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Title: One Last Chance
Author: LrdDane
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Roswell characters do not belong to me, all others will.
Category: Some of the gang, none are aliens.
Ok this is a one parter so I hope you like.

One Last Chance

Michael Guerin sit out side the second chance pawn mart debating to do it or not.
His marriage had ended and he was at his wits end, Tess had been every thing to him, they had been high school sweethearts.
Her job made her travel a lot and she found comfort in the arms of others it was when his friend Alex had told and showed him the photos that he believed.
Alex Whitman was his friend and a private investigator and care for his friend’s well being so he had put his skills to use, Tess hadn’t always left town like she had said she would pack as if she was but would drive only to the next town to meet her date for the weekend.
Michael was a self made man he had earned all his money from hard work and good investments he was set for the rest of his life, he owned his own company now Guerin Medical Supplies and every hospital wanted his business because he was honest and gave good prices.
When Alex showed his the photos of Tess with the other man he could only sit there and look at them “I’m sorry man, but I couldn’t let her do this to you” Alex had told him.
That evening when she came home from work she found Michael had a candle lit dinner waiting for her, she smiled and asked “What’s all this?” Michael had kissed her and said “Its for you baby I wanted to do something nice since your always traveling” as he kissed her “I don’t know what to say honey this is so nice” she replied and put her things away.
“I made your favorite Pasta with meat sauce and white wine” Michael said pulling her seat out “Mike I’m speechless, you’ve never done this before and I’m just..” Tess looked at him “Don’t say anything babe just enjoy” he replied and pushed her chair under the table.
They had spent dinner laughing and talking like they always did and then Michael looked her and laid a wrapped gift on the table and slid it to her, “for you baby” he said smiling, Tess looked at Michael and started carefully opening the gift, the smile left her face as she saw her and the man blown up to 10 x 13.
Tess looked at it then at Michael “What the hells this Michael” she said harshly “Well hell Tess why don’t you tell me and will both know” he said standing “Who is he “ Michael asked “A friend” she replied “Well I can see that and a very good I would say” he finished and the fight ensued with her leaving the house saying she didn’t need his shit and slammed the door behind her.

Michael opened the door and went in the pawn shop and to the counter “hi” the robust man said looking up from his newspaper, Michael nodded and kept looking “how much?” Michael asked looking down at the Smith&Wession 357 magnum, “hum that one there is 250.00 its really nice one fired once I should know it was mine” the man said looking at Michael.
“I’ll take it” he said “Alright” the man said pulling the gun from the case.
Both me moved towards the register and Michael saw the woman walk in her eyes streaked with tears, “what’s the total?” Michael asked, the robust man tells him and Michael fills out the papers and the man hands over the gun “Oh yeah I need some shells” Michael said turning to look at the woman wiping away more tears, “10.50 man” Michael paid and headed for the door.
He and the woman glanced at each other and Michael cast her a small smile, she was beautiful long raven hair the deepest brown eyes olive skin, Michael nodded and stopped to look at something else and watched as she approached the counter.

Liz Evans had been a wife to a Good man she thought until she had found out he had been cheating on her and it shattered her.
Max Evans was a policeman and spent a lot of time doing special detail for the department; so much he had met a young woman and had fallen in love with her.
Liz had found out from a friend in the department and he had shown her photos of the two together, so when he got home she was calmly waiting in the bedroom half dressed, Max had walked in and started undressing sitting on the end of the bed, Liz slowly moved down and started nibbling his ear and he asked her to stop.
“Max baby come on please lets do it” she asked seductively “Liz I’m tired ok and I need some sleep” Max told her standing and going to the bath room, he looked down and saw the 10x13 envelope and the words on the front read simply read MAX in big letters.
Max opened it and pulled the photo out and wadded it up in his hand when he came out Liz was packing “Where the hell you going Liz?” Max said tossing the photo in a trashcan “Away from here Max” Liz replied angrily.
“It was one damn time Liz” Max told her “yeah well one time leads to two times you bastard ” Liz said tears flowing from her eyes, Max shock his head “you know what he started” looking at her packing “I don’t need you I don’t need anyone ok you stupid bitch here let me help you” Max grabbed Liz’s suitcase and her by the arm and pushed her out the door “FINE!” she screamed and got in her can and left.
Liz walked up to the counter “What can I do for you miss?” the owner of the pawn shop asked “How much can I get for these” Liz said softly and laid her engagement ring and wedding on the counter the man picked them up and looked at them “These real diamonds?” he asked “Yes” she replied “And gold?” he asked again Liz simply nodded “I’ll give you 100.00” he tells her and lays the cash on the counter and Liz started crying again “hundred please mister there worth more than that” Liz pleaded “Not to me miss” Liz turned away and saw Michael watching tear running down her cheeks “SO what’s it going to be miss I a busy man here” The owner asked rudely.
Michael walked to her and looked at the rings and put his hand in his pocket and felt the gun there and looked at the shop keeper “hundred?” Michael asked, the man looked and saw Michaels hand in his pocket and could see the outline of the gun “Well maybe I was wrong “ the man said laying 2000.00 dollars on the counter “Diamonds will sell good” the man replied as Michael walked away and Liz followed folding the money in her purse.
“Thank you” Liz said softly wiping away her tears “Your welcome” he replied as they both headed for the park “I’m Liz” holding out her hand “Michael” taking her hand and shaking it.
Michael sit down and Liz sit with him “Rough time huh” Michael said looking at Liz “Yeah” Liz said fighting back tears “I know the feeling Liz” he replied pulling out the gun and looking at it.
“You know I was going to use this to take my life” Michael says flinging it into the river and then looked at Liz “Have you ever been to Hawaii Liz?” Michael asked, Liz looked at him “No but I’ve heard its nice” Liz replies “What do you say we go?” Liz smiled “are you serious Michael nods “Yeah” “that would be nice” she says leaning against him.

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I'll have to think about what could happen cause I wrote it sometime ago and and thats just the way it ends, but thank you for the feed back.

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