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(Through A Womans Eyes)

Sex, the one thing on everyone’s mind. You may think it isn’t but it is. Relationships comes and go but you hold on to the thought that he/she is the one. The person you want to spend the rest of your life with. The one who is your other half. But soon that other half starts to annoy you. The cute way they click their tongue when they’re nervous isn’t so cute. And that grin they would give you that made your heart stop and your knees
weak is actually annoying as all hell. And the sex.....don’t get me started. Once upon a time a night in bed with your lover was ecstasy. Now I feel nothing. All this adds up to an Ex-Lover.

Look at me. Standing here watching him across the room talking to the girls. What should I care we haven’t dated for over a year. But still seeing him with those girls pisses
me off. How is it after all this time I still get jealous. I haven’t seen him for months and now that I see him. I mean oh my god he looks gorgeous. He looks the same but something is different about him. He’s looking at me the same way he did before we dated. His eyes seem so hungry.....And then it happens.

I suddenly feel myself pushed against a wall pinned unable to move. A hand is moving and roaming freely underneath my skirt. Life is blank and it feels so good. It never felt like this the last time I was with him. When we dated it was just.......not this. I don’t know when or where he learned to massage the clit but it feels so good. His lips are traveling up and down my neck sucking and biting. “Max....” Is all I can moan out before
his lips cover mine. Funny how weird things happen when you see your Ex-Lover.

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(In The Begining)


Senior year is the one year you never forget. Well let me tell you something......who ever said that they got it right. That’s how everything started. Max and I had a few classes together. So we got to know each other that way. Plus the fact that he lived across the
street played an even bigger part in this. Have you and your lover ever been caught. We’ve been caught ten times. With in three months. That could be why are relationship was so messed up. I can’t remeber weither the relationship was more then just physical.
But I do know that was the best school year ever. Even though it was humiliating......

(Flash Back)

“Mmm, Max we have to get to class.....” Liz moaned and clenched her jaw as she felt him slowly enter her. “Max, if your going to do this at least speed it up.” Max smiled and slowly moved in and out. Pulling himself so that he is out all the way except the very tip of him. The more he hesitated the more Liz whined and grew impatient. “Max just break it already.”

Max looked at her deep in the eyes. “You sure about this. I mean you really wanna loose your virginity in a janitors closet at school?”

Liz looked at him and smiled. “It would be one hell of a story to tell my grandchildren.”

Max rolled his eyes and rested his head against hers. “Okay be ready this is going to hurt.”

And with that Max thrust into her. The pain was more then Liz imagined and she couldn’t hold back the loud cry of pain. As the tears poured down her face the more
Max’s heart clenched in his chest.

“Liz, shh baby I’m here......” Before he could finish the room was filled with light and young laughter.

Max and Liz looked over and there was their principle and half of the student body standing there stairing in disbeliefe of the site before them. The principle closed the door quikly and motioned for the kids to keep going to there class. Max and Liz on the other hand stood there in an uncomfertable postion as they stood there in complete shock. Max slowly pulled out of her and pulled his pants on. He reached over to the shelf and grabbed
a paper towel and used the sink to wet it. Max slowy and carefuly wiped away the blood that was on her. Liz sat there and sniffled and tried to forget that anything happened. Max looked up and her and smiled.

Liz looked at him and gave him a dirt look. “What’s so funny?”

“Well I figure if we would have known we had an audience we could have charged.....”


The pounding on the door was all they need to hear to know they were in serious trouble.

(Flash Back Ends)

Yeah I know loosing your virginity in a janitors closet isn’t the greatiest way to go. But the chances of me having that candle light romance with Max is very slim. Sure he loved me. Or so he said. And he was sweet and nice. It’s just romance never worked for us.
And I didn’t mean to scream but it hurt. The boy was stacked like a horse. And I was this tiny little girl who was tighter then Britney Spears’s pants. Believe me I didn’t want it to happen like that. But still deep inside me I wanted it more then anything. I remeber when
are parents found out......