thank you is enough to let you know how much you mean to me. I don't know when I will be able to get another new part out. This week at school we are reviewing for 9 weeks tests next week, and semester exams the next. So for the next three weeks my life is going to be a living hell of nothing but studying. I will do my best to write, but school comes first. I have to get good grades, so that I can get into a good college. Hope everyone understands. Hopefully you will enjoy the new part!

Part 13

Rin tried to piece together what had occurred over the last few minutes. She was standing there talking to Zan and then all hell broke loose. In an instant she was on the ground with a green energy shield surrounding her. At first, she thought the shield might be hers. When she was younger she had the habit of putting up her shield when she was startled. But it couldn’t be her shield this time. Because her shield was purple. What was going on? Rin tried to sit up so that she could get a better idea of the situation.

“Stay down!” Zan hardly noticed Rin at all. All of his attention was on keeping his shield up and the energy blasts out. He had no idea how he was going to take out the two aliens he recognized as Kivar’s henchmen. How could he have been so stupid as to walk into a deserted alley? He had to get himself and Rin out of danger.

Rin processed enough of her surroundings to figure out what was going on. This was obviously what her parents had been trying to prepare her for when they told her to be careful so many times the night before. The only question was, how did Zan figure into this whole situation? Something suddenly occurred to Rin. If this was Zan’s shield, that meant that…
“You’re an alien!”

“Rin, this really isn’t a good time.”

“I see that. Look at the mess you’ve gotten me into. After we get out of this I‘m seriously going to consider blasting you.”

“Me? You’re the one…never mind. How are we going to get out of it? I can’t hold this shield forever.”

“Then don‘t. If you will drop the shield I will be able to take out both of them.”

“Yeah, but how are we going to survive their energy blasts until you hit your target?”

“Just lower the shield. I need five seconds at the most, then you can put it back up. But your not going to have to since they’ll both be dead.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Zan, do you trust me?” Zan looked into Rin’s dark green eyes with his icy blue ones and knew without a doubt that he did trust her. Even with his life.

“Yes, I trust you. I’m going to count to three and then I’m lowering my shield. Then, I’m counting to five and it goes back up. Ready?” At Rin’s nod he began to count. “One, two, three.”
The moment the shield went down Rin took aim and fired just as her Uncle Michael had taught her so many times in practice. Her aim was dead on and the attacker fell to the ground. Zan saw that Rin took care of the first one, but the second was taking aim at her. He acted quickly and sent his own energy blast. The second attacker soon joined his companion on the ground.

The second Rin knew there was no longer any danger she jumped to her feet and readied herself to fire again. This time in Zan’s direction.

“You make one move and I’ll fire.” Rin’s energy was still high from adrenaline. Her heart told her that Zan had just saved her life, but her mind told her that he was a threat. Why else would he be here?

“This really isn’t the way most people react to having someone save their live.” Zan casually sat up and began dusting himself off. He knew Rin had a right to be skeptical of him. She just needed time to calm down. Then he could explain.

“Well, I’m not exactly normal. And from the actions of the last few moments, neither are you.” Zan’s calmness was starting to disconcert Rin. Why couldn’t he just try to attack her or something. That would explain everything. But no. He had to sit there and look all cute and rumpled, and act like she needed psychiatric help. Damn, why was she thinking about how an evil alien looked? And he was evil. She had already decided. Him being evil made him easier to deal with.

“It depends on your definition of normal. Where I come from I am perfectly normal.”

“And where exactly do you come from?”

“Technically Earth, but more recently Antar. Rin you can ask me anything you want. I may not have all of the answers, but I promise not to lie. And Rin, I’m not here to hurt you. I would rather be hit by an energy blast then take an innocent life, especially yours.” Zan’s caught and held Rin’s eyes as he made his vow. For some reason it was important for her to know that he would die for her. And he wasn’t just making false promises to gain her trust. He knew he would die for her, and not have any regrets.

“How do I know your telling the truth? I want to believe you, but I just can’t. Too much is at stake for me to blindly trust you just because I can’t see past my feelings.”

“Whatever you need me to do to gain your trust I’ll do it. The most important thing is keeping you safe. And if I’m not near you, I can’t do that.”


“Yes, anything that will help.”

“Then, come with me to see my parents. I have a feeling I’m missing some vital pieces to this puzzle and that my parents have them.”

“Lead the way.”

End Part 13
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Hi all! Long time no new parts. Sorry about that. The good news is that 9 weeks exams are finally over. Bad news is that next week I have semester exams, so I probably won't have time to write *sad*. I know eveyone's waiting on the big revlations, and they're coming, I promise. This part isn't what I had planned on writing, but it just came spilling out. So I hope you enjoy it, even if it's kinda slow.

Part 14

By the time they arrived at her house Rin had calmed considerably. Something told her that Zan wasn’t there to hurt her. And she had learned to follow those feelings, because usually they were right. There was no use fighting it. Zan wasn’t evil anymore than she was. Somehow she just knew.

“This is it. This is my house.”

“You grew up here?” Zan looked at the beautiful home with the white picket fence in the yard. It was the type of house he had always dreamed about. Even on Antar. His Mom had given him a book full of pictures of Earth before she died. It contained one picture that had become his favorite. He would fall asleep looking at it. It was of a house, very much like this one. And in front of it stood a family. He would pretend that it was his family and he was the little boy playing in the yard. But that wasn’t real. And he was just as far away from that dream now as he was then.

“I’ve lived here since I was 8. Before that we lived in a little apartment. We got this house after Mom and Dad finished Med. School.”

“Both of them are doctors?”

“Yeah. They really love helping people. I think the saddest day of their lives was when I told them I wanted to become a writer and not a doctor.” Rin stopped herself from saying more. It was just that she felt so comfortable around him. Trust. That’s what it was. She trusted him. With her memories, with her life, and with her heart. She knew she was in love with him, there was no point in denying it. She would only be lying to herself if she did.
“Zan, you said I could ask you anything and you would tell me the truth. Why are you here?”

Zan smiled. “I thought I knew, but I‘m not so sure now. Originally I came here looking for someone. I thought you were that person, but now I‘m not sure if you are or not.”

“What does that mean? Just give me a straight answer. Who are you looking for?”

“I can’t give you a straight answer because I don’t have one myself. I’ve been lied to all of my life. Everything I ever did was at someone else’s whim. I don’t even know if the person I’m looking for really exists.”

“I know how that feels. Yesterday I found out I had been lied to my whole life. It’s a scary feeling. But if it makes you feel better I‘ll never lie to you.”

“You hardly know me. How did you go from threatening my life to making me feel better, in a matter of minutes?”

“I realized something. I know you would never hurt me. I trust you.”

“Good. I have a feeling I’m going to need someone on my side when I meet your parents.”

“You’re right. They’re really scary when it comes to protecting me.” She was dreading what she was about to do. She had a feeling something big was about to happen. Something that would make her question what she had been told all of her life even more than finding out Max wasn’t her biological father had. Rin took Zan’s hand. The connection was there again, but not as strong this time. She knew he was apprehensive about what was about to happen, but that was all she could make out. She let go. “You feel that too, don‘t you?”

“Yes. I‘ve never heard of anyone having a connection like we do. It‘s not normal. Even for not normal people.”

“My parents have it. Even my Aunts and Uncles have it to a certain degree. Nothing like what my mother and father share, but it’s there. It’s just that theirs took a long time develop. Ours is just there. Like it’s always been there.”

“Do Parker and Evan, or Alex and Jessica have it with one another?” Zan hoped the answer was no.

“No. Neither do my father and Aunt Isabel. It isn’t a sibling thing. Zan, what made you ask that?”

“Just curious?” He voiced it more as a question than an answer. Rin noticed. She quickly took his hand again and just as quickly let go.

“You’re not telling the truth.”

“What you just did is unethical.”

“Don’t change the subject. Why did you ask me that? And I expect the truth this time.”

Zan never got to answer. Just then a car pulled up in Rin’s driveway. A petite blonde woman got out. She was mumbling to herself. Zan couldn’t make out the words, but he distinctly heard the names Evan and Parker. When she realized she had an audience she stopped mumbling and began talking to them.

“Rin honey, Jess called me. I came to find you. She said you were pretty upset when you left.” Maria then focused on the young man with her god daughter. “You must be the boy Jess told me about. What pretty eyes. I see you got her calmed down. Not many people can do that when she‘s upset. You must be quite a guy. But be warned if you‘re not, I’m a black belt and I will…”

“Aunt Maria! Calm down. And your not a black belt.”

“Ok, I took one self defense class, but I have a very scary husband. So be warned. Now why are you two standing out here? Rin your parents are inside. And I think that they have something important to tell us. Your mother called me earlier and she was acting secretive. And you know how I can’t stand not knowing a secret. So you two follow me and we’ll go find out what she’s hiding.” Maria urged Rin to go first with her hands then took a hold of Zan’s arm and followed. She had some questions for this young man.

“You look very familiar. Are your parents from around here? Is there a chance I know them? I‘ve lived in Roswell all of my life, so I know almost everyone.”

Zan thought a moment on how to answer that. Obviously this lady was close to Rin. Zan decided he liked her. “Then most likely you do. My birth mother lived here for a little while and I’m told my father still lives here.” Rin heard what he said and thought it was strange. If he was an alien that certainly narrowed the list of possible candidates as to who his father was. Down to two in fact. And he recognized the name Evans. This was starting to get weird. Plus he had asked her about the connection between siblings. Did he think that her father was his father? Could it be? Her parents had lied to her about her parentage, why not about an illegitimate son as well? Did her mother even know? Rin faced Zan and tried to ask the question that was on the tip of her tongue, but she couldn’t. It just wouldn’t be voiced.

“Rin honey, what’s wrong? You look pale.” Maria let go of Zan and reached to feel Rin’s forehead.

Rin pushed her Aunt’s hand away and color quickly returned to her face. “That’s why you’re here? You think he’s your father. You‘re wrong Zan. It‘s just not, he wouldn‘t, would he?”

End Part 14
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Part 15A

“Oh God!” Maria suddenly realized why this boy looked so familiar when she heard Rin call him Zan. He reminded her of Max. And those eyes. She had nightmares about those eyes. They belonged to the one person she truly hated. The one that had killed her best friend. “Tess.”

Zan saw the look of hatred that came over Rin’s Aunt’s face. Then she uttered the name that had always haunted him. The name of the mother he had never met. He understood her look then, because he felt the same way. “I’m not my mother.”

Rin heard footsteps from inside the house and then her father stepped onto the porch, looking very anxious.

“Maria, is everything alright? I heard you scream and …” Max stopped in the middle of his sentence when he saw the boy standing on his porch. He knew who he was instantly. There was no mistaking that this was the son he had given up so long ago. How many times had he thought about this exact same thing happening? He even dreamed about it. Then he would wake up and wonder whether it was a dream or a nightmare. Losing a child is something a parent never really gets over. There’s always that hope that one day you will see them again. But, he had built a new life for himself. One with Liz and her daughter, his daughter. One that his son with Tess had the potential to destroy. Max opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out.

Rin looked from Maria to her father in search of an answer. It was obvious they knew Zan from the way they were acting. And her Aunt Maria had said a name. Tess. Rin knew that name. Tess was the one that killed Alex. She was the fourth alien that her father had a relationship with back in high school. What else had they said? Tess was Zan’s mother. The pieces fit together, but Rin still held to the hope that 1 + 1 didn’t equal 2 in this case. The silence was just too much to take. Someone needed to start giving answers.
“So help me Buddha, if someone doesn’t say something I’m going to scream.”

“Rin, your not a Buddhist.” The words came from Max’s mouth reflexively. His daughter often made the mistake of calling on Buddha when she was upset, and he always felt the need to censure her. It was almost like an ongoing joke between them.

“Yeah, well Aunt Maria already called to God and it didn’t seem to help so now I’m branching out.”

“Max, the son you haven’t seen in 17 and a 1/2 years is standing on your porch. Can we focus here?” Maria held her cedar oil firmly in place under her nose. About ten years ago she had tried giving it up, but with her two sons it had been impossible. And it was days like today that made her grateful she hadn’t.

“Son!” Rin grabbed the cedar oil from her Aunt and began inhaling. Maria gave a startled look and then focused on what Max was saying to her. It was clear Rin needed it more than she did right now.

“Maria, we’re not positive its him.”

“Look at him. Of course its him!” Max and Maria both turned to stair at Zan. He felt very uncomfortable under their scrutiny. What did they expect from him? Of all the ways he had ever pictured meeting his father, this one had never come up. Never had their been the girl of his dreams/possible sister and her crazy aunt present. Finally he said the only words that came to mind.
“I think Rin is hyperventilating.”

And she was. She couldn’t catch her breath no matter how hard she tried. It felt as if her lungs were collapsing in on themselves. It was just too much. Yesterday she found out her father wasn’t her father. Some maniac named Kivar was. But she had dealt. Now, finding out that her father had a son by another woman that wasn’t her mother, that she was never told about. And on top of that she was in love with him. She couldn’t handle it. Rin knew she should be scared of not being able to breath. And the blackness closing in should upset her. But it didn’t. She welcomed it. At least in the blackness there were no lies.

End Part 15A

I'm in a terribly good mood today, it being Christmas and all. And when I'm in a good mood I write. So I hope you enjoyed the new part. I know its short, that's why I'm working on part 15B even as I post this. So it will be up in a few. Whether that's minutes, hours, or days is totally up to the gods of creativity. B-Bye now. Hopefully I'll be back in a bit!

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Now, I think that takes care of everyone. I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to read my story. I would like to take the time to personally address every piece of feedback to each new part, but with school keeping me so busy, I just don't have the time. But thanks to the wonderful two weeks of vacation I currently have I have the time. So if you have a question now is the time to ask it. I will most likely be able to give you a very detailed response. So on with the story...

Part 15B

Rin slowly felt the world returning around her. She tried to fight it, but the awful smell under her nose couldn‘t be ignored. Rin opened her eyes to find her mother waving something under her nose. “Eeww, that smells really bad.” She gently pushed her mother’s hand away.

“Honey, you had us scared. You’ve been out almost five minutes.” Liz hugged her daughter to her tightly. Rin was the most important thing in the world to her and she couldn’t bear it if something happened to her.

“Mom, if you don’t let go, I think I might pass out again.” Liz quickly let go and began smoothing Rin’s hair away from her clammy forehead. Rin took the opportunity to look around her. She remembered everything that led up to her passing out, but she hoped it had all been a delusion. Nope, there stood her Aunt Maria looking at her worriedly, her father staring on white faced, and Zan next to him with a look of such concern it was almost heartbreaking. She noticed they were no longer on the porch. Someone must have carried her to the living room sofa when she fainted.

“If I promise not to pass out again, would someone please be so kind as to tell me what’s going on?” Rin sat up against her mother’s arguments, and stared directly at her father. In her opinion this whole thing was his fault.

Max sat down in the chair opposite the sofa and began scrubbing his eyes. How was he supposed to explain something he didn’t have all of the answers to himself?
“Zan is my son. With Tess. I gave him up for adoption almost 18 years ago. I haven’t seen or heard anything about him since. That is until today when I opened the door and found him standing there.”

“Did you know? I mean who I was. Is that why you made a point to get to know me? So you could get to him?” Rin shot Zan a hurt look along with her question. What was it about her that just attracted guys that wanted to use her for one purpose or another?

“No Rin. I was looking for someone and I thought you were her. That’s the only reason I’m here. I had no intention of even coming to see Max.”

“You keep saying that you’re looking for someone. Who is she? And why is she so important to you?”

“That’s very hard to explain. It all started about a year ago on Antar. I was raised there by Kivar and Ava. I loved Ava very much. She was the only mother I ever knew. When she died we tried to escape Kivar‘s grasp.”

“Who is we?” Max was just beginning to calm down. His mind still raised with everything that had occurred over the last few minutes, but he knew that he would be expected to find a solution to this whole mess. And to do that he needed to know every detail that he could find out.

Zan looked at his father and for some strange reason it made him feel better to have people to tell all of his problems. For the first time in a very long time he felt as if he wasn‘t completely alone. “My sister and myself. Technically we aren’t siblings . Ronnie is Ava’s daughter. I was never told who her father was. When our mother died we decided it was time to leave. Our plan failed. I was able to escape, but she wasn’t as lucky. Now Kivar has her.”

“But what does all of this have to do with this girl you’re trying to find?” Maria knew she was sticking her nose where it didn’t belong, but oh well! If something was about to happen she wanted to be on the front lines this time.

“Kivar is using my sister as a hostage to get to me. I thought if I had something more important to him than me, I might be able to use it as a bargaining chip. That’s why I looked up Cal Langley. I had always heard rumors that Kivar had a daughter here on earth and if anyone knew if it were true or not it would be him. He confirmed the rumors and pointed me in the direction of Roswell. I knew I wouldn’t be able to find her alone, so I forced him to help me. The genetic programming that makes him obey any member of the royal family turned out to be very useful. In truth he hasn’t been much help, but I have no where else to turn.” Rin looked to her parents for guidance. She could only imagine what Zan was going through. She didn’t have any brothers or sisters. Her parents had always wanted to have more children, but it just never happened. The closest she could come to the situation was imagining losing one of her cousins. And she knew if that ever happened she would do anything to ensure their safety. She knew where Zan was coming from, but it still didn’t make the fact that he had come here looking for her so he could use her as a bargaining chip any easier to accept.

“And how did you arrive at the conclusion that I was her?”

“Your eyes. I’ve only seen one other person with eyes the color of yours, and that’s Kivar. It wasn’t much to go on, but the more I was around you I began feeling that you weren’t human. Especially in the park when your emotions were running so high.”

“And when you found this girl, you were just going to use her? Not caring what happened to her beyond getting your sister back? Obviously life with Kivar isn’t to great if your trying so hard to get yourself and your sister away from it.”

“You’re right. No one deserves to be subjected to that. But at the time all I could think about was getting my sister back. She’s all I have left. I won’t allow her to remain in Kivar’s grasp. If I thought turning myself over would change anything I would do it. But it won’t. Kivar will kill me and keep Ronnie. She won’t be safe unless I’m alive to protect her.” Rin could see that he meant every word he said. Just like he had when he said he would die for her. How could she allow him to go on with so much pain? Him and his sister had been forced to endure what she was lucky enough to escape. Kivar was her father. If anyone deserved to be his prisoner it was her. His blood ran through her veins.

Max saw the look in his daughter’s eyes. Rin had always been completely selfless when it came to others. Whenever she saw someone else hurting, she did whatever she could to stop it, no matter the consequences to herself. But he wouldn’t allow her to do it this time. There had to be another way. And he would figure it out. He wasn’t about to lose his daughter, not when he had just got the son back he gave up so long ago. And what had he accomplished by that? Nothing. It hadn’t kept Zan safe. He still grew up in that monster’s grasp. Max knew he had failed to protect his son, but he wasn’t about to allow the same to happen to his daughter.

“Zan, we’ll help you get your sister back. You don’t have to do this alone any more. But I can’t go along with using Kivar’s daughter as bait. She’s innocent in all of this.”

“That isn’t a problem. I have no idea who she is or how to find her. And I couldn’t go through with it even if I did. Once I met Rin I realized that no matter what I couldn’t put another innocent person in Kivar’s hands. But there’s something else. Rin and I were attacked outside of the Crashdown today. I recognized the men as Kivar’s personal guards. If they are here that means Kivar himself is here as well. He must have followed me here. Anyone that helps me is at risk. I can’t ask that of you.”

“Rin baby, you were attacked? Are you alright? Were you hurt?” Liz quickly checked her daughter with her eyes. Not seeing any physical damage she grabbed her baby in a tight hug. Since Zan had arrived she had been silent for the most part. She was shocked that he was here, but also glad. She knew that Max often thought about the son fate had robbed him of. Now he might finally have the chance to get to know him. No matter how good her intentions though, every time she looked at Zan she thought of Tess. And she resented it. She resented the fact that Tess had been able to have Max’s child and she had never been able to. But all that was about to change, and now they were facing a new danger. Liz vowed to herself that no matter what, the ones she loved would not be taken from her.

I'm going to work on part 15C right now, so hopefully I will have it posted later today. This part just requires so much in depth explanation that I felt it would be easier to take in smaller doses. So with that in mind I have split it up into smaller parts so that I don't have to keep the readers waiting. I think 15C shall be the last installation of Part 15, but who knows, I might have to add a 15D.
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Part 15C

“Mom, I’m fine. I promise.” Rin looked into her mother’s eyes and something in her own must have convinced her she was telling the truth, because she lessened her hold. “Zan, how do you know that they were after you. They may have been here for me. After all I am…”

“My daughter. Which means that they would want to hurt you.” Max cut his daughter off before she could finish her sentence. Yes, Zan was his son. But that didn’t mean that he could be trusted. He had trusted Tess all those years ago and it had almost cost him all of his loved ones.

Zan felt hurt at Max’s interference. Obviously there was something they weren’t telling him, which meant Max didn’t trust him.

“We need to tell him the truth, if we’re really going to stop Kivar and get Ronnie back. Daddy, he saved my life today. I trust him. He’s not going to betray us. I can feel it.”

“She’s right Max. I feel it too. And we’ve learned long ago to trust our feelings.” Liz’s voice was barely audible, which made everyone listen all the more closely.

At her father‘s nod Rin started with her revelation. “I’m Kivar’s daughter.”

“But I thought that Max was your father.”

“Yeah, so did I for about 16 years.”

“So you’re not my sister?” Zan’s heart skipped a beat when he heard Rin’s words. It had seemed a cruel trick of fate for him to fall in love with a girl and then find out she was his sister. But Rin wasn’t his sister. Though any thoughts of what that meant would have to wait. Saving Ronnie came first.

The look of relief on Zan’s face made Max worry. The idea of his son thinking of his daughter that way made him nervous, even if they weren’t actually related.
“I think step-sister would be the appropriate term in this situation. I did raise her, and in all the ways that count I am her father. Which means I won‘t allow her to put herself in danger. We will get your sister away from Kivar, but we‘re are not going to loose Rin in the process.” Max scanned all of the faces around him. Everyone seemed overwhelmed by all that they had learned this afternoon. “Maybe it would be best for us to stop for today. It‘ll give everyone a chance to take all of this new information in.” Yeah and it would also get Zan away from Rin. They had been staring at each other all afternoon, but when Zan learned Rin wasn’t his sister it had increased ten-fold.

“I think you’re right Max. There’s nothing else we can do tonight. Anyway, everyone should be made aware of this new threat. We shouldn’t continue until they’re all here.” Maria wasn’t trying to down-play the importance of the situation, but she had learned over the years to take things slowly. There was no point in them rushing into anything. They weren’t even positive that Kivar was here on Earth. “Liz, Rin, why don’t we go to the kitchen and get some drinks? I’m sure after so much talking we could use some.”

“Sure Aunt Maria. And some sandwiches too. Zan mentioned he was hungry earlier.” Zan gave Rin a little smile because she had remembered. Rin returned it whole heartedly. She was happy she could make him smile. Growing up with Kivar, he probably hadn’t had a chance to smile much.

Max knew what Maria had just done. She got everyone out of the room so that he would have a chance to really talk to his son. Something he’d been wanting to do since he had seen him on the porch.

“I know you weren’t expecting this Max. I wasn’t expecting this myself. I’m sorry for intruding on your life like this. And I want you to know that you don’t have to help me if you feel the risk to your family is to great. I’ve been on my own for most of my life, I can handle it.”

“Zan, don’t apologize. The truth is, there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by that I haven’t wondered about you. I thought my giving you up for adoption was the best thing for you. If I had known that Kivar kidnapped you, I would have moved heaven and earth to get you back. I’m the one that should be sorry. If you don‘t mind me asking, how did Kivar get you?”

“I don’t know for certain. No one really ever told me anything, except Ava, and she didn’t know the whole story. But from what I’ve learned, he somehow figured out where I was on Earth. He killed my adoptive parents and took me back with him to Antar. He used me as a puppet there. As long as he had custody of me, no one dared to touch him. Kivar locked me away with Ava and Ronnie, and only brought me out for public appearances. When I was old enough to start rebelling he didn‘t even allow me that much freedom.”

“I’m sorry. I know there is no way to make your past go away, but I want you to know I’m here for you now. We’ll get your sister back, I promise.”

“Thank you. It’s just hard to believe there’s someone I can actually trust. I’ve never really had that, except for Ava and Ronnie.”

“I understand. For a very long time I was the same way. Never trusting anyone. But the day I finally allowed the walls I had built to crumble, was the day my life really began. You have family here. I know they would love to meet you. If you’re willing.”

“You’re what?!” Max heard the scream from the kitchen. He guessed that Liz had told Maria and Rin their good news.

End Part 15C
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Part 15D

Rin went to the refrigerator and began to pull out all of the things necessary to make the sandwiches she had mentioned earlier. Looking at the ham and turkey she debated a moment and then pulled out both.

“Rin could you stop for a moment and come sit with us?”

“Sure Mom.” Taking one of the two seats left at the round table, Rin waited for her mother to say what ever was on her mind.

“Spill Liz. You wanted to tell me something earlier on the phone. You know I can’t handle secrets.” Maria looked very hyped. Secrets did that to her.

“Well, its actually Max’s news too. We didn’t want to say anything until we could sit down and discuss it with Rin, but with everything that’s happened to day, it doesn’t look like we’ll have a chance. And we good use some good news.”

“Well…” Rin grinned at her aunt. Maria obviously lacked patience, but that was one of the things that made everyone love her.

“I’m pregnant.”

“You’re what?!” Maria was shocked, but in a good way. She had prayed that her friend could have another child for so long, because she knew Liz wanted it so badly.

“Mom, wow! That’s wonderful. I know you and Daddy have tried for so long.” Rin rushed to hug her mother.

“You’re not upset Rin? I thought this would be hard on you. I mean just learning that Max isn’t your…”

“That has nothing to do with this. I know you and Dad will love me no matter what. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not on the best of terms with him at the moment. With him keeping the fact that he has a son with another woman from me. But that doesn’t mean I’m not happy about this new baby.”

“Oh sweetheart, we thought not telling you about Zan was best. I’m sorry we didn’t now, but you have to understand that whatever we did, we did for you.”

“Yeah I know that Mom, but it still hurts and makes me angry. Never mind, we can talk about my feelings later. I just found out I’m finally going to get the brother or sister I always wanted. This is great.” Rin jumped up to give her mother another hug.

“I hope this want for brothers and sisters means you can except Zan as part of this family. He had no part in the way things have worked out.”

“Mom, I don’t hold anything against Zan. But I don’t exactly see him as a potential brother figure either.” Liz didn’t like that look in her daughter’s eyes. It was kind of like when she was six and they had taken her to the zoo. She had fallen in love with the tigers, and after that they were all she could talk about for two years straight. Once Rin set her mind on something she
stuck with it. There was nothing anyone could do to change the fact.

Maria had recovered from her shock and decided to express her good wishes for her best friend. “This is wonderful news. I’m so happy for you and Max. I know how hard it must have been on you, not being able to conceive for all those years.”

“Yeah, it was hard, but it’s over with now. But I’m afraid that it couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Now, we have this new Kivar threat looming over our heads.”

“So what? We always have some threat looming. The FBI, or the skins, or evil dupes. There’s always something. And we always get past it. It’s what we do.” Maria took Liz’s and tried to offer her friend what comfort she could. They had faced danger since they were 16 years old. They should be accustomed to it by now. But facing death isn’t something you ever get used to.

“Wait. What do you mean the FBI? And who are the skins? The dupes, I can kinda figure out, though not from the amount of over-share.”

“Well honey, there’s some things we’ve kept from you and your cousins. But I think now is the time to tell you, since you’ve been pulled into it on your own. The FBI has a secret group of agents known as the special unit. They’ve been after us since the day Max healed me in the Crashdown. They almost corned us once around the time of our graduation from high school, but we slipped past them. Since then we really haven’t heard from them. Hopefully it will stay that way.” Maria decided to take over the explanation from there. After all it had been all of their decisions to keep the children uninformed, not just Max and Liz’s.

“Amen. As far the skins, I think you’ve met two of them already. Do you remember when you were about ten and Michael was hurt really bad.”

“Yeah, those guys tried to lure Jessica, Alex, and me into their car with candy. But we took off running to Uncle Michael and he went after them. I always thought they were evil of the human kind.” Rin remembered the whole thing like it was yesterday. It had been one of the scariest experiences of her live.

“No. They were aliens. The last of Kivar’s minions here on earth. That was their last attempt to get even with us before they all died off.” Maria talked about the whole thing as if she were removed from the situation. Maybe that was how she had learned to handle these things.

“Whoa. All this stuff has been going on my whole life, and I never even realized it? Wait, when Uncle Michael and Aunt Isabel tripped out that time and dressed all freaky and everyone told us they were just trying out Halloween costumes, that wasn’t really them was it?” Liz cracked a smile at Rin’s realization.

“No it wasn’t. I still can’t believe all of you fell for that excuse. I mean it was March.”

“Well, we never really believed it. We were all in our early teens then and we had learned not to ask questions, because we knew we wouldn’t get answers. Now that I know all of this are you still going to keep the others in the dark? Because I think that would be wrong. I understand your reasons, but we’re all old enough to handle it now. They need to know these things. They‘re in more danger if they don‘t know what to protect themselves from.”

“Honey, your right. We just wanted all of you to have as normal a life as possible growing up. Whether we want to admit it or not, your all just about grown. I think that we should tell them. Right now we need to focus on getting Zan’s sister back and eliminating Kivar as a threat to our family. And that will be easier if everyone knows the truth. Maria, I think it would be best if we called everyone to come over. Including the children. For better or worse they‘re a part of this now.”

“Alright, I’ll make the calls.” Maria went to the phone and started dialing the familiar numbers. Rin was relieved. Finally, her mother and aunt were realizing that their children had grown up, and they could no longer hide the truth from them.

End Part 15D and Part 15, finally!
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Author's Note: I feel truly gulity for not posting in so long. For awhile I was thinking about not continuing with this fic. I have the time, but I'm kinda unsure I have the talent. I really am afraid of not doing the characters justice. But I thought about it and I guess the only way my writting will ever improve is to just keep on tryin'. So as long as you guys are here to read, I'll write. Thank you for your wonderful support. It means a lot to me. I'll try to post a new part later tonight, or tomorrow.
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Katrina and New Yorker18, thank you for the wonderful inspiration. You'll never know how much it means to me. I'm still not happy with my writting, but al thoughts of stopping are now put aside. Just a quick word about this part. I sat down to write the meeting between Zan and everyone, and nothing would come out. So I just kinda skipped over it. Hope no one minds. This story is dragging from what I had originally intended. When I started I thought maybe 30 parts at the most. I'm still going to try and keep to that goal. So the pace will begin to pick up signifigantly from here on out. Hope you like the new part. I'm already working on part 17, so it may be up in the next couple of days.

Part 16

The whole afternoon went by in a blur for Rin. Zan meeting the ‘family’ had been complete chaos. Isabel has cried when she saw her long lost nephew. Rin didn’t know whether it was from actually meeting Zan, or of all the memories his presence brought to the surface. Either way, their meeting had ended in Isabel hugging her nephew.

Michael was another story. It took thirty minutes just to convince him that Zan was actually who he claimed to be. After he was convinced he forced Max to convey everything that had occurred. Which included the fact that Max wasn’t Rin’s father. Rin felt kind of uncomfortable with her whole family knowing her true parentage. She hadn’t even come to terms with what it meant to have an evil dictator from another planet as her father and now she was being forced to handle everyone else’s view point on the situation. Which in her family there was never a shortage of.

Of course the whole Zan/Rin explanation caused the younger members of the group to have all types of questions, so an hour was spent explaining to them everything that had occurred before they were born and while they were growing up. The whole experience was totally draining on Rin. She couldn't even imagine how poor Zan must feel being front and center to all of the questions. By the time all the explanations were over with, it was decided that they didn’t have enough information to attempt a rescue of Zan’s sister. Rin silently thought that she could have told them that hours ago.

Everyone seemed truly happy about Max and Liz’s news of a new baby. Isabel was already planning the baby shower. After hugs, kisses, and too many, ‘be carefuls’ to count, everyone finally left. Except Zan. Max had asked his son to stay so that they could talk about a few things.

“Zan, I want you to know that you have an open invitation to our home. We all want you to be a part of our lives. I’ve lost so many years, I hope I can make a few of them up to you.” Max looked over at Liz and could see that she was about to fall asleep in her chair. After so many years of trying to conceive, he was worried about how this pregnancy would effect her. They knew from Maria carrying the twins that human/alien pregnancies were tough. He prayed that no harm would come to his wife, due to carrying his child.

Liz saw Max’s worry. She knew what he was thinking, because truthfully she had some of the same doubts. But in her heart she knew everything will be alright. It had to be. This baby meant to much to her and Max for it not to be. “I think I’ll go lie down for a little while. I’m pretty tired. Zan, what Max said goes for me too. I know I’m not your mother, but I hope I can be your friend. You’re a part of this family.”

“Thank you Mrs. Evans. I’d like that.” Zan felt kind of odd having people who wanted him to be a part of their lives. But he also felt wanted. Something he hadn’t felt in a very long time.

“Liz. Call me Liz. I‘ll be back down in about an hour. Maybe then we can all go out to dinner. Max, why don‘t we invite your parents, if it‘s alright with Zan? I know they would love to meet their grandson.”

“I’d like that. The only family I have ever had was Ava and Ronnie. I would love to meet my grandparents.”

“I’ll call them, and see if they can make it.” Max smiled as his wife left the room. After 16 years of marriage she never failed to amaze him. Turning back to his son, he brought up something that had been bothering all afternoon.

“Zan, what living arrangements has Cal made for you? I know you said earlier that he had been hesitant to help you.”

“He rented me a place at the Desert Winds apartment complex. It’s close to the school so I can walk everyday. But, since I found what I came here for, I guess there’s not much use in me continuing to go.”

Rin cringed at Zan‘s words. When she was younger she had a friend that lived in one of the apartments there. The whole complex was full of drunks and druggies. The place should have been condemned long ago. “Eeww! That place is horrible. You can not stay there.”

“Really, it’s not that bad. Compared to some of the places I have lived in, it’s a palace. And I should know, I‘ve actually lived in a palace.”

“No Zan, she’s right. I know that I have no right to tell you what you can and can not do. But I would feel a lot better knowing that you were some place safe.”

Rin thought for a moment. She couldn‘t imagine Zan staying in a place like that. He shouldn‘t have to. He should be with his family. He should be close to her. Whoa! Where did that thought come from? He was like her step brother now. Any feelings she might have thought she had for him would have to be put aside. Him and her being together would be just too weird. It all made since to her head, the problem would be convincing her heart. But she would. That‘s how her life functioned. She made a decision and she followed it through.
“He can stay here then. I know Mom wouldn’t mind and we have the extra room. And you always say that with all of your nieces and nephews staying over here constantly it’s like you have six children, instead of one. What’s one more? And it would give us all a chance to get to know one another. Plus, having extra fire power around is always a plus. With this new threat we never know when something might happen. Do you really want me all alone in the house every afternoon with assassins lurking around? And he can‘t quit going to school. That would raise to many questions.”

Max saw the logic in what his daughter was saying. And he couldn’t say that the thought of this son living in his home wasn’t appealing. He really wanted to make up for the time they had lost. But the idea of Rin and Zan spending so much time together made him uncomfortable. He knew that look on his daughter’s face. He had been through enough of her crushes to know when trouble was coming. Though he had to admit this time the look was different. More serious somehow. And that scared him all the more. “Rin, before we make any decisions I need to talk to your mother. And Zan has the final say. After all he has been on his own for most of his life. We can‘t just start making decisions for him now.”

“I don‘t want to intrude. And truthfully I don‘t know if me staying here would be safe. Kivar is after me. I would be putting all of you in danger.”

“It isn’t a question of danger. We’re all in danger just by being who we are. We’ve never let that make our decisions for us. The final decision of what’s best for you is yours. Think about what you want to do for a little while.”

“I’ll think about it. But if me being here is going to cause any problems my answer will be no. I’m very grateful to have the chance to get to know my family here on earth, but that’s not my reason for being here. My first concern is to get my sister away from Kivar. Anything else will have to wait.”

“We’ll get her back for you Zan. I can’t stand the thought of any innocent person being subjected to that monster’s control.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me. I’m your father. I should have been there for you when you were growing up. But I did what I thought was best for you. It turns out that was a mistake. I won’t make another one. Now, I need to go check on Liz. She seemed pretty run-down.”

Once Max left the room, Rin and Zan stared at each other for a few uncomfortable minutes. Finally Rin broke the silence. “About earlier...”

End Part 16
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Author's Note: I am in total melt down mode right now due to the status of our site. I feel horrible because my poor ass doesn't have any money to donate and there is nothing I can do to keep our board alive. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about check out the Announcements Thread. I think after reading it you will be as upset and sad as me. Anyway, here's a new part. I'm not really happy with it, but it's the best I could write, so for what ever it's worth here it is...

Part 17

“About earlier, what ever this is, you know between us, it can’t...”

“Be anything.” Good he knew what she was trying to say. That would make it easier. Rin stood up and began pacing. She couldn’t stand to stay in one place and be forced to look at Zan. She wouldn’t be able to go on if she did.

“Exactly. And whatever pull we feel towards one another..”

“We’ll just have to fight it.”

“Yes. And this connection between us...” Rin stopped pacing and sat down on the couch beside Zan. This was going to be a lot easier than she expected. Zan realized it was a mistake, so they were in agreement.

“We have to ignore it.”

“Because this can…” She shouldn’t have made eye contact. That was a mistake.

“Never be anything..” Rin just nodded and stared into his deep blue eyes. They were like a magnet or something. She just couldn’t take her eyes away. “I’m going to kiss you now.” She heard his comment, but tried to ignore it. She could feel his face moving closer to her’s, and no matter what her mind screamed her heart wouldn’t allow her to move away.

“Ok.” With the first touch of his lips all thought left her mind. She had kissed other guys, but it had never been like this. It felt as if she had been waiting for this her entire life and never knew it. Then he deepened the kiss and the flashes began. She could see and feel what Zan saw and felt the first time he had seen her. It was amazing. Had he really not been able to breath for a minute just from the sight of her?

“Wow, that was…”


“It can’t happen again.”

“What if I don’t want to ignore what ever is between us. Rin, I felt drawn to you from the first moment I saw you. I’ve never felt like this about anyone before.”

“I know, but that’s not an option. You’re like my step brother. And it could never work. My parents would totally flip. And my mother’s about to have a baby that will be related to both of us. And, and I don’t like black hair. I’ve always dated blondes.”

“Fine then. I’ll change it.” Zan out a hand to his hair and changed it from the beautiful black it had been to an almost white blonde.

“Works for me.” Rin was the one to initiate this kiss. Something she had never done with any other guy before. But Zan was different. Why was she doing this? She had to stop. But if this was going to be her last kiss with Zan, and it was, a few more seconds wouldn’t hurt. She felt the flashes were about to start and knew she HAD to stop. Because if she didn’t she wouldn’t be able to. Against everything her heart and body was telling her she pulled back.

“We have to stop this. It’s wrong. It’s weird. And I lied. I don’t like blondes.” Rin had started her exclamation in an almost shout, but had dwindled to below a whisper at the end.

“I don’t care. Rin, I think I might love you. I wasn‘t joking yesterday in the park.”

“Love me! You hardly know me. We’ve known each other for two days. Two days! I might be totally insane for all you know. Normal people don’t babble every time they get upset. Normal people don’t color code their CD’s. Normal people don’t fall in love with their step brothers!”

“Excuse me?”

“Dad! How long have you been there?”

End Part 17A