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To Live Again

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Part 1

Liz sat there staring into space for what seemed like enternity. She didn't know whether to shout or cry or just feel nothing. How could he do this? How could he betray her like this. It was the worst kind of betrayal a marriage could suffer.

Nancy Parker looked at her daughter. She knew her words had hurt her daughter, but she wanted her to know because she didn't want her to be the last one to know. Not like she had been so many years ago. "Liz, darling, he cheated on you."

"And with your best friend!" her father, Jeff Parker said cutting through the heart of his daughter. He didn't mean to be so blunt, but he was so angry at his son-in-law. He be damned if that bitch and his bastard son-in-law would take his daughter's money. But he knew how much his daughter had loved that man that had broken her heart. And if he didn't do all he could, she would willing give it to him. He knew his daughter and she would give out of love never wanting anything in return. She deserved so much better.

"Sean, how could you?" Liz said breaking the silence. Her tiny body was shaking in sobs. She thought back to those few weeks ago when she had woken to find Sean gone from their bed. They had had a party and everyone was drunk. That was the night he had taken Tina home. And the last time was the most heart breaking as the realization hit her. She had been talked into taking Tina's brother, Tucker, to see his girlfriend. Only Tucker's girlfriend wasn't home. Tucker claimed to be drunk and Liz was the only sobber one. She was the trusting one. While Tucker had her believing he was too drunk to drive, her husband and her best friend were getting it on their very own house.

"Liz. LIZ!" her mother tried to get her attention. "You were set up, honey! The plan was to get you drunk so you would sleep with Tucker and Sean would see you."

Liz felt the color drain from her face. She looked over at the man she had married and thought that in a minute she would wake up and it would all be one huge nightmare. But she wouldn't. It was real. She had been betrayed by the one man she truely loved. She had loved him and he had stapped her in the perverbial heart.Yes, she had been a blind fool.

After her parents left, she let the tears fall. But the hand that once gave her comfort came like hell's fire. "Stay away from me! You must think I'm stupid!" Liz shouted

"No Liz, I was drunk...."

"Cut the bull shit, Sean! What, did you think I would find out?" Liz said cutting him off.

"Liz, I was gonna tell you last night, but you fell asleep. I still love you"

Sean wasn't prepared for what Liz did next for the stinging sensation left on his face was enough to make him think. What had he done!


I know that last part is kinda slack, but I have to get off the computer now!! Hop you like!!

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Hello everyone! Thanks for the great feedback! I didn't really like how my first chapter ended, though. It was a bit flat. But that awful storm kept trying to knock me off line. But as far as my story goes. It's about a woman who was betrayed by her husband and her best friend. Liz is totally devestated and her wounds need to heal. Yes, Max will help her heal, but she has to learn to trust again not only in men, but in people in general. But everyone in the Roswell gang will come to play. I'm working on another chapter right now and I hope you all will like!*happy*
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To Live Again

Part 2
Three months later

It had been three months ago, but it felt like yesterday. There was a pain still in her heart. Liz layed in her bed with her thoughts. It had been so hard going to bed every night alone at first, but she had to admitt, she kinda liked it. Having a bed all to yourself, it makes sleeping so much easier. But this morning wasn't like the rest. It was "D" day. Liz Parker Deluca was getting a divorce. She was able to get a divorce in three months instead of the year because of the adultry. 'I can't wait 'til this day is over' she thought to herself. 'Then, I'm getting on my plane and leaving this hole-in-the-ground place. I think I've suffered enough humiliation to last a life time.' Liz turned to look at the buzzing alarm clock and remembered how Sean hated that sound. "Stop it, Liz! A year from now you won't even remember the way he looked!" Liz finally pressed the off button on the alarm clock and got up stumbling sleepily over to the shower to turn it on.

Court House 9 AM
"Great!" Liz said to herself as she pulled up to the Court House only to see Sean's red pickup truck sitting in one of the spaces. "This just keeps getting better and better!"

"Liz!" Sean said coming up behind her.

Liz turned around only to come face to face with her soon to be ex husband. She hadn't seen him in three months. She was hoping she didn't have to see him today.

"Are you sure you still want to do this? I promise I can be faithful. I still love you!" Sean said in a pleading tone. It used to be so easy to sucome to his apologies, even when they were empty.

"Why do you want me to stay, Sean? You betrayed me." Liz said trying not to cause a scene. After a few moments, Liz looked into the eyes of the man she once loved. "It's over." And walking away she left him staring after her. No, she would not cry another tear for him.

"Do you, Mr. Deluca detest the adultry charge?" the judge asked looking over to Sean. Sean took a deep breath looking over at Liz who stood there reliving the nightmare of when he finally admitted to having an affair.
"No, Your Honor, I do not." Sean said with tears in his eyes.

'My God, is he actually crying?' Liz thought to herself. Sean never cried.

"Mrs Deluca, you said you wanted to go back to your maiden name of Parker?"

Liz looked back at Sean. This chapter in her life was ending and for some reason it made her heart hurt worse. "Yes, Your Honor" Liz creeped out shakily. It was finally over.

Liz's Apartment
Liz stood looking at her suitcases her mother had bought her for her wedding present. She was leaving that night for California. Fortunately, all of Sean's family wasn't all that bad. Maria, Maria Deluca. She had even tried to talk her out of marrying Sean. Why didin't she listen? Oh, she was in love!! But, Maria needed a room mate and Liz wanted to move, so it was perfect.

"Have you finished packing?" Maria said excitedly.

"No, did you hear what I just said? Your cousin was begging me to stay."

"I heard you. Liz, chica, when you get here, Sean will be a distant memory. You get to start all over....!"

"Are you ever gonna get off that phone?" her boyfriend Michael yelled. "Max and that girl will be here in a minute!"

"That blonde bimbo is more like it! Liz, I can't wait 'til you get here. Everything will be different. Think, a whole new life!"

'A whole new life.' But it wasn't entirly like that. Liz hung up the phone and walked to the bathroom and pulled out the test she had kept. Two lines. Yep, she had been sick alright. But she didn't want Sean to have any part of this and he would never know. Liz was moving away to start a whole new life for her.....and her baby.


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